Pelli Choopulu (2016) Movie Script

I was asking you people to get ready early.
You had to get ready at rahu (bad time)
Please leave it.
Couldn't get ready properly,
because of your shouting
Maid hadn't even showed up today.
Will you stop fighting?
Babu, turn on the radio!
He didn't even give me the correct address.
We keep going around the same block.
We already went around 4 times.
Tell the correct address.
What? Cow tied to a tree!
Jersey or desavali? You idiot.
Coconut shop?
Not even a coconut for a mile.
Tell me a bus stop.
My idiots know them all.
Do I turn right? wait.
He never changes.
Should have woken up early,
and be more organised.
Just like his father.
Check Google maps. It's late.
Please be quiet.
You drive...
Shut up. or I'll cut your tongue.
Can't you tell this before.
You talk now?
Ma, open the door and
push him out.
He says he knows. Let him talk?
Shouldn't carry a cat to a marriage.
(another superstition:)
Good song! increase the volume, boss?
Going for matchmaking
with all this confusion!
And your son doesn't even care.
My fate...
Stop to the left.
Idli looks delicious.
Let's eat and go. Ya dude. am hungry.
Don't stop anywhere.
You will never get married.
Chitra, don't close that door.
It locks on its own.
Not repaired it yet?
I will change it, amma!
You know how busy I am...
OK, Dad. Do not start again.
Good morning, grandmother!
First, dry your hair and tie it.
Coffee ready?
Demanding everything like usual!
After marriage, you and your aunt
should decide.
First get the milk.
Take away the remote from him.
Subhash, go to your room.
Why did you turn off the TV?
The groom!
Chutney... I have to change the shirt.
You can change in the room upstairs.
No one notices us?
Bro, wait until somebody calls us.
Please come inside
What do we do now?
Do not worry.
Subhash, go down.
Downstairs, you told me to go up.
Upstairs, you tell me to go down.
I won't go anywhere.
Not me. It's subhash.
Not me, uncle!
Bride will be here.
Keeping the event near Rahu. This is bad.
If I say, you call me old fashioned.
The groom is inside.
The fan is not running.
Powercut. It will be back soon.
Do you like coffee?
No coffee. Bring tee.
Add more sugar.
Not at all
There is a small problem.
What happened?
Your son, to change clothes,
went to my daughter's room.
The door is jammed.
Your daughter?
She is also in the room.
Is there anyone else in the room?
Ya, little boy subhash is there.
He is always up to trouble.
Planning an event near Rahu.
It's not a problem.
Besides, they have to talk to each other.
Unexpectedly, It has happened like this.
It's not a problem, do not worry.
Called the carpenter,
will be here soon.
That's fine?
When you are out, you will see.
I did nothing, Ma. Believe me.
It will take some time.
Use the opportunity...
Clear all doubts in your mind.
I'll kill you, Aunt.
I'll send coffee in a bit.
It's fine. No problem.
Is this the first time?
No, in childhood. To avoid tuition,
I shut the door hard. Got stuck inside.
I was talking about matchmaking...
Oh sorry! Ya, first time. Sit down.
It's OK.
Oh! It's you.
I have put a cup in there.
You talk, first.
No, please continue.
No problem. please tell me.
As long as I am home,
my father tries to push for marriage.
I want to go to Australia.
Until I save up the money,
I have to...
Drink the coffee.
No, it's OK.
No, it's hot.
You were saying something?
Nothing. It's nothing!
Wedding place...
Take coffee, it's cold now.
What do you do?
No, no! I don't have a job.
Actually, I used to work.
But got fired.
I have a nominal degree.
Worked hard. wrote makeup exams.
And passed.
Just a degree on paper.
And then?
Actually, there's a big story behind it.
We have at least an hour.
Tell your story.
So, after getting the degree...
open the door?
Dad, was in the bathroom.
Couldn't hear you.
Making a scene for that?
Lying the first thing in the morning.
I will kick your ass.
At least, put some paste on the brush.
Today, you have a supplementary exam.
Watching movies the whole night!
Someone has to wake you up like this.
One and half year after engineering,
you still have a subject to pass.
Shame on you!
Just a single exam. you can finish it.
Amma, was studying the whole night.
- Shut it.
Your mother might be a fool, but I am not.
Do not try to fool me.
Look for the hall ticket in that dust bin.
You are late.
You drag me into everything,
and belittle me.
You mind your work inside.
According to your horoscope,
you have to wear white shirt today.
Then you will pass it.
If you study, you pass.
Not because of some white shirt.
Do you need coffee?
First get me some tea.
Will you pass this time?
This time, I will pass for sure.
You can't do it.
Take some chits (notes) to the exam.
I won't ask you anything else.
If anyone asks,
I can't show my face to them.
Your tea is here.
Where are you?
How many times should I call?
Exam today?
Why didn't you mention
when we were drunk yesterday?
Are you crazy?
If I had, would you have paid for drinks?
Once upon a time, a farmer
lived in a village...
What are you talking?
- Shut it.
- Bro, how was your test?
Very bad!
Forgot and took notes from last exam.
But it's OK. I will pass.
That's why, take bath and wear new clothes.
You won't have these problems.
Buddy, Soumya
They broke up.
What? Why?
Our guy is not serious in life.
She wants ambani (rich business man).
She told him to grow up
How much more?
Not her fault.
That's it.
Sorry, please continue.
I never liked that girl.
Eats samosa with the sauce.
I don't like girls
who eat samosa with sauce.
Add sauce until
it destroys the samosa flavor.
Why eat samosa? just drink the sauce.
Waste of money!
So, the next girl friend?
Now it's your turn
Do you have a boyfriend?
Hey, say...
Everyone has a past.
Are you an engineer or a doctor?
I was always interested in completing MBA.
I and my father have differences.
My father never wanted a girl.
He thinks this happened,
because he hit a cow in his childhood.
I overheard it
when he was talking to my mom.
Are you laughing because I laughed at you?
No, it was funny.
You wanted to prove that
you are better than a son.
That's why you were doing an MBA?
That's not it.
Building a business is my childhood dream.
So, you met your boyfriend there?
Excuse me, ma'am.
Your father had an accident.
Principal got a call.
They couldn't reach you on phone.
Your mother is on the call...
Your father is fine.
Didn't you see 'Mauna Ragam'?
Hero calls out a girl like this.
Every time I see in the class,
I wanted to ask you out.
I told you, your father is fine.
I will pray for him.
Coffee tomorrow evening?
I forgot to tell something important.
I forgot to give you the address.
Coffee shop behind the college campus.
Sorry, ma'am. Actually it's not her dad.
Your husband is in ICU.
Look, I do not like these.
That my father is in serious condition!
It is ridiculous.
Mrs. Fernandez got chest pain.
Because of you.
Her husband came to see her.
Good for her.
- You think it's a joke?
She divorced her husband six years ago.
They will make up due to this.
Anyway, I'm not that bad, Chitra.
Didn't mention your future plans.
I have no plans yet.
So you want to marry and mother a child.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing wrong, but I have something
important to talk to you.
I have a beautiful business plan.
I want partner for that.
Not fooling around
just an offer
Let's see.
So your email address and details.
Or add me in Facebook,
I can explain more clearly.
If we meet again, we can talk.
I'm getting late, I have to go.
Are you going to the hostel?
I can actually drop you.
It's close, I can walk.
My phone...
I left my phone somewhere.
Can you call?
I know...
Oh, Do you go to 'Social' regularly?
No, I've been there 2 or 3 times.
Excellent place.
Do you know varun there?
My friend's friend.
I know that.
He also has an attitude.
I don't think he works there anymore.
I've heard he is working in Mumbai
He must be getting a salary in Lakhs.
Are you a foody?
I mean, do you like food?
Like food?
After finishing engineering, actually
I wanted to be a cook.
Actually I decided that in that restaurant.
Hey Vishnu, what's up?
I'm fine, how are you?
All good.
- He is the chef?
- Ya.
I just came to see.
No cooking as such.
You don't learn anything by seeing.
I have no experience.
Come on, no problem.
Don't know even to cut.
- I'll teach you, come on.
When you see a nice painting,
you can hear a thousand claps.
The same way, when a customer eats your
food. You can hear a thousand claps.
You don't believe me.
Look at her.
Look at the expression on her face.
You went there, didn't you?
I went once or twice.
I'm absolutely sure it was you.
You made that fish and chips.
That is cooking.
Chill bro.
Suddenly, I have clarity in my life.
I want to be a chef.
I will open a restaurant like this.
But on a beach.
Have you seen her expression?
Sound of thousand claps.
Seems like you are still
drunk from last night.
I wanted to enjoy drinking.
I was expecting you to say that.
Don't you think of anything else, bro?
Worked hard, wrote make up exams and
passed engineering. Now he wants to be cook
Tell your father about this.
I will tell my father frankly.
Try this curry!
What is this new dish?
Taste and tell how it is?
Liked it? Prasanth did it!
Is this his job from now?
What else is left?
Go to kaushik's room, smoking
cigarettes, eating, wasting time,
and return home at midnight.
I got suspicious from
the shirt in the morning.
If you wake up early in the morning,
you won't get these bad habits.
Stop it, ma.
Do you think I smoke?
I was thinking of becoming a cook.
So cooking?
Very good.
Go to everyone's house and
clean their utensils as well.
Did you hear? Your son wants
to cook going house to house.
Can't you eat in peace?
Scolding a grown up son.
See, daddy.
Cooking is an art.
When you see a beautiful painting...
Thousands of applause...
Same way...
If we make a good dish...
and the customer likes...
The same thousand claps.
- Stop it.
At least, read what you wrote properly.
You are going crazy or
started taking drugs.
Amma, I'm going to Kaushik's room.
You got nothing there.
One of my friends
has a call center.
Go there, he'll give you a job.
Completing engineering and
doing a call center job.
Spell thermodynamics
Engineer for namesake!
Not a single piece of knowledge.
Shut up and do what I say.
All father are like this.
Number one in underestimating.
So, then.
After a big war, I had to go.
Emotional blackmail
Emotional blackmail!
Constant scolding, lectures
I couldn't take it anymore.
They don't stop until you want to run away.
I know that feeling.
I also got a girlfriend there.
At that time,
after my probation
period and one month job...
about to get my first pay check
Girlfriend within a month?
- Three months!
To settle, train and one month of working.
Did you inform in the office?
- You inform. Nothing will happen.
Okay. Give me three thousand rupees.
Three thousand?
Three thousand!
Does money grow on trees?
Because of friends pressure,
I made you my girlfriend.
Do you know what the value
of three thousand? 30 beers!
The abuses you use!
If they know this,
they won't let me play even a bet match.
Why should I recharge?
You work in the same office!
With same pay! so?
Three thousand
It's a bit tight.
What? Tight?
Are you really a boyfriend?
Open your mouth and talk.
I told you to pick up at 10 o'clock
in the morning. You arrive at 10:30.
I called.
You called?
Not connecting.
Tell the number.
Anyone can look up in the phone!
Tell the number.
9..8... 7
Say again. Repeat.
Do you have any shame?
Stupid boyfriend.
Take the phone.
Why? time waste, come with me...
to the parlor.
Couldn't even eat when I am hungry.
Wow! Excellent dialog!
So the job?
Some job!
Call center job
You want to book a movie ticket.
You will call us
I will book your ticket
sitting in my office.
Every day seeing so many people
going to movies, I was frustrated.
My boss was like my girlfriend.
But he was a bit better,
he screams after paying me.
Sir, you are here.
Come on, what do you need?
Coffee, tea?
- Hmmm...
- Shameless.
What's the time?
Don't you know about the inspection?
Are you deaf?
Not even a month,
But you want salary at correct time.
Get out. I'll give it later.
That day my life changed.
I got a call at 5 o'clock.
Hello, welcome to "Bye my ticket".
My name is prasanth.
How can I help you?
Boss, book a movie ticket
for me and my girlfriend.
Can you book on the phone?
Of course, sir.
Tell your name?
Rishi, boss.
Thank you for saying your name.
Can you name the movie?
How do I say the name of the movie?
Try to understand...
with girlfriend on holiday,
Just book a some corner
seat in an empty theater.
Certainly, sir.
They work quite effectively, sir
Every employee here...
Necklace Road, okay?
- Yes, Necklace Road will be perfect.
- What do you say?
- Well, sir.
Tell your number?
HR has trained all the staff at quite well.
My mobile is almost dead.
So I will give my girlfriend number.
Enter the number, boss.
Please tell, sir.
That's the number.
Just send it fast.
That's the correct number.
Well, send the message fast.
Hello, are you listening?
Are you having fun?
I will complain to your manager.
Hey, are you kidding?
Keeping the phone aside...
Are you kidding?
Give the phone to Sruthi...
Why should I give it to her?
Who are you?
- Your Corner Ticket's Sponsor... Call him.
- Peace.
You wait!
You shameless bitch...
Three thousand?
For a corner ticket?
Sometimes because of pressure...
You shameless...
We will go inside sir.
- Oh sorry...
- No matter...
You can laugh at this.
What else?
Back to home.
My father went crazy.
Cooking videos!
I'm thinking of uploading
cooking videos to YouTube.
And watch it yourself?
We get money for views.
What are all these stunts?
Just play GTA5 in play station at home.
If you play games like
kids, who will pay the rent?
Aren't you taking photos for money?
What will you do? Cut grass?
Why do you care what I do?
Did you wash my underwear properly?
Failed my test again
What's the big deal?
It's just a make up exam
Today is a dry day bro.
What? dry day!
Why didn't you say sooner?
I think it's uncle.
- He wouldn't have seen us.
Isn't that Vishnu? Go back.
Where is our prasanth?
What are you doing here?
Get in the car.
Which lab?
Thermodynamics lab in
anthropological setup.
Please, you can go.
I smell something burning.
Pollution, Aunty.
Do you smoke, Uncle?
This is like waking up a
sleeping donkey to get kicked.
So your friend is making cooking videos.
Cooking is passion, uncle.
Cooking is an art, Uncle.
For a beautiful painting, 1000 people clap.
The same way...
Shut up
We just met an astrologer.
Until he gets married, he won't make money.
Only 3 more months...
After that we are marrying
him to the first girl we see.
Doesn't matter how she is.
Go to your friend and tell him.
Do you understand?
Of course they will say that.
So what if you see her?
She has to agree, doesn't she?
If the girl says yes,
there is no one bigger fool than her.
What sup bro?
Didn't he already start early?
Bro, get a tea for him.
If she agrees...
take her aside and tell her.
Sister, I am shameless.
Used to have a job and a girlfriend...
lost both
Even that video became viral.
If you marry me,
you will also lose your respect.
If she doesn't believe,
Show her the youtube video...
"Call center breakup"
Are you in that video?
I'm sorry...
too funny...
Vikram showed the video.
I never laughed so much in my life.
Damn funny...
Do you think it really happened?
It's too much?
One shot.
He lost both job and girlfriend.
You will never cheat, right?
This is too much.
Relating to every video you see
Isn't it wrong?
First quit smoking.
You will die.
Here's the plan...
Food business! let's open a restaurant.
In a small place,
But will all cuisines...
Like all the food we like in one place.
F & B needs heavy investment, doesn't it?
Ya, it's heavy investment.
But Chitra, we have 200% profit margin.
But too much competition.
Open a restaurant in one place,
it will only last max 2 months.
Definitely we should have branches...
otherwise we can't survive.
No one will invest.
We cannot find an investor for this.
Have you heard about food trucks?
Least investment
Opening a restaurant in one place is risky.
Heavy rents
No guarantee if it will run
Cut throat competition in good locations
So food trucks.
Food truck?
It's a booming business in US.
Buy a truck, modify,
set up a kitchen and it's done!
With interesting menu,
we can do business in any place.
What do you think?
I think this is brilliant.
If it works, we can buy more trucks.
It's definitely scalable.
Alright partner, let's start.
I'm going to Delhi.
I will tell my father
about you and your plan.
I will get everything set and return.
So, you will not attend my birthday
Of course I will.
You know what?
On your birthday...
we are going to start our food truck.
And that's my gift to you, okay?
Come with me.
Are you mad?
I'm serious...
Come on.
Come on...
I will not come back
will kill you... Get going
Alright, bye.
I'm coming.
It's time for me to go...
I'll be back before your birthday.
Wait for me, bye.
There is a surprise for you.
I'll miss you.
I'll come back soon.
Take care!
Let's go boys!
Chitra, go to Delhi with him.
Do you know how late it is?
Are you crazy?
3 months ago, you asked 10 lakhs
to apply for an Australian university.
I agreed.
You asked 1 lakh for entrance exams.
I gave it immediately.
Now you want to buy a truck
and start food business.
You want 10 lakhs!
Are you mad or what?
I don't want it for free.
Dada gave money for my marriage.
Didn't you put in FD?
Give me that.
I will return with interest.
Did you hear?
- Do not involve me in this.
Just because you studied MBA, don't talk
about stupid calculations for money.
No shortage of drama!
Take, it's your money...
Do what you want.
Hey, how are you?
Why didn't you call for 2 days?
Someone else would be upset.
- So, what sup?
- Nothing much.
Hey, Delhi boy!
You have a surprise.
Boy, come here.
Take this amount to the owner
and bring the key.
He has too much attitude.
Wants 1 lakh per month.
What was sravanthi telling earlier?
It's nothing! She is crazy.
Why are you dull?
Nothing. Some business...
Don't worry, we will find a cook.
You don't worry.
Why won't it work?
It's a brilliant idea!
Restaurant on wheels!
Actually that name is good.
If I could get an idea like this...
Why, your idea was also good?
YouTube cooking videos
Zero investment. Easy money.
Easy money or my ass?
Didn't you get the check?
- Got it.
Your first check.
In french! this is your first check.
Sir, a zero is missing.
(Speaking French)
Yes, 500 rupees! Sorry...
500 rupees
All you video in total got 10,000 views.
(Speaking French)
We gave you money without our cut.
(Speaking French)
Try more funny videos.
No one watches these cooking videos.
(Speaking French)
We want viral videos...
She is abusing in Spanish.
Let's go.
Nice meeting you.
Do we order tea?
Why, do you want to pay
from your 500 rupees?
Leave it.
A guy like that has a job.
Pisses me off.
"He got job, that's burning me"
If I meet him in my area,
I will break his jaw"
"I saw that guy in my
area, his jaw... break"
humiliated us in front of the foreign girl.
"In front of the foreign girl, ..."
- don't talk if you don't know Hindi.
Why are you laughing?
You said - Life is set. Youtube kings!
Is it this?
What more do I want, I got the money.
I will go and tell that the
astrologer is wrong. I won't marry.
This much confidence for 500 rupees.
If you tell this to your father...
he will marry you tomorrow.
These things should be handled properly.
Lets just make viral videos.
The Spanish girl said the same.
Not Spanish, French.
Whatever it is, I have decided...
We are making prank videos.
No one is watching this cooking videos.
What are those?
Don't you know prank videos?
Why is the idiot pouring petrol on himself?
- Not petrol, water.
- People run scared and we record?
That's it.
That's it? Who will see these videos?
Look at the views.
- How many views?
- Shit!
Five million views for this?
What is this?
If we do it, from next month,
foreigner will give us 20k.
Bro, what are waiting for!
These north Indians get such awesome ideas.
That's why we should
also eat butter chicken.
"Hello subbu, I am going to the interview."
"Ya, ironed my clothes."
- match box
"Did you also do the interview?"
It's cold.
Bro, light me.
Why should I light?
Bugger off!
"Subbu, someone is doing stunts here!"
Bro, light me.
Talk in phone later.
"Wait for a sec Ra"
Should I light it?
- Yes?
- Yes
Early morning stunts?
- Will you light if I ask?
You and your crap acting!
- Unprofessional actors.
Come here
What is that acting?
Does anyone get scared of that?
Bro, you do it.
Stop criticizing me.
You try, you will know.
My girlfriend left me.
I can't take it anymore,
I want to die.
I want to die.
She will not understand
my value until I die.
Burn me, please burn me.
- Wait! calm down.
Brother, light me.
Please bro, light me.
Uncle... light me.
- Son, don't do it.
Please uncle... please uncle.
- Leave me out of it.
Looks just like Uncle.
- What happened to you?
I will light it.
You and your acts.
Not just in the house, your son is
ruining our name outside as well.
In parks and bus stops, pouring petrol
over and asking people to light him.
Completed engineering.
But has no responsibility!
I can't take it anymore.
I will get him married somehow.
He will die the way he wants.
I am shouting here.
Look at him hiding behind the door.
- Why do you do this?
Babu, coffee.
Not coffee. Put some ice in the
alcohol he hides in cupboard.
You come.
You? Close the door.
Put it there.
Get married.
Dad found a good girl.
If you like, marry her yourself.
Don't be like that.
They will give you one crore dowry.
Your life is settled.
You wanted to do something.
Hotel near a beach.
You can even do that...
otherwise just chill and relax...
Put money in FD.
You will get one lakh rupees per month.
I will get one lakh from FD?
1 Lakh?
That's what your dad told.
OK, I will marry.
You will do FD?
I will get married.
Amma, I made him agree to the wedding.
So, did you agree for dowry?
Otherwise, what will I do after marriage?
I can't take care of myself,
How will I look after you?
First I have to agree to the marriage?
Still, my father doesn't have crores.
May be, he is hiding it from you.
you will invest it in some business.
What happened to your business?
He said he will be there on your birthday.
You wanted to surprise.
What is his caste?
What is his caste?
North Indians don't have caste?
Where is he?
Sravanti is here as well.
Happy Birthday Chitra
- Thanks.
- Remember, Uncle.
- How are you?
- I am fine, Uncle.
Where is Delhi boy?
- Did he call?
- No.
Phone is switched off.
Switch Off!
these things are common, Na?
Well, I'll call you back.
He will not come back.
How do I tell you?
Whatever happened has happened.
Let's hope it is for our good.
My mistake.
Gave you too much freedom...
My mistake.
I didn't say a single word.
Boyfriend from Delhi. Business partner.
10 lakhs investment.
What happened now?
He left for 2 million dowry.
He stayed back.
He is smart.
Practical fellow...
And you?
If you say love and business again...
I will commit suicide
I'll go to the program in Australia, Dad.
Will kill you.
You do what I say.
You do what I say.
I will not give you anything.
If you want to do something,
you have the truck.
Make some money using that truck...
then go.
I will not give you a single paise.
You understand?
Don't try to escape the marriage.
As long as you are in the house...
you will do what I say.
You understand?
There will be no discussion on this.
This is final.
Spend some time with her and drop her home.
- Of course, Uncle.
Thanks amma...
I think she is crying.
What an asshole?
Do not worry about him at all.
He doesn't have manners!
- Thank you
How can you agree to marry for dowry?
Zero self-respect...
Tell your parents.
Daddy I need some time.
I can't do this.
It is very easy for girls
to talk to their dads.
This is not easy for boys.
Also why didn't you tell your father
that You don't want to marry now?
You are here as well.
Catch that.
Aunty, I know. Coffee is enough.
It is not coffee.
It's breakfast and snacks.
So far, we have no common points.
Yes, there is.
I too do not like people
who eat samosa with sauce.
I also want samosa.
Hi, kaushik and Vishnu.
- It took 15 minutes to do this.
- It took an hour.
These are my friends...
Let's go...
Dad, I...
This is the wrong address...
Another match...
Your address is in next lane...
This is street number 7
Your match is in Street Number 8
We realized after talking.
You can go, you will be late.
This is not possible!
Can't you send it in map?
Give directions properly.
Why am I giving you money?
They are here. Let's go down.
Please come...
Broker got confused.
I am sorry for that.
Please sit...
Less sugar in coffee?
I don't drink tea or coffee.
You got contact from swami rao?
Yes, he is the broker.
It is street number 7
Yes... I have come to the right address.
Just to confirm.
Please take these.
Please take it.
If you pour so slowly,
it will become cold coffee.
At least,
did they come to the right address?
Enough adventure for now.
Shut up and come.
Please take these.
So, I will be frank with you.
I know, your boy doesn't have a job yet.
He is not very educated.
My daughter is also not very
interested in education.
This generation!
I am looking for someone with
values from a good family.
I am into astrology...
It's a science...
My daughter's signs match
very well with your son.
So, I am going with my gut.
That's how I do my business.
Otherwise, we also got better matches.
So what? We need clarity.
No misunderstandings.
I do not want our relatives
to talk other things.
That is not good.
Am I right?
Not right?
Our Chitra...
Very soft-spoken and family type.
She has come...
How much did she study?
She just finished...
I'm sorry, I don't want this marriage.
As long as I am home,
my father pushes me for marriage.
So I came.
I want to go to Australia. Until I raise
the money for it, I have to like this...
Grandma, even this uncle?
Every matchmaking is a drama for her.
I missed my TV series.
Do not call me next time.
You go, mother.
I will also discuss this...
Uncle, please sit...
Ask about dowry...
Shut up, buddy...
I like your frankness...
All my earnings are for my daughter...
- Then it's OK uncle.
- It's done.
I am fine with this.
I will talk to the girl once.
I don't know if you like me or not...
It's so weird
But suddenly for matchmaking, I understand
Arey Rajinikanth...
This soundarya is their maid.
The bride is Ramiah Krishna
sitting over there...
Coffee has a little more sugar.
Reduce it. Understand...
Take this laddu.
Hi Richa!
It bites.
Why don't you guys
go out for lunch?
Why do you want to talk here?
We will set up something.
- Yes, of course, Uncle.
Get to know each other.
What do you do?
Is that dog from foreign, uncle?
If you iron it, it will look better.
Do you have the number of those
people who came by mistake?
Do you want to their home as well...
and say - "sorry, I don't want this...
My father is pushing me to marry...
I want to go to Australia.
I want to become a business woman...
Blah blah..." -very funny.
Sarcasm all the time?
To earn money.
Take auto. It's hot outside.
Do not show so much love, Dad.
I will take the bike.
Did you see?
What is this?
Not sarcasm?
Last time, you weren't there for bet match.
Bro, I got a job
Ya, bro.
Don't forget to give us a party.
Of course, bro.
Sridhar got a job.
Do you think country will progress?
First you progress and pay my debt, bro.
You, narrow minded fellow.
Just to repay you,
I don't need to progress.
It's as easy as I cough.
In few days, Goddess Lakshmi
is coming to prasanth's house.
Do you know?
Uneducated shopkeeper.
Did you ever read English paper?
But he brings one for 100 rupees.
1 kg tomato
Excuse me
Door no. Where is the 31A-23?
- How do we know?
Hey! Chitra.
That's my house...
What's the matter?
Can I talk to you?
After you left, I thought.
We both need money.
I have a food truck and
business plan.
And you also want to be a cook.
I remember your fish and
chips dish from that day.
It was really nice.
So why don't we start
the food truck business?
What do you say?
Idea is good...
But now I'm settled.
I don't need to work hard.
My marriage is also fixed.
Oh, Congrats!
Did you like the girl?
I will meet her today.
Her father arranged a date.
If you don't like the girl?
I'll adjust...
Money is the root of all problem.
But if I have it...
Can I give you a free advice?
Free Na, say...
Look, what you're doing is wrong...
You have talent...
You can make money yourself.
You do not need to take
dowry to get married.
I don't think it's a good idea.
If they put their business
plan on your shoulders,
you have to live with it.
If you do not like it?
Look, Chitra...
Someone is born to work.
Someone does business.
Some people can't do anything.
I'm the third type.
As far as I know...
there are many Chefs...
Find someone who is good.
Why are you after me?
In case you change your mind...
my number
Sorry, I have a date.
It's late.
Take it.
Which way?
Is that wine?
Bring it to that table too.
Hi Richa.
Nice place!
Did you already order?
No, not yet...
What sup?
What do you do in free time?
- Nothing.
Cook, I like cooking.
Nice. Give me a minute...
Why did you call me?
If you are busy with the phone...?
Dad told me to come...
If I call, you will come alone.
For interview...
Your dad is here?
What's up?
- Hey, sir, hi!
- Relax.
I had a board meeting downstairs.
I thought I would meet you...
Getting to know each other?
Did you order?
Order something. I'm starving.
Uncle, please tell me.
Look, I will get to the point.
I want someone to look after my
Do you have that kind of experience?
So I have been thinking...
Educational qualification is important.
I understand.
But I do not believe that it's everything.
Who knows, where the next
billionaire is gonna come from?
Very true, uncle.
But do you have that talent?
Once that is confirmed, marriage.
So, tell me a little bit
about your work experience.
Food Truck
Food truck?
It's low investment.
But with high returns.
For example, look at this restaurant...
It's almost empty...
High investment, pricey menu!
Lot of employees...
But for the food truck...
It's like a kitchen on wheels.
They call it the "street
food revolution".
Dad, please don't involve me in this.
- Tell me, pradeep.
I am prasanth, sir.
Me and my friend are going to
start a food truck business.
Oh, It didn't start yet.
I started, sir
means, almost...
We are going to start in two months.
It's done. We are doing it.
Good. great.
So, start it. Run it.
We will meet again.
Then let's sit and discuss marriage.
Right now, let's eat.
I am starving.
What do you guys wanna to eat?
Greek salad here is awesome.
You got to try it.
It will cost around 5 lakhs.
Otherwise nothing will happen.
The truck is big.
Wiring, painting. Lot of work.
Give 5 lakh. But I don't
have that budget. Reduce it.
See, ma'am.
You are annoying me for two hours.
Do you like this?
With this budget,
you won't find any fool to do it.
I got one. You can go.
I got the fool.
You can go.
Waste of my time.
I agree to deal.
Which deal?
You wanted us to work together.
Food trucks...
I am in... Let's start.
No deal.
I already employed two brilliant
Chefs and gave advance.
They look like mechanics.
Doesn't matter how they look.
They cook well.
I can cook. So?
You don't want to work hard.
But I will.
Give me a chance...
Why the sudden change?
Frankly speaking...
the situation is very bad...
My frank father-in-law kept a fitting...
I have to do some business.
You should have told frankly,
that you are not the working type.
I got the point.
Sorry, what do I do now?
Say sorry three times.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Is that good?
So, first up.
I need you to make over the truck.
- I?
- Why me?
- Get a mechanic.
- Costs a lot.
You do it.
Painting, installation.
I will do the registration and paper work.
You work in an air-conditioned room.
- Do it if you want to.
Or tell your uncle the truth.
I will do it.
Leave. I'll call you on a good day.
Bring your friends along.
Will help
OK, Madam.
Dropped my pen. Pick it up.
Ya, I got that.
- Chitra?
- I will call you back.
No need for introductions.
I already know you
Let's start working.
I am very punctual.
Come on time. Start the truck.
Prepare food on time.
You should be punctual. Success follows.
I don't get that feeling seeing you.
What feeling?
That you follow time.
Please Ra. Don't start now.
- You chill Ra.
In cinemas on time.
Never been late to a movie!
If a girl calls, we reach an hour early.
If shutter closes at 10, (wine shop!),
I will be there at 9.58.
Never bought alcohol at twice the price.
Before my dad wakes up,
I am out of the house.
When he sleeps, am back in house.
Time is kaushik. Kaushik is time.
I eat on time. Sleep on time. Shit on time.
Why did you leave them out?
Anyway, I want makeover in five days.
Instructions are in here.
Pay attention and work.
Money after I like your work.
If you don't like the work?
Pay the fine.
It's a trap, bro.
Very insulting.
Look at the truck.
- Total 35k.
- Thank you
Very funny. That's not for you.
Our first assignment.
My friend's uncle is an event manager.
He is helping us out.
For a big wedding ceremony.
That's the address.
So, are we doing the lunch?
Not a full contract. Only starters.
This is the menu.
Buy the required ingredients.
Use the rest for filling air and petrol.
If anything is left, take it.
Be there sharp at 10.
How much will be left?
As per my calculations, 2 thousand.
OK. Get up.
- Why?
- Get up!
Congratulations! To us
Sharp at 10 am!
If you hit left, 2 runs. For right, 1 run.
If you hit vishnu's mouth, 4 runs.
Just kidding.
If you see the girl from 402
and bowl fast, I will... Not count.
I won't be out on the first ball.
But if am out, counts as trials.
Nickelodeon, go right. Pogo, go left.
Hey, cartoon network. Go back.
Hey Disney, throw the ball.
What is this, bro?
- Let's start the game. game. game.
Jai Balayya.
Arey, shorty! Throw like a shorty.
Bro, give my bat.
Watch and learn.
I don't need to learn from you.
I know how to play, bro.
I will tell your mother that you are
smoking the cigarettes I threw away.
Don't do that, bro.
- Rey.
- What?
- Got the first job.
- So...?
Got some money.
Go, celebrate.
Come on, let's drink...
Bloody, drunkard fellow.
Bro, wait for me.
Come in the bus.
Bro, you will get cursed.
You will get kids.
I'll cook.
If someone asks who the chef
is, they should say Prashanth.
I'll cook.
But I am tense.
Why are you worried, bro?
You are drinking without shame.
Don't you know the reason?
Tomorrow is our first food truck order.
We should do it so well...
that chitra should pour the next peg.
So well.
Why are you worried?
Tell him Vishnu.
This time.
Chitra M. B. A...
MBA. So what?
Are we afraid of that?
Leave that.
If chitra goes to a wine
shop on Gandhi jayanthi,
what's written on the wine shop?
Dry day today!
Yes. What will she do?
Saying according to the
constitution of India,
she goes back and sleeps.
We? What do we do?
We go to Seenu's shop...
knock the shutter 3 times...
he will come out and give
us beer for double rate.
We will eat, drink.
Have paan (dessert) and go home.
That's us.
We are achievers, buddy
We can do whatever we want...
Why are you doing this?
You are underestimating chitra a lot.
If we mess up something tomorrow,
we are screwed.
Chitra is not a tension.
Your father-in-law is a big tension,
I don't understand...
Doesn't matter what
He says - 'Frankly speaking, Pradeep'
Spoke exactly!
- Bro, spoke exactly like him.
make some money somehow...
and have to convince my father-in-law.
I will tell chitra something - "I
don't want you and your torture,
your food truck." I will escape.
Will marry richa.
After marriage...
What will you do then?
I do not know, ra.
I get the money.
Father will get a peace of mind.
So that's enough.
I remember a poem.
Why do you have to ruin a good trip, bro?
Hey, you tell me.
I will listen.
Don't encourage him, bro!
Divorcing his own happiness,
for someone else happiness,
licks someone's boots.
That's prashanth!
Now, is that enough?
Say it again.
This is not a coincidence,
it's a miracle!
on the way. coming.
Will be there in 15 minutes.
You cut the call, I am coming.
How much did we drink yesterday?
Hey, get up.
Kaushik is responsible for this.
He forced us to drink.
What are you saying?
Are you babies drinking milk?
Drink all the night and blame me.
How much was the bill?
How much?
12,000 rupees.
Who paid the bill?
Didn't you say you wanted to pay?
You paid everything she gave.
Now, what do I do?
What is this?
That money is for the groceries.
What do I cook now?
Hangover is killing me.
Is it urgent?
If it's urgent,
I have 3k for room rent.
Give me.
- Why are you smiing?
Saley, you first take the money out.
Take it. Take it.
What do I do with this?
Buy salt and pepper?
What is the problem again now?
Throw it on his face.
I know a guy.
Say my name, and order it.
You get discounts.
Don't you have any shame?
Are you still talking about food?
Shut up, listen to what I say.
Put that food in the truck,
heat and then serve.
Will save effort and time.
Don't know how to think!
Where are you from?
Give me my cigarette.
Get ready.
You guys also leave.
You go, brother. Suffer your fate.
I have hangover.
- Bro, I have work. Please...
Hey, where is the cigarette?
Brother, parcel the items in the list.
For 50 people.
It will cost around 30,000 rupees.
I am Kaushik's friend, brother
Which Kaushik?
Tall guy. from maredpally...
He said you'll get the discount.
He owes us 1500 rupees.
Should I add it to the bill?
Your friend na?
- Kaushik
No, I can't remember. You parcel.
I will try to remember.
Pack this.
Where the hell are you?
Are you coming or not?
I'm coming.
- In 15 minutes I'll come.
You are saying 15 minutes
for the last 2 hours.
Where are you?
Or order... What's the order?
You got drunk in the morning?
No, Chitra, wait, I'm coming.
Brother, everything packed.
G brother, the wallet is inside...
I am bringing it... 2 minutes...
Hey, go and clean the finished
tables at the corner.
- Do not run... please
- Hey, did you get the money?
Money, you dumb guy?
Once the job is done,
I will give him the money, promise.
Please turn on...
Brother, short on money.
I will give by evening.
Promise... Hey, money...
Hello sir, How's the food?
It's good right.
Please enjoy.
Hi Chitra.
What's going on?
Sorry, Uncle.
I am never trusting you again.
Uncle, he will be here in 15 minutes.
15 minutes?
You've been saying it for the last 2 hours.
Do you know one thing?
Bride's father is a Psycho.
Uncle, the truck came.
- Don't you have any shame?
- OK.
I hope the drinks are not yet started.
I have only prepared food.
Move fast.
Just need to heat.
Hello, ma'am.
Hello sir, good afternoon
Both of you are made for to each other.
Today we have made a special starter.
Tell me how it is...
Does it taste good?
This is our hotel, right?
Food in your hotel is delicious.
So we made in those flavours.
If we wanted our food,
we would have ordered from there.
Why you? We wanted something special.
Daddy, taste this.
This is our hotel food.
No, that's not it, sir.
Maybe a similar taste...
- Shut up!!
Don't I know my hotel food?
I have 15 years of experience...
Why are you teaching me?
Observing from the morning!
No food at the right time.
Fooling around?
Hey John,
Did you get a big order?
I already told you. I can't work
with people with no sense of time.
All right, ma'am.
We're safe now?
Food is moving at the right time now.
If food is not good,
they will kill.
Bride's father is a big restaurant owner.
Which restaurant?
Which restaurant?
ABC, why?
Peace, what are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Let's go...
What are you doing?
- Let's go...
Are you crazy?
They haven't paid yet.
- We have more things to worry.
Get in.
How can you be so irresponsible?
Have you spent 31,500 rupees?
Hello, only 30,000.
Rest is Koushik's loan.
Oh, I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
Bad... Chitra bad decision!
Take this. Drink water.
Do not eat
Stop the truck.
Stop the truck.
- Stop the truck.
- OK...
Why are you shouting?
What is wrong with this door?
You cannot leave me, Chitra.
The door always jams
when you want to leave.
Chitra, relax! Where do want to go?
Get down.
Chitra, what is the problem?
- Get down
I can't do this anymore.
You showed me the stars in the first job.
I am sorry. It's my mistake.
Don't you dare speak?
There is water here.
The body grew but the mind
is still in the fifth class.
Chitra, please speak with respect.
We met unexpectedly.
You followed me for you plan.
Should I slap myself with my slipper?
If you don't like it, leave it.
I will do some other
business to set my marriage.
Put one crore dowry in FD?
Is that so?
There is nothing bad about it.
Give me the key.
Inside the truck.
Chitra, this won't happen again.
Did you drink with that money?
You are right...
You can't do anything.
You are good for nothing.
Doesn't matter who you marry.
She will realize that in 2 days ...
and leave you...
Even your father wants to get rid of you.
By sending you away to a rich family home
You still don't get it.
I thought about doing business with you!
I'm leaving.
Your last job!
Fill the gas and park in the office.
Booze with the rest of money.
How can you go?
Chitra, wait until I book an Uber.
I can take care of myself.
Please, Just for a bit.
News channel for two minutes!
Hey Rao,
What a surprise!
- How are you?
- Fine, sir.
How are you doing?
Am I troubling you?
- Definitely no.
Please come inside.
Hey Seeta...
My old colleague
- I know him.
N rao, nervous rao... sit...
Open the door.
Bro, we have no respect here.
Hey, let me go...
- Let him go.
Hi Uncle.
Did you come to the wrong address again?
Street number 7
Street number 8
After this, we won't come again.
Is Chitra there?
Kaushik, Vishnu!
Come on...
Do you take tea or coffee?
- Coffee...
Keys... Money...
What uncle?
Match making again!
No, just my friends.
Anyway you can leave.
Just a minute uncle.
Listen to me...
Sir, why are you rushing everything?
Going to college...
Pass the exams...
Then marry quickly...
After that, give birth to a baby...
Then have another kid...
After that, send them to college...
What is this uncle?
Is that life?
Be patient for a while, we'll get married.
We will get married on time.
Don't you father have any satisfaction?
That's the problem.
You have gold in the house.
Instead, you are wishing for a son.
It should have been a son.
A son like me!
Then you will understand.
You will go crazy.
Pray to God to return my girl.
If I had children,
I would be happy with a girl like chitra.
She is gold, Uncle.
Live comfortably with no tenson.
With ambani at home,
you are thinking of marrying her.
and send her away?
Such a waste!
See, Uncle.
Girls doesn't want to get married.
She wants to make money
and go to Australia.
But her father...
This man...
on his insistence, she prepares and comes.
Nothing more.
Thank you for destroying your valuable
time so far.
Please go now.
Leaving his happiness for
someone else happiness,
Only one person...
What, ma?
The wrong address girl came for you.
Yes, Chitra!
Brought something for you.
I will come in a minute.
What is that? Take more!
Tastes good.
from some TV show programs?
Like sub-continental or international...
- Maybe North Indian style of food.
Girl, it is very tasty...
Teach this food for ramulu.
We cannot eat his food.
How's it?
It is...
Prashanth's recipe, Uncle.
Your son has talent.
Today, cooking is turning
to be good prefession.
Even if we ignore that,
that's the only thing he likes.
They say - "Follow your heart".
If he puts his heart to it,
he will become a top Chef!
He will make you proud.
Prasanth and I are starting
a food truck business.
We will inaugurate soon.
You must all come.
We need your blessings, Uncle.
I'll leave now.
Prashanth, get up once.
If I am angry, I speak harshly.
Doesn't matter who trusts you or not.
I trust you.
You are my last hope.
That food truck is our baby.
How can we give up so soon?
We will put our heart this time.
Do you have any of those sweets you made?
- Dad.
I have to learn dad...
Learn fast.
Let us taste it.
Enough with your food, chitra!
Come on! My cooking is not bad.
Who will be the new cook for new
food truck? -Aren't you there?
I can't do it, bro.
- We were talking about you.
How is it going?
Looks like everything is good.
Good, Uncle.
Your father was talking about TV show.
It's really cool.
Yes, Uncle.
We got the returns in one month.
We are in profits, right now.
If you don't mind,
can I ask you something?
How much is your share in this business?
Uncle asks everything without
thinking and very frankly.
No problem, Uncle.
I own 50 percent.
I have an offer.
I want to buy your out.
Sell your share to me.
I've heard, you need 20 Lakh
for internship in Australia.
I have friends there.
I will take care of your
food, accomodation,
admission, flight charges. Everything!!!
Over that, 20 Lakh.
Prashanth is going to be
my girl's husband soon.
If I don't spend in his
business, then who will?
Think about it.
From the very first day I knew...
This guy has something special.
And you prooved it.
I need some time.
Take your time. No problem.
But let me know by day after tomorrow.
I have to announce at
the pre-welding ceremony.
Yes, Prashanth's engagement.
Didn't tell you?
But Uncle...
- It's gonna be a pre-engagement party.
followed by an engagement
party, the next day.
It's gonna be grand.
I will see you guys later.
Come on, we need to talk.
- I didn't know.
Stay with us for some time.
It's OK, Aunty.
Hey, drink tea.
Anything else?
I couldn't face you or talk to you, chitra.
I was under a lot of pressure.
You are right.
It was my mistake.
But I was thinking practically.
But the marriage ceremony broke.
I am ridiculed by everyone.
I missed you a lot, Chitra.
I have tried many times to call you.
But I didn't have that courage.
But, finally...
When I saw your interview on TV...
- Our Idea...
- My Idea.
It was my idea.
I was very happy to see your idea succeed.
I wanted to congratualte
you and also apologize.
Are you done?
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for travelling so far and apologizing.
This is not for breaking up.
for not doing it correctly
Why happened to the courage that you
proposed with, when you broke up?
Are you a man?
Come in, Dad
I'll drink it later. You can go, Dad.
You know... that Australian boy,
He had studied robotics or something like
He's got a good job in Melbourne.
He is coming tomorrow.
To meet you.
OK, Dad.
- I canceled the proposal.
I said, "No".
Look, if you marry...
The first person to feel bad...
is your father.
Due to pressure from relatives,
I asked you to marry.
Not because I will be happy if you leave.
I was affected by that boy's
words, that day.
I wanted a boy but...
Just a little hope...
But let me tell you.
You are more than a son to me.
I'm so proud of you.
And I completely believe in you.
You can marry when you like...
No problem.
Any time...
I will never force you.
Stop crying.
How was it?
Not good
Tomorrow is my first radio show.
And now I have cold.
I'm afraid of tomorrow.
Why are you so silent?
Is coffee not good?
It's very good.
What's the matter?
New radio jockey's job...
New bike.
Is this a treat from your side?
Your Food Truck Business Superhit...
You get a good offer.
And you're getting engaged.
She is meeting someone.
And I'll should give a party?
Anyway, are you ready for tomorrow's show.
You are crazy?
I am meeting someone tomorrow.
I can't come.
It's my first radio show!
that too on my best friend.
It's a very happy feeling.
But you act like you are as busy as a PM.
Well, you don't have
to come to the studio...
Give me 30 mins on phone. I will manage.
Why are we discussing so
much for half an hour?
Stop it. I will talk.
And you, sir?
One dark chocolate fantasy...
One chicken sandwich...
Bring them. I will do it.
You are seeing someone tomorrow.
You will refuse as usual, won't you?
The boy lives in Australia.
I won't say no this time.
What about Uncle's offer?
Not enough.
I want more for a 50% stake.
Will negotiate.
But mostly OK.
So you are leaving the truck?
It's just a truck.
He want's to sell the
truck and buy a bigger one.
What? Then this truck?
As an ambulance or taxi.
Selling it for scrap.
It's just a truck...
I met Vikram.
You didn't tell me a lot of stuff.
You didn't tell me about your engagement.
So, this is all about that.
I swear. Even I didn't know it.
He said sorry.
He is better than you.
You don't show any feelings.
Excuse me, are you comparing
me with him?
There is not much difference.
I have to go.
It was nice meeting you
and working with you.
Ya, same here.
Where is the madam?
Did you order or make it yourself.
Sorry, friend called.
Eat it.
Hey Pradip, you got to try this..
To speak frankly, his name is Prashanth.
No, Uncle.
Aren't you hungry?
May be sometime later.
What? Anything wrong?
You can frankly tell me.
No, nothing uncle...
I have some work for 15 minutes...
Is any room empty? I need to take a call.
For an interview.
Excellent, go upstairs.
I also heard about it.
I will tell Richa as well.
Pradeep, we are proud of you.
What do you do?
I'm fine, Uncle.
I mean't as a job.
I'm a photographer, Uncle.
I'm writing a book.
What is the title of the book?
"I will do what I want. Why do you care?"
"I will do what I want. Why do you care?"
Story of a youthful boy.
Did you arrange the wine?
Can you hear me, prashanth?
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can hear.
Wait a bit. I will add
chitra to the conference call.
- Chitra...
- Tell.
All cool?
Yes, I'm ready.
Why does your voice sound dull?
I am not well.
Give me 20 minutes, I will wrap it up.
Hey, don't overact. take your time.
Prashanth sir, are you?
Yes, I am here. Speak, sravanthi.
We start with...
5...4...3...2... 1
Hello Hyderabad.
You are listening to JOSH FM...
I am RJ Sravanti.
What is this Richa?
You are embarassing me in
front of all these people.
Someone broke up with you in college.
You are here crying over him.
I talked to him because he asked.
He has moved on.
Good for us.
Your horoscopes don't match anyway.
Are you crazy dad?
Will you marry me to someone
because our Zodiac signs match?
He is here for the money.
Because of zodiac sign,
you are forcing him on me.
I can't be happy for a day.
Sweetheart, he is an amazing guy.
His food truck business
is number one in the city.
He is a good fit for our family business.
I have thought it through.
I am going with my gut here.
Then make a business deal with him.
Not marry me off.
Excuse me
Please come in...
Am I disturbing you?
No... Girl is a bit emotional.
Why haven't you topped up your drink?
- I am fine.
Prashanth's program on radio.
- Yes, we're listening to that.
I'm coming.
There is no problem na, all right?
Not at all, the only problem is that
you haven't topped up your drink.
You go to the bar...
- You are speaking frankly, right?
After meeting unexpectedly for matchmaking,
starting a food truck business.
That's superhit now.
And your marriage is fixed now.
Not to eachother.
Yes. Separately.
I know.
Prashanth, are you?
Love marriage or arranged marriage.
No love stories.
Prashanth is shy.
So no love stories.
What are you saying?
Don't you know?
If prashanth wants to propose to a girl,
he needs permission from his father,
mother and grandma. Even his neighbors.
If they agree, he will propose.
Even for coughing, he needs permission.
Are you serious?
I can't believe it. What, prashanth?
She keeps talking like that...
No reply to that.
He requires our permission for the
reply, sravanthi.
Prashanth, you have my complete permission.
You can say whatever you want.
You will not be punished.
I'm afraid...
as chitra says.
Chitra is always correct.
Chitra is perfect.
Chitra is not afraid of anything.
Chitra is not afraid to
disappoint her father.
Chitra is not afraid of
her emotions getting hurt.
Chitra is not afraid of matchmaking.
Leaving her family...
she is not afraid to go to australia.
She is not afraid to open a new business.
She is not afraid to trust people.
I'm scared.
I am scared from my childhood.
I was afraid of darkness after powercut.
I am afraid of my father,
school, remarks after exams.
I used to run away scared.
I do not like responsibilities.
so I'm afraid of them.
Forget them.
Just until a few days back,
I was afraid of chitra.
But today I have to say something.
I'm still afraid.
But I'll say...
Thank you.
We met unexpectedly that day.
When I saw you, I thought I was lucky.
But after hearing her story,
I realized I am not good enough.
Chitra did MBA...
And I?
You can't do anything.
Anything at all.
I kept hearing those
things and joined some job.
Do you know?
It was she who told me.
Prashanth, do something in your life.
If you like to cook, cook.
Today they call that useless
person a successfull person
You are taking my interview on the radio...
Thank you, Chitra.
But still I am afraid of something.
If Chitra was not with me...
Then, I might become that
useless person again.
Prashanth, I thought you would joke.
But you left us with a confession.
Are you there?
What do you feel about Prashanth?
To be honest...
After seeing prashanth the first
time, I pitied him.
I thought he was not my type.
After spending time with prashanth,
making fun of each other...
I just lost myself.
I forgot about my past.
Some happiness that I haven't felt before.
He is a nice guy.
That day, the door got jammed.
The way we met...
I feel really blessed.
You have 5 minutes...
Then, prashanth will get engaged.
Chitra, you will meet
the guy from Australia.
After that, you will go in different paths.
You have only 5 minutes in your hand.
Do you want to say something to each other?
Tell her...
Tell her.
Chitra, I really want to say.
- Will you fill petrol in truck, daily?
I will do it.
Air in tires.
- I will check tires daily.
I will wake up, eat and work on time.
Time is prashanth. Prashanth is time.
I do not know what you will do...
But before I go down,
you should be infront of my house.
Come to the right address at least...