Penthouse (1933) Movie Script

Tony Gazotti, the notorious
cabaret director,
He was convicted of
killing a jury...
The killer turned pale.
He took off his handkerchief
and wiped his forehead.
- Boss?
- Fast!
Is there no verdict?
It's a risk.
He will be condemned.
There's no doubt.
This time justice will be done.
Miss Colby! Grokes! Comes.
Look for photos.
De Gazotti, his women,
and his family.
Put some prison bars
in front of you.
Deploy it in three columns.
Gazotti in the chair.
Espabila, we only have 20 minutes.
I want the head in size 60.
Print it as soon as you arrive.
Hurry up!
Hey, Chapman, send this letter.
- Have it?
- Here it is.
Gazotti performed.
Wait, do not hang up.
And no verdict.
Gazotti was saved.
Stop it all. There's a verdict.
Gazotti was saved.
Great, your intuition!
Change your mind.
Gazotti was saved.
Hold the chain.
How did he do it?
Do not know.
Your lawyer is a magician.
Well. Forget about Gazotti.
Concentrate on Durant.
Pages 1, 2 and 3.
Just sensationalism.
The lawyer gets acquitted
of the blackmailer.
I want his pictures in
Newport and Palm Beach.
What happiness to be outdoors!
Where are you going? Come with me.
Shoot before the champion.
He saved my ass.
You will be happy.
I'll send you US $
50,000 in an hour.
Together we can run the city.
Oh, do not worry about money.
"What is it?"
I had a lot of fun.
What can I do for you.?
Leave me in the office.
I'm talking about good service.
Do you have enemies?
- Walk on eggs.
- You saved me.
Think again.
That would bring him to the chair.
Would you have sent me there
if there was evidence?
I would be the first to applaud.
Society would be better off without you.
Yes, and without you.
Come back, cretins.
I have not met anyone like you.
He insults me and I
accept him with a smile.
Let's make a team.
I'll think about it.
I'm not a bad person.
You are a public danger.
I like you!
Follow me worshiping.
Hang on. Let them look to
see if the path is clear.
When are we going to celebrate this?
I have a date.
"Oh, Miss Leonard.
How do you know?"
What toothpaste do you use?
None. I prefer dental powder.
You know everything!
My boys passed their
lives through a sieve.
I know that note got in
algebra in Saint John.
Tell me, what is algebra?
It's bullshit, Tony.
Goodbye, Tony!
Farewell, my savior.
Goodbye, gentlemen.
See you later.
Call Miss Leonard.
Mr. Rutherford and Mr.
Stuyvesant are waiting for you.
Tell eae I'll get her
in half an hour.
I won the case.
No congratulations?
"You know how we think.
"Yes, but I proved your innocence.
And then?
He is guilty of other things.
You should not have stood by.
We lost three customers.
Okay, I'll bring others.
I do not want any more Gangsters.
Your grandfather founded this cabinet.
What would you think of you now?
Ask people. Many think as we do.
We have already discussed this.
Will you repeat such matters?
They are not selected clients,
but it's better than writing
about a will for Mrs. Welton
which reaches a million
dollars for his Pekingese.
"It's not Pekingese, it's a collie.
"Let's not get sidetracked.
I like these cases.
There is mystery, intrigue.
I like cases of traffickers.
They are human, they are alive.
"You refuse to give it up?"
In that case, we
ask you to leave.
- Get out?
- Exactly.
- Is that a joke?
- No for nothing.
This cabinet will not be a
refuge from the scum of society.
All right, gentlemen.
- We made the papers.
- Perfect.
Goodbye, Mary. See you later.
Miss Leonard is not in town.
He's in Long Island, Mr.
Good idea.
I'll be located there.
What does it means?
We are his bodyguard.
I do not need bodyguards.
Tony wants us to protect him.
Nothing will happen to me.
Come back to Tony.
He will be furious.
We have orders.
Tell her thank you, but
you do not have to.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- One more guest.
- Yes sir.
- Where are?
- On the terrace.
Take my things.
Good morning everyone.
Finally some fresh air.
Where is Sue?
Playing tennis.
Well, I'll see her.
"I'm sorry, Sue.
- I'll get it."
Welcome home!
Please, Jack!
I had forgotten how beautiful you are.
"That does not surprise me.
"Breakfast together, then."
"Oh, I can not.
- Oh how sad."
Hello. Hello, Jack.
- How are you?
- Fine thanks.
- You finished?
- Yes.
- Has won?
- Yes.
Congratulations, you're an ace.
We should celebrate that.
I was trying to
persuade her to leave.
Iros. "Oh, no, I want to play."
Let it! See you later.
What then, my dear?
That you left me 4 weeks.
I have phoned.
You did not try to see me, and
you want me to go with you?
I had a pitiful behavior.
This case was monopolizing my time.
What could I do?
I asked him to give it up.
Honey, I do not want to
insist, but I won the case.
"Does not it change anything?"
I hate to see you stand
up for these people.
They are the scum of society.
Gangsters, blackmailers, dancers.
Dear, I fought a lot today.
We do not argue anymore.
I missed you.
I love you more than anything.
You hide well.
I'll spend the rest of
my days showing you.
Start now. Promise me one thing.
- Whatever you want.
- No criminal cases.
I can not promise that.
- "I love you more than anything".
- Yeah, but this is my job.
No one should interfere with it.
Very well.
Sue, dear... Do not react like this.
Look, Jack, I had
four weeks to ponder.
I'm not marrying a
gangster lawyer.
"I'm sorry you feel that way."
Me too.
So let's leave it to you, Jack.
OK, as you wish.
- Private affairs solved.
- Well, sir.
- I told you...
- We know, boss.
"Can not we stay, boss?"
- No.
- You treated us badly?
- Hang on.
I will follow you.
Hold on. Come to my car.
They'll get better.
A cigar?
You smoke?
I'm sorry I do not drink.
Put them here.
Are you comfortable, lads?
Do you have a blanket?
Do you have fire?
Not good... not bad.
You should not drink so much.
- I'm celebrating.
- Do not lose your head
because his girlfriend left him.
Did you also report this?
Stop drinking.
You'll find a great girl.
You will have trouble choosing.
You can choose what you want.
Tony, you're such a dirty devil.
You won me!
Do You like me!
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
We live the Pinnacle Club...
on the corner of 52nd
Street and Broadway.
This is the elite fun place.
Join us. It's a great night.
Music, boys.
Sue, you're crazy to do that.
Do you care about your profession?
Not only that. Everything separates us.
We do not have the same tastes.
He would be able to invite us
to dinner for a taxi driver.
That makes him charming.
It's human.
Me too.
Let's smoke?
I know I speak against
my interests.
What interests?
You know very well.
You've known for years.
Let me know. I forgot.
It does not suit me.
"You use me to make you jealous."
Do not.
It's been weeks for me.
"If I thought-"
- Do not think.
You make a grave mistake.
Throw a losing horse.
Do not be so modest.
I've always been in love with you.
- Tom.
- Yes darling.
Do not you have a
little detail to solve?
You mean with Mimi Montagne?
This does not bother me,
but it must stop
before we get married.
There you go.
"I do not want trouble with her.
"You will not."
- Are you sure?
- I'll do.
How are you, Mr. Siddall?
Hi, Lili.
Hello dear. Now I leave.
Hello, dear.
What are you doing?
Mimi, I want to tell you.
"Lili, you're dismissed.
Yes ma'am."
What dear?
We had some good times together.
Is that?
We can not go forward.
Did something happen.
Another girl?
- No.
- You lie!
Do not be hysterical.
You tell me we're breaking
up and I have to laugh?
"It could not last."
- Because?
I've always been nice to you.
I've always been faithful.
You have been wonderful. But...
I'm going to get married.
Oh, was that it?
Who is she?
I imagine one of those snobs.
He will not like you leaving!
I will take care of you.
I'm going to make a donation.
That would be very easy.
I left everything for you.
I left one that was crazy about me.
A good catch.
- Crelliman?
- Yes, Crelliman.
A blackmailer!
But he was good to me.
I would never have done it.
You will not run away with it.
I'll tell the whole story to the press.
I'm going to show your friend.
I forbid you!
I have nothing to lose.
I'll get revenge.
Ask for money, Mimi.
So I expected that.
I'm willing to pay.
I'm going to make a donation.
You are free to accept or not.
But if you create me
problems, get ready.
Filthy snob!
Call me with Jim Crelliman.
I'm Mimi Montagne.
I'm Mimi, Jim.
Where are you?
Running around the world.
And your boyfriend?
Park Avenue.
You confuse me with
my twin sister.
I wondered what you were doing.
The usual.
I wanted to call him.
Thank you.
I would like to see you.
When you want.
What are you doing today?
I'll be at the club.
You will come?
I will try.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hi, Mimi. I'm glad to see you.
Hi, Jim.
Hi. What do you drink?
- What do you drink?
- Of everything.
You know what I like.
A dry Martini.
An elegant dress.
Ah yes.
I forgot what I was wearing.
"You look beautiful tonight.
Thank you."
Have you changed your hairstyle?
Do you remember?
And no... happy day.
You broke?
- What do you think?
- Do not know.
"Shall I publish it?"
It's useless.
It will come in a few minutes.
- Who?
- Siddall.
"Who invited you?"
- You.
- I?
- Yes, you.
To say it's over.
I understand. You predicted everything.
Should I make a scene in public?
"You can do it in private."
In private. On here?
You can go to the terrace.
I want to check that you have broken.
Let's Dance.
Mr. Siddall wants to see you.
Go and let him in.
You're gentleman twice
what he believes you are.
- Mr. Siddall.
- Good to see you again.
- I came to see Mimi.
- No problem.
- I'm leaving?
- No thank you.
- Want a drink?
- No thank you.
"You could be friendlier."
Leave it, leave it.
We finished. What happened?
- I want to talk to you.
- No, not here.
Get out of here.
What a face you have to come here.
This does not bother me.
I do not send it on Mimi.
Mimi has no claim on me.
I'm not old-fashioned.
Drink, then.
- You heard?
- A shot!
Yes I heard.
Jackson! Please call the police.
- Good morning, Layton.
- Good day sir.
Simple curiosity.
Why have I slept on this side?
For the sense of travel.
I vaguely remember being
at a party last night.
- Where was?
- Here, sir.
- Did I have a lot of fun?
- Yes sir.
He was in a good mood.
I convinced the girl
that you gave the piano,
that no transportation would
come so late to take him away.
Thank you, Layton.
I dissuaded the other girl from
driving a convertible in the rain.
Was he so drunk?
When did they leave?
When you fell dead drunk.
Have I been relieved of my
duties with the guests?
Yes. "I sent the blonde home."
They behaved very well.
There are only 6 broken
glasses, 6 cracked plates...
and five cigarette
holes in the carpet.
Give me a drink.
Will you continue to drink?
I'm going to drink to have
a hangover and vice versa.
It's a vicious circle.
Lord Durant! Lord Durant!
- Mr. Durant!
- Stop yelling!
Come back to the office.
Lord Durant! Lord Durant!
What happens?
Big problem for Mr. Siddall.
- Go open it.
- Yes sir.
Where's Mr. Durant?
I must see him immediately.
- Immediately!
- Yes ma'am. Right now.
"Jack, did you hear me?"
I just read this.
- IM crazy.
- Tell me everything.
He was arrested for murder.
Sit down.
Tell me, why did your picture
come out in the paper?
We are involved.
I understand. How quickly.
I would not have come to see him,
but I did not know what to do.
I feel responsible.
I said I would see it.
They argued, he was drunk
and I think he was angry.
It's terrible!
They all accuse him.
An ugly case.
You're going to help me, right?
Do not abandon it.
It will seem strange, I
always say in such cases.
Jack, this is different.
It is about.
Forget your resentment
toward him.
"It's useless to do it."
- What?
I'm sorry.
I do not know what else I can do.
- I'm going to jail.
- Thank you, Jack.
Layton, call a cab.
"I'll take you home."
"I'll do it myself."
I wondered...
If you could forgive me.
What does it matter, for now,
that you do what you want?
"No, I will not forgive you."
"You seem to hate me."
Why was my love to last
longer than yours?
How can you be so cruel?
You changed.
Yes. I welcome the change.
You're not the only woman in the world.
There are many seductive women.
Sue, if only...
It's terrible, sir.
Yes. Ask Inspector Stevens
when you can see me.
Yes sir.
Do you think you are guilty?
I hope not. But I'm afraid so.
Hello? Who's calling?
No, Mr. Durant is not.
Who's calling?
Who is it?
It does not mean.
She wants to talk to you.
Durant speaks. Who is it?
My name does not matter.
Friendly advice:
If you have good sense,
leave the Siddall affair. Understood?
Do not go into it.
If not, your remains will be scattered
throughout the city. Understood?
Who are you?
Who are you? Hello? Hello?
What happens? Who was?
They just convinced me
of Siddall's innocence.
Prevent Stevens from my visit.
- Here they are.
- Bring them.
They are not dry yet.
The terrace, the body and the girl.
- She was murdered here.
- Pretty girl.
They always kill the prettiest.
"May I accompany you?"
Go! Go! Go.
Mr. Durant visits us.
- What about?
- And you?
"Are not you going to defend him?"
Siddall is a friend.
Leave it. This is a lost case.
What do you know?
He was interrogated.
We have news. Let's go.
Did they interrogate Crelliman?
He says he ignores why
Siddall was there,
but he received it gently.
Despite stealing your friend?
Ancient history.
He did not want her anymore.
"What do others say?" The same.
Crelliman was phenomenal, but the
young man was looking for trouble.
Were you looking for trouble
in this bandit's nest?
"Can not you imagine?"
Of course not.
Let's see how this happened.
What happened on the terrace?
When we got to the terrace,
She said she did not
want to see me anymore,
It all came to an end, she
came back with Crelliman.
Suddenly he put his
hand over his heart.
When she took it out, she
was covered in blood.
I remember hearing an explosion.
I thought it was a car.
Something hit my foot.
He was stunned.
I did not know what I was doing.
I got him. It was a revolver.
- .38?
- Do not know. I do not use.
The bullet came from this gun.
"I do not have a revolver."
"You have permission."
"Yes, but I do not have guns."
Oh no? Send in...
- Levitoff.
- Yes, Levitoff.
Were you in a pawn shop
yesterday afternoon?
No, I was not.
Levitoff, sold a .38 caliber
weapon yesterday afternoon?
- Yes sir.
- What time?
At 4:00 p.m.
"Would you recognize the buyer?"
Yes sir.
"Is this the man?"
- Yes sir.
You lie!
I've never seen this man!
That's all, Levitoff. Thank you.
Now what do you think?
Is it the story of a madman?
Too crazy to be true.
I'd like to talk to him.
Sorry for your friend.
Very good for the electric chair.
Wait, Dan. A visitor.
- See you later.
- Bye.
- Oh, Jack!
- Calm down.
I'm going crazy.
They almost convinced me that
I was guilty. And now...
- I know I know.
- It's fake.
At 4:00 p.m.
He was going back to his office.
"Do you have witnesses?"
I was alone.
Did not find anyone?
No, Jack. I swear I'm innocent.
I have no doubt.
- Do you believe me?
- Yes.
Stay calm.
Do not be afraid, you will leave here.
- Will you help me?
- Of course yes.
"Despite my relationship with Sue?"
Do not worry about it.
- Durant.
- Yes.
Come on, my friend.
- Bye.
- Goodbye and thank you.
- I would like to talk to you.
- Well, sir.
"Will you be his defender?" Yes.
I did not know.
Ms. Leonard came to see me...
I do not want to intrude,
but I have to help her.
- We argue and...
- What?
"You want me to be honest?"
"Then everything will be easier."
We do not want it on the case.
I would put the jury against it.
You defend the guilty.
How blunt.
We can not do much.
We will invoke temporary insanity.
So you're going to plead guilty?
What else, then?
Defend your own madness.
See you later.
- Hello?
- I'm Jackson Durant.
How are you doing?
Can you tell me about Crelliman?
"Whatever you want."
"I want to know what you did yesterday."
- He's a loving father.
- Where shall we meet?
At midnight, at the Pinnacle Club.
- Okay, thank you, Tony.
- Just a moment!
"I'm interested in the Siddall affair."
Get out, get out. This guy is guilty.
"That's what they say.
You'll waste your time..."
The boss is waiting for you.
- Hello mother.
- Hi, Molly.
This way.
- How are you doing?
- Fine thanks.
Sit down. Feel comfortable.
"Are you with him?"
For two women.
One is not enough, huh?
Anaconda earned 2 points.
I'll buy some stock.
The bag does not interest me.
What did you find out about Crelliman?
Anything. He has a perfect
alibi for every minute.
Your guests too.
You did not bury the war ax, eh?
If the riddle will be in your skull.
Perfect alibis... Much worse.
Hang on.
I have a surprise for you.
- What?
- Look.
The girl in black and white.
It's beautiful.
"You like her, eh?"
- I have a job.
- Wait, wait.
She's been to Crelliman's house.
Take his tongue off.
An intelligent girl.
Invite her to dine at your house,
She will not take you seriously
if it is not done until morning.
We'll have to hold her, right?
Girls, I'll introduce you who
stopped me from roasting.
Do you know Lotti?
- Yes.
- Yes.
And this is Gertie Waxted.
What about?
Same as me.
I hope they are great friends.
You will not be disappointed, Tony?
I would not dare.
Come on, Lotti, it's time.
"Too bad, is not it?"
- Yes.
Lots of.
Do not you like being alone?
We will prove it.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
The boss is gone.
Are you leaving already?
Mr. Durant is my guest.
If you do not have fun,
I'll make you responsible.
"You do not have to leave?" No.
If I read your
thoughts go to jail.
- What did you say?
- That he was depraved.
And you die for reminding me!
It's great!
Goodbye, Gertie.
- Heaven protect you.
- Yes, I like this man.
- Cigarette?
- No thank you.
"More wine?"
- Not now.
- Do you wanna Dance?
- That's better.
I like.
The music is fabulous.
I hardly knew you, and
you're in my arms.
Do I need music?
No, why?
I refuse to respond because
he would betray me.
So he gave a piano to a girl?
I already know it became public?
It was very generous.
"You did not ask for anything in return?"
"No, nothing.
Do you pay your share?
I was interrogated by
two cops thoroughly.
A good girl would be in bed,
feigning crisis of hysteria.
And not here drinking champagne.
This happens in the big city.
What we do?
If you want we'll stay...
but it would be better to have
something to eat somewhere.
"Shall I accompany you?"
Your house or mine?
As you wish.
I'm scared to go home.
Seeing Mimi's image, I'm
going to start crying.
You were good friends, were not you?
So, so.
I adored her.
It is hard.
Well, excluding your
house, let's go mine.
There you can prepare scrambled
eggs to your liking.
We will not wait. Come on.
- It's all right?
- Yes, very good.
"You want the job to go on?"
No, no. We are tired.
Mr. Gazotti believes
that we treat you badly.
No, it was perfect.
"Is that what you meant?"
- Yes.
Thank you very much.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- We are alone?
- Yes.
- Bother you?
- No.
Very beautiful.
Yes, I like it more now.
- Oh, the eggs!
- Leave them.
Let's finish.
You want to finish what?
The inquiry.
- During...
- Absolutely.
You did not invite me
here for my beauty.
Mimi was my friend.
I was at Crelliman's.
You want to help Ms. Leonard?
You have to hurry.
Do you want to stop the killer?
He's already detained.
I hope he goes to
the electric chair.
Siddall is innocent, I know.
Who killed her?
That's what I try to know.
Do you want to help?
I'll do whatever it
takes to achieve it.
But when I arrived, Mimi
lay on the terrace.
I can not say anything.
You know many things,
but you ignore them.
Something that seems trivial,
may be worth a lot to me.
I want you to keep on talking.
"To clarify anything?" Exactly.
Maybe I'll be late.
I have patience.
I'll make the coffee...
Oh, I'll show you the house.
This is the balcony.
To sunbathe.
This the bar.
This is it...
the radio...
If you wanna dance until you fall.
- Beautiful.
- AND.
Here it is.
Very beautiful.
- Do you feel comfortable?
- Of course.
Talking without stopping can be worrying.
I was trying to break the monotony.
- As?
- Praising your charm.
Enough talk.
I'll get you something to drink.
Layton always leaves...
- That makes?
- I'm going home.
Please stay. Did not you like it?
- Yes.
- Why are you going?
I need my stuff.
Come on, you'll leave me.
There you go. A pajama
I do not have much
variety, but...
if you want one in particular...
- There you go.
- All pajamas?
- Yes.
- Are you single?
Which one do you choose?
What do you like.
I'll pick him up.
It's late.
Get ready for your taste.
It broke?
- The glass is chipped.
- My God!
I'll have it repaired.
I appreciate it a lot. Mimi gave it to me.
Something Levitoff could not do.
Yes. The lender. Mimi
kept pawning her things.
Why with Levitoff?
He paid well and was
friends with Crelliman.
"Did I say something?"
- Yes.
Something you did not know?
- Yes.
- What is?
Levitoff swore that he
sold the gun to Siddall.
Did not get it.
Is tired. Lay down.
Sorry to leave.
Maybe I'll talk to you in my dreams.
Is a good idea.
- Good evening.
- Good...
What is it?
What did you tell me?
- Can I fix this, sir?
- Yes, I'm coming.
- Really?
- Yes.
I'm sorry, sir.
Get Stevens in.
Hi, Steve.
Good morning. Incomodo?
"No. Do you want breakfast?"
"Not me, thanks, I'm coming."
"Bring coffee and fix it."
"Look at the pictures."
Very good.
"Has anyone heard us?"
- No.
"And the butler?" It's a grave.
My visit will be
frowned upon if known.
You came to me to advise
to invest in a comedy.
How do you know?
You worked 5 years on Broadway.
Buy titles.
I am not encouraged by these obligations.
It is true.
- Anything else?
- No thank you.
- I'll make up.
- Go.
You've already helped me by telling
the steward that he was trapped.
"You owe me nothing." Thank you.
Lord Durant, no!
It does not lack anything to be happy!
Idiot! Leave the tray and come!
Leave it here.
I'm going to take a test.
Put there.
The bullet would pass through here.
- Please!
- It's not loaded.
I would log in here...
Turn around.
And he left here.
Crouch down.
Down, down.
Stay like this.
Oh, maybe she was sitting.
There were no chairs. Get up.
Stay like this.
The bullet would go straight to the hole.
Stand up straight.
There is no other.
He would have to shoot like that.
"Then he can not."
- He wants.
He shot from above. Clean it up.
- Are you awake?
- In between.
- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.
I woke up you?
None of this. I was going to the shower.
Can I have one?
Excuse me.
I'm hungry.
Why did not you call me?
"I did not want to wake you."
- As attentive as seductive.
- Seducer?
With doubt?
Yes, last night. I had
to fight for my virtue.
I'm going to end up losing my ways.
Is it so polite or is it
the other way around?
I'm by another, it's you.
A girl who came one night?
You wanted to see the Chrysler building.
Should be it.
I shower and come back, I'll be brief.
I will surprise the butler.
"I really like your house."
I'm glad.
- And your furniture.
- Thank you.
- Is that you.
- Thank you.
- AND...
- AND...?
It's flattery.
That would be easy to do.
Mr. Durant, excuse me.
- Good morning lady.
- Good Morning.
- I can speak?
- Of course, go ahead.
"Particularly, sir." Since now.
- The poor man is missing.
- I'll be right back.
Keep eating.
Mrs. Leonard came ..
"Get her in."
- But she...?
- Do not be silly.
Stop thinking for me.
"I'm sorry, Sue. In between.
Sorry to bother you, Jack.
"But it's very important."
You never bother me.
What's the matter?
"You have to drop the case.
I abandon him?
"Yes, immediately."
You wanted to help him.
I know, but I've changed my mind.
Good. Tell me what happened.
A stranger called me, he said
leave the case or kill him.
Did he say anything?
That Gazotti wanted Crelliman
and sought revenge.
- It's your version.
- Leave it.
I do not want that
responsibility on my shoulders.
I will not leave this matter
for nothing in the world.
Your life is in danger.
You will not worry
about that, right?
Yes I will.
I was very stubborn wanting
to decide everything.
I made mistakes. Serious mistakes.
I do not want any more.
We all make mistakes.
They are not irreversible.
Do not worry, everything
will be fine.
They absolve you and you
will be very happy.
I doubt that.
Of course they will absolve.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- I think it would be better...
- No, no. Gertie.
Please, come.
Gertie, Miss. Leonard.
Ms. Waxted.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm sorry to bother you.
Not at all.
MS. Waxted is here...
It does not matter...
You do not have to explain.
MS. Leonard...
"No, please, Gertie."
Let me tell you. MS. Leonard.
- MS. Leonard ..
- Yes?
Do not go for me.
Not that it affects me...
But he did. Because he loves her.
He mocks other women.
I just helped him on the case.
- I have to go.
- I get it.
It hurts me to think, too.
But it's true.
I'm indifferent.
Why you say that?
That does not interest me.
He can do whatever he wants.
I do not care.
- I'm sad.
- Good. Let's finish the coffee.
It's true, if you see
the Chrysler building.
Tell me more about Mimi.
Where I was? When Mimi left...
Speaking of Ms. Leonard,
I'd like to do something.
Forget. Sit down.
Come on, go on.
When Mimi left Crelliman,
he did not look hurt.
But I would not swear.
You never know what anyone thinks.
I'm not very concrete.
I just help.
Do not worry.
- Sugar?
- Yes.
You're very kind to
let me sleep here.
I do not envy seeing that balcony.
What balcony?
From my apartment if you see
the balcony where Mimi...
Do you have a cigarette?
Do you have a balcony view?
Yes. Right in front of me.
Stop mentioning that.
I'm moving.
Crelliman can always rent it.
What did you say?
- I'm moving.
- No, no. Something about Crelliman.
Ah, the property is yours.
"Yes. Are you surprised?"
- Yes.
Your investments are in brick.
There is less control
than a bank account.
Give me your key.
I'll get your things.
You're very kind. I'll bring it now.
So, I'm going to
change my dress.
- My hat and coat.
- Yes sir.
Do not let anyone in or out.
Yes sir.
- Have you?
- No.
It will be in this bazaar.
Take it.
- Residential Oklahoma.
- I know her.
Apartment 26 A.
You will find my
clothes in the closet.
Take two of each class.
There's a blue dress.
Actually, there are two.
But you will recognize.
Ribite red on the neck, pleated
skirt, pleated sleeves.
In other words, a blue dress.
And two hats.
Not even talk.
You will not let it.
Please, Mr. Durant...
"No. I'll be honest."
You should not leave
under any pretext.
I want to interject her
about Mimi's last night.
One could guess.
- And disapprove?
- Exactly.
So I stay.
- It's lovely.
- Really?
Oh, give me your watch!
- My watch?
- Yeah, give it to me.
Do you also want my checkbook?
I'll give it back. Do not be afraid.
Of course not.
I like women's watches.
That does not interest me.
- Worthless?
- Yeah, it's a good watch.
So let's negotiate?
You did not come by the clock.
I know you, Mr. Durant.
You do not want money.
Take the clock and go.
Hang on. What if I give you $ 500?
Come out, or I'll call the police
for trying to bribe a witness.
- Skirt!
- Hang on!
Follow this cab!
- What?
- It will not start.
- Where did he go?
- Do not know.
"Where will it stop?"
I do not know.
What good is your eyes for?
Hi, Mr. Durant.
I want to see Gazotti.
Oh, little Lord Fauntleroy!
"You want to see the boss?"
Yes, my lord.
You want more?
This thing drives me crazy.
Go Go.
Turn around.
What do you have to say.
That forces me to use it.
I think it's elegant.
Come in, I'll see.
Gertie thought it was great.
This is reciprocal.
So everyone is happy.
- She helps me a lot.
- Yes.
Tony, Sue Leonard wants to
expand the sewers of Brooklyn.
Then sell yours.
No, do not say that Gazotti
that a woman be indiscreet.
What speech!
A gentleman does not imply that
fair sex is without honor.
Your honor.
Men! I already speak like you.!
Tony, can you do me a favor?
I would give my right arm.
I want to get into somebody's house.
- An atack?
- Yes.
I wonder if you could
give me a goat.
- That is all?
- Yes.
I have the best of New York.
- One last favor.
- It's done.
Make Levitoff talk.
He said he would do
anything for me.
Except a miracle.
Do it for me, I can not.
"When did you see him?"
It's been 15 minutes.
It's been 10 years since
they left him a colander.
- Who was?
- Do not know.
But surely Crelliman
has an alibi.
Give me the picks.
Wait, leave the case
before something happens.
I'll have them incriminate Crelliman.
I can make you cold.
This would not help Siddall.
I have to prove it was a trick
of Crelliman to accuse him.
You know there's vindictiveness abject.
Killing is not enough.
You must torture.
Appreciate it.
Do not compare me to Crelliman.
- Where are you going?
- Residential Oklahoma.
Watch out it's full
of Crelliman men.
Yes. I'm going to see Gertie's
apartment, and what's up.
- What's?
- Do not know.
You take a lot of risk...
- Joe, Joe!
- Yes?
Tell those fools
to follow Durant.
Hello? "Are you Gertie?"
- Yes.
- Your friend lost the pot.
- Who's your downstairs neighbor?
- Murtoch.
One of the killers of Crelliman!
Because? "Durant goes there."
Is he going there?
What we do?
You should warn Tony.
You know what you're going to do to us.
I know.
I would not say anything.
Do not expect me to.
The luck.
If you say, I'll cross.
Ask me one more round.
It's him.
The apartment 26 A?
- Around.
- Thank you.
I'm leaving.
Mr. Durant forbade it.
I do not care.
I have orders. You can not exit.
How is that?
Who would have thought of that?
I came to see Gertie.
You must be sorry for Mimi.
This one?
No. What do you want?
But since we are here, we
could take advantage of
to talk a little.
How about a trip to
Europe with Gertie?
$ 200,000, could offer
many beautiful things.
"A pleasure trip?"
"Not only business.
You would buy the production
of the best distilleries.
For a year.
Siddall would have been executed.
$ 200,000 is a lot of money.
"No, there is no deal.
"Let's discuss it."
No, no. It's no use.
Travel by sea is very
healthy for your health.
You're never safe in this city.
You can be hit by a taxi.
And the shootings.
You're never safe
from a stray bullet.
You dance with the little Waxted.
They shoot and pass through both.
Like Levitoff, right?
"I do not know anything about that.
"Do not swear."
That's all right. I'm leaving.
I tried to be friendly,
but to no avail.
You do not want to understand me.
Your luck will not last forever.
Be careful.
Your threat is weak.
"But not my actions!" Not mine.
Keep it. I would not do.
It's a sure condemnation.
What do you want?
Oh, I thought you were
knocking on my door.
What's wrong with you?
"No, he did not."
No call to 26 A?
Yes, but there was no one.
It's in the building.
If you are in an
apartment, liquidate it.
You two look if you're with Murtoch.
- Hang on. I said below.
- I already know.
The lobby is full of
people from Crelliman.
- . You hit him, right?
- Yes, indeed.
Whoever hits him is my friend.
Follow me.
Down to the basement and
step out from behind.
Thank you.
Hit me.
- I can not.
- Make it strong.
Are you serious?
- It's for my own good.
- I'm sorry.
What a right!
Who manufactures them?
You'll kill me. About you...
- He escaped.
- It's my fault.
It's ok.
"Do you know who lives above?"
A murderer from Crelliman.
"He almost crosses with him."
Where is it?
- Connelly's.
- Where's Connelly's?
- Because?
- I have to talk.
Leave the case.
I need your address.
"I will not give it to you."
Give it to me, I have to see it.
- Do not even talk.
- Stop the car.
- You can not do that!
- I told you to stop!
"Do you know where Connelly's is?"
Yes, come on.
Why wait? Follow him.
You're not going to
disappoint Tony, are you?
I would not dare.
Drop the suitcase in that direction.
My butler will pay you.
- Hello, big boy.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hi, Mr. Durant.
Come and do your job! William!
Tell Murtoch to
shut up or leave.
Don't make it scandal.
You do not impress me.
If you're not happy, quit.
- You understand me?
- What did I do?
No one stops you.
Let it.
I'll come back to clean the trash.
I wanted to see him.
- Listen, Tony.
- What?
I just saw your
little Waxted spy,
counselor of Murtoch.
Instead of helping me,
it helps my enemies.
It's useless for Gertie
to get her things.
I'll send them.
"You think it's funny?"
- Yes.
Envy is always fun.
- Jealous?
- You're crazy.
I'm crazy, no, you are.
You're crazy about the girl.
- Layton.
- Yes sir.
"Who hit you?"
MS. Waxted, sir ..
And I thought she was charming!
I also learned. Bring drink.
- Sir...
- Bring some booze.
"I thought I did not drink."
You are wrong.
I will open.
I do not think you're happy to see me.
Back home.
They could have stopped me dressed
like that in broad daylight.
Not get upset.
I had to leave to help him.
And you Layton, do not be angry.
"Did I do so much damage to you?"
"I hope not, ma'am."
Is well. Are not you happy to see me?
How dare you come back?
- How do you say?
- I hate traitors.
- What traitors?
- I saw her with Murtoch.
You're cunning, but that's
not always worth it.
Collect your things.
Layton's taking her home.
Do you want to hear my version?
No. I will not believe
anything you tell me.
You're drunk, right?
I betrayed, so drink.
Am I that important to you?
Do not.
You're free to get drunk,
but first listen to me.
A force to push with
criminals and traitors,
You do not believe in anyone else.
Your ex made you suspicious.
- Should I pack your luggage?
- No. I will.
But first, I'll tell you something
you do not deserve to know.
I did not want Murtoch to
surprise him by investigating,
and so I quoted in a bar.
During that time,
you would be safe.
And now I'm leaving.
- Tony was right.
- What?
I was stupid, very stupid.
Sure, you're a man.
You did not have to.
It was dangerous.
I knew it.
It's something I knew I knew.
You're a strange girl.
You surprise me too.
Why did you do that?
Your life is more
important than mine.
Nobody interests me more than you.
Do not ask me why.
I do not know.
Look... I'm a person of integrity.
I know.
I wanted to be happy with you,
whether you want me or not.
I was wrong.
Do not kiss me.
Do not kiss me.
Not if you do not love me.
Not if you're not crazy about me.
No. Go to the mirror.
I wanted to know.
I will not put any conditions.
I know your world, but
I have no place in it.
You'll be as free as before.
Do not tell me anything?
You are beautiful and pleasant.
What else?
Could not.
Can I know why?
You deserve something...
better than this.
- What?
- Marry.
You are asking?
"I say you deserve it."
Just a moment.
What good luck!
Hello? Hi, Tony.
Tony, I have to apologize.
I was wrong.
Simn. Gertie had betrayed you,
pretending to play the harp with Mimi.
Listen, I have news for you.
Murtoch will palmar.
Crelliman knows you're going for
him, and will not let Murtoch talk.
Just a moment.
They're going to kill Murtoch,
I have to see him before.
I have a plan, but
how to run it?
Which is?
Crelliman will be on the terrace
when I talk to Murtoch.
How to do it?
"I'll have to get him to go there."
Not even talk. It's very dangerous.
Crelliman would not kill me in his house.
No, he would not.
I'll say I want to see him.
He's going to bite the bait.
Is not it risky?
Much less than yours. I say!
Tony, it's okay.
Gertie will help me.
Well, I'll see you later.
It's a risky bet. 100 to 1.
I will try.
Are you sure?
If you face Crelliman,
I bet on you.
You risk your life.
If I bet, I bet everything.
"Should I call Crelliman?"
Yes please.
Excuse me.
My luck changes!
Hi guys.
- Let's go?
- Yes.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Gertie is calling Crelliman.
You're suprised? Wait here.
Yes, Jim.
And the guys waiting for me?
Do you remember?
It's very important. According.
In five minutes?
Okay, in 5 minutes.
Thank you, Jim.
- We have to leave.
- What should I do?
He offered me a job
with you abroad.
Tell him you convinced me.
Anyway, make him go out onto the terrace.
You can do it?
I will try.
"Gertie, you're a pearl.
I would like."
Goodbye. Good luck.
It's us? "Do you know Murtoch?"
A killer we've never
been able to catch.
This time will pay for Mimi Montagne.
He was not there.
He shot from his window,
and he threw the gun to the terrace.
"What evidence do you have?"
"But where are you taking me?"
For a future commissioner.
I hope you're not mistaken!
Check them out. Take them out quickly.
Come on. This way.
Do not shot. I need him alive.
Let's play hard?
I almost got shot!
Calm down, Murtoch!
Have you been given?
No. I'm surprised, Murtoch.
- What do you want?
- Look out the window.
- It's an assault.
- Call the police!
Sit down. I want to see the show.
- Give me the gun.
- What are you going to do?
Kill my girlfriend's lover.
- It's my gun.
- Exactly.
But are not they cops?
They do an extra job.
They also want Crelliman.
- Crelliman?
- Yes.
While that bitch Gertie takes him to
the terrace, I'm going to kill him.
Hang on! Not here! You will accuse me!
Of course.
How did you guess, huh?
"You can not do that!"
"Can not we, eh?"
Listen to me, I'll explain.
You were in a bar.
The waiter will testify
that I was there too.
I listened as he told Gertie
was going to kill Crelliman.
This is a lie!
I called the police,
but it was too late.
You had already shot.
They threw it out the window.
Crelliman was dead.
I'll report it!
There are three prosecution witnesses.
I'd say Gertie's cheating on you.
Come on, be reasonable.
You will not tell a thing.
A murderer sentenced to death.
One more run in the chair.
You will believe with more courage.
You can not do that!
Oh, I'm disappointed.
Before a prepared
coup, I had admired.
Do not let him do it!
Crelliman knows about them.
Threat to reveal that
they accepted money.
One of his henchmen was
executed, not to testify
that Crelliman was involved.
I'm going to go crazy!
I need to drink!
I feel sorry for you. But you
have to eliminate Crelliman.
You are the ideal culprit.
You will like.
When you've killed him,
the guys are going to put
that gun in your hand.
You'll see how well it goes.
It's the best set-up of
the whole crime story.
You have to kill Crelliman
before he kills you.
The window overlooks the terrace.
We'll get in after the shot.
Wait a moment, would not
it be more artistic to say.
What will we get in before the shot?
No, it will not be necessary.
You will be detained for having the
weapon used against Crelliman.
I forgot something.
Let's beat Murtoch for
resisting arrest.
A perfect plan can not fail.
You'll see when I tell the jury!
The jury would be wrong.
No jury.
In the fight, the killer is killed.
We fired and killed him.
Simple, clear and fast.
Now sit back and wait.
I can not do it!
- It's Gertie.
- Are we liquidating it?
First I want to hear it.
Open it.
Hi guys.
Hi, Jim.
Hi, Gertie.
"Do you drink anything?"
No thank you.
It's hot here.
"Have you become sensitive?"
- I need your help.
- What?
There are many of us here.
We are among friends.
I want to talk to you.
Come on, talk.
You know I left with Durant?
He's crazy about me.
I managed to figure
out your plans.
Which are?
Let's get some fresh air.
Open the windows.
What did you discover?
It has been emptied.
I asked to leave because
of the risk that runs.
He accepted the
trip he proposed.
I'll go with him. I will be fine.
Yes, you will travel, but
not where you think.
A pity, Gertie.
If you had this plan, it
will no longer be possible.
- You are kidding?
- No.
Do not do it.
Put your coats on, boys.
"Are you going for a walk?"
Can I ask you one last thing?
All those condemned to death
can choose their dinner.
What you want?
Seeing heaven for the last time.
I had some good times.
- You want to escape, huh?
- No.
I'm cool.
If in doubt, come with me.
Leave me! I go crazy!
Bring it here.
Prevent him from crying.
It's normal to see him kill him.
He'll settle for knowing
he dies before you.
Let him talk.
He wants to tell us something.
If you scream, kill him.
I'm going to kill Crelliman.
Hang on. Give me a chance.
I do not want to die.
If I confess, will you help me?
Come on, Crelliman's going to die.
If you hired me to kill, he would
be sentenced to death, right?
Yes of course.
- And I?
- No.
- The sentence of life imprisonment?
- Yes.
I'll talk. "Come, sit down."
He paid me to kill
Mimi Montagne.
I shot from this window.
Everything was planned.
Hang on! Hang on!
Take your statement.
On here!
- Gertie. It's ok?
- Yes.
It's ok.
What happened, Tony?
I'm sorry.
I had to do.
I failed with Crelliman.
But you forgive me, right?
Tony! Tony!
Do not move. I'll get a doctor.
That I am? Tell me.
A little depraved, Tony.
You're great.
Mr. Durant's back, ma'am.
"You released Siddall?"
Yes ma'am.
Mr. Durant is with the journalists.
Do not stop. Phone calls,
telegrams, congratulations.
Better than the last time.
I hope you only defend the
criminals of a good family.
"Can I help you, ma'am?"
Yes, Layton.
"I must leave as soon as possible."
"Saddle me, ma'am.
Despite this blow to the head?
It will be hard to
explain to my wife.
She'll say I made one of mine.
- Have children?
- I have 4 at home.
And another in a boarding house.
And we are again.
Hello? Hello?
Is it at the other end, Mr. Durant?
Excuse me.
MS. Sue is talking to Mr.
"And they lived happily."
Tell me, Layton.
Do you love him very much?
He never did me tilin.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Although very beautiful and friendly,
does not awaken my instincts.
Thank you.
Take care of him.
Take care of him, will you?
I like you, ma'am.
As much as you.
- I can enter?
- Goodbye, sir.
Call the shuttle.
I bought a ticket for tonight...
Listen me?
Book a cabin.
It does not matter which carrier.
Siddall will sleep at home today.
Everyone is happy.
Except poor Tony.
You were great.
All thanks to you.
Thanks for everything.
I wish you a good trip.
Little idiot! You come with me.
"Do I travel with you?"
"Of course."
What about Mrs. Leonard?
She already was.
"Are we going to Paris?"
I would like.
- I'm going to get criticized.
- Certainly.
- Annoyed?
- Not you.
Layton! The bridal suite.
For Mr. And Mrs. Jackson Durant.
I can not marry.
I'm not a real lady.
You can do this role
until you find one.