Personal Shopper (2016) Movie Script

So, um, the little key is
for the lock up top.
And the one for below.
You're not staying?
No, I prefer not to.
Too many memories.
It's good for you?
Yeah, of course.
I understand.
- See you later.
- Okay.
Lewis, is that you?
I dont know... I fell asleep.
There was a presence.
I felt something.
I just can't...
I can't tell, it was too far.
You must make contact.
I think there might need
to be two of us for that.
There wasn't enough pull.
Because I felt something.
It was just keeping its distance.
Come here.
You see the cross?
Has that always been there?
She said that she couldn't
make a contact.
Does she still feel a presence?
Yes, she says
the house is inhabited.
Well, we can't buy
unless we're sure.
We need to know if
it's benevolent or not.
It's too much of an investment.
Hey... um...
So, there...
Could be no one.
But there could be something.
I-I just need more time, I think.
It's extremely difficult to find
a portal into the spiritual world.
It's the way that it is.
I was in Stockholm last week,
I saw a wonderful exhibition
at the Modern Art Museum.
Hilma af Klint.
Have you ever heard of her?
Mm... no.
She says that spirits
commission her paintings.
She invented abstract art
before Kandinsky and Malevitch in 1906.
She says that
the spirit-world communicated with us.
Through her.
Hilma af Klint.
What fascinated me when I discovered
Hilma af Klint's work was...
That these grand and
enigmatic paintings
had been painted in the early 1900's.
And that they were made
by a Swedish female artist
that I hadn't heard about before.
Maybe the most fascinating
part is that these pieces
were made before the
conception of abstract art.
But Hilma af Klint kept her art secret,
She was sure that they wouldn't
be understood during her life.
In her will she
decided that they would
be kept hidden until
20 years after her death.
So, a century ago,
Hilma af Klint
painted for the future.
And the future is here now.
Are you okay?
It didn't bore you
too much at reception?
No, no more than normal.
I lost my passport.
How long will she be in Milan for?
Two days.
I put everything on a rack.
Here are the leather pants
from the new collection.
They're Kyra's style.
I mean, I can see her in them.
Are we able to cut them? Is it possible?
They'll be too big.
Let me look into this.
I'll get them for
you from the studio.
I'm not really supposed to, but...
Please, you bring them back
as soon as you can,
otherwise I will be in big trouble.
Of course.
She's going to need something a little
flashier for the Amfar dinner.
That's the stuff Louis
set aside for the dinner.
If Louis likes it, then she'll love it.
- You like it?
- Mm.
So does Louis.
It's not easy to wear.
It's sensual and strong.
- I'll take it, and some boots.
- Okay.
I think I'll take both
bags and this belt.
You know her.
Don't want to risk it.
Kyra would want the brown, for sure.
Or the blue.
Or neither.
Ah, she gave me a blank check.
- Do... do you take deposits?
- Yes.
- She wants 4,500.
- Cool.
500 for the belt, and
2,000 for each bag.
Maureen, I got back but
I have to leave right away.
We'll miss each other.
I'm off to Milan tomorrow morning.
I'm leaving an envelope with what
I owe you for the last two weeks.
Take care. Kyra.
PS: I left my Mac on the desk.
Can you do the upgrade for me?
Hilma af Klint has
moved in spiritual circles
and participated in seances,
later also she was a medium.
What actually is regarded as
the essence of spiritualism?
Well, the central idea of spiritualism,
is the idea that there is
a world beyond our world.
And spiritualists try to give
empirical proof of this world.
In 1848,
the Fox sisters heard rappings
and they interpreted these rappings
as messages from deceased persons.
And that was for them real proof
of the existence of a higher world
beyond our world.
It's interesting that the Moriset code
had been invented 2 years earlier.
The spiritualists were always very close
to the technological avant-garde.
For example, the first
abstract photographs
have been taken by spiritualists.
Hilma af Klint believed that she
received the abstract paintings
from higher levels of consciousness.
When she started to paint as a medium,
she rejected the skills she
had learned at the art academy.
And that was due to the influence
of spiritualism and theosophy.
Now you mentioned theosophy,
What was Rudolf Steiner's
view on abstract art?
Steiner rejected abstract paintings.
But that's not the whole story...
- Hey.
- I've been trying to reach you for a week.
I know.
I've been working.
A lot.
How's it going with Kyra?
Ah... I never see her.
We leave each other messages.
I hate this job, actually.
I fucking hate her.
She's a...
That's not what you said before.
Yeah I was just happy to stay in Paris
and pay my rent.
Yeah, well, what's changed?
I spend my days doing bullshit.
That doesn't interest me, and
it keeps me from what does.
It's driving me fucking crazy.
You should come here.
Yeah, to the Sultanate of Oman?
I'll be here another two months.
I thought you were almost done?
I finished reconfiguring the
embassy's computer system
and now I'm just waiting for
the security protocols.
When do you think you'll get those?
It could be tomorrow,
could be next month...
And once I get them I start the
installing and configure them.
Come to Muscat!
Look, I came to the seaside
for the weekend.
- Wow.
- It's beautiful.
What the hell would I do in Muscat?
What the hell you do in Paris?
You know.
I'm waiting. I have to wait.
It's been three months.
I think I felt something.
I need to go back to Lewis' house.
I really think I felt something.
You think you felt something
or you're sure?
I just need to see it to the end.
That's all.
This is perfect. This works. Thank you.
This too.
I see this...
Actually it may be perfect.
I'd like to see them on you.
You don't want to try them on?
I... you know that I can't.
But you want to.
Sure, I mean.. if you could
keep your mouth shut, maybe...
but you totally dicked me over
the last time I did it.
Try on the shoes at least.
I'll get them.
They're the same size.
She won't have to send them back.
Okay, Vincent...
You have to promise me...
Not one word. Not one word.
My lips are sealed.
If there's traffic, there's traffic.
Nothing you can do about it.
They'll wait.
They just need a little daylight.
It's okay.
No, I can't wait. I have an appointment.
I'll meet you at your place
later this afternoon?
The leather pants? They're great, right?
No, not can't keep...
I promised...
I promised that I'd bring them
back in the morning.
Please don't do that to me.
I'm telling them right now.
It's no problems. Don't worry. Okay.
Hey so, she is on her way. She's late.
Her plane from Milan was just delayed.
But where is she?
She's on a highway.
There's traffic, apparently.
Can you stand in for her?
It'll save some time.
I have to leave at four o'clock.
Yeah, that's okay. It's perfect.
You think she'll ditch everything?
Yeah, she'll ditch everything.
I brought you three options though so...
With that we'll make it through?
I can't make any promises.
I'd feel more comfortable if you stayed.
You scared of Kyra?
I hear she's a monster.
This is your left ventricle.
It's just slightly larger in size.
It was exactly the same
for your twin brother.
You can live with it and die at 100.
Or at 27.
I treated Lewis just like I treated you.
An ultrasound twice a year.
There was no sign. Nothing.
One day, it just gave way.
Don't be scared, Maureen. What
happened to Lewis is very exceptional.
You can get up.
Everything is fine.
You just need to keep avoiding
both intense physical efforts
and extreme emotions.
Like Lewis did...
- I mean,... he built cabinets.
- I know.
He wanted to turn the house into a
studio where he could teach
and practice carpentry.
He really considered it his future.
I'll see you again in six months?
I have no idea where I'm going
to be in six months.
Good evening, Maureen.
Excuse me, we haven't met.
I'm Ingo.
Hi! Um, sorry...
Is Kyra here?
In her room with her lawyer.
They've been on a conference call
for an hour.
Problems with the foundation.
I'm just here to pick up a few things.
She's aware.
Do you know where they are?
There is one garment bag over there.
Um, random question, but
do you happen to know about two
pairs of leather pants?
They should be in the bag.
She wants to keep them.
She's just in there?
Ah, she's a real fucking
pain-in-the-ass, right?
We've been working on this
for six months.
We can't just call off the press trip
at the last minute.
Hey Kyra?
We have a 2-year-old gorilla
who's been gone for three weeks.
And now we have a problem with
the whole family.
Mrs. Gellman's husband invests
a lot of time and money
into gorilla habitat preservation.
He cares deeply about gorillas.
But if things go wrong,
this reflects really badly
on his business interests...
Hey Kyra, can I just
ask you one quick q...
This is serious.
You need to take care of this.
The female is aggressive.
The male, Ngabo, you've dealt with him
is becoming aggressive.
Ngabo can become very aggressive
in stressful situations.
I remember very well, thank you.
Where are they now?
Where are the gorillas?
They wander off further and further
into the mountains
and it's difficult to monitor them.
We can't cancel the reporters!
We have contractual obligations.
We need those gorillas to be there.
Just one quick question?
I'm hearing problems,
I'm not hearing solutions.
Mind if I smoke?
You have nothing better to do
besides dress Kyra?
Really find it worthy of your time?
Do you have a better offer?
Not exactly.
I'm a correspondent for
Men's Vogue in Berlin.
I can put in a word for you.
Thank you.
But know, magazines aren't
really my thing.
They sell shit.
Mainly for advertisers,
rather than readers.
So what?
You already have a stupid job.
It wouldn't change a thing but,
it pays better.
Not for me.
Some highly-regarded photographers
publish in fashion magazines.
Are they free?
I suppose so.
They get to choose their brands
and subjects they shoot?
No, that's correct.
I don't really see the freedom in that.
Yeah, I'm going to go.
I'll take the dress and the bags.
You really need to tell her
she's gotta return those pants.
I'll come back tomorrow.
You know she'll be here tomorrow?
Ask her.
She'll tell me to leave.
And you're not leaving?
I'm waiting for her to finish.
I want to speak with her.
She wants to dump me.
How long's it been?
Two years.
But she's scared her husband
will find out.
I'm sure he suspects something.
You in love with her?
It never crossed my mind, no.
It's just physical.
What are you doing in Paris?
I'm... waiting.
I'm gonna go.
What are you waiting for?
My... uh... brother died here.
My twin brother,
died in Paris.
An accident?
A heart attack.
I actually have the same...
Does it scare you?
And it didn't scare him.
You stay here to mourn.
No, I'm waiting.
I told you I was waiting.
What are you waiting for?
So, we made this oath.
Whoever died first would
send the other a sign.
A sign?
From the afterlife?
You could call it that.
You could call it a million things.
But how will you know it's a sign?
I'm a medium.
He was a medium.
I'll just know it.
Have you communicated
with spirits before?
Lewis thought there were... spirits.
I'm less sure.
But... y-yes.
There are invisible presences...
around us, always.
Whether or not they're the souls
of the dead, I don't know, but...
When you're a medium,
you just are attuned to a certain...
What do you mean by, vibe?
It's an intuition thing.
It's a feeling you...
You see this door...
It's only like slightly ajar.
I also this that...
the soul...
continues to exist after death.
I don't really know if
I believe in that.
But Lewis did.
And I have to give his spirit...
whatever you want to call it...
a chance to prove him right.
Until when?
I had a sign.
- Oh?
- Yeah!
Are you sure?
No. That's why I'm still waiting.
And then?
Then I guess I'll live my life.
Let it go.
I'll come for you in the morning.
- Or before. Call when you want.
- Okay.
Thank you.
So we thought about it,
and we're renovating.
I think that's what Lewis
would have wanted.
I just wanted Maureen to be
at peace with this place.
And with Lewis' spirit.
I... I just wanted to say one last...
Lewis would have been very happy
that this house is yours again...
And I'm very glad too.
Now, it's your house and...
I'll forget it.
Come on.
Come on.
I need more from you.
I'm gonna need more from you.
Give me one more sign.
Give me the tiniest thing.
Is that it? Is that it?
Just the tiniest little thing...
Is it that you can see me,
you cannot talk to me?
Because I don't care what you do
with the fucking plumbing.
I need you to fucking talk to me!
Please, I don't understand.
You're not my brother.
You're not my brother.
Unknown: I know you.
Unknown: And you know me.
Unknown: You're off to London.
Who is this?
Unknown: Have a guess.
No, answer my question.
Are you a man or a woman?
Unknown: What difference does it make?
Are you real?
Are you alive or dead?
Alive or dead??
Airplane Mode: On.
Unknown: I want you.
I want you and I will have you.
How did you get this number?
I'm blocking you.
You don't want to know who I am anymore?
Unknown: I'm here. I'm watching you.
Unknown: I'm kidding. I'm not there.
Unknown: But I may be in London.
Unknown: You want to know where?
Thanks for answering.
I won't be in London.
Are you relieved?
Or disappointed?
What do you want?
Not physically.
To make contact.
I've prepared everything Kyra asked for.
Two dresses she picked
from the photograph,
and a third one that didn't photograph
so well but I think she'll like it.
Which one?
This one there.
It's silk organza.
In a photo you lose some
of the sheen but,
It really plays well with the light.
Oh yeah, it's cool.
It's really cool.
The harness comes in
different colours as well.
- Can I see them?
- Yeah.
There you go.
We've got gold, black and nude.
In black.
Not for all tastes, but I think
it'll look amazing with Kyra.
Do you want to try it?
Unknown: I suggest a game.
I hate games.
You want to try the dress?
No, I'll take it in two colours
so that she has the option.
Cool. I'll get it all packed up for you.
Unknown: Then not a game.
Something else.
Are you waiting for your train?
So answer my questions.
Do you want to be someone else?
I don't know.
I can't know for you.
Tell me something you find unsettling.
Horror movies.
A woman runs from a killer and hides.
What you find unsettling is fear.
Are you often scared?
Unknown number
I'm on the train.
I'll drop the stuff off this evening.
When do you get back?
Even if it's early afternoon,
It's okay. It'll be ready for you
in a garment bag.
I have to pick up
the jewellery from Cartier,
but everything, they said, is ready.
I would prefer it in euros
if that's not a problem...
You know you could ask your driver to
stop at an ATM on the way back from CTG.
It'll take two seconds.
It was 400.
We agreed on 400.
There are a couple of
taxi receipts as well.
See you tomorrow.
Yesterday, I tried on the shoes
of the woman I work for.
Why are you telling me?
Because she wouldn't let me try them on.
So the answer is what's forbidden?
No desire if it's not forbidden.
What else is forbidden?
Unknown: Answering my questions?
Unknown: Are you back?
Your place?
How do you know?
You want to try on Kyra's dresses?
Because it is forbidden?
I did it.
You're scared.
Yeah I am.
I thought you wanted to be someone else.
How are you?
You're sure the spirit isn't there,
She vomited this ectoplasm
and left.
And the ectoplasm lingered for a minute,
or less and then also disappeared.
Do you have an idea of what she wanted?
She was really angry. Very violent.
Maybe she had a score to settle.
I think she was lost.
I don't think she wants to come back.
I don't think she'll be there again.
And what about Lewis?
It's been 95 days.
Jrme and Cassandre
are getting the bigger house.
You know, Lewis really loved them
so that's...
What about you?
What'll you do with the money?
I don't know.
I'm not sure I can buy something else.
I'm not confident enough
about the future.
I feel you.
I don't think you understand.
I definitely understand. Trust me.
I met someone.
You met some..., like you...
You must've known them before.
Well, kind of...
A friend of a friend.
After Lewis died, he reached out to me,
and we grew closer.
You're shocked.
No. Good. I think it's...
I was expecting it but like, of course.
I'll always love Lewis,
but I can't spend my life in mourning.
I'm not interested in mourning,
Like suffering in pain,
I've had enough.
I think now I want life.
The other day, you said
Victor Hugo actu... you know, you said
that he communicated with spirits...
What did you mean by that?
Like actually talked to them?
When he was exiled in Jersey,
he turned tables.
Like he conversed with famous
historical figures like,
even biblical ones.
It's pretty out there.
I don't really know.
I mean literally.
Like verbally or with an alphabet?
No, no, not the alphabet. They tried,
but the spirit refused.
So what did he do?
With a pedestal table.
The leg would tap on the floor like,
once for "yes", twice for "no".
Like one for "A", two for "B"
and so on like,
26 for "Z".
That would take an unbelievable
amount of time.
Yeah. There were pages and pages
of transcriptions.
Well, that's gotta be bullshit.
- That's invented.
- Ah, no, no, no.
- There's no way that happened.
- No he really believed it.
It was not intended for publication.
So, why invent it?
I think whoever did the transcripts
must have adapted them,
filled in the gaps.
So, like stenography?
Kind of.
Yeah, that's a good analogy.
But if you're interested,
there's a TV movie from the sixties
that depicts the seance.
It's really tacky, but seems accurate.
I'll find the title for you,
but if you type in like:
"Hugo+Jersey+Turning Tables"
on YouTube, you will find it.
Crazy dog, aren't you?
"Victor Hugo in Jersey."
The being called the white lady asked me
on the first day a thing that I did.
I know that a being, afraid
of coming, ran away.
Is there someone here?
If yes knock once...
If no knock twice.
Before I ask you who you are,
I'll ask you a question.
But first, this question, do
you see it in my thoughts?
Do you want to answer it?
Then talk.
The mountain is my grave.
I'm God's breath, I go up and down,
I want the sky and the Earth wants me.
The stars pull me by my hair and the
nails of the coffin hold me by my feet.
The darkness screams to me: "Down!"
And the Sun says "Up!" to me.
I'm the uncomforted of the horizon.
I'm the night watcher
of countless graves,
emptying his eyes in empty skulls.
I'm the cause of bad dreams.
Vincent can see the plain.
That is a reason.
I'm everywhere but
I'm not sure what.
I get up and go to bed.
Unknown: Send me a picture.
I prefer you like this.
I feel ridiculous, it's not me.
I'm ashamed of myself.
I don't know why I came.
Keep the key. You'll be coming back.
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
I need to know what name
was room 724 was booked under?
Okay, just a second.
It was...
Maureen Cartwright, I have.
No, I'm Maureen Cartwright.
Who paid for the room?
Just a sec.
I'm sorry, there is no
credit card information.
Was paid in advance in cash.
Do you remember if it was
a man or a woman?
I don't know. I was not working
at that moment.
Would you ask a colleague?
Do you know...?
It's a big hotel.
I'm not sure I can help you with that.
Thank you.
These are the five pieces
of your selection.
And particularly the "Pont des Arts"
of the "Paris Nouvelle" collection.
Made of 18 carat rose gold
and fine stones.
C'est bien.
Yes, it's perfect.
The necklace, the bracelet,
the ring and the watch,
but excluding this.
I've never seen that.
Okay. We'll focus on these four.
- Okay.
- I'll prepare them for you then.
You're welcome.
And this one is brand new,
first time released.
So nobody has it.
Oh, good. That's important. Thank you.
Hey Kyra, you back?
Sorry, I let myself in. I'm just gonna
drop these bags for you, okay?
Hey Kyra, you doing alright?
Are you ready?
I drove for...
2 minutes maybe before
I realised what I was doing,
And I came back and called.
Why didn't you do it earlier?
I-I-I... I freaked out.
I-I-I ran away.
You ran away from a presence...
There way a light on in the...
back of the apartment,
I heard something.
What were you doing at Mrs. Gellman's?
Dropping off a couple of bags.
I don't understand.
I'm a personal shopper. She was...
very high profile and couldn't...
do normal things, didn't have time.
And I sort of assisted her in that.
You used Mrs. Gellman's computer
last night.
Um, maybe.
And again this morning.
You check your messages on Gmail.
We have the record.
So, why are you asking?
Did you sleep at her place?
Did you sleep at her place?
Yes, I did. I slept at her place.
Um, I don't know.
To be honest, I never do that.
Why did you hide it?
A stupid reaction.
Maybe, maybe I was...
a little ashamed.
You knew she was coming home today?
Yeah. She was coming back from Milan,
and on her way to Marrakech.
I was dropping off some
accessories for her.
What accessories?
What jewellery?
Very expensive jewellery from Cartier.
And you left it there?
Yeah. In four cases in two bags.
Were they still there
when you went back?
I-I-I don't know. I wasn't...
I wasn't considering the jewellery
at that point...
I didn't notice.
Unknown: Did you tell the cops
about my texts?
Unknown: ANSWER ME.
Sorry, if I woke you up.
I was just stress-testing...
one of the new security protocols.
Really fucking hard to configure.
So, it's gonna take me a month.
Best case.
I'm gonna come see you.
You giving up?
Yeah, it's not going to happen.
Maureen, it's not that
it isn't going to happen,
it's that it doesn't exist.
After death,
there's nothing.
I- I know.
And it's not that big a deal.
You told me that you had a hope...
Like you really hoped that...
Of course I do.
But, no.
I don't believe.
I don't want to be here anymore.
I don't want to be in Paris anymore.
I miss you.
I miss you too.
I'm actually heading up
the mountains for a few days.
If you want to, you can come quickly
and meet me there.
It really depends on what the police say.
If the travel ban's been lifted or not.
The police?
Yeah, Kyra was murdered,
you didn't hear that?
- It's everywhere. All over the news.
- What?
- I found her.
- Murdered?
Who murdered her?
I don't know.
It was really horr... It was, ah...
Are you okay?
I can't talk about it.
It was fucking horrible.
You want me to call you back later?
I'll call you.
Unknown: Crown Plaza. Room 329.
Right away.
Unknown: I'll wait another hour.
Unknown: I know you are reading my texts.
Unknown: Then I'll come.
Unknown: I have spares of your keys.
Unknown: I am in the taxi.
Unknown: I am in front of your building.
Unknown: Come down.
Unknown: Now.
Unknown: I am coming up.
Unknown: I am on the landing.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- They... Can I have some?
- Yeah, sure.
They arrested Ingo, and he...
and he confessed to everything.
Did they lift the travel ban?
Yeah. The case is closed.
But you'll testify?
Yes, yeah, probably.
Do you want to come to my place?
Yeah. I feel, um...
I'm scared when I alone now.
You're going to see Gary, right?
Yes, Yep.
You should have gone a while ago.
I should have listened to you.
Let's go, I have my car.
- Morning.
- Morning.
You're Lewis' sister?
I am.
We were together at l'cole Boulle.
Now I work at the Gobelin workshops.
Actually, I should get going soon.
You should stay.
If you can.
- Maureen.
- Erwin.
Both: Enchant.
I understand that you might
feel uncomfortable.
Because I've taken Lewis' place.
So soon.
Not at all.
You're mistaken.
While he was alive,
there was nothing between Lara and me.
It didn't cross my mind.
You know how they say,
the dead watch over the living?
I've thought about that quite a lot.
Not just because Lewis was a medium.
I don't know what that means.
For me, he was someone
deeply intuitive of others.
He understood things that went unspoken.
He did.
Maybe because he knew
he was going to die.
I mean I felt that he
saw things which I didn't.
Maybe you do too.
He thought that you had the same gifts.
I don't know.
I, ah..
Had a tendency to follow him.
He took things quite far.
Too far for me, at least.
I couldn't keep up.
All I mean is that with Lewis,
nothing seems impossible.
Many religions believe that
the soul wanders around for a while
before leaving this world.
Did he speak to you about that?
He was convinced of it.
Years ago, Mum died,
he was sure that...
he was visited by her.
That she came to say goodbye to him.
That it felt like a dream,
but not, that it was very real.
He could smell her,
he could see her so clearly... you know?
Do you believe that?
Yeah, I do.
It's not a religion thing, but I...
I do.
Do you think Lewis is here?
I don't think so.
I feel his presence.
He's here.
That might be your guilt talking.
You don't need to feel guilty.
Lara deserves to be happy.
And you do too.
I like to think so but...
something is stopping me.
- I hope it has nothing to do with me.
- No.
But you also have to
free yourself of Lewis.
Well, I wish he'd let me.
Wherever he is,
he would never forbid it.
And even if he's nowhere,
hold onto the memory of his freedom.
Put it into practice.
I know what you mean.
You know, I have to get going.
Will you be staying a few days?
Just tonight. I leave tomorrow.
- So, I'll see you tonight.
- Okay.
Uhh, uhh uhh. Good boy.
What happened?
A glass broke.
I thought you were outside?
Erwin just left.
He must have left it on the edge
of the table, or something.
I hope you had a good trip.
Get some rest.
Your driver is named Salim.
It's best to leave a little
before daybreak.
Count on a five hour ride.
Don't worry, the road is safe,
even if it is not very busy.
Take the minimum.
I have everything we need.
In other words, not much.
If it's okay with you,
we'll stay for a week.
You'll have to be tolerant,
it's spartan.
But you told me this is what you wanted.
Are you here?
Have you been waiting for me?
Are you at peace?
Thank you.
Are you not at peace?
Are you playing with me?
Do you mean harm?
I don't know you.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Lewis, is it you?
Lewis, is it you?
Or is it just me?