Pegasus Vs. Chimera (2012) Movie Script

Belleros, not too close.
Father, help!
Come on.
You know, I would have preferred
to find an elk rather than a dracaena.
Or at least something we could eat.
We're going hungry tonight
unless we can find a rabbit on the way home.
It's a long walk home. We'll find something.
You shot well back there.
Thank you, Father.
Stop right where you are!
You're trespassing on the lands
of His Majesty Emperor Orthos.
These lands,
they belong to the people of Tiryns.
-Orthos has no claim on them.
You would defy Orthos?
I defy any tyrant.
Run, Belleros!
-No, I won't leave you!
You murderers!
Leave him!
He'll be able to tell his countrymen
what happens when you defy
the Lord Orthos.
Father! Father!
I will avenge your death.
Emperor Orthos, King of Argus.
General Actae.
I deliver onto you, Dorian, King of Tiryns.
His armies have scattered,
and his city walls will fall before tonight.
Dorian of Tiryns.
Now king of nothing.
Kneel before your emperor.
You steal titles as ruthlessly
as you steal lands.
Like your father,
you fail to see my vision
of uniting the seven realms into one empire.
Your vision...
Yes. the enslavement
of the free people of Tiryns.
That's where you're wrong.
My vision for your people is death.
You're mad.
I will live 1,000 years, if that's what it takes,
to wipe every last drop
of Tiryn blood from the earth,
starting with yours.
My people will continue
to fight long after I'm dead!
This changes nothing!
Bring him in.
You've been accused of impeding
Orthos' march of peace
across the seven realms.
The sentence will be carried out immediately.
Now, you try.
Father, why must I learn this?
So that you may always protect yourself.
We do have an army.
Philony, the army may not always be there.
At the end of the day,
all you have is yourself.
Try again.
I don't need a knife to protect myself.
It's not about you, Philony.
It's about your freedom,
and the people of Tiryns.
You are a princess,
and with that comes great responsibility.
Now if you can't protect yourself,
how can you be expected to protect others?
That's it.
I'll never get this right.
Pressure and patience, Tello, not too much.
If you put too much pressure,
it changes the nature of the metal,
and gets all the impurities out.
I'm Belleros.
Welcome to my shop.
I need knives.
Knives? We don't sell cooking tools.
Only weapons.
Do you have any more of those?
Well, we don't have many women
looking for weapons.
I also need a bow and a short sword.
Tello, would you please bring these outside
to the young lady?
So what sort of trouble are you in?
My homeland, Tiryns, has fallen.
What happened?
General Stephos betrayed us.
He opened the south gates
and let Orthos and the Argus troops in.
I wish the ground would open up
and take him to hell.
If it's the last thing I do, I will kill him.
You? Why?
Because he murdered my father.
I'm sorry.
My father was killed by Orthos' men
many years ago.
He was a captain in the king's guard.
We were just hunting
and we were stopped by soldiers.
They accused him of trespassing
and this man killed him in cold blood.
Your father was Cyros.
Yes, how'd you know?
His courage was well known.
I have heard that the king was furious.
Why didn't you come forward?
Because I promised myself
that I would deal with his killers one day.
Then your thirst for vengeance
is as great as mine.
Vengeance or justice?
-Beautifully balanced.
-My father was a good teacher.
Nice shot.
I'm just curious,
how did you learn to use those weapons?
That should be more than sufficient.
Thank you, both.
Thank you.
And good luck.
Most of his soldiers have been killed.
But some of Dorian's men have fled
to the western woods.
They're hunting them down as we speak.
The western woods? The western woods?
It's the toughest terrain in my empire.
They can live there like rats forever.
Have you found Queen Caria?
Not yet, but we will.
She'll never give herself up.
And while she lives, the Tiryns will fight on.
Actae, your spell, it's worn off.
Why did it fail so soon?
My powers are limited, Orthos.
Every time I extend your life,
the spell grows weaker.
I'm a warlock, not a god.
Need I remind you, neither are you.
One of these fine days,
my magic will fail me completely,
and then you will grow old
and then you will die
like every other man on Earth.
Drink this.
It's been 50 years.
When Dorian's father refused
to join his armies with mine,
I vowed then to live long enough
to see them all dead.
I refuse to die until they're all destroyed.
Find me a way to hunt them down.
I need more than just soldiers.
Where are you going?
I need to find that girl.
Ifwhat she said is true,
none of us will survive here much longer.
It's time for me to avenge my father's death.
-Then I'll come with you.
-No, you stay.
The shop is yours, Tello.
Belleros, I couldn't possibly...
Yes, you can. And you deserve it.
It's yours.
But only until you return.
Very well. Take care.
Here's to betrayal.
Hear, hear!
What's the matter, Stephos?
You didn't like the toast?
I was told I'd have my gold by now.
Change of plans.
Emperor Orthos wishes
to thank you personally.
I'm sure he wishes to shake the hand
of the man who gave us Tiryns.
It will take many more deaths
for my father's soul to be at peace.
But yours is the first, Stephos.
My father's sword.
Stephos, come!
Come join in on the celebration.
Who goes there?
And so it begins. It's accepted our offer.
What begins?
You've always wanted something
to hunt the Tiryns.
I'm giving it to you.
For you, my Emperor.
A monster to hunt the Tiryns.
-What is it?
Creature from the underworld.
It searches for souls and then sends them
to the bowels of Hades.
Does it understand what I say?
It's accepted your blood offering.
It's at your command.
Seek out the Tiryns that hide
in the western forests.
Spare none of them.
-What are you doing here?
-I could have killed you.
And I you.
I can take care of myself, blacksmith.
I can see that.
-What was that?
-I don't know.
But I'm not going to stand here
and wait for it to find me.
There's a Tiryn camp deeper in the forest,
a night's journey from here.
My people will protect us.
So, tell me, I'm curious,
is it normal for Tiryn women
to behave like men and learn the sword?
Not normal, but not prohibited.
I see.
Since we're going to be traveling together,
can I ask your name?
I am Philony of Tiryns.
My father was King Dorian.
You're the daughter of Dorian,
that's why you know how to fight.
He was a great leader.
Why are you following me?
The moment has come for me
to avenge my father's death.
And I want to help you save Tiryns.
The soldiers are but scattered remnants.
They won't get far.
What of Queen Caria and the princess?
They're not in sight yet.
The Chimera is still on their trail.
So victory is just days away.
The Tiryns are within our grasp.
You don't look very excited.
I am just waiting to discuss my reward.
I've kept my promises,
now I want my payment.
I've made you second-in-command
of my entire empire.
I prefer the original deal, where I get
the western provinces as my kingdom.
Nonsense! You have far more power,
as second-in-command here.
With all due respect, Orthos,
I would prefer having my own lands
to govern, as promised.
I'm having second thoughts about putting
a potential rival on my border...
I've sworn allegiance to you, Orthos.
I am not your rival.
Is that why your spells are getting weaker?
You want to hasten my departure,
take over when I'm gone?
As I've always told you, My Lord,
my spells are but temporary.
Then find a way of making them permanent,
and we'll discuss the western provinces.
Your father was a just man.
A just man in an unjust world.
It's Orthos who's unjust, not the world.
And what of your father, Belleros?
My father? He could slay a beast
with one slash of his sword.
A warrior.
And are you a warrior?
I'm just a man.
Not a warrior, not a king, just a man.
My father used to say a man doesn't need
a bloodline to be king, only heart.
What do you remember most
about your father?
How he died.
He's one of our soldiers.
My mother.
My mother, she was here.
I'm so sorry.
I've never seen an animal
with that kind of print.
Wait, there are human footprints.
They lead into the woods.
Some may have survived.
Come on, Princess.
Then my mother might still be alive.
The tracks end here.
-Mother! Mother!
-Drop your weapon.
-You're alive!
-Oh, Philony.
Oh, thank the gods you're safe.
Where have you been?
I feared you'd been captured.
I'm fine.
-What happened to the camp?
-A demon.
Come, we must get to somewhere safe.
I know a hunting trail
through the southern pass.
It leads to the plains through the marshes.
It's hard for anyone to track
but far enough to be safe.
Mother, this is Belleros.
He's been helping me.
-Thank you.
But we need to continue heading west
toward the hollow caves.
With all due respect,
Your Majesty, it's madness.
It's not safe there.
I know the dangers.
But we need help.
We seek the witch, Mayda.
And you trust a witch?
We have no other choice. Come.
Very well.
-Thank the gods I found you.
At least we're together now.
Keep watch for that demon.
Don't worry, Princess, you're safe with me.
Majesty, what exactly do you know
about this witch?
Only that she is extremely powerful
and we need help to defeat Orthos' magic.
Oh, wonderful. Orthos uses magic, too?
That snake has ruled Argus since
the days of my grandfather,
yet he doesn't grow a day older.
It must be magic.
We need to find magic to stop him.
What about that witch?
What if she uses her magic
against us as well?
Mayda and Actae have a long history.
They were both once allies of Tiryns.
When Actae aligned himself with Orthos,
Mayda secluded herself in these woods
and refused to join them.
She hates who he's become.
She will help us.
And may the gods help us.
Send the men to scout the perimeter.
The fire's fresh,
but it looks like there's no one here.
Why don't you take a seat, Belleros,
hunter from the great south land.
How do you know my name?
I know everything.
My visions tell me more than
a person should know.
Would you like to know the moment
and the hour of your death, Belleros?
Not really, no.
So you know why we're here.
The monster killing your men
is called the Chimera.
I wouldn't have thought Actae would have
the power to conjure it.
I wouldn't have believed it,
but my visions, they never lie.
Who is this Actae?
He's a warlock who is Orthos' general.
He's the one who killed my father.
He is as much a warlock
as Orthos is an emperor.
Both titles undeserved.
Men playing with power
like a child playing with fire.
How do we stop them?
All I need to know is how to kill this beast.
I asked the same question myself this night.
And the gods say,
the answer lies in the heavens.
How can stars give us answers to troubles?
The stars give us tools,
but it's up to us how we use them.
Now, we must wait for darkness.
To combat a demon from hell
we must summon
a creature from the heavens.
Sired by Poseidon, born by the Medusa...
The monster who turned men to stone.
The Chimera may destroy,
but the Pegasus is a source of healing.
It hasn't been on Earth
for a thousand years.
Stand back!
It's just a horse.
Not just a horse, no.
He's beautiful.
He may be beautiful, but what good
is he going to be against the Chimera?
Don't be fooled by its looks.
It's the Pegasus.
The Pegasus, really? Where are his wings?
Power is frequently disguised.
Never underestimate this creature.
It is a war horse of the gods.
The blood of Medusa and Poseidon
coursing through its veins.
The Pegasus killed anyone who came close.
So we battle the creature of the gods
with one of our own.
Actae and l, we worship different gods,
I am of the light, he of the darkness.
He's a dangerous man,
a desperate who thirsts for power.
But is there nothing you can do
to challenge him?
I can counter an act
by summoning the Pegasus
to his summoning the Chimera,
but I can't directly attack.
As a servant of the gods, it's forbidden.
Then our only choice is to fight his monster.
Never forget, Actae and I are both mortal.
Our power is a gift.
It's nothing we create.
I can't kill him with magic,
but a sword, a sword can kill him
as easily as any man.
So what can we do if he decides
to use his witchcraft against us?
Bringing the Chimera to Earth
used all his powers.
He is weakened,
as am I for summoning the Pegasus.
He's brave, strong and swift.
He will carry you like lightning,
high above your enemies.
It will make you the best warriors on Earth.
Beautiful weapon.
It's my father's sword.
I want you to take it.
No, Princess, I can't.
Orthos killed your father.
It's fitting that something of my slain father
helps avenge his death.
You'll need the best sword in the kingdom.
All right, ifyou insist.
Thank you.
Fine, fine, you are 10 times
the swordsman I am.
-Oh, obviously.
-Watch your tongue, blacksmith!
You may be better with the sword
but I can pin you to a tree with five arrows
before you get within 20 feet of me.
I can rain down a storm of arrows
like you have never seen.
We'll see, Princess.
You cannot leave until you understand
the power of the gift that's been given to you.
You must protect it at all cost.
What good is a weapon that needs
to be protected?
The Pegasus is a star pulled to Earth.
It is a gift.
And when it is here,
the stars are out of alignment.
What are you saying?
I'm saying that it must be returned
by the full moon.
And if it is not, or worse, if it is killed,
then the world will end.
Remove a constellation and it will flood.
Then there will be freezing,
and the world will die in never-ending winter.
Then it is too dangerous
for us to take him into battle.
She's right, the price of defeat is too high.
Then you must not be defeated.
The Pegasus will keep you alive
as long as it is alive.
Philony, what are you two planning?
Well, we are here,
and the western provinces are here.
The great marsh lies a few leagues
to the north.
But what we are really interested
in is here, in Argus.
We should leave at once.
I suppose it's foolish to ask you
to stay here.
Nowhere is safe, Mother.
The Pegasus can fly us to Argus
and I swear to you, I will put my sword
through the heart of Orthos.
What about the Chimera? He's hunting us.
Yes, I agree with the queen,
the Chimera is the immediate threat.
Orthos controls the Chimera.
He hunts you because Orthos wishes it.
And ifwe kill Orthos, what will the beast do?
He will hunt and kill indiscriminately
anyone who is its path.
Then who should we kill first?
Last night I dreamt that Orthos was alone
in his throne room.
He is weak and vulnerable.
I think that this is a sign.
First we deal with Orthos, then the monster.
We should run! We should run!
You should wait, you're not ready yet.
Majesty, there is no better teacher
than experience.
But Mayda said the horse
has special powers.
You should learn more
before you take Orthos on.
I've already lost your father,
I couldn't bear losing you as well.
If we do nothing,
Father's death would have been in vain.
I know you're right.
Promise me you will return to me safely.
I promise.
Thank you.
-Take care of her.
-You can count on me, Majesty.
Let's go.
Are you ready?
-ln my sight.
Watch out!
Over here, you bastard.
Come here!
What? What happened?
It's all right, Princess.
It's the Pegasus, he healed you.
All my wounds are gone.
That's what Mayda meant when she said
the Pegasus will keep us alive.
Then that means we can fight forever.
That's right.
From what pit of hell did
Orthos get that filthy beast?
From the same pit I will send him to,
I promise.
We have to go back to Mayda
and find out more about the Pegasus.
The Chimera is even more effective
than I had hoped.
General Actae.
What's happened?
The Chimera faced Princess Philony
and a warrior in battle.
And I thought she'd been killed,
but then she was healed.
Sir, what is this horse?
It is the Pegasus.
It can heal its rider of any wound.
We must tell the Emperor.
If there is any news,
or if that horse is sighted again,
send a runner
to the throne room immediately.
These may buy us some time
if that beast attacks,
but I feel we need something much stronger.
It won't be enough.
Why? Have you had another dream?
The same. We are running out of time. Come.
Orthos' forces are gathering.
I can feel they are close by.
You must leave before it's too late.
-What about you?
-I will stay. It's my fate.
But if you know your own fate,
then you must know the fate
of our own kingdom.
Please, tell us what we can do.
I can't help you.
Summoning the Pegasus took everything.
You can't change fate.
It's too late for them.
Come, let's go to safety. Follow!
What have you heard of the girl?
It's become complicated, My Lord.
She has acquired additional help
in the form of a flying horse.
-A flying horse?
-It's called the Pegasus,
a creature from the heavens.
The only one who is powerful enough
to bring it to this earth
is the witch called Mayda.
Mayda, always aligning herself against us.
She's probably guarding Queen Caria.
Let's see if her magic is powerful enough
against my Chimera.
Nothing brings more destruction
than the Chimera, My Lord,
but the Pegasus has
a special magic of its own.
It can heal its rider of any wound.
But can my men kill it?
Yes, even though its blood may be immortal.
If it is injured badly enough, it will die.
-lts blood makes it immortal, did you say?
And what if its blood
flows through another's veins?
The legend has it
that the Pegasus' immortality
can be had by the drinking of its blood.
Well, I must have that horse.
-I will do my best, My Lord.
-Your best gets us nowhere.
The princess and the warrior will
undoubtedly use the Pegasus to get to me.
I want you to make their task easier.
How will I do that?
Well, invite them to the palace
with some irresistible bait.
Open the windows and let them fly right in!
Once I have the Pegasus,
you will get the western provinces.
Thy will be done, My Lord.
There are no trails or footprints.
I can't go on.
Princess, this is not a time for tears.
We were given a weapon to fight Orthos
and the monster, we need to use it.
-Don't you see?
The Pegasus gives us
the power of a battalion.
You were almost dead
when I put you on its back,
and look at you.
This is more than just a flying horse.
These soldiers died believing that Orthos
and the monster could be defeated.
this is a fight we have to win for our fathers.
This is our time.
Now, come on.
Come on.
Argus is that way,
to the east, Your Highness.
We'd be certain to meet Orthos' men there.
I must try to stop this beast. You go on.
I'll make my stand here.
We will continue west.
Thank you for everything you've given us.
I will pray for your success.
Tello's gone.
But it can't be the Chimera
because somebody took all the weapons.
Creature of the dark, hunter of souls,
as a servant of light, I command that
you return to the underworld.
I, Mayda, servant of the light,
command you return to the underworld.
From the point of light,
may light descend on Earth.
Seal the door where evil dwells.
May you go back to the underworld,
may you go back to the underworld.
May the light banish you.
May the light banish you.
Foolish beast, you cannot penetrate
the power of the pentacle.
From the point of light within
the minds of the masters,
Iet light descend on Earth.
May light seal the way where evil dwells.
Halt in the name of the emperor.
Queen Caria.
Attack and your queen dies.
The emperor is most anxious
to speak with you.
Blacksmith Tello, you've been accused
of arming the Tiryn rebellion.
They were starving families.
They were just searching for food.
The sentence for this is death.
Pull the rider from her horse.
Our orders are to take the Pegasus alive.
Mayda's powers are no match for me.
You should have known better.
Orthos won't succeed.
He already has, don't you see?
No man, woman or even a horse
can defeat the Chimera.
-They will stop you.
-Let them try.
Belleros, I knew you'd come for me.
We have much to tell. Let's walk.
This way. It's not much further.
Tello, you are brilliant.
Argus soldiers came to question me.
That night I took everything I could
and hid it here.
The next morning they came to arrest me.
This is almost everything.
You need to get back to the forge.
We need a weapon to take down the Chimera.
So the rumors are true, you've seen it.
It's a beast unlike anything I have ever seen.
It has claws as sharp as blades
and a tail with the power of 100 soldiers.
-Can you kill it?
-We don't know.
How will you attack it?
By air, with the Pegasus.
Has it shown any vulnerabilities?
None that I can see.
How long will it take you to repair the forge?
A couple of hours to get the fire hot enough.
we need something strong enough
to pierce its skin.
-Where are you going?
-To kill Orthos.
We'll meet back at the forge.
Keep an eye out for the Chimera.
Queen Caria, at last.
What do you want, Orthos?
I want to see you admit defeat.
We are not defeated
until every last warrior is killed,
and neither you or your monster
have done that.
Why don't you know that you have lost?
I have destroyed your cities,
I burned your villages,
my monster is out hunting and killing
the remains ofyour people.
They will all die,
all of them.
Hiding in the woods between Tiryns
and the southern plains,
but I will spare your life,
and that ofyour daughter,
if she delivers the Pegasus.
That will never happen.
Why not?
Oh, Orthos, I laugh at your vanity.
You boast ofyour life,
but you have become the living dead.
And without the Pegasus,
you will wither and die like any ordinary man.
Take her to the dungeons.
My Lord, Orthos.
The princess and her warrior have used
the Pegasus to free the Tiryn prisoners.
-Where was this?
-Not far, 20 leagues.
Put out the word
that I have Queen Caria as prisoner,
and that her life is forfeit in 48 hours,
unless the princess surrenders.
That should bring the princess here.
And if she does not show up
within that time, with the horse,
behead Queen Caria.
We should stop here.
No, we should keep going.
We need to eat.
Start a fire. I'm going to
hunt us down something.
I won't be long.
Very well, Your Highness.
So what's our plan when we get there?
We fly in, we kill Orthos, and then we fly out.
-That simple?
-That simple.
The more complicated the plan,
the more it has chances to fail.
And what then?
Then the world will be rid of a tyrant,
once and for all.
No, what will you do?
Me? I will go back to being
an ordinary blacksmith.
You are anything but ordinary.
I'm just doing what needs to be done.
What I should have done a long time ago.
I'm scared, Belleros.
Scared? Of what?
Ever since my father's murder,
all I've wanted to do is kill Orthos.
I'm scared it's changed me.
What will I do if it happens?
-When it happens.
-What then?
Philony, what you do is not who you are.
You're no more a killer than I am.
Belleros, you are a true warrior.
And a very tired one.
So let's go to sleep.
Come on. Come on.
Good girl.
It's all right.
Search for the girl!
I didn't need a magic horse to find you.
You're the man who killed my father.
I'm sure I took great pleasure in it.
Orthos would like to meet you, and l
will take great pleasure in killing you as well.
-Any luck?
Keep searching.
Go to the palace and tell the Emperor that
the great warrior, Belleros,
is now taken prisoner.
And that the Pegasus now belongs to us.
Take him.
So you left the girl behind.
You ordered us to bring you
the horse at any cost.
I sent a soldier to track her down,
but she can't have traveled far.
She was within your grasp.
If you'd have been a little clever,
you'd have captured them all.
It's just a matter of time.
Like your reward.
Are you going back on your word?
When you keep your end of the bargain,
I'll keep mine, not before.
Get away from him.
The man that wants to kill me.
The man who will kill you.
Let's get him to his feet.
You've completely misjudged me.
I'm a very forgiving man.
I'm going to let you live. Long enough
to see me drain the Pegasus complete.
You fool!
If you kill the horse,
we all die and the world ends.
You can't be immortal
in a world that no longer exists.
Who told you that? Mayda?
She also said the horse would kill me
and my creature.
She was wrong. Take him away.
Immortality awaits.
It'll have to wait a little longer, Orthos.
You'll not deny me my reward any longer.
What have they done to you?
Don't try to talk.
The guards didn't find it.
They didn't look hard enough.
Zo! Zo!
Zo! Zo!
You have done very well, Lord Actae,
and you will be rewarded.
I want my reward now.
Yes, well, we'll talk about that after
we have finished with Tiryns.
I delivered the queen, the princess is dead,
her warrior is taken captive,
Tiryns is now nothing more than a few
soldiers that need to be mopped up.
I think that we should talk now.
Don't take that tone with me.
I beheaded a king once.
Do you think that makes me
more powerful than a king?
You wouldn't dare.
Did you think I'd just hand you immortality?
You forget.
I control the Chimera.
You kill me and the monster runs loose.
You'll never have a moment without fear.
When I summoned the Chimera,
it accepted your blood as an offering.
It's your blood that controls the Chimera.
But it doesn't have to be
flowing in your veins.
Bind him!
Did you think me so simple as to
create something I couldn't control?
Belleros, you're alive!
-Are you all right?
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
They told me you were dead.
I saw them take you.
I thought it best to fall back and
wait for a better moment to attack.
Here, you dropped this.
We need to go back for the Pegasus.
Orthos intends to drink his blood.
He will surely kill the horse. Come on.
It's ironic, don't you think?
You wanted the Pegasus' blood so badly.
Now it will be mine.
And your throne will be mine.
You have any last words?
Stop him.
You know, it's almost a shame
that you're gonna have to die here,
and I won't get a chance to torture you.
You can't take all of us, Orthos.
You're right. Luckily I won't have to.
Kill them all.
Come, come, come.
Something I need from you. Come.
That way.
Try to find the trail.
Belleros, look. Fresh hoof tracks.
Stay right where you are.
Let me pass.
Where is the Pegasus?
It's Orthos and the creature's problem now.
You can follow him to your deaths if you like.
You killed my father.
I was just following orders.
Orthos is the one you want.
I'm so glad the Chimera didn't rob me
of the pleasure of killing you.
It can't kill me, I created it.
Then I will have no trouble.
Go after the Pegasus.
I've waited a long time for this.
For both our fathers.
You're mine.
Come back!
This is for my father.
Hold still.
You know, it's strange,
but I feel very, very different.
What have you done?
I'm becoming the greatest man in history.
Not if I can help it.
We're all here. I love that we're all together!
Give us the Pegasus.
And give up eternal life? I think not.
The Pegasus must be returned
to the heavens by full moon.
If it stays here, it means the end of the world.
And death for all of us,
including you, Orthos.
I curse Actae for letting you live this long.
Actae is dead.
His blood is on your father's sword, Philony.
Then I owe you thanks,
because he was becoming
a bit of a problem.
Kill them.
Come on, you beast.
Come on, you beast.
I've been jumping out of my skin
since you told me about the Chimera.
Really? And you were going to kill it
with a throwing knife?
How is the work coming on the weapon?
Good, but it could be better.
I think I found something we can use.
It's flexible but strong enough
to use against the Chimera,
possibly even tie it down.
Not a bad idea, but it's too heavy to fly with.
Anything else?
Yes, I've been working on
a modified siege crossbow.
Do you think it will pierce the Chimera?
Strongest I can make.
Well, I guess we'll have to find out.
-How long will it take?
-Not quite sure.
We're running out of time.
Our weapons are useless,
Pegasus can't help us.
What are we supposed to do?
I don't know.
Thank you, Tello. Keep working.
Are you all right?
Immortality in a bag.
And the price is your soul.
Just imagine
never having to fear death again.
You saw Orthos. He is no longer human.
I can't let you do that.
Well, then, Princess. We can't use it.
I know that.
No, stop.
No, stop it.
Let's bury it.
Let's just destroy it.
No, no, no, the magic is too powerful.
We may have to use it somehow.
Princess, let's bury it
until we know more about it.
Very well.
Over here.
Watch out.
I'm so sorry.
They took my father.
And now Tello.
Belleros, believe me, I know how you feel.
I ran away when they murdered him.
As they cut down my own flesh and blood,
I ran away.
You were young.
So was he.
No more.
This is not your fault. You did not start this.
No, but I'll finish it.
Are you with me?
Where is he, Caria?
My patience is wearing very thin.
They're not coming, Orthos.
They know it's a trap.
For crimes of treason, against your emperor,
I hereby sentence you to death.
Come to me!
You think that'll stop me? It won't.
Come on!
I'll get you loose.
It's finally time for you to die, Orthos.
You filthy blacksmith!
Is that the best you can do, blacksmith?
Philony, Chimera!
You coward.
-Enjoying yourself?
-I am!
Go! Go! Go now.
How about now?
-You want the Pegasus?
Here he is!
The blood of the Pegasus hurt the demon.
I know. That's how we'll defeat it.
-Are you all right?
-I'm fine.
The Pegasus healed me.
I feel like the bigger monster is dead.
Our fathers finally have justice.
The only way for us to have liberation
is ifwe kill the Chimera.
I think I know how.
Wouldn't it be easier ifwe took
a little blood from the Pegasus?
No, he's lost too much blood already.
He's too weak.
And we still have to kill that monster.
I don't know about this, Philony.
Mother and I saw it, Belleros.
The Chimera was in pain.
She's right. The blood did hurt it.
Now tell me that's not magic at work.
Let's see what it'll do to this.
Come on, you beast!
Keep its attention.
Come on! Come on, you beast.
Keep her attention.
Philony! Go to the Pegasus. Now!
It's you and me.
Philony! Philony!
Shoot him. Shoot his mouth.
Go back to Hades!
Thank you.
After all that's happened,
I feel like we're just at the beginning.
Our entire kingdom needs to be rebuilt.
We're still alive
and where there's life, there is hope.
Thanks to you, Tiryns survives.
What of you?
Will you return to your forge in the south?
You've seen it. There is nothing left.
Tiryns needs men now, more than ever.
Well, I could always build
a forge somewhere.
And Tiryns is as good a place as any.
It's nearing the rising of the moon.
Farewell, friend. Time for you to leave.
For you, Father, a promise kept.