Pek Yakinda (2014) Movie Script

- Which officer are you, brother?
- I am Officer One.
- Me, I'm Officer Two.
- Let me stand here.
You, get out of here, out, out.
Get out already.
It's full up here, brother,
it's full, go away.
Get over here, you're
supposed to be here.
People, final adjustments,
get it right.
Hello, brother.
I'm Muharrem, Officer Four.
Officer Six, Zafer.
- Alright, brother, good luck.
- Thank you.
Man, I'm way in the back.
Is this your first job?
No, man, I've worked before,...
...but when Mr ener said to go closer,
I mean, you know, I wonder...
Did the director tell you to fire?
Yes, of course, it was the master.
Master Yavuz said "You, fire your gun."
You are overthinking it.
Just relax.
If you have a feeling, go and
tell the master, talk to him.
"For God's sake,
don't drive me crazy!"
Brother, it's not a good time to say it
but there is something I'd like to do.
You must not be shy in acting.
If you're a diamond in the rough, Master
Yavuz will notice it, he'll discover it.
Yes, police officers,
please, take your stations.
Sister, I was wondering if I could...
You. Listen to me, don't
think about Officer Six,...
...improvise the officer
the way you feel it, go on.
Two. One. Please start.
The water of the Euphrates...
...flows cool.
Let me die as my pain...
...flows cool.
It took away my love, Mother!
Blood-thirsty and cool.
Let me die.
Blood thirsty and cool...
How could I smile...
Take Brother ener.
What are you doing, son?
Take that son of a bitch away!
18 Years Later
It's the girl from
the beginning, isn't it?
- It's the same girl.
- Yes.
Haneke, man,
suffering and misery again!
Cancel Yenibosna.
Go out to Kadiky and Cihangir.
- If it sells more than a thousand,
make a second batch. -Ok brother.
- What's up, Beard?
- Torrent, brother.
Let him find an Iranian
film with little dialog... we can get it done by Tuesday.
What are those guys doing?
Sundance, Tribeca, Canada...
Are they able to choose well?
That brother is terrific with Korean films.
Man, I had such a hand,...
...I swear I could pick a blockbuster...
...from a sack, from a sack I tell you.
- Here! "Destiny" -Didn't work, brother.
How so, it didn't work?
It's a blockbuster of the heart.
Find me the guy who did this.
The board, the board, Mesut!
- Yes, son?
- Dad, you're coming tomorrow, right?
- What time was it, Mom? -Two.
Two o'clock, Dad.
How could I not come, son?
What would you like as a present, a toy?
Uhm... Dad, I have toys, just you come...
Okay, Come on, daddy, you'll speak tomorrow.
- Good night. -Arzu, Arzu!
Brother, Blent is here.
- Did you make "Destiny"? -Yes, brother.
Don't do it. Don't do domestic films, son.
Let people go and watch them at the theater.
Tonight is the end, isn't it, brother?
The end. Happy end.
I'm leaving it before it goes sour.
We're going to miss you, brother.
I'm going to miss you, too, Ali.
We're just pirates, we're not bad people.
- Repent!
- That's exactly what I'm doing.
I've watched a lot of films in this...
... line of work. I've learned a lot.
You make people watch good films, okay?
Support students and filmmakers.
Let them pay on credit from time to time.
Didn't we make people love world cinema?
Of course, brother.
But, don't translate "Brokeback Mountain"... "Fag Cowboys". Don't do that!
"O-o-o Zafer, the film man..."
"The pride of cinema, Zafer the film man..."
- Shhh... Good luck, brother.
- Thank you, Brother Cumhur.
Alright, then.
Wait, don't blow.
Brother Izzettin wants to see you.
Alright, wait a couple of minutes.
Come, Zafer, come in.
- The guys ordered a cake.
- I was the one...
What are we doing now?
We hope for the best,
brother, what can I say?
Shut up for a minute.
You're quitting at such a time!
- Here, have a cheek.
- It's offal, brother.
Look, Zafer, my boy.
You say it's for the family
and I respect that, I understand.
At the end of the day it's illegal, we
know that, and you're doing well to quit.
Brother, it's all about
turning over a new leaf.
Has the divorce gone through?
No brother, we're separated
But I'll try to fix it somehow.
You said something
about 50 meters?
Ah, that. Last month,
we had a fight, it got messy so she...
...took out a
restraining order on me.
- I see, so you can't...?
- You can't get close.
Who's taking care of that?
I mean the 50 meters?
It's a guesstimate, brother,
I mean you judge the distance, you know.
I wish they gave me
50 kilometers, damn it.
You don't know the wife I have.
I don't even go home.
It's difficult for me because
I love her. I want us to make up.
Now, listen Brother Zafer.
You're very valuable to us.
We are passionate
about our work.
Avatar is coming.
It's obviously going to be a hit. Those
bastards know what they're doing. So...
- Brother...
- Don't interrupt me.
There's no one in this country
who can distribute it like you.
I can't leave it to kids.
You'll do this as your last job.
Here, take this.
Then, we'll say good-bye.
Last time, brother?
And then that's it?
You go and get this and the rest is
up to God. Alright then, son.
God willing, brother.
Come, let's go cut your cake.
"The pride of the cinema,
Zafer, the film man..."
Go and get it over
the weekend, that's it...
After you.
Put this away.
Tell Mustafa to get the mixture.
Sit and have a kebab
before you leave.
Thank you, brother.
- Is this seat taken, sister?
- Go ahead.
Thank you.
Check their ID cards.
- What is it, Officer?
- Come on, take our friends downstairs.
There's nothing downstairs.
We have tenants downstairs.
- Please go out if you're done.
- Thank you, officer.
- Come, dear.
- Come, my darling.
- What happened, man? -They raided the
storeroom, can I come in for a minute?
Come in, come in.
Man, you keep saying you'll quit,
you'll quit, so what happened?
Brother, I swear, we cut
the cake and the cops came in.
You're a diamond of a guy,...
...and lucky.
Quit while you're ahead, man!
How's business with you?
They say aan Irmak is
filming "My Grandpa and My Son."
He asked for twelve fezzes.
We're waiting to hear from them.
If there are any explosions
and such, we'll do that too.
God willing.
But no one comes, brother.
This is a treasure chamber, Zafer.
Everything you touch is a treasure.
Here, "The Dunce Class"
Hafize Ana's bell,
wouldn't sell it for a trillion.
The other day,
this young guy offered...
...Ten thousand lira for
Body Ekrem's sweat shirt.
I told him, "Fuck off, get outta here."
No one has this stuff, man.
No sweat pants with that?
Ferdi has them,
Brother Ertem's son.
Brother, tomorrow is my boy's birthday.
Can I stay the night and go from here?
Sure. Can you get in the house?
Well, the commander gave permission,
because of the birthday.
The boy's birthday!
Yep, tomorrow.
Here, Flash Gordon.
Give it to the boy.
There's only one in Turkey. If I put it
on the Internet, I'd be swamped.
But, brother, kids these days
don't know about Flash Gordon.
Take it, man, so it comes to
some use. Make the kid happy.
Some guys are filming
the conquest of Istanbul.
There are 348 spears here
but they don't come and get them.
They take just one and
multiply it with computers.
Are we supposed to eat stones?!
You're right.
It's amazing, man.
His mother's beauty!
He really likes that toy...
Thank you so much.
You shouldn't have.
Mr Suat, this dessert is delicious.
I put in the lemon juice and let it sit
for five minutes before pouring it.
It really melts in the mouth.
Look, it's like air.
- Cihan, dear, you haven't thanked
your Uncle Suat. -Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Anything for you.
Daddy's here, Daddy's here!
Look at the helicopter, Dad.
It's awesome!
Happy birthday, my dearest son.
- How are you, Arzu?
- Come, Zafer, come in.
Mrs Remziye is here. His friends
are here, and their mothers...
..."so, they separated, that's it."
I mean,
it's the best for the child.
Ah, hello, hello.
Hello, Brother Zafer.
Make sure you taste the dessert.
See, you come and see your child
like a civilized person.
Believe me, this is the age at
which your son needs you the most.
See, he is still
a child in my eyes.
He's fifty but he's still my child.
When I send him somewhere,
I can't help worrying about him
- Where do you send him
- To the bakery.
No, no, where would she send me?
My mother is just joking.
Cihan,... boy, look, I got you
this toy. Flash Gordon.
What a stupid toy!
Is that tin or plastic, Zafer?
- Iron.
- Iron?
What if he cuts his hand on it?
He won't, master, he won't
Wait a minute.
What is Flash Gordon?
Cihan, give it to me.
Let's put it away.
You go ahead and
play with your toy.
Zafer, what are you doing?!
There are all these kids in the house.
The fan is on, the fan!
My father's flashlight is here.
It got left behind when you moved out.
It has no batteries anyway.
Why do you talk
to the man like that?
Why do they come by every chance
they get? I'm going to beat him up.
Zafer, did you come here
to cause another scene?
Listen, I swear, if you do
something like that, I'll push this.
- What is that?
- A panic button.
It's against people like you.
They said, if there is
any kind of violence,...
..."Push the button and we'll
be there in two minutes."
I swear I'll push it,
Zafer, don't you dare!
Arzu, I apologized a thousand times.
Are you going to have me dragged
to the police station at the slightest thing?
- You shouldn't have slapped me.
- I was drunk, I told you!
Well, you shouldn't have been.
- I quit pirating.
- Yeah, right.
"Arzu, you series is on, come!"
Mrs Arzu,
"Mr Aslan's Estate" has started.
"-No, sir. Can I do anything else
for you?" "-No, thank you."
"-There is nothing left in the cellar, sir"
"-Where is Mr Aslan?"
"Mr Aslan has gone to the market."
What a beauty,
look at this beauty.
You're amazing. You would simply crush
any of the principal actresses in any series.
They are showing reruns of
"Mr Aslan's Estate," Mom.
She was a maid there, right?
Don't be silly. What maid? She was
the most beautiful girl in the house.
- Why don't you do this any more.
- I'm going to sign up with the agency.
Even if I can't play such
young women any more,...
...I'll find roles that fit my age.
Didn't you like the toy?
I did, Daddy
A cloud went by,
tears were left on the grass.
Wine is the color of the sky,
how can I not drink it on a day like this.
The dawn breeze blows,
tears away the skirt of the rose.
The nightingale's heart breaks
as he stares at the rose.
These starry skies,
when did they...
...start to revolve.
- What's up, Zafer?
- Fine.
- I hope I haven't come at a bad time.
- No, I was just sitting.
- Enough...!!!
- Ahben, don't! Please, stop!
- What's going on?
- Those cheap people!
Those shoddy people!
Those vulgar people!
White Turks!
They've taken over everything.
- Everything!
- Ahben, please, don't..
Art has fallen in the
hands of the rubble.
God, whose hands are we in?
How much more
will I have to compromise?
Brother, please do something,
he's drunk.
- What did he drink? -Just a little gin.
He's going to set himself on fire.
Is that gasoline?
Who's your friend, Ejder? Don't let
any strangers in. Don't come closer.
Wait a minute, now,
what's going on?
I'm going to set myself
on fire man, on fire!
I'm going to throw
myself off the balcony!
This is gold, man, gold!
Take it easy, Ahben.
Good job, you guys, well done.
You ganged up against me
and you defeated me.
You defeated me, Istanbul.
This is the end of an artist. The end.
Ahben, don't you think
about me at all?
Brother Ejder,
he's going to light the lighter.
- Go in on three, brother.
- Go in, in, in!
Don't come closer!
- Ahben.
- Brother.
- Ahben! Ahben!
- Ahben! Ahben!
He doesn't hear anything.
He doesn't hear.
- I'm going to squeeze.
- Good bye, my friends.
Long live Fenerbahe.
I'm going to squeeze,
I'm going to squeeze.
My real name is Kurtulu.
I was born and raised in Beikta.
The piece was written in 1977.
Think, there were no computers,
no typewriters at the time.
Alright, alright, cut it short.
It's computers that fucked us anyway.
Ah, my dear Ejder, you know my situation,
how did we get to be this way?
Not a single person
saw the art in this.
Just look at the name
I gave it, "Summits."
What does it mean?
Everyone who read it went mad.
Because I made a promise to
Enis Fosforolu, I couldn't make the film.
All the producers I went to
demanded revisions,...
...and I made them.
At the beginning I said it should be
Hlya Koyiit but it wasn't meant to be.
In the 80s, I said Mjde Ar.
I said Mjde is beautiful,
she would look great next to Enis.
In the 90s, Meltem Cumbul,
but she was busy.
And then after
zg Namal, Schnzg Namal,... I'm thinking of
Beren Saat next to Enis.
So, Brother Enis doesn't change, huh?
Of course, my dear. I made a
promise to Enis. It has to be Enis.
What's the film about, brother?
- You know about films?
- Ahben, don't start again.
The kid is asking you nicely, and besides,
Brother Zafer is from our branch, too.
We're in the film business as a family.
My father was an usher at the Can theater.
I did pirating for a while but
I'm reformed at the moment.
Well, how nice!
A reformed pirate.
Boy, why don't you tell him about
your background as an actor?
- He played in "The Bandit."
- Who were you?
ener en.
I was Police Officer Six but
they didn't use it in the final cut.
But I can say there is no film
I haven't watched, as part of my job.
No, my dear,
there is one you haven't seen.
"Summits: The End of Evil".
If you hadn't stopped me, I would
have burned the whole masterpiece.
Look at this, there are photos
of everybody except me.
Ejder, we were supposed
to be friends from Yeilam.
But you couldn't
put up a picture of me!
Make your film and I'll
put it in the center, man.
My most recent
photograph is from '87.
I mean, when the audience
recognizes something of itself,...
...the film immediately
draws them in.
You see how he knew
exactly what I meant.
My dear Zafer is one of a kind.
Let the kid read it.
Let him tell you where
there are problems in the script.
Go ahead my boy, read it.
Don't let him burn down the store.
Darling, I'm open to
all kinds of opinions.
Take it and read it, look at it
through the eyes of a pirate.
I mean be a third eye...
I don't understand how he got
to be a third eye all of a sudden.
Cut it out man, or I'll take
the metallic rights of the film.
But, brother, I will tell
you honestly what is wrong.
- I wanted to warn you in advance.
- Be careful with it. It's the only copy.
For example, I said "Waterworld"
would flop, and now see Kevin Costner.
What about Kevin Koster?
The man is like wine.
Enough already.
Go and feed Samantha right away.
No burning yourself,
no jumping off the balcony!
Now, go straight to bed.
I put the Murat
character in the center.
And the Zeynep character
represents innocence.
Okay, alright, now go to bed already.
The guy is going to read it.
Don't get confused by the
science fiction part, it's beyond time.
Good night.
Nut case! He caused some real trouble
in the middle of the night. Here you go...
- I'm going to bed.
- Brother, I have a favor to ask.
Please, let's cover this
ghoul up for the night.
It gives me the heebie-jeebies.
I swear to God.
What it there to be scared of, man?
That film broke all the records.
Brother, please.
- Yasemin!
- Brother, I beg you,...
...please, don't. I fell off my seat
in the cinema when I saw that.
- Alright, alright.
- For God's sake.
- What a scaredy-cat you are.
- I went to the cinema with my grandmother.
I swear I almost
soiled myself. Please.
- Is that alright?
- It's okay, it's okay. Come on.
Please, don't, brother.
- Okay, okay. Good night, then.
- Thank you.
May your work be easy.
Zafer? How did you come up
with the idea of coming to the set?
I was going to call you tomorrow.
I was in the neighborhood.
Should we go somewhere and have...
Zafer, there are fifty scenes with costumes
today. I was going to call you tomorrow.
I spoke to the lawyer.
There will be no problems if we
mutually agree before signing the papers.
So, let's not be unreasonable.
I send you the papers and you sign them.
Arzu, if you're thinking about
going back to acting,...
...I have absolutely
no problem with that.
I'm never going back to doing
shady deals, I have sworn off it.
Please, let us not get a divorce.
Zafer, Cihan is
eight years old. The kid...
Brother Zafer, the last DVD
you gave me doesn't work.
See what I mean?
It happens during packing,
they get scratched. It's not my fault.
Zafer, at school they ask him what
his father does and the kid can't answer.
- He could say filmmaker.
- Right, filmmaker!
As if all the other fathers
were astronauts or something.
Please don't, for God's sake.
I sold soda at the movies with
my father until I was 14 years old.
I had my back to the screen and couldn't
watch a single movie. Is Cihan like that?
He watches them before they're even
released. Who knew about Shrek 3, huh?
You're a good for nothing, Zafer.
- Is this how I fell in love with you?
- I'm telling you, I quit.
Come, let's register with an agency together.
They're shooting a thousand series.
I'd rather die once in "Valley of the Wolves"
than die every day. Come on!
He wants to register with an agency.
As if everybody was so keen to have us.
You think it's easy? I tried so many times.
You think I love being here like this?
I'm telling you, you have
the title role in my heart.
I'm not in that movie, Zafer.
I mean, I can't be in it.
When Cihan's school is out,
we'll move to Bursa.
- It's not working here like this.
- Where did Bursa come from now?
Zafer, please let us divorce
like civilized people.
- Sign the papers.
- I said I'm out of illegal business.
It's Brother Izzettin's car. Sometimes,
they recognize it and shoot at it.
It has nothing
to do with me, I swear.
I swear.
- You have two minutes.
- Thanks.
What's up, brother?
I'm the scapegoat.
- How are you?
- Fine, brother, nothing new.
We'll appear in
front of the prosecutor.
- The lawyer says we'll be out
in a couple of days. -Really?
Yeah, what did we
do wrong anyway?
We don't need to serve 6 years
just because we promoted Korean cinema.
Are you off to
get Avatar today?
Brother Izzettin,
could we not do that?
I'm coming out, boy.
Ercan, Blent, Ismail are all staying
because of the domestic films.
You go get me those blue creatures.
Is there anybody
investigating you?
Don't read anything
to anybody. Wait for me.
A cloud went by, tears were left...
I don't want a divorce so
why should I sign any papers?
What is repentance?
God, please help me.
I'm repenting.
And don't eat junk food!
How are you going to go?
I don't have the car,
we'll walk down from here.
You shouldn't take that car anyway
when you have the kid, Zafer.
Well, hello!
Cihan is with his father today?
- Please, Mrs Arzu.
- What's going on?
We're going to the casting agency.
Canan Odacil. Brother Suat will
drop me off. They're acquainted.
She finds actors for all the
series and all the movies.
Mrs Arzu, please.
Don't be late, alright?
Suddenly everyone's
an effing filmmaker!
Dad, don't say Atari.
Atari doesn't exist any more.
Let's go, let's go.
Hit it... Hit it!
I think my mom is beautiful.
There are some moms
at school, they're old.
There's this one kid,
his father's like a grandfather.
And Uncle Suat said that Mom is
more beautiful than all the stars.
When did he say that?
He says it all the time...
He says, "Mrs Arzu,
you're beautiful like a star."
Is your mother's beauty
his business, huh?
Is it any of his business?
Why would he say
something like that?
Effing Uncle Suat...
- What are you doing, sir?
- The coin ran out.
I come across you in my dreams.
It's obvious you're cheating on me.
I wake up lonely, I feel so sad.
I wake up lonely, I feel so sad.
Cells can't let themselves go.
Just as I'm about to let out my breath.
Separation is beautiful,
if you're back right away.
Separation is beautiful,
if you're back right away.
It's good.
Didn't I tell you?
It's a tight script.
You can't change a single word.
The whole thing would tumble down.
Don't exaggerate.
I didn't say it was that good.
I mean there's love,
there's friendship,...
...but how would we do the special
effects in the sci-fi part, brother?
There are effects in the film?
What body part are you
reading the script with?
Everyone I ask
says to remove the effects.
Were there special effects in our time?
You remember Brother Fehmi.
He used to do the door sounds in
"Star Trek" with his mouth, phssst, phssst.
God forbid!
I don't want silly things like that.
I need someone who can
devote body and soul to this.
A smart producer
would not let this script pass.
You find such a producer. Together...
Brother Ahben,... much money
would you shoot this film for?
- Twenty-seven thousand lira.
- What?
I mean that was the 1978 budget.
Brother Ejder...
- It's Seyhan, brother.
- Ah Seyhan, come in, brother.
Do you have an elephant comb?
An elephant comb?
What's up with that?
We're shooting a film with Veli
Bilgin and it's the last scene...
...and he wants to open
the shot with an elephant comb.
You know how it is
with art house stuff.
- If you don't have it, I'll check
in Karaky. -I don't, Seyhan.
Look at the films
those guys are making, man!
The man is clever.
He's making it for the festival.
The prize money is 300,...
...he's spending 100, so the
200 go straight to his pocket.
- How nice is that! -While we eat
bread and cheese on the set.
Anyway, I'll see
you later, brother.
See you.
See how people
know their interests...
...while you just sit there.
Shut up, you the failed actor
who fell off his horse.
We fell off the horse because
of our love of film, man.
You're putting on airs just
because we no longer have clout.
Of course I'll put on airs,
I am an artist, darling,...
...I'm a director. But you are
a craftsman, a laborer.
I tell you to build the
set here and you build it.
I tell you to jump off the wall and you
jump off the wall. That's what you are.
- And that's it.
- I'll rip that wig off your head.
You put on these airs with
that film you haven't made,...
...who do you think you are?
- Who do you think you are?
Who are you? Look at the wall,
you see which films I made.
Yeah, right, they're all black-and-white,
you don't have a single friend in color.
You Andy Warhol. You got a
Polaroid hanging around your neck,... why don't you shoot?
Of course, there is no film in it.
You're broke, you don't
even have underwear on!
You ignoramus. I look at the angles
with this, the angles. Do I have to shoot?
For God's sake, how did we
get here? Calm down, will you?
Really, man.
- Yes, Arzu?
"Hello, Zafer, I just
spoke to the lawyer."
"He asked what should we put
on the papers as your profession."
"If we put DVD pirate, it would cause
problems with the police, he said."
What, DVD pirate, how could you
write something like that?!
"That's what I'm saying, Zafer."
"He says they wouldn't let you see
your son, it would end up at the police."
Arzu, I'm telling you
I don't want a divorce.
"Zafer, what should we
write for your profession?"
- Give me that jacket!
- I won't!
- I'll hit you.
- Go ahead, man. Hit me.
A film man will have
hit another film man.
You can't have single thing
from this shop, not even a nail.
If you're done fighting,
shall we shoot this film?
May it go well.
May I call you my producer?
Master, please.
We have a fantastic script.
- Now all we need is a good team.
- But I won't let you touch my script.
Let him touch it, man, let him touch it.
He's putting in his money.
I mean, I'm sorry, but
I will set the rules a little.
Locations, sets, fabrics, it's
all ready, like an encyclopedia.
The whole shop is at your disposal.
There are spears everywhere.
- What spears, dear?
- It was just an idea.
But no more conflicts
like this, come on, make up.
Ejder is my dear brother.
This was just a filmmakers' fight.
Good for nothing.
Master, do you still insist
on Enis Fosforolu?
I mean when was the
last time you saw each other?
At the Antalya Golden Orange Festival,
in '79. But this is how we are.
I made him a promise.
It's important in cinema.
That's right.
I made a promise, too.
For this to be a good film.
Alright, good luck!
- Alright, then.
- Good luck.
"Are you asleep?"
That was cheap, Engin.
If I wasn't in such a hurry...
No, Zafer, there is
no movement right now,...
...I think I gave you a very
good price. Hope it's for the best.
Thank you.
I'll be in touch.
- What's up, Zafer?
- Fine, Ince. You?
- Did you go and see
Brother Izzettin? -I did.
- I see business is good.
- Come on my friend, for God's sake.
Zafer, you got rid of those
guys and the DVDs and stuff.
- I have work to do, man. Come on.
- That's what I'm saying, man.
You have work to do. Go take care of it.
Forget about brother Izzettin.
Watch out for yourself, Zafer.
Metin will play Mr Fethi.
Haldun is definitely Sabri,
the college kid.
And no one can play the
Suzan character other than Meral.
Please, don't involve
that drunk in this.
Don't be rude.
Where is my latte?
Coffee with milk suddenly became
a latte now the shooting started?
I mean if there was a strong brand
behind the film, you know, as a sponsor...
I'm doing art here, darling.
I don't want brands.
- Good. Right.
- Right.
Is the meeting at 11:00, brother?
I set it at 11:00.
Don't worry, I'm on top of it.
- Well done!
- Idiot.
What's up, Dad?
My dearest daughter, welcome.
- Brother Zafer.
- Hello.
You remember Brother Ahben!
He moved in across from me a month ago.
How could I forget?
We used to live in Cihangir.
But Cihangir is finished
my girl, I can't create there.
My girl. She studied film,
she's not like us.
She's our pride. Every series
she made is top of the charts.
So, what's up,
what are you doing?
You see...
We're about to start shooting.
We need a very sharp assistant.
Brother Ejder says Tuna would make it fly.
I just finished a 500-episode series.
My brain is like mashed potatoes.
There aren't many locations. Just make
the schedule, it would be enough, really.
I'm going to Olimpos
with Teoman and friends.
You know that
Teoman quit music.
If you could just take a look, really,
there's very little work to be done.
- Who's playing in it?
- Enis Fosforolu.
- Enis Fosforolu?
- Yes.
Have you spoken to him?
I'll call him right away.
"Enis Fosforolu is
for the main character."
"The parts that take
place in the mansion..."
Emotion, my friends, the most
important thing is emotion, alright?
Emotion! Just a minute,...
I'm sorry.
- Hello, yes?
- Alo.
Hello, Enis, it's Ahben...
Why do you keep calling
and bothering me?
Enis, we're finally
shooting "Summits."
I'm so excited.
Can you believe it?
Come tomorrow so we can take
your measurements for the costumes.
Listen, I'm going to report you
to the police. Enough already!
How can you call the
same actor every two years?
You can't make the film.
Leave me alone.
How is that even possible?
You're my young star.
Your young star?
I'm past sixty, man!
Don't call, you maniac,
don't ever call again!
It was worth the wait, Enis.
Everyone is committed to the film.
Kiss-kiss, darling. Bye.
What did he say?
He went crazy.
He's in Gmlk. He'll call
as soon as he gets back.
Great. What do you say, Tuna?
Have a read, my girl.
Let's make a film together.
Alright, I'll read it then.
Here's the text.
Brother Ahben, pitch the project well,
It's enough, be convincing,...
...embellish if necessary.
Are you any good at acting?
Are you out of your mind, man?
My roots are in the theater.
I'll be waiting for your news.
You're a great guy.
You made me all emotional.
Let me give you a hug.
Brother, I wrote down 'mansion'.
When you write everything down,
it all goes according to schedule.
The mixer in the film "Davaro".
What does a mixer
have to with it, I wonder.
Look, these dresses are great,
they would fit the girl. Write it down.
- How many?
- Five. Write them all down.
The hat the late Sadri Aliik
was wearing in "mer the Tourist".
You need a man to put that on.
Where would we find such a head again?
- Did you write down the console?
- I did. Under 'laboratory'.
- Tuna hasn't called?
- She hasn't.
Arzu is calling.
Yes, Arzu?
Okay, I'll be right over.
Listen, Zafer.
We're not enemies...
Thank you.
We're not enemies just
because we're breaking up.
Now I have a favor
to ask from you.
But I hope it's not...
I got an offer today.
What kind of offer?
I went to a film audition
and they offered me a role.
Really? What film is it?
Who's making it? Who's in it?
Listen, Zafer, it's just a film.
That's not the point.
Listen, I don't want us to fight.
If I accept this job, I'm going to
ask you to do something for me.
Sure, Arzu, I'll do
whatever it takes.
Zafer, if I work, will you
take care of Cihan?
Of course I would Arzu,
why wouldn't I?
I keep saying we should
get back together anyway.
How can I look after him if
I can't even get into the house?
Of course you can
get into the house.
That has nothing to do with it.
You would do it, wouldn't you?
I'll do it, Arzu,
I'll do anything for you.
I'm so happy right now!
You know, if you could see your face!
I mean. I'm so glad!
So, did you accept?
Zafer, you won't believe
who I'll be acting with.
Don't say Enis Fosforolu.
Can't you be serious
for just a moment?
- I'm telling you now, ready?
- Yes.
Boa Boray.
- Who?
- Boa Boray.
Zafer, they offered
me the main role!
Boa Boray?
I'm so happy, man!
I'm so happy, man!
What Boa Boray? Where did Boa Boray
come from?! What happened to Enis?
Enis insulted me over the telephone.
- I thought you were close.
- I guess they weren't, then.
What are you saying, my friend?
Brother, I'm fighting to
save my family here,...
...and instead of helping me
you make it all the worse.
Just hear who he's suggesting.
Boa Boray!
- Brother, the man takes
80 grand a week. - Isn't it!
With advertising
and everything else.
We can't even have our
picture taken with him.
I said offer the role to the girl,
convince the girl, and look what you did.
What was I to do, darling?
I told her the story very well.
- And? -And when she asked
who she would play with,...
...I happened to blurt out the name of
a star, so she wouldn't be discouraged.
Brother, what star,
where did that idea come from?
If we turn around and say
it won't work, we'll look like liars.
She's had it with lies as it is.
Enough already!
My script deserves Boa Boray.
Take it or leave it.
- So this is how we're doing it, is it?!
- There's no way he would accept!
Zeki, quick, pour me a latte.
My head is going to burst.
Everything runs on lattes, it seems.
Enough already. I'll throw
myself off the armchair!
Good evening. What's going on,
did war break out?
No, my girl, just a small
filmmaker's fight is all.
They're fighting about Boa Boray.
Boa Boray? Great! He's perfect
for the Murat character, isn't he?
I read the script.
Whose idea was this?
The main role is very important,
a strong name would be great.
And the story is quite unusual.
Weren't you going to Olimpos?
Teoman went back to music,
Olimpos is off.
I made your schedule.
It can be done in three weeks.
Outside locations are few,... if we do everything in the
mansion, we'll get it done easily.
My wonderful daughter!
You see, guys?
What's your budget?
Twenty-seven thousand lira.
No! Stop pushing
me like this, Zafer.
If necessary I would even sell my
bracelet and I would still make this film.
Is that so?
Look, brother.
I have 250 thousand lira.
I was going to save my life with
this film but Boa Boray is impossible.
- Who is the female lead?
- Zafer's wife.
With this budget Boa Boray would
be difficult, it would take a miracle.
Just look at the name
he got himself!
What is it, darling? Are you
jealous because he's a star?
Why would I be jealous
of Pepe Muharrem?!
- Muharrem?
- Of course Muharrem, Pepe Muharrem.
We were together
in "The Bandit".
He played a trick on me there. I made an
amateurish mistake and they fired me.
He ended my career. And then the
bastard went on to become Boa Boray.
Talk about destiny,
I'm facing Pepe Muharrem again.
And my dearest Arzu,
poor girl,... in seventh heaven over
playing with Boa Boray.
Look, Zafer.
The actor Arzu deserves
By her side is Boa Boray.
She is, God bless her,
beautiful like the moon.
You should consider it.
"-He wouldn't accept."
"-Exactly, he wouldn't."
"He won't, brother."
"Doesn't it come down to the money?
Pay the money and he'll play."
He will play, and
not even for money.
He will have to.
Come on, then, artist!
Gentlemen, admit it.
He wouldn't even listen to us.
Why wouldn't
he listen? He will.
What does he have
that we don't? Celebrity?
We'll take his celebrity away from him.
His airs? We'll let his air out.
You mean we'll finish him
and have him play in our film?
Yes, this is what
PR is all about.
Did you say PR? If you said PR,
you've come to the right place.
I did some PR for a while in the '90s.
I'm one of Tarkan's first promoters.
- Promoters?
- There were fourteen of us,...
...then I quit.
Senay Sarica, Taner the pop
musician, they were all with me.
I promoted Meyyal for
two years, her tours and extras.
Who are these people, man?
All these names are finished.
Exactly. Rival managers
used to hire me,...
...and I worked on
finishing careers.
Give me Boa Boray and
I'll have him living... a shanty on
Kinali Island within a week.
You're great, Zeki.
This is what PR is all about.
Let's not allow our
past to get in our way.
Someone skewered Brother
Izzettin. He's in a coma.
Who's Brother Izzettin?
I wonder how it will go.
Don't worry sir. Everything
will work out wonderfully.
God willing.
I wanted to see Izzettin Gezici.
Mr Izzettin has
been discharged, sir.
Uhm, he was supposed
to be in a coma.
I'm sorry, yes.
Third floor, room 346.
Thank you.
Brother Mazhar,
you got a new album coming?
I don't know, Altan.
I don't know.
Thank you.
Sir, please don't smoke.
This is a hospital.
It's only tobacco...
Are you Zafer?
That's me, brother.
I was the one to
put Izzettin in a coma.
Our boys went a little haywire.
They say James Cameron is making
a sequel for his fans, Zafer.
Is it true?
It's true, brother.
Did you watch "Avatar"?
I watched "Avatar One".
"Avatar One".
There's a tree in "Avatar".
Everyone gets attached to it,
gets energy from it, a great tree.
Is that true?
Yes, brother.
I am that tree.
We ask our brother Izzettin
for the DVD of "Avatar" as a present.
But we haven't received it.
Do you know where the DVD is?
As far as I know the DVD of
"Avatar" hasn't come out yet.
So you have no idea
about this DVD?
My idea is that
it hasn't come out.
Among the new arrivals...
It's not at all there...
I mean,...
"Avatar"It's not what...
What was expected...
As far as we know.
Some guys, huh, Zafer?
They take the man down and
then they watch over him.
They asked me but I didn't
say anything. Did you speak?
I don't know anything
so how could I speak?
If it was me I wouldn't speak
even if I knew something.
Let them figure it
out by themselves.
- I have repented anyway.
- Right. Besides. Isn't it.
Hello, Zafer, listen.
Boa Boray's
manager's address.
18 Ksen Street, Levent.
- Okay, I'm coming
back now. -Alright.
Piece of cake for me.
Of course, my horse...
What is this disguise, man?
What kind of person is this?
It's so I won't be recognized.
There is only one man
like this in Istanbul, man!
- The phone and everything else is ready?
- It's ready, it's all ready.
Listen, I'm waiting here
with the ignition on,...
...we'll be off
as soon as it's over.
Alright, alright.
Some guy you are!
The King's son wants to have
his picture taken with you.
I wouldn't even if it
was the King himself.
I want to go on a
long vacation, Cansin.
Are you crazy?
There are eight more episodes of the
series, a commercial this week.
Then you're flying to Kiev on
Friday for your sexy man prize.
Listen to this nut case.
Please take care of your image!
Thank you.
I'm working on improving, Cansin.
I'll call on Friday.
Ah, Mr Boa, how are you?
Fine, young men. You have to develop
not only your bodies but your minds, too.
Mr Boa, what would you
like to say to your fans?
Hey, what are you doing, man?!
Your fans got the message,
thank you very much, dear.
If you can't take celebrity, they'll
take celebrity away from you, dear.
Fuck off, man!
Floor it, floor it, floor it!
He literally fingered my ass, man!
"Because my friend is Ramazan...."
"He is very famous in Turkey."
It's full of paparazzi.
Even better, even better.
- Here you go, Ismail.
- May God grant you abundance.
Ismail, follow me, come.
Hey, Faggot, what's up?
What are you talking about,
what Faggot, man?
Ah, well done, well done.
Are you doing product placement?
What the fuck are
you going on about?
"Mr Boa... Mr Boa..."
"Aren't you ashamed to
hit a tiny child, Mr Boa?"
But I didn't hit him.
You saw it all with your own eyes.
Who is it?
How can someone hit a small child?
"A monument to arrogance,
is the man who..."
"...attacked the little flower boy."
"Boa Boray!"
"I'm asking you,
what happened to you?"
It was a bit heavy, man.
My God, what ideas!
When I say I'll finish someone,...
...I finish him.
"Strong reactions against Boa Boray,..."
"...whose series break
all records in the..."
"...Middle East and the Balkans."
"Let's see what he does next,..."
We're screwed, we're finished.
What am I going to
say to the Arabs now?
kran, bring the magazines.
But what have I done?
The contracts are
disappearing one after the other.
Check your Twitter, how
many followers do you have left?
Fifty thousand...
Fuck! I had four million.
A hundred thousand are
disappearing every minute.
Here, be proud of your work.
Have you no shame!
What arrogance?
Cansin, this is not
at all how it happened.
Brother Erol called, they killed
you in the series in absentia.
- In absentia?
- Here.
So, no more series either?
We have to say yes to everything,
regardless of the money.
We have to bury this corpse,
we have no choice.
Cansin Cansin.
Good day, ma'am,
this is Ahben Sonel, director.
I'd like to meet Boa Boray
for an important project.
We of course know about the unfortunate
events that have taken place...
...but believe me,
they don't concern us at all.
Yes, alright.
...yes, okay.
Sunday, at two o'clock, then...
Thank you. Good bye.
Have a nice day.
Don't disappear on Sunday.
I'm going to send you somewhere.
We're starting reading
rehearsals with Arzu tomorrow.
And consider Boa Boray in the bag.
What did she say?
She cried, she cried.
"Is he with a goat now? Well..."
"Celebrity is temporary, Boa..."
"He who comes with
spit leaves with a fart..."
- How are you, Zafer?
- Fine, Arzu.
- How's the script?
- It's very good.
- I have a reading rehearsal with
the director today. -Good.
Mom is going to fly
in one of the scenes, Dad.
- Seriously?
- Yes.
Did you see on TV what
happened to Boa Boray?
They are harassing the man.
- That's just PR. -As long as
this film is not canceled.
- No, no. -I wonder if
he'll be at the rehearsal.
I'm just so nervous!
I wish you luck.
Thank you, Zafer.
My dear Cihan,
I'll see you later.
Don't eat junk food.
- Okay.
- Okay, Mom.
I hope it goes well.
Are we going to the
Atari hall, Dad?
No, what Atari?
I'm taking you
to a surprise place.
Dad, look, it's the toy
we have at home.
Right there.
Wow, they really
put it in the museum.
Dad, what was
the name of this?
That's Flash Gordon, son.
We call it Bay Tekin.
And there's only
one of these in Turkey.
Excuse me, but there are two of them.
We have one of them at home, Mr Suat.
Sunay! Not Suat.
You know better, of course.
My Dad got it for me for
my birthday, it's my favorite toy.
It's a very valuable toy,
appreciate it, little guy.
Flash Gordon was
first published in 1934... Alex Raymond as a comic strip.
And was very much liked.
It became so popular that
it was adapted to cinema.
A student in Izmir
was very impressed... one of those
Flash Gordon films.
And he wrote a science
fiction book during class.
"Voyage to Mercury".
The book was not published, of course,
but the boy grew up to be the man... know as Atilla Ilhan.
Brother Suat,
I'm having a day with my son.
Who are the father and son who
loved each other the most in history?
Come on, Cihan.
Good evening, brother.
Mom, Flash Gordon is the
most expensive toy in the world.
Not the most expensive son,
the most valuable.
- Did you two go to the
toy museum? -Yes.
What is this? It says
'good luck' on the bouquet.
Brother Suat and his mother sent it
to wish me good luck for the film.
How was your rehearsal?
It was good, Zafer.
Boa Boray didn't come
and I was a little nervous...
...but it went well.
How nice.
This is delicious.
It's so nice to sit down
at the table as a family.
Shall I put these flowers away?
But Zafer...
How strange.
Who can it be?
Yes, they're here just as
I had guessed, officer.
On the eve of divorce we
thought he might become violent... we wanted to do our
duty as citizens and neighbors.
Are there any
problems, Mrs Arzu?
It's nothing, my boy.
Everything's okay.
Good night, ma'am.
Call us if you need anything.
Okay, officer, thank you.
This is not supposed
to happen, my dear.
We're not used to
this kind of things.
Please excuse us, please
excuse us Brother Suat.
Arzu, what time shall I
pick Cihan up tomorrow?
That won't be necessary, Zafer.
Alright, good-bye now.
Brother Suat, you can have
this panic button if you want.
Because he's beating you up.
Come Cihan, let's go home.
Good night.
- Have they made up?
- How should I know, mother?!
Ehhh, you're just like
your father. Go in now.
You've ruined your shirt.
Thank you, dear.
How can a latte
cost forty lira?!
Whoever came up
with the latte trend...
We can all have a sip each.
Stop it, Zeki.
When the gentlemen come,
I'll do the talking.
I wonder if he'll recognize me.
Ah, he came.
I swear, here he is.
Is that his manager?
No, his manager is a woman.
His manager is a woman.
It must be his father.
That's him calling.
Hello, brother, we're at the caf right
across the street. We're here, brother...
"Hit & Run"
He was hit by a bus!
He was hit by a bus!
Bad luck, my dear, bad destiny.
- How is he, doctor?
- How are you related to him?
We're fans.
He may never be able to walk again.
- What? He may not walk again?
- You mean he could if he wanted to?
Look at this, there are
flowers everywhere.
But not a single person.
Hope it gets better.
It really is a shame.
I think we should keep our spirits up.
At this point, he can't refuse our offer.
I shit on your PR, man.
My dear Zafer, we have to come up
with an alternative right away.
Come on, call Enis.
Come on, brother, please!
Master,... about Ozan Gven?
Ozan Gven won't work, darling.
He has a role in "Magnificent"
so he can't cut off his beard.
- Zafer Algz?
- Come on, forget about the geezer.
His butt hairs
are all crinkly.
You're right, he'd be too old.
alar orumlu? He was in
that film by aan Irmak...
- ...and was very successful.
- Don't be silly.
Who gives a fuck
about alar orumlu?
That's right!
Cem Yilmaz?
No fucking way!
Let's have Mazhar Fuat zkan
do the music while we're at it.
Don't dream. It would take a
million dollars to gather those guys.
Why not Yilmaz Erdoan!
How is he doing?
They say he could
walk if he wanted to...
Let him walk, then.
Master, I mean, when I didn't
hear anything in ten days...
...I assumed it
had been canceled.
My dear, Mr Boa has gone home,
he just needs a little physical therapy.
Please don't worry about these things.
The production is moving along.
You just concentrate on your acting.
Don't let that beautiful face droop.
Don't ever let it droop.
In that case, I'll start
memorizing my lines, master.
Good, my girl. Don't forget
to let those pretty eyes shine.
Ah, thank you.
Hello. Zafer. Can you pick
Cihan up from school today?
Sure, Arzu.
- Are you alright?
- I'm fine, I'm fine.
Brother Zafer, they're waiting
for news at the mansion...
...and we need another
five thousand for the sets.
Brother Metin called, he's
asking when he should come.
- What are we going to do?!
- Everything has come to a stop.
And we had put together
a golden cast of actors!
Ah, Meral is here.
- Is this Meral?
- His ex-wife.
Welcome, Meral.
We're shooting "Summits."
You turned into
cotton candy, man.
My dear Meral, let me introduce
you to our producer, Mr Zafer.
Mr Zafer, Meral Sonel, she'll
be playing the Suzan character.
Are you the producer?
Give me 500, then.
The taxi is waiting.
- So this is how it works.
- Cut the crap.
When are you shooting?
I'll let you know, Meral.
Shall I send you the script?
- Fuck off.
- Ahben!
Look at this team!
Listen here, if you
can't make the film,...
...I'm not giving back
the 500, just so you know.
Alright, laters.
- Meral, huh?
- She's a real diva, Zafer.
So, let's get back to work.
Boa Boray's address.
What are we doing?
We'll go there,
what else?
We'll apologize if necessary.
I have an idea.
Mr Boa?
What happened,
who came?
Who's there?
Mr Boa, I'm Ahben Sonel.
We're here about
the film "Summits."
Go away, I don't want you here.
Get out!
And damn your film!
Mr Boa, if you could just listen.
This film will be a
comeback for you too, brother.
I don't want your pity,
I don't want it.
- We destroyed the man, we finished him.
- Look, I've brought the screenplay.
If you could do me
the honor of reading it.
Get out of here. You filmmakers
are from a world of lies,...'re just going to
play with me like a puppet.
All you know is
how to use people.
Find someone else whose
dreams you can shatter...
...and toss into a corner
like a used napkin.
Brother, where is this
sound coming from?
I will never let myself be caught
in the disgusting current called celebrity.
Get out of here or
I'll beat you all up.
I'll beat you all up.
Who is this, man?
Who are you, brother?
Semih... can go.
I'll say the rest of it.
The voice was dubbed!
If there are no other lines,
I'm leaving, brother.
What do you want?
Mr Boa, we're here for
the "Summits" film project.
If you accept,
we can start in two days.
Are you kidding me?
In the state I'm in?
Don't, Mr Boa.
"My Left Foot,"...
..."The Sea Inside"
with Javier Bardem,...
...think along those lines.
I've been working on this project
for 40 years with you in mind.
- It can't be done without you.
- Brother, you have a solid audience.
They're holding their breath,
waiting for you, I swear.
I have forty-nine
followers left on Twitter.
It's all over.
With this role, you'll be
up and running, Boray.
Excuse me, I'm leaving now.
Take your film and stick it up your...
I don't want it, get out of here.
There is no more Boa Boray,
no, no more Boa.
Muharrem, do you remember me?
How do you know this?
I'm Zafer from "The Bandit."
I was Officer Six.
I had no bullets in my gun,
I was right behind you.
Get out of here, out!
Eighteen years ago, you destroyed me.
Don't destroy me again, please.
See, if we make this film,
all our lives will be saved, brother.
There on the set,
you egged me on.
I'm not egging you on here,
I'm saying this from the heart.
Please be in this film.
Be in it, Muharrem.
No, I won't. Get out of here.
Come on, go away!
There is no more Boa. Get out!
Get out of here!
Mr Boa, I'm leaving the script on
the table, just in case. My card's in it.
Go away... Get out of here...
Out... Get out... Out...
Muharrem, please think it over again.
No problem. We can find
another young male lead.
I paid 20 grand
for the mansion,...
...then there's the set and
I still owe you five grand.
No problem man,
don't mention it.
Forget about him,
even his voice wasn't his own.
I so regret all this. I never
meant it to turn out like this.
What are we
going to tell Arzu?
I left a message for Enis,
he might call.
It would have been
good with Boa...
I wonder who that is.
It's a good script.
When do we start?
So you took a long break from
cinema after "The Bandit," huh?
We did other stuff, brother.
It's destiny...
Thank you, Zafer,
I hadn't washed in two weeks.
Don't mention it, Muharrem.
Are we not friends, brother?
Are there any friends left?
They all turned out to be veneer.
Don't think about all that, brother.
You did like the role, right?
The role is good but I have
few lines. You can take care of that.
If I could only
win a prize for it!
God willing.
Actually, this is the kind of
scene to put in the film, Zafer.
They have an effect
on the audience.
Like you washing me
in my crippled state.
This is the stuff that
should be in the film.
We'll talk to Brother Ahben.
It's going to be great, don't worry.
So you think you're
going to make one film...
...and your wife will love
you again, is that so?
God willing.
I shot 1700 episodes
in series and 11 films.
But I have no one
who loves me right now.
Keep that in mind.
I hope you feel better.
- What about the crotch?
- You can wash that yourself, man!
Great job Zafer, thank you.
The guy is like a log,
he can't move at all.
I mean, how are we going
to shoot those scenes?
In "The Sea Inside" Javier Bardem
never left his bed. He didn't move at all.
Stop talking like
an ignoramus, man.
The guy was paralyzed for
the purpose of the role, idiot!
He walked from here to
there when they told him to.
Got a message from Tuna.
We'll be at the mansion at
eight o'clock. Alright, then.
- Ah, thank God!
- Zafer!
- Good morning, master.
- Good morning.
Meral, my darling, hello.
Dear Metin, hello, I'll take
care of your scene by noon.
- Dear Sabri, hello.
- Is there nothing to drink here, man?
Don't, Meral,
it's only the morning!
Zeki, is the press here?
- Which newspaper?
- The Morning Post.
What is that,
an erotic publication?
The open buffet is not
open yet. Stop nibbling.
22 A-1.
If I'm a burden to you
by staying here...
Mr Fethi is a generous man,
my dearest girl.
I think he will allow
you to stay here.
Cut. It turned out very well.
We don't need to
shoot the close-ups, Isa.
- Master, how was I?
- Like water.
You acted wonderfully,
well done, girl.
The press is waiting.
And now we'll have to parade
in front of the press together.
I'm fine, there's nothing wrong.
Dear members
of the press, welcome.
is the movie of my life.
Let us see if desires
turn into victory.
Of course, our goal
is to portray love.
The film tells us
about us through us.
It will also add a new
young star to our cinema... well as bring
a great star back to it.
It will be a comeback, that is.
Let's hope it goes well.
- Zafer, we're having pictures taken.
- Who is this young man?
I'm Mrs Arzu's husband, sir.
I brought baklava
to wish you success.
How elegant of you, dear.
Let me tell you, your wife
is a fantastic actress.
- Ah, thank you, master.
- Master,...
...with your permission, could I leave
early today? I have a dress rehearsal.
Dear Sabri, let's have a group shot
and then you can leave. Where's Meral?
Hey, wassup, producer?
Let us, uhm,
let's have you over here.
Excuse her, she's drunk, she doesn't
know what she's saying. Over here, dear.
Dear Meral, that's Mrs Arzu's husband.
- Zafer, come on, we're having
pictures taken. -Alright.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Hey you, aren't you
supposed to take pictures?
33 take 4.
Your music sounds
like it tells about love,...
...there is a certain hope and
joy in all your compositions.
It's not the notes that brought color
into my life, young miss, it's you.
Magnificent! I almost cried.
Arzu, you were very good.
How was I, master?
We thank Mr Zafer
for the baklava.
We started sweetly,
let's end sweetly.
Well done, girl!
Just because she is making a movie,
he's back again, all over her.
He's staying up there again.
What can I do mother, you want
us back at the police station?
Shut up, don't call me 'mother'!
Don't call me 'mother.'
Sit down and shut up.
She's become famous and
that bandit will get her money.
Please mother, can't you
just drink your coffee?
How do they make
the kissing scenes?
There are no kissing scenes
in our film, my darling.
Ah, good.
- Did you hear, Dad?
- I heard, I heard.
Arzu, shall I stay over tonight?
No, Zafer.
My dear Ejder, not there. Hold him
under the waist, don't touch the armpits.
- Alright!
- They should lift me from the arms.
Am I supposed to
teach you this, too?
Which scene is this?
The scene where Murat
turns into a superhero.
After the loading, he's
supposed to get up and walk.
Oh my God, he has
to be tied from above...
He has to be propped up.
What are you doing, you idiots?!
"Shut up for a minute."
Listen here, moron, did anyone
ask for your advice? Shut your trap!
Why are you shouting at me, man?! You're
projecting your own incompetence onto me.
Zeki, get the hell off of my set.
Get the hell out of my life!
Wow, so this is how it's going to be,
huh Sir Ahben. You're on your own now.
- Mr Director.
- Out!
Oh, my God, I'm going
to shred my clothes!
If he could just take
one step, a single step!
Well, here you are.
You wanted a celebrity
in the film? Now deal with it.
We were going to get Enis
but you didn't want him.
Brother Zafer, this is
not going to work.
- I think we should use a body double.
- What is a body double, man?
We need an actor who can walk.
We'll put a green
mask on his head...
...and then we'll edit
Boa Boray's head onto his body.
- A special effect. -But I don't
want special effects in my film.
Maybe he'll walk if we pinch him.
Hold him.
How much would that cost?
For 25 to 30 scenes, it should come
to about 200 to 250 thousand liras.
250 thousand? For 250 thousand
I could buy myself a brand new one!
If you filmed me from above, like this,
you see, It looks like I'm walking.
See, I put my hand
in my pocket.
If you hold me
from here, does it work?
God help us.
There must be a cheap way,
there must be. I'll look into it.
- Brother, you seem busy.
- Just a second, Zafer. Yes?
Brother, we're in Acibadem.
We just ran a red light, a gray BMW.
I'm putting you
on hold for a sec...
- Does it end in 58?
- Yes, brother.
This is what we're going to do.
I'll turn the car maroon...
...and change the plates
to Eskiehir, agreed?
- Thank you, brother.
- Good night, then.
Yes, my dear Zafer?
Brother, we're making this film,
and we need to put the head of... actor on another actor's body.
How do we do that?
You find an actor, put a
green hood over his head.
Then you shoot the other
jerk and I put it on here.
- The heads.
- Yeah, 50 lira.
We have twenty scenes
like that, brother.
Doesn't matter Zafer,
it's 50 lira.
Brother Ali, I'm going to
cross to the other side, to Kadiky.
- Could you take a look at the
traffic on the bridge? -Yandex!
Bridge traffic, please.
The route has been drawn.
Traffic is dense on the bridge.
- Zafer, look at the first
bridge, all red. -Yes.
Shall I make it green?
Thank you, brother, thank you.
I'm ready.
Okay people,...
...Mr Kemal is ready,
we're starting.
Yes, very good.
Dear Metin, you bring Murat back
to life. Like you believe it, please.
My dear Ahben,
for God's sake, we know!
Isa, camera. Clap!
77 take 1.
Murat, Murat.
He's walking...
Cut! Magnificent...
Master, was that really necessary?
I would have walked.
Hey, Phantom, is that how
I walk, man? Be a little careful.
- What are you doing...
- Stop blabbering, man.
- It's me, Zafer.
- Ah! Zafer.
That was very good,
Brother Zafer. I think it will work.
And you became a maid?
Every new person asks for
ten lira brother, so who else?
Well done, girl!
- He's back.
- They say he apologized.
Filmmaker's fight.
- Alright, see you.
- It went really well.
I'm happy with you, Zeynep.
Ah, Murat, sometimes
I forget you're a superhero.
They hug...
...and cut.
Fantastic! Well done girl,
smooth as silk.
So, you are getting along well, right?
The chemistry is working?
Master, it's strange, I swear.
We haven't even been introduced yet.
- Arzu.
- Kemal.
Good job, Kemal.
Keep up the good work.
- With your permission.
- Of course.
He's a strange man.
You're lucky, Phantom.
Actors who play together
get closer to each other.
If there are kissing scenes,
I'm ready to do the head.
Anyone have 200? We need
diesel for the generator.
Brother Zafer, Mr Semih wants to
play the driver, is that alright?
But he has no lines.
Don't mention it brother, no problem.
Alright, go ahead.
What time will this be done?
I have a dubbing job, you see...
Dad, you know, I heard
there's this man on the set.
He plays in all the
dangerous scenes.
And then they put
Boa Boray's head...
...instead of his head.
- Isn't that right, Mom?
- Uh huh.
How do they do that?
They do it with computers.
Who is that man,
is he an actor, too?
Who? Kemal?
You call him Kemal?
What should I call him?
Brother Kemal?
Mom, I'm going to
play on the tablet.
- Cihan, dinner...
- I ate my dinner.
What's going on, Zafer?
What, Arzu? It's just
rice and stuffed eggplant.
- What are you doing?
- What? I'm not doing anything.
That's not what
I'm talking about that.
I mean have you found a job?
What are you doing these days?
I'm looking, Arzu.
Nothing so far.
You know what I thought?
I wonder, on the set...
Should we ask Mr Ahben
for a job for you?
No, I can't act.
I mean, husband and wife on the
same set, how would that work?
Thank you very much
but I won't act, thank you.
That's not what
I suggested, Zafer.
They keep complaining
about the food on the set.
And you are not working
at the moment.
I wonder if you
could do the catering?
- The catering?!
- Yes.
You cook very well.
And you would have
a decent job.
Would that be so bad,
is it such a bad idea?
You mean you think
my food is good?
I'm just saying this for
your own good, Zafer.
Think about it and if
you want, I'll ask Mr Ahben.
Thank you Arzu,
what can I say?
Thank you.
Does Mr Kemal have
any scenes tomorrow?
If you act like this,
I can't help you.
So they do his
head with computers?
That's it.
Very nice, man.
- May God give you abundance, Zafer.
- Thank you, brother.
Slowly but surely
we'll get this done.
Dear Metin, thank you for all
your hard work, thank you!
My dear Ahben, you're doing something
here but I wonder how it's going to end.
It's going to be
a feature film, right?
"Be amazed."
"You're in love."
Hop! Excuse me, dear Isa.
- Master, how are we doing?
- Well done, great.
Did you take a
few screams?
Screams, running, it's all
done master, don't you worry.
Keep up the good work. Zeki,
I leave all this in your capable hands.
Master, excuse me.
Mr Kemal is coming today, isn't he?
Of course he is, my girl.
I assume he is.
Ah, Zafer. Master,...
...we talked earlier
about the catering situation.
Oh yes. Hello, dear.
From now on you'll be
catering for the set.
I hope you make good food
so our palates can feast.
- Good luck, then.
- Thank you, master.
Zafer, please don't
embarrass me, okay?
Master, could I ask you something?
Big guy! Are you taking care
of the food and drink?
- Yes, brother.
- What is there to drink?
There's Pepsi, Fruko, Yedign,
something for every taste.
Look now. Whenever I do this,
you bring me my Pepsi.
Alright, big guy?
Fill them up.
You continue.
Come, help yourselves.
And now you're the caterer?
Sister, for God's sake.
I'm up to my ears here. Please.
Add some vodka
in here, will you?
There's no vodka. Why would
there be vodka on a set?!
Man! There is no this, there is no that.
What kind of set is this?!
Why are you even
acting in this film, then?
Just to see him
fail at making it.
41 take 5.
I set the rules in this house,
little missy.
I know cunning
country girls like you.
You think you're going
to grab a hold of Murat?
Put this
in your little brain.
This is my territory...
...and you're nothing
but an insect.
Understand? An insect.
Cut! Magnificent.
A dream, this is like a dream.
Did you manage to get it?
My dearest, thank you
for your hard work.
You really are
a magnificent diva.
I think we should do another take.
The woman's drunk!
Look here, what are you saying?
Know your place and shut your mouth!
This woman leaves
the set or I will.
Is that so? Well, get the hell out
then, get the hell out of my life!
Shame on you.
I'm taking Samantha too, I don't
give a damn about you, dead or alive.
Get the hell out!
Cut, cut, cut!
Master, I can't act when he makes
sounds with his mouth like that.
My dear Sabri, why are you cutting?
What are you doing, for God's sake?
The character is
one dimensional as it is.
I don't even know if I should be
epic or dramatic or what!
Brother, forget about epic.
Punch properly, man!
'Brother'? You can't
talk to me like that.
I've been an actor for
22 years. No manners!
Master, with your permission,
could I leave a bit earlier?
I have this workshop
I need to attend, you see.
Come, dear Sabri. I'll take care
of it right away. Come, my dear.
A smidge to your left...
...a smidge more... a smidge more.
Now get the fuck off
my set for good.
Get lost!
But how?
I'll write about it on Twitter.
- I'll see you in court.
- Take the costume off his back!
Schooled, huh?
He turned out to be
a complete flake.
What are we going to do
about the Haldun character?
What are we going to do?
- We're going to have to find someone.
- I mixed a latte, chief.
Call me 'master.'
- Imagine Zeki, and now think
about this guy! -Ahben!
Zeki, so you're back.
- I thought you'd never return.
- I apologize.
Get lost, man!
Atilla, this is Zafer,
Zafer from "Summits."
Note 3 kg potatoes,...
...2 kg ground beef.
I still have sunflower oil.
I'm out of rice.
Note 1.5 kg rice.
Okay, brother, I'll come by
at 7 tomorrow to pick it up.
Thank you, kisses, thank you.
Excuse me, may I come in?
Please, come in.
It is really difficult with a
bad actor beside you, isn't it?
I'm lucky. I get to act against you.
Some people get nervous.
Don't you ever get nervous?
My nervousness makes
my acting stronger.
What about the hood?
Are you always going to
wear that, even off the set?
Maybe it's destiny.
You know what they say,
the job demands the whole body...
What did you study?
Acting, I assume.
I graduated from the
university of life,...
...department of body language
and literature, ma'am.
And you?
I studied fishery but I acted
in a lot of TV series.
Then I didn't get a chance
to continue, you know.
Was it your gentleman
who wouldn't let you?
What gentleman? Zafer?
Isn't he?
I don't know.
You know that scene where
Murat and Zeynep get closer?
Where they kiss.
I mean, uhm, are we going
to shoot that with the hood?
I'm asking because are they
going to do it with computers...
...or are we going to
shoot it with Mr Boa?
With Mr Boa? As far as I know,
that scene has been dropped.
Mrs Arzu, could you
come to the set...
...for your scene with Murat,
in front of the piano.
Let's have Mr Boa.
It wasn't dropped!
Fuck, man!
How come it wasn't dropped?
What's up, Phantom?
I'll kill you!
Zafer, I mean Kemal,...
...go over to this side darling, because
there is a part where Mr Murat walks,...
...that's where we'll use you.
Let's do this quickly, people, come on!
Master, we're picking up from fourteen.
We're coming from the piano the same way.
We shoot the opposite shot.
Excuse me, Master.
I had it on silent. Sorry!
But it's nothing serious, right?
Okay, thank you. Okay.
Zafer, Zafer.
Master, excuse me. Zafer!
They called from Cihan's school,
he's not feeling well.
Have you seen Zafer?
Uhm, he was around, wasn't he?
- Oh, my God.
- I hope it's nothing serious.
Don't panic, man. He needs
to be picked up from school?
Yes, he has a bit of a fever.
Alright, give me
number of the school.
My God, what an
irresponsible man! Zaf...
Alright, alright,
don't worry about this.
I'll go and pick up
the kid from school.
- Master, please forgive me.
- Don't worry about it, these things happen.
Okay, see you.
He's running a fever.
Don't panic, he's a kid,
this is normal.
- This is how they grow up.
- True, that's true.
Yes, now let's
rehearse this scene.
Murat is at the piano.
Zeynep, you are next to him.
My dear Tuna, can you take this?
Cihan, what happened to you, son?
I got a little dizzy and
my tummy hurt a little.
You have a fever?
There's nothing wrong with him,
thank God, he's like a lion.
Come, let's go see your mother.
I brought soup.
Is he better?
Let him drink the soup.
- What's up, Zafer?
- What are you doing here, man?
- Did you hear about Brother Izzettin?
- What happened?
They say he has recovered, you know how
he was in a coma but now he's talking.
- He's talking? What is he saying?
- They say he keeps calling your name.
- Get outta here!
- Joking, man, just joking.
I heard you were making a film
so I thought I'd come visit the set.
Zafer, call Brother Izzettin
every once in a while.
You should care, man!
How many times do I
have to wear this suit?
There's one scene left. It's in
the lab. And then we're done.
- Which one? Number 65?
- Yes, brother, that's right.
What's up, Zafer?
What is it?
Your face looks like shit.
My face is not even
fucking necessary.
What is she saying?
Arzu is in a sad mood. Should we
move her scenes to the end?
No way, how can we postpone them?
- There is no possibility?
- No.
- Brother Ejder! Zeki!
- What's going on, man?!
He's on fire! He's on fire!
To the hospital!
- Dad, drive carefully!
- Keep us posted.
- Zafer, answer your damn phone.
May God have mercy on you. -Doctor!
Call the doctor.
- He's burning up.
- Please move aside, Mr Kemal.
- I'll take care of this, please.
- He needs a drip.
He needs a drip!
He needs a drip.
- What's the situation?
- Professor, let's put him on drip.
He has a fever.
- What is it?
- 39.5
- How long has he been like this?
- For one hour.
- Has he lost consciousness?
- No, he hasn't fainted.
- Any vomiting? -No vomiting.
He needs a drip, professor.
Sir, could you
please step out?
Mr Kemal, wait outside if you want.
Thank you very much.
Open a central line right away,
We're going to need antipress.
- Dad...
- Apply cold compresses.
His temperature finally dropped,...
...he's much better.
Thank you so much,
Mr Kemal, thank you.
Don't mention it.
Let me see him.
It's OK, it's OK.
I'm here, son.
- Dad?
- I'm here, son.
I'm here, my dearest boy.
I became a superhero.
Don't tell anybody, alright?
Are you alright?
You're not the kind of man
one can talk to in good faith.
You'll never
amount to anything.
Enough already, enough!
I'm sending in the papers,
I'm divorcing you, Zafer.
You'll never make a
good father or husband.
Alright Arzu, enough already.
I'm doing what could be the
most important job in my life,...
...I ask you for a little support
and you don't even do that much.
I begged them to give you a job
and you screwed it up in two days.
Shame on you!
Mom, why are you punching Dad?
There you are, look at this language.
This is your work, be proud.
Alright, let's talk later Arzu.
Mom, why are you and Dad fighting?
What did Dad do anyway?
He didn't, Cihan, your dad
hasn't done anything, my dear son.
Alright, I'll go and apologize tomorrow
and I'll be at work in the morning.
That's it.
Zafer, get out of this house,...
...get the hell out.
But Mom!
- What did we say?
- Okay, Dad.
Good-bye, then.
I heard Cihan is sick.
What's going on?
Why is he putting
on these airs?
Tell her what sacrifices you've had to
make for the sake of this film, brother.
Tell her, man. Why do you let her
scold you like this, Zafer?
Brother, she doesn't believe me.
But she'll see when I remove
my hood at the end of the film...
...I'll say,
"I made this film for you."
My name will be on the credits.
Producer, Zafer Yildiz.
Alright but why do you bring
your family business onto the set?
It makes my actress sad and
she pulls a long face on the set.
Man, if it wasn't for
my family business,... you think I'd be making a
film with this bunch of luzzers!
What do you mean, 'luzzers'?!
Don't include me in that man,
why include me?
Shut up, fartist! I'm working
with a truckload of nutcases.
Gentlemen, I'm down to fifty lira.
You were eating bread and cheese,
now everyone is drinking lattes.
I put out three meals a day, five
dishes at a time, and I do this myself.
I have to play in this
boor's scenes, too. So please!
Put on the hood,
be Kemal, where is Murat,...
...take it off, where is Zafer?
The crane is coming, dish out 1000 lira.
Then take this one off and
put a different head on me!
- Zafer, calm down, son.
- Brother, how can I calm down?
We have four days left and he asks me
who's going to play the Haldun character.
I have a rattlesnake up my ass!
What are you talking about?!
I don't care who plays him.
Mr Filmmaker Zafer,... there a role
for me in the film?
Why do you even talk to him?
Forget about him...
I heard everything,
I swear I'll tell her.
Put me in the film and
you won't hear a peep.
Look here!
The man is about to have
a conniption because of you.
He'll kill you, I swear.
And besides, do you know
anything about acting?
- I can act as well as you.
- Watch your manners.
- I'll strangle you, I swear.
- Fuck off, man!
My dear Zafer, let's not
screw things up at this point.
You've spent all this money
and we shot so many scenes.
Is it worth it, Zafer?
I'm going to...
Look here, man, look at me.
You won't get paid a single lira.
And if you move a single
muscle on the set, I'll kill you.
Let's make up.
You'll see, I'll contribute
a lot to the film.
Give me that script.
Read me Haldun's
lines here. Read.
Little missy, they don't teach this kind
of thing in the medical school cafeteria.
Great. Haldun it is.
Where do I know
you from, man?
How should I know?
But the more you'll get to
know me, the more you'll love me.
"Summits" huh?
They're going to end evil, huh?
As long as I'm here you can
only put an end to yourselves,...
Master, how was I?
Great, the guy is very good.
He's been my neighbor for
years and I had no idea.
Master, your latte.
Zafer, could I have some tea?
I'd like mineral water.
My dear Meral,... this scene, your husband
dies and you cry your eyes out.
Imagine, how would
you cry if I died.
Fuck off. Why would
I cry over you, luzzer?
Who are you calling 'luzzer'?!
Just a minute, man.
I didn't know I would die.
Metin please,
read this script already.
What's going on there?
Master, wasn't I
next to Mrs Arzu, please?
I'm going to
tear up my clothes.
Lunch break.
"Grown men!"
- What's for lunch, Zafer?
- Pasta and chicken.
Pasta... I feel all swollen.
I know this guy
from somewhere, man.
Let's wait and see.
"What's wrong with you?"
"-I'm getting nervous."
"-No, it doesn't show at all, at all."
"Oh, you're so kind, Brother Suat,
thank you very much."
"Don't mention it.
I'm just speaking the truth."
How are you, Arzu?
I don't want any pasta.
I don't either, dear.
...the guy weaseled
himself into the team.
Actors who play together
get closer to each other.
Two plus two is four.
" many people like
you come and go...."
Take care of the food
for a couple of minutes.
..."I won't give it to you," he says.
But he says it
with a parrot voice.
I mean, "Hello, I won't give it to you,
hello, I won't give it to you."
- May I sit? -Mr Suat is
making me laugh so hard.
And they say there's
no alcohol on the set.
So how did you get
plastered like this, man?
Mrs Arzu, shall we go over
the next scene together?
Why? Haven't you
memorized your lines?
How so?
Dunno. It's just that they
put the head on afterwards...
Arzu, my mother sent me a cat video,
I just have to show it to you.
I'm going to get a cup of coffee.
Would you like something?
- No, thanks.
- No, thanks.
Look here, man, if you tell one more
joke, I'm going to tear your ear off.
- Put that phone in your pocket!
- Is that so?
I'll finish you off with a single
key stroke, you can't touch a hair on me.
I'll finish you in a single move.
I'll pile the police on you.
Come on, then, come on!
Brother Suat,
where did that come from?
It's nothing, dear, just the
panic button you gave me.
I can give it back to you anyway...
...there won't be any more
violence on the set.
Right, sir?
Mr Suat, could you come to the
costume department for Zurcon?
Sure darling,
I'll be right there.
Your laugh is so beautiful.
- Is that from the script?
- No, it's from the heart.
Now I understand why
actors who play together...
...fall in love with each other.
The way you look at me,
the way you hold my hand, your smile.
You like me, too.
Come on, say it.
You want me, don't you?
Mr Kemal, don't be ridiculous.
I'm a married woman.
I'll consider this as a joke.
She doesn't like Kemal.
Alright, ready.
Dear Zafer, thank you.
Yes, camera!
- Clap!
- 28 take 1
Camera. Action.
- Oh, my God! Zurcon!
- You're in my hands now, cook.
- How are you, Arzu?
"-Stop! Cut!"
I'm fine.
Is that hooded jerk
hitting on you?
Of course not!
And besides, what's it to you,
what some strange guy does.
Mind your own business.
What are you doing?
What I'm doing?
Whatever I do, I do it for you.
See how well the film is going.
Come on, let's make up.
Huh, Arzu?
Shall we make up?
They gave me a
court date, Zafer.
It says June 18th.
But there's a shoot
on June 18th.
That day is a half day.
We'll leave together and
go to the courthouse.
A miracle may happen
on that day. You never know.
Zafer, my hat off, man.
Court papers arrived.
She's divorcing me.
When she sees the film, she'll fall in love
with you, she'll put her arms around you.
She's going to become a star.
This is what
I'm imagining, Zafer.
We shoot the last scene, you throw off
the hood, and we all start singing,...
No one can love you... I love you.
Stop it, Muharrem
for God's sake, man.
...the film is going well.
You know? This is the first
time I'm getting this nervous.
I mean, just as everything was over,
this film suddenly appeared.
This has changed me
a lot Zafer, believe me.
It was our Zeki who
pinched you that day.
And I set up all
those reporters.
It was us who finished you.
I know, Zafer.
I'm aware of everything.
Don't worry about it.
Am I that evil, man?
I deserved it, brother.
I wanted to get to the top
and I didn't see anybody else.
I just walked all over everybody.
Maybe it's for the better this way.
Besides, if I could walk,
I would walk right past you.
Give me your blessing.
You have it.
But nothing is the
way it seems, Zafer.
Is that a wig?
...are you surprised, Phantom?
Why do you keep
calling me Phantom?
- I'm color blind, man.
- On top of everything else.
Thanks to you, I'm back to the
factory settings, Zafer. Hit it!
Man, you really are a project!
- No one can love you...
- Cut it out, for God's sake. I love you.
No one can love you... I love you.
If you're not mine,...
You said once my Dad
was good for nothing.
And I thought
this toy was bad,...
...but see, it turned
out to be very valuable.
Alright, let's rehearse.
Dear Suat, you are more aggressive
and passionate in this scene, okay?
Alright, master.
Alright, then. Let's see a rehearsal.
Three-two-one, action.
You're surrounded.
You have nowhere to go.
Ah, master, I'm sorry. Brother Suat,
could you take it down a bit?
What's going on, dear?
Master, I didn't do anything.
I'm in character.
But there is a proper
way to hold someone!
What is this?!
Master, I'm very sorry. Can you
please give me a few minutes?
Look here. Why don't you behave
yourself huh, why can't you behave?!
Master, you said to be
passionate, that's why I did that.
I said to be passionate man,...
...not to grab her from behind
like some pervert on a bus.
Calm down, calm down. Fuck your
passion, I'll smash your face in!
- Not the face,...
- What's going on here, man?
...not the face!
My face is how I earn a living.
- Zafer, come... come here.
- I'm going to kill you, man!
- Dirty pirate. -Shut up!
You're still mouthing off, shut up!
- I swear I'm going to kill him.
- Hold on, boy.
I figured out who he is!
Who is he?
I kept thinking he's a good actor,
wondering who he was...
...and you know that laugh of his.
Watch now, see who it is.
- Who, brother?
- Watch.
"Girls, the milkman is here..."
- It's him, isn't it?
"-Aaa Black Mask!"
- The Black Mask?
- I swear it's him.
During the video era,
in the '80s, he made 11 films...
...and then,
he disappeared.
- That's Suat, man.
- I swear it's him.
Watch the bomb fall! Here,...
...his mask and his cape.
And this is the poster.
I swear it's him.
I got you now.
- What's up, Tuna?
- Exhausted.
Does Suat have
any more scenes?
- No brother, that was
the last one. -Good.
Leave me alone with
him for a few minutes.
- Alright.
- Go on.
- Come here, Mr Suat.
- What's going on, man?
Sit down for a minute.
We have something to discuss.
What's going on, man?
I warned you so many times,...
...and I beat you up twice.
I told you to stop
hovering over Arzu.
- And what did you do?
- I didn't do anything.
Don't force me into a corner like this or
I'll scream in front of everybody, I swear.
Cut the crap, man. I know
what kind of shit you are.
- Aren't you the Black Mask?
- The Black Mask?
No, never.
Where did that come from?
Brother Ejder's shop is
real museum of cinema.
I have the tapes,
the posters, the costumes,...
...even your mask
from all the sex films... made in the '80s. Here.
I left all this in the past.
I went around the
used book stores for years.
Collecting the posters.
The posters I found...
...burning them,
destroying them.
I broke every tape I found.
...I see I have failed.
Look, Mr Suat.
You're out, right now.
If you ever hover
around Arzu again...
...and I don't release these
Black Mask films again, I'm no man.
Don't, for the love of God!
My mother doesn't know.
Now get the hell out of here.
Or I'll destroy your life.
What does life matter...
...compared to love?
Fuck off!
Okay, people! We're here
all night, until morning.
We finish the laboratory scenes
and then we'll leave.
So let's hurry a little, please.
"-Come on, come on..."
"-Master, shall I bring you some tea?"
"Mine is a latte."
"Who's having tea?"
"Avatar Two"?
But Two hasn't come out yet.
Dirty pirate...
Look here!
What are you doing running
around in the middle of the night?
Mother, go to bed.
Go to bed, I said.
Hello? Is this the police?
I want to report a pirate.
Come on, gentlemen, get up.
It's 3 o'clock.
It's 3 o'clock boy.
Come on!
Okay, I'm awake.
What's up, Zafer?
Long time, no see.
- What is it now? -You haven't
gone to visit Brother Izzettin.
Don't you wonder, is he
out of the hospital,... he in, is he well?
You don't even ask.
What's it to you, man?
What business is it of yours?
I speak as the voice
of your conscience.
The man trusted you with something
precious and you are neglecting it.
- Your phone is ringing.
- Get the hell out of here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
This is Beir.
Come to Beykoz right away.
- What happened, boy?
- It's nothing.
He's nervous.
Brother Beir?
- I'd like to see Brother Beir.
- Is that a fact?
My condolences,
I hear Izzettin quit smoking.
Thank you.
Guess what he said
at the last minute.
- Brother, I...
- Cut the brother talk.
I keep calling you
but I can never reach you.
Brother, maybe I was
out of coverage area.
Don't lie!
Don't you use Turkcell?
See how he placed the product?
Thanks, uncle.
He said you have the "Avatar" DVD.
Bring it to me within twelve hours.
And avoid the traffic.
Brother Ejder, where are you?
I'm picking out costumes
for the last scene. What is it?
Are you on the set?
No, brother, I'm in the shop.
I had something here,...
...a DVD in an envelope in
the cupboard. Have you seen it?
I'm going to the set, brother.
Please come to the shop...
...and look for my DVD. It was here,
in the cupboard next to the ghoul.
We have to be out of the mansion
by 11 o'clock. I have to go to the set.
Dad, we got our report cards.
- See, I got all A's.
- Good job, my boy.
- Where have you been you, Zafer?
- I'm here.
Master, I have a really important
errand tomorrow afternoon.
We'll be done by noon,
won't we?
Yes, my dear. We'll just
shoot this final scene.
And then,
I have a surprise for you.
Are you ready, dear Zafer?
It's the last scene.
You know your lines?
- Yes, master.
- Good.
Now, you're going to hug the girl
really tight and leave the rest to us.
Let me see you shine, lion!
Brother Ahben.
If anything should happen...
Brother, thank you,
thank you for everything.
My dear boy.
"Boy, put number 50 on the clap."
"Make sure there's no
mistake in the number."
Come on, let's pick it up girl.
Come on, come on!
Yes, this is the emotional scene
between Mr Kemal and Zeynep.
Come a little closer, dear.
You hold Zeynep's hands, alright?
Very romantic. The camera
slowly fills towards you.
Alright, let me see you do this!
What is it, Mr Kemal? Are you alright?
Your hands are cold as ice.
It's nothing, must be nerves
about the final scene.
Mrs Arzu, I'd like to
tell you something.
It has been an honor to
play with you in this film.
Please forgive me if
I've done anything wrong.
Please, don't mention it.
Alright, let us begin.
Isa, ready.
- Clap me.
- 142 take 1.
Three-two-one, action!
I loved you, Murat,...
...I have always loved you.
I could wait for you
until the end of time.
Good evening.
Darlings, what's going on?
What are those costumes?
We're filming a
period piece here.
We can't have such police
costumes. Where is Ejder?
- Ejder,...
- What happened, man?
...change this right away,
darling. What is this?!
Alright, cut it out.
We're from the police.
There has been an accusation.
Who's Zafer Yildiz?
What is it, officer?
He's not here right now.
I'm his wife, officer.
- What is this accusation?
- Pirating.
My colleagues are
going to look around.
Hand me your ID,
let's have a look at it.
This is a film set, officer,
how could there be pirating?
We'll take his wife in
for questioning, guys.
What questioning?...
Do you know where Zafer is?
Come on, ma'am. Let's take you in
for a statement, please.
I'm Zafer, brother.
Look, officer,...
...Mr Zafer can't possibly have
anything to do with piracy.
You see, he is the
producer of our film.
A surprise, huh?
Are we making a
movie with piracy money?
...I sold my late
mother's house.
Come on, put the cuffs on him.
Well done, man!
Why did you have
that hood on, brother?
I couldn't have her
look at me, brother.
Doesn't this running around ever stop?
I fall in love but nobody knows.
In this desert no other rose but you,... rose but you blossoms.
Why doesn't anybody...
...write me love songs,
write me love songs?
Days are few, they all run off.
No mistakes, no questions.
No one can take your place,...
...none can take your place
Why doesn't anybody...
...write me love songs,
write me love songs?
I faced my past recently.
No one is sane in my life.
I expected so much
from every passing day.
It was dark ahead, I didn't break down.
Didn't break down.
Doesn't this running around ever stop?
I fall in love but nobody knows.
Why doesn't anybody...
...write me love songs,
write me love songs?
Turn the lights off.
He fought so hard
for the sake of this film...
...for your sake.
We never asked him
where he got the money.
We never imagined something bad.
But why...
...why didn't he say anything?
He probably thought nobody would
believe him, like cry wolf, you know.
He had a reputation,
what else could the boy do?
What bad luck, man!
When this film is over,...
...I'm going to
dedicate it to Zafer.
Who's the director?
The film's finished, brother.
We're not casting any more.
Brother Beir sends his regards.
He says you made this film.
You have to give me
all the film stock, all the reels.
What stock, what reels, darling?
There are no more reels, dear.
They can put the whole
film on this disc these days.
Good, makes it easier.
Bring the DVD,...'ll get your film back.
What's going on?
How would I know?
He's coming.
Dad! Dad! Dad!
My boy!
Are you alright?
I'm fine, I'm fine.
You kept going on about the courthouse.
Now I gathered all of you here.
I told you he could
walk if he wanted to.
How long have you been walking?
From the very beginning.
It's not easy,
I'm after a prize.
I'm a method actor.
Glad this is over for all of us.
Zafer, let me tell you,...
...Cihan watched "Avatar."
One or Two?
It's awesome, Dad.
Uncle Suat let me watch it.
That son of a bitch stole the DVD!
Let's get the DVD
and take it to Beir.
Why should we take it?
What are we going to do, then?
This is what we're going to do.
Ah, Tuna dear,
come, come, come in.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Brother Ahben called you, I guess.
There's an additional
scene to be shot.
- I brought you the costume.
- Ah, thank you, Tuna.
Here you are.
The text is here, brother.
Has Mrs Arzu talked to you
About the "Avatar" DVD?
Sure, sure.
I'll take it with me.
Alright. Here you are. They said you
won't be able to change on the set... put it on before you go.
Alright. Okay, Tuna dear.
Thank you.
What's going on
in the middle of the night?
Mother dear, they've put in a
new scene, I'm going to the set.
Mother, I'm leaving.
Look here,... don't do drugs
on the set, do you?
What's that got to do with it, mother?
Where do you get these ideas?
Summits, The End of Evil?
Thank you, dear.
Is Mr Ahben here
with the team, too?
Move on, move on.
Keep going.
Okay, dear.
Suat has entered the building. Camera?
Alright, my friends.
Good luck.
So, you came, Zurcon.
You will get your punishment!
Suat, it's me. Mr Ahben is using
a different technique today,...
...that's why I
came in suddenly.
- No problem, alright.
- Do you have the text?
- I brought it.
- The DVD?
I got it, we can watch it
together in the trailer.
Sure. Let me have it.
The camera will
be following you.
Hello, Isa.
You go in here, scene one.
Stay in character.
Alright, I got it.
Go on, good luck.
Wait for me.
Mr Ahben, I'm here.
Hello, my friends.
So you're all here, Summits.
Mr Ahben, could I
add a line here, please?
Don't worry, Zurcon,
I'll add it now.
Brother Ahben,
he's hitting me for real.
Brother Suat, stay in character.
Stay in character, I said.
- I got the film.
- Ohhh..
- You're great, Zafer.
- Come.
Enough, man!
What the hell is going on?
Wait a minute, man.
What is this?
Aren't you filming
me close up, brother?
Boa Boray!
You're walking!
What happened,
did they put the head on?
No, we'll put it on now.
Enough, brother! What is
going on here, man?
Cut, brother, cut.
Brother, cut.
Let me have a drink of water!
What is this we're filming, man?
Mr Ahben!
Mr Ahben! Arzu!
The Ghoul!
Brother Ahben!
Mr Ahben!
Arzu, Arzu?
Huh, it's Atom Ant.
Have you seen "Avatar"?
There's a tree there.
Well, I am that tree.
- I swear it looks good.
- Ejder, man!
We saved the film, man!
...let's drink to Summits.
- Yesss... -Are we going to
cut Suat's scenes out?
No way, man.
I think Suat managed
the finale very well.
I'm going to do my
very best to finish this film.
Will you be in
my next film with me?
I'll be in any film with you, Zafer.
Coming soon.
No one can love you... I love you.
No one can love you... Zafer's love you.
Darling, without you,...
...what's the meaning of life?
Darling, without you,...
...what's the meaning of life?
"The End of Evil"
"Zafer Yildiz presents"
"By Ahben Sonel"
The accident destroyed the nerves.
He may never be able to walk again.
Welcome, Mr Murat.
He hasn't been eating for days.
He's spoiled like a child.
Shut your mouth!
I get no pleasure from
anything any more.
There's nothing left
to make life attractive.
My name is Zeynep.
I'm studying medicine.
Know your place and
stop running around.
Did you compose this?
Why don't you speak?
Don't feel sorry for me.
I don't want your pity!
You will walk, Murat.
If the evil ones run,
the good must at least walk.
Pay attention to me instead of
playing around with silly things.
This is a perfect laboratory.
With this formula, he'll be able to
perform beyond a normal human being.
Have you tried it before?
- Yes, four times.
- At what price?
The future has no price, Murat.
Hold me tight!
You're forgetting I'm a superhero.
Zeynep, Murat is not your equal.
No, he's not my equal.
He is a superior man.
Our love can't be hidden.
I want everyone to know.
This project is top secret, Murat.
Summits will be warriors against evil.
You work too hard.
You're exhausting yourself.
This tranquilizer
will be good for you.
Look, Mr Haldun.
I'm a physician, too.
Is this the right treatment?
Little miss, they don't teach this kind
of things in medical school cafeterias.
There! He's dead,
he's finally dead.
Father! Father! No! Father!
First, I'll take away his woman,
then his mansion, then everything else!
Don't be so sure!
Summits, huh?
No evil deed will remain unpunished.
Evil people won't know where to hide.
You're an orphan.
I feel sorry for you.
Don't feel sorry for the orphan!
The End of Evil
Coming Soon