Pete's Christmas (2013) Movie Script

(holiday music)
- [Voiceover] There's
still time to get
your picture taken
with Santa Claus...
(holiday music)
- [Mom] Hey gang,
it's Christmas Eve,
let's just squeeze
in one more practice.
- [Jake] Mom, again?
- [Voiceover] Yes, again.
Okay, from the top.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa la la la la la la la la
Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la la la la la
Pete I don't hear you singing
'Cause I'm not really
singing and neither is Jake
You're displaying
classic sibling rivalry
- You're being a classic dork.
Finish the song so I
can go meet my friends
- Come on people, we're
losing focus here.
Fa la la la la
la la la later
- Well as much as I
hate to be the one
to break up the party, I have
a sick parakeet to attend to.
I have to zoom into work.
- Zoom, no more tickets like
last week, please honey.
- Honey, those people
were driving too slow,
besides, how else would we
have met the Gundersons?
- I'm just sorry you have to
work Christmas Eve, that's all.
- I know.
But, tomorrow I'm all yours.
- These extra hours
are just temporary,
just until I find a new job.
But hey, you know what
the silver lining is,
I have all this extra
time I can organize.
I've already organized the
DVDs by color this time.
- Color?
- Color Purple, Purple Rose
of Cairo, Purple Rain...
What are you doing?
- Adding organize
DVDs to my to-do list.
- Hey, everything's gonna be
fine, just as long as life
doesn't throw us
anymore curve balls.
(doorbell ringing)
- I'll get it.
- Why are you wasting
electricity with
an electric Santa?
- Dad?
- Grab my bag, I got a hernia.
Would I be allowed in?
- Yeah, yeah, come
on in, it's great.
- What is he doing here?
- I didn't know he was coming,
he never comes for Christmas.
- Okay, put him in Kenny's room
and Kenny can sleep with Pete.
- He's not sleeping with
me, he wets the bed.
- Nonsense, he's fine as long
as he doesn't drink anything.
(slurping straw)
- Hey bunk mate.
(slurping straw)
(gentle music)
(train whistle)
- Nothing stops the
Red Liner Express
from its 7:35 AM departure.
- You kept me up
'til two AM snoring.
- Adenoids are a
serious condition.
- Well at least you didn't...
Oh man, you wet the bed!
- I believe you're engaging
in what's commonly known
as projection, and
I would submit that
that pee is in fact yours.
- Are you kidding me?
- Ah, you still
stink at football.
I hate to break it to you
guys but last night I ate most
of the pancake mix, so
I hope you guys like
stale toast, 'cause I'm
getting there first.
- It's Christmas morning,
(speaking Latin),
early bird gets
the worm, in Latin.
(Santa noises)
- Good morning Sunshine,
go get Grandpa and
we'll open presents.
And put on something
nice, it's Christmas.
- Hey Grandpa, Mom
wants us all downstairs.
- You don't know
what knocking is?
What do you got to
say for yourself?
- Don't shoot the messenger.
- [Grandpa] Did you get this
tree right out of a box?
- [Mom] It has
sentimental value.
- You are a softy,
Pamela, just like my kid.
- Thank you.
- It's not a compliment.
- Okay then.
Jake, you go first.
- Yah!
- Shocking.
- [Jake] Let's see
what we got here.
To Jake from Santa.
- [Dad] Over here, over here.
- No, wait, wait,
wait, get my good side.
Never mind, they're
both my good side.
- Okay, just get in one
more, little to the left.
- I realize star
athletes are known
for their victory
dances, but must you
do them for everything?
- The crumpets are ready.
- Really?
- Okay, who's next?
- Me, me, me!
- Go, go.
- [Kenny] Delightful!
- A telescope.
- And good timing...
- [Pete] That's what I wanted.
- Cassiopeia should be
in fine form this week.
- [Jake] Hey Mom, you
made all the crumpets.
- I want crumpets!
- Better be another
telescope under there.
Uh, hey I don't see my name tag.
- Hey, you're gonna love it.
Okay, Santa got you
something great this year.
- What?
- Right honey?
- What, why are
you looking at me?
You were supposed
to talk to Santa.
- [Dad] Uh, no no, I
specificallly remember
asking you to speak
to Santa when you...
- [Mom] No.
- [Dad] Yes.
- No, no, no you didn't.
You were definitely
gonna speak to Santa.
- Santa forgot my
Christmas gifts?
- No, no, no, no, no.
Look, you're just tricky to
buy gifts for, that's all.
You've tried karate, trumpet,
tennis, painting, guitar,
it's hard to keep up with
what you want sometimes.
- Oh Pete, Pete we're so sorry.
- [Dad] We're sorry.
- So sorry.
We're gonna fix this,
as soon as possible.
(phone ringing)
Hold on a second.
Doctor Kidder.
Are her feathers intact?
- Ah wait!
Do not plug in anything
when the tree is on,
the circuits are already
overloaded, okay?
- Hun, I'm gonna start
the beef wellington.
- Wellington? Wow,
that sounds ambitious.
- Apparently all you do is coat
the beef tenderloin in pate,
wrap it in crepe to keep it
moist, roll it in puff pastry,
and cook, easy peasy.
- You know I'm just thinking
it might be easier this year
to do something simple,
like you know, do a turkey.
- Okay, just because I have
to work today doesn't mean
I am not gonna try to make
this Christmas special.
- Okay.
- Tree looks kinda bare
without the star on the top.
- I just didn't get the...
Your Grandma used to
put our happiest photos
on this Christmas star
decoration she made.
I would sit there looking up
at the tree on
Christmas morning.
- Yeah, it was the
most wonderful thing
about Christmas morning.
- Yeah.
- Then somebody broke it.
- Be right back.
- Pete, it's the last
one so, Merry Christmas.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, it fell in the toilet.
(holiday music)
- No present, this is officially
the worst Christmas ever.
- Pete.
Look, I'm sorry,
I'll make this right.
- Dad, I wanted the telescope.
- Dad, it's perfect, the Leonid
meteor shower's next week,
and there's an
eclipse next month
at 43 degrees ascendancy
in the Western sky.
- Wow, you sure
know your eclipses.
You know something,
there's a book
I think you might wanna
have a look at here.
- Hey, crazy legs
Kenny, wanna play catch?
- Sure, let me get my coat.
- Hold on there buddy.
- What about me?
- Yeah, no, no.
- Okay buddy, today I'm gonna
teach you how to spiral, okay?
- [Kenny] Cool.
- Come on, snap out of it.
No long faces.
- I asked for one thing.
One, and I got nothing.
- Well same thing
happened to me.
Just about the same
age you are right now.
- You got nothing for Christmas?
- Nothing, zip.
You'll get over it.
Come on, buck up Kenny.
- I'm Pete.
- Hey Kidder!
- Think fast!
- Better get used
to the taste of ice.
See you at football.
(loud rip)
- No!
- Oh Pete, you're
on chopping duty.
- I just had a very
traumatic incident.
- Looks like there are
lights on at the neighbors
and I saw a car in the driveway.
- Well, new neighbors means
an introduction is in order,
and I know the perfect way.
The Kidder family is gonna keep
its Christmas traditions
or die trying.
- Please don't say...
- Time for caroling!
- [Dad] Let's go!
(holiday music)
- Where'd you get
these sweaters?
- Wow, you actually
like something I made?
- Not really, I just wanna
know where I can take it back.
- Come on Dad,
they're not so bad.
- The rash is much worse.
- I can't wait.
- Hello, we are the Kidder
family, we live next door
and we wanted to welcome
you to the neighborhood.
On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
A partridge in a pear tree
On the second day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
- Pete, sing!
Two turtle doves and a
partridge in a pear tree
On the third day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
- Sing, dork wad.
Three french hens,
two turtle doves
And a partridge
in a pear tree
- Um, can we go now?
- Yup, excuse us.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- [Dad] Let's go.
- [Mom] Come on,
come on you guys.
- [Kenny] Nice one.
- Hey, Dad said not
to mess with that
while the tree's plugged in.
- What are you, the plug police?
- Seriously, I mean you
have to unplug the lights
from the tree or it'll overload.
I'll do it.
- Hurry up, I have a Skylander
playoff with Kenny, come on.
- I'm trying.
- Forget it.
(loud crash)
- What happened?
- Um, ask Pete, it
was totally his fault.
- Jake, Pete's not here.
- [Pete] Actually I am.
- Oh my goodness.
- Pete, what did you do?
- I didn't do anything.
Tell them Jake.
- No, he totally did it.
- Pete broke my telescope.
- I didn't break it,
I tried to save it.
- You broke it.
- No I didn't!
- Yes you did!
- No I didn't!
(glass shattering)
Now I did.
- Pete, go to your room.
- Go.
- It's not like Pete to do this.
- Well at least my Dad isn't
here to witness this mess
and to judge us for
it, oh wait he is.
I'm sorry that Christmas
is going off the rails.
Merry Christmas.
It's dancing lessons again,
I thought maybe this year
we'd actually finish them.
- Hey, the 15 minutes we made
it to last year were terrific.
It's the Bronskys, all
set for the big game.
- It would not be Christmas Day
without the annual
football game.
- Let's tango out of here.
- Okay, well maybe this year
we'll learn the
rest of the steps.
- Yup, okay.
(holiday music)
- Snow on the trees...
- No dorks allowed.
- Frozen fields, seems like
the perfect opportunity
for me to freeze my hiney off.
- It's a Christmas
Day tradition,
every year the Bronskys
crush the football.
- Hey Pete!
- [Boys] Better wear
your mouth guard.
- I'm open, right here.
- What are you waiting for?
I admired the way you
mopped up your own blood
after the Bronskys
cleaned your clock.
- [Pete] Thanks.
Why are you smiling?
- 'Cause I bet against ya.
- Bye guys, drive safe.
Safe drive home.
- Actually you know
what, now I feel bad.
- [Pete] Oh, thank you.
- Yeah right.
- Hey guys, great news,
the German Shepherd's
gonna make it.
- That makes one of us.
- What's wrong?
- Another catastro-pete.
He threw the winning pass.
- That's great.
- To the other team.
- Oh, Pete.
I'll come in and we
can talk about it.
Soon as I check that dinner.
It's raw.
No, no, no, no, the recipe
said 300 for two hours.
- Well did you reset the oven
after the power went out?
- What? No.
- So no Christmas dinner?
Way to go doofus.
- This family sure knows
how to throw a Christmas.
Right in the toilet.
- You know, I don't know why
you had to make dinner
so complicated anyway.
- Well, I...
I was just trying to
make Christmas memorable.
- Memorable, just
like the Titanic.
- Let's just, can we
put it in the microwave?
Does that work?
Does it fit?
- Just put that...
Put that down.
- What are we gonna eat then?
- [Voiceover] Hey out
in Christmas Land,
you're listening to the
best station in the city.
Don't touch that dial,
we have your favorite
Christmas classics
all night long.
Don't forget to
look out your window
for tonight's meteor
shower, and if you're lucky,
you may spot Santa too.
106.5, the station that
makes you want to listen.
- [Dad] Smells good.
Hey guys...
Hey, we may not have a home
cooked meal, but we can
be thankful for the
things we do have, right?
We're together, we're healthy,
and with time off I can spend
more time with you guys.
- That's what you
guys are calling
getting fired now, time off?
- I wasn't fired, I was
downsized, and it's temporary.
What? What?
- Nothing, except if you'd
gone to law school like I did
then you wouldn't be
a professional hobo.
- Well I have a profession,
I'm an advertising executive.
I analyze customer needs
and I help companies
craft messages that
drive consumer demand.
- But it's actually just
a fancy way of saying
that you sell snow
boots to dogs.
- I was assigned that
account, and I made the most
of what I got, which is
more than I can say for you.
- What's that mean son?
- [Dad] I don't know.
- Wow, this is delicious.
Maybe we should have
cheeseburgers every Christmas.
- Tasted a little bit
worse than my old wingtips.
- Lousy food, everybody's
mad, thanks a lot Pete.
- You're blaming me?
- There was an irrefutable
chain of events.
You shorted the power,
which ruined the meal,
and that's why we're
here for dinner.
- Dinner? Your brother's
eating a hot dog.
You call that Christmas dinner?
- No I don't, but this
is the best we can do
on Christmas day, so everyone
is just gonna eat their meal,
and be grateful for
Christmas dinner.
Go Christmas, or go home.
- Could this day get any worse?
Oh no.
- [Parents] Oh!
- [Jake] I just puked again.
The whole family got food
poisoning 'cause of you.
Thanks a lot dork wad.
I'm keeping this.
It's mine now.
- Hey bud...
Whoa, coming through.
- My favorite shirt.
- Oh honey, it'll smell great,
once we bury it in the backyard.
- Mom...
- Pete, I know it's hard
being the middle child,
but we'll start
fresh again tomorrow.
Merry Christmas.
- You don't have to sleep
with your brother anymore,
I'm leaving, clearly
I'm not wanted here.
Oh, I forgot.
I got something for ya, here.
Remember that lousy
Christmas I told you about?
When my Uncle Charlie
came from Old Country,
he said there was something
special about this.
And when the time came, I
was supposed to pass it on
to someone else in the family.
- What's so special
about an empty box?
- I don't know, I'm just
doing what I promised,
passing it on.
Maybe you'll figure it out.
- [Dad] What are you doing?
- [Grandpa] What are
you surprised for?
There's nothing for me here.
- Dad, what are you
doing, you just got here.
- I know when I'm not wanted.
- Thanks for nothing.
(gentle music)
(train whistle)
- Nothing stops the
Red Liner Express
from its 7:35 AM departure.
- What are you doing in my room?
- Grandpa's in my
room, sleepyhead.
- He left.
Oh, eww, you wet the bed again!
- I believe you're engaging
in what's commonly known
as projection, and
I would submit that
that pee is in fact yours.
- Ow!
- Ooh, you still
stink at football.
Last night I ate most
of the pancake mix,
so I hope you guys
like stale toast.
- [Kenny] It's Christmas
morning, (speaking Latin),
early bird gets
the worm, in Latin.
(holiday music)
- Good morning sunshine.
Go get Grandpa and
we'll open presents.
And put on something nice.
- Very funny.
- [Mom] It's Christmas.
- Grandpa's not in Kenny's room.
- What about knocking?
- I thought you left.
- What's that? Knocking.
Did you get this tree
right out of a box?
- [Mom] It has
sentimental value.
- Um, is this
supposed to be funny?
Having Christmas again?
I mean yesterday was the
worst Christmas ever.
- Do you have a fever Pete?
Honey, wanna go check,
see if Pete has a fever?
- Fever?
- Here, let me
feel your forehead.
Nope, it's not hot.
Presents, Jake you go first.
- Yes, alright, let's
see what we got here.
To Jake from Santa.
My crumpets are ready.
- Okay...
Great joke, recreating
the worst Christmas ever.
Okay, I get it, the tree fell
down, Grandpa left angry,
dinner was an epic fail,
but just consider
me punished, okay?
- Did he fall and hit his head?
His head looks a
little misshapen today.
- Of course not.
Did you, Pete?
- Look, I didn't hit my head,
I had Christmas yesterday.
Don't you...
Oh, you fixed the glass while
I was asleep, nice touch.
- Okay, let's get
Pete's present.
- Alright.
- Oh, that's what this is about.
Okay, I'm ready for my present.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Pete's present.
- Santa forgot my
present? Again?
- Oh honey.
We're so sorry.
- So just 'cause I messed
up you're making me
go through this all over again?
- We're not doing anything Pete.
- Okay, you're really
starting to worry me.
- Buddy, maybe you
wanna go back to bed.
- Thanks.
- Hey Kidder!
- Even the Bronksys
are in on this?
- Think fast!
- Impossible.
- It's as impossible
as your face.
- That doesn't even
make any sense.
- Yeah it does.
- Yeah.
- Not again, not again.
Oh my, come on!
- Oh Pete, you're
on chopping duty.
- I just had a very
traumatic incident and...
- Honey, there are lights
on at the neighbors
and I saw a car in the driveway.
- Well, new neighbors means
an introduction's in order,
and I know the perfect way.
On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me
- What are you waiting for?
- [Mom] It's raw.
- [Jake] So what are
we gonna eat then?
- Oh no.
- [Dad] What are you doing?
You just got here.
- I know when I'm not wanted.
(train whistle)
- Nothing stops the Red Liner
Express from its 7:35 AM...
(Santa noises)
- [Grandpa] Did you get this
tree right out of a box?
- [Mom] It has
sentimental value.
- Okay, now you're
just messing with me.
I get it, I ruined
Christmas, I'm sorry okay?
- Okay, I got
dinner in the oven,
now what's going
on with you Pete?
Are you okay?
- Does insanity fall
into the okay category?
- Honey, I know that things
have been rough lately
and we haven't been able to
spend as much time together.
- That's not it Mom.
- Then what is it honey?
- We did all this already.
Everything that's
happening today
has already happened before.
- Oh, that's just deja vu.
That feeling like
I've been here before.
But really you haven't.
- Well then what's that feeling
when today is exactly like
yesterday, when
nothing has changed
and you feel like you're
going completely nuts?
- I call that
working for a living.
Come on, I know what you need.
You need to get outside, you
need to get some fresh air.
Build a snowman.
- Mom, look I really appreciate
the trademark positive
attitude, but this is one thing
fresh air is not gonna fix.
- Did we just lose power?
- No, Jake plugged in his
video game and the tree was on.
It shorted the fuse.
- Jake!
(dramatic music)
- I'm stuck in Christmas.
(Santa noises)
(train whistle)
(clamoring voices)
(train whistle)
- [Kenny] Nothing stops
the Red Liner Express
from its 7:35 AM departure.
- Why is this happening to me?
(rock music)
- [Jake] You still
stink at football.
(train whistle)
- You've been in
your room all day.
I wanted to give you this.
- Oh right, the box, no thanks.
- Take it, you'll figure it out.
- Thanks for nothing.
No blows to the head
unless a snow ball counts.
Everyone seems fine
so the hallucinations
probably aren't from
the food poisoning.
It's not that.
(train whistle)
- I know, I know nothing
stops the Red Liner Express
from its 7:35 AM
departure, yeah, yeah.
- Now you caught me all misty.
- Honestly, I've got bigger
things to worry about.
Mom wants us downstairs.
Another Christmas
day, unbelievable.
- Pete.
- Oh, just go back
to your business.
Don't worry about me.
Kenny'll get the
telescope I asked for,
Jake'll get a football,
and then he'll ask Kenny
to throw it around,
and he'll blow the fuse
and yet somehow I will
get blamed like always.
- [Mom] Honey.
- Then we're gonna
get food poisoning
and Dad will argue with Grandpa
and then get Grandpa
really mad so he leaves.
Oh wait it gets
better, then tomorrow
we'll do it all
again, everything.
- He is an interesting kid.
Totally nuts, but
very interesting.
- Why am I the only one
that can remember anything?
- Hey Kidder!
- Wait.
- This fast!
- Yeah!
- Ha! Not this time.
I got you figured out.
You can't hurt me.
- Hello!
Are you okay?
- Who, me?
Yeah, more than okay.
My pants aren't ripped.
- Well, celebrate the
small things in life right?
- I'm Katie.
Merry merry Christmas.
- That's one too many merrys.
But a lot of things have
been repeating these days.
So, you just moved in?
- Yeah, yeah, from Wisconsin.
Just in time for Christmas.
- Well, sorry
about the caroling.
My mom takes it
pretty seriously.
- You've been
caroling at our house?
- Will carol at your house,
in like yeah 23 minutes.
- Oh, that's perfect.
My mom and I just baked a
ton of Christmas cookies
and we've got nobody
to give 'em to.
- Well, I'll see you in a bit.
I think I'm due for a
tree crash power outage.
- That is an odd
family tradition.
- Yeah, maybe I'll
skip it this time.
(power surge)
(loud crash)
- What happened?
- Um, ask Pete.
- Did you do this?
- No, actually I was
watching it all happen
from start to finish outside.
I even took this on my phone.
- Oh my goodness,
what is it now?
- So you watched
all this happen?
You took the time to
record it, you didn't help?
- Yeah, yeah why
didn't you help?
- Dad, that's not the point,
I had nothing to do with this.
- Pete, what is wrong today?
Why won't you tell us
what's going on with you?
- There's just no winning.
- [Grandpa] Hows about
a little help here?
- Oh, oh.
- Where's my crossword?
- It's not like Pete to do this.
- It's a fiasco
and my dad's here.
Look, I'm sorry this Christmas
is going off the rails.
Maybe this'll make up for it.
Merry Christmas.
It's dancing lessons.
Same as last year.
- Hey, how nice.
Dance lessons.
You guys have fun while your son
is stuck in a repeating day.
- Well, that kinda
shattered our moment.
- Uh, perfect.
The football game is on.
- [Pete] You call it
football, I call it torture.
- Have fun.
- Yup.
- You know what you
witnessed this morning?
Can we keep that
just between us?
Is that fair.
- Does everyone get grumpy
when they become a grandpa?
- Well you just
don't get grumpy,
you gotta work at
it, takes time.
Like making a fine wine.
You gotta bottle it up, let
it sit for a couple of decades
and then, oh boy,
then you can uncork
some vintage grumps.
Some downtown grumps.
- Hey Grandpa, can
you keep a secret?
- Sure.
- What would you do
if you were cursed
to live the same day
over and over again?
- It's not a curse,
sounds to me like a gift.
- A gift? Repeating the
same day over and over.
- Well you get to
live consequence free.
Wake up with a clean slate
every morning, even though
the night before you punch
some turd in the nose.
Sounds like a hoot to me.
- Never thought
about it like that.
Maybe it's time to
turn the tables.
Jake, I'm open.
- Kidder!
- That's what I'm
talking about, yeah!
- What are you doing?
- Poor sportsmanlike conduct.
You're benched.
- What, but it was a
pre-emptive strike.
They were gonna smash
me in 10 seconds.
- You've got exactly 10
seconds to hit the bench.
Move it.
- You got sauce kid.
- You bet against me.
- A friendly wager
with neighbors.
You know what part I liked best,
when you didn't let the two
big oafs intimidate you.
Us underdogs, we
gotta strike back.
- Strike back.
I like the sound of that.
(rock music)
(train whistle)
You, laundry, now.
- Um, I don't see
my name on any tags.
- Keep looking.
- A football?
- [Jake] What?
That's what I wanted.
- Well how do you like that,
this is just what I wanted.
- So, what did I
get for Christmas?
- [Pamela] Oh...
- Uh...
- Oh, Jake, we're so sorry.
- [Dad] Yeah, um...
- Are you kidding me?
Santa forgot about my present?
- No, no, no he didn't
- You said he was in there!
- This is his house isn't it?
- Yeah.
- [Pete] Hey Bronskys!
Think fast.
- Pete said you needed help
with your crossword puzzle.
- I do?
(gentle holiday music)
- Hi, I'm Katie.
- Hey neighbor, I'm Pete and
I'd say you're a cheese head.
- What did you call me?
- Hi, I'm Katie.
- Go Badgers!
- What are you talking about?
Go Bears.
- No.
Hi, I'm Katie.
- 'Sup girl.
- Just, just no.
- What up girl?
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
- You said he would be here.
- No I didn't, you
said he would be here.
(Santa noises)
- Did you reset the oven
after the power went out?
- What? No.
- So no Christmas dinner?
Thanks a lot doofus.
(doorbell ringing)
- And that would be dinner.
Looks a little small.
(doorbell ringing)
I do have a high metabolism.
(doorbell ringing)
Jake, I'm open, right here.
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi.
(screaming, grunting)
- You sure you wanna do this?
I mean the dabbler shouldn't
mess with the king.
Last time you quit
after like 20 minutes.
- Yeah well maybe cause you were
being such a competitive jerk.
- Hey, you know what,
I don't have time
for remedial football,
I should go practice.
- Whoa, I've been practicing.
Yeah, I might even be
better than you now.
- Really? So you want
to get humiliated.
Alright, fine, let's do it.
- You ready?
- For anything you've got.
- I'm open, I'm open.
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi.
I did it!
- There's no way we
lost, we're the Bronskys.
- Pieces of Green, thank you
shorty, that was 15 from you,
five from you, 10
from you, 10 from you,
that's right, thank you ma'am.
20 from you.
- How'd we do?
- Look here.
That's how we did, you did
wonderful, you were great.
- Thanks.
You know, I feel
like celebrating.
- I'm game for that.
- I don't know.
Hey Bronskys!
Think fast!
- Okay, you go first.
- One, two, three.
(holiday music)
On three alright, on three.
- Both?
- Yeah, both of us, on three.
One, two, three.
Hey Bronskys!
- Draw!
- Yes! Yes!
It was funny, come on.
(holiday music)
- Are you sure this
is supposed to be fun?
- Yeah.
Come on, put your back into it.
- Little windchill in my....
Go fast as I am, ready?
Do it fast.
Fast, not molasses.
(holiday music)
- I'm glad Mr. Schultz
could be persuaded
to open his store today.
- Well, you got style kid.
- Hey, hit me again.
- [Voiceover] Sure thing kid.
- You know when I first
started hanging out with you
I was concerned you might
be a bit of a whiner,
but you know what, you
became a real tough guy.
- Takes one to know one.
Tell me that story again,
when you were in the Navy.
When you short-sheeted
the Admiral's bed.
- How do you know that story?
Must be losing my memory.
- Sundae number 12.
- Thanks.
- You know something,
this day, today,
may be the best day I have
had in a long long time.
You know why?
And not because of this, but
because we swapped stories,
and laughed.
- Can I ask you something?
- Whatever.
- Why'd you decide to come
to Christmas this year?
- I got my reasons.
It's what your Grandmother
would've wanted.
I was worried that
I might get the cold shoulder,
and instead,
I got hot fudge.
- Cheers.
- You got it son.
- [Pete] Hey neighbor, I'm Pete.
- I'm Katie.
- The great state of
Wisconsin is the number one
manufacturer of
sharp cheddar cheese
with 143 million pounds a year.
But, I'd bet blue cheese
is actually your favorite.
- Wow, how do you know all that.
- Oh, I've got a
sense about people.
- Well, nice nice to meet you.
Are you having a good Christmas?
- A merry merry
Christmas actually.
- That's funny, 'cause
that's my expression.
Well, (mumbling).
- What about your dad?
- He's not here right now.
- Uh yeah, well my family's
mostly out to lunch too.
Grandpa's pretty cool,
but the only problem is,
he doesn't remember what
happens one day to the next.
- Yeah, I've got a
grandpa like that too.
- No, it's not what you think.
So, what's your favorite
Christmas carol?
- Jingle Bells.
But why do you ask?
- No reason.
Dashing through the snow
in a one horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go,
laughing all the way, ha ha ha
Bells on bobtails ring
- This is my favorite carol.
- [Katie] Mine too.
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
to ride and sing
- [Pete] Really?
- [Katie] Yeah.
A sleighing song tonight
Oh, jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride in
a one horse open sleigh, hey
Jingle bells, jingle
bells jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
- Revenge is sweet.
Too sweet, ah, I
think I'm gonna puke.
- Hey sweetie, how you doing?
- Oh please don't say
that word, sweetie.
My stomach hurts enough already.
- Uh, well no wonder.
Look at all this stuff.
Where did you get this money?
- Oh, Grandpa won it by
betting on me at the game.
Take as much as you
want, but just remember
to spend it before midnight.
- Okay, no more betting.
And Pete, Dad and I
were really proud of you
for winning the game,
but you and Grandpa
mooning the other team,
no one likes a show off.
- Come on Dad,
what are you doing?
You just got here .
- Come on, I know
when I'm not wanted.
- Well, there's the sound
of Grandpa leaving, again.
It's futile, just
like the house.
You clean it up, mess
it up, clean it up,
what's the difference?
It'll just be a mess again soon.
- You're awfully
philosophical tonight.
It's a very strange
Christmas we've been having.
But, tomorrow's a new day.
- Don't count on it.
- Are you putting designer
sunglasses on a snowman?
- Yeah, I won 'em from
somebody at the game.
You like?
- I guess.
Looks like somebody's had
an excellent Christmas.
- Not exactly.
I've been doing everything I
want, every day, but somehow,
everything doesn't feel as
great as it should feel.
Could I ask your advice
on something serious?
- Sure.
- Okay, what would you
do if you had to relive
the same day over
and over again?
- What wouldn't I do?
I mean anything, everything.
- It's not all it's
cracked up to be.
- Are you telling me that you
keep on reliving Christmas?
Over and over and over?
- Yeah. Look, I know
it sounds crazy,
but it's true,
and it never ends.
- That's great.
I mean the thing that's so
amazing about Christmas is
it forces you to slow
down and look up,
if only for a single day.
- For me it's like a lousy gift
I keep getting again and again.
And it's getting old.
(blowing wind)
- [Dad] Come on Dad,
what are you doing?
You just got here.
- [Grandpa] Come on, I
know when I'm not wanted.
- You're really leaving?
- Yessir, I came
here to reconnect,
it's just turned into
closing arguments.
Your parents certainly
do not want me here.
But that's my fault.
- But Grandpa,
you're the coolest.
- But you're the only
one that thinks so.
I strived all my life for more,
more money, more success,
and maybe I took the most
important things in life
for granted, but life doesn't
give you a second chance.
I had a second chance
and I screwed it up,
and if you ever get a second
chance to do the right thing,
then you grab it and
for goodness sake,
hold onto it with
both your hands.
(somber music)
(gentle music)
(blowing wind)
(upbeat music)
I'm on the wings
of the ordinary
You're on the wings of a dove
And i can't help
but ask myself
Am i good enough
Am i good enough
I don't know
I don't know
On the wings of
your fiery angel
On the blaze of your star
On the verge of
something better
Yes you are, oh yes
you are good enough
Good enough
Good enough, good enough
Good enough, good enough
Good enough, good enough
Good enough, good enough
(train whistle)
(train crossing)
- Look, I think you're
looking at it the wrong way.
- How's that?
- Well, if I had a chance
to relive Christmas
over and over again, I know
I'd only want one present.
- What?
- [Katie] Nothing.
- [Pete] Nothing?
- I mean, not a thing.
No thing,
I would just wanna
spend one more day
with all my family together,
before my dad passed away.
- But...
But I thought....
- I usually just tell
people that he's travelling.
It's just easier sometimes.
- I'm really sorry Katie.
- Me too.
But thanks.
But um,
if what you're
telling me is true,
and you're not pulling my
leg, which I'm sure you are,
then I've got some
advice for you.
- What?
Counting down the hours
Willing away the days
- Appreciate what you have.
Snow is piling up outside
And I just want to
hold your face again
- [Katie] Do the things you
never thought you could.
I've been dreaming
of the future
Wondering about my life
- Use your gift for good.
Thinking about
the years and years
And just how fast
they leave us behind
Seems so good, feels so right
I just want to be
holding your hand
All through the night
Seems so good, feels so right
I just want to be
holding your hand
All through the night
(train whistle)
- Nothing stops the
Red Liner Express
from its 7:35 AM departure.
7:35 AM.
- Yeah, and you also wet my bed.
- [Jake] Ah, you still
stink at football.
I don't want to
cry in the night
I want you holding my hand
As the days go by
I don't want to be
lonely with riches
I don't want to
cry in the night
I want you holding my hand
As the days go by
- [Katie] Look at that, wow.
- [Pete] I know.
Seems so good, feels so right
I just want to be
holding your hand
(guitar music)
- What in the world?
Do you know what time it is?
- Yeah, time for me to practice.
- [Jake] Ah, you still
stink at football!
Seems so good, feels so right
I just want to be
holding your hand
- Oh, sorry.
All through the night
Seems so good, feels so right
I just want to be
holding your hand
All through the night
Seems so good,
feels so right
- Merry merry Christmas.
I just want to be
holding your hand
- Merry merry Christmas.
All through the night
- It's not like Pete to do that.
- I know, and with my dad here.
- Since when does
this kid get up early
and make us chocolate waffles?
- Did we tell him that we had
chocolate waffles
on our honeymoon?
(guitar music)
- Sounds like Pete's
put on some tunes.
(guitar music)
- Well it's perfect
timing 'cause...
Merry Christmas,
that's your present.
It's dancing lessons, again.
- Maybe this year
we'll find time go.
(guitar music)
Dancing at Christmas,
takes me back.
- Remember that first
Christmas when you moved in?
- Ah, when you got
the Christmas parade
to make a detour to my house.
It was quite a party.
- Hole in the roof?
- Fake snow for atmosphere.
Just keep dancing.
(Santa noises)
- Listen Pete, I am so so sorry
we forgot to talk to
Santa about your present.
- It's okay Mom, I know
you're juggling a lot.
- Listen, there's one
Christmas tradition
we haven't done yet.
Let's do it, you and me.
Ah, in all the hubbub I forgot
about our taffy
making tradition.
- I think we should've
stuck with the old recipe.
- Come on, if this
recipe is good enough
that fine folks took the time
to upload it to the internet,
then it's good enough for us.
I can't move my hands, you?
- No.
Uh, Mom, you're making it worse.
- Help!
Anyone? A little help here.
Okay, I guess we have to
wait for the rescue parade.
- Mom, remember when I
was nine and I ran away,
'cause you said I was too young
to watch the midnight movie?
- Mm-hmm.
- How long was it
'til anyone noticed?
- I noticed, I was behind
you in the car the whole time
you were trudging down
the road to the bus stop.
- Really? I felt so independent
when I decided to
come back home.
- Well, you decided on your own
that running away was silly.
I was just hedging
my bets in case
the idea didn't
sink in fast enough.
Hey Pete, I know it's hard
being the middle child.
You know you got
your older brother,
the age advantage over
you, and the younger one
who sucks up all the attention,
but you're finding your way.
- You think Grandpa and
Dad will ever stop arguing?
- Honey, sometimes in
life things just are
the way they are,
and try as you might,
there's nothing you
can do to change it,
no matter how much
you might like to.
- It's not good enough.
- Well, sometimes
life surprises you
when you least expect it.
- [Pete] Finally.
- [Mom] Hey!
Wait, you're not just gonna
abandon me in here are you?
My nose itches.
- There you go.
- Thanks honey.
- You actually call
these sweaters?
- I know they're a tad
itchy, but Mom went through
a knitting phase and
they are Christmas-y.
- Christmas-y? Oh boy.
(doorbell ringing)
- [Kidders] Merry
Christmas Josephine!
- Hello.
- [Mom] Hi Josephine.
- May I help you?
- Only if you like caroling.
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy new year
Good tidings we bring
To you and your kin
Good tidings for Christmas
And a happy new year
- That's wonderful,
just wonderful.
You know, I'm all alone
this Christmas and you've,
you've made me very very happy.
Thank you.
I'll just get you some treats.
- Please, playing for
you was the only treat
we really need, right Grandpa?
- Yeah, I mean we may
look like ding dongs,
but we do enjoy spreading
Christmas cheer.
- [Dad] Hello.
- Hello.
- [Dad] We are the Kidder
family from next door,
and we wanted to welcome
you to the neighborhood.
(We Wish You A Merry Christmas)
- [Kenny] Nice one Pete!
- [Woman] That's great.
- Well, let's hurry
up, we got like
10 more houses to
hit before football.
- Pete, since when did you
learn to play the guitar?
- Yesterday.
- He has my genes.
(holiday music)
- Pete!
You brought a mascot?
- Yeah, you know I
thought he'd cheer you up
after the Kidders
demolish you on the field.
- When pigs fly!
- Sorry, inventing pork
wings isn't until tomorrow.
Jake, I'm open, right here!
- [Bronskys] We're
gonna get you Kidder!
- One Mississippi,
two Mississippi...
Yeah, yes!
- Yeah!
- The mascot...
- It was the mascot.
- Thank you!
Jake, what's wrong?
- I don't know, I'm just not
feeling the game this year.
When did you get so good?
- Benefit of being the
overlooked middle child.
You get a lot of free
time on your hands.
All those times
you never asked me,
I guess I really can play.
- Yeah, well that
makes one of us.
- Look, I don't get it.
You live for football,
I mean I just scored
the winning touchdown and we
won, why are you so upset?
- I got benched from
the school team, okay?
- [Pete] You?
- [Jake] Yeah.
- How's that possible?
- Apparently my passes are
off and the coach thinks
that I cost us the
last two games,
so he took me off first string.
- Well, you just gotta
get your confidence back.
You know, get back on
that football horse.
- Back on the what?
- Football horse.
- You're such a weirdo.
- Hey Pete, you
brought a mascot?
- To cheer you up after we win.
- Yeah, when pigs...
- Fly, yeah I got it, thanks.
Hey uh Jake, next play
I'm gonna set you up
for a winning pass.
- What are you talking about?
- Just trust me, okay?
They're gonna try to sack you,
so I'm gonna set you
up for a winning lap.
- You psychic?
- Just be ready.
- What are you waiting for?
- [Pete] Nice job Jake!
- Look at that, how about that?
- What did I tell you, you're
back on the football horse.
- That was a nice
play, come here.
- [Kenny] Nice play Jake.
- Kidder boys rule the day!
Get a picture, come here.
Everybody bunch in together.
- Picture for Dad, I know
he likes his pictures.
Caroling in the day
Tree lights twinkling,
tinsel crinkling
It's Christmas time again
- That's a Christmas star
moment, don't you think Dad?
- Your grandmother could
really make a Christmas.
I got money to collect.
- Hey Dad, meet
Amanda and Kimmy.
- Amanda, Kimmy.
- Their software firm is
going public soon and they're
gonna need some serious help
with their online ad campaign.
- Yes, but how did you know?
- Small town, word gets around.
And my Dad is one of the
best creative minds around.
- Wow, if your work is as
sharp as your son's game,
we should talk.
- Oh, definitely.
(holiday music)
- How was the game?
- Decent actually.
- And I think I
might have landed
a new job lead thanks to Pete.
- [Mom] What?
- [Dad] Yeah.
- I'm so happy!
Should be close.
- It's raw.
- What?
- It's raw.
Did you reset the oven
after the power went out?
- [Mom] No.
- So, no Christmas dinner.
Way to go doofus.
- Hey, who wants beef
wellington anyway?
- I wanted it, I wanted
to dazzle you guys
with beef wellington, instead
we have steak tar tar.
- [Dad] It's uh...
I think it's gonna be good.
It's a bit frozen, but um...
You know, I think if
we have the salad,
let's do the salad,
we'll have some...
(gentle music)
- Oh look.
- Oh oh, I got it, I got it.
- Look at that.
- Ooh, it looks good.
- [Dad] Look at that.
- [Mom] Should we taste it?
It's hot.
- It's um...
It's interesting, it's got a...
- I think the word is inedible.
Oh, I should have made
the classic sauce.
(gentle music)
- That was delicious.
- I don't remember,
I swear, adding that
port wine reduction sauce,
but it was delicious.
- Oh uh, no I got the dishes.
(gentle music)
- Honey, that was delicious.
- And what a pleasure to
have such lovely guests.
That's the kind of
tradition I like.
- It was so kind of
you to invite us.
To be honest, we've been a
little lonely this holiday,
but Pete knew all
the right things
to say to get us over here.
- The more the
merrier I always say.
- How about, a little music?
- Okay.
(gentle guitar music)
That was my dad's favorite song.
- He was a cellist and
we'd all sing along.
May I?
Earth stood hard as iron
Water like a stone
Snow had fallen, snow on snow
Snow on snow
In the bleak
midwinter, long ago
- Hey.
Thank you for tonight.
It was fun, and good for my mom.
- Yeah,
I'm glad that this day could
be perfect for everyone.
But, Grandpa and my
dad won't stop arguing,
even on a great day like today.
- Listen, you can't change
who people are Pete.
- But there must be
something I can do
to make 'em quit arguing.
- You know, maybe they just
need help finding common ground.
- Common ground, with those two?
- Yeah, I mean a common goal
always brings people together.
- I don't know why I let
Pete talk me into this.
- Me neither.
It's freezing.
- Give him two eyes would help.
Nose isn't bad.
He's way too round down there.
- He's what?
- He's too round, it's wrong.
- It's called perspective Dad,
there's more than one
way to make a snowman.
- No, there's not more than
one way to make a snowman.
- There's more...
- Not round like this, it
looks like Fatty Arbuckle.
- I don't even know
who that is Dad.
Dad, this is a
snowman, it's perfect.
- You know what you did,
something you've done
a lot in your life, you
chose the wrong way.
- I chose the wrong...
- [Grandpa] Yes.
- It's a snowman Dad,
there's a thousand ways.
- It's not just a snowman.
- Okay, there.
- I'm outta here.
- Dad, Dad, why don't
you remake the head?
Okay, if you don't
like the body,
why don't you remake the body.
You don't like this, let's
just chop it off here.
- They still going
at it out there?
- I mean what is it, nothing
I do gets them to stop.
- Dad what are you doing?
You just got here.
- Come on, I know
when I'm not wanted.
- What are you doing,
you just got here.
- Come on, I know
when I'm not welcome.
- Okay no, come on Dad, come on
we're making your
fantasy snowman here.
We're gonna make
your fantasy snowman.
- You didn't have a snowman.
- I'm making the snowman.
I'm gonna stay out here, I'm
gonna finish this snowman.
What are you doing?
- What are you surprised for?
There's nothing for me here.
- You came here (stuttering),
I'm not asking you to leave.
- Come on, I know
when I'm not wanted.
- You're wanted
Dad, come back here.
Everyone's together,
it's Christmastime again
- Nothing ever changes.
Is this how it's gonna be?
Are Grandpa and Dad gonna fight
for the next million years?
You dumb star, I hope you
turn into a red dwarf.
- What are you
yelling at a star for?
- It's complicated.
- More complicated than
projecting listening skills
onto a mass of...
- [Pete] Just buzz off, okay?
- Pete, maybe I can help.
- How do you do it, be
so cheerful and smart?
Great at everything.
- I was born that way.
It really brings up the
fascinating question
of nature versus nurture.
- Anyway, I just wanted to say,
I'm sorry for being a jerk.
I guess I'm just jealous, okay?
- Of me?
Pete, I'm jealous of you.
- Me?
Mr. middle child, ordinary Pete
who can't stick to anything?
- People always expect me
to be so smart and perfect
all the time, and
it's exhausting.
You know how many times
I retied my bow tie today
to keep it perfect? 19.
- That is a little obsessive.
- But you, do whatever
you want, have fun.
People don't lay the
same expectations on you.
You know what, I didn't
even want that telescope.
It feels good to say.
- You didn't want it, then
why didn't you say anything?
- Things have been really
tough on Mom and Dad lately,
and I just wanted to give them
one less thing to
feel guilty about.
Anyway, if you want
it, it's yours.
- Nah, you keep it, already
have everything I need.
And Kenny, just
'cause you're perfect,
doesn't mean you can't
loosen up and have fun too.
And one more thing...
Oh, snowball fight, huh?
Oh nice.
Oh but you can't dodge this
one, get ready here it comes.
Here he comes, here he comes.
- Goodnight Pete,
merry Christmas.
- Dad?
Did you and Grandpa
always argue?
- Um...
Well sometimes, after
your grandma died,
something that should have
brought us closer together
actually made us
grow further apart.
That happens sometimes.
- I miss her too.
She was funny, she always
smelled like peppermints.
- After she passed away, my dad
just kind of walled himself off.
I think he regretted not
spending more time with us.
- He must have been really sad.
- Know something...
My mom had the best
Christmases ever.
Every room in the house
was decorated with lights,
the presents were wrapped
perfectly, and the...
And the tree, the tree was...
And it was just lit up you
know, like a wonderland.
When Grandpa starts griping
about our Christmas...
- He's really just
missing Grandma.
- Well...
Never really thought
about it like that.
Merry Christmas.
- Goodnight.
You think I'm crazy.
- No, I believe you
believe what you're saying.
- You say that every time.
It's funny though,
reliving the same day
is like watching a movie
over and over again.
Nothing's what I thought it was.
- Well, if what you're saying
is true, and you're not
pulling my leg, which I'm
sure you are, sounds to me
like you've been given a chance
to make Christmas perfect.
- That's what I thought too,
but as far as Grandpa and Dad,
maybe perfect is unattainable.
You know, you once told me
that the best thing about
Christmas is it forces you
to slow down and look up
at all that's around you.
- I said that? I sound smart.
Forces you to look up.
- You just gave me an idea.
- Welcome!
(gentle music)
- What's going on here?
- I need you to
enhance this photo
of the ornament that's
on top of the tree.
And I raided your Duracells.
- How come?
- No questions, okay buddy?
- [Dad] Come on Dad, what are
you doing, you just got here.
- [Grandpa] Come on, I
know when I'm not wanted.
- What? Grandpa don't go.
- Pete, please.
- You can't.
- You all have a nice Christmas.
- Wait, before you go, you
might want to slow down
and take a look up.
At the tree.
- You found the Christmas star.
- I just recreated it.
- It's amazing.
- It's a gift from all of us.
To you and Dad.
Memories old and new.
- It's perfect.
- Remember that picture, it's
Mom at the bake sale there.
- That's the year I
burned the turkey.
Look how happy we were.
- Yeah we were.
- Well I really should go.
- Uh Dad,
I'd like to ask you
to stay for Christmas.
And that's an invitation
that's long overdue.
- Really I gotta go.
I can't impose anymore.
- I'm sorry Grandpa, you're
not going anywhere tonight.
- You know I was a pretty
mean linebacker back in 1968.
- Then you'll have
to go through me.
- And me.
- Oh boy.
- And me Dad.
- You guys broke me, I'll stay
another night, what can I do?
- Thank you Grandpa.
- [Mom] I'll take this.
- [Grandpa] Thank you.
- As long as I'm gonna
be stuck in a day,
let it be this one.
(train whistle)
The train didn't crash.
- Nothing stops the
Red Liner Express
from its 7:35 AM departure.
- Wait a minute.
(quiet voices)
- Hey, morning Pete.
- [Grandpa] You gave
us some Christmas.
- [Dad] Thanks Dad.
- So Christmas is over?
- Honey, I'm sorry
Christmas is over too.
- It's okay.
It's more than okay.
- Can't believe how much
that star looks like
the one that Mom made.
- No, better.
No, no, touching by you is out.
Jingle all the way
- [Voiceover] Good
evening radio land,
don't touch that dial.
Hope you enjoyed that
meteor shower last night.
Christmas may be over,
but New Year's Eve
is just around the corner.
These classics are coming
at you all night long.
- Hi!
- [Pete] Hey.
- What a fantastic party.
- And the food looks delicious.
- Oh you guys can
put those over here.
- [Both] Okay.
- Hey guys, I baked
all these cookies,
so make sure you eat up.
- Hey, do you want to play
with my new Christmas toy?
- Sure, I'll show you
my telescope after.
- I'm so glad you could make it.
- Oh it's my pleasure dear.
It's always nice to
have some holiday cheer.
- I'd like to introduce
you to my father in law.
George, you remember
our neighbor, Josephine.
- A lady with a great spirit,
and a touch of a
Philadelphia accent.
- Knoxboro born and bred.
- Honey, keep some
hot toddy hot for me,
I'll be back in an hour.
- What's with the outfit?
- I have that job interview
at the software
firm thanks to Pete.
So do I look hip?
- Honey, anyone who meets
you won't have any doubt.
- Save some of that for me.
- Hey Grandpa.
- Yes sir?
- Thanks for nothing.
- Excuse me?
- Remember that Christmas
box you gave me,
the one full of nothing,
finally figured it out.
- What is it?
- I realized that life's
like an empty box,
doesn't matter what
you get out of it,
what really matters is
what you put into it.
(holiday music)
It's a music box.
- It was broken, must
have fixed itself.
Like a whole lot of
other things around here.
- I love you.
- So, did you end up
having a merry Christmas,
or a merry merry Christmas?
- You know, I've lost count.
that's just fine with me.
(holiday music)
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a
merry merry Christmas
We wish you a
merry merry Christmas
Year after year
Good holidays we wish
To you and your family
A happy holiday,
we hope for you
Year after year
We wish you a merry Christmas
Year after year
Good holidays we wish
to you and your family
A happy holiday
we hope for you
Year after year
after year after year
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a
merry merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
Year after year
after year after year
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a
merry merry Christmas
We wish you a
merry merry Christmas
Year after year
Good holidays we wish
To you and your family
A happy holiday
we hope for you
Year after year
We wish you a merry Christmas
Year after year