Persona 3 the Movie: #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream (2014) Movie Script

So many ways to live by
What's up with these lights?
Whether to only to get by
It depends on what you choose
I went with the flow, music came to applaud,
Here it comes!
And I had a little talk with destiny, that's all
Truth kills but knowledge is power
Used to wish no change, that's life after
But like the saying "Change comes constantly,"
Growth is optional, choose wisely
Akihiko! Iori!
Let's let the summer breeze talk to us
Go with the flow let's keep on riding
Never looking forward or back
Only looking upward with stars are shining
Destiny's in our hands 'cause what we do comes back someday
Midsummer knight's dream
Yamagishi! You still can't reach him?
Just hang in there.
It won't be much longer.
Yuki! Can you hear me?
Thank goodness, I've finally reached you!
Everyone got separated when the Shadow attacked.
Are you all right?
I've sustained some damage.
Past memories I embrace
Never forget where I came from the base
I chase my dreams, turn it to reality, tough race
No, shh
Every bits of way I spits for the winning kiss
All out, no regret, buck wild from the backbone
Hitting the spot, yeah, like using the backboard
Got my crew with me on board to hit back door
Wine glass already been poured galore
Good job, Iori!
I won't fell 'cause I keep on trying
Take this!
Even when I wept alone, I keep on trying
Lost and then lost some more, so denied but strong
Will stuck hard I'd rather die trying
Couldn't have done it without contacts
True to the soul who did it without contracts
I got this!
Got a crew to chill out with my habitat
I surely got theirs, and they got my back
To my foes, I never understood where that hatred came from
What do you think you're doing, Junpei?
Tried to get it but now we got different anthem
Couldn't fathom what you mean by just abandon
Rather try to fix it no matter no matter the outcome
However my biggest foe's the shadow of life,
This isn't good!
Junpei's been charmed by the enemy!
Shadow of death, what's behind the light
The enemy is me
He can't tell friend from foe!
I better seize these weak part of me or be acquainted with him
Sorry, you guys!
Occasionally I misbehave with him unwitted little
Wait! What's going on?!
Bit ignorant indicating that I didn't really
really really really understand ying yang, good and bad
Whose bad?
All on me in the end of the day
Bottom line I've got to paint it my way
Girl, you are lookin' fine!
Like Shakespeare, Picasso like Monet
Battle goes on in this midsummer night
Run! Junpei's been...
Against the unknown I'm ready to fight
Let's let the summer breeze talk to us
Go with the flow let's keep on riding
Never looking forward or back
Only looking upward with stars are shining
Sorry, bro.
Even when I'm lost in the course,
Be careful. He has some strange abilities.
Y'all show me the way like moonlight in darkness
This Shadow's specialty seems to be psychological attacks.
All the way till the very end
So he's the one behind all this?
Spring came to my life with more than one heart
After long years of winter
No man's an island, together united we stand
On the ground tall feet that
Destiny's in our hands 'cause what we do comes back someday
I've been waiting for this!
Midsummer knight's dream
Let's go!
Why, you...
You're gonna pay for this!
I don't know why, but my cheek is killing me.
That's due to a lack of training.
About what happened earlier...
If you tell anyone, we're through.
You mean about the shower?
I said don't talk about it!
H-Hey! Do we have an understanding?
That was quite a show.
Well, Jin?
Are they our enemy?
Why don't we ask our "buddy"?
We'll be seeing him soon.
Yes, that's an excellent idea.
Don't stop all of a sudden!
Geez, what is it?
I don't know why.
But I feel really good right now.
Welcome to the Velvet Room.
More than three months have passed since you first came here.
How is the state of your heart?
At any rate, it is now summer.
Rumor has it that summer is a mysterious season
that releases people from their inhibitions.
I hope you'll take this chance to cut loose
and enjoy life to its fullest while you can.
Please beware of the shadows that creep ever closer.
Man, boats really have a way of getting you all pumped up!
Take this sea breeze for example. You can't experience this on land.
You're not a kid anymore!
Ah, I've let go my earthly tether and become wind!
A trip to change things up, huh?
We should thank Ikutsuki.
There it is!
We're here! We made it!
Blue sea, white beach!
So this is what you call youth, huh?
Just kidding!
Wow! The ocean's so beautiful!
Say hello to contestant number one, Yukari!
As you can see, she's chosen a bold designquite unexpected!
It takes a lot of confidence to pull off a swimsuit like that!
The parasols...
Do you think we're allowed to just use any one that's free?
Next up is contestant number two, Fuuka!
I had no idea you were so...
And here's our final contestant!
What's going on?
What's with all the commotion?
Kirijore so beautiful.
Yeah, your skin is flawless!
Did you already put on sunscreen?
Not good!
You need to put sunblock on, or you'll get burned!
Oh yeah, you're right.
Just awesome! I love it! She's right!
Your skin's too lovely not to!
I'm so jealous of your perfect skin!
How does that make any sense?!
We're at an island resort in the middle of summer,
and we're gonna go on a hike?!
Desperate times call for desperate measures!
We'll call this Operation Babe Hunt!
You mean, like, pick up girls?
What do you think?
None of the girls want to be under the sun!
Then I'm appointing him our leader as usual.
All right.
Hey, what do you want to do next?
I'm starving!
I checked my guidebook.
What's that?
Back attack was a success!
All right, the battle gong has sounded.
What the hell?! Gross!
All righty!
Since you're all pretty adorable...
I'll be happy to join you in a lesson.
Yes, indeed...
Mission failed.
If this were actual combat, we'd be dead.
What's the matter, Iori?
Whoa! Talk about saving the best for last!
You're such a tease, God!
Man, she's cute.
I agree.
Uh, are you alone?
My name's Ju-Ju-Junpei.
Uh... Well...
If you're free, wanna talk or something?
I am looking for a human.
You are not the one.
Well, hello there.
Do you like the ocean?
What do you want?
Oh, uh, yeah, I like the ocean too.
Hey, I heard that for triathletes,
those who train at the beach
perform better than those who practice indoors.
Makes sense, right?
That type of information is irrelevant to me.
I haven't lost.
I haven't, all right?
Hey, he's into it for once!
The tide is high...
You are...
Initiating evasive maneuvers.
Looks like you had fun at the beach.
We did.
Please show them to the living room.
I'll be there shortly.
Very well.
Everyone, please come this way.
Chairman, I'm sorry to impose.
So these are what actual maids are like.
I'll get the discussion going, then.
Thank you.
Do you have a moment, sir?
Come in.
It's been a while, Father.
I'm sorry for bringing such a crowd.
Since you have come to visit me,
that must mean you've resolved to tell them the truth, correct?
Yes, sir.
Don't blame yourself, Mitsuru.
I've told you time and time again.
None of the blame is yours.
However, we've been making them fight while concealing the truth.
Deceit was a matter of course.
"Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection."
That has been our guiding principle since the Kirijo Family separated from the Nanjo Group.
You must learn to trust in others, Mitsuru.
There are things in this world that cannot be accomplished alone,
no matter how many sacrifices you make.
Yes, sir.
Our research has revealed that there are twelve large Shadows
that appear during every full moon.
Twelve large Shadows...
Why do they even exist?
And for that matter, why is there a Dark Hour?
Tartarus too.
Come to think of it, there's so much that we don't know.
About that...
Allow me to explain.
This is my father.
I'm Takeharu Kirijo.
Takeharu is the current head of the Kirijo Group.
All your equipment and whatnot...
They're all provided by
The Kirijo Group...
Are you Yukari Takeba?
Uh, yeah.
I see.
This must also be fate.
Either way, I knew that I needed to tell you all the truth.
And now that there are people abusing the Dark Hour,
it's all the more imperative that I do.
Abusing the Dark Hour?
Is it almost midnight?
Good evening.
Wh-Who are you guys?
What the hell is this?!
Address, name, age, occupation, et cetera.
This is you, right?
What are you talking about?
I don't get it!
Somebody's got a grudge against you.
And they asked us to get revenge.
What kinda bullshit is this?!
I haven't done anything!
Your notion of right and wrong is irrelevant.
My client's wishes are all that matter.
People hear what they choose to hear
and believe only what they want to believe.
Oh, shit... You mean the rumors on the net are true?!
N-No! No!
Stay away from me!
You squeal most magnificently!
Such raw emotion!
He's not dead...
Doesn't matter. We've held up our end of the bargain.
Up to your moronic antics as usual, huh?
Is that you?
You've got some balls.
We're just complying with demand.
If we kill during the Dark Hour,
it'll only be replaced by another incident or accident.
What do I care, as long as I get what's coming to me?
Jin, give him the capsules.
I'll pay you the same as usual.
Hold up.
This time, information will suffice.
About those Persona-users.
Your acquaintances have been busy lately. I'm referring to their activities on nights when the moon is full.
They've spent a great deal of time in the tower as well.
Why did they take this burden upon themselves?
You know, don't you?
Won't you tell us?
How should I know?
So you don't wish to tell us?
Is it because they're your friends?
I've got nothing to do with them.
I really don't know.
If I find out anything, I'll let you know.
We'll be looking forward to that.
The Shadows have many mysterious abilities.
Some research indicates that they can even affect time and space.
In the past, one man pursued that line of thinking.
That man was Kouetsu Kirijo.
He was my father and Mitsuru's grandfather.
My father wanted to harness their power and create something extraordinary:
A time manipulation device.
Time manipulation?
It's exactly what it sounds like.
Imagine if you could control the flow of time.
Eliminate unwanted events before they occur.
With such a device, you could shape the future to your liking.
That's insane.
To create this device,
he assembled a team of scientists
and, over several years, collected a significant number of Shadows.
However, ten years ago,
during the final stages of the experiment, there was an accident,
and they lost control of the Shadows' power.
Consequently, the nature of the world was altered.
Giving us the Dark Hour and Tartarus.
Wait a minute.
If what you said is true, then why did our school turn into Tartarus?
Don't tell me... That's where they conducted the experiment?!
That's right.
As you guessed, the experiment ten years ago
was conducted at Gekkoukan High School.
Calm down.
I don't bite.
You're human?
There's something that I'd like you all to see.
What's this?
This is the only existing footage of the accident,
recorded by a scientist who was at the scene.
....this recording reaches safe hands.
I've made the most unthinkable mistake.
I knew the risks,
but I was blinded by the promise of success, so I didn't raise any objections.
I'm afraid what I've done will result in an unprecedented disaster.
But I'm going to leave you this footage as atonement.
Anyone who's watching this! Whoever you are...
Please listen carefully!
The Shadows that were amassed here have been dispersed as a result of the explosion.
To end this nightmare, you must eliminate all of them!
This is all... my fault...
I'm truly sorry...
So you knew all about it.
My dad caused it all. It was all his fault.
You knew everything.
So that's why you were hiding this? Because you felt sorry for me?
Is that it?!
No, Takeba, I...
I don't want your pity!
Sorry, Yuki.
Will you go?
It's the Dark Hour now.
You shouldn't be wandering outside alone.
Did you come out here to tell me that?
My dad... He died in that incident.
Nobody knew the truth, so there were all sorts of rumors.
Because he was in charge of the research team, people were really mean to me and my mom.
We even had to move a few times.
I believed in him for so long.
All this time, I kept telling myself it wasn't his fault.
I loved him a lot, and I believed he'd never do anything wrong.
His name was Eiichiro Takeba.
He was the head researcher at the time and a very talented man.
But we are the ones who are responsible for everything that happened.
We pushed him to continue the research.
The Kirijo Group is to blame for his death.
All of the blame lies with the Kirijo family.
That's why I...
When I found out that I had a special power, I thought it was fate.
I was scared,
but I thought if I cooperated with the Kirijo Group, I might find out what really happened.
But as it turns out, all of that was for nothing.
Because it was Dad...
Because it was all Dad's fault.
It might not have meant anything to you,
but it meant something to me.
When I'm with you and the others, I never get bored.
So I don't think it's all bad.
It can even be fun. Don't you think?
Oh, come on.
That's ridiculous.
With the others... huh?
Want to head back?
Why would they come here?
Let's get out of here!
It's me.
What did you say?
I'll get on it as soon as possible.
Did something happen?
This doesn't look good.
The Shadows being held in a research facility near here have escaped
and are nowhere to be found.
Oh, no!
Yukari and Yuki don't have their Evokers on them!
Let's go look for them!
No way!
That girl...
What's she doing here?
I have found you.
Now I am certain.
You are...
Look out!
I shall eliminate all threats!
She's a Persona-user?
What's going on?
I have found you at last.
I have been searching for you.
My highest priority is to be with you.
Hey! What's going on here?
Are you all right?
Hey! That girl!
Explain yourself, Makoto!
Allow me to introduce her.
This is Aigis.
As you can see, she's a "mechanical maiden."
How do you do? I am Aigis.
My mission is to destroy Shadows.
An anti-Shadow weapon?
Such a thing exists?
She suffered major damage in combat
and has remained in the lab ever since.
She never made a peep before,
so we didn't think we could ever activate her,
but she suddenly sprung into action today.
But why?
I am unsure myself.
It is very important for me to be by your side, Makoto.
Oh, I know!
Since she's finally in working order,
do you think you could let her join forces with you?
What? Her?
You sure about that?
It's thanks to your father, Takeba, that we finally know what to do.
Bolstering our forces should be a good thing.
Oh, uh...
What do you mean by, "thanks to my father"?
Well, in the video we just saw, it was your father who said
the Shadows they had amassed had been dispersed.
It's actually those Shadows that have shown up on the night of the full moon.
And Eiichiro is telling us to eliminate the Shadows.
In other words, it all begins with those twelve escaped Shadows.
You mean, if we eliminate them all,
both the Dark Hour and Tartarus will vanish.
Exactly. What do you say?
Isn't that good news?
We can make things right.
Fix what Dad did.
Only we Persona-users can defeat the Shadows.
And so Takeba, I'd like you to continue to lend us a hand, if possible.
I'll do it.
If that's what it'll take to atone for what my father did.
Thank you.
Only six left, huh?
What's wrong, Yuki?
Not enough to satisfy you?
Good morning.
Please wake up.
It is time to wake up.
You have been awakened without incident.
Mission accomplished.
What are you doing here?
The paper on the wall says,
"Do things five minutes early."
Therefore, I woke you up five minutes in advance.
Okay, then I'm gonna sleep for five more minutes.
That I cannot allow.
Sorry, can I come in?
Makoto, you must get up.
Oh, it's unlocked.
What are you doing here?
I can disable the lock on such a door in less than two minutes.
That's unlawful entry!
Please, Makoto. It is time to get up.
Didn't we tell you to stay in the command room at night?!
Listen to me!
Everyone was worried when we didn't see you there!
I propose to be on standby in this room from now on.
Is this acceptable?
Wh-What are you talking about?!
Sounds like they're all getting along.
That's great.
Never mind that, Chairman.
Is it true?
That he...
It was the night of the 20th, when we were in Yakushima.
Apparently, he was taken into custody for wandering about during the Dark Hour.
And to think that Shinji of all people...
What a coincidence...
How are you planning to deal with him?
Hm, that's quite a dilemma.
He may have the potential,
but he's still in elementary school.
In the end, we will have to respect his wishes on what he wants to do.
The Dark Hour.
A hidden period of time that ordinary people know nothing about.
This is just too much to take in.
Was it like that for you that day too?
Thank you very much!
About Amada, I want to thank you.
Normally, that would've been our job.
I just found him by accident. That's all.
I don't think it was an accident.
Just as expected, you can't run away from your powers.
Is that what this is about?
Anyway, we finally know how to get rid of Tartarus and the Dark Hour.
No shit?
Think about it, Shinji.
Don't let your power go to waste.
My power ain't worth shit.
I made up my mind long ago.
I ain't going back.
That again?
You have to let the past go.
What's done is done. It's time you moved on.
You're just as bound by the past as I am, and you know it.
I'd like you to act as his bodyguard.
As long as he has the potential,
he's highly vulnerable to Shadow attacks.
I suggested that he come in this dorm with us, but he brushed me off.
Not only that, but it seems that he's still walking about outside during the Dark Hour.
Why would he do that?
I don't know.
But ever since he lost his mother, his only remaining direct relative, two years ago,
he's been acting somewhat reckless.
Since you come from a similar background, I thought you'd be able to reach out to him.
All right.
Why are you still here, Koromaru?
The priest isn't even here anymore.
It's tough, isn't it?
Being left behind...
I see.
I'm staying this dorm for the time being?
It's quiet, huh?
Well, it is summer vacation right now.
I'm the only one who's still here in the dorm.
Shadows, huh?
I don't need a bodyguard.
It's a waste of time, isn't it?
I don't mind.
Because if the enemy shows up, I can fight them.
That's not like Koromaru.
He's usually so quiet.
Why is his voice...
It's the Dark Hour right now.
What the heck is this?
Don't tell me...
You're protecting...
A dog?
It can't be...
He's the one.
He's the one who killed Mom.
Did I get him?
Or did it get me?
A dog that can function during the Dark Hour?
Is that even possible?
Are you all right, Amada?
Have you calmed down?
Okay, we're all done!
You did a good job too, Koro!
Koromaru wishes to fight with us, it seems.
Aigis, you can talk to dogs?
"I will return the favor."
That is what he seems to be saying.
Man, you're one loyal dog.
But how can he fight?
No, I think it's feasible.
The fact that he was somehow able to interact with the Shadows
shows that Koromaru has what it takes to be a Persona-user.
Can a dog really use a Persona?
With proper training, he could become a better fighter than you, Junpei.
Pretty interesting, huh?
All right.
I'll inform the Chairman about Koromaru.
But his care and feeding is up to you.
Got that?
Sure, no problem.
Rest assured, I'll turn him into a fine canine warrior!
Me... Me too.
Please let me fight too!
You're all fighting those monsters, right?
So let me help too.
It's kind of fuzzy, but I think I remembered something.
Two years ago...
Those things were the ones that killed my mom!
So please!
Let me fight with you all!
Good for you!
You're so young, and you already wanna avenge your mom? You're gonna make me cry!
You don't have a problem, do you, Mitsuru? Let's give him a chance!
Okay, fine.
But if you're going to fight, then you're going to look out for yourself.
I will!
That's what I like to hear!
Okay, starting tomorrow, Amada and Koromaru will be boot camping with me.
I'll go too.
Hey, Yuki...
Thank you for what you did just now.
And I look forward to working with you from now on.
Right on.
What do you think you're doing?
I brought this up before.
We want information from you as payment.
Did you really think we didn't know that you were keeping in touch with them?
Or can you not bring yourself to sell out your friends?
Give it a rest, will you?
I've got nothing to do with them.
In that case, what's the problem?
Just tell us.
What is their objective?
I've been away.
I don't know the details, but...
Supposedly, if you destroy all those creatures,
then the tower will disappear and, with it, the Dark Hour.
Happy now?
They intend to eliminate the Dark Hour?
What's that supposed to mean?
Why would they do such a thing? With the power they have...
They wish to destroy the Tower of Demise as well?!
What? Tower of Demise?
Now we have no choice but to intervene.
To erase the Dark Hour would be denying the very power they possess.
We cannot tolerate that.
Thank you for the information.
I see that they've again added a new, interesting ally to their ranks.
Good job, Koromaru!
Amada, don't let your guard down!
They're sending such a child to the battlefield.
Well, not like it has nothing to do with you, right?
Now if you'll excuse us.
Makoto, the enemy seems to be over there.
What is this place? Who would've thought there was such a huge space underground?
Apparently, this was an underground facility used by the military during the war.
A relic of war, huh?
That Shadow reading...
It's coming from somewhere back there, right?
A most accurate grasp of intel.
Well done.
Who are you?
However, you aren't the only ones with such a power at your disposal.
What are you talking about?
My name is Takaya.
This is Jin.
We are known to some as Strega.
We've been keeping an eye on you.
From what we hear, you've undertaken a "righteous" battle to save the world.
But we've come here tonight to put an end to that dream.
A Persona?
Does this mean we're locked in?
What's that sound?
From up above?
Since we're here, I took the liberty of using what was on hand at this base.
But this is...
You guys, don't breathe it in!
It's a toxic gas that will paralyze your nerves!
So you say, but come on!
Why are you doing this?
It's simple, really.
You are trying to eliminate the Dark Hour
and are thus a nuisance.
If the Shadows and the Dark Hour disappear, then so will our power.
And we can't let that happen, now can we?
Why don't you use that pretty little head of yours for a change?
Surely you will acknowledge the sense of significance the Dark Hour has given you.
What? What's that sound?
What's going on now?
Do you really wish to return to your pathetic, ordinary lives?
What you're doing is merely an act of hypocrisy.
We don't want you to eliminate the Dark Hour.
And so, we have come to stop you.
Really? Now you're going there?
Let's take care of this fast and get out of here!
This isn't over yet!
Did they just separate?
I can't move.
Are you all right?
Danger detected!
Aigis! You can't do it alone!
It is my job to protect you!
Disabling all limiters!
Orgia, activate!
Is this for real?
Is it about to fuse?
I won't allow it!
Is she overheating?
This is an unexpected development.
Stop it.
Is this it... for us?
This Persona is...
They got it!
Hey, are you alive?
You saved me again, didn't you?
Thank you so much.
No need to thank me.
Are you all right, Aigis?
Yes. I always rise after a fall.
That's not how you use that phrase.
Since Aragakijoin forces with us,
aren't we looking even more invincible now?
Want to go to Tartarus today?
What, again?
We've been going there every day lately!
And it's not like there's a reason to go, right?
I mean, once we defeat the four remaining Shadows, it'll all be over.
Anyway, about that festival the day after tomorrow...
Fuuka, are you gonna wear a yukata?
I'm planning to...
What's going to happen when it's over?
What's gonna happen?
we'll go back to our normal lives without all the battles.
At least...
I think so...
Grats on finishing summer school.
Did you come to meet us?
Yeah. It's not like I had anything else to do back at the dorm.
Hey, you're going too, right? To the festival?
I don't know...
Is he going too?
What's this, Amada?
You want to go with Aragaki?
Festivals don't really seem to be his thing.
Why don't you just ask him?
Won't you go with him?
Thank you!
When the fighting's over, huh?
Nothing left.
There'll really be nothing left.
Get out of my way. Move.
Oh, right.
My bad.
There you go! That's your dinner.
Oh, shit. Was that too hot for you?
My bad!
There, there...
Slowly now.
Eat it real slow now.
Is it good?
We're back.
Welcome home.
Something going on?
No, all quiet on the home front.
Uh... Excuse me,
By any chance, are you going to the festival the day after tomorrow?
I was just wondering...
Not interested.
Of course not.
Aragaki is a man of mystery.
Despite going out of his way to care for Koromaru...
Care for Koromaru?
Nothing tastes better than the meals prepared by
Hey, hey, hey! Hold up!
Koromaru says so himself.
Really? Who knew?
Just now too.
Hey! Don't tell them!
Oh, hell.
Just for a little while, I'll go with you.
Going to a summer festival with me is totally going to blow, you know.
You mean, you're coming with me?
Good for you, Amada!
What do you mean, "ta-da"?
You need to don your yukata more graciously, Yuka.
Oh my god, I don't wanna hear that from you.
I'm not used to wearing one,
so it's really embarrassing.
What's wrong, Mitsuru?
No sign of Aigis, is there?
All I have to do is hit that target, yes?
That's true, but hold on.
You have to use this.
I see.
I neglected to account for the warped barrel and the quality of the cork.
Next time, I won't miss.
You're the man,
Is that tomorrow's breakfast?
Like these are edible!
Not much meat on them, huh?
That's not what I mean!
Here you go.
Thank you very much!
You have secured your emergency rations.
Seriously, they're not for eating.
This place...
It's a secret spot that my mom and I found.
We used to come here together every year.
When my mom died, it kind of hit me.
"Oh, so now all the good times are over for me..."
But now every day is so much fun.
I never dreamed that I'd ever smile like this again.
I wish...
...things would stay this way forever...
Summer vacation is over.
Yeah, I'm in no mood to be here.
All right, class! Listen up!
We have a new student who will be joining us. She just transferred here.
My name is Aigis.
I am pleased to meet you all.
Let's see. Am I missing anything else?
Humanoid tactical weapon?
Ms. Toriumi! You should assign Aigis her seat!
Oh, that's right.
I would like to have this seat.
That spot's already taken. He's just playing hooky.
Which means he's not here.
All right, you can sit there, Aigis.
Thank you.
This spot will be perfect because I wish to always be by his side.
Is there a problem?
Why are you so pissed, Takeba?
Ohhh? Could this be a love triangle?
What?! Is it really?
No, it's not!
Don't come out...
without permission!
Did you hear about the kid in Class B?
Yeah, it's Apathy Syndrome, right?
Seems like there are more and more of them these days.
Apathy Syndrome, huh?
True... The number of victims seems to increase whenever it's almost time for the full moon.
Want to go to Tartarus today?
You're such a go-getter these days.
I will accompany you.
I was created to destroy Shadows.
Hey, I was just wondering, you know.
If the Dark Hour disappears, and there are no Shadows, what's gonna happen to you, Aigis?
I am an anti-Shadow weapon.
I exist to eliminate Shadows.
As such, should my mission be completed, I will no longer have a reason for being.
Then there's a chance that you could just be shut down?
There is a possibility of it happening.
But that's... really sad.
Lately, I keep thinking back to what those guys from Strega said to us.
They said it's thanks to the Dark Hour that we're leading more fulfilling lives.
Yeah, they did say that.
I don't fit in at home.
My parents aren't interested in anything but my grades,
and they won't even look at me.
I can use a Persona,
and I'm useful to you guys,
so my life really is more fulfilling now.
It's just like they said.
Maybe deep down, I don't really want to end the Dark Hour.
Hey, long time no see.
You're here again?
Of course I am.
I'm always there for a friend in need.
You're scared, aren't you?
You might lose the one place you really matter.
The one place that gave you the chance to meet the people you care about now.
But you know, if something changes, something else will be born.
There's nothing you can do about losing something.
And there's no way that you can fight those changes.
No matter how sad your fate may be.
Then nothing should ever change.
That's true.
I wonder if our relationship will never change.
Or will it inevitably change one day?
Who knows?
Whatever lies ahead of us,
you and I are friends.
No matter what.
Hurry, everyone!
The Shadow is draining huge amounts of electricity from the underground cables!
Normal attacks won't have any effect on it while it's generating that much power!
Found it!
That's not all.
If it drains all the electricity in the city,
the greater Port Island area is done for!
To prevent that, there's only one way to defeat the Shadow!
Sever the cables connected to the underground generator
and stop the Shadow from draining it!
Everyone, please!
Sanadaragakiheir best to buy some time!
We were made for this!
Damn straight!
All right, if we just sever this...
Now the tables have turned!
Let's do it,
Looks like they did it!
It's over.
Are you two all right?!
Just barely.
But we're exhausted.
You can finish it off.
Good job fending it off here, Akihiko, Aragaki.
All right!
I'll be the one to finish it off!
It'll all be over soon, huh?
Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
I asked you a question! What's that supposed to mean?!
Please stop!
You implying that you don't want it to be over?
That you're fine with the
Dark Hour and the Shadows?
Is that what you're implying?! Huh?!
Knock it off!
Fuck off!
Get away... from me...
Shinji! What's going on?
Don't tell me he's losing control?
Hang in there!
Dammit! Stop!
God dammit!
Are you all right, Amada?
Where the hell did he go?
What did you just swallow?
Answer me, Shinji!
It's nothing.
I've heard about these.
They're taken to suppress a Persona when the user can't control it.
But the side-effects...
Why, Shinji?! Answer me!
Two years ago on that day,
I did something I'd never be able to take back.
That was an accident!
It wasn't your fault!
Not my fault, huh?
That's bullshit, and you know it!
It was my fault! I was the one who completely fucked up some kid's life!
So the real reason you came back was for Amada.
As if doing that could even begin to atone for what I've done.
I can't even control my own Persona.
And that's why you turned to drugs?
Why didn't you come talk to me?
Why not me?
Would asking you for advice make any difference?
And the side-effects?
I won't go yet.
There's something I need to take care of.
Both Yuki and Aragaki, eh?
That's quite the conundrum.
Fortunately, we haven't observed any changes in Amada.
Oh, Amada!
Going to bed already?
Yeah, good night.
As for Yuki, I'm at a loss to be completely honest.
Which is concerning, since he's irreplaceable in battle.
Is something wrong with me?
I do not know. But to me, your actions were incomprehensible.
Oh, really?
Even so,
the most important thing to me
is to be by your side.
Why did it have to be you?
Have you found out anything about that drug?
Is there nothing I can do?!
There you go!
Good boy!
Do you really wish to return to your pathetic, ordinary lives?
Amada's out late today again, isn't he?
There's a typhoon coming,
so I'm worried about him.
Oh, come on. There's really no need to be worried.
I mean, he's just at that age, you know?
Shut up, Junpei.
You're soaking wet! Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I thought I told you to stay inside as much as possible.
Where have you been?
There was something I just had to take care of.
I'm sorry.
Because there's something I've got to do, no matter what.
Not here today either, huh?
Damn, she's at it again.
You should say something to her too, Takaya.
What for?
What reason could there be for stopping someone headed for destruction?
I know, but unless Chidori's power stabilizes, it's gonna hurt you and me too.
Like the other day, when we couldn't head them off.
True, that is a matter of concern.
In that case...
What if we were to reduce their power?
In the end, you decided to bring him along, I see.
That's what Yuki wants as well.
Honestly, he's been doing a good job.
I don't know what made him blurt out what he did the other day.
But I do believe that as a teammate,
I can trust in him and his powers.
He doesn't want to eliminate the Dark Hour.
But he still wants to protect his friends?
That's quite the dilemma.
Excuse me.
Amada... What's up?
I guess I came to say goodbye.
You've been really nice to me, so it wouldn't feel right to just leave without saying anything.
I should get going.
All right, care.
And I'm sorry.
Three to go, huh?
Where's Shinji?
Amada did tell me that he couldn't make it today.
Those two are...
Akihiko, it can't be!
Today's October 4th, right?
Yamagishi! Try to locate Shinji and Amada's positions!
What? Very well.
Uh... Did something happen between those two?
So you came.
I'm surprised you abandoned the operation.
Do you know why I asked you to meet me here?
It was two years ago, when we were pursuing an unusual Shadow that had escaped into the city.
At the time, Aragaki had just acquired his Persona,
and he momentarily lost control of his power.
Lost control?
Unfortunately, there was a casualty.
It was Amada's mother.
I found them!
They're together!
The location is...
The alley behind Port Island Station!
They're here!
We'll make short work of them!
Shinji and Amada better not jump the gun!
It was two years ago today.
That was the day my mom died here.
They called it an accident.
But it wasn't.
I saw the whole thing.
My mother was murdered!
You murdered her!
Since then, it's been one bad thing after another.
It was painful just to go on living.
And all I get from people is sympathy.
No matter where I go.
I even thought about killing myself.
But Mom wouldn't have wanted that.
So I made up my mind!
I'd go on living until I avenged her!
All right!
Let me!
While we were summoning?
Are you all right?
Hey! Yuka!
Wh-What is that?
At first, I thought it was the Shadows.
But I was wrong.
It all came back to me the other day.
When I saw your Persona go berserk...
That's how you killed her, isn't it?
My mother...
You'll pay for what you've done!
I'm gonna kill you myself!
This isn't good!
Is everyone all right?
Iori! Takeba! Koromaru!
Where's Yuki?
Not good!
Let's start by holding off this one!
Take out that roulette thing!
If you don't hurry, Shinji's gonna...
Do it.
I won't stop you.
It's what I deserve for always running away.
That's why I left the group and tried to suppress my power.
I wanted to forget.
But nothing worked.
Nothing I did could erase the memory.
And now I find myself here.
The last place I want to be.
It won't do you any good to tell me that now!
I know.
I'm not gonna make any excuses.
It's my fault.
This is what I deserve.
But let me give you one warning.
If you decide to take my life,
you'll end up like me.
Just remember that.
Is that supposed to change my mind?
Even if all you have now is hatred, one day, you'll regret it.
I guarantee it.
That's a load of crap!
There's no way I'll regret it!
He is correct.
There is no reason for him to feel regret.
Nor is it even necessary.
Oh, no!
That is simply... the nature of revenge.
Is it not permissible to kill those who are themselves killers?
You bastard!
Of course...
You cannot deny fate. You shall die.
Whether or not it is at the hand of this boy.
You've been taking those pills for some time now.
You don't have much longer.
What's he talking about?
What does he mean?
You're going to die?
No matter what I do?
None of it matters?
That's not fair!
All this time! I've been waiting for this!
The cause of death is not of importance.
The breath of life is faint in you as well, child.
After killing him, you were planning to join him, were you not?
Since you are both destined to perish, allow me to do the honors.
A slight change in timing shouldn't matter too much.
Go to hell!
You've gotta take out that roulette thing!
You handle things here!
Now, then... With what life you have left, answer me this.
There is a data gatherer among you, is there not?
This has enabled you to locate and defeat
those we wish to protect.
Now tell me.
Which one of you is it?
What's the matter?
Won't you tell me?
Cat got your tongue?
There's no one...
It's me.
Is that true?
It's true.
That's the only reason they let me join.
Ken, no!
Quiet. You had your chance.
It doesn't matter anymore.
I'll never have my revenge.
I see.
So you've achieved resolution.
How enviable.
Then you shall be first.
Now go in peace.
What is the meaning of this?
Why would you risk your life to save this child?
How very disappointing.
Stay with us! Shinji!
Treat his wounds now!
What's with the long face?
Isn't this what you wanted?
These wounds are too deep!
We can't do anything until the Dark Hour ends!
It's all right.
Give yourself time.
Make your anger your strength.
Come on, Ken. You're just a kid.
You've got your whole life ahead you.
Don't waste it.
Take care of him...
I will.
This is how it should be...
Man, what does this have to do with us?
Who knows?
Hey, you guys know who Aragaki is?
How could I have known him?
He never came to school, remember?
Anyway, who knew that you could really get caught up in those violence incidents?
I don't know about that.
Wasn't it probably just a fight?
I mean, he seemed like a punk, anyway.
Shut up.
I said shut up!
Iori! Sit down!
m 0 0 l 100 0 100 100 0 100
Hard to say goodbye forever
Just when we thought time was on our side
Hard to say somehow we'll be all right
Time's moved without us
Forever's gone now in just one heartbeat
One hand grows colder
One eye goes blind
Hard to save this moment forever
Carve it in stone, yet time turns it to sand
Hard to say if we're worth the memories
How will history judge us
One hand grows colder in just one heartbeat
And we are timeless
Together, frozen