Phantasmagoria (1995) Movie Script

To the north, upon a plain, not so big,
there is a giant projector.
It's a planetarium that projects
the stars in the nightly sky
Operators come and go...
while the machine survives the ages.
It may seem a romantic job
but in fact it's quite though.
The operator is permanently busy
fixing the machine
During daytime the operator drinks coffee,
at a nearby cafeteria.
It's his only hobby
It may not be great coffee,
but because he can always sit there
on his own, it gives him time to rest.
A ship passes by, hooping...
as if announcing a new season.
The operator sighs, because he knows
the new season will get him very busy again
Every time the season changes,
he has to adjust the machine.
He must oil some parts, replace
the batteries and change the reels.
The summer constellation
has to be projected in the summer,
and the winter constellation
runs only in wintertime.
It's a job that needs a lot of attention.
One day, at the usual cafeteria,
a new customer arrives.
The man explains
he comes from the south
just to see the aurora.
He said the people from his country
work hard every day...
...just to travel to the northern country
and watch the beautiful aurora...
displayed on the night sky.
Little did the man realize...
that he sat oppose...
the planetarium operator.
While traveling the realm of dream...
I discovered the little planet "Phantasmagoria".
This has been a story from that planet.
Till next time!
There is a paint factory
in the Rainbow Valley.
I work there.
To make our paints,
we scrape chunks from a shiny rainbow
which materialized here in the past.
As far as I can remember,
not other rainbow has appeared.
The factory has been in decline
the last years
and maybe I will loose my job.
Every night I go to the city
in search of booze.
Since there is nothing else to do,
day after day... I wake up drunk
One day...
I heard a story about a place...
called: Shooting star Hill
where often falling stars come down.
Those fallen meteors, when found,
are sold for a fortune
That's why I decided to go south,
hoping to make fast money.
But my hopes got shattered.
Not a single meteor was seen...
It took me more then a month,
before I got it...
I realized...
I had to come back.
The smell of the paint factory
welcomed me.
What should I do now?
Stay until everything was lost?
...I could not believe my eyes.
Right there in front of me,
there was a new rainbow
that we craved for so much.
In my surprise it came back to me.
How much I loved rainbows.
While travelling the realm of dream...
I discovered the little planet
This was a story from that planet.
Till next time!
The surface is made of glass... waves softly.
Inside, a great number of creatures live.
To capture a prey from outside
takes a lot of effort.
Telegraphic posts go to work.
The moon rises from the surface!
How are you?
Eight sardines.
Maybe tomorrow, I'll go
to where the Element IX is.
No way, that's a dangerous place.
You'll get completely burned!
You see? He's also a victim.
When I see ships, I can't avoid it.
Have you ever been?
I was a sailor.
The last ship on which I sailed...
was called "Gondwana"
It was a beautiful Ship.
While travelling the realm of dream...
I found the little planet "Phantasmagoria".
This is a small story from that planet.
Till next time!
"Rager", Land of Snowmen, is the coldest
skate rink in the world at -86F.
Today marks the end of the season.
Starting tomorrow, the snowmen will begin
preparations to help Santa Claus for Xmas.
Just now, Santa has come back from gathering
all kinds of presents from all over the world.
The southern country Santa Claus talks about
a lot, is a real traveller's paradise.
The south is a strange place.
There is a region where everything turns square,
an island where exotic plants bear dinosaurs,
another island where crystals reflect rainbow
colors and robots try to chisel them out in vain.
Yeah... everything sounds really amazing.
The snowman Santa told all this to,
decided to go and see it for himself.
A few days later, the snowman escaped silently,
and took the train that headed south.
What he saw through the window
was indeed very strange...
A city made of bread
with a soft and sweet smell...
A planetarium projecting the stars
on the night sky...
or a very dizzying labyrinth city.
One after another, it was a wonderful world,
new to his eyes.
After 3 days, around the 300th view, the breeze
and smell of the peppermint made him remember...
...and miss his town in the north
Exactly 5 days after departure.
The train at last arrived to the last stop,
The Hotel at the Frontier Limit.
However, there wasn't a snowman
found anymore, among the passengers.
Yeah, the south mainland, even at night time,
is really too hot for snowmen.
Xmas is coming soon.
While traveling the realm of dreams...
[discovered a small planet called: "Phantasmagoria".
This has been a small story from that planet.
Till next time!
There's an antique left
from 4,500 years back:
It's a light bulb.
Nobody knows it's purpose.
While travelling the realm of dreams...
I discovered this little planet, "Phantasmagoria".
This was a story from that planet.
Till next time!
Every year when autumn arrives
the town gets its energy back...
...from past times of prosperity.
The Ice columns begin to melt
at Dragon hill peak
And all over the planet the ghosts
get restless
Many take the opportunity
to commit crimes.
Finally the ghosts get on the move...
They all head towards ghost town.
Tonight is the annual celebration...
...of the ghosts carnival.
While traveling through the realm of dreams,
I found a little planet called "Phantasmagoria".
This was a little story from that planet.
Till next time!
Hi, long time no see.
Everyday is sunny.
By the way, last night
a walking building passed through.
That is very strange.
It was headed south.
Maybe it wanted to see the ocean again.
I wonder,
because every day is sunny.
The week passed and at last it rained.
Everybody had waited for it to start raining.
While travelling the realm of dreams...
I discovered al little planet called "Phantasmagoria".
This is a story from that planet.
Till next time!
This city, that is mysteriously moonshine
illuminated... is the distillery town.
In this town there are many
illegal whisky distilleries.
Alcohol spirits roam around in the village, which
sometimes leads to the strangest visual phenomena.
It's like the whole town is constantly intoxicated.
The one that distills the liquor is Abram.
Once a week he leaves town
His cart loaded with his own whisky.
There's a bar at which every night
all the stars gather.
They never mention the illegal liquor,
but everybody knows about it.
They talk about it's mysterious flavor
and aroma
and about the fascinating hallucinations.
The whisky made by Abram
passes through a lot of hands...
...being distributed along secret routes.
When the moon shines in the night,
a horse pulled chariot arrives to the pier
When people sleep,
they unload it in silence.
The sudden sound of a siren.
Tension rises.
It's the next day at the liquor store.
The illegal liquor provider says:
"They almost caught me last night"
"You should be careful, old man"
the store owner replied.
"Hey, don't worry. These things happen".
"Look, the fishes believe the same".
While traveling through the realm of dreams...
I found a little planet called "Phantasmagoria".
This was a story from that planet.
Till next time!
I was born on Dragon Island.
It's the largest island of Emerald Bay.
It's also a much visited place
where rare plant species
and animals live freely.
It cost me a lot to make friends
cause I'm covered with thorns
and my looks are scary.
One day I tried to dance,
so I moved my body
but everybody laughed at me
Despite everybody laughed...
I made friends...
The humans came one day,
destroyed the island egotistically,
they took me with them.
After being on a boat for a long time
finally we arrived to a liquor store.
I would become an ornament there.
Even though the stars looked beautiful,
reflecting on the ocean...
I nevertheless didn't stay there for long.
One of the stars that went there...
fancied me, and took me to another place
It was the Altair bar,
the one frequented by stars.
I became someone famous
because of my way of moving.
Do you understand me now?
It's true, you knew me then...
and were very kind to me.
I thank you so much for that.
You never minded about my thorns.
And always were so good to me.
I really mean it. Thanks a lot.
It may come as a surprise to you that
I'll be leaving soon. Sorry for that...
It's because I overheard a customer.
It seems that there exists
a cactus city in the south.
More of my people live there.
When I gave it a thought,
I couldn't keep still anymore!
It was nice to have met you!
Yes, I'll leave tomorrow.
I'm heading to Cactus City.
While travelling through the realm of dreams...
I found this little planet called "Phantasmagoria".
This was a story from that planet.
Till next time!
Baking county has a bread build bakery.
The Hon-Yara Bakery produces bread.
Everybody loves the smell
of recently baked bread.
Ah, flocks of birds are attracted soon
because of the smell of bread.
The bakery is always in danger.
That day they talked about
cleaning the chimney.
It was done by an man from Cookie town.
He told us stories about Cookie town.
Everywhere it's the same, it's tough.
The Hon-Yara Bakery is made
ready to bake bread again.
Mice also like
the smell of recently baked bread.
Life isn't easy for the bakers
of Baking County
While travelling through the realm of dreams.
I found a little planet called "Phantasmagoria".
This has been story from that planet.
Till next time!
Many billon years have passed
while traveling in an orbit
through this vast universe.
I finally landed here again.
My shine is about to end.
I'm old.
I should turn myself into a meteorite
to fall burning to the ground.
The Altair Bar?
Maybe if I go there...
I'm pretty sure it was here.
I can't see it anywhere.
Where could the Altair Bar have gone?
I have no idea.
I went to the liquor store.
Have you forgotten?
That place is a star.
Of course! It comes from heaven.
I was born here.
I'm going to meet my father,
The Star Maker.
"You look awful".
"Drink this, you'll feel better".
Even with my eyes closed
I could feel how my body
began to shine again
I started talking febrile...
And he told me between laughs...
to take it calmly.
I told him I couldn't help it
because the things I wanted to tell him
are countless like the stars.
While traveling the realm of dreams
I found a small planet, called "Phantasmagoria"
This has been a story from that planet.
Till next time!
Dear Veena,
How are you feeling?
I hope you get better and become able
to go to the seaside again.
At the moment I'm writing this letter
from my moon laboratory.
I am afraid that I have nothing else to report
than the usual disappointment today.
Veena, the experiment I set my hopes on to
lift of the artificial moon, failed too, I am afraid.
Last time it was too heavy and it wasn't able to rise.
This time, it was the opposite.
However, I won't give up...
...till the day that two moons can be seen
from the window in your room.
I believe you will most certainly get better Veena.
Hang in there.
Best wishes, good-bye.
(Professor's name)
Dear Veena,
Finally, 437 feet above sea level has
been reached in today's experiment.
I'm sure you will be able to watch the
success from the window in your room.
Dear Veena...
While traveling the realm of dreams
I found a small planet, called "Phantasmagoria"
This has been the short tale of that planet.
Till next time!
Everything that enters this zone
turns into squares.
It's unknown why.
Dogs and horses
walk squarely.
This is a rhinoceros turned into squares
The snake's movements are also squared
People call it "Digital Zone"
Everything in this zone
has a square form, like bricks.
This is the man that produces
these bricks everyday.
On warm or cold days,
Every day he works very hard.
It seems he's about to finish.
He's finally finished.
It really took a lot...
to finish this work.
Once it was set on fire
by a fire man.
Once it was interrupted
by a thoughtless walking building.
But his hard work ended today.
He's so happy, tears roll down his cheeks.
But what will he do... after this?
Just as we thought...
he comes again every day...
While traveling through the realm of dreams.
[Discovered this little planet called "Phantasmagoria.]
This has been a story from that planet.
Till next time!
Shooting Star Hill
Shadow Town
Since the day after the big show in the sky,
the stars started to act strangely.
Watt Desert
Stars sprouted from the desert
Liquor Shop
Fish danced in the water
Dragon Hill Peak
There's no doubt something big will happen
Santa Claus Town
Skate Rink
Limit Hotel
Star crash at Limit Hotel
While travelling the slumbers
I discovered a little planet called "Phantasmagoria"
This has been the short tale of that planet.
Till next time!
The last night of the long journey.
Tomorrow I'll go back to my town,
Port of Tut.
It was a wonderful journey.
I started last summer.
I heard it would be cold in the north
so I packed more clothes...
...and headed north through the desert.
It was my first visit
to the northern city.
It was the first time
that I tasted illegal whisky.
In the Rainbow Valley
I bought seven color paint...
...and in the cosmic cafeteria
I made a friend.
I saw the aurora for the first time.
It will be the last one too, I am afraid.
Tomorrow is the moonlight festival
The memories from this trip
will be something to always cherish.
While traveling the realm of dreams.
I found a little planet called "Phantasmagoria"
This has been a story from that planet.