Pet Sematary (2019) Movie Script

So many trees.
It's beautiful, right?
Well, it's definitely
not Boston.
No, it's not.
Mom, make him stop.
It's not fair to Church.
I'm pretty sure Church is okay.
It's not actually Church
that I'm worried about.
We've still got
another eight hours to go.
Not funny, Dad.
That is so funny.
I got you good.
- Gage, did you find that funny?
- I thought it was funny.
What do you think?
- Wow.
- "Wow"? That's it?
It's pretty incredible,
don't you think?
I even got them
to throw in a whole forest
as a new backyard.
This whole place is ours?
This whole place
is the new domain
of Ellie-phant
the Great and Terrible.
I'll tell you what.
Do you want
to be the first inside?
Go, go, go.
The movers
were here all morning,
so everything
should be inside.
Son of a bitch. You okay?
Yeah, it just startled me
a little bit.
You okay, Gage?
- Big truck, huh?
- Who's a brave boy?
That was a big
truck, wasn't it?
Okay. You ready,
little man?
- Here we go. Come on.
- One, two, three!
Well, he adapted quickly.
What about you?
You ready for the country life, Doc?
- Well, let's find out. Come on.-
Mrs. Creed.
Wait, the cat's in the car!
This all happened
pretty fast. You gonna miss it?
I don't think anyone really misses
the graveyard shift in the ER.
I don't think that really
answered my question.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
You needed this.
We needed this.
I get to spend some more
time around the house
- with the kids.
- And your stay-at-home wifey.
- Ooh, I didn't even think about that.
- Yeah?
- I may have to rethink that.
- Oh, you will?
You stop that. Don't you do that.
Good morning, Marcella.
Ready for the storm?
We have someone already?
Bloody nose. Room 4.
Sounds serious.
Do you hear that?
What are they doing?
Looks like some
sort of procession.
What's a procession?
It's like a parade,
but not for fun.
Hey, let's go back inside
and watch a show.
I'm tired of unpacking boxes.
Sooner than that.
I mean, Ellie's birthday is
coming up in a few months.
Well, I don't know why you're worried, Mom.
No, everything's fine.
The kids are really happy.
No, it's nice
to slow down a little bit,
you know?
Hey, Mom, can I, uh...
Can I talk to you later?
Okay, love you. Bye.
Hey, Ellie, are you hungry?
Hey. You get down from there!
The trick is...
To get the stinger out
real quick.
Oh, she's a big 'un.
No prize winner...
But she'll do for a ribbon.
There you go.
Should be starting
to quiet down now.
You're the doctor's
little girl.
Eleanor Creed.
But you can call me Ellie.
I'm Judson Crandall.
You can call me Jud.
All right. Up you get.
- What is this place?
- Pet cemetery.
- Didn't you read the sign?
- Yeah. They spelled it wrong.
These are all people's pets?
Well, the whole town's been
using this place for generations.
I saw those kids.
They were all
wearing those masks.
A lot of folks make a
kind of ritual out of it.
See this one over here?
I carved this myself.
That's my dog, Biffer.
And it's true.
He was a hell of a sniffer.
You know better than to wander
off by yourself. Come here.
Mommy, this is Jud,
our neighbor.
I got stung by a bee.
He pulled the stinger out.
It was a big 'un.
Hmm. Nice to meet you, ma'am.
Nice to meet you, too.
I'm Rachel, Ellie's mom.
You know, these woods...
It's not really all that safe
to go roaming around in 'em.
People can get lost up here.
Thank you, Jud.
Um, we should get back, okay?
Honey, you can't
wander off like that.
I don't know where you are.
I can't do anything...
Just wash the mud off and rub
some baking soda on that sting.
Come back...
- Dad?
- Yeah?
Why don't pets
live as long as people?
Do you remember that talk
we had about metabolism?
- The clock in your body?
- Yes.
Humans have
a slow metabolism,
a slow clock,
so we live longer.
Whereas cats and dogs...
Well, they have
a fast metabolism.
Which means,
when it runs out...
They die and go
to the pet cemetery.
Ellie discovered
a charming little landmark
in the woods today,
right in our backyard.
Okay. Well, that doesn't have to
be such a bad thing, does it? Hmm?
A place to bury our pets
and remember them.
It might seem scary, but it's not.
It's perfectly natural.
Just like dying
is natural. Hmm?
We all die and eventually,
one way or another,
we all go back
into the ground.
What Daddy's
trying to say
is that even though the pet's
body goes in the ground,
its soul keeps living
and goes to heaven.
Just like Nana Creed.
Remember how I told you
she's looking down on you?
Well, we don't
actually know
that it works
exactly like that.
What Mommy and Daddy
are trying to say
is that you don't have to worry about
this, sweetheart, okay?
Church and Mommy and me,
we're gonna be around a long, long time.
And Gage?
Of course, sweetie.
Gage is just a kid.
But what about
your sister, Mommy?
Wasn't she just a kid
when she died?
You okay?
What was that in there?
Funny, I wanted to ask you
the same thing.
Rachel, Ellie's
almost nine years old.
We should be able
to talk to her about this.
Ellie's a child.
And death for her is scary.
Please, Rachel, doesn't mean
we should shield her from it.
And you think
that's what I'm doing?
I think that all this talk
about the afterlife,
about people
looking down on her,
I think...
Yeah, I think it's delaying
getting to the heart
of the matter, yes.
So, you... You really don't
think there's anything
after we die?
No heaven, no nothing?
Right. We're gonna take a swab
and run a test for strep.
It could be allergies,
but we just want to be sure.
Marcella, please tell me
it's almost lunch.
If I have to look at another
pair of swollen tonsils,
- I swear to God...
- Judy went out for sandwiches.
His head!
Victor, uh, Pascow.
It's Victor Pascow.
He's a student here.
He was skating and the
car just came out of nowhere!
- He got dragged.
- Call Life Flight to Bangor.
No time for an ambulance.
We need to get his blood type.
We'll need a lot of units.
We have to stabilize him
before we can transfer.
He have
a medical bracelet on?
I didn't see anything, no.
I'm not gonna
let you die, Victor. Shit.
Type O-positive.
Pulling four units.
Great. Lie back, okay?
Just lie back. Lie back.
Let's hurry up
with those units, okay?
Kelly, we're gonna need to
fit him with a cervical collar
to get him lifted.
His brain. I can see it.
Kelly. Kelly, go!
Victor, please.
Where are we with those units?
He's losing a lot of blood!
No. No, no, no, Victor. No.
You stay with me, Victor.
You stay with me. I'm right here, Victor.
Stay right here...
Come back to me, Victor.
Come on.
Come back to me.
Come back. Come back.
God damn it.
The barrier is not
meant to be broken.
Uh, he's gone.
What happened?
This poor kid
got hit by a car today
right on the campus.
He, uh, couldn't have been
more than 20 years old.
His name was Victor Pascow.
I sure wasn't expecting
to see any of that up here.
Why don't you come inside?
I'll make you some dinner.
You can take a shower. Okay?
I'm sorry.
He, uh, knew my name.
Nothing. Doesn't matter.
Jud? It's Ellie.
I made cookies.
Are you home?
You in the habit
of going through
other people's things?
Is that your wife?
Yeah. Her name was Norma.
She's pretty.
What happened to her?
Got sick. Passed away.
Well, maybe she's
still out there.
You know,
watching from heaven?
You think so, Ellie?
Hey, want to come
meet my cat?
- His name is Church.
- Church?
That's short
for Winston Churchill.
He's a guy
who lived a long time ago.
Oh, I know
who Winston Churchill is.
Wow. You must be really old.
I'm afraid so.
- Very nice!
Very good.
- -Nice job.
Bravo, sweetheart.
- Can you clap? Clap, clap.
- Well done, honey.
Thanks, folks,
for having me over.
It's been a long time since
I've had any good home cooking.
How long have you lived here?
What, in Ludlow,
or in that house?
- Either.
- All my life.
To both questions.
- Whoa, big fella!
- Church!
- He likes you.
- Well, I like him.
Church good kitty.
- Hey!
- Yes.
- Church good, good kitty.
- He is.
- Yeah.
- I was curious, Jud...
Um, the realtor
said the house came
with over 50 acres of woods.
That pet cemetery,
do we own that, too?
Well, that's
part of your property.
How far back
is the property line?
Well, it's further
than you'd ever care to go.
Come on, Doc.
You tried to help me.
Now let me help you.
This is the place
where the dead rest.
Do not go on to the place
where the dead walk.
Stop! The ground is sour!
Wake up, Dada!
Oh, hey, buddy.
Come here,
come here, come here.
Come to Daddy.
- I love you, Daddy.
- Hmm?
Oh, man, thank you.
Time for Daddy to get up.
- Good morning, sleepyhead.
- Hey.
Did you wake up Dada? Huh?
- Did you wake up Dada, huh?
- What time is it?
It's late. You slept in.
- Hey, guys!
- Hi, Ellie.
What have you guys got?
I've got some candy
corns, lollipops...
They also have
really big gummy bears.
Okay, which one is the sheet
and which one is the gho... Oh!
You look like a ghost, don't you, huh?
You've been busy already.
- You guys look great.
- Thank you.
We have to go
to the Pattersons,
- 'cause they have the biggest candy...
- El, uh...
- Take your broom, honey?
- Yeah.
Talk among yourselves.
- I'll be back, okay?
- Okay.
What are you doing, Jud?
You scaring the kids?
There's something
you need to see.
All right.
Oh, no. Church.
One of those
damn Orinco trucks.
- Dad!
- Oh, shit.
- Dad!
- Uh, we can't let Ellie see this.
Come on, we got to go
- with Zoe and Tyler.
- Yeah, honey.
I'm just gonna say
a quick hello to Jud.
- Okay?
- I'll put a spell on you.
You already have, sweetheart.
You go wait in the car, honey.
I'll be right there.
You, uh...
You go with the kids.
Come back later,
we'll take care of this.
And, Louis...
We should do this tonight.
Sure, yeah.
You're sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I mean, he was all twisted.
Which brings me
to the fact
that we have to tell Ellie.
- No, can we just tell her...
- Rachel. No, we need...
Can we just tell her
that he ran away, please?
You know, honey,
I get it, okay?
I get it's difficult
for you to talk about death
after what you went through
with your sister,
but I think it's time
you finally opened up.
I'm just...
No, I'm just
upset about Church.
Rachel, talk to me.
We both know this is about Zelda.
Ever since moving here,
I can't stop thinking about her.
She hated me
because my spine
wasn't twisted like hers.
She promised me that one day
I'd end up just like her.
I'd never
get out of bed again.
My parents
left me alone with her.
I was supposed
to bring her dinner.
And so I used the dumbwaiter,
and I knew I wasn't supposed to
because it didn't work
all the time.
She died in there
because of me.
I watched them
wheel her body out,
but I swear
she was still in the walls.
And at night,
I could hear her moving,
calling out my name.
I didn't know who to call.
But if I had just gone up to the
room and given her her food...
Your parents should never have
left you alone with her. Never.
That makes me a monster.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
that does not
make you a monster.
Come on. Hey.
That does not
make you a monster. Okay?
Tell you what.
Jud and I are gonna take care of
Church tonight. All right? We'll...
We'll just tell Ellie
that he ran away.
- Okay? Yeah?
- Okay.
Just anything but dead.
I got a spot for you.
What is it?
Nothing. Let's get this
over with, huh?
It's cold.
Ellie really loved that cat,
didn't she?
More than anything.
And you love Ellie.
Well, of course.
So, follow me.
- I know all the spots to step.
- Jud, wait.
What's the matter
with right here?
For Chrissakes.
Oh, what the hell am I doing?
Jud, come on, wait up.
What the hell is this place?
Come a long
way to bury a cat.
What was that?
It's just a loon.
Come on.
What is this place?
- You feel that?
- Yeah.
Bury your animal.
I'd help you,
but you have to do it yourself.
And use some of these rocks
to make a cairn.
- Kind of like the other ones.
- Okay.
What exactly are we
doing here tonight, Jud?
We're burying
your daughter's cat.
And that's all?
That and nothing but.
You did good, Louis.
I knew you would.
What time is it?
It's late.
Did you and Jud
take care of everything?
Yeah, it's done.
Thank you.
What is it?
It's Church, honey.
Daddy and Jud went out last
night to look for Church, and...
Well, we looked
all around and we...
Well, sweetheart,
we couldn't find him.
And so we think...
We think Church ran away,
- Yeah.
- He didn't run away.
He was outside my window
last night.
Honey, maybe you had a dream
that you saw him.
It's okay to be
confused about all this...
You just have to accept
that he might not come home.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
He came back last night.
He's right there.
I thought you said
he was dead.
He was.
He, uh...
He must've been unconscious,
in shock or something.
Good thing
you're not a fucking vet.
We, uh...
We need to have
a little talk.
Ellie's cat is walking around
over there like nothing happened.
Well, I'll be damned.
What the fuck does that mean?
Well, isn't that
what you wanted?
Save your daughter
from the truth?
I mean, come on.
You saw as well as I did.
- That cat was dead, Jud.
- I never said he wasn't.
- Well, then how do you explain it?
- I don't.
Nobody can.
You're gonna have to do
better than that, Jud.
There are places in this world
that are older
than either of us.
Places that a rational
doctor brain like yours
will never understand.
Nobody knows
what that place is,
what happens
in that stony ground.
But the soil of a man's heart
is stonier, Louis.
What we did last night,
we did for Ellie.
But that's your cat now.
"Bull presumed
dead found on main street."
"Timothy Baterman..."
"Cadaver disappearance?"
What the fuck?
Where did you take me, Jud?
Church, you're so stinky.
What'd you do out there?
Hang on, Church,
there's something...
Something gross in your fur.
All right, there we go.
Give me a look.
Okay. Does that feel okay?
I want to go back
to our old house.
Well, Mommy and I,
we moved up here to slow down,
so that we could spend more
time with you, so that...
Lift up.
So that Daddy could be around,
he'd get to tuck you into bed more,
make sure you're
all safe and sound.
Give you a little tickle before he says good night.
Okay? Come on.
Okay, honey.
I promise, okay, just like your
arm, it's gonna get better.
All right? Trust me?
Good night.
- Daddy?
- Yeah?
Close the door all the way.
I don't want Church coming in anymore.
I love you.
How is she?
She's good.
Poor little thing.
What about Church?
I don't know.
Must've been the accident.
I'll take him
to the vet tomorrow.
What about you?
I'm good.
Come here.
It's been hard,
the past few months.
What? Oh, Jesus!
Louis, it's still alive.
Damn it!
Jesus Christ.
Come out of there, buddy.
Your destruction
and the destruction of all
you love is very near, Doctor.
Rach, what happened?
You okay?
I don't want
to talk about it.
- Is it the bird?
- No, it's not the bird.
I think it's a mistake
that we moved here.
It doesn't feel right, Louis.
You remember why we moved here
in the first place?
No, I know.
I mean, look, we have
Ellie's birthday coming up.
Why don't we do something
special, hey?
We could throw a party.
We could invite some of our
friends from Boston up, all right?
Invite your parents, even.
- Okay?
- Mmm.
We can turn this around.
We can.
We can turn this around.
these are looking good, El.
El, what is this?
I don't know.
Gage drew that.
Come on, Daddy's got you.
Daddy's got you.
I was 11
when I lost Biff.
He'd run over some barbed wire
and the cuts got infected.
Daddy had to put him down
out of mercy.
- Your dad took you up there.
- No, no.
It was an old fella
named Stanny Bouchard.
He told me about it.
The Wendigo.
You heard a lot about that
all over the north country
back in the old days.
It was a myth
passed down from the local
tribes up this way.
But to them, it wasn't
just some campfire story.
They believed it.
They feared it.
Saw these
on the trees up there.
Yeah, they're warnings.
The local tribes carved them
before they fled.
Yeah, they knew
the power of that place.
They felt its pull.
They came to believe that
those woods belonged to something else.
That the ground was bad.
The ground is sour.
So, they moved on.
But not before they built that deadfall.
They built it
to keep people out.
But it didn't keep people out.
The Wendigo
may just be
some crazy folktale,
but there is
something up there.
that brings things back.
So, what happened
to your dog, Jud?
He came back.
Just like Stanny B. said he would.
But he was changed.
It was when he went after my
mother that my daddy put him down.
For the second time.
I thought it would be
different with Ellie's cat.
I mean, Biff had a mean
streak to begin with.
But Church, well...
- Was a nice cat...
- He tried to hurt Gage.
I'm so sorry, Louis. I am.
Once you feel the power
of that place,
you make up the sweetest-smelling
reasons to go back.
But I was wrong.
Sometimes dead is better.
Come on, hold still.
Hold still, you're just
gonna go to sleep.
- -Damn it, Church.
Come on, just...
God damn it.
Come on.
Good luck.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday,
dear Ellie
Happy birthday to you
Good job, Ellie.
I want a piece
right from the end.
...big St. Bernard.
He got rabies.
He killed about four people.
You still thinking
about Church?
It's my fault he left.
I told him
to get out of my room.
No, honey, no.
Church loves you.
Maybe this might
help cheer you up.
Give him a squeeze.
- I love him, Daddy.
- You do? Yeah?
And I love you.
Now go and have
a great birthday, okay?
Seven, eight, nine, 10!
I'm a monster!
Where is everyone?
Where are you guys? Come on.
Come on! Where is that...
Come on! Come on!
Church. You came home.
All right, you're it.
I keep thinking
that I'm gonna hear her
coming up the stairs,
like she's coming home
from school.
I can't be here right now.
I'm just gonna
wrap up a few things.
Come soon.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Be a good boy, okay, buddy?
Take care of Mommy for me.
I'll see you in a couple days.
I saw Rachel and Gage
leaving a little while ago.
Parents' house.
So it's just you over there?
I'll drive down
in a few days.
I got to finish a few things
at the clinic first.
That's good.
It's a tough time
for you folks to be apart.
You know, when you came walking over
here, it was a relief.
I was gonna come to see you.
I should never have
shown you that place.
But you did.
I know what you're
thinking of doing, Louis...
...but she
won't come back the same.
I'm so goddamn sorry
I did this.
Ellie is the first person to
touch my heart in a long time.
I didn't want her
to be so sad.
It's that goddamn place.
It feeds on your grief,
gets into your mind.
Damn it.
I need to
close my eyes for a minute.
Thought you'd be in bed.
I was waiting to hear from you.
I called earlier.
Yeah, I know, I saw that.
I was, uh...
I went over to Jud's.
Had a couple of drinks.
Can you just
come be with us?
Gage needs you and I'm...
I'm really wiped out, honey.
Is it okay
if we talk tomorrow?
I love you.
I love you, too.
Louis, stop.
I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
You have to let her go.
But I can fix this.
Pascow! Pascow!
Come here. No, it's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Go home.
Pascow says go home.
Mommy, go home!
There's nothing there.
There's nothing there.
Daddy's almost there,
almost there.
I'm sorry.
Where am I?
Oh, my... My little girl.
Come here.
Oh, you're home!
What is it?
Just a tangle.
Where's Mommy and Gage?
They went down
to Grandma and Grandpa's.
Are they coming back?
I remember my birthday party.
Church was out on the road.
I was so happy he came home.
There was a truck.
Then everything went black.
Well, it's okay now.
Now you're back.
Back from where?
It's time to go to bed, okay?
Turn the light off.
I'm dead, aren't I?
No, honey. No.
You're here.
Will you stay with me?
Of course.
I can hear the woods.
The windows are
closed, sweetheart.
Not like that.
Does Mommy know about me?
Please, El...
Close your eyes, okay?
It's gonna be okay.
Love you, Daddy.
Love you too, El.
Ellie, careful.
Just stop it. Stop it.
Stop. Ellie, stop it.
Stop it!
Why'd you put
the dress back on?
What are you gonna tell her?
Something happened
last night. I...
Gage was having a nightmare,
or I thought it was a nightmare,
and he just started saying
that boy's name who died.
I'm freaking out,
and Gage is freaking out,
and I... I just need
to talk to you.
Just please call me back.
It's 4:00 p.m. on the dot
and we're coming
to you with a traffic update.
Expect major delays.
Traffic on the I-95
is backed-up for miles.
We're gonna be okay, okay?
- Okay?
- Mama.
- Mama.
- Call Jud.
So far, no fatalities,
but two passengers have been airlifted...
- Yeah?
- Jud, hi, it's Rachel.
Rachel. You...
You down at your folks' place?
Yeah, I'm on my way back.
Something's wrong.
I'm really worried about
Louis right now.
- Louis?
- Can you just go over there
and check on him, please?
I just... I've been calling him
all morning, and I don't know...
He... He's not answering?
No. And I've called him
so many times.
- Well, I'll go on over there and check.
- Okay. Thank you, Jud.
I should be there soon, okay?
I'll see you then, Rachel.
Louis? You in there?
Hey, Jud.
How's your head today?
It's banging
like a drum, Jud.
I don't remember
you leaving last night.
Yeah, you passed out.
I got to, uh...
I got to get
back inside. I'm...
I've been waiting for Rachel
to call all morning
and I don't want
to miss it. So...
If you've done
something, Louis,
it's not too late
to undo it.
You don't have to worry
about me, Jud.
I'm fine.
If that's all, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna go.
I know you're up here!
- Hello, Jud.
- Stop it, Ellie.
Now, just slow down.
Your sweet Norma.
She's burning down in hell
for what you did to her.
I saw her there, Jud.
I saw her.
Shut up! You don't know
anything about her!
Did you miss me, Judson?
That's not my Norma!
Ellie's hurting.
You did this to her!
It's not you.
It's not you!
You told Louis
about that place.
And now we're suffering
But we're here now
to bring you back
so you can suffer with us.
Just you come
and fucking try!
Oh, shit.
What are you...
You're okay.
Thank God you're okay!
I was so worried,
and I was calling
and you wouldn't
pick up, and
Gage was having
these nightmares
and he was saying the name
of that boy that died.
I'm here right now.
I just need you and no one else.
Just you, me and Gage,
- we can get through this.
- It's okay. It's okay.
Come on, honey, it's okay.
Oh. Oh.
- Look at you, hey? You're Daddy's boy.
- Daddy.
Have you gotten bigger?
Hey? Tell me, come on.
Have you gotten bigger?
I think he has. I think he has.
I think he's gotten
a lot bigger.
Oh, you smell so good! Hmm.
Oh, you smell so good!
Come to Daddy.
Louis, what's going on?
I needed more time with her.
Come here. Come here.
I wasn't ready
to say goodbye to her.
You're scaring me.
Just tell me
what you're talking about.
It was my fault
she died, Rach.
I had to bring her back.
The Great and Terrible.
There's a place, Rach,
deep in the woods
beyond the pet cemetery.
It brings things back.
Aren't you happy, Mommy?
Hug your daughter, Rach.
Hug your daughter.
I need to put Gage to bed.
She doesn't want me here.
No, no, no, no, no.
Mommy just needs time.
It's okay.
I don't want her here, either.
We're okay. Okay, yes.
Here you go.
Here you go, sweetie.
Rachel, open up. Please.
Just let me explain.
I know. Let me explain.
What is she? What is...
That is Ellie out there.
No. No, we buried her.
We put her in the ground.
She's been given back to us.
We have a second chance.
It doesn't work
that way, Louis.
Yes, it does.
There's a place in the woods.
That place
I was telling you about.
I couldn't understand it until
I buried Church up there.
That cat was dead until I
buried him in the ground
and it brought him back.
He wasn't the same
after that.
You saw her.
You touched her.
That is our daughter.
You dug her up?
That is our daughter
down there, honey.
Please, okay?
I did what I think
was right.
Let God take
his own fucking kid!
- Ellie?
- You're okay.
Ellie, baby, Mommy and Daddy
were just...
It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay.
Mommy's okay. Mommy's...
No. No, no, no.
No, no, no...
Now you'll never
get out of bed again.
No! No!
Stop struggling,
you useless cow.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. No, Jud.
God damn it!
Louis! Take the baby!
- Louis!
- Rachel!
Take the baby!
Ellie's trying to kill me!
- Come on, I got him. Jump!
- Take the baby!
Let him go! Come on,
Daddy's got you.
Come on.
Okay. Okay, Gage.
Daddy needs you
to stay in the car, okay?
Don't open the door
for anyone.
Listen to me, Gage,
not even for Ellie.
You let me die in that road.
You did nothing.
Just like you did
with your sister.
I was scared.
You're a liar.
You prayed
your sister would die.
I did.
Remember when Daddy said
there was nothing after this?
Well, he was wrong.
But it's not heaven.
And you're going there soon,
Don't call me "Mommy."
You're not my daughter.
Ellie's dead.
Then go be with her!
Oh, God, Rach.
I got Gage.
Don't bury me in that place.
Oh, fuck. Shit.
You're too late.
Where's Mommy?
Mommy's already
feasting on dirt.
What have you done, El?
Come on.
You started this, Daddy.
When you moved us here.
When you buried Church.
When you buried me!
Stop fighting, Daddy.
It will be better this way.
You're dead!
You're dead!
You're dead!
please, just stop.
Get off!
I thought we could
be a family.
I wanted to be a family.
But we can't.
But we can, Daddy. We can.