Peel (2019) Movie Script

Come on, Peel. That's it.
Come on, catch up, catch up!
You can do it.
- Yeah, come on. Catch up.
- WILL: Come on, Peel.
You got this!
Catch up, you can do it.
Yeah, you got it. Come on.
Come on, Peel, you got this.
Catch up!
- Come on, you got this, Peel.
- Whoo!
Come on, Peel.
No, no, no. Wait!
- No... No.
- WILL: Peel, the brake!
Oh, shit.
I'm okay.
If you drown, I'm gonna be
the one who gets in trouble.
I'm not gonna drown, dummy.
I saw this on TV.
I told you,
it's not gonna work.
do you think it's gonna work?
- Now.
- What the hell are you doing?
Hey, give me that.
Don't look.
- I'm gonna kick your ass, Peel!
- PEEL: Mama!
Why don't you watch TV
for a bit?
I'll come get you. Okay?
I love you.
What are you doing?
He's 5,
we talked about this.
The doctor said
it's not good for him.
- It makes him dependent.
- Not true.
You are spouting
Western medical bullshit.
It is natural.
No, it's always been your way,
always been your rules.
You raised these boys
with your screwy little books
and your hippie seminars.
And Peel, you got him
in a goddamn vise-grip.
It's called love, Howard.
But I guess
you wouldn't know about that.
Have it your way.
Drive, you son of a bitch!
Turn the car around, Howard.
Howard, turn the car around!
It's okay, Peel.
They're gonna come back.
They're gonna come back, baby.
Don't you...
Peel? Peel.
Would you be a darling
and turn the TV off?
Thank you.
Hey, Peel.
How's it going, man?
All right.
Any luck?
Still looking.
Well, you'll find it
one of these days.
Did you bring
the Oran-Zini?
Don't I always?
You see?
See what you did?
The choice of the color?
How it goes with my skin tone?
You listen to me.
You have a gift.
You have vision.
Never let go of that.
You hear me?
Never lose that.
You're such a good son.
I did a good job raising you,
didn't I?
Come here.
Come to me.
Oh, it's all right.
It's all right.
My sweet boy.
You're so sweet.
Hi, Peel.
Oh, hi, Chun Ja.
We're going to the park.
You wanna come?
would like for you to join us.
Oh, I don't know. My mama
might need me for something.
Oh, okay.
By the way,
this is my cousin, Jooeun.
- Hey.
- Hi.
See you around.
Chun Ja.
Wait a second.
I'll go ask my mama.
Mama, is it okay
if I go to the park with...?
As your mother's attorney,
I figured I'd talk to you
about her finances.
She ever mention anything
like a life insurance policy?
because she didn't have one.
So I just need you to sign this
and you can go.
What is it?
Just some legal hoo-ha.
I wouldn't concern myself
with it.
She didn't leave me anything?
No, she left you 2500
in her savings account,
plus the house.
- The house?
- Yes, sir. All yours.
- What about my brothers?
- Don't know.
I can tell you she took out
a second mortgage
and your payments
are about 800 a month.
How am I supposed to do that?
You could sell the house.
Or you can rent out
a couple of rooms.
I don't know,
I'm not a life coach, son.
Do you think you could help me
find my brothers?
Try this.
Is this 411?
Yes. City and state, please?
I'm looking
for a William Munter.
Sir, I need a city and state.
United States.
I need a city and a state, sir?
Gulf Breeze, Alabama.
One moment.
I'm sorry, sir,
I don't see a William Munter
in Gulf Breeze.
- That's why
- That is why
That is why
I love to call his name
Well, the Lord
He moves in mysterious ways
That's enough
And that's why
- That's why
- That is why
- That's why
- That is why
That is why
I love to call his name
- Well, I love to call
- I love to call
How much?
For what?
Blow job.
I can't whistle.
I'm just messing with you,
For a room?
Four hundred?
Can I check it out?
I guess so.
Holy shit.
[LAUGHS] You got a regular
Garden of Eden back here.
Who all lives here?
Just me.
No kidding.
You got a little slice
of paradise all to yourself.
I'm impressed.
- Heh. You got a girlfriend?
- Mm-mm.
Good man. Never let one woman
tie you down. Shit.
Man, I gotta tell you,
I'm inspired.
I'm inspired. I mean...
I'm thinking wet bar,
a little B.B. King going,
got the 'ritas lounging,
rubbing their
beautiful bare feet
in suntan lotion, you follow?
What's a 'rita?
You know, a 'rita,
like in "seorita."
You know, a hottie,
babe, chick, yeah?
You know what a chick is,
don't you?
No? Let me show you.
Where is she?
This. This, mi amigo.
That's a hot 'rita, okay?
That's a Queen Sheba
of 'ritas.
Amy Santos.
My "shawty."
Yeah. Let me tell you,
you only meet one of these
once in a lifetime.
Super 'rita.
You lose them...
and you chase a replacement
for the rest
of your God-given days.
Let me tell you.
My mama told me
the French angelfish
is the only species of fish
that mates for life.
Okay. All right.
Well, you obviously need
a little help
in that department, right?
This is what I'm thinking:
You cut a little slack
on the rent, okay?
In exchange,
I'm gonna teach you
every little goddamn thing
there is to know
about attracting
the opposite sex.
Hey, bubble butt.
What hot, little Twinkie
does that belong to?
It was my mama's.
Okay, well,
whatever tickles your giblets.
How'd you get in?
I don't remember
giving you a key.
I live here now, dude.
I guess that's all right.
Okay, I'm gonna let you get back
to your mom's lingerie.
Hi, uh, is Peel home?
Yeah, sure is.
Hey, Peel,
your math tutor's here.
Hey, Chun Ja.
Hey, um, I'm so sorry
about your mom.
I brought you some kalguksu.
Well, okay.
I just wanted to see
how you were doing
and to say that I'm sorry.
Mama's in heaven now.
Do you wanna see?
What are you watching?
Telenovelas, Peel.
Latinos will teach you
everything you need to know
about women.
Ethnics are pros, amigo.
Sit down.
Come here.
Sit down, watch and learn.
Who's that?
This here's my compadre.
Carlitos Esperanza.
You, my friend,
call him Chuck.
- He's a professor?
- Fuck, yeah!
Peel, this man here
got his degree
from the University
of Adversity.
Man's a philosopher,
up until about a month ago,
he was a one hell
of a handicapper.
Look, the man didn't have
a place to stay.
I said, "Why don't you grab
the room next to me?"
- Hope you don't mind.
- Does he profess for money?
Well, shit, he don't print
the goddamn paper,
but, yeah, man works for me.
No, this is the guy
I told you about, man.
Man of the house here.
Ah, si, si, si.
I guess he can stay.
we have a little housewarming.
Mama said we could
turn the heat up,
but never over 75 degrees.
No, Peel. I'm talking about
a party, man.
Chuck and I have been here for,
what, a couple weeks now?
Look at the three of us.
What are we doing?
Sitting around here with nothing
but our own dicks to twirl.
- I've never had a party.
- What?
Peel, you're a grown-ass man,
you've never had yourself
a party?
Peel, that pains me, man.
That right there is criminal.
Peel, we're throwing you
an old-fashion soiree, muchacho.
Pool party.
A pool party.
But I don't know anyone.
Don't you worry about a lick
of that, man.
We'll have this place teeming
with a coalition of cuties
beyond your wildest,
my friend.
What about your little
girlfriend there, Mulan?
Chun Ja.
- She's not my girlfriend.
- You like her?
You like her.
Why don't you invite her
for a little dip,
a little swim together?
Mama said if a girl and a boy
swim in the same pool,
the girl could get pregnant.
What? Say what?
- You're a virgin?
- Like the olive oil?
Dick-and-pussy Tetris, Peel.
And dog humping the water jets
in this here pool don't count.
Peel, it's okay.
it'll happen when it happens.
When I get through with you,
you're gonna be a regular,
old taco slinger.
But we need this party, Peel.
We need it. Right, Chuck?
What do you think, Peel?
I guess my mom
will be okay with that.
Fuck, yeah, your mom would.
Great, man.
You might not
like this part here...
but I'll have to rent out
your mama's room.
I'm not renting out
my mama's room.
Peel, if we're gonna
throw this party,
we're gonna need people.
The right people.
I don't know any people.
Chuck don't know any people.
You definitely
don't know any people.
Pizza man don't count.
We're gonna have to find
someone who does, right?
Someone who can attract
the right kind of people.
A babe magnet, man.
All right? We get a roommate,
and we rent out
your mama's room.
Peel, man, I understand you love
your mama's room, as you should,
but we're talking about
something bigger than that.
We're talking about
your manhood.
Your manhood, Peel.
Right? This mama's-boy thing
you got going on...
Gotta go, man.
It's gotta go.
What would Chun Ja say
about renting out the room?
What would she say, Peel?
She'd say rent out the room.
Show her you're becoming
a man.
that's how you get her.
All hat.
No cattle.
What's that smell?
Mexican moonshine.
What you working on there?
I'm writing out questions to ask
our potential roommates.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait. Hey, now.
I like your initiative.
I really do.
Very thoughtful of you,
but I'll take over.
I'll ask the questions.
It's a hell of a question here,
Trust me.
Come on, Peel.
You gotta do the honors.
Come on down.
Left, right, left.
Sit right here.
You, my friend,
are the man of the house.
And the man of the house
makes sure
that shit is always
the way shit should be.
Right, Chuck?
Put your tongue in there.
you are the man of the house.
It's ready!
Oh, hey, I'm Chad.
You guys still looking
for a roommate?
So I plan on graduating
this year,
and then I wanna travel.
You know, see the world.
- Like to party?
- CHAD: Sure.
I like to kick back and have
a few beers now and then.
Okay. You got a girlfriend?
Yeah, I got a few, actually.
Well, shit.
Ha, ha!
That's about all I need
to hear now.
How long can you hold
your breath under water?
We don't need to be
scaring the guy.
No, it's okay. Pool
or ocean?
Three minutes, 27 seconds.
No bubbles.
So, what do you guys think?
Do you wanna interview
more people...?
You good?
This is my roommate, Chuck.
- Just smile and wave.
- Hey, Chuck.
Hey, Chuck.
Can you take me to the store?
I'm almost out of balloons.
Come on, man.
That's my entire stash
of rubbers.
Yeah, give me a chuck wagon
full of rubbers
for my old buddy here.
First time.
Holy shit.
- It's on.
Hey, you okay there, bud?
Hey. Hold on a second. Here.
Here, give yourself a wipe.
You okay there?
Goddamn it.
Come on, take a deep breath.
There you go. There you go.
Hey, Peel, this is what
we've been waiting for, okay?
This is it.
Better? You good?
You're the man.
You're the man
of the house here, okay?
We're gonna go.
We're gonna flow.
We're gonna have
a good old time.
And Chun Ja is gonna love it.
We're all gonna love it.
You ready? Here we go.
That's it.
Must be whipping time.
Oh, hey, everybody,
these are my roomies,
Peelskie Redhead
and Roy Sportstacks.
Come here.
Peel, what the fuck, man?
This is bullshit.
Yeah. My first party.
Peel, I don't think
you understand
the gravity of the situation
in here.
Look in there,
tell me what you see.
I see happy, greasy men,
and Chuck cooking hot dogs.
No, man.
Look in there and tell me
what's missing.
Fuck, man. 'Ritas.
How many 'ritas you see?
I count none.
Dude, this is one of those
penis parties.
Fucking gay dick swimming
in our pool.
Which one is Dick?
Fuck, man.
You and I, we love woman.
You understand? Fuck, man.
Fucking disaster.
I want you
Oh, baby
What are you gonna do about it,
Huh? What are you
gonna do about it?
Listen up, now
Don't know
What you got
Until you throw it
All away, hey
You're asking
Daddy Leroy
There's just
One thing to say
I want you
Do you remember my name?
Do you remember the time?
- Hi, Chun Ja.
- Hi, Peel.
You met Jooeun.
- Hi, Jooeun.
- Hi.
You guys want a drink?
- Yeah.
- Sure. Yeah.
I'm so drunk.
Are you guys okay?
You both
look a little red.
Yeah, um,
it's an Asian thing.
We're missing
some kind of enzyme.
I hope you get it back.
You're so funny.
Chun Ja.
You think Roy's square,
but I'm into the whole
Oriental culture, trust me.
Ramen, bubble teas,
tae kwon dos.
That's Chun Ja.
- Hello.
- I'm Jooeun.
ROY: Jooeun,
you got something else.
Wanna dance?
Ah, come on.
Come on. You have to dance.
Come on. Up.
This is our wild
Been here for a while
I know you're lying
Eyes of a crocodile
Eyes of a crocodile
Eyes of a crocodile
Eyes of a crocodile
Eyes of a crocodile
Where are
the honey bunnies, Chad?
Patience, Roy, patience.
And I didn't mention it
before, but, um...
I'm captain
of the cheerleading squad.
- [CHUCKLING] Fuck me.
- Don't say that too loud.
One of my friends might
take you up on it.
Constantly checking
Your steps
Like a floor
Of fresh tiles
Eyes of a crocodile
You're all right, Chad.
Yeah. You're all right.
Does it feel like
the ground is moving?
Do you wanna go sit down?
Stay just like that.
Don't move.
JOOEUN: Oh, my God,
I love this song!
One pill makes you larger
And one pill
Makes you small
And the ones
That Mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's 10 feet tall
And if you go
Chasing rabbits
And you know
You're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah-smoking
Has given you the call
And call Alice
When she was just small
When the men
On the chessboard
Get up and tell you
Where to go
And you've just had
Some kind of mushroom
And your mind
Is moving low
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know
When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the white knight
Is talking backwards
And the red queen's
Off with her head
What the dormouse said
Feed your head
Feed your head
I don't feel so good.
Going in.
Whoa, uh...
I... I threw up
on my sweater.
You'll be all right.
Hey. Hold on.
There we go.
Hold on. One second.
There you go.
All right.
You all right, Jin Je?
Yes. Thank you.
So, Peel...
...where'd you get
the name?
When I was little,
I had two older brothers.
They both have brown hair.
So everyone would tease me
and say that my hair was red
because Mama had an affair
with the pool boy.
...came rolling in
Like wind through...
Mama wouldn't do that.
And riding
On the wheels...
She told me I sprouted
from an orange peel.
I found myself
That's nice.
Hey, the breeders
have arrived.
Where's Roy?
Shout my name in there
There's no one
There to hear
You'll find my echo
In the sea
Roy, have you seen Chun Ja?
Uh... Uh,
no, the last time I saw her,
she was dancing with the boys.
- The girl cheerleaders are here.
- Dude.
Close the door, man.
Give me five minutes.
I think
I'm gonna be sick.
ROY: Hey, Ju Jin,
where you going?
Peel. Peel, hold up.
- Why would you do that?
- What?
Dude, you just slapped me?
Peel, come on, man.
- Why would you do that?
- Do what?
- Peel, Ju Jin's fair game.
- That was Chun Ja.
That was not Chun Ja,
Peel. Was it? Huh?
Say you're sorry.
Peel, honestly,
I thought it was Jin Je.
Say you're sorry.
Peel, it was
an honest mistake.
Peel, compaero.
I honestly thought
it was Jun J...
Jooeun. It was Jooeun.
She got sick on herself.
I brought her in the room
to get a change
of clothes, man.
She crashed on my bed.
Almost nothing happened.
Doing a little feng shui?
Want me to go?
I'm not a mama's boy.
You're not a mama's boy, Peel.
People think
I don't know anything.
But I see things.
Yeah, I get it.
And I know what happened
with Roy and Chun Ja was...
It was shitty.
I really don't think
he meant to hurt you.
I believe him when he said
he thought it was Jooeun.
And Chun Ja, she...
She was wasted, man.
She's into you.
Don't let a silly mistake
ruin that.
Roy calls me his brother.
My real brothers
would've never done that.
It's you?
And your brothers?
Why didn't they come
to the party?
Well, I haven't seen them
in 25 years.
Do you know where they are?
I tried 411,
but she couldn't find them.
I don't know
what they look like,
how tall they are.
I don't even know
if they like to swim.
Would you help me find 'em?
Sure, we'll help you.
You ever heard of Google?
Could I speak to
William Munter, please?
WOMAN: Uh, who is this?
Do you know what time it is?
This is his brother Peel.
And it's 5:47 a.m.
WOMAN: He doesn't have
a brother named Peel.
Are you sure?
Jesus, Sarah. Who is it?
SARAH: Some guy,
says he's your brother.
WILL: Just give it...
Give it to me.
Uh. Yeah?
It's me, Peel.
H-hold... Hold on.
I gotta... I gotta
take this. Um...
Peel, how did you...?
How did you get my number?
It was on my
roommate's computer.
Oh, uh... Well...
It's good to hear
your voice, Peel,
but it's kind of early.
I got so excited.
I couldn't wait.
Uh... Uh...
- Yeah, um...
- Mom is dead.
Mom died?
Last month.
Do you still live with Dad?
Um... No. Um...
Dad died
a while back, Peel.
Dad's dead?
Yeah, Dad... Dad's dead.
You didn't know?
Mom never told you?
No, she never said anything.
What about Sam?
Is Sam still alive?
As far as I know,
but I haven't
talked to him in a while.
Who is that?
WILL: Just hold on.
I'll be out in a second.
Listen, Peel, I gotta go.
It was good talking to you,
but hopefully we'll get
the chance to talk again.
Take care, all right?
[SIGHS] Can you give me a
ride to the bus station?
Can I help you?
I'm here to see William.
He's not here.
Do you know when
he'll be back?
Can I ask
what this is about?
It's okay.
I'll just wait.
Uh, Will called.
He's on his way home.
He wanted me to ask
if your name is Peel?
Okay, so are you Peel?
I'm Will's wife,
Can I use your bathroom?
He's playing with the girls.
It's fine.
I don't know.
He brought a suitcase
and a piece of wood.
Calm down, Will.
It's okay.
Strawberry volcano.
Peel, can I get you
something to drink?
Do you have any Oran-Zini?
Actually, we do.
- MOLLY: Daddy's home.
- ASHLEY: Daddy's home.
- MOLLY: Hey, Daddy.
- ASHLEY: Hey, Daddy.
Hey. Hey.
What's up, girls? Huh?
My loves, how about you go play
out back for a little while
while Peel catches up
with Daddy, okay?
Wow, you...
You look almost
exactly the same.
You don't.
Yeah, well, uh...
So you're here.
You showed up.
You, um...
You gonna
build something?
I wanna measure you.
It's Dad's...
...measuring board.
Really? That's...
That's... That's wild.
Can I?
Eh... No, no. I'm gonna
go get ready, change...
Honey, come on.
I'm not gonna...
Come on. Let's see
how tall you are.
All right. Fine.
You're 6 feet tall.
No, that's...
That can't be right.
I was 6'1" in high school.
- It's...
- You shrunk.
Uh, maybe.
Well, thank you for
measuring me. That was...
Does Sam live
around here?
No. No.
Last time I talked to Sam,
he was in Biloxi.
When was that?
A few years ago.
We don't really
keep in touch, you know?
Things haven't
gone so well for Sam.
He's had a drug problem,
on and off, since high school.
Do you have
his phone number?
I need to
ask him something.
No. I mean, even I did,
he wouldn't wanna talk to you.
He doesn't want anything
to do with his family.
So, what have you
been up to...
the last 25 years?
the day after you left,
I felt really bad.
So I went into my room
and cried.
And then
the day after that...
I don't really remember.
I mean,
you don't have to give me
a whole day-to-day account.
I just...
I just meant,
how have you been lately?
Good, I guess.
- You boys doing okay?
- Yeah. We're good.
The girls are asleep.
They wanted me to tell you,
"Good night, Uncle Peel."
Good night.
Got some pillows
and blankets out for you.
Glad you're here.
Sleep well.
Why did Dad leave?
I don't know, Peel.
I mean, I wish things
were different. I really do.
Why didn't
he take me with him?
It wasn't like that.
Listen, I, uh...
I'm glad you came to visit,
I am, but it's late.
You know?
And I got a big day tomorrow.
I just don't understand.
Dad did not leave
because of you.
Dad left because he thought
Mom was a nutcase.
I mean, they had problems,
Peel. They...
They couldn't get along.
And Dad, you know,
he was just... He was just...
He just wasn't available,
and he just shut down.
And Mom,
she felt completely alone...
...and she poured
everything into us.
And it was...
It was excessive.
He didn't like the way
she was raising us.
With the homeschooling
and the breastfeeding.
I mean, I don't even wanna know
how long she breastfed you.
Until I was 10.
Uh... No. Don't...
Don't ever tell anybody that.
Hell, you think
you had it hard living with Mom?
I mean, you probably had it
a lot easier than me and Sam.
Dad just... He hated himself
and he took it out on us.
Especially Sam.
Why didn't he ever come see me?
He wanted to.
He never called me
or anything.
Here, um...
Just hold on a second, okay?
I'll be right back.
Over the years,
Dad wrote you letters.
He, uh...
He felt so guilty,
you know, about leaving.
But he could just never get
the courage up to mail them,
so they just... They just
piled up in the box.
I think he hoped that
someday when you're
a little older, you know,
he could give them
to you in person.
I know he'd want you
to have them.
All right. Um,
I'm gonna get some sleep.
Come home.
Listen, I am...
I'm really...
I'm glad you came
to visit. I am.
But, you know, I got
a lot going on right now,
a lot of, uh,
stuff at work.
Just a lot. Um...
I can't really handle...
a lot right now,
so, um...
Yeah, I think it'd be best
if you, you know,
just head home
in the morning.
Do you think maybe we could
get pancakes in the morning?
I mean, it's a little crazy
around here with the girls,
getting them ready for school
and everything...
but I mean,
we could definitely try.
[WHISPERING] I can't believe
you're kicking him out.
I'm not kicking him out.
He's your little brother.
I'm aware of that.
I'm not kicking him out, Sarah.
I mean, I have a lot going on
right now. I can't handle this.
"A lot going on"?
You always have a lot going on.
He is your brother, Will.
Your flesh and blood.
I haven't seen him in 25 years.
You think it's easy
to pick up where we left off?
Like everything's
okay and wonderful?
You have no idea
what this has been like.
I have no idea because you never
even fucking told me he existed.
He's gonna hear you.
SARAH: He overhears me?
I hope he hears me.
WILL: Sarah,
you're gonna wake the kids.
SARAH: Fine.
Maybe you can explain to them
why their daddy sent
their new uncle home.
Don't make me be the bad guy.
I'm not the one
who showed up
on someone's doorstep
out of the blue.
I mean,
it's a lot to process.
It's a big thing.
It's a big adjustment.
SARAH: Well,
maybe while you're adjusting,
you can process why the hell
you are so goddamn closed off.
Just like your dad.
I'm nothing like him.
Hey there, world traveler.
Where's Chad?
Couldn't make it.
Cheerleader practice.
How was Georgia?
It's like Alabama,
but Georgia.
What's with the board?
You're not still
mad at me, are you?
Peel, I really did think
it was Jooeun.
You just gonna sit there?
You think this car
could make it to Biloxi?
Down that dusty road
Biloxi? I can't believe
you've never been.
I go at least
every month.
Why? Can you bet on
horses there?
Sure you can.
Why do you ask?
Isn't that what
you and Chuck do?
Make bets with horses?
We're investors.
I told you that.
My brother told me that
a trifecta is a horse's bet.
Oh, yeah?
Well, amigo,
trifecta is
a triple-yield transaction.
I don't care if
you go to the racetrack.
Just pay me the rent.
You still owe me money,
and Chuck's only paid me 1 cent.
Hey, don't worry about it, Peel.
Good for it, man.
Chuck here is known as
Mr. Keynote.
Plays the same number
over and over until it hits.
- I've never seen him lose.
- What if he does lose?
Chuck, I know you
understand me right now,
even if you pretend
you don't.
Just pay me the rent.
you'll have to move out.
Who's wearing
his big-boy pants? I could cry
That's where I wanna go
There's a sun in the sky
And the birds in the trees
Sitting by the lake
In a gentle breeze
Gentle breeze
Gentle breeze
Yup, looks like one of us
is gonna have to share a bed
with Chuck.
The only fair thing to do
is flip a coin for it.
And I always have a coin.
Call it in the air.
Well, look at that. Heads.
Tough luck.
You get to sleep with Chuck.
But I picked heads.
Yeah. That's right.
I said call it. You called it.
You get to sleep with Chuck.
That's how it works, man.
What are we gonna do first,
Peel, huh?
Stripper, slots,
I have to find my brother.
Man, you could find
your brother tomorrow.
When in Biloxi,
let you hair down.
My hair is down.
I have to find him.
Okay. Well, I guess,
it's me and Chuck, then.
Chuck-o, you ready?
brother's boat across
and your own
shall reach the shore.
Good luck.
who you looking for?
Sam Munter.
Oh, yeah, he don't live there
anymore. He moved.
I'm not sure, man.
If you see him,
would you tell him
his brother Peel
dropped by?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
PEEL: Sam?
I know you're in there.
- Fuck.
- Are you gonna let me in?
What are you doing here,
Will send you?
Can I come in?
Hell, no.
I didn't invite you here.
And I don't wanna see you.
I don't believe you.
Well, you know, believe it,
and go back to wherever
the hell you came from.
Mom's dead.
Can we talk?
I don't wanna talk.
Do you need money?
You wanna give me money?
Huh? Slide it
under the front door.
I'll give it to you
if you let me in.
How much
are we talking about?
I can give you $200.
All right,
you get two minutes.
I'll let you in, you give me
the money, then you gotta go.
What the fuck
is that?
I wanted to measure you
to see how tall you are now.
Are you retarded?
You hauled that thing all
the way here just to measure me?
All right, well...
So you found me.
Go ahead.
Say what you came here to say,
and give me your pity money
and feel good about yourself.
Do you live here
It's messy.
Yeah, well, my house cleaner,
she has the week off.
What, small talk?
Come on, man.
You tracked me down for that?
See, here I was worried
you were gonna throw
some emotional bullshit at me,
but, hey, small talk it is.
How about them Crimson Tide?
Aren't you glad
you found me?
I am glad I found you.
We don't even know
each other.
Hell, I've got more in common
with my pimp neighbor
than I do with you.
So why are you here?
Are you on some kind
of nostalgia trip?
I'm pretty sure you were wearing
that same shirt
last time I saw you.
I was wearing pajamas.
Jesus Christ.
Why are you here?
I wanted to see
how you're doing.
Yeah, well, I'm... I'm just fine.
I'm dandy, I'm...
Now you know.
All right, you happy?
I'm happy
you're still alive.
Yeah, well,
that makes one of us.
Now, why don't you give me
that money and get out of here?
I don't know how much drugs
you can buy with that,
but I hope it's enough
that you feel better every day.
All right.
It's been a blast.
- Do you remember that one time...?
- Okay.
All right. Here we go.
No, go ahead. Let's hear it.
Let's hear your sappy,
brotherly bonding story.
Do you remember
that one time
when you took the water hose
and you taped it
to the bicycle pump,
and you sat
at the bottom of the pool,
and I pumped air to you
so you could breathe?
No. No. What I remember
was you peeing in the hose
and me nearly drowning
to death,
choking at the bottom
of the pool on your piss.
That's what I remember.
I didn't pee in the hose.
It was William.
Yeah? So?
That was a long time ago, Peel.
You got mad at me.
And you took my G.I. Joe
and you buried it in the yard.
You never told me
where you buried it.
I've dug up every inch
of the yard, trying to find it.
I was hoping you could tell me
where you buried it.
You're still the same, Peel.
I mean, you tracked me down
to ask me
where I buried your G.I. Joe?
Twenty-something years ago?
Go home, Peel.
I didn't invite you here.
And I don't want you here.
What? Are you...?
Are you deaf?
Get out of my house.
Take your pity money
and get out of here.
are you fucking stupid?
I said, get out!
I'm not mad at you, Sam.
I forgive you.
For what?
You forgive me for what?
I didn't do nothing
to you.
I just wanna know
where you put my G.I. Joe.
This isn't about
your stupid doll.
just get out.
Please, get out.
I can't...
I can't do this.
Why'd you come here?
What, you wanted to see
what a piece of shit
your older brother became?
I am nothing.
I am like a fucking bug.
I am like a fucking cockroach
that won't die.
I don't want this.
You understand that?
I don't want it.
Get out.
You wanna know
how tall I am?
What are you sitting there
Leave with your stupid
piece of wood.
Wanna know how tall I am?
I'm 5-fucking-10,
now get the fuck out!
Don't come back.
You hear me?
You know the motel
has a pool, right? Hmm?
Where's Chuck?
Slot machines.
Hey, you find your brother?
All right,
well, there's always tomorrow.
I'm gonna hit the rack.
Don't drown.
Maybe we should've left a note
for Chuck at the motel
in case he comes back.
He ain't coming back.
Why not?
He's on a bender.
Maybe we should go
look for him after this.
Chuck's his own man,
He's got his own destiny,
which we can't interfere.
If he wanted be here,
he'd be here.
Sure you wanna do this?
I'll be here
if you need me.
This ain't good.
This ain't good.
Let me in, Sam.
You okay? Huh?
Let's go.
How you feeling?
Like shit.
Chasing the old dragon, huh?
Got a monkey
on your back?
Living on Chinese rocks,
shooting smack, huh?
I'm just
your run-of-the-mill junkie.
That's it.
What's your story?
Well, I'm just a run-of-the-mill
degenerate gambler.
Well, here's to being
a fuck-up.
Only one in the car who isn't
is your brother.
Most decent person
I've ever met.
Yeah, he's something.
I don't know what that is,
yeah, he's something.
Late to my bed
Yet fully alive
A head filled with lead
A chest full of pride
Looking down, man
No, no
It was all in the rise
The horizon so close
The sun in my eyes
Now it's true
I'm losing my edge
So goodbye you
Out of the rest
Looks exactly the same.
This room feels a lot smaller
than I remember.
It's the same size.
You want some Oran-Zini?
No. No, I should just
get some sleep.
How about a glass of milk?
If you're hungry,
I could make NoodleO's.
Look, that'll just make me puke,
man, okay?
- Maybe you should go swimming.
- Jesus, Peel.
I feel like shit, okay?
Can you just...
Just leave me be?
For a moment?
ROY: How's it going?
Could I help you?
You wouldn't be William Munter,
would you?
No, why?
I'm Floyd Evans.
I was the Munter's pool man
back in the day.
- No shit?
- Yeah.
- We already have a pool guy.
- Ah.
That's not why I'm here.
I heard about
Lucille Munter's passing.
I just come by
to pay my respects.
- She was a beautiful woman.
- Mm.
You wouldn't happen
to know how I might
get in touch with Peel Munter,
would you?
No, why do you ask?
Just thought I'd come by
and see how he's doing.
It's gotta be rough
on someone his circumstance,
losing their mother,
being all alone in the world...
I'm sure Lucille left him
a pretty penny.
That can be a burden
in and of itself.
I thought I might offer
some guidance in the matter.
Guidance, huh?
Peel moved out.
Didn't leave an address.
That is a shame.
It's important
that I talk to him.
I need to tell him
If you did see him,
would you...?
Would you mind having him
give me a call?
All right.
Thanks, friend.
CHUN JA: Maybe you can pay for the pizza.
Anyway, happy birthday.
This was the picture
my dad kept by his bedside
right until the day he died.
Let me see.
That's you?
Little Peel.
Look at that.
Let me see.
Oh, fuck.
Dear Dad...
thanks for all your cards
and letters.
They made me so happy.
I've been thinking
about you too.
Things are going good here.
I got a job.
I teach art and swimming
on weekends.
One boy can hold his breath
for a really long time.
I'm training him to beat
my friend Chad's record.
I have a girlfriend now.
Her name is Chun Ja
and I think you'd like her.
She's really pretty,
and we have a lot of fun
She's teaching me
a lot of new things.
My roommate Roy got a job
at the racetrack.
They must not pay him much
because he never has any money.
But his rent
is always on time.
And I heard
from my old roommate Chuck.
Looks like he's back
from his drink-about.
He says
he found his true purpose
and is the head
of a Mexican dance troupe
in Pascagoula, Mississippi.
William and his girls
came to visit.
Sarah made him take
some time off work,
so that he could do
some adjusting and processing
with me and Sam.
I'm not sure what that means,
but we're having a lot of fun.
Mom would love the girls.
They're free spirits,
just like she was.
Sam lives with me now.
He hasn't been feeling too well
but he says
I'm good medicine for him.
As for you and Mom,
even though you guys
didn't work out,
I know she loved you.
At least the young you.
She used to say
she loved the man she married,
but not the man
she lived with.
She always said it
with a smile,
but I knew it made her sad.
If you go see her up there,
tell her she did a good job
raising me
and let her know
that I'm okay.
Anyway, Dad,
I should probably go.
I just thought you'd be happy
to know
that after all this time,
the Munter brothers are finally
together again.
Oh, yeah, and remember
the G.I. Joe you gave me
for my fifth birthday?
We found him.
He was hiding for 25 years.
And now he's safely back
with the family,
where he belongs.