Pentagram (2019) Movie Script

[rain pattering]
[tense music]
[thunder rumbling]
[tense electronic music]
[birds chirping]
["Dissolution" by
The Image of All]
But you're not gonna believe
what happens after that.
LUKE: Come on, Max.
No, I swear to God,
it's totally true.
Can I get you folks
something with your coffee?
Our famous pecan pie is
on special at only $1.99.
I think we're good, thanks.
That pecan pie sure
does sound good though.
[Lauren laughing]
So anyway, this guy
thinks it's all over,
but he never
developed the picture.
When he finally does,
the ghost is right in
there right next to her.
It was in the house all along.
That's bullshit.
It's totally true,
my cousin's neighbor
knew the actual guy it
happened to back in Jersey.
Swear to God.
I gotta go to the restroom.
Do you need this?
No, I don't.
Do you have a restroom?
Just down there to the left.
You're scaring Holly with
those stupid ghost stories.
They're not stories, man.
This kind of stuff
happens all the time.
You just don't hear about it.
Ghosts, demons, possessions.
Yeah, then how is it that you're
the only one talking about it?
Are you dumb?
Government keep a lid on
it to keep people in line.
Anyway, your little sister's
got worse things to be
scared of than ghosts.
If I'd have known how
monumentally fucked up she was...
Jesus Christ, she
almost died last night.
We're not equipped for that.
Look, she'll be fine
once we get to I.A.
That's the plan, isn't it?
Get her to California.
Lauren's idea.
My sister and her boyfriend
moved out there last year.
They got all the
treatment you want,
you don't even have to register
or say your name or anything.
They hand out that shit
like candy in Cali.
We'd get there quicker if
we didn't keep stopping
in all these stupid places.
Hey, these places
is what's gonna pay
for our summer, Luke.
Look, a couple more of these
and we'll be fixed
up till September.
Come on, guys, it's gonna
be lit, Cali sunshine
instead of freezing our
balls off back East,
what's not to like?
Okay, so we're good to go?
Same as last time.
Luke, you're on the door,
nobody gets in or
out until we're done.
Lauren, register, Holly,
you just do whatever.
[loud rock music]
Everybody be calm,
this is a robbery!
Nobody do anything stupid
and this will all be over
before you can say, make
America great again.
Open the register!
MAX: Do it!
I'm done.
Right, we're outta here.
You people better not even
dream about calling the cops.
We won't.
That ain't the way we do
things round here, honey.
Go, go, go!
[rock music continues]
Jesus, come on!
Holly, you okay?
Just fucking drive, man!
[gun fires]
Was that a gunshot?
[engine revs]
What are you lookin' at?
[birds chirping]
Shit, I told you
that was a gunshot.
Look at that, it's gone
right through the radiator.
Okay, look, can you fix it?
Are you kidding?
On the side of the road?
It took my dad years to
find all the parts for this.
It's a classic.
So, what are you gonna do?
'Cause I'm not
about to wait here
and get my ass shot
off by them hicks
coming from the diner
for their money.
Look, if we had water, I
can refill the radiator.
It's just gonna leak out again,
but if we start with it cool,
we can make it a few more miles.
Then we do it
again, let it cool,
fill it up, a few more miles.
We could make the
next town at least.
Yeah, great plan.
Except we don't have any water
and we're in the middle
of fucking nowhere.
Unless you want to
go back to the diner
and ask them to
use their faucet.
I saw a house back there.
Out here, you sure?
I didn't see no house.
It was kind of weird-looking.
I saw it through the trees.
Is she seeing things again?
'Cause I am not about to
go searching the forest
for some non-existent house
your sister dreamed up.
I saw it too.
How far back was it?
Not far, a couple of minutes.
Okay, fine, let's move.
[tense music]
[phone ringing]
Halsey family residence.
You are not gonna believe
what just happened.
[birds chirping]
Oh, sweet Jesus, this is
what you call a house?
You kids must've had it
harder than I thought.
Well, we just need
is a working faucet.
Well, that'd be a miracle,
whole place looks like it's
about to fucking fall down.
Lauren, go knock on the door.
Why me?
Because if there's some
old grandma living there,
she's sure as hell not
gonna open the door
for someone like me.
You really think there's
gonna be anyone in there?
How the fuck should I know?
Just trying to do
things the smart way.
[tense music]
We need something to
carry the water in.
Bottles, cans,
whatever you can find.
I'll let you know
if I see anything.
[eerie music]
[knocking on door]
Okay, let's do this.
You okay?
Not bad, not a bad
hideout, what do you say?
I thought we were in a
hurry to get to I.A.?
Well, plans can change.
I don't know, I
kinda like the place.
What about getting
your ass shot off?
No, we can defend the
place, hole it up,
fight 'em off like
in the movies!
[Max mimics gun firing]
[Holly gasping]
Shh, it's okay.
Oh man, here we go again.
Laurs, me and you go to the
kitchen and find some water.
I'm staying with Holly.
Yeah, I figured as much.
[tense music]
I found a faucet!
Open it up.
[Max sighs]
Tea pots, tea cups,
more tea cups.
Damn, you think the people who
own this place are British?
You okay?
My arms hurt.
And my legs hurt.
Everything fucking hurts.
It used to feel good,
when I would inject.
Really fucking good.
Made me forget about everything,
all the shit we
were going through.
Now, I have to do it
just to feel normal.
It'll be fine once
we get to I.A.
That's a nice dream.
It's not a dream, we'll make it.
I don't trust Max.
You shouldn't either.
What about Lauren?
She's okay.
She likes you.
What do you mean?
What I say, a girl can tell.
Do you like her?
I don't know, I never
met her before this.
Thought she was into Max.
No, he has a tiny
dick, she told me.
Must be why he's
mad all the time.
Rock and roll!
We make a pretty
good team, don't we?
I guess.
Hey, we could be like the next
Bonnie and Clyde, you know?
Who's that?
You never heard of
Bonnie and Clyde?
You never seen the movie?
Must've missed it.
Hey, look I'm just saying,
like, it would be pretty
cool, like the two of us,
we could just take off,
do whatever we want.
How many gas stations and diners
do you think there are
between here and I.A.?
It doesn't take
more than two of us
to rip one of those places off.
So, what are you saying?
Look, I'm just saying,
sometimes it feels
like we're carrying a
bit of extra weight.
It's Luke's car.
No, no, it's his dad's car.
Whatever, can't make a
road trip without a car.
Shit, look at this.
We could buy two fucking
cars with this money
if we didn't have to
split it four ways.
Four ways?
You're splitting it with Holly?
Luke wouldn't bring
the car if I didn't.
He wouldn't have come at all
if you didn't spin
him that bullshit
about the rehab center.
No, it's not bullshit.
They got my sister's boyfriend
off heroin out there,
and he has been clean
for six months now.
Oh, whatever.
[tense music]
I really need some, Luke.
Sure, okay.
There's not much left
after last night.
That's okay, I'm trying
to cut down anyway.
[Holly groans]
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go find
some place quiet.
I'll go with you.
I don't want you to.
I'm not a kid anymore, Luke.
[scoffs] I know, I just think
someone should go with you
in case something happens.
There's not enough
left in there to O.D. on,
if that's what you mean?
Look, I know you
only look out for me
because you feel guilty,
but you don't have to.
What happened, it
wasn't your fault.
Look, it's safer
if I'm with you.
We don't this place,
what if someone...
I don't want you there,
don't you get it?
I hate doing this
in front of you.
Because I'm fucking
ashamed of it, that's why.
I'm such a fucking
failure next to you.
What do you mean, next to me?
I haven't been through what you
have, there's no comparison.
You have, and you
were hurt by it too.
You just deal with
it better than I do.
We're just different
people I guess.
I don't wanna lose you.
I don't have anybody else.
You won't.
Not ever.
I'm gonna go find
somewhere quiet to do this.
[dramatic music]
You can see me?
Sure, what's up?
You been smoking something?
What are you doing here?
I noticed you had candles.
Can I use one?
You are welcome to
make use of the candle,
but please don't move
it out of position.
I must have a candle burning
at each point of the pentagram.
It protects the
sanctity of the space.
You're really into
this stuff, huh?
You could say that, yes.
You sure you're not high?
You're talking kinda weird.
You mean my accent?
Oh, is that what it is?
I'm English.
Thought you were high.
MAN: What's your name?
My name's Oliver.
I'm very pleased
to meet you, Holly.
[Holly screams]
[Holly whimpering]
What are you doing?
Don't struggle.
LUKE: Holly?
[tense music]
I'm afraid you're
cursed now, as am I.
The symbol on your
arm is to remind you.
It's the price you pay for
entering into the pentagram.
But soon you'll be
free of your pain.
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
I offer this gift to you in
the full knowledge of its cost
which I bear with my heart and
my mind from this day forward.
Get away from her!
I'm afraid that's not possible.
Holly and I have to stay
exactly where we are.
What is this?
A simple ritual.
Some spoken words, the spilling
of blood in a pentagram.
You hurt her and you're dead!
That's where you're wrong.
I hurt her and I live.
[footsteps rapidly approaching]
You got ten seconds
to drop the knife
and back away from the girl.
I take it you're the
man in charge here.
In this fucking room, I am, yes.
Well, I like your spirit,
but you're going about
this all the wrong way,
but I'm sure you know that.
A girl like this?
10 a penny on any city street.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about worth.
I'm talking about value.
To you, she's worth nothing.
A drugged up whore.
But to me, in here,
she's priceless.
And I'm willing to share
the value with you.
Don't listen to him.
He's not making any sense.
It makes perfect sense
to those that are
willing to listen.
To those that know
what they want in life
and aren't afraid to
reach out and take it.
Am I right?
What do you mean by value?
It's quite simple.
A ritual has begun, a ritual
that requires a sacrifice.
And what's in return?
Ah, so you understand
the concept?
Yeah, yeah, I get it.
I heard about this shit.
You sacrifice someone, you
get something in return.
What is it?
Power, the greatest
power you can imagine.
And it's all right here.
The words, the ritual,
the rewards.
Let me see that.
[Luke grunts]
[Holly whimpering]
[Lauren gasps]
[sizzle sounds]
[Luke, Max, and Lauren gasping]
[Lauren whimpers]
What is this, why
do we all have it?
It's the price you pay for
stepping inside the pentagram.
You should have listened to
me when you had a chance.
You're now all cursed, all
of you, just like I am.
Cursed with what?
A ritual was started.
A ritual requiring a sacrifice.
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
I offer this gift to you in
full knowledge of its cost,
which I will bear
with my heart and mind
from this day forward.
[thunder crashing]
In exchange, I only seek
enlightenment and the strength
to carry out your
work here on Earth.
Give me power, great
one, to use in your name.
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
NATALIE: [gasps]
What are you doing?
Don't step outside
the pentagram!
[sizzle sound]
- [Natalie cries]
- [Oliver gasps]
What the hell is this?
Dear God, what have you done?
You've cursed the both of us.
Get back in there with me,
it's the only safe place now.
Screw you, Oliver!
Come back!
[rattling and clinking]
[Natalie screams]
[Oliver screams]
Inside the perimeter,
it cannot see you,
it cannot hear you,
but you step outside.
How about we just sacrifice
your punk ass now?
Nice try, good thinking.
I knew you were
a kindred spirit.
But it won't work, I'm afraid.
My soul has long since
been bargained away.
Yo, my man.
You better start talking
some sense real quick.
Go ahead, fire, at
least I'll be at peace.
What happens if you step
outside the pentagram?
Is it worse than getting
your head shot off?
Wait, let me explain.
We're all in this together.
It's watching.
It's listening.
You're telling me
this thing can see us?
Not inside the pentagram.
But if we step out.
So, we're trapped inside
this fucking circle?
Bullshit, prove it!
Why don't you prove it?
Take a walk.
See what happens.
No, no, no, no, you take a walk.
[Oliver groans]
[Oliver groans]
[rattling and clinking]
Dear God.
What is it?
What's happening?
He's coming for me.
What is?
I told you, you didn't
believe me, but I told you.
Now, you'll see.
Jesus Christ, what is that?
Now, you'll see what happens
when a soul is promised
and not delivered!
[Oliver screaming]
[birds chirping]
LAUREN: Ever hear of
anything like this?
Not exactly.
[Holly whimpering]
Knew a girl once, her creepy
boyfriend was into it, but.
What happened?
She wound up dead.
He's doing a 20 stretch.
They found pieces of her body
scattered across
the neighborhood.
Jesus, don't any of your
stories have a happy ending?
[Holly whimpering]
Holly, you okay?
I need it, Luke.
[tense music]
Look at me, you have to
be strong, honey, okay?
I'm gonna figure
a way out of this.
I mean, this is some
seriously dark shit.
If that guy couldn't
figure a way out,
how the hell are we gonna do it?
We could call someone.
Oh, call someone.
If we had to.
What, like 911?
If we had to!
No fucking way.
I just mean if we had to!
Are you dumb?
That is the stupidest
thing I ever heard.
What are you gonna do,
call and ask to speak to
the black magic department?
We're not calling 911 no matter
what happens, you hear me?
All right, forget it!
Can you believe this guy?
I'm stood here with $4,000
in stolen cash and
an unregistered gun,
and this asshat wants
to call the cops!
I said forget it, all right?
Will you guys just
stop fighting, huh?
Maybe there is a way out.
If you guys just stop
yelling at each other.
[tense music]
Well, this is pretty cool.
You know, I was gonna get
some ink when we got to I.A.,
but, what's this thing
called again, an Instagram?
You know what, I think
I'll keep it as a souvenir.
Remind me how good this
fucking lousy road trip was.
He said it's a sign.
To remind us we're all cursed.
So if it's gone, it
means the curse is gone?
I don't know, I guess.
I wonder how long it takes
for something like this to fade?
I have a lot of scars.
They never really go away.
[tense music]
Me too.
[glass clinking]
Hey, do you hear that?
Is it that thing?
It's coming back.
We didn't step out
of the pentagram!
We didn't fucking do
anything, do you hear me?
I must have a candle burning
at each point of the pentagram.
It protects the
sanctity of the space.
Candles, they have to be
burning to make it safe.
There, hey, anybody got a light?
[Lauren panting]
[ghostly whispers]
Lighter's dead!
I'm done!
[rattling and clinking]
[whispers intensify]
It didn't work!
Put it back!
There has to be
one at every point.
[whispers and clinking stop]
[Holly whimpers]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.
- It's okay.
- [Holly sobbing]
Hey, hey, you know
it's a good thing
you knew what to do just now.
Anything else you
want to share with us?
Any other rules you know about
that maybe we oughta hear?
Leave her alone, Max.
Can't you see she's sick?
Oh, I know what she is.
She's a...
She's a what?
Shh, it's okay, it's okay.
I'm gonna think of something.
Did he say step out
of the pentagram?
We can't step out, but do
you think we can reach out?
Like, if we didn't
touch the ground?
What are you talking about?
Just thinking out loud.
[tense music]
[Luke grunting]
Give me your hand.
Just give me your hand!
[Luke grunts]
Yo, bro, I didn't
sign up for this, man.
I'm sorry.
I'm almost there.
Lauren, grab my arm!
You're pulling my
fucking arm out!
I've almost got it!
[Max shouts]
Oh, fuck it, I can't pull me up!
[Luke gasping]
I almost had it.
Hey, don't you ever pull a
stunt like that again, huh?
You wanna take your
own life, fine,
but don't fucking
pull me out with you!
But I was so close!
She's not worth it.
You heard what I said.
Hmm, take a look at her.
She'll be dead by
the end of the night.
And I'm not gonna
risk my life for that.
911, emergency.
Don't make me do this.
Yeah, I need a medic.
My sister's going
into withdrawal.
Give me the cell phone.
[tense music]
Sorry, false alarm.
We're fine.
Yeah, just like I thought.
[somber music]
I was so close.
Listen, maybe Max is right.
Well, kinda.
I mean, I get it,
I got a sister too.
I'd want to help her if I could.
You don't understand.
I'd risk my life for her
every day if I had to.
It's the least I can do.
I was so close.
The bag, give me the bag.
What do you want it for?
Jesus Christ, Max, I
don't want the money,
I just need the bag.
Can I have the bag?
Your funeral.
[tense music]
You almost had it.
[Luke sighs]
[Holly whimpers]
It's coming, Holly, it's coming.
[Luke panting]
Laurs, look at this.
These two, I'm telling
you, dead weights.
So what, you got
a way out of here?
Maybe, yeah, maybe I have.
Congrats, bro.
Holly lives to die another day.
Just what is your problem, Max?
Look around you, that's
my fucking problem.
We're all in this together.
I mean, why are we
even in this thing?
You know, who went into
the pentagram first?
We spend half our time
searching for drug dealers
who aren't DEA
agents and now this.
It's not her fault.
You're the one who said we
should get to California.
I thought that was
the whole plan.
Well, plans change.
I guess so.
Well, look, I'm just saying,
some of us are looking at the
odds of all of us getting out.
And it ain't looking
so good for some of us.
I think we've got a problem.
We're meant to have five
burning candles, right?
One on each point.
So what?
Well, look, look at
these fucking candles.
There's almost nothing left.
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
Jesus, Max, back off!
I'm just using the flashlight.
I knew it, there's more
candles over there.
MAX: Too far.
We can use the bag.
They're too fucking far.
You're a genius!
This is so retarded.
You do it, I don't
wanna screw it up.
Which one am I going for?
Uh, that one.
Nice going, that
was the closest one.
Just needs to be a little
longer, that's all.
Here, hold this.
Hold that.
[suspenseful music]
LAUREN: I think that
one's closest now.
No, Lauren, give me the light.
What happened?
The candle, you blew
it out you dick!
[rattling and clinking]
Come on, give me the light!
Give me that!
[ghostly whispers]
[ghostly whispers
and rattling stop]
I think it's gonna work.
Try that one.
Max, you might want to shield
that candle just in case.
No shit, Einstein.
[Luke grunts]
[Luke groans]
Jesus, we're gonna need
five of these things.
It's gonna take forever.
Do you have some
place you need to be?
Yes! [Laughs]
Come on, can we pace this up?
It's not gonna
reach any of them.
I still don't think
it's gonna reach.
I will, if you will.
Do you two have any idea how
fucking ridiculous you look?
We're all about to die
and you're both busy
playing "you show me yours."
What's wrong, Max?
Too shy to help out?
Yeah, I got my own job to do.
Use the flashlight again.
There, there.
I'm gonna go for the
double hit, okay?
[suspenseful music]
[Luke and Lauren grunting]
Yes! [Laughs]
Get a move on, that
candle's fucking dying.
Let's bring 'em in.
This one's not gonna last long.
Okay, quick, just one more time.
Do you think it's
gonna be long enough?
I think so.
Hey, yo, yo, yo, yo.
That is the last
candle, dog, be careful.
That's it, we're fucked.
You've fucking killed us.
[suspenseful music]
[rattling and clinking]
It's coming!
Your fucking retarded plan
has fucking killed us!
Shut up and let me think!
[ghostly whispering]
[whispering subsides]
[Luke panting]
Holly always carries
one just in case.
We did it, Lauren.
We did all five.
[tense music]
Max, tell us about that guy.
The devil-worshiper.
You don't wanna hear that.
Might as well talk
about something.
What is this, fucking
campfire stories?
Oh what, you want
us to say please?
[Max sighs]
Well, look, I don't know
all the details like I said,
but I knew this girl, Sandy.
She was mixed up with this
guy, real creepy fucker,
metal pole stuck through his
face, serious Hellraiser stuff.
So anyway, he and Shirley
get a place together...
I thought her name was Sandy.
Shirley, I said Shirley.
Anyway, they get a place
together in Queens.
I never saw it myself
but my cousin went there,
said it was real fucked up.
How come it's
always your cousin?
My cousin knew the guy,
my cousin went there once.
I got a lot of cousins, so what?
So anyway, pretty
soon the neighbors
started to give the landlord
hell because of the stink,
and this guy stopped
answering his doorbell,
so, after a while the cops
busted down the door.
Don't tell me, they
found her body inside.
It was chickens.
This guy, he was only getting
live fucking chickens.
They were getting them
from the Chinese
restaurant down the block.
And he was smuggling them in
and cutting their fucking
heads off in the apartment,
like some kind of ritual
shit, a sacrifice.
And then,
he was fucking them in the
neck, can you believe that shit?
While they were still running
around alive with no head.
Thought it was gonna
boost his ying yang,
you know, like a sex thing.
So, the whole place was stinking
of fucking chicken bones.
You said he killed Sandy.
See, I never said that.
That was the guy from
the Chinese restaurant,
cut her up with a big meat
cleaver from the kitchen.
Turns out she was
screwing him on the side,
and then he found out she was
also fucking the creepy dude
and went mad crazy on her,
but, well, that's a
whole nother story.
The point is, never
fuck with a Chinaman
who works with a meat cleaver.
But I thought the creepy
guy was doing 20 years?
No, look, after they threw
out all the dead chickens,
they found a purse this guy
stole from some old lady.
Turns out, she died from shock
two weeks after the robbery.
They got him on second
degree homicide.
Crazy, huh?
What did the devil-worshiping
have to do with this?
They're just the only
two people I knew
who were into it, that's all.
[insects chirping]
[eerie music]
Power, the greatest
power you can imagine.
And it's all right here.
The words, the ritual,
the rewards.
[dramatic music]
[tense music]
Hey bro, time to wake up, bro.
Nah, you can have an extra hour.
What is it?
It's time.
Time for what?
Time to do what we gotta
do to get out of here.
No, no, he's okay.
I just had to make sure he
didn't wake up too soon.
Too soon for what?
I sat here and waited while
he fixed up his sister
and you two fooled
around with candles.
Where did it get us?
We're right back to
where we started.
It bought us more time.
What use is time if we're
sat here pissing it away?
[solemn music]
There's only one way to
get out of this thing,
and we both know what it is.
That British guy, he told
us right from the start.
Say the words, spill the blood,
make the sacrifice,
complete the ritual.
But we don't know
anything about that.
It's all in here, he
said it, remember?
He even marked the page.
Everything we need to complete
the ritual is right here.
There is nothing stopping us
from ending this thing right now
and getting the
fuck out of here.
I mean, look at this.
Look, she's half-dead anyway.
I mean, how long do you
think she's even got?
You know, I don't like
it any more than you do,
but somebody's got to
make the tough decisions.
Somebody's got to have the
balls to step to the plate
and do what we gotta
do to get out of here.
Unless you want to spend
the rest of your life
stuck in this fucking circle?
Let's get started.
You with me on this?
[tense music]
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness, hear...
Wait, will you wait a second?
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
I offer this gift to you in
full knowledge of its cost,
which I will bear with my heart
and mind from this day forward.
In exchange, I seek
only enlightenment
and the strength to carry
out your work here on Earth.
Give me power, oh great
one, to use your name.
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
What are you doing?
I'm making a sacrifice.
But I thought...
This isn't what we said.
I thought that you... I thought
you were talking about Holly.
What's the difference?
I already told you these
two are dead weights.
We don't need 'em,
either of 'em.
- But I...
- Jesus, Lauren,
what do you care anyway?
Unless you do care.
Is that it?
It matters, okay?
You said that Holly
was gonna die anyway.
Well, plans change.
If I took out Holly, what
do you think would happen?
What do you think big brother
would do when he wakes up?
He's gonna take out my head,
either in here or outside.
But you can't just kill him.
This is the only way, Lauren.
Don't you get it?
This is our only chance.
But... I...
What do you want?
That's what it
all comes down to.
What, you want?
Me, money, freedom,
or do you wanna
stay in this circle
with these fucking losers?
[solemn music]
You choose him.
No, no, no.
I, I would...
Fuck you too.
[gun fires]
[Lauren chokes]
[Lauren panting]
Go on, take her motherfucker!
Take her, I fucking
killed her, take her!
What the fuck, I
said your words,
I spilled her fucking
blood, I sacrificed her,
now why am I still
fucking cursed?
HOLLY: You did it wrong, Max.
What did you say?
You did it wrong.
Say the words, spill with
blood, all within the pentagram,
that's what he said.
It doesn't work if she dies
outside the pentagram, Max.
Yeah, that's right, I forgot.
You know all the
rules, don't you?
Well, I'll bear
that in mind, Holly.
Do it. I don't care.
I'll sit here and
I'll let it happen.
Just promise me one thing.
And what's that?
Don't fuck it up.
And make sure Luke gets out too.
See, I can't make that promise
'cause you know as well as I do
that your big brother
will chase me down
to the ends of the Earth.
I got two bullets
left in this bad boy,
and I'm gonna give
that old demon
a "two for the price of one."
[dramatic music]
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
I offer this gift to you in
full knowledge of its cost,
which I will bear with my heart
and my mind from
this day forward.
In exchange, I seek
only enlightenment
and the strength to carry
out your work here on Earth.
Give me power, great
one, to use in your name.
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
[Max and Luke grunting]
[gun firing]
Take a walk, Max.
[dramatic music]
[rattling and clinking]
No, no, no, no.
I won't give you the
satisfaction, motherfucker!
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
Fuck, fuck!
Fuck, fuck.
[ghostly whispering]
[Max screaming]
[birds chirping]
Is this their car?
Yup, recognize it anywhere.
Ain't much around here.
Where do you think they got to?
Can't be far if they're on foot.
[tense music]
You know, I really thought
we were gonna make it.
To I.A., I mean.
It doesn't matter where
you go, New York, I.A.
You take your problems with you.
You were right.
I should never have trusted Max.
You were always too trusting.
You trusted me every time I said
I was gonna go out
and buy cigarettes.
I don't even smoke.
I guess it was easier
to lie to myself
than to admit the truth.
I did some really
bad stuff, Luke.
I know.
I stole from people.
And I screwed some, some
really disgusting guys.
I know.
It's okay.
I just need to let
it out sometimes.
And now I'm running out of time.
We both are.
At least we'll die together.
Don't say that.
There's a way out of
this and you know it,
you've always known it.
What are you talking about?
You do what Oliver wanted to do.
What Max was trying to do.
You finish the ritual,
you make the sacrifice.
- What if I wanted you to?
- No.
How long do you think I have?
In here or anywhere?
Don't say that.
If not for you, I would
have been dead in a dumpster
a long time ago.
Now, I can make it right.
You don't owe me anything.
After what my dad did to you,
I owe you more than
I can ever pay back.
You don't.
It wasn't your
fault what happened.
You can't blame yourself.
I should have seen it.
I could've stopped it.
Luke, get real.
Face it, my mom was
a desperate slut
just like your dad was
an abusive asshole.
It was their choice
to get hitched
and they deserved each other.
Me and you,
we just got caught
up in the middle.
She didn't deserve to die
just 'cause he was too drunk
to know when to
stop hitting her.
She made her own
choices, same as I did.
I should've seen it.
I should have seen what
he was doing to you.
You know what I
remember the most?
The smell of smoke on his
hands, and on his breath.
The whole fucking house
smelled of it once he moved in.
That's why I never
smoked cigarettes.
Why think about it?
Don't you?
All the time.
[solemn music]
Remember that time, that
time I got hit by that car,
and you drove me
to the hospital?
It wasn't an accident.
I just closed my eyes
and stepped into
the ongoing traffic.
He was already in jail by then.
I thought, I thought everybody
would be better off
without me, especially you.
That's not true.
It is now.
What are you saying?
I've been killing
myself for years, Luke.
Now, maybe it's finally
worth something.
This is the knife
he was gonna use.
I don't want that.
And you have to say the
words, the words in the book.
I don't want that, Holly.
Then what?
Think you're gonna be a hero?
Dying here with me when
you could've gotten out?
You're not.
It's fucking stupid.
But I can't do it.
You can, you have to.
I'm in pain, Luke.
I'm in pain every
day of my life,
and I can't take it anymore.
Please, you have
to say the words,
the words in the book,
that's what he said, say
the words, spill the blood,
all within the pentagram.
- I...
- I need you to do it.
I want you to do it.
[Luke panting]
[tense music]
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
I offer this gift to you in
full knowledge of its cost,
which I will bear with my heart
and mind from this day forward.
In exchange, I seek
only enlightenment,
and the strength to carry
out your work here on Earth.
Give me power, oh great
one, to use in your name.
Asmodeus, lord of despair,
prince of darkness,
hear my prayer.
Do it.
Set us both free.
[Luke panting]
[gun fires]
[dramatic music]
What the holy hell has
been going on here?
[Holly panting]
HOLLY: He's dead!
Are you okay, Missy?
He's dead!
Well, I couldn't figure
out any other way
to stop him from doing
what he was gonna do.
[Holly whimpers]
I'm free.
What say?
I'm free, I'm free!
Well, I'm not too sure
about that, Missy.
You sure these are
the two that did it?
Yeah, that girl
was one of 'em too.
Well, ain't that a
son of a bitch, Missy?
You thought you were free,
and you ain't free at all.
You goddamn city punks.
You think I haven't seen
all this before, huh?
You come into our
nice little town
with your drugs
and your stealin'.
Please, I'm sorry.
You can call the cops.
Like I told your friend, honey,
that ain't how we do
things round here.
The cops?
All the cops want to
do is uphold the law.
But the law?
Well, that don't mean justice.
What do you want?
What do you think, Jayney?
You think anybody on God's earth
is gonna miss this
scrawny little whore?
I surely wouldn't miss her.
I think that crime
deserves a sentence,
and, well, it just happens
that we have a little cell
that you could do your time in.
How long do you think
that should be, Jayney?
For armed robbery?
10 years I reckon.
Damn, I'm not sure
she'd make it,
especially considering all
of the punishment drills
that I've got in mind for her.
Now, come on, miss.
Let's go.
Daddy, wait.
Is that our money over there?
Some of it's yours, I guess.
Well, it's all ours, now.
[Jayney and Mr. Halsey gasp]
[sizzle sound]
What in God's name is this?
I guess you're just gonna
have to figure that out,
same as we did.
[tense music]
["Dissolution" by
The Image of All]
Tonight when it falls apart
Turn it back 'cause
it breaks your heart
It's everything that
you don't want to say
Now and then
when you focus on
Everything that
has been and gone
Play the victim as
you just can't stay
What do you remember
From the times when
you were born of all
It's everything that
you don't want to say
What you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When everything you built
starts to break away
So, what you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When all you ever knew
starts to fade away
You paint the scene
like a piece of art
A mix of color
from white to dark
Your impressionist take
On your life
And then you wait for
the fight to start
But let's get down
and approach that lock
Meet the gaze
of the wrong you
Can't touch
What you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When everything you built
starts to break away
So, what you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When all you've ever
known starts to fade away
What you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When everything you built
starts to break away
So, what you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When all you ever known
starts to fade away
When you talk
about your decline
With all your thoughts
on the finish line
Is there nothing
you won't do to win
You wave your flag
like a semaphore
It looks the same
from behind this door
Your words dissolve
in a sentence of signs
What you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When everything you built
starts to break away
So, what you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When all you've ever
known starts to fade away
What you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When everything you built
starts to break away
So, what you gonna do and
what are you gonna say
When all you've ever
known starts to fade away
[ghostly whispering]
[thunder rumbling]