Penitentia (2023) Movie Script

[mysterious music playing]

[judge] Counselor,
am I to understand
in Coal v. American Steel,
the Supreme Court
ruled the absence
of a renewed
signed non-compete agreement
has no bearing on
updated employment agreements?
[lawyer] Yes, Your Honor.
Well, that's not how
I interpret the case law.
In fact,
that same ruling referenced
that new employment agreements
can be superseding.
If the court
could indulge me one moment.
[judge] Indulge you?
While your junior associate
clarifies the case law?
[scoffs] Uh, no, Your Honor.
Expands upon it.
In a similar case taken up
by the Supreme Court in 2015,
TD Technologies v. Rubenstein,
the court ruled very clearly
that renewed
employment contracts
that do not reference
previous non-compete clauses
are not superseding
to those previous agreements.
-And what did Tom say?
-Well, Tom then turns around
and out of the side
of his mouth he goes,
"I guess we're gonna
have to find another lawyer."
And that's it. That is it.
We were done for the day.
We walk out, we're like, "Wow,
we knew it was gonna be easy.
We didn't know
how easy it was gonna be."
-It was nuts.
-[Ale] Ice cold Tom.
-Ice cold Tom. Anyway, baby.
-[Ale chuckles]
-To one year.
To one year.
You know, I keep thinking
about this hearing.
Wait. Hold on. Hold on.
I thought we were, like, gonna
talk about our anniversary now.
It's just that,
I mean, the case law is wrong.
I told them that
they're basing their--
[Beth] Hey, Matlock,
chill out, okay?
Can we just, like,
get through dessert
and then, you know,
we can talk about work again?
5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning
until 10:00 p.m.
tomorrow night, hmm?
I'm sorry. It's just--
it keeps
spinning around in my head.
I know. That's why I love you.
You're right.
To hell with work.
You're a lot better looking than
a case law file, anyways.
[Ale chuckling]
-Mmm. Oh, yes.
Come on. Yeah. Come on.
I've got the perfect
one for you, I promise.
-No, I just--
-[Ale chuckling]
I can't, like,
drive that anymore.
Yo! Ale! Is that you?
-Goddamn, bro.
Look at you.
Oh, I should've known
you'd come out strong, bro.
-[Ale] How you been, man?
-[JD] Oh.
Oh, man. Day-to-day.
You know,
I got out a few years back.
Not as good as you, though.
Look at this shit.
Uh, JD,
this is my girlfriend, Beth.
-Beth, JD.
-Nice to meet you.
-[chuckles] Yeah.
Me and Young Buck,
we-- we go back, man.
-What you been up to?
-Just living.
Uh, we graduated college
and law school.
[JD] No shit.
You are looking at
the best jailhouse lawyer
that Lansing ever saw.
Took those motherfuckers all
the way to the Supreme Court.
Talking about
"Objection, your honor,"
motherfucking litigation,
JD. Hey. [chuckles]
[JD] My bad. My bad. I'm sorry.
I just looked out of that window
and I saw you there.
I couldn't believe it.
I had to say something.
-Hey, you look good, man.
-[JD scoffs] Not as good as you.
[all chuckling]
Hey, uh, no,
but we-- we gotta jet.
We got an early morning.
Oh, yeah. No, I--
I feel you, man. I feel you.
-[Beth] Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.
Hey, oh, hey, oh-- can I
holler at you one more second?
-You a legit lawyer now?
I need your help.
I-- I got this--
I-- I'm not that kind of lawyer.
You ain't even going to listen
to what I got to say?
I'm sorry.
-It's for my sister.
-Call Legal Aid.
All right, I'm going to
give you their number.
-She's in Winter Valley.
-I said I don't want to know.
Man, fuck you.
[solemn music playing]
-Uh, you be good, JD.
-Nah, you be good, Egg.
[scoffs] Bitch ass.
That got tense.
Was he--
There's nothing
to know about him.
You can tell me
these things, Ale.
Beth, we--
we talked about this, right?
I-- I have no interest in
reliving that part of my life.
Talking about it isn't reliving.
So, the Supreme Court.
He doesn't know
what he's talking about.
-Federal court.
Uh, being a jailhouse lawyer,
I mean, that-- that's a thing?
I-- What? Were you good at it?
I could read and write.
What kind of stuff did you do?
Ah, challenged
a few convictions.
Filed rights of habeas corpus.
Grievances against
the COs in the prison.
Wait, you never told me this.
-Uh, yes, I did.
-No, you didn't.
You told me
that you-- you challenged
your conviction in court.
Not that you were
some crusader behind bars.
I was not a crusader.
Look, can-- can we please
be done with this?
Okay, why did he call you Egg?
Oh, Egghead.
[Beth laughing]
I get it.
That's actually really cute.

Hola, Papa.
[lips smacking]
[objects clattering]
Hola, Mama.
[Maria speaking Spanish]
-Ah. Fine.
-[Maria speaking Spanish]
[Ale speaking Spanish]
-I was just working late.
-[Maria chuckling]
-[Maria speaking Spanish]
-[Ale chuckles]
What'd the doctor say?
[Maria speaking Spanish]
You should bring her for dinner.
-If I get a free night.
-[Maria scoffing]
[Maria speaking Spanish]
Marvin never
worked you like that.
Marvin doesn't have
the clients they do.
What'd the doctor say?
They upped the dose.
How much?
[both speaking Spanish]
[both speaking Spanish]
[Maria speaking Spanish]
[Ale speaking Spanish]
[Maria speaking Spanish]
No, we--
you're needed here, all right?
Hey, we got it, hmm?
We'll take care of it.
[solemn music playing]

[JD] Yo. Yo!
Yo, Egg.
Hey, yo, Egg!
Yo, Egg.
Egg, I see you, man.
What the fuck, JD?
Hey, first you roll up at me
in a parking lot at night,
and now you're gonna
come at me at work?
I know, I know, man,
but hear me out, okay?
I need help. I need Egg, man.
-Don't call me that.
-I can pay you, man.
Shit, you was
the best damn lawyer
even before
you went to law school.
I can't imagine
what you like now.
It's 500 bucks.
-It's everything I got.
-JD, man,
look around you, bro.
What you think
a half a rack is gonna buy you?
Man, it's my--
it's my little sister, man.
Look, I-- I don't want to know.
Look, they got her in solitary
three months, man.
Three months.
You know what that do.
Took her meds.
She ain't gonna make it.
Look, I can't help you,
but I might know
somebody that can.
Just write her name,
date of birth, and your number.
See what he says.
Damn, Egg.
Ale. Sorry.
Hey, trust me.
[dramatic music playing]
[Marvin] This guy's a bum.
I-- I'm telling you, he leaves
15 minutes early to dodge me.
[Shelly] All right.
[Marvin] So, and he goes out
the west gate, okay?
Oh, the prodigal son returns.
-[Shelly laughing]
-What are you doing here?
[Shelly] Marvin's got
a deadbeat dad dodging him.
-Ah, fun.
I, uh, brought some lunch,
but where's-- where's Patty?
Ah, she had to go part-time.
Marvin, these are from April.
Have you not entered them?
[Marvin] That's client
privilege, put those down.
I see why Patty had
to go part-time.
I've been saying
the same damn thing.
Well, I guess that means...
you get her tuna melts.
And, sir, for you...
-your usual.
To what do I owe this honor?
Oh, I brought you a case.
Ooh, crumbs from Keefe Briar.
[Ale grunts]
No, um,
it's a guy from Lansing,
needs a good lawyer.
It's a lot.
"Shareen Robinson.
Possession with intent.
Second year of five
at Winter Valley Correction.
Welfare check.
Procedural challenge.
Solitary confinement.
Medication is being withheld.
Request for transfer
to State Hospital for treatment
of bipolar disorder
and schizophrenia"?
[Shelly] Now,
that's a fucking doozy.
I was hoping
you'd bring him a winner.
Ah, Tom keeps the winners.
Only the losers
go out [indistinct].
Okay, I'll take it.
You will?
Get the family in here
to sign an agreement.
This young lady needs our help.
What, our-- our help?
No, there--
there's no way the family
can afford the--
the firm's retainer.
That's why I brought it to you.
Every lawyer has pro bono hours.
Even those yutzes at your firm.
[Ale] Tom's not gonna go for it.
Of course he will.
I've resigned
from federal court,
and you would do all that.
Where else you gonna get
that kind of experience?
Sitting third chair
for the next five years?
This-- Marvin,
this isn't going to court.
Nonsense, this is classic
Eighth Amendment violation.
Even before
we file anything with the court,
there are three layers
of grievances
that she has to fill out
and get through.
I mean, most people don't have
the patience for that,
and I have too much stuff--
[Marvin] We Jews have
a thing called tzedakah.
Comes from
the Hebrew word for justice.
Marvin, I don't need
a lecture right now.
[Marvin] For Christians,
it's kind of like tithing.
It's-- it's more than charity.
It's an ethical obligation
of those who have means
and abilities to see to
the proper distribution
of resources.
Of justice.
This young woman needs tzedakah.
I'll call the family.
You go and talk to Tom.
Tell him I said hi.
-He hates you, Marvin.
-[Marvin chuckles]
Turn on the charm.
He'll sign off on it.
Eddie, yeah. [sighs]
Yeah, I've seen
the poll numbers.
Don't worry about that.
Worry about
the fundraiser next month.
Look, we get the cash.
Your poll numbers will change.
So here are
the Venister requests for docs,
and I reviewed the response
to Bridal Home's
adjudication motion.
Great, I'll take a look
and get them back to you
in a few hours.
[clears throat]
Uh, Tom, I-- I have a request.
Have a seat.
I've been asked to do
some pro bono work.
-[Tom] Pro bono?
-Mmm, yes.
Is this one of Marvin's babies?
Yeah, kind of.
You know,
you don't owe him anything.
Don't get me wrong, what he did
for you is great, but...
any halfway decent lawyer
could have done that.
I don't think it's going to
take many hours at all.
It's just a basic welfare check,
request for transfer.
-[Tom] A prison thing.
Well, don't let me be the one
to stand in the way
of a good deed.
Oh, thank you, sir.
I-- I mean, Tom.
Mmm. Ah!
Don't forget,
I need the research
on the Nikkei Industries
brief by tomorrow.
On it.
And that is seven for me.
Show me what you got.
-All right.
-[Beth chuckles] What's that?
-[Ale] It's a Z.
I'm sorry, Zuz is not a word.
It's an ancient Hebrew
[indistinct], look it up.
No, that is absolute bullshit.
-I mean, it's good.
Better than "yo."
I cannot believe
you're bringing that up again.
[Ale] Hey.
One cheap word for another.
We said that we were not
going to bring that up again.
You gonna play
a word or not, huh?
Well, I don't know,
are you going to tell me
about your time in front of
the Supreme Court?
I told you,
it wasn't the Supreme Court.
It was federal court.
Judge Tice.
Judge Tice?
He retired eight years ago.
Oh, my gosh, you argued a case
when you were 20?
In federal court?
Look, it's not like
I could afford a lawyer.
I was too young to be afraid.
[Beth] Did you win?
Are you going to play a word?
If you're not, I'm going to.
Oh, my gosh,
you won, didn't you?
I dropped the case.
And "abdicate." There, done.
-Wait, no, no, it was my turn.
-I win.
It was my turn. [laughs]
You're such a jerk.
-Well, you talk too much.
-No, I can't believe it.
Wait, but also, you--
you actually abdicated?
-No way.
Also, you--
you're such an asshole.
-I hate you. [laughs]
-[indistinct]. Go again, hmm?
-[phone ringing]
-[Ale sighs]
[receptionist] I have
a Marvin Weissman on line
Um, put him through
to voicemail.
[receptionist, indistinct]
Fine, put him through.
Hey, Marvin.
[Marvin] I met Shareen's
grandmother the other day.
Signed all the paperwork.
Lovely woman.
I was thinking, we should
go out there this afternoon.
Oh, I-- I can't,
I'm backed up here.
[Marvin] Okay, then
we'll do it in the morning.
Marvin, I am backed up.
[Marvin] Well, kid,
you're not much of a lawyer
if you can't prioritize
your client's needs.
Best we just do it
this afternoon.
Come grab me in about 20. Bye.
[Ale sighing]
[intriguing music playing]
We're off to see the state's
new shiny correctional facility.
State of the art.
It's supposedly 20% cheaper than
other state-run facilities.
Well, all you have to do
is understaff it,
cut all social programs,
limit medical,
and pay a private real estate
corporation to run it for you.
All made possible by
our dear friend, Eddie Hill.
That putz is pushing two more
of these monstrosities
on the state.
Says it's a model
of privatization
of social services.
Well... [scoffs]
...he becomes Governor
We have to expose these things
for what they are,
and knock that bird
off his perch.
so all that elaborate speech
about charity and justice,
and the real truth comes out.
Who says good deeds
can't be self-serving?

[Ale] Ale Villacano
and Marvin Weissman.
We're here
to see Shareen Robinson.
We're her attorneys.
[Warden Martin]
I'm Warden Martin.
I wish you'd called before
you came all this way.
[Marvin] Ah,
morning got away from me.
Will do next time.
I don't see you in the file
as her attorneys of record.
We were just hired
by the family.
Seems they're a bit concerned
about her condition,
and the way
she's being treated here.
Family is concerned
that she's not current
on all of her meds,
and also that
she's not receiving
the therapeutic treatment
ordered by the courts.
I'll have to look into that.
You do that.
We'd like to see our client now.
you can't see her today.
I just had word
from Command Center.
We're short-staffed.
Two officers called in sick.
Well, if you're short-handed,
that could be
a violation of your charter.
Well, we'd have
to report you to DOC.
And also, it might be
interesting to see
-what the US Attorney--
-You made your point.
While we're waiting,
do you mind telling us why
our client's been in solitary
confinement for three months?
She assaulted a guard.
[Ale] Well,
we'd like to see that video.
The system was down
for maintenance that day.
Oh, that's okay, you can just
give us the name of the CO
-and all witnesses.
-I'll have to look into it.
Why weren't charges filed?
Was it a violent assault?
She spit on a CO.
Three months is
a bit harsh for spitting.
[Warden Martin] She continued
to be disruptive and defiant.
Well, we would like to see
those videos as well.
File a motion.
I just happen
to have one right here.
I'll have my staff
pull those together.
Incident reports,
video, medical, visitor logs.
I'm aware of the extent
of the request.
I think it's time
we see our client.
Otherwise, young'un here will
pull out more motions for you.
I think you can find a CO
to bring her to us.
[Shareen] Shut the fuck up!
[muttering indistinctly]
[indistinct] tell 'em,
I'm gonna get their asses.
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
Hello, Shareen.
We've been hired by
your family to represent you.
You can go.
Shut the door behind you.
-[guard] No--
-No, we'd like to have
a private conversation
with our client.
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
I don't [indistinct]. Fuck!
[muttering indistinctly]
I asked you to leave, CO.
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
-[door shuts close]
-[Shareen mutters indistinctly]
-We're your attorneys.
We're here to help you.
I just gotta talk...
[muttering indistinctly]
Do you know what day it is?
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
Shareen, how long has it been
since you've had your pills?
Haldol, lithium,
you're supposed
to take 'em every day.
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
[Shareen] JD.
JD asked us to check on you.
I just gotta talk--
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
He's worried about you.
Goddamn right he's worried.
Fuck him and fuck you.
You tell
that Black son of a bitch
Huck's coming for his ass.
He'll get his, fucking
leaving me here like this.
JD is the reason this
happened to me, Huck told me.
You tell that Black motherfucker
that Huck is coming for his ass.
He'll get his, fucking
leaving me here like this.
-...leaving me here like this.
-[guard, indistinct].
-Huck is gonna get him.
-Huck told me [indistinct].
-We're dealing with our client.
-This interview's done.
[indistinct]. Just JD.
Call him, JD, call him.
Call him, call me!
-[muttering continues]
-[door shuts close]
[muttering continues]
Three months off her med?
Isolation the whole time?
Ah, she's obviously delusional.
Probably on
the verge of a break,
if she already hasn't had one.
We need to get
a filing with the court.
There's not gonna be
a filing with the court, Marvin.
We can file an emergency TRO.
I-- I told you, if we don't file
the correct
grievances in order,
they will throw us
out of the courtroom
and not let us back in,
they-- they don't care, it's--
it's fucking pointless.
-[car approaching]
[car door shuts]
You must think
I'm a complete idiot.
[JD] Jesus Christ, man. What--
I've been trying
to call you all day.
-I'm workin' a double.
-I-- I don't want your shit, JD.
All right, I told you
that from the start.
This-- this isn't
just about your sister.
No, man,
it's nothing like that, I swear.
-[JD] Yeah.
Yeah, well, it didn't
seem like that today.
Not with that CO bird-dogging us
the whole time.
Or her going on and on
about how you're dodging her,
or do--
or how Huck's gonna find you.
[JD] She's off of her meds.
Nothing she says makes sense.
And the guards, they hate her.
They just fuck with her.
I went to go see her last month.
She was fucked up.
Couldn't go back.
I've been clean three months,
and it's just too fucking hard
to see her like that,
not with the place that
my head is at.
You know what that's like.
You saw her.
She needs you, man.
She ain't got no one else.
I need you.
Come on, Ale. Please.
You better not be
fucking lying to me, JD.
I'm not, I swear.

-How they treating you here?
-Oh, it's--
it's all good.
The owner, Antoine,
says he's gonna train me
to be on the line.
-No shit.
-Yeah. [laughs]
Yeah, kind of like it.
It's-- it's hectic, man.
Like guys yelling at each other,
plates flying by.
-[Ale chuckling]
-It's not boring.
-Uh, well, you know.
Sometimes chaos
keeps life interesting.
[JD chuckling]
Now, look. You stay out, bro.
You know it.
[Ale] Soy vanilla macchiato,
extra shot of decaf.
-How you doing, Professor?
-[Laurie] Oh, stop that.
How is Keefe Briar treating you?
Life of a junior associate,
pushing 2,500 billable hours.
God, I do not miss those years.
But it's a hell of
an opportunity.
I have a client
in Winter Valley.
Uh, they're withholding
her meds.
-She's being kept in solitary.
-I'm gonna stop you right there.
You brought me a macchiato
for two possible reasons.
One, for advice.
Two, for me to intervene.
I'll entertain one of those.
You joined Keefe Briar to become
a well-paid defense attorney.
This is not a Keefe Briar case.
It's a Marvin Weissman,
and it's a loser.
So the US Attorney's Office
isn't even interested?
No, we're not interested.
But, Laurie, this-- this place,
there's something rotten.
It's a prison.
They're all rotten.
[Ale] But you guys investigated
Topeka Correctional Facility.
Ten years ago, under Obama.
The Civil Rights Department
isn't what it used to be.
Prisons don't move the needle.
[faint chatter]
Who's coming?
[ominous music playing]
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
Dugan says you done good.
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
He says JD hired them.
-JD? JD?
-Is it true?
I don't know. [indistinct].
He won't pick up. [indistinct].
[Shareen choking]
[Huck] Where the fuck is he?
I don't know.
I don't know. He won't--
He won't pick up.
He won't pick up.
Do you remember what I told you?
-[Shareen muttering]
[Shareen muttering indistinctly]
[Huck] I told you to find him.
[Shareen grunting]
-[Huck] You fucking find him!

[Beth] Do you think
it's too late to cancel?
Why are you so nervous?
I'm the one meeting
your mother for the first time.
It's gonna be fine. Hmm?
Oh, you'll love the steaks.
-Best in town.
-Thanks for the invite, Tom.
Well, it's the least I can do
for saving me the humiliation
in front of Judge Holloway.
And Tom says you're
his brightest young associate.
-Second brightest.
-[all chuckling]
Is that something that I can use
for my next performance review?
-[Ale chuckling]
How did you
get interested in law?
Well, I saw from
a very young age
the importance and impact that
a good attorney can have.
I guess in your case, it did.
Uh, Tom, I-- I noticed
in the Nikkei brief--
Tom says you've taken on
a pro bono prison case.
[Ale] Yes, that is correct.
-Do you find that helpful?
-[Beth] Mother!
I don't know if it's helpful,
but I was asked, and I agreed.
The woman has significant needs,
and the facility
is not addressing those.
Addressing her needs. [scoffs]
She's a criminal in prison,
not at a Club Med.
Enough, Margaret.
I'm just making conversation.
It's not often we get
to talk about such things
with someone who has
such intimate knowledge.
Goddamn you.
We talked about this.
-Ale, I am so sorry.
-Sure, Tom.
Mrs. Keefe.
[Beth sobbing]
Hey. Hey. Hey.
I'm so sorry.
She ruins everything.
-Ah, just--
[Beth sniffles]
I guess this is the last time
I'm getting invited
to the Scotch, hmm?
[Beth] Hmm?
I was really
looking forward to the steak.
[Beth chuckles]
Let's just do
a drive-thru and go home.
I'm not afraid to go back in.
I am.
Let's get out of here.
[melancholy music playing]
[shovel scraping]
Hey, kid.
You didn't have to do that.
Oh, it's no problem.
I wanted to.
Guess who just called?
Warden Martin.
Said they're denying
the petition on the transfer.
But they're getting
Shareen back on her meds,
and within a week,
she should be out of seg.
Hey, well, celebrate
the small victories, huh?
I was thinking on
the appeal to that petition--
What? No, Marvin.
We-- we got her meds back.
-Drop the appeal.
That girl doesn't belong
in that place.
With her diagnosis,
that asshole judge
should never
have sent her there.
I didn't agree
to relitigate her sentencing.
I agreed to check in on her,
get her on her meds,
and get her out of seg,
we did that.
I gotta get back to clients
that pay the bills.
There you go.
Smelling your own shit again.
You know the right thing.
You know, Marvin,
I'm not buying into the bullshit
that I have to pay it back.
I can't be responsible
for everyone.
What skin is it off your back
to spend a few extra hours
to help this young girl out?
Because I don't want to.
All right, Marvin?
I'm not like you.
I don't have this urge to just
always be there to help out.
Then do it as a friend to JD.
This is not a life decision.
I-- it's just billable hours.
No, it-- it's a fucking
black hole, Marvin.
I mean, you're so trapped in it,
you don't even see it.
One day you held out your hand,
and you never got it back.
That's not gonna be me.
Not again.
She is not my problem.
I am done with this case.
No more appeals.
Then you tell your friend
you didn't want to help her.
Now that she's back on her meds.
[shovel scraping]
-[Connor] We need a precedent.
-The precedent is clear.
-[phone vibrating]
We cite Amighetti
v. Steele and Associates.
Okay, that's 1956 case law, man.
We need something more current.
There isn't
anything more current.
Because there hasn't been
a successful challenge
to the precedent, and this
is the case law to cite.
Look, I'm not going to Tom
basing our argument
-on a 60-year-old precedent.
-[phone vibrating]
Look, stop getting hung up
on how old the case is.
Will you fucking get that, man?
-Just get it.
-[Ale sighs]
Ale Villacano.
Is it the old guy or the boy?
-The young guy.
-It's Shareen.
-I know.
-I was thinking.
I was thinking,
thinking, think-- think--
thinking I could talk to JD.
Well, I can certainly
have him call you back.
-Do you know where he's at?
L-- look, the warden called.
He said you're supposed to be
getting your pills back today.
-Did you get your pills?
-You talk to JD?
No, the warden.
I need to talk to JD.
-Did you get your pills?
-I just need to talk to him.
Shareen, I need to know
if you got your pills.
[Shareen] [indistinct]. JD. JD.
I can't find him.
You find him. You find him.
why are you looking for JD?
Is someone
asking you to find him?
[ominous music playing]
Shareen, I--
[Ale sighing]
Interesting client.
I don't like the case law.
Find me something else.
[Beth sighs]
I had them retake
this photo four times,
and this is still
the worst picture.
I mean, I look like I just
got done with a four-day bender.
[Ale] Mmm.
Nobody's license photo
looks good.
Yeah, well, you know what?
I bet yours is perfect.
Hmm. Yeah.
[solemn music playing]
Is this her?
What was she like?
So young.
So young.
You know you don't have
to carry her photo around?
It wasn't your fault.
You were just kids out partying.
It could've happened to anyone.
But it didn't.
It didn't.
It happened to me.
I mean, I got ten years.
Sure, but I got out.
She's still dead.

[Marvin] Thanks.
[Beth] Good morning, Marvin!
[Marvin laughs]
If it isn't the brilliant
young attorney, Beth Keefe.
I couldn't ask for better
carpool companions.
You got a busy day, Marvin?
Never know,
'til I get in the office.
[Marvin chuckling]
I made copies
from my files already.
Thought that matter was settled.
It is.
[Marvin] These things have a way
of just continually popping up.
Junior here thinks you can put
a bow on it and be done.
Life's not that neat.
[intriguing music playing]
Hey, Shelly. It's Ale.
What are you doing today?

Yep, this is where he's at.
You won't like it here.
What's up, man?
Hey, uh, just needed to talk.
Nothing to talk about, right?
She got her meds back,
like you said.
Everything all right?
[JD] Yeah, man, I--
I think you should go.
[Ronnie] What the fuck
are you looking at?
It's-- it's cool, man.
-He's about to leave.
-Shut up.
-You got something on your mind?
-I think you should step back.
You think that piece scares me,
you fucking dyke?
Hey, I'm not looking
for trouble.
-Just came to see a friend.
-And you did.
I think it's time you get back
in that little shitbox
and move on.
You got it.
Not guys I'm inviting to
my Christmas party.
I knew it, fucking JD.
How much would it cost
to run some plates
and do some surveillance?
You're broker than Marvin.
[ominous music playing]
You fucking mutt.
You dodged me for three months,
and then hire
some fucking lawyer
for your little cunt sister?
Oh, that was my grandma.
She-- she was freaking out,
so-- so she hired him.
Better not have used
our money to pay him.
Well, nobody paid him
nothing, right?
It was like--
like I told you, man,
it w-- it was all gone
when I got back.
Yeah, and this shit too, right?
Sure it was.
[JD] Y-- yeah,
all of it, I swear.
Roll up your sleeves for me, JD.
Well, look at you.
You can tell
the truth sometimes.
[JD] Three months, nothing.
Proud of you, JD.
Getting clean is good.
[JD] Been working steady
and saving up my money.
I-- I told you all that.
I can get it all back to you.
Sure you can.
What was it, Ronnie?
Ten large?
And another five in pills.
Another five in pills.
JD, what you doing
that'll get that back to us?
-Washing dishes.
-[Huck coughing]
But-- but they said
that they were going to
put me on the line.
-On the line?
-[Huck laughing]
[Huck] Shit.
Fifteen G's for washing dishes.
I mean, maybe, maybe, uh--
This is how it's gonna go down.
You're going to
come back to work.
And the day you pay us back
will be the day we stop burning
a train on your sister's ass.
-[JD] Huck, why you gotta--
-Shut up!
You stupid motherfucker.
Do you think
we're fucking around?
You think it's some
sort of fucking game?
I'm your fucking ATM?
You got a month to earn it back.
Do you understand?
Now tell me about this lawyer.
[phone ringing]
-[Ale] Hey.
-[Beth] Ale, where are you?
We're five minutes away.
Uh, I had a last-minute meeting.
[Beth] There's a pretrial
briefing in five minutes.
What? Fuck.
I know, how close are you,
can you get back?
No, I'm-- I'm 45 minutes out.
Is this the other case,
Lo-- look,
I'm turning around now, okay?
No, no, it's fine.
It's fine. I'll cover for you.
[Ale] Shit. Son of a bitch.
[Warden Martin] Mr. Villacano.
We don't serve at your leisure.
You can't just show up here
and demand to see your client.
And I'd like to confirm
that my client
is getting the medication
you promised us.
She is, I can assure you.
Oh, you'll excuse me if I don't
just take your word for it.
I'd like to see my client.
-There's been an incident.
-What kind of incident?
-We're still investigating.
-I need to see her right now.
[ominous music playing]
How the hell does that happen
when she's in seg?
Like I said,
we're investigating.
-Fuck you.
-Excuse me?
I'm trying to figure out if
you're as corrupt as your COs,
or you're just lazy.
You're a smart-mouthed
little punk, ain't you?
I run a clean shop.
This is a prison, my friend.
Bad people live here,
and they do bad things.
I'm not some civil
that doesn't know
how things work around here,
I know all your games.
I took half of Lansing
to federal court.
Well, then you know no one cares
what goes on behind these walls.
As far
as the public is concerned,
we're just
garbage men minding the trash.
She better stay
in protective care,
and she better stay safe,
or I'll drag your ass
in front of a federal judge,
and have you explain
why the fuck your cameras
keep malfunctioning.
[Shelly] Who's this guy?
[Ale] Wilson Speight.
CO for 30 years.
I know him from Lansing.
On his first report it says
that "Shareen Robinson
instigated a fight
with a sucker punch
to another inmate."
But Speight says
it's the other way around.
He launched an official protest,
and had it put in the file.
Well, that's
a breach of etiquette.
And look at these logs.
He's working different detail
on night shift after that.
[Shelly sighing]
Let's go have a talk.
Wilson Speight?
Do I know you?
Ale Villacano.
-Step the fuck back, man.
Hey, hey, hey, hey,
I'm not looking for any trouble.
Any ex-con that rolls up
on this house right here,
damn sure looking for trouble.
Speight, I'm a lawyer now.
I just want to ask you
about Winter Valley.
I read a report
about an incident
involving CO [indistinct]
and a few inmates.
You gave a conflicting account.
It's all in the report.
I got nothing else to say.
Remember [indistinct]
reassigned you after that, huh?
Gave you night shifts?
[Wilson] I remember you.
Skinny-ass kid.
Always raising
some kind of hell with the CO
and the wardens
with all your filings,
your court cases.
Look, Speight,
I'm going to find out.
I'm going to drag
all their asses to court,
and I'm going to
call you as a witness.
So either you talk about it now,
or I'm going to
find out under oath.
You ain't going to find shit.
And even if you did,
they wouldn't say nothing.
You look like you made
something out of yourself.
Damn shame
to throw it away for nothing.
[man] Yo, counselor.
Got some free
legal advice for you.
[Al grunts, coughs]
[man] Get better clients.
[Al] It's just--
Easy, easy, easy, hey, hey, hey.
[man] This is one
of those moments in your life
where you're going to
have to make a choice.
Yeah. Yeah, look at you.
You're a smart guy, huh?
You know how this plays.
Back off,
and you walk away
with a broken rib.
Keep it up,
and bodies start
to hit the floor.
Yeah? Yeah? Okay.
Come on, come on. There you go.
Make a good choice, counselor.
[Al groaning, spluttering]
[Al grunting, coughing]

[knocking on door]
-[knocking on door]
-[JD] Pull up!
-[Ale] This fucking door.
-[knocking on door]
[JD] Eh?
Where are your friends?
Fuck you want?
-I want you to stop lying to me.
No, no, no, JD,
the moment you open your mouth
is when you start lying.
How the hell
did you even fall in with Huck
and his crew of shitheels?
I mean,
that's what this is, right?
Some contraband scheme
that, at some point,
it grew into pills?
Only I'm guessing that--
that Huck didn't realize
you're a [indistinct] criminal.
Whole thing
was Shareen's idea, man.
Do you hear yourself?
Shareen's idea? Huck's idea?
No, you a grown-ass man.
I'm so-- I'm sorry.
I just--
just fucked everything up.
Nah. Nah, don't be sorry.
-Fix it.
-Fix it?
You saw those guys.
There ain't no fixing this, man.
Those guys fix you.
Look, I'm into them 15 large.
Say I got to the end
of the month to work it off.
How the fuck did you get
15 large in with these guys?
I just fucking did, man.
I don't know.
-I'll go to the DA.
-[JD scoffs]
No, no, no, no, it's--
This is a simple case.
The cops are gonna
round these guys up.
They're gonna
turn on each other.
No! No! No!
It's gonna be my third strike.
That's why
I'm coming to you right now.
If you're
the first in line to cut a deal,
then immunity
might still be on the table.
No, I ain't no--
I ain't no fucking snitch.
What are you
talking about, a snitch?
A code of honor
with these assholes,
after what
they did to your sister?
This is the only play you got.
I can't go back, man.
[JD sobbing]
I'll do everything I can.
But, brother...
there's no
walking away from this one.
You okay?
[Shelly] I may hate
this man more than you.
[Ale] Shelly,
it's the only play I got.
[Shelly] Let's do this.
Eddie will be right with you.
Shelly Wolf.
It's been a while
since you graced this office
with your presence.
You got any more files
you need to steal?
I don't know.
Do you have any more evidence
that you're hiding
from the defense?
Ah, those have never made it
into my files, and you know it.
We already
litigated this once, Eddie.
I don't think
we need to visit it again.
You know, I always imagined you
back in this office,
just in
a different colored suit.
You ever stop being an asshole?
I have a client
that wants to cut a deal.
Ooh, ooh, ooh.
He can hand-deliver you
an organized crime ring
inside of Winter Valley.
Contraband, pill mills,
extortion, probably worse.
What do I got to offer him?
-[Ale] Immunity.
-From what?
I think you've made
those kind of deals before.
[Eddie] Mm, not interested.
Who's your client? JD Robinson?
That little lowlife
will go away for 20 years
with another conviction.
And who's his sister?
What's she doing time for?
A second drug conviction?
What's a third gonna do for her?
You know,
you wanna spin some fantasy
about some organized crime ring,
when you got a couple of COs
in bed with a con or two?
Yeah, do that somewhere else.
If there's a dirty CO
at Winter Valley,
we'll find him.
But I sure as hell
am not gonna cut a deal
with some fucking
ex-con lowlife to do it.
Now get the fuck
out of my office.
[Shelly] What an asshole.
For a born-again Christian,
he sure does cuss a lot.
What's the next move, boss?
I don't know.
[phone vibrating]
[Connor over phone]
What the fuck, Ale?
What, Connor?
We're at the Tellison briefing.
What are you talking about?
Oh, I'm sorry,
should I speak a little slower
for you to understand me?
Tel-ee-son brief--
No, I understand
what you're saying.
-You assigned that to Maggie.
-No, I didn't.
I have the email
where you told--
That changed,
but I guess, you haven't
been around to notice.
First draft
was due to Tom this morning.
I'll let him know
you'll have it by end of day.
You know,
I do contract killings, too.
So, uh, what did the DA say?
No dice.
[Ale] Said he doesn't care.
Care? What--
Did you tell him everything?
I told him enough.
He said a bent CO or two--
Doesn't interest him.
What about the prison doctor?
-These people, though.
Gotta get
these people their money.
-Man, hey--
-No, no, no, no, no, no.
-Hey, hey, hey. What--
-You and Shareen--
What about the prison doc?
She was the one
writing the scripts, man.
She had the clinic
over on the west side.
Goddammit, JD,
you can't even be
a good fuckin' snitch.
What does it matter?
You already said
the DA didn't care.
Just-- just hold tight, JD.
"Hold tight, JD"? Wha--
Fuck you, man.
Man, I'm not
a miracle worker, all right?
You want me to keep you out
of prison, keep Shareen safe,
all while you're
running fuckin' drugs for Huck?
If it was that easy,
you would've done it yourself.
That motherfucker's
gonna kill me.
No, no, he's--
he's not gonna do that.
He would've done it already.
He's gonna use you until
there's no purpose for you.
I can't take this shit anymore.
I'm-- I'm working on it.
[Al sighing]
that motherfucker Tuttle?
instrumental playing]
Big boy was--
was riding his ass,
something fierce.
at the prison thought he was--
He was just a bitch.
Then one day,
just out of nowhere just, "Bam!"
in the fucking [indistinct],
right in the middle
of the cafeteria
for everybody to see.

I ain't gonna be no bitch.
Tuttle got
an extra 10 years for that.
Don't do anything stupid.
[laughs wryly] Stupid?
Stupid like what?
Like-- like trusting you?
Like-- like thinking
that-- that anybody at all
gives a shit
about me and [indistinct]?
No, I'm not gonna
do anything stupid.
Not like that, not no more.
Get the fuck
out of my room, Egg.
[calling tone ringing]
Hey, Shelly.
Can you do a workup
on the prison doc?
Hey, old man, how you feeling?
Royals lost.
That's your complaint?
They lose all the time.
Shelly told me about Eddie Hill.
Yeah, a tiger's
not gonna change its stripes.
What'd the doc say?
Bladder infection.
I always wanted
to live a long time, but this--
this getting old stuff stinks.
Well, you wanna
watch some SportsCenter?
Maybe you'll catch
some highlights of teams
that actually win.
instrumental playing]
[muffled commentating over TV]
You know, you don't give me
much time to do my job.
What, you're not
gonna even look at it?
I don't even know what fire
to piss on right now, Shelly.
Okay, let me give you
the Reader's Digest version.
"She may be the worst
doctor in the world."
-Two DUIs?
And a suspended medical license.
How does someone like that
even get a job?
[indistinct] keeper her license.
She's gotta know someone.
Wait, is-- is that her?
Yeah, um, yep,
at her favorite place,
at the end of the bar, George's.
She's got a clinic in Seneca,
but she's not there very long.
Now, I wonder if, uh,
Eddie still
doesn't want to do the deal.
This would be
a good bust for him.
Well, call his office tomorrow.
Great work on this, Shelly.
[phone vibrating]
[Beth sighs] Who's texting you?
Don't worry about it.
[Beth] He's texting you "911."
[Al sighs]
[calling tone ringing]
-[JD] Hey, I-- I need you.
-JD, I'm busy, all right?
We'll take care
of this tomorrow.
I'm in trouble, I'm fucked up.
I'm fucked up, man.
You gotta come get me.
No, not tonight, man.
You gotta come get me, man, I--
JD, it can wait.
There ain't no waitin'.
I did that shit.
What? Wha--
what are you talking about?
I'm in one of the alleys
off of, uh-- Of first--
Is-- is it Tuttle?
[JD] You just gotta get
down here and come get me, man.
-I don't--
JD, I--
[Huck] You did good, JD.
For a fucking snitch.
-[JD] No!
-[gunshot bangs]
[ominous music plays]
Shelly, h-- hey, look, it's me.
I-- I-- I-- I need you
to meet me downtown.
It's in some alley
off of First Street.
I'm-- I'm on my way there now.

[brakes squealing]
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
-No, no.
No. Come on.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, hey, come on.
Put the phone away, counselor.
You should've taken my advice.
You needed better clients.
He wasn't
half as dedicated to you...
as you were to him.
He had no problem
selling you out.
Just like he did
his cunt little sister.
Oh. Ronnie's gonna
take it from here.
Good night, counselor.
Huck, the DA knows
all about you.
If you ice me, it's just gonna
be worse for you.
The DA? [laughs]
The DA ain't gonna do shit.
I told him everything.
[Huck laughing]
You see the fucking DA around?
I don't.
Ronnie, you see the DA around?
All I see are
a couple of dead ex-cons.
Now, look,
you guys can flip on that doc,
get a good plea.
Oh. Right.
He's a genius little liar.
You think you know
something about this game?
You don't fucking know shit.
Look, I like you.
You're gonna want a deal.
There's guys on the inside.
They'll kill you.
Who the fuck
you think runs the inside?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Drop it!
[gunshots banging]
[JD] Knew you wouldn't let
those fuckers get you.
They could have--
could have locked you
in solitary, and for a year,
you still keep coming strong.
That egg don't break.
Thank God they gave you
your old spot back.
They put this fucking mope here.
Snored like a motherfucker.
When he wasn't snoring,
he was jacking off.
That was, like,
the longest two months ever.
About to...
about ready to shit his ass.
[JD] Man, you should have seen
those fuckers
shitting their pants
over that case.
Couldn't even-- couldn't even
keep you in the seg
with those bullshit charges.
[JD sighs]
Nothing holds you back.
Not Egg.
Hey. You're not sleeping.
Fuck! Fuck!
Guards! Guards!

[knocking on door]
[Ale grunts]
[Ale] I don't have to
tell him, though.
[Ale sobbing]
Hey. Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, honey.
Um, uh, what-- what were you--
what did, uh--
-what are you doing here?
It's okay.
It's okay.
We got to get to the office,
I-- I-- I can't.
-I know. I know
-No, I can't.
I can't-- I can't today.
I can't. I can't today, I--
Trust me, okay?
[Ale sobbing]
-Let's go.
[Ale] What's going on?
Why can't you tell me
what's going on?
[Beth] Okay. Eddie's upstairs,
and others, too.
There's a deal.
Marvin's looked at it.
-How is she?
-She's out of surgery.
She's a tough bird.
Well, thank God
you're all right.
How you doing?
Okay, this thing
is out of control.
It's time to end this.
Yeah, we tried,
but that prick Eddie...
I heard about the meeting.
Eddie didn't understand
the full extent of it.
Of course he didn't understand,
because he's a selfish--
[Tom] Stop it, Marvin.
Follow me.
Marvin, Ale,
this is Delbert Lamoureux,
General Counsel
for CCA Industries.
You both know Eddie.
Gentlemen, I have just been
made aware of some of
the goings-on at Winter Valley.
District Attorney Hill
and I have talked about
what needs to be done next,
and how best to proceed.
But what I am here
to talk to you about
is your client, Shareen Robbins.
It has come
to our attention that she has
significant mental health needs
that Winter Valley
is just not equipped to address.
I have discussed
with Warden Martin,
and we think it is
in her best interest
to transfer her
to a state hospital,
so that she may get
the proper treatment.
I have reviewed
the settlement proposal
that your firm has offered,
and we find it satisfactory.
Wait, which settlement offer?
[Delbert] Your firm reached out
to us about the settlement.
My firm?
Ale, you weren't answering
your phone.
And I couldn't get ahold
of Marvin.
Where's DOC?
I don't see 'em in this room.
I'm standing in on
behalf of the state.
No, you're standing in
as a representative
for the county.
DOC is its own separate entity,
and while you represent
the facilities,
DOC oversees all state prisons.
I can assure
the DOC is well aware
of what we are proposing.
When did all this happen?
I called Eddie this morning.
You've been talking
to Eddie about my case?
Our case.
You are an attorney here
at Keefe Briar.
You've included an NDA.
That's not binding
in the state of Kansas,
not when
a public institution's involved.
It is if there's
no monetary involvement.
That won't stand up
to a challenge.
[Eddie] No one's
gonna challenge you here.
So what you're offering
is to let our client out of jail
if we keep our mouths shut?
There's nothing to tell.
You have a brother of an inmate
who was in a criminal conspiracy
with the CO.
Those men killed each other
in a dispute,
and you were, unfortunately,
caught in the crossfire.
The DA's office
is investigating other COs,
to see if this goes further
than Eugene Huckle
and Ronnie Beth.
Gentlemen, would you give me
a minute to discuss the offer?
Of course.
What about the doctor?
-The prison doctor.
You investigating her
too, Eddie?
We're investigating everybody.
[ominous music plays]
-This is a crock of shit.
this is a sweetheart deal.
Yeah, for them. Who wrote this?
You've been given a gift here.
Your client gets what she needs,
and you get out
of this quagmire.
Yeah, and everyone
else walks away,
while JD is dead and Shareen
is twisting in the wind.
Did you think this
was gonna end neatly?
Tom, let me talk to him.
He's understandably upset.
This is outrageous.
Those guys get to just waltz in
at the last minute,
and pretend
like they didn't know anything,
and leave without a scratch?
We gotta
fucking nail these guys.
It's not only up to us.
Shareen has
to decide what she wants.
W-- w-- what happened
to the take-no-prisoners,
I'm sorry, son.
I pushed you into this.
I didn't listen.
I didn't think about
what you wanted.
When you wrote me
that first letter,
asking for advice on a suit
against Lansing,
it was the most eloquent,
well-crafted legal argument
I ever read.
I knew you were gonna
win that case.
They didn't have a shot.
But when they started
leaning on you,
hassling you,
I pushed you to stay strong
and fight through it.
That was easy
for me to do from my office.
You've done your time.
You don't have to do any more.
Enjoy the life
you've built for yourself.
This is a good deal for Shareen.
And you did what you said
you were gonna do for her.
[ALe] Shareen.
This states that you'll be
transferred to a state hospital.
Now, upon successfully
completing your drug rehab,
the DA
will request early release.
It's minimum security there.
You'll have all your meds,
plenty of support, therapy.
JD, God.
God. God. God.
God. God. God. God. God.
Share-- Shareen.
I just need
you to pay attention, okay?
Now, this is
a non-disclosure agreement.
Now, the entire deal
is contingent on this.
You can't tell nobody
about what happened in here.
You really
go to the Supreme Court?
JD said you did.
Said Lansing was skipping
on meals to save money.
Said you took 'em all the way
to the Supreme Court.
It was federal.
JD talked about you
all the time.
Said that they called you Egg,
but you'd never crack.
Shareen, this deal
can get you out in a year.
-A year?
It's a good deal.
Would JD take it?
[Ale chuckles]
Come on, let's try this.
Why are you still here?
I thought you went home.
Yeah, work doesn't stop,
does it?
You want to get dinner, or...
No, I'm behind.
I don't have time for dinner.
All right, well, I can help.
No, I don't need your help.
Sorry I asked.
You know, a simple "thank you"
would be nice.
Thank you.
-For what?
-For what?
For covering you
this last month.
Is that what you call it?
what am I supposed to call it?
All the missed meetings,
and the late briefs.
I mean, you've forgotten
who you work for?
While, you've been out
playing cops and robbers,
I've been here
and keeping it going--
You-- you know--
you know what, Beth?
Why don't you illuminate me
on who the cops are
and who the robbers are?
Because from my side
of the street,
they sure look a bit different.
Jesus, Ale.
I am sorry about JD,
but what did you expect?
I mean, he's in prison
for 12 years,
and then he's out running drugs
as soon as he can.
Come on.
You know what,
let me tell you about JD.
He went to juvie
when he was 12 years old.
You know what for? Hmm?
Shoplifting food.
His mom was a junkie
that killed herself.
His dad died in prison,
and his grandma worked
three jobs,
so she could raise
her grandchildren.
But you know what? Fuck him.
Fuck him for not buckling down
and bootstrapping
his way to a better life.
Why can't he just get it right
like you
and your country club friends?
You know, but you know what?
He's just ex-con.
And it isn't like
it's Club Med, is it?
[tense music plays]
[Beth] You have no right
to hang that shit on me.
A shot of tequila, please.
One of those days, huh?
I've been having
a lot of those lately.
Uh-oh. You're one of them.
[Meredith] A lawyer.
What gave it away?
Everything gave it away.
I can spot a lawyer
a block away.
Have a few in the family.
-Come in handy in a pinch.
Well, everybody hates a lawyer
until you need one.
Or maybe we just hate
the bad ones.
My divorce lawyer,
he was a bad one.
Which one are you?
Figure that out, I guess.
I don't know. Why?
You need representation?
You never know.
[Ale] Ale.
Well, it's nice
to meet you, Meredith.
Well, that's it? Two shots?
Have another with me.
Not tonight. The office beckons.
But you have
a good night, though.
orchestral music plays]
[whispering] Son of a bitch.
[Alejandro sighing]

[gentle string music plays]
Hi, uh, soy vanilla macchiato,
extra shot of [indistinct].
Nedda told-- told me
they'd bury him tomorrow.
I want to go.
[Ale] I'll make sure
that happens.
See JD-- JD one more time.
-You going?
-I'll be there.
Now, Shareen...
I need you to understand
what I'm proposing.
-How you doing today, kid?
-Uh, busy.
It's the life
of a young associate. [laughs]
You know it.
Worked four
billable hours already.
Billable hours,
it's the name of the game
at Keefe Briar.
Okay, gentlemen.
I'm glad we could
all get together again
and conclude this matter.
Ale has Shareen's signature.
[Ale] Uh, we have another issue.
Her brother's
funeral's tomorrow.
She'd like to go.
[Eddie] She's being moved
in three days.
We can't ask the marshals
to move her twice.
[Tom] Don't go moving
the goalposts on us.
What are you doing, Ale?
How did Huck know to kill JD?
Why are you asking me?
These people are animals.
-They just turn on each oth--
-I think you know.
I don't like your tone.
And I certainly don't like
what you're insinuating.
[Tom] Ale.
She's not taking
the fucking deal.
-[Tom] Ale!
-This is your prized associate?
How long did you wait
to call Meredith
after Shelly and I left
your office?
I mean, it's--
it's Meredith, right?
Your cousin?
Or-- or should I say Dr. Amers,
the medical director
of Winter Valley
and the owner
of the wellness clinic?
-Tom, I'm--
-[Ale] No, no, no, no, no.
I-- I think you got her that job
at Winter Valley, right?
After her medical license
was suspended in Florida
for ethical violations?
All right. This deal's done.
Your client's gonna spend
the next three years--
You know, I-- I--
I don't need you to answer me
about the phone call,
I don't expect it.
The U.S. Attorney's already
drawing up subpoenas
for your phone record,
so we're gonna know that already
at some point.
But you tipped your off to JD.
You tipped her off to me
after Shelly and I
left her office, didn't you?
-[Tom] Is this true?
You got JD killed,
and you almost got me killed.
I just asked her. [indistinct].
You wanted to hang me
for Becca Gorman's death.
You painted me
as a career drug dealer
who needed to be tried
as an adult.
I didn't bring those drugs
to the party, and you knew it.
You buried those plea deals
to get me convicted,
and now you're gonna look
the other way for your cousin?
I think you need
to leave this office.
And get a lawyer.
Because you're gonna need one.
And, Delbert,
you better gear up, too,
'cause I'm gunning for you next.
Marvin, can I have a minute
with my associate?
Ale, I'm sorry.
I'm done.
[Tom] What?
You should have backed me, Tom.
What do you think I just did?
You call that settlement
backing me up?
Is this what I get?
I took a flyer, hiring you.
I was
at the top of my class, Tom.
I was editor of the law review.
My conviction was overturned
of prosecutorial misconduct.
I had more courtroom experience
than half of your associates.
There was no flyer.
You hired the best candidate,
and you know it.
But I wouldn't expect you
to understand.
Not when you have friends
like Eddie Hill.
[soft piano music plays]
What was that?
-Just desserts.
-[Beth] That's it?
Just, fuck you, Beth?
Fuck you, Keefe Briar?
You wrote that settlement.
I noticed you
as soon as I read it.
Of course I did.
How else
were you gonna get out of this?
You don't get it, do you?
You were gonna give
each of those guys
a get-out-of-jail card.
Ale, all of that was behind you.
It was over.
You did your time,
and that's it.
You got out.
And look at what you've earned.
Look at what you've achieved.
-You deserve all of this.
-[Ale] Do I?
Would Tom have even hired me
if you hadn't given him
my resume?
Would Shareen
have even gotten the settlement
if you hadn't have gone
to your daddy
and asked him to make nice
with his friends?
-I am not in their club, Beth.
I never will be.
I wanted so badly to be.
But now that I've seen it
for what it is...
I don't want any part of that.
Do you know
why they called me Egg?
'Cause they said
I would break easy.
[solemn orchestral music plays]
16-year-old kid
walking into Lansing.
All of my white friends
cut plea deals with Eddie.
They weren't walking
into Lansing for Becca.
I was.
I wasn't working
for all of this.
Polite deals,
compromises swept under the rug,
law that only benefits those
that can afford it.
That is not who I am.
This-- this--
this is who I am.
It's who I have to be.
I'm sorry that I wasn't honest
with you before but...
I am now.
That's not what I want.
I didn't sign up for a crusade.

[Marvin sighing]
So I guess you knew
I was gonna quit?
-[elevator dings]
You're my ride home.
[elevator announcer] Go down.
I got this, uh,
workplace discrimination suit
I could use some help with.
It's a loser, isn't it?
Yeah. A real stinker.
[gentle orchestral music plays]