Pepperminta (2009) Movie Script

I'm Pepperminta.
I was born in this world.
My grandma used to say
it is always the right time to be born.
They are probably like a carrot
neither too sweet,
nor too sour,
neither too hot nor too salty.
I'm Pepperminta.
I breathe deeply
in the glowing center
of the Earth.
I breathe out into space.
Breath fresh air.
Exhale hot air.
Dear Pepperminta, good morning.
Are you sad again?
Why are everyone against me?
Always do what you do not dare and look at
what happens.
Happiness never comes alone.
Whose idea was it?
Her! Her!
It was my idea!
Go out!
You're good for nothing,
little brat!
Baby, do you understand what I mean, grandmother?
They are just afraid of you.
They are not afraid.
They hate me!
I do not think so.
I swear on the holy apple of my eyes, Pepperminta.
I do not think so
Today will be a great day!
You will find many, many friends.
I breathe deeply
in the burning center of the earth.
Hey you,
you can not stay up there!
- Expire ...
in the space.
Hey, come right down
You can not stay up there!
If everyone did?
We would need many more
Let me get on with my work!
Let me do my job!
- I will help you.
- I do not need help!
Go to hell.
His liver must be green.
The postman is here!
The postman is here!
Do you know this way?
W- e-r-w-e-n C-a-n-d-r-i-a-n
You won!
Mr. Werwen Candrian?
It's me...
I'm Werwen.
What a beautiful name.
I'm Pepperminta.
Even yours is beautiful, like candy.
Oh, it's for my son,
the poor boy.
- What is this spray for?
It is anti-bacterial,
Werwen is susceptible to everything.
He suffers from a small epigenetic syndrome
of total allergy ..
Listen, this letter here is for ...
You're a good for nothing!
You are crazy!?
Go and find a suitable job.
Stay away from my car!
I'm working!
Smamma !
You're crazy!
We have been awake for a long time.
Our eyes are wide, wide open.
The more deeply we look into each other's eyes,
the clearer it becomes.
It is always the right time to be born.
Ciao, Pepperminta,
Apple of my eye,
What are you waiting for?
The time has come.
The cowards are waiting for you.
You're strong enough now.
I discovered the sky!
Do you need help?
Since you ask - yes!
Do not you want to look at me?
Only if you come with me.
But I can not.
My mother would worry too much.
Where is it?
Somewhere, where you can feel better ...
I think I'd rather go home.
This is just the beginning,
my dear Werwen!
Now, we will change our lives!
Together it will be twice as easy.
But I have to call my mother ...
My friend is dying ...
But I can heal it ...
But I need your help!
Do not be afraid, Werwen.
You'll be fine soon!
Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid, Werwen.
A worm.
You'll be fine soon!
I'm sick?
I do not feel any symptoms.
The symptoms have vanished!
And you were here for me
all time! Thank you.
Come with us, Edna. Come on!
We are wet sparrows!
Do not worry,
we are safe here.
Where we are?
It's a secret!
You are beautiful.
Yes, however,
we have to get dressed now.
Come. I'll show you something.
My grandmother taught me
how to hypnotize using colors.
We have some cones on our blue retina,
red and green.
We have to
stimulate these cones
A kind of massage for the eyes
If we find the right combination of colors,
we will be able to defeat
He did some research
on color combinations.
Do you understand?
Each color has its own rhythm.
Come and have a look!
Now, we belong to each other forever.
For generations,
this cup has been filled
of menstrual blood.
It will give you strength and children will drink it.
Red is good
I've never bled!
Are you a woman or a man?
It's all the same.
It's good?
And this is ours
secret weapon.
What is your next plan?
Wait up!
Wait, Pepperminta,
wait for us!
How do you know it will work?
We will know it only at the end.
The head is clear,
the forehead is fresh,
the head is clear,
the forehead is fresh
We ate the apple
but we will not be expelled from paradise.
The head is clear,
the forehead is fresh
Hi everyone
you are here for the thirst for knowledge.
I'm waiting
of Professor Blackandwhite,
and I will give you a flash presentation.
My name is Superpro
Pepperminta Colornoise.
And these two, my dear ladies and gentlemen,
they are my two assistants,
the fearless Werwen Candrian
and the nice Edna Nonono Tulipan!
Thanks thanks thanks.
Today I will show you
the combination of Mintfish and green Schweinfurter colors ..
from the second galaxy
at sunny yellow-yellow.
In tests,
the following combinations were found
be extraordinarily effective.
Please, relax and
get ready to try an orgasm.
Yes, super!
It's enough,
Female doctor
Go out!
It is a disgrace.
This impostor.
She is not a professor at all.
You practice the pseudo-scientific jumbo mumbo.
You must be punished.
Keep your chin up!
You are three years old and there are only seven.
Beat them with their own weapons.
Obviously you are aware
that we will have to deliver to you
to the police!
What I know
it's new and I can not wait
that the Kingdom arrives.
You have no idea.
But if you take a look
to this blue-vein fog,
combine it with this
peaceful civil defense orange,
and then with this flower-anthracite,
then take a deep breath
and take a look at this
thickened red blood
in combination with this pen
from a blue lawyer
and this green professional mud ...
then you will realize
as fear fades, the horizon
and you are all in there
for a big surprise ...
Ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome on board our flight
from nothing ... to you ...
deep inside...
Even if you're hurt,
although it may seem difficult,
we left five minutes ago.
Love is not clear,
so keep the seat belts fastened.
Be careful
towards the orbit, the rising moon dust.
Pay attention to your neighbors on the left
it is on the right.
You are in love with me?
Yes of course.
Would you marry me?
The closed relationships are for cowards!
Yes exactly!
It's a shame.
It would make my mother happy!
My poor Werwen.
Hmmm. Beautiful.
I had almost forgotten about this ...
I used to
walk around the trees between me and me.
Come with us.
You know,
I will die soon.
IS ?
I'm afraid of dying.
You're so beautiful.
Our life
it is similar to the journey
of a tramp
in the night.
Each of us without a doubt
He has many things to worry about.
Many things to worry about.
Suddenly night and darkness
they vanish from our minds
like a heavy-hearted happiness
We find happiness again.
We find happiness again.
Courage, my dear sisters,
pour all your pains,
for tomorrow the sun
it will rise again.
The sun will rise again.
He discovered the sky.
Excuse me, do you serve fries?
Yes, for four people, please!
We do not serve monsters like you in here.
if things are going too well,
it's not even a good sign.
Werwen is right.
Obstacles are essential
like salt in the soup.
Maybe we should
be a little more brilliant?
Now let's go! Here we go!
Close your eyes and listen.
It's beautiful.
We are radiating so much and strong
around all the corners,
beyond every edge,
We hear our heartbeat,
we hear our heartbeat.
Hands are heavy and warm.
They are hot,
The blood is hot.
To the tree, the tree, the tree,
we suck the roots,
and we tumble, tumble,
We see the light through
our eyelids closed
our arts fall, fall,
Happiness never comes alone.
Happiness never comes alone.
What do you want?
We are new now!
You can not enter ...
If my boss sees you!
Stop, that's all, all forbidden.
What is everything, everything, everything ...?!
What would you like?
- Did you choose something Susanne?
- Well,
The salad
And for me the steak, please.
But what would you really like?
If you close your eyes
and let you go,
what would you really really want?
As I said,
The salad
My dear beautiful woman,
I do not really believe you,
frankly, I do not believe in a word.
Now close your eyes,
Take a deep breath,
and relax your lips ...
One moment please.
I would like to have
spaghetti from the sky,
with red cabbage sauce,
and then rose petals
and capers with chocolate.
We all make mistakes
and they taste good
A cooked mistake,
a fried mistake
We all make mistakes ..
And for you, sir?
Chilli chips.
and stuffed ham sandwiches
of hazelnut cream ..
... and cotton candy
It's okay then!
It happened to all of us ...
We make mistakes
and they taste good.
An error washed,
a crushed error.
We make mistakes
and they are good.
We make mistakes
and they are good.
Something else ?
But we have not yet ordered?
I already know what you do not like.
For example?
He does not like your shaved pubic hair,
he can not stand it.
How do you know?
- Say something!
- Well, I'm saying something!
It's true!
You will get a small watercress salad
to make up for it.
But it's not true!
Enjoy your meal!
Hey ... we have
orders for you!
We would like to offer you a job
at the command center of our world.
Will you help us?
I'd like to cook this for you, but ..
We treat you like a raw egg
We have some potatoes.
We bloom like mushrooms.
We devour the pig
from the head to the feet.
Let's toss the apple away from the tree.
We move mountains of butter.
We all make mistakes.
We eat walnuts with their shells
We hear melons grow
It happened to all of us.
We can administer water for you.
We never chopped our words..
We make mistakes
and they taste good
A cooked mistake.
A fried mistake.
Good boy! Excellent!
Stop! Stop!
Health and safety inspection!
Will we all die?
There is not much we can do at the moment!
You can always do something!
and constancy,
and constancy,
It is always the right time to be born.
It's always the right time
Hey! What do you do?
Wake up, children.
Long last !
Finally you are here!
Yes of course! Colors!
Even more still!
The beige. The beige is missing
There was more purple.
We were almost there now!
I'm so proud
of you.
Red is good
It's so beautiful.
It's ready!
In the name of the law and order
and of the whole world, which will remain as it is:
Stop! Have you finished!
Can I go now
Where is it?
Everywhere. I can die ...
Goodnight, Peppermintas,
Now I go, to polish the stars and fuck the sky.
See you soon
All you need is a short moment
and some people who help us,
That's all.
Sleep baby, sleep,
we spent a beautiful day
Things will never be the same.
We will never be alone again.
Sleep baby, sleep..