Phantom Detective (2016) Movie Script

Run, Hong Gil Dong!
- You have to live.
- Mom...
Live and avenge me.
It feels so confused.
Can one dies out of confusion?
Hi! Hi!
Kidnapping girls
who're not even 20 years old.
Rape, human trafficking,
even murder.
Criminals who persistently
live & survive.
Sometimes ago, the whole organization
was shut down by Hwallbindang.
kidnapped children were return
back to their parents.
They were deceived,
of course they want revenge.
Today, I'll give them
the taste of revenge.
Those gang leaders.
- He's here.
- Already?
Now, in there...
is Hong Gil Dong that you're looking for.
Coincidently, I have questions
that I want to ask all of you too.
Damn it!
Aigoo, too noisy!
Why are you guys
keep looking for me?
So annoying.
Hey, why are you sitting there?
Jang Ji Seong's brother
Jang Dae Seong...
Yeonnam-dong, Apartment Sinseong
102-dong, #403.
- What all this?
- Yang Jin Tae's mom, Oh Yeong Ja...
Today, due to gastric pains
she went to the hospital.
Jeong Ho Il's wife, Kim Gyeong Soo...
It's been 2 days since
she went back to her parents' house.
Starting from now, if you disturb me
more than 20 seconds.
Your family members will die.
Now, put you gun on the table.
Today, you wont be able
to contact them.
Shut up!
what are you saying?
=I'll kill Jang Dae Seong first.=
Now you heard it, right?
It true!
That's Dae Seong's voice.
All of you, put the gun on the table!
If you do that,
I'll let you hear their voice.
My mother is seriously ill.=
Ji Seong Hyeong!
What should we do now?
You said you gonna
let us hear their voices!
Son of a bitch!
Why you get my innocent Gyeong Soo involved?
Don't believe my words too much.
Because it's all are lies.
Seriously! So noisy!
You guys ever heard of
Kim Byeong Deok?
Kim Byeong Deok...
Ever heard of him or met him?
If the name comes out from one of your mouth,
or anyone of you who can give me
useful information,
I'll let him go.
I know Kim Byeong Deok.
- Where is he?
- Eh?
In Yeonsin.
I'm an expert in deceiving.
Membership requirement no. 2 is
to detect lies.
Why are you talking nonsense?
How annoying.
Now, start to cut your fingers!
Starting from Jeong Ho Il!
Both of you can help him.
'Please spare me.'
Isn't that the words you always hear?
Cut it from Jeong Ho Il!
Then, don't make me ask you again,
just shut his mouth & cut!
from now on if you keep dillydallying
or open your mouth to talk,
I'll blow your head.
Dare to go againts Hong Gil Dong.
This is the punishment for you.
=Name, Kim Byeong Deok.=
=They said his eyes is blind.
Seems like they're right.=
- =The address is Gangwon-do, Hwacheongundo
Gimyeon Myeong-wolri 94-3.=
- Myeong-wolri 94-3...
I know.
President Hwang...
I'll be back before dawn, tomorrow.
After I kill Kim Byeong Deok.
=The one who should be kill,
must be killed.=
- =If needed, tortured.=
- Enough.
Don't make innocent people suffer.=
My name is Hong Gil Dong.
Illegal detective agency,
Hwal Bin Dang Private Detective.
Eventhough the job is to face the enemies
and all the dangerous rubbish,
my income is still decent.
Besides, it's easy.
Nobody know me.
Even me myself dont know
who I'm really am.
I only remember my name.
Anyway, I'm going to meet someone
very special today.
Me who always manage to found
people that I look for in a day,
had waste more than 20 years
to lokk for this person.
-=Detective Hong Gil Dong=-
had waste more than 20 years
to look for this person.
-=Detective Hong Gil Dong=-
-=Detective Hong Gil Dong: Missing Village=-
I just remeber that name recently.
From my lost memory,
I only remember that person.
The left eye blind man, Kim Byeong Deok.
Wait for me!
-=Myeong Wol Ri=-
What now?
Why my rice portion is so big?
That's my rice.
I want to eat a lot.
I made this Gosari.
Taste it.
[Gosari - Fern like vegetables.]
No! No!
I want to eat something else.
Tomorrow I'll fry eggs for you.
Eat a bit.
Good kid.
Aigoo, my darling eat deliciously.
Dong Yi, are you still picking bottles
and selling it?
Why aren't you listen me?
Just like a begger.
You did it too!
How is it a begger?
If I did it
you'll do it too?
But, if I can get a little bit more money,
I can buy your eye-glasses, Grandfather.
Dong Yi, you need to study hard.
What use is an eye-glasses?
If you do this again,
I'll go to your school & report to them.
Promise me.
Dont do it again, alright?
Tomorrow we need to pack up.
After school, come back straight home.
Mal Soon too.
Don't play at school.
I dont want to move anymore.
If we move...
we can go eat some tangsuyuk together.
[Tangsuyuk - Sweet sour pork]
Aigoo, what happen to you?
Are you so hungry?
Eat slowly.
Stay still.
Let me wipe it.
There's someone outside.
Dong Yi, Mal Soon...
Probably I need to go outside for a moment.
There's something I need to do.
Just only a moment!
Dont worry & wait for me.
I'll come back in a minute.!
Where are you going at this time?
I'll be gone just for a second!
Don't go to the police.
Never report to the police.
Even if the police come here
and ask anything,
don't tell them anything.
Hurry up!
Hide in the back yard!
Grandfather, what is it?
Listen to me.
Take Mal Soon too.
Hurry up!
Go faster!
Old man, lets go with us.
Whatever the matter,
tell him to come here!
If there's no other business,
get out of here!
Aigoo, I'm already tired.
Erm, old man...
Lets come with us.
Why did you push me?
We intent to take you peacefully.
Hey, is this the correct way?
What is that?
Damn it.
Don't get out of the car!
The road is so narrow. What's he doing?
Looks like he's not gonna move.
Looks like his car broke down.
What is this?
What is this?
-=Gangwon 5=-
-=Gangwon 5=-
Why are you woke up? Aigoo!
-=Gangwon 5=-
-=Gangwon 5=-
Gangwon 5, 7102.
94-3 Kim Byeong Deok.
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-=Monthly Rent contract.=-
-=Myeongwol Pharmacy=-
That yeonggam is Kim Byeong Deok.
[Yeonggam - old man]
Why now?
Who are you?
My enemy's grandchildren.
This is so disgusting!
Who are you, mister?
He looks like a policeman.
Why is a policeman here?
We didn't report anything.
Grandfather said not to report to the police.
Sis, looks like this mister is a bad guy!
A bit late to introduce myself.
I am a government employee from Chuncheon
who responsible for registration.
Registration Department?
Dong Jin Elementry School, class 5-12, Kim Dong Yi.
Class 1-8, No. 33 Kim Mal Soon.
Grandfather full name
is Kim Byeong Deok.
Trash picking until he got
arthritis and suffering from diabetes.
And you guys are going
to move from here, right?
How do you know that?
This house... down payment is 100 thousand Won
and monthly rent is 20 thousand Won.
But this village is included in the area
that going to be developed.
Because land registration,
implementation of Compensation Law Clause 54,
have to vacant the land
the latest by October.
And that's why, I'm here
today to meet your grandfather.
I know your grandfather very well.
Dong Yi, you got 100 in 3 test.
How proud he is of you.
Now, you understand right?
My reading & listening test also got 100 mark.
What's up with this kid?
Anyway, there's a chance I can help
you to find your Grandfather.
Help us to find Grandfather?
I can find him in 1 hour.
But both of you need to come with me.
Grandfather told us to stay here.
Then, I'll come back later.
Didn't you said you want to help
us to find Grandfather?
You'd never understand,
even in your dreams.
why I need both of you.
If the direction just now is correct...
One of the three.
To the Yongdam housing area
in the middle of the city...
Or to the small remote mountain
here is...
... an abandoned factory.
Choi Tae Jeong.
Choi Tae Jeong.
-= Choi Tae Jeong =-
-= Choi Tae Jeong =-
Looks like he's calling someone.
Look up for registration number
"Gangwon 5-7102"
=Why are you looking for...?=
Head of Hwallbindang,
President Hwang Gye Sook,
Heiress of the corporation.
Has a large scale charity organization.
20 years ago,
her father take me,
who is an orphan to live with them.
We grew up together.
For justice,
She did as per her late father's will.
Organize a detective agency.
Put me in the front position.
Truthfully, I dont want to depand
on other people too much.
-= Yellow pages. =-
=They are able to spread terror
through wars.=
=For money & power,=
=Gwangeunhwe is ready to do anything.=
=Your word is too much.=
-=Park Seon Gil - Congress Peace Party=-
-=Park Seon Gil - Congress Peace Party=-
=You're too passionate talking about baseless this theory.=
-=Park Seon Gil - Congress Peace Party=-
=What does it mean?=
=What does it mean?=
=There is no Gwangeunhwe.=
=There's no proof.=
Hmm? What?
So annoying.
How much is it? Wait a minute.
Milk and sugar, how much is it?
It's 200 Won but
because you're handsome,
- just pay 100 Won.
- Keep the change.
Is there anyone who keep cows?
The footsteps, straw from the barn.
Using slippers in this weather.
He shouldn't run too far.
So what?
Do you have proof? Proof!
Where do you park the car?
The car key is with you now, right?
So what?
You seems to know something.
Did Chief know about you here?
So it's the police.
Don't talk nonsense.
I didn't do anything.
I'm not accusing.
Tonite, at 7:08pm,
You, Kim Jin Ho and your friend, Choi Dae Jeon,
Driving a car with registration no. "Gangwon 5-7102"
and kidnapped Kim Byeong Deok.
Then, passed him to you the man you called
Chief and receive some money.
After that you went for a drink, due to the coldness
and tired, you went home with the car.
Jin Ho, did you forgot me?
I'm the one blacking the road,
and changing the tires.
Don't you know why I was there,
on the middle of the night?
Of course I was monitoring you.
That Chief is someone
we've been tracking from the start.
If you talk nonsense one more time,
I wont be asking politely anymore.
Think before you answer!
Who do you think you're lying to?
M--Me... I just responsible to
drive the car.
That Chief will call you now.
When you answer the call, a few second later,
the connection will cut-off.
You just have to tell me
where the car is.
=Where is the car?=
The place where we met yesterday.
=Come out & give the key to me!=
Where is the place?
That... That place...
When you walk out of here, walk back--
Mr Registration!
Found him.
Did you found Grandfather?
What are you doing?
Ah, this man must be
from the registration department too.
I'm Kim Mal soon, my grandfather...
What is this?
Are you really a policeman?
I thought so.
Who're you?
First, tell me where is that place!
Get out!
Get out of here if you
dont want to be dead!
Still dont want to get out?
Mister, why are you lying?
He said you're a policeman.
Sis, this mister is weird.
Mal Soon.
Why did you bring this?
What if someone steals this?
This is Grandfather precious possession.
I nearly got the answer.
Because of these two.
Better just tied & throw them in the car trunk.
These are what left.
Must now lose these too.
Can't we come too?
Lets go together.
Damn these reckless kids.
We'll talk about this later.
Police is not investigating the case,
but they're kidnapping.
Not killing but kidnapping secretly.
There's no personal grudge,
so this is not a revenge.
Cannot be sold,
and cannot bring in money.
Kidnnaping old man like this
is not for money.
May be because this oldman
know something,
or has something.
There's someone came looking.
For what?
Don't now.
Asking this & that.
But I've forcefully send him away.
Mister! Mister! Mister! Mister!
What is that sound?
Did you walked here?
Yes, why?
Ah, damn it!
Where are you, Mister?
He got away from me just like that.
Kim Byeong Deok, I'll catch you.
With my own hand...
Milk candy.
Did it fall when I was running?
Why is nothing going smoothly?
I've no money.
Mister, where are we going?
Is Granfather doing fine?
Too noisy!
Wait a minute!
Is that money?
What is this feeling?
Welcome. Welcome.
It need to have a phone.
Largest room.
What did I said, there's sonnim coming.
[Sonnim - customer]
No wonder the magpies keep chirping.
Total is 8 500 Won.
A shabby second-hand furniture shop.
Just opened a few days.
Because we just open the shop,
I give you 1000 Won discount.
Tattoo was removed, he want to forget old times as a gang member...
7... 7 thousand.
... he's a bit stupid.
The balance is 1000, right?
Aigoo, you're so cute like a small pet.
Wait a minute.
Actually, I bought this to stop smoking,
but I'll give this to you.
Your daughter... nieces, right?
No, this mister said my Grandfather
captured by the bad guy.
Say thank you to uncle.
Good girl.
What is he saying?
I'm a geumsa.
[Geumsa - public prosecutor]
These few days, I've a job to
protect the victim's family.
I thought geumsa shouldn't been doing this
but due to some pity involved,
I'm the new kid,
so I just follow orders.
Anyway, just pretend that you dont know.
Oh, Geumsa.
Kids, lets go up!
Grandfather's kidnapped.
You're a geumsa?
Forget Wolgil-ri, Gudam-ri.
He didn't even blink when he lie.
What is his actual job?
Mister, you've not sleep since yesterday.
Better you sleep first.
Hello, may I speak to Tae Jeong?
=Tae Jeong? Who?=
Hello, may I speak to Tae Jeong?
=Choi Tae Jeong? There's nobody by that name.=
Ah, it's you? You...
Erm, is the prosecutor in there...?
There's something I want to talk to you.
I'm a bit busy currently.
Sorry for disturbing you.
I'm a bit impatient.
In other words, I used to involve
in the world of fighting.
Of course, now I'm back on the
right track.
Now, I'd never, never involve.
But .. My inn is newly opened,
- Those scumbags surely need to be dead.
- Those scumbags surely need to be dead.
- Sis, I brought notebook too.
Sis, I brought notebook too.
I want to write like you too.
- I want to write like you too.
- However, there's a building nearby.
Whoever loooking would feel weird.
However, there's a building nearby.
Whoever loooking would feel weird.
Sis, I've write it down.
A lot of people went inside.
A lot. A whole lot of people.
Like this? Right?
What are you trying to say?
Oh, erm... what do I want to say?
Oh yeah, I've move a few chairs inside.
Then, I saw something strange inside..
Is Tae Jeong come in today?
=Tae Jeong? He's not in today.
Who is this?=
=Tae Jeong? He's not in today.
Who is this?=
-=Taegwang Workshop =-
-=Taegwang Workshop=-
Of course he's not there.
We talk again next time.
-=Taegwang Taegwang Workshop=-
Of course he's not there.
We talk again next time.
Where are you going?
Just wait here patiently.
I WONT wait here patiently!
Erm, if you really protecting them,
you should bring them along.
There's lubricant stained on the gloves.
And the nails' oily too.
-=Taegwang Workshop=-
There's lubricant stained on the gloves.
And the nails' oily too.
-=Taegwang Workshop=-
It's obvious, he was working here until yesterday.
-=Taegwang Workshop=-
-=Taegwang Workshop=-
Long haired, Choi Tae Jeong.
-=Taegwang Workshop=-
You scared me!
Oh yeah, yesterday I fell
and my knee hurt.
Don't just walk on your own.
Hey you both, come here!
What's up?
Hey, are you really want to find
you Grandfather or not?
Of course!
If you continue being like this,
it'd be hard to find him.
If you're not going to help,
dont be an obstacle.
You lied everyday.
This is the way to do it.
If you don't understand,
can you just shut up?
if you want to live longer,
be careful of what you say!
That give me goosebumps.
Still here?
=From 80's until now,
this is the first time election would be held.=
=The candidates...=
What do you want?
=... are trying to gain more votes.=
There's no people working today.
Lately, you can count with your finger,
the youngster that would stand a beating.
Pessimist is the type that I hate.
This place should be close down faster.
I had enough of this all.
Still can live without this place.
The 24th.
Who would be coming on the 24th?
The gavernor would be here.
Said there are important thing he wanna tell.
All Myeong-wolli residents are asked to attend.
Lately has been depressing enough.
What are he wanna blab about?
Why it has to be at night?
But looks like you're not from around here, aren't ya?
How do you know the gorvernor is coming?
Heard it somewhere.
Forgot about it.
That car no. 7102 outside,
when did come here?
Around 10 minutes ago
someone send it here.
But why are you asking?
10 minutes ago, at 07:05pm?
Could I see the invoice?
I'm representing the claim department
from the insurance company.
He is actually...
He is a detective, from class super.
Class super? What is that?
Just a detektif, but higher class.
Just shut up!
Why? Didn't you said supposed to be like this?
I'm trying to help you.
Aigoo, so cute.
Actually, I'm a policeman.
Hope you can give the contact info
of the owner of the car no. 7102.
On what business that the police--
Our Grandfather is kidnapped by the bad guys.
This Mr.Policeman is helping up
to look for him.
You can't say it like that.
He asked us not to say it
that way, didn't he?
Oh, right.
These kids' grandfather kidnapped?
Their grandfather?
Then, the car's owner is the criminal?
Yes, so hurry up & give
me the contact info of the car's owner.
Mister, how you find
the criminal this fast?
You're awesome.
Right, Mal Soon?
Awesome, yeah you're awesome.
But there's always something fishy.
Do you think I'm a good guy?
Your guessed is wrong!
For the last time, I'm reminding you,
If you try to get butt in again,
then, I'd--
Are you really Registration Department employee?
It--It's true.
That is really true.
Please don't go around talking nonsense.
But may be, all those people can
help us later.
Impossible, so shut your mouth!
Just now, you keep looking at these.
You want some?
Aigoo, seriously!
Wait here!
What's in the bag?
There's nothing.
You can't communicate with those kids.
I should let them know
the taste of fear.
Where's Kim Byeong Deok?
Hwacheon police division,
Team Force 1, Det. Kang Seong Il.
Even though I don't know what
you guys are doing,
just let me have Kim Byeong Deok
and I'd generously
pretend I know nothing about this.
On normal days,
I'd have teach some lesson to you guys.
Due to some personal problem that need to attend.
But why are there so many
papers here?
Why are you looking for Kim Byeong Deok?
What are you saying, idiot.
That's not your business.
You... Are you Hong Gil Dong?
Looking for Kim Byeong Deok to get even?
Who're you?
News is saying, that you can't
remember about the past.
But the face of that old man
you didn't forget.
Right, how can one forget
that incident?
What are try to do?
Don't move!
If you wanna shoot,
aim it right at me.
Try to guess, from where
do I know about you.
If you able to get out of here alive,
think carefully.
"Where is that old man?"
"Who are you really?"
Who are you?
Run, Hong Gil Dong!
You have to live.
Live and avenge me.
Mister, put this plaster on the wound!
Apply this first.
What pill is he taking?
He knows me in one glance.
He knew me.
Did you asked the bad guy
about my grandfather?
To the reason I'm here
how that bastard knows everything?
Search all hotels!
The kids are with him.
Bring them here!
Yeonggam, Hong Gil Dong is coming.
[Yeonggam - old man]
Someone who you can't even see his shadow,
but now...
Yeonggam whose life
is now meaningless...
So why now?
Working to ruin my plan?
Ah, Dong Yi dan Mal Soon...
The children is not what import now.
Wasn't it because of your obsession
you're here.
Why still hiding that fact ?
It make me sad.
Humans are so carefree,
that's why they do bad things.
Like you did.
After this problem is settle,
a new world will be born.
It will be just like I want it.
Where is the financial report?
If you let me go
with the children,
I'll give it to you.
Kang Seong Il's document.
Hwacheon police division, personal housing October 21, From at 9:00.
If the 21st, means it's starting yesterday.
25 Browning automatic guns.
3 homemade bombs.
24 Soviet PPS-43 submachine guns .
-=Schedule on 22 October, at 1900 hours.=-
24 Soviet PPS-43 submachine guns.
Schedule on 22 October, at 1900 hours.
-=Position : Head Inspector of Hwacheon Division=-
-=Full Name: Kim Dong Sik=-
-=Position : Head Inspector of Hwacheon Division=-
-=Full Name: Kim Dong Sik=-
head Inspector is on leave.
-=Formal leave 5 days 4 nightsfrom date 22 Oct-26 Oct.=-
Head Inspector is on leave
-=Formal leave 5 days 4 nightsfrom date 22 Oct-26 Oct.=-
-=Gangwon Police station, Hwacheon, Do Gi Myeon stopped giving support to the police.=-
Do Gi Myeon stopped police support.
October 23 at 06:00 hour.
-=2 hours route interval. Exchange was blocked.
Wolgil-ri, Gagok-ri, Myeongwol-ri, Gudam-ri.
Execution in these 4 region.=-
Do Gi Myeon stop police support.
October 23 at 06:00 hours.
-=2 hours route interval. Exchange was blocked.
Wolgil-ri, Gagok-ri, Myeongwol-ri, Gudam-ri.
Execution in these 4 region.=-
-=2 hours route interval. Exchange was blocked.
Wolgil-ri, Gagok-ri, Myeongwol-ri, Gudam-ri.
Execution in these 4 region..
-=Start from Wolgil-ri, in 2 hours interval
communication was interrupted one by one.=-
-=Start: October 23, 15:00.
Finish: October 24, 23:00.=-
=Start from Wolgil-ri, in 2 hours interval
communication was interrupted one by one.=
-=Start: October 23, 15:00.
Finish: October 24, 23:00.=-
Start at 1500 hours, on 23 October.
-=Start: October 23, 15:00.
Finish: October 24, 23:00.=-
In & out route to Myeongwol-ri is closed
October 24, at 13:00 hours.
On 24th at 9pm,
upon completion at the village empty field,
weapons need to be place at the location.
What does this means?
If on the 24th, means it's 3 days after.
So this is it.
{\i1These idiots are interesting.
Kim Byeong Deok...
Kang Seong Il.
What's going on between them?
Anyway,I need to find that old man first.
A man in brown jacket
with two little girls.
His face has a scar, did he stay here?
Is there a bigger table?
Too small it's not practical.
I'll buy a bigger one.
I bought some biscuits for your children.
later, there will be some people that would come here
and said that they're policemen.
One of them has shiny hair with eye-glassess.
He is the kidnapper.
Kkid--kidnapper? Police...
Of course he is not a good policeman.
He will ask about me
whether I was here or not.
He was here yeaterday.
Tell him that I was here.
And I'll be back tonight.
Last night he was here...
I don't know whether he'll be back.
He should be...
I'm out of money.
Send some to me!
It'd be difficult.
Nobody could go there.
Everyone's out doing some research.
Soon, I need to go to the airport.
=Furthermore, it's clear I can't
send it to some random place.=
I got 10 Won only!
You should me that earlier.
=How can I know from the start.=
I'm dead busy.
The car with registration 7102
owner is Kang Seong Il.
I know.
Now, you want me to give double
the money for the bribe...
=it's not as easy as it seems to get the contract.=
=I don't have time to re-do it.=
=You think we're a family of masters?=
=How about the movie?=
=Didn't you said you just going for a day?
Why aren't you home yet?=
Just send the money over if there's someone available.
Nothing's helping!
Damn it!
It's still can be eaten after washing it.
Now, how can we find Grandfather?
With this face, how...
I gave it a thought.
Possibly, those bad guys
locked Grandfather in an abondened building?
In Yongdam-ri over there
there's a lot of that kind of building.
The onwer rarely come over.
We can look for that kinda place.
No need to look.
I know where it is.
You knew?
You knew it? Seriously?
Anyway, it's not in Yongdam-ri.
But in a building without an owner.
How do he knows?
So awesome.
Yeah, so cool.
However, we need to stop somewhere first,
before going to that place.
Dong Yi, Mal Soon.
Can you help me with something?
Yes, we'll do it!
How can we help you?
You just need to say a few words.
Just like tell you.
Don't say anything unnecessary.
Aren't you saying
useless thing?
That day, Kang Seong Il departed
at 06:17am.
At the same time,
Kim Byeong Deok arrived at the workshop.
Needed time is 50 minutes.
With speed 70 km/hour in 20 minutes journey...
The distance from Dong Yi's house is 9 km.
And distance from the workshop is 3 km...
Kim Byeong Deok is here..
Around this area,
is there any vacant house?
It's near the workshop.
Around this area, there's a vacant building.
ut excuse me...
who're you?
Just now, I heard your story.
But I'm still not understand.
Your face...
He is from District Government Office,
Department of Planning and Land Construction,
Assist. Manager Jeong Myeong Soo.
We're now...
doing the survey about the land population.
For this month, all the employees from District Government Office
will be doing that.
But I'm going to be in first grade this year.
I was just tag along with my sister.
Now you know who is him, right?
Looks like you know who am I now.
here, drink up!
Thank you!
How old are you?
8 years old.
Already 8 years old?
Then in what grade are you?
Grade 5.
How is your study? Good?
My grade is not good,
but Big Sis is very smart.
It's okayif you've bad grade.
As long as there's something you wanna do.
I had bad grades too when I was in grade school.
Really bad grades?
Really bad grades?
-=Writing Examples=-
-=Writing Examples=-
-=Donor: Hong Gil Dong=-
-=Granted by: Kang Tae Gong=-
-=Donor: Hong Gil Dong=-
-=Granted by: Kang Tae Gong=-
That building has no owner.
This is the schematic diagram.
That building has no owner.
This is the schematic diagram.
Evenmore, we don't know who built it & when it was build.
I only went there once.
It was not sure whether it was build for people to live or what.
It's suspicious.
We don't even know who owns the land.
A lot of problem & it's weird.
Thank you.
Ah, okay.
What is she writing?
What is actually your job?
What is your name, mister?
Kim Mal Soon, if you're
I asked what is your name?
Park Doo Chil.
You're lying, right?
Sis, you think so too, right?
What's up with Park Doo Chil.
Let's be honest!
Wait a minute!
Is this the right road?
Why you avoid my question?
Who are you?!
Didn't I said it's Park Doo Cha.
just now you said Park Doo Chil?
Why is it not the same?
You both seriously...
Is this how your grandfather teach you to behave?
Being difficult with adults.
Mal Soon, Mister will not
lie to us.
Is it true your name is Park Doo Cha?
Of course.
Sorry for suspecting you.
Mister, the place that we're going... Grandfather going to be there?
Grandfather! Grandfather! Grandfather!
Kim Byeong Deok is here.
This time, I'll catch him.
There's nothing.
It shouldn't be like this.
Dong Yi...
Mal Soon...
Weird, why is it so difficult?
Mister, Grandfather eat delicious food
like us too, right?
Grandfather... did he sleep in warm place?
He's eating good food, getting good sleep.
He's fine.
so don't ask that kind of
question anymore.
Why? Hard to believe it?
I believe it.
I miss Grandfather.
You're being noisy!
Just eat up your jjajangmyeon!
You're eating a lot.
Just eat this up.
Beside your grandfather,
don't you have other relative?
An aunty or something like that.
Nope. Only me, Sis & grandfather.
There's nobody else.
But Sis is so smart,
that she has a lot of friends.
Mister, you have no friends, right?
So what?
Just my instint
saying that you have none.
Mal Soon...
Sis said that you're
a private person.
Do you mind if we become
your friends?
Starting from now on,
... we're friends!
Hey! Why are you touching me like that?
Hey? Why?
Hey! Hey!
Stop it!
Sis, is this on the house?
Mister, you can have it first.
Lets eat together.
Friends should share.
Mal Soon, come here!
Is there something on my face?
Why so messy?
A man like him, it's impossible for him to has friends.
It's difficult for him to
like other people.
Because in his heart,
there's a bruise.
We found them all.
Should we catch them?
Of course.
Why are you still asking?
Catch them all!
Okay, and this is the info about
Gwangeunhwe organization.
Years ago, he saw his mother's death.
Since then, he became
a bit abnormal.
Don't know if it's related to that
or there's something else.
There's a problem with his brain.
It cannot process fear.
In short,
He's fearless.
Once inside, just shot.
Because of nightmares,
he never has good sleeps.
He consume pills,
like he drinks water.
What's this? There's nobody?
Wait a minute!
Let me think.
There's no use to think.
What's so funny?
Kang Seong Il is not coming?
Date estimation: 22nd at 1900 hours.
How busy is he?
This is making me upset.
Seems like they have failed to catch him.
He might have known about our arrival.
He'll come here forsure.
Long time no see.
25 Browning automatic guns, 3 homemade bomb.
24 Soviet PPS-43 submachine guns.
You can check it first.
Those scumbags wont open their mouth till the end.
Such loyalty, not even thinking
about their own life & safety...
What made them so devoted?
If it's really impossible,
I'll pay the compensation later.
Why are you like this?
Oh, she is the owner of this bookstore.
Someone I know.
He's a public prosecutor.
Please treat him well.
Oh yes, the attic...
=We will always on the people's side.=
=In this moment, our nation is on
the edge of disaster.=
=When the enemy brave enough to provoke,=
=whenever and in whatever situation,=
=I will defend and
protect this society with whatever way I can.=
=If the nation believe me,
I will win!=
=I will put the nation interest,
above anything else that matter.=
I'm gonna sleep.
If you already woken up, just wake up.
Why didn't you buy the plaster a bit more?
How much do we have?
We still have a lot.
Is that your saving?
I saved it for Grandfather's eye-glassess.
It's okay.
I start saving again next time.
I gave this inn's phone number
to that man at the wokshop.
Aigoo, can you tie-up her hair?
So messy.
How can we gonna move together?
Hair band...
Grandfather keeps it.
Mal Soon's hair...
Grandfather used to tie-up her hair...
Mister, I wont cry.
I'm the bigger one.
I cannot cry.
Grandfather said that.
Mal Soon and I...
for us, the only important person in
whole world is our grandfather.
He's health decline.
His eyes condition have worsen.
Everytime he's sick,
people bashed him.
But when he saw
both of us have something to eat
he said he wasn't suffering.
Can we go back home
one more time?
Grandfather told us to wait
at home & he will come back.
May be, he's home...
Don't talk rubbish!
That s-o-b...
Why haven't I think about this?
Dong Yi, if they failed to find it,
it means it's not there.
With Kim Byeong Deok is a secret account journal.
Owned by Gwangeunhwe.
Since long time ago, founded as a religious organization,
now it become a strong political organization,
corrupted to the core.
A group that fanatic for power.
Nobody know how much funds
has gone to the Gwangeunhwe organization.
People who investigate about it
has gone either missing
or died in accidents.
In the new election this time,
Gwangeunhwe is trying to get more power.
They need to avoid scandals
and get more fund.
The terror of war that spreaded
by these bastards
is now influencing the people.
If the the terror come true,
or if some big incident happen,
the nation will fall under Gwangeunhwe's power.
The person that really want this to
happen is Kang Seong Il.
=If I can't prove the existing of Gwangeunhwe...=
What is that?
=...if only I can find the documents related to them...=
=all those bastard involved----=
I asked you to send some money.
You still want to talk nonsense like this?
=Tomorrow is the 24th.=
All our members are
pursuing this case.
Okay, Hong Seojang.
[Seojang - Police Inspector]
=I have questions for you first.=
Kim Byeong Deok grandchildren,
why did you took them?
=Are you crazy?=
=Didn't I said not to...=
Dong Yi, Mal Soon...
and the people of Myeongwol-ri...
The innocent people who are the victim of a big lie...
One day, there would be an enemy
who will aim his gun & shot them all.
Those with sharp eyes
will save themselves.
all comunication will be cut-off
October 24th, at 2100 hours...
all residents of Myeongwol-ri will be destroyed.
Kang Seong Il and Gwangeunhwe
will be ready to strike,
also, my mother's murderer, Kim Byeong Deok...
Everyone of them including me
has the same mark.
Kim Byeong Deok knows everything.
I need to find that oldman first.
What should we do now?
Why are you asking me?
You promised to find our grandfather, didn't you?
Are you angry with me?
Mister, we have a better idea.
We sketch grandfather's face,
and put it everywhere.
How can you come up with that?
I wished I can use my brain too.
Lets think!
Kim Dong Yi, you got good grades aren't you?
You think your grandfather lost
his way on the street?
He's been captured & locked away.
In a place so remotely--
Wait a minute!
Dong Yi, let me see your notes.
-=Used to be involved in mafia world.=-
-=To stop smoking, eat some milk candy.=-
-=Due to hasty opening, use only sendhand furniture.=-
-=If polish, the furniture will looks like new again.=-
-=A village full of secondhand furniture.=-
Seriously, this idiot!
Hello, this is Sangmun bookshop.
Is Yeong Hwan there?
Ah,the public prosecutor.
Yeong Hwan Oppa is here.
But just now, there's a phone call.
From Taegang Workshop, if I'm not mistaken.
And it's urgent.
=He said someone's came.=
Forget that first.
Let me talk to YeongHwan.
=He want to talk to you.=
Yes, this is me
What did you saw back then?
When you're there to take the furniture,
what did you see?
You... did you see an oldman there?
=Hey, seems like that is the oldman!=
=Because it was not clear,
but I think there's someone there.=
Anybody home?
=That time, I was telling you...=
=But you're busy calling on the phone...=
=Did you know, I went there yeaterday.=
=It's true, isn't it?
I had the feeling..=
=Yes, yes. It's true.=
=I saw the oldman.=
=I saw him twice.=
Where is that place?
How can I explain it?=
=Ah, yes... after you leave the city.=
Hello? What is this? Hello?
1500 hours, start from Wolgil-ri, every 2 hours...
regional communication will cut-off.
Why is the workshop looking for me?
A place with the shortest distance from the oldman...
Are you okay?
On the way there, stop at the workshop first.
Have problem with the car.
He escaped?
Why is it so hard to contact you?
Can't even find you at the police station.
Are you working or not?
Did you found it?
The oldman's left eye is blind, right?
He was here.
The kid's grandfather.
He came? Here?
Was busy looking for the kids.
Said wanna go home.
Don't know where he came from.
His condition is so...
So I asked him to rest here for awhile.
Don't tell anybody about this.
How can I say this?
Kang Seong Il!
My gun!
If get caught now,
everything is doomed.
Just chit-chat with him and ask him
to leave. Don't get caught.
You came?
It's done?
It's outside.
You can take it & just go.
Just go?
Oh, 15 thousand.
I gave you 5000 discount, so it'd be 11 thousand only.
Kim Mal Soon, you know where is the car, right?
Open the bag and there's a gun.
Take the gun & hurry come back here.
Aigoo, my foot...
Mal Soon, right! Right!
Why close the door?
It seems like one's inside.
Why are--?
You... that...
Did I said that you need to
the homework first?
This useless kid.
Don't let me catch you.
Subtitle by:
~ Damn!SuperSub Indonesia ~
I did well, right?
Why came here?
Damn it.
Nearly gave me a heart attack.
Thank you.
Mister, for Mal Soon and I...
Grandfather is the most important person
in this whole world.
Hong Gil Dong, you need to live.
Live and avenge me.
I have a request.
I'll pay back to you later.
Please send them to the bookshop.
I didn't do it for the money.
But because of these kids are
young & so pitiful.
Dong Yi, Mal Soon,
both of you trust me, right?
We trust you, Mister.
Dont' ask anything.
Follow that mister.
I'll be back later.
Who are you?
Character "gold"(kim), character "edge" (byeong),
character "charity" (deok).
Your name is Kim Byeong Deok, right?
The first Gwangeunhwe journal
is in your hand.
The secret journal with all Gwangeunhwe evil deeds
that cannot be exposed to the public.
Tomorrow, the 24th at 9pm...
those bastards will gather all
Myeongwol-ri's residents
and all will be killed.
You know about this
and using it as a shield
and intended to leave this place.
But that's not possible
in current situation.
Do you feel helpless?
I'm here to help you.
Mister, is it true that our grandfather--
Dong Yi, wait.
That is the man from previously, right?
Tomorrow night is coming soon.
There's no more time left.
Tell me!
My grandchildren..
I'll make sure you'd meet them.
If you want me to help you,
you have to tell me everything.
Going out from here without preparation...
we'll get caught in no time.
That incident...
what you heard, saw,
everything you know...
Not even one word of a lie.
Tell me now.
I... started from there.
There, everyone under their power
live together.
Gwangeunhwe leader...
For him, everyone would
do anything.
Once you're in,
you wouldn't dare to leave.
Those bastards, have no mercy even
for 6 years old kid.
They'd easily broke the children's legs.
They seized people's hard earn money.
Pushed them into debts.
Those with power
all took bribes.
They pretend not to see what really happened.
I know how to do bookkeeping & some math.
So I like to do account journal.
With my hand, every data was
written in the journal.
Listen to me.
They're planninng to kill again.
They still exist.
In this world, there's nothing
impossible for them.
Wait! So the one you killed...
Have you kill anyone?
I escaped,once.
Gwangeunhwe's Leader, Hong Sang Ji...
He likes to rape women.
He didn't care whether it's an adult or a kid.
I was afraid that my daughter will be his victim.
I was scared.
I need to run away.
A lady who follow me at that time
was also running away to protect his son.
But we're captured.
They gave order.
One of us need to die.
That's why I picked up the gun.
So you regret killing that lady...
That's why intended to ask for forgiveness, right?
No. Even if I have to do it again,
I will still do the same.
If I didn't do it,
my daughter will die.
For the sake of my daugther,
be it 10 or even 20,
I will kill them all.
You want me to apologize?
You asked me if I regret it?
I don't need--
Except for my daugther, I dont need anything else.
Say it again.
Say that you regret it.
Who are you?
Was it you?
The son?
Even if you lie,it's okay.
Say that you regret it.
Dong Yi, Mal Soon...
Where's the owner?
What're you guys doing here?
Is the oldman here?
Mal Soon!
Oldman, are you ok?
We're here!
Dong Yi! Mal Soon!
Dong Yi! Mal Soon!
You wait for me!
I'm going inside.
Geumsa-nim, oh it's you.
Thank god.
=I found him! The oldman!=
Where are you?
What happened?
The kids also captured.
The kids?
=The kids, Dong Yi and Mal Soon.=
You have to hurry up & come here.
I'm not really sure the address.
In front of my house, there's the main road, right?
Pass it through the right & you'll see a cottage.
=But the place is a bit...=
=How are your feeling after meeting him?=
=Did the oldman apologize to you?=
Did you give it a proper thought?
Where's the oldman...
=and who you really are...=
=What is this place?=
=I'll be waiting for you.=
Sajang-nim? Oppa? Hello?
What did he said?
Don't move!
Finally, you're here, Hong Gil Dong.
Where is the journal?
Journal? I don't know
anything about the journal.
You can stop it now.
Still remember?
I was bitten by a dog once.
You're the one who chased
that dog using a peeble.
We're still young child at that time.
Don't worry.
I'm not planning to hurt you.
Oh really? I dont want to fight too.
Is it true? Can I trust you?
Just trust me.
If I let you go now,
can you bring it here?
I'd have brought it here from the start.
But before that, can you
give me the oldman & the kids to me?
Of course.
Like you had wanted,
you can take Kim Byeong Deok's body
out of here.
If you do it,I think I can trust you
and let all of you go.
Didn't you look for Kim Byeong Deok
because you wanna kill him?
Like how your mother was killed?
Just like what you saw.
What do you want now?
There's Kim Byeong Deok and the kids.
Do it here.
There're bullets in the pistol.
Isn't this familiar to you?
Kill that oldman and join us.
The world will change.
I'm the only person that can understand you
We'll be on your side.
I'm sorry.
I'll give it to you.
But the journal is not with me now.
You searched me, didn't you?
Let me use the phone.
They'd bring it here.
Why are you being like this?
- Didn't I said don't be like this?
- Dong Yi.
Till this moment,
did you sense anything strange?
Why am I with you guys?
Why am I looking for your grandfather?
An employee of National Registration Dept,
why am I looking for him?
Do this make sense to you?
Why are you so stupid
and follow me?
I'll tell you the truth.
Shut up, oldman!
The reason that I looked for your grandfather
is to kill him
And to kill him in front of you & your sister.
A long time ago, your grandfather
did it to me.
Answer me! Kim Dong Yi, Kim Mal Soon
what'd you do?
When I woke up from my nightmare and I saw your face,
do you know how much I suffered to hold the anger?
Friends? Don't me me laugh!
You're my enemy's blood!
Kim Byeong Deok will die with my hands.
However, he will not die like this.
Give me a change to make a call.
They will bring it here.
What I've said is not important.
They didn't think what I said
is important.
I need to trust myself first.
Make a call, then someone
will bring the journal here...
On a second thought,
the phone can't be connected now.
Save yourself first!
I'll bring Dong Yi
and Mal Soon out of here.
Go! Don't let me
see you again.
Dong Yi!
Forget what I said just now.
They're all lies.
Kim Dong Yi, don't you know me?
My words are all lies.
Get Mal Soon and follow me!
Grandfather is waiting
for you outside.
For the last time, trust me.
Dong Yi...
Mal Soon...
Wait for me here.
Damn this oldman.
I told him to get out, what're still doing in here?
Mal Soon...
Grandfather! Grandfather!
Dong Yi!
Don't! You bastard!
You disappoint me.
Mal Soon...
Mal Soon!
Mal Soon!
Kim Mal Soon!
Mal Soon!
Kim Mal Soon!
Kim Mal Soon!
Mister,my name is Kim Mal Soon.
I'm sorry.
You don't get a good sleep
and you're hurt.
You wanna help us to find grandfather.
I didn't cooperate with you.
I wished you're our uncle.
Being friends like now
is great too.
Yours, Kim Mal Soon.
What is Kim Mal Soon doing right now?
Dong Yi...
Have you eat?
I did.
Where's Mal Soon?
Mal Soon's tired,
so she's sleeping.
Dong Yi, now on you need to
look after Mal Soon.
Child, I can't take care of you anymore.
Dong Yi, Mal Soon...
because of me, both of you suffered.
Forgive me.
Mister, is he dead?
Just now, you said "It's okay".
We ate tangsuyuk,
so it'll be okay.
[Tangsuyuk - sweet sour pork]
He died.
The 24the, the night come at last.
Where should I go?
=Tonight at 8:30pm, meet me at Myeongwol-ri Inn.
Don't be late!=
Tonight at 8pm, all residents of Myeongwol-ri
will gather at the village hall.
Attendance are cumpolsary.
Where's the journal?
You asked me to bring it here.
Why did you come back here?
You had a chance to escape.
Why didn't you?
What are you doing?
1 minute left.
1 minute, what?
Wasn't it 9pm?
What're really doing?
Can't we talk to settle this?
Wait! Calm down first.
Listen to me.
Don't tell me...
=It's over.=
Everything is done.
All of Myeongwol-ri
and the small kid are dead.
Gi Dong...
In this world, there are people that important ,
and there's not important people too.
If they're not importnt,
it's okay if they're gone.
Like those who're killed just now.
Help me...
Forgive me.
I really hope you'll
come to our side.
Long ago, Father always worried about you.
He said you'd turn
into someone dangerous.
Why is this?
Why? The guns' not good?
Gunsu Seojang, Boan Gwajang
hasn't meet these people for awhile, right?
[Gunsu Seojang - mayor; Boan Gwajang - Chief of Public security]
So, what really happened?
You gave bribe with double the money.
=To contact them is impossible.=
If not do it correctly,
there'll be a huge problem.
=We have to do all this?
You think we're experts?=
There shouldn't be.
We've destroyed everything.
the moment you pull the trigger,
you expect a shot, right?
All real bullet,
have been used during the test.
what are you guys doing?
All the peole who're deceived with you
are kidnapped.
We found all of them.
Do we need to catch them?
Of course.Why are you asking the obvious?
Catch all of them!
But the sound of shooting that you heard
at 8:30pm just now, what is it?
Now you undersatdn what happened, right?
Kang Seong Il, the day after you met me,
you've turned crazy.
Eventhough what happened to Kim Byeong Deok
is not as my wishes.
The real residents of Myeongwol-ri
left home 2 hours ago.
They're watching a movie right now.
Like what you have done at the previous village,
a movie with gun shooting sound was played,
to cover everything.They wont even hear anything.
-Oh, there is people who shouldn't live.
- Get out!
People like you, who only think of power
and do whatever pleasure you.
To destroy people like you
is my job.
Eventhough I'm not a good guy myself.
It's done.
Is anyone there?
Anyone, answer this!
=I asnwer this.
So what?=
Put down you weapon.
If you want to live a bit longer.
=From now on, you'll see the real hell.=
Lets get this done.
This is the punishment for you to go againts Hong Gil Dong.
This time, I'll forgive you all.
So later, tell the truth.
If this ever happen again,
we'll going meet again.
Next time, it'd not be settle
with guns.
A true family clan of trash,
a name I'd never heard.
Isn't it right, Kang Seong Il?
The second son of Chief Hwang
the leader of Gwangeunhwe...
Once was a soft & good hearted child.
After you change your name, how did you turned
to monster like this?
Don't assume you have win.
You don't know us.
Father will find you.
You wont catch me.
Because I'm someone who never exist in this world.
How can you catch me?
Hyeong, I don't even have an ID card.
Mal Soon!
Kim Mal Soon!
Kim Mal Soon, wake up now!
Lets go!
The next day, people go on like normal.
At the work place like before.
With the same face, same thought.
Those who sacrifice to look for their love ones and lie.
Innocently, they believed us.
Nobody knows what really happen at this village.
Controvercy surfaced after
the leak of the Gwangeunhwe secret journal...
The existance of such organization is proven,
those who're suspected related to them,
were question throughly.
The secret jornal of Gwangeunhwe
brings alot of suffering to the public.
The death of Kim Byeong Deok
made Kim Dong Yi heartbroken.
Sis, where's grandfather?
He's gone to look for more money.
Eat with me.
Listen to your teachers.
He'll be back.
Lets go!
Dong Yi, are you still don't want to talk to me?
Grandfather is also like you.
He hadn't has good sleep.
Because he always dreamt of the past.
Mal Soon...
Have I told you that my mother is a trash picker too?
My mother..
and I, since I was little I'd make my own money.
Because of me, my mother refused to eat miyeok,
[Miyeok - seaweed
if there's miyeok soup,
I'd refused to eat.
She said even there's only soup,
I need to eat.
She'd took out all miyeok
and leave only rice & soup for me to eat.
And there's a smell of papers on her.
Did your mother come back?
Of course.
You aren't lying again, are you?
It's true!.
What nonsense are you talking?
It's nearby, right?
Over there?
Mister, is true we wont
meet again after this?
Looks like it.
How if I miss you?
If that happen... just remember me.
We'd never forget you, Mister.
Whatever happen, we wont forget you.
I saved this for you,
I didn't eat it even one.
It's okay, I dont heve to eat it.
Dong Yi, friends should share.
dont you know?
Mister, thank you.
I dont have nightmare anymore.
Because I know who I really am.
And who are my enemies.
The monster who had shackle me...
The hell's minions...
With my own hand...