Petta (2019) Movie Script

Aren't you ashamed?
Why are there so many thugs in the college?
No, brother. We almost had it all...
but a hostel warden came and ruined it.
He thrashed us!
We have him locked inside.
They must be beating him up.
You couldn't kill one man with all these thugs?
No. I think they are done.
Let me check.
It's locked.
Hey! What's happening?
Brother! Our men are getting beaten up!
Break the door!
-Sir, let's leave. -Come on.
Come! Lift it!
Lift this!
Break it!
Come on. Let's do this.
He's a beast!
Who's that?
Beast! He's thrashing everyone like a monster!
Bloody hell!
All of them are finished.
They are in a terrible state.
One man!
He is a hostel warden!
He ripped them apart!
I got him!
He must be dead by now!
A hostel warden!
We were wrong.
Don't worry, brother!
I got him!
I saw the boys.
They are downstairs!
He has locked them up.
Don't worry, brother.
I'll bring him to you.
Do you think I'm falling?
Let's invite a political leader from the North as a chief guest for the wedding.
It will be the talk of the town.
Brother! Who respects your party in the North?
They are never here when there's an issue.
Do you think they will come for the wedding?
-They will come for the wedding. -No, they won't!
If you mention our party's name, they get scared.
Yes, you're right.
Don't say it out loud.
They can hear you.
Be careful.
Why are you scared?
After all, our party is the kingmaker.
-What? -Someone's calling you...
-from the Prime Minister's office. -It's urgent!
-Is there enough polystyrene? -Yes, tell me.
It's a large lake.
-There's enough of it. -Okay, sir.
Okay, sir.
The Prime Minister's personal secretary is asking me for a recommendation.
Damn! I was shaken for a minute.
Please call the principal at St. Wood's College.
They are unruly!
The class begins tomorrow.
But tonight, there's a welcome party in the hostel.
I'm sure that the boys have a ragging plan.
Like every year.
If this continues, we will rank number one in ragging.
Where are we now?
Let's get to number one.
They are rich brats. They won't listen to us.
-Please, sir. -Ignore it.
Sir, I know them very well.
Yes, sir. Tell me!
Is that so?
If you've said it, we will make it happen.
Is the college conducting interviews?
No. There is a party.
Is the college conducting interviews?
Yes, sir!
Our hostel warden resigned two days ago.
The college is holding interviews for a temporary warden.
I have the minister's recommendation for a temporary warden.
Something's fishy!
That's all right. Why do we care?
His name is Kaali. Inform them.
We own this place.
I will make sure my son-in-law becomes a real estate big shot!
-What do you think, son? -Okay, uncle!
Your astrological forecast isn't good right now!
It says that danger awaits you...
in the form of someone.
In the form of someone? Who?
Who is Kaali?
Who is Kaali?
Who is Kaali?
-Who is Kaali? -I don't know.
Who is Kaali?
Kaali? Kaali? Kaali?
Who's that?
Who is Kaali? Damn it!
I am Kaali!
Oh my God!
Take care of my bag.
Roast the chestnuts.
I will be right back.
Roast the chestnuts?
I am a part of the selection committee.
That's awesome!
Roast the nuts and spice it up. I'll be right back.
You are highly recommended.
But why are you here without a resume?
Did you get the call?
I did.
We have a strict set of rules.
Did you get a call?
Are you threatening me?
Sir, I have come from far away.
I am very tired. Don't waste my time.
Nice doll, right?
I roasted the nuts. I don't have the spices with me.
If you come to the mess, I will roast it and spice it up!
Show me the room. Please carry my bag.
I got the job!
Thank you for your presence and wishes. You can go home.
-Please leave! -Leave!
-Leave -Go away!
Shall we start our journey?
Shut up!
Move! Get lost!
He is so smart!
-Why are you laughing? -Shut up!
Stop laughing!
Sing a song.
Come on.
We asked you to praise the seniors. What a bad show!
-Get lost! -Where is the second-year singer?
Bro! I'm here.
Come on. Show them...
how to praise the seniors.
Well, sir...
I have a doubt.
This isn't a great job. Why are you here?
The students behave like monkeys!
It is difficult to tame them.
How are you going to sort this out?
What's your name?
I have lived in the wild for a long time.
In the wild?
I have come here for a game.
I have dealt with many wild animals.
This is monkey business!
Don't worry.
Why were you living in the wild?
Well... I committed a crime, Chittu!
That's why I had to go into hiding to avoid the mess.
Why are you here?
Wait and watch.
Kaali is here.
The dance of the masses!
The song of the masses!
Here I am! The man of the masses!
The dance of the masses!
The songs of the masses!
Here I am! The man of the masses!
Don't show it off You'll have it coming!
He stands tall! Don't touch his shadow!
Look at the mesmerizing walk! Look at the lightning speed!
Light up the crackers! We are going to have a blast!
Roll up your sleeves! Here comes the charismatic man!
If you look at him! You'll be charmed!
Here comes the swag! The superstar swag!
There's no one to match him!
The one and only superstar!
The superstar swag! The unmatchable one!
Dance to his glory!
The dance of the masses!
The song of the masses!
Move aside! Here comes the man of the masses!
Don't show it off! You'll have it coming!
He stands tall! Don't touch his shadow!
This place is dirty. That's why it looks so...
-What's that sound? -That sound...
I told you about the monkeys, right?
The ragging is on!
Please clean this place.
I'll go and meet the monkeys.
Do you want me to clean this place?
Didn't I tell you that I am the mess supervisor?
-I'll be right back. -Yes, sir!
When I'm back, I will bang the table again.
You want it to be clean.
Am I right?
-Snake! -Oh my God!
You are smart!
No one's above you!
No one's beneath you!
Treat everyone as equals!
Be kind! To one and all!
Your life will be celebrated by all!
If you stand against me With truth on your side!
I'll bow down before you! That's who I am!
If you try to betray me! With your sly nature!
I'll show you who I am! With all my might!
Look at the mesmerizing walk! Look at the lightning speed!
Light up the crackers! We are going to have a blast!
Rolling up the sleeve! Comes the charismatic man!
One look at him! And you'll be charmed!
Here comes the swag! The Superstar Swag!
There's no one to match him!
The one and only superstar!
The superstar swag! The unmatchable one!
Dance to his glory!
The dance of the masses! The song of the masses!
Move aside! Here comes the man of the masses!
Don't show it off!
-You'll have it coming! -Who's he?
He stands tall! Don't touch his shadow!
Take off your shirt!
Come on!
Go ahead!
-Take it off! Take off your pants! -Please leave me!
-Take off your pants! Right now! -Sir! Let me go!
-Sir, let me go. Please! -Listen to me! Take it off!
I told you...
The superstar swag!
The unmatchable one!
Dance to his glory!
"Welcome slaves!"
Who is a slave here?
Hey, kiddo!
Don't you dare take another step forward. I will rip your clothes off!
You will be running home naked.
You will not be able to face anyone after that.
From now on, I'm your hostel warden.
I don't care...
about the past.
But from now on, no one can do anything here.
Please stand in separate rows.
Hurry up!
Tell me...
Why would you let someone take off your pants?
Are you serious?
Are you the "Terror Boys?"
You look like big shots.
From now on, you cannot enter the hostel.
Bid adieu to all and walk out.
Who are you?
Why should we listen to you?
No one can stop us from entering the hostel.
This is our fort.
I can.
From now on, this place belongs to me.
Are you the boss of this gang?
You don't know who I am.
I will make sure...
Are you threatening me?
I'm scared, kiddo.
Hey! Get lost!
Go on!
The politics of bullying, crushing and chasing away
the newcomers is justified, right?
But remember that everyone is equal.
From now on, nobody will rag anyone here.
This hostel will be treated as a respectable place.
Please make sure you behave yourselves.
If you cross your limits, I will teach you a lesson.
Hey seniors...
Please welcome the freshers with love and affection!
The superstar swag!
The unmatchable one! Dance to his glory!
The superstar swag!
The unmatchable one! Dance to his glory!
Mom! Hurry up!
There are four lakhs in Perumal's account.
But we are still short of eight lakhs.
Yes, sir!
What is this?
What's happening?
he won't listen to us.
Am I feeding you to tell me this?
Idiot! Idiot!
Go beat him up and get the money back, you idiot!
I'm trying to recover my money. This is killing me every day.
Why are you here? Go!
Get lost!
Look at his hair and beard!
Sir, please wait.
-Take your time, sir. -Eat well.
What about you? What's happening?
I have the college account.
Everything is smooth.
Listen! I just remembered that...
there was a clash between the new warden and Mike.
Please ask him.
My dear son.
Out of all our businesses, the easiest ones
are the hostel mess contract and the bus contract.
This is your final year at the college.
Please focus on the academics and get the degree.
I don't want to frequently apologize to your principal.
Dad! He was the one who started it.
Why don't you stay out of his way?
You will be the first graduate in our family.
You must fulfill my father's wishes.
Let's see.
Michael, are you not going by car?
The first-year students arrive today.
Let me go find your daughter-in-law.
Girls, get down.
-Girls, please get down! -St. Wood's first-year girls, get down!
-Hurry up. -Come on.
Hey, bro.
Isn't she beautiful?
She looks amazing, bro!
My golden moon
My dream in the golden moon
Fresh joy in my thoughts
It goes on and on
Dear Chittu... Why are the idlis so bad?
Well... the grinder is not working.
Hey, boys...
Please make sure you eat as much as you need.
every single idli you eat after your hunger is over
belongs to someone else.
Got it?
This is the thought for the...
Who's that?
Oh my God! It seems like my brain is injured.
-What is this? -Idli!
Look-alike... it's an idli look-alike!
Do you eat this every day?
Yes, sir!
The idli is edible today because you are here.
If you eat well, you will be able to study well.
What is this?
Why aren't you serving good food?
If you want good food...
then you should go home...
and eat your mother's cuisine.
This is a contract.
This will not change.
Easier said than done.
It's difficult to cook for 200 people.
Let me see. Let me see.
Boys! Go to your class.
Don't worry. There will be a celebration.
My eyes!
When you cook, do it with love.
It's one of the rules.
Even when you chop onions, you should enjoy it.
Do it with love.
Please. Stop.
You don't have to do it with love. It's okay.
Who's that?
You are awesome!
Oh my God!
Anu... Anu...
I told you.
Do it with love.
Do it with love. Always.
I can understand it.
-How about a hug? -No, bro.
What a tasty treat!
Who gave us this feast?
Who gave us this feast?
Our dear Kaali!
Come! Let's salute him!
Greetings, sir.
Listen to me.
Food is a basic need.
You should let us know if it's bad.
Or else, we need to change it ourselves.
If it was bad all the while, why didn't you tell us?
We cannot do this every day?
We can't afford it.
I spent 45 rupees less than the usual meal.
Draft a letter about the food.
We will have a new contractor.
It is the same contractor for the hostel mess and canteen.
If the food is bad, you can go to the canteen.
That's the idea.
We'll change it.
We'll change it.
They've touched our food.
We won't let them get away.
Don't get mad.
Just when I was saying that everything was fine...
they canceled the contract.
They didn't even care about our idlis.
-Who's he? -He is Kaali.
That's all I know.
I told you, right?
He threw me out of the hostel on his first day.
The principal mentioned that he is not an ordinary person.
He got into a tussle with you.
He canceled our hostel mess contract.
Something's fishy.
Is it some unsettled old score?
-Yes, bro. -Go check him out.
Okay, sir. Mike!
Where is he?
He's got a strange style.
Bro... let me go and give him a nice whack.
Mike! I've been a thug for a long time.
I can read a person's face.
I can tell if he is violent or not.
He doesn't look like an ordinary guy.
MISA 109
Look at that!
Mike! Did you see his right arm?
He has a number tattoo!
What does that mean?
During the emergency,
they tattooed every convict in jail.
He must've been in jail too.
Bro! Shut up!
I am sure this man has a violent past.
Why don't we test him?
People like him...
are always vigilant.
They already know if someone is watching them.
I am sure...
he knows that we are watching him.
He will look at us at some point.
Mike! Start the car!
-Let's go! -He's not an ordinary person.
What! Are you scared?
I'm not scared. I'm cautious.
Let it be!
I am done.
Dad asked us to check him out. Let's go!
I feel like meeting you too.
But we can't.
I don't care.
I want to see you.
I can't come now.
It's okay. I'll come.
Where? What are you saying?
Yeah. I'm here. I'm outside your window.
What the hell? Really?
Open the window.
Dude! Where are you?
Dude! She's at the other window!
Hey! That's my mother's window!
What! Your mother?
Come, let's go!
Kaali, I have a doubt. I mean...
I mean...
Tell me.
When are you going to change the game?
Why are you shocked?
Why are you acting as if you've come here to reform education?
Don't you have a plan? Tell me. Tell me.
-Please tell me. -You are smart.
Tell me!
What happened?
Where are the boys?
I don't know, sir.
-Come here. -Yes, sir.
Where are the boys?
-We don't know, sir. -Where are they?
They are gone to the movies.
Why are you so upset? They'll be back soon.
-What is the name of the theater? -Sir, the theater's name is...
Ganapathy Theater, sir!
We're in trouble...
Sir... we had gone to the movies.
We got late.
This is my last warning.
If any of you do it again, I'll rip you into pieces.
I'm a nice person.
But not too nice.
Go inside! You went to the movies instead of studying at the hostel!
What happened?
I slipped and twisted my foot in the theater.
Anwar! What happened? Why is your leg swollen?
Tell me. Why is it swollen?
It's a small wound.
Does this look small to you?
Walk carefully. Come.
Everybody! Get inside!
We lied to you.
We didn't go to the movies.
It's okay. Go!
Can you help me?
I have a problem with my girlfriend.
Can you help me?
What did you say?
I have a problem with my girlfriend.
Can you help me?
Yes, I will! Yes, I will!
He came from Australia to meet me.
We are in love.
He got thrilled and came home. But he got into trouble.
Mom said that she'll talk to the principal of the college.
He is innocent, uncle!
So, did you come here for love?
-Yes, sir. -Shut up!
For how long has this been going on?
It's been a while. We were in grade six.
We studied together in Australia.
It's been a while. You guys are crazy!
-Why don't you talk to your parents? -Uncle...
Try and make them understand.
Mom and Dad had a love marriage. But five years ago, Dad left Mom.
Earlier, Mom was a different person.
But after she lost Dad, she has given up on love and marriage!
I told her to get married but she is not interested.
She thinks that I should not be in a relationship, as well.
Listen to me.
He asked me for help. I thought it was about beating someone up.
But you're talking about something that I don't understand at all.
What do you want me to do?
Meet my mother and talk to her. Please tell her that everything's fine.
Tell her that we are committed to each other.
Tell her that we are in love.
How do I go meet her?
My mother is a pranic healer. She runs a clinic at home.
You will have to pretend that you have a headache.
She'll ask you to come thrice a week. You can talk to her at that time.
Is your mom a doctor?
Pranic healer.
Pranic healer.
Okay. What else can I do? It's my fate.
Go, Romeo! Have fun!
Are you single? Don't you have a family?
I'm single. Why?
You look like a young and stylish man!
Be strong. My mother is very beautiful.
You wish! Go on. Go!
I'm free. I don't want to be trapped again!
What's your mother's name?
Mangalam is a nice name.
I'm young and stylish.
Who is it?
-Mangalam? -Yes.
-Who are you? -You are Mangalam.
Pranic healer!
Yes, it's me.
I am having a headache and some stress, as well.
I was told that you could help me out.
Are you a patient?
I am not a patient. I'm young and fine.
That's not what I meant to say. You have a headache.
Please wait at the clinic. I will be there.
Please come here.
Please come here.
Straighten up.
Take off your glasses.
If you're not comfortable, please close your eyes.
No! This is wonderful!
-It's okay. Please close your eyes. -Okay.
-Doctor! Doctor! -Who's that?
I think it's a patient.
-Open the door. -Cheenu... it's you.
What happened?
Didn't you say that everything will be cured?
I am in pain.
-I want my money back. -It will be fine.
-I'm busy. -Who's that?
-Please. Excuse me. -Did you begin to spin tales?
Sir! Nothing will work here. I'm suffering from arthritis.
Please. Excuse me.
Forget him! He's an idiot.
We should believe that we are cured.
-That's the first step. -You're right.
It's all in the mind.
Come on.
-Let's continue with the treatment. -Oh no!
I'm fine. My headache has also gone away.
I haven't even started yet.
What happened?
Are you scared of the treatment?
Scared? No. I think I am cured.
This treatment works like magic. It is based on energy fields.
I can read faces. Shall I read your face?
You have many secrets.
Grief, violence, vengeance and so much more.
Aren't you putting up a facade to hide all of that?
What is this? You hit the bull's eye with the details.
Do you know astrology?
This is healing. It's not astrology.
But I didn't come for healing. Listen to me. He is a nice boy.
And, your daughter is wonderful!
They know what they want. Everything will be alright.
I'll take care of it. I'm the hostel warden.
Are you a messenger of love?
-Go away! -No. No.
I'm not a messenger. I have a lot of stress.
But you are fine, right?
Listen to me...
Don't think with your head. Think with your heart.
Our anger and fear shouldn't affect others.
I know that you are confused. But let me give you a solution.
When I was young, there was a powerful saint in our village.
He used to say something...
"Whenever you are angry or confused, take a break for thirty seconds
and dance to your favorite song.
-After that, do what you feel is right." -Okay.
Try it. It works!
-Yes, bro! -Damn!
My pain vanished in five minutes. She's good.
I want to ask you something
Tell me the truth
If you ask me to sing
How shall I sing?
I want to ask you something
Tell me the truth
Shut up!
How shall I sing?
I will wait for another five minutes.
She was not mad at me.
She smiled and said, "You know what to do."
That's great!
I thought your love story is going to end.
She asked me to thank you
for the healing idea. It was awesome.
It was awesome...
Listen... the problem is solved.
Please concentrate on your studies.
Don't waste your time. Please don't invite trouble.
We will live up to your name, uncle.
Hey, listen!
Don't call me "uncle."
What should we call you?
Just don't call me "uncle." It doesn't seem right.
I seem to have gone back in time I wonder...
My heart seems to beat With warmth and love
My heart jumps with joy!
Countless sleepless nights!
The dusk reminds me
That I'm younger again!
I'm looking in the mirror
But all I see is you
Days cross me like seconds
As love breezes past me!
I'm looking in the mirror
But all I see is you
Days cross me like seconds
As love breezes past me!
I seem to have gone back in time I wonder...
My heart seems to beat With warmth and love
What about your family, wife and children?
Why don't you speak about them?
I had everything.
But now I don't.
That's all I can say.
I am getting over it.
Moving on is living, right?
Moving on is living.
Let's live life to the fullest! Come join me!
Let's live for eternity!
Let's live all our dreams!
What else do I need? I have your shoulder to lean on
I was all alone
And now, here you are!
I feel young again My very own paradise
Let's walk together! Forever!
I feel like the center of the universe!
I find myself floating
As love breezes past me
I seem to have gone back in time I wonder...
My heart seems to beat With warmth and love
My heart jumps with joy
Countless sleepless nights!
The dusk reminds me
That I'm younger again!
Who are you talking to, Kaali?
Your mother-in-law. Get lost!
I'm looking in the mirror!
But all I see is you
Days cross me like seconds
As love breezes past me!
I'm looking in the mirror! But all I see is you
Days cross me like seconds
As love breezes past me!
What's up, Kaali?
You look happy.
Snake! Snake!
Why do you do this?
Talk to your beloved on the phone. Get it?
Don't roam around on the college campus.
Why, sir?
I studied in this college. So, listen to me.
Sit down, love birds. Sit down.
Well... Are the two of you in love?
Yes or no!
Alright. Let's get you married. Today is a good day.
Let's not delay! Today is Valentine's Day.
It's okay. Get married.
Just sit on this donkey and roam around the college.
-That's all. -Michael!
Welcome, professor!
This man got married on Valentine's Day.
I was hoping that this wouldn't happen.
My life was ruined after this incident.
Please don't do this, Mike. Please, bro.
Look at you!
You were my junior. Now, you are my professor.
-Get out of here! -Go!
Go away!
Get married to her
or tell everyone that she is your sister.
Brother... please don't do this.
-Please don't do this. -Please don't do this, Michael.
Give them some advice. Right now.
Sir, please ask him to spare us.
Anwar, listen to him.
When he did this to me, I got married.
He made sure that everyone knew about it.
I lost the girl, Anwar.
There's no other way.
We have a Valentine's Day special video.
The Terror Boys Group is up to something great!
This is our boss, Mike!
And, this is the hotshot couple from our college!
Michael, don't do this!
We asked them to get married
but they chose to admit that they are siblings.
-Everyone will watch this. -Go on.
-This girl... -Go on, stupid!
What's up with him?
Did he say anything?
Her name is Anu. I love her very much.
She's the one I'm going to marry.
There's nothing to worry about. Don't cry.
-What happened? -Nothing.
Hey! They've been suspended.
And, the father's contracts have been canceled.
-What? -Is it ready?
Yes. Ready.
The Valentine's Day video by the Terror Boys Group was a flop show!
Ragging is wrong, bro!
Is the mangalsutra ready?
Is the camera ready?
-It's ready, Jithu! -Make sure my face is visible.
-Okay, sir. -Don't kill anyone.
We can't afford the medical expenses.
-Hey Asif! -Here you go.
Come, let's save our culture.
Hail the Color Right Party!
I will break their heads!
Get out! Go away!
Get lost!
Go away!
Hit him! Beat him up!
Close all the doors!
Don't let anyone escape!
Leave me!
Auspicious of the auspicious! You will fulfill our desires!
Oh Goddess! We salute your divinity!
It's not "Happy Valentine's Day!" It's "Happy Married Life!"
Hail the Color Right Party!
The video has hit a home run, Jithu! Home run!
-We are trending at number 13. -Yes.
Can you buy a beer with that?
Our party is famous, Jithu!
That's right! Dad will be happy about it. What about us?
Look at this, Jithu. Somebody did the same thing and got whacked!
They are trending at number 11.
Look at him!
Junior Amjad Khan!
I'm not able to step out of the house.
They are mocking us in these videos.
Had we beaten him up earlier...
he would have been dead!
I listened to you and I got whacked!
I lost my respect!
I told you, didn't I?
I asked you to stay away from him. But now, you've ruined it!
What kind of a son are you?
What are you doing? Why are you arguing right now?
Both of you are incapable of teaching him a lesson!
You! Come here!
Go and buy eggs!
Let's listen to this famous song.
A human can become a God
A human can become a God
A human can become a God
A human can become a God
You can be a philanthropist If you give abundantly
Sacrifice oneself like a tree
Give light like a candle
A human can become a God
The list is in the bag. Give me the fresh stock.
How many are there?
I guess eight to ten people.
They are waiting for two hours.
They are armed and ready.
Don't you guys ever change?
You are always the same.
So boring!
-Kiddo! -Yes, sir.
Here's the money for the damage.
Is it the second or the third house in Gomathi Estate?
Second house, sir!
Okay. The second house.
The father is drunk. The son is drunk.
What a family!
Who are you?
Hello. My name's Kaali.
I'm the hostel warden. Your husband wanted to beat me up.
I'd like a strong tea with extra sugar.
How dare you enter my house! I'm going to...
If you lay your finger on me...
Do you know who I am?
You deserve to suffer.
Your son has lost his education and you have lost your money.
If you cross my path again, you will lose your life.
This is the last time I'm forgiving you.
Ma'am, your son should have been dismissed from the college
but we want him to appear for the exams.
Please tell him to live a good life.
You can't spend all your life in college. He needs to move on.
Hey! My glasses! My glasses!
Study well, boys.
Oh! When did you come?
Just now, sir!
Listen to me!
Michael, hurry up.
What are you doing?
Don't pay heed to this.
-Dude! -You are always recording trees.
Record his voice. The voice of truth!
Bro! Michael!
The hostel is having a farewell party.
All the students will be back in their rooms after it is over.
If we go in at that time,
we can get them easily.
The hostel is going to witness a death today.
Brother? What are you doing? What is this?
Dad! They might murder someone.
We are going to kill...
the warden.
Dad! Let's not kill anyone. We'll just thrash him.
-Michael! -What's this?
He came into your house and beat your father up!
How can we leave him? He needs to die!
-Brother, listen... -Who does he think he is?
Calm down.
Dad. Let's not kill him.
If we thrash him, he will flee once and for all.
Why are you torturing me?
My pride is at stake!
I can't let it go!
This is frightening me, Dad!
Please, Dad.
Okay, let's not kill him.
-You heard him, right? Just beat him up. -What are you saying?
Don't kill him. Keep the weapons inside.
-Stop it. -Go away. Go.
I will take you there. Beat him up. That's all.
-Okay? -Okay, Michael.
I'll come along.
Today is a festive day at the hostel.
Life is like a rain of happiness
Let's have the heart To get drenched
The sorrow spell shall Last only for a while
Let's live our life to the fullest
Life is like a rain of happiness
Let's have the heart To get drenched
The sorrow spell shall Last only for a while
Let's live our life to the fullest
One who pretends to be blind Shall never see the beauty of this world
Open your eyes!
One who is bounded Shall never see the horizon
Live free!
The world is made from the dreams I dream!
The world dances to my tune!
Come join me as I celebrate life!
Life is just...
The world is made from the dreams I dream!
The world dances non-stop To my tunes!
Come join me as I celebrate life!
Life is just...
Listen to your heart To what it truly wants
To what gives you happiness And everything else can stop
Understand your inner gut To its gathered strength
You are my soldiers to make The world a better place
Listen to your heart To what it truly wants
To what gives you happiness And everything else can stop
Understand your inner gut To its gathered strength
You are my soldiers to make The world a better place
You got to lose something in hand to value And cherish what life throws back at you
You got to control the desire to possess To get the world under your feet
The world is made from the dreams I dream!
The world dances to my tune!
Come join me as I celebrate life!
Life is just...
Brother... do you remember what Dad said? "Don't kill him. Just thrash him!"
That was an awesome song by Kaali!
Tell me, Chittu. How did you dance like that?
I have mastered Bharata Natyam and Kuchipudi when I was in grade four.
He believed what I said.
I will show you my dance moves tomorrow.
Yes. Sleep well.
I will show you my dance moves.
Move! Who are you?
-Please don't hit us. -Get away!
Get away! Stop it!
Dude! Who is it?
Who are you?
-Let me go! -Go away!
Please! Please!
Let him go!
Let him go, please!
I told you not to bring any weapons.
Who asked you to bring weapons?
Why did you attack me?
Who are you?
Michael! What happened?
Brother! Who's this?
How many men did you bring along?
Tell me!
Six men, sir.
Please show me your face.
Take off the masks.
Show me your hand. It's bleeding.
Ask your men to leave.
There's nothing to worry about.
Please ask them to leave!
Go on! Leave!
Take him to the hospital!
Let's take him to the hospital.
No. Give him first aid here.
No one will leave this place!
The problem isn't over yet.
This is just the beginning.
Singaar Singh is a thief! Singaar Singh is a thief!
Aren't you ashamed? He is just a boy and you couldn't get him!
Hey, shut up! He's still alive, right?
Greetings, Jithu!
He wants some limelight through all the protests.
The group leader is Rahul.
Hey Arijith! Where's Dad?
Stop it! Stop it! Stop the theft of coal!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop the theft of coal!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop the theft of coal!
What happened?
We missed it, Dad!
Singaar. Control yourself.
Calm down.
If your blood pressure rises during the treatment,
then your life could be in danger.
Relax, Singaar!
Please listen to me.
Didn't you say that you will finish it off today?
We were so close.
We'll finish it today!
Why are you worried?
He must die today, Jithu!
I hate this smile.
It should go away, once and for all!
When was the last time you spoke to Poongodi?
Poongodi? How do you know my mother?
Answer me!
I spoke to her this morning.
Call her.
But how do you know...
Poongodi. This is your brother.
Yes, there's a problem. Please come here.
I told you, right?
He will come for us again. And I will be ready!
He's here.
I'm ready!
Keep your cell phones inside.
Hurry up!
Thangam... there is a problem in your town.
I need 20 men to go with four of mine. Can you help?
20 men? What happened, sir?
Can you help me or not?
Jithu! I'll do as you say.
I'll do it.
-Please ask them to come here. -Okay.
-For a murder... -Murder? We have so many men.
No problem!
In a short while, a bunch of thugs will be coming here.
Don't worry!
This is not your problem.
It's mine!
Don't get involved in this.
For the next two hours...
no matter what happens, don't come out of this hall.
Be silent.
Sir, we will help you.
I didn't ask you for help. Listen to me.
Look at that!
We're going to witness something special.
Your eyes are as beautiful As a blossomed flower
You look like a blossomed flower
Like the dawn
Like an artful swan
Playing in the river Breezing through creepers in the winds
Like the Tamil culture
Raised in Pothigai Hills Settled in Madurai
Your eyes are as beautiful As a blossomed flower
You look like a blossomed flower
Hey! Who's this?
I told you, right? He is the warden!
Is he waiting for us?
No doubt!
He is waiting for us!
If you care for your wife and kids, then run away!
I am in the mood to kill! And I will kill each one of you!
Where are you going?
Damn! Come on!
Come on. Quick!
Let's go. Come on.
We must find a way out.
He has asked us to stay here.
Listen! Do it!
Go! Check! Go!
Let's go.
Come on. I can hear the students.
Damn! He tricked us!
There were 20 men.
Some hostel warden... beat everybody up!
How old is the warden?
How old is he?
He is not young enough to beat them up!
-How's he? -Who are you, sir?
I am his friend. How's he?
He is injured, sir.
-Give me some water. -Sure.
Here you go.
He told me last week
that something big was going to happen.
-And, it has happened. -Sir. Who's he?
Who... who's Anwar?
Who are you?
Who's he?
Who am I?
Jithu... one of my men who escaped from the college is with me now.
He has seen the warden.
Do you have his photo?
You had sent a video with the college boy in it, right?
-In that video... -At the end...
The warden is at the end of the video.
This is what my men told me. Please have a look at it.
Your mother must've brought you up without telling you anything.
Yeah. That's how we wanted it to be.
It's time for you to know...
that your father's name is Malik!
Malik, he was the son of Madurai Abdul Marakkayar.
He is at the end of this video.
The one who guarded you and gave his life to protect you...
Do you know him?
Do you know him?
Petta Velan!
We used to call him...
Let's not leave it like that.
Let's make a deal.
What's up, uncle? Why are you here?
What's the matter?
Let your father come here. We'll speak to him about it.
He's praying right now. Let's talk once he is here.
Yeah, we will.
I heard that you're a powerful district collector.
I was told that you were doing a great job in Madurai.
Why are you supporting a thug?
Who's a thug?
We stand against the notorious sand mafia.
Why are you calling us "thugs?"
Listen to me, brother! I don't think you can shut us up with money.
We are your siblings!
We will file a claim for the assets.
My dear aunt!
It looks like you've built castles in the air!
Greed can kill you!
-Hey! Are you threatening us? -You'll kill us?
Rajapandi and his two sons...
are easily stealing the sand
through the private route that runs through their home.
We are doing this because we have this house.
I don't think we are easily minting money by stealing sand.
What's happening?
We can forgive them by minting money.
The level of the river bed has gone down by 40 feet.
If this continues, we won't even have enough water.
They have been at it for years.
Don't shout at me.
Get lost!
His father, Abdul Ayya, was the first to stand against it.
You know how Devaram and his men staged an accident and killed him!
-So? -Stop it!
I've put up with you only because you are all blood relations.
Enough of this nonsense!
Get out of here!
No one will get anything. Please send them away!
-Get up! Go away! -How can you treat us like this?
Hear me out!
Devaram doesn't pay you anything.
At the same time, they are funding your prime opponent inside the party.
If you listen to us and arrest him, it'll be like a payback for ignoring you
and a move that would cut off your prime opponent's funding, as well.
In any case, you have so much to gain!
I like what I'm hearing.
What do you want me to do?
These people aren't afraid of us anymore!
And you guys have lost the sand mining contract to Malik!
No, father. The district collector is standing by their side.
Now, the contract is with Malik.
And even now, they are mining the sand!
We'll catch them red-handed with evidence!
Just arrest him!
Petta has gone to get it! It will be done!
Greetings, boss!
What's happening? All done?
-Can we ask the vehicles to leave? -Yes, move it!
-Move the vehicles! -Start the engines, everyone!
Brother... they are leaving.
Cease all the vehicles! Nobody will leave this place!
Okay, brother.
The sand is still wet. Why are they packing it up?
Get all the proof on camera!
Brother! Petta and his men are here!
Take the weapons, guys!
Hey! Kiddo!
Go tell your brother! He's done!
Go! Go!
Will everything stop, if you put me in jail?
I'll be out in no time.
And, I'll steal sand once again!
Do it! I'll send you to jail again!
Hey! Write it down! I'm going to kill the both of you!
Damn! I don't have my pen and paper!
Get lost!
Is Poongodi mad at us...
because we are sending her brother to jail?
There's been a mistake, brother!
She's pregnant.
Hey! Don't talk nonsense.
The two families are enemies!
They are the ones who killed Abdul Ayya.
I anticipated trouble when he told me that he was in love with her.
Love is blind!
Yeah, love is blind, deaf and dumb too.
Talk to him.
Please help me.
I'm having a problem with my love. Will you help me?
Can you ask them to leave?
Hey! Get lost! Go out!
-Sir, please listen to us! -Hey Rajapandi!
Why are you letting them in?
Ask them to leave the house!
Hey buffoon!
Why are they talking so much?
I am going to break his head.
I'm furious, as well.
But this is stupid. You've made a mistake.
What did I do?
I don't believe in caste, color, race or religion!
He's made a mistake. He wanted to apologize.
Let me make it clear. Poongodi will be happy with him.
Please get them married.
Don't try to hurt your daughter!
If I'm around, even you can't harm her!
See you.
She is bearing the child of a different caste.
She has brought us shame.
Kill her!
I cannot imagine living like this.
Casteism is in my blood.
At the same time, I cannot see you cry.
If you want to marry him, go ahead.
Do what makes you happy.
Even though you've committed a sin, you are my princess.
-Dad. -Marry him.
-Dad... -Be happy. Go.
Singaar! Don't let them get away with this!
Don't spare them.
Stop the wedding!
Listen to me. Don't do this!
Son, listen to me! Let it be!
She's our little girl.
-Please! -So?
You're asking me to send her off to him?
Our pride is at stake!
We won't be able to face anyone.
I don't care if she dies!
The wedding will not happen!
Hey! You can't do anything! Petta is here!
He'll make sure she gets married!
Hey! The day is here! Hey! The time is here!
Hey! The wedding is here! The wedding of countless dreams
Hey! The time is here!
Hey! The wedding is here! Let the fun begin!
With the most beautiful couple With the entire town gathered around
With songs blazing up the roof The couple exchange their garlands!
Looking at each other With a smirk in the lips
With the exchange of mysterious looks This is more than just a wedding!
Hey! The day is here! Hey! The time is here!
Hey! The wedding is here! The wedding of countless dreams
Hey! The day is here! Hey! The time is here!
Hey! The wedding is here! Let the fun begin!
With henna brightening The hands of the bride
With delicious food Making the crowd salivate!
With liquor solving The family feud
This wedding is a roller coaster ride!
Hey! The wedding is here!
Hey! What's happening?
What are you doing here?
Who are you? What are you doing here?
Relax, my dear groom!
Okay, brother!
How dare you, kiddo?
Instead of bringing gifts to your sister's wedding...
you're storming in with a gun?
I'm mad at you! But, today's a special day!
But it's disrespectful to send you away empty-handed!
So, here's my gift!
The married life begins The man will be whacked by the wife
And still walk as a Brave warrior on the streets
The anger should take a back seat
Silence at home is the real key
Do as she says! Don't ask questions!
Obey her words to perfection!
Even superstars and kings Are no exceptions
A gentle plead and a small kiss Will go a long way
Stay forever! Win her heart!
Care for her! Shower her with love!
Money may come and go! Wealth and power is trivial
Trust and love is eternal Till death do you part!
Hey! The day is here! Hey! The time is here!
Hey! The wedding is here!
Dear! Dear!
Have you arranged for "the night?"
Have you made some arrangements for "the night?"
I will go make arrangements for "the night."
Devaram! If the evidence was strong enough...
you would have been safe.
Listen! I am going to commit three murders!
Tell me what you need.
Calm down!
I was fearing that you'd say something like this!
-I've something to tell you. -What?
Your father called me yesterday
and handed the house over to Poongodi.
Bloody hell!
She is the family's lucky charm!
Her birth gave us everything that we have now.
They belong to a different caste!
Yes. This is a shame! But I couldn't see her cry.
She's my little princess.
I want her to be happy.
even now you get to live with the money.
My will has been written. Just let her live.
I shouldn't kill her, right?
If I kill her, I don't even get to live with the money.
Here you go.
What if I kill you?
I can kill you, right?
If I kill you, I get to live with the money, right?
In the land of traitors...
My son, the tiger is dead
Oh my bundle of sugarcane Oh my big block of diamond
He called you his princess and treated you like one!
He loved you with his life. And now, you've taken it!
Who took his life?
I need to know about it!
My father didn't have a natural death.
Somebody killed him!
I know it!
It's you.
You killed my father!
Poongodi! Why are you blaming your brother?
Your father died because you eloped!
Hey! Who eloped?
Her father blessed her at the wedding.
He sent her away because he wanted her to be happy.
Enough of this nonsense!
He wanted to kill you when he got to know about your mistake.
He gave me the house to protect me.
I was worried when I heard about it.
And now, he is dead!
Answer me! Did you kill him for the money?
How could you kill my father?
Shut up, you swine!
Yes. I killed him. So?
Not only for the money but also because you got married to that man.
This is not the end.
Now, it's you, your husband and Petta!
I will kill everyone!
Malik! I'm not going to spare your child.
I will kill every single soul!
Our pride is at stake here!
I will kill everyone!
-I will kill you! -You will kill me!
-He killed our father. -You will kill me!
Now, he killed his father.
He will attempt to kill us.
-Hey! Stop it! You swine! -Who are you threatening to kill?
What if we kill him first?
Kill him!
Do you want to kill him?
Singaar is a weakling! We can run him out of town!
But Devaram is dangerous. We'll kill him right now.
-Get away from me. -I dare you to kill me!
I'll be in prison for four months. Don't worry about me.
Why will you go to prison, brother? Let me go!
Can I do this for you?
Were you eavesdropping, idiot? Every man should repent for his own sins.
Malik, it's your call.
Why are you talking to them? Talk to me.
He's Poongodi's brother. That's all I know.
We'll ask her.
You're overthinking it.
-This is the problem. -Brother.
-Yes. -Call Poongodi.
Please come here.
Get lost! You're not my sister. Get out of here!
Look at him. He killed my father.
I'll give you five minutes to leave this place.
Do something, brother.
Kill him.
We want to kill him right away!
Devaram won't let us live peacefully!
We should have done this long ago.
What are you saying?
I am scared!
Don't be scared, Saro!
Everything will be fine.
My assumptions are right.
It's your call, sister!
I'm waiting for your word.
Kill him!
Why are you leaving, Petta?
There are a lot of funerals for you to attend.
What happened, Petta? What are you up to?
Listen to me, Devaram.
If you decide to kill me, then go ahead.
Don't keep talking about it!
Hey! Stay put!
One who wishes to be the third corpse today, step forward!
Put an end to the atrocities.
Perform the rituals and leave the town.
If you try to create any trouble, I will shoot everyone!
I'm in the mood to kill!
Got it?
Why did you stop? Hit it!
-This is canceled. -He is the key guy.
We used our connections and tried to bribe him.
He isn't giving in!
When you cook, do it with love.
What happened, brother?
He isn't listening to me.
Hey! Dump it!
Malik! Malik! Let me go!
I will listen to you! Malik! Let me go! Let me live!
-Stop! -I will do as you say!
Chinna! Don't play in the kitchen. Go!
Hey! Get out!
Who are you? What's with that rude attitude?
Who are you? Tell me.
Look at this place!
I am furious!
His parents left him in this Petta Velan temple and went away.
It was my father who brought him to our house.
Hence, he was named Petta Velan!
When he came into our house, good times came along.
Yeah. He always says this.
And, you always listen to it.
He's my everything. I respect him.
Isn't that so, brother?
We are going to return the land that was taken away by Devaram.
The land is like a child. Take care of it.
The baby shower will happen in the seventh month.
So? If you want, we'll do it in the tenth month, as well.
Don't worry, we will do it according to your tradition.
-Bless you, my child. -Have a healthy and happy baby.
How's it, brother?
-Let me see. Wow. -This looks good.
Saro, when are we having our next child?
Oh God! Stop kidding!
Brother! Look who's here!
-Why did you come here? -I want to see my sister.
-You can't go in. Stop! -I want to see my sister.
-My sister. -Wait!
-Wait. -Come here.
Hey, let him pass. What do you want?
-What? -Petta! Forgive me!
Malik. Forgive me.
I'm not worth it.
I was a fool. Violence is in my blood.
When I was alone...
I realized... the truth.
I wandered like a nomad.
I have moved to a town in the North.
I have a job and a good life.
But my heart is here.
She's all I have.
I go to know about the baby shower.
That's why I'm here.
Forgive me.
Go on! Go!
-Brother... -Malik, be a nice man.
But, be careful.
-Chinna! -Uncle...
-Come here. Go play. -He is alone. Be vigilant.
You know about me, right?
If you would have whacked me, I would've been with you.
Forgive me.
I realized that family is everything.
Give it to me.
Be happy.
He's showering his love.
Brother... why are you giving this to me? I don't want it.
Please keep it.
I will shower you with gifts.
And, I will shower my nephew with gifts, as well.
Be happy.
Is your leg okay?
It will take some time to heal.
It was a strong hit.
I did it.
Have you changed?
The baby shower was a wonderful event.
Your brother came here, as well. Are you happy?
The collector is calling.
Yes, sir.
Petta, what happened to your phone?
I heard that Singaar is in town.
My friend informed me about a suspicious gang
coming in from North India, as well.
This news has disturbed me.
If he comes there, don't let him in.
Petta? Petta? Can you hear me?
Chinna... Chinna!
Poongodi... Get up!
Poo... Malik...
Brother... Chinna...
He's destroyed us!
He's betrayed us!
I'm going to...
My baby...
Dear Poongodi!
I'm a buffoon, right?
My dear Petta!
Was it a strong hit?
I did it!
Don't worry.
I'm going to finish him!
Stop it, Petta! We need to be alive!
The revenge can wait!
There are two lives at stake here!
Who's going to save them?
Calm down!
Hey, Petta! Wait!
Why are you running away?
Go! Run away, Petta!
No matter what... I will kill you!
Get him! Go!
What happened?
What happened? Don't worry!
Don't worry. Be careful.
Don't worry, my dear!
I'll be right back!
My sister is suffering from labor pain!
Please help.
Don't worry, dear. Everything will be fine.
Take care, dear. Don't worry.
Be careful.
It's done. Don't worry.
Give me something to cut the cord.
You are gifted with a son.
Don't worry. It's done. Hey, hold her head.
It's done, dear. It's done.
Here you go.
Such a beautiful baby. Is he like his mother or father?
Brother... your nephew is one in a million.
Take care of him.
Listen, hold his head.
She will have to travel by water. There's no other way!
It will take two or three weeks to reach Australia.
Don't worry, my dear. Don't worry.
Don't cry, my dear. Don't cry.
Son of Malik...
I am the reason for this problem.
You lived peacefully for all these years.
I came here for love and ruined it.
You're capable of inviting more trouble in the name of love.
Don't worry.
That's not a problem.
The feud that's left!
I refused to end the feud and wanted to live peacefully.
But this feud will chase us for decades.
It should be finished, once and for all.
I'll have to finish it.
I will finish it.
I will finish it.
Come with me. Let's take a trip...
to your uncle's home.
He's started the game after a long time, right?
We should play our game, as well.
Anwar! You're going with my brother, Petta.
Be strong.
Go and stand in front of those who want us dead.
When we stand in front of them, it will be our first attack.
I'm worried, Petta.
We cannot bear another loss.
He is dangerous.
Why don't we hide from him?
No. Let's not hide from him.
I want to kill him.
It's time...
It's time for Petta to pounce.
Stop it. Who are they?
They are Minister Thangam's men!
They were requested by the Rang Daayan Sena party from the North.
They have sent the Valentine's Day video and asked him to kill Anwar.
Boys! Anwar and I have been admitted in the ICU.
Everything is under control.
Nobody's allowed to come inside. We haven't gone there, as well.
The exams are over. Please go home safely.
-Where's your car? -It's here.
Pass me the keys.
Anwar, come with me.
Tell your Dad that I will come to your shed in an hour.
I need a car,
five men and some toys.
-Guns! -Why do you need this?
The clock is ticking. Where is the minister?
It's his daughter's wedding today!
Come here.
Let's go for a wedding.
Please help me fix this.
The evening rain is pouring Your face reflects in each droplet
Thank you very much.
I'm very happy.
Hey! Come.
Sir. Sir. It's okay. I don't want it!
Eat well.
-I'm going to the washroom. -Please look here.
I'll be right back.
Hey, brother...
What are we going to do?
We're going to eat sweets.
I looked for him. He is missing.
-Uncle... -Your son-in-law wants to speak to you.
My son-in-law?
No, uncle. The groom is missing.
Please don't harm him. I'm on my way.
Who did this?
Tell me. Who is he?
Hey! Who are you?
Who are you?
Did you see that video?
Do you remember me?
He's the boy who appears in the beginning of the video.
I'm the old boy who appears in the end.
Hey! I did it because that North Indian guy asked me to!
Please leave him!
Thangam! This marriage cannot happen without you.
But it can happen if you lose your fingers.
Spare me.
I'll do as you say. Please don't hurt him.
Your North Indian friend will call you!
Tell him exactly what I tell you!
And let him believe it for a few days.
I will do as you say!
You don't know me yet!
This is not the right time for love.
It's a long way.
You are going to witness incredible things.
Brother... Petta Velan...
Forgive me. Please forgive me.
Please come in!
You've saved my son and my men!
Please tell me that you've forgiven me.
The apologies can wait. Let's get to work.
Are the men ready?
Yes. They are ready!
They are the best! Best of the best!
They've been with me for 15 years!
How about the wife and kids?
Don't worry.
They are unbeatable.
I have a doubt!
Do you have to travel in this vehicle?
I could've booked you a flight.
Yeah! Pack some lunch, as well.
We'll eat it when we visit the Taj Mahal.
This is war!
The enemy shouldn't know about us.
You should train them for war, child.
-Sharma! -Hello, Jithu!
He's the man.
This is wrong! How could you do this to me?
Thrash him!
The police are in charge of the hospital.
They are in the ICU.
Be patient, Jithu!
The moment they step out of the hospital, they'll go to the morgue!
I'm sure about this.
They are in the hospital. Let's wait.
Why should we wait?
My health is troubling me.
Why don't you go there?
But the party will meet in two days.
And I need to be here, right?
Or else, you'll give him the posting.
Why are you always after the posting of the party?
Answer me.
This needs to be done.
Dad, I will kill them.
We finally found them. Can I kill them?
Don't worry!
I will kill them.
If I don't kill them...
bury me or cut me into pieces.
I think I must go to Tamil Nadu to kill these guys.
You better run! You better hide!
-He's coming for you! -Petta arrives!
Are you shaking? Are you sweating?
-He's a raging bull! -Petta arrives!
You better run! You better hide!
-He's coming for you! -Petta arrives!
Are you shaking? Are you sweating?
-He's a raging bull! -Petta arrives!
He's in the mood to hunt!
He'll tear your gates down And appear before you!
He'll invade your fort And march right in!
You'll utter his name in fear When he comes!
There's another set of guns in the vehicle.
They are all new.
This won't work against them. They will destroy us!
We should get bigger guns.
We'll buy them.
I think you have a lot of experience with it.
That was amazing!
You better run! You better hide!
-He's coming for you! -Petta arrives!
Are you shaking? Are you sweating?
-He's a raging bull! -Petta arrives!
Do you want to kill him? Do you want to thrash him?
-He shoots himself up -Petta arrives
Do you think he is fallen? He is born to win!
Petta arrives
Greetings, Petta!
Don't judge the silence
It is the start of a cyclone
This is just the beginning
It takes a second to finish you off
Don't be fooled by the calm!
The storm is coming!
A thunderbolt will strike down!
It's going to kill you!
Let them get some rest.
Once you're ready, we'll shop around the city.
I'll wait downstairs.
Who's this man?
Wherever you are, there is always a Tamilian to help you, right?
He's that Tamilian!
Old buddy!
We want justice! We want justice!
Singaar has become a big shot.
Yeah. We cannot reach him.
He is into politics and coal mining.
He has grown to a different level.
He is always surrounded by 20-30 armed men.
He is such a coward.
-Greetings, sir. -Greetings!
I had told you, right?
Yes. The new designs are here. Please have a look at it.
Please take a look at the new designs.
And our culture will be in danger!
And as long as Rang Daayan Sena is in power,
we will never let this happen.
Stay awake.
Is he Singaar's son?
He looks so handsome.
He is the son of Singaar's wife.
Our tradition is a product of penance.
When Singaar came here from Madurai,
he got married to a rich man's widowed daughter.
He took away all the wealth and position.
He killed the man and his daughter.
And now, he's running the party with this guy.
He has another son. His name is Jithu.
He is a brat. He is into murder and violence.
A big shot thug!
A Tamil thug who rules one side of North India.
Tamil? Does he have two wives?
Singaar had an affair with a woman in Madurai.
Hence, Jithu was born.
Jithu's mother died and Singaar came to Madurai.
Greetings, sir.
Singaar Singh is a murderer! Singaar Singh is a murderer!
Singaar Singh is a murderer! Singaar Singh is a murderer!
Singaar Singh is a murderer! Singaar Singh is a murderer!
Singaar Singh is a murderer! Singaar Singh is a murderer!
Singaar Singh is a murderer! Singaar Singh is a murderer!
I'm here to meet Jithu. I've brought him something from Tamil Nadu.
He will not meet anyone now.
I want to meet Jithu.
-I need to give him something. -Do you want to meet Jithu?
Yes. I want to meet Jithu.
Hey, wait.
He wants to meet Jithu.
Leave me!
Leave me!
Didn't you get it?
No, Petta.
I'm getting a call.
Answer it.
Put it on the speaker.
-Thangam? -Hello, Jithu.
You told me that both of you are in the ICU.
Speak up!
Yes, Jithu. That's true.
Someone is telling me that the warden is dead
and that Anwar is with them.
No way, sir. My supporters are on guard.
You're a minister, right? Go and check.
What are you doing with your power? Go!
Give me five minutes. I'll let you know.
Thangam is calling you.
-What happened? -Something's wrong!
I got to know that both of them are missing.
But nobody knows about it.
How did you become a minister?
Dumb oaf!
I trusted you!
Is there a goon named Gnanam in your town?
Yes. What happened?
Did he have an issue with the hostel warden?
There was...
It started with the issue of the hostel mess contract.
It is heard that he must've killed that warden.
My supporters are saying the same thing.
He disconnected the call.
Thank you, all. I'll talk to you later.
Disconnect the call.
Once the feast is ready, let's celebrate.
And then, let's get down to business!
Where can I get it?
Tell me the price.
How much do you want?
20 lakhs!
Where should I come?
Make way for Petta!
The car can't go further.
Park it here. We'll walk.
He's coming. Be careful!
Hey! Give me your gun.
Take it out!
You have one on you, right?
What if you kill me?
I need one for my safety.
You must trust us. There's no other way.
Give me the gun.
Take it out!
Give it to me.
-Open it! -Wait. Let me count it.
It's alright.
Go. Take him and leave.
What should I do with him?
Should I take him to the school?
How are you, kiddo?
Damn! The roaring tiger got stuck like a timid rat!
Do you have a cigarette?
It's injurious to health.
Listen to me.
My father is looking for you.
You're worth it!
Let's tell his father that we have him.
The plan is to trap my father with me as bait, right?
It won't work. Bad...
What if we kill you and inform him? Is that okay?
The look in his eyes says...
that he hasn't come here by himself.
That's how a leader should be!
Way to go!
Tell me, Petta...
You wanted me to trust the minister's words and come all alone!
Am I that dumb?
No one can escape from here.
If I don't kill you...
and that kid...
Brother! Let's kill him!
If we kill him, we cannot escape from here.
This genius is our key!
Ask your men to stop or I'll shoot you!
Hurry up!
Don't shoot!
Let them go!
Dear friends!
Leave me!
Look at this!
Go this way! Go this way!
Come on!
-Be careful. -What happened?
Come on! Get in!
Don't be afraid.
There's nothing to worry about.
Are you setting a trap for my father...
and using me?
I could kill him easily.
But I don't care about him!
Put the gun down and I'll leave him!
What do you think, Anwar?
You can go, kiddo!
Tell me, Petta.
Do you want a fair war?
Come this way!
Thank you, sir.
Come! Come! Get in!
Quick! Let's go! Let's go!
Don't worry. It will heal.
You could've killed him, brother!
Why didn't you?
Greetings, Jithu.
Jithu? What happened?
I've been trying to reach you.
Why are you injured?
What's with the celebrations?
Arjith's got the election ticket. We did not get anything.
Thank you, sir.
The people have chosen you as their representative
but as far as your duties are concerned...
Listen to me.
Give me a minute.
I tried to get you the posting.
This time...
it was the party's decision to...
Petta and Anwar are here.
They are in our town.
He's here.
They tried to trap me.
The plan was to find you by making me the bait.
But I hit back severely.
I should've killed them.
I just missed it by an inch!
He escaped? Idiot!
I told you not to underestimate him!
You kept telling me that he was in the hospital!
Now, he's planning to kill me!
And, you are letting him go!
He's almost dead, Dad!
It was so close!
I will get him tonight!
He's not an ordinary person.
He can do anything.
Catch him soon.
Bring him to me.
I want to...
Petta Velan!
Lord Shiva, you are mighty
You are mighty
Park the car.
Keep moving.
Jithu, just a minute.
Why are you fighting unnecessarily?
Lord Shiva, you are mighty
You are mighty
You are the creator
Mighty God
We praise your name
Creator of heaven and earth
I could've killed you!
But I wanted to talk to you.
Keep the gun away. I will not do anything!
I just want to talk to you for a minute.
What do you want to talk about?
Have you seen your mother?
What do you want?
Have you seen your mother?
No. She died right after I was born.
Why are you asking me this?
I was the one who chased Singaar away.
He left Madurai all alone.
He doesn't have any wife or kid.
What are you saying?
Sit down.
You're my son.
I thought you were dead.
When I saw you for the first time...
something happened to me.
When I saw you, I felt like I was looking at a familiar face.
I remembered my wife, Saro.
And when I saw...
the scars on your body...
I was sure...
that you're my son.
My Chinna!
What scars?
My father said that when I was young I hurt myself while bursting crackers.
It is the scar of an explosion planted by Singaar.
The explosion that killed my Malik and Saro.
I still remember... You were burnt in the blast.
I thought you were dead.
I fled to save Poongodi.
And Singaar must've fled with you.
He brought you up...
so that you could kill me!
He hasn't treated you like his son.
You're just the key to his revenge.
You're my son!
My Chinna.
This is unbelievable.
Ask him about this.
He will panic. He might say that I'm lying.
Look him in the eyes. You'll know the truth.
I'll be at the dharmsala on Bazaar Road
whether you come as Jithu or as Chinna!
I'll be waiting for you!
See you!
Jithu! Where did you go?
Is he with you, Jithu?
What's wrong?
What happened?
Tell me.
Am I Petta's son?
He's Petta's son!
Did you raise me up for your revenge?
You've always treated me like a thug!
Everything's for Arijith!
You've kept me away...
like a dog.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you talking like that?
How did I get these burns?
Why are you asking me these questions...
like an idiot?
What happened?
Did you see Petta again?
Are you asking me if I saw him again?
Is it true?
Tell me!
Did you see him again?
Tell me. Am I not your son?
Don't worry, uncle! He'll know the truth.
We are going home with your son.
I killed his son...
his wife... and Malik!
I killed them!
Here you go.
You're disturbed.
You seem to be disturbed...
by the party and Petta.
Sleep well.
I will take care of him!
If Singaar comes to know that Chinna knows the truth...
will he be quiet?
What if he harms Chinna?
Oh, Jithu brother!
Singaar Singh has called you.
Singaar Singh has called you upstairs.
Arijith has got the election ticket!
Brother! Look, he is over there.
Hey! Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
Are you here to steal the cows?
Are you going to slaughter the cows
and sell it as beef?
Do you know who I am?
Who are you?
We are from the same party!
I'm Singaar's son!
This is our cow shed!
Who are you? Who sent you?
-Tell me! -Singaar!
Singaar! It's Singaar.
Lock everybody up!
Singaar shouldn't know that Chinna has escaped alive.
Let's go Chinna!
Singaar must've sent the men.
Nobody seems to know about this.
Everyone's busy looking for Petta!
Tell them my men and I are far away.
We can go into Singaar's house and finish him off!
The house will be surrounded by 30-40 men!
If I had more time, I would get more men!
We are already 20 years late, Chinna!
We cannot wait any longer!
If we decide to attack, let's do it now!
No more talks.
Let's go!
Let's go finish him off!
I've started the medication.
Don't be stressed! Get some rest.
Don't worry! Go to sleep!
I won't be able to sleep.
Maha Shivaratri!
For the lives we lost...
and much more...
Sikandar! Come here.
-Keep this with you. -Okay, sir!
Stay here!
Come in when I call you.
Wake up!
Eat the sweet!
Eat, my love.
I'm giving it with love. Smile...
Bloody traitor! Die!
You better run! You better hide!
-He's coming for you! -Petta arrives
Are you shaking? Are you sweating?
-He's a raging bull! -Petta arrives
He's in the mood to hunt
He'll tear your gates down
And appear before you
He will invade your fort
And march right in
You'll utter his name in
Fear when he comes
Bloody hell!
-Jithu? -Die!
Don't judge the silence
It is the start of a cyclone
It takes a second for the thunder to hit
It takes a second to finish you off
It's your time.
Don't be fooled by the calm
The storm is coming
A thunderbolt will strike down
It's going to kill you
He is roaming around with rage
He is on the prowl
He will appear
As a tiger before you
He will invade your fort
And show you who he is!
He will make you say his name
While you are asleep
You better run! You better hide!
-He's coming for you! -Petta arrives
Are you shaking? Are you sweating?
-He's a raging bull! -Petta arrives
Move to the side, run and hide He is the boss
Are you trembling? He is a raging bull
Make way for Petta!
My dear Singaar!
How long has it been?
How are you, Singaar?
What's with all these tubes and wires?
Yes! Petta!
Petta Velan!
He's not Jithu!
He's my son, Chinna!
Your nephew!
Malik's son, Anwar!
The family feud!
You've avenged it, finally!
Before dying, Malik looked me in the eye!
I saw that he trusted me completely.
He trusted that I will be on guard for his family even after his death.
This is the day!
It's not just you...
If someone intends to harm this family...
even if he was in the biggest fort of them all...
Petta will break through and stand in front of him.
He will protect them from evil.
He will kill them.
One and all.
I'm defeated!
Let's put an end to this.
Yes. Give me two minutes.
I want to sit back and watch you die.
But before that...
Your nephew has a gift.
Come on.
Go on! He's your uncle.
This is the gift that you gave my mother.
I need to give it back to you.
This is for my father, Malik!
This is for my mother, Saro!
What a game!
What a brilliant game!
Yes, indeed! Yes, indeed!
Were you expecting something else, Singaar Singh?
Singaar. Singaar.
-Shanmugam! -Yes?
Tell me.
Listen to me. Take him away.
Come on. Let's go downstairs. Come, Anwar. Come.
Go on, Chinna.
Get that sofa over here.
I wanted to tell you that...
I am not afraid of you.
I let you live your way.
Look at this place.
You could've continued to live like this forever, right?
But you can't!
Your sins won't leave you!
You made a mistake, Singaar!
Such a big mistake!
You shouldn't have touched us again!
But you did!
I will teach you a lesson.
Shall we begin?
Take your stuff before we begin.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
This is the fate for those who steal from my land and my people!
Let me tell you a story!
Do you know Vali?
The Vali from Ramayana.
The brave warrior.
The fearless fighter! He was evil.
He kidnapped his brother's wife.
Nobody could destroy him because...
he had a unique power.
He had a boon...
If someone stood against him, he would draw half their power!
And that's why, Sri Ramar...
hid behind a tree and shot an arrow to kill him.
Very cunning!
If we have truth on our side and if our enemy...
is evil and strong, then killing him is not wrong.
According to Sri Ramar!
The Almighty!
If he did it...
I'm just an ordinary man.
You didn't, right?
Sit down!
Sit down!
You're not my son, Chinna.
The explosion that Singaar planted...
killed my son.
You are not my son.
I lied that your father sent some men to kill you.
This was my plan.
Oh my God!
What an actor!
I broke into your fortress and killed your men.
I killed my enemy and avenged my loss!
It's a master stroke! My master stroke!
Now what should I do with you?
You're good.
You've helped me a lot.
So, do I let you live or...
You are his son. You will destroy me...
or you might kill me.
So, should I kill you...
or leave you?
Should I kill you or leave you?
Should I kill him or leave him?
When I was young...
there used to be a saint in our village.
He used to say something...
"Whenever you are angry or confused, take a break for thirty seconds
and dance to your favorite song.
After that, do what you feel is right."
Play our favorite song.
Be it the reign of good! Be it the reign of bad!
It doesn't matter to me!
I am the king!
You better respect that!
I will grant you countless boons!
Ask what you wish for!
Be it the reign of good! Be it the reign of bad!
It doesn't matter to me!
Is this enough, my child?