Pentatonix: On My Way Home (2015) Movie Script

[Kirstin speaking indistinctly]
Music is a lot of fun.
You can rock.
You can do rock,
jazz... Even...
even classical.
It's a good thing for you
to do music.
Everybody says it's good.
I'm kinda like...
I kinda like it.
Hey, I'm Scott.
I love to perform
and sing.
I wanna show
Avi something.
[woman] Avi and Esther
turn around and wave!
[woman] Avi!
Now that we've already begun
the Kaplan kids great adventure,
where are we now?
[Scott] They were, like,
"We're gonna
put the Grammy here."
I was, like, "Oh!"
No, no, it's not because
I want it.
It's because I'm afraid
you'll lose it.
-Yeah, okay.
-[both chuckling]
Now, I'll sing "Love Story."
Where do I begin
To tell a story about
How great love can be
Where do I start
[Kevin] I don't remember
[Scott] Yeah, F sharp.
[Kevin speaking gibberish]
[Scott scatting "Uptown Funk"]
See if I get it now.
It's better.
That's fierce.
Two, three, four...
Girls hit
Your hallelujah!
Girls hit
Your hallelujah!
Girls hit
Your hallelujah!
'Cause Uptown Funk
Gon' give it to ya
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Avi gave me
a voice lesson.
And, now I feel like I'm
starting to learn to place
things to where I can project.
-All right.
-[Kirstin] Yeah.
[singing in Latin]
I did like parts of it.
It feels really low.
Did we do it too low?
Feel like we're low.
I think it was low.
-Felt a little low.
-I think it's too low.
So, wait. So, it's...
So, it's C-minor.
What... Wasn't...
What were you guys
just in, B?
-I have no idea.
-Oh, then try C.
[hums note]
Three, four.
[all harmonizing in Latin]
Shut the...
That's it.
Just so you guys know,
when they are ready for you,
I think they're just
going to do
a walk-through
of the design elements
but they're not ready
for all of you.
I think that's what's
Just getting a little
presentation ready.
So, I think it's just gonna...
They're all just
gonna show off.
I'm excited!
-Yeah, it's really cool.
-That's exciting!
We're just showing you what it
looks like in a general basic
format right now.
I think
it's all right.
-Fingers crossed, man.
So how's it feel
to be Grammy
award winners, huh?
Really exciting!
I can imagine, guys.
Super weird.
That's pretty awesome, huh.
I'm already excited!
It's exciting.
I think the fans are
gonna react like we reacted
when we first saw.
[Avi] First of all,
we're walking into an arena.
I don't think
we've ever played
an arena this big.
I mean, it's just... It's just
really cool and amazing
to even just be here.
I didn't really know what else
to expect. I just knew it was
going to be amazing.
Travis was showing us
everything. And it just...
-You guys ready?
-All right, uh...
Doug, let's go
on lift number one,
-Holy molly!
-[all exclaiming]
[Scott] Oh, my God.
That's a nice set.
And then
all the lights came on.
And we just freaked out.
It was just epic.
It looks like
a real show.
It's moving.
Oh, my God.
This is sick.
Wow, this is
very awesome.
Let's walk you guys on stage
and show you what we have there,
just to get you comfortable
with all that.
Our parents are gonna die.
They're gonna be like,
It's just really crazy to know
that this is our set.
Like, we worked for this,
and it makes sense for us.
And that's the craziest part
about it, is that,
is that this actually
makes sense for us now.
Can I step on them?
I already went for it.
It exceeded our
expectations ten fold. I think
it inspired us all, too.
We're gonna be performing
way more full out.
We're gonna feel more legit.
The fans are gonna feel like
they're at a concert.
Rather than
like a recital.
Exactly, yeah.
It may be a capella,
but when they come
to the show
and see everything
they're gonna be like,
"This is a rock concert."
I really think
the choreography--
Chore-- Speaking
of choreography...
Here we go.
Here we go.
Good to see you.
How are you?
Good to see you.
You guys,
remember at the AMAs,
we performed on
a small little janky stage
in the corner,
-like, with cables everywhere.
-[Kevin] Yeah.
And now you guys are here.
Like, it's...
But you know what?
Like, moments like that
is what
makes you appreciate coming
out on stage right now
and being, like, look what
you've just been given.
So, I'm excited.
I'm so ready.
[Dejan] So, since intro,
we don't see them
until the solo--
Can we hear...
Do you have the audio
of that intro again?
[Scott] We can
just sing it if you want.
You'll be able
to hear it that way.
We're not prepared, but...
Oh, my God.
I love you guys right now.
One, two, three, four...
[beat boxing]
No place I'd rather be
I'm on my way home
Can we do it standing
where we're gonna stand?
That way
it'll help everyone.
Let me show you the mics.
[singing "Aha!"]
Eat, sleep and breathe
That you're full of the stuff
Go back and tie it up tight
Tee total
Happy clappy high on life
You should try it
You should know
You should know
You should know
Go on while
No one's looking
Ah! I like this one.
Caught you red handed
In the biscuit tin!
Cost you to keep me quiet
[Travis] You know,
we have the capabilities,
to do anything
you're thinking of.
Let's take this
to the limits.
[Kirstin] I was very excited to
start because I knew we were
going to up production.
Like, we have
an entire new crew.
Not all of it has come
together yet, but that's
kind of even more exciting
because it's... When it all
finally comes together
it's gonna be amazing.
Pretty big show, you know.
This is four trucks of gear.
Um, you know,
115 moving lights,
a crew of 30 people.
This is no small show.
[Scott] There's just
so much more to be done.
We are just a very
detail-oriented group.
And there's like a lot
to be done--
A lot of details to lock in
before, oh, God,
I don't know--
-Our show on Wednesday.
-Want some Goldfish?
How embarrassing for him.
Goldfish are the best.
So, this how it's gonna
go down all the time?
Just a bunch
of cameras around?
I don't mind it.
I will definitely be eating
100 percent of the time.
No! You can't... You can't
in front of the camera.
No. Of course I was gonna
not say, probably,
what I was gonna say.
No, but you have
to say what you were
gonna say normally.
Okay, I don't know
what I would say.
Probably something rude.
Really rude.
It would have
been funny!
Like, why are you
asking me? I'm busy.
This means you had a good run
through with rehearsal.
That's good.
Oh, good. Stop!
This is my sister.
That's true.
I would say it's gone
pretty not super-smooth.
Not super-smooth.
We're stressed out because
we have so much to do,
but always comes together
as they say.
We're gonna fly on Tuesday.
One o' clock on Tuesday.
And we're landing at 3:30
and then we're rehearsing
starting at 5:00 on Tuesday.
And then our show
is the next day.
So, we're just gonna hope,
at five, that all of it
is basically perfect?
Fingers crossed.
I'm paranoid about it.
-Okay, and what's today? Friday?
-[Esther] Yes.
Oh, my God,
are we going out?
I'm proud of you.
Yeah, you guys did this.
I'm so very, very
proud of you.
-Love you. Thank you.
-Yeah, I love you too.
And I'm really
looking forward to
seeing you guys in Oakland.
The plan.
Not slipping again.
[Avi] I know,
it's so intrusive.
[Esther] At least
I'm eating a salad.
[Avi] I think that this tour
is the first tour
where we finally felt,
we were, like,
playing in the big leagues.
Like, we started
at the bottom.
You know what I mean?
And we just slowly worked
our way up.
This is the culmination...
...of everything
we've worked for.
And everything the fans
have worked for.
And it was like, we've
finally arrived, you know.
Like, this is it.
This is what
it's meant to be.
We can show you what
we've been envisioning,
like, our entire lives.
Now, think about
your wildest dream.
Like, if I can do anything
this would be it.
That's what's
happening to us.
-Don't do that.
I think I was very anxious
rather than nervous.
Just really anxious to get
on the road and really...
To see how all of these
moving parts
would come together
into this cohesive show.
And I think, you know,
we're so happy with it.
And we're so happy that
our fans are coming out.
It's cool to know
that the hard work
is paying off.
[Scott] I feel
ten times better today.
[Mitch] I feel better, too.
I was worrying about it
all weekend,
but now that
we ran it through...
I feel good about it.
We've run it a lot,
the video content
is coming together.
-How do you feel
about it, Kirstin?
I feel grand...
about the show.
I just practiced
in my heels
for the first time.
She's practicing
in her heels.
That's what Beyonce does.
And I didn't die.
So that's always promising.
Night before the tour.
This is grind time
we call it, you know.
We have quite a bit
of work to do. There won't
be much sleeping tonight.
[indistinct conversations]
[Esther] I hate...
It's Bobby McFerrin.
Bobby McFerrin.
-Bobby McFerrin.
-Bobby McFerrin.
[Esther] I've been trying,
nobody ever laughs
when I do it.
You never do it.
[Mitch] Yeah, that's because
you don't deliver it right.
Yeah, you have
to commit to the joke.
What are you doing?
All my vertebrae
just popped.
Wait. I wanna try!
-Let me try it.
It's my turn!
How flat was
my television solo?
[Mitch] Very! Very...
No, was it actually
very flat, though?
I don't remember
Well, I didn't notice, so it
must have not been terrible.
Pick up your phone.
All right, good talk.
What do I do?
You lay it back
and then you, like,
roll it on your back.
You're so stupid.
Are you kidding me? Okay.
Now push yourself.
Roll it back.
No, this isn't working.
It doesn't feel good.
You just don't know
how to do it.
Ow! Oh!
Okay, this does nothing for me.
[Mitch] Your first day.
I'm proud of you.
[Kevin] Man,
so we have a day before
the show. I feel pretty good.
There's just certain things
that need to be synchronized
and solidified,
but, you know...
It's the last day.
We're gonna make it work.
We always do.
We have an amazing team.
It's gonna be a good time.
It's gonna be
a great show, y'all.
Tomorrow's gonna
be crazy. Whoo!
[Mitch] Yeah,
my voice is really tired
after the run through.
But, I think,
going through the show
would be a good idea.
I feel like it's
also not done, maybe.
It's, like, borderline,
getting sick.
I always get sick.
I don't even do crazy things
to make me sick.
I just...
I'm just delicate.
[Kirstin laughing]
[Kevin] I just started
taking voice lessons.
So, it's kind of nerve-racking
singing on stage.
Um, I'm not sure
how it's gonna go,
but I hope it goes really well.
'Cause, once again,
this is not something
I've really done before.
I can't believe
it's finally here.
This is so exciting,
you know.
To finally put all this
together that we've
been working on for...
I mean,
maybe a couple of weeks,
to be completely honest.
So it's a little
But I think it's gonna be
an amazing show.
You ready?
I said, you ready?
-What's up?
How you doing?
You take that for me?
Yes. You playing.
Go get your own stuff.
Yo. Yo. Come on, bro.
Hey, you just
can't do that.
All right. Me too.
I'm real excited.
Not like your jacket.
I'm also
a little bit nervous.
I'm not nervous.
That's a good attitude.
That's a good attitude.
I ain't nervous.
I ain't never scared!
First day of tour!
Low on energy.
I need to eat
about five gallons of food.
All of my kindness
[Kevin] Sing it, baby.
Is taken for weakness
This is good.
Sing it, bro.
[Avi] Can I delete
PTX Volume One
off of our Twitter and put
Grammy Award winning--
Well, here we go.
I seriously was like,
"How are we going to do this?
How are we gonna put
together this show?
Not just us,
but the entire crew,
the video,
the staging, like,
everything about it,
in, honestly,
like, a week?"
And I'm not even
being dramatic,
like, I just didn't know
how we were going to do it.
[Mitch] It had been a while
since we had actually
done a full tour.
So, I was eager to
get back in, but
we had such a limited
amount of time.
I mean, there are
a lot of details
that go into it.
So, we were a little
stressed about that.
After your sound check,
just give me ten minutes
with you guys and
we'll figure that out.
I like your...
Your cardigan thing
is sick.
Let's do it.
You're talking business
and I'm talking cardigans.
At the end of the day,
no matter what happens
with this group, like,
we always get it done.
I don't know
how we do it.
We always get it done,
I genuinely don't know.
I mean, you just...
You don't want it, like,
slick or shiny, but just,
kind of, create a hold?
[Travis] Yeah, yeah,
just to create a hold.
[Esther] Yeah, and...
We can do that, like,
I would say, you know...
I literally have never
been hungrier.
I know.
It's like you just
got off the island.
That's how I feel.
Yeah, I feel like
I'm on the show Survivor.
Avi versus carrot.
Like, real gross.
Literally, leave this out
of the documentary.
[Kirstin laughing]
And there is catering
with, like, fish and steak.
Yeah. I think so.
They have steak
out there now?
What the freak
am I eating vegetables for?
Time for VIP, y'all.
Let's go.
[Mitch] Don't talk
to me that way.
So, we're heading to the VIP
meet and greet right now.
Our first one on tour.
Our first one ever on tour.
I'm really excited.
The fans seem really nice,
they were at sound check
and they were so sweet.
They gave us cupcakes.
Like six of them
had Scomiche shirts on.
Nobody is coming
with us.
-I want it to be in there.
-We'll entertain the masses.
Oh, my God!
He was eating
a chocolate banana.
I want
a chocolate banana.
Me too.
Fast feet, fast feet,
Fast feet, fast feet!
What I love about our fans is
that it's three generations
of people.
I love when we meet people
and they're like,
"Thank you so much.
I can finally go
to a concert
and enjoy this music
with my daughter."
And it's like
a family event.
[singing "Valentine"]
- Please don't be
- My soul came
to be terrified
Please don't be so shy
So will you never be
My lover or my Valentine
Never be a friend of mine
Never see my better side
Baby you'd be terrified
Of all the secrets you were
Wishing you won't ever find
'Cause deep inside me
And I don't wanna hide me
'Cause I know
About my love
[Kevin] The coolest thing
about being on the road
is that
you get to see
all these people
that have supported you
from the beginning.
So, you're putting a face
to this number that you see.
You know, you see...
For Daft Punk you see
100 million views.
But now you're finally
personalizing it
by meeting the people
that was one of those views.
You know,
that's so cool to me.
Friend of mine
My soul came
To be terrified
Please don't be so shy
Ooh, that thing.
[Kirstin] Thanks, guys.
Thank you, guys.
See, the difference between
everybody else and me is that
everybody's super
uber, uber talented.
So I need
to compensate...
and practice.
If I had the talent they had
I would never practice
in my life.
What time is it?
Shit, dude. It's 8:07.
That's not exciting.
That's not exciting.
Not exciting.
What's up?
Dude, should I wear another
white shirt or do you like it
creeping out?
What else would you wear?
Just nothing?
A black one or nothing.
I mean, I kinda like
the white actually,
'cause then it makes
the inside color pop more.
Yeah, that's really cool.
The crowd's really loud
and excited.
-Do you like it?
-Yeah, you look great.
-Cool. Sister approval,
that's all I need.
-[Esther chuckles]
I'm nervous. Oh, my God.
It's becoming real.
I'm, like, nervous
if I'll forget the words
and I'm just standing by.
I know. Words are scary.
Oh, well.
If I forget the words,
I'll be like,
"Well, I changed them
on the spot."
I wrote 'em,
so whatever.
I feel like
I'm gonna trip.
That's what
I'm scared about.
Oh, my God, yeah.
You're gonna be
walking through a crowd.
[Kevin] It's hard
to look this good, dude.
[Kirstin] We need...
Or even a safety pin.
You want
this collar down?
You sure?
Can you see my nipples
through this shirt?
-Is this see through.
My Pentatonix?
-Not really.
You can see the bum,
but that's 'cause I've got
big bulging pecs.
-You can't hide those.
You look cool.
Thanks, buddy.
-You ready?
[Esther] Shut your eyes.
Can you... I was, like,
how are the artists feeling?
[crowd] PTX! PTX!
Grammy! Grammy!
They're chanting "Grammy."
That's so cute.
-What are they saying?
-That's sweet.
Well, we're all here.
How do you guys feel?
[indistinct conversations]
[Kevin] Father God,
thank you so much
for this absolutely amazing
opportunity to bless
all these people out here.
Um, you brought us so far
with Grammys and
problems selling albums
and now, Lord,
we get to do
what we love to do, which is
to perform for people.
Be in this space,
may the Holy Spirit
be amongst us
and let's just do the best
that we can with
your grace with us.
-In your name
we pray. Amen!
Get it. Kill it.
Make us proud.
We love you.
[crowd cheering loudly]
[beat boxing]
[singing "Rather Be"]
Take a good look inside
No place I'd rather be
I'm on my way
[all cheering]
[singing "Problems"]
Hey, baby, even though
I hate ya
I wanna love ya
I want you
And even though
I can't forgive you
I really want ya
I want you
Tell me, tell me, baby
Why can't you leave me?
'Cause even though
I shouldn't want it
I gotta have it I want you
Head in the clouds
Got no weight on my shoulders
I should be wiser
And realize that I've got
One less
I got one less
One less problem
I bet you're never
Gonna wake up
But I gotta give up
But it's you
I know I shouldn't ever
Call back
Or let you come back
But it's you
Every time you touch me
And say you love me
I get a little bit
I shouldn't want it
But it's you
Head in the clouds
Got no weight on my shoulders
I should be wiser
And realize that I've got
One less
- I got one less, one less
- Tell 'em, Mitch
Smart money bettin'
I'll be better off
Without you
In no time I'll be
Forgettin' all about you
You saying that you know
But I really really doubt you
Understand my life is easy
When I ain't around you
Mitchy, Mitchy
To biggie to be
Here stressin'
I'm thinkin'
I love the thought of you
More than I love
Your presence
And the best thing now
Is probably for you to exit
I let you go let you back
I finally learned my lesson
No half-stepping
Either you want it
Or you just playin'
I'm listening to you
Knowin' I can't believe
What you're sayin'
There's a million yous
Baby boo so don't be dumb
I got 99 problems
But you won't be one
Like what
Head in the clouds
Got no weight on my shoulders
I should be wiser
And realize that I've got
One lesser
One less, one less problem
One less problem
Without you
I got one less problem
Without you
I got one less problem
Without you
I got one less
One less, ooh!
[crowd cheering]
We wanna tell you guys
a little story.
This story starts, in Arlington,
Texas, with three little baby
Look at 'em.
So beautiful.
I actually met Mitch
in community theater
when we were about, like,
ten years old.
And did a lot of shows together.
But I didn't meet Scott until
high school.
Right away Scott and I
had this really, really
close hilarious bond.
We just thought
we were so funny
and we really appreciated
each other's talents as well.
[Scott] When we started
a trio a capella group
back in high school,
performed at our
spring concert.
And someone filmed it
and put it on YouTube
and that was our first
experience with like, virality.
[Mitch] We were like,
"Maybe this actually could
be something."
And I think that's why
Scott was so inspired
to do The Sing Off.
So, I joined
an a capella group
in college.
And a lot of them had been
on The Sing Off before,
so they're like,
"You should try out."
Scott contacted us
and then he was like,
"Hey, have you ever heard
of the show called
The SingOff?"
And I actually had.
When Scott approached me
about the audition
for The SingOff,
I was a little... A little wary
because it was something
that was totally outside of
my comfort zone.
I mean, just leaving
Arlington, Texas alone was
really scary to me.
But I had big dreams
and I didn't really wanna
waste this opportunity.
I thought it could be really
something special.
I met Ben Bram in the SoCal
Vocals. When I was putting
the group together.
I knew I wanted
him involved.
I saw that video of them doing
"Telephone" before I even
met Scott.
I was already
thinking about, like,
he should definitely
audition for The Sing Off.
So I talked to him
about the group,
he was like, "Man, you need
a bass and a beat-boxer.
And I already have
the bass for you.
His name is Avi Kaplan."
So, Ben Bram, we just happened
to go to the same rehearsal,
ended up singing together
a little bit
and so he sent me
the video of the trio.
And it was so crazy
because my friend had
just shown me that video,
like, three or four months ago.
And I was like, "Oh, those kids
are amazing.
Like, I would love to sing
with them. They're so talented,
I love their style."
And he sends me this video
and I'm like, "Yes. Absolutely.
Let's do it."
And then I went to Oregon
for my friend's engagement
and they showed me
this video
of this guy beatboxing
and playing the cello.
And it was Kevin.
And I was like,
"That's the guy
we need. We need him."
And I called him up
and I was like,
"Hey, how's it going?"
He was like, "Hey,
who's this?"
And he said, "Hey, we just saw
your video and listen, we're
trying to create a group
for this TV show
called The Sing Off."
So, I said, "Okay, sure."
And it was one of the best
decisions I've ever made
in my life.
I was, like, a poor
college student.
So I spent all my money I had
to fly Kevin out
for this audition.
I split it with Ben Bram.
And it ended up being
the best investment
of my entire life.
I think we were all uncertain to
how it would all come together.
It was so many... It was
completely different people,
completely different
places and in different
walks of their life.
So we were like,
"Oh, man, I really hope
that everyone gets along
and this really clicks
because it could be
a total disaster."
The six of us met up the
day before the audition.
And we sang
for the first time,
we sang "Telephone".
And it was just so magical.
It sounds, maybe, cliche,
but it was such a moment
that it was like fate
had brought us together.
And in that song I think
we really started to believe
in our potential.
I... I... I just knew
that we could do it.
I knew that we could be
something special
and that we could win.
And we did.
[audience cheering]
2015 has already been
the most incredible year ever.
We put out a platinum-selling
Christmas record.
We're on this amazing tour
with you guys.
We won a Grammy,
earlier this year.
[crowd cheering]
So, thank you, guys,
so much.
Now we don't tell you guys
this story just to
talk about it.
We tell you guys
because we genuinely
just want to thank you
so much for
all that you guys
have done for us.
This would not be possible
without you guys.
So thank you, guys,
so much, truly.
-We love you.
-[crowd cheering]
I feel like
I could do back-flips!
[all cheering]
Cheers to our tour.
To the amazing team
that we have.
Thanks, everyone.
Cheers to everyone here.
No, y'all did that like...
You did it really good.
And all jokes aside,
that was beyond, um, perfect.
Oh, my God, guys.
It was better
than I ever expected.
Yeah. Yeah.
From rehearsal to tonight,
night and day.
Overall the show was just like
great. People loved it.
Like a total a capella snob
who hates everything,
if they came, would they
have had a good time?
-Yes. Totally.
-Okay, good.
Every moment that you were
doing so good,
you would do it
and it would be like...
Yay! Thanks, guys.
Daddy, I missed you!
-I missed you too.
-Where have you been?
I can't go 30 seconds
without you by my side.
Hold me.
Is this Juun J?
Yes! Thank you.
What's this?
Helmut Lang.
Ugh. You rock Helmut Lang.
Thank you.
[Kirstin]You guys are
lightweights, that's because
you're so skinny.
Everyone tells us that.
I know... You're right.
Oh, my God.
I just noticed that.
It's super. It's probably
the tenth time today.
It's super weird.
[man] One, two...
That one's amazing.
I love that.
Oh, thank God! Great.
That's gonna be
the super fruit.
I think Travis
thought this was his,
but he is dead wrong.
He is dead wrong.
[singing "Born to be wild"]
Oh, darlin'
Gonna make it happen
[Scott] All my best memories
of the past five years
have been on tour.
It's just such a crazy lifestyle
to be in a new city every day
sleeping on a bus with a bunch
of your best friends.
Let me get my cello.
...nature's child
True nature's child
We were born to be wild
Yeah, we climbed so high
I never wanna die
Born to be wild
[phone ringing]
[Kirstin on phone]
Hey, Angel Face,
how are ya?
Hi, I'm good.
How are you?
Good. I just wanted
to give you a call
and let you know
that the doctor's gonna
come around 7:00.
Aw, thank you.
No problem.
Talk to you later.
-Feel better, Kirstie.
The hardest part about
being on tour is
definitely staying healthy.
For us, our instrument
is our body.
So when we get sick,
we can't do the show
to our fullest potential.
And we don't have any tracks
or anything behind us
to back us up.
And so,
when one of us gets sick,
the show really, really suffers.
And so that is
and tough.
And I'm somehow always sick.
And it's really sad.
I think it made me
a little bit more professional
in being, like,
"I have to be well
because I wanna do my job
and I wanna kill it."
And, um, that's kinda
the mentality
that I took over.
I feel like, you know, that
like, warm sickly feeling
-like, when
you're lightheaded.
I feel that, too.
So, it's not just like,
"I'm really dried out."
-I just, like, feel bad.
[Avi] You guys wanna
run the song?
[Kirstin] Yeah.
One, two...
One, two...
This is my heartbeat song
And I'm gonna play it
Been so long
I forgot how to turn it
Up, up, up, up
All night long
Oh up, up all night...
Today it was announced that
we're going on tour
with Kelly Clarkson.
Everybody is so excited.
I'm so excited.
We're, literally,
her biggest fans.
And she tweeted us,
and we freaked out.
-She did?
-She did tweet us all.
Oh, my gosh.
And she made this video
announcing the tour
and a majority of the video
she's just talking about us.
She loves us.
It was so really nice.
All she had to say was I'm going
on tour with Pentatonix,
but she, like, went on.
Went on to be like...
Because she is an angel.
And she is our angel.
We had our early morning
flight today to get to Utah
and now today we're doing not
only a show, but we're recording
a song. So...
And before yesterday,
we had a show till late, so...
we're working on about
six hours of sleep total
in the last three days.
Um, how'd you make
that song?
I'm just so impressed of you.
You have the best voice
because your...
You make the song.
I'm like, "Whoa!"
That is totally out of my...
And I really think
you guys are the best band
I've ever seen.
[Scott] Thank you.
-Thank you so much.
I appreciate you.
Wow, I almost cried,
I'll be honest.
[Kevin] What? Are we about
to go on stage?
Yeah, you know
what we got here?
We got some strong defense!
That's what we got.
And then we're gonna have
Avi come in on stage left
-and be like...
[deep voice] "Doh!"
-[Avi growls] Yes!
And then Kevin's gonna
come in on stage right!
-He's gonna be like...
[beat boxing]
-[Kevin squealing] Yes!]
And then Scott's gonna come
down the middle of the court,
he's gonna be like, "Ooh!"
Forum, Utah.
Jazz hands.
Um, I feel fine. I just need to,
like, actually have a rest day
But I...
I have positive energy...
to get through the night.
That's all that matters.
You guys are amazing.
[crowd cheering]
Thank you.
Okay, so this is the first tour
that we've ever performed
this next song.
But it's one of the first songs
we ever recorded.
And it's called "Love You Long
Time." From PTX, Vol. 1.
Okay, good, you know it.
All right, we love performing
this, we hope you guys enjoy it.
Here we go.
[singing "Love You Long Time"]
Nobody ever loved me
Quite like you do your love
Is like
Got a real girl
And she loves me a lot
And ain't
No other man that's
Gonna take-a my spot
And I
I'm so happy your mine
I'm a love you long time
- Let me love you
A long time
- Let me love
- Let me love you
A long time
- Let me love
- Let me love you
A long time
- Let me love
Let me love you
A long time
Where should we
put "friendship?"
Just put it like
where we can all see it
when we're hanging out.
For sure
For sure
And you
You give me...
Well, look who decided
to show his face?
Perfect timing... America.
I don't wanna lose ya
Won't ever misuse ya
If you ever left baby
I swear I would lose it
Maybe I should cool it
I know I'm acting foolish
Nobody ever loved me...
Is that weird?
Whenever anyone's sick,
they'll think of me.
...long time
I'ma love you
A long time
I'ma love you
A long time
I'ma love you
A long, long, long time
Look at how amazing this is.
That's really, really good.
That's the Avi I wanna be.
Let me love you
A long time
Baby let me love you
Let me, let me
Let me love you
A long time
Baby let me love you
Let me, let me
Let me love you
A long time
Let me, let me
Love you baby
Got a real girl
And she loves me a lot
And ain't no other man that's
Gonna take-a my spot
And I
I'm so happy you're mine
I'ma love you
A long time
[crowd cheering]
That was something I've never
seen in my life.
Can you believe we get
to do this for a living?
I can't.
It's very unbelievable.
[Kevin] Kirstie,
how are you feeling?
No, okay.
All right, I'll see you guys.
I'm gonna go record.
[fans cheering]
Working on the album, on tour,
I will not say that it is easy.
Okay, we know exactly
what we have to do right?
Yes, we do.
[Avi] Because
in the past, usually,
you just focused on the show,
but this one... pretty much
always work.
Tomorrow we want to start
on the song called "Rose Gold."
-And so...
-Recording it?
Uh, no.
Arranging it.
The toughest thing about
doing a capella original music,
is not a lot of a capella has
played on the radio before.
And the radio, like, requires
kind of a specific sound
to play a song.
And so, crafting
an arrangement that
could play on the radio,
but holding the integrity
of a capella, is...
Has been a task.
As you're getting ready to
release an album of mostly
what sort of things
do you think about?
We have a really cool system
because we're all so different.
If it can get past
all five of us,
I feel like a lot of people
are gonna want it.
Because if it
gets past all five
of us, it's gonna be...
the best possible product.
Because we're all super picky
for different reasons.
The priority for us as a band
is to not lose integrity, too.
Because it's just so easy for
people to be like, well,
why don't you add this?
If you just add
the piano like this,
it'll change so much...
No, what brought us so far
and what people love
about us is the fact
that it is a capella.
I think the success
that we've had has really
validated all those things.
'Cause, you know, I mean,
to have a Grammy,
which is so weird still
and so surreal and, you know,
platinum Christmas album,
it gave us the confidence
to say no, we're in
the right direction.
Should I do like a...
Like a really long...
Just as like a sample?
Can I hear
the chorus though?
...we could be stars
We could be rose gold
Rose gold
That's it, right?
[Mitch vocalizing]
Pretty good. It's supposed
to go from one to three
and we end at 1:10.
I like that.
Cool, let's just
come out and...
Oh, with the beginning.
[Avi] I wanna get some soup.
[Mitch] That sounds good.
[Scott] We're gonna
go to Vail Village,
the main village.
Vail Village! Where all
your dreams comes true!
[Mitch] Thank you.
Holy moly!
There's a Starbucks.
All right, let's find
the best soup in town.
I want something
really special.
Here we are.
Look at this vine.
All right, let's start
from the beginning.
How did he do that?
Oh, nice.
-[Kevin] Wait, they're
at our concert?
[Kevin] Wait, that's cool.
And they got the same key
and everything.
I know.
That was really good.
That's smart of them.
They could not have nailed
the timing better.
That's great.
Thank you so much.
I... am so excited.
You're really gonna like it.
This is exactly
what I wanna do.
-One hundred percent.
We've really nailed it.
[singing and beatboxing]
Oh, we were supposed to be
in the lobby at 3:50.
-We were?
-Not four?
All right,
see you guys there.
Sorry about that.
I just realized...
-Productive day.
[Kirstin] Um, so we're at
an ENT in Omaha
Um, they're gonna scope me
and check out and make
sure everything is okay.
And hopefully give me the right
medications so I can get better.
All right, well,
let me tell you
that I caught your act
-and I was pretty impressed.
-Thank you.
-So, that's awesome.
-Thank you so much.
This is what you do
This is what you do
even if you have
this much loss.
-That's a big deal.
[Kirstin singing]
[singing in higher note]
All right, enough.
Okay, we'll stop there.
I've been sleeping
and drinking water
and not talking to anyone.
-And so...
That's all I can do really.
Oh, baby.
-[Avi] How's it going?
-What do you got
in your hand there?
An apple. Healthy snack
after the show.
What can we say about that?
But you know
what's behind you
though, right?
Chicago's classic.
Are you freaking
kidding me?
Just joking.
I'll pick up the apple!
I was joking.
And now the apple.
Hey, but did you get
the apple drop?
[fans screaming]
You guys seem to have
a really great vibe together.
And I meet a lot of groups,
and, trust me, I can honestly
tell you not every group
is as friendly or talkative
as you guys are.
But touring with the same
people day in and day out
is difficult.
It wears on you
whether you guys
are saints or sinners.
So what keeps you guys
focused and what keeps
you going down the path
that you know that this is
what you want to keep doing?
[Scott] I think
our work ethic.
[all] Yeah.
We've developed
such a strong work ethic
and we have about 900 things
on our queue of stuff to do.
And so, I mean, you know,
we bicker like a family,
but there's just...
We're just so focused
on the future...
What we wanna achieve
in the bigger picture, um...
And we know that
what we're doing,
this is very unique
in this industry, very unique.
So, it's kind of, like,
we have an opportunity
to do something
pretty amazing.
You know,
a little birdie told me
that you guys are
feverishly working away
on your next album.
So how much of
that next album
is gonna be you guys?
Basically all of it.
All the album
will be originals.
We're at the point in our
careers now, we must go
to original music.
And we want to
go to original music,
we have so much to say.
And I think it's gonna be
quite a journey.
Maybe Kevin's in falsetto.
Maybe he's higher.
Maybe it's... [scatting]
[playing note]
[scatting note]
[playing lower note]
[scatting lower note]
-[playing high note]
-[laughs] I'm not doing
that one.
[Avi] I like the idea
of kind of like,
changing the melody, like...
Yeah, I like referencing
the verse.
Should we end with that?
Oh, what if...
What if you keep saying
"good night" and
we all go to...
Good night
Ooh, that's pretty.
Nice, I love it.
Before we let you go, I think
your label has something
they would like to...
...give you.
Oh, in the name
of all things...
-Oh, my God.
-Oh, my God!
No way!
Damn, that's cool!
Oh, my God!
That is so cool.
That is super nice.
That is so awesome!
Oh, my God!
Isn't it like really, really
hard to go gold in Canada?
Uh, yeah.
It really is.
-Thank you, guys.
Actually, truth be told,
we were a whisker
from platinum.
But ran out of weeks
before Christmas.
-Next year though.
The end of this year we'll be
platinum and we'll be able
to do this again.
That's so amazing.
[Kevin] You know, we're halfway
through the tour.
[Mitch] We are halfway
through the tour.
-This is the halfway point?
-[Mitch] Wow!
I feel good about it,
but I am getting tired,
but it's been really fun.
It's been really fun.
[Esther] And actually,
it took me
a good two minutes--
You're always
getting me eating.
I'm about to
shoot some hoop.
I'm about to
do a sweet ally.
Let's not hurt someone.
[Kevin] Yay, homie,
you got it.
Miami Heat.
Do they play basketball?
God, you're so good.
Thank you for this food.
Here I go.
Oh, you got a salad?
Before it was like,
you know,
show day, or not show day,
we don't really have
anything to do.
We're just chilling.
Sleeping till three.
It's like whatever.
But now, we're like
arranging everything.
And writing, and recording.
And like, every single day.
Days off, are not
days off anymore.
They're work days. They're just
days when we don't have
a shower, you know.
I just think fans, like,
when they like something,
like, they always want that.
And so they go like, "Why aren't
you guys doing like live videos
Like, we miss those.
Like those are like
more intimate.
Those are like
more you guys."
But we don't have the time,
you know.
So... But I think
if they see that.
Like, if we show what we're
doing while we're not doing
that other stuff.
"Oh, that's why they're not
going to see the Eiffel Tower.
They're not out anywhere.
They're working on this album
stuff for us, you know."
I think that'd be really good
to show them.
-[Esther] You guys are ready?
-Do you have your ears in?
[Kevin] Atlantic City,
how you doing tonight?
[crowd cheering]
That's what
I'm talking about.
Hey, my collapses
are getting lesser.
Last time I looked
it was like...
Like, on the floor.
No improvement.
[Kevin beatboxing]
Live stream days.
First live stream.
Everyone like, "God. God."
Just letting
you guys know,
like, the band,
if you guys wanna tweet,
the trend is
Let's get that
worldwide trend, baby!
[Esther] We just kinda
can't start late
'cause there's a live shoot.
Everyone's already watching
right now.
-Gotta send you guys
right on stage.
-All right.
Just so you know...
Come on.
[man] Live in
ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one.
Live Dallas.
[crowd cheering]
Are you streaming right now?
Yeah. We're trending
number 1 worldwide.
-PTX@YahooLive is?
That's really cool.
It looks great.
Camera guys are killing it.
[Scott] So we had this idea
where we wanted
to surprise Mario
and have him open for us
at our Boston gig.
And so we're making him
a flier as a surprise.
He's gonna freak out.
[Scott] I'm so excited
for him.
What does that mean?
It means you open for us
at Agganis in Boston!
You're gonna be
our opening act.
Are you serious?
Yeah, we already talked
to your mom and dad.
We're flying them out.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
[all laughing]
[all applauding]
Let's hear this.
Oh, my gosh.
That's really cool.
Hello, everyone.
I'm excited.
I'm nervous.
I'm excited.
I'm all of the things.
I'm gonna go on tonight,
right at 8:00.
I'm gonna sing.
In a sold out arena.
it's like 7300...
7200, 7300.
Pretty crazy.
Hello, my name is Avi,
is anyone...
Hi, I'm Avi,
is anyone naked?
[Dominic singing]
-Dominic, I love you.
-I love you.
I like him a lot.
He's a really good guy
and a great singer.
Sings like
a freaking angel.
Cool, shall we walk?
Yeah, probably.
Okay. Here we go.
Are you excited?
I'm so excited.
Oh, my gosh.
Kill it. I'll be watching!
Love you. Of course.
[James] Good luck, Mario!
Thanks, James.
[Kirstin] Go kill it!
Thanks, Kirstie.
Love you.
All right? You ready?
Have a great show.
All right.
Thank you, guys.
[crowd cheering]
All right. I'm going
to watch Mario sing.
[singing "Hallelujah"]
I heard there was
A secret chord
That David played
And it pleased the Lord
But you don't really
Care for music, do you?
And it goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall
The major lift
The baffled king
Composing hallelujah
Um, let's see.
So... here's the poster.
-Here you go.
-Thank you, so much.
Yeah, so... And here's
the dressing room
so you can kinda get...
Yeah, this is awesome.
Can you give this to them
for me?
Um, actually,
you can just...
give it to them.
Oh, my God!
You okay?
Oh, my God!
Sorry, I'm really,
really scared.
Hi, sorry.
Baby I've been here before
I know this room and I...
You killed it!
Ooh, all right.
I used to live alone before
I knew you
Chris and Ethan
and everyone
was taking pictures.
...victory march
It's a cold and it's
A broken
Mario! Mario!
I don't remember the last
time I cried that much.
Shut up!
You were so good.
You literally killed it.
Thank you.
I can't even talk...
-It was so amazing.
-Thank you. Thank you.
Oh, my gosh. Bro!
You should have seen Avi,
Kirstie and I,
when all the lights
came on during
I wasn't ready for that!
You didn't say anything
about lightning.
It was so good.
It was seriously
You were so good.
You were so good.
Thank you for
all the lessons,
Mr. Grassi.
I love you.
Oh, yeah.
You? Yes,
you with the glasses.
Yes, that just jumped
up and down, let's go.
[singing "Uptown Funk"]
Girls hit your hallelujah!
Girls hit your hallelujah!
Girls hit your hallelujah!
'Cause Uptown Funk
Gon' give it to ya
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Uptown Funk you up
Let's get it on, baby.
[singing "Let's Get It On"]
I've been really
Tryin', baby
To hold back this
Feeling for so long
And if you feel
Like I feel, baby
Then, c'mon, oh, c'mon
- Let's get it on
- Let's get it on
Ah, baby
Let's get it on, yeah
Oh, let's love baby
There's nothing
Wrong with me
Loving you, baby, oh
Giving yourself to me
Can never be wrong
If the love is true
How we feeling?
True baby
Oh Sabrina baby
There is something
I wanna tell you
Get it on
[Kevin] The interesting
thing, I think,
about this is that...
You know, we won
a TV show
where it's, you know,
a capella pitted against
a capella,
but now it's this kind of
this small genre
where I guess the small things
that we do, competing against
the world, if you will.
That's what
we're doing now.
And it's a lot more...
It's a lot more daunting.
Because this is
like real life, you know.
Can we make this dream
that has been...
I mean, in the back of our
minds, like a true reality.
That's the competition I think
that really we thrive on now.
Okay, everybody listen up.
This is the good part
of the gig.
[all cheering]
[Kevin] Oh, shoot.
Which one of you
wants it?
I'm gonna fight for it.
When we gave you
the gold plaque last fall,
it was like, "Okay,
this is a down-payment."
Platinum record.
And in the business...
It's kinda interesting.
We don't give enough
of these away anymore.
So this is really...
Probably as special for us
as this is for you.
But you guys have
your first platinum album.
[all cheering]
Obviously, one for all of you.
We just got a platinum plaque
awarded to us from RCA
and it's literally
the best feeling
in the world.
Man, listen, we're having
a private rehearsal.
You can't be...
You can't be here.
I'm sorry, man.
You can't be here
right now.
Nah, come in, James.
What's up?
Yo, yo, yo. Welcome
to our work space.
Cool. You guys can go ahead
and start with this.
One, two, three...
I broke something
I'll never get
I'll never get back
Brought me to my knees
And lie still
In a soul of gold
And a heart that's
Made of glass
But mine's cracked
But mine's cracked
No idea where I'm going
And there's no one to blame
To blame
Oh, my gosh!
Are you kidding? Like, if you
could totally sing today.
Hi, Kirstie.
Oh, it's so nice
to meet you.
Your halo's gone
All I see is horns
I was having
a moment in my head
where I was, like, thinking
about when I'm really old
and thinking back
on memories,
what I'm going to think of
like the people that are
cheering at the end of shows.
I thought that this time,
I was like, "Oh, my God.
I'm going to remember
this moment."
I, like, soaked it in
because I was like,
"When I'm 90 I'm gonna want
to remember this moment."
I never get deep
so I feel awkward
saying that.
But I like legitimately
did think that on stage.
Mine's cracked
But mine's cracked
Sold something I'll never get
I'll never get back
Left a hole in me
Oh, Lord
Your halo's gone
And now I see his horns
And a heart that's
Still intact
But mine's cracked
Cool. I liked
that one a lot.
I think have we enough between
those last two takes. Yeah.
[Mitch vocalizing]
One, two, three and...
[all vocalizing]
[Kevin] Part of this won't
have it, but the second verse
will have it.
Just... An additional layer.
But like barely... Like...
Yeah. Subconscious.
In your subconscious.
Like the cow.
Is that a cow?
I don't know. Sea cow.
[Mitch] Like the sea cow?
This is a sea cow, right?
I don't know what
you're referring to.
[Kevin] You know what?
Fine, whatever. 13.
The sea cow.
One, two, three and...
Oh, my God. The show starts
in like five minutes.
Holy moly.
I'm trying to watch Beyonce
"I'm a Pro" for opening to wake
myself up.
But the Internet
won't allow it.
That's me.
[Mitch] That's you.
Mission one
I'ma put this on
When he see me in the dress
I 'ma get me some, hey
Mission two gotta make
That call, tell him get
The bottles poppin' when
They play my song, hey
[scatting tune]
Where is everyone?
I don't know.
Come on.
-Is the show happening?
[Esther] Everybody's ready.
do the electric slide.
Oh, I know
the electric slide. Wait.
Wait. Wait. Hold it.
We all should be sitting
on stage right now?
-We will be.
Okay, we gotta do
a show, bro!
We're walking. We're walking.
We're walking. We're walking.
Taking forever.
Oh, I think that I've found
Myself a cheerleader
I've found myself
A cheerleader
[Esther] Avi?
Oh, I'm ready.
[Kevin vocalizing]
I'ma get me some, hey
[band] Hello! We are live...
[Scott] from
Tulsa, Oklahoma.
We're just gonna answer
your questions.
And give you,
through the Internet,
hugs and kisses.
That's true.
And we have two shows left
of the On My Way Home tour.
How crazy is that?
It went by so quickly.
This one went by faster
than any other...
I agree.
Probably 'cause the show
is the most fun.
What is something you missed
while you were on tour?
-My dog.
-My home.
-My pillow.
-Loved ones.
-My friends.
[Avi] The hardest part
about being
on the road for me,
just not being able to see
the people that
I always want to see.
Oh, it's so hard
to let go.
But it's always so good
to see you, too.
When's next
I'll see you guys?
Probably not for a couple
of months.
We'll be here
on your birthday.
He's gonna be in Europe.
Or you'll hear from us.
I'll see you guys
as soon as possible.
Be safe.
Okay, I'm leaving now.
Here, I'll take you.
Yeah, that's why
I'm taking you.
We put so much
into this band,
which is a beautiful thing, but
it's also a really tough thing
you don't get to see your
friends. You don't get
to see your family.
I can't even say, "Hey, Mom,
I'm coming home for Hanukkah.
I'm coming home for Christmas.
I'm coming home
for Thanksgiving."
Like, I can't
guarantee her that,
which is, like... [sniffling]
That's a tough thing.
But, at the end of the day,
when I go to sleep,
I know that I have
and we all have...
changed people's lives
with music.
And that is why
we were put here.
And that's why we
continue to do what we do.
"Standing By", it is just...
my message.
and the group's message
to our friends and family.
That it doesn't matter where
I'm at in the world.
Like, my heart is with you.
And basically the phrase,
"I'm standing by."
What that means is that
I'm always here,
but everyone has their own
version of that that
they struggle with.
Whether it's someone
that they lost
or someone that they love
that they just can't be
you just...
You're standing by.
And so, for me personally,
when I sing that song
every single time
I sing"Standing By",
I close my eyes.
And I think of my mom
and I think of my dad
and my friends.
And I open my eyes.
And I see the crowd
and the reason why
I'm not with them.
And it's just...
It's like a rejuvenation.
I have waited
A thousand years
And now that
Tomorrow's here
I will shout from
The mountain top
Our hearts belong near
And we've traveled
Land and sea
Our beacon the love we keep
And when we unite,
This will all have been
Our dream
And now we know
Our hearts are strong
Where we belong
Is side by side
And so we'll hold
Each other close
And in our souls
We're standing by
And so we'll hold
Each other close
And then we'll know
We're standing by
[crowd cheering]
Thank you.
[Avi]You know,
it's funny, I feel like,
there's "Standing By"
and then there's
"On My Way Home."
After being without that person
or without that thing
or whatever it may be
that you are standing by for,
you are...
You're on your way.
And when we sing that song,
we are on our way home.
And this whole tour, we were
literally on our way home.
Even though Texas
isn't my home,
it is where
the group started.
And I feel like
it is a part of me as well.
[Scott] Oh, my God.
[Mitch] Why?
What's wrong with them?
I think they're awesome.
[Mitch's dad] This was
actually the very first thing
that Mitch ever sang to.
And he was like
three years old.
And I was like,
my gosh he's on key!
And when he was about
eight years old
he was in a play.
Then at the end. He sang
"America." And his mom and I
were in tears.
We had no idea
he could sing like that.
Because he wouldn't
sing in front of us.
We would sit in the living room
and ask him to sing for us,
he would go
behind the fireplace
and sing back there
because he was too shy
to come out in the front
and let us see him.
So, times have changed.
Pretty crazy.
They used to have these
at the state fair,
and I would win them.
You won a lot.
Like... Like I know.
It was that really easy one
where you pop a balloon
with a dart.
Oh, okay.
Okay, let's go.
Oh, in the front
of the school?
I know that's not my choir.
Hold on, I gotta call Scott.
[Kristin speaking indistinctly
over phone]
Uh... I don't know.
[Scott] So, we're heading
to Martin High School.
Which is where, in a way,
Pentatonix really began.
This is a blast
from the past.
Oh, my God.
I haven't been here
in so long.
We arranged "Telephone",
right in here.
Oh, yeah.
It was this one.
No, that one.
It was this one.
You're right. This is...
This is where
it all began.
What is it now?
Oh, yeah. Great.
-Still there.
-There it is.
This is where
it all began.
And then... Oh, my gosh!
This is what was crazy.
We, like, didn't really like it
that much, our arrangement.
And we walked out
and Kayla Medlow and
Kelly Nicholas were like...
What y'all doing?
We just arranged something,
but we didn't like it
and they were like,
"No, sing it for us."
And so we sang it for them
and they were like,
"It was amazing."
-And we're like,
"Oh, maybe it is good."
-We're like, "Okay."
So, without them
Pentatonix wouldn't exist.
Thanks, Kelly and Kayla.
Thanks, Kelly and Kayla.
And then Miss O wanted us to
sing it at the choir concert,
or it really wouldn't
have existed,
because then Mariah James'
brother wouldn't have posted
the video.
A million planets
had to line up.
Thanks high school friends!
And brothers
of high school friends.
Can they take pictures?
Yeah, yeah...
[indistinct conversations]
Y'all have heard
of Pentatonix, right?
[students] Yes!
My, like, choir teacher
is here from high school.
And, like... Oh, my...
My music teacher from
elementary is here too.
And, like, a lot of my
elementary school and my
second grade teacher is here,
And, I love that,
that's really awesome, but
it always makes meso nervous.
Because I just, like,
wanna do well and
wanna make them proud.
Love your shirt.
Thank you.
Thought it was appropriate
for the last night.
Why didn't I get that?
In fact, they're gonna be
crazy tonight.
More parents.
How are y'all doing?
Ready for the last show
of the concert.
Your last concert
of the tour.
In Texas.
And I rode on a ride
at Busch Gardens
with the guy
that films the video board
every place.
Oh, really?
Says it takes him about an hour
for him and his crew
to put it all together.
I couldn't believe
they had all this stuff now.
This is crazy.
Last sound check.
Last show.
Last show.
Last show.
That's going to be sick.
[Kirstin] Can we do like
fierce catwalk?
Last show.
Last show.
We can do...
We can do
a fierce catwalk.
After you, sir.
-Now he does it.
-That's incredible.
I'll do my cape.
Yes, yes...
... and none of y'all
saw it.
I saw everything.
Is the staging set?
Oh, no,
we should've done...
Let's do it.
... standing by.
[Avi] Are you gonna watch?
[Esther] Yeah,
I'm gonna watch.
Yeah. Hell yeah,
I'm gonna watch.
Yes, sir.
[Kevin] Here we go!
[Kristin] Kill it.
On My Way Home.
It ends tonight.
We're doing it.
[crowd cheering loudly]
[singing "Rather Be"]
Take a look inside
No place I'd rather be
I'm on my way
[vocalizing and beatboxing]
[Avi] We wanna tell you guys
a little story.
That you guys
actually might know,
but that's okay.
This story begins
in Arlington, Texas.
With three little
baby singers
right there.
Oh, boy.
All right.
[Scott] During the story
moment I was just, in my head
thinking about so many things.
I was getting all teary eyed.
I was not paying attention.
Hey, no, it's been great.
It's been... Yeah,
the energy's good,
it feels good and it's just,
like, you are excited
with you guys.
If that makes sense.
It's a good feel.
I was nervous
when we first started.
Me too,
I was really nervous.
It is so crazy because
my eyesight is like when
I was eight years old.
My voice teacher, my parents,
my sister, my brother.
I can see them all.
That's kind of crazy.
It is such a trip.
And I'm... It's reminding me
of when I did recitals
and they would come.
-I know.
And I can see where I sat
when I went to a concert
when I was 15 here.
It's like a lot.
And I'm pretty much...
[Mitch] Don't let
your makeup run, girl.
I almost got like really choked
up during "Rather Be."
And then I was, like,
I have to stop,
because the second I start
getting, like...
throat closing,
crying almost...
I'm going to ruin my life.
So I stopped.
I'm having a very good time.
They're really great.
[crowd cheering]
All right. Thank you, guys,
so much for coming out.
This has been such
a special night.
This is called
"On My Way Home",
because we're home now.
[crowd cheering]
Bow to that.
Here we go.
[singing "On My Way Home"]
All of my life
Been running
Paying the price
For nothing
How do the young survive?
'Cause we're
Never satisfied
Only if I could listen
When the lights go down
In the middle of the night
Where will I run to?
When the lights go down
In the middle of the night
Where will I hide?
When the lights go down
In the middle of the night
Where will I run to?
When the lights go down
In the middle of the night
Where will I hide?
- Whoa
- I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
In the middle of the night
I've been running
Running, running I'm on my
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
All that imprides of ruin
It's in our design so human
How do the young survive?
'Cause we're
Never satisfied
I really wish
I could listen
When the lights go down
In the middle of the night
Where will I run to?
When the lights go down
In the middle of the night
Where will I hide?
- Whoa
- I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
In the middle of the night
I've been running
Running, running
I'm on my way
I'm on my way, oh
I'm on my way
Lights go down
Where will I run to?
Lights go down
Where will I hide?
- Lights go down
- All my life
I've been running
Running, running, oh
Where will I run to?
- Lights go down
- All my life
I've been running
Running, running, oh
Where will I hide?
All my life
I've been running
Running, running, oh
- All my life
- Where will I hide?
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
In the middle of the night
I've been running
Running, running, oh
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
All my life
I've been running
Running, I'm on my way
All my life
I've been running
[crowd cheering]
How do I not forget it.
[Kristin] I know.
When I started thinking
about it I was, like...
I was so emotional too.
I looked over
at you and Mitch
-and I was thinking
about all our memories...
-No, that's why...
That's why during
"On My Way Home",
I was, like...
-Oh, man.
Hi, congratulations
on an amazing show.
-Thank you.
-Oh, you're welcome.
Oh, my God.
Great show guys.
Outstanding. So good.
It was so good.
Hi, mom.
[Kirstin] Mario came
and danced. Oh, my God.
It was just awesome.
Did you hear me whistling?
No, I didn't.
Oh, my gosh.
It was incredible.
It was just
incredible to watch.
I'm so proud of you.
Thanks, dad.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Good job tonight.
I feel like a baby.
Good last show kisses.
There was just like such
a connection between
the audience and us.
It was just crazy.
They were happy for us.
And we were happy
they were there.
It was really, really cool.
You know what else I loved?
That it was our last show
-'cause I know
the show so well.
So I didn't really
have to over think.
I was like, I can just
live and do the show.
Yeah. That's a good plan.
We should definitely...
You're right.
We should--
On My Way Home,
going home, home...
Take me home tour.
Take me home.
Take me home
[Mitch] That was our last show
of the tour and I was
very nervous
because I feel like
it was sort of my...
my recital,
to show everybody
that I grew up with
like, "Hey, look how far
we've come."
It was just so amazing.
Being back home, looking over
at Mitch and looking over
at Kirstie
and being like,
"I grew up with
these people.
And now we're back home
performing for a sold out
It's just kind of everything
went full circle.
It was just so special
to grow up
with your best friends
and then be doing
something you love,
something that turned into
a viable career with them.
It was so amazing
and it made me
very thankful for everything
that's happened in my life.
It's just cool that... That
certain opportunities in life
that you
take as kind of just
a random hunch.
It's just cool that
taking those opportunities
can sometimes lead
to what this is now.
Follow the opportunities
that come,
because you never know where
they're gonna lead you in life.
And to think that us, like,
who we are as people,
we are just normal people.
We are just blessed enough
to be able to go on stage
and have found each other
and be able to do
what we love.
What a beautiful feeling to...
To just do something
you truly love,
you put your heart and soul into
and for people to love it back.
That is unbelievable.
[crowd cheering]
All right we'll do
one more song for you.
[singing "Aha!"]
Eat, sleep and breathe
That you're full
Of the stuff
This is our 15th tour.
Tee total, happy clappy
High on life
You should try it
You should know
You should know
You should know
Go on while
No one's looking
Caught you now!
Caught you red handed
In the biscuit tin
Paris! We love Paris!
Golden boy boots
Pocket pedestal
Making sharpsmart moves
Plastic, tin can
Paper, separated
Busy bee wave, wave
Save The Planet flag
But sneaky in suburbia
[scatting and beatboxing]
One, two, three...
Nicest sweetest
Utmost in everything
It's so charming
Very charming
Well reckon play the fool
No one's ill at ease
And put the deepest
Swiss bank trust in you
No one saw it coming
Cost you to keep me quiet
[scatting and beatboxing]
[crowd cheering]
[Mitch] Thank you.