Perfect Blue (1997) Movie Script

Special Attack!
I'll get you next time, Powertron!
Hold it, Kingburg!
Dammit! Did he get away?
However, we Powertrons will uphold
the peace of the network!
That was nothing like the stuff on TV.
That was so cheap!
Man, that's like way too expensive.
Like I said,
it's from that show in Hiroshima.
The one I couldn't go to?
When Rei went fumbling her song
'coz those guys started trouble...
And this is the MiniDisc from when
Mima sang in Rei's place.
It's a precious sample of
Mimarin's singing voice!
Oh, yeah... Is that rumor true?
Oh, that?
Three left, only three left...
Last issue of CHAMMINGBIRD...
only three left.
400 yen... 400 yen...
Yeah, I read about that too.
I heard she's announcing it today
coz it's the last concert here.
At a nothing show like this?
That's pretty cold of Mimarin!
There's been lots of solo
activity going on lately...
And only Mimarin's like
worthy of being an actress?
Look, they're back.
The guys that caused trouble last week.
I just hope they don't make
a mess today, of all days.
I'm getting nervous!
Come on, sit still!
Hey, what's up with this!?
This is all frayed!
Don't look at me!
- Get me some masking tape!
- Hello? Yes.
Remember your entrance
in the second song, Mima!
Don't pressure me!
I need a drink!
- I'm sorry. I'll call you back.
- You can have drinks after the event.
You're on!
And it looks like they're set.
Without further adieu, please welcome
to our stage... CHAM!!
Got a question about your love?
Send a cry for help and wait a bit.
Love makes your heart race.
If it means you're loved in the end...
be much more aggressive...
because you will get a chance.
The angel of love smiles at you.
Mima! Mima! Mima!
Mima should be acting, not singing!
I can't do this after all!
They want her in a drama series.
There are no better deals than this!
She can act AND sing!
That should be all right!
Her schedule with the other two
is already starting to mismatch!
She didn't go through those hard
lessons to become an actress!
The TV producer praised Mima's acting!
But what about MIMA'S feelings!?
And wait a bit.
Love makes your heart race.
If it means you're loved in the end...
be much more aggressive...
because you will get a chance.
The angel of love smiles at you.
Thank you very much.
It was a fun concert, but we
only have one song left...
We just got here!
Umm... Before our last song,
we have news to tell you...
Um, I, Mima Kirigoe, had a fun
time as a member of CHAM...
Out of the way!
What did we do!? HUH!?
Quit showin' off!
You're only a part-timer!
Outta my face, ya asshole!
YOU get out of here!
What the hell!? Who are you
telling to leave, you fucker!?
It wasn't me!
What are you doing!? Get the hell
over here, whoever threw that!
Go home! Go home!
- Dammit!
- Go home! Go home! Go home! Go home!
Them again!
We're canceling the show!
But today is!
Shut up! Goddammit!
Go home! Go home! Go home! Go home!
Stop it!
Just today... I wanted to have
a good time with all of you!
What attitude from some no-namer!
You little!?
What do you want, you freak?
Let's go!
A-Actually... as of today, I...
As of today,
Mima will graduate from CHAM!
- What!?
- Why?
Thank you all.
I'm really happy that I spent the last
2 1/2 years with you all as part of CHAM!
I hope you'll support me as
I do my best as a rookie actress.
So this will be my last song.
Please listen.
Well, it totally makes sense from
the agency's point of view.
Pop idols just don't make money... right?
Metamorphosis, huh?
I still remember well...
that warmth you'd given me.
It was in the gentle rays of sunlight.
I had believed that...
the days past when...
we were in love, were everything.
Now, embraced by the memories...
I have become a coward.
I am choosing to live a life that...
I can't feel any...
- Mimarin!
- Don't leave us! Don't quit!
Mimarin! Mimarin!
Thank you.
I'm always looking at Mima's Room!
Geez! This cheese already went bad!
I'm sorry...
I forgot to feed you yesterday.
The earthquake that happened
in Mie prefecture...
flattened towns throughout the region.
The government reports 200 dead, but
the total number of victims are...
yet to be determined since many
more are missing amid the rubble.
Authorities have called in troops
for rescue operations...
however, because the area
is already getting dark...
Thanks for all the work over the years.
Bye bye, Mima the pop idol.
"Sing for us forever"...
I really can't do that.
"I always like looking into Mima's Room.
I've put up a link to Mima's Room."
What is this?
- Hello?
- Mima! You're home!
Yeah, I'm fine! How are you?
Yeah. Today was the last one.
No more singing for me.
I remember when you kept saying
you wanted to be a singer.
This is my big chance!
I told you that already!
Lately, we've all been looking
forward to each new single!
Your uncle over in Yamaguchi
buys 20 copies every time!
You just don't understand
this industry, Mom.
Wasn't singing what you were best at?
The pop idol image is suffocating me!
Besides, nowadays pop idols are...
Wait, I've got a call on the other line...
Yes, Kirigoe here...
Mom? Just a wrong number.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, wait! The bath!
Call me back in five minutes.
Oh, Mother!
A fax? Who's it from?
Traitor traitor traltor
TRAiTor TrAltoR TralTor
Who are you?
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
Do you know what that note means, Rumi?
It's an Internet home page.
Oh, that thing that's been popular lately!
And what is it?
How can I describe it?
It's kind of like computer networks.
Considering that this person
"put up a link to Mima's Room"...
this "Mima's Room" thing
is the title of a web site.
You don't get it, do you?
Nope. Not one bit.
All right!
Sorry to keep you waiting.
We're ready for the take!
Don't make me laugh!
You're laughing on your own!
5 seconds!
4, 3, 2...
The younger sister of Rika,
the murder victim, is here.
Would you like to see her?
Mr. Yamashiro.
Do you know why the culprit peels
off the skin of his victims?
I assume he gets sexual stimulation
from such activities...
- He wants to become one.
- Become... what?
A woman... or...
Eri Ochiai is a great actress after all!
She's a completely different person
when the camera is rolling!
That's good!
NEXT! Scene 32!
Rika's sister, you're on!
Hold this!
A bit.
Not much to get nervous about
when you have only one line...
How's our star actress?
Mr. Tadokoro. She's just going on now.
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
That's what I mean!
Good morning!
Good morning.
Hello, everyone.
Good morning.
Mr. Shibuya! You're here too?
Hi, Eri. How's it going?
Sir, your lines are too hard!
I don't want to do it anymore!
Don't say that!
But the story is really good!!
I love stuff like this!
You're good at egging people on!
Eri. There were this many fan
letters sent to the station!
Thank you, Mr. Tejima.
Oh, this one's not for you.
Well, keep up the good work.
So, Sir, tell me!
Who's the criminal?
Sorry, can't tell you.
That'd spoil the fun.
So what ARE you going to
do about the criminal?
You're gonna have to
make your mind up soon.
Good morning, Mr. Tejima! Mr. Shibuya!
Oh, hello there...
Mima's getting good reviews.
Even among station staff.
If that's the case, don't you think
she's got too few lines?
So he says, Shibuya.
Hey, don't look at me!
Sir! Please! Make use of
Mima just a little bit more!
But see... She's a pop idol, right?
They're really hard to use...
That's no problem!
She's done with being a pop idol!
We want to give her a
drastic image change, too.
We're ready for the take!
Oh, this is for Mima.
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
5 seconds!
4, 3, 2...
Mr. Tadokoro!?
Mr. Tadokoro!
Mr. Tadokoro!!
I'm all right...
What the hell is this!?
I think that letter just exploded!?
Call an ambulance! An ambulance!
Is a warning.
The next one will be REAL.
We're all set now.
Rumi, you're really amazing!
I'll sign you up for online services now.
What do you think, Rumi?
About what?
About that thing the other day.
Oh, that...
Credit card number...
Shouldn't we have called the police?
Mr. Tadokoro said not to.
We can't do anything about it.
But it was a crime!
And it might have been me!
It's okay. It was just a prank.
Mr. Tadokoro wasn't badly hurt.
So you shouldn't worry, Mima.
Anyway, Mima, I'll explain all
of this so listen carefully.
This is a browser for the World Wide Web.
You launch it by double-clicking here.
Wha? Double-clip?
What are you going to do with a clip?
See, next to "location" you enter the URL.
It's not hard, is it?
Come on, Rumi!
Can't you explain it to me in Japanese?
Boy! Why did you buy a computer when
you don't know anything about it?
Because they said it was easy!
Oh, all right. I'll explain it from
the beginning once more...
H... T... T... P...
Ooh, something came up!
Hey, I'm doing pretty well!
And now...
There it is!
Mima's Room
Mima's Room
Mima's Diary
Mima's Diary What's this?
"It was just terrible!"
"I screwed up the choreography,
AND forgot my lyrics."
"I feel so sorry to all my fans!"
"This morning, when I got off
the train left foot first..."
"was when all the bad stuff started."
"I always make it a point
that my right foot..."
"goes first into the
train and into the bath."
Someone sure knows me! What's this?
"Today was my 21st birthday."
"Yukiko, Rei, and the staff at the agency
held a party for me. It was terrific!"
"Coming home, I went grocery
shopping at the usual store."
"I got mineral water and milk."
"The milk just has to be Cow Brand milk."
"I have to allow myself at
least this much luxury."
"And food for my precious
fish, of course..."
"May 12th. I was impressed with Eri
Ochiai's performance in Double Bind."
"She's another person when
the camera is rolling..."
What is all this?
How do they know this much?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
I'm Dr. Toko Asamiya,
specializing in psychiatry.
I was your late sister's psychiatrist.
There are some things
I'd like to ask you.
Detective Yamashiro! Another one!
This is the fifth victim...
Just three shots.
Is this work really worth leaving CHAM for?
Rumi. Do you know how hard
it is to get a character...
that reappears in a drama series?
Even a role like this?
Yes, I do. But...
This is where Mima proves if she can
be seen as a real actress or not.
But we should sell Mima as a pop idol!
Really. Times are different from when
Rumi Hidaka was a working pop idol.
I know that.
Nowadays, there are no places for
pop idols to appeal to the masses.
This is the branch point that will
decide if Mima lasts or not.
Well, excuse me for not surviving.
Please, Rumi!
There's nothing better than having Mima
be able to change into an actress!
She came to Tokyo to sing...
On record sales we make
practically nothing!
But I do wish that they'd
use her a little bit more...
Sorry we're not that profitable!
Good morning!
How's the new CHAM going?
Double Bind
It's the pits!
Double Bind... yeah, I saw it too.
It was so boring!
Why do all psycho-thrillers made
in Japan turn out that way?
Mimarin's not in it!
Oh yeah. How many scenes was
she in last week? Four?
Somebody save Mimarin! PLEASE!
You can make one too!
This morning, when I got off
the train left foot first...
Hey, It's Mimarin!
Good morning!
Good morning, Mimarin!
Break a leg with that drama series!
Hey, wait, Mimarin...
Do they get all unfriendly when
they become actresses?
Hit-And-Run at Shinkaido.
Tadashi Doi (18), in critical condition.
Good morning!
Good morning, Mima.
What's going on?
CHAM's new single...
Oh, wow! They got 83rd?
We never even made the charts before.
One, two...
We did it!
Now we've got to work together really hard!
But will there be anyone in the audience?
Sure there will be, Mima!
Your next script.
It has a few more lines.
You've both done great!
CHAM is totally okay being a duo!
Hey, you. Are you currently
in any talent agency?
I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry.
Wouldn't you be interested
in being a model?
OK! We're going to move for the next scene!
Who's that girl?
I don't know.
Hey, hey, hey!
I saw next week's script, Shibuya.
You're wonderful!
I didn't think it would come to this!
To tell the truth,
I have an even more drastic idea.
I wonder if it would be
all right for Mima...
or rather, her agency.
Mima's character,
Yoko Takakura, changes...
personalities completely when she's
raped by the customers at a strip show.
You're crazy! A rape scene!?
She's the key figure in the second half
of the series! It's an important role!
But Mima's a pop idol!
Don't worry, Mima.
We'll ask the producer and get it changed.
Hey, hey. Wait a minute!
The scripts are already behind schedule
as is, and the art staff is getting antsy!
How will it look if we
make it worse by arguing?
I even told Shibuya that she was
changing out from a pop idol!
It's our job to protect the
celebrities in our agency!
There's no way Mima can do such a thing!
It's all right, Rumi.
I'll do it.
Because I decided that
I WILL become an actress.
I see. You're really wonderful, Mima!
This kind of thing is commonplace for
actresses! Jodie whatshername did it too!
Mima, please think it out.
Do you realize what will
happen as a result of this?
It's not as if I'm really getting raped!
Although... I'm sure my parents will
flip when they see me like that.
Anyway, I'll do it.
I'll give it my best shot.
I absolutely REFUSE to do it!
Well, Mr. Director?
How does the set look?
I'd prefer to shoot in a real club...
but considering what we're filming,
nobody will let us shoot at their place.
Please, I'm counting on you.
Hey, hey, hey, come on, Yada!
What are you going to do with just
the DATE of the next meeting!?
That doesn't make for much of a meeting!
OK here!
We're ready to shoot!
Scene 48, "The manager gets
dragged down", take 1!
Ten seconds...
5, 4, 3, 2...
Mmmm! Looks good!
Ex-pop idols sure make a nice scene!
No! Stop! Let me go!
Cut it off! Get off the stage!
Shut the fuck up!
Get out of here! I'll call the police!
You think I give a shit about cops?
Hands off!
Stop it!
Let me go! Stop it!
Help! Help me! No!
Please! NO!
Hey, over there, hold your places!
OK! Now move the cameras!
I'm so sorry...
Oh, no, it's all right.
OK, next up, the rape scene!
Everyone, get ready!
Take 1! Rolling!
No! Stop! No! No! Stop!
Please! Stop!
No, no, no! FASTER!
Once again, from the top!
No break yet! Take 2!
Please! Stop!
No! Please! NO!
Stop it! No!
I'm so tired!
Hey, where's Rumi?
Hmm? Oh, she had a
meeting to go to for me...
Hey, Mima...
You know...
Nothing. You tried so hard...
As a reward for your efforts,
I'll treat you to a delicious meal.
Lucky me!
I'm home, fishies!
I wonder if you're hungry yet?
Of course I didn't want to do it!
But I couldn't trouble all the people
who brought me this far!!
See, didn't I tell you?
Is that the job that what you wanted?
That was the PITS!
I don't want to do that drama anymore!
The producer is a total pervert, and
my role is really screwed up!
Singing in front of my fans has
GOT to be the best for me after all!
Oh... that scene?
Of course I would be lying if I said
I didn't have any hesitations...
but I looked at it as a hurdle
I had to jump over as an actress.
I heard the ratings went up.
As always,
the public at large are all idiots.
Yes. I'd like to be
recognized as an actress.
Not as "the ex-pop idol"?
You got it!
I was fine coz Rei was
always the one I liked.
I'm sure all the Mimarin fans
are crying right about now.
But CHAM did teach me a lot. It was
a great experience in its own way.
Yeah, totally!
They're probably whining,
"That's not Mimarin!"
Mima's Room
What was YOUR day like?
"Today, I was still a little depressed..."
"but receiving e-mail from all of
you made me feel a little better."
"June 24: Help me, everyone..."
"Everyone is forcing me to do it!
It's all the screenwriter's fault!"
Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help!
This... This isn't true!
I'm not writing any of this!
Of course!
The REAL Mima is writing this!
I know that deep down in your heart
you want to be a pop idol again.
I'm no longer...
No longer what?
Oh, yeah, you're no longer a pop idol.
You're a filthy woman now.
Nobody likes idols with
tarnished reputations!
That's not true! That's not true!
You can't step back into
that spotlight now...
But that's all right. I'M here.
From now on, I'll be in the light,
and you'll be in the shadows.
What are you saying!?
Who in the world are you!?
Nobody likes you anymore.
You're tarnished! FILTHY!
Stop! Stop it!
I am not tarnished!
Love makes your heart race.
If it means you're loved in the end...
be much more aggressive...
because you will get a chance.
The angel of love smiles at you.
Is anyone there?
Can you see the angel's white wings?
Or her eyes gazing at you...
her sweet voice, her gentle hands?
She is here just for you.
She is protecting you...
from somewhere nearby.
Got a question about...
Love makes your heart race.
If it means you're loved in the end...
be much more aggressive...
It happened about
1 o'clock this morning.
Hey, I called you last
night and you weren't in...
"Oh shit! How did you know?"
Yeah, right.
Did you see "Mima's Room"?
Yeah, but is that really her?
No clue.
According to that page,
Mimarin's gonna be on stage today.
No way!
Police say Shibuya was stabbed umpteen
times with a sharp object...
Popular Script Writer SLAUGHTERED!
The victim: Takao Shibuya (34)
Police say Shibuya was stabbed umpteen
times with a sharp object...
It sure is a shocking incident, but
us worrying about it won't help.
We have to put our minds on something else.
But there was that letter bomb too...
You think Mr. Shibuya's murder
is connected with that?
I didn't say that...
You watch too many TV tabloid shows.
Don't worry about it.
You won't become a star
looking like that! Smile!
Shibuya won the New Writers'
Prize in 1990, and then...
What's wrong? Mima! MIMA!
But will Mima be all right?
That photographer specializes
in getting people to strip!
So what?
She's got that part down pat!
I'm sure she's totally showing it
off in front of the photographer!
Isn't it time you were on? Hurry up.
Oooh... I like that expression.
Try running your fingers through your hair.
Oh, I like this.
It's great!
Perfume isn't for me.
And when I caught the scent...
Yeah, just like that.
Part your lips a little...
Great. Now let's take the top off too...
I'd rather wear jeans...
than tight business suits.
This year, I'll not exert
myself and dress casually.
I wanted to be a woman that suited you...
but I knew we would
drift apart even if...
I kept standing on my tippy-toes.
I thought you decided
to go through with this!
Everyone is waiting for you!
Come on, Mima!
See? Didn't I tell you?
You were better off as a pop idol.
Hey Mima, are you listening?
Stop all this nonsense! Who are you!?
Me? I'm a pop idol.
Everyone's waiting for me.
So I'm going to sing with
Rei and Yukiko again.
No, I'm not!
I'm an actress!
Don't be silly!
No one really wants that!
What everyone wants is...
from comics than difficult books and...
I want to stay the way I am forever.
Walking past, making a breeze...
burning the scenery into my memories.
I am fine even if I'm alone.
I have finally found a
luxurious loneliness.
Thank you, everyone!
June 27th:
Thank you for coming to the event today!
It really is the best feeling to
sing in front of all of you!
Mima Kirigoe
Leaving the Throne of a Pop Idol!!
What are you doing?
Thank you for your e-mail every day...
You believe me, right?
That's not me. She's an impostor!
Of course.
Mimarin would never do such a thing.
I will protect you, the real Mimarin.
I trust you, Mr. ME-MANIA.
I won't change one bit.
I'll always be with you.
But that impostor keeps getting in my way.
What should I do?
I'll get rid of her.
Thank you, Mr. Me-mania!
You're the only one I can depend on.
I don't know anything about myself anymore!
How do you think you know
that person you were...
a second ago is the
same person you are now?
A continuous stream of memories.
Given only that, we all create
illusions within ourselves...
saying that we each have
only one fixed persona.
Doctor, I'm scared...
that my other self will do something
that I don't know about...
It's all right. There is no way
illusions can come to life.
Mima, what's wrong?
I'm sorry!
Oh, man! This rain sucks!
I think I'm going to catch a cold!
I'm sorry!
Wrap it up! Wrap it up!!
It's pouring really badly outside, but
your heart is always, like, sunny!
Well, I think we're ready today!
Welcome to Rei...
and Yukiko's...
"Idol Chamland"!
Mr. Tadokoro?
I'm sure they're on the air now.
I thought you'd like to see
them coz it's been a while.
We have a show this Sunday.
It's at Ibaragi Sim City at 2pm.
- How have you been?
- People from all over, come see us!
- Just thought I'd drop by.
- We'll be waiting for you!
Chamland will be back next week
at the same time. Until then...
Two, three...
Bye bye!
Good show, guys.
Hey, it's Mima.
Who are you!?
I told you! I'M the real Mima.
In other news...
Today, the Economic Planning Agency
announced a "New Citizen's Life Index"...
that indicates the overall
Japanese standard of living and...
It feels like I haven't
seen you in a long time.
Well, I've been busy too.
So, are you getting used to acting?
It's hard, but I chose to do it.
You've matured quite a bit, Mima!
But it's good that people
seem to like the new Mima.
That doesn't look like
a face that's agreeing.
You know... Mima...
Has someone been harassing you?
I've been visiting that home page.
It's a bit much, even if it's a complaint
about how you changed your image...
It's better if you didn't look at it.
But maybe she is more like me than myself.
My other self that I buried
deep within my heart.
What if...
What if that other personality suddenly
started acting on its own?
It's all right. There is no way
illusions can come to life.
Mima! What are you saying?
I feel like I'm gonna have
nightmares about this line!
I'm sorry!
What's wrong?
Uh, nothing...
Once more, from the top...
All right, Take 2!
In other news...
Today, the Economic Planning Agency
announced a "New Citizen's Life Index"...
that indicates the overall
Japanese standard of living and...
It's been a while, Rumi.
What? I was here yesterday, too!
Yesterday? Was that real?
You're weird, Mima.
Mima! What's wrong with you!?
You're bleeding!
This blood is real, isn't it?
Today I went shopping in Harajuku.
I'm a sucker for sale items.
I guess... I went to Harajuku today...
You mean...
the murderer is an illusion she created?
She fears an imaginary security guard...
and then doubles that figure with
the serial murderer of top models.
But illusions don't kill.
But... what if that illusion found
someone to possess?
Then... all those men who got murdered?
Were those who were no
longer of any use to her.
Find her quickly, Mr. Yamashiro.
Before another victim falls prey.
How much?
You sure are a weird pizza man.
Stop! Please stop!
Yeah, that looks good... Come on,
be more daring! More passionate!
All right! Take three!
- Hello?
- Mima?
Are you all right over there?
You haven't heard yet... about Mr. Murano?
Can't be!
Police say that Murano died
of multiple stab wounds...
Mr. Murano!? Really!?
We're going crazy here!
Anyway, stay put until
I get there. All right!?
The weapon used in the latest murder
is said to closely resemble...
the one used in last week's killing
of a popular screenwriter.
Police are considering a personal
grudge as the motive...
and are looking into connections
between the two cases.
Miss Kirigoe! Please, can we get your
opinion about the murder of Mr. Murano?
Do you know anything?
Isn't there a connection with the killing
of Mr. Shibuya the screenwriter?
Miss Kirigoe!
There are rumors of a love triangle...
between you, Mr. Shibuya,
and Mr. Murano and we...
You think she's jinxed?
What happens twice happens thrice.
Let's take bets on who's next.
Cut it out!
Don't mind them.
Am I alive?
Maybe that truck hit me...
and this is all a dream...
Everyone ready?
OK. Mima!
Breathe harder than during rehearsal.
You've just killed someone.
And... action!
Are you awake?
You are?
Can you tell me your name?
Me? I'm Mima Kirigoe.
Okay. And what do you do?
I'm a pop idol... no, an actress.
That must be hard work.
It's hard, but it's what I chose to do.
She thinks she's a new young
actress named Mima Kirigoe.
Dissociative Identity Disorder.
In other words,
"multiple personality syndrome."
All those crimes took place when
she was some other persona.
So where's the persona
of the original Yoko?
Yoko Takakura, the original persona...
is nothing more than a character
in a drama for her.
Being a "normal" girl... how she
was raped in a strip club...
Everything happened as
part of her drama series.
By doing so, she salvaged her heart.
That's right. I'm an actress.
Can you tell me your name?
Me? I'm Rika Takakura.
The original persona,
Yoko Takakura, no longer exists.
By killing, and later becoming, her sister
the top-model, she salvaged her heart.
That's right. I'm a model.
All right! That's the take!
We did it, Mima!
Mima... Good work!
I can tell you tried so hard!
As of this moment,
Double Bind is in the can!
Everyone, great job!
You were fantastic, Mima!
What do you think, Director?
She really was excellent.
Thanks a lot.
See you at the wrap-up party.
We'll be talking to you.
Then... shall we go as well?
Mima, go get changed.
Dr. Touko...
Hey now! I'm not Touko anymore!
Did you forget?
"There is no way illusions
can come to life."
You should stop dreaming soon.
What's taking Mima so long?
I'm going back to the office.
Take Mima home, will ya?
Mr. Tadokoro. You were saying something
about Mima's next job?
Oh, it's great!
A starring role in a video movie.
There are a few sketchy scenes...
but what can you do?
Somebody help me!
Like anyone can hear
YOUR voice right now!
Who are you!?
Why are you doing this!?
I'm protecting my dear Mimarin!
But-But I'm Mima!
No, no, no, no, NO!
You didn't know I was Me-mania!
You're just PRETENDING to be Mimarin!
Did you fool that screenwriter and that
photographer with this little mouth?
You tarnished Mimarin's name!
Can it be... that you...
The real Mimarin e-mails me every day!
And she says that you
keep getting in her way!
You killed them!?
And you'll die soon, too!
Bad girl!
You have to follow the script!
And now... TAKE 2!
All right! Looks good!!
You're the best, Mima!
What's wrong? You're in shambles!
I was looking all over for you!
What in the world happened?
This can't be!!
Are you sure you weren't dreaming?
Are you all right?
I'm taking you back... to Mima's room.
Rumi, are you here?
Oh, nothing...
Oh, that's right,
I have to call Mr. Tadokoro.
No... This isn't my room...
Of course not! This is Mima's room!
Look! It's the new costume!
I'm wearing it at tomorrow's show!
Isn't it great? It's perfect on me!
Rumi? Why?
Oh! Rumi went home.
She said she's been busy lately
and was deprived of sleep.
Don't say weird stuff like that!
This is a joke, isn't it, Rumi!?
Love makes your heart race.
If it means you're loved in the end...
What do you think? Perfect, huh?
A pop idol HAS to sing, after all!
You just had to keep getting in my way.
Rumi was totally furious, too.
Please... stop all of this!
But a pop idol is always
protected by her fans!
They listen to any favor
I, Mima, ask them!
Although Mr. Me-mania failed a wee bit...
How do you know him!?
But, oh, well..." you reap what you
sow," especially about YOU.
Help! Somebody help me!
Please! Rumi, it's you, isn't it!?
YOU'RE the one who needs to wake up!
Help, help, somebody!
Let's end all of this.
We don't need two Mimas!
That's funny! Mima is a pop idol!
You're just a dirty old impostor!
Oh, shit!
Get the police!
No, call an ambulance!
I know!
Thank you for the flowers you always bring.
I'll put them in my room.
They're pretty. Very pretty...
I didn't know you were visiting.
You must be very busy lately.
Oh, no.
Once in a while, she returns
to her Rumi persona, but...
I know I'll never see HER ever again.
But, thanks to her,
I am who I am today.
You're lying! There's no way Mima
Kirigoe would be HERE of all places!
I guess she was just a look-alike.
No, I'm real!
Each time I pass this
station on the train...
my heart fills with nostalgia.
The days when I ran around town,
hiding all of my feelings...
in my school uniform.
Take me to the first time I was in love...
those four seasons when
I was frantic yet doubtful.
Remember all those times when
just being near each other...
kept our love for each other growing?
I cut my hair after graduation.
I wonder if you are still the same.
Are you still pursuing that dream
that you kept telling me about...
on the way home?
Take me to when my tears overflowed...
to those four seasons that
I felt from the bottom of my heart.
Remember how in the sunsets after school...
we just wanted time to spend alone?
Even in this new season, I can't shake...
the habit of bluffing when I am sad.
I'm sure that you knew.
I still remember your eyes when
you looked at me silently.