People Places Things (2015) Movie Script

Dad, I made
this flower for you.
Oh, thank you.
Exactly what I needed.
Hey, don't think about eating
that cake yet, Clio, please.
- Oh, please! -Thank you.
Have you seen your mother?
Whoa, there, slugger. Watch
out, don't concuss anyone.
There you go. Could someone super...
Adult supervise them?
Hey, Meanne. Have you
seen Charlie anywhere?
I don't see anything.
The party's outside.
That's not your cape.
I know your parents.
I just, I... I don't think
I want to have kids with you.
And it's not your fault, it's not
anything you've done, it's just that...
Hey, have you guys
seen Charlie?
Who's Charlie?
Have a great party.
Oh, wait. Wait...
It's not
what you think.
I think you've been having sex.
Okay... It is what you think.
But you pushed me into this.
I was just looking
for the matches.
- I think I better go.
- No, stay.
- I want you to be here.
- I'd really like to go.
- Yeah, why don't you go?
- He's not going anywhere.
Okay, well, could he
at least put on a shirt?
This isn't about him!
No, I know,
it's about us but...
I would feel more comfortable
if he had a shirt on.
Fine. Sure...
There. Is that better?
No, of course not,
that's much worse.
I don't care!
Stop looking!
What happened?
I thought we were happy.
You thought we were happy?
Well, happiness is not really
a sustainable condition...
- Right. See what I mean?
- Just take it easy.
I'm sure it's really hard for him
to process all of this so suddenly.
- Shut up!
- Hey, man, I'm...
I know that you're upset, but I'm
just, I'm trying to help here.
I'm gonna fight you.
Please don't. Don't do that.
There are children
Whoa! Oh, my God!
No, no.
Careful! Will...
Ah... Easy...
Stop holding me!
- Get your arms off my arms.
- Calm down, calm down.
The kids are ready to go.
- Take it easy!
- Never mind.
Let me go.
I'm gonna punch you!
I'm not gonna do that
until you calm down.
Forget it, Will. It's over.
- What's over?
- Us.
Us? What, just like that?
It didn't happen
just like that.
We have kids.
Don't drag them into this.
What do you mean,
"Don't drag them into this?"
They're having
a birthday party downstairs.
It takes a lot of courage
to try and change your life.
Oh, yeah...
Well, I admire your bravery.
Don't be bitter, Will.
It doesn't suit you.
Don't be bitter?
How should I be?
I love you.
Then what's the problem?
The problem is...
I don't love my life.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, you're sorry?
- I'm sorry, too. Yeah.
- Are you?
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you two...
Happy birthday
Colette and Clio...
Happy birthday to...
- You!
- Okay, who wants cake?
Let's blow it out. -Me...
Okay, here's a tiny, tiny bit for you.
I can't believe you guys
are six years old.
It's like it was yesterday
you were five.
It was yesterday, Dad.
You know what I mean.
Uh, who wants presents?
I got you iPads.
They're not iPads.
Oh, hey!
Hey, Charlie, how are you?
- Yeah, we're at the park.
- How's the girls?
- Oh, yeah, I made them some kites.
- Oh, okay.
Yeah, I made them myself. No...
No, you know...
No, myself, I made them.
- Oh, wow.
- Yeah, they're flying.
Well, they're, they're
kind of flying. Yeah.
Hey, uh, I hope you don't
mind, the girls asked,
if they could stay
a little bit longer.
- Great. Are you sure you don't mind?
- Yeah.
Okay, yeah I'll have them
back before bed, yeah.
I don't want them eating pizza.
Okay, thanks a lot.
Hey, girls, your mom asked if I could
keep you guys busy a little longer.
Sound okay?
- Oh, hey.
- Hey, Gary.
Hey, Gary.
Uh... I'll get Charlie.
Um, Charlie!
- You can go in...
- Hi, girls!
Oh, hi! Happy birthday!
Oh my God, those are so cool.
Go show Gary your kites!
Those are awesome.
Have a great week, girls!
Does he have to
answer the door?
He thought you were
the Thai food.
Not surprising.
Um, can I talk to you?
- Sure.
- Uh, not now. Tomorrow?
Noon, Ted and Honey.
I'll buy you a cookie.
Are you okay?
Yeah, noon... Noon's fine.
Good night, girls, I love you!
Bye, Dad, love you too!
Hey. You're lonely.
Sorry I'm late.
I promised you a cookie.
I promised. -I'm fine.
- It's okay.
- I promised.
- Oatmeal chocolate chip.
- No, I said I was fine.
- It's your favorite.
- I'm not...
- Take a bite. -I'm trying
to give up sugar...
- It's your favorite. You should
take a bite. -Thank you.
How's work?
Teaching? It's good.
Gives me an excuse
to put off the book.
- You should be doing both.
- I know.
I've been getting over
a big break-up.
I'm well. Thanks for asking.
Oh, how are you?
I'm taking improv classes.
- Oh, that's funny.
- Why is that funny?
No, I just mean...
Is it supposed to funny?
I don't know much about it.
There's a lot more to it
than just being funny.
Gary thinks I have
a lot of unexplored talent.
Does he?
I'm sure you do then.
- Gary wants to get married.
- What?
I know, it's crazy, I...
I still don't know
how I feel about it.
What did you tell him?
I don't know,
I'm still thinking about it.
I thought you never
wanted to get married.
I know.
You said it was the surest
way to ruin a relationship.
Well, not getting married
doesn't seem to work either.
Are you kidding me?
Look, I know this is sudden
but if I'm going to do this,
I'd really like your support.
I thought you were still
thinking about it.
I am. I am still thinking
about it.
You're thinking right now
about it, as we speak?
I'm pregnant.
Oh. Oh, wow.
Is it his?
- Of course it's his!
- Just asking.
Look, I just want to know there's going to
be someone there when I'm old and gross.
I was going to be there.
- I think I should go.
- Why?
I don't know.
Just feels like what
I should do right now.
- Will?
- Yeah?
Take the cookie.
Okay, great.
"Why does life suck..."
Double underline... "So hard?"
Any thoughts?
Because people are selfish
and petty.
I love that passion, but no.
It doesn't?
No, life sucks because my ex left
me for an Off-Broadway monologist
who just knocked her up
and asked her to marry him.
Now Gary is going to see my
daughters more than I do.
He's going
to live in my old house,
he's going to take over
my family
while I eke out a lonely existence
in a studio apartment in Astoria.
Have you been to Astoria?
I think like once,
for a party or something.
- Yeah, once.
- What's a monologist?
It's like a comedian without
the jokes.
- That's a thing?
- Yeah, that's a thing.
According to the MacArthur
Foundation, it's a thing.
He's probably monologuing
to my daughters right now.
I don't get it.
Does any of this have to do
with the graphic novel?
Why are we here?
To learn?
You're on fire today, Paul.
To learn. To learn what?
How to tell a story.
Why does anyone need to tell
a story in the first place?
You did it again. Anyone else?
To understand ourselves better.
Okay, that sounds
nice, but, uh...
If that's the only reason, then
why not just go to therapy?
Because therapy is stupid?
Maybe it's stupid.
Yeah, can I go home?
Just... Let's take a break.
Let's take a break.
Great comments, guys,
thank you.
- Uh, Mr. Henry?
- Yeah?
Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine. -I'm
just having a bad life.
It'll be over eventually.
I don't want this to seem
weird or anything,
but would you maybe like to
come to my place for dinner?
Listen... Thank you so much...
- Kat.
- Kat? Yeah, Kat.
Uh, that's a really
kind offer, Kat.
Ah, but...
We're not
supposed to date students.
No, oh, my God, no!
Oh, this? Yeah, no never!
Did you think I was
asking you out?
- No!
- Oh, my God!
No, no,
definitely not.
No, no, I would never do that.
That is so gross!
Wow, I... Sir, I would never, I
would never, ever, ever do that.
Okay, I'm not the Elephant Man.
No, no, I know, you're just,
you're so old.
Why the hell did you ask me
over for dinner for?
Because I want you
to meet my mom.
Oh, your mom?
- Yeah, a cute mom.
- How old is your mom?
- Forty-five.
- How old do you think I am?
Oh, I don't know, I...
Like, between 50 and 62?
I'm only 39...
Uh, no, I turned 40.
- I'm a young 40.
- Well, here she is.
Oh, that... That's your mom?
Yeah, and she likes
your work too.
Well, that's sweet.
Mmm-hmm, she's sweet.
Listen, Kat, I'm...
I'm still getting over my ex.
Look, you should
just meet my mom.
I promise you won't meet
anybody nearly as hot as her
in your apartment, okay?
God, I hate that apartment.
You know what, Kat?
What the hell,
I'll meet your cute mom.
Great. Here's the address,
be there at 8:00.
And wear something nice.
Like this kind of thing?
Who is it?
Hey, uh, it's Will Henry, I'm
here for the... For the date.
You brought wine!
This is just so awkward.
Oh, sorry, I didn't realize
it would be awkward.
- Uh, you must be?
- Oh, I am Diane...
- Kat's mom.
- Oh, well, I am, uh...
Will. Yes, I know. Uh, and
it's nice to meet you too.
Look, I don't mean
to be rude, but,
I just wanted to let you know
that I'm seeing someone.
Oh... Uh, well...
Yeah, you know,
Kat doesn't know.
Which is why she set this up.
Truth is, I don't think
she'd like the guy.
I'm not even sure if I like him
but, we've had a couple dates
and I just, I don't know, I just feel as
though I should be straightforward with you.
I know a lot of people date a
lot of people nowadays and...
I don't know, I'm not comfortable
with that sort of thing. Yeah.
No judgment of course
if, if that's what you do.
I mean you could be coming from a
date right now for all I know, right?
You're not coming from
a date right now though?
Uh-uh, no, no, don't
answer it, don't answer it
and as a matter of fact,
just forget it.
That is none
of my business. Hmm.
But I did hear you recently split up.
And I'm sorry.
Mmm. Dating sucks.
It does.
Um, well, okay...
I guess I'll... I guess
I'll just go home then.
Oh, no...
- You can't go.
- Why not?
Kat's here.
All right, listen, I'm not sure about this.
It seems very messy to me.
I... I don't really want to be involved...
- With deceiving a student.
- Uh...
- Mr. Henry?
- Hey, Kat!
What are you guys
doing out here?
- Nothing.
- Mmm-hmm.
I, uh, just, uh...
I'm just getting
to know your teacher.
- Tight.
- Yeah.
Very tight...
Very tight friends.
So, how long have you been
making comic books?
I'm not sure, um, ever since
I was a kid, I suppose.
Hmm, really?
Were your parents encouraging?
- Oh, not at all.
- Why not?
Not a lot of successful comic
book artists where I'm from.
- Oh. Where are you from?
- New Zealand.
Oh, it's a beautiful place.
Oh, you've been to New Zealand?
No, but...
Kat makes me go see
all the Hobbit movies, so...
Oh, so, you know
all about us and our ways.
- That was sassy. -Yeah, I'm
a sassy little hobbit.
I like it.
Now tell me, truthfully...
Are there any successful
comic book writers anywhere?
Well, the School of Visual
Arts has had its share. Yeah.
Right. SVA.
Do you have a problem
with the SVA?
No, it's just, um, well, I
wanted Kat to go to Columbia.
- Oh, Columbia is a good school.
- Columbia is a great school.
- What do you do?
- I teach at Columbia.
Oh... Wow. That's, uh... Wow.
Really? Wow. What do you teach?
- American literature.
- American literature?
Early American, pre-comic book.
Is, uh... Is that supposed
to be a joke?
- Maybe.
- So hilarious.
You do realize,
uh, comic books are part of
American literature, don't you?
I don't know
if I would necessarily...
- How many comic books have you read?
- Oh, gosh...
Including yours?
Sure, including mine.
Actually, I've only read yours.
And this is why people still
don't take comics seriously.
Because the literature department
of Columbia University
doesn't even recognize it
as literature!
Listen, I liked
your little book.
My little book?
I liked your comic book.
My little comic book?
Oh my God, are you guys
arguing already?
Ah, please,
mind your business, Kat.
Mind your business, Kat.
It's good wine.
- Would you like some more?
- Really, no, I actually shouldn't.
Good, then you won't mind
when I take the rest home.
Well, uh...
Thank you, uh, good night.
It really was, um, I don't
know, it was something.
Thanks for helping me
with Kat tonight, it was...
Nice meeting you.
Yeah... Thank you
for the pork cutlets.
- Delicious.
- Hmm...
- It was swordfish.
- Oh.
- Oh!
- Listen...
Kat told me you're kind of
really going through something.
Believe me, I...
I know how that is.
So for what it's worth, I...
I just want you to know that I
really do think that you are...
- Nice.
- Thank you.
I think you're
nice, too, I guess.
Good night. Yeah.
- Bye, Kat.
- Bye.
- How'd it go?
- Hmm, he's a bit of snob.
Okay, well,
you're a bit of a snob, so...
- Dad!
- Daddy!
Are you girls ready for the
greatest weekend of your lives?
- You say that every weekend.
- Yeah.
We're doing it again. Come on.
There you go.
Where did you get this car?
I borrowed it from a student.
We're going upstate.
What for?
What do you mean "what for?"
To get out of the city.
Are you in trouble?
No, I'm not in trouble.
Where would you get
a crazy idea like that?
What a crazy question.
I just thought, uh, you girls spend
too much time cooped up in New York.
Are we staying in a hotel?
Uh, no, I thought
we could go camping.
- Camping?
- Yeah.
- Like, in a tent?
- Yeah.
- Do you own a tent?
- I do not own a tent.
But there is a tent in the car.
Mom wants us to practice
cello this weekend.
You can practice cello
in the woods.
Get back here!
Sounds beautiful, girls.
That sounds amazing,
what song is that?
It's okay, I'll sleep outside, under
the stars, it'll be romantic.
It's fine, don't worry.
- So, how are you guys?
- Fine.
- How's your mom?
- She's okay.
- Did she tell you about her...
- Yeah.
And how are you feeling
about everything?
I don't know.
- How are you feeling?
- I don't know.
Good. Fine.
You guys know I'll always
be your dad, right?
Are you going to the wedding?
I'm not sure
that's such a good idea.
Dad, do you hate Mom?
- Of course not, Clio.
- Colette says you hate her.
I love your mother.
Does she love you?
Yeah, I think, you know,
in a way, yeah.
Sure, yeah, she does.
Then why is she marrying Gary?
Love is complicated, girls.
- Mom's a bitch!
- Hey, Colette!
I'm telling Mom you said that.
Go ahead
and you're a bitch, too.
Girls, listen... Stop, okay?
It's really important we give
your mom our support right now.
- Why?
- Because she needs it.
Don't! I know you're trying to
knock my hotdog off into the fire!
You want me to starve?
Good night, girls, I love you.
Love you too, Dad.
- Dad?
- Yeah.
- Are you seeing anyone?
- No, honey.
- Rhinoceros!
- Rhinoceros?
Oh, yeah!
- Oh, my god!
- I got it!
- Hi.
- Hey.
- How did you get in here?
- I texted you.
You said you could keep
them tonight.
Yeah, sure, that's fine,
I can keep them.
- I meant at your place.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- I want more time with them.
- What?
- Where is this coming from?
- I need to see them more.
I want some weekdays.
- You live in Astoria.
- So what?
So, that's an hour-and-a-half
commute to school every day.
I can move closer.
Since when can you
afford to move closer?
I'm a good father.
- You're good at having fun with them.
- They're six years old.
They should always
be having fun.
They should be learning things.
- Did they practice their
cellos this weekend? -Yes.
They need to practice
that every day.
I want more time with them.
Can we talk about
this tomorrow? I'm tired.
Where's, uh, Gary,
the monologist?
- He's at his apartment.
- He has an apartment?
Yeah, he keeps it
as a workspace.
Why? Do you think that's weird?
- It is.
- Yeah, it is.
Shit. What am I getting into?
Don't answer that.
What is happening here?
Uh, an eye is blinking?
Why do you say that, Paul?
Because that's
what's happening?
Do you see any eye actually blinking
in either of these two images?
- Well, no...
- No, you see an eye open.
In the next image,
we see an eye closed.
And we create
the blink in our minds.
And this is called closure.
- What's it called?
- Closure.
- What's it called? Yeah.
- Closure.
Respect that gap
between your panels.
It can do a lot of
work for you.
It can travel time and space.
It can create
and destroy whole worlds.
In some way, that little gap
between the panels,
is just as important as the images
in the panels themselves because...
There is the story
you're telling
and then there are the things
that you're leaving out.
And in that way, the story
becomes a shared creation
between the writer,
you guys in the future
and the reader.
I don't get it.
What's supposed to be
happening here?
It's not always
as simple as a blink.
I don't know,
it just seems random.
You seem random.
Okay, that's enough for today.
I want sketches for your
memory pieces next week.
Everyone. No exceptions.
Celia. Paul.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
- I've been thinking.
- Hey, girls!
Yeah, what are you doing here?
You said you wanted
more time with the girls.
- Yeah.
- Let's give it a try!
- What, right now?
- Yeah. You busy?
Well, I was kind of... I was
kind of working on a thing.
Okay, so you can't take them?
No, yeah, of course,
I can take them.
Yeah, come in. Come in, girls.
Uh, I could have
used a little notice.
I don't even have
any groceries.
You said you wanted
more time with them.
I've only got one egg.
Figure something out,
go to the store.
What's going on?
Why are you here?
- Meanne quit. Yeah.
- She quit?
- Why'd she quit? -She got
a job with Jon Stewart.
- What... The Jon Stewart?
Whoa, really? -Yeah...
What's she doing,
sketches? Or...
No, not sketches,
watching his kids.
- What do you think?
- Oh... Oh, yeah, of course.
They met during
my improv showcase.
That's not...
- Uh... Yeah, that's not funny, sorry.
- Yeah.
It's terrible timing. Gary's
doing this new monologue
and his family's in town for it.
It's just kind of awful.
Which, the monologue or the family?
A combination?
I'm just... I'm so
pissed at Meanne.
The girls must be sad. She's been
around since they were babies.
Okay, here's their schedule
for the rest of the week.
Make sure they practice their cello
for at least 20 minutes a day.
- No problem.
- And cook them vegetables.
I don't want them eating pizza.
- Bye girls!
- Bye, Mom!
- I love you!
- Love you too!
- Call me.
- Okay.
Are you guys hungry?
Bath and bed
straight after dinner, okay?
We're going to have to wake up super
early to make it to school on time.
- How early?
- 6:00 AM.
6:00 AM, are you kidding me?
No, I'm serious.
We've never woken up
that early in our life!
You're going to tomorrow.
No, we're not.
- Pardon?
- No, we're not.
- Yes, you are.
- Do you wanna bet?
I'm not going to bet you.
Have you ever woken up
that early?
Okay, 6:45.
But we're going to have
to move really fast.
I don't want to be late.
Stop the look.
Don't give each other
secret looks.
Uh, Dad?
- Dad!
- Dad!
- Wake up!
- Wake up!
- Shit!
- Shit!
- Shouldn't say shit.
- Shouldn't say shit.
Stop playing with my phone
and get dressed!
Stop playing with my phone
and get dressed!
Are you guys okay with pizza for breakfast?
Don't answer that.
I have to poop...
- Really bad.
- Okay.
Just wait,
just wait a little...
- Hey, Charlie!
- You're late!
Yeah! We're almost there.
I can't believe you!
Did you set your alarm?
No, I did set my alarm...
- No, no. -
No, I set...
But, but... I set my...
I set my alarm...
I set my alarm... Okay...
What did they have for breakfast?
Did they have breakfast?
- Yeah, they're having breakfast.
- What are they eating?
- Uh, you know, some cheese...
- Huh?
- Tomatoes... Okay! -
Okay, I'll call you when they
get to school, all right? Okay?
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
Okay, bye.
Mom says good morning.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let's take a look at you.
You look wonderful.
Have a great day.
Sorry. I'm sorry...
So, what did you guys
do at school today?
I don't know, kid stuff.
Just kid stuff?
What kind of grown-up stuff?
You know, like,
just walking around,
doing a job,
talking in a serious voice...
Like this... "Hello."
- What'd you do, Colette?
- Same as her.
- What?
- Kid stuff.
Kid stuff, just kid stuff?
Is that all the information
I'm going to get out of you?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hold on.
- Hey, Charlie...
- Hey.
Can I call you back later? They're
just in the middle of their supper.
You missed the girls'
French lesson.
- I thought it was on Tuesday.
Oh! -It is Tuesday, Will!
- It's Tuesday. Today is Tuesday.
Well, I didn't realize
it was Tuesday.
- Are you fuckin' kidding me?
- Okay.
- It's Tuesday, Will... -
- Yeah, I know. Okay.
- It's fucking Tuesday!
Hey, that's why the kids have
picked up some bad language.
- Can you do this?
- I can do it. I can do this.
They're eating
vegetables right now.
Yes, they'll be at school
on time tomorrow.
All right, okay.
- Okay, see you, bye-bye.
- Bye.
Girls, you could have told me you
had your French lesson today.
Hey, that's a bad
word in France!
Look, ladies...
We're all on
the same team here.
I can use a little help.
Especially if you want to
spend more time with me, okay?
Wake up, wake up, it's 6:00 AM.
- Are you crazy?
- I'm not crazy!
Come on!
I don't know if the animals
should be eating popcorn.
They can...
- What happened?
- Bomb threats.
A bomb threat?
How long do we have to wait?
School canceled.
It can't be canceled.
I have to teach today.
Hey, it's, uh,
Will Henry, your teacher.
Can we talk for a second?
Okay. Come on.
What are you doing here?
I need someone
to look after my girls.
You want me
to babysit your kids?
I'm sorry, I don't have anyone
else to call on such short notice.
Charlie got all our friends
when we split.
Please. I'm desperate,
I've got a class in an hour.
Yeah, I know,
I'm in that class!
Well, I'll, uh, excuse
your absence.
Really? That's unbelievable.
Uh, I can pay you.
- Do they watch TV?
- They love TV!
Right, girls,
you like TV, right?
- Come on!
- Yeah, okay, fine...
- Whatever.
- Thank you so much.
Sure, what is this?
These are just
a couple of cellos.
- Couple of cellos? -Are they
supposed to play this right now?
No, you know, of course not.
Okay, girls, this is Kat.
- What's up?
- That means "hello."
C'mon, ya'll carryin'
your own cellos.
All right.
Memory pieces. Who wants
to share theirs first?
- Tom.
- Yeah.
I decided to write about
how I learned to masturbate.
I was 12.
So, one day, I walked into my
dad's office,
where he kept
all the dirty magazines.
And, uh, I found
some lotion and...
You have a lot of nerve,
do you know that?
Is this because I didn't call you, because
I thought you were dating someone.
- No! No! -I thought... I wasn't
sure if the chemistry...
What are you
even talking about?
This has nothing to do with us!
What's this to do with then?
This is about the fact that you asked
my daughter to skip your class
so that she could
baby-sit your kids.
I'm sorry, I was in a desperate
situation this morning.
But you didn't think to ask any
of your male students for help?
Are you kidding?
My male students are idiots.
Oh! So, the idiots get to
go to class
while the bright girl stays at
home and takes care of your kids?
What kind of message
does that send to Kat?
Or to your daughters,
for that matter?
- I'm sorry, I just didn't think...
- Yeah, guys never do.
Is she here?
She went out, after she
put your girls to bed.
- They're asleep? It's only seven o'clock.
- They were exhausted!
What are you doing to them?
I just wanted
more time with them.
Come inside.
Look, it's, it's none of my
business but...
It just seems to me like you and your ex
are a little loose about all of this.
I mean they're children.
You can't just pass them
back and forth like puppies.
Yeah, I know.
- Why not? Why not?
- They need structure.
- Stability. -They get
that most of the time.
Look, it's pretty simple. In this kind
of situation, a child just wants to know
where they're gonna
sleep at night.
You shouldn't change that
on a whim.
- Yeah. Our kids are so screwed.
- No.
Believe me, I've made just about
every mistake there is to make
and if it's any consolation... Kat
made it through intact, more or less.
Oh, Kat's a great kid.
Yeah, she is.
She really admires you.
She does? Why?
She thinks you're
a great teacher.
- Not counting today, maybe.
- No, minus today.
Wow, that's...
That's really nice to hear.
I think she was a little disappointed
when we didn't hit it off.
Uh, well, uh, we should
get going.
What? You're not leaving!
Your girls are still sleeping.
Yeah, we can't stay here.
- Sure, you can.
- I don't know.
I do. And I'm not letting you
drag them back to Astoria
in the middle of the night!
What is that, a $40 cab ride?
I was going to take the subway.
Come on. I'm going to get you
some blankets for the couch.
I can probably find you
some pajamas in here too.
Oh, no, that's okay. I can
just sleep in, uh, my clothes.
I see you've been doing
some reading?
Oh, yeah, I...
Felt bad after our...
Whatever it was.
And I thought I should at least
see what you were talking about.
- So, what did you think?
- I think that you were right.
Comic books are an under-appreciated
part of American literature.
- Really?
- Yeah, I had no idea
what people were doing
in the form.
I mean there's some really complex,
emotionally-wrenching stuff
- going on there.
- What?
That's, that's amazing! I, I'm so
surprised to hear you say that.
Actually, I...
I need to thank you.
What for?
Well, I have a new appreciation for
what Kat wants to do with her life.
I can't believe
I was being so dismissive.
I really am turning
into my mother.
Wow. That's wonderful.
Not that you were turning into your
mother, I mean that you would...
- You know what I mean.
- No, yeah, I do, I get it.
Uh, so, uh...
You still seeing that guy, the one
you weren't sure if you liked?
Oh, no, no, no, I...
Broke it off after our dinner.
- Since dinner, yeah.
- Oh.
- Oh, I have your blankets.
- Oh, thanks.
Holding these.
Got you the soft ones that I had so
you can be comfortable out there.
These are really nice blankets.
It's no problem.
Are you okay with me
standing this close?
Yeah, I like it actually.
- Is this okay here? -This is,
this is good, I like it here.
- We probably shouldn't be doing this.
- No, we probably...
- Okay, let's stop.
- Okay, let's stop.
No, let's not.
- You want to stop, say it.
- Stop.
- Gee, you smell so good.
- Yes...
Okay, listen, we have to be quiet.
I don't want to wake up the kids.
Yeah, okay,
I'm going to be so quiet.
Well, not too quiet,
I like to be affirmed.
Okay, I'll be whispering
affirmations at you.
Wait a minute.
- I have to tell you something.
- Something wrong?
No, I just...
I want to just say...
- No bullshit, okay?
- Oh, yeah... No.
I mean I, uh...
I'm a big girl and...
I don't need this to be anything
more than what it is, but just...
Don't bullshit me.
Do you understand,
I've been through enough.
Yeah, I understand.
- I've been hurt, too.
- I know.
I could tell the minute we met.
It's actually one of the first
things I liked about you.
That's funny. Do you know one of the
first things I liked about you was?
- What?
- Your tits.
That's so nice.
Please touch them.
- Daddy?
- Oh, no, no...
- You have to go get her.
- Daddy, are you there?
No, no, no, no, no.
- Okay, I'm going to be right back.
- Okay.
I'll be here.
Where were you?
I was, uh, just getting some
blankets from Kat's mom.
She's invited us all to
have a sleep-over tonight.
Isn't that fun?
Where are the blankets?
Let's go, let's, um, get
you back to bed.
- Where are you going?
- Just stretching.
Well, this is wildly
Oh... Hey, Kat.
Hi, good morning.
Where have you been all night?
What? None of your business!
Is your, uh, is your mom up?
Actually, no, she just
left for work,
but she did tell me
to tell you good-bye.
- Oh, yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
How did she say it?
"Tell him I said bye."
Do you know where my
children are?
Yeah, they're in the kitchen,
eating breakfast.
Okay, good. Good.
Hey, I'm sorry about yesterday.
Yeah, no, it's fine.
Actually, I really like your kids.
They are very, very fun.
Yeah. Thank you.
Uh, I want to make it up to you.
How does $20 sound?
Sounds like you don't know
how much to pay a baby-sitter.
How much,
uh, how much would you like?
- $350?
- Yeah!
Could you give me a month?
Um, you know, you...
Do you think you can
just read this? Please?
- If you have time?
- What is this?
- It's like a story I've been working
on for like forever. -Uh-huh.
Um, I don't know actually,
it's pretty dumb,
it's not like,
really finished, so...
No, I'll read it. No,
I'd love to read it.
No that's fine, I'll take it.
I'd love to read it.
- You would? -Sure, it
would be my pleasure.
Thank you.
Um, now get out of my room.
Oh, yeah, of course, yeah.
And take the sheets
with you, please. Burn them.
Dad, why did we sleep
at Kat's last night?
Because, uh, you guys fell asleep
and I didn't want to wake you.
- Do you like her?
- Who, Kat? Of course I do.
- I like all my students.
- Are you going to marry her?
No! She's only 19!
I'm not
going to marry her.
Okay, have a great day, girls.
Hey, what's wrong?
What did I do?
We don't want you to marry Kat.
I'm not going to marry Kat.
- I miss Mommy!
- Oh, my God.
Come here.
It's okay.
- Hi!
- Was it today?
- No, I'm in a fitting.
- Oh.
What are you doing here?
- Can we, can we talk?
- Yeah.
- Are you going to sit?
- I can't sit in this.
Okay, well...
You look really good.
I don't know, I...
I'm gonna be showing
so much by this wedding.
I feel like I should
wear something that
reveals more leg, kind of
distract from the belly.
- So, you wanted to talk to me
about something? -Yeah, I...
I just think that the kids
are very confused.
Why? What have you been
doing to them?
I haven't been doing
anything to them.
They weren't confused when I
dropped them off at your place.
No, I'm not sure that's true.
What do you mean?
I just think the girls are
struggling with all of the changes
that are going on
at the moment.
- Which changes? -Like, you
know, like, all of the...
- Are you seeing someone?
- What?
Oh, my God,
you're seeing someone!
Oh, well, I wouldn't... I wouldn't
say we're seeing each other.
Unbelievable! I can't believe you pick
the one week I give you the girls
to start seeing someone?
I thought you
wanted me to date.
How old is she?
I hope she's not a student.
- She's not a student, she's
a student's mother. -Wow.
Where were the girls
when you were with her?
They were sleeping in her
daughter's bed, the student...
Oh, right, okay...
No wonder they're confused.
Well that... Yeah, that sounds
bad, but it's not like that.
No, it's, it's fine. I, I love
that you're seeing somebody.
- I think that's awesome.
- I'm not seeing...
Look, this isn't
about me or you.
I just want the kids
to be happy.
I thought happiness was not
a sustainable condition?
You're absolutely correct,
it's not.
But I don't think they
need to live in chaos.
There is nothing chaotic about the
world I provide for my girls.
You left their father
on their fifth birthday.
Now you're marrying the
guy who broke us up.
Their nanny left them.
- Have you told them?
- Okay.
You haven't told them, have you?
Have you told them?
- Have you... You haven't
told them yet? -Stop!
You drop them off
at my place on a whim.
I think their lives
are pretty fucking chaotic!
- Here!
- What is this?
The girls' schedules.
French, cello, tap.
Museum Mondays.
Alternate cooking play-dates
with the Sheldon girls
every Thursday afternoon.
Oral storytelling workshop
for spring break.
Then there's breakfast
and dinner every day.
Cello practice every day. Reading
them to sleep for an hour every day.
Don't tell me their
lives are chaotic!
Well, I'm glad you
feed them regularly.
I'm not implying that
you're a bad mother.
- I'm a great fucking mother.
- I know you are.
Their lives have never been
chaotic with me.
It's my life that's been chaotic
because I was unhappy for years
and didn't do
anything about it.
Because first I was taking care of you,
and then I was taking care of them...
And no one was
ever taking care of me!
Well, I'm sorry I didn't know you
wanted to take improv classes.
- Fuck you!
- Charlie...
I could be so much more
than what I am.
What does that mean? I don't
even know what that means.
Of course you don't. God!
Of course you don't! God!
I can't believe you're dating
a student's mother!
We're not dating.
Do you like her?
I told you, I barely know her.
I think you like her.
Dad, who
are you texting?
- No one.
- Is it Kat?
No, it's not Kat.
This is a really
nice office.
Yeah, I thought
you would like it.
I do.
I actually do, I mean,
I'm not using it as a euphemism,
I do like your office, really.
You know I believed you, I
didn't receive it negatively.
- Can I ask you something?
- Anything.
What happened
with you and your...
My baby mama?
Please don't ever say
"baby mama" again.
My baby mama...
- Don't! You sound...
- She's my baby mama.
That's three times.
I don't know.
You don't know?
We were always very different.
And it was really
fun at first, and then,
gradually, less and less fun
as it went on.
Different how?
Lots of ways, she was outgoing.
I was quite.
- Hmm.
- She had money and I didn't.
Hmm, that's a big one.
It wasn't that.
Charlie was always
generous with what she had.
She actually gave up everything so
that I could concentrate on my comics.
She had so much
confidence in me.
Probably more than I had
in myself at that time.
So, what went wrong?
I guess she just
she stopped talking.
And I enjoyed
the silence too much.
What happened with you
and your ex?
Oh, it's...
It's not that interesting.
He was just a fucking
Who can tell me what this is?
A pipe.
Hasn't anyone here ever
taken an art history class?
All right, does anyone
speak French?
Is it a French pipe?
It's The Treachery of
Images by Magritte.
Those words say, "This is
not a pipe" in French.
That's confusing.
Well, the truth is that
it's not a pipe.
- Then what is it? -It's
only a picture of a pipe.
Well, actually, it's a projection
of a picture of a pipe.
Okay, slow down, we don't
need to get that meta.
I'm just using it to get at the
relationship between words and images.
Sometimes the graphic
storyteller will use
words simply to describe
what we're seeing.
Other times, he will use them to say
the opposite of what we're seeing.
Is this a happy man?
If he's happy, why does
he look so miserable?
Maybe misery is inexorably
linked to happiness.
Is this what the writer
is trying to say?
Who the hell knows? I just know
that I'm interested, I'm involved.
Is that you?
It looks like you.
Let's go back to this.
I'm really confused.
And yet, we're just starting to
explore the possibilities of this.
What, huh?
Hey. .
I need you to get here now.
- Okay, calm down.
- It's an emergency.
Calm down.
I need your help.
Okay, I'm gonna
be right over, all right?
Calm down.
You're here.
What's the problem?
The girls locked themselves
in the bathroom.
What? Why?
Colette said she wanted
to live with you.
Just, Colette?
What about Clio? Did Clio?
Well, what did you,
what did you tell them?
I don't want the girls
to leave me,
I put my whole life
into who they are!
I don't even know
who I am without them
and improv is really,
really hard.
Maybe, they should stay
with you, I'm such a mess.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay, the girls aren't
gonna leave either one of us.
This is your fault.
Uh, how's it my,
how's it my fault?
You make them kites,
you take them camping,
you show more initiative now, than
you ever showed in our relationship.
I dunno, I guess I just got
comfortable with you taking the lead.
Yeah well, I never wanted
to be the leader.
You're sorry?
Jesus, Charlie, what do you
want from me?
We made mistakes.
You're getting married.
having doubts.
Who, Gary? Why?
I mentioned your girlfriend.
She's not...
What's it, what's she got
to do with anything?
Gary thinks I'm jealous.
Of Diane? That's ridiculous.
He thinks
I have unresolved issues.
Everyone's got
unresolved issues.
He thinks I've got unresolved
issues with you.
And what did you tell him?
Maybe you're right. Maybe happiness
is not a sustainable condition.
Maybe, I didn't know
what I had when I had it.
I don't know,
I'm just feeling very confused.
Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
Everything is going to be okay.
How do you know?
I don't, but it just helps
sometimes to say that.
I think I miss you.
Oh, Charlie.
Do you ever think about me?
All the time.
What are you doing here?
Who wants ice cream?
I do.
Can we have some sprinkles?
You can get whatever you want.
We should talk.
Oh, shit.
What's he doing here?
Talk later?
- Yeah, sure, I guess.
- Okay.
I thought you wanted ice-cream?
I do want ice-cream.
Who is it?
It's Will.
We have to be quiet,
Kat fell asleep on the couch.
Where have you been, I've been trying
to get in touch with you all day.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
Something wrong
with your phone?
We need to talk.
What is it?
I kissed Charlie.
I'm sorry.
You said no bullshit.
Yeah, I know. I meant like "Don't fuck me,
if you still have feelings for your ex,"
but I appreciate your candor.
I didn't plan
for any of this to happen.
So you do
still have feelings for her.
I dunno, you've been through
all this before.
Do they ever go away?
Are you really asking me that?
I'm sorry.
- I'm confused.
- Yeah, I can see that.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
No, I know. You're a good guy.
- Don't say that.
- What do you want me to say?
I don't know, shouldn't you get
mad, slap me or something.
- Ow! Ow!
- You told me to do it.
But I said, "Or something."
I didn't hear that part.
You want some ice?
I'm gonna let it sting.
They do go away, you know.
Good luck, Will.
It was nice while it lasted.
I really do like you.
You didn't even
get the chance to know me.
You're it!
I'm gonna go talk to Daddy,
okay, girls?
So, uh, I told Diane.
The student's mum,
about our kiss.
I thought you two
weren't even dating.
We're definitely not now.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, well. Whatever.
- How are you?
- I'm okay.
Yeah, did you talk to Gary?
Yeah actually, I did.
How'd that go?
Good, good, I think we were able to
work through most of his doubts.
Did you tell him
about the kiss?
I didn't tell him that.
- What?
- Why would I tell him that?
Why not, why didn't you?
It was just a kiss, Will.
It was more than just a kiss.
Maybe, I'm still marrying Gary.
I can't believe you.
I just ended the first adult relationship
I've had in a year over that kiss.
No one told you to do that.
You're about to commit to this guy
for the rest of your life, possibly.
Don't you think
you should be honest with him?
Hey look, I'm sorry
your confused about our kiss.
I'm not confused.
You're confused.
Ok, you're right. I'm confused.
You see, I knew it.
I'm having his baby, Will.
What about our babies?
They're not
babies anymore.
You should tell Gary about our kiss.
He deserves to know.
Since when do you
care about Gary?
I don't, I care about you.
Then let this go.
- Where are you going?
- What do you care?
You're not gonna
tell him, are you?
Oh yeah, we're best buddies, I'm gonna have
a sleepover with him in his apartment.
Kat, hey.
What are you doing here?
Uh, I came to visit you?
How did you find out
where I was?
Called your mother.
Oh, really?
I am surprised she answered.
Yeah, no, she didn't answer. She
refused my call and then texted me.
I texted back and she texted
me where you were.
I know how texts work.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, no, it's fine,
things don't work out.
Happens all the time,
I already knew that.
I just thought that you would
be at least nice to her.
At least.
I read your book.
It's really great.
Is it about your mother?
I thought this was
not a pipe, remember?
Yeah, you're right,
it's not a pipe.
It's a great story, though.
You think?
Yeah, I do, I really do.
Thank you.
Have you shown
any of it to your mother?
No, she wouldn't get it.
I don't think you're
giving her enough credit.
No, she'd think I was exploiting all
of her terrible life decisions.
Well uh, to be honest, her
character is a bit of a mess.
But, it feels very real and
she's very lovingly portrayed.
I think she'd be really proud
to see the book.
The pictures are beautiful.
Why'd you have to turn out
to be such an asshole.
I didn't mean to hurt anyone.
Yeah, so what are you gonna
get back with your ex?
I dunno what's going on.
Do you wanna know the best part
about my parents splitting up?
Yes, please tell me.
They split up.
That's a beautiful story.
Thank you, it's my life, so...
What is this?
It is a giant magical book
that takes you into
a slightly depressing
but hopefully amusing world.
You want me to read this?
Holy crap,
are these original drawings?
Let me know what you think,
Uh, yeah, okay.
See ya.
I have some notes.
What do you mean "notes?"
You need an ending.
Hey, how do you know
where I live?
What, dude! Come on, I'm 19.
I know everything
about everything.
So are you going to
let me in or what?
So, what's this guy
going to do?
Which guy?
This guy.
I don't... I don't know, what
do you think he should do?
Move on with his life?
I think he is trying to.
Is he? 'Cause he seems
kind of stuck.
Stuck in what?
It's the middle of the day and
you're still wearing your pajamas.
These are golf pants.
- They're so ugly.
- I'm working.
- Can I see?
- It's not really...
Now, these are
just things that I
drew out of anger.
You've got to let her go.
- Let who go?
- The person you keep drawing.
I don't... I don't know
what we're talking about now.
Yes, you do.
- So you don't like the book?
- No, I love the book.
But I especially like
this character.
A lot.
Yeah. Thank you.
I like that character as well.
You know, I showed it to her?
- Why would you do that? -I live with her.
It's a big book.
She has a few notes.
They're very good.
Maybe you should call her up
and talk to her.
- I'm not going to call her.
- Why not?
Because she told me
not to call her again.
Then call her anyway.
- But she had only one rule...
- Don't call her.
Who cares? Just call her.
Or like, don't call her.
Just do something... Anything!
Otherwise, what is the whole
point of this thing?
This place is gross.
Please don't touch
the flowers, sir.
Oh, no. I wasn't, I was just...
The flowers are for looking,
not touching.
This is a private event.
Yeah, I'm invited.
- Bride or groom?
- I'm neither.
Are you here
for the bride or groom?
- Daddy!
- I'm with these guys.
- Hey.
- What are you doing here?
Mama didn't think
you were coming.
Do you know where Mama is?
I kind of need to talk to her.
Is everything okay?
Are we still going to have to
play the cello?
Hold that thought.
Hey, uh... It's you.
Hey, Gary.
I didn't think you were coming.
I need to...
I need to tell you something.
Oh, boy. Yeah?
I, uh...
- I'm going to punch you.
- Oh?
No, I, uh... I understand.
I think you should.
I don't care what you think.
- Stop nodding.
- Right, sorry. Oh.
I just did it again. Um...
What should I...
What should I do?
You could either fight back,
or you could close your eyes.
I... I think I'm...
I choose closing my eyes.
I'm just... Please don't
hit me in the face.
I'll punch you wherever I like.
That's fair.
Stop agreeing with me.
Sorry. You're right.
Just whenever you're...
Ow! Ow!
- Are you... Are you okay, Gary?
- No, that was my ear, man!
- I know, well, you said not the
face so I didn't know. -Goddamn it!
The ear is the face!
I don't think of the ear
as the part of the face.
The ear is part of the face.
I don't think of it
as part of the face.
Well, that's not true.
That's definitely not true.
The ear is part of the face.
I think the face
is this oval here.
That's what I teach
in drawing class.
Okay, I... I don't think so.
That's not the way
I was taught, but...
Shall we agree to disagree?
Sure. Agree to disagree.
That was a...
That was a good hit, man.
Thank you.
My hand really hurts
from your ears,
so if that's any consolation.
Do you know where she is?
Nobody... Nobody can find her,
she's not answering her phone.
Are you serious?
Why would I kid about that?
Well, I don't know,
I don't know you.
I don't know
your sense of humor.
I'm not kidding.
Hey, I love her, you know?
I know now.
- You came.
- I came.
Your pants are too short.
Yeah, I just got them.
You look good.
There are people
looking for you.
And only you know
where to find me.
It kind of helped that you
texted me where you were.
What are you doing?
I'm afraid
I'm making another mistake.
I don't think of what we did
as a mistake.
It didn't work out.
It did...
And then it didn't.
What does that mean?
It means...
We can't predict
what's going to happen.
Or how we're going to change.
I love you.
I love you, too.
But if you wait any longer, you're
going to miss your wedding.
Are we friends?
We're more than that.
What are we?
We're parents.
- Okay, you first.
- No.