Petite Maman (2021) Movie Script

- Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Can I keep her stick?
Put your belt on, Nelly.
Say goodbye.
I said goodbye.
- Aperitif time?
- Yes.
We're there.
- Where's your room?
- There, on the right.
That, for example, we don't need.
The fridge,
if you want to put it in the cellar...
I can't move this thing.
We won't start here, anyway.
- Hi.
- Hiya.
Mum, where was your hut?
In the woods outside.
- Show me?
- I have to get ahead here.
Was it three trees or four?
- Four.
- In a square?
I want to make one.
What hut do you mean?
Mum's hut when she was little.
Don't bother, he's forgotten.
They decorated around the dresser.
Remember that, Marion?
Yes, I remember.
I'm off.
- What's that?
- My childhood things.
She kept them all.
You weren't an ace at spelling.
- But you drew well.
- You think so?
Look at that fox smoking.
He's really good.
You're right, he looks nice.
It depresses me, taking all this home.
I went into the woods too.
Time for bed.
Does it upset you, being here?
I liked this room.
I didn't like it at night.
- Why not?
- Child's stuff.
I'm interested, I'm a child.
Beddy-byes for children now.
You always ask questions at bedtime.
That's when I see you.
You have to wait.
Wait for what?
For our eyes to get used to the dark.
That's when it appears.
The black panther.
At the end of the bed.
I could hear
its heart beating in my pillow,
louder and louder.
But, in fact, it was mine.
- Can you see it?
- No.
Neither can I.
I'm sad too.
Tell me why.
I didn't say goodbye to her.
You always said goodbye to her.
The last goodbye wasn't good.
Because I didn't know.
She didn't know either.
We can't know.
No, you're right. We can't know.
How would you have liked to say it?
Hold on...
I slept in the living room.
- With Mum.
- Yes. She told me.
She's sad.
I know.
She preferred to leave this morning.
We felt it was better.
- I have a job for you.
- What?
The cupboard in the hallway.
Once we finish, we'll go back to her.
Dad. What's this thing?
It's a paddle ball.
Hit the ball and it comes back.
A game you play alone.
Yeah, I guess.
It's perfect.
Can you help me?
What's your name?
Come on.
Give me your sweater.
Want something to drink?
Sit down.
You haven't told me your name.
I've never seen you before.
I'm at my grandmother's.
Who's your grandmother?
She died last week.
We're clearing her house.
I like to make cocoa islands
and eat them.
My grandmother died last year too.
She had the same name as you.
Is the toilet down the hall?
Are you leaving?
They must be getting worried at home.
Okay, then. Bye.
I'm here.
Are you okay?
I was scared you'd be gone.
I'm here.
Your sweater's inside out.
Anorak off.
- Enjoy the paddle ball?
- The band snapped and I lost the ball.
I found where Mum had her hut.
The trees were like she said.
You really don't remember that hut?
She made it just before her operation.
You don't forget,
you just don't listen.
That's true.
I like this string.
Maybe, but it's my string
to wrap the books.
You have miles of it.
I'll cut it...
One more. Hold it.
How old are you?
I'm eight. And you?
The same.
Any brothers and sisters?
- No. I'd like some.
- Me too.
Are you thirsty?
How long are you staying here?
I don't know.
The time it takes to clear the house.
We could do stuff together.
- I have to go home now.
- Okay.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
Want to come with me?
- What colour do you want?
- Blue.
"Each player picks a goose."
Where's the six?
You skip a turn, I play twice...
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Six. One, two, three,
four, five, six.
"You're in the dungeon.
Back to square one."
Hello, ma'am.
Did you go out, Marion?
I was careful.
The doctor will tell you again later.
He's less patient than me.
We won't tell him.
We leave in an hour.
I'm having an operation soon.
If they don't do it now,
I'll have my mum's problem when I grow up.
- When's the operation?
- In three days.
Seven. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven.
What's up? You look miles away.
I've made a friend, I think.
Do you mind if I smoke?
It's bad for you, but go on.
Would you let me sleep at her place?
Dunno. When she invites me.
We'll be here a few more days.
You can go if she invites you.
But don't invite yourself, Nelly.
Did Mum's operation go well?
She told you about it, didn't she?
Yes, but maybe not everything.
You never tell me
about when you were children.
Come on,
we tell you about it all the time.
Yes, but just little stories.
What are little stories?
Christmas presents you had
or if you loved pizza.
I don't know the real stuff.
What's the real stuff?
Things that scared you, say.
I was scared of loads of things.
Like everyone.
Tell me one.
Have you forgotten?
No. I haven't forgotten.
I was scared of my father.
How do you die?
Stabbed. In my sleep.
And why are you killed?
For money. I'm American,
but I have a Coca Cola plant in France.
So, you're really rich.
Business is pretty good, yes.
Then again, there's a recession on.
- Who else will you be?
- The inspector.
I'll be the countess.
That means you're the countess's son too.
And the maid.
So, I'll be the inspector's wife.
You're the journalist too.
I can't be, as there's a scene
between her and the countess.
I have loads more characters.
Because my part is so big.
Can you help me with the tie?
Of course.
Come here.
There you go.
Thank you.
- Where?
- There.
So, here it's...
"Zone" here.
You're gifted for your age.
Could you pass that glass of water?
Thank you, Nelly.
I haven't said that name in ages.
I went to bed at nine o'clock.
It was still light.
When I woke up, he was lying next to me.
He died between three
and six in the morning.
You didn't notice anything odd?
He seemed worried lately.
Problems at the Coca Cola plant.
What problems?
I don't know. He was secretive.
- And you?
- Me?
Are you secretive?
You know, secrets aren't always
things we try to hide.
There's just no-one to tell them to.
I'm listening.
You act really well.
- You too.
- I'd like to be an actress.
Yes. That's my dream.
You could be one.
- You think so?
- Yes.
I'm sick of staying in.
Can't we go to your place for a change?
My place isn't possible.
- Why not?
- A bad atmosphere.
Because of your grandmother?
My mother left.
I don't know.
She'll come back, for sure.
Scared about the operation?
Tomorrow, say you're going to my place,
but come to the hut.
I'm glad we met.
Are you okay?
I'll make one of your dreams come true.
Which one?
- Guess.
- You'll cut off your beard?
This classy old gear
made me want to do it.
Close your mouth.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You're handsome.
- Thanks.
- You're keeping these books?
- Yes.
- Want us to read one this evening?
- No.
I want to sleep to get to tomorrow.
Let's activate teleporting to tomorrow.
- Ready?
- Ready.
Thank you. It's better than I imagined.
I have a secret. Not just mine.
It's yours too.
You have to know it.
What's wrong?
Promise me you'll believe me.
I'll believe you.
I'm your child.
I'm your daughter.
You come from the future?
I come from the path behind you.
Show me.
How old am I?
She dies when I'm 31?
That's old.
It's not that old.
She always talks like it's for tomorrow.
She used to say,
"We might not see each other again."
She already says that.
You've kept her stick?
It smells like her hand.
You loved her a lot.
Very much.
- Nelly?
- That's my father.
What do we do?
Go on.
All done.
Shall we get our stuff and go?
Weren't we going tomorrow?
It took less time than I thought.
Can't we leave in the morning?
It's Mum's birthday.
It'll be a nice surprise for her.
I don't understand.
Aren't you keen to get back to her?
- I am.
- Why look so upset, then?
I wanted to stay one more night.
Are you leaving?
- Hello.
- Hello.
I wanted to invite Nelly
to stay at my place tonight.
See, I was invited.
I see.
- Why are you leaving now?
- To go back to my mum.
That's a pity. We were making pancakes.
Yes, it's a pity.
Some other time?
There won't be another time.
Thank you.
That's way too much!
- Good, isn't it?
- No, it's not good.
It's not good.
Wait a second...
You've got half a moustache. A moustache.
Come in.
- You're late.
- Forgive me.
When was the last time?
It was a year ago.
You're injured?
An accident.
You're incorrigible, inspector.
I wanted to see you again.
I wanted to see you too.
- Why?
- You know very well why.
Tell me all the same.
Because I love you.
Leave with me, ma'am.
That's impossible.
I have family in New York.
We could make a fresh start.
Don't you want to know why I sent for you?
I do.
Hush, it's all right.
This is our child.
He's beautiful.
This is why I can't leave.
He looks like you.
Come on, girls.
First soup, then the party.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Marion
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Marion
Happy birthday to you.
Why did she leave?
Your mother.
She didn't tell me.
What does your father say?
Not a lot.
But he's sad.
I get the feeling...
everyone is asking themselves questions.
You are too.
You were young when you had me.
I don't know.
It's what you say.
So, I'm listening.
At what age?
Did I want you?
I'm not surprised.
I'm already thinking about you.
What time is it?
Seven o'clock.
- When do you leave for the hospital?
- Midday.
There's time for one last thing together.
- Is that the music of the future?
- Yes.
Let me listen.
Should I take some games?
They probably have some there.
But will there be children to play with?
Take them.
- Are you scared?
- Of what?
That I might not come back.
It will all go well.
I meant in the future.
I meant your mum.
Yes, a little.
Because you're often unhappy.
You're not often glad to be around.
I don't think it's your fault.
I sometimes wonder.
You didn't invent my sadness.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Sorry for what?
For leaving you.
Don't apologise.
It was nice.
I wanted to see it one last time.
- It feels strange.
- Yes.