Pete Smalls Is Dead (2010) Movie Script

friend of mine became a famous director
He appeared as himself
in his own films.
It was a bad mistake.
My friend Jack teaches cardboard
in the box to play.
She got the idea after being locked up
behind the men's room for the night.
I have a laundry. Best
friend has four feet, and cataracts.
We left Los Angeles
change the world.
Then came across something
Suddenly the fame.
You get fired!
Thank you, Tom. Directed by Pete Smalls
has died suddenly.
His body was found in the beach
Santa Monica on Thursday morning.
Smalls is best known for
Blood Bucket-films.
the news had been told about it -
that my friend Pete Smalls
had drowned.
It's no wonder
his life style.
I did not know what to feel,
but I just had time to think about it.
I had an urgent problem.
this is the time and place of the ...
Semi-eight King's Tavern.
Bring the whole sum. Kymppitonni,
is half of that, or just a portion.
KC, remember that I'm used to
do evil things to people.
... you piece of shit!
What if the dog?
Nimmolle I was ten grand
debt. It was not much -
but the laundry at work
it had a lot of dirty sheeting.
We received new information about the director
Pete Smalls's death.
He was best known for
Blood Bucket trilogy.
Smalls was left to mourn his widow, Julia -
who reported
lawyers attending grief.
Hollywood was
loved Pete Smalls.
But Hollywood's compassion
could hold the fruit fly pole.
And still leave room for
three caraway seeds.
We were alienated.
Hardly even knew Pete anymore.
We had lost it,
what we had.
All had lost something.
But it was a thing of the past,
and now I had to pay the debt.
It did not come unexpectedly,
but it was still painful.
For half a blind dog back
when I get kymppitonnini!
Oh, come on!
Leave the dog alone!
Come on ...
weight varies
many people -
but sometimes lihotaan and
At the same time a lot of loose weight.
Jack here, KC. Pick up the phone!
Pete Smalls is dead.
I heard about it.
- Are you coming then?
I can not.
- What? Why do not you?
Nimmo spanked
and took my dog.
Nimmo Who is that?
- A loan shark.
he got your dog?
I can not stand that.
Do you have ten grand?
Yes, it is.
- Yeah, right.
It's true. Previously, there was no
but if you come to the funeral -
and helping to bury the Peten,
acquired the money to you.
send them only to me, Jack.
- No way.
Come to LA,
help bury Pete -
and get your money.
Such a deal is.
Surely it had no choice
than to leave Los Angeles.
Come on, even a monkey.
I've been waiting for two hours.
Will you walk to the right? Hello?
Damn that
I hate this airport.
You're two hours late.
- The guards stopped.
And you came to pick me up
The car broke down.
I got this loan.
Now I must go.
- All right, Jack.
What is the biggest missing elements?
- You're a liar, Jack.
Let's go, let's go!
I can not stand Hollywood sober.
Yes there is booze.
- What if you do not have?
Enter vodka.
How long does a Buddha is still alive?
- What do you mean?
There is a difference, if it is
1 - 2 years, 7 - 8 years.
It is still a
a long life ahead of them, Jack.
Did you change? - I,
It was exactly ten bucks.
How Julia took it?
- He's a fraud.
The whole marriage was a sham.
What is your blood pressure?
- I'm perfectly healthy.
Like all of California.
Painitaanko? I'll make you clear.
Uphills do not go very well.
- They are doing a good kunnolle.
Enjoy now the only view.
We still wallowed in terms of money.
- Really?
Julia had apparently changed
Pete the death of art.
Julia always searching for the means of expression.
Julia ...
- Who is there?
Say hello?
- No. That son of a bitch is Hal Lazar.
Pete's producer.
They naiskentelevat.
I'm going to comfort Julia.
- No, comfort me.
He took the bloodsucker.
- They will be gone soon.
Let's see who is now inhibited.
- Do not, Pete's why we came.
Pete's why ...
Brought to you by M & M'si.
I know that you like blue.
I like the orange.
Deceased must not be touched.
Do they not know how to read?
What he has done? - He
seems marzipan tehdylt.
Enter a sip.
Oh, shit!
- Take them away from Pete, Hal.
It's a fake copy.
I came to bury his friend,
I am a toy.
Where is my friend Pete?
- Oh, my God!
This is a family matter.
- I call the cops!
Go on!
It was a good job, Julia.
You took advantage of all the friends
and now you're back. Why?
Jack really loved Pete.
- Jack is just crazy!
This city does not like you,
KC. I would stay away from impersonating you.
I just came by to visit.
Hank's dog back.
It's the same a dog?
It was the best dog in you, KC.
Julia said that you can
to see Pete. He made the head.
Knew it,
it is pointed out any Pete.
Can I get my money now?
Why do you ask it all the time?
You can get them after seeing Pete.
Will he hysterical?
- Of course not.
Hell of a fake!
- What are you doing? Stop it!
So you do not put the kampoihin!
- Shut up!
I have valopuikkoja.
- We are not camping!
This is not a
explorer. - All right.
Pete swiped
your manuscript.
I know it sounds crazy,
should have told you about it.
I had to get you out of the laundry
to show -
what that fat pile of puuhasi correctly.
I've never written a
They chop suey-things
Hal had an idea.
You got me out here for the money.
You lied to me.
As soon as he came to the toy
to the airport, I was in trouble.
Jack was a prince tomorrow, but
I wanted my dog ??back today.
You're lying to me.
- Should I have to tell the truth?
Otherwise, if you were sitting here waiting,
that the Buddha's paw comes in the mail.
Check this out. View.
See the other side. View.
It was weeks before
Pete's swimming trip.
He took the manuscript.
He drank, therefore, gained weight and became ill.
Why Pete would have done so?
- He was scared.
Did you see him
The last two movies? - I do not.
Do not look at them. It is not right that
Hal Lazar get your manuscript.
Check this out.
See what they're up to.
Check it out! Do you see it?
People marry each other
Hollywood all the time.
A lawyer, is a partner
which is a funding mechanism.
He buys Pete's movie
budget at a higher level.
Then Hal Lazar is
back against the wall.
You can get back on your feet
of this form.
Is not ten years
you enough time?
The driver looking like,
that bad luck is your only friend.
He would not have wanted it.
When you meet
the Hollywood Blackjacks?
I would like to know if my ksis.
- Enough for Pete's editor?
There is only one thing.
- What?
A woman is French.
Do you have a pipi?
- It is ... So what?
Come on.
- Where are you going?
First you have to take care of him.
Are you showing KC movie?
Do you like it?
- It's nice.
You can keep it.
- No.
Take it.
Let's see it now.
Manuscript is wonderful.
Is it me?
- Of course.
Tail gnawed it,
what he had done.
He loved you. Over
a man should love a man.
What happened to Pete that night?
- During the filming he was absolutely wild.
He was supposed to play the role of
kung-fu-master Sueyta.
He got stuck
and the description of the group laughed at him.
He gave them fired.
What are you doing there?
- Jack, be quiet when you're talking about!
There should not be a crowd.
If you get caught, I'll have trouble.
Then get him in shape.
The last time I saw him,
He walked toward the beach.
Probably a swim.
- Do you think so?
I think so.
I should not have left him alone.
Hell, after all, Jack!
- Who is Jack, honey?
moment, Mr. Bob!
- Did you see something there?
If ice closed,
I have the street naked.
I'm willing to cut
this movie. Here we are!
- I'm ... Oh, here they are.
I was just about to leave home.
- This is the editor's.
Come on. Not to worry.
Cut out all the
the meat counter priest.
You can not be serious.
It is 18 million dollars
movie that no one will buy.
So I am serious.
If Jack and Saskia were right
and Pete had taken ksikseni -
it had to be so much valuable,
that I might have the Buddha.
That woman is really incredible.
Do not get too excited.
He is in love with Pete.
Pete is dead. Will
Saskia mourn the end of their lives?
Usually last more than a week
to recover from the death of our beloved.
Yet seem to have the card.
I think that there is hope. Our
between us is something beneath the surface.
Do you want this card?
What are you doing here?
- I hate the mother, the father.
What the hell are you smoking?
Do you remember KC's?
Do you remember it?
I can not be with their mother.
Dad, I'm in love with Aramiin.
We turn together.
Who is Aram?
I do not know him.
Last year, you gave
50 Valentine's Day card type.
Father, my period started.
Is a great lover
hiding behind the tree over there?
Is that the son of an Armenian?
- It.
I can tell you something about them.
They are just next to the Greek.
If you know anything about homosexuality ...
- Believe me, Aram is not ...
It seems like only yesterday
I bought you a princess dress.
Now, you just want to strip it.
I guess you're still my little girl?
Even if you are planning to get married.
Aram and I did not
get married. - Do not you?
Damn it! Oh, shit!
I was just here, KC ... Maybe
loan shark is satisfied with less.
Although the four,
or four and a half thousand.
I do not pay the rent,
so I put it together easily.
Jack, I guess the producer
and a lawyer is your own money?
Yes, a pile of sale.
It is enough.
Or so they say.
I am glad
you're here.
Were you ever with Julian?
- What?
Were you ever with Julian?
Once or twice.
Can not be true.
I could never be
mulkulleni so angry.
Sleep now, Jack.
Good night.
Do you have a pipi?
Do you have a pipi?
You pipi.
Pete has pipi.
Hauvalla is pipi.
Hauvalla is pipi.
Pete has pipi.
What's going on?
- None.
Your worst nightmare.
It is kiss frogs
Prince's why.
Jack and I left
look for frogs.
Eat something.
Avocado begins to stand.
Maybe for a home,
for emergency use. What about you?
I think I'll wait outside.
Should have been
ask children's chair for you.
Pyydnk it?
- Get off me!
Medicine is taking effect.
- Bernie, please Avocado.
I do not eat the fat of shit.
Lennyll is avokadotila.
That is why he speaks of them.
I'm gonna go get some air.
- Nice to meet you.
I'm a big fan.
Say hello to them, Shannah.
Shannah assistant.
- In general, there are two names.
Most do not like you,
Shannah. Just ask my wife.
I'm gonna go get some air, Jack.
What's the matter?
Lenny, did you say something outrageous?
Hell no. - He is
sometimes a little uncouth.
But we have produced
more than 48 films.
Do you want their names?
- I'm going out now.
I'm your fans!
I understand that. But it is
the fact that Pete Smalls is a genius.
I want this movie.
Liver even 20 million.
- I told you.
Bernie is in love.
We transfer the money
from an account abroad.
It must cover the rights
in the world, right?
Just fit it.
- Shannah, pop in quickly out of the ...
Ask nicely.
Please tell me It Small,
that the matter is clear.
Then we can begin to celebrate.
- Wait, Bernie.
Smalls does not have out there.
It is Jack partner.
- KC Monk, you know?
I was supposed to meet Pete Smalls!
- Do not blame me, you son of a bitch.
That's what you get when you hire tits.
- Screw this work.
Pull your hand and try to
then to fuck your wife.
Really rude.
Here is some misunderstanding.
- Do not care about the girl.
He's just a nutcase young,
who wants everything immediately.
I guess, you know,
that Pete Smalls is dead?
I did not know it.
- What do you mean dead?
Is he not eligible for funding?
- Died, such as a funeral.
Why do I sit here,
if Pete Smalls is deceased?
Wait. We sit here,
Since death is a difference.
Speak to the point. If it is not
Smalls name, I do not want movie.
Tomb of your living room.
Pete Smalls
speaks of the afterlife.
That was good.
- Got it.
Suppose that I
Pete Smalls's death.
It will drop the price
probably a couple of million.
If you wish.
- Let's do an advertising campaign.
This style. "Pete Smalls,
senpuoleisesta director. "
- Let me talk to.
"The director,
who refused to death. "
A bit like Elvis. - That's right, Elvis.
If so once you desire.
"Pete Smalls Is Dead?
I do not think so. I saw him Ralph'sissa. "
Did you see that?
They had to have money.
- They have access to money.
Who paid for coffee? - Bernie
loves the fact that Pete died.
I can get them to buy the movie
Lazar evening. We will do it for you.
I go to him and ask Lazar
courtesy of $ 20,000.
Appalling $ 20,000?
- Half is yours.
I'm going home and I apply for my dog.
Where are you going?
See you around!
I'll get you the money
as long as you promise one thing.
Stay here for the time until the
matter will be left to the end.
What you are going to get the money now?
- Pete's uncle is called Saco.
I had to teach her in a garage
free. He is loaded.
He did not just do little things,
and he loves dogs.
If it does not work,
Lazar is spoken for.
Get on board.
Come on.
Come on.
Jack took me to the workshop,
what someone planted a fig tree -
and gave the name of one block
"Little Armenia".
This is for you.
They fly to Mexico.
Monsieur Monk ... Are they not
beautiful? - What are you doing here?
I live over there,
and my car engine stud.
Jack acquires me money,
so I can get my dog ??back.
It sounds like
it is important for the dog. - It's true.
Come on.
- What are you going to do?
About what?
- Your work is rape.
I do not know yet.
- Once you know, please let me know.
They took his dog.
- Jack, do not explain anymore.
Jack, I'm asking you.
Too many words can tear your heart.
Could you lend him money?
Do you want your dog back?
I would like to.
I'll get you your dog.
- How?
Why are you talking to me like an animal?
Maybe you do not believe me.
- My dog ??is sick.
I said your dog to get those for you.
Do you understand, KC Monk?
I see.
- Got it.
We talk about seriously.
What do you know about women?
- They have teeth.
Yes, it is,
teeth with which they bite.
They will bite all over,
and you will like it. Bite, bite!
I like the fact that you make movies.
Puhutan you so.
I used to be a filmmaker.
- You were not, you are!
Do me a love of the film,
so you get your dog.
What kind of movie?
- Love Movie.
What kind of movie is it?
- Love that burns the brain.
The more you look at it,
the more it burns.
The more it burns,
the more you want.
You do not of course forget the dog.
But almost.
And now ...
Why do you dance?
- Because I want to.
He means porn movie.
- He spoke of love.
- He spoke of love.
You are so negative.
- Let's go Lazar creates.
Jack's heart was GPS, respectively
and we got lost.
Getting lost did not matter,
but if I would have said it -
to get us to the moon directly.
20000 ...
Uhkailetteko you me? - Pete
not in the script rights.
So it's stolen.
- Shut up, Jack.
KC, I never
start a movie -
fat and self-centered counselor
with no rights.
You are trying to fool you.
- I want to just $ 20,000 and ...
Pl, piece, piece, piece of ...
Let it go, KC.
You gave me a script for Pete
Odessa Restaurant. - Enhan.
Yes. Pete gave $ 150
rent and got the script.
As I recall, the
kissed her for the good.
What is it, Julia?
Do not talk shit.
$ 150 was a lot of money
at that time. Was not it?
I have maybe $ 1800.
Xanin studies.
- No, it is not enough.
Jack showed his emotions
and he was ready to explode.
He had suddenly lost all
greasy napkin because -
signed in restaurant
15 years ago.
I just wanted my dog, but
Jack wanted a lot more.
I wonder Buddha,
but I wonder also Saskia.
What he saw He is a great?
Movies were the religion of France, -
and Jerry Lewis was a god.
He still hard
Pete's on the increase -
softening a long time ago.
Maybe Saskia knew something.
This is Nimmon voice.
I exercised daily dog.
I'm sorry your dog is due.
Yes thing will be fine.
Do you think so?
- Of course.
What's he doing?
Why men are like diapers?
- I do not know.
They always hang onto my ass
full of shit.
One of these is yours.
Somebody need help.
Free porn get hooked on, Dad.
I thought you were in the shower.
- We already saw them.
Nice girl.
We trust each other.
Reliable, it should just be careful.
What is that?
Did you get you one?
Why did not you tell me?
I did not know what they meant.
- Pete was in need of our help.
I do not think that the sender was Pete.
- Then who?
Of course, I did all Pete
behalf. Look at that shit.
Now I will destroy this movie.
- You sent both cards.
He gave three cards,
by the transmitter.
Which three?
- The two of them, and then someone Joey.
Joey Sausa!
Joey Sausa? Sausa?
Joey Sausa, or Fat-Joey.
The four of us we were in New York, -
before we acquired him
a plane ticket to LA.
He did not go well.
He sat on the motel front of the TV -
and Jack took him once a week
We're here because of Pete.
Pizza Courier!
- Come on in!
- The problem is that KC said ...
It is a magazine, Toronto,
yellow envelope!
KC, come here!
Now we Lazar.
Pete recognizes the script
to have been yours. Is a witness!
Now we got that shit kiikkiin!
Where did you get this piece of paper, Joey?
- Pete was your friend, KC.
When she comes to visit,
fucked up -
and give me a letter ...
I'm not saying anything.
Director gave from the grave by hand, therefore,
our life again.
He returned the rights to me
and threw the napkin in the trash.
Can I help you?
- We are the health inspectors.
Are you ready?
You decide.
I'll take this.
It goes to the boss.
No, he ordered the soup.
I'm a big fan of yours.
- What do you want, Jack?
Maybe you should
reason to look at this.
I come away from the course on Tuesday evenings.
Come and visit us,
its nistielokuvan after ...
Jack, come here.
- Wait a minute.
I am Jack Games.
The number is on the list.
I should be dancing
GUTS on now.
So you want to negotiate.
Good choice.
It is my negotiations.
Pete is a lousy movie.
Jack's friends pay negative.
They are the real factors.
Do you feel uncomfortable?
- A little.
If you bring me 16 million
dollars, we can talk.
All right.
- Good.
Satan ...
It is now taken care of.
I usually do not want to look down on the
but to be at eye level.
Either I go down on my knees
Alfie and then raise you ...
I do.
I can not continue to do it.
I do not go down on my knees.
Bob, let Mr. Monk
$ 10,000.
For his dog.
I do not have ...
That's what you want.
There are only 500
Mind if I give the rest by check?
Is that OK?
Get yourself a new dog.
And the other,
that the cream rises to the surface.
You are a mere waste, Monk.
What happened?
- I think the paper hoping to get into shape.
I meant your finger.
- What? Yes, it is improved.
What did you do there?
- He offered me money.
- Thank you, darling.
What did you do?
I struck his fist on my tummy.
Oh ...
- It is a business prices.
Did he talk to 16 million?
- I heard your fingers smashed.
I was refused the money,
I could get to the Buddha.
Was I stupid? Did I begin again to say
not to people, which I did not like?
I'll do the talking,
know them.
What? What do you want?
- We take care of Pete Smalls stores.
Lenny, Chico and the chihuahuas are
right here. - I can not hear shit.
Come on in..
- Chihuahua?
Friends joke about that.
Let it go.
kissed again frogs.
Go to hell!
- Please take a seat.
Smalls film successful.
Foreigners liked it.
Doctors called.
- What's this?
That is owned by KC ksiksen,
by Hal Lazar did not buy.
Who is Lazar?
- He owns the Smalls movie.
It's rumored
it needs a little retouching.
It needs to be worked on, but
of that, he does not own it.
Doctors called ... - Good,
Then he sells it real cheap.
I have to go to play,
I apologize in advance.
Doctor of the operating room.
- Lenny handle the details.
I'm sorry,
but he is a weak tussuun.
For that reason
he is unable to concentrate.
Sex with women
the gay stuff.
When do we get funding?
- Go to hell!
I say it with all the love.
Just need to know that
money is to fund and movies.
Kyselk, if you do not trust us.
- I hate you!
Best you can do, honey?
Where are you going?
- Do not worry, he'll be back.
It is their strange play.
They say it "because tuskaksi".
It is suffering from torture, which
make them want to each other.
What about our agreement?
- Buddha's out there!
Buddha? Want to take his LSD?
- Where are you going? Thank you.
Buddha! Boo-boo!
Monk! It was about to succeed,
until you are mixing the!
Hey, Buddha! Open!
Come on, I'm serious.
Come to open up!
Here is something shady.
- You live Sacoa opposite.
Must live somewhere. - He said,
that it would help my dog.
I just saw my dog.
- So what?
It's not about, not your dog
or postcard. Damn it!
I wanted answers, but
I did not understand what he was saying.
His eyes told us something,
I had not heard of at the time.
Something I
I should probably listen.
What do you think?
Which part of that?
- It's that I was fired, hell!
I did not give it a sadistic pig -
use Pete's name
the "love of the movie".
And I got fired.
- Why does he say it?
Love Film.
Lazar does not know anything
of love.
Did he love the film?
- We have something in common.
We do not have
nothing to lose.
joined the Lazar somehow Sacoon?
And if you joined,
who was the Buddha?
Eskimo have 500 words for snow,
French cheese is 500.
I just have a
500 sets of questions.
I had to look for my partner, which
I left to kiss the frog.
Jack, are you okay?
- Take it easy.
Say it yet.
- What? Are you okay?
Fall in love with each other.
- Explore our heads.
Careful, Jack.
- What is a lot going on?
The match ended already.
You won on a technical knockout.
Who is that woman?
- You're the one, baby.
You figure,
Pete and KC's with.
It is Jill.
- She is beautiful.
He was in heaven. Little Crab
Fortunately, Jill chose him.
KC was fun to be around
at that time.
Together, they were able to
illuminate the room.
Its light could pass through.
KC what's happened to the fun?
Jill became ill and died.
It was a slow and horrible.
It took revive KC from.
When did it happen? - He smiled
Last ten years ago.
He has left Jillist
Only the dog.
Let's do this: Let's get one thing,
what they care about. Film.
The man, therefore, is the plan.
Welcome back.
Does your keys yet?
- Sure.
needed a car for the negative
transport and access to the inside.
Aram work to unite them.
Everyone loves pizza.
And, according to Aram
Panda Pizza was the best.
Out of the way!
Quickly now, there is only
ten minutes.
So Panda Pizza? - I'll take it
Seventh layer.
- Hello again.
Hurry up!
- I'm in big trouble.
I need a big favor.
- The greater is not found.
Wait a minute, talk more slowly.
Nice to see you.
You are so beautiful in black.
A funny hat.
No cameras.
Take the negative and let's get out.
What are we looking for?
- It is Pete Smalls name.
What you and Saskia between?
- None.
It does not look like it.
- Jack, you're my best friend.
I guess I told you,
if nykkisin Saskia replace?
Tell me if you would you do that?
I do not.
And I will not do that.
What's going on?
Shut up!
Please wait ...
I'll help you in every way.
Just say, so daddy helps.
You did not do anything wrong.
You removed the only couples end credits.
Why did you say
nibble his ear?
Fuck's sake. Maybe I said
so, but I did not do it.
You better I'd be worried about
why Xan and Aram are silent.
- Eat it, Dad.
Out of the texts in terms of
will always bugs.
Maybe not always,
but daddy can fix it.
When Bob returns from the break, let's go
mangomargaritoja drink.
After the disaster
my heart is pamppaillut.
In my chest!
It seems like I can not breathe.
Can you feel it?
- Yes, I do.
I feel safe with you
with you. - Mango Margarita!
How do you say it in French?
- I have to go.
Nice one!
I think these costumes.
Look at him!
Leave them here. - He's right.
They are looking for from you.
Let's go to your place
wait, Jack.
Pete's negatives did Saskia
happy, but Jack was on Twitter.
Why did it take so long
before they see it?
What are you busy? I did not think
that would like to meet Lazar.
I would like to
Jack Games' balls in my mouth!
They need to hide the damn tapes.
They are coming! Give me that!
Hide those tapes.
- Is anything?
There is something insurance.
- They are not here!
The bars have disappeared.
I knew that they would come!
Aram lent them.
You can get them back.
Lazar blame the lab
The insurance company to replace the negative.
Do not do that.
Where are you going? Wait!
I have the one you want.
- The girl must be of legal age.
A little boyish and eager.
- Negative is with us.
I would not say it so loud.
It can attract attention.
The city, which is said to
what just because of the attention.
Do you want a taste?
- I do not, I know how to do it.
I want my dog.
- Is the doggie still missing?
It does not seem to
very fair.
I'll get the money the insurance company
and your dog is still gone.
It's a shame that he does not
compensation for a dog.
Shut up, you idiot.
No, it can not succeed.
Nervy girl
does not hold up under pressure -
big-budget movie.
After receiving the sack
he will destroy everything.
So says the lab
and it sounds right.
Every time I think about her,
need to go for a walk.
Whether accuse Saskia
and you will get the insurance money.
Find it armenialaistytt
before the police.
- The French Armenian.
He was gone.
Someone had cleared the apartment.
She had beautiful teeth
in order to be naughty French.
He paid the rent on time,
which is unusual.
Do I have to eat.
- As all of us.
I do not have to worry. I have
dead husband, and a lot of money.
Some consider it to be interesting.
Both men and women.
I have a lot of friends.
He probably went to the middle of the night.
No one heard anything.
He was probably
hundreds of men.
Young French,
good teeth. Think for yourself.
What are you looking for?
I studied for it.
I have a lease guarantee,
but because you are related to -
maksaisitteko electricity and water?
Saco had packed the goods
and gone.
He had a Buddha,
maybe filmikin and Saskia.
It is otherwise illegal.
I like your asustasi.
Where do I send the bill?
Someone scared girl.
- That's true, and you will be.
Where did you meet him
for the first time?
Saskia? Sacon workshop. - What
Fat-Joey's name was originally?
Joey Saurian, I guess. Before
he became the Fat, Joey.
Fat Armenian Joey?
Is not that right?
- I do not know.
Fat Armenian Joey, who is
left his room, was gone.
Did the Pete difficulties
Armenian secret society with?
Whatever it might be.
They may be behind us.
- Who's left?
What should I do?
They fly to Mexico.
Monitoring of butterflies.
I have eyes in the back.
- Often fall by the will, Dad.
Aram, do not tell me that.
Could you break away from each other?
- Shops is then made to either.
Who said that
film funding is easy?
Lenny and Bernie were the only
who were arrested -
Mexico for the pursuit.
Where are you going?
- Suarez.
Thank you.
How long has he
felt my daughter -
before he sees
this pee and I can not?
As long as
he says that you are the father.
Purchasing them with food, so that
they do not eat each other's faces.
Then, take the lights.
Very hot. Thank you.
To the south there is only one way,
but I can not find Suarez.
Keep looking.
Do you like Mexican food,
Aram? - I love it, Dad.
What does he want?
- He knows where Suarez is.
remind my wife.
A similar hair and flies.
Suarez is a cemetery.
The wife is buried there.
He left me because of the butcher,
should piss on his grave -
when I go to the past
cousins ??meet.
I'm on fire.
- This type of lemuaa.
Wake him up.
beautiful place to piss
beer bottle in one hand.
Especially in the evening,
when the wind blows from the sea.
Jack wanted to find a film,
but I had already given up.
I just wanted to answers
and hoping to get them Saskia.
What do you think?
- We have some.
Let's see,
if there's room for the night.
Do you speak English?
- Sometimes.
Do you know this place?
Very well.
Does this mean anything to you?
Are you Mr. Monk? I have
rooms for you and your friends.
Is a cold beer?
- Are you Mr. Jack?
Someone is waiting for Mr. Monkia.
Come on.
Check it out!
- Buddha, that is the name.
How did it get here?
- Saco brought it.
He paid a lot of money, and said,
Monk dog that comes due.
Is Saco here?
- It is not.
Is there one girl?
- There is no girl.
Eat, drink, and sleep.
Tomorrow you can swim in the sea.
Then you can brilliantly.
Saco acquired my dog ??back
and I was grateful.
But why Mexico?
Love this for a movie?
Every man must know
good dog and love tequila.
What does he say?
A bad man made love
the dead man's wife.
And maybe he was dead
of the deceased. - Not bad at all.
Not him.
When the door opened and I smelled of cheap
eau de Cologne, I began to understand.
Pete thought it was onnentuoksunaan.
For me, it brought up a headache.
I can not believe that we made love that
with a woman ... How long?
Fourteen years!
Rejoiced in
to see me alive?
I had to suffer
quite a lot of money.
Maybe you had to
to get out of the laundry industry.
Dysentery to lose weight
35 pounds. I'm in great condition.
I had to put an end to
of Satan movie, it was ...
Should not have been
steal it from you.
I ruined it completely.
I do not even remember what it was called.
What was in it?
- Friendship.
I knew it, hell ...
I knew it.
Thank you. Friendship.
I need you to.
You remind me of all that.
You have the ability, and I do not
mean viikkaamista laundry.
Can you think of this, in order to
I remind you of who you are?
No, Saco-uncle invented the
the main part. But yes.
In short.
- What about Jack?
You should not have left him alone
Los Angeles. He is sensitive.
He's not like the two of us.
He is sensitive.
He is not alone.
Not in the way.
- Did you see Jack?
Yes, he kissed me.
She is happy
while part of the trio.
He knows he can not be
Never Moe or Curly.
She is happy when Shemp.
What about Saskia?
- She does not matter.
I do not have done it
without him. That's right, Saskia.
It would not have been possible without him.
140-pound unknown type
leaching from the beach.
I needed Saskia
suicide story for.
I had to put an end to the
Satan movie. Oh, my God ...
Saskia does not matter.
You and we have.
Forget him.
I did everything for you!
We are together again,
like the old days.
Do you have my keys?
Do you like it?
Is it a bit too much?
Maybe it is a bit tasteless.
I guess someone has stolen my keys.
Wait a minute.
Pete had invented everything
destroy embarrassing movie -
and received
Saskia and Joey's help.
How many times
Saco-uncle had helped him?
KC, get into the pool!
Not now, Joey.
- You're not still mad at me?
I'm not angry.
Did Pete's?
- Yes.
Saskia wants to talk to you.
- There's nothing to talk about.
Do not talk about.
He thinks you do not like him.
Why does he think so? - As the
you are a stubborn bastard.
Hello, ladies.
- Hello, Jack. Come and dance.
Did you give my tape news?
Do not be mad at him.
- The point is your turn.
Did you do that?
Good boy.
Pete was always big gestures.
This time, he crossed himself.
by me and one other
was not received.
Can I sit here?
If you want to.
Why are you sad?
Pete was looking for.
You should be celebrating.
Do not talk to me like that.
Pete had never
my husband.
You have not forgotten,
how to lie to me.
Do not call me a liar.
- Why would you say then?
Shut the fuck up!
Did he throw a drink on you?
- Thank you for my dog ??because of.
We are men,
so we keep our word.
A toast to you, Saco.
- Little Story. A toast to you, Monk.
Are now love film?
Me and you?
Why do not you do it with Pete?
- He is basmanialainen.
We are men basmanialaiset
only when we are mad.
It is the only way for us. He did not
not a man, but I'm crazy.
Sinussakin is madness.
Let me see.
It is a great folly.
madness made me guess
Armenian Sacon eyes.
That night
I drank at least like one.
Will you take you film reels?
- Hurry up.
I can not believe
I want to return.
Movie is being
Hell interested in right now.
Dead because of the type, and more.
- You should still be dead.
I am a director who is not dead.
Than Elvis, but I was seen.
How about it,
that the script was bullshit?
Oh, yeah. No, because ...
The film does not fall down;
it is our children.
Learn how to ...
Learn French, okay?
Because it is ...
He fell in love with you to your words,
not mine!
He is wrong, but he
know. He is French.
Pete trusted the words. If he
be quiet, it will not last forever.
He seemed lonely. He
loved us in their own way.
his actions despite
I loved him.
Bye, Jacko!
Au revoir!
- See you again, Pete!
Auf Wiedersehen!
He did not have any air
you. - Negative, he is.
Is that right? Not jars not
any film. - What?
It's funny that donkey shit and film
the same weight.
I heard him talking to someone
with an agent yesterday at the hotel!
Should not have been
tell me Shempiksi.
What Shempiss fault is that?
He made a pretty good job.
Yeah, I guess.
You jars
But no negatives
I found this bar.
It is a pretty,
do not lose it.
Ignite them, Saco!
Check this out.
"Love that burns your brain."
"The more you look at it,
the more it burns. "
"The more it burns,
the more you want. "
"You do not forget your dog.
But almost. "Saco
Translation: Ilse Rnnberg
Smalls is dead.
- Dead. Kivekin deader.