Perfect Days (2023) Movie Script

Translator: Dimas Daffa Yanuardi aka EveryAgent A Member of IDFL SubsCrew
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Sorry, there was traffic jam.
I hate the morning shift.
There was always vomit everywhere.
Like the other day at Nanago Dori Park... Hatagaya.
It was truly terrible.
There is someone who has been out for a long time.
The horror level is 8 out of 10!
Are you listening to me?
No need to bother, Mr. Hiyarama. It'll get dirty again later.
What is it?
Are you here with your mother?
Everything will be fine.
Mom is looking for you!
Where are you from?
Mom is looking for you everywhere!
Didn't Mom say not to go too far?
Mom is looking all over the park.
I'm sorry Mom, dear.
Now he was crying too.
I'm sorry mom.
Now it's fine.
How does this work?
Thank you very much.
Hello, welcome.
Welcome back!
For your hard work!
Yes! He hit the ball!
He's in, right?
He's in! Did you see?
Hey, what are you doing?
Playing bets? Where's the fun?
Kat-chan! Back off!
Always respect other people's sports teams or religions. High five!
Now go away. All right.
They cheated.
They steal great players from other teams.
Good grief!
Aya! You come!
What a surprise! The rating is 10 out of 10!
Wait a moment! This is the last place.
I'm about to finish!
Turns out you can work fast.
There's a girl waiting for me. I'm done for today.
Come on!
Mr Hiyarama, may I borrow your car?
I can't miss this opportunity tonight. Mr. Hiyarama, please!
I beg you.
Come on, please.
This is Mr. Hiyarama, my senior at work.
Hard worker, but very quiet.
I don't even know what it sounds like.
Mr. Hiyarama, this is Aya.
Definitely a 10 out of 10!
Stop saying that.
Can this be done?
Pak Hiyarama..
I like the sound.
Very common name.
Pak Hiyarama,... you really like this job?
You have your own equipment and tools.
How can you work so hard at a job like this?
You don't have to answer it.
I'm just curious.
This person is strange.
The scale is oddly 9 out of 10.
I like the sound of cassette recordings.
Yes! The cassette sounds great!
This is my first time listening to it.
The first time is always good!
Drop me off there.
Aren't we on a date?
I have an extra shift at the bar.
If you come, I'll be with you all night.
I'm still waiting for my salary.
Mr. Hiyarama, this is very important to me.
People can't fall in love without money.
What happened to this world?
Is this the modern era?
What is the price for this?
Don't you want to know?
I'm just curious!
Analog is back in trend. All of this may be of great value.
I'm really just curious! I know a suitable place in Shimokita.
I didn't go there.
It only takes less than 30 minutes.
It should be here...
Here, that's the sign.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, how much is the selling price for this?
This one is rare, it's Lou Reed.
For this, 12 thousand yen.
For this 8000. / Really?
Where did you get these tapes?
They belong to my seniors.
This one is 4000 yen.
This one can be sold for 6000. You can make a lot of money from all this.
This is my estimate.
My goodness!
Extraordinary! Mr. Hiyarama, let's sell all of this!
We accept everything. Cassettes are trending.
Especially cassettes from the 70s and 80s.
We have to sell it, your entire collection.
Twelve thousand just for this tape!
Now is the perfect time!
OK, just one. We'll just sell one.
Then I can go to the bar to meet Aya. This is a very important night for me.
This is a very important night for me!
If I miss this opportunity...
No love life if we're broke? Is that so?
Thank you very much!
You saved me! I go first!
You're the best, Mr. Hiyarama!
Thank you for coming.
Until found.
Thank You!
Pak Hiyarama..
I don't think it's possible for me to be with Aya. Chances are 2 out of 10.
But that doesn't mean I give up.
Pak Hiyarama..
You're not married yet, right?
Alone at your age..
Don't you ever feel lonely?
It's you!
We haven't seen each other for a long time. / Takashi!
How are you?
I am looking for you.
Very? / Yes.
Mr. Hiyarama, this is Dera-chan, my good friend.
As you can see, he likes my ears.
Every time he meets me, he holds it.
He always finds me. 10 out of 10.
Dera-chan likes my ears,...
...and I'm just the accessory, right?
Yes. / Isn't it?
I want to return this.
Here he is.
Can I listen to it again?
Thank You.
Did Takashi tell you something?
For your hard work!
Thank You.
Aya Koda should be more famous.
He uses common word choices, but is still special.
Good evening, Mr. Hiyarama.
The usual message?
What are you reading now?
Aya Koda "Pohon".
The essay?
Have you read it?
You're very educated.
No, I don't think so.
Here's your potato salad...
...and here's to a long day.
Mom, we didn't get the appetizer.
I'm sure I have.
We never got that much.
That is not true. We're all equal here, right?
I had to look up the word "equality" in the dictionary.
Women don't like talkative men.
Have you always had wrinkles here?
No, the only one. There.
Mama, do you have fried tofu?
No, it's finished. I'll make it later if you buy it.
His wife left him, you know.
How could he be so cheerful?
Are you talking about me?
There isn't any.
How can you be cheerful when your wife left you?
That is easy. Finally I can live alone again without burdens.
It makes all men happy.
It's a relief to be able to get rid of fussy women.
You pretend to be strong.
Soon you will confide in Mama how lonely you are.
Just boring stories.
Want another drink?
Why can't everything stay the same?
Sing us that song.
Our favorite.
Oh yes!
But Mr. Hiyarama had just arrived.
Don't disappoint us. / Please!
Well, that's it.
Come on.
Since you've already got the guitar out... Come on.
This is a beautiful song.
I got to the place
in New Orleans
to a place called a brothel
"House of the Rising Sun"
The man I love
he didn't come back.
That's when I left
your homeland.
I got on the train,
and in a matter of seconds...
And two lemonades!
You've arrived, just wait a moment!
For your hard work!
Where are you from?
I've been waiting for you for a long time.
Which door is your house?
Upstairs or downstairs?
You're big!
Uncle,...'re going to work?
can i come along
Uncle should let me come along.
I don't know what I would do if I was alone.
Enter from the next door.
Would you like coffee?
The same as me?
Thank You.
Do you want to set it? / Yes.
No, no.
This side.
Like this? / Yes.
The tape is on this side.
What is Sky Tree tower?
Oh, benar.
So, this is a cassette?
From ancient times?
From ancient times.
Can I play this on my iPhone?
What is it written?
Van Morrison.
Is this on Spotify?
Uncle doesn't know.
Where's that?
That shop.
It's not a shop.
Ah, that!
You mean this? My camera is quite old.
How could that be?
You do not remember?
You gave it to me, Uncle.
Oh yes. / Lie.
You don't remember, do you?
Is the tree your friend?
Is it true?
You are right.
This is my friend.. Tree.
can i borrow this book
Which one?
"Eleven Short Stories."
Of course.
This boy, Victor, from the tale "The Polam Turtle"...
He's like me.
I understand what he is going through.
can i help
Thank You.
Uncle, why don't you and mother get along?
He told you that?
Every time I talk about you...
...he changed the topic.
Did you quarrel with your mother?
Something like that.
Do you always run away from home?
This is my first time.
It was always my plan to stay with Uncle.
What does that mean?
Thank You. Am I coming here?
See you in 10 minutes. / That's too short.
Then 20 minutes.
Yes. I understand.
Yes, good.
Are you hungry?
Then we'll have lunch. / Hooray!
Put the towel here. / Thank You.
Uncle and mother are nothing alike.
You mean?
He said Uncle and we live in different worlds.
That's probably true.
Is it true?
This world consists of many different worlds.
Some are related and some are not.
My world...
...and your mother's world is very different.
What about my world?
Where in the world am I?
This river flows into the ocean?
Yes, to the ocean.
Are you going there?
Next time.
When is it?
Next time, next time.
When exactly?
Next time, next time.
Now yes now.
Next time, next time.
Now yes now.
Next time, next time.
Now yes now.
Next time, next time.
Now yes now.
Long time no see.
So you live here?
I don't mean anything bad. Niko, get your things.
Don't want to! / That's not an option.
Hurry up.
Come visit whenever you want.
I haven't even finished reading your book.
Just bring it.
I will be like Victor.
Do not say like that. / Niko!
Here's to your trouble.
Your favorite chocolate.
He is a good child.
I'm not sure about that.
Our father...
...he doesn't recognize anything anymore.
Are you going to visit him at the nursing home?
He will never be the same.
Is it true that you work cleaning toilets?
Thank You.
Hello, this is Takashi.
This is Takashi, hello?
I hear you.
Mr. Hiyarama, you have been kind to me. I really appreciate it.
The rating is 9 out of 10!
That's why it's hard for me to say this, but I resign.
I will immediately reimburse you.
Wait, what about your sif?
We can't find a replacement anytime soon.
No replacement? What should I do?
You have to fill the shift today.
what can Sorry, I'll be brief.
Excuse me!
Are you new? / I'm about to finish.
What is it?
Where's Takashi?
I've called three times. Why isn't anyone picking up?
I'm just doing it for today.
Find someone, okay?
I'm Sato. I was told to come here immediately...
...and took over the shift from the previous employee.
Should I start there?
Hello / Hello.
Do you remember what this used to be?
That means we are old.
Patricia Highsmith knows all about anxiety.
He showed me that fear and anxiety are different things.
What's wrong with you?
You know..
can i come in
Come in.
Packed cigarettes and plastic.
Can I have one?
I haven't smoked for a long time.
Did you see us at the bar earlier?
It seems like you always go there.
It's been five or six years since the place opened.
So it turns out.
It's a beautiful place.
I'm her ex-husband.
I understand.
It's been about seven years since we divorced.
I've remarried.
It's been seven years since I last saw him.
I have cancer.
The cancer has spread.
My body was swollen from chemotherapy.
Then I...
...suddenly felt that I owed him an apology.
Nothing bad happened.
Maybe not an apology.
I want to thank him.
No, it's not about that either.
I just want to see him, that's all.
Do you want a drink?
I still have one more.
In that case,...
...I'll take one.
Please take care of her.
No, we don't have that kind of relationship. / I'm counting on you.
We don't have a relationship like that.
Do they get darker when overwritten?
Who knows.
There are so many things I don't understand.
That's how life ends.
I think so.
Let's find out now.
Stand there.
What do you see?
Looks the same.
Isn't it darker?
Probably not.
That looks darker to me.
I don't see the difference.
Here, look!
The shade needs to be darker to make sense!
You're so persistent.
Still no changes?
Just forget it.
I agree.
Want to play with shadows?
I'm the one chasing.
I start.
Are you okay? / This is difficult.
Now I'm the one chasing.
Are you sure? Ready? / I start.
Got it!
Very difficult.
This is tiring. Got it!
That's close. I stepped on you. / Is it true?
Translator: Dimas Daffa Yanuardi aka EveryAgent A Member of IDFL SubsCrew
Thank you to the donors: - Gendhutz, Indra Adi, Buyung Asmara Qondhi, King Mickey -