Pescuit sportiv (2008) Movie Script

This too.
And your bag?
I'll keep it.
Hope it's not going to rain.
When you get your license.
I don't need it.
I'll stay on the side streets.
Are you crazy?
I'll take responsibility.
Okay, wise guy!
I was just kidding.
What's up with you?
It's not a laughing matter.
So spare me.
Now you're pissed off?
But you sure can annoy me.
- I annoy you?
- Let it go.
- I annoy you?
- Forget it.
So then I annoy you?
Now she's
adjusting her rearview mirror.
Driving school did you wonders.
You're getting on my nerves!
Give me a smile, sweetie.
It's the end of the week,
we're off on a "picnic!"
Aren't we in a good mood!
Better believe it!
I quit.
Yeah, so...
Let me hear how it went.
Not very well.
Remember I told you I was
going to fail a few students?
Well, the principal pressured me
into passing them.
She said it'd be bad
for the school's reputation.
"Pressured" you?
Let's just say she implied
that I'd regret it.
Why do you make it
so difficult on yourself?
What's that supposed to mean?
Is there no integrity left
in this country?
Don't be ridiculous!
But that's the problem!
You think we shouldn't
sweat the small stuff.
But you're wrong!
You ask too much of those kids.
How's that?
Because they should be able to count
in the 5th grade?
Maybe it's not their fault.
Oh, so it's mine?
Is that it?
No, that's not it.
So what did the principal say?
Fuck her!
What could she say?
She suspected it anyway.
So what were you trying to prove?
They'll replace you
and nothing will change.
You know what I mean?
So what if they do?
I have my principles!
Did you talk to her in a calm manner?
Or were you confrontational,
as is your manner?
What do you mean with "my manner"?
I was reasonable,
and it's not the first time.
But that's not the point.
And then?
What then?
You really want to quit?
What do you think?
You're asking me?
Yes, I want to quit.
I can't take it anymore!
Don't you think she's idiot?
What would you do in my place?
We all have to make compromises.
Would that have been such a big one?
A compromise is a compromise.
I refuse!
You wanted to teach her a lesson?
You bet, the idiot!
That's ridiculous!
It gives me a headache
just thinking about it.
This was supposed
to be a relaxing weekend...
Ok, let's drop it.
Watch out for the crosswalk!
I see it!
Stop harassing me!
Move it, old hag!
You'll miss your own funeral.
What's she doing?
How can you talk to her like that?
She can't hear me.
Yes she can, the window's open.
Thanks for opening it!
See them jump?
Reminds me of those Irish dancers.
What's their name, sweetie?
I don't know.
The dancers that kick
their legs up in the air...
I don't know.
What's wrong, are you mad?
What is it then?
You're tired?
A bit.
- Sleepy?
- A bit.
- You want a coffee?
- No, thanks.
Something else?
What the fuck's their name?
Watch out, it's red!
I know!
Then slow down!
I am!
Who's driving?
No, stop!
Go away!
- Let him do it.
- Get out of here...
Did I call him over?
What's the big deal?
Fuck off!
Damn it!
God have mercy.
Now look what you did!
What did I do?
No one asked him
to wash the window.
It needed to be washed anyway.
So he washes it
and then wants money.
Did you give him any?
I could have.
But did you?
That's not the point.
So you have principles, too?
But of course
only your principles count!
I've had it with this fucking country!
She's "had it with this
fucking country".
That's their name!
Flaherty, isn't it?
Flaherty or Friarty?
Flaherty or Friarty?
Which is it?
Stop it.
Cut the engine.
Damn it!
You could have at least
let the kid do it.
Mister, how 'bout some fun?
Only 5 lei.
The price of a candy bar.
Go on, get lost!
There you go, Mizz Miha.
Nice 'n clean.
Off we go!
What's he doing?
Keep going.
I can't.
- Look at them.
- 5 lei, what d'ya say?
Come on, man.
5 lei. Can you believe it?
The price of a candy bar!
They'd be better off
scrubbing floors or begging.
No one's forcing them to hustle.
Miha, it's not that simple...
They have pimps.
Being a whore is one thing,
begging is another.
And where would they work?
I don't get it.
You'll figure it out when you grow up.
Good thing you're so smart!
I am pretty smart.
Could you do it with a hooker?
I find it difficult to understand
how some men can be attracted
to girls like that.
No, I mean a beautiful,
expensive call girl.
They just do it for the money.
How do you know?
There's no love involved.
I couldn't see myself doing it
now that I'm with you.
But if I were rich and single,
who knows...
You're so macho.
No, I'm not, but...
I don't know what I'd do.
Running right
in the middle of the road!
Isn't he cute!
And you wonder
why so many dogs get run over.
How do you know I don't fake it?
You know, have an orgasm?
Did you decide?
To have an orgasm?
You keep avoiding the subject,
but I'm serious.
I can't tell him now!
Don't give me that!
It'll be fine, I promise!
Does he know where you are?
- What?
- Where does he think you are?
At my mom's.
Is that so?
You said you'd tell him today.
Get off my back!
I'll tell him once we're there.
You want me to call him now?
I can't with you sitting here.
Wait till we get to the "picnic"!
You always get pissed
then give in.
- Turn right.
- Now you tell me!
Forgive me.
I know sometimes I'm mean.
I'm sorry, but...
You hit a girl!
She's not moving!
What've you done!
Can you hear me?
No, don't...
Let's get her in the car
and to the hospital.
Help me!
Put her down.
Lie her down!
Help me.
What're you doing?
- Taking pictures.
- Why?
To distract the guy.
Should I tell him?
- No, Mihai.
- Why?
Just don't!
Got problems?
No, we're just taking in the view.
Seen any chicks along here?
- What?
- Girls, you know...
- Further back.
- There used to be droves of 'em.
Is that your lady?
Yeah, it happens.
All the best.
Did you throw up?
A little.
You have a compact?
We'll say we found her like this.
Oh, great idea!
What do you mean
"we found her like this"?
We can't lie about such a thing!
"We found her like this... "
I'll say I was driving.
Let's go.
- It's not that.
- What is it then?
Why am I here with you?
So that's the problem!
Please, start the car.
Let's go.
We'll think of something
on the way.
Start the fucking car!
Come on!
What're you doing?
Turn the car around!
We'll get rid of her.
- Stop the car!
- Are you nuts?
- Stop the fucking car!
- You're crazy!
Stop the car now!
I'm scared.
All right...
Everyone'll know.
So what?
It was bound to happen!
Maybe it's a sign.
No, it's not!
I can't have anyone know!
So that's it?
He can't find out from others.
You weren't going to tell him?
I don't want to fuck up my life!
What about mine?
Fuck you!
Your school's all that counts!
You don't give a fuck about me!
How can you say it's a sign?
Calm down
or we're both going to lose it.
Come on.
These things happen.
I killed her, Mihai!
There's nothing
you can do about it now!
She jumped in front of the car.
We're not Schumacher!
These things happen.
It'll work out!
- But it's my life!
- It's my life, too!
Don't you get it?
God, help me!
Sweetie, we can't do this.
We just can't.
Mihai, listen to me.
I hit her,
so it's my decision
what we do with her.
You don't have to get involved.
That's kind of you,
but I already am.
If a fucking hooker is
worth more than my life...
I can't believe you!
So what if she is a hooker?
Or a dog?
We can't do anything for her.
How can you be so sure?
What does it matter what she does?
She's a human being!
Who says we can't do anything
for her?
Let's get her to the hospital.
Come on, sweetie.
Come on.
You're not thinking straight.
We're taking her to the hospital!
I don't want to!
Come on.
Get out of the car, I'm taking her!
Get out of the fucking car!
Get out now! I'm taking her!
Are you coming?
Bring her over here.
Hold on.
Come on, Mihai.
Let me catch my breath.
Let's cover her up a bit.
Why on Earth
do you want to cover her up?
Please, help me.
- It'll be alright.
- The fuck it'll be alright!
Cover her with what?
You're covering her with nettles?
We'll need to find some branches.
Are you alright?
How are you feeling?
What happened to me?
You don't remember?
No, what?
We found you on the side of the road
and picked you up...
To take you to the hospital.
You must've fainted again.
- Feeling better?
- Yeah.
We came here...
To pick nettles!
They're the best around.
Let me help you back to the car.
It's not far.
I'm so sorry!
Let me sit here a while.
Of course.
Are you ok?
We won't be long.
Can I help you?
No. Thanks.
- I told you it'd be alright.
- Bullshit!
Now pick your fucking nettles!
Grab them by the stalks.
Fucking nettles!
I almost shit in my pants.
That's for sure!
Now what do we do?
Go get a bag from the car.
I'm Ana!
Mihai and Mihaela?
I'll go get a bag.
I wasn't thinking
and left the bag in the car.
I have orders to shoot anyone
caught taking anything
from these woods.
But we didn't take anything.
Just kidding!
I couldn't help myself.
Are you two alone?
Hi there.
How are you, sir?
Is there a problem?
He was just joking around.
Beg your pardon.
It gets boring
carrying this shotgun around all day.
I don't even have the right
to shoot it.
We're picking nettles.
The missus told me.
Who does the forest belong to?
The State.
It's true you shouldn't
be picking anything here.
Got it.
Good day, sir.
You, too.
Enjoy the weekend.
Have fun!
How much did you give him?
5 lei.
What a weird man!
- What's his problem?
- Idiot.
Ana wants to picnic with us.
I couldn't not tell her.
But shouldn't we take her
to the hospital?
I've had dizzy spells before,
I'll be alright.
Do you mind if I come with you?
Not at all.
Be my guest.
Let's go feel the water.
- Coke anyone?
- No.
- Are you coming?
- Where?
To feel the water.
Later, ok?
Come on!
It's cold!
Only when you get in.
It's beautiful here.
He's a great guy, Mihai.
- He's really cool.
- Yeah...
You don't have kids, right?
- No, why?
- I was just wondering.
- Am I bothering you?
- Not at all.
Did you two get in a fight?
No, why?
You barely talked in the car.
Maybe we didn't have anything
to say.
I'm not stupid.
Something's up between you two.
Don't worry about it.
How's the water?
It's a bit cold.
Perfect for the beers.
For the bass?
No, for the beers.
What an idiot!
I though you said bass.
I said beers.
What'd you talk about?
She's off her rocker.
How's that?
I don't know.
The angels
were watching over us, sweetie.
Did you know
there are two weeks in the year
when you can't catch the "flew?"
I watched this thing on Discovery.
What's it called...
A documentary.
During the last two weeks of June
the angle at which the sun rays
hit the Earth affects
the atmosphere.
And "flew" germs can't develop.
Cool, isn't it?
A Coke?
Yeah, thanks.
Can I have a light?
Thanks a million.
It's nice being here with you.
You're a wonderful couple.
Just a normal couple.
I've never known this.
How about some music?
You want some?
You're so lucky!
Sweetie, you have any suntan lotion?
So how long have you been together?
A year or so.
That's great.
Really great!
I'm going fishing.
Cool! Can I come?
I'll get a bit of sun first.
I felt something on me.
I'm baking.
It's really hot.
You got cooled off?
Your phone rang.
I'm not answering it today.
You two have a cat?
No, why?
Pussy called.
I answered, but it went dead.
Keep out of my things, ok?
Sorry. I wasn't thinking.
You should've called me.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
It was a man's voice.
I thought you said it went dead.
Yeah, after a few seconds.
What did he say?
He didn't have time
to say anything.
You know, Miha,
you shouldn't be so tense.
It's easy to see you have a lover.
We're friends, aren't we?
Don't worry, it's no biggie!
You really need
to mind your own business!
Know what I mean?
But Mihai deserves better.
He's a great guy.
And you make a great couple.
Fine, but keep out of my things.
Know what I mean?
I'm such an idiot.
Sorry, I just want you to be happy.
Forgive me.
I'm fine...
So you called?
Yeah, but I got cut off.
#Did you got my message? #
No, what message?
#I'll be home tonight. #
#Will you be home? #
Well, you know my mom...
I don't want to upset her.
# Well, I could come there. #
Mind if I keep you company?
- Catch anything yet?
- No.
Don't know if I will.
#Then I'll come there. #
Well, maybe I'll come home.
#So are you coming or am I? #
I'll talk to my mom
and call you back.
I mainly fish to relax.
You don't care if you catch anything?
It relaxing just to sit by the water
and watch the float.
And I thought
we'd be eating some!
You're really something.
Lots of people do it.
It's called sport fishing.
You catch the fish
then throw it back in the water.
In the what?
In the water.
I thought you said butter.
In the butter...
You'll throw them back?
Yeah, right back into the water.
You're not joking?
No one does that in Romania.
Of course they do.
Look at me.
It must be horrible.
- For the fisherman?
- No, for the fish.
Swallowing a hook
and suffocating on it...
They don't feel any pain.
What do you mean?
If they do, it isn't much.
They don't really feel the...
It's more complicated.
But even if they suffocate,
they live, right?
They survive?
You got it!
You're really something.
I'm serious!
I've never seen a guy...
Do what?
Throw a fish back in the water.
I'm a math teacher.
I was until yesterday.
I quit.
I refused to pass some students
against the principal's wishes.
Or something like that.
And now?
- No idea.
- Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Be kind to others,
and they'll be kind to you.
It's more about having the freedom
to do my job properly.
Tell me who's free.
I mean, really!
Here's the way it is.
I don't like to make
the professional compromises
society expects of me.
So I refused, that's why I quit.
And that's why I'm here
trying to relax.
Do you work for money?
Yeah, why?
If you work for money,
you have to do what you're told.
I disagree.
But that's the way it is.
Tell me, do you work for money?
I do.
And I do what I'm told.
That's all there's to it!
That's not the point.
I like what I do.
Maybe I like what I do.
Then again, liking what you do
doesn't really exist.
Because people don't like to do anything.
They don't like to work.
They just want to sit around all day
and do nothing.
When they get on a bus,
for even 5 minutes,
they sit right down.
They won't even stand
for five minutes.
They make others make room for them.
What people really like to do is sleep!
Lounge in bed all day long.
They could spend
their whole life in bed!
And when they can't stay in bed,
what do they do?
They sit down
and nod off.
Like you do in your office, I bet!
No chairs here!
And look...
We plopped right down on
our asses!
You saw that on TV, too?
Don't make fun of me.
I'm right, aren't I?
If you say so.
Are you mad?
I just think we're all lazy...
It's true.
You want to have kids?
I think so.
It's great to have kids.
You want kids?
Yes. Well, no.
Yes and no.
I'd like to have kids,
but I want them to have a father.
It'd be better.
I know why you two
are having problems.
Never mind.
Go ahead, say it.
Forget it.
Come on, tell me.
Forget it.
Got a cig?
- Tell me.
- Really, forget it.
Give me a cig!
Give me a cig I'll tell you.
I love 'em.
Can I take two?
Give me a light first.
If you tell me...
Come on, give me a light.
I'm not saying.
It's annoying to make a promise
then break it.
You two haven't been making love.
You were eyeing my tits.
I was eyeing your tits?
You should tell Miha you love her
and that you'll take her.
You're a super-wonderful couple.
You should mind your own business
and stop meddling in my affairs!
Don't you think?
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to help.
In what way?
What're you doing?
What the fuck's he doing here?
You gotta know what you want,
you can't just "fish around".
I'm going for a walk.
He's an old acquaintance...
Mihai's all alone.
How's it going?
And you?
You two seem quite chummy.
What did that guy want?
Maybe he's a client.
Are you jealous?
What kind of a question is that?
That stupid ranger again.
I thought he had no bullets.
There was a dead rabbit
in his bag.
It was still bleeding.
But I didn't want to tell you.
God, they're all assholes!
He could shoot us
and get away with it.
What's that on your lip?
It's herpes.
Must be the sausages.
Don't you think Ana's a bit weird?
No weirder than others like her.
What'd you two talk about?
A bunch of gibberish.
Gibberish, huh?
Don't you think we should leave?
She knows what happened.
How could she?
She told me
she knows what happened.
She said that?
She hinted at it.
How so?
What'd she say?
Why're you getting angry?
Tell me!
You think she's oblivious?
- I was under the impression...
- Come on!
Tell me exactly what she said.
- I already did!
- What?
She said she'd been hit before
and had the same bruises.
She said that?
Is that what she said?
We should give her some money.
She doesn't want any.
You offered her money
and she refused it?
Why'd you tell her about us?
I didn't. She asked...
What'd she asked?
How long we've been together...
Why'd you tell her
we haven't been having sex?
- She told you that?
- And she didn't hint at it.
- She said I said that?
- Yes!
- She's out of her mind.
- No, you are. Telling her that...
- You think I did?
- Yeah, you and your big mouth!
- You're a real idiot!
- Yeah, right.
I'm the idiot, not you!
- Did you tell her?
- No.
You should've mentioned it before
if it bothers you so.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
You know I love you.
I know it's a real problem,
but we'll get through it.
The stress at work hasn't helped.
You know I really love you.
That's why you eyed her tits?
- You're imagining things.
- Yeah, right.
I love you, sweetie.
I know we've drifted apart...
Please, not now!
You said you'd talk to him.
I did.
Well, I tried,
but his phone was off.
Try again, now!
I can't.
Why not?
Not in this situation!
What situation?
Do you still love me?
But I can't tell him
after what's happened today.
Can we please go?
She ruined our day!
I'm not leaving till you tell him.
That's me.
How's it going?
Is that a wig?
See what I got?
You like them?
Very nice.
lonut gave them to me.
He's so sweet.
Where's he now?
Up the river, washing himself.
How do you know him?
I met him a while ago.
Around here.
What's that, herpes?
That's what you get
for eating so lustily!
They say half the people
come from birds,
the other half from fish.
You watch too much TV.
I learned it at school.
The teacher said those who come
from birds are more sensitive...
Like poets.
And the others?
I don't know.
They dive.
I think I come from a bird.
Why, are you artistic?
Because I don't swim!
You want some?
No, thanks.
So tell me...
How'd you end up
doing what you do...
Prostitution, you mean?
I like to make people happy.
Do you make people happy?
I try.
You want me to show you how?
Are you happy?
Ana, I know why
you're acting like this with us.
Miha told me.
That you know about the accident.
Let's stop pretending.
It's all my fault.
We should've taken you
to the hospital right away.
Miha was in shock.
You really love her.
Yes, I do.
And I think...
anyone would do the same
for someone they love.
I understand.
You can go to the police...
and tell them what happened.
Do you hear me, Ana?
You can tell them everything.
Tell them what?
What happened.
Who'd believe me?
Ana, listen. I...
beg you to forgive me.
That sounds so stupid, fuck!
What I mean is...
If there's anything I can do
just tell me.
There is one thing.
What's that?
We could lie together.
We could have sex.
Are you crazy?
- No, you are.
- You are.
You're crazy!
God, I've never seen
a man turn me down.
What's so disgusting?
Why does it shock you?
You'd feel better
and it'd make me happy.
How's that?
You just fucked that other guy.
You saw me fuck him
or are assuming I did?
And what if I did?
It'd be different with you.
You're way more special.
How the fuck am I special?
You know how to love.
God, you'd think I asked you
to kill someone.
You offered to do something for me.
I told you what I wanted,
but you're not obliged.
if you want,
I can give you some money.
You really don't get it!
I really like you.
I want you to be happy!
You deserve it.
And Miha feels like a sister to me.
Do you believe me?
Do you believe in God?
Do you believe in God or something?
Of course I do.
Do you go to church?
And you?
Every Sunday.
It's the only place I feel at peace.
There's someone who hears me.
You go to confession?
No, not that.
I can't stand priests.
It's just a feeling.
You remind me of an old classmate.
He was very religious.
We called him the Fanatic.
He spent all his time at church.
He was always preaching to us.
He always went
to the monastery in Sambata.
Isn't that near Fagaras?
Yeah, he went there all the time.
He wanted us to go there with him.
But I was busy that weekend.
I went out to do an errand
at an all-night store,
and guess who I saw?
- Who?
- The Fanatic.
He said he hadn't gone
because it was too cold.
He was scared he'd catch a cold.
It was too cold!
That's it.
That's it?
I was just talking about faith.
Yeah, but I'm not a fanatic.
Well, you kinda remind me
of him, faith-wise.
How's that?
Never mind.
So you think I'm a hypocrite?
A hypo-what?
A hypocrite?
What's that?
Are you mocking me?
No. I really don't know.
Maybe it wasn't an accident.
What do you mean?
How do you know
it was an accident?
What're you doing?
Trying to make me feel better?
You know what they say:
You only see what you wanna see.
- Whatever...
- Or maybe not.
Can I tell you something?
But don't get mad.
Go ahead.
I think you're a bit naive
and you trust Miha too much.
She manipulates you.
Don't you see it?
That's not true.
It doesn't concern you anyway.
- What're getting at?
- I just want to help you.
Well, you're not.
You hardly know me.
What gives you the right to say that?
Alright, fine.
But watch out for Pussy!
Pussy who?
You don't know a Pussy?
Does Miha?
I don't know
all her girlfriends' names.
Who's this Pussy?
Acting mysterious again...
It's very annoying.
Maybe Pussy's a man.
How's it going here?
Did I frighten you?
Very much!
Let me introduce you.
This is lonut.
I'm going for a walk in the woods.
If you wanna come...
Catch anything?
Not really.
Violeta says you throw the fish back.
She said you throw them back.
But who said that?
Oh, she said that...
You must make a good living.
Violeta is really special!
So how was it?
I got some flowers!
You must tell Mihai you have
a lover.
He loves you.
Don't treat him like this.
Are you insane?
Did I ask for your fucking advice?
If you don't tell him, I will.
You'll what?
I'll tell him about Pussy.
What is this game?
What do you want from us?
I saw you come on to him.
And even if we haven't made love...
You make a great couple
and he really loves you.
He'd do anything for you.
And look how you treat him!
Listen, Miss Know-It-All,
Mihai is my lover
and Pussy is my husband.
Know what I mean?
- Does Mihai know?
- Yes.
And Pussy?
So Pussy doesn't...
He doesn't know.
We must find a way to tell him.
Why the fuck are you telling me
what to do?
Our meeting was no accident.
Yes, it was.
You're crazy!
Maybe, but not anymore
than anyone else.
Are you gonna choose Mihai?
If not, I will.
Meaning, I'll fuck him.
The fuck you will.
We'll see.
You've known each other long?
But she has a big heart.
I understand you, man.
What do you mean by that?
Mind if I sit a while?
But what'd you mean by that?
It's just an expression.
Want some?
So Mr. Mihai,
what if they found
an antidote to death?
With all they know about DNA,
it's possible.
They could make you young again.
We should all vote on a referendum
to stay forever young
and ban any new births.
in the event someone dies.
Or it could be kept a secret,
and only a few important people,
like scientists, would stay young.
It's possible.
I know you're keeping
something from me!
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
The accident.
Did Mihai tell you?
What do you want, money?
How much?
How much do you want?
Do you realize
what a special day it's been?
It's a gift from God,
and we should feel blessed.
Spare me the God stuff.
If you'd really like
to give me something,
there is one thing.
Tell me.
Let me touch you.
Fuck off!
why're you acting like that?
What're you afraid of?
Believe me,
I'm better at it than any guy.
And we're friends, aren't we?
Are you serious?
You'll forget about the accident?
And Pussy?
I'm your friend, for God's sake!
I found another beer.
Any clean glasses?
We'll drink from the bottle.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Nice 'n cold.
No, thanks. I'm driving.
Yeah, you better not!
Make some room for me.
Right here.
Don't hog it, give me some!
Did you get some sun?
A little.
So how did it really happen?
The accident.
Carelessness on our part.
We were
fighting or talking...
The usual crap.
We were in complete shock!
More beer?
More beer, Ana?
What? Sorry!
No thanks, no more for me.
So you feel bad, huh?
Let's just imagine...
there was no accident.
Maybe I'd already been hit.
Or maybe I threw myself
in front of your car.
In the end, you don't even know.
Well, all's well that ends well!
You're right.
I've had a super-special day.
God be blessed!
Know what I mean?
Are we staying much longer?
A bit longer.
I'm going into the woods.
Anyone wanna come along?
Wanna come?
Maybe later.
Fucking cunt!
Lecturing us!
What does she want?
Nothing, sweetie.
She's just having a good time
and enjoying the attention.
She's pissed me off all day.
What'd you talk about?
I told her it was my fault
and I apologized.
She said not to worry about it,
she had a great time.
She's full of shit.
It's over now.
- We'll be home in an hour.
- What the fuck does he want?
What are we, fucking therapists?
Don't drink from the same bottle!
Why not?
Maybe she gave him a blowjob.
She didn't give him a blowjob,
just so you know.
So you're bosom buddies now.
Sharing secrets and...
Walking in the woods...
Are you paranoid?
You keep insisting
she's manipulating us, lying to us.
You think we did things together?
- I saw you two.
- What'd you see?
Tell me.
She was all over you.
You're crazy.
What do you mean?
She was coming on to you.
What're you talking about?
And you liked it.
You're fucking imagining things!
I simply talked with her.
I tried to be nice.
And you accuse me
of coming on to her!
Cut the crap!
You're just trying to
unload your guilty feelings on me.
- Let me talk.
- I have...
And all you've said is a bunch of crap.
That has nothing to do with it.
Nothing ever does.
Talk then,
and stop playing the martyr.
Go on!
Why're you shushing me?
Go on, talk.
What're you doing?
- Want some beer?
- God forbid when I'm driving.
No, it's Mihaela.
She went for a walk in the woods.
I'm leaving and wanted to
say goodbye.
Can I have a word with you?
Over here.
She told me to give you this.
She wanted me to give you 5 lei.
I'm glad to see
someone taking care of her.
Look, I can't...
What did he give you?
- 5 lei.
- Why?
- Violeta... I mean Ana asked him to.
- What do you mean, Violeta?
I don't know.
Maybe she has two names.
Can we please leave?
I'm going mad!
Fucking cunt!
Maybe she feels she owes us.
Go ahead, make fun of me!
- I'm sorry.
- What's the difference,
everyone does...
Come on, please.
You didn't say anything.
Let's go, please!
Don't get upset.
We can't leave just like that.
Why not?
What's keeping us here?
Calm down, Miha.
You always imagine the worst.
He's coming back.
I couldn't find her.
Give her a kiss for me.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
Happy birthday.
All the best!
Happy birthday!
I can't take it, Mihai!
Come on, we're going.
I'll pack up the stuff.
Where're you going?
To say goodbye to Ana.
Don't go into the woods!
- Why not?
- Please don't go!
Now what is it?
She said she'd be waiting for you.
Waiting for you to come fuck her!
Say it!
Tell me you were going to fuck her!
Fuck you both!
God damn it, admit it!
Ok, I'm going to fuck her!
What, am I too old?
So you wanna fuck that whore!
What're you saying?
She said you were going to meet...
Where'd you come up with that idea?
- What's going on?
- Tell me!
- She told me...
- What?
You were going to meet
in the woods and fuck.
You say she's a liar,
yet you believe that?
I saw you fondling her
and laughing by the water.
I can't stand the thought
of her exciting you.
But sweetie,
I did it for us!
That's bullshit!
Tell me who Pussy is?
The cunt! I knew it.
She's a cunt for telling me?
Who's Pussy?
A man, a cat, a camel?
Now who's the whore?
What am I to you?
- Florin is Pussy.
- Florin?
Who'd you think it was?
See where jealousy leads?
So you did talk to him?
I love you, Mihai.
You're fucking it all up.
Our relationship means nothing to you.
Now listen to me!
She forced herself on me.
She really played us for fools!
So tell me,
are you coming with me or staying?
Either way is fine!
So that's your decision?
You're a loser, Mihai.
Help me, Mihai!
Help me!
# Can you hear me, Pussy? #
Yes, Florin.
So we meet again!
We were just leaving.
How was your day?
I love weekends,
relaxing and loafing around.
We're lucky
to live in this wonderful country.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Is the missus upset?
- No, why?
- I saw her crying...
In the car,
up the road.
I think she's waiting for you.
Forgive me if...
It's alright.
Women can be like that.
Yeah, sensitive...
And the other one?
From this morning in the woods?
I think she stayed there.
She wasn't with us, anyway.
Maybe your wife should come see...
The sunset.
Yeah, it's nice.
Well, I'd better
get home to my woman.
- Very good.
- All the best!
- You, too.
- Sorry about this morning.
Don't worry about it.
I must've seemed crazy.
I was just joking around.
Good luck to you!
Did you go to her?
Mihai, thank you.
I love you so much!
Sweetie, I love you, too.
I love you very much!
I talked with Florin.
I told him everything.
I'm going back
to school on Monday.