Penthouse North (2013) Movie Script

Watch that ridge.
Sara, keep it tight.
Contact! Contact left!
To your left! To your left!
- Sara, don't move!
- Move up! Move up!
- OK, go!
- Moving.
On your right! Go! Go! Go!
Move! Move!
- Head around the corner.
- Keep going!
Push through! Push through!
Push forward to the wall!
Push forward to the wall!
I've got four guys with AKs,
RPGs in the tree line.
Press that guy!
Hey! Trying to
get your ass shot off?
Get in there and stay down!
Guys, let's go!
Going in!
You're staring at me.
Can't help it.
Oh, it's freezing out here.
What are you doing?
I told Blake
I'd get the champagne.
Oh, no.
Let her get it.
Come back to bed.
It's 3:00 in the afternoon.
And in an hour from now,
it'll be 4:00 in the afternoon.
I know. I told her
I'd do it, though.
Let me get my coat
and we're going.
No, no, no, no. I got it.
I'd rather do it myself.
OK, sure.
When are you gonna let me turn
this into an engagement ring?
You do not EVER
give up.
No. Not when I want something.
I thought we agreed on this.
Whatever happens, happens.
On, God.
- It's already happened.
- Oh...
You sure you don't want me
to come?
No, I'm good.
Hold down the fort.
Will do.
Hey. Hey.
Oh. Hello, Sara.
Hi, Antonio.
Any big plans for tonight?
Yep. I'm gonna work late.
New Year's Eve's for amateurs.
Can I grab you a cab?
No, no, I'm good.
I'm just going to the store.
- Be safe, young lady.
- Thank you.
- Hey! Look out!
- Ah!
What, are you blind?
- I am.
- Hey. You OK?
I saw the whole thing.
What an asshole.
Nothing new.
This city's full of 'em.
- Here, let me help you...
- No. No. I got it.
Thank you.
It's actually better
if I do it myself.
My lightsabre.
Sometimes I get cocky
and I forget that I need it.
Hey, I can walk you
where you're going.
No, I know where I'm going.
Thanks, though.
- Are you sure? It's no trouble.
- Yeah. Happy New Year.
Yeah. Yeah, you too.
You, uh... you got the light.
OK. Thank you.
You watch out for assholes.
I will.
Call from Blake.
- Hey, Blake.
- Hey.
- Where are you?
- Out.
Buying champagne.
Great. Are you on your own?
Yes. I'm on my own,
all by my lonesome.
Good. I'm glad
you're getting out.
You spend way too much time hiding
out in that penthouse with Ryan.
My God, what's wrong
with hiding out?
Don't make me feel guilty
for finding a guy I like.
Stop busting my chops.
- I'm your sister. It's my job.
- Yeah.
You and Danny gonna come over
and ring in the New Year with us?
Danny had to pull a double
and he's not even home yet,
so he'll have to sleep
for a couple of hours.
- Please try and make it.
- We will.
Just gonna be
a little last-minute, OK?
I love you.
Alright, love you too.
How'd it go
out there today?
I didn't walk into
any telephone poles.
That's good.
Have yourself
a good evening.
Thank you. You too.
It's the lady
with the liquor.
You here?
Good girl.
Good girl.
You can't be hungry, Shadow.
I just fed you.
Oh, my God. Ryan.
Ryan? Oh, my God. Ryan?
Oh, my God.
Ryan. Baby.
Ryan! Oh, God!
Oh, God. Who's there?
Who's there?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Who's there?
What do you want?
Say something.
Open the door.
Open the door, Sara.
Yeah. I know your name.
I've been watching you
for days.
Start listening.
Armadillo is ready.
- Start menu.
- Menu.
Open the goddamn door!
Open email.
- Read email?
- Write email.
- Please repeat.
- Write email to Blake.
Email to Blake.
Call the police.
A man is...
Look what you made me do.
- Hey.
- Hi.
It's official -
I hate New Year's Eve.
Rough one, huh?
I'm gonna go lie down
for a couple of years.
OK. Remember...
Sara wants us
to be there before midnight
to watch the fireworks
from Ryan's penthouse.
Something not right
about that guy.
Danny... What'd you do?
I ran a check on him.
You did what?
He said he was living in Philly
before Brooklyn, right?
According to DMV records, he was
in Miami the last seven years.
No, I think he said
he was born in Philly.
He was born
in Dade County, Florida.
So we'll ask him
and find out.
Lots of people make up stories
about themselves.
I know. I arrest them
all the time.
Oh, goddamnit!
What happened
to this camera?
I dropped it.
Like that?
You're a mess.
I'm gonna clean you up.
Hold still, now.
You have an awesome body.
It feels good, huh?
Nice and cool.
Did Ryan
ever do this for you?
Wouldn't be the first time
me and Ryan shared the same...
- Get your fucking hands off me!
- What?!
I'm sorry.
Are you OK now?
Yeah. Just...
These are really tight.
Are you gonna help me, Sara?
Yeah. Yes.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So, what did Ryan tell you about
- How'd he make his money?
- He's an investor.
Ryan wasn't an investor.
Ryan was a goddamn thief.
He stole something
that belongs to me,
and I'm here
to get it back.
- Where is it?
- What?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I wonder if I believe that.
I would tell you if I knew.
Where's my money, Sara?
I don't want to hurt you.
But I will.
I'll hurt you bad.
What's it gonna be, huh?
An ear?
Both ears?
An eye?
It doesn't do you
any good.
Tell me. Tell me.
Tell me!
I'm so cold.
- Shit!
- I'm really cold.
- Fuck.
- Please...
Can I put some clothes on?
Yeah. Yeah. Get dressed.
Hey, Hollander. Yeah,
I was just gonna call you.
Yeah. It didn't exactly go down
the way we planned it.
The sonofabitch came at me.
I had to kill him.
There wasn't time.
You know how fast he is.
Only this time,
I was faster.
I know I kinda screwed up, OK?
But I got the girl,
and I'll get the truth
if I have to carve it
out of her.
You don't have to do that,
Hollander. I got this covered.
I got this under control.
Yeah, OK. OK.
Well, this is...
this is not good, Sara.
Not good for you,
not good for me.
Listen to me.
Do you want to die today, Sara?
- Is that what you want?
- No. No.
Then you tell me
where Ryan hid the shit
and maybe we both
get out of this alive.
- You want me to help you?
- Yes.
- OK.
- Good.
- I know where it is.
- Now you're being smart.
Come on, where... Ahh!
You hurt me.
I think it's gonna
leave a scar.
On, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
- Oh, God.
- Sara, get down!
Step back! Step back!
Somebody down here?
Antonio? Antonio?
- Who's there?
- It's Sara!
There's a man down here!
He killed Ryan!
- Sara?
- He killed Ryan! Get help!
Get help! Call the police!
Are you hurt?
Are you alright, Sara?
Go back, get the police!
- It's OK.
- No, it's not OK!
I'm not leaving you alone.
No! Go back!
- Stay right where you are.
- Get help!
I'm not leaving you, Sara.
Antonio can't hear you anymore.
Help me!
Help me, anybody!
Please help me!
Can somebody help me?
Oh, God. Oh, God.
On, God. Oh, my God!
Oh, God. Oh, God!
Oh! Ohh! Oh!
Oh, God! Help!
Please! Please!
Please! Help!
Help! Please, help.
Is somebody there?
Please, I need help.
- God, are you OK?
- There's a man.
- He's coming after me.
- Can I help?
- Please.
- Can I help?
- Yes.
- My name's Robert Shay.
I'm a New York City prosecutor.
- Oh, God. Please.
- I understand. I understand.
- I need your help.
- I understand.
We're gonna get you
somewhere safe, OK?
- There's a man.
- OK. I got it.
- You can go. Thank you.
- He's coming.
OK, listen,
first thing we're gonna do,
we're gonna get you
to a safe place, OK?
Put this on. OK. OK.
Everything's OK. OK.
You alright? OK.
- What's your name?
- Sara.
- OK, Sara.
- Sara Frost.
You're doing good.
Now, Sara,
I'm gonna have to call 911
and they're gonna ask me
what happened.
Can you tell me?
- A man broke into my apartment.
- Uh-huh.
My boyfriend's apartment.
He killed my boyfriend.
Where's the apartment?
260 Blackwood, Penthouse North.
OK. Now, I'm gonna have to
call this in. Just a second.
Hi. Yeah, this is
ADA Robert Shay.
I'm with a young woman
who's a victim of an assault.
Her name is Sara Frost.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Apparently, there's a homicide
involved as well,
at 260 Blackwood,
Penthouse North.
Just a second.
Ah. It's the boyfriend. Yeah.
OK. Oh, great. OK. Thanks.
Great. I got it.
Thank you very much.
OK. There's a unit.
It's a block away.
The police are gonna meet us
at the building, OK?
- Thank you.
- OK.
Here we are.
Are the police here yet?
They'll be here any second.
May I use your phone
to call my sister, please?
Is that them?
- Sara.
- It's him.
- It's him!
- I know.
Oh, God. Oh!
Very interesting day, Chad.
Very interesting.
Let's see -
first, you killed Ryan,
before we had a chance to get
any information out of him.
And then you let
a 118-pound blind girl
make a fool out of you.
That's not how it happened.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure
that's how it happened.
It's exactly how it happened, Chad.
Just like that.
Let's face it.
You're kind of a fuck-up.
Aren't you?
You're also a mess.
Go clean yourself up. Go ahead.
Go on.
Look... so you know,
the only thing -
honestly, the only thing -
standing between you and
that psychopath in there is me.
That's it.
Well. Alright, huh?
Yeah, it's kinda like
your own little fortress.
Just you and Ryan up here
where nobody can touch you.
Wasn't gonna last.
I was always
gonna find you.
Find me?
Well, Ryan.
And whoever else
was lucky enough to be with him.
What do you want?
What are you gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
I don't know.
I guess whatever it takes.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Whatever it takes.
Wow. You know,
I know you can't see this.
But this view, I mean...
This view is drop-dead.
Hey, did you ever wonder
how a young guy like Ryan
could ever even afford
a place like this?
He had money.
Yeah. He had money.
Did he ever say anything
about Miami?
- Miami?
- Uh-huh.
Big city. Florida.
He used to live there.
Anything else?
He said he got involved
with some very bad people
down there.
Who's this?
What's the name
of your cat?
Shadow. Hey, Shadow.
Aren't you a pretty girl?
Funny. I didn't figure Ryan
as a cat guy.
What is wrong with you?
Ryan is dead. That animal
in the next room murdered him.
You think you knew Ryan.
Let me ask you something.
If Ryan was such a choirboy,
what was he doing in business
with the likes of Chad and me?
It's here. Somewhere.
Ryan would never let it
get out of his reach.
He'd keep it close by.
You know where it is.
Don't you think I would have
told that psychopath
anything I knew
once he put his hands on me?
Chad likes the rough stuff.
Ryan too, actually.
Was that it? Was that your thing?
I'm not judging.
You don't know
anything about me.
See, actually, I do.
"Sara Frost.
"Promising young photojournalist
"embedded with US troops
in Afghanistan."
Wow. Blah-blah-blah.
"Suicide bomber."
Oh, boy, here we go.
"Permanent blindness."
Permanent blindness.
What is that like?
Everything you loved,
everything gone
in a flash of light.
Are you one of those people
who thinks,
"Whatever doesn't kill me
makes me stronger"?
Is that what you think?
I'd put a bullet
through my head.
Where is it, Sara?
Ryan hid it good, Hollander,
but I know it's here.
Of course it's here, Chad.
And if you hadn't killed him,
we would've had it by now!
Just give me five minutes
with her, I'll get the truth.
What if you lose control
like you did with Ryan?
- Won't happen, Hollander.
- What if you kill her?
I won't.
But do not kill her.
- I mean it, Chad.
- No, don't.
Don't what?
Don't leave me
alone with him.
Too late, Sara.
I can't help you.
I can't kill you,
but let's see how close I can get.
Chad, hold it. Stop.
What's wrong
with this picture?
- What are you talking about?
- Quiet.
Chad, your knuckles
are dragging.
I'll tell you what's wrong
with this picture.
This picture.
Everything else
in this pretentious apartment
is generic, soulless,
like Ryan.
but this photograph.
- One of yours, isn't it, Sara?
- Yeah.
Ryan blew it up
and framed it for you, right?
It's haunting.
Really disturbing.
It's beautiful.
Take it down.
Because I told you to.
Give me your blade.
Give me your knife.
You have a very unhealthy
attachment to this knife.
There's... there's gotta be...
two, three...
300 grand.
So you got
what you came for.
Will you go now?
Sure. As soon as
Chad bags the cash.
That wasn't so bad.
It worked out for everybody.
- Except for Ryan.
- Was it worth it?
Killing him?
Tell you the truth,
I'm gonna miss old Ryan.
He was a good investment.
You talk about him like he was
some sort of object, some thing.
Sara, Ryan betrayed
you AND me.
I know
what you're thinking.
"If I love that guy
long enough and hard enough,
"I could change him."
Never gonna happen.
Ryan was scum.
You couldn't see him
for what he really was.
You want me to do her?
No, I don't want you to do her.
- But she knows too much.
- What does she know?
She heard some voices and
some fake names. That's all.
Hey, Chad, not everything has
to end up in blood, alright?
Go wait for me
at the door.
Some other time, then, Sara.
I know this was
tough on you.
You're a whole lot stronger than
you know.
Now, I don't want you
to leave the apartment
or call anybody
for an hour, OK?
An hour.
Yeah, now I get it.
Now I see
what Ryan saw in you.
How'd you know?
I smelled you.
She didn't lead us to shit.
Shut up, Chad. We're close.
Put that down, Sara.
You're gonna hurt yourself.
You stay away from me.
You got your money.
You got what you wanted.
We're not here
for the money, Sara.
- The money's chicken shit. -Then
what? What do you want?
Why won't you
leave me alone?
Where'd Ryan say
he got this diamond?
He was buying diamonds.
He said they were investments.
Investments, my ass.
- Where are the others?
- The others?
Yeah, I want my other 29
clear perfect diamonds.
$20 million worth
stolen in Miami.
- Are you saying Ryan stole 'em?
- Yeah, that's right.
And then he doublecrossed us.
Where are my diamonds?
I can't help. Argh!
Can't or won't? Which is it, Sara -
can't or won't?
No! Not yet!
We need her.
Hey, Shadow.
Look here,
who came to visit. Hiya.
You hear that?
You hear that purring
like a little racing motor?
Please... put her down.
Huh? Oh, it's OK.
I'm a cat lover.
I love cats,
and cats love me.
What are you doing?
What do you mean?
I'm just over here,
at the edge of the terrace,
just once again...
admiring this amazing view.
What are we,
14, 15 storeys up?
Careful, careful, careful.
Careful, careful.
Ooh, that was close.
Please what?
Whatever you're thinking.
What am I thinking?
It's an innocent animal.
Sara, are you trying
to put some ideas in my head?
Do you actually think
I'm capable...
- No! I just...
- I told you, I'm a cat lover.
I love cats. -I know.
Oh, great.
You're upsetting Shadow.
- For God's sake...
- Shadow's upset now.
Where are they?
The diamonds?
- I don't know.
- Yeah, you do.
- Please don't.
- Tell me where they are.
- I don't know.
- Sara...
Just tell me
where the diamonds are.
I don't know.
Wrong answer.
I wonder
if she landed on her feet.
That was fucked up.
- What'd you say?
- That was fucked up.
What did that cat
ever do to you?
Gee, Chad,
when did you join PETA?
I'm just saying.
Yeah, you know...
Ryan may have been
a disloyal dog,
but at least he knew
when to keep his mouth shut.
- Yeah, well, Ryan's dead.
- You challenging me, Chad?
I'm just saying,
you want answers,
you don't go
throwing cats around.
You know,
maybe when you killed Ryan,
something happened
to your brain.
I don't know. Why don't you
go wait downstairs?
What? Leave you up here alone
to find the diamonds?
Why? Do you think
I'd sell you out?
I don't know. Would you?
Gee. I mean, Chad,
if you don't trust me...
You looking for this?
Chad, I'm deeply hurt
that you don't trust me.
I trust you.
- What?
- I trust you.
Yeah, but you're just saying
you trust me.
- Do you really trust me, Chad?
- I really trust you.
For a second there,
I thought maybe
you didn't trust me.
Here's your knife.
This is Tim
in Traffic Watch 1.
I've got somebody
on the roof down there.
See me, please.
Please see me.
I'm gonna give you
one last chance.
Yeah, just two people
who decided to
start the party a little early.
OK? Huh?
Good. 'Cause we're gonna play
a game called follow the cat.
It's a long way
down there, Sara.
Ryan has a safe.
Show me.
Hey, honey.
Um... you're not thinking of
going to Sara's like that, are you?
I'm not going at all.
I thought we agreed.
You said we'd see how I feel.
Well, I feel like not going.
Danny, it's 10 blocks.
Your pregnant wife
and your unborn son
are gonna go
and visit her sister.
You can come
or you can stay here
and drink your beer
and scratch your balls.
Drink this.
Why doesn't he just kill me?
Maybe I stopped him.
You're terrified of him.
You're his lapdog.
Like hell I am.
You don't get it, do you?
You have no idea
what he's gonna do to you.
- To me?
- Do the math.
$20 million divided by two?
Why would Hollander
cut you in
when he could take it all
for himself?
You're way ahead of me,
aren't you?
I knew you were smart.
You're gonna kill him first,
aren't you?
Help me, Chad,
and I will help you.
And then what will you do?
Whatever you want.
Kill him.
We gotta talk. Come on.
That Ryan.
Got some sense
of humour.
For a dead guy, I mean.
Diamonds weren't in the safe,
I'm guessing.
Yeah. I have a feeling
you knew that.
Which means...'re my only living link
to those rocks, Sara.
Where's Chad?
Did you kill him already?
I put him outside.
Give us a chance to... be alone.
He's working up the nerve
to kill you, you know.
Yeah, he's thinking about it.
You maybe even helped him...
little bit.
You know what, Sara?
Behind that...
...very pretty face
and those soft green eyes,
you're not all that innocent.
Are you?
Let's you and I make a deal.
I tell you where the diamonds are
and you let me live.
And as a kicker...
...I let you keep this.
If you're anything like me,
cash it in.
I'm nothing like you.
You kill people.
Yeah. I mean...
The world's a slaughterhouse
full of pigs
who are just too stupid to see
when the axe comes down.
Take the offer.
You're making
a really big mistake, Sara.
You know, I can hear
something in your voice
that wasn't there before.
Really? What's that?
Comfortable? Good.
Hold her shoulders down.
Please don't... Ah!
You know how this works?
You're not strong enough
for this, Sara. Nobody is.
Why don't you just tell me
what I need to know?
Go to hell!
Where are they?
The diamonds?
Where are my (Xv-Amends?
Hey, it's us.
A very pregnant lady
is downstairs.
We're right outside
the building.
- That's my sister.
- Put some clothes on.
- We're coming up!
- Oh, please.
Let me call her back.
I can stop them.
- You OK?
- Mm-hm.
I don't trust her.
You know what that is?
I won't even blink
before I kill them.
- Their lives
for the diamonds, Sara. -Yes.
Hon? You alright?
You want that baby
to be born, Sara?
OK. Hold on.
Hey, Sara.
Sorry. It's not a good time
to come here right now.
- Why not?
- I should have called.
What's going on?
We're in the middle
of a fight.
- A fight?
- He didn't hit you, did he?
- No.
- If he laid...
- No, Danny. He didn't lay...
- Where is he?
...a hand on me, OK?
We just need to be alone
so we can work it out.
Well, you don't
expect us to leave.
It's almost midnight.
We want to
be here with you.
Blake, please...
What's going on?
We're just fighting.
Wh... Where's Ryan?
Ryan, we need to talk, man!
Right now, Ryan!
I need to see your face.
No, listen. This is...
This is just between us. OK?
We're here, we're in it,
and we're not leaving.
Please. Just leave.
No. Sara, look,
we're not gonna...
Honey? Are you OK?
- No. Oh, no.
- Blake?
- Blake?
- Oh, shit. I think...
on, shit.
Sara, let us in and call 911.
- No!
- She must lie down. Let us in.
- I can't.
- For Godsakes, Sara...
- I can't, Danny!
- Stop! No, OK, Danny, stop.
- Honey, you need to lie down.
- No, I...
Oh. Oh, shit. What I need to do
is get to the hospital.
OK? I'm not having this baby
right here.
OK, we'll get a cab.
- I'll be there soon.
- Yes, just...
- University Hospital.
- OK.
I'll see you soon.
Looks like
you're gonna be an aunt.
- What are you doing?
- I'm looking for a drink.
See if Ryan has
any decent Scotch.
With ice. Lots of ice.
We kept our part of the bargain.
Where are they, Sara?
Ryan never told me.
But I think I know
where they are.
Oh, what, you think?
What is this, huh?
Hey! Which part of "Make me
a drink" don't you understand?
It was one night
last summer.
I woke up. It was about 2:00
in the morning.
Ryan wasn't in bed, but I heard him
making some noise out here.
When I came out,
I sensed something wasn't right.
He said he couldn't sleep
and I should go back to bed.
But I could still...
I could still hear him.
When he came to bed,
I could smell dirt on his hands,
and I think... I think he was
hiding something in the pots.
There must be
a hundred pots out here.
Could take a long time,
couldn't it, Sara?
Is that the idea? Huh?
Kinda... run out the clock?
Maybe somebody's gonna come
save you, something like that?
What'd you think?
That I'd fucking quit?
You think I'd quit and go home?
Did you really think I'd quit?
- I'm telling you the truth.
- Shh! Shh! Shh!
Move over. Over right here.
Any luck?
Find the diamonds?
Not yet.
Here. It's your drink.
Where's my ice?
Your ice has melted.
What about my other ice?
You know, the kind you get
at Tiffany's.
I know. You were just
going to tell me.
You wanted to surprise me.
The diamonds?
Fuck you!
We both knew this day
was gonna come, Chad.
One of us had to go.
It was always
gonna be you, Chad.
I wish you could
see these, Sara.
They're beautiful.
Tell me. Did you know
the whole time?
I'm not telling you shit.
Were you playing me? Huh?
Were you just playing me?
You think I can't hear you?
You think I don't know
where you are?
Come on, Hollander, talk.
I know you like to talk.
What? Cat got your tongue?
That was a hit, wasn't it?
Alright, Hollander.
Let's play.
Are you watching?
Keep your eye on the diamond.
What do you say?
Should we go for number two?
Speak up.
I can't hear you.
Should I just
let 'em all go?
Don't drop them.
I won't.