Pet Sematary: Bloodlines (2023) Movie Script

[birds squawking]
[narrator] Growing up
in Ludlow, Maine,
Pet Sematary was a place
kids like me
learned about death.
But hundreds of years ago,
it was used
in a very different way.
The local Mi'kmaq tribe
built it
to call on animal spirits
to protect them from
an ancient evil in the woods.
It had lived there forever,
beyond the Pet Sematary,
just past Little God Swamp.
We built a deadfall
to keep people out,
but the evil would whisper
to those seeking to
spend one more day
with the ones they love.
And that was where I learned
my real lesson about death.
A lesson you can
only learn in Ludlow.
Sometimes, dead is better.
[horn blares]
[footsteps approaching]
[object dragging]
[dog panting]
[person panting]
[inhales sharply]
[dog whining]
[flies buzzing]
[voices whispering]
[dog whines]
["Bad Moon Rising" playing]
I see the bad moon a-risin'
I see trouble on the way
I see
Earthquakes and lightnin'
I see bad times today
Don't go around tonight
Well, it's bound to
take your life...
Try look a little less happy
I'm leaving, Dad.
Never thought I'd see the day
a Crandall would leave Ludlow.
This girl's
a good influence.
Peace Corps
was Mr. Crandall's idea.
I just gave Jud a nudge.
You forgot one.
Oh, no.
I'm-- I'm keeping that one.
Mmm, it's time
for the British to retreat.
Those bands have kids
doing the marijuana.
Norma says that drugs,
uh, pacify the--
I don't know.
What is it? What is it?
Chill is a societal ill,
Mr. Crandall. Yeah.
Come on, Jud. Yep.
[parents sigh]
Don't go around tonight
Well, it's bound to
Take your life
There's a bad moon
On the rise
[bell jingles]
That's a nice photograph.
Timmy, you and Manny.
Good old days, huh?
Hey, Mr. Baterman.
Hi, Norma.
I'll give you a hand
with the--
Yeah. [clears throat]
Having a party, or, uh...
Haven't you heard the news?
My Timmy's back.
Back from Vietnam? Already?
Yeah. Yeah.
Honorable discharge.
Silver Star.
Boy came back
to be a real hero.
I'm proud of him. Yeah.
What you been up to
all this time?
Oh, uh,
Norma and I are going
to Michigan tomorrow.
We are joining
the Peace Corps.
Peace Corps?
Well, God never did call
a Crandall's number.
We're all the same.
You enjoy your peace.
[truck door closes]
Everything okay?
[engine starts]
Huh? Yeah.
Yeah, all good.
We're good. Let's go.
[reporter on radio] communist campaign
in Vietnam...
I don't understand why
you had to get rid of
everything today.
I mean, it's not like
you're never coming back, right?
Kathy. Can we
change the subject, honey?
[radio continues, indistinct]
I saw Bill Baterman today.
Timmy's back.
He has an honorable discharge.
A Silver Star.
How much did that
little piece of silver cost him?
He's a hero.
Thank God that
Timmy came back to him
in one piece.
Old Bill's heart
probably stopped beating
the day his only son left.
Speaking of which,
we better get going
if we're going to
make the tryouts.
I have a lot to do
before I leave tomorrow, Dad.
I don't think I can.
Come on.
The last night
with my son at the rink,
like the good old days.
[whistle blows]
Remember your tryouts?
You, Timmy, Manny.
These kids are good,
but you boys were special.
[players shouting]
You know, Ma's right.
It's not like
I'll never come home.
I gotta get out there, Dad.
I gotta do something,
you know?
I wanna help people.
Well, maybe
you shouldn't come back.
Once this town
gets in your blood,
you'll never leave.
You say that
like Ludlow's cursed.
[sighs] Ludlow's Ludlow.
A man can dream his son
will cast a bigger shadow.
[microphone feeds back]
Good luck to all you boys.
The future Ludlow Beavers.
And, um,
one more thing, everyone.
The draft lottery just came in,
and we've posted the names
on the cork board behind me,
so you can check
on your way out.
God bless, everyone.
[sighs] Shit.
No, no, no.
It's the fourth time
I've been skipped over.
Well, you can
thank your mother for that.
All that praying was good
after all, huh? [chuckles]
You don't think
Bill Baterman did
his fair share of praying?
Just reckon Mother's got
a more direct line.
You told Manny
you're leaving yet?
Well, Son, most of us
only get one life
and it's too short
for unfinished business.
Give me a moment.
Sheriff found an open grave.
Big enough for a dog.
At least.
We're on watch tonight.
Jud Crandall.
Mayor Benson. Marjorie.
[Marjorie] Well,
if it ain't the first
Crandall that left Ludlow
since the first damn settlers.
Your dad's
mighty proud of you.
Feels like
he smokes more on his porch
than he talks to me,
you know? [chuckles]
Not telling his children shit
is half a father's job.
My daddy was the same way.
But Danny loves you.
Well, you two take care of him
while I'm gone.
Don't let him eat
those jelly doughnuts
at the diner.
Nice to see you,
Mayor Benson, Marjorie.
[engine revving]
I love you!
Take care
of each other.
I love you, Judson.
["The Weight" playing]
[Norma] Where do you think
they're gonna station us?
Asia? Africa?
As long as I can serve
in some way.
Will you smile?
[clears throat] No.
I can't.
You can't?
I don't--
Oh, yeah?
Just enjoy every second
of getting the heck
out of Ludlow!
[tires screech]
Jesus. Norma, you okay?
You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
It flew out of nowhere.
I didn't see it.
The hell?
Is that
the Batermans' dog?
Jud, did you hit him?
Oh, no. No, no.
[dog panting]
He's filthy.
[dog whines]
He sounds like
he's sick or something.
Maybe we should
give him some space, Jud.
Let's just walk him back.
We're not that far.
Come on, Hendrix.
Come on, buddy.
[chickens clucking]
["Love Without Sound" playing]
What the hell's all this?
Can't hear
the customer's racism
over whatever
the hell this is.
It's moon music, bro.
[record scratches, stops]
White Noise.
"Love Without Sound."
Yeah, I'd love
if I couldn't hear it.
Well, it's better than
the depressing acoustic
you listen to.
[Manny] It's different.
Been dreaming them all week.
My pillow is my muse.
You all right, Donna?
I don't really know
what they mean yet.
See, old Norse shamans
and warriors used animal masks
to channel their spirits.
Do I look more like
a warrior or a healer?
More like a freak.
[Donna chuckles]
[lighter clicks, ignites]
You hear
Jud Crandall left Ludlow?
956 people
in this Podunk town.
You think I don't hear it
when someone across the street
rips one?
Peace Corps.
Big deal. So what?
Well, don't you think
it's about time
you got outta here too, man?
Nice dream.
I'm serious.
I submitted a piece
to a gallery in Buffalo.
They want me to do a show.
All my own stuff.
What, so now
you're leaving now too?
I want you to come with me.
So I can tag along
and hide in the corner
of your fancy shows
like I already do
at your parties?
I mean, shit, Donna.
I'm not-- I'm not--
I'm not you.
That's my brother
you're talking about.
[voices whispering]
[voices whispering]
What's that?
[Manny] What the fuck?
I'm too high.
[groans] What the--
Holy shit.
Oh, my God. Donna.
There's something
wrong with him.
Just get him home.
[growling, sniffing]
[flies buzzing]
[flies buzzing]
Where'd he go?
Where's the dog?
Hendrix. Boy, come here.
Just get him
back to the porch.
Get out of here
as quick as we can, okay?
[door slams]
Hey. Jud Crandall.
Listen, we saw your do--
I heard that you were
trying to join the Peace Corps.
Yeah. We're actually
on our way out now.
[Timmy] Yeah.
You think you would have lasted
one day in real combat?
Because I think that
you'd piss yourself so bad
that you'd
set off a minefield.
And that you're lucky
that old Dan Crandall
paid off that doc
to keep you out the war.
Yeah. Yeah.
No war for Jud.
There's no war
for Jud Crandall.
I think that's a lie, Timmy.
I'm lying? Look at me. Yeah.
Well, only children
tell the whole truth,
but I'm not lying.
I'm not.
[Jud] Okay.
Really glad you're back
in one piece, Timmy,
and it was really good
to see you.
I think
we're gonna be going now.
You take care of yourself.
[Jud] Hey! Hey!
Norma! Norma!
Timmy, get your dog!
[snarling continues]
Call your dog!
[Hendrix panting]
Norma? Hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
Fuck! Hold on. Hold on.
What the fuck?
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
It's okay. That's it.
We're gonna go to
the hospital, okay?
Come here, put your head up.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Look at me.
Norma! Norma!
Timmy, get your dog!
Hey. Hi.
Stay down.
How you feeling?
I am sore. Yeah.
Doctor said this could've
been a lot worse.
But he wants to keep you here
for a few nights.
Then we'll get to Michigan.
Then the world.
Jud, this wasn't your fault.
I'm gonna let you rest. Okay.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Fucking hey, man.
What happened to your hand?
Bird-watching incident.
Hey, uh, Manny.
Can we go somewhere
and-- and talk?
you trying to ask me out?
Come on, out with it.
You're avoiding me.
I'm just--
I'm just trying to...
What, say goodbye?
[scoffs] Is that it?
What's the point? Bye.
All right,
have fun with Norma.
Well, actually,
we're not going yet.
Norma got attacked
by Timmy's dog.
Shit. Is she okay?
I think.
Timmy just watched.
Like he was looking
right through it. Like--
Like he wasn't there
or something.
You know, Donna saw him.
He was just
mumbling to himself,
like, a bunch of names.
And he just passed her by,
like she wasn't even there.
[lighter clicks]
I think something's wrong.
He probably killed people
in 'Nam.
[scoffs] It's like,
what do you expect?
The same kid that
we used to sneak beers with
in your tree house.
[car door closes]
[flies buzzing]
Hey, Timmy. It's Jud.
[softly] Benson.
[buzzing continues]
[Timmy] Anderson.
Right, uh, Timmy--
[footsteps approaching]
[footsteps running]
What are you doing here?
Mr. Baterman.
Where's Timmy?
I-I came to see Timmy.
We were here earlier,
and Hendrix attacked Norma.
He's a good boy.
He wouldn't attack
without a reason.
Can I see Timmy?
Is that possible, please?
Timmy's not taking
any visitors right now.
He needs time to adjust.
I'm worried about him, sir.
I'm worried about him.
We all are, Manny, Donna.
There's something different.
He's-- He's--
He's different.
You haven't been friends
with my boy for years.
Why don't you just
enjoy that peace
your daddy bought for you, and...
That Dan Crandall
wouldn't want you mixed up
in any such low business
as a boy coming back
from the war, now would he?
[stammering] My dad? What?
Okay. All right. Okay.
Just-- Will you tell him
that I said goodbye, please?
[Timmy wheezing]
Kill 'em. Kill 'em all.
You're back.
Yeah, I'm back. I'm back.
I don't understand.
What happened?
Norma was attacked
by the Batermans' dog
on the Baterman farm.
[Kathy] Is she okay?
[Jud] Yeah.
It's a long story.
She's okay. She's all right.
[Kathy] Oh, that's awful.
She's gonna be fine,
but we have to be here
a few more days.
Guess that messes
with your plan
to get me out of Ludlow, Dad.
I should make Norma
a pie.
[Jud] You know,
Bill Baterman knows
that you have been pushing me
to leave. Why?
You're hiding something.
Just tell me.
[inhales deeply, sighs]
Do you know what you are?
You are a hero without a cause.
It's kind of like being
a rebel without a cause
but worse.
Is that what
you told Doc Weitz?
Paid him to lie for me.
What was it? Bone spurs?
Fallen arches? What?
Everything we've done
in our whole goddamn lives
has been to protect you.
Okay, okay.
I-- I-- I don't need you
to protect me, Dad.
You do...
if you won't
get the hell out of Ludlow.
[Timmy wheezing]
Marjorie Washburn.
Sheriff Anderson.
Mayor Benson.
Dan Crandall.
Jud Crandall.
Manny Rivers.
Donna Rivers.
Kill 'em all
before they kill you.
The ones who know.
Kill them all now.
Kill them all now,
before they kill you.
Hendrix, how you doing, boy?
I got some jerky for you.
[footsteps approaching]
[voices whispering]
I heard you were home.
Am I home?
'Cause I don't know.
I'm starting to think
home is just another box.
You know, like a mailbox
or like a coffin.
Just a place to store our shit
and pretend that
we're not nothing
for the little time
we got left.
'Cause that's--
that's what your dad said
right before
he hung himself, huh?
That must be hard, huh?
Taking his mail route and all,
walking in his footsteps
every day.
Every day wondering
if today's the day
that you hang yourself too.
[voices whispering]
[whispering continues]
[chattering, laughing]
[Marjorie] It's some shit
Timmy Baterman said,
and I can't shake the feeling
we've got bigger problems
than animal control.
Timmy Baterman
couldn't have quoted
your daddy's suicide note.
You really think
Bill buried Timmy?
This is how it starts,
just stirring up shit.
Yeah, you're right.
That's how it starts.
Stir shit up...
[Marjorie sighs]
...knowing your secrets,
your darkest thoughts,
playing with its food.
Then people start dying.
[Marjorie] Then people start
fucking dying.
Jesus, it's back.
I'll call a meeting.
[Hendrix snarling]
[Marjorie screams]
[snarling continues]
You know you shouldn't be
such a drag, man.
You're bumming out
the chickens.
I'm a drag.
Found my purpose.
[chuckles] Smart-ass.
Why don't you
take a cue from Mom and Dad?
Go join
the American Indian Movement.
Mom said there's a group going
to take over Alcatraz Island
in the name of
all American Indians.
Reclaiming a rock?
That's an upgrade.
Sure, start tomorrow.
Come on.
["Runaround Sue" playing]
You hear that?
Come on, dance with me.
Hey. Come on.
I'm your big sister,
so that means
I get to tell you what to do.
There an expiration date
on that?
Mmm, no.
[song continues playing]
Yeah, I'ma should've known it
From the very start
This girl would leave me
With a broken heart
Oh, listen, people
What I'm telling you
A-keep away
From Runaround Sue
Yeah, I'ma miss her lips
And the smile on her face
The touch of her hand
And this girl's warm embrace
So if you don't wanna cry
Like I do
[song continues playing]
Will you dance with me, Donna?
[song fading out]
[Donna grunts] Um...
There's no music, Timmy.
What are you seeing
in those dreams, Donna?
[Donna grunts, gasps]
[breathing shakily]
Manny and Donna.
You know those masks
aren't gonna save you, right?
I think you should go, Timmy.
Manny. Manny, stop.
[both grunt]
Can you hear 'em?
Past the forest.
In the tunnels.
[voices whispering]
Their voices.
Look, man,
I'm sorry for everything
that happened to you over there,
all right, truly, but...
you're freaking everyone out.
Come on. Get up.
Let's get you home.
Manny and Donna
will never get out.
You'll die here.
Here you are, Dan. Enjoy.
Where's Marjorie?
Well, let's go ahead
and get started.
Marjorie. What--
Oh, my-- What happened?
I killed
Baterman's fucking dog.
Now we gotta get Timmy.
Manny, those dreams
I've been having all week
have turned to nightmares.
They don't really make sense
but they feel real somehow.
[fly buzzes]
Nightmares tend to
feel real, Donna.
That's what
makes them nightmares.
These are different, Manny.
They're like
a warning about Ludlow.
Grandma told me our people
built the Pet Sematary
to protect them from evil.
What kind of evil?
This whole planet
is old, Manny.
And it's filled with
good shit and bad,
and we don't know
where it comes from.
That's not Timmy.
Something's talking through him.
[radio playing]
My prayer
Is to linger with you
At the end of the day
In a dream that's divine
[voices whispering]
What the...
[horn blares]
[flies buzzing]
[bones cracking]
[buzzing continues]
[banging, creaking]
[Jud screams]
Oh, come on, man.
What are you--
[pants] Never point
a gun at an Indian.
Jesus, Manny.
[groaning] Oh, God.
[panting] Fuck.
Just use the front door.
Are you okay? Here.
[sighs] I'm good.
Oh, shit,
why are you sexy?
Can't believe this
is happening, man.
Well, it is.
So what
the hell we do?
The hell we do, Jud?
I'm kinda freaking out here.
We get to the bottom of it.
We find answers.
We figure out what the hell
is causing this.
Why did it have
to be Timmy, man?
Could have been
any one of us.
The church.
It has
all the old town records.
Let's go there.
Now. Let's go.
[object scrapes on floor]
[footsteps thumping]
continue thumping]
Manny, are you home?
continue thumping]
continue thumping]
[voices whispering]
[gasping continues]
[objects clatter]
[glass shatters]
Timmy, this isn't you.
Remember when you
used to come over
and I'd make you
those sandwiches?
And I'd cut off your crust
because you saw Jud's mom
do it once for Jud,
and you always wanted
a mama like that.
[gasping, choking]
That Timmy ain't here.
[grunting, panting]
[panting, whimpering]
[flies buzzing]
[whimpering, panting]
[door opens]
How can I help you, boys?
Couple of years
into my post here...
[sighs] ...found those
hidden in the organ.
Someone wanted a man of God
to find them. Screw 'em.
Who wrote all this?
Goddamn survivors
of the original settlers.
Most of it's written
by Williams' translator.
A priest.
[priest] It's been four months
since Ludlow's message.
Ludlow and his men were tasked
with finding fertile land,
and he found something.
Commander Williams,
and myself and the men,
have been traveling inland
for seven days now,
hoping to find Ludlow.
[settler] I still don't
understand, Williams, sir.
If the natives don't believe
they own the land,
they belong to the land,
then why are they movin'
from the land
to which they belong?
[Williams] They suffered
from crop rot.
[priest] Our men grow weary
and paranoid of the land.
They tell me they hear
whispers in the woods,
and I've had nightmares
about the symbols
and masks we've encountered.
Looks like an animal
burial ground.
They believe animal spirits
offer them protection.
from what?
[flies buzzing]
We're almost there.
The air feels sour here
and smells of death.
And while there
is abundant water,
the further we go,
the more the crops
begin to die.
[flies buzzing]
I can't help but
believe it's related to
Ludlow's last message.
Death is different here.
Death is a gate
to eternal life.
[flies buzzing]
What happened here?
[drum beating]
[Williams] Find Ludlow
and any survivors.
[flies buzzing]
Father, ask him where
the others have gone.
My man,
where is Ludlow?
[speaking Mi'kmaq]
[flies buzzing]
[chief speaks Mi'kmaq]
[chief continues
speaking Mi'kmaq]
Awakened something
ancient and...
[settler screams]
[settlers screaming]
[speaking Mi'kmaq]
[settler screams]
Chief claimed that they guarded
the land for generations.
He said the woods were
like the mouth of evil,
and anything buried there
would come back to life,
swallowed by hell itself.
They called it a mouth
because it would whisper
to those most likely to feed it.
Because it was always
hungry for more.
"Like the Mi'kmaq,
some of our men called on
animal spirits for protection,
while others resorted to
spirals and pagan symbols
when it seemed God
wouldn't listen.
But nothing could help us.
We were on our own."
They named the town Ludlow
to remind them of their sins.
[Dan's parent] Daniel,
I was 15 the first time
I saw it happen to a person.
He was the first,
but he wasn't the last.
I wish I could say
it won't happen to you.
They hear things. Know things.
Our darkest secrets. And they
like you knowing they know.
The more days that go on,
the more they need
to kill and kill,
and feed the mouth of hell.
You must aim for the eyes, son.
It's the only way to kill them.
This journal is now yours.
One day, it will be your son's.
[voices whispering]
[dragging, rustling]
[Timmy breathing heavily]
[Bill] Hey, Timmy, is that you?
[clears throat]
I didn't hear you come in.
[liquid squelching]
[flies buzzing]
Where's Hendrix?
Is that his blood?
[groans] Nope.
Timmy ain't home.
[engine turns off]
Catch up with you
later, Manny.
Hey, Kathy.
Nice to see you, Manny.
The founding families.
Ludlow, Washburn, Anderson,
Benson, Bouchard...
That's us.
It's our family.
[Dan] There have always been
good forces and bad in Ludlow.
We're all connected in a spiral.
A chain that goes
back to our maker.
And on our end,
we give the chain a tug.
We call on our maker
and all that he's made.
[voices whispering]
What is that?
It'll do that.
[distorted] Gets in your head.
Messes with your mind.
That's why it
prefers the dead.
[normal] Put up
less of a struggle.
[distorted] It's evil.
Evil's evil, Jud.
[normal] Your great-grandfather
built that deadfall
to keep people
out of the woods.
We've been
battling with this
for generations.
Me, Marj, the sheriff, Benson.
Our families made a pact
when this town was founded.
This thing is
like a sickness.
We have to stop it
from spreading.
[voices whispering]
[whispering continues]
[whispering stops]
I'll get the sheriff, Marjorie,
all of them. We'll tend to this.
Dad, I--
Just be careful, okay?
I will.
[engine starts]
[flies buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
[Manny panting]
[glass crunches]
[bones creaking]
[footsteps thumping]
[flies buzzing]
[Norma, distorted]
Thank you.
[buzzing continues]
You know
this girl?
What happened?
I'm going to go
get the doctor.
[footsteps retreating]
[breathing shakily]
Donna, can you hear me?
[flies buzzing]
[bones creaking]
Okay. Okay.
You're freezing.
Come here.
Come here.
Hey. You're in shock.
[flies buzzing]
You're safe now.
[water sloshes]
[breathes shakily]
Donna, what happened?
Such a good girl.
Always a good girl,
pretending to love Jesus.
But not you.
[nurse screams]
[objects clattering]
[people screaming]
You hate the poor
and the rich
and all the rest of us
so beneath you.
So beneath you.
But we all look the same when
we're beneath the ground, Norma.
Sir, please help me.
Please. Please!
Where are you going?
[patient murmurs]
Hey, will you help me?
[bones creaking]
No! No!
No! No!
[knife scraping]
Donna. Donna, please.
[normal] Please.
No, please.
No, come on.
[distorted] Please! No!
No, no, no. No!
[choking, coughing]
Now, Bill, we can do this
the hard way or the harder way.
Get off my property.
What have you done?
I thought it only fair
it give me back my son.
Let me help you.
[flies buzzing]
[voices whispering]
[police radio chatter]
Where's my fucking
sister, man?
You shouldn't
be here, son.
Judson, I told you
to stay away.
Norma's in there.
I'm going in. No.
I'm going in! Dad--
Hell no.
It's too dangerous.
I'm going in
with you.
You stay by my side.
[Bill] All right, listen up.
Here's the plan.
You go inside,
grab the girls
and get on out.
I'll go in and I'll hold Timmy
while you set the fire.
I held him the day
he came into this world...
and I'm gonna hold him
the day he goes out.
You just burn this fucking
place to the ground.
we'll take the barns.
Got it?
You aim for their eyes.
That's the only way to end this.
[door closes]
I'll take upstairs.
[Benson screams]
[door creaks, closes]
[flies buzzing]
[footsteps running]
Watch this door.
[voices whispering]
[whispering continues]
[Jud] What? What is it?
Let's go.
Let's keep moving.
[flies buzzing]
[voices continue whispering]
[flames roar]
[glass shatters]
Hey. You stay here.
You do not move
until I come back.
[Jud] Manny.
These are Donna's.
Where's Donna?
[Donna] Where's Donna?
[flies buzzing]
[footsteps approaching]
Where's Norma?
[softly] Donna.
Where's Manny?
He's nowhere.
He's nothing.
He'll always be nothing.
Back up.
Back up.
Hey. Hey!
Back up!
Don't you fucking
shoot her, man.
Remember when
we were kids...
...and we
used to dance?
Don't fucking
shoot her.
Back up! Back up!
You should dance.
Don't you
fucking shoot her.
That's not Donna!
That's not her.
That's not her, Manny.
Back up!
God! [groans]
I'm gonna shoot her!
You're better off dead.
Donna. Donna.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Hold on now.
Donna, Donna.
That wasn't Donna
anymore, son.
Sometimes dead is--
[blood squelching]
[groans, gasping]
[whimpers, gasps]
Dad? Dad?
Hey. Dad?
I'm sorry, Jud.
Place is on fire.
We got to get out of here.
There's a cellar.
We can wait it out there.
[fire crackling]
Come on.
How long you think
we can survive down here?
Where does this go?
I don't know.
Timmy must have dug that.
This is Norma's necklace.
This is Norma's.
She's in that tunnel.
We can't go in there.
[Norma screaming]
Well, wake up,
Peace Corps.
You guys can end this.
[flies buzzing]
Oh, shit.
[grunting, panting]
[fire roaring]
She could be anywhere.
We should split up.
You take down there.
[Manny] Jud.
What if I find Norma
like-- like Donna?
Well, you won't.
[voices whispering]
[bones creaking]
[screams] Timmy!
[muffled screams]
[flies buzzing]
[bones creaking]
[coughing, choking]
[grunts] Go away!
[Timmy] Hey.
[muffled screams]
It's Timmy.
[flies buzzing]
[bones creak]
[muffled screams]
Jud. [panting]
[Jud] Oh, Jesus.
[Manny grunting, panting]
What the hell?
What the hell?
Jud, what do
we have left?
There's nothing left.
We have a flare gun
and we--
[Jud] Manny!
[Jud] Manny.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Don't move.
Don't move. Hey.
Man, if I get up,
we're both getting
blown to shit.
Light up the flares.
If I don't come back,
you fire that.
Someone will come save you.
You're my brother.
And I'm gonna end this,
and you're gonna get out.
[both grunting]
[muffled groaning]
[groaning continues]
[Manny] Sorry, Timmy.
[muffled gasps]
No! No! No! No!
[voices whispering]
[Donna] Don't you think
it's about time you
got out of here too, man?
I want you to come with me.
["Son of the Sun" playing]
Son of the sun
Son of the earth
The soul of life
Children of the world
You sure about
this, Norma?
Am I holding
you back?
We wanted to serve.
Brothers of nature
Brothers of old
Brothers of legend
Like the story untold
I had a dream
Of my own accord
We laid to rest
The gun and the sword
Buried the hatchet
Buried the stake
Bowed to each other
Peace to make
The Earth supplies
And nature feeds
But we turn and quake
For artificial needs
Come down to earth
And stay a while
The sun is shining
Just sit there and smile
I'm a bronze-skinned man
That's what I am
Got a guitar and a drum
That's where I come from
Spirit of the sun
Spirit of the sea
Worthy of a shadow
Come shine down on me
[song continues playing]
[Jud] We can never
bury that evil,
the crimes of our fathers
and theirs.
We can only take care of
the fucked-up land we created.
A man grows what he can,
and he tends it.
And I shouldn't be
telling you this.
Maybe this place is
just telling me to
because it knows
you won't stay away.
You'll make up
the sweetest reasons
because anything's
better than dead.
But believe me when I say...
sometimes, dead is better.
Stay the fuck out of Ludlow.
[song ends]
[horn blares]
["The Weight" playing]
[song ends]