Perez. (2014) Movie Script

I saw the wall in front of me.
It's not that I didn't see it coming,
but I ran toward it anyway.
All the signs
that I would crash were there.
But! understood that later,
when k was already too late.
Demetrio Perez!
If you're arrested and have no lawyer
you get a public defender.
H your case is so tough
that the defender refuses it,
'IOU get me.
We aim to demonstrate
the procedural truths...
I've dealt wkh every kind of criminal
in the past 20 years.
An ex-offender in possession
of a swkchblade
who swore he needed it
to cut a leg of lamb
the day after Easter.
Blind men we found
driving spans cars...
An Albanian pimp
who loved Shostakovich...
Chinese slave-drivers
who collected antique cleavers...
A Sri Lankan merchant trying to bribe
a cop with 9 euros...
Old and new school politicians,
a foot fetishist...
Lone-shark priest...
What's up for today?
The Chinese guy assigned to Perez:
robbery and aggravated assault.
- Plus attempted bribery.
- Your Honor, readily available...
pursuant to section 97-4...
Sign here.
This names me as your attorney.
- Who are you 7
- You want out of here 7
Sign it and shut the fuck up.
Sign the papep
- I'm working here!
- You can't sign that.
Says who 7
Readily available...
Angry dogs fighting over
meatless bones.
That's what we are.
Your life sucks.
I don't give a fuck about you
because you do nothing about it!
What the fuck
do you want to know about me 7
What the fuck can I tell you?
Pearls before swine...
- You want a heart pill?
- I don't have heart problems.
I take them because
they're good for my cock.
You don't give a shit with
that dead squid between your legs...
Can we talk 7
Ask me a question.
How's Olga?
I told you three fucking months ago.
One: her name is Anya.
Two: I kicked her ass out
because she wouldn't blow me.
What a great conversation!
Let's eat.
No, we need to talk.
Do you know Francesco Corvino 7
His nickname is "Hothead".
You know him 7
Your slutty daughter
is the one screwing that scumbag!
His daughter's fucking a mafioso
and Perez breaks a glass!
- Naples is shit scared!
- Shut up!
Get offmy balls!
I'm Ignazio, nice to meet you.
Sit down and eat.
Did you ever talk to me
about your son?
- Yes.
- Once, for ten seconds at his funeral.
How are you since his death 7
Have you been to the cemetery?
Don't you want to talk anymore?
Explain clearly
how you disposed of the bodies.
We burned the bodies.
Acid burns your hands.
Lime is bad for your lungs.
We liked ovens.
You had crematoriums
for this purpose 7
Yeah, but we didn't use them much.
It was easier to bring them
to the beach houses.
Nobody's there in winter,
so we'd do it and leave.
A different house every time.
VWth a wood stove in the yard.
We made a good hot fire
and put the bodies in.
In three hours
we had 100 pounds of ash.
- How many did you burn?
- Personally, I burned seven.
Does the defense
have anything to add?
You said nothing in two hours!
Some fucking lawyer you are!
This scumbag lawyer doesn't talk!
You're a not a lawyer,
you're a sack of shit!
Your Honor, I want another lawyer.
You have the right to change counsel.
I don't want this scumbag!
Some clients are used to women
screaming and flailing when arrested,
and expect their lawyers
to do that in court,
to scream in their defense.
They don't understand that silence
helps their case
as well as their dignky.
They speak of strategy.
but are mentally incapable
of going beyond cheap tactics.
They're destined to lose,
to self-destruct...
They systematicaffy remove
any possibiffiy of a positive outcome.
They systematically remove me.
Perez, can you give me 5 minutes?
No, I've been here all day.
The day has 24 hours.
5 minutes equals 0.30%.
My name is Luca Buglione.
I want to speak to Judge Rossetto.
I want Counselor Perez to represent me.
I'm armed.
The fucker brought his gun...
Walk, asshole!
Drop the attitude...
Luca Buglione, aka "100%",
head of the Buglione Clan.
His family was exterminated
and that's why he's here.
Serious lawyers won't accept him.
Buglione won't go near lawyers
known for defending turncoats.
He scares people.
You still want him?
I do.
Fine, say nothing
and just sign the papers.
Take off his cuffs
and wait for me outside.
Your brother's hiding
at Ciccio Santantimds country house.
We're the only ones
who know that right now.
Waste my time and that will change.
Judge, we all have our roles here.
Making threats is not yours.
My brother's not where you say,
I don't even know where he is.
- We'll ignore what you just did.
- All right.
If you find conflicts between
my testimony and what others say,
I suggest you verify their statements
because I'm the one telling the truth,
my word is rock solid.
I don't say things I don't know.
If I say it, I know it.
I know details, circumstances,
faces, names, and dates.
I guarantee my memory 100%.
We got to a point where a war
was an 80% probability.
Only a few were left,
they were weak and would've lost.
All they did was snort coke
and shoot point-blank.
So what did you do 7
Can I continue?
Speed it up,
we've been here for 12 hours.
If we'd based things
on the probability of winning,
we'd have waited and won the war...
but at a very high price.
They were rabid dogs,
trapped with no way out,
and would do as much damage
as possible before they died.
Can we know what the fuck you did now?
I'll tell you.
That's when the mute came in.
The mute?
What's this mute do 7
The mute does a lot and says nothing.
That's important.
Those guys were fucked in the head.
They slept 50% of the day,
30% blowing coke,
and 20% screwing the mute.
VWth music blasting...
So we sent our man to see the mute.
He gave her some cocaine
and asked to see her vibrators.
She showed him
which one she used with guys.
He placed the explosive
while she was in the bathroom.
When the mute returned to the guys,
as soon as they put the vibrator
in her cunt,
all three of them exploded.
You probably think we're animals
because we killed an innocent mute.
But that's how we avoided a war.
We saved thirty people.
That's enormous.
We're done for now.
Counselor, question your client
if you want.
We'll continue tomorrow.
Care to buy me a coffee?
Did you know this space
has no surveillance cameras?
How's your daughter Thea?
She's turning 20 today, right?
She'll be finishing at university soon
and might want get her Master's
outside of Naples.
VWth your 25,000 euro salary,
I understand how hard that will be.
Are you threatening me?
I'm saying I could threaten you
if I wanted to.
Threatening is your job, right?
I chose thejob I do.
If I make a mistake,
I get wiped off the face of the earth.
So I use extreme care
in everything I do.
I reason.
You don't use reason, Counselor.
You think you're protected
because you're a "poor soul"
and think you don't wage war
because you're not armed.
- I don't understand these things.
- Who's your daughter in love with?
She's with a scumbag.
So you're at war too.
I didn't choose you
because you're a great lawyer.
I chose you because you're in trouble.
I'm in trouble?You're in trouble.
So are you.
Like me. We're identical:
two unhappy men.
What do you want from me 7
- Do you want to be happy?
- I'm tired.
There are 800 grams of pure diamonds
in a bull's belly in Villa Literno.
I said I'm tired.
The diamonds are inside a bull
at a cattle farm in Villa Literno.
It's a pafTW
Your gift didn't arrive yet...
Papa, who cares!
Happy birthday.
Everything's fine.
You have to trust me.
Francesco Comm...
Nice to meet you.
Come on...
Excuse us...
Can't you see how fucked up
the situation is here?
- Drink up...
- You miserable worm!
Good for nothing worm shit...
- Go home.
- Nice fucking father you are!
Do something!
Oh my God...
Can I wear it 7
- Papa, what's wrong 7
- I'm fine.
You like it 7
May I have a word 7
Do you mind, Thea?
Sorry my presence
makes you uncomfortable.
I can tell you're not at ease...
this is your house.
If you'd rather, I can leave.
I'd rather.
Francesco, what's wrong 7
See you tomorrow.
What is it 7
- What did you say?
- Calm down.
You stay... and you leave!
Bad timing...
We often made that mistake.
I found the courage
to tell my father! hated him,
three weeks after he'd died.
My wife said I didn't make her happy.
I said I'd protected her
from unhappiness.
She lefl me the next day.
A year later! asked her why.
She hasn't answered yet.
- Wanna buy some socks?
- No, thanks.
Your wallet and cell phone!
Give me your wallet and cell phone!
Fork over the money!
Want me to shoot?
You have a gun, use it!
You drive me crazy...
Know what I want to do 7
I want to put two armed guys
by your house,
24 hours a day...
So you HQVQI' worry.
Contact an Indian man
called Singh Onkhar.
He's expected a man
who'll come and say:
"nephrogenic diabetes insipidus".
It's a rare disease
I almost died from as a kid.
He'll understand
and do anything for you.
He knows exactly where
the diamonds are.
There are 28 small cylinders.
They're filled with diamonds.
Give one to Singh, who'll leave
the next day for India with his son.
Because his life here sucks.
Why didn't you write down what I said?
I don't need to.
I heard you, but I won't do anything.
My neck is killing me, I can't move.
Once it's chronic you never heal.
How'd you cut yourself?
Give me a massage with your thumbs.
I'll go get the diamonds,
but you have to give me Corvino.
I'm sure you have dirt on him.
If you don't, then lie about it.
Corvino goes tojail
and you get the diamonds.
Press down harder with your thumbs.
You have to do this right
or not at all.
Maybe I can come up with something.
If you don't do your part?
I give you my word.
Your word is not worth shit.
My word is gold.
Here's the deal...
I'll agree to do it,
but there's no turning back now.
But get some sleep.
Adrenaline makes you lose your head
and mess up.
- I'm looking for Singh.
- That's me.
Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus.
Come with me.
Wait here.
May I come in?
Are you Singh Onkhar?
- Doesn't he speak?
- No, but you can ask him questions.
He blinks twice for "yes"
and once for "no".
- What happened to him?
- The bull did it.
The bull...
May I have a glass of water?
I'm on my own...
what'll I do now?
There's shit everywhere...
What the fuck...
Good evening, Counselor.
I've been waiting for you,
I wanted to talk.
- It's late.
- I want to talk about Thea.
Let's sit in my car.
This was given to me this morning.
It's Japanese.
One of the best malts in the world.
I love her... I told her I do.
Know what she answered 7
don't bother telling me this.
You'll always come in second.
My father will always come first...
- She said that?
- That's what she said.
"My father comes first".
Do you think you're right for her?
I wasn't lucky like Thea.
My father was in the mob.
He made mistakes and he's paying
for them in maximum security.
I can't say I love him...
but he's my father.
It's Judge Rossetto,
I'm going to see Buglione.
It can't be done.
- What?
- The Indian's in a wheelchair, sorry.
- Quit bullshitting...
- He can't even speak.
Forget everything.
Don't bring up Corvino.
3 years ago in Monte Saliceto,
my brother wasn't available,
so I put a group together for a hit
with Francesco "Hothead" Corvino.
Be careful...
We were after Nino Macerata,
who handled the drug trade in Succivo.
They didn't find Macerata at home
so they were leaving.
Corvino went back in and grabbed
the 80-year-old aunt and uncle
and shot them in the head.
I didn't approve.
You don't do shit like that.
But he'd done it already...
I don't believe that,
you're wasting my time.
You said you'd tell me everything
in one sitting.
Buried under the third lamppost
from the artesian well,
directly in front of the
"Welcome to Castelvolturno" sign,
you'll find a bag with three guns.
One of them was used to shoot
the old people.
Send someone to check.
I'm not here to bullshit anyone.
'U-'Vhat did Corvino do to you?
Why screw him over?
I'm not screwing anyone over,
I just want to save myself.
You're calm now that you think
things couldn't get any worse.
You're wrong.
I couldn't do it.
Fear is fucking you up again.
It took your wife
and now your daughter.
You bust your ass
but never get anything in return.
I never get anything...
This is a one-time opportunity.
If you don't show some balls this time,
you're fucked
and you'll die alone and abandoned.
I can't do it!
Cut that fucking bull open, Perez,
there's no choice.
Fuck the next guy or he'll fuck you.
What you said about Corvino...
is it true?
Is it true or not?
- Who is it 7
- Cotugno.
- Just what I needed...
- Where's your son?
- He ain't here.
- Move over.
- Got a warrant 7
- What warrant 7
- Grandma's watching TV...
- Take the kid.
Tell us where Francesco is,
don't waste our time.
- Francescds not here.
- You started smoking 7
Yeah, I'm stressed,
what's it to you 7
Where are you going?
There's nothing here, understand 7
It's a closet...
The baby's sleeping in here.
You can't go in the bedroom.
Sorry, Anna...
That's the shitter...
for shit like you!
What do you want?
You've got balls because you know
my husband isn't here.
- You know you're a dick!
- What should we do 7
Let's go.
Goodbye... thanks.
You dick, I hope you drop dead.
What are you doing 7
- What the fuck did you say?
- To who?
Francesco I What did you say?
He's missing since yesterday.
You're happy, right?
Fucking loser...
Did you eat?
Let's go eat at Mimi's Restaurant,
come on.
Did you run into a wall, Papa?
Why don't you kill yourself?
I'm going to get Francesco
wherever he is.
Go to your room.
It wasn't always this way.
I used to have it all,
but picked the wrong enemies.
Now I've got nothing.
You here 7
Why are you here?
You've never been to my house.
What happened?
I need some advice.
Sit down.
I know it's disgusting,
I'm embarrassed you're here.
So get to the point.
- Your father was a butcher, right?
- Yes.
- So you know animals?
- Sure, I'm with you all day...
Seriously, do you know
how to out open a bull's belly?
I'm depressed, Itook some pills.
I need to sleep.
I got mugged last night.
They put a gun to my head.
I told them to shoot.
But they didn't shoot.
I've been out of my mind since.
I need to do something or I'll flip.
You need to vent 7
Clean my filthy house...
Can you cut a belly or not?
- No, do you?
- Me either.
But that's exactly
what you and I are doing tonight.
I got needles and thread,
a syringe, and anesthetic.
- Which anesthetic?
- It's for humans so I got 10 doses.
A man weighs 75 kilos,
so I got enough for 750 kilos.
- What does a fucking bull weigh 7
- Aton.
So I'll give him 20 doses to make sure.
Let's add things up
to make sure this insanity is worth it.
There are about 1,000
twocarat diamonds.
- What's one carat worth 7
- At this purity, 4,000 euros.
So two carats are 8,000 euros.
8,000 times 1,000 is 8 million euros.
Son of a bitch I
Diamond values rise exponentially.
These are extremely pure
Sierra Leone, D-color diamonds.
We're talking 80 million euros here.
- I'll get out of here.
- And go where?
To where the black women are,
to screw 2,000 beautiful black women!
I'll fuck till I die!
And when I die I'll think
of how you turned my life around.
I'll die saying your name!
Demetrio Perez!
- What's with you 7
- What are you doing?
It's my gun, so what?
You're not playing with two-bit rats
and washed-up judges here!
Understand? These are killers!
Got that, asshole?
I get it.
Give me that gun.
Slow down.
Watch the wheelchair!
Shine it on the bull.
I don't see a bull...
- There he is...
- Where?
Stop running.
Open the gate.
Stay put,
I'll whack your ass now.
Good boy...
Push him over here...
Yeah! That's it!
Close the gate.
This way...
two I
Pull harder!
Can you see?
Let's do it.
VWth each step I'll look at you,
and you tell me if it's right.
Isn't it easier to just shoot
this horned whale?
The Sikh religion forbids killing.
Fuck thistetrapiegic
and his religion!
Then he'll leave and not help us.
He can't fucking leave!
If you don't want to do this tell me.
I'll do it.
- Done.
- Give it a few minutes...
I'll start now,
what's the Injun saying 7
- Nothing.
- Give me the scalpel.
He's still awake!
I gave him 50cc of anesthetic!
Let's start.
Stop there!
- There!
- I'm cutting.
Does this beast know I'm cutting?
He doesn't feel a fucking thing.
- I feel sick...
- What?
- What?
- Blood...
I'm sump
There's nothing here.
I found them.
Ignazio, Ifound them!
Get up...
You can do it.
There are men, women, and children
whose eyes slope dowm/vards.
Their gaze is a sad one.
They're usually "respectable people",
I've always considered them my allies.
You just collapsed from tension...
No, you hold on to them.
You'll wake up
next to three beautiful black women.
- Demetrio, I can't do it.
- Do what?
Go to the cemetery.
I could never do it...
Demetrio Perez!
7 years ago, while staring at
the caff in of his first and only son,
killed by a stray bullet,
my best friend, Ignazio Merolla,
said to me:
"Sometimes I cry bm feel nothing".
Papa, don't get mad.
I have to show you something.
Hear him out.
There's a warrant out for me.
Some stool pigeon named me,
I don't know why he's telling lies.
I'm innocent, but if I'm put away
for this I'll never get out.
Someone's using me to hurt my father.
- On the lam in my house?
- I don't know where to go.
I need a few days to organize.
- You need to turn yourself in.
- You didn't listen!
- Listen to what?
- I might turn myself in later...
Just for one day...
- Then 7
- Then we'll go away.
- Whereto?
- Out of Italy.
- I need some food and sleep.
- Understand what I said 7
Did you eat?
- Are you hungry?
- I could eat.
- Fish 7
- Thea says you make great fish.
Good morning, Counselor!
Give me that bass.
This okay?
For how many people?
Why the fuck does that matter?
Just give me the fish.
Clean this, but don't scale it,
the counselor bakes it.
did you get the disinfectants?
It's important,
everything is dirty here.
- Did you get them already?
- Yes.
Goad. Did you find a 28 brands?
I have 27.
I left one back there.
Good job.
That'll be 50 euros.
I'm calling the police tomorrow.
- We're leaving tomorrow.
- No, he's leaving.
I'm going with him.
- Thea, he's killed innocent people.
- What the fuck do you mean?
- Why do you think he's wanted?
- He explained it...
- You believe him?
- Yes.
- Like it 7
- This is fantastic.
I'm leaving for Spain tomorrow,
I have a cousin there.
Francesco, please...
I told Thea a thousand times
she can't come with me.
- Shut up and eat.
- See how she is 7
You want to go alone?
I want to come and help you!
You're being a shit!
- Calm it down.
- You don't scare me!
Don't talk to me that way
or I'll smash a plate in your face.
If you come with me
you won't be able to come back here.
I want to be with you,
I don't want to stay here.
Have some more.
Aren't you eating 7
I picked the name Thea
for my daughter.
It's the female version
of the word "God".
She is technically
and spiritually my life...
The figures represent black women
doing an African dance.
I ordered it for a Nigerian man,
he was murdered.
His wife ran off with his money
and didn't even give him a funeral.
It costs 500 euros,
but you can have it for 250.
It's perfect.
Listen up,
the piece is in the bag.
Wait for me out there.
Pretty girl...
Don't let her out,
they'll ice her for sure.
We bought tickets in your name for
Geneva, Marrakech, Oslo, and Dubai.
Drive the car to Spain
and go to your cousin's.
- Then what should I do?
- I told you...
Pussy's more dangerous than a gun.
We care about you,
but it's your fucking problem.
- Papa, hurry home.
- What's wrong?
- There are shady people here.
- Who?
Francescds people...
- What do they want?
- I saw a gun.
I'm coming, don't do anything.
' What gun?
' Open your bag.
There's only clothes.
You see, clothes!
I gave up affection,
desire, passion...
As promised, here are the keys.
The one thing Ht that moves me...
is honesty.
Thea, what's wrong 7
You piece of shit!
You're fucking Buglione's lawyer.
- Who's Buglione?
- Tell her!
He's the motherfucker
who told those lies about me.
Now I'll have to be a motherfucker.
I'll be who you say I am...
I'm just a public defender,
I sign papers and shut up.
I'm calm.
But you need to take care
of this situation!
Where's Buglione?
- In prison.
- He's not.
My people are there.
He's protected, where is he 7
You think they'd tell me
where they're hiding a state witness?
Answer the door.
- Don't let anyone up!
- Don't worry...
Everything's okay.
Who's there 7
It's Rossetto.
Come on.
- Don't worry.
- You'd better take care of this!
They can't do anything!
Close this fucking thing.
- Hello, Perez.
- Come in.
Sorry to bother you,
we're looking for Francesco Corvino.
We heard he's engaged
to your daughter.
They're not engaged,
they're seeing each other.
Can I use the bathroom 7
First door on the right.
- You knew about your daughter?
- Yes.
Is she here 7
I want to speak with her.
I can bring her in when she gets home.
Call me when she gets back.
Excuse me.
- Where the fuck are you?
- At home.
- Who's with you?
- Nobody.
They're taking me
to a secret location.
I'll call in a few days.
When t ca,
you comewth the disinfectants.
Don't come sooner,
I'll be on constant watch.
All right, where should I meet you?
I'll tell you then.
They're looking for a safe house.
You're a shitbag, Francesco.
I'll say it one more time...
- I make myself sick!
- Shut up, Thea.
Your Honor,
there's a storage hatch here.
What's in there?
A bit of everything,
my wife's old stuff...
There's even a sled up there...
Do we need a ladder?
You'd shoot me with that shitty gun.
- Shut up.
- You and your gun are shitty!
- Shut up, idiot...
- Fucking shitbag!
Say another word...
and I'll smash your skull.
Pull the handle...
It's not necessary,
we've bothered you enough.
Shitbag 1
Great, relax with a whiskey...
You wanted to leave me up there!
What did they want?
- Thea.
- Did you find a solution 7
I know where Buglione is.
Make it fast.
Let's go.
Put this on.
Don't worry, I'll take care of this.
- What's in there?
- He wants detergents.
- The place's dirty, he's a clean freak.
- I know.
You don't need to say bye,
she's coming with us.
- Why?
- One more question and I'll kill you.
Wait here.
- This car was your birthday present.
- Go, this isn't ajoyride.
I have to piss, get off here.
Don't move, stay put.
Pull out slowly.
Go tell him you want to talk
in a quiet place.
Tell him his brother is here.
I didn't want to hurt you.
I make you sick now?
You liked my pretty car...
You liked the diamond I gave you.
You liked how I fucked you too...
We're gonna die tonight...
And you'll die with me.
Why are you here?
- It's okay...
- Who fucking told you to come?
- I decided to come now.
- This assholes making decisions...
He's Perez, my lawyer.
- Is this the detergent?
- Yes.
- The disinfectanfs in the car.
- Why 7
You want it or not?
- I can ride a bike for an hour at 9.
- Whereto?
The dirt road off the highway
leading to the pine grove.
One small fuck-up
and you're a dead man...
Good, you're shitting your pants...
He'll meet us at 9.
- Isheontous?
- No.
When he hears his brother's name
he flips out.
Let's go.
Let Thea out of the car,
she's my guarantee.
If I don't come back alive,
she'll call the cops.
A guarantee 7! You're the only one
not risking his ass I
Guarantee my ass, motherfucker!
Is he here?
I don't see him.
Don't move from here.
You see him 7
Not yet.
I was trying to leave this shit behind.
I wanted a calmer life.
You killed two old people
in cold blood.
Buglione's brother told him
that bullshit.
And he wasn't even there.
He's coming.
- Tell me when he's 20 meters away.
- Not yet.
Not yet.
Don't worry.
It's my brother, he came to get me.
I don't care why you brought him here,
what I saw is enough for me.
We're not done yet.