Perfect Skin (2018) Movie Script

- Katia.
- Hmm.
You need a hand?
I m fine. Thanks.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Eh, yes just a couple of days.
What time are
you going to be there?
Mmm, I ll see you there.
Thank you, bye.
- Hi
- Hey. How s it going?
Good, good.
how long are you staying for?
Oh, just like I said,
just a couple of da...
Just fucking with you.
Come on, come in, come on.
- What a fucking bitch.
- Mmm.
Shit. I m sorry I ve got to run.
I m, uhh, meeting some
friends at the Devonshire.
You re welcome
to join us, if you want.
Oh look, just take your time.
Finish your beer, unpack.
You know, make yourself at home.
Thank you.
- How do I look?
- Uh, great.
See you.
Hey! Oh my god.
Everyone, this is Katia.
- Hello.
- How are you?
How many do you got?
I always wanted to have one.
I ve got one on
my foot. That s the first.
When I was sixteen.
We all went together.
Me and a couple
of girls from school.
- Did it hurt?
- 'Course it fucking hurt.
But, I really loved it.
I did this for my
boyfriend, ex-boyfriend.
Hmm, fucking piece of shit.
- Aestuo?
- Mhmm. It s Latin for I burn.
As in my desire in love for him.
Fucking dickhead.
Well, he s still walking
around with my name on his ass.
I bet he s looking for
a girlfriend named Lucy.
And I got this one,
done very recently.
- Wow.
- The guy who pierced my tongue
did it. Fucking cool!
Doesn t mean anything though.
So, who s that in there?
Family? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?
It s my dad.
So, can I try
another dress?
- 'Course you can. Yeah.
- This one?
Then, we can go
out and get shitfaced.
Oh! Ugh!
What are you
doing in there? Out, out!
Ahahaha. Haaaaa!
Oh, it's hot in
there, I can't believe it.
- Hahahaha!
- Take a photo of me!
- Hey, this is Bob's studio.
- Look at your Oyster.
The guy who
pierced my tongue. A-ha.
- Stop that. Stop banging on i...
- Hey! Bob!
Help me look for my Oyster.
How s it going? It s me, Lucy.
Oh God, trouble.
This is Katia.
Come in, come on.
Oh, watch your heads.
Oh my god! I love your work.
How s your tongue doing?
Ah, you wouldn t
believe the problems I had.
Okay, so a few
weeks after I had it done,
I was giving this guy a blow
job. He was a real arsehole,
but we were still
going out at the time.
Anyway, I was kinda
like doing my thing and kind...
You have beautiful skin.
Thank you.
You thinking of
getting a tattoo.
I m not sure.
She is. She s just shy.
- It d look great on you.
- You think so?
I want you to do
a tattoo for me.
Call me tomorrow,
we ll set up a time.
How about now?
I don t think
that s such a good idea.
Why not?
'Cause I ve had a long day and
you ve had a fuck load to drink.
Oh, no.
Come on.
- I want to do it now.
- Ahahaha.
Honestly, you re going to have
penis tattooed on your head if
- you re not careful, lets go.
- Thank you
Sure, just be careful, alright?
Bye Bob. Hahaha.
- Oh my god!
- It's alright, I have the-
fucking balance of a panther.
Excuse me. I m sorry about this.
Hi, remember me?
You looking for a
receptionist? I need a job.
I m just with a
client at the moment.
- Oh.
- Oh no.
I ll be with you in just
a minute. Take a seat.
Now, don t forget to leave
the wrapping on for about two
to three hours and then
when it, when you take it off.
Give it a wash...
Do you like that one?
What kind of flower is it?
It s a lotus. It s the
symbol of spiritual awakening.
It starts out at the bottom of a
pond and then it slowly makes
its way to the surface
and when it gets to the light,
it blossoms.
It s beautiful.
I could do something
even more beautiful for you.
That s ok I can t
afford it anywa...
Do you want to go back
and take a look at the studio?
- Ta da!
- Wow.
Take a seat.
Don t worry we re not going to
do anything I m just gonna draw
a sketch for you.
How long you been in London?
Uhh, five months.
You studying here?
No, I worked as an au-pair
for a family in Hampstead.
I don t work for them anymore.
What do you do now?
I m looking for a job.
Oh. Hahaha, sorry, you said.
You got any family here?
No. They are
back home in Poland.
My mother and my brother.
And your father?
Died in an accident
when I was nine years old.
So, uh, you ve got to tell me,
how do you know Lucy?
We met at a concert.
- We liked the same music
- Wow.
And then when I
needed a place to stay,
she let me live with her.
Well, that either makes her
very nice person or an idiot.
She does it for karma.
Well, here s to karma.
It s beautiful.
I ll tell you the truth,
that s not that good.
Let me have another go.
Honestly, I can do
this so much better.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah positive.
Umm, just write your address
down and I ll mail it out.
Well don t go
to too much trouble.
It s no trouble this is
the bit I love the best.
It s a blank canvas start of
the journey, you ll be covered
in tattoos in about
a year, trust me.
And don t worry about the money.
We ll figure something out.
I really appreciate it.
It s really good to see you
Well, I m gonna go
but I will see you soon.
Say hi to Lucy, alright?
And good luck with that
job hunting, it ll work out.
So, when are you gonna do it?
I don t know. I don t
think I could actually do it.
Oh, bugger off!
Of course you can.
Ah! Just fucking go for it and
if you give him a blow job,
he might even do it for free.
No, I m serious I love the
design. I do, it's beautiful but
I m scared.
Ugh, Come on, the only thing
that is permanent is death,
for fucks sake. So get out
and have some fun before
your joot looks like roadkill!
You know your hairy
oyster, your baby canon,
you know your furry burger.
No, but what if
he makes a mistake?
He s not gonna make
a mistake. The guy s an artist.
Your biggest worry is that
you love it and you end up
covered in them.
- Is this done?
- It s done.
Ah! Oh my God.
We ll blow dry it and you ll
look like a fucking star.
It s so pink.
It is pink,
it s very pink.
Yeah. I like it.
My mum had a stroke.
My dad just called.
He said she collapsed
in the street just like that.
Is she ok?
He said she s stable but they
have no idea why it happened or
how bad the damage is, if her
brain has been affected or not.
I m so sorry.
I need to fly home so
I need to ask you a big favor.
This is eight hundred
pounds. It s the rent money,
it s due next Monday.
Umm, could you do that for me?
Of course, yes.
Thanks heaps, Katia.
You re a real friend.
Ah! Haha, Bob!
How are you?
How are you doing?
I ll buy you a drink. Yes! Yes!
Sorry the bar s closed now.
- I ll have another two shots
- Is Lucy here?
- Sorry the bar s closed now.
- Katia is Lucy here?
Ergh no, no. She had
to go home to Australia
because her mum is really sick.
Come on.
Hey, stop.
- Mate, mate get her out of he...
- Jesus Katia, come on, come on.
- Out!
- Can you get us some coke?
Uh huh. Ahahaha.
Come on, stop.
What s that?
- I fell asleep.
- Oh.
You still up for
a couple of lines?
Uh? A-ha. I got it.
I ll go get the Charlie.
Do you want something to drink?
What you got?
I ve got vodka that s about it.
Oh, oh, oh no, I ve got bourbon
some guy brought me a bottle
last week because he
loved his tattoo so much.
You like bourbon?
Bourbon very good, yes.
Don t fall asleep on me.
Bob, what s going on?
What do you
think you re doing?
You re up.
I brought you
something to eat.
Let me out. Let me out now!
I can t do that.
I m sorry not just yet.
What do you want from me?
You should eat.
I don t want your fucking food.
No! Don t leave, Bob.
Bob, don t go,
don t leave me here please.
Ah, ahhh.
Are you ready for a drink?
You must be thirsty.
Katia have
something to drink.
You have to
be ready for a drink by now.
That s it.
That s it. Now, if you
keep being a good girl,
we can take off those
annoying ankle cuffs.
That will be so
much better won t it?
I just want you to
be happy here, that s all.
What have you
done to me? This is my body!
Do you understand?
This is my body!
There s no point in screaming.
It s just you and me.
You come near me
again and I ll fucking kill you!
You don t need to be afraid,
I m not going to hurt you.
But you got to trust me.
Trust you? Haha. You re
keeping me in a fucking cage.
You ll see.
When I m finished
you re gonna thank me.
I m sorry about the cuffs
but I don t want you to scratch.
It will ruin the tattoo.
Perfect Skin.
Oh, hi.
I m fine. I m just with
a client at the moment.
Alright no problem. I ll pick
'em up. Yeah, I ll pick 'em up.
Alright, fine thanks.
I ll see you soon.
Sorry guys,
I didn t see you come out.
That s ok.
Good day at school?
- No.
- Yeah.
Seatbelt's on.
Let's get out of here.
Daisy, what time does
your mum want you home?
I saw Steve the other day.
He said he hadn t heard from you.
So now you re checking up on me?
No. I ran into him.
Look, I talked to him about
what s going on with you.
He wants to help,
to talk, to come in with you
and keep the business going.
Great. Now everybody s
going to fucking know.
Oh. You don t need to worry.
He s promised he
wouldn t say anything.
But you can t pretend
you can go on working forever.
Hey hon, it s me.
Just calling to see
how you re doing.
Yeah, things are ok here.
Mum s doing better.
Doctor s say she'll
make a full recovery.
Oh, don t forget to
pay the rent, will you? See ya!
Hey babe, it s me again. I can t
get through to your mobile.
Can you please text or call
when you get this message?
Hey Katia. I don t know
where the fuck you are but
the landlord s called. You
need to get the money around to
him as soon as possible. Ok?
You need to take
it around like today.
Katia? Are you there?
Pick up the phone!
Fucking hell.
where the fuck is
the rent money? Bitch!
Did you sleep well?
Are they ok?
I picked them myself.
I just want you to be clean.
That s all.
I mean if you want to
wear something else th...
They re fine.
I got all of your stuff here.
Your clothes, your passport.
How did you get them?
Don t you remember?
I know a lot about you.
I know about the
rent money Lucy gave you.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
She thinks you stole it.
She is fucking pissed!
A pissed off...
Shut up!
I bet you thought
about it, didn t you?
Don t speak about Lucy.
Drinking away her money.
I mean what kind of a fucking
friend is that?
You ve got no
friends here, except me.
So, lets be nice.
Ah-ah-ha-ha-oww. Ah.
You pervert!
You fucking coward! Ahhh!
You fucking coward!
Is that you what you want?
You want to fuck me? Why don t
you come down here and do it!
Ahhh! Don't! Ahhh!
Don t go.
What is it?
I just wanted to talk.
I want,
I want to know
more about the tattoos.
What they mean.
Why do you care now?
I won t do anything crazy.
I just want to know.
You started drawing
a woman on my back.
Who is she?
Her name s Calaveras.
She comforts the loved ones
of those who passed.
When do you think
you will be finished?
I don t know.
When I started, I
had a clearer plan.
I knew exactly
what I wanted to do.
But now it s not just a tattoo.
It s a piece of art.
Fucking bitch! Ahh!
I ve got something I want
you to see. You ll like it.
There wasn t an accident.
He killed himself.
Thank you.
Can I please
have my locket back?
Sure, and soon.
Thank you.
Ok. What s going to get you guys
to actually do something? Theft?
Or missing person?
Missing person. But it s going
to mean more paperwork and I m
going to need numbers for next
of kin and last known address.
Well, that s easy,
my fucking place.
Before that?
No idea.
Full name.
Katia Mat, Masucat.
It s a foreign name,
it s in my phone. Hang on.
Uh, M-A- -U-S-
It s a tiger.
In Asian culture
it s the protector of the dead.
The butterfly?
The butterfly represents beauty.
The beauty of change.
The beauty of transformation.
Where did you learn all this?
From books.
Can I read them sometime?
I ve got something for you.
Some of the piercings in
this book are really extreme.
Amazing, aren t they?
Can you do stuff like that?
Course. Some of these
piercings I developed.
This one s mine.
- Really?
- Mhmm.
Guy who
wrote the book is a fan.
- You ve got fans?
- Well.
Some of them are beautiful. But-
Some of them are just ugly.
You know, we re the
only species on earth
that can modify our form?
I find that beautiful.
Yes. But this girl looks weird.
But she doesn t think so.
Some people think the road to
changing themselves is this,
It s a hair cut, a dress.
A pair of lime green trousers.
They don t see
the full spectrum.
I mean, to decorate, to
experiment. It's the same urge.
And some of us realize
that there s no end to this.
I brought you some more.
Thank you.
It s one of my favorites.
Are you going to pierce me?
When you do it,
I don t want you to drug me.
I want to see it.
I want to see you do it.
Are you sure?
I m not afraid of pain.
There s no such thing as pain.
Just intense physical sensation.
Remember that.
But if I don t feel
anything then it s like,
there s no point.
You re right.
You can trust me.
Get some sleep.
Shh, shhh, shhh. It s ok.
It s ok.
This is my gift to you.
Are you ready?
And remember there is
no such thing as pain.
Now, breathe in.
And breathe out.
- That s it.
- Ah.
Great. Well done.
And take another deep breath in.
And let it out.
- That s it. Good girl.
- Ah.
You were great.
You said they were a gift.
What kind of gift?
You ll find out, in a few
days when these have healed.
Are you going to let me out?
Told you I would. When you re
ready. When you look at yourself
in the mirror and you thank me.
I m just going
to clean these off.
Shit. Shit.
- Hey Bob.
- Oh, Lucy.
You ready for that tattoo?
- I m not here for a tattoo.
- What can I do for you?
I m just wondering if
you d seen Katia lately?
The girl I was with.
She said you promised
to give her a tattoo.
She came by. We talked about
it. But she never came back.
It happens all the time.
If she does you
want me to say anything?
Just get her to call me.
- Yeah. Alright.
- Thanks.
Come back when you re
ready for the tattoo, right?
- I will.
- Yeah?
You still go to the Devonshire?
- Have you seen her there?
- Nah.
Ok. Thanks.
Yeah. See you.
Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Her hair is brown in this
picture but is like mauve now.
Oh yeah, I remember
her. Eastern European.
Yeah. That s right.
It s been a while.
Couple of month s maybe.
Did you talk to her?
Not much. She had a few
to drink. Got loud, started
flashing cash around. Look, If
it wasn t for that American guy,
I would have kicked her out.
What guy?
The one she left with.
Older dude, tattooed bloke.
Can t remember his name.
Oh and when you see your friend,
you tell her she s barred.
If I see her she s fucking dead.
Come here.
Come here, turn around.
You are going to love this.
Walk around a bit.
See how it feels.
What do you think?
Do you like it?
I brought some of your stuff.
I thought maybe you d
like to look through it.
I gotta go but uh,
I'll be back later.
Ughhh! Ah!
- Ugh. It hurt so bad. So bad.
- That you can remember.
Right, it was horrific.
Like, right on the sternum.
- Robert Reid?
- Yeah. I ve not done that one.
Good afternoon s...
I ll, I'll be with
you in a second.
- It s fine. Don t worry.
- Yeah? Come on.
D.I Craig. D.I Kiani.
We re investigating a
report of a missing person.
We'd just like to ask
you a couple of questions.
Yeah, 'course.
Do you know this girl?
I met her.
Her name is Katia Matuszczak.
Her flatmate recently
reported her as missing.
- Wow.
- She believes you may have
some information as
to her whereabouts.
I don t know how much help
I can be. I met her twice.
Once when she came in with the
Australian girl. And another
time she came
in looking for a job.
Would you mind if
we have a look around?
No, not at all. Have a look
around the studio while I finish
up here and then I ll
take you guys upstairs.
Thank you.
Are we going to do
this on the other side?
Yeah, I think so. But kinda even
it up a little bit. You know.
There s a gap.
- It needs filling.
- Mhmm.
Some see...
Sorry about the mess.
I ve just spilt up with my wife.
So I m living out of boxes.
How long you been doing tattoos?
Twenty-five years.
I bet you ve done some
weird stuff, haven t ya?
What s out there?
It s just the yard.
Can we have a look?
Yeah, 'course.
I did see her one
other time at the Devonshire.
What, Brixton Hill?
Yeah. She was pissed.
Had a big wad of cash,
tried to score some coke.
It s not my thing.
Any idea of the date, sir?
Like a month or two ago.
Let's have a look at your yard.
What s this?
I don t know.
I don t have the key.
I think the landlord
used it for storage.
Have you got a number for him?
No, but you could check
with the management company.
I hope you have better luck than
me. I ve got a list as long as
my arm of shit
I need him to fix.
Before we go can I ask
you one more question?
Do you do many boobies?
Loads you say?
I do a lot.
Well, thanks.
If there s anything
else we will be in touch.
Great. I ll show
you out this way.
Well, thanks again Mr. Reid.
I hope you find her.
Good luck with your search.
Goodnight sir.
Goodnight guys.
Hi. This is a message
for Ms. Dalton. This is Sergeant Parker
from the police station. I just
wanted to let you know that our
colleagues from Brixton visited
the tattoo studio yesterday.
Unfortunately, they
found no sign of your friend.
I m really sorry we
couldn t be of more help.
I guess your friend has
probably just moved on or maybe
gone back home to Prague.
It s Poland,
you dipstick fucker.
Ugh! Ugh, ugh.
Fucking bitch.
That is a kick arse
motherfucking tattoo.
- If I say so myself.
- Thank you man.
It s good to see you both again.
- Cheers.
- Alright man.
We ll finish that
one up next week.
- Yeah? Alright.
- Cool.
She s fucking here isn t she?
What are you talking about?
- You alright man?
- Yeah. I m good, thanks guys.
What's wrong with you?
Screaming like a fucking lunatic
in front of my clients.
Don t bullshit me Bob. I ve just
seen her clothes, my clothes.
Hanging on your washing line in
the back.
You re right. She crashed
here a few times. She told me
she was skint and that
she owed you rent money.
She s a fucking lying bitch. She
stole eight hundred pounds from
me and some jewelry.
While I was looking
after my sick mother!
Wow. I don t believe it.
Shit. It seems to unlike her.
I m fucking angry Bob. I should
go to the Police right now and
tell them you
fucking lied to them.
Listen, listen Lucy.
Come on, sit down.
Lucy, Lucy, sit down.
Let s not get the police
involved any further, ok?
I don t need them here.
It s bad for business.
Katia has to come back to
pick up her stuff. As soon as
she does,
I ll call you, I promise.
- Alright. Alright!
- Alright?
Ok. That s good.
I m still pissed
off with you though.
I know you are.
And you ve got to let me know
as soon as you hear from her.
I promise. I m gonna
let you know, I swear.
If you throw in a
free tattoo or two.
Big ones.
I may be able to forgive you.
This is a message for
Sergeant Parker. My name s Lucy,
Lucy Dalton.
I reported a friend missing.
Could you just let him know that
I ve managed to track her down.
And I ll, uh, let him know
if I don t get my stuff back.
Hi. It s Bob. I spoke to Katia.
Really? Where is she?
She s got all your stuff
and most of your money.
She wants to give it
back to you but she s scared
and embarrassed.
Fucking should be.
Well, I suggest
you be here tomorrow.
She s worried you re gonna call
the Police. And she s scared
they're gonna send her back.
You re not going to do
that now are you Lucy?
Tsk, whatever.
I just want my stuff back.
How much has she spent?
Couple o'hundred.
It s not too bad, I told her I d
lend her the difference so she
can pay it all back. And the two
of you can put this behind you.
And maybe be friends again.
We were never friends.
And you re an idiot
for lending her anything.
I m telling you Bob, you
can kiss your money goodbye.
I hope not.
So I ll see you tomorrow?
Yeah. Fine.
Alright. Alright.
I ll let Katia know.
I wanted to show you this.
It s incredible isn t it? How
strong the human skin is.
It s hard to explain until
you ve done it yourself.
You ve done it?
It s life changing.
emotionally, spiritually.
I mean, it s something you know
is physically possible but seems
mentally impossible.
But once you ve done it,
you ve crossed the line.
You know you
can do anything.
It s incredible.
It s fucking incredible.
Where is she? She here?
She is.
Well, why doesn t she come out?
She wanted to give
you back your stuff first.
She feels like shit
about what she did.
It s all there?
I Think so.
Right, well.
I m gonna get off 'cause I don t
really want to see the bitch.
Hey. Hey, hey Lu-Lucy,
Lucy, Lucy. Give her a break.
I mean, think of all the
good karma you re gonna get.
- Just down here.
- Ok.
Wait, hold on one sec.
Oh fuck.
Where s Daisy?
Is everything all right?
It s not a good time.
It s not a good fucking time.
- Wah!
- Lucy! Heeeeelp.
Hello! I m here! Heeeeel...
Hey buddy. How you doing?
Why don t you run in and get
some ice cream. I ll be in a
sec, alright?
Thanks for this.
I told you it s not a good time.
I, I really appreciate this Bob.
You know I do.
When are you
going to pick him up?
I was, I was thinking
maybe he could stay the night.
For fuck s sake Eile...
Oh. He ll be asleep in a minute.
You can just put him
to bed, finish your work.
Night, night
James, love you.
Hey, buddy.
You want a story before bed?
- Lucy?
- Hmm?
Can you hear me?
Please, say something.
I never, I never
meant to take the money.
I was just gonna borrow it.
I m sorry.
You re my friend.
You re my only friend.
You are so good to me.
Lucy, please say something.
Come on. Time to get up.
Let's go, come on.
We ve got to get going.
Brush your teeth.
Good Boy. And remember brush
them for two minutes, alright?
No cheating.
Couldn t leave it
alone could you?
Just had to have
your fucking money back.
Oh Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy.
You should have
just stayed away.
Why did you come?
I didn t want to do this.
I mean, I really
didn t want to do this.
Where, where,
where were you?
I heard a voice.
It sounded like,
like Lucy.
Shut the fuck up.
I m sorry. Hahaha.
I m sorry.
Are we gonna finish soon?
Yeah. I want to get this done.
I thought so.
Because you know,
I do anything you want.
And I ll be good.
And you won t
have any trouble with m...
Who is he?
You don t know him.
Nice guy? Fit and healthy?
You need to move on, Bob.
Just get a bigger place.
Somewhere nice that the kids can
stay in and have their own room.
They ve got
nothing to do with this.
Of course it does.
Oh. So you just want to get rid
of them, so you can fuck your
boyfriend whenever you want.
Well, at least now I
have someone who actually
wants to fuck me.
We didn t have sex for three
years Bob, three whole years!
Fuck off Eileen.
I m sorry. I shouldn t
have said that. I ve got to go.
Uh. Come on, come on.
you are finally
gonna get that tattoo.
Told you you d be back.
And you re gonna love it.
Keep still.
- I m going to kill you.
- Don t move.
Stop moving.
I told you not to move.
You are going to love this.
I m sorry,
I didn t want to hurt you.
You ve been such a good girl.
Oh, Jesus.
I know you saw Lucy.
And I don t want
you to end up like her.
Oh Katia, Katia, Katia, Katia.
You got to trust me.
You are going to be absolutely
perfect when I am done, huh.
What do you think?
I love them.
I thought you would.
I m sorry.
For yelling at you.
Can we go back to how it was?
Can I have my locket back?
Mr. Reid.
Hey guys.
Sorry, no breasts today.
Do you know a Ms. Lucy Dalton?
Australian, pierced tongue.
Flatmate of Katia Matuszczak.
That Lucy.
When was the last
time you saw her?
I don t know.
A couple of weeks ago.
Her family have
reported her missing.
So, now we have
two missing girls.
Sorry, I can t help.
I don t know where they are.
Ok. Thanks.
Ah. What happened?
Oh. Got in an
argument with the ex.
Got really pissed off and
smashed my hand against a wall.
It's so fucking stupid.
Hurts like hell, doesn t it?
Going through a divorce.
Oh. Shit, yeah.
You should have that looked at.
You might have broken something.
How long have you
had the Parkinson s?
Excuse me?
Parkinson s. My father had it.
Tough break for a
man in your line of work.
You re very young to get it.
Well I m sorry. You should
get that hand looked at.
Yeah. I will. Thanks.
Shhh. It s ok.
It s ok.
Just breathe. Breathe.
Relax. Don t panic.
That s it. That s it.
Remember, it s just an
intense physical sensation.
That s all.
Just breathe.
You re in control, Katia.
You re strong Katia.
So strong.
You can do anything.
What happened?
Come, be careful.
I m gonna clean this up.
Just gonna take out your rings.
I want you to be perfect.
I m gonna have to keep you in
the cage until we're finished,
I m sorry.
Do you want me?
You could have me.
Not yet.
I want to wear
something nice for you.
So you can undress me.
Something beautiful.
Ohhh. Stop. Stop.
Here he comes now.
- Fuck. He s clocked us.
- Oh shit.
- Hi dad.
- Hi dad.
Bye. Be good for your dad.
Do what he says.
Don t stress him out too much.
Don t forget James has got
football tomorrow. You alright?
Tell them good things,
about me.
Promise me you ll
them the good stuff.
Hey, sweetheart.
How many
times have you watched that?
- A million.
- Yeah. I think so.
Alright, lets go. Bed time.
Ten more minutes?
No. You ve had two hours
already. It s time for bed.
Look, I have to go down to the
studio and do some work.
So if you need me just give me a
call, alright? And I ll come up.
Don t come
down, alright? Promise.
- I promise.
- Ok. Good girl. Love you.
I brought you a dress.
Hope you like it.
It s perfect.
Can I have a minute?
Take as long as you want.
Ugh! Ugh.
Oh. Fuck.
We need an ambulance.
And immediate backup.
What s your name?
Tell us your name first?
Look at me
hon, look at me.
It s Katia. Katia Matuszczak.