Persona 3 the Movie: #1 Spring of Birth (2013) Movie Script

Time never waits. It delivers all equally to the same end.
You, who wish to safeguard the future, however limited it may be...
You will be given one year;
go forth without falter, with your heart as your guide...
Next train: Express
Does not stop at this station
A train is passing.
For your safety, please stand
Train service today is significantly
Important announcement:
Due to fatal accident today, schedule is...
Iwatodai Dormitory Move-in Guide
You're late.
I've been waiting for you
for ages.
If you want to proceed,
please sign your name there.
It's a sort of contract.
There's nothing
to be afraid of.
It just says that you will accept responsibility
for your decisions from now on.
Typical contract stuff.
Makoto Yuki
It's true. Time brings
an end to all things.
Even if we plug up our ears
and cover our eyes.
And so it begins...
Who are you?!
Wait, Takeba.
But Kirijo-senpai, he
Don't worry, he's an ordinary
transfer student.
What do you mean, "ordinary"?
We were expecting you
to arrive earlier.
I'm Mitsuru Kirijo.
I live here in this dorm.
Why did he pick this
hour to show up?
It was a last-minute decision
to put him here.
He'll probably be formally assigned
to the boys' dorm eventually.
- Is this a good idea?
- We'll see.
Hey, you!
Your room is on the second floor
at the end of the hall.
Takeba, show him the way.
This is Yukari Takeba. She'll be
a second-year this spring.
That's the same as you, right?
I'm Takeba.
Makoto Yuki.
Good to meet you.
Same here.
Nice to meet you.
It's late.
You should turn in.
I'll show you.
Follow me.
- Here's your room key.
- Thanks.
Um, can I ask you something?
On the way here from the station,
you didn't run into any trouble?
I just mean
Sorry. It's nothing.
Well, good night.
Look, there's the school there!
See? Over there.
Good morning!
This is Gekkoukan High School.
I hope you like it here.
Starting today, you are all
second-year students.
Let's have a good year together.
Don't do anything to
get me into trouble, okay?
All right, that's it
for homeroom.
All rise!
- Hey there, transfer student!
- Who are you?
Come on, don't be so standoffish!
I'm Junpei Iori!
- Just call me Junpei!
- Personal space.
I transferred here in my
second year of junior high, myself.
It can be rough as a transfer student
without anyone to show you the ropes.
So I figured I should
come break the ice.
- Ain't I nice?
- Personal space.
You never change, do you?
Well, if it isn't Yukari-cchi!
I didn't expect us to be
in the same class again.
You'll talk anyone's ear off
if they give you half a chance.
You should think about whether
you're bothering that person.
Quite a coincidence, isn't it?
Us winding up in the same class.
Huh? Shouldn't you be
saying that to me, too?
- Should I?
- Takeba.
Huh? Kirijo-senpai?
Do you have a minute?
Makoto Yuki Background Report
It's pretty unusual to see you
at school, Chairman.
When Kirijo told me about him,
I couldn't contain my curiosity.
Then, you think he's also a
It's almost certain.
He really is a most
fascinating case.
Even if he has the potential,
he really ought to be more unstable.
Suffering from memory loss,
disorientation, and so on.
But he arrived at the dorm as if
it were no big deal to him.
He casually walked there
during that hour.
Are you saying he's not normal?
- Possibly.
- Which brings me to this.
Takeba, I'd like you to monitor his
activities up close for a while.
By which, you mean spy on him?
I suppose I do.
Skim through this, Takeba.
I feel a little bad
about doing this...
He doesn't know anything yet.
This is necessary to determine
if he's qualified to know.
I understand that, but still...
He seems to have bounced around
from school to school.
He's moving from relative
to relative.
His parents are dead.
And they died in the accident that
happened in this city ten years ago.
That's a strange coincidence.
The accident ten years ago...
Welcome to the Velvet Room.
My name is Igor.
I am glad to make
your acquaintance.
This is Elizabeth. Like me,
she is a resident of this place.
I am Elizabeth. It is
a pleasure to meet you.
This place exists between dream
and reality, mind and matter.
It has been years since
we last welcomed a guest.
Only those who have fulfilled the contract
in some manner may visit here.
From this point onwards, you are
a guest of the Velvet Room.
Please take this.
This key signifies that
you are a guest.
Take good care of it.
Until we meet again.
Ms. Moriyama, please stop...
Why? We're inspecting your
personal belongings for you.
That's Goody-goody Fuuka for you!
No fun stuff at all on her!
Continue to behave yourself!
- Come on!
- We're so nice it's scary!
Thank you for helping...
Um, I'm sorry
to be a bother.
Parking Lot / Station Plaza / Shopping Mall
What's going on? What kind of
messed-up joke is this, you guys?
No change, eh?
His pulse and brainwaves
are both remarkably stable.
He has the potential.
So it would seem.
If he didn't, he would have
been eaten by them by now.
I still feel a little guilty
about this.
Operations Room.
I spotted an amazing one!ike it!
What was that?
Are you all right?
Don't worry about me.
That unbelievable one is coming.
It's gonna knock
your socks off!
This is no time to think
something is cool!
Sanada, is it them?
Yes, but it's not
a run of the mill
Chairman, remain in Operations!
Takeba, go upstairs and wake
our guest. Get him out of here!
But what about the rest of you?
We'll hold them off here
no matter what it takes.
The moon...
What are you doing?
Our lives are in danger!
Do you want to die?!
I don't really care.
Is dying that scary to you?
How... can you say that?
What... is that?
Look out!
Get up!
To the roof!
I can't die in
a place like this.
I haven't learned anything yet!
I don't want to die!
Are you ok
No way...
- This is bad!
- Let's go!
Go on.
I am thou.
Thou art me.
I am come from the
seas of thy heart.
I am the Master of Strings...
A Persona...
No! Your psyche won't last long
if you attack like that!
Ah, we meet again.
Oh, your awakened power
is Orpheus, is it?
I see, how fascinating...
He is a power that is
known as a Persona.
He is your alter ego,
another side of yourself.
A Persona is the personality that you
present to the world outside yourself.
You may think of it as an armored disguise
that you put on to confront hardships.
That said, your power is still
weak at the moment.
As luck would have it, though, you appear
to have the ability to gain new ones.
Every time you emerge victorious in
these hardships, you will gain new powers.
Well, some time has passed
in the reality you call home.
I mustn't keep you any longer.
We eagerly await
your next visit.
Until then, take care.
Are you awake?!
How do you feel?
Where am I?
The hospital.
It's about time you woke up!
I thought you were
gonna sleep forever!
Still, I'm glad you're okay.
You really had me worried!
Look, I'm sorry I wasn't able to
do anything to help on the roof.
I was told to protect you, but I...
Don't worry about it.
I wasn't counting on you.
What's that supposed to mean?!
You sure know how to make a girl mad...
Sorry to spring this on you all
of a sudden, but I'm like you.
The thing is, I've heard
about your past.
Your parents died in the explosion
here ten years ago, right?
I lost someone, too.
My father died in that accident.
I hated having you at a disadvantage
like that, so I've been itching to tell you.
I'm sorry I hid it from you.
All the other stuff, too.
Other stuff?
When you get back to the dorm, I think
they'll explain everything to you.
You can decide what you
want to do after that.
Take care.
Come in.
My name is Shuji Ikutsuki. I am your
school's chairman of the board.
Besides me, the only other
unfamiliar face is Sanada, correct?
I'm Akihiko Sanada.
Good to meet you.
Please, have a seat.
I do hate to get right down
to brass tacks,
but you are aware that there are
not 24 hours in a day, correct?
You knew about the Dark Hour?
I don't remember when it started, but...
I've known for as long as I can remember.
Ah, I see. As you are aware, the Dark
Hour is a hidden period of time.
It is the time between one day and the next
that appears only to those with the potential.
We call it the Dark Hour.
Ordinary humans are unaware of it.
Because they're asleep in their coffins.
However, that isn't the problem.
REPORT: What Is Behind
These Suspicious Suicides?
You've seen them, right?
The monsters?
We call them Shadows.
The Shadows appear only in the Dark Hour
and attack those not inside coffins.
Masashi Sakata
All those people in the news lately
suffering from Apathy Syndrome
are probably Shadow victims.
Allow me to come
to the point.
We are the Specialized Extracurricular
Execution Squad, SEES.
Officially, we are
a school club,
but in reality, we are an elite group
dedicated to defeating the Shadows.
Defeating the Shadows?
There are actually only a handful who are
able to function during the Dark Hour.
Such people have the potential to awaken
powers that can fight the Shadows.
You mean Personas.
Yes. In short, only people
like you can fight them.
What do you say?
Sounds fun, doesn't it?
Akihiko! You just got
hurt the other day!
To sum up, I'd like you
to join us.
I've had an Evoker
made for you, as well.
I want you to help us.
Are you sure? Just like that?
We really appreciate it. We need
all the help we can get.
And that's an interesting
ability that you have.
You're opposed, Takeba?
No. I'm glad to have him
on board, but I...
It's settled, then. We're all looking
forward to working with you, Yuki.
Yeah, just like that...
Keep coming, keep coming...
And now the brakes!
How about that?!
Huh? What, I failed it again?
Looks pretty fun, right,
transfer student?
- I guess.
- You guess?
Yeah! I cleared it!
And what's up with Junpei?
He said everything was on him today.
Maybe it was
something he ate.
Hey! How are you doing?
I'm on fire!
But that goes without saying.
I'm not the man I was yesterday!
Call me New Junpei!
Tomochika, let's play
this one next!
You're really paying for
everything, right?
Yep! I'm trusting you
to watch my six!
Sweet! Another level cleared!
It's strange to see you
in an arcade, though.
Well, all my stuff is in boxes
in my room right now.
I've got nothing to do
until tonight!
Nice to meet'cha!
You're living here starting today?
No way! It has to be a mistake!
I stumbled across him
the other evening.
He's only recently awoken to it, but he
has the potential, no doubt about it.
Potential? Are you serious?!
He says he found me bawling like a baby
in a mini mart that was full of coffins.
- You got lost?
- I wasn't lost!
Anyway, he said that's
perfectly normal at first.
This is textbook Persona-user stuff.
Didn't you know that?
In any case, we've assembled a suitable
force now. I think we can finally begin.
We're gonna go on
a mission already?!
You can count on me!
I'm your man!
I'm glad to hear it. In that case,
meet us just before midnight tonight.
We'll be at
Um... Isn't this the school?
Just watch.
It's almost midnight.
This is Tartarus. A labyrinth that
appears only during the Dark Hour.
This is probably where we'll find the key
to solving the mystery of the Dark Hour.
True, it's awfully suspicious that a tower
would only appear during the Dark Hour.
But at the same time, this place could
also be called a Shadow nest.
Before now, we've never had sufficient
manpower to conduct a search of it.
But with this many members,
we should be able to pull it off.
Those weapons were specially constructed
but in the hands
these weapons allow us to inflict
During the Dark Hour, Persona-users'at.
Strike home!
Watch and learn!
This is how it's done!
Personas are your trump cards,
I can do it, too!
I just leveled up!
You don't seem entirely useless.
You bet! With me along,
this is a piece of cake!
This is handy,
hearing you directlys.
With my Persona ability, this is the best
I can do, even with an amplifier.
I hear something.
- What is it?!
An earthquake?
It's coming.
What the hell is that?
Be careful!ful one!
- That much is obvious!
- Hermes!
Whoa, it didn't work!
Help us, Ion!
It's not stopping!
Takeba! Iori!
What was that?
This is how a Persona-user fights...
As I expected.
- Yuki fought well.
Don't you ever pull a crazy
stunt like that again!
- I'm fine.
- What the hell, man?
I could've done that, too.
As I begin my term as
student council president,
I would like to tell you
my vision for the school.
For our school to be the best it can be, drive
and enthusiasm on all our parts is important.
But for us all to remain focused on
one goal for an entire year is
Tatsumi Memorial Hospital
How can anyone compete
with someone like that?
That speech she gave was
impossibly perfect.
Does she have any
weaknesses at all?
Fire, probably.
Um, I didn't mean physically.
Pardon the intrusion.
Hey, Senpai, I brought
that thing you asked
Huh? Isn't this Sanada-senpai's... room?
Oh, you're here.
Why did you and Yuki
come too, Takeba?
We're here to see how
the patient is doing.
You seem fine, though.
I said I'm just here
for a checkup, didn't I?
That all you need?
Yeah. That explained a lot.
Damn it, I've got better things to do
than play along with your crap...
That guy never changes.
He's actually a student
at our school.
He knows some
Apathy Syndrome victims.
I called him here
to ask him about them.
Wow, talk about dedicated!
So anyway, Junpei.
That thing I asked for?
I have it right here!
That's a
They confiscate everything on you
when you check in.
Apparently, strength training
is forbidden in the hospital.
If I slack off for too long, it'll
affect my performance in my club.
Speaking of which,
why'd you get into boxing?
I'm not attached to boxing
in particular.
Any kind of unarmed
martial art would do.
A long time ago, I learned what
it was like to feel powerless.
That's one regret that I refuse
to experience again.
Are we done here?
Hey! Where are you going?!
Sudden Spike in Suicides?!
Is it something at our workplace?
Man, that guy rubs me
the wrong way!
Compared to him, Sanada-senpai
is so damn cool!
"I fight so I won't regret..."
Does that sound like a line from
a game protagonist or what?!
That's definitely the kind
of stuff that guys like.
What do you suppose
Makoto fights for?
He probably doesn't care
one way or the other.
He fights because
he was asked to.
Huh? What's that
supposed to mean?
Living like that
must be really lonely.
Bookworms Used Bookstore
Quit bothering me!
Leave me alone!
I can't! They say there's all
sorts of scary people there.
I don't want you to go
to a place like that.
Where I go is none of your business!
Why should you care?
I have to care!
God, you're so annoying!
What is it with you?!
I only hang out with you
to mess with you.
Seriously, stop acting
like we're friends.
Y-You did this at school, too!
I have to thank you somehow.
Please have some.
I have to go buy food for everyone
during lunch break,
so I never have
time to eat.
W-What is it?
Why do you have to care?
She said you shouldn't, right?
I know. It's because
we're friends.
It's my own fault that
Ms. Moriyama is mad at me.
I didn't give any thought to her feelings
and said some insensitive things.
I want to apologize, but I
can't get the words out.
I think it's probably because I'm
afraid that she won't forgive me.
Yes, I'm afraid. She's my
precious friend.
That's why I have to care.
Hi. How are you?
Be careful.
You'll be facing
another trial soon.
I'm sure that you know
what that means.
I'll come to pay you
another visit.
What, you're still working?
There's no telling when
the enemy will appear.
We don't know what they will target, so all
we can do is cast a net over the entire town.
I asked Shinji about the Apathy Syndrome victims,
but it sounds like my hunch was wrong.
If only my Penthesilea's detection
ability were a little higher...
This is a
I don't believe it...
Have you found them?
Wait. This reading is strange.
It's too large!
I've never seen an enemy like
It's another big one
like the one last month?
It's a full moon tonight, huh? It sure
looks creepy during the Dark Hour.
What's that?
Sorry I'm late.
The Shadow is located inside a
train car a bit outside the station.
Totally awesome!
ted inside a
train car a bit outside the station.
Doesn't that mean we have
to walk down the tracks?
Isn't that dangerous?
Don't worry. Machines stop
in the Dark Hour.
That goes for trains, too.
They won't be running.
Um, but this bike worked.
This is specially made.
Yuki, I'm giving you
field command.
Wha? Why him?!
He isn't exactly the leader type!
Can I count on you?
- I'm looking forward to it, Yuki.
- Understood.
Why didn't she pick me?!
That must be it.
The doors are open.
It's definitely strange for all the doors to
be open before it's reached the station.
Dude, seriously?!
It's no use,
they won't budge!
What's the matter?
It looks like we're locked in.
It was a Shadow trap?
Speak of the devil!
There's another!
- Bastard, you're not getting away!
- Wait!
Don't run off by yourself!
What?! I can handle this thing
by myself just fine!
Darn it, Junpei!
Yuki, let's go after him!
But he said
He's our teammate!
We're moving.
It shouldn't be able to work
during the Dark Hour!
The entire train seems to beows.
It "seems" to be?!
- We've got a problem!
If it keeps accelerating, it'll hit the
Listen, I'm sensing a powerful
That's probably its main body.
- So we need to destroy that!
- Right.
Come, Hermes!
Now that's how it's done!
That was close...
What the hell is this?
I'm getting a totally different vibe
from the others...
But I can still
take this thing down myself...
- Hurry, there's not much time!
Crap... Crap!
I'm just as good!
I'm just as good as him!
I'm so screwed...
I'm outta gas?
Junpei! Are you okay?
Why, you...
We'll never get up close like this!
Do whatever it takes! If you don't stop,
Easier said than done!
Hey! What does she mean, "collide"?
What are you guys talking about?
We're going to crash into
the train ahead of us.
The Dark Hour is a time period
If something is destroyed duringox.
If that happens...
Wait a minute! We're...
We're still inside the train!
If it collides with us inside...
We all die.
No way...
You're kidding right?
You're making it sound like
our lives are on the line here!
Idiot! You're only figuring
that out now?!
It appears that the time has come once again.
For you to awaken to a new power.
Your power is unique.
It is unlike that of the others.
It is empty, yet it contains
infinite possibility.
You alone possess
multiple Personas
and can evoke different ones
as the need arises.
This is the Magician Arcana that you
won in your earlier battle.
The Persona it contains is...
Jack Frost!
A different Persona?!
- Oh, wow...
- You can use Personas that way?
Hurry! You're running out of time!
But it's all he can do
to hold it off!
He can't attack!
I'm trusting you
to watch my six.
Damn show-off...
That's not how you use that phrase!
I know! I know...
If I don't do this,
I'll lose my man card!
This is the last one!
Get your butt out here, Persona!
I could've handled her myself.
I don't get it...
Why aren't we stopping?!
Okay... Let's see...
It's hopeless!
We'll never figure this out!
- How do you stop this thing?!
- But we beat the Shadows!
How can you be so calm?!
If we don't stop this train,
we're going to die!
Oh, you want to
stop the train?
Hey, do you know what
you're doing?
- I saw how earlier.
- Earlier? That was an arcade game!
Don't touch that, idiot!
We... stopped.
Happy now?
Well, I'll be. You're not
so useless after all.
Fuuka Yamagishi.
A student in second year, Class E.
Sweet! A girl!
She's a new member, right?
This girl, I
Apparently, she was in the hospital we were at.
They noticed her potential there.
Huh? Where have you been?
I went to see those girls found by
the school entrance this morning.
Something about it bothered me.
Oh, those girls in Class E.
It's a little creepy that they found
two of them passed out there.
How are they?
Do they have
Yes. They both have
Apathy Syndrome.
Apathy Syndrome? But you get that
when you're attacked by Shadows, right?
Yes. And the fact that they were found at
Gekkoukan High's front gate is troubling.
It's connected
to Tartarus somehow?
That was my thought, as well.
Oh, I don't think that's the case.
Do you know something?
Actually, rumors are flying
around the school right now.
Good evening, everyone. It's now
time for the Junpei Iori Hour.
The world is full of strange
and inexplicable things.
Do you know the ghost story about how
if you stay at school late at night,
ghosts of dead students
will appear and eat you?
My friend, let's call her
"Miss A," told me about it.
"Mr. Iori, I saw
the strangest thing!"
She said that she saw the two
unconscious girls from Class E
here at school
late at night.
When I heard that,
this is what I thought...
"I see! They must have been eaten
because they were at school at night!
By those supposedly
dead students!"
The world is full of strange
and inexplicable things.
Of course, this is all just
speculation on my part...
What do you think?
Vengeful spirits aside, the fact that
both were struck by Apathy Syndrome
at the same time in front
of the school troubles me.
If we retrace their footsteps, we might find
some sign of impending Shadow attack.
If we learn what that sign is, we might be able
to save people before they're attacked.
What were they doing
at school at night?
That's the real question.
If we can figure out why they were there,
we might be able to learn something.
Fuuka Yamagishi isn't here...
Can we go?
H-Hey, this is a new girl member
we're talking about!
Don't give up so easily!
Hey, got a minute?
Has Ms. Yamagishi
gone home already?
Ms. Yamagishi's been out from school
since last week. She's been sick.
- What, seriously?
- Yes.
How can you talk like that?!
I only offered a hypothesis
based on the evidence.
They brought it on themselves.
What?! What did they do to earn being
unconscious in front of the school?
They were probably
on drugs or something.
I hear those two partied a lot
at night behind Port Island Station.
That place is famous as
a hangout for delinquents.
You're such a jerk!
Port Island Station, huh?
Do you think it's connected?
Beats me, but that's our only lead.
What would a couple of party girls
have been doing at school at night?
The people who partied with them on
Port Island might know something.
Let's check it out!
- Look, I'm just saying...
- What's the matter?
There's all kinds of messed-up
rumors about that place.
We should stay clear.
Who cares about that? This might keep
the Shadows from causing more harm!
We have to do this!
Though you might not be interested
in any of that stuff, Yuki...
Come on, Makoto! I'm not
gonna let you weasel out!
You're coming along, too!
- That's our Makoto! You're on board?
- Personal space.
With you and me together,
there's nothing to fear!
Personal space!
So anyway, he was still
talking back, so I got pissed, too.
- You're such a baby!
- Bite me!
Who the hell are they?
- Seriously? Uniforms?
- Aren't those Gekkoukan High's?
This is bad... This is way
worse than I imagined!
- Junpei, stop gawking!
- I can't help it!
I think you took a wrong
turn somewhere.
Having you around
would kill the mood!
Go on home, Goatee.
Oh, you must mean me.
Why do we need your permission
to come here?
You've got spunk, I like that.
Hey! Are you one of those people who
always says exactly the wrong thing?!
What's that supposed to mean? Anyway,
don't let this punk scum scare you.
"Punk scum," huh?
W-We're sorry! She didn't
mean anything by it!
- Come on, speak up.
- She's spirited, is all! She's a nice girl!
That's impressive.
You chained your nose to your
face so you won't lose it.
- It makes sense now!
- Burn!
Dude, he dissed you!
Die, you bastard!
Oops. Sorry.
Why, you little...
All right, that's enough.
And who the hell are you?
It's the guy from the hospital...
They didn't know what they were getting into.
I'll get rid of them. Happy?
It's too late for that!
You're going down, too!
I don't got time for this crap...
Don't act like you're hot sh
W-Wait, you're that
Aragaki guy, aren't you?
You hang out here, but you're
trying to get on our bad side?
I don't remember ever being
on your good side.
Screw this...
Um, thanks
Go home.
You don't belong here.
We're sorry, but we had to come because
we needed some information.
You talking about
that ghost story?
How did you know?
It's obvious from your
school uniforms.
Those girls who were hospitalized hung out
here and ran off their mouths every day.
They talked about how they were bullying
a classmate named Yamagishi.
Oh... So she was bullied.
That's why everybody
is freaked out.
They said Yamagishi's
vengeful spirit got them.
Yamagishi's vengeful spirit?
What do you mean?
Don't you know? They say that
Yamagishi kid might be dead.
No way!
Word has it that she hasn't
come home for a week or so.
You three go to the same school,
how could you not know this?
But we heard
she was out sick...
That's all I know about it.
We done here?
Y-Yes! Thank you for your help!
Go on, bow to the man!
Thank you very much!
Don't pull another
stupid-ass stunt like this.
You're a softie, aren't you?
Student Council Office
I didn't mean for this to happen...
The day prior to the two students
being found unconscious,
the four of you had stayed
inside the school.
What were you up to?
What did you do to Yamagishi?
We were just... We were
just messing around!
Go on, get in there!
- Wait! Don't!
- Thanks for guarding the school!
Ms. Moriyama!
You locked her in?
Later that night, my crew was worried
that she might commit suicide,
so they went back to the school.
But they never came back!
And they were found unconscious
in front of the school the next day.
I was scared!
I went to the gym, thinking that I had to let
Fuuka out, and the door was still locked.
But when I opened it up,
Fuuka had vanished!
She had vanished?
Ah, I see.
Did you notice anything odd about
your friends who were hospitalized?
Voices... Voices calling
out to them...
They said they heard creepy
voices calling to them.
- Voices?
- Wait, is that the sign?
There can be no doubt. We had
always believed that there was
no way of knowing who would
fall into the Dark Hour.
I see. Voices...
They're lured in and fall into
the Dark Hour. Or rather, pulled in.
Seeing firsthand the damage
they cause drives home one thing:
They are clearly targeting humans.
The Shadows are humanity's enemy,
no two ways about it.
But why Ms. Yamagishi?
Why is she missing, and not
struck with Apathy Syndrome?
The Shadows have to be
behind that, too, right?
Beats me.
How can you talk like that?! Isn't she
an acquaintance of yours?
I guess.
Aren't you worried?!
What're you so mad about, Yukari-cchi?
Why do you think?!
We'll assemble in the
Operations Room after school.
We'll discuss how we'll
deal with this then.
Um, "Operations Room"?
What kind of club are you guys?
We'll recover Fuuka Yamagishi
at all costs.
She most likely hasn't left the school
building since she disappeared.
I've decided to keep Natsuki Moriyama
in protective custody here in the dorm.
That way, if anything should happen to her,
we'll be able to take immediate action.
Um, I'm still unclear on one thing. How can
Ms. Yamagishi still be in the school?
What happens to the school
at twelve midnight?
It turns into Tartarus.
Yamagishi probably wandered
into Tartarus from the gym.
No way! So Yamagishi's been inside
Tartarus these past ten days?!
Don't give up just yet.
Tartarus only appears
during the Dark Hour.
That being the case, where do you think
Fuuka Yamagishi goes during the day?
She is nowhere.
She essentially ceases to exist
during the day. I think.
That's what I think, too.
Yamagishi has probably been
in the Dark Hour ever since.
It may be ten days for us, but Yamagishi
has only experienced those Dark Hours.
There is a chance she is alive.
Even so, that's still a lot of time.
An ordinary person who can't use a Persona,
trapped in a place that's full of Shadows...
You want us to just
write her off?!
There's a way. We enter Tartarus
the same way Yamagishi did.
Wait for midnight
inside the gym?
Is that a good idea?
To be honest, I can't wholeheartedly
recommend this operation.
At worst, you could end up
stranded like her.
I can't stand by and watch, not if
there's a chance we can save her.
I don't want to regret
not trying.
If you won't go, I'll go by myself.
I understand that there are risks,
but what Akihiko says makes sense.
I can't guarantee your safety,
but I hope we can count on you.
Do you really?
What's gotten into you, Yukari-cchi?
I don't have the same kind of amazing
resolve that Sanada-senpai has.
But even so, if I see someone that
I can help, I want to help them.
I want to help Ms. Yamagishi, too.
You don't even care. Don't come if you're
just doing it because you were asked to.
That side of you really
makes me mad.
H-Hey, what do you mean,
Hey, wait up, Makoto!
Yukari-cchi didn't really
mean all that!
Okay, Makoto?
Are you sure?
If it's just to rescue Yamagishi, we
won't need very much manpower.
They should be able to
handle it by themselves.
But just to be safe, I'll arrange
for a little insurance.
Don't you think you were
a little hard on him earlier?
I'm scared.
If Yuki keeps fighting
without thinking for himself,
it's going to get him
killed someday.
Relax, you're overthinking it.
Takeba. Iori.
Everything is ready.
Let's go.
Are you sure about Makoto?
Yes. I'll have him stay here
and guard Natsuki Moriyama.
Well, if you're okay with it...
You're not going?
I was told that having me along
would make her mad.
What's up with that?
Well, not that I care...
You hated her that much?
You mean Fuuka?
Get real! Stuff like that doesn't
have anything to do with hate.
She annoys me, is all.
She annoys me.
With Fuuka, when you
poke her just a little,
she gets this look on her face
like it's the end of the world.
I could tell right off the bat.
She was a goody-goody,
but deep down,
she was just like us.
I could tell. She didn't
belong anywhere, either.
That's why I let her
hang out with us.
But what do you think
Fuuka said?
"You should go home, your family must be
worried sick!" Can you believe that?
I go out to party because
I've got no home!
We're birds of a feather.
We're the same, so I can tell.
I knew exactly what to say
that would hurt the most!
Admit it, it's funny!
She said she wanted
to apologize.
She wanted to apologize
for saying mean things.
That's what Yamagishi told me.
Kinda late for that now.
She said she was afraid
you wouldn't forgive her.
That sounds like her.
She said she was scared because
you were her precious friend.
Why the hell is she like that?
See? I got us in, easy peasy!
I'm a, what'chacallit, genius!
You unlocked it during the day!
- Brilly ants?
- Good job!
All right, we'll split into
two teams here.
Two of us will assault Tartarus. I and
one other will remain on standby outside.
I'm on the assault team.
Okay, I'll go in with Sanada
Time! Time, Yukari-cchi!
What's up?
Remember when I screwed up
on the monorail?
Let me redeem myself!
Trust is something that
has to be earned back.
But I'll give you a chance to.
You're with me on the assault team.
What is it, Takeba? Does being paired
with Mitsuru make you uncomfortable?
N-No! Not at all!
If that's settled, let's all get ready.
It's almost time.
What... is that?
They're calling...
Fuuka... I have to apologize...
It's not working, I can't hear
Akihiko and Junpei's voices.
I'll try boosting the output...
Maybe I should have
gone with them.
As I said before, I'm not willing
to risk more members.
I'm sure those two are fine...
- Don't be such a scaredy-cat, Junpei.
- Easier said than done...
It's been over 30 minutes since we lost
voice contact with Kirijo-senpai.
Don't worry,
it's still twelve midnight.
That's not helping, Senpai.
Who's there?
Is someone there?
Are you... human?
Fuuka Yamagishi, I presume?
Huh? Oh. Yes!
But who are you?
Everything's okay now!
We're here to rescue you!
To rescue me?
I have to say, I'm amazed you're okay!
There's monsters here, you know?
So something really is here!
I've managed to avoid being
spotted by any of them so far.
They've never seen you?
Not even once? How?
Um, I'm not sure how
to explain it.
It's kind of like I can
sense where they are.
"Sense" them?
What's up with that?
Like women's intuition?
A detection ability
like Mitsuru's, huh?
No, maybe even more
powerful than hers.
Here, take this.
That's a
Think of it as a good luck charm.
It doesn't fire anything.
Hi there.
It looks like your teammates have
found the girl. Good for them.
After all, her abilities are something
that you guys need right now.
Are you sure you shouldn't go?
I don't know.
Even though the other girl
has gone there?
Dude, the moon is huge!
And bright!
Wait, was it always
this bright?
There's a theory that the Shadows are
influenced by the phases of the moon.
Of course, that also
holds true for humans.
It's a full moon tonight, huh? It sure
It's a full moon... again.
It's a full moon.
Of course... So was that night.
And that other night.
Huh? What're you talking about?
Why didn't I see it sooner?!
The night the dorm was attacked...
The night of the monorail battle...
And now today!
They were all full moons!
Yes, a trial is coming tonight.
- Come... Akihiko!
- Be careful!
What is this? They're way bigger
than the ones before...
They're attacking people!
Let's hurry!
What is it?
What's going on?!
Those big ones! They must
come out at the full moon!
It looks like you'll be facing
more than one trial tonight.
What do you mean?
I'm saying that it will be
difficult to overcome them.
If you don't do something,
everyone will die.
Will you accept that?
- Mitsuru!
- Yukari-cchi!
Are you okay?!
Be careful... They're...
All right, you've had your fun!
Blunt force doesn't seem
to be very effective.
Then let's try this!
Way to go, Senpai!
I'm not gonna be one-upped!
Get clear!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
They're not so tough.
W-What the?
I'll handle this one!
But it worked a second ago!
Ms. Moriyama!
No way... Why is she here?!
Don't be crazy!
Go back!
I... I had to apologize to you!
I'm sorry, Fuuka...
I'm sorry...
Ms. Moriyama...
Fuuka? What are you
planning to do?
Let's run away!
No! That's not a weapon!
I know.
Don't! Run!
That's crazy! Your Persona
isn't a combat type!
Ms. Moriyama!
Why is he
There you go again, showing up
and hogging all the glory!
Forget it, fire doesn't
work on that thing!
Orpheus' attacks are no good!
They aren't?
The show-off evoked
another Persona?
- Did... it work?
- No.
Be careful!
They're still alive!
So we're no match for them?
Yuki! Get Yamagishi and
Moriyama out of here!
If you stay, we'll all be killed!
Save yourselves!
What are you doing?!
Go! Hurry!
Oh, no you don't!
Get going, damn it!
Go! Hurry!
Go, Yuki!
That's an order!
- Yuki, let's go after him!
He's our teammate!
Yes, I'm afraid. She's my
That's why I have to care.
Damn show-off... If I don't do this,
Why are you...
A fight's no fun if someone else
is protecting you the whole time!
I'm not gonna let these things
take out any more of my friends!
What's that?
I can see it...
Use fire!
It'll work now!
Dude, seriously?
It worked!
These enemies can alter what
they're vulnerable to at will.
But they can't become invulnerable,
so a weakness always exists.
I don't believe it...
You can see that?!
- Yes... Use wind!
- Got it!
They're changing
their weakness again!
I've been waiting for this!
- Ice!
- Jack Frost!
- A sword will work!
- On it!
Let's finish them!
Only one left!
We can do this!
Fire will work this time!
It's on the ropes!
Nail it, Makoto!
Yuki, it's all yours!
- Yuki!
- Get it, Yuki!
Are we... Are we alive?
We did it...
We actually did it!
So, I hear that Ms. Yamagishi is
back at school starting today.
Yes. Being thrown into battle unprepared
exhausted her pretty badly,
but she seems to
finally be recovered.
I have mixed feelings.
That Natsuki girl doesn't remember anything
that happened in the Dark Hour, right?
Doesn't that mean that she's also forgotten
that Ms. Yamagishi saved her life?
- No, I don't think that will be a problem.
- Hey, ghost girl is back!
Cut it out, she'll hear you!
Ms. Moriyama...
Fuuka, you're moving
into the dorm?
You'll need to buy
some stuff, right?
If you want, I can tag along with you
when you go shopping.
Ms. Moriyama...!
Still, what was Moriyama doing
in Tartarus in the first place?
Isn't it obvious?
She came to help her friend.
Hey, wait a minute, Makoto!
Was that a smile
So, it looks like you've
overcome one more trial.
When I look at you, I sense great potential
that's the opposite of "the end of all things."
For one thing, your power seems to have
changed quite a bit from before.
Hey, if you don't mind,
would you be my friend?
I'm really curious about you!
My name is Pharos.
It's nice to meet you.