Perfect Harmony (2022) Movie Script

Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack!
Jack! Jack! Jack! Jack!
I'm here for you!
Come on!
Can you?
Come on!
I cannot believe that
was 10 years ago.
Well, the quality of that
video tells the tale.
Where is Simon?
Don't worry. He'll be here.
He wouldn't miss this.
Miss what?
Can I get you
something to drink?
We'll have some
champagne, please.
Ooh, special night?
Four glasses, please.
Why four glasses?
Sorry we're late.
It's nice to see you, Jack.
Always a pleasure, Barrett.
I haven't seen you
since Naomi and Simon's
first annual game night.
How's your junk shop?
It's a guitar repair shop.
And how are your 12 cats?
My two cats are great.
Thank you for asking.
Okay. I guess we should order.
Great idea, and we
need some menus.
- Yeah.
- Um...
Jack Chandeller?
I am a huge fan.
Pardon me.
This'll just take a second.
Uh, well, thank you, um...
Trisha. I just...
I love your music.
Oh, well, thanks for saying
that, because you know,
some people argue that my music
doesn't connect with
the younger crowd.
Oh, no! That's not true at all.
My mom turned me on
to your music
when I was literally
just a baby.
Noted. Babies love Jack
Chandeller's music.
Yeah. I sing your
stuff to my little boy
- all the time.
- Well...
That's really sweet. Thank you.
Well, please,
tell your entire family
that I really appreciate
their support.
Yeah. Nice to meet you.
Okay. Well, uh,
you may have guessed
that we invited you here
tonight to ask you something.
Jack, Barrett,
would you be our best man
and our maid of honor?
- Oh, sure. I'd love to.
- Yes!
That's amazing. You
two will look so great
walking down the aisle together.
Whew! I was nervous.
What? You thought
we wouldn't say yes?
To our best friends?
I can't wait.
To share this exact
moment with Jack.
- What could be better?
- Well, you know,
we wanted to ask you at the
same time since you'll be
working together.
Okay. I knew we should've
asked them separately.
No. No, no, no. They need to
learn how to get along.
- We get along!
- Ish.
I mean, I've always
done my part.
I remember being
very accommodating
that night we first
met at the Balladeer.
This music's not for me,
but I totally respect
everyone who likes it.
Um, excuse me.
Hi! I'm Naomi,
and this is my best
friend, Barrett.
I won the radio
contest to meet you.
Oh. Oh. Oh, yeah.
Um, hey, uh, producer guy.
Could you entertain
these people?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Did I detect a hint of
a Vermont accent?
I was born in Burlington,
but I left when I was 10.
Excuse me, Jack?
I feel really silly asking this,
but is there
anything else to eat?
I'm actually allergic
to a lot of this.
Allergic? To... vegetables?
That's... That's okay. I...
I can find something later.
I'm sure there are a lot of
places open at 1:00am.
Your memory is terrible.
That's not how it went down.
Please? Can we just
stay for five minutes?
Ugh. Fine.
I mean, what is time after
I've already wasted three hours
listening to repetitive
pop music foisted upon us
by a shallow musician?
Hey. I'm Jack,
aforementioned shallow musician.
You're so funny.
Isn't he so funny, Barrett?
- He's hilarious.
- Uh, hi. I'm Naomi,
and this is my best
friend, Barrett.
I won the radio
contest to meet you.
Oh, congratulations!
I've been looking forward
to meeting you all day.
Simon, they're here!
Did I detect a hint of
a Vermont accent?
Uh, yes. How did you know?
I lived there
for, like, three years.
Oh. Crudit. How jejune.
Is there some other kind of
food or refreshment you'd like?
I'd be happy to put in an
order with the caterer.
Does your caterer have
deviled quail eggs,
salmon mousse, or beet chips?
Um, he has three different
flavors of hummus.
No. This... dip
will be adequate.
Oh, that's rich.
What part of that
was inaccurate?
- All of it.
- Mm-hmm.
We have another
surprise for you.
We have moved the engagement
party up to this weekend.
And the wedding to next month.
- So soon?
- Hey, when you're in love,
- there's no time to waste.
- Simon had this amazing idea
for us to get married
at the Balladeer.
Yeah, and they had an
opening for the exact date
that we met 10 years ago.
Okay. How can I help?
Oh, no. I don't
want you to worry.
You can put the notebook away.
The notebook was made for this.
The notebook thrives...
Nay, lives for a challenge.
We will focus on the
engagement party first,
- and it will be perfect.
- Perfection is overrated.
Perfection is correctly
rated. It's perfect.
Spontaneity is
the spice of life.
We'll just have it
in my backyard.
Just show up. It'll be fun.
Are you saying that I am all
the fun this party needs?
I agree, and it's nice to
hear you admit that.
And we
need music, but don't worry.
I know just the right sound.
Leave it to me. This party
is not going to be
great with just music.
Unless you're a famous musician.
I know you're poking fun,
but you actually sound
pretty good singing my song.
Okay, then. Um, to this weekend.
To this weekend.
This weekend.
Remember, we're
focusing on the winners
of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.
Surprise me with your
choices, you guys.
- Uh, Professor Woodward?
- Yeah?
How do you suggest
that we choose?
Uh, sample some work
from each of the winners,
and when you find the one
whose words you connect with,
you will feel it in your soul.
You sound like my dad
when he talks about music.
Yes. I just had
a very lively discussion
with your dad about his songs.
I'm looking forward to seeing
what you come up with.
Thanks, Professor.
Hey! I thought I was meeting you
in the department lounge.
Professor Cox is holding court,
going on and on about
Instagram poets.
It's very "Old man
yells at sky."
Roger that.
So, how was dinner
with Naomi and Simon?
It was... great.
I'm sensing there's a "but."
They've moved
their engagement party up
- to this weekend...
- Ooh.
And their wedding
to next month.
Jack was, of course,
very supportive,
saying things like "Why wait?"
And "Spontaneity
is the spice of life"
and "I urge you to do
this really risky thing"
even though I have no
emotional or financial stake
- "in it whatsoever."
- Mm-hmm.
So, I offered to help
out with the party,
and Jack...
Well, you know how men
can only manage
to bring soda and
chips to a potluck?
Hashtag not all men or whatever.
Well, Jack can only manage
finding the band for the party.
Well, it is his
area of expertise.
And finding caterers with
literal last-minute availability
is mine?
Well, it actually is. Anyway...
Can you believe that
Jack actually accused me
of being a snob
when we first met?
He claimed I used the
word "jejune."
When... when have I
ever said that?
I've heard you say "soupon,"
but never "jejune."
Exactly. I'm a Francophile,
not a monster.
And then we got into
this argument about pop music,
Jack's in particular.
I used to dance in my
room to his songs.
Well, I just know
when I get over there,
Jack's going to be...
- What?
- You have said his name, like,
15 times and Naomi
and Simon's
I said "they." I was
just trying to give you
a thorough recapping of
the weekend's events.
And he's shallow.
She's actually
stopping by this house
to see if it meets her approval.
Undoubtedly, she'll try to
enlist me in some kind of a job,
like cataloging each
of the guests' feelings
in perfect calligraphy.
And maybe you're
thinking, "But Dad",
you don't know calligraphy,"
and you'd be right.
But I will, after she forces me
to take an all-day course
in a hotel ballroom.
Hey, you'd better
not torpedo my grade.
I just think they should elope,
but Barrett kee...
Professor Woodward... I'm sorry...
Thinks everything has
to be perfectly planned
to the nth degree.
Can you believe that she claimed
that I made fun
of her food allergy?
I saw the face
you made last year
when that guy claimed he
was allergic to water.
We were at the beach!
Look. Our philosophies are
just completely at odds.
Let people live,
right? Be impulsive!
But that's a
word she never uses.
It's not fancy enough.
Everything in this
conversation comes back
- to Professor Woodward.
- I just want you to be aware
who's educating you.
Plus, she's a snob.
I'm staying out of this.
Welcome to our humble abode.
I appreciate you letting
me invade your space.
Anything for our friends.
May I look around?
Okay. So, we can set up
the serving stations
right here.
Let me see.
Are you, um, taking photos
so you can build a miniature
replica for your plans?
Why didn't I think of that?
No. I'm using an app to
get the measurements.
Okay. So, do you have a stage
somewhere in storage
we could use to set up?
A stage?
A riser, perhaps?
Why would I own a stage?
I thought all musicians
live to perform.
My last performance
was the night we met,
and I am quite satisfied
to leave it at that.
I mean, I... I
get admiring yourself,
but don't you think this
is a bit much?
It's a good photo.
It's a great photo, but it's
of you and no one else,
and it's the centerpiece
of your living room.
Somebody's got to put
the "vain" in "vainglorious."
Favorite award I ever got.
So, what can I do to help?
Just make sure Simon
gets here on time.
Oh, um, we'll be here.
You guys, you wanted to know
where the sign book is.
It's right around here
to the right. That table.
Teddy! Do you know
where your dad is?
Uh, no. Sorry.
Hey. What have I missed?
- This...
- Hi, Barrett.
Hi. This your house!
How are you late?
Late? I'm early.
Dinner's not for
five more minutes.
Oh, my...
The place.
Great job.
Thank you.
Hi, everyone!
Uh, don't worry. We promise not
to give a long speech.
No, no, no, no. We'll
save that for the wedding
and for our best man
and maid of honor.
Let's give it up for them!
I bet you're on, what,
the fifth draft of that speech?
There's nothing wrong with
being prepared.
I might have written down
a few thoughts in my notebook.
Ah, yes. The notebook.
And I suppose you're
just going to get up there
- and wing it.
- Just like I did every night
on tour. Off the cuff beats
prepared any day of the week.
Thank you so much for
being here tonight.
It means the world to us.
Yeah. It is great to be here
with our friends and our family.
To all of you. Cheers.
So, where is this
great band you hired?
That's funny.
What's funny?
Me hiring a band.
I didn't hire a band.
But you said you
knew just the right sound.
Well, yeah. It...
What's wrong with a playlist?
A playlist is something you have
in the background of
a casual party,
not the tastefully elegant party
of your best
friends' engagement!
What are we going to do?
I have a live musician right
in front of me.
Uh-uh. I am through performing.
Okay. What am I going to do?
I promised Naomi I would
handle everything.
This is definitely not handled.
I can't be stressing her out
- at her own engagement party.
- It's going to be okay!
- It's...
- Just stay calm.
How can I be calm when everyone
is expecting live music
at the party of a couple who's
obsessed with live music?
I'll go up there.
Under one condition.
Hi, everybody!
I'm Barrett, the maid of honor,
and I just wanted to
thank you all
for coming out here tonight
to celebrate the engagement
of our beautiful friends.
Naomi and Simon met for a
few fleeting moments
backstage at a Jack Chandeller
concert 10 years ago.
- Oh!
- It was fate
and a mutual desire
for a hot bowl of ramen
on a cold night
that brought them back
together five years later.
It was true love.
It was forever.
Now, they first met
because of music,
so we figured tonight
should honor that.
So the maid of honor and I
have a little surprise for you.
- No way.
- This can't be happening.
Uh, I think he's a little shy,
so why don't we give him a
little encouragement?
It's been a while.
Uh, not so fast.
Barrett, come back.
She's right. It has been
awhile, as she said,
so the maid of honor is going
to join me on this song
to help bring
me out of my shell.
They don't want to hear
me. They love you.
Of course they want to...
Don't you want to hear her?
- Yeah!
- Yes.
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
You're going to regret this.
Yeah. Can't wait.
Hope you know this one.
Wow! Whoo!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
Where did that come from?
That was impressive.
Ah, years and years under the
thumb of Sister Pilar,
a very demanding
but fair choir director.
You should sing more. I mean,
besides making fun
in restaurants.
Well, you weren't so
bad yourself.
You should think
about un-retiring.
Oh, my goodness. That
was amazing.
I haven't seen you have that
much fun on stage since...
It's been a while. Yeah.
Yeah. You know what?
It doesn't need to be so long
until your next performance.
Simon and I would like
you, both of you,
to perform together
at our wedding.
- What?
- What? I... I can't.
- He won't. We shan't.
- You must.
This will be your
wedding present to us.
I mean, what better gift than to
have our two best friends
sing a song at our wedding?
I don't think this
is a good idea.
No. I think
it's a very good idea.
You know, ever since
we started dating,
Simon and I have had to choose
between going out together
- as a foursome...
- And watching you two
argue all night.
Or picking one of
you to hang out with.
Yeah. We'd... We'd be
so happy if, for the wedding,
you just let bygones be
bygones and give us this gift.
I knew you couldn't say no.
Alright. We need to go mingle
with the rest of our
guests, but we can
sort out the details later.
Love you.
We both had a chance
to sleep on it and think
about it, and... I don't
know about this dress.
Anyway, the idea of Jack and I
performing together is... It's...
Barrett's going to demand to
practice incessantly,
effectively killing anything
that made it special.
And we'll need to practice,
practice, practice,
and he will refuse to rehearse.
And he'll go into some
nostalgic anecdote
about his performing days
and the importance
of spontaneity.
It worked because it
was spontaneous
and because we didn't have
to spend much time together.
Not in the gown.
Look. All we are asking is
that you give it a shot.
For once.
Please, I'm... I'm begging you.
Has it been that bad?
Yes! We've had to split
our lives into two.
Now, we love both of you, and
that's why we've tolerated this
for so long. Thank you.
Listen. I got to tell you, the
night Naomi and I met,
I... I should've asked her for
her number right then and there,
but no, no, no, no, I let my
worry for how we'd all get along
convince me not to. And
I take full responsibility
for that, but I thought
you should know.
Well, you don't have
to worry about that anymore.
It's all in the past.
Jack and I will be
thrilled to work together.
Thank you.
So, terrible, right?
That's got to go.
Yeah. That's what I thought.
So, Barrett was just telling me
that she's very
excited to start.
Oh, that's amazing, because
Jack was just suggesting
his guitar shop as a
rehearsal space.
Maybe I can come to your shop
tomorrow after my class!
Dibs on the band name.
Is that what you're wearing?
When did you get better
than your old man?
Knock, knock. Well, if
it isn't my favorite client.
- Hey, Malcolm.
- Hey, Teddy!
What brings you in, Malcolm?
You, performing again.
I think you're mistaken.
Well, someone recorded
your performance,
and it went viral.
Ah, I... I think
"viral" is a bit of a stretch.
- You knew about this?
- I was hoping by ignoring this,
- it would go away.
- Listen. My wheels are turning.
Now, everyone loves, uh,
nostalgia tours
and album reissues.
Just think about how
happy it'll make your fans.
And your bank account.
And your manager.
- Former manager.
- Aw.
And give the wheels a rest.
Aw. Come on. Teddy, help me out.
You have some fond memories
of your dad up there
on stage, right?
Memories of being embarrassed.
Hey, watch out. I might
get the skinny jeans
- out of the closet.
- Ugh! Oh, you promised me
you donated those.
Thanks for the inquiry,
but I am solidly retired.
Okay. Well, you know I
had to try, right?
Good to see you, Malcolm.
Excuse me.
If it isn't Teddy's teacher.
Teddy's professor.
Toe-may-toe, toe-ma-toe.
I got to go. Worlds colliding.
Hey, don't forget to take the
chicken out of the freezer.
And don't forget to read
those Lucille Clifton poems.
Has he read "wishes for sons"?
You know her work?
Hey, I'm just a
shallow musician.
I'm impressed.
Hey, did you know
there's a viral video
of us playing at the party?
That was my old manager.
He came in just to tell me.
And he didn't recognize me?
So, what is the game plan?
Wing it.
Why am I not surprised?
I went through countless blogs,
and I picked out
the most popular wedding music.
You wrote a set list.
Thank you.
What... What...
A set list should
never be set in stone.
You pick up the
vibe of the crowd,
and then you take
your cues from them.
What vibe am I
giving off right now?
You probably got it written
in triplicate anyway.
It's on my phone,
tablet, and the cloud,
but that's beside the point.
I worked really hard
on that! And if we're going
to work together, we have to
be open to each other's ideas.
You're right. I apologize.
I'm... used to being a solo act.
I'm a professor,
and I use lesson plans.
Are you going to treat
me like one of your students?
Like you could handle one
of my assignments.
Give me a shot.
I have an idea.
Yeah? What is it?
I'll leave you wanting more.
Isn't that what
great performers do?
Here is a flyer that
lists all the vendors.
Each one has
its own tasting menu.
So, Barrett, why
don't you and Jack
take all the ones on the
right? And Simon and I
can take the ones on the left.
Uh, you sure you don't want
to taste-test with
your best bud?
Ooh, I did consider that,
but our palates are too similar.
- Nice try.
- I had to give it a shot.
Alright. Let's
divide and conquer.
- Okay.
- Have fun.
So, what if we sing
one of my songs?
Which one's your favorite?
You're assuming I
know more than one.
I saw you singing
along at the concert.
That was 10 years ago.
How did you...
Hey, so you admit it.
Oh, I think I
was just being, uh...
Following Naomi's
lead, you know,
being a supportive friend.
Mm, how about we sing "The
Best Gal I Know"?
I wrote that about my dog Mitzi.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
When I, um,
first started touring,
Jeannie's career was
really taking off,
so she couldn't tour
with me, and I was lonely
on the road.
She got the dog to
keep me company.
Mitzi and I, we had
some great tours.
Aw. I never would have
guessed such a heartfelt song
was about a dog.
Oh, so now, my lyrics
are heartfelt?
Oh. Did I say that?
I think, um, I heard
Naomi say that.
- Your outlet was songwriting.
- Mm-hmm.
Mine was poetry.
My parents thought my
sisters and me
should behave a certain way.
I wanted to rebel,
and the only way I could think
of doing that at the time
was writing dramatic poetry
about a girl who
was being stifled.
Ah, let me guess. Your
parents didn't catch on.
They were clueless,
and they were not
impressed by the poems.
It sounds like your wife
inspired a lot of your songs.
Oh, every single one.
Except for "Ooh Wee Ooh."
That song doesn't have
lyrics. It has mouth sounds.
I mean, don't get me wrong. It's
a great moment in the concert
when everyone joins
in, you're singing it live,
but it's completely devoid
of meaning.
You know, this is really
my favorite, I think.
It's the spiciest but
not too bad.
So, when are you
going to reveal your big idea?
Okay. Top effort.
A! A for effort.
Oh, yeah, These people are
going to be a great audience.
I'm already feeling their vibes.
Karaoke is low stakes, and
it's a great way to ease in.
Low stakes? The
best performances
are when you're
really under pressure.
Jack! Long time no see!
Heather! Yeah.
It's been too long.
It has. You look great!
So do you. What have
you been up to?
Mm, work, life,
like everyone else.
But I moved across town,
and I thought of you
as I was unpacking
my autographed copy of
Jeannie's coffee table book.
Oh, gosh. She was so proud.
Um, when her cancer came back,
she wanted to compile
a retrospective
of all her photography.
You know, before...
Oh. That's wonderful.
Oh, um, Heather, this is
my friend Barrett.
Barrett, this is Heather,
a very loyal fan.
A bunch of us used to follow
Jack all around on tour.
So, did you guys
have a fun nickname?
A nickname?
Yeah, like Grateful Dead
has Deadheads.
Phish has Phish Phans.
It's "fans" with a PH.
It... it makes sense when you
see it written down.
Well, I'll let you get
back to your night.
Good to see you.
Why did you quit
touring if you had
beautiful women like that
following you around?
Well, you can't measure success
by how many gorgeous women
are hanging
around outside the venue.
I mean, Heather and
her friends were great,
but it turns out that
no number of fans
can replace what you lost.
I can't imagine what you and
Teddy have been going through.
How about I get us some drinks?
Barrett Woodward,
you're up next.
Oh. We haven't
chosen our song yet,
- and my partner's at the bar.
- We run a tight ship, ma'am.
They don't call me
Captain for nothing.
- But...
- It's now or not tonight.
Dealer's choice.
Your friend looks terrified.
Yeah! Nice!
Oh, man.
Oh. Oh. My side, it hurts.
I can't catch my breath!
I guess you had to be there.
I guess so.
It's great to see you two
getting along so well.
- Oh, I wouldn't go that far.
- Yeah.
- I mean, it's not like we...
- Finish...
- Each...
- Other's...
- Sentences.
- Sandwiches.
Come on. You got to admit,
we've had a few laughs.
And we haven't ended the night
complaining about each
other. At least I haven't.
- Yeah. Me, neither.
- Babe, did you ever,
in your wildest dreams,
think that maybe...
So we should celebrate.
Uh, excuse me.
Can we get another
round of mimosas on us?
Oh, hey!
You know what I was thinking?
Deviled quail eggs
are not pretentious?
I'm thinking you and I should
write a song for their wedding.
You would do that for us?
I mean, that would be perfect.
What makes you think I
can write a song?
You're a poet.
Okay. Aside from that?
Oh, I've read your poems!
They're wonderful! It
would be amazing
if other people
could read them, too.
I've tried that before.
Hey. You can do this.
We can do it together.
- Hey.
- So, what is the game plan?
Well, how do you, uh,
start writing
all that poetry that
you never show anybody?
My notebook. Or
rather notebooks.
There's more than one?
I have stacks, and
they are filled
with unfinished
thoughts, poems, lists.
Why unfinished?
I start thinking,
"What if nobody likes it?
What if I'm not good enough?"
And then I just move on
to something else.
There's always
somebody out there
who's going to like
what you have to say,
because there's always
somebody out there
who's feeling the same thing.
Trust me.
Plus, at least
you're brave enough
to dive into something new.
I hadn't thought of like that.
I guess I'm always just
focusing on my loose ends.
We're artists.
We can't be our
own worst critics, too.
There are plenty
of people out there
willing to do it for us.
Don't I know it.
So, let's see it, Professor.
Oh, is there something
in there about me?
Uh, yeah. I... I might
have written something about you
when I came home from your
concert starving.
I did not make fun
of your allergy.
Maybe I sighed a little more
loudly than I should have,
but that was a hard show.
I wasn't focused. I
knew it showed,
and it put me in a bad mood.
I... I did insult your music.
I misjudged it and you,
because I assumed what's
popular is simple.
I think we can agree that
we were both a little hasty
to judge the other.
I regret that we did.
Maybe we could've
become friends earlier.
Yeah, maybe.
Knock, knock.
Ah. Um, Professor Barrett
this is my
former manager, Malcolm.
You know I don't like to
think about my relationships
in the past tense.
It's nice to meet you, Barrett.
- Oh, what are you doing?
- Um...
We are writing a song together
for our friends' wedding.
Wait. You're starting
to write again?
Well, you know, starting
to write is easy,
but finishing something
is a different story.
Ah. Did you ever, uh, finish
writing that song about...
No. Nope. No, I didn't.
- Yep.
- Um, is there a reason
you came by again, Malcolm?
Yeah. I got a call
from Gilbert, who owns, uh...
Yeah. Sunset Village Sound.
Yeah. We made some
memories there, huh?
Anyway, he's got some free
studio time coming up.
You know how the label likes
to package a new song with
a greatest hits album.
We could record "Have
Me So." You always said it's
your favorite song that never
made it onto an album. Hmm?
- Tell Gilbert...
- Aw.
There are plenty of young,
hungry artists out there
just dying to record
at that place,
not this... old relic.
Are you sure?
There's still a fire in you.
I saw it in that
engagement party video.
Just, you know,
think about it, okay?
I actually forgot I have to do
some grading back on campus.
Um, I'm going
to head back there.
You want to walk me?
Okay. Let's go.
All of the flavors
are all natural.
The salted caramel Oreo cookie
dough swirl is to die for.
How can that be all natural?
- It is.
- Barrett.
- Meadow!
- I am so glad to see you.
Oh, my goodness.
Jack Chandeller!
Jack, my brothers and
sisters and I
used to dance around
to your music all the time.
Well, it's nice
to meet you... Willow?
Oh, Meadow. I work
with Barrett at the college.
So, why were
you happy to see me?
Oh, I need volunteers for
the poetry slam.
Hard pass.
We lowered the time limit
to 30 seconds.
I learned the hard way
that three minutes
is an really long time
when someone is just listing off
the ingredients of non-GMO foods
as a form of protest.
I... I am begging you.
Why don't you get up there?
You're a great poet.
How would you know?
Well, he doesn't
give praise readily.
Trust me.
I'll do it.
Do what?
Slam some poetry.
You... you just can't get up
there and make up words.
This is amazing. So, I know
I said that the time limit
is 30 seconds.
- Very funny!
- But if you wanted to take,
like, 32 seconds or
40 seconds...
Just clap no matter what.
Everybody, the name's Jack.
I'm new at this, so
go easy on me.
This is so exciting!
Stuck in my past.
Stuck in my ways.
So much to lose.
The music I thought
forever was gone
somehow returns.
Hearing the drums,
the sound of my heart
beats a rhythm toward you.
Sometimes a look
is more than you see.
Looking at you
searching deeper in me.
Is what you find real?
Is what I see true?
Do you see the future
when I look at you?
You think it's about you?
A cliffhanger.
Which way is he gonna choose?
That was really good.
Did you just improvise that?
Unreleased lyrics.
So, as always,
we will determine the winner
with a round of snaps.
So, if you would like
to vote for Wolf
and the political
implications of Frogger,
snap now.
And if you would like
to vote for Jack
and the beautiful woman
by his side.
In the poem! I mean in the poem.
Please snap now.
I don't know how you did it.
You just got up there
and performed
like it was nothing,
but it was everything.
I mean, those were
your thoughts and your words,
the most vulnerable
and personal things you have,
and you just
gave 'em away to be judged.
When you've won an award called.
"Dumbest Song of the Decade,"
and gotten record reviews
that beg you to quit,
you can't take it personally.
Well, what about when the people
who are supposed to be
on your side,
the people who matter
the most to you,
are the most critical?
So, your parents
didn't appreciate your poetry.
That says more about them
than it does you.
If you share your work,
and it comes from your heart,
somebody out there that reads it
is gonna connect with it
and they'll realize
they're not alone.
And that,
that makes all the criticism
and insults, well worth it.
Well, I've tried that before,
multiple times.
I just don't think I could
go through that again.
But you just did it.
At the engagement party.
Well, that's because
I had the Jack Chandeller
to share the spotlight.
You're tougher than you think.
You just need
to believe in yourself.
I do.
And that connection.
Once you feel it,
there's nothing like it.
I'm never out on a weeknight.
Is this what
they're really like?
You mean winning a poetry slam
and stuffing your face
with ice cream?
I almost forgot.
And do I display this somewhere,
or actually use them
to clip paper together?
Meadow likes prizes
to be useful.
You always carry
a guitar in your trunk?
Oh, um,
that started
when I was in college.
I wanted to always
have it with me
in case I ran into
this stunning woman on campus.
I could play it to impress her.
Did it work?
Have you met Teddy?
I just...
I never knew when she was
gonna wanna hear something.
You know, picnics,
road trips, chemo treatments.
I guess I just can't bear
to take it out for good.
Then that's where
it should stay.
You're a good man, Jack.
Thank you.
Good night, Jack.
Good night, professor.
Uh, am I in trouble?
Were you with Barrett?
That's Professor Woodward
to you.
And, yes, we went out
after helping Simon and Naomi
with some wedding planning.
And I won that.
It'll be more use to you
than me.
So, is this gonna be
a regular thing?
You and my professor
hangin' out?
Well, at least
until the wedding.
And after that...
I don't know.
Does that bother you?
You two gonna start a band?
All right.
Where's this coming from?
My worlds are mixing.
You guys are like oil and water.
And I am the, uh,
immiscible layer between.
We have some things that mix.
She's a poetry professor
who lectures
about symbolism all day.
Do you really think
she gets your music?
Well, not completely.
Do you really think
this is a good idea?
What's that?
Oh, you wouldn't be interested.
Maybe I would. What is it?
The department is soliciting
submissions for a new anthology.
Told ya. Not for you.
What are they watching?
We heard you brought
a blast from the past
to the slam last night.
Ah, I didn't realize
you hung out with
such talented artists.
Did you also hear
that Jack Chandeller
won the slam last night?
Ugh, right.
This song makes no sense.
Does he even write lyrics?
How hard is it
to string together some vowels?
Don't stoop to their level.
I'm not gonna say anything.
I've said the same thing
about him myself.
He does look ridiculous.
That song is nonsense.
His fans must be so pathetic.
I bet he just laughs at them
when collecting their money.
Jack Chandeller
does not laugh at his fans.
His music may not mean
anything to you or me,
but it means something
to a lot of people.
Have you even been
to one of his concerts?
No. Have you?
Yes, someone dragged me
to one once.
And everyone was having
the time of their lives.
Jack Chandeller has more fans,
more people
who connect with his work
than you ever will.
And you can't even
get the local bookstore
to display your collection.
You're both so jejune.
- Shall we go now?
- Yeah.
You guys looks so great.
I love your shirts.
Oops, excuse me. Excuse me.
Oh, I need something
to make noise.
Teddy, can you grab me a spoon?
They're in the kitchen.
Okay. Uh...
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
Jack and I wanna thank you guys
for coming to this joint
bachelor-bachelorette party.
The wedding is in two weeks
and I know how excited
we all are.
Jack's gonna be passing around
a scavenger hunt list.
So make sure each of you,
and, or, your partner gets one.
Each item on the list
has a significance
to our dear friends'
Oh, look at this one.
The first pair who finds
the most items in an hour wins.
And everything can be found
in this neighborhood.
So, grab your partner
and get out of here.
- All right, let's do this.
- Okay, let's go.
- Those two are amazing.
- Yeah.
- Aren't you gonna participate?
- Well, I planned the thing.
Wouldn't that be like cheating?
What, and deny yourself
the opportunity to scavenge?
You said it.
Go on. Get out of here.
Hey, you okay
to hold down the fort?
So, we can skip that one,
because the donut bar
is way too far.
You said skip everything
on this list.
I have not. Not everything.
What's next?
Uh, go to Melanie's
Sweet Tooth Bakery
and take a photo of you
and your partner
feeding each other cupcakes
wedding cake style.
Yeah, we can...
we can skip that one too.
Looks like
they beat us to it anyway.
Yeah, I... I think I assumed
that most of the partners
would be couples.
Emergency guitar repair?
Ah, Malcolm.
That guy doesn't give up,
does he?
Well, I guess that's why
he was such a great manager.
Well, it seems like
those nostalgia tours
could be lucrative.
You know when
it becomes about the money,
then it becomes a job.
You were right not to like
my music back then.
My heart wasn't in it.
That first year
after my wife died
I just wanted to work, work.
And I got Malcolm
to schedule a tour,
but as the dates went on,
I just got more and more
And I played like it.
I wanted them to cancel
the whole back end,
but, Simon and Malcolm
convinced me
to play that final,
hometown date.
The night we met.
Malcolm had to drag me on stage.
So I'm guessing it didn't help
that I called you emotionless
and boring that night?
I was wrong.
Thanks, but,
I shouldn't have been on
that stage that night.
How do you feel about
having to go back there
to perform at the wedding?
It doesn't hold
a lot of great memories.
I'm hoping to make
some new ones.
Sorry. Sorry I'm late.
That Chandeller boy
give you trouble?
Which one?
Whatcha reading?
Ah, I figured I should
study your namesake.
You were destined to be a poet.
Destined or doomed.
Your parents don't name you
after the writer
of some of the most famous
love poetry of the Victorian era
to become a mere doctor
or lawyer.
Or professor?
Is that why
you never pursued singing?
That's not a proper career
for a Woodward.
Oh, I don't know.
You're joking,
but Elizabeth Barrett Browning
had some real bangers.
So where did we leave off?
So, we were just about
to dig into the chorus
when you got hungry
and insisted we order
from that Salvadoran place.
I don't regret it either.
Those were some
darn good pupusas.
So, I took your advice
and I thought,
"What does the audience
want to hear?"
And I made a list
of wedding symbols.
Um, rings are pretty obvious.
And, arches, rebirth, et cetera.
If I love you,
I'm not gonna bury my feelings
in purple prose and metaphors.
I'll just tell you I love you.
I mean...
I don't mean I love you.
Of course not, you hate me.
You know what I mean.
And I've written
those songs too.
- Okay.
- I have.
That's beautiful.
Oh, wow.
I don't know about "beautiful."
Jack, I love it.
Uh, but I don't recognize it
as a Jack Chandeller original.
It's from deep in the vault.
Well, you should bring it out.
That deserves to be heard.
Oh, hey, hey!
Professor Woodward!
- Hey!
- Oh, and the guy from the video.
Come on!
My own students don't even
recognize me from the video?
I'm sorry if I embarrass you
at your place of employment.
I'm not embarrassed, but,
maybe we should
go back to my office
for some privacy.
Let me just throw this
back in the trunk.
Okay, well, we still haven't
settled anything.
- No.
- But I was thinking.
Malcolm mentioned
you have an unfinished song.
So, maybe we could
try working on that?
Ah, Professor Dodson.
Professor Woodward.
Are you Jack Chandeller?
Yes, this is
the Jack Chandeller.
Recipient of two
Grammy nominations,
an American Music Award,
an MTV Music Award...
I just wanna make sure
Professor Dodson knows
how accomplished you are.
I may be
a religious studies teacher,
but I know a lot about this man.
I also know how great
you two were in that video.
You recognized me?
Of course!
Look, I know you get this a lot,
but, um, I just wanted
to say thank you for your music.
Ah, well,
that's very kind of you.
Thank you.
I listened to
Ooh Wee Ooh non-stop
when my wife was getting
her chemo treatment,
and I know you wrote it
when your wife was going
through the same thing.
- How'd your wife do?
- Two years cancer free.
That's fantastic.
- Well, give her my best.
- I will.
- I will.
- It was nice meeting you.
And, thank you again.
- Oh, Jack!
- Hey, no.
No, it's fine, really.
Hey, it's fine.
- Really.
- It is not fine.
I was rude and dismissive.
I was a total jerk.
I had no idea that's
what the song was about.
- I just thought it was...
- Mouth sounds?
You're not alone.
"Ooh Wee Ooh" was just a noise
one of the machines made
in the hospital when Jeannie
was going through treatment.
And I started singing along
with it to make her laugh.
Well, make us both laugh.
Nobody listens to the verses.
Well, I am so glad that
I know now what it meant to you,
what it still means to you.
We've known each other
for a decade,
and I still don't know
so much about you.
What do you wanna know,
Well, I still wanna know
a lot more about your music.
Well, I've got
a pretty extensive catalogue.
It could take a while.
It's not a school night.
Well, afterwards,
do I get to finally see
what's in those notebooks?
Can be arranged.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
- Hey, I'll take those.
- Oh, thank you.
Come on in.
I'll put these
on the coffee table
and then we can work in here.
Sounds great.
- That's Jeannie's work.
- Yep, it is.
Yeah, the photos she took of me
really put people in the seats
early in my career,
and then she went on
to shoot big name artists
who sold out stadiums,
but, she always said
I was her favorite subject.
I'm sorry.
Don't. Don't apologize.
Again, I could've corrected you
and I didn't.
Plus, I'd venture to guess
not many people
have numerous giant
photos of themselves
hanging in their house.
- But it's art.
- It is.
'Cause she was really talented.
So, how do we do this?
So, you're going to take
the stamper, stamp the tag,
put a cookie in the bag,
and then I'll do the rest.
I take it you've been in
a lot of weddings.
I have the local mason jar
distributor on speed dial.
Well, why haven't you...
Don't finish asking the question
no woman of a certain age
wants to answer.
I dated in college.
Art majors,
fellow poets, songwriters.
All throughout my life,
the poems I would return to
were romantic, fiery, even.
I thought the artistic types
would be able to match
the kind of passion
I wanted, but, none did.
And I vowed
I would never settle for anyone
who didn't awaken that desire.
I mean,
I've dated a lot of nice guys,
but, no one
I couldn't live without.
Didn't you wanna have
some company once in a while?
Well, who says I haven't?
But I do enjoy my independence.
It seems like every week
I read some article
about some woman who's lived
to be 105 years old
and when the reporters ask her
what's her secret,
you know what she always says?
"Stay away from men."
What are you doing
hanging around with me?
I'm calculating
if you're worth the time
you're gonna take off my life.
Well, let me know
when you figure it out.
While I'm already asking
questions I shouldn't be asking,
how does one become
a professor of poetry
without sharing their writing?
I was finishing up
my PhD dissertation,
a poetry collection,
and I shared it with my mentor,
gave her a preview.
She hated it.
In no uncertain terms.
And she voted against
approving it.
Luckily, the other
members of the committee
disagreed with her.
Did you ever confront her?
I left university with my degree
and I never looked back.
It was, uh,
that week
of your farewell concert
that I had just had my meeting
with my advisor.
Naomi thought it would
cheer me up to bring me along.
I guess it didn't help
when I said that
you couldn't write if you tried.
- No, it didn't.
- Sorry.
But what that woman
said was 10 years ago,
and is one person's opinion.
My advisor's opinion.
The most important
and influential person
in my academic world.
Imagine if the person who had
encouraged and nurtured you
when you were starting out
as a songwriter told you,
during the most nerve-racking
moment of your life,
that you were a fraud,
that you didn't have
the talent to make it.
I would've been devastated,
and, may have even quit.
I did.
Or at least,
I stopped sharing my writing.
I decided I could focus on
teaching analysis,
and, anything I wrote
would be for myself,
and only myself.
And I promised I would
always encourage my students,
no matter their level of talent.
There's always room
for improvement.
Maybe it's time you show
yourself some of that grace
you give your students.
Well, when I got home
from the ice cream parlor,
I had your voice in my head.
And I started writing
something new.
Oh, what's it about?
- I can't tell you that.
- Oh, come on!
Maybe I can arrange
a private reading.
Well, I can't wait.
And, if I can publish something,
maybe you can schedule a concert
and finally give those
"Jack Addicts"
what they're looking for.
"Jack Addicts."
It's the only name I could
come up with for your fans.
Nothing rhymes or alliterates.
Uh, maybe.
These need ribbon curls.
How do we do that?
You don't know
how to curl ribbon?
Uh, where's your scissors?
Uh, top drawer of that desk
you walked by when you came in.
- Okay.
- I'll get some more tape.
All right.
He has a notebook.
Oh, hey, Teddy.
Hey. Hey!
Did I do something to upset you?
I saw you the other day
in the department lounge,
you and all the other professors
laughing at Dad's music video.
- Teddy, I'm sorry that you...
- No.
No, no, "sorry..."
Sorry is not enough.
When my mom died,
my dad protected me
from everything and everybody.
He did everything in his power
to just let me grieve,
let me be sad, confused, angry.
No one did that for him.
Now it's my turn to protect him.
I care about him.
Yeah, right.
I do. Hey!
And I don't want him
to get hurt either.
That's why I did defend him.
I told them
that they were wrong.
You did?
Yes, of course I did.
Guess I left too soon.
Well, it's good a thing you did,
'cause you don't need to see
your professors talking smack.
I mean, you're all poets.
How much smack can you talk?
Well, if you're asking
if it rhymed, then no,
but, I did insult
my fellow professors' book sales
and content.
I even managed
to work in the word "jejune"
for the first time.
Everything okay in here?
Yeah. Everything's okay.
You, uh, going to bed soon?
In a bit.
Just got a few more lines
of this poem to write.
Ah, for class?
Nah, just for me.
Feeling inspired.
Uh, Professor Woodward
turn you into a poet?
Uh, I really dig her class.
And her.
I'm glad.
Okay, get some sleep.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hi, Simon.
I've got the wedding favors
for you in the car
and I went ahead
and ordered an appetizer.
I hope that's okay.
And you like calamari, right?
Who doesn't?
So, hey, what were you watching
that you definitely
didn't want me to see
and are now
trying to distract me?
It's just, um, guitar
restoration videos on YouTube.
It's boring, nerdy stuff.
You wouldn't be
Yeah. Well, press play.
Come on!
You did have
some pretty sick moves.
I did, didn't I?
Okay, so, what's goin' on?
What's with all the nostalgia
all of a sudden?
Just lately I've been feeling
like something's missing.
Missing? Like what?
Like I wanna perform again.
Meadow, hey. What's up?
How is that new teacher's
assistant working out?
What are you writing that you
definitely don't want me to see
and are now asking
questions to distract me?
Are you writing a poem
for the anthology?
Oh, I already turned that in.
Barrett Woodward
publishes new work.
What has gotten into you?
Wait. Don't tell me.
Let me guess.
Oh, would you go have your fun
somewhere where other people
are not trying to write?
So what is this? Can I read it?
It's private.
Oh, here we go.
Another poem lost to the depths
of one of your notebooks.
Oh, it's not a poem.
It's a song.
A song?! The song?
Where's Jack?
I thought the two of you
were working on this together?
We are.
In a way.
I've got something
exciting to tell you.
Oh, hey.
I have something
exciting to tell you too.
You first.
Where'd you get that?
From the desk at your house
when you asked me
to go find the scissors.
I found your notebook.
And you said
you weren't a notebook guy.
So I took the lyrics
from your unfinished song
and I just started writing.
And usually I self-edit so much
when I'm writing my poems, but,
I just let it flow.
Go easy on me.
It's my first attempt.
Why'd you do that?
Because we've been having
such a difficult time
writing a song together
the traditional way.
I wanted to make a connection
with anyone who hears this song.
With you.
I have no interest
in going back to that.
This is a chance
to create something new.
I'm giving away my thoughts,
my... my words.
I thought you would be
proud of me for that,
and for finishing something.
Some things
should just be left alone.
You mean covered up.
What do you know?
You've never been in love.
That's what you think?
I don't even know
what I'm doing here.
I don't think we should try
to perform together.
This was never gonna work.
I guess it never has.
You're shallow
and I'm a snob, right?
Yeah, I think we need
to lay that down again.
- You sounded great.
- You did.
Hey, why don't you take 10,
wet your whistle,
and we'll keep going, okay?
So, what's goin' on in here?
In my brain or in the studio?
I thought you said
it sounded great.
It did. It sounds amazing.
I mean, you sound
like you never left.
But, come on, I know that's not
how you really feel.
I don't know, pal.
We're finally recording a song
that we fought to get on
a record years ago.
And people seem to still want
to listen to me play.
Why do I feel like this
isn't even what I wanted?
Maybe we shouldn't try
to recapture what I had.
Is this the notebook
with all your old lyrics?
I haven't seen it outside
of its drawer in years.
You knew I kept it there?
Come on, Dad.
Every time you're in a mood,
you go over to Mom's old desk
open the drawer, stare,
and then close it back up.
What's it doin' out?
Barrett found it,
and she took it upon herself
to finish the lyrics
to my last song.
Are they any good?
It doesn't matter
if they're good.
What matters is I left that song
unfinished for a reason.
It does matter if they're good.
Dad, you can't keep
everything covered up forever.
That's what Barrett said.
I know. They're great.
The imagery, the rhythm,
she even threw in
some assonance.
Is that poetry speak?
So she's gotten to you too.
This is perfect
for Naomi and Simon's wedding.
I know.
Then why do you look
so miserable?
Because I ruined the whole
"give your best friends a gift
they'll never forget" thing.
I told Barrett
we shouldn't perform together.
You want my opinion?
I don't think you're upset
that she finished your lyrics.
I think you're upset
because you're gonna have to
deal with your feelings
for the first time in 10 years.
Oh, wait, I thought you didn't
want me to get close to her?
I wanted to protect you.
Protect me.
When Mom died,
when you stopped touring,
you lost everything.
- But I didn't lose you.
- But I almost lost you.
Do you remember
how depressed you were?
I do.
I... I couldn't risk
you falling back into that place
if it didn't work out.
I'll never go back there.
All right? I promise.
My favorite memories
are sitting in the living room,
listening to you play guitar,
Mom singing along with you
as best she could.
Yeah, mine too.
You deserve
something like that again.
We both do.
I gotta get ready
for the wedding.
Oh, before I forget
that was left
by our front door.
Dear Jack,
I took your advice
and your words to heart.
I wanted to send you
my soon-to-be published poem.
It's chock full of purple prose,
symbolism, and metaphors.
And it's all thanks to you.
I hope you connect with it
and realize you're not alone.
Love, Barrett.
There you are.
I have been looking
all over for you.
What's wrong?
I can't seem to finish my vows.
Everything I try it doesn't seem
to fit what I wanna say.
I'm not exactly an expert here.
But you have a way with words.
I guess you could start out
with what you felt when you met.
Talk to him about
how he makes you feel.
Uh, how what you have
is special, unique.
What you promise
to honor in your relationship.
How everything
was worth the wait.
That's perfect.
Yeah, that... that's it.
That's just
what I wanted to say.
Glad to be of service.
Now, let's get out there and get
you wedded happily ever after.
Oh, hey, um, at the studio
you said that
you feel incomplete.
Well, I think
it's pretty clear why.
You gonna tell me?
You're not a solo artist
anymore, my friend.
You're a part of a duo.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, Simon wanted some advice
with his vows.
So did Naomi.
Well, I guess
we should get out there
and get into position.
Yeah, well, see you in there.
When our eyes first met,
I was stunned.
I... I couldn't look away.
I felt like we were
the only two people in the room.
When we're together,
I feel a passion
that I have never felt before.
And when you feel
a connection like that,
it's like nothing else.
I promise not to give you grief
over the way you over-prepare
for every little thing.
I promise that I will
always be on your side,
no matter what.
You're always willing
to dive in to something new
and I vow
to always protect that.
I promise that I will always
be open to your ideas
and that I will always
be willing to put in the work.
I vow to always
tell you what I'm feeling,
to be open and honest.
It took longer
than it should have
for us to come together, but
you were worth the wait.
I hope that we always
finish each other's
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Hey, everybody. My name's Jack.
And I'm honored
to be the best man,
and I wanted to thank you all
for coming out tonight
to celebrate the nuptials
of Naomi and Simon,
our wonderful friends.
Uh, Barrett,
the maid of honor, and I
offered to write a song
for the happy couple.
And we did,
just not really in the way
either of us had planned.
I don't think anything that
happened in the past month
was in anybody's plans,
or notebooks.
But, Barrett, would you do me
the honor of coming up
and singing it with me?
I can't.
We haven't even
played it before.
It's okay. You'll be great.
Go on. You belong up there.
Everybody, please welcome
Barrett Woodward to the stage!
Thank you.
We haven't even rehearsed this.
We don't need to.
It's perfect.
And you can get that
instant feedback
you always wanted.
What if they hate it?
- So what.
- So what.
Thank you for letting me
complete your song.
It's ours now.
Once more.
They loved it.
Your lyrics were perfect.
Thank you.
Only because I had
something magical to build on.
Thank you.
Those vows were something, huh?
Yeah. I meant every word.
Me too.
Oh, no, I think that's
for the bride and groom.
No reason we can't join in.
Oh, I love this song!
Oh, yeah, sure you do.
- I'm so happy for you.
- Thanks, man.
- Hi.
- Hi.