Perpetrator (2023) Movie Script

Oh... hey... what are
you doing out here?
Deep breaths now, Evelyn.
And stay very still.
This is very bad, but it
can always get worse.
Girls like you
just don't know what you've got
till it's all gone.
What do you got?
A signed first edition
of Wuthering Heights.
I'm more of a Jane
Eyre person myself.
Do you want it or not?
Let me see.
No, I'm... I'm gonna
need more than this.
I'm trying to get
out of this place.
What else you got?
Oh. No, you got somethin'.
No. No, not this time.
Jesus, Kit! I said no!
- [grunts] Oh!
Go on, Cherry Pop...
just try to get outta here.
You're late.
I got rent.
Cleaning houses.
You want it? Or you want
to go live in the van again?
I like what you've
done with your face.
She's a great girl.
Isn't she?
The moment she was born,
I knew she was special...
I looked at her little face,
all slimy and
speckled with blood,
and I told her,
"You are so special."
You feel me?
Dad. Dad.
So how was your day?
I left work early
so I could get lunch
with your mom.
How was your day?
My chemistry teacher got fired
for that thing that
happened last spring
which I didn't tell you about.
What did you and
Mom talk about at lunch?
We talked about
how your birthday
is coming up, and what
we're gonna get you.
Your mom's got
a great gift idea.
You're going to love it.
Can I get a hint?
Nope. Don't go
trying to find it.
You know how she
likes to hide things.
You know how she hides.
Who the fuck are you talking to?
Get the fuck out of here!
I counted that money.
It's all there!
There was extra,
so I thought I
might order a pizza.
[on TV] Is that my
dress you are wearing?
No. This is my dress.
Can I try it on?
Let me try on that dress!
Thanks for the ride, Mister...
[on TV] Who's
that girl back there?
Her name is Lejend with a J.
[on TV] You like her?
She dates someone older.
An out-of-towner.
[on TV] She's pretty.
She's all right.
You're pretty too.
Very pretty.
You know, I probably won't
see you again after tonight.
All of it.
I don't know what
to do with her.
Please, Hildie. Help me.
She'll be 18 next week.
You know what that means.
I can't. I... I can't
do this right now.
I'm not myself.
Does she know anything at all?
She's been asking about
her mother again lately.
What did you tell her
about her mother?
Girls go missing all the time.
Gone and never ever
found... especially new moms...
I ju... I just need some
time to sort myself out.
Put her on the train.
I'll meet her at the station.
You pull yourself together.
You're early. Or maybe I'm late.
Either way, I wanted to
meet you at the station.
You should not be walking
around here alone, Jonquil.
My friends call me Johnny.
We are not friends.
You look so much
like your mother.
I wouldn't know.
What did Gene tell you
about this arrangement?
Just that I had to come
here and stay with you
while he pulls himself
together or whatever.
He's such a fuckup.
You don't think
he's trying his best?
He's not trying.
He's not trying at all.
What about you?
I try.
I try really hard.
You'll be 18 soon.
Next week. I had plans.
What kind of plans?
I don't know. It was
going to be a surprise.
I have a surprise for you too.
And a cake.
I hate cake.
Well, you haven't had my cake.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. I just...
I just bit my tongue.
Any allergies?
Any medications?
Any family history
of debilitating
or life-threatening
bodily ailments?
I think there might be something
very wrong with Gene.
Who is Gene?
My dad.
He's just never seemed
all that comfortable.
Comfort is overrated.
Where's your mother?
Not in the picture.
You wear glasses...
You need glasses.
No, I don't.
Read that.
Line 11, please.
How old are you?
You have the eyes of
someone much older.
You'll need a note
from a cardiologist
if you want to play sports.
- Why?
- Your heart condition.
I don't have a heart condition.
Murmurs aren't very serious,
but I've never
heard one like yours.
It's like you have two hearts,
at least, if not three.
When was the first day
of your last menstruation?
Um... yesterday.
Are you sexually active?
What do you mean
by that, exactly?
Are you currently
or consistently
engaged in
behavior that includes
any part of your body
coming into intimate contact
with another person's body?
Skin on skin?
- Yes.
- Tongues?
- Yes.
- Fingers?
- Yes.
- Head?
Yes! Yes. All of that.
Everything private.
Are you doing any of that?
What if I am?
You would be
assigned a counselor.
Okay, then no.
Can you prove it?
For sure.
One last question.
Are you popular?
On a scale of "no one would
miss you if you disappeared"
to "everyone would do anything
just to be you even
for just one day."
No one would ever want to be me.
Gold star.
You must give what you get.
Mirror your partner exactly.
If they stop breathing,
you stop breathing.
I'm trying to talk to the one
with the long blonde hair.
But all the other
ones are available.
What's for lunch?
It's, uh... dead rabbit.
You gonna keep it?
How can I?
You need a coat hanger?
You got one?
I saw you this morning.
Second period AP Trig.
You're new.
That teacher got my name wrong.
Yeah, well, he does
that with all the girls.
You didn't have to wait for me.
Yes, I did. Why were you late?
I was with the school nurse.
She got kind of personal.
How did you do?
Gold star.
- Really?
- Yep.
Does cunnilingus still count?
- Yep.
- What a shame.
This fucking
uniform doesn't fit.
I felt so stupid
at school today.
I stayed in the
bathroom most of the day.
I know. How did you
tolerate the smell?
I got used to it.
I got blood on the rug.
It's okay.
It's nothing.
It's tough to get
out but I can do it.
This is exactly where
you should be, you know.
Is it familiar?
Not at all?
Why should it be?
You've been here before.
I'll be right back.
Girls, girls, girls...
I could have a
daughter your age.
A young and vulnerable pet,
just like any one of you.
I wish I could protect you.
Hold you away from harm.
Such a cruel world.
You girls are so vibrant
and full of potential,
with not one real
care or concern.
You're not prepared for
what might happen next.
Danger lurks
around every corner.
Your survival depends
on you and only you.
Assume that you
are not ever safe.
Now for you
girls, in particular,
today will begin a
series of training sessions
which will include
basic self-defense
and other general
survival skills.
Now... Let's play prisoner, huh?
Code Massacre.
Level Bloodbath.
I repeat, Code Massacre.
Level Bloodbath.
Proceed as though this
is an actual emergency.
Evade! Engage!
You are being tested.
You are being timed.
You're going to
get us all killed!
You are not safe. Some
of you will not survive.
Stay calm and do not think about
friends or family
in other rooms;
they may already be dead.
Escape! Evade! Engage!
Most of you are
going to die today!
Whooh! You're dead.
All four of you are dead.
That's four dead in
Mrs. Danver's classroom!
Hi, Principal Burke.
Girls, girls, girls.
I have to put all four of
your names in my report.
This is the second
time you three
have been killed this semester.
Have you ever been shot
here at school before today?
Well, this news is going to be
very disappointing
for your parents.
Escape! Evade! Engage!
The last time I got gunned down,
my mom grounded me for a week.
Me too.
My parents are
gonna slaughter me
for getting killed again.
Fuck! This is all your fault.
I can fix it.
You can fix it?
I find that guy's
report, I take the report,
I change the report,
I return the report.
Why would you help us?
This is strictly business.
Be back here tomorrow with cash,
or else you're dead...
Stay out of my stuff.
This is not your stuff.
You want me to give it back?
I want you to eat it.
Eat what?
Pick something and eat it.
What you did was
stupid and selfish.
Trust me, a girl like you
cannot afford to be
stupid and selfish.
No one is going
to miss any of this!
Would you prefer that I
pick something for you?
Stay out of my stuff.
Not a chance.
Do I look normal to you?
Absolutely not.
I mean, do I look the
same as I did yesterday?
I feel weird...
I mean, yesterday,
you were the victim
of a fake mass murder...
but otherwise, you
look the same to me.
That's new.
Hm. My great-aunt gave it to me.
I live with her now.
What did you tell her
about your clothes
from yesterday?
She didn't notice.
Yeah. Mine didn't notice either.
Me neither.
Fuck me! My mom
noticed right away.
She was furious at first.
So I had to lie to her
and told her I
fought off an attacker.
She's obsessed with
those missing girls.
She stayed in my bed
with me last night, sobbing.
That's fucking disgusting.
Jesus! Girls go
missing all the time.
I mean, what's the big deal?
They're gonna ruin everything.
They're gonna ruin everything?!
If I start to cry now,
I might not stop.
I can't eat...
which normally would
be awesome, of course.
I imagine them lost, then found.
Living, then dead. Evelyn...
Darby, April P.
You're right.
Girls go missing all the time.
I'm sure they're fine.
And what about us?
Are we okay?
Did you fix that
thing from yesterday
like you said you would?
Did you bring the cash?
Is that my lipstick
you're wearing?
Hatchet Wound.
Pussy Galore.
Happy birthday.
Aren't you gonna sing?
I only know one song by heart,
but I don't like
to sing it alone.
You can make a wish,
but you should know
I already made one for you.
It's a tradition.
That seems cruel.
You have no idea.
No. Thanks.
"You can make a wish,
but you should know
that I have already
made one for you."
What the fuck?
You owe me a new toilet.
What was in that cake?
It's an old family recipe.
Tell me what happened.
I was in the
bathroom, of course.
I got dizzy.
Then I heard this
girl crying out for me
from like, miles away.
She was pulling
me closer and closer.
Help me.
I couldn't get to her though.
I couldn't help her.
We have to find that girl.
Maybe we should call somebody.
Don't call anyone, ever.
You're not going
to die from this.
What is this?
I call it Forevering.
It's profound spectral empathy.
You are one in a long line.
We are proxies,
surrogates, mimics,
mirrors. We turn, we fake,
we follow, we bend,
we shift, we shape,
we tune way in.
Am I contagious?
No. It's the other way around.
A kind of...
possession in reverse.
We are women
feeling all the feelings.
Why us?
It's not just us.
There are others.
Some we know.
Others we don't know.
And we can pass it along,
but that must be
done very judiciously.
It's a very powerful gift
handed down to the
women in this family
on their 18th birthday.
It would have happened
to you without the cake.
That's just fuel for the fury.
What can you do?
I'm quite something...
ferocious, repulsive,
I've been buried alive twice.
What about my mom?
What was she like?
Mm... a fiend's fiend.
Is this going to keep
happening to me?
Forever and ever.
"The neural basis
may be a cell that reacts
"both when a particular action
"is performed and
when it is observed.
"As for understanding
the functional significance
"of mirror neurons,
that journey has
only just begun."
Oh, hey.
What are you doing out here?
There you are.
You fucking bitch!
You lied to us about
fixing that report.
We're all still dead. We
want our money back.
I had to give Hildie your money
to replace her toilet.
But I... I can pay you back.
In cash?
Not exactly. What
else do you want?
I can get you
anything else you want.
Booze, shoes, jewelry,
makeup, whatever.
What's that smell?
I don't know.
It's Evelyn. She
smells just like Evelyn.
Code Pink. Pale Pink.
All senior girls report
to the gym immediately.
What's new with you?
Mm. I didn't have any
lunch money today,
so I sold my underwear
to the student teacher
for Civic Engagement.
The blood-stained ones.
I charged double.
That's not what I meant.
It's weird.
It's only been a couple of days
and I've watched my
face turn into another face.
My voice was her voice too.
And I could feel her
blood leaving her body.
And she's alive.
I just don't know where she is.
I don't feel like
you're in any pain.
I'm not in pain, but I'm
not all that interested
in feeling all the feelings.
I don't mind being me.
You're still you.
All the feelings are
not your feelings.
Not yet.
I've inherited
turbo-charged empathy.
I'm like super sensitive now.
So it's kind of uncomfortable.
It's been different
for each of us.
Emotional basket-case is
a tremendous asset though,
and when harnessed can
be quite an efficient weapon.
Show me how to use it.
You're going to have to
figure this out on your own.
You'll learn it.
You'll learn to work it.
You may or may
not learn to like it.
It's evolved and mutated
so you can surely do tricks
that no one else can do.
There are some
limitations, of course.
Like I said, that's for you
to figure out for yourself.
For me, it requires
reasonable proximity
and a clear path.
If you can see
me, I can feel you.
Does my dad know
anything about this?
I don't know exactly
what your dad knows.
Have you talked to him?
I call. He doesn't answer.
I'd fear me...
I'd fuck me...
She's nothing like you.
I didn't expect that.
Have you talked to her?
I call. She doesn't answer.
What do I do?
Get real. You get really real.
She's here with me and
we're going through it.
You've got to pull
yourself together.
That was the deal.
Let's try it again,
from the top.
I wasn't paying attention.
Okay, do it again.
- So, it's up.
- Cross.
- Cross.
Hit and out.
You're late.
Where the fuck is Aviva?
Kirk was supposed
to drop her off.
Who the fuck is Kirk?
He's so cute.
He plays football and
basketball and baseball.
And he's a good kisser.
He uses his tongue. I heard.
Okay. Well, we're gonna
have to do this without Aviva.
The family just left. Are
you sure about the alarm?
Yeah. My dad's not
scheduled to fix it
till like next weekend.
Okay, I'm gonna go in.
You two stay out here.
If anything happens,
you know what to do.
- Mm-hm.
- Okay.
And I have the list
of shit that you want.
After tonight, we're even?
- Okay. Come on.
- Okay, let's go.
Right here...
What are you two doing out here?
There's a new curfew.
Earlier today, we found
one of the girls... dead.
We think it's Evelyn Tufts,
but her eyes and
teeth are missing
along with her scalp.
It wasn't my idea.
Wasn't my idea either.
Why don't you two
girls get in the car?
Come on, get in the car.
We've got spirit, yes, we do.
We've got spirit, how about you?
I've got spirit,
yes, I do.
- [mocks] I do.
I've got spirit...
how about you?!
The back door's still open.
You okay?
What do you mean by okay?
You see what happened out here?
What happened out there?
I apprehended a prowler.
A girl. A dangerous
one. She got away.
There's a dangerous
girl out there somewhere?
Stay inside tonight.
Hey, I'm Elektra.
I already know your
name. I asked around.
I thought you
might need a doctor,
but seems like you've
already stopped bleeding.
That's somethin'.
Would it be okay if
I stayed with you?
What'd your parents say?
I told my aunt that I
was having a sleepover
with a new friend.
Will your parents
care that I'm here?
If my mom even notices you,
she'll just ask where you live,
what your parents do.
Anyway, they'll
be out for a while.
They went to a party
for the Mensahs.
They just bought a new
house. It has an indoor pool.
Mrs. Mensah just got
this thing done to her face
that my mom really wants,
so she and my dad
went to get a closer look.
They aren't really
friends, though.
These grownups
just get shit-faced
and complain about their kids.
Who would complain about you?
Well, my mom will say
that I'm spoiled and bitchy.
My dad won't correct her.
You still need that coat hanger?
Are you gonna freak out again?
Oh, I am definitely
going to freak out again.
What is this?
What does it look like?
A mouthful of strawberry
bubblegum and Red Hots,
chewed down, spit
out, and drying up?
It's my miscarriage.
I was gonna bury it in
the backyard last night.
Take this from me,
that is not something
you should do alone.
Well, he doesn't
know anything about it.
Your boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend.
He's just some guy that I tutor
in math and chemistry.
He's cute... for a boy.
He plays football and
basketball and baseball.
He's a good kisser.
Kirk with the tongue?
Do you know him?
Do you want to talk about it?
We usually meet at the library.
But this time, we
met at his house.
His parents were gone,
and so, we drank a couple beers.
I dunno, I think I just
wanted to get it over with,
you know, see what
all the fuss was about.
Like if dick only
happens for me once,
it might as well be with him.
It was not totally terrible,
but dick is not for me.
Afterwards, Kirk just
kind of passed out,
so I decided to walk home.
And as soon as I left his house,
a man started following me.
I couldn't really make
out the details of his face,
but he may have
been wearing a mask,
like a mask that
looks like a face.
And I could see at
the end of the street,
there was a cop car, so I
started walking toward it,
like faster and faster,
even though fuck cops,
but the man started
walking faster too.
When I finally
reached the cop car,
my whole body
just heaves forward.
The cop looks up, we
lock eyes and then...
it happened.
The man grabbed you
and knocked you out
and shoved you into the cop car?
I barfed.
It was an explosion of barf.
That cop was the
same cop from last night.
Did he recognize you?
There was something
in the way he asked,
"Are you okay?"
Aviva was supposed
to show last night
but the other girls said
that she was with Kirk.
Kirk hooked up with
Darby and April P.
Before they disappeared, too.
Hey, did you hear
that they found Evelyn?
He was with her too.
She was really
hacked up, I guess.
Even her eyes were gone.
Like... everyone
wanted her eyes.
You and me, we
should talk to Kirk,
find out what he knows.
Evelyn, Darby, April
P. and now Aviva.
Where is she, pretty boy?
Where are all those girls?
I don't know!
Help me! Help me!
No. Ow.
Ow. Ow. Ow.
If you... I'm sorry.
I think... I think
if we... ow! Ow!
It's not... I think
I don't like that.
I told you already
to shut the fuck up.
You're gonna ruin your face
and you are nothing
without that face.
I didn't speak for six weeks
after my last
procedure. This, hm?
No scarring.
Now, I need more of everything,
so put an order in,
and file it under
health and wellness.
What do you do
with all that stuff?
No more talking.
Remember, girls...
if you run, be
prepared to run forever.
And if you get knocked
down, stay down,
keep quiet, and don't cry.
Noise and movement can provoke
and incense the attacker.
What is bad can
always get worse.
Do you think this will help?
It can't hurt.
Watch what they do
with their mouths...
the biting and screaming
might be an issue.
All right now.
Concentrate on the fear
and pain you live with
every moment.
Let it... paralyze you.
The paralysis...
Who are you?
No one you know.
Are you so sure?
Okay, girls. Go, run... go, go.
Run for your lives. Run!
Okay, we've got like five hours
until my mom realizes
her car is missing.
She just passed out,
so that'll be two hours,
then she'll be groggy
for another hour.
And then she'll, I don't
know, take a shower,
leftovers or jack off.
Or all of those.
Oh, there he is. There he is.
I do not want to go in there.
Me neither.
It's too late
To change the consequence
You wouldn't understand
What I see in you
A light asylum
You wouldn't understand
What I see in you...
I'm a liar to myself
We wanted to run
Amok, all over
It's not fate
To lose what's obvious
How are we supposed
to find him out there?
They're all the same person.
Well, he's different. He's
not a total douchebag.
He's just kind of a dickhead.
I know those missing girls...
I was with them all
right before they disappeared.
But I don't know what
has happened to them...
and I don't know
where they are...
and I'm freaking out!
Oh, my god. Pull
your shit together.
If you didn't do anything,
you didn't do anything.
But someone's paying
attention to your playlist.
So what do I do?
You need to put
me on that playlist.
We are going to fake
like we are into this.
And if we do it
right, afterward,
I will be savagely
attacked and abducted.
I really don't want to do this.
Trust me.
I don't know you like that.
Trust... me.
How do you do that?
Are you... What... what are you?
I am nobody like everyone else
except I know exactly how
you are feeling right now.
We have to keep it cool.
So... this is your secret spot?
One of them.
Well, where do you go?
I don't have dates.
Ugh. Because you're terrifying?
Dates are too much work.
I'd rather just get
to the good stuff.
Skip all the walking and talking
and whatever else
people do on dates.
I don't mind the talking
and walking, actually.
Why do you date so many girls?
Girls are just... so
fucking awesome.
So you got any moves?
Let me see.
You want to see my moves?
Give me your hand.
I'm going to write
something on your palm,
and you have to try
to guess what it is.
Close your eyes.
I heard you're a good kisser.
You know what to
do with your tongue.
I am.
I do.
Prove it.
Are you trouble?
No. No trouble at all.
Then why are the cops here?
Hi, Dad.
Jesus, Kirk.
I've been driving around
for an hour looking for you,
and I called.
It went straight to voicemail.
This isn't your usual spot.
Who's your friend?
We go to school
together. She's new.
You look sort of
familiar to me, New Girl.
Let me give you a ride home.
- I can take her home.
- Nope.
You need to go pick
up your stepmom.
Clinic called. Her
eyes are swollen shut.
Said she's gonna
look like a teenager
but she can't drive.
Why can't you get her?
She's not talking
to me right now.
Come on. I'll take you home.
I'll call you later
for a do-over?
Sit up front.
The back seat smells like barf.
What happened to your face?
You should see the other guy.
Isn't that what people say
when the other guy won?
Well, this was some
kind of other guy...
and she didn't win.
More like an it.
What the fuck just happened?
We gotta try again tomorrow.
Well, you just let her go?
I know that cop. We
should follow them.
She's fine. That's my dad.
He's gonna take her home.
Thanks for the ride.
I'll wait till you get inside.
You get a gold star.
You still owe me
from the last one.
Marcy doesn't like her neck
and she found a clinic that
will fix it as an outpatient.
But they only take cash.
Deep breaths...
and stay very still.
This is very bad, but it...
It can always get worse.
The first time is excruciating,
but I advise you not to cry.
There is nothing less
desirable in this ugly world
than a young girl in tears.
What the fuck is this?
What the fuck are
you gonna do to me?
No more talking!
I don't have any
money. I'm just some girl.
Shut the fuck up!
Fuck you!
You act like you like it.
You act like you like me.
Now, try to relax...
I am about to take
advantage of you.
Get in here. Get in here.
Get in here.
Be quiet. Please.
You're safer under here.
He's watching and listening.
And Darby.
April P.
You're all here.
Except Evelyn.
They took her out
a few days ago.
She hasn't come back.
Evelyn is dead.
I heard she was
scalped and skinned.
He took everything
he could from her.
He's gonna do that to us too.
This is a chop shop.
We're being stripped for parts.
When he calls you
out of here, you just go.
When you're out there with him,
no matter what,
don't fucking cry.
What happens if you cry?
He'll take your tongue.
I'd fear me...
I'd fuck me...
How long has this
been going on for?
Too long.
April P. and Darby
need a doctor.
I think their
wounds are infected.
My fucking god.
You two look terrible.
We have to get out of here.
How? There's only one
way in and one way out.
We're already as
good as gone forever.
I miss my mom.
I'd fuck me...
Do you have one of these?
I have two, both at
the base of my spine.
What happens if...
If you pull it out?
Evelyn pulled hers out.
It was like a fountain of blood.
I'm not sure if she
knew that would happen
or if she was trying to die.
We are all going
to survive this.
But you have to help
me get this thing out.
How the fuck is
that going to help?
Fountain of blood.
On three, yank this out.
Stay under here until I say,
"Code Massacre,
Level Bloodbath."
One, two, three.
Code Massacre...
Level Bloodbath!
Come on.
- Which way?
I don't know. I don't know.
Just fucking go. Go!
Oh, my god. That's my dad.
That's my dad's van.
Get in the van. Get in the van.
That's my dad's van.
Who the fuck are you?!
Girls, come on. Get in!
- Oh, my god.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
Get in the van. Get in!
Is this all of you?
- Yes.
Oh, girls. What must
you have been through?
Oh. Oh, you smell so bad.
How did you find us?
I didn't. She did.
I have a very keen
sense of smell.
Who is she?
Your mother.
I owe you an explanation.
What happened back there?
Code Massacre...
Level Bloodbath.
I pulled this out of his chest.
I was aiming for his heart.
This used to be my room.
There is a big bloodstain
on the mattress.
Your birth was complicated.
I had a C-section.
My incision came
open on day five.
I came in here to
change my underwear
and stood up and came
apart like a bean burrito.
I bled all over everything.
Why are you wearing my clothes?
My other clothes don't fit.
I haven't been
myself for a long while.
What do I call you?
Jean. Same as
before, but with a J.
Or you can call me Mom.
We don't know
each other like that.
You were hit by a car
when you were five.
You were... you were
going after an ice cream truck
for a push-up.
You were in a
body cast for months
and you missed
the part of first grade
where you learn
to tell the time.
Seventh grade, you
asked all the teachers
to call you Jennifer.
And you had two best
friends named Lana.
Onions irritate your stomach,
and peaches make
your tongue feel fat.
You like the smell of gasoline
and the way I sing,
but you never let me sing.
I've been right with
you your whole life.
I just looked like someone else.
How? Why?
Who were you?
Combination of a few guys I knew
around the time you were born.
When I turned 18, I
practiced constantly.
Not just tuning in other people
but actually becoming them...
passing entirely
as someone else.
You were hiding from
me for all of these years.
I'm sorry.
I just meant to hide
from your father.
Our relationship was...
was a cruel experiment to him.
I didn't think he could dislike
someone more than me
until you were born.
So then we vanished.
But I knew he'd come after us.
So I did what I could.
He was looking for
a single Black mom,
not a single white dad.
I didn't expect
to like it so much.
No lingering looks,
no come-ons, no...
no unwanted touching.
No unwanted anything.
But then I saw you
becoming a teenager.
And I watched it all
happening to you.
And I didn't just watch,
I-I-I could feel everything.
Over the past few years,
the only time I haven't
been in terrible pain
is when I've been knocked out.
And I was afraid
you'd go looking for me.
I was wrong to hide.
And I certainly haven't healed.
I wish I could say I
did the best I could.
It wasn't that awful.
You weren't that much worse
than the other dads I know.
And how's Hildie been?
A fiend's fiend.
You're gonna be okay.
You're all going to be okay.
Growing bodies are
highly regenerative,
especially yours.
The only thing adults really
appreciate about young people
is their ability to bounce back.
We still don't know who
he is, where he lives.
Once we got out, we
just started running
and didn't look back.
Thanks for coming to get me.
It's not easy for
me to be back here.
I have a feeling your
dad is here somewhere.
He's a monster.
So am I.
You're special. You're
so fucking special.
Do you feel me?
I feel you.
Settle down.
Settle down!
As you know, we
are here this afternoon
to honor these
brave young women,
who recently survived
an unspeakable ordeal.
They were tortured
and brutalized,
and narrowly escaped.
We can only hope that with time,
they will be able to
put this all behind them,
pretend the whole
thing never happened,
and go on to live
long and decent lives.
My stepson, who
most of you know,
has asked if he
can read a letter
he wrote to you girls.
Thanks, Marcy.
"Dear Darby,
"April P.,
"and Jonny...
"we are all so glad
that you are back.
"None of us can imagine
how scared you must have been...
you must have been
so fucking scared."
I'm going to find
whoever did this to you!
Who would kill Evelyn?
Poor Evelyn.
I should also mention here
that now my dad is missing.
Any information on
his disappearance
would be appreciated.
I thought it couldn't
get worse, but it did.
Fuck me.
Fuck me.
Fuck me! Ow. Fuck!
Fuck me!
Fuck me.
Oh, shit! Did I miss it?
Fuck me. Fuck me.
Fuck me. Fuck me.
Fuck me.
Oh, my god.
I knew you'd come back to me.
Fuck me.
Fuck me.
You missed it. He was there...
but he got away.
I know him.
I know him too.
You know him?
New face, new name...
same old spells.
I left him alive.
What the fuck are
we gonna do now?!
I don't fucking know,
and don't raise
your voice at me.
What a fucking disaster.
I am truly sorry.
I know how sorry you are.
I can feel your heart racing.
That's not me.
Oh, baby. Come to Daddy.
What do we do with this?
[yelling] Surprise!
Who wants cake?
I made it myself.
All right, but you
have to be okay
with the pain and the blood.
Every single
moment You're away
I just wanna cry
Every single
moment I will pray
You don't say goodbye
For I would die
Every beat of my
heart Is just for you
And I will love you
Till my life is through
What more can I say?
What more can I say?
What more can I do?
I love you
What more can I say?
What more can I do?
I love you
Every beat of my
heart Is just for you
Every beat of my
heart Is just for you
I love you
Every beat of my
heart Is just for you
Every beat of my
heart Is just for you
I love you