Phantom Boy (2015) Movie Script

Police. Don't move.
Inspector, we meet again.
Exterminator, you're under arrest.
You'll never catch me.
Wait, Leo. I don't understand.
What's an "Exterminator"?
Well, it's not good, Titi.
It means he's a bad guy.
Leo, do you have to go
to the hospital tomorrow?
Don't worry. It'll be okay.
- You'll be there for a long time?
- I don't know.
Look, Titi, I'll be honest.
It's a serious illness.
But I have a secret. Something strange
happened when I first got sick.
Something absolutely incredible.
Do you want to know my secret?
You can't tell anyone, okay?
Okay, listen up. You'll love this.
There. Your suitcase is ready, darling.
So, did you finish reading Titi her story?
Yes, I did. She's asleep.
- You're not too stressed?
- A bit.
Don't worry. I'm sure it'll be okay.
Me too. I'm sure of it.
We'll visit you every day, whenever we can.
- Titi, you're awake?
- I had a bad dream.
Come here, sweetheart.
Come in.
- Good morning, Captain.
- Have a seat.
Well, Lieutenant Tanner,
tell me what happened.
And I want all the details.
Well, I was getting groceries...
They're called vegetables.
They won't bite you.
Miss Delaney, what are you doing here?
Even journalists need to eat.
Quite the diet, Lieutenant.
Pizza and chips.
What's this, suicide by junk food?
Make fun of me all you want, but my salary
doesn't exactly allow me to eat like a king.
Yeah. Well, I call that laziness.
May I point out that my tomatoes
are cheaper than your chips?
Give me the money, quick.
Move it, granny. Hand over the dough.
- Don't hurt me, please.
- Give me the money, I said. Move it.
All right, all right, you can have it all.
- What did you do that for?
- I don't know. To be like a pro.
Did I tell you to fire in the air?
Did I say, "Roger, fire in the air?
"You'll look like a real robber?"
But, Alf, I wanted to do it properly.
Because what we're doing here isn't
a proper robbery?
Impossible. I fired in the air. You saw.
You've done some stupid things,
but this one takes the cake.
There, Miss Delaney.
Now you can take your photo.
Do you smell gas?
Everyone outside. Hurry.
Now, that's what I call a good photo.
Lieutenant Tanner, is it your mission in life
to get on my nerves?
Because if it is, well done.
You're doing a bang-up job.
It was an accident, I swear.
But with you, accidents
are a common occurrence.
The three cars that had to be scrapped:
You didn't do that on purpose.
The fire at the bank: It wasn't your fault.
This time it was an entire building
you almost destroyed.
Because of you,
I have a mountain of paperwork.
You're not a thorn in my side, Tanner,
you're a shoe made out of a cactus
that I have to put on every day.
That's why I'm putting you on port patrol.
I don't want you getting into
any more trouble.
And if you manage to somehow sink
one of the boats, you're fired.
Don't be sad, Leo.
When you're done with the medication,
it'll grow back.
Leo, are you there?
- Good evening, Doctor.
- Good evening, ma'am.
- How are you feeling this evening, Leo?
- Fine.
You've been here over a month now.
It's time to see if the medication
is working.
Tomorrow a nurse will take a blood sample
to make sure everything's fine.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I'll leave you two alone. Have a good night.
Thank you, Doctor. Goodbye.
If I understand correctly,
we'll soon find out if I'll get better.
It's natural to be worried,
but I'm sure it'll be okay.
Mom, I want to go home.
I know it's hard for you, darling,
but we don't have a choice right now.
You know we miss you too. You're very brave.
Close your eyes now.
I'll stay until you're asleep.
See you tomorrow, Leo.
Sleep tight, my darling.
- Mommy?
- Titi?
What are you doing here? Where's Daddy?
Daddy fell asleep reading me a story.
He's taking up the whole bed.
Not even Mr. Chicken can sleep there.
Come on, we'll wake him up
so you can go to sleep.
- Any messages for me, Elaine?
- On your desk, Mr. Mayor.
The urgent ones are on the right.
Everything else is on the left.
Perfect, thank you.
Is it how you wanted it, boss?
Is everything working okay?
More than okay, my friend.
My plan is unstoppable. Victory is assured.
Nothing can stop me now.
What's wrong with you? Come and enjoy
this historic moment with us.
What's wrong with him?
I can't concentrate with all that yapping.
He needs to do his business, boss.
Get him out of here, then.
My dear Mr. Mayor,
I speak to you this evening
as well as to your fellow citizens
to share with you news
of the utmost importance.
From this moment on,
New York belongs to me.
You're mine.
I understand the surprise, the disbelief,
even the fear in your hearts.
For you have reason to be afraid.
My reign will begin in darkness.
Let's get this party started.
At least this time it isn't my fault.
Rufus, have you lost your mind?
That's a cop car.
There are bound to be cops around.
Do you want to end up in jail?
We can't risk getting pinched.
Police. Step away from the car
- and put your hands up.
- I didn't do anything.
What was all that about ending up in jail?
That was nothing. It was just...
I mean, it wasn't...
Well, I'll be off now.
Don't move. I think we're going
to have a little chat, you and I.
Doggone it. Rufus, attack!
Keep that soggy mop of yours back
before I kick it in the face.
- This is car 12 calling headquarters.
- Go ahead, car 12.
I need back up urgently. I repeat, urgently.
Officer attacked
and threatened with a firearm.
I'm at the port, Quay Four.
I'll send a team,
but we're overwhelmed right now.
What's going on with the lights?
It's pitch black here.
It's the same everywhere.
There's a warrant out for a disfigured man
wearing a hat and a raincoat.
He's taken the whole city hostage.
It must be very unpleasant to die
out here in the rain like this...
Lieutenant Tanner.
But I hate it when people
stick their noses in my business.
You almost blew the whole operation,
you idiots. Let's go back.
Mayor, all the lights are out. Even outside.
I can see that, Elaine. And get that
thing out of my face, for God's sake.
Elaine, get me the governor right away.
And the feds. And get me...
It's a pleasure to talk to the man
who will make me immensely rich.
- Is this a joke?
- A joke? I hope it made you laugh.
Who are you? Who am I talking to?
I've sent a particularly dangerous
virus through the internet.
It has already infiltrated
all the city's networks and computers.
This time, it only turned the lights out,
but that was just a warning.
- You're responsible for this disaster?
- You call that little blackout a disaster?
Oh, no.
You ain't seen nothing yet, my friend,
because what will follow will be a cataclysm.
You're talking to the mayor of New York city.
Stop this game right now.
If this is a game, I make the rules.
Right now, the virus
is patiently biding its time.
But tomorrow, at midnight,
it will wake up and destroy everything.
No more government,
no more Wall Street, nothing.
New York will be sent back to the Stone Age.
But, you can stop all this for $1 billion.
$1 billion? Are you out of your mind?
I'm warning you, you'll regret this.
I make the threats here.
I'll send you the bank account number.
Oh, my dear friends, do you smell that?
- It must be the fish I made for lunch.
- I think it's the stink of wet dog.
No, you cretins. Are you kidding me?
It's the sweet smell of success.
The sweet perfume of victory
is tickling our triumphant nostrils.
Officer down. Call the paramedics, quick.
Sir, can you hear me?
Stay with me, understand?
I saw him...
The guy they're looking for.
- I must warn the others.
- We're going to the hospital. It's okay.
It was him... The man with the broken face.
I have to go...
Don't worry, we'll take care of you.
Doctor, any news on Lieutenant Tanner?
He's in rough shape,
but only his leg is broken.
- So he'll pull through?
- We'll monitor him until he wakes up.
But he was lucky.
Had his femoral artery been damaged,
the paramedics never would've
got to him in time.
Miss Delaney? Is something wrong?
You can talk to me, you know.
Tell me what's upsetting you.
- Something's not right here.
- She can neither see nor hear you, mister.
- What's happened to me?
- Hang on. I'll show you.
This really is the craziest dream
I've ever had.
It's not a dream. Look.
Is that me?
I mean, is that really me?
Look. Look at my hand. Are you seeing this?
You've been a phantom for too long.
Hurry up, or you won't make it back.
- But what do I do?
- It's easy.
- What happened? Where am I?
- How are you feeling?
- Did you get them?
- Calm down...
- Three men and a vicious mutt.
- You're in the hospital.
- I saw the man with the broken face.
- I'll get a doctor.
But I can't stay here.
I have to arrest those men.
Are you listening to me?
I need to go back right away.
- Dino, it's time to go. Leo's waiting.
- I'm ready.
That smells really good, Daddy.
Thanks, Titi. He'll like it.
I know he'll love it.
- Hello, Leo. Did you sleep well?
- Not really. I feel sick.
That's normal. It's because of the treatment.
As the doctor told you yesterday,
I need to take a blood sample
for your tests, okay?
You're such a brave boy.
Will they look at my blood
under a microscope?
Not only that. There are lots
of other tests for this illness.
That's it, all done.
I'll get out of your hair now.
See you later, Leo.
- Hi, Leo.
- Titi, are you all by yourself?
Mommy and Daddy are talking to the doctor.
Here, I drew you a picture.
It's when you fly.
That's a great picture, Titi.
It's exactly like that.
But, Leo, why can't I see you for real
when you fly?
No one can see me. That's why it's a secret.
- Hello, darling.
- Hi, Mom.
Look, Leo, I made your favorite dish.
Spaghetti with eggplant and Parmesan.
- Sorry, Dad, but I'm not very hungry.
- No problem. Maybe later.
- I've brought you a new detective novel.
- Thanks, Mom.
Are you feeling better, Leo?
Can you show me how sick you feel?
I'll get you something for the pain.
Your pasta will get cold.
I'm not hungry. It's a shame because
my dad's pasta is the best in the world.
What now? I asked not to be disturbed.
I'm sorry, it's Lieutenant Tanner again.
He insists on talking to you. He won't quit.
Okay, put him on.
Tanner, why are you still bothering me?
Aren't you in the hospital?
I've been trying to reach you for hours.
I know where the disfigured man is.
Let the real police do their job for once.
Get off the line. I have work to do.
I found him and his gang
in the port last night. Listen to me.
No, you listen to me.
This is a serious matter.
And we certainly don't need your help.
If you call me once more I will go there
personally and stuff that phone in your face.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
You're in no state to be running around.
- Are you going to chew me out as well?
- Take this.
And I'm warning you.
I'm tired of chasing after you.
Hello, mister, I'm Leo. You're a cop, right?
The nurses told me.
Those nurses talk too much.
I have a real New York cop in front of me.
Listen, kid, you seem nice,
but I'm not in the mood.
Wait, don't we know each other?
I feel as though we've met before.
I'm on the fifth floor. I came down
as soon as I knew there was a cop.
I'm sure I've seen you before.
There are all sorts of things
I've always wanted to know.
Do you have a gun?
Have you arrested lots of robbers?
I want to be a cop when I'm older.
The police academy is awesome, right?
Listen, kid, I don't have time for this.
Do they teach you how to look for clues?
And when you put the siren on, is it true...
Stop. My leg is so messed up
you can bend it the wrong way,
my moron of a boss takes me for an idiot,
and on top of all that, I'm saddled
with your questions? No, thanks.
I'm sorry, mister.
I didn't mean to bother you.
I was just so happy to meet an actual cop.
Wait, kid. It's my fault.
I'm having a bad day, that's all.
Let's start again. Ask me a question.
No, if you're too tired...
No, go on.
Wait. I'm not kidding,
I've seen you before, haven't I?
It was in a dream. You know what?
You'll laugh,
but we were flying through the hospital.
Really? You remember? That's awesome.
Calm down. It was just a dream.
No, it was real. It was me.
I helped you wake up.
I often do that with people who are sick.
So you're telling me my dream actually
happened? The flying and everything?
Yes. We flew through the walls together,
and I took you back to your body.
You know, I think I prefer your questions
about the police.
Ladies and gentlemen,
New York has a king, and that king is me.
It is time for you
to get to know your monarch.
Don't believe
what you see written in this rag.
I am perfectly sane.
I will start with the tragedy that resulted
in the disfigurement of my face.
- Boss?
- What?
You started too soon.
I didn't have time to turn the camera on.
There, I've done it. You can start.
- You can start, boss.
- I've lost my concentration now.
Take your time. We're rolling, boss.
- We're rolling.
- Stop it. This isn't a Spielberg movie.
My friends, this is the sad and
enlightening story of how I lost my face.
Cut. I'm cutting you there, boss.
You said "my friends", not "ladies and
gentlemen." They're not your friends.
- One, two, three...
- Is that a countdown for the camera?
No, it's to calm myself down.
If you're still alive at 10,
you'll know it worked.
Ladies and gentlemen,
New York has a king, and that king is me.
This rag says I am a madman.
It drags me through the mud.
But your hearts will open up
when you learn the sad story of my life.
- You see, my face was...
- Cut.
- What now?
- We have a problem with the decor.
I'm tired of keeping my arms in the air.
- I've tortured people for less.
- Stay focused, boss. You can do it.
And, rolling.
Well, what was I saying, again?
- Hello?
- Hello, Captain Simon?
I can't tell you who I am, man,
but I have a tip for your boys.
The man with the broken face is at the port.
I know it's you, Tanner.
Your number shows up on my screen.
Leave me alone.
- Hey, mister.
- Here we go again.
I've been looking for you everywhere.
It's the first time someone's remembered me.
- Most people forget me after they wake up.
- Aren't I the lucky one?
- Lieutenant Tanner.
- Miss Delaney? You look angry.
- Because I am angry. With you.
- But why?
You almost died last night.
Don't ever do that again.
- It wasn't exactly my fault...
- I don't want to hear it. Just do as I say.
- Okay, I'll be more careful.
- You promise?
Are you worried about me, Miss Delaney?
Wipe that grin off your face.
And stop calling me Miss Delaney.
It's ridiculous. My name is Mary.
Okay, no problem. Well, I'm Alex.
I read your article this morning.
It's great. Very sarcastic.
This is New York.
We can't be intimidated by yet another loony.
- Hello. My name's Leo.
- Hello. Is he a friend of yours?
Yes, but he was just going.
He has things to do elsewhere.
I'm going to be a cop too.
That's great, kid,
but I think you should go now.
Sometimes grown-ups
need to be left alone, okay?
If you want to kiss, go ahead. I won't watch.
Well, I was just stopping by.
I got an anonymous call. I'm meeting
a guy with info on the blackmailing plot.
You're not going alone, are you?
Give me the address. I'll send a team.
No, this is my investigation.
Haven't you heard of freedom of the press?
- You don't know what you're getting into.
- A good article, maybe?
Mary, it could be dangerous.
Move or I'll run you over.
What are you going to do?
Follow her in your wheelchair?
- Why are you giving me a hard time?
- I can help you. Come and see.
So, to summarize, you sit down,
close your eyes and don't move.
Sounds like a great plan.
There. I can see her.
She's leaving the hospital.
Now she's getting into a taxi.
I need to explain something.
When I leave my body,
I can talk to you and you can hear me,
but I can't move.
And I mustn't feed you after midnight,
I suppose.
I think she's arrived.
The taxi stopped in front of a supermarket.
We're in an elevator, going to minus three.
She's taking her cell phone out.
- Hello?
- Alex? It's me, Mary.
I don't need to tell you who she's calling.
Look, I'm sorry about what happened just now.
I kind of ditched you there
in your wheelchair.
That wasn't very nice. Not nice of me at all.
Mary, I was wondering, just a minor detail.
Are you in an elevator?
How do you know that? Am I being followed?
No. I heard a noise, that's all.
And where are you going? What floor?
Minus three. You're all caught up now.
I'm here. I have to go.
You're not angry with me, are you?
No. No, not at all.
See you later then.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Did you and Mary plan this
to mess with my head?
- No, no, I swear.
- What's she doing now?
Waiting in the middle of a parking lot.
- Someone's coming.
- Who?
It's just a weird echo. I don't see anyone.
I see him. It's a guy with a hat
and his face is broken into pieces.
Mary's trapped.
There are two other guys there too.
This morning, in your newspaper,
I read a very dishonest article.
Now that we're face to face,
do you dare call me a madman?
If you don't agree, you can write in.
We have a very good letters page.
Shut up, you insolent creature.
You're with the man who has New York
under his thumb.
Does being a petty journalist
authorize you to insult such a great man?
The answer is in the question.
If what you say is true,
she needs to get out of there right now.
But she can't hear me.
I need to do something.
She might not make it out alive.
Stop that unbearable noise.
I want to hear you scream in silence.
Really? Okay.
- It's for you.
- What a pathetic ruse.
No, honestly, it's for you.
- Hello?
- Police. You're surrounded.
- Is there a problem, boss?
- It's a trap. The cops are here.
Our snipers have you in their sights.
Make any sudden movements and they'll shoot.
There's no one here.
Maybe it's a wrong number, boss.
- The giant is scratching his head.
- Tell your man to lower his arm slowly.
No one move. We're done for.
- Put the journalist back on.
- Here.
Do you want to know what
my headline will be tomorrow?
"Madman behind bars."
I'll send you a signed copy.
Hello, Lieutenant?
You can tell your team to come out?
There's just one tiny problem.
You're all alone, Mary.
What do you mean, I'm all alone?
Well, what is he saying?
- This is a private conversation.
- Mary, get out of there.
Well, you, don't move. There are cops
everywhere. There, there and there.
I'm leaving. Right.
I'll bring you some oranges.
I'm leaving now.
As you can see, since you're here.
Oh, no, I have to come back.
Get off me, you horrid thing.
Go to your dog basket.
I can't stay here. I have to come back.
- But why? You have to stay with Mary.
- Sorry, I can't.
Leave me alone, you filthy mutt.
- These cops are very well hidden.
- I'm telling you, there's no one here.
They tricked us. Get her, quick!
- Stick 'em up!
- I'm sorry, sir. He loves to play.
Sorry, boss. She's gone.
But I've got her phone.
What do you want me to do, idiot?
Get her back by running down her credit?
- A mole?
- No, not a mole.
The Mole. It's my informer's alias.
He followed you when you left here
and alerted me when things went sour.
I told you not to follow me.
I was worried. And I had reason to be, no?
Normally I would be extremely angry.
But today...
Thank you, Alex. You saved my life.
I must get back to the paper.
These are the guys behind the blackmail.
I know where the disfigured man is hiding.
I'm here because of him.
- How's that? Where are they?
- At the port.
- Is that true?
- Yes. But I don't know exactly where.
The port is big.
It would take days to find them.
- But the police are already there?
- No, my boss won't listen to me.
If I find their hideout,
I might be able to convince him.
You're not alone. You can count on me.
Do you have a plan?
My informer could help us.
I'll send him to you.
He knows the city. He'll know where to look.
The Mole?
The guy who was with me in the parking lot?
Yes, him.
But you mustn't talk to him about that.
An informer is a bit like a spy.
They're quite discreet.
Go on, Cracker, you're almost there.
It'll be a big haul, I'm telling you.
Out of the way, Mole,
or I'll burn off your moustache.
I've found The Mole.
He's in a cellar with another very burly man.
Mole and Cracker. What a surprise.
- Tell me, is there a safe with them?
- Yes.
I have to get that.
It might be my probation officer.
Go on.
Otherwise, he'll think you're up to no good.
Hi, Mole, it's your favorite cop.
So, what's new?
Nothing, Inspector.
I'm looking after my poor mother who's sick.
Is she with you? Put her on.
I want to give her my best wishes.
That won't be possible.
She's completely deaf.
- What's this? Are you lying to me?
- Okay, as you wish.
Here, Cracker, pretend to be my mother.
- Hello?
- How are you, my dear lady?
Not so good.
You know how it is, at my age...
Your son no longer keeps bad company, I hope?
No, he's stopped all that.
I imagine he doesn't see Cracker now,
after what he told me.
Why? What did he tell you?
It seems cracker is scared of spiders.
Did you know that?
He passed out when he found one in a safe.
You said we wouldn't speak of that again.
The Mole just took one hell of a punch.
You can open the safe yourself, you jerk.
- What did you tell him?
- The truth. Never lie to your mother.
A little birdie told me
you're up to no good again.
It wasn't me. It was Cracker.
He turned up with a safe,
and there was nothing I could do.
Calm down. Listen, I can keep you
out of jail if you return the safe
and help me out.
Raise your right hand and say, "I swear."
I swear, Inspector, on my mother's life.
- He raised his left hand.
- That's not your right hand, Mole.
Sorry. It wasn't on purpose.
That's it. I swear.
- Still his left hand.
- Right hand, Mole, or I'll lock you up.
- All right, I swear.
- He did it.
I'm looking for the man with the broken face.
You've seen him on TV.
The guy who wants to blow up
the computers? He's a big shot.
I know he's somewhere in the port
with a dog and a giant.
I need you to find his hideout.
A journalist will help you.
You'll treat her with respect
and get me the info before midnight.
What bad luck. We were nearly there.
It's really not Mole's day.
- What are you doing?
- I'm going with you.
Are you crazy?
You want to get cut into little pieces?
The guys here don't like cops
and they hate journalists.
They'll sniff you out in two minutes.
Not an option.
Mole's gone out alone,
and Mary's waiting in the van.
He must be going to see one of his mates.
I don't like sending you there.
The company Mole keeps isn't pretty.
- Is there anything wrong?
- Well...
There's a woman who...
Who's dancing almost completely naked.
- Where are you?
- Someplace called Bada Bing.
That's a strip club.
Leo, I forbid you to look. You're too young.
- But she's right in front of me.
- Put your hands over your eyes.
- I can see through them.
- Look somewhere else.
Where's Mole?
- He's going into another room.
- Follow him.
Well, Mole. Do you need some tools?
No, I need some info. I'm looking for a guy.
I'm told he operates in the port.
What do you want with him?
That's not my area of business.
He tried to cheat me. Where will
we end up if thieves steal from thieves?
He's a big guy.
Very big, like a giant, you know?
And he always goes around
with a tiny little dog.
Him? Don't talk to me about him.
His filthy mutt just about bit my hand off.
So he's messed you up too.
Do you know where he's staying?
No, it was Rico who made the sale.
I went to the ER.
Six stitches. That damn dog.
A yappy little thing with teeth like a shark.
I've never seen anything like it.
What took you so long?
Did you find something out, at least?
Calm down, little lady.
I have everything under control.
A guy named Rico sold them
some computer hardware.
We just need to find him
and he'll tell us where he is.
I need to tell Alex, but I can't find
my cell phone. Will you lend me yours?
I stay away from those things.
Apparently, they fry your brain.
There's a phone booth behind the warehouse.
- Leo, you're back already?
- I don't feel well.
Hi, Mary. Everything's good with you?
Keep me informed. It'll be tight.
We only have until midnight.
See you soon, and be careful.
How are you feeling? You're pale.
Do you think I'll make a good cop one day?
No doubt about it.
Go and lie down in your room.
You've done a great job.
Are you all right, kid? You're very pale.
Yes, I'm okay.
Look, there he is.
Nothing's happening.
When's Rico going to show?
He'll be here soon.
Small-time traders can't leave
their shops for too long, you know.
- Have you been working for Alex long?
- Working? It's not like I'm getting paid.
I know you can't say anything.
It's secret, I understand and respect that.
But I know.
I don't know what ideas
you've got into your head,
but you and me, it'll never happen.
- Sorry?
- You're nice enough in your own way.
But in my line of work, journalists
really don't have a good reputation.
There. Nothing's broken.
It was just dizziness. The medication
affected his appetite, making him weaker.
I'll get you some fruit pure. That'll help.
- Are you okay, Leo?
- Are you feeling better?
- Does your nose hurt?
- No, it's fine.
If you're hungry, I can get you
something nice from the canteen.
- Thanks, but I just want to sleep.
- We'll leave you in peace.
- Can you stay for a while?
- Yes, we're just next door. Don't worry.
You've reached Mary's voice mail.
Please leave a message.
Mary, it's Alex.
Tell me if you leave the south docks.
The man with the broken face
must be nearby, so don't take any risks.
Call me back soon, okay?
What do you think's going to happen?
He can't even stand up.
If his test results aren't good,
I don't know...
Look, we'll know tomorrow.
There's no point assuming the worst.
And he mustn't see us like this.
You're right. Where's Titi?
In the playroom, I think.
- Will you read me a story, Leo?
- Titi, you can see me?
Here, take the book. We were here.
But how is it you can see me?
This is incredible.
No, you already read this one to me. Here.
But, Titi, can you see me or not?
Okay, Leo, we can read a different story
if you don't like this one.
No, not that one. I already know it by heart.
Okay, Leo, as you wish.
I prefer this story too.
Tell me, my friend,
am I an immensely rich man at last?
Sorry, boss,
your account is still totally empty.
Those idiots.
I will crush them all like cockroaches.
- That's him.
- Don't pick up. I'll take the call.
How long do you need to trace him?
- Thirty seconds, Captain.
- I'll give you five minutes if you want.
Hello, this is Captain Simon.
I'm with the mayor and...
Moron. My $1 billion. Right away.
Hang on, Captain. Another 25 seconds.
- Boss, we have a problem.
- What now?
Remember the journalist's phone?
Listen to the message she just got.
Mary, it's Alex.
Tell me if you leave the south docks.
The man with the broken face must be...
- How the hell...
- I found his name in her contacts.
It's the cop who almost caught us last night.
I checked, he's in the hospital.
I must say, I wasn't expecting this.
Shall we get rid of him, boss?
That's an excellent idea, my friend.
Go and do it immediately.
As for that nosy woman,
I'll take care of her myself.
No way. Has your friend taken the day off?
It's the crisis.
Even stolen goods don't sell like before.
I can't stay shut up in here any longer.
I'm going to see if I can find him.
No way. You don't move from here.
I'll go and see, but you...
I know, I don't move from here because
journalists and cops...
Start, for God's sake. Start.
No way.
I thought this only happened in horror films.
Knock, knock. Who do we have here?
- Miss Delaney, come and join me.
- You can talk to me from here. I hear you.
Don't be childish.
Am I really as frightening as all that?
That's unfortunate.
Do you have any other white knight
at your disposal, Miss Delaney?
- Are you going to kill me?
- If I tell you, it won't be a surprise.
Don't worry. I'm sure Mary's fine.
She probably just forgot to call.
No, something's wrong, I can feel it.
I have a knot in my stomach.
She needs me and I'm here,
stuck in this chair like a mollusk.
I for one feel much better.
I'm eating and I'm myself again.
- Here. It'll pick you up.
- Chocolate? Got anything stronger?
This is what works best when you're down.
For those days when nothing goes right?
No, chocolate is for every day.
How do you do it? Leave your body, I mean.
Well, I don't know.
It just happened when I got sick.
It's funny, isn't it?
Actually, it's not that funny.
It's just weird.
And now you walk through walls,
- and help patients back to their bodies.
- Yeah.
You never talk about your illness.
I don't want my little sister
and parents to worry about me.
And you're not scared?
You see that lady over there?
She fell down the stairs.
I saved her, like you.
I picked him up outside.
His phantom was waiting for the bus at night.
They've all forgotten me.
But you, you remember me.
You'd have to be very absent-minded
to forget you. You're a great kid.
Mole is here all alone.
It looks like
he's taken a big blow to the head.
- Can you see Mary? Isn't she with him?
- Nobody else is here.
I knew something was wrong.
Have a look around.
We have to find her, quick.
Hello, little doggy. What are you doing here?
Does the little doggy
need someplace to stay tonight?
Watch your mouth.
There's nothing for you here.
Get off me, you hairy rat.
I said get off me, filthy beast.
Good night, little ones.
Sometimes I think this mutt is a total idiot.
There. The cop's in room 412.
Hey, you. Visiting hours are over.
Oh, yeah? Show him our pass.
- Still nothing, Leo?
- I can't find her.
It's too big. I don't know where to go.
This is too much. Forget the chair.
I'm going to the port.
In your wheelchair? But you can't.
It can't get any worse.
A cop on wheels?
Now, that's what I call progress.
You will pay for the trouble
you have caused me, Miss Delaney.
You will have the honor
of recording the story of my heroic life.
Let us start with the tragic misfortune
that struck my face.
I'm warning you, my best friend is
a police inspector and he'll worry.
Your police friend, to put it crudely,
- is preparing for his arrival into the cemetery.
- Alex!
- Be quiet. My face was...
- What are you going to do to him?
You must be quiet, little lady.
I'm telling you how my face...
Leave Alex alone.
He has nothing to do with this...
Shut up right now,
or I'll smash your face in.
Please excuse my language.
It was uncalled for.
But you should consider
the threat to be valid.
Your computer virus.
- Did you send it out from this machine?
- Exactly.
So if I break this computer,
your virus dies with it?
No, silly goose. The virus
has already spread throughout the city.
So the virus cannot be stopped?
There's no way to deactivate it?
If I was the bad guy in a comic book,
I would enjoy telling you the password
to be entered into this computer.
Except I am not that stupid.
Are you sure? You already told me a lot.
- I have not.
- Yes, you have.
You told me a password entered
into this computer will stop the virus.
Yes, but that was obvious.
It's always like that with IT.
Come on, just a little more.
Tell me the password.
You really are amusing.
If you're so cunning, you needn't look far.
- The password is right before your eyes.
- Are you the password?
Should I type, "I'm even uglier
on the inside than on the outside"?
You would make a stone lose patience.
May I remind you that
this stone can put six bullets
into your insolent, little bird brain.
Well, cop, I don't think
you'll move so fast this time.
- Why isn't the brat speaking?
- Leave the kid alone.
Too late. He's seen us.
He hasn't even opened his eyes. He's asleep.
No one sleeps sitting up like that.
Well, except maybe fish,
because a sleeping fish is a dead fish.
Have you ever seen a fish
sitting up like that?
- Catch it.
- Thanks, dog.
Put down your gun. Don't do anything stupid.
- Let him go. He's just a kid.
- Don't be an idiot.
Calm down. Put him down gently.
If you want to see the kid again,
don't move from here and don't say anything.
You! Stay where you are.
Where's my body?
How am I going to get back now?
Calm down, you filthy beast.
Take the stairs. I'll go this way.
I've lost them.
You're a good luck charm, kid.
Mister, can I ask you something?
- I knew you weren't asleep.
- Where are we?
What do you mean? We're in the hospital.
Yes, but where exactly? What floor are we on?
Why don't you open your eyes and look?
- I can't.
- Tell me,
is your illness compulsive lying?
Enough dawdling. Now walk.
- What's happening?
- Playtime's over.
You can move as well as I can, little snot.
I swear, I can't.
Just tell me where we are, please.
What do you mean, you can't move?
If I pinch you, what will happen?
What was that?
- Why is it doing that?
- My mom used to pinch me when I lied.
Let's get a move on.
- What's happening?
- All right.
You win. I believe you. Let's go.
- I'm stuck. I can't move.
- I already said I understand.
Anyone can make a mistake, no?
You filthy liar!
I've got you, you little devil.
Good night.
That's enough. Calm down. Calm down.
- I'm here.
- Leo! Are you okay? Where's the giant?
- The guards got to him.
- I hope they can handle him.
He'll go back to his master.
Hurry, we need your phantom.
- The dog's getting on a boat.
- What's the name?
- The Vizir.
- The captain has to listen to me now.
Yes, hello?
Captain, we've got him.
The man is hiding on a boat: The Vizier.
I don't believe this. You again, Tanner?
I'm handing him to you on a silver platter.
Disturbing me at a time like this.
Are you insane?
Being stupid and stubborn now
is near-suicide.
You win, Tanner. You're fired.
Do you hear me? Fired.
Mary's here with the bad guy.
What are you doing here?
Where are your companions?
Try barking. He might answer.
Be quiet or I'll throw you
overboard head first.
I know the password.
"Don't shoot, I surrender."
That's it. I've had enough of you.
He's locked Mary in a closet. He's furious.
Alex, it's Mary. I'm in the gang's hideout.
It's a boat. He's locked me up.
That intolerable little pest
has found a phone?
This time, Miss Delaney,
you'll make the front page of the obituaries.
He's opening the door. She must leave.
Mary, please do as I say. Go. Quick!
- She has to go left. This way's blocked.
- Go left.
- Left? But...
- Don't try to understand. Quick.
Let go of me, you blasted creature.
How dare you?
What were you thinking?
Get her before she escapes.
The second door on the right,
there are stairs.
Mary, open the second door on the right
and go up the stairs.
- How did you know?
- Trust me, Mary. Hurry.
I'm trapped. The door's locked.
- Stop. She needs to stop.
- Stop. Don't move.
Not a sound.
She can go. Through the door, then left.
- Alex, what time is it?
- Why do you ask?
At midnight,
the virus will destroy everything.
Forget the virus. Just get out of there.
- I have to try.
- Try what? Get off the boat, quick.
We're wasting time.
That journalist could be hiding anywhere.
There exists a more radical way
to get rid of her. Come.
It's time for us to leave.
- Mary, what are you doing?
- I'm trying to concentrate.
For goodness' sake,
the password should be obvious.
Right before my eyes, he said.
- Leo, what is she doing?
- I don't know. She's at a computer.
Could it be "boat"?
As simple as that.
No, that's not it.
Come on. It's right before my eyes.
Oh, no, not now.
My genius never ceases to astonish me.
By simply pressing a button,
I can both eliminate all clues
for the police,
and give that journalist
the punishment she deserves.
I love the smell of a city
burning early in the morning.
- Something exploded.
- What exploded? Is Mary okay?
Mary, can you hear me?
Get out of there right now.
It's okay, Alex.
Don't worry, I'm almost there.
Okay, I'm only on a boat
that's about to blow up.
No reason to panic.
Good God, don't just stand there.
Do something.
I don't want to go down in history
as the guy who let this happen.
You'll take your share of the blame as well.
But, Mr. Mayor, with 8 million inhabitants,
how do you expect me
to find one man in 24 hours?
With a mug like that,
he couldn't have gone unnoticed.
What more do you want?
A red arrow pointing at him?
If I'm ever going to have a flash of genius
in my life, now's the time.
Before my eyes... Right before my eyes...
Mary, you have to get out of there.
It's a matter of life and death.
Before my eyes...
For heaven's sake, what is before my eyes?
I'm begging you, answer me.
Get out of there now.
But of course, it's obvious.
Right before my eyes. "Eyelids."
I did it. I'm the greatest.
The overjoyed crowd applauds Mary.
The whole city is delirious.
The newspapers all lead with
"Mary's 'eyelids' save New York."
- Mary, are you talking to me?
- Please, Mary, one word for the press.
As well as beautiful, you're stunningly
intelligent. How do you do it?
I don't know. I'm a natural.
We're going live
to these scenes of jubilation.
This has been Mary, live from New York.
Why is this blasted city still lit?
The virus should have destroyed everything.
That pesky woman is going to pay.
- She needs to get out of here.
- Alex, I've deactivated the virus.
Can you hear me? I did it.
Great, but you need to get out of there.
He's back.
She needs to take the stairs on the right.
Miss Delaney, I'm not finished with you.
Damn it.
Shut up. This is no time to panic.
I'm warning you, I'm losing patience.
Not right. The way is blocked.
Go left.
If I don't leave now, I'll disappear.
What do you mean you'll disappear?
I have to come back. That's what I mean.
A policeman needs to be able
to count on his fellow officers.
Now tell me what's happening.
Well, my phantom
can't actually leave for too long.
Otherwise, he'll fade away and so will I.
What? You never told me that.
There was no need to.
I always had time to come back.
You might not make it? Leave now.
I don't want you taking any risks.
- I can't leave her all alone.
- Your life is at stake. Come back right now.
There you are, you miserable creature.
The man is back. He's found Mary.
No, do as I say. Come back.
I'm not asking you, I'm ordering you.
The number one rule for a policeman
is to make it home alive. Do you hear me?
Before you submit to my rightful anger,
you're going to listen to me.
You will not leave this Earth
without hearing the tragic story
of what happened to my face.
Even someone as cold-hearted as you
will be moved by...
Why hello there, old friend.
You wouldn't spoil a beautiful friendship
because of a rashly thrown shoe?
Mary escaped from the ship.
She's safe. We did it.
Leo, that's great. Now save yourself.
Come back here. Hurry. Fly.
Leo, why aren't you answering me?
Now is not the time to give up.
Leo, this is urgent.
This won't end well if you don't hurry back.
Leo, are you still far away? This is serious.
I'm really getting scared now.
Help! Help! I need some help here.
I don't understand it.
I got Leo's results this morning,
and they were very good.
The treatment worked perfectly.
I'm sure of it.
- Then what happened?
- It's as if he went beyond his limits.
He hasn't moved from his room.
I've talked with my colleagues,
and they're just as puzzled as I am.
Do you think he'll ever wake up?
I'll be honest with you. I don't know.
But what I've learned while working here
is that children are remarkably strong.
They fight their illnesses right to the end.
They're amazing little warriors.
A kid who's able to leave his body?
Okay, some strange things
have happened, but still...
I was stuck here in my wheelchair.
How could I have helped?
True, when I was on the ship,
you always knew where to go.
It's all true, I swear. He found you.
He stayed with you the whole time.
So I had my own little guardian angel,
all to myself.
He saved us, but we couldn't save him.
I'll never forgive myself.
Listen, Alex. Do you know
why that kid is so extraordinary?
Not just because he can leave his body. No.
What makes him really, truly exceptional
is that he decided
to risk his own life to save us.
Leo, I'm going to tell you a story, okay?
Mom said I could and so did the doctor.
Now, where were we?
"The inspector bounded up the stairs
four at a time.
"The building was dark and quiet.
"Ready to commit a new crime,
the Exterminator roamed about on the roof."
"The Exterminator",
that means he's a bad guy.
It's a difficult word.
"The inspector reached the top floor.
"There was just a door
between him and the roof.
"The moment of truth had arrived.
"The policeman charged up
and with a big kick..."
- Police. Don't move.
- Inspector, we meet again.
Exterminator, you're under arrest.
You'll never catch me.
Titi, what are you doing here?
Enough, Leo. You have to come back.
I'm waiting for you.
Daddy and Mommy are waiting too.
You're not a phantom.
Stop with this and come back to us.
Titi, I don't know if I can.
Yes, you can. It's easy.
Look, the door is right there.
Yes, Titi. I'm here.
Dad, Mom, come and see.
- He's awake.
- What?
Leo, can you hear me?
Mom? Dad?
Leo, my little Leo.
We'll never know why that man
had a broken face.
- I know why.
- Really?
I'm a good journalist.
I looked in the archives.
Well? Tell me.
Hold on tight.
It's an incredible story.
In the beginning, he was...
Excuse me, it's the captain. Hello?
Lieutenant Tanner, yes...
I have a message for you from...
Well, from the mayor.
He wants to... How to put this?
He wants to congratulate you in person.
There's even talk of a promotion.
Congratulations, buddy.
That's all for now.
Take good care of yourself,
Lieutenant Tanner.
My name is Leo,
I'm 11 years old, and I have a secret.
I am a hero.