Penance Lane (2020) Movie Script

Trey, check upstairs.
Make sure we're alone.
Noah, you on lookout.
Holy shit.
Shooter, we made it.
Not bad, badass little bro.
Not bad for your first job,
but check it.
It ain't over till we get
through the border, you feel me?
Stash this cash
just in case we get company.
What was that noise?
I tripped. We're all clear.
I ditched the van.
Fuck, man!
The van's down by the junkyard.
It's about a quarter mile away.
Where the hell's Bobby?
Told him to stash the cash.
He'll be back in a minute.
What do you mean, stash it?
Where's the goddamn money?
You tell your brother
to unstash a fifth of that cash
right fucking now!
What happened?
W-We gotta get out of here.
Where's the money?!
They didn't get it.
What happened?
What are you talking about?
There's something down there.
- Where's the...
- Shut the fuck up!
I put it in a...
Bobby! Bobby!
What the fuck?
Trey, you okay?
No! No! No!
Come on. I'll finish fast.
I have to get to work.
You still got almost
three minutes.
My truck's too high
for anyone to see.
Had you just done it while I was
driving like I told you to,
we wouldn't be having
this problem now, would we?
You are absolutely unbelievable.
- Just fucking do it!
- No.
Do it!
You just made the biggest
mistake of your life!
Where I just came from,
any little gump in the yard
could've tuned you up.
You don't wanna go
a round with me, boy.
Deej, I need that
steak and eggs, table six,
five minutes ago!
What can I help you with?
You got a restroom?
Oh, my God, Sherry.
- What happened to your face?
- Mom...
Don't Mom me.
Tell me what happened.
I'm fine. Thanks to him.
Bathroom's around the corner.
Look, at least let me
get some ice to put on it.
Okay. Can you leave me alone?
You clean up nice.
- Here's your change.
- Oh, no. Keep the change.
Thank you.
You gonna be okay?
Would you like for us to stay?
Apparently, this gentleman
is a Good Samaritan, Remo.
I think we'll be okay.
Really nice what you did
out there. Thank you.
Lunch is on the house today.
I appreciate that, and I will
definitely take a rain check.
But I was wondering
if you could give me
a little more information
about this job here.
Oh, that's a big commitment,
that one.
I don't think
you want to tackle that.
Yeah, that place is a shithole.
Watch your language.
What? I'm sure he doesn't mind.
Just got out of prison.
Sorry. I heard you say
something about "the yard."
I did some time.
I got out yesterday.
Hey, you guys got any beer here?
Just have root beer.
Anything for grownups?
- That works.
- Great.
Can you get him a cup of coffee?
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
So you got family around here?
Nope. Just looking for work.
Can I use your phone?
I'll tell you what.
For what you did for Sherry,
how 'bout you at least
let me get you a piece of pie
to go with that coffee?
Then I can give Father John
a call for you,
put in a good word.
He's the owner of the place.
I appreciate that.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you.
What you gonna do
when you get out of here,
besides get laid?
Ain't like I got
a whole lot of options.
See, sometimes you gotta
throw the battle
to win the war.
You understand what I'm saying?
Hey, boy.
Now, you better have
a very good reason
for laying your hands
on my own son.
I'm just not keen on guys
who smack around young ladies.
Ask the girl inside
with the ice pack.
She'll give you all the details.
Have a good one.
Wait a minute.
My boy's blade.
That's a family heirloom.
I guess I'm gonna have
to start a family.
I thought you said
this was a nice neighborhood.
Hello. I'm guessing you're the
fella that's looking for a job.
- I didn't mean to interrupt.
- Nah, don't worry about them.
Couple of businessmen talking
about making an investment.
I'm John.
Crimson Matthews.
Crimson Matthews.
Crimson's a interesting name.
Jan at the diner called you
"Father John." You a priest?
Guilty. I am the shepherd
of this little town.
Jan at the diner also tells me
you were recently released
from the services of the state.
Is that gonna be a problem?
Nah. See, I figure it's
what's on the inside of a man
that counts anyway, right?
Why don't you
take a look inside,
see if you're up for the job.
What exactly you want done in
here, and how much you paying?
Well, assuming I hire you on,
pay is 400 bucks a week,
plus you get to stay here
rent free.
Here? Delightful.
I need you to clean
the old girl up a little bit.
I'm gonna hire
a professional crew to come in,
do the electrical,
the plumbing, the carpets,
things like that.
You get her nice and clean,
couple coats of paint,
that ought to do the job.
Give me a week
and a ton of bleach
and see if you like my work.
I promise you it can't get
any worse than it already is.
Hey, hey, hey!
She can hear you, you know.
- What a shithole.
- All right.
I'll give you a week.
Come on out. Musty in there.
All right,
here is $400 in advance
and 500 for supplies.
I warn you, there is electricity
but it's ornery,
just like the rest of
the old girl, so be careful.
You said supplies.
I'm on foot.
Oh, no problem.
Use my truck.
I do need a ride
into town though.
Is there a basement?
Someplace that I can
put the tools?
Well, not really.
There were
servants' quarters out back,
a bunch of tunnels
that led to the basement.
Once they started to cave in,
we filled in the whole business.
There's a door inside, but
it's been locked up permanent.
How recent did that happen?
About a decade. Why?
I appreciate the job.
I figure if you can give the old
girl a second chance at life,
I can do the same thing for you.
Thank you.
Absolutely. You drive.
Man, come on!
Can we just go home?
No way. I'm tired of Donnie
winning every year,
especially when he talks about
how many chicks he nails
over there.
Look at this place, Tommy.
Nobody lives here.
We'd like a moment of your time
to talk about God.
Yeah, that always works.
Can we just leave, man?
I hear something.
I'm gonna go check around back.
Is anybody there?
I heard you got the job.
I got a week
to prove myself anyway.
Thanks for putting in
a good word.
It's the least
I could do for ya.
So you're sticking around.
At least for dinner.
I was hoping for a sandwich
or something.
Hamburgers and coffee?
So what's with this Father John?
Priest? Slumlord?
Real estate baron?
I mean, there were two
pretty swanky investors up there
when I showed up earlier today.
He's the benefactor.
Basically, the glue
that holds this town together
since the mill closed down.
I got behind on my lease here
a couple years ago.
He loaned me money,
no questions asked.
Tell him about Ray.
That crazy guy?
What about him?
He owned the mill.
His wife Annie
was the prettiest gal in town.
Yeah. He lived in
the house you're fixing up
before I was born.
Yeah. When the mill closed,
Ray was ruined.
His wife Annie got real sick
about the time Father John
came to town.
If it hadn't been for him
paying their mortgage,
their hospital bills
till Annie died,
I don't know
what Ray would've done.
Doesn't look like he's paying
his bills anymore.
He just doesn't like
taking handouts from people,
and, well, he went downhill fast
once his wife died.
So this Father John,
has he had money
for quite a while?
No. He's always been generous.
No one really knows
where it came from.
Probably rich family, maybe.
we close tonight at eight,
but I'm not opposed
to a man buying me dinner.
I didn't think there was
another restaurant in this town.
Well, no, but...
I was thinking maybe we could
have steaks at my place.
"Steaks at my place."
No one says no to that!
Ray! No, Ray!
Ray, no! No, wha...
I'm so sorry.
Come on, Ray.
Just sit down.
No harm, no foul.
Maybe some other time.
Thanks for this.
See you around.
Three years we been cellmates.
Not once have you asked
why I'm here.
If you wanted me to know,
you would've told me.
Seein' this is our last game,
I figure it's time.
I got a big favor
to ask you, bro.
Well, good morning.
I'm glad to see
that you're still here.
We brought you breakfast.
Oh, hey, thanks.
I'm actually just on my way out.
I would've given you a call,
but I didn't have your number.
Gonna get a cell phone today.
That is one of my errands.
Well, my number's on the donuts.
- Where do you sleep?
- Upstairs.
He should stay with us.
You could sleep on our couch.
Yes. I can't imagine a person
wanting to stay
at a place like this.
It must be full of critters.
As a matter of fact,
I'm off to buy rodent killer
as we speak.
Oh. Well, the offer
still stands.
- Yup!
- Bye.
So how much extra cash
will it take
to get one
without the waiting period?
Look, Mister...
Crimson. It's Crimson.
I can't sell you a gun here,
not without observing
all the laws.
And wouldn't it violate
your parole anyway?
Fucking small towns.
You know where I can
find a Tracfone?
You got here fast.
When you call, I ride.
Besides, you big sumbitch,
I heard you just got out.
Awesome, man.
I was kinda thinking though
you would've come
straight into the city though.
I got some shit to take care of.
Don't take too long, man.
Some people are already starting
to wonder where you are.
I bet. You bring me something?
Yeah, I got something for ya.
And you don't want to
go to war without this.
And I had a feeling you were
gonna get kinda bloody, so...
I brought you two.
Make 'em bleed, my brotha.
But don't tell anybody
where you got that shit from.
You sure you're not gonna
need any help?
Nah. This one's for a friend.
But what's in it for you
this time?
All right, all right, I got it.
I'm outta here.
See you on the other side,
- How you doing, sweetheart?
- Fine.
Say, I talked
to my dunderhead boy.
He just feels terrible about
that little fight you all had.
Are you trying to tell me
that I deserve it?
Oh, no, no, why would I do that?
That'd be totally inappropriate.
I tell you though,
while I got your attention,
I would like to mention
that you, your mom,
you're cozying up
to this new guy in town,
and you know as well as I do,
he ain't gonna be
around for long.
Know what I mean?
No, what does that mean?
Well, it means I...
I done looked him up,
and he's done a lot of bad
things to a lot of bad people.
Now, that ain't so bad.
They're all bad. Who cares?
But some of the people,
they end up gone, missing, dead.
I'd just hate to see you be part
of that collateral damage,
your pretty little face,
you know?
I think I can make my own choice
about the company I keep.
You know, in this town we all
like to take care of our own.
Best you and your mom
remember that.
Got it.
Call the boy.
He's brokenhearted.
What the fuck?
Yeah, that's how it's done,
That's how it's done.
Where's Elijah?
He's not even here yet.
What the fuck do you think
you're doing?
Oh, this dick's got a gun.
Get that light out of my face
or... What's your name?
- Elijah.
- Elijah loses his teeth.
- Please just do what he says.
- Shut up!
Turn the light on.
So you were the little shits
here last night, too, huh?
You got ten seconds to get
the fuck out of my house.
Oh, your house? Who you think
you're talking to, huh, bitch?
You think you're fuckin' tough
with that gun, huh?
What is with all these
little shits in this town?
He speaking for all of you?
'Cause if he is,
I'm wasting you all
on principle alone.
No, no.
Joe's a fucking idiot.
He doesn't run shit
but his mouth.
- We're not even from here.
- We met this kid downtown.
- His name was...
- Tony!
He said that we should come
party here. We didn't know.
He didn't say anyone lived here.
That little shit. He sent you
here last night too, didn't he?
We weren't here last night.
I swear.
What's that?
Get out. Now!
Leave her alone.
It was a fucking bloody mess
in there, man.
Took out three of my guys
like it was nothing.
They got Bobby.
They got my little brother, man.
See, but I was lucky.
I ran like hell,
but I wasn't thinking straight.
Ran straight out of town,
right into a state trooper
with my picture
sitting on his passenger seat.
What'd you tell him?
I told him what any brother
would tell him.
I told him to fuck off.
Naw, man,
but I didn't want that cop
to go find that money
in that basement.
Money my brother died for.
So I told him
my guys turned on me,
took the cash...
headed straight for the border.
Sounds believable.
See, but that's where
you come in.
You been like a brother to me.
$3 million in that basement.
I want you to find it
before somebody else does.
And I want you to find
those motherfuckers
and then fuck 'em up real good,
you feel me?
You do that, half is yours.
That I can do.
Look whatever's in there
is for real.
But hear me on this.
Shit go bad,
I need you to bounce.
Look, man, sometimes...
you gotta sacrifice the queen
to win the war.
You drop that gun, boy.
And the backpack.
Officer, look...
That's Sheriff.
Fine. Sheriff.
Don't you forget where you are.
You're in my town.
Now here's what
I want you to do.
Just so we all know what's what.
Why don't you put your hands
on your head
and get down on your knees.
Little faster, I think.
On your knees.
That's good.
Now, I've been gettin' some
noise complaints around here.
You know anything
about that, boy?
I really wouldn't go in there
if I were you.
Oh. You make a mess in there?
You really had to be there.
I bet you're right.
- The eyes.
- Ray.
- Ray.
- The eyes.
The eyes are the windows
to the soul.
I don't need
my windows washed, Ray.
Don't let them steal
your windows.
Put your shirt back on, Ray.
Go home.
Go home!
Father John?
What the hell is that?
You're riling 'em up.
The freaks.
I'm gonna get us out of this.
We're gonna be okay.
Oh, man.
We're gonna be okay.
Please. Please.
No! No!
At first, I thought you were
a federal officer of some kind,
or maybe an undercover cop
come here to shut us down.
But, lucky for me,
you are nothing more
than a common criminal.
A criminal of low intelligence
and vainglorious pride.
A blight on all decent society.
I thought it's what's inside
that counts.
It is.
No. No!
Oh, we get all kinds in here,
Mr. Matthews.
children looking for places
to hold for their
sex and drugs parties.
It's just awful.
Bible salesmen.
Bible salesmen!
In fact, you're not
the first criminal we've had
bless our halls, my friend.
I seem to recall
several years ago,
an entire group of criminals
came here
and used these glorious walls
of hers
to hold up and hide the spoils
of their recent
robbery activity.
You found the money.
Yeah, we found the money.
That very night,
we found the money.
How else do you suppose
we were able to afford
the upgrade to
our beautiful new facility?
Facility for what?
Oh, you would be shocked
to find out
how many lucrative and wonderful
ways there are to make money
in this modern age, my friend.
Do you know that if you were to
harvest each salable component...
kidneys, liver, marrow, blood...
that every human body is worth
potentially nearly $45 million?
Hmm? Consider this:
A gram of bone marrow
is worth more than $20 thousand.
A kidney,
more than $200 thousand.
Now, admittedly,
it is a little tricky
creating a steady supply,
but with the help
of some of Chesterton's
more desperate residents,
we do manage to make it work.
You'd be amazed at how far
these people have gone
to save their town.
No! Please!
So I'm betting
you ain't really a preacher.
On the contrary, my friend.
Romans 12:1.
"I appeal to you, therefore,
brothers, by the mercies of God,
to present your bodies
as a living sacrifice,
holy and acceptable to God,
which is
your spiritual worship."
You see, I merely allow people
to give as God wishes.
And I make a whole
assload of money at it.
Help! No! Help!
What the hell's he doing to her?
Oh, I doubt he's doing anything
more than operating the cameras.
You see, my clientele for his
particular genre of filmmaking
is somewhat esoteric.
That's probably one or more
of his creations'
sexual appetites at play,
which brings me to you.
At first, I'd hoped that even
with your life of debauchery,
you would at least have taken
good enough care of yourself
to be worth a few thousand
dollars to me,
but when I heard of how you
fought off one of Danny's pets,
how could I possibly resist
adding you to the collection?
So close.
You have such great strength.
You may actually take longer
to break than the others,
but you will break.
Everyone breaks.
Fuck you.
Do you know the very best way
to begin breaking a man
is by taking away the very thing
that makes him one.
Oh! Oh.
Deuteronomy 23:1.
"No man having been emasculated
or has his male organs cut off
shall be allowed to enter
into the assembly of God."
You're gonna have to wait...
They got my little brother, man.
God, Bobby, no!
Come on, Bobby!
Ah, shit.
Come on, Bobby!
It's okay, kid.
It's me, it's me.
- It's okay, kid. It's me.
- Help.
We're out of here.
Let's go, come on.
We're out of here. Let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Go, go, go, go.
What the fuck is this?
Come on, let's go.
Go, go, go, go.
Really, Denny?
Really, Denny?
Get up. Get up!
- They are loose.
- Huh?
They... are...
This little hobby of yours
is making you very,
very careless, Denny.
Now pay close attention, okay?
Pay fucking attention!
I haven't taught you
everything I know about pain.
Now take care of the problem.
Take care of
the fucking problem!
Get upstairs. Get upstairs!
Come on, get going.
Don't look back. Get going.
We gotta get out of this tunnel.
Keep going.
Go upstairs. Go upstairs!
Find them up there.
You, come here, you.
You get over here.
Now, you find them.
And if you disfigure
one more body,
you are gonna be the one
praying for death.
They ain't gone.
Where are they?
Where are they?!
Now you listen to me!
I can go out there
anytime I want,
and I can put a bullet
in your little pup's head.
Don't you ever forget that.
Don't you ever forget that!
Damn it.
Keep moving,
Come on, let's go.
- Thank you.
- Okay, here's what's happening.
You stick to the woods,
you do not go on the road,
and you talk to no one,
you find your mom,
and you get your asses
out of this twisted shithole.
You understand me?
Okay, let's go.
Not us. You.
Look, all these assholes gotta
do is call the state police.
I just killed two people,
my best friend's brother.
Plus they're probably laying at
least six other murders on me
as we speak.
I gotta get the hell out of here
and be gone
for the rest of my life,
not to mention the fact
that my old cellmate
is gonna be one pissed-off
son of a bitch
when he finds out his $3 million
is gone with me.
Oh, fuck!
This is about money?
What email did you miss?
I'm not a good guy, kid.
The money's gone.
I'm fucked.
I got no reason for being here.
So have a nice...
Look, just find your mom
and get out of here.
You can't just leave me here!
Mom, we have to get out of here.
Denny and Father John, Mom...
I'm so sorry, baby.
All you had to do
was mind your own business.
About what?
Mommy here should've taught you.
You never look a gift horse
in the mouth.
Who the hell you think
pays for all this?
What are you talking about?
You little shit,
you know how this town works.
Time to go.
Mom. Mom!
- Please! No!
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Feel all better
in no time at all.
- Hey, boys.
- Jesus!
Who the fuck are you?
Who are you?
The preacher and the cop.
Real names, phone numbers,
friends and family.
I don't know what
you're talking about, dude.
I don't think you understand.
I've got this whole thing
about revenge.
Fuck you.
They don't heal real well.
Anything coming back to you yet?
Okay, okay. They're in charge
of the inventory.
How long?
Christ, I don't know.
A decade, maybe more.
Hey, look, I'll make you a deal.
I'll cut you in, dude.
Look, we're on the way
to a pickup right now.
Check my phone.
It's in my pocket.
What am I looking for?
Look for one from earlier today.
From Abraham Issacs.
That's your buddy John's
business pseudonym.
- Aw, Sherry.
- Yeah.
She could be worth a lot
of money to a guy like you.
Hey, your cut
of four million. Yeah!
- Four million?
- Yeah.
- Four million?
- Yeah. Four...
Damn it.
Please. Please, no.
Sherry, Sherry, Sherry!
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
My child.
You are about to embark down
a road of such great purpose
that even if you
were to be granted
several more years of life...
ten, fifteen, twenty...
there is no way in hell that
you could possibly accomplish
what you are going to accomplish
in this one single day,
in this room.
Fuck you.
You know, that is exactly
what I thought you would say.
I was prepared for it.
I can read you like a book.
You know, I happened
to stumble upon
a rather interesting anesthetic
I think you may find
Would you like to know about it?
Sure you would.
Now, I could go into
a rather long,
potentially boring
technical description
of exactly what it does,
but suffice it to say,
what it does best
is it induces paralysis.
Paralysis means you can't move.
Not a muscle.
But sadly, what it does not do
is it does not block
any of the pain responders,
nor does it render the patient
Makes it so the patient, you,
is wide awake,
fully aware,
able to enjoy
each and every moment
of each and every procedure,
or, as in your case...
You know, Sherry,
you have been to me
one glorious pain in my ass.
And those beautiful eyes
have seen way too much.
So I think it's only fair
that we start
with those beautiful eyes.
Timothy 15:13.
"There is no greater love
than any man or woman
who is willing to give her life
for her friends..."
I really hate assholes
that quote the Bible.
Come on, kid,
let's get out of here.
Tony, it's your father.
We got trouble at the house.
I want you to get on the phone,
and you get everyone over here.
Do you hear me?
Okay, I'll bring Greg.
You get everyone!
What about Denny?
Don't worry about Denny.
I'll take care of Denny.
You just get to the tunnel.
Come on, get out of here.
Go, get out of here.
Oh, jeez.
Where are you?
I know you're here,
little bitch.
I know you're here.
Here, piggy, piggy,
piggy, piggy!
Here, piggy, piggy, piggy!
Anybody home?
You locked the door.
That's too bad.
I'm just gonna have to go home.
Or maybe I'll knock a little
harder, you little bitch!
I know you're around here
Okay, Dad, we're all here
and no one's getting out.
You hear that?
You know who that is.
That's my boy Tony
and Greg Hoffer
and probably your mama sealing
this house up good and tight.
Now you gotta ask yourself
a question:
If you get by me,
how are you ever
gonna get by them?
Goddamn it.
- Denny!
- What'd I tell you?
You weren't going nowhere.
John, you all right?
I'm having trouble breathing.
I think one of my...
I think I might have
punctured a lung.
Give me the knife.
You don't wanna hurt yourself.
Oh, boy, oh, boy,
this is bad, I tell you.
I'm thinking we maybe need to
dissolve our relationship.
I mean, you gotta think,
who could that man have told?
Who could she have told?
I think we just gotta
cut our relationship.
We gotta pack up and move
somewhere else, but don't worry.
We have the resources.
Not we, John.
You feel that?
70/30, my ass.
Where do you think you're going?
- Let her go!
- Hey, hey!
Don't you fucking move!
I'll twist her pretty little
fucking head off!
Don't you fucking move.
Tony. Tony, it's your father.
- Yeah, Dad, go ahead.
- Change of plans.
You come in here, and you tear
this motherfucker to pieces.
My pleasure.
Everyone, stay back
and make sure no one gets out.
Billy, you're coming with me.
Get in there.
Fucking kill him!
Keep going!
Get down.
You had to do things
your own way.
Couldn't keep your mouth shut,
could you? Could you?
Well, it's time to change
our business model, that's all.
Just gotta change the way
we do business, right?
This way's done.
Come on, let's go.
Get up.
Get up! Go! Go!
God, that hurts!
Oh, my God.
What have I done?
Sherry dropped this in her car.
I already dialed it.
All you have to do
is press send.
Yes, I need to be
put through to the state police.
Come with me.
Don't you fuckin' move.
Fuck you.
Pure horror this morning
in the tiny southern community
of Chesterton.
State police discovered
the bodies of four people
and partial remains
of countless more
in what law enforcement
officials are calling
one of the most gruesome
organ-harvesting operations...
So I'm guessing that's it, huh?
I think I'll be okay.
I'll probably just...
Hey, it's better I don't know.
So where you gonna go?
It's better if I don't know.
Here. Take it.
How much is this?
I don't know. A lot.
I can't.
You earned it.
Spend it wisely.
Use it to get as far away
from here as you can.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now get out of here, kid.
You getting choked up?
I said get the hell
out of here, kid.
I'll see you again,
Crimson Matthews.
Don't count on it.
Inmate Shooter, you got mail.
This wouldn't be any
weapon of mass destruction
or contraband being introduced
to my penitentiary
now, would it?
Sure hope not.
I'd hate to see you lose
your good standing
with the national honor society
of convicted felons and inmates.
Enjoy your literature.