Persecuted (2014) Movie Script

Freedom has been under
attack in every generation
and our generation is no different.
Who better to ask about the
subject of freedom than you, John?
You've been hailed as God's ambassador
by the world's foremost dictatorships,
Sudan, North Korea and Iran.
But there are those who claim
that your ministry is intolerant,
that it's condescending
to people of other faith.
Some in Washington have even said
that your crusades may even
threaten the freedom of others.
Diana, if I thought for a second
that I could look down on anyone for
their beliefs, I wouldn't be sitting here.
I'm not a Republican,
I'm not a Democrat.
I don't belong to any particular
religious denomination.
And my personal history is no
better than any of your viewers'.
You know what kind of person
I was, who I really was?
An abusive,
gambling drug addict,
and I deserve nothing less than
death when God came into my life.
So, John, what is your opinion
of the primary tenets of
the Faith and Fairness Act
and I quote, "To publicly
declare your religious beliefs
in a way that permits
equal time and respect
to other systems of faith"?
Freedom is fragile and costly
and must be defended
by work and by faith.
And even by blood.
Lord, make me a channel of thy life,
of thy truth, thy way, thy words.
Pure, honest, clean.
He's a trustworthy man,
very meticulous.
Very meticulous. He's actually the
first pastor I've ever worked with
that irons his Bible.
I've gotten to work with him
in beautiful and amazing ways.
He has had quite a past,
as some of you may know.
I'm not going to get into that. That's
something that's water under the bridge
so I don't want to talk
and bring up old things
that God has brought him through.
But let's just say he's the
only guy I've ever known
that buys Communion wine in kegs.
But anyways,
I wish I was kidding, but...
All I want is the truth.
He is a good man, a loving man.
And I believe that he
is going to bring us
into the new age and the
new season in America.
Mr. Luther, Senator
Harrison's here to see you.
- I can't talk to him right now.
- He really wants to see you right now.
I don't know what to say.
It's okay. It's fine.
Just send him in.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, John. How are we doing tonight?
Yeah, well, I just want to say,
I saw your piece on "Prime Time."
I thought it was very, very nice.
The transparency was very moving.
I know this isn't your
cup of tea, John.
Then why do you keep pushing
when you already know my answer?
I need your full support on
the Faith and Fairness bill.
Now your ministry reaches more people
than the "Evening News" and I need you
to get up there on national television
and announce that you
fully support this bill.
I mean, this could be the turning
point for the whole thing.
I'm counting on my friend.
You're on in two.
What did God say about
appeasing the masses, Don?
He said, "I am the way.
"I am the truth. I am the life."
Not one of the ways, the way.
John, this isn't about that.
This is about fairness and
equality for all faiths,
not just yours.
Look, I'm not asking an Imam to
preach the Bible in a mosque, am I?
All I'm focused on is
preaching this book.
It's not illegal to teach the
gospel in this country yet, is it?
I keep forgetting you're the sole
proprietor of the word of God.
This is a fine way to show gratitude
to the people that have
really helped you.
I appreciate everything you've
done but you don't own me.
And you've been thanked plenty.
This bill is going to happen.
And I am offering you the opportunity
to be on the right side of history.
I cannot water down the gospel to
advance anybody's political agenda.
Not everybody believes that heaven
is a gated community, John.
Sir, it's time.
I think I can speak for all of my
colleagues in Congress when I say,
"We have reached the terminal
end of our patience with you."
God bless.
You are going to kill this thing,
like you always do.
- You're on fire!
- All right.
How are you feeling? Good? Do you need
anything? You know what I'm thinking?
I'm going to get you a
driver to take you home.
- You've got to take it easy, John.
- That's all right, I'll drive myself.
Listen, listen, man. This media
scrutiny comes and goes, you know that.
All this talk of persecution, it's going to
die and who's going to be left standing?
You are. Why?
'Cause you're John Luther.
So forget the politics.
You get back in that ring and you bring
those people what they came to hear.
You bring the truth, brother.
Go get 'em!
...simple word of the gospel
for many, many years.
So please do me a great favor
and let's give a really warm
welcome to John Luther.
I believe that we are
headed, as a nation,
towards a great spiritual awakening.
And yet, many are telling you
that if the government
can unite all faiths
under this new religious reform bill,
that somehow world peace will come.
The Bible tells that no
government can ever be true to...
He's not on board.
Go ahead.
Because mankind has a disease.
It's either the world
and its religions
and its politicians and its pleasures
or it's the Lord.
Every human being that ever lived
has had to make the same choice.
- Get in.
- Many believe that religious reform
will save us from war,
save us from fear and terrorism.
When did it?
Of course not.
We know that only the word of God
can bring peace to the heart of man.
We cannot legislate the power of God.
You can't change your past.
You don't have the power to do it.
But if you surrender to God,
he'll give you the power
to change your life,
and shape your future.
Get rid of your gum.
You'll have never had a ride like
this before, I guarantee it.
Good girl.
Hello, sweetheart.
Thank you for coming.
It's wonderful that you could come.
Thank you so much.
Mr. Luther, do you mind
if we take a picture
with my daughter, real quick?
She just loves this show.
Oh, thank you. That's so great.
Just one more, please.
Big smile.
Thank you. Thank you for coming.
What are you doing up?
My recital is tomorrow
and I need to practice.
Are you coming?
Sweetie, Daddy has a super
important board meeting
that's scheduled at the exact
same time. He can't make it.
Is there any way you can reschedule?
I'll tell you what, baby. You go
home with Mommy, straight to bed.
And when you wake up, I'll be there.
- Breakfast in bed?
- Breakfast in bed.
Only I'm cooking.
Breakfast in bed.
I'm going over there.
What is she doing?
Help me!
Are you all right?
They're coming!
Who's coming?
Young lady, what are you
doing out here by yourself?
Sweetheart, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
They're here, they're here.
Who's here?
Scratch his face.
You going to teach me a lesson?
You're a bad boy, Preacherman.
Yes, Emergency, what is your report?
Yeah, I'd like to
report a car accident.
One vehicle at marker 134.
One vehicle, marker 134?
- Two people.
- Copy, two persons.
With injuries?
You're going to want
to send an ambulance.
Where do you think you're going?
We just took his car.
Ha, ha. You like that, huh?
The cops showed up?
Yeah. Any marks on you?
Come on.
Turn around for me, hmm?
You're late.
Get her in the car.
That's what a guilty man does.
Thanks again.
Key to the men's room?
It's for paying customers only.
I'm sorry, it's company policy.
Don't you know who I am?
No idea.
I apologize.
Sir, you okay?
No. I'm not okay.
Thanks for asking, though.
I'm Kathy with "Helping Hands."
I've got some water and some doughnuts
if you want some breakfast.
Not so long ago,
I looked just like you.
The arms of God aren't as far
away as you might think.
I need to borrow a phone.
Excuse me.
John, the police are here and
they're going through everything.
They're talking about you like
you're some sort of murderer.
Where have you been?
I don't know.
I'm trying to figure it out.
Something happened last night.
A girl is dead, John.
They're saying that you're involved.
- They're saying that you killed her.
- I didn't kill anybody.
I woke up in the middle of nowhere.
They took all my stuff.
- My car, my wallet, my ID.
- ...possibly statutory rape,
child endangerment, drug possession
and leaving the scene of an accident.
Talk about a relapse.
And I don't know how the judge...
I'm coming home.
No! Don't do that.
They're watching for you.
Is it true that you're a
close friend of John Luther?
Do you care to comment about
the charges he's currently facing?
John Luther is a fine man. This is an
absolute tragedy that's happened to him.
If this ever goes to trial, will you
be pushing for a lenient sentence?
Well, my heart goes out to his family
but, regardless of who he may or may
not have had relationships with,
I just want to see justice served.
Senator, Senator, Senator,
one more comment on...
You can't clean the world
with soiled hands.
One more question, just one...
I didn't know where else to go.
I don't know what you've heard.
I didn't hurt anybody.
I know you didn't, John.
Come with me.
The victim is 16-year-old
Mellita Evans, a runaway,
who was tragically found
dead early this morning.
The suspect in the alleged rape
and murder of the young girl:
John Luther, renowned
evangelist and CEO...
Did I do this to myself?
It was just a matter of time, John.
You're just a pawn in
a much bigger game.
It's about a powerful
political movement
based upon deceit.
What's that got to do with me?
John, by the grace of God,
you were able to bring yourself up
from the depths of degradation
and form a wonderful ministry
that has spoken the truth
to millions of people.
Now, those who believe in
nothing must bring you down,
must destroy you to
achieve their own goals.
Look, you're going to be charged
with first degree murder.
Now you have two choices.
You can turn yourself in, throw yourself
on the mercy of the authorities
and hope for the best.
I think you know how
that will turn out.
So there's a second alternative,
one that you might
not like very much.
It doesn't matter what I like.
I'm going to prove the truth.
Then do that.
Well obviously,
we're all in shock here.
The accusations are unbelievable
but, well, you tell me.
Where do we go from here?
Well, what it is, is a tragedy.
And the moment he comes in,
I want to get him help.
I want to see him restored
just as, I'm sure, you do.
But sometimes, out of the ashes
of tragedy comes opportunity.
How long have you
worked with John, now?
14 years.
14 years?
Ah, well, to save this organization
is going to take some
bold leadership.
Now we have a multitude in panic,
and millions of lives that
are looking for a direction,
and we have to speak into those lives
a message of hope
in these dark times.
How many people can you
reach on your email database?
Oh, we've got a boatload.
I guess I'd have to check.
But you will check, won't you, Ryan?
I know, I've been watching
you for years now.
You do fine selfless work, don't you?
Well, I'd like to think
God had a hand in that
but I appreciate that.
This might be your time to shine.
Great leadership knows when
to seize its opportunity.
Now we need to bring this church
together now more than ever.
We need to rise up and
resurrect this ministry
and take it in a brave new direction.
Are you with me?
What can I say?
I'm your man.
Glad to hear it.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'd like a room just for the night.
Think we can manage that.
- Great.
- Let me see what we have.
Something wrong with your eyes?
Oh, no.
Just, looks like...
How's the room?
Good. I just need a credit
card and a valid ID.
...and his disappearance has sent
shockwaves throughout the entire region...
Ready to go?
Does this work?
Yeah, that should be fine.
Okay. I'll be right back. I just need
to go check on something really quick.
Just wait here just a moment, okay.
Yes, hello. I'd like to report
a suspicious person, please.
His history of crime and addiction
in Luther's apparently
unstable early years.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
Ryan, please stop.
- That saved...
- Please.
I thought that was your favorite.
Hm. All right. I'm all over it.
But I got to tell you
something, kiddo.
I am not going to let you feel guilty
for trying to take care of yourself.
I get it.
Nobody saw this coming, obviously.
Yet, John is out running around,
doing whatever he's doing.
I don't get it.
But I promised you that I was
going to watch over you and...
like you're my own.
And as you know,
I am a man of his word.
In any event,
have you even heard from John?
That's my point. See?
Me neither. I know how you feel.
You have to believe that.
And I'll tell you why. Listen...
I feel the same way.
But I can't stand what
this is doing to you.
I mean, he's left you like you're
a single mother or something.
He is coming home to this family.
You have to accept this, Monica.
Your husband is a fugitive.
- No!
- He is a fugitive.
I pray you're right.
Every night I pray you're right.
And all he has to do is show up,
tell everybody what actually happened
and we'll get to the bottom of this.
But you know what, kiddo?
God works all things.
I want to state for the record
that I find the very origins of
this meeting extremely distasteful.
We should first hear the situation
from John's perspective.
Let's just cut to the chase.
We all hope he didn't do this.
I for one believe the best.
But we have to take into
consideration not just our interests
but the needs of the
millions of people
that have supported this
ministry for years.
We have a shared responsibility
and, unfortunately,
John Luther is the reason
that we're having this
meeting right now.
Now, I believe he
probably didn't do it.
But the fact that he has not
taken into consideration
our needs and the needs of
the ministry, I don't know.
I don't know,
maybe that tells us something.
And if our signing some
piece of legislation
sends a message to Washington
that we are balanced,
that we are in this
for the long haul,
well, then I am for it.
And written in this legislation
for every single member of
this board that complies...
And I might add a very
generous tax advantage package
and, Dave, you were the
one that always told us
"Be prepared for the
worst case scenario."
Well, brother, we're here.
We're here.
Dave, I'm sorry but
I'm with Ryan on this.
The individual tax benefit alone
knocks this right out of the park.
In you I put my trust.
Save me from those who pursue me.
If I have done this,
if there is any iniquity in my hands,
let my enemy pursue
me and overtake me.
Let him trample my life to the earth.
Everything just like normal.
How can we help you?
Hang on just a second.
I know you.
You're the guy from the TV.
What happened to your face?
You can't just let
people in like that.
Don't talk to him like that.
Respect. Learn some respect.
Owen, this is the famous preacher
from the television, you know?
Sorry it's such a mess around here.
I try, but he doesn't
clean up after himself...
neither of them do.
You scorpion woman.
You are?
I'm John Luther.
I was assaulted near this
shop the other night
and I was hoping that one of you
might have seen what happened.
Ah, he's here for the show.
So you're a preacher?
Yes, I am.
He's a fugitive, aren't you?
I know where you're coming from.
That was some madness that went down.
I taped that.
You taped it?
We got needs too.
You understand?
So, my brother, you better believe,
it's going to cost you.
That's why I said
That's why...
Excuse me, sir.
Ryan Morris?
One and only.
We'd like to have a word.
Is that okay with you?
With the FBI, I'd be honored.
I'll tell you what you do.
You get a hold of my office, they'll set
up an appointment, boom, we're good to go.
This'll just take a minute.
Well, I'm sorry, brother.
I mean, I got things to do.
I will help you any way you need but
I'm heading into a meeting so...
We really need to talk.
How can we help you?
I was asked to fill
in for the bishop.
I think you all know that
the Faith and Fairness Act
is a dream that I've had
for quite a long time.
I've wanted to thank Warner
for posting this on the...
Father, thank you very
much for joining us.
Would you have a seat, please?
So I think it's time we got started.
Shall we?
As you all know,
the Faith and Fairness Act
is very close to my heart.
It's been quite a struggle.
People certainly didn't believe we'd be
able to pull the solidarity together
that we have...
I have it, Dad.
I'm going to the police.
Can you meet me?
John? There's something
you need to know.
Dad, I have it.
It's not that simple.
You're in their way.
I really thought he was one of us.
He's been a big supporter
of the ministry for years.
That girl was adopted by a woman
by the name of Chanisse Evans,
two days before report of her death.
They were able to
bypass the waiting list
and a lot of other formalities
with the assistance of
your friend, the Senator,
the majority leader in the
United States Senate.
Now aside from the President,
I don't know of anyone
who's better equipped to
withstand a bullet like this.
Look, son.
With Senator Harrison,
it's about power and money,
but more importantly,
it's what he's a part of,
the people he's associated with,
what SUMAC is trying to do,
what this legislation is
bound to do, the results.
Look at China, look at Russia,
look at Iran, look at
these other places
where we don't bat an eye
when they're dragging people
out of their beds in the middle of the night
and imprisoning them under false charges.
It's oftentimes of people who
think that they're just,
you know, cracking down on crime.
You ask the people in
this country, round here,
about the persecution of Christians,
most times people will just
smile and say, "No such thing.
Not here. Can't happen."
Look, I got you a room.
Go, get yourself cleaned
up a little bit.
It'll do you some good.
But before you go,
one thing you need to
understand above all else.
And that is that the eyes of
all Americans are on you now.
People are looking for a symbol,
for truth, for freedom,
who'll stand up against a barb
of thorny, powerful politicians,
who'll be unbending amidst
all the lies and the slanders
that can be thrown at him,
that will get back up when
they're knocked down.
And that's what you're going to do.
You're going to get back up.
God will decide who's found wanting.
They can't silence the truth.
I want you to watch this.
I am going to expose the
truth about that man.
Right here.
Hey, it's me.
What are you doing coming here?
It's too dangerous.
Oh, God, I need your help.
I'm... what do you need, money?
Well, whatever you've got on you.
John, the whole country
is hunting you.
It's unreal what they're saying.
Can you get this to Monica?
Yeah, of course.
I'll be in touch.
Yes, Senator, I have the
President on the line.
Oh, all right, put him through.
- Donald.
- Yes, Mr. President, sir.
How can I help you, sir?
I'd like to share a story
with you, if that's all right?
Oh, all right.
Do you know that feeling
you get in your gut
when something just ain't right?
Uh, yes, I know the feeling, sir.
When I was about eight or nine,
I was walking barefoot
on the back porch.
I heard a rattling sound,
like a kid's toy, you know?
There it was, all coiled up,
a healthy eight-foot rattler,
fangs a-drippin', the whole bit.
Do you know what I did?
No. No, sir.
I wrapped my little nubs around it
and I squeezed until that devil
didn't have any fight left.
Do you know why I did that?
Because if I did not,
the safety of my entire
family was in jeopardy.
Do I make myself clear?
Hey, uh, by the way,
did you see the polls tonight?
That's pretty superb, huh?
I don't think you understand me.
I certainly do, sir.
Now in a few months,
this is all going to be forgotten
and you'll be in your second term.
You just let me handle this.
Donald, I wash my hands of this.
John Luther is entirely
your misfortune.
John, call me when you can.
I think I've found something here.
Are you not true to your name?
So have you had any further
contact with John Luther?
Ha, no. Not a peep.
Are you sure?
Hey, I'm on your side.
The only way to be protected
is to be completely honest.
Yeah, well, if he said
he'll show, he'll show,
I mean, what more do you want?
What I want is for you to
give us more information
of the activities of
Senator Harrison.
I can't speak to that.
How would I know?
Look, you got Luther spotters.
Had it in 'im.
Yeah, we're well aware of
his activities. Thank you.
Yeah, listen, I don't
mean to be disrespectful
but what do they pay you guys for?
I mean, you know,
prostitution, addiction,
gambling, written all over.
I mean, you know,
we thought he'd changed, right?
I mean, and we're about
forgiveness and grace
but I got to tell you something,
I... it caused me to doubt
my faith a little bit.
That, my friends,
that's a lesson.
Yeah, you know, it must
be really hard for you
to have to take on all
that responsibility,
- especially with no advance notice.
- Oh, goodness.
I think people don't get
this about ministries.
This size, got the same nuts and
bolts as a Fortune 500 company.
And I'm running it. This ain't
no sleigh ride, trust me.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Well, let's roll.
Body of Christ, Amen.
Body of Christ.
It feels cold in here without him.
I'm sorry?
Sorry, are you all right?
You don't look well.
He's dead. He was executed.
Your priest.
My father.
What do you mean?
Exactly what I said, son.
My name is William.
Can you help me?
We never thought we'd
see this day, did we?
But miracles can happen
when we, as a people,
unite with one voice.
Our opponents boldly stated
that we could never have
Christians and Jews and Muslims
standing together in solidarity.
But they were wrong, weren't they?
Dead wrong.
This is the future of our
evolution in this nation,
ladies and gentlemen.
This is no longer a Christian nation.
In fact, it never has been.
But the question now becomes
how can a government survive
and even prosper without
the steadfast unity
of its own diverse
religious community?
It simply can't.
It simply can't.
And just as Martin Luther King, Jr.
Faced violent opposition when
he first birthed his dream
of people uniting of all colors,
I have a dream, too.
A dream of a tradition of faith
as diverse as our skins,
walking hand in hand
toward the light.
All right.
What are you doing here, John?
I want to know the truth.
Well, I'll make some calls.
I'll see what I can do, John.
No more lies.
Why did you do this to me?
I-I don't know what
you're talking about.
You knew that bill would never
stand without my support.
Johnny, you know,
you always had moves
but you could never hear the music.
This is the most crucial
piece of legislation
since the Bill of Rights.
This is heaven on earth
for somebody like you.
Imagine, with the flick of a switch,
you could be preaching
to every synagogue
and temple and mosque known to man.
No secrets when we have the keys.
All faiths on bended
knees before the throne.
Whose throne?
I'm not your enemy, John.
The real enemy is some guy with
a nuclear weapon in a suitcase,
hiding in a mosque or a temple
somewhere and I can't get to him
because I don't have the oversight.
You're saying you had that
innocent girl murdered
and you destroyed my life
to protect the nation from terrorism?
Sometimes in war,
there's collateral damage
for the greater good.
You, like a tree that bears no fruit,
shall be swiftly cut down.
Will you stop it with
the Christian platitudes!
You called yourself a
Christian at one time.
I warned you, if you put your
personal history into the street,
- it'd come back and bite you.
- I want to ask you a question.
You thought you were bigger than
the system, but you're not.
You thought you could wash
yourself in the blood of Jesus
and your sins would be removed,
but they weren't.
The public does not take kindly
to a sexual predator on the loose.
I remember what the
Lord said to David,
when Saul was delivered
under his hand.
Oh, stop with the Lord!
Deal with him as you wish.
Lord, please protect
my wife and child.
Listen, if we can share the light
with brothers and sisters
of like-minded faith
and that allows us to
enter into the blessings
spoken of in Jeremiah,
then I am all in.
But I need to know who's with me.
I think we're on the right track.
Good, good. All right.
Well, then, who'd like to close?
Why don't you lead us, Ryan?
Lord God, we are so thankful.
We are so grateful you allow
us to enter into your throne
with all these blessings
you've given to us.
Just be thankful that we
can allow these blessings
to just be distributed
throughout the earth
and these four walls might
make your name famous
in all the nations, Lord God.
We are so thankful for
your financial blessings,
for your abundance of grace,
for your showers of mercy, Lord.
Why don't you have a seat, Ryan?
Look, I don't know what to say.
We hate seeing you like this.
Me, especially,
but you can't just barge...
I'm not going to ask you again, Ryan.
Fine. Your show.
Your portfolios must
have just skyrocketed.
Anybody else want
to see the next slide?
Hit the button.
All right, I'll help!
John, stop.
Phew! Now, we're talking.
Look at this.
Not bad.
Look at those numbers.
Not bad for tax money,
for blood money.
Was it worth it?
- Again.
- John.
Hit the button again!
Hit it again!
Stop. There it is.
That's what, like...
help me out here, Dave,
you're the numbers guy.
That's like, what,
a 200% increase in salary?
John, be reasonable.
Is that how you got to where you're
sitting today, by being reasonable?
John, your uncompromising
perspective is admirable.
I admire it.
But your approach is not
always a practical one.
I built this place
with my bare hands.
Now you're in bed
with the government.
You're taking tax dollars
and you don't think
that they can silence
you any time they want?
They've got a hook in your back.
And you don't even realize it
because you're too blinded
by ambition, greed and lust.
John, it wasn't always
meant to be this way.
Obviously, what happened
to you is unthinkable.
But as far as this
organization is concerned,
we're here just picking
up the pieces.
You asked us to come
here for damage control.
So what good could it possibly do
if we blow our entire credibility
on one piece of legislation?
We'd then just spend the rest of our
life wandering in the wilderness
without any credibility whatsoever.
How many people can
we approach that way?
Have all of you completely forgotten?
There was once a man
who wandered in the wilderness
and he reached more people
than you're ever going to reach now.
I've got him. He's heading to the
southeast corner of the building
towards the parking lot.
I need you to do this.
I think you'll want to see this.
...girl murdered.
You destroyed my life to protect
the nation from terrorism?
Hello, everyone. I'm Diana Lucas
with a breaking news report.
Let me tie up a few loose
ends for you here first.
The footage that you are about to see
has not been verified as
having anything to do
with the evidence in the
charges against John Luther
but our facts submission
department has, in fact,
concluded that it does appear
that this is raw unedited video.
Take a look.
This is the President.
Mr. President, are you
watching the feed from CNW?
I am watching it.
It's unforgivable,
absolutely unforgivable.
Yes, sir, agreed.
Should I authorize all mobile assets?
No, I do not want the CIA involved.
I want you and you alone
to get your people out
there and do so quietly.
Yes, sir.
Oh, he can't be that hard to find.
Just... look, whatever it
takes to get clear of this,
we got to do that, all right?
All clear.
Come on.
I'm counting on you, friend.
I am offering you the
opportunity to be
on the right side of history.
All this talk of persecution, it's going to
die and who's going to be left standing?
You are.
This one needs a big smile.
You asked us to come
here as damage control.
People are looking for a symbol.
Will get back up when
they're knocked down.
Put the gun down.
On the ground.
We're United States Secret Service.
I said put it down.
I'm just reaching for my ID.
Putting the weapon down.
On the ground.
We're on the same team, pal.
Is there any way you can reschedule?
I'm sorry, honey,
but you did this to yourself.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hi.
I drew a picture at Sunday School.
Do you want to know
what I drew for you?
Of course I do.
- Who is it?
- I'm talking to Daddy.
John, they're dropping the charges.
It's all over the news.
- You saw?
- The President got involved.
Monica, I want to apologize to you
for shutting you out.
You are the love of my life.
If I don't make it out of this,
I want you to be free.
John, honey, it's time to come home.
I need you to stand down.
I'll kill her.
Don't you think I will?
I'll kill her.
We thought you were dead.
- So did I.
- How are you doing?
I'm alive.
We are being flooded with donations.
We're going to have the best quarter yet.
And I thought you were going
to be in the hospital for weeks.
Ha, ha, what can I say?
It's great to see you.
You look great.
No, I don't.
We prayed for you, John.
We prayed over what to do.
So John, now that
you've been cleared,
we can reconvene as soon as
possible to get you reinstated.
It'll be everything back to normal.
Just like nothing ever happened
and we have some ideas
for the next quarter
that we think you could be
extremely excited about.
Some incredible
outreach opportunities.
You've got cards and letters
from all over the place,
more than ever before, John.
It's unprecedented. The whole
world is standing behind you.
And, want to know what?
God himself is going to
take what happened to you
and use it as testimony to reach
millions more around the globe.
Amen. Hear, hear.
This is going to open doors.
Excuse me.
So if it comes to that,
are you telling me
that you will fall on
your own sword over this?
Diana, if you take away a
man's right to speak his mind
in a country founded on
that very principle,
you don't really have a
country, now, do you?
So there's really no sword left
to fall upon, now, is there?
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's with great pleasure
that I introduce a long-time
friend of mine, John Luther.
The American that fought his
government and survived.
Everybody's here to hear
what you have to say, John.
Let's be nice now, John, real nice.