Perfidia (2014) Movie Script

The world itself is the biggest ceremony of all.
A sacrament which makes visible a transcendental,
hidden doctrine.
Arthur Machen
Honey, are you gonna stay till Sunday with
Can I give you a ride?
I'm going in my car.
You sure?
Hey, do you know where the girls' stuff are?
In the bedside table.
Love you.
Me too...
Me too.
What happened?
I don't know. Let me see.
Here we are
It's pretty many years without coming here
Oh, look at this...l did it!
What does it mean?
I don't know. Some child's play...
Always wanted to come here with you...
Be careful!
Are you this boy?
So little
Who is she?
I don't know. Don't remember.
Is the bathroom upstairs?
Yes, to the right
What are you doing?
Mmm...they are pretty.
What happened ?
I'm tired
About what?
About everything
I thought that you felt comfortable.
No, it's not that.
So, what is this about?
I wanna go...
I wanna leave my home...l can't stand there
But, Laura...What about the girls?
They will be ok with their father.
No, don't say that!
You don't understand...
You are so beautiful...
Why don't we leave Santiago and go to any
other place?
Laura...we could have had this conversation
before, in Santiago. Why here?
You mean this upsets our weekend...
No, I did't say that
I'm gonna leave Francisco.
I don't know what do you expect me to say usual.
Hey, Laura...I'm not the person you think I
So, who are you?
Ok...where would we go?
It doesn't matter...
I love you...
That's all?
What?'s not so easy to make a decision
like that.
Of course! it is all so difficult for you...
Well... So what do you want?
The same answers for the last twenty years...
What about you'?. . .The same fantasies since you
were 10 years old.
Oh?...Hey, real life is different, Laura.
Do you really think I have no idea?
Yes, I have my doubts. Especially with that
life of princess you have.
What happened with you, Ruben?
Do you know something, Laura?.. I think you
are not at the age to make a fuss like this.
Neither to believe in miracles...
There is someone outside.
Do you need something?
Do you hear me, sir?
Can I help you, or not?
Let him go!...
Do you remember there was a time when we
dreamed about this?
Yes...but we were 15 years old.
I was in love with you...
I was not the one who cut this relation...
But you just disappeared
Do you know something, Laura?... I can't believe we
are discussing once again and again the same thing.
Do you love me, Ruben?
And you? Do you?
There is someone outside!!!
There is someone!
Are yo sure?
Can't see anybody, are you sure?
Let me take a look. Stay here!
What was that?
I don't know. I heard a noise...
It was a boy.
A child? what did he want?
I don't know...he was just playing.
Calm down...
Can't sleep...
What happened?
I hear noises outside all the time
But you know how the country sounds all the
time. The house, the wood, people passing outside
I know...but that man who came today...he
wasn't normal
Yes, he looked really weird.
I remember my grandmother use to tell me
stories about this place...
What kind of stories?...
About people who use to live here many years ago
I don't know exactly when. Some sort of
brotherhood, maybe a religious group...
The thing is the leader felt in love with a woman of this
community, so he started to be persecuted, then his followers also.
It ended in a tragedy, they were all burned...
Well, the bodies were never found.
So, what happened???
Nothing, just country legends. That's all.
But all those legends used to come from real
Yes, but those stories used to grow and grow
till the point they become improbable.
Don't worry, nothing happened.
Are you ok?
I'm pregnant.
Am I the father?
That's why I wanted to be here alone with
What are we gonna do?
Just go away...Together
It is not so easy, don't you understand?
I'm gonna leave my family...but for you this
is not so easy?
Ruben, say something.
We are coming back to Santiago tomorrow...
Saw someone on my dreams...but it wasn't she.
They don't want to hear me. Why don't they?
I do whatever the wood commands me to do.
Why they don't let me go out?!
Laura, take oare of your baby !!!
They want your baby !!! Your baby !!!
There is someone outside...
Did you hear?
Wait here...
Don't go out!
I'll come back soon. Just wait.
Get dress. We have to get out.
Hurry up!
Be careful...
Did you leaved this open?
The car is not here!!!
It was stolen...!
Hurry up! Come!
Hurry up!
Go down!
It's ok, it's's over.
I saw when she arrived to my life...
But not when she left. It didn't have to be this way.
Rubn ! My Rubn.
Come with me.
Now this is my world.
I can only be a memory
for you...
Forgive me!
I'm not here anymore. I belong to them.
Where did you go?
What happened?
What happened?
Ruben, what happened ? Say something.
Look at me!
We must leave this house...Come!
Hey, move faster, please!
The same path...
Down, down...
No, no!...Ruben, don't go inside!
Why did you leave me alone?... How could you
do that to me?!
It wasn't like the dream...
Neither the Way I remember.
My destiny cannot harm her life.
Laura... love, please forgive me. I didn't
know. I swear...
I didn't know. I swear...
They were waiting for me...
Who are they, Ruben?
I have to go.
Yes, I have to go!...
Listen to me !
You have to stay here. Promise you will not
go out.
No matter what you hear or see...
Please don't go out.
Promise me, please. I swear I will come back. I swear
In spite of what you hear...don't go out!.
I love you!
I will come back. I love you!
Let her go!!! Please, let her go!
It's time to wake up!
There were shadows casted by the night,
but not our own.
They are coming for you.
Let me. Do no touch me! Go away!!!
Calm down...
Calm down, woman.
Calm down...
We will take care of you all...