Penguin Highway (2018) Movie Script

June 29th. 25 degrees.
I will take notes everyday...
I'm very smart,
and I study very hard.
I'm sure I'll be someone
great in the future.
Are onee-San"s breasts
and my mother's different?
Unable to reproduce
the shape with bowls.
I'm still in the 4th grade,
but I already know
onee-San a study of the
geometry of breasts
as much as some adults.
I learn about the world.
I become a better person.
Brother, time to eat!
- Eat up.
- I ran a calculation today...
I figured out that
it'll be another 3,888 days
until I become an adult.
You're not going to eat?
I can't imagine just
how amazing I'll be
when that day comes.
I might be too amazing
for my own good.
- I'm leaving!
- See you later!
Brother, I'm leaving already.
See you later.
I'm sure that lots of girls
will want to marry me.
But there's already
someone I have in mind.
So the others will
just have to live with it.
I feel bad for everyone else,
but this has already
been decided.
There's something over there!
What is it?
- They're crows, I bet.
- No, they're not!
I can't tell from here.
Let's go take a look! Yeah!
Hey, wait!
There's like ten of them!
- Hey!
- Aoyamal!
Did you hear about the penguins?
So there really were
penguins in that field!
- No way.
- There totally were.
I've only seen them in the zoo.
Penguins live in Antarctica
and the islands nearby.
That's what I read in a book.
They don't live in the suburbs.
Why were those penguins
in that field?
Were they even real penguins?
And where did they
even come from, anyway?
I need to investigate
this incident.
What do you think about
the penguins, aoyama?
I have six different hypotheses
on why they've appeared here.
The first is that they escaped
from a zoo vehicle.
The second is that
they're abandoned pets.
The third is that
they're crows that have
undergone a sudden
mutation to become fat.
Uchida and I have formed
an expedition team.
Project Amazon
right now, we're identifying
the source of this river.
We call this research
project Amazon.
Let's see if there's any
penguins on the way back.
I can't. I'm going to the
dentist after school today.
Does tomorrow work?
You're all little kids.
Who cares about some penguins?
I've seen tons of them
at the zoo.
But they were in a field!
Shut up!
Suzuki is the most
arrogant guy in the class.
The males under his control
are completely loyal to him.
I don't care about any penguins.
Aoyama, what's so fun
about writing all that up?
We don't think that penguins in
and of themselves are abnormal.
We think it's strange
that penguins
have appeared in the suburbs.
If you saw them,
you'd probably think
it was weird, too.
I did see them!
What's wrong with you?
Get out of here.
What's with him?
You're not interested at all?
What do you want?
I don't care at all.
The theory of relativity
that book...
Did you read it, aoyama?
I was interested in black holes,
but the book
was a bit difficult.
Same here.
Pretty difficult stuff.
Hmm? I see.
Penguins are cute.
Penguins are boring.
Hamamoto is extremely smart
and good at chess.
She might be even
more amazing than I am.
As you can tell,
I'm not conceited,
and that makes me great.
I'm out! That's enough!
Thank you.
No problem.
What do you want?
You have that disease, as well?
I can tell by looking at you.
What disease?
You don't know? It's called
stanislaw's syndrome.
It's a terrifying disease where
all your teeth have
to be pulled.
I've never heard of that.
My mom only said I was getting
my wisdom teeth out...
A mother wouldn't
tell their kid they're
getting all their teeth pulled.
Too scary.
Slowly but surely, all your
teeth will be pulled.
That's what happened to me.
But I think you have a right
to know what's going
to happen to you.
The only way to stop
the spread of the
disease is to pull
all of your teeth.
If you don't, the bacteria
will spread,
and your face will swell up.
These mushroom-looking
things will start
growing from the cracks
in your teeth.
And after much pain,
you'll die.
In order to prevent that
from happening,
the dentist will put you under,
and slowly remove your teeth.
But it's okay. You'll only be
in pain for a month.
Suzuki, please.
Do I have this "Stan" thing?
You don't have to pull my teeth
if I brush properly, right?
We're not pulling
all of your teeth.
You're lying!
You're trying to trick me!
Young man.
Why did you say that to suzuki?
Don't you feel bad for him?
I feel bad for uchida.
Who's uchida?
This is not your problem.
You don't need to know.
You baby. Guess you learned
how to dodge questions.
Silly brat.
This lady is a woman
who I've gotten
to know here at the dentist.
Hey there.
Sorry, I'm teaching
this kid a lesson.
I might have done something
a little immature.
Well, you're still a kid.
Suzuki was being mean to uchida.
But uchida didn't really
ask me to get him back.
So, I don't really
have the right to
punish suzuki for what
he did to uchida.
I should have talked
to uchida first,
at the bare minimum.
You've sure got a lot going on.
Oh, look at this.
Penguins are mysterious,
aren't they?
Who knows what's going
on with them?
Do you know about what
happened this morning?
I heard. Even more
mysterious, huh?
I love penguins.
All right.
I'm going to take this.
This looks a bit like you.
but still full of himself.
Research lab
anhy number of stories.
But how much do you really know
about the voyagers?
The adlie penguin.
Scientific name:
Pygoscelis adeliae.
This is the path
that penguins take
when they come back
from the ocean.
The penguin highway...
Penguin highway
Good name.
They really took me by surprise.
I didn't think one of them
would come running out.
I couldn't believe it.
Young man,
look at the chess board.
I am.
You keep looking at my boobs.
Il am not.
You're not looking. You're
looking at something else.
Yes, I am. And no I'm not.
I worry about your future.
They come from the south pole,
but they can somehow
survive here.
What if they were being
somewhere and escaped?
Wouldn't we have heard
something from a
zoo or a pet store?
The mystery deepens.
So what have you deduced?
There's still not
enough information.
I think aliens
brought them here.
Why do you think that?
They're invading.
Penguins are cute, you see?
The aliens are counting on that,
and when everyone
lets their guard down...
They're going to take over
the un headquarters.
I see. Makes sense, logically.
You're teasing me, aren't you?
Don't make me take
your teeth out.
Anyway, that's enough for today.
You're tired, aren't you?
I'm fine.
Just tell the truth.
- Welcome.
- Good evening.
It's time to go home.
Sorry for being so late.
Not too much trouble, I hope.
No, I'm having a great time.
Aoyama is a smart kid.
I guess I'm smart.
It's good you like your
research, but how
about brushing your teeth
from now on?
I just totally forgot.
I'm rather busy.
It's true you do a lot, but...
Say there's a busy person
that brushes their teeth,
and one that doesn't.
Which one would
you consider smarter?
Well, in that case,
I would have to
say the one that
brushes their teeth.
See you later! =I'll be back.
See you.
I wanna help!
Go ahead!
Penguin locations
they're not here.
not here.
Yoshida's house
not here, either.
Central park
I can't find any penguins.
Is that a penguin?
Oh, it's just a cat.
Those are boob cakes.
Are they really called that?
Guess we'll just have to
switch to project Amazon.
Who knew this was behind the school?
We've traveled pretty far.
This canal might go all the way
to the edge of the world.
The edge of the world?
Does that mean the
water falls off the end?
I don't think that's
really what's going on.
But it'd be cool if it was.
Yeah, the earth is round.
That means there's no "edge".
Yes, which means that the
actual "edge" of the world...
Would be where
the air reaches space.
I wonder if we're almost to
the source of the stream.
I think that boobs
are mysterious.
I keep thinking
of onee-San's boobs.
Her boobs aren't
the same as my mom's.
They're the same
category of object,
but the feeling they give me...
I wonder why they affect
me so differently.
What do you think, uchida?
I don't know, man...
22, 23, 24, 25...
26, 27, 28, 29, 30!
There's too many to count!
This is amazing, aoyama!
This must be a penguin highway.
Their rookery should
be up ahead.
We've lost them.
I wonder if we went
the wrong way.
The penguins' rookery might
be beyond this forest.
Wait, aoyama!
The silver moon appears
deep in this forest, right?
That's just a rumor.
Yeah, but...
They say that if you see the
silver moon you'll get sick.
There's no evidence for that.
It's fine. Let's go.
This 1s all weird. I've never
seen anything like this.
This is getting kind of scary...
Hey there!
You liar!
You liar!
What lie?
You said all that weird
stuff at the dentist, right?
Oh, you mean when
you started crying?
Stop it with your lies!
I'm going to punish you.
Both of you.
No, we're busy.
Hey, you!
Darn it!
Get them!
Wait up!
I feel the need to say this,
but I feel
bad about what happened.
I'm sorry.
Shut up!
That's what you get.
Yeah, what you get.
What are you doing, young man?
Pretending to be
a vending machine.
I'll take a cola, then.
That'll be 120 yen.
Here you are.
Can't get this open.
Not a very good
vending machine, are we?
Looks like I'm going
to have to go home.
Please help me.
No need to be so cocky.
You could have just said so.
That sucks.
Though it's your fault that
you lied to suzuki, too.
If you were there
this whole time,
you could have helped.
I make it a point not to
interfere in childish squabbles.
What were you doing?
I wanted to take a bus,
but I was tired and fell asleep.
Happens sometimes.
Want me to pull that out?
I'm fine.
I'll get it out myself.
I'll do it nice for ya.
It'll be an experiment.
I see. I like experiments.
Let's see...
Stay nice and still...
Now, young man.
I'll pull this string,
and we'll see if your
tooth comes out.
I'm not scared.
My body's moving on its own.
I know.
I have a good idea.
Watch closely.
There we go!
I thought there
was no way that
this would get
my tooth out, but...
Here you go.
What's that?
A penguin.
Here you go. It's out.
I'm pretty
mysterious myself, huh?
Try solving this mystery.
Do you think you can?
Brother, wake up!
Wake up!
Let me out!
Boo! You're like an old man
without his teeth!
Let me out, brother!
Let me out, brother!
Onee-San took out my baby tooth.
I have witnessed
a surprising phenomenon,
but I have no hard evidence.
I cannot report it as of yet.
Could you give me a hint?
The lady from the dentist.
She's rather mysterious
and fascinating!
I see. You've found yourself
a wonderful subject.
Here's your usual reward.
Dad, could I have some coffee?
If you must.
It's bitter.
Requires more experimentation!
Hey, aoyama!
Let's have fun again sometime!
Sorry, I'm extremely busy.
I'm not really sure, myself.
Yeah, it's a mystery to me,
as well.
But you might be able
to solve this.
How about we give it a shot?
Let's do this.
What's this?
Samples for experimentation.
Pretty well thought out, huh?
I guess that's why you're
a little scientist.
Now, please toss them.
I'll start with this jar.
Here we go!
Nothing happened.
Frying pan, baseball
tin, glasses case
what do you think?
Let's try replicating the
conditions from yesterday.
I'm tired. Let's call it a day.
No, we keep experimenting.
I don't think we're going
to see anything today.
When do you tend
to get penguins?
Please give me something.
I start to feel good,
like I can't contain it,
and then I get a penguin.
I just toss something.
You really can't bring
out a penguin?
Are you messing with me?
You do this on your own, then.
I'm sorry. I was being immature.
You're just a kid, so it's fine.
I'll be an adult in 3,831 days.
You've got to be kidding me.
You calculated that?
Dad's 3 steps
to solving a problem:
Break your problem
into smaller pieces.
View your problem from
different angles.
Search for similar problems.
Why do the penguins head
towards the forest?
Why does onee-San create them?
Penguin highway
sorry I ran away
and left you behind.
It's fine.
Sorry I couldn't save the map.
Let's do better next time.
You don't get mad, do you?
Just think about boobs if you
think you're going to get angry.
You'll feel extremely
calm instead.
I don't think that's a
good thing to think about.
Well, it's not the
only thing on my mind.
Probably only about
thirty minutes a day.
Uchida, you wanted to
show me something?
Oh, it's a penguin.
This is penta.
I found him in my apartment's
parking garage,
and hid him here.
Surprise no one has found him.
He hides when people come.
That's a rather smart penguin.
Well, he hasn't been
eating food at all.
He's really not eating
anything at all?
I give him fish, ham,
cucumbers, rice balls...
He won't eat anything.
Eat up. You're not hungry?
There you go.
The penguins
that onee-San creates
can survive without
eating anything.
They run on some unknown
energy source.
E = penguin energy
we'll take you somewhere nice,
so sit still in there for now.
I love the aquarium.
It'll be fun.
Hopefully we'll find some
food he can eat.
Aoyama, what was...
Maybe he gets motion sickness.
Let's get off
at the next station.
Kadoichimatsu. Kadoichimatsu.
He was fine just a while ago.
Something's happening.
I'm going to open this, uchida.
Penta! Uchida!
Here's my deductions thus far...
E = penguin energy
penguins run on some sort
of unknown energy source.
The penguins onee-San
creates must be
getting energy from
somewhere else.
I've named this penguin energy.
The penguin was able to live
without eating anything,
but when we left the city,
the penguin lost its mass
and disappeared.
This matches up with what
happened with that truck.
This penguin energy
might come from
somewhere in the city,
or from you.
You look tired.
I can't really get
any sleep lately.
I keep having bad dreams.
Bad dreams?
I read this 'cause
it has chess in it,
and got really scared
for some reason.
There's this creepy monster
called the jabberwocky.
I keep dreaming about it.
So there are things
that scare you, huh?
Of course there are.
I don't like mice, cockroaches,
and bats, too.
What's going on?
Oh, the breaker tripped.
Aoyama, are you scared?
No, but I think
I might get sleepy.
There's a weird phenomenon
going on.
How did they get in here?
I'll get a net!
How did you do it?
I don't know.
Have you ever manifested
something other than a penguin?
Let me do another experiment!
Young man, when do I throw this?
Very soon,
according to my estimates.
Can I?
Not yet.
All right! There we go!
We got one!
I have one hypothesis on
when a penguin can manifest.
It has to do with the light!
When you manifested a penguin
before, it was sunny out.
The next day when I tried the
experiment, it was cloudy.
That's true.
It was sunny when the penguins
first appeared last week.
And then in the dark,
you manifested bats.
Penguin manifestation conditions
in other words,
when it's sunny out...
You can manifest penguins.
When it's cloudy or dark,
you can't manifest penguins,
but you manifest bats
and the like.
However, more verification
is required...
What are you...
You're right. This is amazing.
The weather forecast said
it'd clear up after the rain.
That was sudden.
It took some time, but you
figured it out.
A child of science.
There's still
a lot to solve here.
We don't know what exactly
is happening,
and what this penguin energy is.
You sure love research.
Today we have to celebrate.
Why are you standing
over there, young man?
Excuse me.
Now you wait quietly here.
It's ready.
Is it good?
It is.
That's good.
You grew up by the sea, right?
Yeah, why?
What was it like?
Well... there were lots of hills
as you headed towards the water.
My house was higher up,
so I could see the ocean
from there.
When the wind blew
through the windows,
it'd smell like the ocean.
What does the ocean smell like?
You haven't seen the ocean,
have you?
All right.
If you solve my mystery, I will
take you to the seaside.
So young man,
you better solve my mystery.
I will. I'm smart.
You've gotten better.
Not good enough.
Hamamoto is extremely good.
Who's hamamoto?
A girl in my class. She knows
the theory of relativity.
So that's what's
got you so in love.
I won't fall in love
with anyone.
I'm not sure about that.
You're the tired one, today.
I'm not tired.
Now you're lying.
When did you go
to sleep last night?
I always go to bed at 9 pm.
I see.
You don't stay up late, then.
Does something special
happen late at night?
Yes, everyone goes to bed,
and the town gets dark.
You get to go exploring.
Are you sure you're
not tired because
you manifested
too many penguins?
I don't know.
But I do like making them.
I'd love to fill this
world up with penguins.
You shouldn't get
too ahead of yourself.
We don't know
how all this works,
but the penguin energy
could come from you.
I wonder why her face
was made in this shape.
Why do I feel happy when
I watch her like this?
How could DNA
combine in such a way
that I find her face so nice,
and that she's laying
here before me?
Sleeping, DNA,
happiness, perfection
this is the first time I've
felt so strange like this...
I didn't quite know
what to write.
You're up.
I couldn't see her
for a while after that.
So... the edge of the world?
Not literally, anyway.
An actual edge would have
to be far away, I know.
Like deep in space.
That might not be the case.
The edge might not be as far
away as you think.
That's what I think.
What do you mean?
The edge might
be folded in on itself.
You might have to look within.
Do you think you could put
the world into this pouch?
I don't know.
If you do this...
Take a look.
The insides have become the
outsides. And now the world,
is contained within the pouch.
And you could say that the
outer part of the world
is now hidden within here.
I guess that was a bit
difficult. Think about it.
You did it, aoyama!
Aoyama, let's play again.
Chess is boring.
I'd like to talk to you
for a second...
Over here.
Um... aoyama...
Is it okay for me to tag along?
It's fine. What's wrong?
Aoyama, hurry up!
Over here.
Hey hamamoto,
this is the forest where
the silver moon
comes out, right?
That's just a made up story.
Huh? It is?
I'm the one who
told everyone that.
Come with me.
Aoyama, you're really
going in there?
Wait for me!
What's wrong?
We're almost there!
Who knew this place
was hidden in the forest?
Hamamoto, what is this?
This is the ocean.
At least that's what I call it.
This is an extremely
strange object.
What is causing it to float?
I don't know.
That's why I'm researching it.
The ocean gets bigger
and smaller at times.
My observations up until
now have made that clear.
You shouldn't
get too close to it.
These spikes come out of it.
So we don't know how safe
this thing really is, huh?
Do you think you can help
me research the ocean?
I'm rather busy, but...
This is rather interesting.
I thought you'd say that.
Summer break
"ocean" research
commencing research
Observation station
I'l win a nobel prize
Good job, young man.
Aoyama! Aoyamal!
Hey, aoyama!
Summer festival
Hey, aoyama.
Hey, suzuki.
You're not with hamamoto today?
Doesn't look like
she's here yet.
Right. You guys are
always together lately.
What are you up to?
Sorry, but that's confidential
between me and her.
If you'd like me to tell you,
there's procedure I must follow.
You're going off about
something again...
You're just getting
all lovey-dovey
with hamamoto, I bet.
- Lovey-dovey!
- Lovey-dovey!
That went better than expected.
We're not lovey-dovey.
Suzuki's a pain, huh?
I'm sure it's because we're
getting close to hamamoto
that he's mad.
Why would suzuki get mad if
we got close to hamamoto?
That's because
suzuki likes hamamoto.
That's weird.
Suzuki teases hamamoto.
That's not logical.
Yeah, but...
I'm sure that's what's going on.
Look. I'm wearing a yukata.
Does it look good on me?
I think it looks good on you.
Thank you.
Aoyama and uchida.
I've heard about you from
my daughter. Nice to meet you.
My dad works
at a college research lab.
But when he gets
too into something,
all he does is eat candy
and get cavities.
Hey, don't tell stories
about me.
Aoyama and I are doing
some joint research.
Oh, well that makes us rivals.
It's been a while, young man.
You're interested in this
summer festival, huh?
Or are you
researching something?
I'm taking a break tonight.
Actually, are you doing well?
I'm just fine.
Hello there.
- Aoyama, who is that?
- Are you a relative?
She's a lady from my dentist.
She's also been
teaching me chess.
Nice to meet you.
This girl is hamamoto.
She's very good at chess.
She's cute. You're good with
the ladies, young man.
Aoyama and I are doing
joint research.
That's why you're been
slacking on my research, huh?
What research are you doing?
It's classified.
We won't publish
our results until we're done.
That's good.
You can't talk about any serious
research with just anyone.
Aoyama, the bon dance is
going to start. Let's go.
But I turn into a robot
when I dance.
I'm going to dance!
Everyone's having fun.
Here you are.
Thank you.
It's done.
We're going to check
the temperature
in the ocean with this.
We'll know it's position
with this penlight.
This is cool.
It's like a real experiment.
It kind of looks like a penguin.
I was going more
for a research ship.
Let's call it the penguin, then.
That's a cute name.
Let's do this.
We've made contact
with the ocean.
It's shaking like jello.
Aoyama! I'm in trouble!
Real trouble!
What's going on?
The penguin disappeared.
Looks like it was pulled in.
Maybe we're dealing
with a life form.
- What's that ball?
- It's floating!
This is weird.
Hey, aoyama. Surrender.
I won't surrender.
Say you give up!
I won't.
Why are you guys here?
You always head into the forest,
so we followed you.
Hey hamamoto, what is this?
This is the silver moon.
You'll get sick
if you get too close.
Fine, be like that.
I'm not going
to fall for your lies anymore.
You're planning something.
If you don't tell me
what's going on,
I'm going to tell everyone.
Then just try it!
If you do that...
I'll never forgive you!
I know why
you're so angry, suzuki.
If you like hamamoto,
you should have just said that.
That's not it!
What are you saying?
We're not lovey-dovey.
If you like her, you should tell
her in a more logical fashion.
You don't know how I feel!
It's not embarrassing
to like someone.
That's not it!
I'm going to get you!
- Say you give up!
- You're too heavy!
I won't say anything...
You never give up!
That's right, I don't!
I'll send the penguins after you
if you do anything bad again.
Hey there, young man.
Are you okay?
I think you were
immature just now.
I don't want to hear
that from you.
But you've saved us.
Looks like you've uncovered
something strange again.
Something's happening!
Aoyama, let's get away!
It's dangerous here!
Looks like I've gone
and done it now.
You've known about this
for a while, haven't you?
No fair! I told you
about the ocean.
I wanted to know where the
penguins were coming from.
I'm sorry.
I had to keep it a secret.
I had promised her.
If other people found out,
she might have been captured
by researchers, or something.
You didn't trust me?
That's not the case.
Anyway, we now know that
my penguin highway research,
and our ocean research
are connected.
Dad's advice:
Check to see if everything
is part of one large problem.
I realize I was in the wrong
for keeping you both
in the dark.
And there is one thing
I'd like to suggest.
What do you think about having
onee-San join us
in our research?
We can't solve this mystery
operating separately.
This is one single problem.
No. I don't want adults
researching with us.
That surprised me.
This is our research.
Please do not come here anymore.
Why is hamamoto so against this?
I guess I went too far. Hmm?
Things have gotten
pretty mysterious.
You should be more careful.
Yeah, but I don't really know
what's going on, either.
I didn't think my penguins were
even related to
what's going on here.
So young man, what was that?
We still don't know
what the ocean is.
There's too many mysteries.
What happened today was
completely abnormal.
But there was
one thing in particular...
There was an instant
where the ocean and
the penguins reacted
with each other.
When they were
all underneath it?
It's possible the source for the
penguin energy
might be the ocean.
I bet the penguin
we had disappeared
because we were
too far from the ocean.
You mean penta?
In other words, the penguins
came to this forest
in search of the ocean.
But they're destroying
the ocean...
Huh? That doesn't make sense.
There's someone here.
What are you doing here?
Oh, sorry. I got lost looking
for these two kids.
If you keep heading
along that path,
it'll get you out of here.
This forest is dangerous.
You shouldn't be in here.
No problem.
Did you guys...
See anything strange
around here?
No, we didn't see anything.
Let's go.
I wonder who they were...
I'm sure they're looking
for the ocean.
They're going to find
out about you, too.
Huh? Why's that?
You're involved in this.
If they find
out you can manifest penguins...
You're going to get caught and
turned into a research subject.
That won't happen.
Adults wouldn't believe it.
I don't think we can
be too careful.
Also, even if something
like that were to happen...
I'll just go "poof" before
they try to experiment on me.
No problem at all.
Anyway, please don't manifest
penguins without good cause.
- Brother, it's time for food!
- I'm coming!
One problem? Researchers?
Probably looking for the ocean?
The past few days we've gotten
several eyewitness accounts
of this strange
unknown creature.
New species? Sudden mutation?
Is there a new
creature out there?
This is an illustration based on
the information we've received.
According to a specialist,
in the history of biology...
That's scary...
I'm heading out.
See you later.
What's wrong?
They say a streetlight
disappeared this time.
It was a vending machine
the other day, right?
Please don't get too close.
There's been a lot of
weird incidents lately.
Oh yeah, masuda's husband
saw that creature.
Sounds dangerous.
- Aoyama!
- Let's go to the forest!
I wonder if the children
will be okay...
Strange is happening...
I wonder if they
found the ocean.
Hamamoto might be in the field.
Let's find a different entrance.
Aoyama, you know...
There's something
I want to tell you.
I've been continuing
project Amazon.
If you follow the stream,
you find its source, a river.
I walked along its shore.
I was surprised when I did that.
I came back to the same stream.
There's no end to the river.
It just circles around.
Is that true?
I walked along it a bunch
of times to be sure.
Aoyama, this is strange, right?
There's penguins here, too.
Wait, uchida.
It's entering a growth period.
The largest thus far.
Hamamoto, we need to talk.
What is it?
The ocean might be too dangerous
for us to handle ourselves.
What do you mean?
Disappearance of the penguin
the strange phenomena
that happened
that day were just so weird...
It might be difficult for us to
figure everything out ourselves.
The things happening in town
are probably all related.
The adults are
searching for this.
If they find it,
I imagine we'll have to give
them all our research anyway.
I can't tell the researchers
about onee-San.
That's why I'm thinking...
We need to stop
our research immediately.
We won't show what we've
researched so far to anyone.
The relationship between
the ocean and penguins,
and the penguins and onee-San...
We'll just forget it all.
I don't want to do this!
This is our research!
I don't want to leave it behind.
The stuff with onee-San
won't get
found out unless
one of us talks!
You just want to protect her!
Don't fight, both of you.
You just like onee-San because
you like boobs, right?
I admit I do like boobs,
but my affection for onee-San
is separate.
What are you talking about?
But onee-San has boobs,
doesn't she?
She does. Large ones.
I've had enough!
Oh, it's been a while.
Need us to look at you?
No, there's something else.
I'd like to talk to you a bit.
Is this a tornado?
It might look that way,
but I research weather
at a university.
These are the strange phenomena
we've been observing recently.
This town is experiencing
strange incidents that
we cannot explain.
I see...
I just happened to look
at my daughter's notes.
There's information about
a strange object
deep in the forest,
and about the penguins.
Information about you.
I realize I'm being
rather presumptive here.
However, my daughter
might be young,
but she's a proper researcher.
What she wrote
started bugging me...
I thought about asking
her directly,
but I didn't want to bring
her into this.
I would be happy if I could
get your cooperation.
Yes, what about you?
Getting my cavities
taken care of.
You shouldn't eat
too many sweets.
Be careful not
to get any cavities.
Oh, hey there, young man.
- Um...
- Hey.
Want to go to that seaside
town tomorrow?
Hey, young man.
First time going
to the ocean, right?
I wonder how many years
it'll have been since
I was home.
What's wrong, young man?
You seem down.
I'm always doing well.
How about you?
I've been feeling pretty good,
I guess.
I want to let out some penguins,
I've been holding back,
as you asked.
I see. It makes sense if you're
the source for
the penguin energy.
If it was the ocean,
then it wouldn't
make sense for the penguins
to destroy it.
You know...
There were a lot of adults at
the entrance to the forest.
At this rate, the ocean,
the penguins,
and you will be found out.
You're sure worried about a lot.
I haven't solved your mystery...
So are you sure you want to
take me to the seaside town?
That's what you're thinking?
It's fine. I'm the one
who wants to go.
Once we get there,
let's forget about everything,
It's summer break, young man.
Are you okay?
I'm a little dizzy...
We shouldn't
go to the beach today.
Why? All I need
is to rest a little.
You shouldn't push yourself.
Let's call it a day.
Hold on, young man.
I was fine
this morning. I'm sorry.
It's fine.
You're sure a gentleman.
Children should be more selfish.
I'm not a child.
Sure you are.
Let's try again tomorrow.
It doesn't have to be tomorrow.
You shouldn't move!
Are you okay?
What's going on...
The jabberwockies...
I'm fine now. It's okay.
I have emergency rations.
You need to eat something.
Sorry, I can't. I...
I haven't eaten anything
for two to three days.
I'm just not hungry.
But it isn't affecting
me at all.
I wonder what's going
on with me...
Summer break's gonna
come to an end.
No matter how much fun you have,
it eventually comes to an end.
That's the truth.
What kind of present
do you want?
A notebook from
a foreign country.
Okay, I'll get one.
Is that research
of yours going well?
It's really difficult.
There's lots of problems,
and it feels like they're
all connected.
But right now
I don't know anything else.
Oh, you sound
like you've lost faith.
The mysteries you find,
the small discoveries you make,
write them all down on
a single piece of paper.
And keep staring at it.
Will that tell me the answer?
Think about different
ways of pairing
up everything you wrote down.
Envision them all flying
around in your mind.
If that doesn't help,
try to stop thinking.
Play well, eat well, sleep well.
If you do, all the things in
your head that are separate
will suddenly connect.
"Eureka", they call it.
Don't worry.
Good morning!
Hey there! You're so tanned!
=I went to the beach!
Well? You've never seen
anything like this, right?
- It's a new species!
- A new species! A new species!
Amazing, huh?
What's going on?
Suzuki and his gang said they
caught a weird creature.
I went adventuring
in that forest!
And I found it in the river!
So then we...
Aoyama, is that...
A jabberwocky.
Hold it right there!
You don't get to see it!
This is our find!
It's top secret!
did you solve the problem?
Okay, the rest is homework.
There's a typhoon tonight,
so head straight home.
I hope the people who
fell asleep will be okay...
Excuse me for a second.
Suzuki, kobayashi, Nagasaki.
All three of you,
come to the staff room.
There's scientists who
want to talk to you.
Aww, jeez...
Sure thing!
We're gonna be famous!
Wait, suzuki.
You remember our promise, right?
What? We're just going to
tell them what we found.
What is this promise?
Are they from the university?
Bye-bye! See you later!
Suzuki never came back, huh?
I'm closing the door.
That's the guy from before!
They went towards the forest.
Let's go!
I'm sorry. I have someplace
to go first. I'll catch up!
Jeez! Forget you!
It's me! Aoyama!
Please eat this - aoyama
I knew it.
Here, too!
There they are!
- And this...
- Daddy!
What's going on here?
What are you doing here?
Go home!
No! We want
to go inside the forest!
No! Go home, now!
Man, it was a huge surprise!
It's the discovery
of the century!
Why are they here?
They told us about the forest.
So they've been asked
to help... hey!
I'll never forgive you, ever!
What's your problem?
- I'll never forgive you!
- Stop it!
- I'll never forgive you!
- Hey!
You're finally back!
I told you to come home early!
Mom, I'm about
to experiment with fasting.
For the next three days,
I'm not going to eat.
As your mother, I'm opposed
to this experiment.
I'll eat three times
as much when I'm done!
Wait! Hey!
Research lab
q: How can onee-San fast for
three days and be fine?
Do people not have to eat?
I'll experiment myself.
The penguins are born
from onee-San.
Many things transform into them.
The penguins survive
off of penguin energy.
Does the ocean warp spacetime?
When onee-San is feeling good,
she wants to make penguins.
The jabberwocky
eats the penguins.
Brother, it's dinner time!
I'm not eating!
You're so stubborn.
Ocean size changes rain... clear
Use a1 to 5s scale to
describe my hunger level?
Doctor, it's dangerous!
We have to get back!
Just a little further!
What is this?
What's wrong?
Mom... mom's gonna die!
Where is she?
What's going on?
That's going to happen a long
time from now, isn't it?
But... she's
going to die, right?
Well, yeah, but...
All living things
die eventually.
Even dogs and penguins...
And humans.
But I don't want that!
Don't say that...
I don't like it either.
See? You should've
listened to your mom.
Stay home from school.
And your experiment's
canceled, okay?
Il don't want to eat...
Eat anyway. I'll make you some
porridge, just wait a second.
The fast was a failure.
Humans suffer if they try to
skip even one day's food.
How did onee-San go three days
without eating?
I came to an unknown planet.
That's my spaceship.
It's a very mysterious place!
Is there anybody here?
That's a blue whale,
and there are penguins too.
It's so big...
Way bigger than me.
The penguins!
What's she doing here?
I've always been here.
This is the earth.
That's strange...
I came a long way.
If you go far enough,
you return to where you started.
Huh? What...
I feel sorry for you.
You must feel awful.
I'm doing fine,
but you're bedridden.
That doesn't happen too often.
What are you doing here?
I came to see you.
The research team
found the ocean.
You can't make any penguins.
Don't worry about me.
Make sure you're
eating properly.
And eat something too, please.
I tried doing an experiment
on myself, for a week.
I haven't eaten anything.
You can't do any experiments
like that.
They'll make your
breasts smaller.
I'm fine because I have
the penguin energy.
That's not energy for humans.
I'm sorry.
Don't cry, young man.
I'm not crying.
How to achieve Eureka
Good morning.
Brother! I'm leaving
without you!
I'll be back later.
Can you solve this mystery?
Aoyama, you're over
your cold, huh?
Aoyama, what are you doing?
It was so small!
And guess what happened then!
They just said something
in the office!
Put the TV on!
You need to
get permission first!
It's an emergency!
An evacuation order
was just issued.
According to news
we've just received,
the unknown sphere
continues to expand...
That's near the gym!
Several researchers
were caught up in it.
=that's bad!
- What is that? It's scary.
- The missing researchers...
Belong to a local college,
and were investigating unusual
phenomena at the site.
Everyone, this school will be
evacuated due
to a nearby disaster.
Please remain in your classroom
until further instructions.
Hey, you're not allowed
to turn on the TV!
- It's an emergency, though!
- Quiet.
Turn that off and go sit down.
Tell us what happened!
They're investigating it now.
Oh wow! This is kind of exciting!
Ma'am, my dad...
Yeah, I know. I'm worried
too, but wait here for now.
Let me go, please!
You can't leave the
school! It's dangerous!
I know it's hard, but I'm sure
he'll be back! Don't worry!
- Get back to your seat!
- Let me go!
Calm down, everyone! It'll
be fine. Just wait a second.
Hamamoto, are you okay?
What happened?
You heard, right?
The ocean swallowed up my dad.
I'm sure he got too
focused on his research,
The ocean is dangerous.
=I know that!
Is my dad gonna die?
The penguin ship
never came back...
If I'd only told them the
ocean was dangerous...
This never would've happened!
Hey, what do I do?
All I know is what I should do.
Aoyama, sit down.
Aoyama, please...
Ma'am, hamamoto
isn't feeling well.
I'm going to take her
to the nurse's office.
We can't leave
out the front door.
Hey, aoyama, what do we do?
calm down and listen to me.
We need onee-San's
help to save your dad.
Her penguins might be able to
do something about the ocean.
But won't they destroy it?
But hamamoto, for now,
I want you to believe me.
I'll go with you!
Now what?
If you're leaving school,
we'll help.
So... will you forgive me,
I don't know.
Thank you. Please help.
There's a secret way out.
Follow me!
Hey, you! Get back here!
Oh no, hurry!
Are you okay?
Oh, no!
This way!
Hey, what is that?
=lt's the ocean!
Is that what you
were researching?
Hey, what are you doing?
You need to evacuate!
Everybody, run!
Hold it!
Let me go!
Take this!
Run, aoyama!
It seems the mystery's
been solved.
Just like the penguins
aren't real penguins,
Not a real human.
You, the penguins, and the
ocean were all linked.
It seems to have been fueling
both you and the penguins.
The penguin energy, right?
That's right.
Since the penguins
can destroy the ocean,
I assume that's a particularly
important characteristic.
Darn, we need to hide!
This isn't good.
So, young man...
What's the ocean?
The ocean warps
both space and time.
That's why I hypothesize that
it should not exist
in this world.
And if that's true,
and the ocean
isn't a physical object,
if it's a hole...
A hole?
A hole in the world.
Or maybe it's
the edge of the world,
that's folded
in on itself somehow.
You're kidding...
The penguins weren't
destroying the ocean.
They were repairing the world.
So I create the penguins
in order
to plug that hole in the world?
It's a hypothesis, but
it explains everything.
- Okay, we're heading back.
- Yes, sir.
Looks like they're gone.
But you...
You create the penguins,
which repair it,
but you also create
the jabberwockies.
The jabberwockies
eat the penguins...
This goes against your role.
Maybe they were created
because I asked you not to
make any more penguins!
No, young man.
It's not your fault.
I would have created
the penguins
no matter what you said.
Instead, I was the one
who decided to sit
around and not do anything.
I don't know how to put it...
I guess I wanted
to stay in this world.
Thank you for coming up
with all of that, young man.
Well, it's gotten pretty big.
I hope Dr. hamamoto
and the others are okay.
We sent the penguin ship inside,
but it never came back.
What's that?
It's a research vessel we made.
If the world really does have
some kind of "edge"
it may be floating out
there somewhere.
Guess we'll just try
heading into it.
Aoyama, it's dangerous from
here on out. You wait here.
What about them?
No, I can't let you go alone.
I'm going too!
Even if you try to stop me!
You're just a kid, silly.
You need to evacuate!
But it'll probably be okay.
We've got the penguins.
Alright! Let's go, everyone!
You can be the ringmaster
at a penguin circus!
That sounds wonderful!
I should have tried that out!
The whole world
is turning weird!
Well, this is crazy!
How pretty!
There's more and more of them!
There's so many!
It's the ocean!
We're going to crash into it!
We're inside the ocean?
It seems we're still alive...
I wonder where Dr. hamamoto is.
Oh, penguins...
Take us there.
We really have gone beyond
the edge of the world.
Take a look.
It's like god is having fun.
I wonder why I have
memories of the seaside town...
I remember my mom and dad.
I have memories of me
living up until this point.
Was all of that fake?
I don't know.
But I have the memories
of my time with you.
Those are definitely real.
You're right.
I wonder if the penguins are
waiting to destroy the ocean.
Hey, aoyama...
Will I disappear
if the ocean is gone?
If my hypothesis is right,
the penguins will disappear.
What about me?
So that's your answer, then...
It's quite possible
that I'm wrong as well.
Aoyama, what are you doing here?
We came to rescue you all.
It's about time.
Is it possible for you to leave
a little bit of the ocean?
If a little is left,
the penguin energy will remain.
You'll be able
to remain in full health.
I'm not sure if it
works like that.
But young man, we can't leave
things as they are, right?
There we go!
Well, it's time to return home!
What's happening?
I don't know.
You do know, don't you?
Maybe I do.
But this research
is very important to me.
I won't tell anyone its secrets.
Young man.
Let's go.
Hey, that's dangerous!
Stay here!
We have something
important to do!
Goodbye, doctor!
Want sugar?
It's bitter.
I'm fine.
Young man, it seems
I wasn't able
to keep any of the ocean.
Why do you think I was born?
I don't know.
But someday I might know.
Will you tell me
when you find out?
I will.
Is it bitter?
It's not.
You're always
pushing yourself...
I'm not a human...
I can't believe that.
I wanted to see you grow up
into a proper adult.
You're going
to be amazing, I bet.
I'm going to be
a great grown-up.
I'll be much greater
than I am now.
And I'll be humanity's
I'll go to space, too.
I'm sure you'll be able to solve
my mysteries
if you're that great.
I want you to come and find me.
I'll find you.
Sleeping, DNA,
happiness, perfection
it's almost time to say goodbye.
You stay here.
Don't cry, young man.
I won't cry.
It's okay. Right?
Hey, where is she?
Onee-San left.
Aoyama... are you crying?
I've decided not to cry.
The mysterious sphere
that appeared at a town
on the prefecture border
yesterday has disappeared
and now, this morning,
the evacuation order for the
region has been rescinded,
and the people
are returning to the town.
This incident
was nationwide news,
but fortunately,
no one was hurt.
And the local college
researchers who
were missing have been
found as well.
The penguins that had been
appearing in the city
were witnessed
in large numbers yesterday,
and some specialists
feel that they may
have been a signal
of the event to come...
Others, however,
believe that it may have been
a mass hallucination...
There are 3,748 days until
I grow up to be an adult.
Brother, time for food!
Every day,
I learn about the world.
And become better
than I was yesterday.
I can't imagine how amazing
I'll eventually be.
I'm sure I'll have lots of girls
who will want to marry me.
But I already have
someone for me.
So I won't be able
to marry them.
It may be a sad thing,
to see the edge of the world.
But even so,
I intend to run very fast
towards it anyway.
Because I know that path
will be a penguin highway.
I believe that if I follow it
someday I'll see onee-San again.
This isn't a hypothesis.
It's a personal belief.
This time, she and I
will ride on the train,
and travel to that
town by the sea.
When that happens, there's
some things I want to tell her:
How many adventures I'll
have had in my life,
and how many people I've met.
And how much of a grown-up
I've become by the time
I see her again.
Project penguin highway
and how much
I loved her.
And how much I've longed
to see her again.
What's going on?
The risen dust dances merrily
a photo album I hadn't
opened in a long time
hello, the world that
you were seeing
mystery solving never ends
good night
you close your eyes
so unguardedly
yet never invite anyone
into your dreams
hello, I am not a distant memory
goodbyes, I hate them
good night
Won't you let me tell you
how I'm doing lately
how I'm doing lately
how I'm doing lately