Phantom Lady (1944) Movie Script

Give me a liqueur, please.
Thank you.
Double scotch.
Water chaser.
- Yes, sir.
Sorry, after you.
Pack of cigarettes. Any brand.
Are you doing anything tonight?
I'm not trying to annoy you, I thought
maybe you could use these tickets.
They're not good to me. I've been
stood up. - No thank you.
It's a shame to waste them.
It's a hit.
I know.
I thought maybe you could call
a friend.
I'm afraid not.
I don't suppose you'd go with me,
would you?
Another one, sir?
No, never mind.
Well, how about it?
Yes, I'll go!
- Let's go. It's late now!
How much do we owe? By the way,
my name is...
No names, no addresses.
Just companions for the evening.
That's the only condition
under which I'll go.
Okay. Suits me.
$1,60. Oh, and a nickel.
Keep it.
- Thanks.
You care to smoke?
No thank you.
You live in New York?
Then you are used to this kind
of weather.
There's something that gets me about
this town on a hot Saturday night...
Did you ever walk down Broadway
and watch the peoples' face? It's fun.
There's a typical New York character
for you.
Back there in that bar
I felt pretty low, but...
riding along like this I feel
much better.
I'm afraid I'm not going to be
very good company.
You shouldn't be alone any more
than I should.
Well, that's better!
Let's just have fun and...
maybe the show's amusing.
- Yes.
I hope so too.
I'd like to laugh.
It would be fun to laugh!
My hat!
Look at her face. She could murder you!
I will never wear it again!
Never, never! Throw it away!
Who is she? Who is that woman?
Well, here we are.
You've been very kind.
Why can't I buy you a nightcap?
I'd rather you didn't come in.
I must confess, I'd like to know
who you are.
It's better this way.
Marcella, I know you're awake. I saw
your bedroom light from downstairs.
Come on, I want to talk to you!
Who are you?
Well, who are you?
What do you want?
Where's my wife?
What is this? What's up?
Let me go in there!
- Alright, let him go in.
I'm Inspector Burgess.
I have to ask you a few questions.
Just take all the time you want.
I'm okay now.
Go ahead.
How old are you, Mr. Henderson?
Her age?
Married long?
5 years.
Your occupation?
I'm an engineer. Scott Henderson, Inc.
When was the last time
you saw Mrs. Henderson?
Around 7.
Did you have dinner at home?
You dined out?
With your wife?
No. I intended taking her to and the
theater, but she changed her mind.
So I went without her.
- A little squabble, huh?
We had words, yes.
- Nothing serious, though?
For a long time things haven't been
right between us.
It was our anniversary. I thought
maybe we could start all over again.
I came home from the office early.
We had friends in for cocktails.
Who were they? - Tommy Wilson,
a client of mine and his wife...
Jack Marlow, my best friend.
He was leaving for South America.
They didn't stay long, and...
She seemed glad that we were alone.
Let me go ahead and shower and change...
then I noticed she wasn't
getting dressed.
She just sat there and laughed!
She told me she had no intention
of going out with me!
Kept laughing at me!
Nothing makes a man sorer than that.
Then I knew I'd been kidding myself.
I knew it wouldn't work!
So I...
asked her for a divorce.
She refused?
- Yes.
She said she wouldn't be my wife, but...
she wouldn't give me a divorce!
- Making a patsy of you, eh?
Don't say that.
We'd been happy once.
It's just that...
she was too spoiled and...
too beautiful.
In there.
I never saw a man so nervous.
How would you be if you came home
and found your wife had been...
Look what they're doing!
Her hair along the floor!
I thought guys didn't cry.
Where were you around
8 o'clock tonight?
In a bar.
- Alone?
No, I met a woman there.
I wasn't in the mood to be by myself.
I asked her to go to a show with me.
- Who was she?
I don't know.
She didn't tell me her name.
She didn't. Besides, what's that
got to do with it?
You're a neat dresser, Mr. Henderson.
Yes, everything goes together.
Nice tie you're wearing.
- Pretty taste.
I wish I could afford it.
What are you trying to do to me?
Marcella's dead!
Give me a break! What's the difference
whether my tie's okay or not?
Makes a great deal of difference,
Mr. Henderson.
Your wife was strangled
with one of your ties!
Knotted so tight...
it had to be cut loose with a knife.
Good morning, Ruthie.
Mr. Henderson in yet?
- No... no, he's not.
Bring your book, will you? There's
some letters I want to get off.
Hello, Kansas...
I won't be in until noon.
I have to get this old body of mine
examined for insurance.
Airmail those blueprints off to Stone.
Call every second-hand bookstore
in town and try to find...
a back issue of "Engineering"
for July, 1935.
Get that? July 1935.
There's an article I want.
I can't think of anything else
right now.
Oh yes, you better cash...
Come on in. It's alright.
I just saw it in the papers.
I couldn't tell you myself...
I was afraid you'd go all to pieces.
That would be too easy.
- They say they're questioning him.
It'll be alright. They haven't
arrested him, Ruthie.
It's horrible, but he'll explain.
I hope so! I'm sick from thinking
about it.
There's no reason to be upset! Just
wait for him to call and go on working.
Let's try not to think about it anymore.
- Okay, Carol.
Let's see... I guess this Stone letter
goes first.
You ready?
- Yes.
Irwin Stone & Co...
Cleveland, Ohio.
Dear Mr. Stone:
Under separate cover, we are sending
you a duplicate of the blueprints.
And we wish to assure you...
Where was I?
- "And we wish to assure you... "
And we wish to assure you...
the original estimate
for the garden terrace...
is a correct one.
As submitted to you...
July 16.
Funny you can remember the bar, but you
can't remember what the woman was like!
We've been over that 100s of times!
Leave me alone, I'm tired!
- You're tired, eh?
Don't you realize this could mean a
long rest cure for you unless...
I told you you're wasting your time
trying to pin this on me! - Yeah, sure!
Remarkable though...
You spent hours with a woman and you
don't know who she is or looks like!
I told you... she was about 30.
She had brown hair and wore a...
funny hat.
It's all I can remember. If you had
asked me sooner, before all this...
I could have told you more about her!
But now she's...
a complete blank.
There he is!
Why get me up at this hour?
I only work the evening shift!
I'm Inspector Burgess, homicide.
Did you ever see this man before?
To me a face is a face.
Take a good look!
Sit on the same stool.
Come down here.
Try again.
Forget about me!
Look at him!
Gloomy Gus! Some time last night,
wasn't it? - There, you see?
What time last night? - I start at 8.
He came in some time after.
How much after 8? - I don't make
people punch the time clock!
Sometime after 8. - Ask him about her,
she saw the time.
How about the woman that was in here?
What woman?
But I wasn't...
- I'll do the talking!
You sure that wasn't a woman
sitting next to this man?
I'm sure!
She wore a crazy hat!
I've been serving in bars for 30 years.
To me a dame is just another order.
If you remember me, why can't
you remember her?
You were sitting right here! Bring the
dame back and maybe I'll remember her!
But there were only the two of us!
She played the jukebox!
We left here together!
- Alright, alright...
She sat right there! She spoke to you!
- Come on, Henderson.
You must remember her!
- Come on!
Hey, you!
- Is your name Al Alp?
Did you have a haul last night from
Anselmo's Bar to the Casino Theater?
Heck, I picks 'em up and puts them down
so many times during a night that...
Anselmo's to the Casino Theater?
That's about a 45 cent run
on a dry night.
Yeah, I did.
Do you see him here?
I didn't haul no one in that shape
last night! No offense meant.
It was him?
You tell us.
Yeah, him!
- Was he alone?
Yeah, I think so.
- But there was a woman with me!
You must have seen her!
Hacking for 8 years gives a guy
a memory.
If you was with a woman...
I'd have noticed.
- Thanks, Al.
You sure?
There was no dame with this guy
in my cab last night.
Come on, Henderson.
We told...
Mr. Sanders, who are these men?
I must change!
This is Inspector Burgess.
He'd like to talk to you.
Miss Monteiro...
Do remember a woman with this man
last night wearing a hat like yours?
A hat like mine?
Really, this is too funny!
No woman wears hats like mine!
But she did!
And you kept looking at her!
No, no! Go away!
This is insulting!
I'm an artist!
I sing, I dance!
I don't look at my audience!
What woman besides Monteiro could wear
those and not look ridiculous?
See the hat?
- No.
Miss Monteiro is only substantiating
what I've told you...
You're lying!
- No, get him out!
Told you not to get pistachio.
How's yours?
You can never go wrong with vanilla.
Why don't you admit there was no woman
with you last night? - No!
If I did that I'd never be sure of
anything again in my life.
She sat at the bar with me...
She liked a certain tune and played it
on the jukebox.
We walked down 46th Street together!
She was real.
She WAS real!
And now you're trying to tell me
she never existed!
Where to now, Chief?
Some place where we can get him
a drink.
We all need a drink!
Then drive back to headquarters.
You better get some sleep...
and a good lawyer.
Youre gonna need both.
Marcella Henderson met her death
at 3 minutes after 8.
Persecution accepts this as a fact!
The defense claims that Scott Henderson
was with a woman!
At Anselmo's Bar 4 miles from his home
at 5 minutes after 8...
on the night the murder was committed.
Very clever!
The defense also asks you to believe
if he was at the bar at 5 after 8...
that he couldn't have possibly been in
his apartment 2 minutes before...
at the time his wife was murdered.
Again I say, very clever!
But not clever enough!
Witnesses at the same places and at
the same time that Henderson claims...
to have been with this woman,
can recall seeing him...
yet not one of them remembers her!
Where is this woman?
Has any of us seen her?
Has she at any time been on that
witness stand?
Of course not!
Because there is no such woman!
There never was!
Mr. Henderson...
you say you were with this woman
for several hours...
What did you call her?
I just called her "you. "
Can't you tell us anything about her?
Was she a blond, brunette, tall, short
or what?
I don't know! I can't remember! Believe
me, your honor, I'm telling the truth!
In a blind rage, he took the necktie
he had in his hands...
dropped it around her throat, and
tightened it with unimaginable cruelty!
Until it was so embedded
in her soft flesh...
that it had to be cut off.
Will the accused please rise
and face the jury?
Will the foreman of the jury
please stand?
Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, your honor.
Do you find the defendant guilty
or not guilty of the charge?
I didn't hear the verdict, what as it?
- What did you expect...
Hello, Mr. Henderson.
- Hello, Kansas.
I'll give you 5 minutes.
Is there anything I can do for you?
Yes, you can thank the foreman!
I forgot to!
I don't know what to say.
Skip it, Kansas. I'll be alright
now that I know where I stand.
I'll be fine.
Last night for the first time,
I didn't have to count sheep.
I slept like a guilty man.
- But you're going to appeal!
With what?
A set of blueprints
and my grandfather's watch?
If it's a question of money...
Oh, Kansas... no thanks.
It isn't the money.
We've done everything...
hired detectives, advertised in the
newspapers, bought time on the radio...
everything possible trying to find her!
- What about your friends?
Oh yes, remember all my friends?
Well, they aren't.
Haven't you heard from Mr. Marlow?
No, I... didn't let him know.
He's your best friend, looks like...
He'd be the one to help you. - I didn't
want to get him back from South America!
It's his big chance down there.
In any case, what good could he do?
I don't know.
But you need someone to help you
who really wants to!
Someone who just won't be beat!
Stop blowing bubbles, Kansas.
You can't let that verdict stand,
you've got to fight!
I told you, it's no use.
You were at the trial...
I don't blame the jury.
If I was in the jury box,
I'd have agreed with them.
But somebody has to go on looking
for her!
Being shut up alone so much...
I've been thinking.
Maybe there never was such a woman!
It's just my word against theirs!
Maybe I just imagined it!
Maybe she doesn't exist!
- Stop talking like that!
You can't work for a man as long as
I have and not know him pretty well.
You couldn't kill anybody.
Thanks, Kansas.
That makes you a minority of one.
Time's up.
Are you going back to Wichita?
I haven't decided what to do yet.
Whoever you work for will be
a lucky boss.
Keep your bobby pins off the floor and
the seams in your stockings straight.
If you don't, he'll fire you!
Goodbye, Kansas.
If you feel like a train ride,
visit me sometime.
Getting a new address tomorrow.
A big country estate on the Hudson.
On a clear day you can see New Jersey.
Bye, Kansas.
Bye, Mr. Henderson.
Here's the horse I like.
3rd race at Pimlico.
I like Sergeant Mike in the 3rd.
Customer, Mac.
- You crazy...
Sergeant Mike hasn't won a race
this year! - Yeah, but he's ready now.
Yes, Miss?
- Whiskey and water.
Mac, you betting High Girl in the
2nd race tomorrow?
Mac, we're talking to you!
Any money on that filly tomorrow?
Yeah, 10 bucks on the nose!
10 dollars?
- Loads of dough!
Don't you care for your drink, Miss?
Everything is fine.
Mac, another beer!
Okay, I'll play.
Mac, get me my hat and coat will you?
Boss, she's been sitting there
all night.
Like last night and the night before.
Staring at me.
Sure she keeps staring at you.
She wants another drink.
We're closing up, Miss.
We're closing up, Miss!
What are you after?
Beat it!
What's the trouble, mister?
- You think you're smart, don't you?
I'm on to you!
- Is he bothering you, Miss?
No, it's alright.
- He's a lush, huh?
Keep out of this!
It's between us.
You got something to tell me...
You're wasting your time. - You know
what's going to happen to him?
You can prevent it.
You don't want that on your conscience.
If you want me to, I'll...
- Don't interfere.
Okay, lady.
- I ain't talking, see?
You ain't got nothing on me.
You want to find out anything,
ask the guy who give it to me.
Who bribed you?
- Wait a minute!
Let me go!
Take your hands off me!
Look out!
How did you get in here?
- Your landlady.
Remember me? I'm a tired police
inspector named Burgess,
If youre looking for Mr. Henderson you'll
find him just where you put him.
Come on, that's nonsense
and you know it.
That job was done when I turned him
over to the DA.
It's so easy to be smug and wear
a badge on your mind, isn't it?
You must feel very proud of yourself!
Found a new job yet?
Why don't you go home to Kansas?
I'm staying here. I have things to do.
Like going around frightening barmen?
That's what I'm paid for,
to know those things.
Why did you follow him?
Maybe I needed the exercise.
Try Central Park next time.
The air's better.
I don't have to tell you anything!
- Maybe not.
But what business is it of yours to go
around... - It isn't any of my business!
He hasn't anyone else to fight for him!
He won't appeal, he has no money,
no friends!
I had to do something.
You could have come to me.
Forget it, Inspector.
I know Scott's innocent.
So do I.
What do you mean?
I won't say I did my job poorly. The
evidence shoved him into the chair.
Since the trial, I've been doing
a lot of thinking.
The only defense Scott offered was
the woman with the funny hat.
My kid could have done
a better job of describing it.
Only a fool or an innocent man would
have stuck to that alibi.
A guilty man would have been smarter!
Scott wasn't being smart,
he was telling the truth!
The case is closed officially...
but I'd like to help unofficially.
Well, how about it?
Hi, chick!
Let me take a look at you!
Hey, you look even better than you
did sitting in the theater!
You could have knocked me cold
when you gave me the eye!
You sure know how to beat it out!
- Thanks, baby.
The handle's Cliff, Cliff Milburn.
- I'm Jeannie.
I gotta have fun tonight, Jeannie!
Like jive?
- You bet! I'm a hep kitten!
Oh, baby!
Come in!
Come on in, baby!
This is it!
You just going to stand there? What
are you looking at? It's just a room.
Gee, Cliff...
With all the dough you make...
- My dough goes for other things, baby.
5 and 10.
I'll get you something better!
- Will you Cliff?
Will you?
Just name it!
What do you want, baby?
I could make you look classy.
That's cheap!
Suppose you don't like my hat either.
Stick with me. I'll stake you to
a carload of hats!
Cliff, you're sweet.
I bet you don't know what sort of hat
would look good on me. -Me?
I'm an authority on hats!
I get paid for knowing about hats!
Yeah, Cliff?
You can tell me!
Ain't I your friend?
Listen, Cliff... you get paid, why?
I know all them that sit
in the front row!
$500 just for looking at a dame
and saying I didn't!
Tell me about it, Cliff.
Forget it.
She give you the $500, Cliff?
Who gave it to you?
Some man.
Wait a minute!
What did the man say?
- Alright...
"That's for you," he said.
All of it!
$500 if you say there was no dame.
No matter who asked you say, "No!"
Keep on saying "No!"
And then he beat it.
Give me a cigarette...
- I haven't any...
That's me!
Everything about me!
They sent you.
Somebody's after me!
You made me believe you liked me.
- I do.
I do, Cliff!
Don't you remember?
I was making you laugh!
I was kissing you!
You made me believe you liked me!
Wait until I get you.
Where are you?
Have a phone?
- Yes!
What's the matter, Miss?
You have any trouble?
Max, come out front!
Hello? Hello?
Oh, Mr. Burgess...
No, I'm alright but hurry.
I'm at... what store?
- Joe's
Joe's Delicatessen just down
from his house.
How long will it take you?
Oh, good.
Maybe I can help you.
- Don't ask...
I'll fix some coffee for you.
Who's that?
It's only me, Cliff.
What a place! You can feel the rats
in the walls.
What did you come here for?
- It's good to sit down again.
I've been standing for hours on the
sidewalk while you drummed away.
Listen, Mister...
I wished I'd been in the room while you
were playing. You're a fine technician.
Exciting girl you took there with you.
You brought her here.
Jeannie! She's okay
She was magnificent!
She loathed you, but she went with you.
She would have humiliated herself
to make you talk.
I didn't tell her anything!
- Why lie, Cliff?
You can have back your $500!
- Don't come near me!
What are you thinking about?
How interesting a pair of hands can be,
They can trick melody out of a
piano keyboard.
They can mold beauty out
of a piece of clay.
They can bring life back
to a dying child.
A pair of hands can do
inconceivable good.
Yet the same pair of hands
can do terrible evil.
Destroy, whip, torture...
even kill.
I wish I didn't have to use my hands
to hurt another human being.
Here he comes!
Thank you very much.
- You're very welcome.
Thanks for coming so soon.
He saw her! Somebody bribed him!
- I have a warrant in my pocket.
I'm going with you.
- You stay in the store.
This time it's an accident.
- We have proof now!
He told me that...
- No good, Carol. They won't accept it.
He's dead.
Hello, Kansas.
- Hello, Mr. Henderson.
How are you?
- Oh, I'm fine.
I've gained weight. They're fattening
me up for the slaughter.
I have a date in 18 days.
But your appeal...
It's denied.
Stop feeling sorry for me!
I'm not very sociable these days.
You're the only one who comes
to see me.
You don't need to apologize,
Mr. Henderson.
I understand.
Mr. Henderson... even the guards
call me "Scott. "
And another thing: last week we
kept talking about me...
let's not this time!
Let's talk about anything else!
You pick the subject.
We don't have to talk at all
unless you want to.
Serves you right for coming up here!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean what I said.
I just took it out on you.
Matter of fact, I'm darned
glad to see you.
Youre wasting your time coming up here.
You ought to be out having fun
with some fellow.
My boss?
Boss? That was quick!
Didn't know you had another job.
So you've fallen for each other?
That's fine.
Yeah, that's fine!
Guess I'd better go.
You'll come back again, Kansas?
Yes, Scott.
Warden gave permission
for another visitor.
Jack Marlow!
Glad to see you!
When did you get here?
Just got in this morning.
I flew in.
Hello, Miss Richman. Glad to see you.
- Hello, Mr. Marlow.
It was such a shock reading
about it way down there.
6000 miles away.
Scott didn't want you to know.
He said your assignment in Brazil
meant so much to you.
Is that part of it?
It's for a park in Rio.
Shows great strength.
What are you working on now?
I haven't worked in months.
Everything in the studio
was done before...
before I went to South America.
If you only knew how much your coming
back means to Scott.
He said there were 3 or 4 people who
could prove where he was that night.
Have you tried them all?
There's only Monteiro left.
She's our last hope. Her show closes
tonight and she's leaving tomorrow.
If we don't get to her,
I don't know what we'll do.
You should go back to Kansas
and get a rest from this!
I can't! I can't think of anything else!
You will wear yourself out.
This is a man's job! - I'm sorry,
but I just can't sit by.
That woman must be someplace
in the city!
One word from her, and Scott would
walk out a free man.
Carol, I'm afraid for you.
- Don't worry about me.
Don't you see that we must get
to this woman somehow!
The murderer would kill her
if he ever found her.
Yes, I think he would.
I suppose he'd even kill me.
Don't say that.
You think I'd care?
You think I'd want to live if Scott...
I used to watch you sitting
at your desk...
the way you looked at him.
You saw what they've done to him.
Twisted him. Hurt him so.
He had such plans to build model cities!
Sunlight in every room...
children's' play yards everywhere
for everyone.
He hated to let everyone know
how soft he really was.
He didn't fool me.
Now they've made him bitter and hard.
And he's not that way!
You know that!
I'm sorry I let myself go.
Please don't ever tell him.
It's so desperate for him.
Only 18 days!
I just don't know what to do.
Someone, whoever it is,
always gets there first.
So clever.
There is genius behind such audacity.
- No!
Only madness.
is a frightening word.
What else can you call it,
to go on killing?
Perhaps he hates to kill.
Perhaps he feels only horror.
I don't care what he feels!
All I want to do is find that woman!
I backed this show because
I believe in it!
I owe its success to all you too!
After tonight, we go our
separate ways...
and we will carry with us the memory
of a real partnership...
in tinsel and greasepaint!
Bless you and thank you
for making this show a hit!
Now, let's all have fun!
What happened?
- I couldn't get anywhere with her.
Did she recognize you? - She thought I
was one of the stagehands!
If she would only admit that woman wore
a hat like hers, but she's too vain.
I never even had a chance
to mention the subject!
Maybe you used the wrong technique,
I guess I'm not the romantic type!
Miss Monteiro, the airport called and
said they couldn't get reservations...
on the 10:30 plane.
You'll have to take the 7 o'clock.
It's impossible!
Now how can I get my sleep?
- That's the only reservation available.
Very well. I sacrifice myself.
And you can leave later by the train.
If only we could have gotten
the name of a milliner...
- I'm fed up with that word!
If we knew where it was, if we knew who
made it, if we knew the color...
You never talked like that before.
Ever see a chipmunk running around and
around on a wheel, that's me.
Think I'll get good and drunk!
- That's not a bad idea!
Can I get you something, Carol?
- No thank you.
And Barrymore said to me, "Claude...
you're the greatest Polonius
of your day!"
Oh, it's you, Mr. Marlow!
You startled me!
The lights aren't working.
I can see she's never been
in a dressing room before.
I could have told you everything has
been moved out.
I thought I'd find something here.
Let's go home.
I never knew how dreary
an empty theater could be.
Coming, Marlow?
- Could you wait a minute?
I haven't had a chance to talk to you.
Poor Carol!
She doesn't know what it means to give
up, does she?
I first I thought it would be a cinch...
just get the lowdown on everybody...
friends, relatives. So I did.
Even you, Marlow.
- I was in mid-ocean at that time.
Yes, SS Vulcania.
Sailed Thursday August 2, 8:30 PM...
Cabin C, middle deck.
Arrived Rio August 15.
What an incredible memory!
- Lot of good it does me.
The fact remains that none of you
could have committed these murders.
Why not?
- You're all too normal.
The murderer must be normal enough...
He's just clever, that's all.
- As all of them are.
Diabolically clever.
That's simply your opinion.
A psychiatrist might disagree.
I've met paranoiacs before.
They all have incredible egos.
Abnormal cunning,
a contempt for life.
You make him sound unbeatable.
- He doesn't worry me.
It's just that there's so
little time left.
Can't ask for help from anyone...
My hands are tied!
I'll get the murderer sooner or later!
It's always simpler when they're insane.
Are you sure those aren't
sour grapes, Inspector?
Maybe he's more astute than we are,
but to call him...
I'd stake my life on it.
You might lose.
- No, I won't lose.
We used to talk about
the criminal type...
Criminal type, my eye!
It's not how a man looks...
It's how his mind works that
makes him a killer.
Oh come on, do you mean that
all great murders have been...
- You bet your sweet life!
Do you think the Borgias were normal?
Dr. Crippen?
There was a saint and
a devil rolled into one.
Andrew the Bluebeard,
Jack the Ripper...
Our own gangsters: Legs Diamond,
Babyface Nelson, Dillinger...
Paranoiacs, all of them!
Some day we will have the sense to
train the mind as we train the body...
from birth.
Then they won't need men like me,
and that will be alright too.
What sort of job is this anyway?
Hunting down a madman!
I'm all wound up!
I guess I must be tired.
Let's call it a night, shall we?
Coming, Marlow?
Carol's waiting.
You alright?
I've been getting these dizzy spells.
You run along. I'll be right with you.
Don't tell Carol.
She'd only be upset.
Chief, I've been looking all over for
you! We've got to go to Philadelphia.
The Vanselli case! The Commissioner
wants us to go right now.
What's the matter, Chief?
The Vanselli case, what about it?
- We've got to catch the plane!
I can't. I can't go.
- But orders is orders!
Well, I suppose so...
I'll try to be back by
tomorrow afternoon.
Promise me that you won't do
anything until then.
There's so much to do...
- Hurry, Chief!
Yes, Tom. Remember, you're not
to do anything until I get back.
Take care of yourself.
Oh, Mr. Marlow...
You better see a doctor about those
dizzy spells.
Bye, Carol.
- Goodbye.
Miss Monteiro, please.
- Miss Monteiro?
Oh, she left.
It's only 7:30!
- She took the 7:00 plane.
Anything wrong?
No, thank you.
Playing in Chicago and this
dame in Pittsburgh!
Every time I say I'm going to leave her!
One of these days I will!
Please, a taxi.
- Yes, ma'am.
I know you'll adore it.
It does something very special for you!
Thank you so much, Madame Kettisha!
Bye, Mrs. Millicent.
- Au revoir!
Sorry I was so long.
- I found it!
This is the one Monteiro wore
in the Chicky- Chic number, isn't it?
Which one of your girls made it?
- I've had those 2 girls for years.
Oh. my corns!
It's ridiculous to suggest that
it was copied here!
I'd be so grateful if I could see her.
Come in!
Yes, Madame Kettisha?
Remember Monteiro?
- Yes.
Did you make a copy of this for anyone?
- I'd never do anything like that.
I believe you.
There, you see?
Please forgive me for asking...
but if you could tell me anything
at all about it...
You see, a man is going to die!
Unless you...
- I'm sorry.
I just can't tell you anything.
Thanks, Payton. That's all.
Poor kid!
You're all in.
How about going home, Carol?
Yes, Payton?
- I, I...
Did you say, "a man's life?"
What does that to do with the hat?
What are you driving at, Payton?
I copied the hat.
Thank you so much for telling us.
Little rat!
- She gave me $50 to copy it for her.
Who was she? - She's one of
our regular customers, Miss Terry.
She saw a sketch of Monteiro's hat.
I didn't... - We'll talk about
that later, young lady!
Sit down and write the name
and address.
Well? Do as you're told.
That must be the house.
Please wait here.
- Of course.
I'm scared.
I wonder what she's like.
Jack, I can't believe it
after all this time!
How do you do? - I'm Carol Richman
and this is Mr. Marlow.
How do you do.
- I'm afraid you're making a mistake!
I'm Dr. Chase. I'm looking out
for Miss Terry.
Is she ill?
- Yes. I'm a consultant on the case.
Is it that serious?
Oh, there's nothing wrong
with her physically.
She collapsed last April, after her
fiance died.
She must have absolute quiet.
I can't go away without talking to her!
I've been looking for her for months!
You're all worn out aren't you?
Perhaps if you tell me...
Someone's going to be executed
for a crime he never committed.
He has the perfect alibi.
He spent the evening with Miss Terry.
She's the only one who can save him.
Please, can't we see her?
Come with me.
It's better if Miss Richman
goes in alone.
I'm afraid both of you may be
too much for her.
Yes, of course.
Keep your fingers crossed.
And remember...
mustn't let her get too excited.
- I promise.
You may go.
Ann dear, there's someone here
to see you.
Hello, Miss Terry.
Ann dear, Miss Richman wants to have
a little talk with you.
I've been sick.
But I'm better now.
- Of course you are!
I'm going to leave you and
Miss Richman alone. - No!
Please don't leave me!
Look at Miss Richman...
you're not afraid of her!
This is a lovely room.
This was Grandmother's.
She lived in this house all of her life.
She was very happy here.
She married the man she loved.
I'll never marry.
Are you married?
- No.
You're in love.
He was only sick two days.
He'd never been sick before.
He was always so full of life.
We were to be married
the following week.
I had my trousseau bought and...
and a special dress and hat
for the wedding.
They must have been lovely!
Do you still have them?
I don't want to talk anymore.
Can't I see them, Miss Terry?
I don't want to talk anymore.
It's alright, Ann.
You can show it to me.
He would have loved it...
but he never saw it.
It's beautiful.
I wish I had a hat like that!
My hair! My hair's no good this way.
May I borrow it?
I'll bring it back.
You want to wear it for him.
He's nice, the man you love?
Take it.
Take it!
I don't want it!
He's dead!
He's dead!
I don't want it, he's dead!
Have I been asleep long?
Yes, we're halfway home.
I can hardly wait to tell Burgess!
Last night everything seemed
so hopeless.
What's the matter?
Oh, nothing.
You want me to drive?
- No, I'll be alright.
It's just a...
It's no wonder, you haven't
eaten all day.
It's my fault. We should have stopped.
You've been awfully nice to me, Jack.
I don't know what I would have done
without you.
Let's stop over here and call Burgess.
Hi, mister.
I'll only be a moment.
- You stay here, I'll do it.
Is he back?
- No, not yet.
We'd better go to Headquarters
right away and wait for him.
I left word for him to meet us
at my place.
We can all have a drink and celebrate.
I can hardly wait to tell him the news!
When I first came to New York, I lived
a whole week on nothing but sandwiches.
Then when I got my first job, I went out
and I ate the dinner I could find!
I was so happy!
That's the way I feel tonight.
Burgess should be here by now.
- Yes...
I can hardly wait to tell him.
He'll be so excited!
Oh Jack, isn't it wonderful?
This silly hat...
will save Scott and Burgess
can reopen the case.
Looks rather smart!
I've never heard you laugh before.
And then Burgess will find
the murderer.
I want to hear the court sentence him
as they sentenced Scott.
You hate him, don't you?
I hate him!
Is that starting up again?
Why don't you lie down, Jack?
- I'll be alright.
I insist. Now do as I say.
Come on, get some rest before
Burgess comes.
I'm a mess!
I'd better freshen up a bit.
- Now you get some sleep.
Police Headquarters, quick!
Police Headquarters.
- Inspector Burgess' office. Hurry!
That extension is busy. Will you wait?
Yes, I'll hold but hurry!
Please, come here.
Don't I look better?
I thought you'd be asleep.
- The light...
Turn it off please.
It hurts my eyes.
It chokes me.
Sit here beside me.
My head's bursting. It's on fire!
Give me your hand.
It's so cool. It feels good!
It's so quiet here.
So far away from everything.
I never liked cities. The noise,
confusion, the dirt.
And the people in them!
They hate me because I'm different
from them.
I don't belong here.
Neither do you.
It isn't fair for someone
like you to be suffering.
You should be so happy.
You should have never come to New York.
Never met Scott.
The world's full of men like him!
You can buy nice stupid people
a dime a dozen!
She was sitting at her dressing table,
just as you're sitting there...
only she wasn't frightened as you are.
Marcella was never frightened.
She said you better hurry...
the boat leaves in an hour.
Then she told me she never had any
intention of going with me.
She was just amusing herself.
Never allowed myself to love
anybody before...
I didn't want anything to interfere
with my work.
I was always naive about women.
She was laughing at me.
She kept on laughing!
I had to stop her laughing!
- No!
Then I knew they'd arrest me.
I couldn't let them do that!
When you're born with my gifts, you
can't let them get in your way.
So I followed Scott.
I saw him with that woman.
She slipped away from me,
and I had to bribe the others.
They say I took the boat that night,
but I didn't.
I went aboard, but I left
before she sailed.
SS Vulcania. August 2nd.
8:30 PM. That idiot!
I flew to Havana and I caught
the boat there.
He never thought of that!
That was too clever for him.
How could you?
I'm fond of Scott. We're friends!
But what's his life compared to mine?
A mediocre engineer working in sewers,
drainpipes, faucets!
What's any life compared to mine?
I asked you not to interfere,
but you wouldn't listen.
It could be so easy...
No one will question me.
Say it's just another suicide.
This won't help you, don't you see!
After me, there will be others!
On and on until they catch you!
I won't be the last!
There will be others after me!
You can't help yourself because
you're mad, mad, mad!
Yes, you're insane!
Burgess! It's Jack!
He killed her!
Good morning, Mary.
- Good morning, Miss Richman.
Good morning.
- Good morning, Carol.
Hello, Kansas!
Well, how do we like the new office?
Not bad!
9:30 already. I've got to rush!
Seeing Kepler about the chemical plant.
- When will you be back?
It might take all day.
If I'm not back by 6, don't wait.
I left instructions on the Dictaphone.
You'll take care of them for me,
won't you?
Bye, Kansas.
So long, Burgess.
- Bye, Henderson.
Quite his old self again, isn't he?
- Yes.
He owes you a great deal, Carol.
I did it because I wanted to.
Will I have to appear at the
investigation tomorrow?
No, it's a formality.
The evidence shows that Marlow fell
while attempting to escape.
I have to go. I have to be at court
at 10 o'clock.
Goodbye, Carol.
- Goodbye, Burgess.
Renew my membership to the Architects
and Engineers Association and...
call Mason at the contractors' and make
an appointment for tomorrow morning.
No, don't hang up!
You're having dinner with me tonight...
tomorrow night... and the next night...
and then... every night...
every night!
Every night, every night!