Penduko (2023) Movie Script

A new age of danger has arrived,
my brothers and sisters.
we must remain steadfast!
- That's right!
- That's right!
But first, we need to ensure
that there are no traitors
or spies within our ranks.
- Yes!
- Yes!
Now, if any of you
object to our goals,
you may raise your...
Help me! It hurts!
That particular brew helps
ancient priestesses
see the immediate future.
I'll just mix in these leaves
of samba-samba.
Crumple and squeeze them
to let the juices out.
Then stir it good like orange juice!
Hi, Kuya Pedro.
Why call him "kuya"?
We're older than him by a few centuries.
Annoying little elves.
Is this good?
Can I drink this now?
Savor every drop of it.
Getting those ingredients
from the woods was no easy feat.
Place your bets!
Place your bets here!
All bets in? Last call!
Here we go.
Here we go. No more bets?
Here we go.
Wait, wait.
We've got one winner. One.
Just one!
Place your bets!
Hurry up and place your bets.
Get those bets in.
Hurry up!
Okay, okay.
Did you guys win?
All right. Let's see who won.
He won again? All right!
Place your bets!
Place your bets!
Go ahead, one more!
Hey, hey!
What the...
Oh, man, we're screwed.
Hurry up, bro!
Drop the balls!
Calm down!
What's taking so long?
As if there'd be any other outcome.
That's a sure win!
Lady luck is with me right now!
Crazy luck you got back there!
When are you playing again?
I'll be there.
- Amazing!
- You kept it coming!
- I want in, too! Let's all meet back here!
- Me, too. I'll be here.
Let's play together!
You're so lucky!
Give me my cut.
You're so funny.
Funny man.
What cut?
If it weren't for me,
you'd be going home with coins.
- Give it up.
- For real?
Are you serious?
- My cut!
- What the hell.
That's too much!
- Bummer.
- You already won big.
You took the whole bag, now
you want a cut from our winnings.
I can't believe we rooted for you.
could you make an exception for me?
This just barely covers
the tuition fees of my...
There's got to be
something else you can offer.
I didn't...
I didn't mean that.
That's not what I meant at all.
What I meant was...
You pervert!
Take all of it!
This feels amazing.
What's this made of?
Rainwater that flows out
of Mt. Banahaw.
Sprinkled with lime
from a sacred cave in Catbalogan.
I can taste the banana bush.
You're highly gifted with your senses.
Too bad you're living
like a deadbeat loser.
Try the lemongrass-looking plant
to your left.
Beautiful girls will be dancing
before your eyes all night.
You're really throwing me
a party right now.
I didn't even give you that much.
If you really want
to make up for it,
how about handing us
that amulet on that shelf?
Hey, no!
We've been over this.
That one's mine.
You're not even using it.
Because I don't need it.
Then just let me have it!
Just because I don't need it
doesn't mean I'm giving it.
I can get a good price
from those black elves.
- I'll give you a cut.
- Whatever.
You guys go ahead.
I need to rest.
What if I throw in
some love potion and...
I said enough!
I want you to leave right now!
- You don't have to be so rude!
- Get out!
- Look what you did to my siblings!
- Leave!
- Can't treat us like this?
- Out!
Get out of here!
Take your money and go!
Those damn elves!
That was a new light bulb.
Get out! Get out!
That's what you want, right?
Get out of here!
- Is this where he lives?
- Yes. We're here.
You seemed suspiciously lucky at the bets.
If you weren't cheating,
then you must be hexed.
That's for sure.
What the hell are you talking about?
Are you saying
I'm demonic or something?
This is nothing.
My light bulb exploded.
That explains the candles.
It doesn't have anything
to do with the occult,
magic, or super powers!
The truth is,
I lost all my savings
when all of you won the colors.
I can't just sit back
while my children starve.
- Right, Bruno?
- That's right.
So, please. Give it back.
Cut the crap.
I know you come
from a wealthy family
and you're just using the color game
to exploit ordinary people at carnivals.
That's right!
Beat him up so he'll learn his place!
Not so tough now, are ya?
You really wanted to
do it the hard way, huh?
If you don't give me back my money,
we'll turn your face into mush!
You think you can take us on?
He might still need
a bit of a beating, boss.
Is this yours?
Hey, that's mine!
What are you doing?
Time to split!
- You're a monster!
- Want more?
- Monster! You're a monster!
- Want some more?
Out of my house!
Get out of my house.
But Ms. Marian, I just paid rent.
I hear you're doing all sorts
of voodoo stuff in your unit.
Pedro, if you're not
a godly sort of person,
that's too bad because I am.
You're being so unfair,
Ms. Marian. Come on!
You've got eight weeks.
I hate this life!
- I'm going in, man.
- Sure. I'll be right in.
Stupid game.
Hello, Pedro.
Good morning.
Who are you?
Wait a minute.
Weren't you at the carnival?
But you didn't place any bets.
You're very observant.
And you've got a sharp memory.
What's up?
Are you following me?
I know you're a gifted one.
Who are you?
I'm also a gifted one.
I know you have the sight.
You can see spirits and elementals.
And you know a bit about sorcery.
Which means,
you're capable of
performing healing magic.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What if I tell you there is
an underground company
that allows those of us with gifts
to profit off of it?
Only the gifted ones can read
what's written on there.
Stop denying it.
If you're interested, just scan
the QR code at the back of that card,
and you'll know where to find Midnight.
Hang on!
my phone's camera is broken.
Just use your gift.
Finally. You took forever.
But where's our service water?
That's the first thing you should serve.
Really sorry, sir. Give me a second.
- Waiter!
- Be right there, sir.
You'd better study hard, okay?
If you don't want to end up
like that stupid waiter.
Feeling better?
The pain is gone.
Thank you very much, Elder Tisot.
You're the only healer
who managed to make her feel better.
My pleasure.
Who's next?
I want to study in the city, Dad.
We can't afford that.
Well, if you charged
your patients money,
we wouldn't be living
a wretched life in this old shanty.
They come to us because
they can't afford to pay the doctors.
- But, Dad...
- This is our destiny, Pedro!
God has bestowed this gift upon us.
It's our duty to serve the community.
This destiny is yours!
Not mine!
- You sure about this?
- Why is it like this?
Maybe the quality is not good?
Get your goods here!
You found us.
You passed the test.
This is Midnight?
Looks pretty normal.
What did you expect? A palace?
Don't let the faade fool you.
And what's your job here?
Hi, Ms. Wendy. Is that Pedro Penduke?
This looks like a den
of illegal activities.
They're our bookers.
They assess all of the inquiries
that come in.
They determine whether or not
our clients are dealing
with the supernatural.
They're also in charge
of negotiating prices.
Are they gifted, too?
Their expertise lies
in spiritual diagnosis.
Confirmed case, ma'am.
Please settle the down payment
and we'll dispatch our agents
to your location shortly.
Paging Team Beetle.
Code Green. Case EP-295.
I repeat, Team Beetle.
Code Green. Case EP-295.
- Is this the "cursed in Ortigas" one?
- That's the one.
Hope there are no roaches.
That's Jude and Ivy
AKA Team Beetle.
Not only are they buddies,
they're also lovers.
New recruit?
Yes. This is Pedro.
Another competition.
I was kidding.
Jude and Ivy are
the highest-earning agents at Midnight.
We're paying off a couple
of sports cars so we need to hustle.
I hope you know
what you've got yourself into. Let's go.
Super cool.
All new recruits
have to undergo training.
Only once you've passed and graduated
will you be given a position.
Is this a class?
What subject?
Spirit studies.
There have been many cases
of a person dying
in their sleep for no apparent reason.
Sometimes, the doctors
are at a loss for explanations.
But if you have the Sight,
then you'll see a Nightmare sitting
on top of a person's chest as they sleep.
This is what a Nightmare looks like.
The Ilocanos call it Batibat.
They mostly target people
who cut down trees they live in.
There's a spirit behind you! There!
Thank you for your concern, child.
That is my guardian.
My spirit guide.
I'm sorry, Lady Esther.
- Let's go.
- New recruit?
Yes, ma'am.
He saw my guardian.
None of the students
from this batch have seen it.
I look forward to seeing you in my class.
An amulet can be made.
And yet, even so, be that as it may...
it stays dead unless imbued with potency.
For it to wield power,
a ritual must be performed.
If you do not know the correct ritual,
you may bring the amulet
to a powerful psychic.
They will enchant
and activate the amulet.
Looks like you have a new classmate.
Good evening, Sir Nimuel.
I'd like you to meet Pedro.
Good evening, Pedro.
In my class,
we learn about amulets, talismans,
totems, charms,
and other mysterious trinkets.
Much like the amulet in your bag.
Sorry, what?
This amulet's energy
is all over the place.
Where did you get it?
And why aren't you wearing it?
Just something from
the fish market. I'm sorry.
I'm interrupting your class.
Sorry, sir.
Witchcraft is the art of tapping
into your diwa or life force
to manipulate a person's body or soul.
I want you to understand
that it is not inherently evil.
There are two types of witchcraft.
Sorcery and Healing.
If you use witchcraft
to inflict pain on others,
that is called Sorcery.
But if you use witchcraft
to heal a patient,
that is Healing.
That is what we'll learn
in this class.
Inflicting harm on others is simple.
But healing, one could argue,
is superior and more challenging.
Can you discuss Extreme Sorcery?
Extreme Sorcery...
Rare are those gifted...
with Extreme Sorcery.
They are known simply
as Extreme Sorcerers.
One greeting,
one touch,
from them
and you may instantly...
That is not part of our lessons.
We shall be focusing on Healing.
I need two volunteers.
One sorcerer
and the other the bewitched.
Liway, you be the sorceress.
Bernie, you be the bewitched.
I'll be the healer.
Give me your handkerchief.
- Be gentle, okay?
- Yes.
There. As you can see.
Liway is now hexing Bernie.
The healer's mission
is to heal the patient.
Now I have to confront and battle
Liway's soul which is currently
sowing terror inside Bernie's body.
You can employ a number of ways
to enter a patient's body.
You can use plants or you can use water.
As for me, I use a special oil.
It is done.
The patient is healed.
How are you feeling, dear?
Feels like a weight has been lifted.
Could you please share
your experience with the class?
Well, I found myself in...
a different world.
Another dimension.
The world Liway describes
is the manifestation of Bernie's soul.
And then?
Lady Aurora suddenly appeared,
we dueled with each other.
We were fighting physically
but mixed with...
It was like a dream.
Lady Aurora could jump really high.
And I suddenly had a weapon.
And that was it.
I lost the duel.
If the other world that Liway mentioned
is the manifestation of Bernie's soul,
the battle I had with Liway
is the manifestation
of the clash between
a healer and a sorcerer.
Ma'am, let me do it.
I want to try.
Do you have experience with healing?
None, but...
I've watched a faith healer.
What makes you think
that you'd be any good at this?
I'm a capable fighter.
Just because you can fight well
in the physical world
does not mean you stand a chance
in the realm of spirits.
Please. Just let me try.
Hex me.
What are you waiting for?
I can tell you have
no experience whatsoever.
Do you know why you lost, huh?
Because your goals are twisted.
Instead of healing the patient,
you're more interested
in winning the fight.
How can you dream of healing anyone
if you don't care about other people?
Don't you know that
that's the foremost weapon of a healer?
Only a few months left
before the culmination of this batch.
So if you want to make it,
you have to catch up with the lessons.
Are you okay?
What kind of question is that?
I feel great!
This is totally sick!
It may sound cheesy,
this is where I belong.
At last!
I can finally put my gifts to good use.
Let's make money out of it.
Sir Blanco. Good evening.
Gone are the days when the gifted ones
end up rotting in the countryside.
We want to be of help to the community.
But why shouldn't we
get something in return?
Because we also have material needs.
This is Sir Blanco.
The founder of Midnight.
I'm Pedro, sir.
Are you training diligently?
He'll start tomorrow.
Do your best, then.
The agents of Midnight...
they're quick to rise and become rich
with the right skills
and grit.
Heal the patient!
Instead of winning against the sorcerer!
That's what I did!
There are four groups of aghoy,
also known in the common tongue as...
What are they?
White, black, red, green.
The white and black are enemies.
The green are playful and cheery.
And the red?
They like to trade and collect treasures.
You're always losing.
Why not be a booker instead?
Or a recruiter?
That way, you don't have to fight.
Right, Pedro?
The goal is to heal the patient.
Not to win the battle.
But don't get cocky.
Amazing, isn't it?
Nevertheless, nonetheless,
The power of this charm of protection
only lasts for five minutes.
To extend its efficacy,
who can consecrate it?
A water fairy!
The loser healer.
Let me show you something.
Red candle!
Well done, Pedro.
You healed Liway.
And you, Saki?
Don't you understand
the meaning of "gentle"?
To my office. Now!
That was some fight, bro.
You only won because we're not allowed
to do real battle here.
This place restrains
the full extent of our powers.
Good job!
Of course!
You're the patient.
And so what?
I did something right!
Feels good to heal!
- High five.
- High five.
- Right!
- High five.
Nice one, bro!
There are 24 of you, trainees.
Three would like to be bookers.
Five of you, recruiters.
And six of you,
There could have been ten Midnight agents.
one of you...
did not make it.
Who do you think it is?
- Saki?
- Lady Aurora, the floor is yours.
And now, I will announce the names
of the new teams of agents.
And who will be buddies in each team.
Let's begin with Team Sun Skink.
Gretchen Diaz,
- Rizza Quintana.
- Rizza!
Team Firefly.
Walter Ang. Resty Sigua.
- Nice dude!
- Nice!
Up next, Team Owl.
Jaime Vidal. Odette Calilung.
Of course.
Last but not the least,
Team Cloud Rat.
Liway Basa. Pedro Penduko.
Team what?
- "Rat!" Cloud Rat.
- And these are the four new teams...
- That's a stupid name. Cloud Rat.
- ...of Midnight agents.
At least we're buddies.
Let's go.
- Oh, yeah! We're buddies! Yes!
- Congratulations!
Liway. Pedro.
- Let's go.
- Please proceed to the front.
And now...
Bernie Cabuhat.
You received the lowest grade
for this batch.
Instead of failing you,
we have decided
to make you a reserve agent.
Being a reserve agent means that
if an agent is not available,
you will fill in for them.
On behalf of our leader, Sir Blanco,
and of my fellow teachers here
at Midnight,
congratulations to all of you.
May you find your purpose in this world
through Midnight.
Congrats to us!
I don't even have a team nor a buddy.
Hey! That doesn't mean
you can't have friends here.
He's right.
Let's go! Come on!
- Come, come.
- Come on.
A young man in Quezon City
seems to be experiencing
extreme body heat.
Our booker has confirmed
he's being bewitched.
Our first job!
Paging Team Cloud Rat.
Code green. Case IS-103.
I repeat. Team Cloud Rat.
Code green. Case IS-103.
Take it easy, son.
My son.
My boy.
Ma'am, they're here.
What could they possibly do to help?
We've been to see so many doctors, hon.
Leave it to us.
Who will do the healing?
Aren't we doing it together?
Remember why we have a buddy system?
One will guard and help
whoever goes into the patient's body.
Well, should I go?
Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors!
I need clean water.
One's an assistant, remember?
Hey! Freak!
Don't get in my way, healer!
It's my job to get in your way.
Why are you helping that child, huh?
Don't you know that he burned down
the tree where my spirit guides live?
He deserves to be punished!
on the belly!
- All good?
- My son?
- My son! Are you okay?
- Yes, Mom.
How are you feeling?
Thank goodness.
I'm feeling better, Mom.
Thank God.
Congratulations to us!
Pass it on!
Congrats on your new home, Pedro.
- It's beautiful.
- Of course!
Fruits of being an agent!
Team Cloud Rat is on a roll.
Twelve cases in a month!
Guys, please. Come on.
This would never have happened
if not for the person
who recruited me to Midnight.
None other than...
Miss Wendy!
- Yay.
- And of course,
I wouldn't go far in this business
if not for my incredibly smart,
extremely sexy buddy
in Team Cloud Rat...
Wait, wait!
I have something to say.
Pedro and Liway look great together.
Flying solo?
Are you happy?
I'm no longer scum of the earth.
Scum? That's a bit extreme.
I feel like...
I can finally do the things
I only dreamed of doing.
Like what?
Go on dates.
You're asking me out?
Tomorrow night.
You need to like someone
before you ask them out on a date.
Or be interested in them, at least.
I like you.
Do you like me?
I guess we'll find out after the date
if I like you or not.
But for now?
I'm interested.
Well, Saki?
Was it the same person?
You were right.
He's being protected by a powerful healer.
But his face is covered.
You need to train harder.
I can do it.
If you let me take a life.
At least one!
So I can become more powerful.
Do you know the consequence
of taking a life using witchcraft?
A terrible curse will fall upon you.
You'd never ever wish to bear that curse
for as long as you live.
You again? Haven't you
learned your lesson?
You think we'll let you off that easily?
I guess you're no match for a Taser!
See this?
We bought this
from a faith healer in Tarlac.
Try hexing us now!
This is for not giving me
back my money!
That's mine...
Someone's loaded!
You bastard! I worked hard for that!
Give it back!
What a loser!
This is useless!
What are you doing?
Getting revenge!
You might kill him!
I don't care!
Give me that!
Let go.
You'll kill him!
Give me that!
You're a demon!
Demon! You're a demon!
Did you know, that samba-samba
can be used to see into the past?
The last 17 hours
to be exact.
It only needs...
a special ingredient.
So it is true.
You almost took a life.
That is not a quality
fit for a Midnight agent.
Even when you were a student,
your propensity for violence was apparent.
Caring for others is not in your nature.
But I healed so many people, too!
You judge me as if I never did any good!
All right, then.
Answer this one question.
From the bottom of your heart...
do you regret what you did?
I don't want to go back
to washing dishes.
If I work there,
I won't earn enough.
How am I supposed to pay
for this damn house!
Nightfall can help you.
Ghost! Who are you?
Other than the fact
that you are better at hexing,
you have a strong sense of justice.
That's exactly the kind of person
we need in Nightfall.
Just like Saki.
You all thought I dropped out
of Midnight, didn't you?
They took me to Nightfall, Pedro.
To become a vigilante.
Those who punish evil-doers in society
with the use of hexes.
It's good money, too.
You'll earn a lot more
than a Midnight agent.
You said,
that they placed you in Nightfall
instead of Midnight?
By whom?
By Sir Blanco.
He personally picks out
which agents from Midnight
are more suited to Nightfall.
And by recommendation of Lady Aurora.
You mean Midnight
and Nightfall are connected?
Both are owned by Sir Blanco.
Super cool!
Pedro Penduko.
We meet again.
Are you ready to use your abilities
to take down the evil-doers of society?
Do you have a uniform for vigilantes?
Gaston Sacramento,
also known as "Comrade Gaston."
Village leader of Calamundin Village.
He founded a cult.
Brainwashed the residents
using indoctrination,
claiming he is the messenger of God.
Strong. Blessed.
Seems impervious to attacks.
The residents wish to leave
to find a better life.
But Gaston is strongly preventing them
with the help of his zealous followers.
They are harassed. Intimidated.
And worst of all,
they are being assaulted.
Then he's a scoundrel.
At 1:00 p.m. on Saturday,
there will be an induction ceremony
for new members.
Your mission is
to show the attendees,
especially the new members,
that Gaston is weak and sickly.
Destroy the image he planted
in the minds of his followers.
What's the game plan?
Gaston's hair.
Pedro, you will be
the one to hex him.
The other night,
you showed that your spirit
can overpower protective charms.
I think you can find a way
to beat Gaston's charm of protection.
Heads up.
There's a powerful healer
defending Gaston, blocking all hexes.
So prepare yourself in this encounter.
He's no match for me.
Let's see if you're still that cocky
after you fight him.
Traumatized, Saki?
Is he really that strong?
You're better than me, aren't you?
Good luck.
For all of you.
What you're holding
are several possessions
of the residents of
Calamundin Village.
Your mission, QJ, Wayne, and Saki,
is to wreak havoc on the attendees
while Pedro hexes Gaston.
How did you get those?
Commissioned a red elf.
Speaking of elves,
we have one spying for us on site.
He will tell us
what is happening there in real time.
It's starting.
The guests are here, too.
You can begin the hexing.
My fellow believers.
Thank you for attending this gathering.
It truly is glorious
for we have found the people
who can help us with our advocacy!
Nothing's happening.
Did you start yet?
It's working.
There it is again!
Elder Tisot, it sounds like
Gaston's being hexed again!
Did he forget to wear his amulet?
I told him to wear it earlier.
Bring him to me.
They're taking him outside to be healed.
Get ready, Pedro.
They're taking him to the healer.
Bring it on!
Lay him here and hold him.
It hurts!
Serafin, cover my face.
It hasn't even been a minute
and you're getting your ass kicked!
We're not done yet!
Dad, what are you...
Why are you hexing this man?
What about you, Dad?
Why are you protecting this Judas?
Gaston is defending
the people of his village
against the corporation
seizing their land!
Dad, they told me
- that he's a cult leader.
- And you just believed them!
You made no effort to check the facts!
The residents of Calamundin Village
organized this meeting
under the leadership of Gaston
to bring to the attention of the media
the oppression they are experiencing.
Despite their long struggle,
this is the first time
the media took notice.
And it's all botched because of you.
Is that the destiny
you hold so proudly, Pedro?
Stoking the fires of oppression?
Did you win?
There's no cult!
Gaston never founded a cult!
He's only defending
the people of Calamundin Village!
We know.
You lied to me?
Only because we thought
you could defeat that healer.
But you couldn't.
What are you planning to do?
We plan to establish
an exclusive place
for elite sorcerers.
Like you and Saki.
You can live your life
and accumulate wealth
using your powers.
What a good plan, isn't it?
But it won't happen
if the people of Calamundin Village
continue to be stubborn
with Gaston as their leader.
We tried to pay them off.
We offered them new homes in the city.
But they refused.
So now you're using intimidation!
It's better than killing them.
We don't want to reach that point.
How nice of you!
You're so kind!
But why Calamundin Village?
Why don't you just look for vacant land
so you won't have to displace anyone?
Calamundin Village is believed
by our ancestors to be special.
Abundant in life force,
anyone who's gifted
can feel the surge of energy.
That's the same reason why the healer
helping Gaston is so powerful.
We need to settle there
so Nightfall's business operations
proceed at optimum capacity.
What business?
It is difficult to prove sorcery still
exists in this modern society, Pedro.
But if there is an individual or group
who has a great desire...
to weaken,
inflict pain...
or cause suffering to another person
with no trace of evidence,
then they would need
the services of a sorcerer.
The best part about this plan,
we would be serving big-time clients.
Anything goes.
As long as
they pay the price.
Be it foundations or terrorists...
Doesn't matter. We'll make money.
Lots of money.
That is where
real power comes from after all.
Don't you agree?
That's not what you said
Nightfall was about.
You told me that we would punish
the evil-doers of society!
Let's not kid ourselves, Pedro.
You came here because
you wanted to get rich.
If not for the money...
You want to prove
that you have relevance in this world.
So rest well.
And save your strength.
We attack again tomorrow.
- Where's Elder Tisot?
- I've been waiting too.
My apologies.
Elder Tisot is not here today.
But don't worry,
I will take care of you.
Are you sure?
Aren't you Elder Tisot's apprentice?
I'll do everything based on
what I've learned from Elder Tisot.
I will help him.
I assure you, you will all be healed.
Who wants to go first?
Why? Who are you?
Pedro Penduko.
Son of Elder Tisot.
Are you my dad's new son?
I'm his apprentice...
But I'm an orphan
so he's like a dad to me.
He had me replaced.
He passed on my room to you.
He told me...
that you despised your life here.
That you loathed him.
Why, Pedro?
Your dad is a great man.
He has helped countless people.
He's so helpful, he adopted me
and made me his apprentice.
So someone could carry on
his mission in case he passes on.
Is that really what you want to do?
Don't you have dreams of your own?
I was only a child
when my parents abandoned me.
But because of the path
Elder Tisot set me on...
I can feel that I have
a place in this world.
What about you, Pedro?
What path did you choose
when you left this place?
What if it's better for us if we accept
the money they're offering?
- He might be right.
- But how will we live?
This is the land we cultivate.
This is the land
that we inherited from our ancestors.
Aren't they offering a relocation site?
That's in the outskirts of the city.
It's too far.
And how will we grow our crops?
Grow trees?
The land is covered in cement there.
To tell you the truth, we're terrified.
We've had a series of misfortunes.
Yes, Gaston. This morning, I felt dizzy.
My wife even vomited
half a liter of bile.
And I had muscle pains.
I couldn't stand for almost an hour.
It's starting to seem like the spirits
are telling us to leave this place.
You're being hexed.
They could not break Gaston.
So they're targeting the residents.
Don't you see?
That's what they want to happen.
To scare you.
Until you give in!
That's easy for you to say.
Since you're protected by Elder Tisot!
What about us?
- Yes!
- Right! What about us?
Is that from Elder Tisot, Pedro?
Why don't you wear it?
I can protect myself.
You should've given it
to someone else who'll use it.
Go to Calamundin Village.
Heal everyone that's being hexed.
Why? What happened?
They're not only targeting Gaston.
They're also targeting ordinary people.
- Oh, no!
- I need you to guard them.
I will create amulets
so everyone can be protected.
Okay, I'll go get my bag.
I am going to the woods.
I'll collect materials for the amulets.
I want to help.
Everyone thought they simply wanted
to seize Calamundin Village
but it turns out they're planning
to build a subdivision in it.
Yes, Dad. It's Sir Blanco.
He's secretly building an international
agency for sorcerers on call on the site.
Why are you telling me this now?
Of course, Dad.
I don't want to be a part of his plan.
Like I said,
- I want to help, Dad.
- But why?
You will gain nothing from helping us.
Isn't that why you ran away?
Dad, that doesn't mean
I'm okay with hurting innocent people.
Especially good people, Dad!
You should never use your gift
to attack anyone!
Even if they're evil, Dad?
That is not the duty of a healer!
Our duty...
is to heal and save those with ailments.
Especially victims of sorcery.
Who are you really, Pedro?
Healer or sorcerer?
Who are you?
What do you need from me?
We're not done, Pedro.
You again?
What more do you want?
You took all my money!
Yeah, boss. What's the reason again?
Because he hexed me!
- Yeah.
- He made fun of me!
That's why he'll pay the price.
I agree!
Now try hexing us!
Let's see if it'll work.
We have plenty! See?
My dad said...
I shouldn't use my gift to hurt people.
So I'll just use my bare hands
to bring you down.
Take him down!
You truly are a demon!
You demon!
You're a demon!
Tomorrow. Okay? The Banaba roots.
Yeah. I know a place.
Do you remember the...
I need your help.
With what?
It's a long story.
We're past the timetable.
I promise.
We shall seize Calamundin Village.
To be honest, Blanco.
We're losing interest
in investing in Nightfall.
We've spoken to several potential clients
from different parts of the world.
But we've nothing to show
when they ask for updates.
The residents of Calamundin Village
are about to give in.
Give me more time.
The red elf said,
amulets will be made
for each resident of the Village.
We won't be able to hex them.
Pedro has chosen to side with them.
What's our next step?
We need to get rid of Gaston.
Along with that healer protecting him.
The traditional way!
If you do that,
you'll be attracting more attention
to Calamundin Village.
Politicians, police officers...
Concerned citizens.
It will be more difficult
for us to take their land.
What's happening?
Don't just come here willy-nilly!
Get out!
Did you know
that I...
am also gifted?
But I have neither the power to heal,
nor hex.
Do you know why?
Apparently, I come from a clan,
who can only do one thing.
Extreme sorcery.
You're an Extreme Sorcerer?
An Extreme Sorcerer
who has lost all patience!
Sir Blanco? No.
- Calm down.
- What can an Extreme Sorcerer do?
Aren't they those who can kill
with a touch or a wave of the hand?
Let me show you.
You took a life.
The curse!
What have you done, Sir Blanco?
How can you live your life
with a constant thirst for killing?
Sir Blanco, don't...
Sir Blanco, please!
Dad! My friends are here to help.
Good evening, sir.
What can you do to help?
If we all work together,
we can make enough
amulets for the people.
We can make more than a hundred
by tomorrow morning.
Have a seat. I will teach you.
Let's go, Team Cloud Rat!
They're here!
Oh, thank you!
- Bernie here is...
- What now?
Dig in.
Elder Tisot, you have a handsome son.
He could be an actor.
There we go!
Gaston sure knows how to flatter.
He's the one who hexed
you gravely the other day.
I'm sorry.
- I didn't know...
- But he's changed.
So don't worry.
Then it's all in the past.
It's okay to make mistakes.
As long as you make up for it.
- Come on, dig in.
- Okay.
By the way...
The amulets
that we have given to the people
will be much more powerful against hexes.
I have connected their potency
to my own life force.
That's possible?
Does that mean...
Every time the amulets
are repelling hexes,
your spirit is drained?
Won't that use up your strength, Elder?
I'll just have to eat many vegetables
to keep my strength up.
And not die.
Of course.
That's not funny!
Dad? What is it?
Extreme Sorcerer!
Serafin. Protect Gaston.
Pedro, my son.
Forgive me for all my shortcomings.
Dad, no!
Wake up! Dad!
Dad! Dad!
What's happening to him?
That's what happens
when a gifted one takes a life.
They grow more powerful,
but they become consumed
by a thirst to kill.
Pedro! We need to hide!
I can feel the power!
I can raze all of Calamundin Village!
What's this for?
I'm wearing the new amulet.
Did you forget what Elder said earlier?
Its potency is connected to his life.
You mean, this doesn't work anymore?
Gaston? We need to take you to safety.
I can't leave my people.
There's nothing we can do.
He's an Extreme Sorcerer!
In that case,
I will die protecting my people.
I won't run away!
Hide Gaston.
- Gaston...
- I said no!
And what if you die?
Who will fight for your people?
I'll take care of the residents.
I will make sure they all evacuate.
You will pay for your evil deeds, Blanco!
You're suddenly a good man?
You think you can hide from me?
There you are.
You're an agile rat!
But no one can beat
an Extreme Sorcerer!
Coward! How about you fight
with me fair and square?
Come closer to me!
There's no such thing in war!
There are only the strong and the weak.
But fine.
I'll play with you first.
Before I kill you.
You asked me to come closer, didn't you?
So it has come to this.
Lady Raya hasn't paid us yet
for spying on Pedro and Elder Tisot.
Aren't we going to help Pedro, Dumdom?
We're red elves.
We won't act without anything in exchange.
Tell me, Dumdom.
Did we gain something for helping Blanco?
What if we help Pedro now?
Then, we'll just collect
his payment right after.
Fine, but just this once.
Enough with this wild-goose chase!
Let's end this!
Nosy little elves!
You still owe us!
Well, here's my payment in full!
We're still going to collect
your debt, so don't die yet.
What are you going to do, huh?
Kill me?
Go ahead! Show me who you really are.
An evil sorcerer!
Wear this.
There's no need, Dad.
I know you don't want to wear this
as your way of telling me
that you can do things on your own.
But you don't have
to prove anything to me, son.
You have your own mind and resolve.
Please accept this
as an inheritance
passed by a father to his son.
I'm sorry, Dad...
I'm sorry, Dad.
Is this a new amulet, Dad?
Made from stones
handed down to me by your grandfather.
And it was given to him
by his ancestors.
It is said that it was
from a very powerful forest goddess.
But that is no ordinary amulet, Pedro.
It can protect you
against evil spirits
and Extreme Sorcerers.
So your amulet has its limits.
Oh, no!
Your powers have its limits, too!
Prepare yourself, Extreme Sorcerer...
You killed my father!
What are you doing here, kid?
Why are you healing this monster?
What about you, Pedro?
What's your plan?
I am ending Blanco right now!
This is not the path Elder Tisot
wanted for you, Pedro.
You're a healer, not a sorcerer!
I'll make my own destiny!
If I don't end Blanco now,
he will put more people in harm's way.
Pedro, you already saw...
how he became a monster
after taking someone's life.
Do you want to get cursed like he did?
If that's what it takes
to stop Blanco's madness...
to avenge my dad.
Once I finish Blanco...
I will run away.
Go into hiding.
And distance myself from society.
Promise me, Serafin!
If I ever become a monster like Blanco,
I need you to stop me.
For as long as you can.
Even if I die.
Carry on what our dad started.
The curse!
I will never measure up to him.
I'm sure Tisot was not as skilled
in healing when he was young.
But because he had a desire
to help people,
he worked hard to hone his skills.
May you emulate his heroism.
I found a new place to move into.
I need to find one, too.
- Where did you find a place?
- Just somewhere far from here.
Lots of stuff here,
why don't we sell them?
Oh, Bernie.
Did you forget something?
No, I didn't.
What are you still doing here?
Now that Midnight is closing,
I don't know where else to go.
I don't know what to do with my life.
Where did the others go?
Scattered in different places.
Some went abroad.
Everyone's doing whatever
they can to earn money.
The question is,
which of them are using their gifts
to help people?
And which ones are using them
for their self-interest?
What about you, Liway?
What's your plan?
I'm going to look for Pedro.
Didn't you hear what Serafin said?
He's dangerous.
One sack of sugarcane
and one amulet made by Elder Tisot
in exchange for his exact
whereabouts in the forest.
Won't he get mad at us, Dumdom?
What? So we'll stop trading then?
Aren't you scared of him, Dumdom?
He's so powerful.
Aren't there any more of these?
Didn't you make tons of them
with Elder Tisot?
What will you do with it?
It doesn't work anymore.
We can still sell it to the black elves.
It's quite valuable.
Why not to the white elves, Dumdom?
They're too finicky!
Are we there yet?
Do you see him?