Perfect Child (2007) Movie Script

Sarah: I started to have
panic attacks...
flailing in water...
resented Amanda
for stealing his attention.
Dr. Farrell: You wanted
her gone, and then she was.
Sarah: I couldn't help
thinking that it should've
been me, and then everyone
would have been happy.
Father: Amanda! Amanda!
Sarah: She was still alive
when my father pulled her
from the pool, but I could see
the life slip out of her
as he tried to save her.
Sometimes I wake up
and think that it's all
been a terrible nightmare.
Dr. Farrell: Well, Sarah,
it takes a lot of courage
to stop running
from what we're afraid of.
I'm not sure you're ready yet.
No, I'm here.
I want to try.
Well, first you need
to begin the process
of forgiving yourself
for whatever responsibility
you're clinging to
in Amanda's death.
I can write a prescription
to help level your anxiety,
and I'd like to see you
again next week.
[laughter, conversations]
Jan: So Brad flies his
private plane to St. Barts
to work on his tan, and you
pass to work on your work?
Sarah: I had to finish my
notes on the Miller campaign.
You mean that you needed
your usual excuse
not to have a good time.
Sarah: You think?
Jan: Hey, there's
Steven Landry.
He never got back to us
on our...
Sarah and Jan: ...on our
proposal, yeah.
I'll take care of that.
Sarah: Looking good.
Jan: Okay.
Catch you later.
[thwacks of tennis ball]
[grunts of exertion]
[thwacks of tennis ball]
[grunts of exertion]
Look what you did!
[cries of struggle]
Sarah: Stop it!
Stop it!
- She did it on purpose!
Lily: I did not!
Stop it! Get up!
Hey! Oh!
Let me see.
All right, you're fine
You just have
a little bloody nose.
You need to get some ice.
Go get some ice.
Are you okay?
All I did was play hard.
I know.
- I'm Sarah.
- Lily.
- It's nice to meet you, Lily.
Paul: Lily?
What is going on?
Daddy, this is Sarah.
Excuse us, please.
Come here.
Lily: Thank you.
[intermingled voices]
Jan: Was that Paul Canmore?
Cover boy himself.
Jan: And you let him escape?
Do you have any idea how much
that account would be worth?
- You should be all over him.
- You think?
Honey, the way you look
in that outfit...
He's divorced.
He's available.
- Okay.
Jan: Okay.
- I look okay?
- Stunning.
Go get him.
[background voices]
Oh, I'd like a Chardonnay.
But I think this gentleman
was first.
Um... yeah.
Could I get a White Russian,
Hold the Russian.
I like to mix it up a little.
Wild man.
Well, I have my moments.
Thank you.
It's just these... uh...
these media events,
the milk helps
settle my stomach.
- Mm.
- How do you know my daughter?
Oh, I don't.
We just met.
She's a beautiful girl.
She's... very polite.
As opposed to her father?
Yeah, um... look,
I'm sorry... if I came...
No, I figured you were
upset about the feedback
on the cover article.
Uh... I haven't read it.
Do you think it was bad?
You'll be the judge of that.
I'm... uh...
I'm Sarah Leslie.
[footsteps approach]
'Leslie and Harper, Publicists'.
Um... Look, I'm sorry,
but I hate publicity.
- You're here.
- Well, because
the Board insisted.
Monica: Here you are Paul.
I'm sorry.
Lily's waiting for us
at your table.
Paul: Okay, thanks.
[background voices]
- Um... gotta go.
- Yeah.
It was nice speaking
with you, Paul.
I almost didn't recognize you,
without your stuffed monkey.
[background voices]
[rattle of pills]
This presentation needs
more punch.
We have to re-emphasize the
slogans before the final images.
Jan: Go for it.
- How's the billing going?
Breaking even.
We can tap our line of credit
until we land a big fish.
And you could sell
- your shoe collection.
- No!
It's too bad
Paul Canmore wasn't...
Don't go there, okay?
Next time, just
show more cleavage.
[deep sigh]
[intermingled background voices]
- Excuse me.
- Oh, I'm sorry I...
- Paul.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
- You know, actually,
- I saw you in here the other day.
- Oh, are you a regular
- here, too?
- No, but I will be now.
Uh... would you care
to join me?
Oh, let me get that.
So, let me ask you.
If I hadn't run into you
today, would I have heard
back from you?
Oh, I don't give up that easily.
Now let me ask you something.
Did you really not
read that cover story?
Not until you mentioned it.
I don't have a lot of time
to pay attention
to much other than product.
I mean, what people say
or write about me is,
I'm out of my control.
Not if your PR people
have the right relationships.
And you have.
A story that doesn't sell
what you want isn't worth doing.
This one kind of made
you look like a... geek.
Well, because I am k
They never cited your charity
work with inner-city kids.
And by not bringing up
your personal life...
Because it is exactly that.
You don't want people
to know you're a single father?
I just don't think Lily
has anything to do
with peddling software.
I'm sorry.
I thought we were
speaking frankly.
No, no.
We are
We are.
Okay, let me ask you this.
If I were to retain you,
- what would I do with Roscoe?
- Roscoe?
Yeah, my stuffed monkey that
you so fondly make fun of?
Ha, you'd have to lose him.
He is our mascot.
Plus Lily loves to see me
photographed with him.
Lily isn't the market
share you're after.
You need to create awareness
and anticipation
for your next product release.
You don't need to present
an image that's too cutesy.
- Cutesy?
- Um-hum.
All right, I'll bite.
What else?
A little less...
A little more rugged.
- Rugged?
- Yeah.
Can you handle it?
Or should I ask that brunette
who was at the reception
if she can handle it?
Monica is my business partner.
Yes, she can get a little
over-protective, sometimes.
More like territorial.
You don't miss much.
Reason Number One
why you should hire me.
Well, I would hire you but...
- I can't see you.
- Oh. [laughs]
Here, have them back.
Announcer: It appears Canmore
Tech will enter the market
with an anticipated IPO
nearly 50 percent greater
than expected.
It seems the company's more
sophisticated rebranding
efforts were exactly what
the street wanted to see,
which is good news
for Mr. Canmore and maybe not
so good news for old Roscoe.
Well, it looks like they're
finally taking notice.
Monica: It would have
been nice to have
more print coverage.
Sarah: I'm getting proofs
of the Forbes piece.
The Journal wants something
more in depth when
we get to New York.
I look forward
to seeing all of that.
You know, inside,
she's doing backflips.
She could have fooled me.
- Hey, munchkin.
- Hi, dad.
- Hey, you look cool.
- Thanks.
- You remember Sarah?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Dad, we're going to
- late for my game.
- No, we won't.
I'm about to close up here.
Don't forget to back up your
file to the ultimate server.
Remember what
happened last time?
The real tech genius o
- I could see that.
- Okay...
and done.
Hey, do you feel like getting
some fresh air?
Uh... I should get to work.
No, come on, take a break.
I insist.
Why not?
[whistle blows]
[children's voices]
Paul: Well, after Colleen
got pregnant, we were married
and then it was ten hard years
of trying to make it work,
mostly for Lily's sake.
[background voices]
Was the split amicable?
Um... hardly.
Nothing kills a great
relationship like marriage,
- right?
- Is that the voice
- of experience?
- No.
It's one thing I haven't tried.
I didn't mean to be flip.
Go, go, go, go!
Come on!
No, all in all,
it's been a tough go.
Colleen began drinking and they
awarded me temporary custody
of Lily, and you know,
that goes back to court soon,
- so...
- How does Lily feel
- about that?
- You know, I don't know.
Probably because
I'm afraid to ask her.
You love her, a lot.
Yeah, I do.
And I plan to spoil her as much
as I can, for as long as I can.
Go, go, go, Lily!
Come on!
Go, Lily, come on!
[cheers, clapping]
Paul: Yeah! Good going!
Paul: Sarah, that was great
work on the presentation today.
You know, I could have used
your services in high school
- trying to get a date.
- Ha, ha.
I bet you were voted
'Most Likely to Succeed'.
Um... Actually, it was
'Most Likely to Choke
on my Retainer'.
Monica: I checked us in,
and put the bags in the room.
Oh, I'd left instructions
with the concierge
to handle the bags
This isn't a Girl Scout outing.
I had marketing analysis
in my bag.
Good thing someone
was paying attention.
- I'm sorry.
- Um... Monica.
It was an honest mistake.
Monica: You're in 1034.
Sarah, 1037.
[elevator bell]
Sarah: That was pleasant.
Uh... you know what?
It's been a long day.
- Everyone's tired.
- Yeah, but still...
Uh... you know what?
I'll have a talk with her.
Hey, what're you doing,
the rest of the night?
Um... probably a hot bath
and room service.
Come on, let me buy you dinner.
Paul, I'm flattered,
but I have a rule
about not dating clients.
I wouldn't want to compromise
our business relationship.
I completely understand.
Thank you.
So the way I see it, I can
of a fancy restaurant, we can
do something so completely
unromantic, it could hardly
be considered a date.
I don't think that would be
a very good idea.
Oh, please.
Do not make me
re-live high school.
Come on.
Paul [on phone]: Now listen.
Get your homework done
and then hit the hay.
I'll call you after school,
Yes, I promise.
I love you, too.
'Night, 'night.
Sarah: She misses you, huh?
I'm telling you, if the court
decides on a split custody,
it will kill me.
You know, in the meantime
I am getting the hang
of being a single parent.
Now I wound up with
a full time dad who pretended
- like I didn't exist.
- Really?
Yeah, it was okay until
my mother passed away
- and then he remarried.
- Oh.
You have any brothers, sisters?
An only child.
So, how is it now?
Oh, it isn't.
My stepmother kicked me out
when I was sixteen
and I haven't spoken
to either of them since.
So, have you been dating much
since your divorce?
[Paul chuckles]
You know, casually.
Really not into
anything serious.
There was one that felt, uh...
There was one that felt right.
What happened?
She died.
I'm sorry.
It was an accident.
It must have been
traumatizing for you and Lily.
Yeah, that's why I really
work hard to give her
a stable life, you know?
She's been through a lot.
[elevator bell dings]
This is me.
Well, look, I had a...
- I had a great time tonight.
- So did I.
I'll see you in the morning.
This definitely
is not a good idea.
I know.
You mentioned he has a daughter.
How do you get along with her?
She's hard to read,
but she's bright.
She's a good student.
She seems well-adjusted.
So far I think that we're okay.
So, what's the problem?
Why are you so anxious?
Paul invited me out
to the lake this weekend.
And Lily wants to go
out on the water...
Well, Sarah, you're going
to have to face your fears
at some point.
Perhaps this is
as good a time as any.
[roar of sea-doo]
Lily: It's a wonderful day,
isn't it?
Yeah, it is.
Do you take that book
with you everywhere?
It's my diary.
I kept a diary
when I was your age.
Do you still have it?
I left it behind
when I had to leave home.
Why'd you leave?
It's a long story.
That's what my dad says
when he doesn't
want to explain something.
Well, why don't I save
that story for another day.
And then I'll tell you,
just you and me.
You know, I was thinking,
why don't we have a picnic
on the beach?
Wouldn't that be fun?
My dad already got the canoe.
I know, but we could
have a picnic
and then use the afternoon
to go shopping.
Paul: Hey, let's go.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hey, Dad.
- You guys ready to go?
- Yeah.
She wants to go shopping.
Paul: Okay.
Well, we can do that
if you want.
I want to go canoeing.
All right, well then,
we'll go canoeing
and we'll shop after.
But there are only two seats.
Oh, it's fine.
We'll squeeze in.
All right?
Okay, hold the boat
for a sec for me.
Lily: We're going
over some weeds.
[paddles splash]
Paul: Hey, Lily?
- Yeah?
[Paul chuckles]
Ohhh... missed.
Lily: Bull's eye.
[roar of sea-doo]
Paul: Look out!
[sea-doo revs]
Hold on!
[yells, laughing]
[Paul chuckles and laughs]
Lily, Lily, Lily!
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Hey, hey, what's wrong?
We're just playing around.
We're not going to capsize.
We'll... okay, we'll go in.
Right, we'll go in, okay?
Feel better?
Sarah: Yeah.
Um... you know,
you still haven't told me
what that was all about.
Sometimes I have panic attacks.
I was going to say something,
but I didn't want to ruin
Lily's day.
That was nice.
[car door slams]
What's up, Lily?
We were in the water
and Sarah just flipped out.
Oh, yeah?
Paul: Excuse me, for a second.
Monica: Your office said
you'd be here.
I tried your cell.
That's because it's off.
I told you this was
my day with Lily.
So whatever it is...
Monica: I know.
But, you know, you need
to weigh in on this.
There's been a production
glitch in the upgrades.
- They claim they need more time.
- Okay, how much?
Two weeks.
I said absolutely not.
They need to do the fixes
and deliver on schedule.
Okay, listen.
I've been there, okay?
So any unnecessary pressure is
not going to benefit anybody.
We need to get this right.
But if this gets out,
it will affect stock options.
I mean...
Paul: Monica.
Give them the space they need.
Whatever you say.
Bye, Lily.
Lily: Bye.
[Paul sighs]
The joys of being the boss.
- Hm.
- Sorry.
[car starts up]
Come here.
Sarah: So you two...
- Uh... no.
That was a mistake.
That was just a one time thing.
You know, I was going through
the divorce and Monica
just wanted to be there for me.
But, that was it.
For you, but for her
it was probably more.
I do want you in my life,
but I'm not good on being
accountable for my past.
I just don't want any secrets.
But we all have them, don't we?
Hey, who's thirsty?
Lily: Can I have a water?
- Sure.
Mmm... I'd love a coffee.
I'll go get it.
No, no.
I'll be right back.
[traffic background]
Sarah: Those MP3 players
are amazing, huh?
When I was your age,
I got a walkman.
That's aging myself, huh?
Yeah, you like
from the Stone Age?
Uh-huh, could be.
Want a nut?
I'm allergic.
Oh, okay.
You're nicer than
Rebecca, I think.
Well I'd take that
as a compliment if I knew
- who Rebecca was.
- Rebecca Sullivan.
She was my dad's girlfriend.
Oh, yeah.
Your dad told me about that.
Rebecca wasn't
understanding like you.
She didn't want me around.
Oh, Lily,
I'm sure that's not true.
[phone rings]
Wait a minute, I can't hear you.
No, just bill them,
like we said we were going to.
Look, I'm with Paul
and Lily, so, you know.
Jan, can I call you back?
Sarah: Lily?
Paul: Hey.
Where's Lily?
She's gone.
I took a call
for a second and then...
Paul: Lily?
- It was just one second,
and now she's gone.
[tires screech]
[crash! smashing glass!]
- Dad?
- Lily?
You scared me to death.
Lily, where were you?
I was in the store,
like I told you.
The store was the
first place I looked.
I was right beside the counter.
Lily, if you were in
there I would have seen you.
You don't believe me?
I didn't say that.
Paul: Okay, sweetheart,
The important thing is
you're safe, all right?
Come on, let's go.
Sarah: I drove myself home.
It was a disaster.
He stayed there with Lily.
Jan: Aw, don't beat
yourself up.
No harm came to her.
It was just a
- It was just a miscommunication.
- Lily probably hates me now
- for challenging her.
- How old is she?
- Thirteen.
- Oh, hormones kicking in,
mood changes.
Sweet pea, you got off easy.
Yeah, maybe I should
leave it at that.
You know what you're doing,
You're running away again.
Call it protecting
myself from the inevitable.
Okay, I'll play devil's
First glance, he seems like
Prince Charming, but his
track record in relationships,
well, its worse than yours.
Bad divorce.
He has an affair with a company,
is cha
is channelling Joan Collins.
Then his girlfriend dies, how?
I don't know,
an accident of some sort?
Of some s
Of some sort?
Sounds like bad karma.
Maybe you should be running.
[gate clunks open]
Sarah: You're being
very mysterious.
Where are we?
Paul: My new home.
I mean, it needs a little work,
but the first time
I saw it, I knew.
Just like the first
time I saw you.
Come on.
It's beautiful.
But it's kind of big
for just you and Lily.
Well, that's why
I was kind of hoping
that you would
You don't think it's too fast?
You know, Sarah,
when you've wasted time
in wrong relationships like
I have, you don't want to wait
when you find the one
that's right.
I'm sorry, Paul.
I don't know if I can do this.
I understand.
It's a big step.
No, I mean, I don't know
if this is right.
I can't just move in with you.
Uh... you know, maybe I'm not
making myself clear enough.
Sarah Leslie,
would you marry me?
[knock, knock, knock]
Sarah: Hey.
Anything I can help with?
I have a list.
I can only pack certain things.
Well, what's on the list
that you need?
Gee, I would have loved to
have gone to a camp like this
when I was your age.
Paul: Hey, honey,
how're you doing?
Hey, you don't want
to miss your bus, right?
I don't think I want to go.
Come on.
You went last year
and said you had a blast.
No, I didn't.
Lily, you came home
and told me...
I want to stay home.
What's the big deal, any
Well, for one thing, your
dad's paid for the camp in full.
If you didn't want to go
you should have told him
before he wrote the check.
I want to know why you're
trying to send me away.
Honey, come on.
We're not tryi
to send you away.
It's going to be chaotic
around here for the next
few days with carpenters
and the painters and...
You don't want to be around
here for that, right?
All right, come on.
Chop, chop.
Let's go.
What can I help with?
How about these?
Are these going?
Sarah: Yup.
Workman: Hey, Martin,
can you bring me that ladder?
- Yup, got it.
Paul: Mr. Higgins,
- how are things going?
- Not great.
You know the painters
have given up trying to get
- the living room walls right.
- Well, what's the problem?
The problem is your wife.
She can't make up her damn mind.
Okay, I'll talk to her, okay?
- Hey.
- Hey.
You know we do have
painters to do that.
Yeah, they couldn't
get the colour right.
We can also afford a handyman so
your thumb every time
you use a hammer.
Oh, ho, ho.
I will have you know
I put myself through college
apprenticing as a carpenter.
Now, when I do it,
I know it's done right.
Well, what do you think
about the colour now?
Just like you.
You know, I was thinking
a paler shade for Lily's room.
I can have it done before
she gets back from camp.
Um... you know what?
That's not a good idea.
- I would ask her first.
- Well, I was just...
Listen, listen, listen.
I just think that you need
to try to be a little more
diplomatic with her.
- In what way?
- I don't know.
You didn't want me
to say anything when she was
- testing you about camp?
- Yeah.
I think I could have handled it.
By letting her stay home
after she already committed
to go?
Because I think
that's where it was headed
if I hadn't said anything.
Okay, Sarah, you know what?
Lily is just strong-willed.
You know, she has
a mind of her own.
Okay, look, I was thinking.
We need to have
the investors over.
So why don't we have
a house warming?
- Kill two birds with one party.
- Oh, Paul.
The house isn't even
finished yet.
It will be.
Oh, you know...
Look, you missed a spot.
- Where?
- Right there.
Oh, you are so in trouble now.
Paul: No...!
All right, all right, all right.
What's my punishment?
Sarah: AMANDA!
[frantic splashing]
How could you let me die, Sarah?
Paul: Sarah?
- In the kitchen.
[clatter of utensils]
Paul: I didn't think
you knew what that room
- was actually used for.
- Haw, haw.
Very funny.
Hi, Lily, how was camp?
A lot of kids were there
that didn't want to be there.
Well, I'm glad you're h
So, who's going to be my tester?
- Uh... remember, allergic...
- To nuts, yes.
Come on, sample.
- You ready?
- Um...
Um... well, it's a good thing
she's not allergic to salt.
I thought it was sugar.
You make a million difficult
business decisions, but you have
trouble standing up to your
thirteen-year-old daughter.
Okay, I admit.
I do spoil her, okay?
But I mean, all in all
she's a pretty good kid.
I just have to know that
I'm not out here all on my own.
All right.
Okay, look, I'll talk to her
tomorrow, okay?
What about now?
[Paul sighs]
Hon, I got a lot
of work today, so...
Hey, why don't we order in?
Whatever you want.
I'm good.
Sarah: Hey.
Paul: Hey.
I'm glad I caught this.
If someone had leaned here...
it could be very dangerous.
I thought Higgins was
checking everything out here.
Yeah, well, maybe he forgot.
How's the party planning coming?
It's all taken care of.
I'm sorry I haven't really
helped you out too much.
Now I promise to show up,
Come on, what's the matter?
Sarah: I'm pregnant.
Whew, um...
I thought that we were...
you know, being...
So did I.
You're not happy.
No, no, that's not it.
I just, I...
I thought that we both agreed
to let Lily have time to,
you know, adjust to you and I.
It can't be all about
Lily all the time, Paul.
You married me.
Well, I know that.
and I am very glad I did.
Paul, if you don't
want the baby...
No, Sarah, come on.
Believe me, I do.
Little mommy.
Paul: Look, I know, um...
things have been
a little bit crazy
around here, and, uh...
I really wanted you and Sarah
to have a little more time
to get to know each other.
Because she's my new stepmother?
Well, I'd like it to not
be so formal, Lily.
And I'll try and be there
for you whenever you need me.
Paul: Um... sweetie, what
we're really here to tell you
is that we have some good news.
You are going
to be a big sister.
So that's why everybody's
suddenly trying to be
so nice to me?
[door slams closed]
Lily, that's not...
Paul: Hey!
Sarah: Hey.
Paul: Hey, how was your run?
It was good.
I wanted to talk to you about
the tension-with-Lily thing.
Look, I don't want
her to be upset.
I don't want you to be upset.
But I think now more than ever,
we need to create a stable
- home life for her.
- I understand.
But I've seen this
tug of war before.
What do you mean?
Contentious divorce.
Having a stepmother
invade your space.
Having a stepdaughter.
It looks like
I'm grasping at straws.
You know, I'm trying
to create a balance and...
You're doing your best, I know.
Well, look, I did talk to her.
And she is willing
to try harder.
- Well, have a good day.
- You, too.
[intermingled voices]
Sarah: Do you think we're
going to run out of food?
Well, I could always
nuke some frozen burritos.
It's a party, honey, just relax.
I don't do relaxed well.
Is she always this on edge?
Uh... yes.
She doesn't come
with an 'off' switch.
She mentioned that you had
some bugs with the software.
Yeah, just some normal
start-up stuff.
She suggested that we
address it when we announce
- the first quarter results.
- Um... smart cookie.
Lily: Would you
like some wine?
- Um.
- Wow.
- Look at my little hostess.
- Yes, please, Lily.
It's awfully nice of you
to volunteer to help.
My dad's paying me
twenty bucks an hour.
Maybe I should grab a tray.
[background party sounds]
- So nice of you to come.
- Love your new place.
Hi, Lily.
So, how are you doing
with god's perfect child?
- Lily?
- Mm.
No one can compare with her
in Paul's eyes,
as I am sure you've found out.
Why are you always
doing this, Monica?
Always with your claws out?
Is that what you think?
Well, trust me.
I know more ab
And I will still be here
when you're long gone.
I was just telling Sarah how
much I like your new house.
Well, believe me,
this is all her doing.
What's he doing here?
Clyde: I don't know the first
things about investment,
but, here we go, Private
Investigator Clyde Barrish.
You see it on there.
If you ever need to have
any work done.
Paul: Excuse me.
Hello, Barrish.
What are you doing here?
I, uh...
Look, I had a few more queries
about Rebecca Sullivan,
Mr. Canmore.
I left word twice
at your office.
I got the distinct impression
you weren't going to
call me back.
I have told you
everything I know.
I filed a police report, so...
- if you would just kindly leave.
- Yeah, I... I'm sure...
I'm sure you, uh...[slurp]
I'm sure you don't want to get
into it in front of your guests,
so, well, uh...
All right?
Paul: I'll escort you out.
I'll let myself out...
[more mumbles]
Once you see the projections,
your next column is going to be
about how Paul is going to give
Bill Gates a run for his money.
You have to shut her up.
She just told that reporter
she'd send him an advance copy
of our first quarter projections
and god knows what else.
Okay, I'll deal with it.
Um... could you excuse us
for just a second.
Sarah: Oh. Sorry...
Paul: There you go...
Okay, I think you've
had one too many
Well, you told me to relax.
You need to lie down.
Sarah: Where are we going?
I'm not angry, okay?
But there were some important
people there, last night.
Not to mention I don't like the
example that it sets for Lily.
Paul, I have no idea
how it happened.
I had a glass
of non-alcoholic wine.
Well, maybe it was
the benzodiazepine.
- I didn't take any pills.
- Hm.
Well, then maybe this would
explain your selective memory.
Either way,
it's a new prescription.
- I haven't even opened it yet.
- Hm.
[pills rattle]
Doesn't feel very full to me.
[phone rings]
Hold on.
What, what?
Monica: A company memo about
the bugs in our software was
leaked to the media last night,
so now it looks like as if
we were trying to cover it up.
Look, we know they aren't
critical bugs and it won't
take long for the share
price to correct.
By next quarter...
You're supposed to spin
the media, Sarah, not us.
That's not what
I'm trying to do.
Have you been able to track
where the leak came from?
It was sent from my laptop
but I wasn't the one
who sent it.
Monica: Then who did?
I heard you tell that
columnist you'd e-mail him
- the projections.
- Well, I didn't.
The only thing I can think of
is a competitor hacked in
to sabotage the company.
Now we are into
conspiracy theories.
Are you saying
it's not possible?
I'm saying it's convenient
given that it was sent from your
computer around the same time
you were totally hammered.
Look, I understand
you're both upset.
Bottom line... we don't know
exactly how it happened.
What's most important now is
that we issue a release saying
we were already planning
to reveal the information.
The media might be
happy with an explanation.
Our shareholders won't.
Paul: Okay.
[long exhale]
Now, look...
yeah, the leak may have
originated with Sarah,
but it wasn't intentional.
Monica: You need to distance
yourself from this, Paul.
If you don't, the perception
to investors is that you are
letting your wife slide.
Uh... look, Sarah, can you
just excuse me for a minute?
I need to talk to Monica alone.
[Paul clears his throat]
Paul: Um... look, Monica
and I have agreed to let your
firm stay working on the
account, although Jan will be
overseeing all the projects.
I can't believe you're taking
orders from your ex-playmate.
Sarah, it was your
laptop the leak came from,
not Monica's,
and certainly not mine.
Well, you could have defended me
instead of embarrassing me
like that.
Okay, look...
Let's just let business
be business, okay?
Our marriage is the most
important thing.
Jan: So you have no idea
how it was leaked?
Someone slipped a pill
in my drink,
which is too coincidental
not to be connected.
Then they hacked into my laptop,
or, somehow had my password
to unlock my e-mail.
Well, there must have been
40 people at that party,
including the caterers.
Plus, you've got the people
who had the run of the house.
I mean, your contractor,
- his crew, the housekeeper.
- Higgins doesn't even
use a computer.
He gives us handwritten bills.
So does Mrs. Gibbs.
The others?
Who knows?
So, what you need to ask
yourself, is this leak intended
to damage the company, or you?
Well, if it's to make me look
bad who else could it be but...
- Monica.
Sarah: And if it's Paul
they're after, he does have
one enemy.
That guy that showed
up at the party?
- Um-hum.
- Take a look at this.
"Local woman dies
by electrocution.
Rebecca Sullivan, 26-year-old
sometime fashion model..."
Sarah: Paul's
former girlfriend.
- Oh.
Sarah: She was taking a bath
and the hairdryer went into
the water, electrocuting her.
Well, the police
ruled it accidental.
So then why does
an insurance investigator
need to ask Paul questions?
[keys jingle]
[car door slams]
Sarah: Mr. Barrish?
Sarah: Hi.
- Sarah Canmore.
- Oh, listen.
I remember you.
Had a...
It looked like a fun party
you threw the other night.
[clears his throat]
Your husband send you?
No, he doesn't know I'm here.
I want to know more about what
happened to Rebecca Sullivan.
Oh, so do I, but your husband
hasn't been very forthcoming
with any more information, so...
Her death was accidental.
What is there to investigate?
Well, um...
that's a matter
of interpretation.
The question is, how did a hair
dryer end up in
Well, she was
in her own bathtub.
Not hers, his, your husband's.
It was in your husband's house.
The police investigated.
Uh... oh sure, if you
want to call it that.
Um... no charges were brought
and, uh...
All Risk Insurance felt
that it was suspicious enough
to keep the claim open, you see.
Was Paul there, when it...?
Three people were present
that night in the house.
Your husband, his daughter,
and, uh... Monica Nordon.
Lily: You going for a run?
- Yeah, as soon as your father
- gets back.
- Oh, I'm going to go
to the pool, get some su
Rebecca Sullivan, and your
dad were close, right?
I guess so.
What happened,
the night she died?
You mean, when I found her
in the bathtub?
You were the one who found her?
In our old house.
I was in my room.
I heard a weird noise.
Then kind of a cry.
So I went to go check it out.
It looked like she'd just
fallen asleep in the bathtub.
Did you see the
hair dryer in the tub?
- Yeah.
- And no one else was around?
Well, Dad and Monica were
downstairs in the basement.
I think.
Why are you asking me
all these questions?
Just wondering what happened.
Well, Dad doesn't really
like to talk about it
so I wouldn't ask
him if I were you.
Oh, can you get me a towel?
I forgot it.
[door clicks open, closed]
[water s
[water splashes]
Did you see how long
I could hold my breath?
- Get out of the pool, Lily!
- Why? What did I do?
Paul: Lily.
What's going on?
Sarah just started yelling
at me for no reason.
I'm sorry.
I thought...
[Sarah hyperventilates]
Paul: Honey...
Hey... you all right?
[gasping breaths]
Sarah: One night, when I was
close to about your age, Lily,
my parents were out and
I was supposed to be watching
my stepsister.
And I found her in the pool,
and, uh...
she died.
Paul: Yeah, but Sarah,
that wasn't your fault.
Sarah: Oh, I know that now,
but back then...
it led me to start
to have panic attacks.
Paul: You know... why didn't
you tell me this before?
Sarah: Because I thought
I was getting over it.
And Lily, when I saw you,
that's what I thought
had happened to you.
Lily: I'm sorry.
I didn't know that.
Sarah: I know, I should
have told you both sooner.
I don't want us
to have any secrets.
Lily: Is that why
you left home?
Sarah: Yeah, because
of the sadness of my family,
and the guilt.
Paul: Hey, Lily.
Why don't you run in
and get washed up
for dinner, okay?
We'll be right in.
Lily: Okay.
Sarah: You know,
I meant what I said
about not having any secrets.
Now it's your turn.
- What do you mean?
- Rebecca Sullivan.
It was an accident, Sarah.
I've already explained that.
But not the rest of it.
That it happened
at your house.
That you weren't cooperative
with investigators
when they were asking you
certain questions.
Are you implying that I had
something to do with her death?
The insurance company is.
Where were you when it happened?
I was in the den.
Monica and I had
- a business meeting.
- Together the whole time?
Well, at one point she had
to make copies of the report.
I went into the kitchen
to have a snack and
This is crazy.
I don't even know why
- I'm explaining myself.
- Did you explain all that
to the police?
Where you were?
What Monica was doing
and where she was?
Yes, and they ruled it
an accidental death.
And to tell you the truth,
I'm a little offended
that you're even questioning
my veracity.
Just be honest with me
and I won't ask again.
What about the
insurance company?
They didn't want to pay
a rightful claim.
My attorney advised me
that if it got into the media
it could hurt the start-up
of my company,
so I wasn't overly cooperative.
End of story.
Are you happy?
I need a drink.
I'll see you inside.
[noise of chopping]
Um... sorry to drop by
like this.
I just realized that there were
some papers Paul needed
- to sign, and Lily...
- I invited Monica over
- for dinner.
- It's not a bother, is it?
No. No.
No problem at all.
By the way, you were right
about the leak.
By downplaying it,
the attention it provided
helped create brand awareness.
In retrospect it might
be a positive thing.
I'm glad to hear that.
Paul: What's the matter?
You're not hungry?
[Lily starts gasping]
Lily, what is it?
It's hard to breathe.
What do you mean?
What's wrong.
Nuts! Nuts!
Did you put nuts in the stirfry?
Sarah: No. No.
- Where's her epinephrine?
It's in the cabinet.
Sarah, call 911.
CALL 911!
Lily: Daddy...!
Paul: I know, just relax.
Just breathe.
There you go.
[click of door opening]
It was an allergic reaction.
Paul: Are you sure?
Doctor: No question.
Sarah: I... that's impossible.
I double-checked all the
- ingredients.
- Maybe you missed something.
- No, I was careful, Paul.
Monica: Well, obviously
not careful enough.
Doctor: The important thing
is you got the adrenaline
to her in time.
She's going to be fine.
Paul: That's great.
Thanyou so much.
Lily: Dad?
- Yeah.
No, come on, what is it?
Do you think Sarah...
Do I think Sarah what?
Do you think she did this
to me on purpose?
Oh, sweetheart, what happened
tonight, that was just
an accident.
Yeah, but we know what
happened to her sister.
Yes, and that was
an accident, too.
That had nothing
to do with Sarah.
Now you get some sleep.
I love you.
[click of lamp switch]
How is she?
I finally got her to sleep.
I went over the ingredients
again and there's nothing
in here
in here that would have
caused that reaction.
We both heard
what the doctor said.
Leave that.
[dishes clatter]
You know, I'm kind
of curious about that.
That isn't what I bought.
So, where's the one you bought?
[dishes clatter]
It's gone.
So this just miraculously
took its place, huh?
You know what?
I went upstairs for my keys.
Monica was the last to leave.
You know what, Sarah?
You know, it's one thing
to make a mistake,
but you're actually trying
to tell me that Monica
deliberately tried
to poison Lily.
She was the only one
that was here.
And, she had access
to my laptop at the party.
She was the only one who
knew about the software bug.
So, now she's trying
to sabotage her own company.
Well then, you give me
another explanation.
Okay, you know what?
This is really getting
out of hand.
And if I didn't know better,
I'd say that you were
trying to undermine me,
my company and our family
since the day we married.
Paul, I've taken your
company to another level,
and I've done everything
I could to reach out to Lily.
Now are you saying you want
to end things between us?
You know what?
Don't... don't do that.
Now don't turn it on me.
'Cause there's us,
and the baby to think about.
I want an answer, Paul.
Do you want me here or not?
Let me help you with that.
[water splashes]
How could you let me die, Sarah?
Paul: How could you
let her die, Sarah?
How could you let her die,
[sentence echoes....]
[loud knocking]
[knock, knock, knock]
[clink of lock]
[door clicks open]
Jan: Hi?
Sarah: Hi.
You didn't show up
or answer your phone,
I was worried.
We had a meeting?
At nine.
Uh... it's 21 minutes
after 11:00.
- Oh.
- Uh-huh.
You could use a maid service.
Yeah, I was up half the night.
Doing what?
You look like death warmed over.
Thank you.
You're so kind.
- I know.
- You want coffee?
"Monica Nordon,
born in Chicago, Illinois."
Funny, I would have said
Gotham City.
She also resisted arrest.
She broke the other girl's nose?
- Ouch.
- Hm, she got probation.
If nothing else, it shows that
she has a low boiling point.
So, you're thinking Rebecca
Sullivan died suspiciously,
and Monica was there.
She's a snake who's
always had a thing for Paul.
Okay, I can wrap my head
around her wanting to eliminate
the competition, but,
Paul's a bright guy.
I mean, wouldn't he
have been suspicious?
Well, he was so focused
on getting his company launched
that he couldn't think
of anything else.
Do you believe
I haven't talked to him?
He's miserable without you.
Feels like he pushed you away.
Do you think that maybe you
made a mistake in leaving?
I don't know.
Part of me thinks that
I did the right thing,
and part of me thinks
I did what I always do...
- run.
- Hm.
He's worried about you,
and the baby.
Afraid I'll do
something certifiable?
I mean, what do you think?
Do you think I did
the things I'm accused of?
No, no way.
It's not in your DNA.
But I am worried about you.
I'm okay.
I just...
I need some answers.
Oh, hi, hello.
Mrs. Canmore.
- Got my money?
- Oh, yeah.
[background pub music]
Thank you.
[background pub music]
Okay... and here is the
police report along with my
investigative knowledge, with
the possibility of foul play,
very high on the agenda
I must say.
Diane Sullivan was
the policy beneficiary?
Yeah, that's Rebecca's sister.
She was convinced that her
sister was murdered, and she
did everything she could
to get somebody to believe her.
She thought Paul
killed her sister?
No, no, no, no, no,
not your husband.
But I still wonder
what he knows.
- Monica Nordon?
- No evidence to that effect,
Then who?
She thought the daughter did it.
- Lily?
- Yeah, yeah.
Something about
driving Rebecca away.
Daddy's little girl gone crazy
sort of thing,
but no one took
her sister seriously.
She had... has a history
of psychiatric episodes,
and her sister's death sort of
pushed her over the edge.
So, she's still in there.
The looney bin.
Sarah: Diane?
Hi, I'm Sarah Canmore.
- Canmore?
- Yes.
Paul Canmore is my husband.
I... I don't want
to talk about what happened.
Please, Diane.
I need your help.
Do you remember Clyde Barrish
from the insurance company?
Mr. Barrish?
He was the only one who
treated me with respect.
He said that you felt that
Paul's daughter was somehow
involved in your sister's death.
My sister loved Paul Canmore
and that little brat of his
- killed her.
- Lily?
Why are you here?
What do you want?
Well, strange things have
been happening to me
since my wedding day.
I don't know who's been
doing them, or why.
Maybe somebody doesn't want
you so close to your husband.
Guess who?
you're the only one
that can help me.
What the girl intended to do
was all there in her diary.
You read Lily's diary?
Rebecca did.
She told me it all.
[bell rings]
Oh, it's time for lunch.
They like us to be prompt.
Wait, Diane,
just a few more minutes.
What did Rebecca tell you?
The girl threatened her.
If she didn't stay away from
Paul she'd have an accident.
When Rebecca didn't go,
she was poisoned.
Lily poisoned her?
Oh, you're just like the police.
- You don't believe me.
- No, no... go on.
How did Rebecca find
out she was poisoned?
The girl's computer.
She'd found out the little
brat had done a search
on undetectable poisons.
Rebecca was feeling ill
so I took her to the hospital,
and the doctor saved her.
Did she tell Paul what happened?
What could she prove?
It'd be his daughter's
word against hers.
Well, why didn't she leave him?
She was going to.
She just didn't do it in time.
- Paul!
- Sarah!
I've been worried sick
about you!
Look, are you okay?
How's the baby?
I... I tried to reach you.
Look, I tried to call.
I'm in the middle
of a nightmare right now.
Everything is just
crashing down around me.
What is?
- They're trying to can me.
- Who?
- The Board.
- But it's your company.
Oh, it's the
shareholders' company now.
It appears there's a stock
build-up so they could
- vote me out.
- Why would they do that?
Monica, I'm guessing.
The leaks probably
came from her as well.
I know.
I can't believe I was so blind.
She's trying to make
her own deal.
Look, I'm just... I'm on my way
to the attorney's office
to see if we can come up with
a way to block the takeover.
Please, just tell me
you're here to stay.
I am.
Oh... I've missed you.
Paul, there're some
things we need to talk about.
- Okay, when I get back.
- I'll go with you.
If you can just relieve
Mrs. Gibbs.
She has a grandchild who's ill.
I love you.
- Hello, Lily.
- I'm glad you're back.
[footsteps approach]
So am I.
Mrs. Canmore,
so nice to have you home.
Thank you, Bertha.
Paul told me about
your family situation,
so you should go
before the storm comes in.
If it's all right, ma'am,
I will.
We have dinner on.
I've been teaching Lily
how to cook.
Isn't that right, dear?
I'm getting good at it.
- Lily, I can finish up there.
- Oh, too late.
I'm almost done.
We can have dinner
and we'll save some
for my dad when he gets home.
So, have you
solved your mystery?
Was it Monica that was
leaking stuff that hurt
Dad's company?
It appears so.
That's kind of harsh,
even for Monica.
Can you set the table?
I'll call you when it's ready.
Lily: What are you doing?
checking the weather.
There's a thunderstorm warning
and I'm worried
about your dad driving in it.
Well, dinner's ready.
Sarah: This looks good.
Have you made it before?
The first time.
But don't worry,
I followed Mrs. Gibbs' recipe.
Go on.
I'm sure it's wonderful,
but, you know,
I'm not feeling all that well.
Just one bite.
See if you like it.
It's the pregnancy.
Certain things kind of
set me off.
- Sorry about that.
- What?
I'm just sorry
that I wasn't as excited
about you having a baby.
Just hard for me to think
of sharing my dad... with anyone.
It's okay.
I understand the doubts
and fears you've had.
I've been through it.
You don't understand, Sarah.
You don't know me.
You're just trying to take
my dad away from me.
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- Sarah.
I'm just sitting here with Lily.
Paul: Hey, hon, look,
I only have a minute.
The good news is I think we're
able to save the company.
But I'm going to be hung up
here for the next few hours.
I could bring Lily there
and we could wait for you.
In this storm?
No, no, no.
You guys stay put.
I'm just glad you're
there with her.
Um... look, I'll just give you
a buzz when I'm on my way.
What did my dad say?
He's on his way home.
Then why did you say
we'd go there and wait for him?
It's like you're scared to eat.
Why is that?
You saw Rebecca's crazy
sister, didn't you?
She told me about the poison.
You lied to me.
You said you were looking
into what Monica was doing,
but you were really
looking at me.
your father told me
you're great at computers.
You could easily
break into my laptop.
You're going to tell
my dad a bunch of lies
so he can send me away.
You spiked my drink
at the party that night.
You had access
to your father's files.
You knew who to send
the leaks to.
You poisoned me, Sarah.
You sent me to the hospital.
You sent yourself
to the hospital.
You tried to kill me.
Don't hurt me now.
you need to realize
what you've been doing.
You let your stepsister drown.
Now you want me out of the way.
We need to get you help.
Stay away from me.
[thunder crash!]
Lily, stay right there.
I'll get a flashlight.
[thunder crashes]
[thunder crashes]
[music, sound of rushing water]
[roar of rushing water]
Lily: Stay away from me!
Sarah: Lily, come back here!
Lily: Don't come any closer.
Lily, come back!
It's not safe out there!
[Lily screams]
Lily: QUICK!
[roar of water]
- I CAN'T!
[Sarah screams]
[gasps, cries of exertion]
Sarah: UH! OH!
I didn't think
you were able to swim.
You should have
stayed away, Sarah.
Why did you have to come back?
You should have stayed
away the first time.
Lily, I have your diary.
It's all there, what you did.
What you did to Rebecca.
Lily: The poison
should have killed her.
I had to go further
to finish the job.
Like I'm going to do now.
[Lily screams!]
[stretcher wheels rattle]
After your daughter's been
attended to at the hospital,
we'll be taking
her into custody.
Um... oh, there's a diary,
and her computer
should be checked.
Do we have your permission
to search the house, sir?
I'm so sorry.
Doctor: Now, from what
we've been able to observe
she's been making
steady progress.
No recent behavioural problems
like the incidences we had
when she first arrived.
And with the new medication
and cognitive therapy,
she's responding well,
and her anxiety levels
are really quite good.
There she is.
Paul: Oh...
Sarah: I'll wait here.
Uh... no, please, just...
just come in with me.
- Okay.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Hey, that's good.
you do like it in here.
That right?
I look at it like
if it was summer camp.
I hated that, too.
Okay, well, um...
Is there anything
I can bring you, or...?
Well, it's a new year.
I'd like to start a new diary.
I'll ask the doctors
and see if they allow that.
Look, honey, we have to go,
But I'll see you next week.
I'm sorry for what
I did to you, Sarah.
You didn't deserve it.
I just... I can't believe
that I was so blind for so long.
And I'm really sorry
I doubted you.
Look, Sarah, I honestly
don't think that I could get
through any of this without you.
Come on, we're going to be
late for our next appointment.
You know, I'm a little nervous
Yeah, me too, but the doctor
said everything's going
to be okay.
Look, he has a hockey helmet on.
What's that?