Perro, El (2004) Movie Script

- Nice knife.
- Isn't it? Beautiful.
- Excellent work.
- Handmade.
These are our specialty.
Carved by hand. I make
and sell them myself.
And this handle?
Is this marble?
No, that's not marble.
It's the bone foot
of an ostrich.
And this is Walnut.
It's only found in San Luis.
A special kind of tree.
- Only in San Luis?
- Yes, in the province.
My relatives who work
there sent it to me.
- A hard wood.
- Very. It's extraordinary.
A very nice souvenir,
that's why I am offering it.
This is a very rare wood.
It's from a shipwreck
back in 1800.
- Really?
- I picked it up from the coast.
This handle is historic.
How much is it?
Because of the work
it demands, $100.
- $100?!
- You've got to work your ass off...
to earn that money here.
If I had $100, I wouldn't
be working here.
Too much money!
I'll give it to you for 80.
OK, let's go on.
Who likes this one?
I like them all.
Make an offer.
I am doing this for a living.
This one is for Contreras.
Not good enough for him.
Here you are!
Make an offer.
Let's go to work.
- What do you say?
- We have to work.
Come on!
See you!
Nothing sold any today,
Coco, this isn't our day.
The knives are great!
I mean it!
Good morning, pal.
Good morning.
Didn't you see
the entry sign?
What sign?
I didn't see anything.
This is a private property.
I am sorry.
I just came to sell
some knives.
Who gave you the authorization?
You'll have to accompany me.
Your ID, please.
Wait a sec.
Believe me, I don't
have them with me.
I forgot
to take them.
I apologize, I must
have left them at home.
How much is that one?
- This one?
- Yes.
Keep it.
Listen, signs
are to be read.
I'll remember that
the next time.
Go on, sir!
How are you?
How are you doing, Sabino?
What a cleaning!
And they had to
go and fire me!
They plan
to open in the Spring.
I have your stuff in my cabin.
And the knives?
I think the price
is too high.
- High?
- I'll try to bring it down.
Cheap knives from
Brazil are flooding the market.
Mine are handmade.
People only see if they cut.
And how is Rosa?
She got a job from an
agency in Caleta Olivia.
She'll be a maid
at a hotel.
For a woman, it's easier.
Besides, she's younger.
I keep avoiding it,
but any day, I'll be fired.
Your tools and a box
with some of your stuff.
Take a seat.
Let's drink some mate.
I'll give you your mattress.
It's under my own.
Keep it if you need it.
No, I left it there, 'cause
there was no other place.
And where is Morci now?
Morci went to Rosario,
he got a brother there.
Wasn't his
brother in jail?
He must still be there.
He was given 30 years.
But Morci was in love
with his sister-in-law.
Is all your stuff there?
Nothing missing?
Yes, but it doesn't matter.
The agency where Rosa
got the job... where is it?
- Name?
- Juan Villegas.
- Villega?
- Villegas.
But everybody
calls me Coco.
- Profession?
- Mechanic.
Simple Mechanics.
Are you a mechanic or not?
Yes, write down mechanic.
I've worked in
a gas station.
And? What happened?
It was sold recently.
I did everything there:
Listen to me.
It's not my problem if
they don't pay you as agreed.
Workpower is not responsible
for problems with the employer.
Read the contract you signed.
I don't care what you think.
I delete you from the system.
It's that simple.
Do what you like.
- Age?
- Fifty two.
Is that a problem?
In this country, everything
can be a problem.
Marital Status?
But put "single".
It's been twenty years...
since I last saw my wife.
- Well, let's put "single".
- Single.
I am living with my
daughter in Fitz Roy.
Things are not going
too well, but...
Now, you are
in the system.
And what's next?
Can we reach your daughter?
Yes, but since I am
in the area every day...
Here's my card and
my number. You call me.
Mr. Barreiro...
In my spare time,
I make knife handles...
If you are interested...
I can show you one.
No, not now.
I have them here.
Where did you put the bottle?
Look at the milk, it's spoiled.
Calm down, baby.
You can't even wash up.
Yes, sweetie.
I have to do it all.
Get up, lazybones!
Look at the example
you set.
Do you need
the bathroom?
Go, but don't spend
a year in there.
Take her, at least for a while.
Come on, quick!
You'll be late for school.
Tucumano, go!
Take care of the kid.
Come on!
Should I check the oil?
No, no need to.
It's $28.50.
Have you been
working here long?
No, not too long.
And you like it?
More or less.
I worked nearly 20
years in a gas station.
Here's your change.
Thanks a lot.
I almost forgot.
There's a promotion.
You have to scratch
the card with a coin.
- The one you gave me?
- Yes.
- Here?
- Right there.
It says something.
Let me see.
You've won
1 liter of engine oil!
Come with me.
And on top of it,
a pair of glasses...
same as in
the film "Men in Black".
Have you seen it?
I don't think so.
Come in.
Hold this.
Mario, this man has
just won the combo.
- Good morning.
- Congratulations, sir!
Bring up a combo from
the shed, in the new boxes.
Take it, please
I'll write down your name
and we'll give you the prize.
- Today's my lucky day.
- It must be.
Do you need a mechanic,
or a pump attendant here?
No, we're not hiring.
Have you tried at
Gitano's station?
The mechanic
near the dell.
He is always looking
for someone.
In the long run, what
matters is having a job.
- The oil and the glasses.
- Here you are.
They look expensive.
Try them on.
You look like a "Man in Black".
I can't see anything.
They suit you well.
- You going to wear them out?
- No.
- What do you want?
- Is the boss in?
He's having lunch.
- Can I wait for him?
- What's it about?
It's personal.
You can wait outside.
Listen, if you are selling...
Nobody buys anything here.
No, I am not
selling anything.
Who the fuck parked
in front of the garage?
I am sorry.
I'll move it.
Didn't you see the sign?
Come in.
Don't turn the TV up too loud.
The baby's sleeping.
Mauro, you've got
to show me that note.
I got the news.
What are you doing?
Repairing the pipe.
I'll give you a rag
to secure it.
We better change the pipe.
How much will that be?
How much can
charge you...?
It's not expensive,
I'll go buy it.
Listen, dad...
Today, they called me
back at the new gas station...
"Come, scratch this card".
I scratched it off
and I won a prize.
I won a can of oil
with a pair of glasses.
I wanted to ask them for
the money, but I couldn't.
I plan to buy the machine
with the severance pay.
Spend all your money on that...
and you'll end up broke.
If I don't make the knife
blade myself, it's not worth it.
Why don't you look for a job
doing what you're good at.
So many gas stations
are being opened.
I'll go to the Basque's
shop to get the pipe.
Otherwise, you won't
have any water.
Good morning!
Something wrong?
Hi, I really don't know.
Something must have broken,
I pulled over to check.
Don't worry!
I'll check it for you.
Thank you.
Is it serious?
No, just the fan belt.
It's broken.
And it needs to be welded, see?
They must have
welded it wrong.
That was my dad,
it's his car.
Is it easy to repair?
If I had a soldering iron...
I have one.
It's at the ranch. They are
always welding there.
It's 150 km away.
We'll have
to tow the car.
We'll have to hook
it up and tow it.
But it's 150 km.
It's not so close.
Do you have the time?
Time is what
I have most of.
Are you living in the area?
No, I am living
in Buenos Aires.
I was born in Telken.
I am from the Patagonia,
though I don't look like it.
May I smoke?
- Would you like one?
- Thanks, I don't smoke.
I want to smoke while I can...
because my mother
doesn't let me smoke.
It's unbelievable. I am 33,
and she still rags on me.
And now your dad will
rag on you about the car.
No, my dad is dead.
I am sorry.
Don't worry. He's been dead
since a year and a half now.
And what do you do?
I used to work
at a gas station.
Now I am making
knife handles.
Have a look, they
are in my bag.
They are beautiful.
What is it made from?
This is a special wood.
From the jungles,
in Misiones.
A friend of mine who lives
there sent me the wood.
And this one looks like a face.
It's a puma's head.
You are a real artist!
No, well...
Thank you.
I am going to see mom,
she must be very worried.
Where is the soldering iron?
It must be in the shed.
Good afternoon!
Good afternoon, ma'am.
How do you do? Villegas.
A pleasure.
So my daughter has
dragged you out here.
Don't worry, ma'am.
It's not unusual.
Especially on the highway.
When she sets her
mind to something...
She's so stubborn.
She insisted on driving
to Comodoro to sell it.
If the car is not being
used, it'll get ruined.
But this is not
just any car, is it?
It's a good car.
That's why!
So you cannot sell it
just like that.
Is it complicated?
Mom, just the pulley
needs soldering.
Let the man explain it to me.
I have to solder the
pulley, and that's it.
Then I put it back and...
Is it gonna be expensive?
Because, nowadays...
I don't know yet.
We'll see to that later,
when you sell it.
To make up for the nuisance,
you must stay with us for tea.
See all these?
All homemade.
It's very difficult
to find it in the city.
It's delicious.
Dad was an expert on
red currant jam, wasn't he?
I could never make it
as good as he could.
Try the brownies.
Those there.
The recipe is
from a local family.
I'm gonna prepare
two jars of jam...
for you to take.
Well, thanks.
- And what did your husband do?
. -What didn't he do!
Everything but politics.
Yes, but he always
liked to be well-informed.
He brought the Hereford
cattle to Patagonia...
for the first time.
He created a lodge
for hunting wild boar.
He cultivated
He always had to
have a project going on,
he couldn't sit still.
But he lived a happy life,
in his own way.
The last thing was the dogs.
He wanted to build an Argentine
Dogo Kennels. For export.
But, he didn't have the time.
Have you ever seen them?
Big, white dogs.
I think so, yes.
In fact, they are
fighting dogs.
If you raise them
that way...
If not, like any creature,
they are as good as gold.
But, genetically they
were created to fight.
Nobody is born bad.
They are not bad,
but wild.
No, they are hunting animals.
Tell me,
would you like to
take one with you?
A dog?
I assure you
when you see it...
you will say yes.
The thing is lately I haven't
been doing well, economically...
and to maintain a dog...
They are country dogs,
My husband bought it
to start up the kennels.
But he died soon after
the dog arrived.
It's the son of
a famous dog.
Of a grand champion.
He's a great breed.
I have the papers.
It breaks my heart,
to see him
lying there all day long.
But I am not in shape
for taking care of a dog.
Have a look at it.
It maybe good company
for a man who is alone.
Now he looks sad,
but he was so playful
by the time he'd arrived.
I would be very happy if a
person like you would take him.
Here are the papers.
The name of his father:
"Quilapn de los Andes".
A grand champion.
The inscription number,
the vaccines.
And here it is,
Kennels "Le Chien".
"Le Chien" because my
husband was French.
An extraordinary dog.
Come with me.
Watch the trench.
It's not finished.
Come in.
And? What do you think?
He's a posh dog, isn't he?
Come on down.
Coming down...
Let's go home.
Come on, Lechien.
Let's go home.
Come on.
Mom, come and see!
What are you talking about?
A white dog, for real.
Where did it come from?
Dad, where did
this dog come from?
It's tied up,
he won't do any harm.
What is it doing here?
I brought it here.
How come you did that?
Have you gone mad?
Take the dog out of here!
Never in your fucking life
did you want a dog.
Now suddenly
you want a dog!
What happened to you,
are you senile?
Tucumano, take
that dog out of here.
I can't even hang the clothes.
I don't want dogs here.
I don't want dogs here.
- I've filled it with $20.
- Thanks.
That man there,
wants to talk to you.
- Who?
- There, that man.
Good afternoon.
Is that dog yours?
I have a wool warehouse
and I need some security.
For three or four days...
Until they take the wool out.
I never leave the dog alone.
No, I'll hire you as
a security guard...
with the dog.
I'll give $30 per day.
What do you say?
Maybe, yes.
Follow me.
If Galvan comes, my former
guard, and he is drunk...
don't let him in.
If he wants to
collect his stuff,
tell him to come tomorrow
afternoon when I am here.
If he insists, you set
the dog on him.
I don't object to that.
Come in.
Let the dog loose.
I better keep him nearby.
You know best.
You will stay here.
It's a bit dirty...
But, come in.
There's a heater,
some food.
And now, please help
me shut the main door.
Open up or III kill you!
Open up, you!
Open up, son of a bitch!
Calm down!
Down, Lechien!
Lechien, sit!
Get the
dog away from me.
- Are you Galvan?
- Yes.
I have orders
not to let you in.
Come and must pick up
your stuff in the afternoon.
I can't come in the
afternoon, my friend.
These are my orders.
It's just a few things.
I'll take them and go.
It will only take
me ten minutes.
Please, I'm begging you.
In 5 minutes, I'll be out.
Can you take it all?
In a bag or something.
I am out of luck.
Forgive me.
Where are you going?
Galvan is in there,
he wants to talk to you.
Excuse me, you cannot
enter with the dog.
I'll be out in a sec.
Nothing personal, but you can't
go in the bank with a dog.
If I tie him up there,
will you keep an eye on him?
It's a problem. What if
the animal bites someone?
He would not bite a soul.
He's a hunting dog.
He is friendly.
Tie him up, but
I didn't see a thing.
Come on, Lechien.
We have got to get paid.
- Good morning, Roque.
- Good morning, Mr. Accountant.
You left the lights on.
Again with these
new rules...
Excuse me,
is that your dog?
- Nice animal.
- Yes, nice.
- What's his name?
- Lechien.
May I?
Sure, yes, pet him.
He might be a good hunter.
Did you try him with pigs?
Not yet.
A very good hunter.
Because of his bite,
you know?
He's got a perfect bite.
Yes, I think so.
And he may do very
well in races. May I?
Strong legs.
- A very good specimen.
- Good, isn't it?
Yeah, very good.
You could try him
at the races.
- Have you got his papers?
- Yes.
Why don't you train him?
I can recommend
someone to train him.
- Are you coming to the bank?
- Yes.
Come with me, I'll
give you his address.
- Accountant, the lights.
- I forgot again.
- Do me a favor, turn them off.
- All right.
Come in.
You were coming to the bank, right?
- And what for?
- I have to cash a check.
Give it to me, I will
get it cashed for you.
Thank you very much.
- Good morning, Marta.
- Good morning, sir.
- Cash this for me, please.
- Sure.
Come in.
Make yourself at home.
Very well, let's see...
The man I've mentioned
is Walter Donado.
He is an ace preparing
dogs for exhibitions.
I don't know
a thing about dogs.
Don't worry, this man
is a genius.
He lives in Trelew.
I am looking for his address.
He's easy to find. He's
in charge of the motordrome.
Here he is.
I'll write down his address
on one of my cards.
Here's his address
and phone number.
Tell him you know Zacarias
at the Bank of Santa Cruz.
He owes me many favors.
Thank you.
While we wait for the money,
let me show you something.
See what kind of
animal you have.
My favorite for many years.
A great dog.
He fell down a hill with a
wild boar, 300 meters down.
Already dead, we had to break
his jaw to make him let it loose.
Take a look at that one.
Gutted by a wild boar.
Everything was put back
in again, he was sewed up,
and the next day, he
was as good as new.
They don't feel pain.
Absolutely insensitive
to pain.
Let me break it to you,
they are beasts
from outer space.
- Excuse me.
- Come in.
Here is the money
from the check. Is it for him?
I need your signature here.
- Of course.
- Here's a pen.
- Here you are.
- Thanks a lot.
- Please, don't mention it.
- It won't be necessary.
Every month we hunt
at a friend's estate.
This month is at Dr. Recabarren's
in Laguna Grande.
If you have some time to spare,
call me and come with us.
And bring the beast,
so he starts learning.
I don't know anything about dogs.
I know very little.
Don't worry, you will
acquire the taste for it.
Yes, I am a friend
of Zacarias...
at the Bank of Santa Cruz.
No, I'm not
calling about that.
I don't work
for the bank.
The thing is
I have a dog...
and Mr. Zacarias
gave me your name.
I just wanted to know if we
could train the dog together.
He's the son of
"Quilo of the Andes"
"Quillapn de los Andes",
yes, sorry.
Trelew's motordrome.
Yes, I was told.
Yes, I can go there today.
Wait in the car.
Good morning!
Good morning.
I am looking for Walter Donado.
He's not here.
He went to Trelew
to get some bolts.
But I was told
he lives here.
Yes, next to that office.
I'll show you there.
Good afternoon.
Excuse me, I am
looking for Walter.
He just happens to be out.
He went to buy some bolts.
- I was already told.
- He'll be back soon.
- Then, I'll wait outside.
- Would you mind coming in?
- Isn't it too much trouble?
- Not at all.
Thank you.
Please, come in.
Mabel, say hello
to the man.
Take a seat.
Would you like
a mate tea?
Thank you, ma'am.
Hi, sweetie.
Are you studying?
Poor girl, she's lost her
voice because of the nerves.
The nerves?
She's got to recite next
Thursday at the Town Council.
That's why.
When she was little,
she recited marvellously.
And now, she's nervous
and her voice has gone.
Come on, Mabel,
recite to the man.
"Dark swallows will come back...
and nest on your balcony...
and once more, their wings
against your window pane...
She is getting nervous,
but she knows it by heart.
Come on, Mabelita, slower.
Come on.
Dark swallows will come back...
We can't understand if
your voice is so hoarse.
Dark swallows will...
I can't do it right!
See? That's how she gets!
She's nervous.
But I am fed up with her.
What a disgrace.
Don't say a word! I've already
seen him in the truck!
- This man...
...has a hell of a dog!
- A pleasure.
- Walter Donado.
You have pure gold!
Do you like him?
Have a seat and we'll
take a look at his papers.
All right.
That's it.
Here are the vaccines.
Very important.
Of course, his mother is
"Crystal Goddess of the Apostles".
But, didn't this dog
belong to a French man?
Yes, his widow
gave it to me.
Why are
we still sitting here?
Let's go see him.
Can I tell you something?
This dog, well trained,
will make us rich.
You sure?
Have you thought
about selling it?
No, not yet.
What a head you have!
Can you do me favor?
Take me to Gelsi's house,
the President of the Association.
- Sure, let's go.
- I want him to see the dog.
Shall we go?
He'll drop dead!
Let me tell you, Villegas.
Presenting a dog at a show
is no small matter.
It is an art. You have to
know how to present a dog.
It's like the career of
a football player.
You present him wrong,
and you ruin his future.
First you have to present the
dog at small provincial shows...
and then at the
international level.
I know of dogs who
where wrongly presented...
and their careers
were ruined.
And they were good dogs!
That's why it's important
to build a name for the dog.
Let the people get to know him,
ask about him.
And people will start to
request the stud services.
The Baha Blanca Show
comes in a week.
Three general competitions
and an Aptitude Test.
Do you want to present him there?
One week?
One week will do miracles.
We need to walk him a bit,
teach him to raise
up his head.
Make him stand still...
I've never been
to a dog show.
You have to see it.
Remind me to show
you a magazine.
In 1994, we went
to the USA, to Tampa.
A total success!
I'm in one of the pictures.
When we get back home,
I'll show it to you.
The thing is, I am
a bit short of cash.
Let's make a deal.
I train the dog,
I give you shelter and food...
and we split
the profits fifty-fifty.
- Do we have a deal?
- Deal!
Don't tell me that he
doesn't look like his father!
He looks quite good.
Looks quite good??
This must be one
of the puppies...
he had with
Rocatagliata's female dog.
Exactly, sir!
A French man...
Let's get him down so
they can get a look at him.
Lechien, down!
Come on, Lechien.
Leave him alone.
He will get down by himself.
Yeah, he always gets
down by himself.
Come on, don't
give a bad impression.
He's a bit nervous.
Come on.
You better leave him!
It's just a scratch.
It's nothing.
- He doesn't have rabies, does he?
- These dogs don't get rabies.
He sure has character.
Our friend made his debut.
A dogo owner with no scar,
is not a real dogo owner.
Do you know why he did it?
Because he loves you.
Look at me!
Taking two dogs apart.
Double fracture.
Radio, ulna
and five tendons.
And it wasn't even
on purpose!
Well, friend...
Welcome to the club!
Come in, Villegas.
Come in, brother. I want
you to feel at home here.
We never use this place.
Except for Saturdays or Sundays
if a lunatic wants to test a car...
or if there's a car race.
Follow me, I am gonna
put your mattress here.
This is gonna be your room.
Your mattress goes here.
Let the dog loose.
- Won't he run away?
- What I promise to show you.
You'll see.
Tampa, Miami 1994.
Check out this
dog show!
This is the Argentine
See if you find
someone you know.
Look carefully!
It's you!
Sixty people travelled.
We were pretty close
to winning the first series.
And you took
the dogs with you?
It's a Canine Exhibition.
How could we go with no dogs?
What an idiot!
You can't imagine how
much money is at stake.
In the USA alone,
there's 80 million dogs.
They're almost
the biggest minority.
And then you have:
dog food,
vaccine producers,
dog collar manufacterers...
It's incredible the amount
of money behind all that.
when this dog takes off...
we will need
a sponsor.
No sponsor and you are dead.
But, first things first.
Next step is Baha Blanca.
Have a good rest. Tomorrow
we'll start training early.
See you tomorrow.
I'll leave the flashlight here.
In 10 minutes, I turn
off the generator.
Left, right, left.
Left, left again.
Left, right, left.
That's right.
Very good, Villegas.
Stop him, Villegas.
Turn around.
Now at a trot.
Now turn him around!
Pull him.
Pull him hard.
The head is very
And the hand.
Mark his head.
And regarding his head...
A wet towel to clean.
So that the dog
stays as good as new.
See? He's covered with it.
Stay still so that I can
watch from a distance.
Just a bit more.
- You will do well in Baha Blanca.
- You think so?
Walter has a special
eye for this.
The great day has come!
Yes, sir!
What time is it?
3 A.M. But we
have a long way to go.
I got these clothes for you.
And this cap,
this is my gift.
Come on, Villegas.
Drink a mate and wake up.
Do I look OK?
A real exhibitor!
Wait for me here,
I have to check our position.
Good morning. Are
you the owner of the dog?
Here's a pin.
- Thanks.
- You are welcome.
See what I brought you!
Look who's here.
Walter Donado
and Juan Villegas.
See that guy with the yellow
shirt, combing the white dog?
See him?
With that little white dog,
he was three time national champ...
and twice Panamerican champion
With the money
that little dog gave him...
he bought a car for his wife
and paid cash for a house.
And with this shitty economy!
Imagine what the
dog business is like!
Argentine Dogo, Male Category,
please enter the track...
They are calling us.
We're ready.
We have to take him
to the track.
Come on, champ,
Go get 'em.
No, you stay here!
You watch and enjoy.
We will go and win that prize.
N 203, Bombn of Le chien.
N 122, Achilles of Cimarrn.
N 74, Pechito of La Manchega.
Male Dogos participants
line up for inspection.
- Judge Villarreal...
- Move a bit there...
Here you are.
Is now inspecting
and judging the animals.
They are eight in total.
Hi, sweetie.
Very good, friend.
Very good.
Go up there and come back,
in circles, please.
And after the prize,
there will be a drawing...
for a bicycle and
a pair of skates.
Very good, stay behind that one.
We are about to
announce the decision...
the top prize for the best specimen...
Show me the number.
That will pass to the final selection.
Its a time of mystery and tension...
that repeats itself for
each breed and category.
Dr. Villarreal has already
made a decision.
The winner of the category
Adult Male...
Dogo Argentine is...
You are the winner.
The specimen N 703,
Bombn of Lechien.
What did I tell you?
But let's keep a low profile...
that's how you celebrate
the first round.
What did the judge
tell you?
- Is he any good?
- And what do you think?
We won the first round
and will go to the finals.
Dear friends,
The moment you were waiting
for is finally here.
Now we will choose
the best three dogs.
Take the dog and guide him.
Come on!
They are calling you!
How come you don't want to?
Do you want him
to be disqualified?!
Come on, Lechien!
Sir, there!
Wait, you have
to stand there.
Please, stand him up straight.
The President of the Jury,
Mr. Martn Collazo,
making his usual inspection...
of the category winners...
in the 3rd. Canine Exhibition
of Baha Blanca.
All of them,
beautiful animals...
of the most conspicuous
breeds of our country.
We are about to have
the final results.
Mr. Collazo and Dr. Alvenazzi,
Secretary of this beautiful exhibition
are finalizing the details.
The judge is asking
for the trophies!
Now, form a
a circle, go on.
And now, the traditional
lap of the winners.
- First prize for...
- The first...
Caniche Toy, N 769.
- Second prize for...
- The second!
- Belgian Shepperd, N 767.
- Third prize for...
- The third!
Argentine Dogo,
Bombn of Lechien.
N 703.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Third prize, I told you!
And on top of that,
I've sold a stud service.
- For the dog?
- Sure, who else?
We have to call
this guy tomorrow.
He's got a female dog
just in time.
We can easily
charge him $600.
600, if you are in the business,
you know he is worth every penny.
I don't know of a dog that
does a service for $400.
We can offer you
a discount.
450 and we have a deal.
I have everything, even
the Brucellosis Test.
This animal has had
all his check-ups.
Here is your order.
Relax, I have the address.
We will be there tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
- How much?
- $7.50
Charge it to our account.
No, I only take cash.
How come?
In Miami, we never
paid cash.
What is it with this country?
Give him $8,
he can keep the change.
Yes, I've got it.
Let's toast.
To the future, to this partnership,
that was born to win!
And to Lechien!
To Lechien!
Do you like the fat girl?
She sings well.
Sings well!
She reminds me
of a girlfriend...
I had thirty years ago.
- Are you sure it's not her?
- Don't think so.
I'll bring her over here,
maybe she's your girl.
Coco Villegas.
A pleasure, Susana.
He's a breeder
of dogos...
the most important
in the Patagonia.
His dog won today
in Baha Blanca...
First prize.
- Congratulations!
- Thank you very much.
The dog has to be congratulated,
but he wasn't allowed in.
Would you like a drink?
Waiter, a glass!
Your work must be
very interesting.
Traveling from one
exhibition to the other.
In fact, he is the one
who does most of the traveling.
Actually, we have to
show a dog in the States.
But it's a very important
business up there.
They have
80 million dogs.
They are the top minority.
It must be very exciting!
No, please serve
me here.
Please, a moment
of silence.
Let's toast.
Your attention, please.
Let's make a toast...
to the owner of the
best dog...
who won the
Baha Blanca Dog Show today!
Mr. Coco Villegas!
And to Lechien, the champ dog
that it wasn't allowed in here!
You sing so nice.
I thought you were Arab.
No, as a girl I worked
at a Lebanese's shop.
So I got used
to hearing the music.
It must be very difficult.
Not for someone
who likes to sing.
No, I meant to
understand the meaning.
I sing by phonetics.
I don't know the meaning.
But I always do some research
so as not to offend anyone.
This is a family restaurant.
Leave her alone!
The show is for all of us!
Give her some money, stinge!
Who was the bastard?
Who was it?
So you like
throwing bread?
Calm down, fat boy!
Stop it!
Get out, you idiots!
Don't worry. They'll keep
him for a few hours...
to teach him a lesson.
Tomorrow they'll him out.
In these parties,
there's always a boozer.
Is this the one who
won the prize?
He's very beautiful.
I had a tiny little dog...
when I lived in Buenos Aires.
A Pomeranian.
Did you live
in Buenos Aires?
Yes, for two years.
I sang at the Club Horizonte.
A Syrian-Lebanese club,
but really posh.
Very rich people
went there.
We are just 5 blocks
from home.
When you plan to throw
a party, call me.
I'll organize it for you.
"Zaida" is my stage name.
I'll get you the musicians...
everything, even an
odalisque if you like.
We can have a coffee.
No, I don't want to bother you.
Look at the time.
It's no trouble. You bothered
to take me home.
Have a coffee and
then you can leave.
Come in.
- Excuse me.
- Make yourself at home.
I am gonna prepare the
hot coffee I promised.
Thank you.
Do you like
Turkish coffee?
Today I only had Turkish food.
This house was built
by my dad...
a few months before
he married mom.
It looks pretty nice.
Don't be so sure.
I have to repair
the roof up there. It leaks.
But, anyway...
I'm gonna prepare Turkish
coffee in this jar. Look.
Bronze on the outside,
tin on the inside.
- Be careful, it's hot.
- Thanks.
Did you notice something
on your tongue?
It's the grinds.
When you finish drinking it,
it will stay in the cup.
Do you want me to
read it to you?
Read it to me?
The grinds can be read.
They tell you the
future, for real.
I'll explain.
You place the cup
here, cover it...
and now turn
over the saucer.
- I turn it over?
- And keep it that way.
Leave it on the table.
There you are.
Lift it up slowly.
That's it.
Give it to me.
You've lied to me.
You are the one
who travels a lot.
And you will keep traveling.
You sure?
I can see a long trip,
to buy some land.
Is that possible?
- Or a piece of land
- Maybe a lot.
A small piece of land,
that could be possible.
There are very nice
places around here.
I can accompany you,
whenever you like.
He's got no
criminal record.
But nothing can be done,
until the officer comes...
tomorrow morning.
Last night he got drunk,
but he is a nice person.
Then, tell him
to control himself.
Would you like to see him?
If that is possible.
Come with me.
Here he is!
Ask him!
Who was the one who
started throwing bread?
Are you crazy?
What does it matter?
I was having fun, dancing,
not bothering anyone.
And suddenly, they throw
a piece of bread at my neck.
Not a small piece,
but a whole bread roll.
Five minutes.
Listen, take the dog
to this man, Pascual...
for the stud service.
Do you have his number?
Have the guy sign the service
certificate beforehand.
The dog mustn't mount her...
if the guy does not sign.
I know this business well.
It's full of swindlers.
- Yes?
- Mr. Pascual?
You came a bit early.
Well, come in.
This way.
I've taken Pamela's temperature,
she's almost ready.
Do you have the papers,
vaccines, tests?
Yes, here they are.
Have a seat.
"Bombn de Le Chien"
is that the dog's name?
No, Lechien.
"Bombn de Lechien"
Lechien is the kennel.
Who came up with
Bombn for a Dogo?
I will take Pamela's
temperature again.
That big guy told me
you had many dogs.
He told me you were
expanding the kennel.
Well, yes.
I'll be right back.
Pamela, come here!
This is a thermometer.
Come near, Pamela!
Get out of the doghouse!
Can't you see it's a thermometer?
Come, it's time they met.
Come on, Lechien.
I hope the bride likes him.
This female dog is
inexperienced, and yours?
I think so, yes.
That fat guy told me he had
done stud services already.
Maybe, yes.
That fat guy is a swindler.
No, he knows a lot.
Come in.
Take him in.
I've told you.
Now we are in trouble.
Let's leave them alone, see if
they get to know each other.
Nature is wise, come.
This dog is a coward!
He does not even get out!
She's in heat today...
I'll have to wait
another six months!
Who pays me for the food?
Who pays me the lost profits?
Who? You?
Why did I mess
with you, shit!
Now I know why you
named him "Bombn".
I had already arranged
with a three year old male,
a super stud!
Where the fuck can
I get a dog now?
I curse the day...
I talked to that fat guy!
Where the fuck is he?
How did it go?
Not so well.
The dog got scared.
What happened?
The dog couldn't do it.
How come he couldn't?
He got inside the doghouse
and refused to do anything.
But he needs help.
The dog doesn't know how.
Besides, the man got upset.
What an idiot!
The dog doesn't know,
he needs some help.
They are like teenagers.
And what do we do now?
We look for an experienced
female dog to teach him.
Remember your the first time?
Anybody taught you?
And if he can't do it...
What will we do?
No way he can't do it!
This business is about
dog reproduction.
To offer stud services and
produce puppies. It's a factory.
Here it is. In Entrevero.
Pull up when
you see a phone.
This guy, had fantastic
female dogs last year.
Wait a sec. I make
the call and I'm back.
- How're you?
- Good afternoon!
- How are things going?
- Good. And you?
Same as always.
The YPF station of yours...
Did it shut down?
Yes, a long time ago.
And I was sacked.
Are you working
for another station?
- No, I took up a new trade.
- You took up a new trade?
Now I raise dogs.
I am an exhibitor.
A dog exhibitor!
Who would imagine!
There's one here in the back.
What an animal.
He's very well raised!
Stay put, Lechien!
He's got some character.
I need a dog like this.
We are getting robbed
twice a month.
Can you sell me a
puppy of his?
Maybe later on.
In a while.
Reserve one for me.
A male.
- See you later.
- Later, don't forget!
It's all set.
I've just talked with Omar.
He's got a female dog
in heat. She's perfect.
Old and experienced.
She's gone through heat
twice without a service.
He'll get her pregnant
just by looking at her.
What puppy was
he talking about?
He wants a son of his.
Haven't I told you?
They sell like sliced bread.
And once he
acquires the taste...
This bitch has
no papers...
but god, is she good!
Old and no papers.
You must pay me instead.
If your dog doesn't learn with
this bitch, he'll never learn.
Is Malena in heat?
- She's just begun.
- Bring her in.
Pamela is her daughter.
If he doesn't learn
with the two of them...
What a party!
Bring the female dog, please.
Help me, Villegas.
Let him loose,
he's getting mad.
Come on, Lechien!
Come on, the little bitch.
Lechien is going mad.
Lechien! That way!
He went inside.
This is a new breed, pal.
Something is wrong
with this dog.
Maybe he suffered
some childhood trauma.
Since he had
no owner...
Let's help him mount.
So that we can teach
him the way to do it.
He needs some help.
I'll help you.
Come on, Lechien!
What's wrong with him?
Come on!
Nothing is going on
with this dog!
That can't be!
You'll have to do
artificial insemmination.
That's for posh dogs.
Everybody will laugh
at me at the Association.
If not, you will have
a dog for decoration.
He's a wonderful specimen.
His only problem is his libido.
He has no libido.
I've seen similar cases.
But this is an
extreme case.
Keep in mind the
dog is quite grown up.
And what about celery?
No, those things are...
Chinese stuff.
Not credible.
Anyway, he is a beautiful specimen.
He has an excellent character.
It's a dog with many skills.
It can be trained
for many activities.
To bring you the morning paper,
for example.
A very domestic dog.
Do you know something?
That guy may be a vet or whatever...
but any time, this dog
will give us a surprise.
That's Animal Business.
Stay here in Baha Blanca.
Get a job,
you are a mechanic.
Forget about the dog,
for a week or two.
You know I won't
charge you for that.
What's wrong, Villegas?
You can call anytime.
When you settle down,
take him with you.
Relax, you know I will
take good care of him.
I almost forgot!
I paid for the dog's
inscription at the show.
Keep that paper.
It's always a record.
Here comes the bus!
Can you open
the luggage compartment?
Is it a dog?
Yes, but he's used
to traveling.
Be good, Lechien.
Don't worry, I'll take care of him.
As soon as you settle down,
give me a call.
- Good morning!
- Hi.
- Is there a phone here?
- Not here.
- How much are these alfajores?
- Six pesos.
I brought this for you.
I can't accept it.
It must have taken
a lot of work.
It doesn't matter.
You can use it
in the kitchen...
This is not for the kitchen.
Or you can just keep it.
OK, thanks, I'll take
good care of it.
It's a cat?
It's a puma.
- Yes, a puma.
- Sure, a puma.
And the dog?
Walter took him,
the big guy.
He has space for him.
I love dogs.
But it's a problem
to travel with them.
Did I tell you I had had a
Pomeranian in Buenos Aires?
When my dad fell ill,
I had to come here...
and left it with a friend.
Then, she told me
the dog got very sad...
and after a while,
she died.
You get used to
a dog's company.
It's like the people you love.
You don't notice
how much you love them...
till they are gone.
Good morning
- How are you, ma'am?
- Well, yeah.
Every time you come,
Walter is not in.
They are driving him mad
with the races.
It's about the dog?
Walter tried to call you,
but he didn't know where.
The dog has escaped.
He escaped?
It must have been early,
about 5 A.M.
I got up at 8 and
he was already gone.
Poor Walter,
he was so worried.
Good morning!
Haven't you seen the white dog
that Walter had, the caretaker?
I saw it a few days ago.
He was training him.
Haven't you seen him today?
Not today.
He's a good dog,
isn't he?
- What breed?
- A Dogo.
Maybe they've
stolen it from you.
Watch out for the people
from "El Progreso".
People are wild out there.
I heard they
eat dogs there.
Boy, have you seen
a big white dog?
Have you seen a big
white dog around here?
Not here.
Look around there,
the brick factory.
- The brick factory?
- Yes.
- Towards the smoke?
- Yes, over there.
I am looking for
a big white dog.
I've seen him, over there.
Haven't you seen a
white dog around here?
He must be over
by the bricks.
Near the pile of bricks.
Come here, Bombn.
Good morning.
- Going to Viedma?
- No, Baha Blanca.
- Can you give us a ride?
- Yes, sure, get in.
I'll just move the dog.
- Does he bite?
- No, he is friendly.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, sir.
Do you plan to stay
long in Buenos Aires?
We hope so,
don't know yet.
We are going there,
because there is work.
We are trying our luck.
- Have you ever been there?
- No. And you?
I haven't gone before,
and now...
What do you do?
- I breed dogs.
- That's nice.
I am an exhibitor.
What is it like
to be an exhibitor?
You present dogs
in exhibitions.
You can win great prizes.
And do you have many?
At the moment,
only this one.
But in the future,
if things get better...
No, I meant if you
had won many prizes.
Yes, a few.
Not so many yet.