Peppermint Frappe (1967) Movie Script

An envelope, Anna.
Please, do me a favour.
Of course, Doctor.
Take that to the hospital later.
I don't have time.
See you tomorrow, Anna.
Finish soon.
- How are you?
- Quite the old man.
You have less hair, that's all.
You are out of shape.
And you? Africa is good for you.
Didn't you want to visit me? You have a lot to tell me.
But we have time. The whole day is yours.
What are the women doing?
This is for you
We looked well.
I have something for you too. I'll give it to you later.
But before that there is a surprise.
- Hello Beatrice.
- There you are. Where have you been all this time?
You only come when my son is there.
- You are right.
- But I work a lot.
How is your diabetes?
You don't want to know anything about us.
Like my son, I almost never hear about that
Would you like a cup of tea?
He's getting married and doesn't say a word to his mother.
Does that sound strange?
You, married?
Do you see? This is my surprise.
Without asking anyone for their opinion.
But she is wonderful
A true ray of sunshine.
My son doesn't deserve it.
I still know your taste. You'll see.
And when are you getting married?
Elena, come down.
- If I find a woman like you.
- You old charmer.
I like it strong
My only vice.
I'll just take one lump of sugar.
But today I'm making an exception.
I get my insulin every day.
I'm getting old, my boy.
Peppermint Frappe. Are you still drinking?
You see? Do I have taste or not?
Of course. My congratulations.
I have something else for you.
Will you give me a cigarette
I imagined you differently. Pablo has told so much about
Haven't we met before?
Do I remind you of someone
What am I supposed to do with it?
You always wanted to be a racing driver, remember?
Put it on.
I'm sure it'll look good on you.
Look at you.
All right, let's have lunch.
You're eating with us, aren't you?
What does Elena like?
You know your food. What do you suggest?
What's that in your hand?
I rarely eat out.
It's partridge season at the moment.
Do you like partridges, Elena?
As you wish.
Hunting was never your forte. Do you remember... the rabbit hunt?
I've always respected animals.
It's ringing, Anna.
Let's see
Very nice. Say something.
- Say something
- What?
- Say that again
- What?
How is your wife
She is pregnant again.
How many are there now?
With this, five.
In six years of marriage.
A gentleman awaits you. your friend Pablo.
alone? - Yes, alone.
looks good But eat soup and soft foods for now.
And do your jaw exercises.
Don Julian, I can't...
Don't worry. You pay when you can.
Thank you. I'll pay next month.
What is it about? Where is Elena?
In the car. Do me a favour.
Our lawyer, Indalecio... do you remember?
He died. And mother's finances are a mess.
I'm sure you know someone else.
A boy if possible.
Am I disturbing you, doctor?
Come in, Anna.
when do you need it?
Immediately, preferably.
Anna, get Abello's number, the lawyer.
Beautiful roses.
Three unpaid mortgages...
we will lose everything mother is a
I must try to save what can still be saved.
- How many patients are waiting?
- One.
He should come back tomorrow.
Until then, enjoy yourself.
- Slide over
- Don't you want to drive?
I've never driven a car like this before.
May I
Should we go for a walk or rather have a drink?
Show me the city. I rarely go out.
Are you always here? Don't you ever
little. I hardly have time.
How do you know Pablo?
He's father's business partner. I met him at a
We knew right away that we were made for each
Do you like the city?
The higher part is the most attractive.
But everyone wants to live in the lower town.
And the demon turned into a handsome nobleman.
- Like you?
- Yes, like me.
He courted the young girl.
But the girl resisted all temptations.
One day, finally,
the demon put his hand on her chest.
Then the beautiful girl was
transformed into this cross.
This is the demon's hand.
It could be mine.
Then what happened?
Yes, what became of her?
She became this stone cross.
Why didn't you tell Pablo?
That we met in alanda.
- In alanda.
On Good Friday.
What are you talking about?
Calanda? Good Friday?
Is that one of your stories for tourists?
The Suicide Bridge. One jumps every year.
Such nonsense.
Me, a drummer. What makes you think that?
I tell you again
Easter week, Good Friday.
alanda, a small village.
The residents gather in the village square.
And they drum all day long. Do you understand?
Yes. And?
The drumming leaves marks on the hands.
They drum all day long.
Don't let them go mad.
Do you know a good barber?
Wait. You were there that day too.
And what is that?
a cut.
Opening a beer can.
I hesitated for a long time.
Because I don't believe in marriage.
Marriage is for life.
And you never know what will happen.
Pablo thinks like me.
What does Pablo think?
It lasts as long as it lasts...
- And the children?
- We don't have children.
But you will have some. Or not?
I'm not ready yet
Biologically, every woman is ready.
Why complicate my life?
One day perhaps.
But Pablo is much older than you.
I like mature men.
Like you
Would you have married me?
Why not?
It's your turn.
Are you ready? The ceremony begins.
Will you marry Pablo?
I do
Will you marry her?
Put on the rings.
Now you are married.
I pronounce you man and wife.
Are you going already?
I can stay.
Do you have plans?
Actually, yes. But I can stay.
where are you from?
Aus Carboneras, Almeria.
You've been with me for two years and I hardly know
I only see you in practice. where do you
With my sister.
But I go out often.
Not me. I believe life
consists of breathing and working.
But time flies, and life with it.
Are you engaged?
Engaged? No.
Why are you doing this, Anna.
Be natural.
This gesture is like...
Disdain, yes.
That's it.
It's a habit.
Very unpleasant, this habit.
To your health, Anna.
It's delicious.
Do you like it? Have another drink.
Mix it yourself.
Skirts are short these days.
But that's not for every woman.
By your legs...
Why don't you dress differently?
You could make something of yourself.
Don't be mad at me. They are still looking for their style.
I'm not mad at you.
Come here.
Look at these women.
This is how you do your eyes these days.
Sit down.
False eyelashes... see?
The eyelashes are glued on,
but made of real hair.
Do you understand?
And the mouth... like that.
There are also wigs.
I have very beautiful hair.
And the skirts are short.
Do you like this?
Yes, but it's expensive.
Nonsense, losing weight costs nothing.
For such a figure it only takes
the right diet and exercise.
That's pretty.
The tights are beautiful.
Yes, but above all the figure.
Women should be slim, boyish.
To do this, they have to exercise.
Those are beanstalks.
This is the woman of today.
Do you want to be fat
by the time you're thirty?
Do you know how old I am?
It doesn't matter.
I exercise for half an hour every morning.
I also do a lot of sports.
In summer, I go swimming in the sea.
It's quite acceptable.
There needs to be a swimming pool for the winter.
The best would be a bike.
A bike? What an idea.
You see, you laugh about it too.
There are folding bikes these days.
But we're always afraid of making fools of ourselves.
Can I have another?
Enter. Do you like it?
This is good against cellulite and for the waistline.
100 times every morning.
I've already lost three centimetres from my
- Now you.
- I can't do this...
Of course you can.
100 times without a break.
And now it's time for a shower.
I don't shower.
After the sport you take a shower. Warm and cold, alternately.
Only a contrasting shower
brings the desired result.
It will do you good.
Remember, warm water followed by cold water.
My back hurts
It's always like that at the beginning.
Show me... A blister.
And there's another one.
We'll see to it.
Did I hurt you?
It's nothing. It doesn't even bleed.
Poor little one.
How time flies.
My goodness how it looks here.
- Do you like it?
- It's wonderful.
There's the river over there.
The favourite place of lovers.
And what's that?
The ballroom.
Dancing only on Saturdays and Sundays.
Do you remember Pablo?
- What do you say?
- I told her that there was dancing here.
Yes, that was a spectacle.
Rheumatic, arthritic, with the kidney stones...
And all women were fat.
It still stands.
I was a pro.
Perhaps it still exists.
Come, I'll show you the bathhouse.
People came for the water.
Whole families spent the summer here.
You should have seen it then.
It's sad now, isn't it?
I like it better that way.
Yes, I like it too.
We buried him when we were little.
He was an affectionate dog.
He was poisoned.
But enough now, let's go inside.
After you.
How do you like it?
I come here every weekend.
I have everything I need here.
Books, Music.
And above all rest.
Do you like it?
Yes, very much.
Do you always come alone?
Yes, I like being alone. And you?
It depends.
First I'll make a fire.
- Would you like a drink?
- No thank you.
The bedroom is upstairs.
Is there only one?
Yes, only one.
Where will you sleep?
On the sofa, that's fine.
Respect. Not bad at all.
Surely you bring the nurse here?
She makes beautiful eyes at you.
Don't talk nonsense.
The meat smells of petrol.
Really? What a pity.
And the nurse? secret manger...
Spinnerien Von Pablo.
Do you have a ladder?
Outside, perhaps.
What do you need it for?
You'll see.
You prepare everything,
I'll only be a moment.
"I dream my way in the evening.
The hills are golden, the pines are green.
The oak trees are covered in dust.
Where will the path lead me?
Singing, travelling, I follow the path.
Dusk is breaking.
In my heart, the thorn of a passion.
I ripped it out, now my heart is dead.
The fields remain mute and gloomy, as if brooding.
The wind rustles in the poplars by the river.
Night is falling now.
And the path that winds up
becomes a shadow and disappears."
Do you like it?
I'm giving this to you as a gift.
No thank you. I won't read it.
May I?
Don't just stand there. Come in.
Sorry. I'm just getting a blanket.
I'm going down
Julian. I need help.
Enough photographs.
She is tireless.
Where does she get her energy from?
Elena. Look at this, it's funny.
What are you doing?
Mind the chain.
Now watch carefully.
Are you ready?
He does that to me? Outrageous.
I want a go. I want to try.
No. Not your turn.
We used to play here when we were
The forest was exciting and full of dangers.
Those were the baths.
We secretly watched the women.
Do you see the bathtub?
The women were hideous.
One resembled a hippopotamus, snorting in the water.
You rascals. Were you ever caught?
- Sometimes.
- Then what happened?
They locked us in my aunt's room.
She was very religious and her bedroom was full of saints.
We had to kneel and pray
sometimes for hours on end.
Didn't they brick up the hole?
We drilled a new one.
How it looks here.
Soon everything will collapse.
They must have been monitoring us.
Because as soon as we got up, my aunt came in.
This was her room.
There's another stool there.
We knelt at the end of the bed.
You didn't tell me there were girls here too.
Throw them away. you'll get dirty
Here we knelt.
Kneel down for a moment.
I want to try something.
Do you mind?
They monitored us from there.
You're mad, Julian.
Everyone has their own peculiarities.
Don't you ever think back to your childhood?
I haven't had time yet.
The Music Room.
It still worked last time.
You should find yourself a wife.
Yes, it would be perfect here with a woman.
None would last long here.
You wouldn't come here
if you had one
You were beautiful in that white dress.
When I saw you in alanda
I knew right away it was you.
To have you so close to me now...
Land speculation is useless. You have to
The construction business is risky.
But in the long run it is much more profitable.
We built in Africa because tourism is booming there.
But tourism is one thing.
It depends heavily on political events.
I'm going to sleep.
Forget the shops for a while.
Are you leaving already?
Don't stay up too long.
I'll be right there.
Come with us to Madrid.
- How long?
- Two or three days.
No, I can't.
You have to seize the opportunity and have some capital.
Why do you think Elena's father listened to me?
But who owns the business?
Both. Elena loves me,
but her father even more.
We get along fine.
Do something out here.
Show some initiative.
Build a factory or a sanatorium.
There are trees, water... Or sell it.
How many square meters is the site?
Approximately 6,000 square meters at 400 pesetas...
Sell it and you will triple your capital.
Think about it.
This is a perfect opportunity.
Why make life difficult for me?
We'll speak after my journey.
Julian. You frightened me.
I thought you were sleeping.
I love you I dream of you day and night.
That's enough for today.
Behave yourself.
I can't now.
Do you want me to wait for you?
No. It takes some time. go.
Go home.
What are you doing here?
You can see that.
Take your keys. I disturb you, so I'll go.
Such nonsense.
First you want to stay, then go.
What do you want now?
I beg you, Anna.
What's the matter with you?
I just wanted to be with you.
I know I'm just tired, Anna.
I'm going now.
No, stay.
Look at me
Now the other.
Already looking better.
You didn't even notice my stockings.
Yes, very nice.
- Do you like them?
- Very.
Put your make-up on.
What for? We never leave the house.
Do you want to look like a clown?
Who are you pretending for? For people or for
For you.
Where are the eyelashes?
In my pocket.
Aren't you angry anymore?
Be quiet. This is difficult.
Keep still.
You can see that they are put on.
Of course. That's what they're here for.
By the way, they are made of human hair.
Now eyes and eyebrows. But first the lips.
It's good. wet them.
This is difficult.
Don't apply too much and pay attention to the contour.
I'll get us a mint.
Let's look at you. What a difference.
Do you really like me?
you are very beautiful
I told my sister I would be gone for a few days.
We're going away for the weekend.
Everything will be fine, believe me. Don't worry.
Have you ever thought about dying your hair?
These plots have one disadvantage.
What if the Highway Department...
- Where have you been?
- Do you want a drink?
No peppermint?
I bring the photographs.
I wanted to see them.
It's a risky endeavour.
That's not exactly my forte.
It depends on the advice.
I'm really not interested.
But I can advise you.
Do you think it's worth it?
Is that me?
You are a master photographer.
An excellent photograph.
You are very pretty.
Not a fine move.
what about me? No photographs?
They are not developed yet.
Behave yourself. Especially you, Mahsa.
I'll get a report from you tomorrow.
Look closely at everything, but don't touch
Sometimes it's strange...
Many painters come to the city in the summer.
A lot has happened since your last visit.
Who owns all this?
Zubel, a painter.
He donated his works to the city.
Do you like it?
Did you tell Pablo?
He's rather odd.
What are you talking about?
Have you seen Marisa?
Julian, help me, you know your stuff.
What do you think?
I don't understand any of this. Ask Arturo.
Nonsense. You and me,
we've always had the same taste.
I'm sorry about the other day.
Please forgive me.
Are you there Marisa? Come out there.
This is the dark chamber. It looks
It is oppressive.
Like X-rays, right?
I personally like this room best.
It's designed very nicely.
You do what you can.
There is no lack of interest. More of information.
Our visitors treat the objects with great respect.
Except for a few individuals.
But they are in the minority.
And the tourists? Advertising is important.
I know my way around. Nothing works today without
What do you want now?
Elena I need you. I cant live without you.
Leave me, Julian.
Finally leave me alone.
I'm already looking forward to our
But you're bringing a girl.
Why are you laughing?
Come with the nurse. It's not bad.
All right, I'll bring her with me.
Turn around. Come, listen to
Elena is like a child.
Between the nurse... What's her name?
Between Anna and you, is there something serious?
That's my business.
Well, among old friends...
You didn't expect that.
We knew you would like it.
Julian. How are you doing?
Good, and you?
Ready? You see, I'm on time.
And the nurse?
Yes, where is she? I want to see her.
When are you celebrating your wedding? Dear, we're getting
It's wonderful here.
Julian, that looks great. Take an example,
It's Anna's credit.
That's delicious.
Stop that. We are waiting for Anna.
It doesn't take long, does it?
We're fine here.
You liked the present.
Can I help?
alanda... Easter week...
And a hand injury.
Somehow, I have to get the ice small...
This is the famous book of poems.
Make me a whiskey.
First a peppermint frapp.
"Twilight is breaking.
In my heart I had the thorn of a passion.
I ripped it out, now my heart is dead.
The fields remain mute and gloomy, as if brooding.
The wind rustles in the poplars by the river.
Night is falling now, and the path that winds up
becomes a shadow and disappears.
And again my lament.
You spike with a golden tip...
Who could feel you in the heart.
I dream my way in the evening.
The hills are golden, the pines are green,
The oak trees are covered in dust.
Singing, travelling, I follow the path..."
How pretty. Where did you get these?
I can't stand green.
But you like it, don't you?
The colour of hope.
Because of you, I'll soon like mint.
It smells like toothpaste.
To Anna.
And to you, Julian.
It's really good.
Where is Anna?
She was still in the clinic, but she's coming soon.
I have records of pop music.
Anything is better than this tinkering.
Exquisite. Would you like more?
Julian. Dance with me.
I am a gifted dancer.
You told Pablo. It's not right.
He is my man.
There are no secrets between us.
Let's collect Anna.
Let's collect Anna.
The nurse.
We'll pick her up.
You need a woman like that.
Wait for me Elena.
You can't catch me.