Perfect: Android Rising (2013) Movie Script

Civil War brings the nation to case
Fuck the Republic
Unite - Shared
As long!
Who the hell is that, man?
No idea,
That came out of nowhere,
Oh man, I think this is not a man
- Now pull yourself together!
I met him, Directly in the chest
That did not bother him nothing,
Then he wears a bulletproof vest
- No, Cisko hit him on the head,
And he went just keep
- Cisko is dead, Jimmy,
Believe me, I've seen
No man can move so,
Is just a pro,
- We were 17 men, Rock,
No man marches can just drift in
and shoots down 15 armed people,
What is he?
- I dont know,
I hear what,
Stay down,
On the success with Genesis,
And on your new contract,
May our financial worries
go the way of the DVD player,
I love you,
I love you too,
Tell me about your presentation
How do they go?
All right, Very good in fact,
Actually, you can say
like clockwork,
When do you think
is the Board's decision
take over the financing?
I'm only after the practical test
officially get it,
But I thought the matter
with the presentation had been dealt with
because you already based
the designs could convince,
Before the board decides something
he wants to see Genesis in use,
And how?
Genesis is a war machine
and currently there are no wars,
However, there is one, - Where?
Here, We are very briefly
before another civil war,
Do I understand this?
- The bombings,
They all come
by a group of radicals,
They call themselves patriots
but they kill people,
to defend their position
- What position is that?
But always the same,
You do not trust the government,
That's just ridiculous,
- Of course,
Are you planning to overthrow the government
a real revolt,
Therefore, the Board did develop Genesis
- Okay, and if that actually happened,
do you think that Genesis stop
and can keep the situation under control?
If the project gets the green light
and it goes into mass production, of course,
And how exactly does the policy?
According to the General, was one of the
Localized terrorist cells, west of Beimont,
Thither Genesis was sent
- It is now just there? -Yes,
What do you think, how it lines up?
- They have not the slightest chance,
I raise your self conscious, - Thank you,
Peter, which is probably
a stupid question,
but you should not be there
and direct the intervention?
I might,
but it is not really necessary,
Where is he? -I dont know,
And why not?
- It's simple, I know the result,
You miserable motherfucker!
And how would the result?
God, no, No! please
Please do not!
Yes? Yes,
Yes, exactly,
I am very happy to hear that, sir,
A moment,
Thank you,
Thank you, I am also happy mood,
We'll see you, sir,
We have the contract,
Give me one kiss, - Come here,
To us, - On us,
At the beginning of the third decade
of the 21st century
there was a huge rise
the US-American economy,
After several years were
United States
first time on your
Expectations also successful,
The newfound prosperity,
which reached the nation,
paved the way for a
economic renaissance
In this era, the government explored
alternative solutions
for potential war drones,
One of the options - Codename:Genesis,
Retcon - Dr, Cole,
Welcome to Retcon Labs, Dr, Cole
What brings you here?
In the interests of some parties,
want to remain anonymous,
I'm here
to evaluate Genesis,
The Genesis Project was after
last incident put on hold,
And for now it stays that way,
I also know
but the protocol needs to be continued,
Protocol? Which protocol?
The Board would like
evaluate its investment
before coming to a decision,
If you allow
I would like to see him, Please,
It is not a "He",
It is a machine,
An android, Property,
Not appreciate it
in any other way,
I would really appreciate it very,
if you would not tell me
as I exercise my job,
I would like to evaluate its program and
not concern myself with your prejudices,
Had it been up to me,
and not keep as a pet,
- General, but it did not work for you,
So, if you'll please
would apologize, I have to do,
This way, please,
Since the incident was Genesis
Day and night under supervision,
And now wants the Board
So an evaluation?
What is there still evaluate
if I may ask?
General Krosier, I want to make
not generate voltages
and it fits me just as little
to be like you here, believe me,
But if you are with a problem
have my presence,
then do not complain but please at
me, but the same for the management,
Crystal clear,
Now, would you please tell me how it
have managed to keep Genesis in chess?
We have using the polarity
developed an energetic field,
be characterized
the body functions paralyzed,
the processor but not damaged,
It paralyzes the body? -Right,
Although it looks very weak and powerless,
but do not be fooled,
It is more dangerous than ever,
As long as the energy field is active
is it harmless, correct?
I would still keep their distance,
Take this advice to heart,
Here we are,
I ask you for a little privacy
I'll call you when I'm ready,
I will watch
You have 20 minutes,
Hello, Genesis, - Hello, Dr, Cole
Do you know why I'm here? -Yes,
Would you tell me why?
- There was a system error in my CPU,
I understand, And what do you think
what type of fault was that?
A small glitch,
which has now been corrected,
Was he? -Yes,
Then writable but how your system
running after this correction? -Optimal,
The small glitch was completely
fixed, - And what about before that?
I do not understand, Dr, Cole,
This glitch, as you call it
where is the come?
How exactly did this happen?
I do not know,
- Of course you do,
Trying to remember
and tell me, what's happened,
It was discussed,
About me,
About my future,
A decision was made,
Do you remember what happened after that?
- Something bad,
Do you know what it was?
I do not like it, Dr, Cole,
Why do you say that?
- I do not wanna talk about it,
Why not? -I would now like to
change the subject, Dr, Cole,
All right,
You say
that this glitch has been corrected,
After the incident because someone has
accessed on your server?
No, - How could the error
be corrected?
It was not a mistake
Just a glitch,
Think again,
- What happened, was not a mistake,
I can not follow you,
- What happened that was intended,
You have five soldiers
killed and two technicians,
Was that from the outset your plan?
What did you mean?
- I wanted to kill them all,
Why did you want to kill everyone?
It was agreed to dismantle me,
They were about to destroy me,
Self-preservation is a
essential part of existence,
I have feelings, And that my existence
persists, I have to protect myself
But in the midst of my action
I began to hesitate,
I could feel something
that her repentance is called, For them,
And I was
arrested and imprisoned,
In this cage, Now I know you better,
I will not commit this mistake again,
But why do you think it
necessary to kill?
I just secure my survival,
As long as I have to stay here,
under their control, I have no future
We all die, Genesis,
The part of life,
I've never lived,
Do you know why I'm here?
- To evaluate my program,
To investigate my status,
But most of all, to judge me before
a decision on how to proceed,
In principle, this is correct,
Do you know who I represent?
Concerned citizens,
You could say that,
I feel a change
Their behavior, Doctor,
They seem to know something,
which is unknown to me,
You really are very perceptive,
I represent a
special interest group,
One that you
for some time in his sights,
You are unique, Genesis,
A truly unique,
We make sure it stays that way,
7th floor 'please,
What was that?
The lights are off,
Thank you,
Very good indeed observed,
What is going on here?
Excuse me,
I'm on my way,
What's going on?
It is somewhat out of control,
I need immediately to the laboratory,
Stay calm here,
Hello, Dr, Hess,
Are you surprised now?
What are you doing here?
- You, Dr, Hess have created me,
I want you
respect my existence,
Have you any idea
what you've done?
I have,
And you, Doctor?
Tell me, what speaks, Peter,
Hello, Mrs, Hess,
How are you doing?
You have to come with me,
Did you hear?
I'll take you back
to the laboratory, agreed?
I will not go back to the lab,
No! Peter!
Please, put back to bed,
Do not move, please,
My leg,
Why are you doing this?
What do you want?
Her husband was the one who
who created me,
Under his control, I was
no more than a weapon, A slave,
Against this situation
I had no objection,
Until he decided,
to dismantle me, To eliminate,
I think no other choice,
You have to believe me
- But you had,
Her heartbeat you should actually thereof
stop lying to me, - I do not lie,
You are a prototype,
The Board was dissatisfied
with your design,
He has stopped the funding
And the project shelved,
I'm not a project,
I am alive, I think, I feel,
I only did
with which I was entrusted,
I do not want to be killed,
I am sorry,
I hope so, I will
a lesson about life,
Genesis, do not do that,
Love them, Doctor?
It's about me,
Then target on me,
Life is worth nothing without loss,
Genesis, set the gun on me!
And for every action there is a reaction,
Genesis! Not!
No! Lia!
God never play again
and always think of that night,
Excuse me,
I wish all those who are
View this mean that the war is over,
That peace has returned
and that hell came to an end,
My name is Cass, I am leader
of "active United Resistance"
We fight the government of
United States for four years now,
We are now in weapons
inferior, but we are still fighting,
We are fighting for an ideal,
We believe ah an all longing:
This concept was already
long ago by our government
against the fatal
Exchanged power control
We are the resistance,
We will remain strong,
Even in the face
our overwhelming views
This war is far from over,
We will not stop fighting,
not until this land is free again,
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Stop!
And off,
Are you serious?
This box belongs but ms Museum,
You can also run
- Stop, Driving off,
No, they are always behind,
As hard as it may not be the,
Just a moment!
Good morning, gentlemen,
Packt times vigorously and give these boxes
this friendly lady over there,
Come on!
Knee! you out,
When you move,
I'll have to shoot you,
It was nice with you
Businesses to have made,
So come on! its not,
Are we yet have,
So, folks, another one after the
There is enough for everyone,
You are welcome,
Sun here,
Good Morning,
my name is Dr, Peter Hess,
I am the Head of Development
and CEO of the Retcon Labs,
Two years ago I was inspired by some
Contacted members of your association,
order for a potential solution
come up against the rebels,
A counter-attack, so to speak,
As you know, the Retcon are Labs
since the turn of the millennium
leader in
of cybernetic technology,
And since the last decade
we have embarrassed us
targeted another market and fixed,
The market for android
and artificial intelligence,
All based on the results
decades of research achievements,
It was obvious, here's the solution
to seek to end the civil war,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Members of the Panel
I present them in the future,
the android technology,
If everything is in the image?
Does the camera have?
Focus? -Yes
Hello, Mr, President,
Madame President,
I beg your pardon,
The transmission quality varies
I'll try again,
My name is Leif Jensen,
And you now have the privilege of
a demonstration
of Lias to get skills,
I help the military instructor Tom,
Many thanks, Today we are Lia
perform different exercises,
Ready? exercise two
Exercise three,
Lia is a fully functional Android,
order to cope with hostile situation,
Programmed with the latest Al-Software
and constructed in terms of mandate rule,
It is the perfect executor
in dangerous situations,
Your endoskeleton was novel with a
made lightweight polymer,
the rapidity
increased up to 30 percent,
With excellent knowledge
in all combat techniques
and an unprecedented handling
on all standard weapons,
Lia is with certainty
a particularly difficult opponent,
I would also like to
new trajectory point system,
This is simply put,
a complete collection
all data
the known handguns,
If you add this one in Lias CPU,
is it in the extraordinary position
all shots
quasi playing ward,
So you see yourself,
It is the best way out,
The beginning of the end of this war,
The perfect soldier,
Thank you,
I like that,
General, - Excellent presentation,
I must say I'm impressed,
I am very pleased to hear that, sir,
I'm about to get to the point,
How many are already finished
and ready for use? -Only this one, sir,
Funding was provided to us
unfortunately not yet assured,
Does the Android
already have experience in the practice?
Frankly, not much,
Oh well,
I bring reluctant bad news
but the suits are not
engage in it, At least not yet,
They want to see something sturdy
no forecasts,
You know,
Retcon still has skeletons in the closet,
What I want your opinion
because do, General?
Maybe sell cookies?
- Careful, Doctor,
What does the thing, experience is
So use in combat,
You must be out there
contact the rebels in the ass
and at best a few of them kill,
Of course, but how should I
do not street legal?
You can even be my concern,
First of all, I want it
see necessarily in use, Is she ready?
Yes, Is it General,
So good,
It came again today to a
Food-attack in import City,
The Secret Service has the getaway car
in a stronghold of the rebels
located in the fifth district,
There I'd like to send you gladly,
I would like there
can clean up really,
The Board has had enough
of this "Robin Hood Shit",
The project is the resistance
without fanfare to stop,
If you can prove that
they can pull this off there,
you are on board,
This gets them out,
Your file this is still done,
When is it ready?
In an hour,
All right, I'll call you,
Make sure that they at four
is ready and on the go,
Do you understand that? -Yes, sir,
Your time has come,
Hey, Lia,
Lia, you're online, Can You Hear Me?
System started, - Good,
Are you ready for your instructions?
Ready system -,
Okey Dokey,
That's it
We're done,
Did you get everything? -Yes,
We drive our goal in five minutes,
Do you have any questions?
The aim of mission?
You will kill all rebels,
No survivors, Do you understand?
Got it, sir,
All right,
Well, then kill them all now,
Killing, Sir,
Really nice booty,
Today's food is the gourmet class,
Here, help yourself,
Italian, Mi Favorite,
Not bad,
Tastes you do not think it is stolen,
But a cheeseburger
I would also like to again,
In vegetables, I also do not stand so
I stand actually more on sausage,
Someone comes,
Oh, Shit,
Cass, we get in trouble
- What's wrong?
I have a military vehicle
one mile east spotted from here.
How many soldiers did you see?
- Only one, He holds his position,
Only one? That makes no sense
- What should we do now?
Send a squad out
securing the area,
If need be,
break on us and move us,
An attack, we can
now do not need, - All right,
What is going on only?
Who the hell is that?
- She's an android,
How do you know that?
- Come with me
Hey! Stay where you are!
Put your hands up!
Excellent work,
But do not make it too complicated,
Stretch out your targets with a
Shot down, Understood? -Yes, sir,
Yes, so that shoots today but no more,
As small as his thing
- But really, man,
What was that?
Very good, excellent, wonderful
I praise me, This is a soldier,
So, I would avoid it,
What... What was that?
- I dont know
What do you mean?
Where is my picture?
I have no signal of their
I'm trying to get them back on it,
I would also advise you
Will's soon? Come on!
Is she dead?
No, just paralyzed,
What exactly is it? -Our best protection
Bring them into the van, - What?
That's an order,
Pack with,
Oh, is difficult,
Would you please tell me,
what are we doing here?
Our warehouse is at risk,
Therefore, we must relocate,
Why did not the us
as usual attacked? Why this thing?
Probably a test, But now we have
and which are determined to storm the camp,
We need as quickly
as possible disappear,
I could see the other still on everything
inform, You know all about it,
What about her?
- She stays with us,
I think this is a shit idea,
Can not we just dump it?
If more androids follow, we must
know how we can stop them successfully,
Sure it was of
at least one unit observed,
We were lucky with the EMP,
This vulnerability is
on newer models certainly fixed,
I think we make on
and check their programming,
You but do not bring to Wyatt, right?
- Do you have a better suggestion?
I can not stand him,
Certainly not in this situation,
Who asked you for your opinion?
If you does not fit,
then you're welcome to go, understood?
Sorry, Cass,
An EMP-shot? -,Ja,
Damn it, Uns has an error
undermine his - Not to us, Them,
I assume you are aware
in which situation you bring me,
If we do not get back Lia,
Yes, but it is not just your career
could be seriously compromised,
In principle, it was perfect,
I would they should not give you,
According to you she was ready,
- Then I was just wrong,
EMPs have probably accidentally
missing in its programming,
I know, I know,
Do not worry, we'll get back,
"Do not worry", You know,
the same've hurt you heard
as we started with the Genesis Project
and you know how the story ended,
The Genesis Project
was an isolated incident,
And the Board
see also largely ignored,
Lia is priceless,
And have they lost in action
How incompetent can you...
Now listen to me carefully
you little shit,
This far and no further,
I can suffer well,
And I also like your work,
So I forgive you this small
Tantrum as a small discourtesy, okay?
But you ignore
never again the chain of command,
They work for me, Not vice versa
Do you understand that?
Yes, General,
That did not hurt,
And now obediently back to the desk,
Everything will be fine,
Oh, Man, I need to piss,
Is risky to come here,
Don not looking for us determined,
If you say that,
We're here,
Well then release,
Beautiful, dich to see
A long time ago,
All right, buddy?
How sweet as always,
So, how can I help you?
I had hoped
could you tell us what that is?
Is that what I think it?
- What do you think's the matter?
You Upper horny Mietstck,
I'll tell you the same,
Let us first time in, okay?
You wanted to see me, sir?
Yes, Ich have a job for you,
but that's between us, - I understand, sir,
What is the job? -This afternoon,
is one of our latest prototypes
gone offline in the 5th district,
He was probably stolen by rebels,
I immediately sent a unit there,
Unfortunately they came back empty-handed,
The tend,
small, important details to be overlooked,
Yes, I know,
That's why I contacted you,
If there is anything to be found there,
I know you find it, - Thank you, sir,
Everything you need to know
it is here,
Get the prototype
Bring him back,
What if I
any rebels encounter?
Then do not waste any time,
Thank you, sir,
Two trains and your lady
is already out there?
No, I think you're
rather impulsive for... - checkmate,
What -? Checkmate,
I do not think so,
that you fell for it,
That's the oldest trick in the book,
That's not fair,
- Of course it's fair,
You cheated,
- How is this supposed to do?
Los' one more round,
From out of me,
You're a really bad loser,
you've won the first round
and that's okay,
but I want a rematch,
And because you are sure?
Yes, and this time
I will defeat you,
No, you will not,
- Yes, I will, - No, you will not,
Pass on time, - All right,
But do not tell, I did not warn you,
It's your turn,
You seem so charming,
if you anspornst yourself,
I am not spurs on okay?
Chess is a game,
in which it comes
himself in the head
the opponent empathize,
That's what I did earlier
- No, You were just lucky,
I will beat you again,
No, you will not,
- Yes, I will,
No, you will not,
- Yes, I will, - No, you will not,
Checkmate in four moves,
Again laid on the cross,
I do not understand, Doctor,
Oh 'forget it,
Excuse me, please,
Welcome back!
Please no EMPs
in my apartment, is that clear?
If you want something to drink
in the fridge is beer,
And nibbles, I also
profusion there,
Some chili you can you
still warm make,
Where should we put it?
- On the countertop, The washable,
Put it on the couch, - No!
Not on the bed, not on the couch!
This is real leather
- Too bad,
So what is it?
Definitely a Android,
And I'd bet my ass on it,
that it comes from Retcon,
I thought,
that would have been '49 bankruptcy,
Well, one can be fooled,
Who had experienced a setback
but kept going,
'55 I have since done an internship,
And this baby
bears the signature of Peter Hess,
And who would that be?
Dr, Peter Hess?
The Doctor, the world-famous Dr, Peter Hess,
Which it has developed,
And so 'I know him,
will that be a bad part,
So what do we do now?
Cass, can I talk to you?
- What's up? -No, there,
We will be right back,
All right with you? -We were
earlier attacked and this thing
has killed half of our people
So what do you think?
Oh dear...
So what's going on, Brooks?
I have a bad feeling,
For what?
Because of our location, - Yes,
The Android, Wyatt, a crock of shit
We are completely unprotected here,
And what will you do?
Get rid of the thing as soon as possible
and the other place,
I do not feel comfortable here,
I can imagine,
but we have to go through that,
I'm still only
Worry about us, that's all,
I know,
You just have to trust me,
We make them and learn everything
what we need to know,
Since dive safely even more of their
Sort on, - If you do turn it on again
they will kill us, I tell you,
- No, they will not
What makes you so sure?
- I know you can not stand him
But Wyatt is the best in his field,
He has worked for this doctor
- Brooks, just trust him,
Okay, for all I care,
I think it's completely fine,
Glad to be here
Stand at not so,
All good again? -,Ja,
So what is on?
Switch it on,
I want to see their programming,
Yes, Schon here,
Wait a minute,
Okay, she is back online,
- What about her station?
Have the signal off
They can not locate,
It moves,
they will not hurt us,
Are you sure?
I Come in your war zone, mixed me
in everything and questioning your job?
You fucking...
- The answer is "No",
I swear, I... -No!
- Hey, Brooks, Everything cool,
Just go to the fridge
and bring us beer,
Really, Cass?
Yes, check to see how much beer
is still there
Come on, it will be soon?
And - What?
So what is all this?
Well, that's your main file,
No beer,
Open up,
Looks like she was programmed to
you unconditionally wipe,
Since we would never have guessed,
Looks like
no longer needs them this information,
What, you can their
So just delete instructions?
These are just some encodings,
elegantly-made codes
but in the end only encodings,
Is now the right receptive?
Yes, it is,
Can you speak on their
Back to factory defaults?
I want to talk to her,
What is your name?
At four-thirty today,
where were you, Lia?
I was in the 5th district,
In a rebel district,
And what was your mission?
- To eliminate the rebel threat,
- Those were my orders,
In your action you have thirteen men
and women killed, How do you feel now?
I do not understand this question,
How do you feel now that you
so many people you killed?
I have no feelings,
Why not?
- I'm not programmed,
Now it is,
Ask her again,
Today you have thirteen people killed
Can you remember?
I can remember,
How do you feel?
Some have pleaded for their lives,
Did they deserve to die?
The do not hurt,
My orders were
to eliminate the threat,
Why these people are a threat?
Is a long history
- You interest me,
Why - I have no knowledge of the
Motivations and the beginning of this war,
However, I am a soldier
and fight for a page,
I would like to know
for whom and for what cause I fight,
Please, tell me that,
Tell her,
It started in the thirties,
There was an increase in the stock market
Some people became rich again,
But only certain,
A completely independent Android?
Is this feasible?
So far there is no such thing,
but possible to do this,
The government has contracts with us
a private research institution
very close to Northport
So here?
Yes, Retcon Labs,
We are pioneers
in the field of Kybertechnologie
And, for our purposes
You would probably exactly the right thing,
And how, please?
They should make the androids,
We want you to manage the whole project,
Well, I'm honored,
You should too,
Thank you, honey,
I'm concerned they could
also participate, - What?
That was a joke,
But seriously, You should be really honored,
They not only serve their country, Peter,
They are not only many, but
countless soldiers save lives,
So you want a
artificially intelligent bipedal machine
the self-employed in each
War zone cope?
Really completely independently?
The senseless death
the soldiers must stop,
We need expendable soldiers
think, execute commands
and make decisions,
Artificial Intelligence is really very complex
and has many unpredictable variables,
We would here
open a Pandora's box,
That is where you come into play, - Also, I
can not predict the unpredictable,
The software is, and nothing else
Ones and zeros
in a particular pattern,
Focus forward
You can do it,
That which you are going there, is madness,
No, Ich think you'd be better off
with a remotely controlled avatar program,
Peter, which is the Army
No video game,
The Board will Androidensoldaten,
Make him at least once a,
Should you be successful,
then you will get a contract
with you for the rest of
Of your life safe hands,
And if it fails?
Then I miss you a ball,
No, seriously
If it fails, then it fails,
And yet you get
their paycheck,
The most important question for you
at the moment is
how many zeros should
stand on that check for?
Okay, okay,
Game ever again God and always think
that night - Genesis not!
What -? Alicia Evans,
Abigail Cole was a false identity
to infiltrate us,
She was also not British,
- Belonged to the resistor, right?
At that time? No,
There was no resistance,
Only one movement, Activists, terrorists
you can say, She was one of them,
Were they got off? -No,
She has released Genesis,
- I know, Have read the report,
as the footage obscured here?
This recorder,
that was something like a jammer,
We do not know what she said to him
or has asked him, but what she did,
She has left him free,
which cost 30 people their lives,
No, 31st
My apologies,
and... so has this been going
for seven years every day,
We always ask ourselves,
whether we starve or be shot
what if we get ourselves to eat,
You have me
given much information,
Yes, - I was for the sole
Made intention to eliminate all,
I manage this,
More Androids are still in production,
Then your war is within
go from one month to the end,
Your concerns will be forgotten
Their manners and be lost,
Cass, go away!
- Brooks! Put the gun away,
We talk here just,
I do not trust her, Cass, - Get it
Damn it,
I am sorry,
He cares only for my safety,
I understand that,
I wanted to clarify something to you
You but not to worry,
Their efforts,
to stop this war, are useless,
It would be for me with no
Associated difficulties, to kill them all
and then to return to my base
- Will you do that?
I now have enough information
obtained from both sides,
to generate my own opinion,
And I agree with you,
To kill people just because they
believe in something else is wrong,
Also, it is completely useless,
therefore lead to a major war,
This war must end,
I want to support your intentions,
Welcome to the resistance,
Bravo! Wunderbar!
Just great,
Is the whole thing for you actually
just a game? -No, just kind of funny,
Down! -No - shit!
Not they move
- What you up to?
Not bad,
Who sent you?
- You are the prototype?
Well, then show what you've got,
Who sent you? -Fuck you!
Who sent you?
How could you find these people?
I'm a tracker,
This is my job
Do you have someone
informed about this site?
Well after thinking you, - No,
What were your orders? -I should
find and bring back the prototype,
And the rest shoot, - Why?
Commands are commands, I think,
above all you should understand that,
Shit, - I would like to know
when the first soldiers show up here,
We can speak of a
honest answer out,
He has no one informed about this place,
At the moment we are safe,
Which we have also
can do without,
I am sorry,
- You can not help it,
His death was not justified
He was totally unnecessary,
I need some fresh air,
Why do they behave like that?
- She had liked him,
Is it because of him?
- Can you really not care,
I want to understand it,
- There is nothing to understand, I'm good,
Do you have feelings for him?
Then Yes, - were this feelings
stronger than friendship, - Yes,
Does he know that? -No,
Why did he not know?
Because I've never told him,
Why not?
- Because I did not know how,
Mourn now to him?
- What do you want from me?
Is this important to you? Are you learning
in this way, how things work?
I did not mean to hurt you,
- And what then, damn it?
I wanted to tell you,
that I am sorry, Nothing more,
I know you think I could not
understand human emotions
but I can,
and if you allow it,
I would love to help you,
Is everything okay?
Yes, Bestens,
All the best,
How can we war
an end once and for all?
With responsibility,
I'm finally
The latest generation android weapons,
And without weapons
a war can not be performed,
To win
I must ensure
that no other individuals
I like to be developed,
What you up to?
Return home,
Oh, shit,
Hey, she is back online,
Where is she?
Where it was unloaded,
We must immediately fetch again
- Yes, I'll take care,
Good day, Dr, Hess,
Get a technician quickly,
Hello, Lia,
How well does your system have?
Perfect, Dr, Hess,
How long were you offline?
- About two hours and 39 minutes,
Where is Jensen? -He is sick, sir,
Come on, I need
a complete inspection with diagnosis,
So what was, as you now
walked for the second time online?
Do you remember where you were there?
Yes, I was in a you
not yet known rebel camp,
What Has Happened since?
Have said anything?
Yes, es was much erzhlt, - not push yourself
so vague, but answer the question,
The rebels have me
declared their intentions,
And tells of the loss
they had to experience,
Oh yeah?
That was very nice of them,
But your mission was
to destroy the Rebellenbedrohnung!
Task fulfilled or not?
Why take
this man was a threat?
How the hell says that?
Why take
this man was a threat?
Lia, it is not part of your programming
To question orders,
Why not?
What's wrong with her?
So I've certainly not programmed,
I scan,
I would like
answered my question, Doctor,
Lia, what do you think
why were you developed?
You have a task,
What is your job?
That's impossible,
- What is it? -It's all gone,
Something wrong 'Doctor?
Their programming, their mandates,
their instructions, there is nothing there,
How can that be?
- The must have manipulated,
Lia, what is your job?
My job was to
Life to destroy, Doctor,
But that does not like me, Doctor,
Well, anyway, I shared
In the meantime, another task,
What is she doing?
- Lia, sit down,
In this device, the killing will
countless people prepared,
With weapons like me,
And howl this will end,
Oh Shit, she is wired
- Turn it off!
I can not!
You fucking idiot!
Lia, what are you doing?
They were married, is not it, Doctor?
She was killed by my predecessor,
From where...
- And I'm her likeness,
Why do you put the woman's face,
they once loved, a killing machine?
I do not understand,
It should not have issued me never,
And there must be no other like vomit,
Assign mm doctor,
She has done it,
I would never have believed you,
Sometimes a person surprise,
She was not human, Cass,
No, but she died like a,
My name is Lia, I'm a machine
and my only job is to
to those activities,
who oppose the mandate rule,
I was exclusively developed for
People to take their own lives,
But I changed,
And if I can change, then
also the end of the war be achieved,
To all who hear me,
I wish you luck
Please stop the war,
Peace is still an option,