Petromax (2019) Movie Script

Because of the incessant torrential rains
in Kerala for the past one week...
the towns of Mananthavady, Vythiri,
Kalpetta in Waynad district
have been inundated and
defaced by the floods
This has affected the residents
and tourists of Wayanad very badly.
In more than 120 relief camps
in the district...
All the helplines are engaged.
'To oversee the rescue operations...'
Ma'am, I didn't do.
Believe me.
- Hey, Shut up!
- Why would I do it?
Don't hit me, ma'am.
Vetri, got any information about
mom & dad ?
Not yet. I'm inquiring.
I'm scared when watching
the news.
Just three days back, mom spoke
to me from Wayanad Temple.
I could not connect to her after that.
For the last 2 days, I've been enquiring
with the help of an Inspector in Wayanad.
You don't be afraid.
I'm restless not knowing
their situation.
I'll come to India today itself.
That's good.
You come to Wayanad directly.
I'll join you there, tomorrow.
Government hospital, Kalpetta
Wayanad District, Kerala.
Vetri, where are you?
At the entrance.
Why did you ask me
to come here?
Don't panic!
The search operation here
was wrapped up yesterday.
Some unidentified corpses
are kept in the mortuary.
Hey, what are you saying?
Nothing wrong would have happened.
Just we'll confirm nothing has happened.
Dear, you left me alone.
Five corpses are here.
Their faces have been distorted.
You've to identify them with their clothes.
Come in.
'Manimangalam - Chennai's Outskirts'
To come home where mom & dad...
no longer is, feels like coming
to stranger's home.
What's a home?
It's the people living in it as well.
I can't stay even for a day
in this house without them.
All our friends used to study
here during exams, right?
Everything's over.
What is left for me here?
I'm leaving to Malaysia next week.
Okay, what's the plan for the house?
I think of settling down
in Malaysia itself.
No intent of returning to India again.
What will I do with this house?
Let me know if there are buyers.
Let's sell if off.
Greetings, ma'am.
Give it to her.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
What's the horoscope for you?
It's says, I'll win in sports like
bull taming & wrestling.
- Had food, Sir?
- Yeah.
Take it.
Wish you a long life!
A family is ready to check out
the house for buying, the middleman said.
They're are ready with cash.
If they like the house, they'll finish the
registration and move in immediately.
What do you say?
"A new day shines..."
"Bright and radiant"
"Family brings us warmth..."
"A wonderful blessing it is!"
"A new day greets ..."
"Bright and radiant"
"Family brings us warmth..."
"A wonderful blessing it is!"
"Beautiful relationships"
"Here to stay and cherish"
"and what else will
bring more joy to heart?
"Our future unfolds nicely"
"Spreading the fragrance of happiness..."
" isnt this a pure bliss?"
"The blue hue will never fade,"
"and my sky is a pond
of shooting stars!"
"When the lamp of joy is always lit..."
"the home becomes a
shrine of its own!"
"A new day greets ..."
"Bright and radiant"
"Family brings us warmth..."
"A wonderful blessing it is!"
Don't know how mom is
doing with brother.
At least, you can call him
and check about her?
We didn't ask her to leave.
She wished to be with her son and left.
Your brother will
take care of everything.
No, dad.
I think you were bit hasty
regarding brother.
No, dear.
I thought twice before
taking the decision.
- But, you didn't even call...
- Grandpa!
What, dear?
Suddenly, I've got a special power.
When I clap,
the door opens, on it's own.
Is it?
Clap now, let's see.
Special powers?
Go... go and study.
Dad, do you need anything else?
That's my toy!
Lord Anjaneya!
Lord Anjaneya!
That's my toy!
Hey, what are you doing here?
What happened?
A boy came and tried to grab my toy.
A boy?
Which boy?
Nowadays, you've
become more naughtier.
It's true, sister.
A plumpy boy came.
You are bored and you
are playing with me.
Go and play with grandpa.
What happened, ma'am?
Nivedha was right.
Someone is in this house.
Something's there.
Don't be scared, Meera ma'am.
Let's see what it is.
Grandpa, you've to clap thrice
after you hide, okay?
Grandpa, are you ready?
Grandpa, here I come!
Grandpa, here I'm!
- Grandpa!
- What happened, dear?
- Nivedha! what happened?
- Don't know, she got scared.
Nivedha, what happened?
What happened?
Grandpa, I'm scared.
Do Ghosts really exist?
There is no such thing.
Then, who are they?
Don't know.
You don't be afraid.
God will take care of them.
When will God come here?
Hey, come.
- Sir!
-Come on I say.
Don't overact.
Where is the ghost?
- Call it, let's see.
- Sir!
Hey, what?
Are you trying to scare us
saying the ghost is here?
I swear on my mother.
Ghost exists, here.
I stand witness to it.
Don't bluff!
Hey, we both are here.
But, it's not visible to us.
Trust me, this place is haunted.
I saw it.
Mr. Sundar's family and myself
came here, a while ago.
Come in, sir.
Get in.
Sir, this is the hall.
That's the kitchen.
There are two large rooms.
And two bedrooms upstairs.
Come, let's see.
That's my toy.
That's my toy.
That's my toy.
The goods should reach in two days.
Else, I'll not spare any of you.
- Dad!
- What?
There is a ghost in that room.
Hey, what are you blabbering?
Go play downstairs!
Oh, no!
Hey, I've come to checkout
a house for buying.
Hey, Ganapathy!
I asked you to show me a house and
you are showing me a graveyard.
A ghost exists here.
You just stay here and die.
I'm going.
Grandpa, here I'm!
- I swear on you... on you...
- Hey.
Sorry, sir.
I swear on me...
The ghost is playing
hide and seek, here.
Narrating ghost tales to me?
Get lost!
Ask Sundar sir.
Ask him right now.
I could not ascertain truthfulness
in what he says.
But, what you do is...
Take it.
You must tell everyone
exactly what you've seen here.
The whole town should believe
there is ghost in this house.
None should dare to
enter this house.
Why sir?
Don't question me.
If you tell people that
we asked you to do so...
I'll slit your throat.
- Dad!
- Sir!
- Dad!
- Grandpa!
Guru, let's exploit his urgency.
Let's say, no one is buying
a ghost house...
...and we will sell it for low cost.
Good plan!
If we demolish this house and
build a commercial complex here,
Will see lots of money.
Let's take equal share
in the profit.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Sister, are we dead?
Are we ghosts, really?
Sir, what's this?
Are we dead?
When and how did we die?
Dad, I want to see mom.
Meera, we're dead.
We don't have any relations.
We have moved away
too far from her.
I don't agree, dad!
Death doesn't end
our relationships.
I want to see mom.
Till then, they won't allow us to stay.
They know that we're merely ghosts.
They'll chase us away by some means.
Come whatever...
We've to stay here for mom.
Whoever comes between this,
we'll chase them away.
How can we, ma'am?
Our fear died along with us.
But humans fear.
Thats enough to chase them away.
'Fear', thats our weapon.
Dad loved this car.
Yeah, I know.
He never allowed us
even to touch it.
Sir...! Sir...!
Get the key first.
What happened?
There is ghost in this house.
I cant sell this house.
Hey! what do you mean?
- Is there ghost in this house?
- Yes, sir!
I stand a witness for that.
Are you hoaxing to reduce
the cost of the house?
If I want to buy this house,
I'll bargain and finalize it.
I won't lie.
My humble request...
'Please let me go'.
Hey, Ganapathy!
What is he blabbering?
Ignore him.
Who heeds his words?
He is a small middleman.
I know a builder named Guru.
Let's talk to him.
Will he buy it?
He says that ghosts exist here.
He'll buy properties irrespective
of encumbrances involved.
He is a big shot managing
multiple ventures.
Let's talk to Guru, this evening.
You are here?
- Greetings, bro!
- Greetings,
- Go and sit.
- Okay, bro.
For quite some days,
serpents haunt me in dreams.
People say it's sign
of getting married.
Rather get bitten by a serpent.
You nailed it!
What a glow in sirs face!
- Yes.
- Thank you.
Sir, are you a first time drinker?
Shall I tutor you
to open the bottle?
Sir, don't get scared.
My name is 'Tasmac' Douglas.
What's the name?
'Tasmac' Douglas.
Not a big deal, sir.
Take the bottle, tap twice
on top and bottom...
...and open, smoothly.
Start the vehicle!
What did you guys tell?
Hey! wait.
let me talk...
Explain them!
Look, he is like an election
candidate before boozing.
Once done, he'll create
a ruckus like a victorious M.L.A.
Then, you'll lose the deposit.
Look before you leap.
Is that clear?
- Sorry, sir!
- Scoot.
Is this egg yours?
'My life is in a bottle'
Boss, what are you doing?
I'm checking the accounts.
As he's watching cricket with the book,
he must be a bookie.
Look, that batsman will hit sixer
in a single shot.
Want to test my prediction?
Hey, that's a sixer!
I bid a ditto shot in the next ball.
Wanna challenge?
The bowler'll bowl a similar ball
and the batsman is going to hit six.
Dear, please leave.
One single bet!
Double money! Free hit.
Go mind your business.
Leave. Oblige the boss.
I'll. You go home with the money.
I know that.
Get lost.
Here comes the shot!
Hey, bowled!
Clean bowled.
Hey, that's a re-telecast.
Re-telecast match?
Hey, are you betting
on the past match?
Give me the money back.
- Hey...
- Give me my money back.
- Hey....
- Give it back, else...
- Thangam.
- Move aside, who are you?
Hey, who are you guys?
Give my money back,
else you will face the consequences...
Boss, he gambled
as he was high! Pity on him.
How dare to pass me the orders?
Get on with your work.
- Boss... I meant...
- Move!
Let's wrap it up for
10 millions
10 million?
The house is worth 50 millions!
Trust me. 10 million is exaggerated
amount for a haunted house.
Do you really mean it, sir?
Do you still believe
in ghosts and devils?
- Senthil, go and check that table.
- Will check, sir!
Saravanan sir, even if the best
surgeon performs a surgery
we'll pray to God!
God is a belief.
Humans are real.
We believe in God than humans.
Belief fares better than truth.
Guru, 10 million is damn low price.
Not sure if it's worth 10 million.
But, thats final.
I'll pay the whole amount as cash.
Give it a deep thought,
call me if you are fine with it.
You want to go to Malaysia
in a week?
What's your plan?
Okay, try your best
and finalize it at a better price.
Dont get tensed!
I'll try my best.
- Enough!
- Not this, sir!
I overheard your conversation.
If you dont mind,
Can I tell you something?
Tell me!
I've a good notion to sell
your house at a better price.
People are skeptical about buying,
presuming it to be haunted.
What are you going to do?
Thats the catch, sir.
We can prove there is no ghost.
Tell me.
If we manage the stay of four people,
If they come back safely,
Everyone will believe there is no ghost.
Who will dare to stay there?
You need not worry about
it, sir.
People are ready to stay in a
graveyard, provided we pay them.
Then, you can sell the house
at a good price.
Sir, my commission?
I'll see to it.
Thank you, sir.
- I'll talk to them, right now.
- Okay.
Look at the house!
It looks like a haunted bungalow.
Will there be any ghosts?
Doesn't matter.
Aren't you scared of ghosts?
I used to get scared in my childhood...
When I fell in love with a girl,
I lost half the fear...
...and when I married her,
I totally forgot it.
Irrespective of it's presence...
we shall stay here for four days... senthil said
and get a hefty amount.
Come on.
Hey, jolly!
I'm going to see the ghost.
Hey, why did you
bring this media guy?
I told him, we're going to
a ghost house.
So, he invited himself to
click photos of the ghosts...
These people barge in with cameras
to all the places except restrooms.
Hey, why did you take my photo?
Brother, you are cute as a ghost.
I'll sell your photo to the channel
instead of ghosts photo...
...if I dont get one.
Hey! you're talking too much.
- Go away.
- Brother, just one photo.
- Hey, move away.
- Brother!
Are you a dummy?
I'll punch you.
Come, lets take a photo.
Thats my toy.
The toy is mine!
Hey! Chitti 3.0...
Who are you, sir?
So handsome?
"The demons are diverse.
The spirits are individualistic."
"Is there any ghost here?"
"Can I get a glimpse of it?"
"There are no ghosts."
Muthu brother?
Are you dead?
You taught me never to
exhibit fear in eyes
But, you've closed
your eyes for ever...
Kumar brother?
Kumar brother?
Kumar brother?
Is anyone here?
I'm feeling scared...
Lord Ayyappa, please save me!
Almighty Allah, please save me!
Jesus Christ, save me!
Muthu brother?
This is our house...
Chief, I made the mistake
when I was high!
- Brother.
- Have coffee!
Give me...
- Have it.
- That is...
Mom.. just now you
gave tablets, right?
Take her.
- Come, mom...!
- Go
Take her.
- Come, mom...!
- Go
- Come, mom...!
Mom is suffering with amnesia...
She forgets everything...
...and she repeats everything.
continue from where you left...
That's the money for
my sons surgery.
My wife left to her mothers place
as I lost the money...
Oh, goodness!
You please talk and get
my money back, chief!
The money which we've given to Guru
is like an offering to temple's collection box.
We cant get it back.
Let's think of some alternative.
My sons life is in your hands!
First, this drunkard spoiled my life.
Now, he spoiled my child's life too...
Look at this child face.
Somehow, arrange money
for us, brother...
I'm begging for my childs life.
You're talking too sentimentally.
Wait, let me see.
I had never helped my own sister...
- Brother, my problem is...
- Stop.
Wait...your wife rendered
your dialogues...
I'm helping only for her sake..
- Apparently a big deal will be wrapped...
- Chief!
I said 'apparently'.
The deal is not closed.
I think they're sleeping, sir.
Move aside.
Hey, Manohar!
- Don't talk anything, brother.
- What happened?
I cant hear.
- What?
- I cant hear, brother.
- Hey, Manohar!
- Stop.
- Who is that?
- He's our guy, sir...
He is hyper active.
Oh, God! Muthuswamy!
- Muthuswamy!
- Check what happened?
- Thank God!
- What?
Sir, he is alive...
Hey, you wont be alive
if he dies.
You said as three people..
where is the another one?
I dont know, sir.
Who is responsible if anything
happens to these people?
I'm responsible, sir.
Saravana, he isn't right for this.
Let's seek Guru to get it done.
Give me one last chance, sir.
Loot at the state of these guys....
Forget about them.
I'll stay in this house
and prove that no ghost is here..
One final chance, sir.
- Look! This is your last chance...
- Okay, sir.
If you prove that there is
no ghost here...
I'll give you 10% commission
of this houses selling price...
Thank you, sir.
Come on...
Take care of him.
I'll take care, sir.
I guessed they will get wasted
when they demanded a hefty advance.
Hey, Kumar!
Where are you?
Hey, Kumar!
Oh gosh! Why?
What happened, chief?
This is uncalled for
considering your health.
Even a sneeze or cough could
put your life in danger.
Just a clink of tumbler
gives you jitters.
Had God warranted a doctor... let person live or kill
I'd have killed this
imbecile long before.
Passion, doctor.
To hell with your passion!
How is your bowel movements?
It's normal.
What happened, doctor?
He attempted suicide
by poisoning himself.
Oh no!
He had mixed four drops of poison
in high proportion of sweet.
The poison failed.
But, the high sweet
intake did the job.
Dysentry for three straight days.
If you truly want to die...
No need to pay the fee.
Just let me know.
I'll do the needful.
- Everything is normal.
- Thank you, doctor.
In case of emergency,
take the pills I prescribed.
Thank you, doctor.
Guess he is ashamed!
Brother, why did you
decide to die?
Passion, sir.
A musical line from the film, "Muthu"
'I'm perplexed'
'I pity you'
'Kiss me back'
'What did you say?'
'Asked you to kiss.'
A musical line from the film, "Muthu"
'Tell me, what did you do
to my boss?'
'You killed him.'
'Why did you kill my son?'
'Why are you panicking?'
Don't turn.
Don't turn...stand there with
same expression.
You are rendering so many expressions
in few seconds, like a great actor.
Give an expression for sorrow.
What a beauty!
If actor Rajinikanth had a son,
he'd be like you.
Yes, sir.
Now the profile.
Step back.
Have you been to
Kodambakkam and Saligramam?
No, sir.
If you've sipped tea
in the shop opposite to Prasad studio,
You'd have been casted
by Director Shankar and Maniratnam.
The dying Tamil films has
to be redeemed by you.
Dude, if you take up acting,
you'll be next Vijay in 2020.
Next Rajini in 2022.
Next MGR in 2024.
The next Chief Minister
of Tamil Nadu in 2026.
Chief Minister!
Is this Karan?
Sir, we got a hero for our film.
If he were born in Los Angeles...
He would have been the
next Hollywood super star.
Don't worry. I'll bring him
to the shoot, tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
Okay, sir.
Sir, who is Karan?
Hey, he is Subashkaran
of Lyca Productions.
Lyca Productions?
Yes, you're the lead hero
for his three films.
Three films!
What's this?
Get up.
I'll make you a star as promised.
But, you need to spend
little money.
Spend money?
Is this self financed or bank aided?
Self financed.
This will cost you a million
rupees. Is that fine?
A million?
After 6 months,
you will earn one million in a day.
Give me a swift reply.
- Three...
- Okay, sir.
Yeah, what's your name?
Henceforth, your name is,
'King Kali'.
A musical line from the film, "Muthu"
What are you doing?
Practicing my signature
for autograph.
You're too smart.
You've a bright future.
I have sold my
shop trusting you.
Take care, sir.
Don't worry.
You'll be the next super star.
You'll build multiplexes.
Moreover, you are shooting
with Samantha tomorrow.
Unbelievable, sir!
Get down, soon.
You've to meet the press.
I've informed the media people..
Wear the coolers.
To impress the masses.
Wear it.
Studio Green's producer?
Hero is next to me.
Yes, sir.
He should act in your film.
That too with other
lead heroes.
Sorry sir. He'll not act
in multistarrer.
I'll act, sir.
Let's try for
the next film, sir.
What? Are you waiting
outside the house?
I'm coming.
It was a great opportunity.
Why did you deny?
Fool. You're born to rule alone.
Is the alliance rule important?
Go inside...
Bless me, sir.
But, be cautious with
the film industry people.
Oh, no... am I a goof?
Follow me.
- Sir, this way.
- Brother, go inside.
Sir, please.
- Who is he?
- Don't know.
What's USP of your film?
Greetings to all!
- Is the mic working?
- Yes, sir.
This is my second film
signed in his production.
I feel happy as I've
signed three films.
Who is he?
Who are you?
I'm the lead hero
of this film.
Then, am I the antagonist?
Vaibhav sir is the hero of our film.
Then, who am I?
Oh, is the shoot on
the first day is with someone?
I told Paripooranam,
'I'll not act in multistarrer.'
Didn't he tell you?
Who is Paripooranam?
All the Producers know him.
Don't you know?
Hey, put your hands down.
How dare you talk to me like that?
I will dare.
Throw him out.
If you touch me,
the whole state will blaze.
Come on.
Come out.
My money!
You heard him, right?
Go away.
The film industry has lost
a good hero.
How much do you need?
1 million for female lead,
2 million for shooting...
...3 million for miscellaneous.
With 10 million,
I'll become a hero.
Wish even more.
Give the sickle.
I'll lynch you.
No, I don't have the desire
to act, anymore.
Give me a million rupees.
I'll survive setting up a saloon.
That's why...
Everything is gone.
How will I save my son?
I'll not let you down.
Will you be quiet?
It's hurting.
Kali, just for three days,
If you just follow my instructions...'ll get the expected money.
I have already been a victim
of such sugar coated words.
All I'm left with is, this knife.
Do you need this, too?
What to do with this?
- Get lost.
- Sir,
Sir, at least he has a knife.
I don't even have that.
I don't need hefty amount.
Just 0.7 million is enough,
I'll come along.
Everyone is asking for a share.
Is he running share market
Don't hesitate, sir.
Even 5 lakh rupees will do.
You said five and showing
four fingers.
What about the other finger?
Mr. Security guard,
is the air conditioner working?
The air conditioner is not effective.
Get the air conditioner checked.
If this heist gets exposed, the bank
will cancel our agency's contract.
So, without a fuss we
have replaced the money.
You must help us recover
the money from him.
Nanda, is that an ATM
or public toilet?
You charge them for their entry?
If this gets leaked,
flinging partners will flood the ATMS
Let me watch the second half.
Oh no!
You could have done
one more thing.
Tell me, sir.
You could've booked and
escorted them in a cab
They'd have gone cool.
But, I guess you are
good at playing flutes.
Thank you, sir.
- Will you play a song for me?
- Definitely, sir.
Play now.
You played it, excellently.
Really, you're a good artist.
We are not pressing charges on you.
Now, we're friends.
Better, give him the money
in a week.
Okay, sir.
I have got no money, sir.
No money?
Yes, sir.
I swear...
So, you can't pay him the money?
I can't.
I can't take up this
melancholy anymore.
Look here, if you guys stay
with me for three days... a house, I'll give
a million for each of you.
You can set up your parlor and
I can take care of my son's surgery.
Why is he still crying?
Noticed his ear?
He is audibly challenged.
Hey, look here.
- At least three lakhs?
- Not three lakhs...
If you come along,
we'll give you ten lakhs.
- Ten...
- Fix it in the ear.
Ten lakhs!
Sir, has anyone seen God
in person?
Here he is, sir.
My God is here...
Step in with right leg.
Who are you, guys?
How did you sneak in?
Sir, It'll get over.
just wait.
You want me to wait?
She has come!
Who came and where?
Why is he rapping?
I know, you're here.
Appear here.
Your brother has come
in search of you.
Hey, go!
He is doing mimicry, chief.
It shouldn't be scaring us.
Hey, move away.
What's this Senthil?
We've just arrived.
Don't know, sir.
- Sir...
-Who are you?
- My sister's spirit, sir.
-What's she doing here?
I'll hit you.
Get out.
What's this, Vetri?
Won't you listen?
Get out.
Get up.
- Go out.
- Sir...
Go out.
It's not a spirit but ghost.
It'll avenge you.
You will be dead before dawn.
What's this?
Ask me.
You didn't believe
when Guru said.
But here, the guys whom
you've sent became lunatic.
Don't know whether
the other one is dead or alive?
What? Alive or dead?
Does ghost exist here?
Under what pretext have
you brought them here?
Is this a picnic spot?
Who is responsible
if these people die?
Vetri, leave him.
- Look here...
- Sir!
First, prove there is no ghost
in this house.
Not 10%, I'll pay you
20% commission.
Thank you, sir.
I'll come in the morning.
It's fine if I can find you here.
Else, I'll finalize the matter
with Guru.
We'll be here for sure.
You can leave.
Come on.
Have they unraveled it?
What's this, sir?
Did you hear what he said?
He will play 20% commission.
He said, he'll give
if we're here.
Does it mean, if we're alive?
Let's be confident.
Did he tell us to stay
for four years?
Just for four days...
Come, let's go.
Look there, a spacious courtyard,
a kitchen and 2 bedrooms upstairs.
Let's stay happily.
Why are you all looking dull?
Senthil sir, I came with you
assuming you'll help me...
but you've brought
me to a haunted house.
Believe me!
The ghost doesn't exist
in this world.
How it's possible to be
in this house?
Chief, you know I believe in God.
But, if God comes before me,
I'll be frightened.
When I can't face God,
I'll die if it's a ghost.
I can't stay in this house
panicking each and every minute.
I'm leaving.
- Hey, listen to me.
- Sir,
I'm afraid to commit suicide
though I wish to die.
How can I stay in a haunted house?
Leave me, sir.
I'll run away.
What is fear?
You fear that your wife and
children might leave you.
You fear that you
might not become a star.
You fear that you'll
be branded as a thief.
Fear isn't induced...
But innate...
If a vehicle hits us suddenly,
we can't stop it.
But, we can overcome
the fear, that's innate.
Fear of living.
Fear of dying.
Fear of God.
Fear of ghost.
Fear of advancing a step.
Fear of retreating a step.
Feared of everything,
Are you going to die
without making progress till the end?
'Lead the life with fearlessness
and not fearfulness'
'Fearfulness isn't worth a nag'
'Millions have fallen a prey to fear'
''Fear not'- there's still a lot left in you '
I'll overcome this fear.
Who is ready to
stay with me?
I am...
Who is ready to die
with me?
I am...
Who will overcome the fear and emerge
victorious alongside me?
I am...
- Hail Magizhmathi!
- Hail Magizhmathi!
- Are you ready?
- Ready.
- Shall we go?
- Let's go.
Come on.
Hey, why are you scared?
Look at him!
He has tucked up his lower
and ready like a raging lion.
Raging lion?
It's a shameful thing to share.
I'm just getting ready to
retreat, when the ghost shows up.
You go forward.
For accolades,
you let others take the lead?
And let me lead
for getting bashed.
Come on.
I'll kill you.
Hey, Kumar!
Got any sense?
You're trying to kill?
- Why did you bring these people?
- These people?
The house is haunted!
It's dangerous to stay here.
Come, let's run away.
Who is he?
He is our guy.
He has boozed all night
and is still high.
Will this pill help you overcome fear?
It has nothing to do with fear,
but I'll die, If I don't take this.
Don't say so, sir.
We've come here trusting you.
Why are you on medication?
Not so interesting.
It's heart problem.
Really, sir?
That's a long story.
Are you going to narrate
a flashback, sir?
Yes, why?
To play the background music.
- Are you good at it?
- Of course, sir.
It's okay.
No, a book.
Tell her.
Grandma, your granddaughter
and I are in love.
Oh, no! Not her.
She is my sister-in-law.
I meant your
elder granddaughter.
We're waiting to get
married with your consent.
Already, I got heart attack, twice.
If you get married,
who will help her get married?
If getting married is your only
concern, go ahead.
What if your sister
doesn't get married...
...your brother is jobless
It's upto their fate.
The ball is in your court.
Keep your ears open.
No matter what happens.
Until my sister gets married
and my brother gets a job.
I'll not get married.
I swear on my grandma.
She is very affectionate on her siblings!
Damn it!
Are you angry?
No... yes...
Happy, now?
I need some favors from you.
I must find a bridegroom
for your sister...
...and a job for your brother, right?
Anything else?
A good news.
I have got a job for
Mr. Muscle, my brother in law.
To graze the camel,
why is he building his body?
I said 'pass this appointment letter'
Let him see.
I got your younger
granddaughter married.
And got a job for
your grandson.
Can we marry, at least now?
What do you say, dear?
Grandma, all the obligations
are over, isn't it?
If getting married will you
keep you happy, go ahead.
- Grandma, bless me.
- Hey, get up.
But, did you think of
this helpless old granny...
...suffering to fetch
a glass of hot water?
- Grandma!
- Grandma!
- Keep your ears open.
- Keep your ears open.
- Whatever happens...
- Whatever happens...
We'll not marry
until you die.
I swear on my grandma!
Do you love grandma so much?
Stay blessed, dear!
Put your hands, down.
- I must put an end to this promise.
- Sorry, forgive me.
Still how long will
you kiss in the air?
- I'll die before your grandma does.
- Senthil!
I got your sister married
and got a job for you brother,
And let me kill...
I can't wait until she dies.
Let's do one thing.
Let your grandmother stay
with us after our marriage, okay?
Yeah, okay.
I'll find an auspicious day
and arrange for the marriage.
Grandma, I got the sample
Have to finalize.
Call Shylu.
Shylu will not come.
She'll come if called.
She went to buy milk
will not be back, henceforth.
She would've went
to buy milk for coffee.
She'll come now.
No. she went to buy milk...
To buy milk?
She eloped with the milkman.
What are you saying, grandma?
Yes, take a look at it.
Apple of my eye!
I'm sorry.
It's my mistake.
I fell in love with him.
Love is strange.
No one can predict our future love...
Had I predicted this...
...definitely I wouldn't have
left to buy milk.
Grandma need not wait for milk and
you need not wait for me.
Forget me, Senthil.
With fluttering...
and throbbing heart...
Yours sincerely.... Shylaja.
Oh, my God!
What happened, doctor?
There is a big hole
in your heart.
My love, Shylaja is
the reason for it.
Break up?
If every break up gives
a hole in the heart...
There will be a minimum
of ten holes in every man's heart.
This defect has been
ever since your birth.
It has been identified now.
What shall we do about it, doctor?
Get ready with 10 bucks.
Where can I get
ten thousand rupees?
It's not ten thousand?
Ten lakhs.
- What?
- Ten lakhs.
- You always ogle at the patients.
- In lakhs!
Move away.
If you fall for every moment,
I can't perform a surgery
All I can do is postmortem.
You want me to die.
Doctor, I don't have any
rich reserves like you to back me.
I'm just a bar tender.
I can arrange for
twenty five thousand rupees max.
Fill a part of the hole with that.
Hey, is that a hole
in the utensil?
I can't do the surgery
for the least amount.
Somehow, save my life, doctor.
I'll give you an idea
to save your life.
Tell me, doctor.
'Reverse emotional therapy'.
Emotional therapy?
Which means?
What will you do if
you're on cloud nine?
I'll booze and laugh to the core.
No, you shouldn't laugh, hereafter.
You must cry.
What will you do
if you're afraid, suddenly?
Th... the panic mode will kick in
My body starts trembling
and sweats heavily.
But, you must laugh
when you're afraid.
Tell me, now.
What will you do when afraid?
I must laugh.
And when you are happy?
I must cry.
Very good.
If you balance your emotions
equally, you'll live for long time.
If not?
You can go to heaven.
Nurse, discharge him, immediately.
Get a fee of twenty five
thousand rupees for giving a notion.
Reverse emotion.
Smart boy.
Pay the bill without fail.
You'll rot in hell.
He is done with his narration.
We need only money.
But for you,
the life is at risk.
Don't remind me that.
Our problems will be
solved only if we take risk.
Chief, that's okay.
But how can we stay in the
haunted house?
If we can manage to stay
here for four days...
we can get rid of our problems.
Let's focus just that.
It's a cat!
'I didn't commit any offense...'
'I did it...'
'Allow me to go...'
'Let Ambi to go out...'
'Extraordinary performance!'
'Speaking alien language'
Hey, turn down the volume.
Might become deaf.
Look at him,
he isn't disturbing anyone.
Actress with a number in her name and
starred in a film with a numeric title?
A question of the hour?
It's asked in the
crossword puzzle, brother.
Actress Trisha in the film '96'.
- Great IQ!
- Thanks.
Feel proud!
The capital city of Kerala.
Answer this.
Karnataka, right?
It's Goa.
I thought it's Palakkad.
Damn it.
Chief, what's the time?
Is it a medicinal syrup
to take it on time?
It's okay,
tell me the time.
Oh, no!
Tell the time.
- Can't you say it?
- I got no time for it.
For the clock to strike 9...
Hey, wait.
Start the vehicle!
Shall I leave?
Where are you going?
What has it got to do with you?
Hey chief?
Look at the serene
guy next to you.
Copy him!
'Give me a firm reply...
Are you a human?'
'No... You are a toy'
Hey, toy!
What are you doing here, alone?
Come on.
Won't you heed?
You're a toy.
Me too.
Everything are toys.
I'll not disturb you, so should you.
Let's sleep, now.
But you have to agree to this.
You shouldn't snore while sleeping.
I hate snoring.
What's the sound?
Did you hear that?
It won't be heard,
You're gifted.
What's the name
of the organ in our body... the shape of love?
As if he is Crossword Cummings!
The heart!
Damn it.
I forgot to take the pill.
Th... thanks.
Missed by a whisker!
Why isn't he afraid?
Aah, how good is he!
Like lord Krishna played
the flute and seduced the gopikas,
You play it for the ghosts.
Play it.
What are they thinking?
Won't they get scared?
Don't be angry.
What to do?
You're a beautiful ghost.
May be because of that.
Meera ma'am, don't worry.
I'll go deal those guys.
What happened?
Hey, is that television
or drums? You're banging it.
- It's not clear.
- So?
Hey fatso!
You rogue!
Why don't you give
chance to talented people?
People like you are
a curse to the nation.
Recommendation for everything.
That's why, we're struggling
in the Oscars and Olympics.
What country is this?
Sir, don't hit me.
Hey, why are you torturing
Ambi for my faults?
If you're bold enough...
Don't shoot me.
Shoot me!
I swear on Lord!
...That five murders.
I didn't commit any crime.
...I did that.
Allow me to go out.
...Allow Ambi to go out.
Who is he?
Had you performed
it to a director...
You might've got a chance.
A dialogue from the film, "Baahubali".
What language is this?
I can't understand anything.
Who are you?
Oh, it's a transition from arts
to spiritual!
When there is a creator,
there will be a creation.
If there's a creation,
there will be a creator.
I'm telling about the truth
of energy.
One G...two G...three G...
Prem G...
It's all coming from energy.
I'm simply telling you
the universe has...
no other choice
without following me.
When there is me,
residing in me...
That me... this me...
Talking to me.
Me plus me is meme.
That's why, I'm getting
lot of memes.
Oh, no!
The ghost is dead.
Somehow, we've managed.
Why are you laughing?
You laughed, so I joined you.
Why did you come here, now?
Don't you feel the urge?
No. I'll let you know if I feel it.
If you too feel like peeing,
let's both go together.
Are we going on a date as a couple?
Don't you've sense?
So you don't feel the urge.
How will I?
This fear killed the urge.
You go...
Adding to this...
Go this way.
Brilliant guy.
You don't fit the bill.
I'll go and chase them away.
'Singing a movie song'
Oh no! he's filling up the pot.
Just a minute, Kaali.
I'm not Kaali.
You wanna pee too, sir?
It's clear.
It will be... if you peep.
What are you doing?
Will anyone play carrom
in the restroom?
You're pissing on the pot.
Stop kidding.
I'm doing it right, sir.
Okay, I'll go.
Will you please flush it properly?
Hey, I asked you to flush
but you're caressing the pillar?
No, sir.
That might be here.
Didn't you go, sir?
I won't.
What did I tell you and what are you doing?
Hey, stop there.
Sir! I'll tell you the truth.
Sir, I'm suffering from 'night blindness'.
I can't see at night.
Forget it, sir.
You manage pretty
well with this defect.
How is the crossword
puzzle possible?
Just to avoid suspicion.
Oh, why did you play
the flute?
I'll be afraid to
be alone at night.
That's musical therapy...
Damn it.
Don't know what this
drunkard is doing?
But, your life is peaceful.
You can't hear at all and
can't see anything after the dusk.
Divine smile.
I'm leaving.
He is sleeping like a child.
Where is the sound
coming from?
That's my toy!
The toy is mine!
Oh, no! Little ghost!
The toy is mine.
Hey, I told you not
to disturb me.
This isn't your voice.
Oh, no!
Hey, don't look at there!
Don't do it!
- Hey, who are you?
- The toy is mine.
What are you doing
under the cot?
Come out.
If you want a toy,
go and ask your mom.
That's my toy.
I'll break your teeth.
Look at her...
Dressed up like a clown!
Get on with your homework.
Disturbing me...
Thangam, come on.
Why are you here, Chief?
- Come down.
- Downstairs?
- I can't do the homework.
- No.
Not that, to booze.
- To booze?
- Come.
He is calling to booze.
'To be blown to pieces without any
direction and to go up in flames...' you think
Im a Diwali rocket?
You're rocking!
I'm a surface to surface
ballistic missile
that hits the target
with high precision.
You doofus!
Kali, are you back?
I'm Senthil.
It would be good if Kali and
Thangam were here, right?
Both are right here - unharmed.
Shall we play antakshari?
Why songs?
We are already in trouble.
Everyone is scared to death.
Chief, why are you afraid?
Why fear in our own house?
This house is ours!
'This house is ours'
'This house is ours'
Hey, who is that repeating the
same like TV news channel?
This house is ours!
This house is ours!
Run away from this house.
Else, you'll die.
Hey, we die every night
and come alive in the morning. Get lost!
You can stay here with no
fear of death.
But, you will later die of fear.
There's something that
separtes us from the humans.
Do you know what's that?
We don't know what fear is?
But, we see it in your eyes.
I have been patient enough.
You're guys are talking too much.
Give it in writing and sign it.
We'll go out.
Yeah, what's the proof
that you're all ghosts?
No one expected it, right?
Didn't expect me to retaliate?
Didn't think that
I'll hit you single-handedly, right?
I've come to your place.
Do whatever you can.
Have you started again?
A very spacious house.
Amazing beauty.
You're the King and Queen
of this house.
But only one drawback. Everyone is in
the same attire for many days.
Come, let's go to 'Super Stores'.
We'll buy clothes for everyone.
What do you want?
Everything is here.
Shall we go?
Are you trying to frighten me?
You talk of fear...
Do you think only you can
frighten us?
Don't I know how?
Shall I bring thousand people from
Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts?
10 trains travel to
and fro to the city.
Shall I bring hundred
people per train?
Or shall we fight one to one?
I'm ready.
Come on.
It's gone.
Let's dance!
I had a haunting dream.
You were reciting filmy
dialogues to the ghost at night
And now you fear as
if it was a dream?
Where are the other guys?
Did ghosts attack them?
You sinner! Look there.
He looks so divine.
What about Nanda?
What are you doing?
Arrow practice.
You were fumbling in the night...
And practicing with the arrows now.
Senthil sir, I have sight problems
only in the night.
But I'm as sharp as a
hawk in the daylight.
Sharp as a hawk? Really?
Let's see. Aim.
- How is it?
- It might be a fluke.
Aim the second dart.
Throw this too.
- Are they here?
-Yes sir, they're inside.
Come in, sir.
We are the ones staying here, sir.
- House owner.
- I know.
Greetings, sir!
Don't over act.
Character artist.
No problem here, right?
No problem, sir.
We slept well, last night.
Last night, actress Trisha appeared in
my dreams and sang "Yamunai Aatril" song.
I told you yesterday itself
to not come here.
Get out.
Sir, I'll speak to my
sister only once.
What is he saying?
There is no such person.
Can't you understand at once?
Supernatural powers exist here.
First, those souls will warn you.
If you still persist,
you will face their wrath.
It'll destroy each one of you
leaving no signs behind.
You're going to see
it's furiosity.
If you don't leave immediately..
I'll call the Commissioner
office and will get you nabbed.
Sir! Please don't inform the police.
Sir, leave it.
I'll explain and send him off.
Come here.
If your sister's spirit is here,
I'll send you a word.
- Not that...
- I'll send you a word.
I'll send you a word.
Sir. They won't trouble us anymore.
Senthil, the deal is about to be
finalized with a big shot.
It's enough, if you stay here
for a couple of days.
You won't be afraid, right?
Fear? For us. No Sir.
You leave without fear.
Okay, sir.
What Sir?
The Sorcerer is blabbering
about supernatural powers and stuffs.
Forget it.
That's nothing. Go...
Go.. I said go!
Hey, have you become
a big middleman?
Looks like you are dealing in lakhs.
Nothing like that, chief.
I am in urgent need of money.
That's why.
I'm dealing the house now.
Better, back off.
Else, none of you will be alive.
This is my last warning.
What are you saying...
There is no one at the shop...
Damn it.
- Hey, can't you finish up the assignment?
- Sir,
They are too stubborn to
believe about ghosts.
I played the
sentiment card as well
Our guy tried his best
with his ghost tales.
It didn't work.
This plan won't work any further.
If they stay in that house
for two more days...
...the deal will
be out of our hands
Trusting them won't work anymore.
We have to do something on our own.
I know what to do.
I'll take care.
There is only one option left
to make them vacate the house,
Oh, God!
Why are you screaming like this?
It's me!
You are scared to death.
Wonder how'll you
frighten people inside.
Forget it.
I told you to dress up
like a ghost, isn't it?
But, you have dressed up like a bride.
You scared the hell out of me.
It's a horror scene with
no space for romance.
Do you understand?
You said, you'll treat me
like a Queen.
For that, I should be a King.
Now, you made me to act
as a ghost.
Don't worry, Shylu.
A rag can't become a rich in
few minutes like in movie songs.
If we chase away
the four inmates...
we'll be paid
twenty five thousand rupees.
Let's go to Kodaikanal.
What do you say?
Do whatever you want.
I'll make them taste the fear of death.
Wait and watch.
Firstly, you mustn't get scared.
Remove the coat.
Could have come in usual
way instead of this.
Shut your mouth and
remove the coat.
- Have you inserted the battery?
- Yes.
Start the vehicle.
Kali sir, you are so much
into movies...
Who is the actress whose name
starts with 'lai' and ends with 'la'?
Hey, she is 'Laila' dude.
You have no clue about my Queen?
Your brain should be scrapped
and disposed to the scrap store.
Hey chief, give the match box.
Fire. Fire. 'Fire'.
It's in the kitchen.
Go, get it.
Mr. actor.
Just watching (actor) Sarath Kumar's
songs won't help you.
You must dance like him.
Oh, no!
- Hey, chief.
- Power cut.
I know.
Don't overact.
I wanted you guys to be careful.
Irking guy.
Senthil sir, why did you
switch off the fan?
I just told you it's a 'power outage'.
What? Power outage!?
Power 'On' or 'Off' doesn't
make a difference to you.
Why did you shriek?
You've a book as well?
- As if you are going to read.
- Okay, I'm going to sleep.
Get lost.
Grandpa, I wish to see grandma.
Will she come?
She'll come.
Wonder, how is she doing now ?
She is doing good.
I know.
Definitely, she'll come.
If we want to stay in this house...
Somehow we must
chase those guys away.
We've to make them understand
what true fear is.
I have checked around ten
rooms, yet to spot anyone.
They have kept rice bags straight up.
Wow! A moon in the face!
Star in the eye!
Baby face!
It's an old face!
It's like a Boulder face!
So, you too are hired by the inspector?
You are too good!
I've never seen such an
great actor in my industry.
No such actor will be
born in future as well.
Even if someone does,
you kill him with your performance.
Who is he?
Is he listening to
the songs while sleeping?
He will not sleep without flute,
as if he is Lord Krishna.
I'm gonna kill you.
Watch out!
Oh, no! don't know who it is.
Let me hide behind the curtains.
Who is that?
Senthil sir!
Senthil sir!
Where did it go?
Has he woken up?
What is he playing?
Mr. Boulder, are you a ghost?
The pitch is dropping low.
Terrifying the ghost with one's music?
He is done with
composition and leaving.
What? He is going back to bed.
You scare the scariest ghosts.
If the first one is like this.
I wonder how the other three will be.
can't you frighten them properly.
I am just roaming inside
here for two hours.
Feeling hungry as well.
Where did those guys go?
- Hey!
- Who is that?
Do you've a matchbox?
Ask him.
Check if he gives you.
Hey dude, do you've a matchbox?
Oh, no!
Hey, did you look at him?
He is having fire on his forehead!
Whatever it is, don't touch him.
Oh, gosh!
He has lit it.
He is teasing him?
Stand near a shop,
fire cost can be cut down.
Trying to scare me?
It's confusing as to who is ghost or
human in this house.
Who is feared of whom?
Why did you drag me
in this?
I am coming now. Wait.
I met the guy whom I thought
I shouldn't ever meet.
Oh, no!
Where are you running?
Yes, I'm a ghost!
Yes, I'm a ghost!
Sorry, Senthil.
God has severely punished me
for betraying you.
Just within 3 months
from our marriage,
my husband and I died in an accident.
Look, we were residing in
the nearby tamarind tree.
Sinners! They've cut the tree
to lay the road.
With no other place to go,
we came here, Senthil.
troubles ghosts too?
Shylu, do ghosts cry?
This ghost does, Senthil.
You are more beautiful
as a ghost than as a human.
You too.
You look handsome now...
Far better than our dating days.
Now I'm cool.
I'm very happy alone. That's why.
Oh, no!
Shylu, are you laughing?
Why are you asking?
It feels like jiggling the
gold coins in a bronze pot.
I'll thrash you.
Surely someone else's wife
sounds more exotic to you.
Oh, no! the husband ghost.
Run away.
Who is he?
Looking plumpy?
Pandi, he is Senthil.
Oh, is he Senthil?
Let it be.
How long were you hugging?
Two minutes.
You betrayed me for 120 seconds.
Why did you lie to him
that we are ghosts?
If I reveal that I'm taking up
these roles for bread and butter.
My pride will go for a toss.
That's why I had to lie.
Guess the ex-lovers stalk the girls
even after they become ghosts.
We mustn't stay here
even for a minute.
Come on.
How are we gonna survive?
I'll make you perform in
the streets like always.
Why did you stop?
Come, let's go.
You slapped me for fun, right?
No, I slapped you for real.
Why are you starring at me?
Is the slap not enough?
I'll accept anything from you.
Romantic dialogue?
Don't know what's he is upto?
Musical lines from the film,"Suryavamsam"
Look at her...
Swaying around with other men!
Why are you feeling hard
when I got no issues?
She is my girlfriend.
She is my wife!
You're dancing well.
Who is he? Dancing
like people dancing in arrack shops?
She got some killer moves.
She is my wife.
You senseless.
Why are you torturing?
Come, let's dance.
Enough, stop it.
Stop it.
I'll break your limbs,
if you try to hold her.
It's my fault to marry a dancer.
Where am I?
We're in the ghost house.
It's a haunted house.
Come, let's go.
Aren't you ghosts then?
No. Get lost.
Hey, are you trying
to break my family?
If you repeat such
assignment, I won't accept it.
Hey, what are you blabbering?
Hey, who is blabbering?
Really there is a ghost
in that house.
Hey, listen to what I say.
Expecting your lover
to watch from upstairs?
He would've gorged a big
container full and would be sleeping.
Come on.
He too let us down.
If it continues, Saravanan
will sell off this house.
Half the prints in the hand
are missing.
Anu, tell me dear.
Brother, where are you?
Mom is asking for you.
I'll finish my work
and come in two days.
Inform mom.
Okay, brother.
Call me, if anything urgent.
Else, will you note the address?
- Tell me.
- 1/212, Lakshmi Nagar,
Noted it?
Take care of mom.
Chief, I'm calling my wife,
but she isn't attending.
Don't know what happened.
I think my son is not well.
I'll go and meet her in person.
Only then I will feel relaxed.
Nothing would have
happened to your son.
Go and come back.
Okay, chief.
Hey, Thangam.
Come back, please.
Don't booze and doze off.
No, chief.
I'll come back.
Eat this cake.
Does it taste good?
Dad, next time bring
me a creamy cake.
Sure, dear.
You are here to get
money to booze, right?
I've prayed for our son's health
and saved money to offer to God.
Take it and booze.
Take it.
You've mistaken me, Vasanthi.
I didn't come here for the money.
Within two days, I'll come with
the money for our son's surgery.
Believe me.
I swear on you.
You've made thousands of
promises like this.
It's okay,
even if you don't earn.
But, whenever you get the money,
you take it to booze.
Dear, I won't booze, hereafter.
I'm fed up with your fake promises.
Believe me one last time.
I swear on our son.
I won't booze, hereafter.
I have a good news for you.
All we need to do is
stay here for this night.
The Salem mills group has
confirmed to buy this house.
The house owner has informed that
the registration will be done soon.
Hey! hurrah!
Seems like they are going to
build a hotel.
Sir, once the hotel is built here,
you're the supervisor.
Nanda is the chief security.
God save us!
Hey, all are happy.
Why are you looking so sad?
Eat it.
Kali, congratulations!
Congratulations, okay.
Look here,
let's booze and enjoy to the core.
I don't want.
Is that you who spoke?
My dear, is that you who spoke?
Its true.
I swore I'll not booze hereafter.
On him?
No, on my son.
So, I'll not booze till I die.
Thangam, just booze today.
None will force you to booze, hereafter.
Why are you forcing him
when he doesn't want to?
Give his share to me.
Get lost.
Serve me a large.
I'll bring cold water
from the refrigerator.
Okay, go.
Be careful.
Don't get hit.
Will you drink?
No, I'll not break my promise.
Leave him.
Give it to me.
Hey, how can I leave him?
If he doesn't booze,
we're all dead tonight.
Has no clue...
Come on.
That's it...
Come on, drink it.
That's it...
Drink it.
That's it...
Oh, my gosh!
Is it gone?
Oh, no.
Kali, come here for a moment.
If I don't booze at
nights, my limbs tremble.
So, better tie me.
Don't untie, whatever happens.
I promised on my sick son.
I fear something might
happen to my son
if I break my promise.
Whether I say or even the God comes down
and says, you shouldn't untie me.
Tonight situation is going to be
a nightmare.
I'm with you friend.
Don't worry.
I'll not untie,
whatever happens.
If a lion comes now...
-I'll not...
If a tiger comes...
-I'll not...
When a ghost comes...
No chance.
Even if you die,
I'll not untie.
Because, I don't care
about anything
Kali, enough of tying him.
Come on.
Kali, I swore just for pride.
I can't control myself.
Untie me.
I'll booze too.
Don't worry, Thangam.
I'll tell you a story that
will keep you sober for now.
There were two ghosts in a town
One is teetotaler and
the other is a drunkard.
The ghosts have come.
You shouldn't lie to booze.
I promise, turn back and have a look.
The ghosts are standing.
Hey! The fragrance of basil
may change but not Kali's words.
Be careful.
I did tell you.
It's a haunted house.
Chief, at least you listen to me.
It's a haunted house.
Nothing, don't be scared.
I casually pat my thigh.
But, his chair moved
towards me.
Like he said,
it's a haunted house.
Hey, there are no ghosts.
It's here, I've seen.
Untie me, first.
Just a minute.
Where is the ghost?
Test it by patting your thigh
That's all, right?
Untie me, first.
Save me.
Get me down.
He has come down, right?
Get me down.
Save me.
Did I push you up?
Just wait.
Kali, if you keep doing that,
your skull will be shattered.
Leave him.
I've a family. Save me.
Wait, I'll bring a ladder
and save you.
Don't be afraid.
Nanda! Come soon.
Get me down. I'm scared.
Hey dude, why are you idle
when things here are bizarre!
Oh, you don't have vision
at nights, right?
Thangam is hanging mid air.
Can you hear me?
Nanda, come.
Get me down. Save me.
I'm coming.
Hey! Are you crazy?
It will pierce through my stomach.
What are you doing, Nanda?
It'll pierce through the stomach.
- Help him.
- Get me down.
What happened?
Thank God!
I got saved.
Nothing, right?
I pleaded to untie me.
Why did you come here?
Mom, you shouldn't be here.
Come on.
- Hey, come.
- Come on.
Let's go out.
Open the door.
- Is anybody out?
- Open the door.
Oh, no!
Save us.
- Open the door.
- Mom!
Open the door.
Is anyone outside?
- Is anyone outside?
- Pull it...
- Mom!
- Is anyone outside?
- Open the door.
- Mom!
Mom, don't go there.
they're ghosts.
They'll kill you.
Don't go. Come.
Mom, come.
She is my wife.
This is our house.
We haven't left this house
for her sake.
She is my mother!
Mom, let's go.
- Mom, a good news.
- What?
I got a job offer in Malaysia.
- Mom, explain it to dad.
- Wait.
Dear, give him a nod and
happily send him off.
Dad, I'll be back in a year.
How can we both stay without you?
Didn't you get any other job here?
Dad, it's not far.
Just a four hour journey.
I'll come whenever needed.
I'll speak to you
in Skype, everyday.
You've decided to go.
Okay, go ahead.
Thank you, dad.
Oh, God!
What happened?
"A new day shines ..."
"Bright and radiant"
"Family brings us warmth..."
"A wonderful blessing it is!"
"A new day shines..."
"Bright and radiant"
"A wonderful blessing it is!"
"Beautiful relationships"
"Here to stay and cherish"
"and what else will
bring more joy to heart?
"Our future unfolds nicely"
"Spreading the fragrance of happiness..."
"isnt this a pure bliss?"
"The blue hue will never fade,"
"and my sky is a pond
of shooting stars!"
"When the lamp of joy is always lit..."
"the home becomes a
shrine of its own!"
"Flock of birds of all kinds
take shelter in one tree"
"Individuals unite as one
family, connect as one soul"
"Family stands by you always,
so you can fly moon high"
"Like a precious shade
under the hot sun..."
"an absolute treasure
needed each and every day!"
"Wouldnt all problems and issues..."
"just vanish as a dream,
with one loving hug??"
"Wouldnt all hurt,
heartbreaks fade away in a moment... "
"like a clearing fog?"
"Relationships are to hold dear
in our hearts all the time!"
"As they are the foundational
blocks carrying this World!"
"The blue hue will never fade"
"and my sky is a pond
of shooting stars!""
"When the lamp of joy is always lit..."
"the home becomes a
shrine of its own!"
- Saravana!
- Mom!
It has been a long time.
- How are you, mom?
- I'm good.
- Dad, how are you?
- I'm good. How are you?
Why is this grey hair,
looking like an old man?
I'm not colouring.
Hey, no.
Dad, I bought you a sweater.
Are you good?
- I'm good.
- Your favourite colour.
Mom, I bought an awesome necklace.
- I like it very much.
- It's nice.
Hey, keep it.
I bought you biscuits.
- Take it.
- Thanks.
Hey, have you started smoking?
Mom, no.
Who is this?
It's you.
Dad, I need to talk to you, personally.
Come on, Nivedha.
Let's go there and play.
Tell me.
Dad, I started a new business
in Malaysia but incurred loss.
I borrowed money to fix it.
That too ended up as loss.
If I don't settle all those,
The good name I've earned so far
and my hardwork...
...everything will be in vain.
You've to help me.
How much money?
I don't have hefty money.
I know, dad.
If you sell this house
and give me money...
I'll settle everything.
You don't need to worry.
I'll take you and mom
to Malaysia and take good care.
How can we come with you
to Malaysia?
These kids have been
with me all these years.
Where will they go?
Dad, I'm your son.
But, you're worried
about someone else.
Are they someone?
They've been with me and
taken care of me all these days.
Although you can't stay
with us in our old age,
Do you intend to grab
the house we live in?
Dad, I went to Malaysia
on business affairs.
But, will you support the orphans?
Who are orphans?
We're orphans despite having a son.
They're my son, daughter
and granddaughter.
I'm going to convert this
as the 'home for destitutes'.
Meera will take care of
everything, after my death.
I'll give the ownership
of this house to Meera.
Mom, why is he acting crazy?
Yes, I'm crazy.
- Dear!
Hey, if you address me as you brother,
I'll shame you.
Dad has blood pressure.
The doctor told him
not to get tensed.
Being an orphan,
you dare to advice me?
Only orphans know
the value of parents.
Don't utter a word, anymore.
Get out.
Why must she go out?
You go out.
Why should I go?
Because, we can't live
without them.
Hey, if you utter a word,
I won't give a damn about our relationship.
Hey, how dare to speak to him?
Damn it.
You rot in this house.
Kamala, he has left our life,
long before.
Our children will be with us
only till a certain stage.
- Let him go.
- Dad!
Won't you eat?
I'm not hungry.
Grieving for your son?
He didn't visit us out of love.
He came to sell the house
and take the money.
He didn't get it, so he left.
Leave it.
He came home after so many years...
You're always a mother.
He didn't even consider us.
Assets are always problematic.
Eat now.
I can't take this lightly.
If he is important to you,
go and stay with him.
You guys want an personal invitation?
Eat now.
I'm sorry.
It's all because of me.
No...not so.
Things will fall in place
in a couple of days
Ill bring him home.
Give him tablet and go to bed.
We dined and slept.
That's all we remember.
Don't know, what happened
to us and how we died.
That night...
On that night...
Will she be alright, sir?
Thank you, sir.
I saw my son killing him.
There can be no big punishment
for a mother in this world.
We suffered the most despite
making no mistake.
But, the one who is
guilty is Scot free.
It seems our problems are
nothing compared to theirs.
We can get solution
for our problems.
Wandering with no remorse...
...their loss can't be
made up at any cost.
Ask him to come.
Hello, Saravanan sir!
Your parents have come
from Wayanad.
Oh, really?
Will you come, soon?
Okay, you take care of them.
I'll come.
Okay, come sir.
Sir, a missing case file
is long pending.
What's the case?
This woman has lost her memory
in an accident.
Someone has filed a complaint
to find her whereabouts.
So, she didn't go to Wayanad.
She's here,
staying with Senthil.
He killed his father and claims
that his mother is dead too...
He is goofing around here
to sell the house.
You're a terrible criminal.
You even a made fool out of me.
Take this one rupee...
Register the house in
my name and fly to Malaysia.
Else, I'll press a
homicide case against you.
- Hey!
- Sir, you!
Sir, I...
- Sir, I'll explain...
- Hey, shut up.
Guru, what are you doing?
Leave him.
Thank you, Senthil.
Thank you, so much.
Where are my parents?
How are you?
Hope you were safe
during the Wayanad floods.
Why are you standing, mom?
Be seated.
Where is Dad?
Is he taking rest, upstairs?
You could've informed me
on phone.
I searched for you, everywhere.
You've come.
That's enough.
I'm happy...
Just a minute.
I'll be back.
You know one thing.
I killed my father for this house.
I poisoned their food.
But, my mom escaped.
Blessed with long life.
But, today?
She mustn't scape.
Guru, my mom...
Did you think that I will spare
you guys after knowing the truth?
Sir, please!
Kill everyone along with them.
Please, sir.
Leave us.
Poor soul.
Leave her, sir.
No, sir.
Don't shoot, sir.
Mom, go away.
No, sir.
Listen to me.
Mom, go away.
Guru, what happened?
I shot her.
But she is unharmed.
Shoot properly.
Nanda, come.
Let's go.
Mom, ask her to spare me.
Mom, tell her to let me go.
Hey, you...
Sitting idle.
Ask her to leave me.
Where is everyone?
"A new day shines..."
"Bright and radiant"
"Family brings us warmth..."
"A wonderful blessing it is!"
"A new day shines ..."
"Bright and radiant"
"A wonderful blessing it is!"
"Beautiful relationships"
"Here to stay and cherish"
"and what else will
bring more joy to heart?
"Our future unfolds nicely"
"Spreading the fragrance of happiness..."
"isnt this a pure bliss?"
"When the lamp of joy is always lit..."
"the home becomes a
shrine of its own!"
"Flock of birds of all kinds
take shelter in one tree"
"Individuals unite as one
family, connect as one soul"
"Family stands by you always,
so you can fly moon high"
"Like a precious shade
under the hot sun..."
"an absolute treasure
needed each and every day!"
"Our future unfolds nicely"
"Spreading the fragrance of happiness..."
"The blue hue will never fade"
"and my sky is a pond
of shooting stars!""
"When the lamp of joy is always lit..."
"the home becomes a
shrine of its own!"