Pets (1973) Movie Script

Hey, what the hell do
you think you're doing?
The door wasn't closed good.
You want me to fall out?
Watch that smart mouth, little sister.
I'll put a fist on it.
Oh, that's really new.
You only been beating on
me since we were kids.
Let's stop and get something to eat.
We've got 200 miles
of drive thanks to you.
I didn't ask
you to come looking for me.
I didn't ask you to run away.
Look, there's
a place in the corner.
Forget it!
I haven't
eaten a thing all day.
Come on, it'll only take a minute.
Oh, Christ!
Okay, but hurry it up.
And this stays here.
And if you don't have yourself
back in a couple of minutes,
I'm gonna go in and drag your ass out.
Alright, you understand?
May I help you?
Yeah, I'll
have two cheeseburgers
and a Julius, large.
Is he trying to insult you, Mother?
You motherfucker!
Get the son of a bitch.
I'll teach you to run away from me.
Let go of me!
Stop, you're just making it worse.
Well, if it ain't
Charlie himself.
And look what he got.
Well, well, now we know what
this fool was rushing about.
See, Mother, he's too
busy to be polite to you.
Look, this is between me and her.
Man, Eddie here's a real sensitive dude,
especially when some jive ass
honky near wipes out his ride.
And you wouldn't want
Mother getting uptight now,
would you?
When Eddie gets uptight, he's just mean.
Say babe, is this dude hassling you?
She ran away.
I'm her brother, alright.
Oh, funny, I'm a brother too.
Hey, baby, is this
dude really your brother?
I never saw him before this afternoon.
You rotten liar!
Oh, baby, there ain't no need to worry.
We wouldn't hurt a fine
little thing like you.
Let her go!
Oh, man, where's your cool?
We wouldn't do anything you wouldn't do.
Hey, Bonnie, these
dirty niggers are gonna...
Did you hear that, Mother?
Man, I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
You ain't gonna hassle
nobody for a long time.
In a lonesome city now
Don't know where I'm headed for
I don't want to do no wrong
But maybe I'll find someone here
Whose life I'm gonna share
For a little while but not for long
Some folks see me as an evil one
Others look the other way
They don't believe all
the heartaches I've known
They don't wanna hear the words I pray
Oh, no
And he knew I'll treat him kind
But I'll leave him here behind
When it's time for me to go
'Cause in this wicked world
Some folks call me evil girl
They've got it wrong
and they don't know
Stop it.
What are you looking at?
Well, what did you do that for?
None of your business.
Where you going?
Oh, I don't know.
No, no, thanks.
Last one anyway.
You got a safety pin?
A safety pin?
Yeah, I ripped my blouse.
Oh, did you?
Maybe I could ask that
diver man out there.
Oh, yeah.
He'd have something to
stick you with, I'm sure.
I'll see.
What are you carrying a gun for?
To avoid the hassle of being raped.
Can you dig that?
Got any money?
What's your name?
Mine's Pat.
Know where I slept last night?
On the beach?
You too, huh.
Well, I guess there oughta be
some schmucks around here with some bread.
Is that what you're looking for?
Damn right.
And you'd better get hip to it
or the world will screw you too.
You know, you have nice hair.
In fact, you're pretty foxy.
Men really go for you, don't they?
You look like a little kitten.
Oh, shut up, stupid!
Oh, he's cute.
I wish I had a dog like that.
I wish I had a car like that.
Hey, BB, leave those girls alone.
It's alright, BB won't bite you.
That's a funny name.
He likes you.
Dogs always like me.
This is quite a car.
Thank you.
It'll do better on 140.
Oh, really?
Then why don't you take us for a ride?
Where do you wanna go?
Hmm, Luna Beach.
Okay, hop in.
See that road up ahead?
Take it.
That's not the way to Luna...
The road, I said.
Okay, okay.
Don't try that stunt again.
Now take that road, and I mean it!
Alright, alright.
Stop the car.
Get out.
What's this all about?
Shut that damn dog up.
BB, be quiet!
What's the matter with that dog?
Oh, he knows there's something wrong.
You can't fool a dog.
Pat fooled you.
Listen, this is ridiculous.
I thought you were a couple
of nice, nice chicks!
Shut up and keep walking.
Sit down.
On your ass.
Where do you live?
Los Tristes.
Alright, smartass, where in Los Tristes?
20 Ocean Drive.
You got any money?
Search me.
Oh, we'll do that.
Have a look, kitten.
That's it.
How come you don't
have any money on you?
I just left the house for a quick job.
Now look, what's this all about?
I thought you were just nice girls.
The son of a bitch gave us a ride
because he thought he could lay us.
Oh, come...
You thought we'd be
nice to you, didn't you?
Give the nice girls a nice
ride in your nice fast car
and we'll all have a nice long screw.
How can you say that?
That thought never entered my mind.
Why not?
You're a fag?
He looks like one.
You married, queenie?
To a woman?
Of course!
Where's your wife?
She went into town.
What's she doing there?
Thursday is her day
to have her hair done.
Anybody else there?
Look, if you just put that
gun away, then I could...
Tie him up, Bonnie.
Use the rope.
What rope?
The one to his bathrobe.
Get those hands back.
I asked you if anybody else was home.
Oh, now, listen.
You girls are too smart
for this kind of thing.
Do you realize what you're doing?
We're tying your nice strong handsies
with the rope, schmuck.
That's what we're doing.
Is that tight enough?
It's so tight, it hurts.
Now get his feet.
Use the shoelaces, dum-dum.
Isn't he precious?
You know what I think.
His wife has two poodles,
the four-legged one,
that's the one she loves and
kisses, and this schmuck.
What's your name?
Dan, Dan Daubrey.
What, what?
I can't hear you!
- Dan Daubrey!
You got any money at home?
I never keep any cash in the house.
Don't lie to me, lover boy.
Look, if it's money you
want, I'll write you a check.
Oh, a check.
Now you must really think we're idiots.
I bet you there's some cash in that house.
If it's money you want,
I'll get it for you.
I won't tell anybody.
My god, do you know how people would laugh
if they knew I were held up by two girls?
Not if you're dead, they won't.
Oh, come on now.
You're not planning anything foolish.
We aren't gonna kill you.
We don't have to kill
him, do we, Bonnie?
Here, hold this.
On him.
Stop it!
My god, are you crazy?
- Where's the money?
Stop it!
Where's the money?
There's money in the house.
You can have it.
Where in the house?
In the desk.
It's in the desk, in the left-hand drawer.
My god, it's just, it's just
a few hundred for emergencies.
Well, this is an emergency.
Be a man, lover boy.
Where's the key?
That drawer is not locked.
To the house!
Where's that key?
It's in my trunks, in my trunks.
Get it, kitten.
You're ticklish.
Come on, Bonnie!
Stay here and watch him.
Can't I come with you?
Let's just take his car and keep on going.
Suppose it's all a lie.
We can't trust creeps like him.
You're taking BB with you?
Yeah, that's right.
Watch him, kitten.
What do I do if he tries to get away?
Shoot the bastard.
Don't hurt BB, please!
And you shut up or
I'll bash your head in.
How rich are you?
I'm not rich.
My wife has a little money.
That's all.
You married for money, didn't you?
Now you're sorry.
Sometimes I'm sorry
about a lot of things.
Isn't everybody?
Aren't you?
I don't know.
Outside of that Pat,
don't you have anyone?
Tom, my brother.
Well, where's he?
I don't have any idea.
Who cares anyway?
Well, your father, your mother.
You know, you could loosen
these ropes a little.
I could, but I won't.
Shut up!
Why in the hell don't you
watch where you're going?
You could find a job.
Sure, I had a job for
a while in the diner.
Every guy that came in that joint
thought he could make me be for breakfast.
You tempt a man and you know it.
Look at your legs.
You're looking at them.
How are you today, ma'am?
Ma'am, ma'am.
Ma'am, ma'am.
Back there at the window,
all I wanted to tell you
that Mrs. Daubrey said for Mr. Daubrey
not to forget to take BB
to the grooming parlor.
Oh, is that what you wanted, huh?
I am sorry, ma'am.
Well, forget it.
I'll take him.
Pat's coming back.
You forgot to call out, didn't you?
God damn you, Bonnie.
If you'd called, I would have shot you.
No, you wouldn't have.
Now your friends are
really gonna have a laugh.
You must have been scared stiff
or you would have noticed.
God, I feel sorry for you.
I don't feel sorry for you.
You know what you are?
A cheap little hunk of flesh,
a piece of meat that's on
sale for a few lousy bucks.
Now you can bark your fucking brains out.
You know, you're getting
gray, just like BB,
getting to be an old dog.
If I let you run away, would
you go back to your wifeypoo?
Oh, that must hurt.
I could tell Pat you got away
and I couldn't stop you
with a water pistol.
It wasn't my idea to hurt you.
I don't wanna hurt anybody.
Sometimes I wanna hurt the whole world.
Bonnie, untie my hands.
Everything okay, kitten?
Thanks, sport.
I've got everything in the car.
What happened to your hand?
That fucking dog bit me.
Where is he?
You could scrape him
up off the coast highway
if you get back quick enough.
You killed him?
You better believe it.
I wish he'd bitten off your whole hand.
What the hell kind of
friend are you anyway?
Or maybe, maybe I shouldn't
have left the two of you alone.
Did you have to kill him?
Alright, I'm sorry.
Hey, kitten, I got you a
diamond bracelet and lots more,
and 200 bucks.
Look, we can dump the car
and go get some new clothes
and get a room with a private bath.
And you'd better not move your ass
for at least a half an
hour after we've gone.
And be glad you're alive.
Yeah, and thanks.
Thanks for not killing me with a toy gun.
You told him?
I was wrong, baby.
You're not a kitten.
You're just a little pussy.
Does this look like a
toy knife, lover boy?
You don't believe me?
Want me to test it?
Now you keep your mouth shut.
Can you dig it?
Can you dig it?
Yeah, I can dig it.
I promise.
Let's go.
Peace, my man.
Somebody help!
You dirty liar!
You scum!
- Bonnie!
You promised you wouldn't move.
And you wanted me to trust you.
Bonnie, listen!
She was right.
She said we couldn't trust you.
Just wait till she gets back.
I bet she'll throw you out of the car
just like she did BB, your wife's lapdog.
That's all you are, tied
up in your own rope.
You wanna bite me, doggy?
Oh, Bonnie, there are so many
things I wanna do with you.
You bite me and I beat
the hell out of you.
Where the hell is she?
Don't go away.
She said she'd be right back.
She said she'd turn around.
Maybe she's not coming back.
Bonnie, there was over
$800 in that drawer,
not 200 like she told you.
So that's it.
That's why she wanted me to
come back here and check on you.
She wanted to get rid of me.
She's smart, real smart,
a lot smarter than you or me.
You should have expected it from her.
And what did she leave me?
That's what she left me.
What do you want, lapdog?
You're sweating and you're hot.
Untie my hands.
Untie my hands, Bonnie, and I'll show you.
No, I'll show you, helpless,
the way I've always been,
with your hands tied.
Then I can take, take
you before.
Who cares?
You're not gonna leave me here like this.
You'll manage.
Bonnie, come back!
Everyone tells you lies
Then they apologize
Just to satisfy their pride
But comes tomorrow's dawn
Most of them carry on
Living life as another lie
Some folks see me as an evil one
Others look the other way
They don't believe all
the heartache's I've known
They don't wanna hear the words I pray
Oh, no
But somehow I got reconciled
Living life in the style
That they say is right and true
'Cause they don't look so glad
And their eyes are awful sad
Maybe they're just a-searchin' too
Thanks a lot!
Okay, are you sure
you don't wanna go with us?
Oh, no, I really gotta
go meet my brother.
See you later.
Hey, what are you doing?
What's going on?
It's alright, Frank.
She's a friend of mine.
Listen, you better start taking
your purse with you, Suzie.
Would you take these and
put that on my bill...
Sure, Miss Mils.
And deliver everything to the house.
Thank you.
You can pay me later, okay?
By the way, my name's Bonnie.
Hey, why did you try to help me anyway?
Well, you just don't
look like the sort of girl
that should get in a lot of
trouble for stealing an apple.
Where are you going?
I don't know.
Well, I'm about to go up and
fix myself something to eat.
If you're still hungry,
you can come and join me.
Hey, are you a painter?
Yes, I am.
I'd like to have my
portrait painted someday.
Gee, it's so nice around here.
Wow, this is great.
Is it yours?
You live here all alone?
It was my mother's.
She's dead now.
Studio's in there, and
the guest room is in here.
Wow, neat bathroom.
Would you like to take a shower?
Could I take a bath?
Wanna take a bubble bath?
Oh, yeah, great.
Need some help?
Thank you.
You don't wanna
keep this old thing, do you?
Oh, I don't have anything else.
Oh, that's alright.
I can give you something.
Oh, thanks.
I'll be in the kitchen.
If you need anything, just yell.
Okay, thank you.
Oh, thank you.
Bonnie, how'd you like to work for me?
What kind of work?
Well, you're an interesting subject.
You can work as my model.
You mean pay me money?
Not a great deal, but
you can live here with me.
And you wouldn't have to worry
about clothes or stealing apples.
How long?
I don't know.
Listen, you take a bath and
you think about it, okay?
I need someone so very much
Someone that I can touch
And ease the pain within my heart
Someone who'll set me free
Not keep a hold on me
When it's time for us to part
Bonnie, we've got work to do.
Now, come on!
I'm sick of working.
I don't like sitting for so long.
You look beautiful, you stinker,
but I can't paint you moving.
Now come on.
Now get that that cute
little fanny of yours
up to the studio.
- Yes, mommy.
How about a swim?
I'm hot, slave driver.
Hey, you can't leave
the little lady out.
In a minute.
Come on.
I'll see you guys later, okay?
I thought you were going swimming.
I changed my mind.
I told you I didn't want you
fooling around with people like that.
Why not?
We're just having fun.
We've talked about this before, Bonnie.
You know why not.
It's getting dark out.
Time to quit, huh, Ger?
Yeah, honey.
Just one minute, let me catch
that touch of sunset on your hip.
I'm really, really tired.
I know.
You were such a good girl today.
Thank you.
When's the painting gonna be finished?
I guess it's alright.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Thank you.
This woman constantly amazes me.
That's because you're a man.
Be fair, be fair.
She does have pretty eyes.
Oh, daddy, buy it for.
He just adores it.
I wonder how much it is.
Oh, that doesn't matter.
Price is no object.
Tell me, is this the first show
Geraldine has had since your liaison?
What's that?
It's an alliance between
two people for a purpose,
two people or more people for a purpose
or perhaps for pleasure.
Tell me, do you
find pleasure in Geraldine?
Or is it perhaps that she
finds pleasure in you?
I don't know.
Ah, there's Vincent.
Your versatility is amazing, Miss Mills.
It's so unusual for a woman to
paint such an excellent nude.
I paint landscapes too, you know.
Oh, yes, I know, but
I've never known you to be
so completely involved
in your subject matter.
How interesting.
Who is the model?
Is she here?
As a matter of fact, she is.
She's over there talking to Marcel.
Oh, I think Geraldine is missing you.
You know, I think I'll buy it myself.
How much do you want?
It's not for sale.
I'm working on a special frame.
I'll include it for the price.
Thank you.
You must really like it a lot.
A lot.
Where are you gonna hang me?
Over my bed, naturally.
When will the frame be ready?
I'll have it delivered
to you in a few days.
Thank you.
Who is he?
Don't you know?
That's Vincent, Vincent Stackman.
He owns this whole gallery.
He's a very wealthy young
man, but a very strange fish.
Bonnie, can you listen to
that music a little less loud?
Bonnie, turn the radio down!
Did you say something?
Lunch is almost ready.
When are you gonna learn to cook, Bonnie?
When I get married.
If I reason like that,
we wouldn't eat very well, would we?
Have you seen my glasses?
I knocked but no one answered.
That doesn't give you the right
to just walk into my house.
My apologies, Miss Mills.
Bonnie, you
forgot to lock the door again.
Oh, you want me to go lock it now?
No, not now.
Can I help you, Mr. Stackman?
Oh, I was hoping that
new frame might be ready.
I told you I'd have it delivered.
Well, I fear I'm impatient.
Oh, and I was wondering if
you'd started anything new.
Well, as a rule, I don't
show my unfinished paintings.
I should like to see it.
Bonnie, will you
take Mr. Stackman upstairs.
I'm going to change.
I'll join you in a minute.
Oh, sure.
Thank you.
Ah, yes, splendid, splendid.
Do you buy everything you want?
Tell me, my dear, would Geraldine mind
if I took you out one evening?
Does that mean she will mind?
I don't know.
Why should she?
Can't you guess?
Oh, really?
What a waste.
Are you going to buy this painting too?
Or do you only buy nudes?
You know, my dear, the
great artists of the past,
they never completely painted
their models in the nude
but always hid their most intimate parts.
You see, they believe that
by revealing everything,
a woman lost her mystery, fascination.
Do you believe that?
Well, perhaps it's true in
art, but in life, who knows.
Ah, Miss Mills.
I was just admiring your lovely view.
You not only create beautiful pictures
but you surround yourself
with all things beautiful.
The painting is superb.
I love it.
Thank you.
Well, I mustn't keep you
from your lunch any longer.
Oh, please forgive the
intrusion on your privacy,
Miss Mills, but I like to see an artist
in their environment.
It helps me to get some sort
of insight into their work.
An accurate one, I trust.
Oh, yes, yes.
I understand many things now.
Again, I apologize, Miss Mills.
I really did knock.
Oh, and Miss Mills, when
the painting is finished,
remember, I'm interested.
Have a good day, Mr. Stackman.
Bye, Mr. Stackman.
Enjoy your lunch.
Holy smokes!
Bonnie, will you stop that?
It's late and I'm tired.
Aren't you?
Go to bed.
will you need me tomorrow morning?
I can't hear you!
I said will you need me?
Do you need me in the morning?
I wanna go into town.
Why, do you need anything?
Just wanna go shopping.
I'm sorry, honey, I will wanna use you.
You love than painting
more than you do me?
Well, I know the painting
will never disappoint me.
And I do wanna finish it, Bonnie,
and the sun is best in the morning.
You're lying!
You just told me yesterday
you do your best work in the evening.
How dare you call me a liar.
Window shopping.
All you wanna do is shop
around for a customer
who'll buy your cute little fanny.
We're always working and
there's no action here.
This place is dead.
Gerry, why can't you like men?
Some guys can really turn you on.
They can turn you on, Bonnie.
I like men just as I like dogs
until they try to bite me,
or you until you try to lie to me.
Come here, honey.
We'll drive into town tomorrow.
What do you want me to buy you?
A man, mommy.
Buy me a man.
I was just kidding.
Help me get undressed, will you?
I like you best in the
dark when I can't see you,
when you're as I wish you were.
In bed, I can close my
eyes and just feel you.
You make me happy then,
being what I want you to be.
What's that?
It sounds like someone broke a window.
Drop the knife.
This gun is loaded.
Bonnie, go pick up the knife.
To what do we owe the
pleasure of this visit?
I haven't had anything
to eat in two days.
I didn't think anyone was home.
And just in case there was,
you were ready to use this knife.
Gerry, he
doesn't look like a killer.
Bonnie, you can't tell a
killer by the way he looks.
I'm gonna call the police.
Lady, give me a break.
Gerry, please.
You know, maybe this is the first time
he's ever tried anything like that.
He really looks starved.
Don't get too close, Bonnie.
What's your name?
Lady, I don't have a job.
But if there's anything
you want done, just try me.
I'll work my tail off, honest.
Gerry, the windows really need washing.
There hasn't been a man in this house
since the plumber came to fix the sink.
We haven't needed a man, Bonnie.
Gerry, he's hungry!
And thirsty too.
And I bet you wouldn't mind
breastfeeding the baby,
the baby with a long, long
knife who came here to steal.
I'm calling the police.
Now you watch him.
Get me the police, please.
Is this an emergency?
Well, yes.
Gerry, quick, he got away!
He ran down the stairs.
Hey, you can hide in my room.
Quick, before she comes back.
You're crazy.
I gotta get outta here!
Do you wanna run into her?
Do you want her to shoot you?
Gerry, are you alright?
Did you find him?
No, he got away.
But I'm really glad.
It would have been a hassle.
Do you mind if I stay
in my own room tonight?
I've really got a bad headache.
Not at all.
It upset me too.
I'm gonna lock my door.
I understand.
You go to bed and I'm gonna
board up that broken window.
Gerry, mommy, let's not
go into town tomorrow.
I want you to stay here
and finish the picture.
Okay, good.
Alright, get a good night's sleep
and we'll start off morning.
It's okay, I got rid of her.
Baby, she's one weird chick.
Hey, how do I get outta here?
You can't, not till she goes to bed.
Hey, thanks.
How long you been out
on the street anyway?
I don't know.
I sorta lost track.
You don't have a family or a home?
Hey, no kidding, baby.
I gotta split.
What are you always in such a hurry for?
Well, if that damn dyke finds me,
she'll probably shoot my balls off.
Tell me I'm pretty.
Oh, baby, you're beautiful,
but it's not the right...
She's busy.
It's okay.
Hey, you don't dig her thing?
I could dig your thing.
What's the matter?
Don't I turn you on.
Oh, bab...
Bonnie, you really do, but you gotta...
I hear footsteps.
She's coming back?
I was just teasing, Chicken Little.
Don't leave me.
She's still asleep.
Then I better split.
You're always in such a hurry.
I wasn't in no hurry last night.
Look, it's been cool staying here,
but I gotta get the hell out.
That chick's crazy.
She could have killed me last night.
Don't worry about it.
She just talks big.
She's to gonna hurt you.
And besides, I've got it all figured out.
Now you're gonna leave and I'll stay here
for a few more days,
and then I'll meet you.
Meet me?
Bonnie, I don't have any bread.
Hey, I can get money out
of her if I really tried.
I mean, if you need to stay here though,
I mean, it's neat after
the places I've crashed in.
You know, I could really
keep a place like this up.
I'm really good at fixing things.
You sure are.
You fixed me.
Hey, maybe you could fix her.
Hey, Bonnie, try and
understand something.
I just can't get it on with just anybody.
Maybe that's all she
needs is a guy like you.
Not that bitch.
You'd rather kill that
bitch, wouldn't you?
So he ran away, did he, Bonnie?
Come into the studio.
We're gonna work.
Ron, don't go.
I'll see what I can do.
Did you have to hurt me like that?
I couldn't help it.
I needed a,
you gotta understand that, Gerry.
Why in the hell is he still here?
At least you could have
spared me that humiliation!
Now you get him out!
And we'll get rid of the bedsheets
and we'll never talk about it again ever!
Mommy, couldn't he stay?
Oh, what a stupid question!
And take that thing off!
I like it!
You had it on when...
I didn't have it on when,
you're jealous.
You hate him because he can
give me the one thing you can't.
Oh, Gerry, why can't you be a woman?
I'm satisfied to be who I am, Bonnie.
If he leaves, I leave.
I'm gonna go get dressed.
What is she doing?
I think she's getting dressed.
You can't stay here, you know.
I'll wait for her outside.
You should never have tried
to break into this house.
Yeah, well, sometimes
you gotta take a chance.
And sometimes you lose.
Hey, lady, couldn't
we just forget it, huh?
I'll wait for her outside.
You'll wait a long time.
Don't forget your knife.
You killed him!
No, Bonnie, you killed him.
Operator, get me the police.
Yes, it's an emergency.
This is Geraldine Mills
at 817 Harbor Road.
I just shot a burglar.
Yes, he broke into my house
and threatened me with a knife.
Yes, 817 Harbor Road.
Thank you.
Bonnie, where are you?
Guess that I've been searching Lord
Don't know what I'm searching for
Maybe only peace of mind
Oh, Lord, it's been so long
And everything I do goes wrong
Still, I gotta try just one more time
What you need is a
change away from all this.
May I make a suggestion?
Why don't you get away for a
while, away from Geraldine?
The police are probably
looking for you too.
I don't have any money.
Where could I go?
Oh, that's hardly a problem.
I have a lovely house high on the hill.
No one would think of
looking for you there.
Would you be my house guest for a while?
I don't have any clothes.
I left everything at Geraldine's.
Look what just came in.
I know you're gonna wanna try this on.
Ooh, I can't make up my mind.
This really isn't a hanger dress.
You wanna see it on.
Well, thank you very much
for your opinion, miss,
but the one she's wearing
fits her to perfection.
We'll have that one and
the others I've chosen.
Thank you.
Yes, excellent, my dear, excellent.
Here you are, Mr. Stackman,
just as you ordered.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
Oh, excellent, excellent.
My dear.
How cute.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
If you're ready for dessert,
I recommend the baklava.
Nothing more, thank you.
The meal was excellent.
Just bring me the check, will you?
We'll have dessert in my
house, a very special dessert.
Lila's very fond of it.
Who's Lila?
Mm, this is good.
This is the best ice cream I've ever had.
Well, thank you, my dear.
It's my own special recipe.
The secret ingredient is goat's milk.
Goat's milk?
You're kidding.
I have it made especially for my pets.
You spoil your pets.
I see Lila already loves you,
but I'm afraid you must
play with her tomorrow
'cause now it's time for her to go to bed.
Where does she sleep?
Well, I'll show you.
This is where Lila and her friends live.
Ah, Miss Mills.
Well, let's have a look at it, shall we?
Let's put this here.
Ah, yes.
Good but not up to your former work.
There's a touch of melancholy there.
Your blue mood, shall we say?
I didn't come here to be analyzed.
You asked me what I've been doing.
This is it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
That unfortunate incident in your house
couldn't help but unnerve you.
Still, the publicity
hasn't been bad for you.
A number of people have
been begging for your work.
Well, sell them then.
You are edgy, Miss Mills.
Perhaps you've been working too hard.
Perhaps you need a rest.
Why are you being so nice to me?
Oh, why shouldn't I be?
You're an artist.
I'm a collector.
We need each other.
Look, I have a number of your
paintings hung in my hall.
It would give me a great honor
if you would come and see them.
Perhaps some other time.
Oh, perhaps you'd change your mind
if I promised you an unusual surprise.
I don't believe any surprise
that you could come up with
would interest me, Mr. Stackman.
Even if it involves
your favorite model, hmm?
We could make an occasion
out of it, have dinner.
I'll call you this afternoon.
I'll be right down.
No hurry.
I'll wait here.
I'm so glad you agreed to come.
Now don't be frightened.
Quiet, Zukari, quiet.
We don't want to frighten
Miss Mills now, do we?
Just say hello to her.
Say hello to Miss Mills.
Good girl, Zukari.
Why is he still barking?
All of my pets are shes.
I'm the only male in the house.
Zukari keeps barking because
she wants me to play with her.
All females want to be
played with, you know.
You're not serious.
Oh, come in.
Ah, what do you think of my house?
Isn't it rather large for just one male?
Well, it's my domain.
I like lots of space around me.
Five rooms on this floor, four upstairs,
and then of course, the basement.
And you live here all alone?
Hardly alone.
I mean, you saw Zukari outside,
and here is my angel fish, Angelique.
And over here is my
charming cockatiel, Dianna.
Hiding somewhere around here
is a beautiful angora cat, Lila.
She used to scratch.
Cats have claws, you know.
And I have nails.
But I had hers extracted, and
now she no longer scratches.
Poor Lila.
Ah, there she is.
My lovely Lila.
Oh, yes, my pets love me.
But I must punish them
when they deserve it.
Miss Mills, won't you sit down?
You know I don't intend to stay long.
As a matter of fact,
I'm beginning to think
you promised me that
surprise just to get me here.
Miss Mills, may I call you Geraldine?
You see, I have a feeling
that we resemble each other,
well, at least in one respect.
You see, I have a feeling that
we are both very possessive.
Are you trying to frighten me?
Fear becomes a woman.
Fear is part of a woman's love.
Perhaps I'm not a woman.
Perhaps you haven't
found the right man yet.
You women, you always
have great expectations.
And still, you never know what to expect.
I know exactly what to
expect, my dear Mr. Stackman.
I expect you to try to seduce me.
You won't succeed.
My dear Geraldine, I don't seduce women.
I make them my pets.
Oh, and that's what you expect of me?
That's very interesting.
Tell me, will you walk me in the park
and throw me a biscuit once in a while?
As a matter of fact, I shall leave now.
No, listen, please.
Before you do go, I would like to tell you
some more things about myself.
I don't think I'm interested.
Please, this affects you directly.
You see, I don't go out very much.
Oh, I see, quiet evening at
home with the fish gulping,
and the bird chirping,
and the cat meowing,
and the dog barking.
How idyllic.
Yes, but lately, I found
myself getting lonely and bored.
Well, a man needs variety.
Have you thought of trying
a monkey for a change,
or perhaps some white mice?
Oh, my dear Geraldine,
my imagination soars
much higher than that.
Oh, yes, much higher.
You see, I sometimes see
in my mind's eye a zoo.
A zoo?
But not with the usual animals.
Oh, no.
In my zoo, there would be only women.
You'd put women in a zoo?
Oh, but they'd adore it, I assure you.
I always knew you were
a bit odd, Mr. Stackman,
but I didn't think you were crazy.
But Geraldine, imagine,
they have no responsibilities.
They'd be well taken care of.
They'd be fed regularly,
splashing about in the water,
playing in the sun, being mated regularly.
And if one mate were not enough for you,
you could have another and another.
That's fascinating, simply fascinating,
but I am not looking for
a male to be mated with.
Now if you'd please take me home.
No, Geraldine.
I have a surprise for you,
Is this your idea of a joke?
Where is she?
You miss the real Bonnie, don't you?
She ran away from you and she came to me.
See, I tamed her.
Then you
do know where she is.
I want to see her
She wants to see you.
Well, it was her idea that
I should bring you here.
You've slept with her, haven't you?
Would you blame me if I had?
Listen, all I wanna do is...
Is see Bonnie, of course.
Well, I'll fetch her.
Mr. Stackman?
Bonnie, I can't believe
you're really here.
You see, I haven't forgotten
you and the fun we had.
Oh, Bonnie, why did you run away?
You know why.
You killed Ron.
She should be behind bars.
Bonnie, don't talk like that.
Let me look at you.
Somehow you look different.
You've changed.
Indeed she has changed.
Shall we drink to change?
What about you, Gerry?
To a happy threesome.
I'll see you later, won't I?
Of course you shall, my dear.
We shall all see a great
deal of each other.
You should be cautious
poking into the strange corners
of an old house, my dear.
Who knows what you may find.
Is Bonnie down there?
Why are all the doors locked?
Well, when I came to your house,
you scolded Bonnie for
not locking the doors.
You see, my dear, I'm learning from you.
What do you want from me?
You still don't know?
You tempt me enormously,
and I'm going to have you, Geraldine.
I'm going to possess you.
You are absolutely utterly insane.
You can't possess me.
I'm a woman, not an animal!
Women treat men like
animals, don't they?
Taking over their jobs,
trying to be superior,
disguising themselves as
lawyers and politicians,
running factories, giving us orders,
trying to take over the world,
giving us orders, us, orders!
Well, what's wrong with that?
My mother ran my father's business.
Oh, she made a lot of money
but she ruined his life!
Well, maybe he needed her help.
The only help a man needs
from a woman is in bed,
and that's where she should be kept,
not out trying to run the world!
Why should that upset you?
I was an assistant
director of a fine museum.
The curator was about to retire.
He was killed in a plane crash.
And who do you think took his place, me?
Oh, no, no.
The female he had married a year before
whose only qualifications
were between her legs,
sitting behind her fine desk,
asking me questions, the answers to which
were far beyond her
infantile comprehension.
More than once, I wanted to
grab her by her elegant coiffeur
and drag her across that desk
and take that ruler she
played with and shove it...
But you didn't.
You were afraid...
More and more women
were engaged to take over,
women giving me orders!
But I shall restore them to
their proper place, Geraldine.
I'll teach you what you were made for.
I'll show you who the masters are.
I'll show you what you're
made for, possession by a man.
You wanted to be with Bonnie?
Well, come.
She's waiting for you.
You see, my dear, when I
first brought Bonnie here,
she was a little wild and unruly.
But now, she's tamed.
You see, these are the animals
you would find in a conventional zoo.
Yes, my dear.
This little vixen, she was
especially fond of Bonnie
when she first came.
Weren't you, my dear?
And that's a naughty
she wolf being punished.
And here is Joan.
She was a little nervous
when she first came.
Weren't you, my dear?
But now, she's alright.
You see, all of my pets,
they love me because I trained them.
Oh, Aphrodite.
And this is one of my prized possessions.
Hello, Gerry.
You keep her in a cage?
Well, it's
very comfortable there.
There's plenty of room for two or three.
But it's inhuman!
It's not inhuman, Geraldine.
A little unusual perhaps,
but you know, more men
should follow my example.
And what do they do instead.
They allow their wives and
mistresses to put them in cages.
It's like a bad dream.
This can't be real.
Let her out of there!
I often let her out.
Many a night, you'll
find her lying at my feet
on the rug upstairs, playing with Lila.
Often, she spends the
entire night in my bed.
Women are such creatures of habit,
and such creatures can be trained.
Bonnie, I'm gonna get you out of here.
Where is the key?
I'm not gonna let you do this to her!
Now get her out of there!
Now, she's not your pet!
Why do you look at me like that?
I've never seen you so excited,
your eyes blazing like a
lioness, your cheeks aflame.
You're a beautiful woman, Geraldine,
but a proud woman who must be broken.
I won't listen to you!
Now give me the key!
You can't keep her in there!
In the beginning,
Bonnie used to shout,
"You can't!
"You can't!"
But she soon found out there's
no such think as I can't.
You must hate women.
Well, I love them.
In cages.
All I ask is for them to
be women instead of frauds.
Look at her, what a superb
instrument of physical pleasure.
Bonnie, how did he
ever lure you in here?
I'm taking her home with me.
To make her your pet again.
Bonnie, how can you laugh?
I mean, you're being
forced to live like this.
Live like what?
Do you mean to tell me that
a girl forced to go to work
in a crowded subway or bus
in an office every morning
in a steel beehive, sitting
behind a typewriter,
grinding out business letters
or lists of meaningless figures,
finally to be let out,
to go home dead tired,
only to start all over
again the next morning?
Such a girl could become deranged.
But Bonnie leading a simple
life of sensual pleasure,
you fear for her sanity?
My dear Geraldine, which
of us is the more insane.
Please, let's not argue.
Just open the gate and let her go.
Please, Vincent.
Open it for me.
Alright, Geraldine.
If that's what you want, I'll get the key.
He's insane.
Does he beat you?
He used to.
I'm sorry, my pet.
I had to do it.
You had to be tamed.
But you'll be happy.
All of my pets are happy.
Now he only does it if I'm bad.
Bonnie, you don't
know what you're saying.
How did this happen to you?
When I ran away, I
didn't have anywhere to go.
So I went to the gallery.
Vincent said I could be his
house guest for a while.
I played with Lila, then he
asked me to put her to bed.
And this is where Lila lives.
Oh, how cute.
And when I did, he shut
the door and locked it.
He called me his pet.
I thought it was a dumb joke.
But when I tried to get out, he.
Somebody will be
looking for you, Bonnie.
For me?
Well, somebody will be looking for me.
No, Gerry.
He stuck a note in your
mailbox saying you'd left.
He'll go back and get rid of your things
and make it look like you've really gone.
He's smart.
Ah, the lioness has spirit.
I like that.
Now, now, we'll begin the training.
I'm not breaking her.
Oh, no, it's most important
to train first, not to break.
Isn't it, Bonnie?
Now shall we begin?
On your knees.
On your knees!
Down, I say!
Over there.
Go over there.
Crawl, crawl, over there!
You see, I always keep my promise.
To a happy threesome.
Crawl, over there.
Come on, inside, that's it.
Get the tunic, Bonnie.
Ooh, what a pretty color.
It goes so nicely with her hair.
Yes, I had it made especially for her.
Please, you've got Bonnie!
What do you want with me?
Show me a man who's
satisfied with one woman
and I'll show you a liar!
To a happy twosome.
Bonnie, come back!
Bonnie, come back!
Oh, Zukari.
Good dog, good girl.
Oh, Zukari, be a good dog.
So I'll just go on my way
Living life day by day
Trying not to hurt a soul
But I know in the end
Somehow I'm gonna find
The peace of mind that
I've been searching for
The peace of mind that
I've been searching for
Where are you going?
Anywhere you are, lady.
Get in.
In a lonesome city now
Don't know where I'm headed for
I don't want to do no wrong
But maybe I'll find someone here
Whose life I'm gonna share
For a little while bot not for long
Some folks see me as an evil one
Others look the other way
They don't believe all
the heartaches I've known
They don't wanna hear the words I pray