Phantom of the Theatre (2016) Movie Script

Help! Stop the thief!
Someone help!
Freeze! Don't move.
Grab him!
He stole my wallet!
Don't move!
- Stay right there!
- Hurry!
Don't go in there!
Why can't we go inside?
Why aren't you going in?
That place is haunted.
The lights!
See? Ghosts!
What the hell is this place?
There's no such thing as ghosts.
What the hell is this?
Can't even get a meal for this.
I'm not gonna die hungry.
You killed us!
Mr. Tang, Ms. Pan.
Ms. Pan.
You're the frontrunner
for the Film Queen Award.
Is your acceptance speech ready?
Naturally, I have to thank
the fans who have
supported me all along.
Mr. Tang,
when do you plan to
get hitched with Ms. Pan?
Mr. Tang! Mr. Tang!
Please give us a comment!
Welcome, everyone,
to the First Film Queen Award ceremony.
Mr. He,
why are we having this event?
The people love movies
and they love movie stars even more.
Especially female movie stars.
Everyone wants to know
who among the screen
goddesses out there
is the most popular one.
That's why this poll was created.
We used the Hollywood voting system.
This isn't some courtesan beauty pageant!
Now, let us welcome the five finalists
to grace the stage.
First up, box office sensation Pan Ru Yu.
Next, the youthful Cheng Yan Yan!
The romance queen, Wang Ren Mei!
The alluring He Shang Xia!
Our last finalist
may surprise some of you.
Her fame rocketed over
the past two years.
The beloved idol, Meng Si Fan!
My friends.
It's time for the moment of truth.
This envelope holds
a combination of our reader's votes
and our judges' choice.
Now, let us welcome Mr. Tang Shiyao!
And now, time to announce
the winner of the First Film Queen Award.
Pan Ru Yu!
A well-deserved award!
Just a minute!
It seems like the award committee has added
a Miss Photogenic Award.
Miss Photegenic?
That's right.
Did someone pick that up from the west?
The Miss Photogenic Award goes to...
Meng Si Fan!
Mr. Tang, please present the awards
to our Film Queens!
Ms. Pan,
care to share your feelings?
Of course, I'm honored
to be chosen as the Film Queen.
You had to share the spotlight
with Meng Sifan.
Aren't you bothered?
Of course not!
She deserves the exposure.
Ms. Meng, I wonder
what genres are you willing to do?
If given the opportunity,
any film genre
is a possibility.
Here comes Meng Si Fan!
Hurry, over there!
Mr. Tang,
was Meng's award
decided early on?
Hello, Ms. Pan.
I've just returned from France.
I've written a script.
I hope that you'll give it...
I'm not in the mood!
It was not decided from the start.
Thanks a lot.
It was a fair and transparent process.
You should be talking to Ms. Meng.
A few words, Ms. Meng.
Watch out.
- Change is inevitable.
- You're on it!
I know that audiences
like new faces,
- but a newcomer like me...
- Excuse me.
- ...still have a lotto learn from my seniors.
- Who's this guy?
- Thank you.
- Sorry. My script...
Thank you, Ms. Meng!
Would you work with
a first-time director, Ms Meng?
Ms. Meng! Are you working on a new film?
Ms. Meng!
The corpse is 180 cm tall.
The body is in ash-like gray.
Possible burn victim.
Veins are cracked.
Traces of burns on his hair.
I'd say he looks shocked.
He must've gotten quite a scare.
Hey, cutie,
is he really a burn victim?
Please call me Dr. Fei.
Phyllis will do, too.
Then you can call me Mr. Ma.
Large blocks of hematoma on his head.
So he was beaten, then burned.
No, they were caused by the heat.
We call it
a heat gelatinized
subdural hematoma.
It's normal in burn victims.
Where did the fire come from?
When we found the body,
there was no evidence that he was burned.
That's strange.
The fire was from internal combustion.
This is way too weird.
Forget it, Dr. Fei.
That theater is haunted.
This was the work of ghosts!
If there is such a thing,
then I leave it to you
to find the ghosts.
Dr. Fei! Dr. Fei!
I suggest that
we call it a day for now.
I have a suggestion.
Mr. Ma and Dr. Fei go out for coffee.
How's that?
Sorry, I'm meeting someone.
Dr. Fei.
I haven't officially asked you out.
I'm meeting the man standing behind you.
Allow me to introduce,
my boyfriend, Weibang.
This is Mr. Detective.
Hello, Mr. Dee.
Ma Ru Long.
Mr. Ma.
Pleased to meet you.
My mistake.
Excuse me.
How did it go, Mr. Filmmaker?
It was great.
My script caused quite a stir.
Your fragrance powder
covers the smell of the chemicals.
You must've found your heroine already?
The Film Queen won't read my script.
So I still have no lead actress.
Don't worry.
You will get what you want
if it's meant to be.
Ms. Meng.
Are you enjoying the night?
To receive a grand gift
like the Miss Photogenic award...
I should be the one buying you dinner.
But you're doing the treating instead.
You're such a clever and generous girl.
This award is only the beginning for you.
I'm looking for Mr. Tang.
Ms. Meng.
This is such a special occasion.
I have a special treat.
A red wine that I ordered
directly from France.
Excuse me for a second.
You look gorgeous tonight, Si Fan.
I raise my glass to you.
I hear that you're looking to investing in movies
When it comes to making movies
I'm totally clueless.
Considering my social standing,
money and fame don't matter to me.
Then what is your reasoning?
For you, of course.
From now on, all your films
will have my full support.
Si Fan, I've been looking everywhere.
Here you are.
Don't drink it.
Who are you?
Mr. Tang, I'm...
He's my boyfriend.
It was getting late,
so I asked him to pick me up.
Thank you for your generosity.
Our next dinner is on me.
This drink is to you.
Let's go.
- Ms. Meng.
- Young Master.
Uncle Han.
Get in.
Come on. Get in.
Let's get in the car.
Why were you there?
Are you stalking me?
Of course not.
I went to see Mr. Tang.
I wanted to show him my script.
Who are you?
I'm a filmmaker.
My name is Gu Weibang.
I've just returned from France.
I've written a script.
I want someone like you for the lead.
I'm sorry.
You can let me go here.
Well... get some rest, Ms. Meng.
Give me your script.
Good night.
How did you know that I love acrobats, dad?
Of course I do. I'm your father.
Today's your birthday
and this troupe is performing just for you.
My father is the best!
You want to shoot a film here,
and you even want to
move your office here?
That makes me both
happy and worried.
The truth is, 13 years ago,
there was a fire here.
During the fire,
an acrobatic troupe was trapped here.
Everyone died.
Look, I'm a film buff.
I'm also what some people call...
an atheist.
I don't believe in deities
or the supernatural.
I bought this theater
to fulfill my cultural ambitions.
Who'd expect that after the renovation,
people say that they saw ghosts
of the late acrobats here.
Once the news got out,
people stayed away from here.
It was abandoned for over a decade.
Here's the stage.
You know, Weibang,
over the years,
you're the only director to come to me.
Mr. Huang.
I've heard the stories, too.
That's why I want to make
a horror film here.
A film about ghosts in a haunted theater.
Aren't you worried that
the rumors are true?
Only the guilty are afraid of ghosts.
Right, Mr. Huang?
But, sir...
Censorship laws state that
films cannot promote
superstitions and aberrations.
What aberrations?
The Book of Rites and
the Book of Etiquette and Ceremonial
clearly state:
All beings die and
return to the ground.
That is how a ghost is defined.
Even our ancestors acknowledge ghosts.
Why should we resist them?
The movie I want to make
means to use ghosts
to say words that people can't say.
You're a talented young man.
You have vision and courage.
Over the years,
my friends have advised me
to sell this place.
But I just couldn't.
I don't know why I couldn't let go.
But now I think
I kept it around for you.
Thank you for your help, Mr. Huang.
Don't mention it.
Have you chosen your female lead
for this film yet?
I do have a choice in mind.
But I don't know if she'll take the role.
Who is it?
Was Mr. Gu talking about me?
I've come to see you, mom.
I've been abroad the last few years.
I studied filmmaking.
I'm about to start on a new film.
I hope you'll be there.
Young Master...
Qiao Jun...
you were so gentle and kind.
Yet you gave birth to
such a stubborn child.
Mom, I promise,
you will be repaid
for your hardships.
Didn't you once say
that no one was kinder
to you than me?
Have I ever said that?
Go on. Fly away.
But don't scream in pain when you fall.
When my film opens,
I'll send you a ticket.
Move those flowers forward. Hurry!
Got it.
slow down the tracking shot.
- Slower?
- That's right.
Wait until Si Fan speaks.
Sure thing.
Si Fan...
so beautiful even with
such light makeup.
You know how to
please a lady, Liu Kang.
Picking you as the male lead
was a great choice.
Si Fan.
Complimenting each other like this
is pointless.
You know,
I only agreed to be in this film
because the script has
intimate scenes for us.
In that case, please go easy
on me, Liu Kang.
The makeup is ready, maestro.
Would you like to check?
The director is here.
Are you two rehearsing?
Du Juan looks lovely.
How are you feeling, maestro?
With the two of you here,
I feel very confident.
It's time for the blessing, sir.
Come place incense at the entrance.
People still do blessing for movie shoots?
I'll be right back.
I'll go with you, maestro.
Would you like to join, Liu Kang?
No, thanks.
I'll get into character.
This way.
Light the firecrackers.
Ward away the bad spirits for good luck!
Why did it stop halfway?
Mr. Huang said that this theater is haunted.
We're making a film in a new era.
Let's not get bogged down
by archaic traditions.
Let's start!
This theater's history is exactly why
we should follow all the rituals.
We don't want to provoke the spirits.
I may be making a film about ghosts,
but I don't believe in that nonsense.
Let's get to work!
I'm scared, Kang!
Of what? It's just an urban legend.
I'm right here.
Where are we going?
I'm scared of the dark.
It's too crowded and bright down there.
I'm taking you a place
where the two of us can be alone.
A place to be alone?
What are we doing there?
We have to be alone
if we're doing something
that we can only do when we're alone.
You're so bad.
You think I'm bad now,
but you're gonna love me later.
This place...
will do.
Slow down, Kang.
Let's play a game.
You're a playful one.
You're still into hide and seek?
Catch me, and I'll do anything you want.
Great. When I do catch you...
don't go back on your word.
Catch me first.
You'd better hide.
Here I come!
Little darling?
Where are you?
I'm right here!
Stop hiding.
We're both adults.
Why so shy?
You are gonna get it when I catch you.
Believe me.
I can smell your scent.
Stop hiding, honey
I know you're there.
Don't worry, I'll be gentle.
Mr. Liu? Mr. Liu.
Mr. Liu.
What are you doing here?
You're up.
Everyone is waiting for you.
I'm coming.
I'll head down first. Please hurry.
We'll play again.
Hurry, it's time to shoot.
Ms. Meng, Du Juan will walk forward,
and Xiao Shan will call to you.
Remember, this is your first encounter.
The camera will follow you the entire time.
A.D., let's start.
Get ready!
"Songstress of the Night"
Scene one, shot one, take one.
Please wait, miss.
Pardon my impertinence.
I heard you sing from afar.
It was beautiful.
If I may...
I would like to know your name.
Du Juan.
Such a lovely name.
Graceful, yet subtle in its beauty.
My name is Xiao Shan.
I am a scholar.
Miss, I would like to ask...
Excuse me.
Cut! Kang...
Are you OK? Kang!
What's wrong?
Get some water!
What's wrong?
Are you OK?
Kang! Kang!
Where's that water?
The ghosts!
It's the ghosts!
Liu Kang's death was just an accident.
Don't be afraid.
Finish this film.
Once the shoot is over
everything will be OK.
I'm so sorry
about what happened today.
Some crew members resigned.
But I'll finish this film.
I'm here tonight
to ask you...
I'll finish this film.
Aren't you afraid?
Of course I am.
How can I not be?
But I have to face my fears, right?
Running away won't solve anything.
So let's face it together.
Don't worry about money.
Just focus on more important things.
Thank you for your trust.
We have to work together to finish this film.
Are you nervous?
You look good in this.
I'll ask your father for your hand
in marriage after your show.
I haven't agreed yet.
Cut. Cut.
I'm sorry. You did well.
I... I think...
I just can't do it.
Good job.
I watched you for some time.
We think you're doing a great job.
Don't you think?
No way. I've never learned acting before.
Such a small crew.
You call this a set?
A director's job is to direct the performances
If he can direct others,
Why can't he act?
I'm worried that I don't have
Liu Kang's box office appeal.
You don't have to worry about box office.
Just do your job
and finish the film.
That's right,
I haven't thanked you
for the investment, Mr. Tang.
Don't mention it.
Don't forget about me.
When you make your next film,
you must cast me as the lead.
Take a seat, Mr. Tang.
Take a break, Ms. Meng.
I'm going to prepare the next shot.
Mr. Tang.
Ms. Meng, I would like to speak to you
about this production.
Can we step aside?
Wait here.
The director says we're done for today!
Ms. Meng. We're finished for today.
We've wrapped?
Please get some rest.
Ms. Meng.
Mr. Tang? Why did you come back?
This production is such a farce.
Everyone runs off,
leaving you here on your own.
That's not the crew's fault.
Look, Si Fan.
Do you like it?
Mr. Tang. This is too much.
That's not true.
I told you,
I have plenty of money.
But I am running out of patience.
Mr. Tang,
this production is indeed facing difficulties.
But rest assured,
we will finish the film.
You are a clever one, Ms. Meng.
Great at playing dumb.
I don't understand what you mean.
This game has dragged on far too long.
Mr. Tang, we have an agreement.
This is business, nothing more.
I'm not interested in
doing business with you.
Are you toying with me, Meng Si Fan?
I wouldn't dare.
Then you will do as I say.
I'm tired. I'm leaving now.
Meng Si Fan!
Who the hell do you think you are?
I got girls lining up for me every day,
but I turn them all away.
Why did you think that
I invested in this shitty script?
For the money?
I invested in you!
I'm getting my investment back today!
Show some respect!
You're mine today, no matter what!
Let me go!
Go ahead, do it!
You think I won't do it?!
You're really something.
Mark my words. One day,
you'll want that watch
on your wrist!
That bitch!
Let us pray to Luzu.
Let us travel the world with our skills.
May our fortunes come true.
May we ward off bullies
and remain benevolent.
Damn amateur!
How dare she steal my man.
You deserve this.
Come with me.
The pain will be over soon.
Give me an explanation, Dr. Fei.
How do I face those reporters?
First, a petty thief. Then, a film star.
And now, an investor.
People are dying in the theater.
Was it the ghosts again?
My God.
This doesn't make any sense.
I told you,
even with your expertise,
you still haven't found the cause of death.
What else can it be, if not the ghosts?
So much has happened...
Are you OK?
Let's go take a walk.
I made Han bring me here
when I was a child.
It's been ages.
What are we doing here?
To relax.
Let's get a bowl of dumplings.
two bowls of dumplings, please.
Copy that.
Extra large!
Pork dumplings, right?
I used to come here often, too.
Then I became an actress.
Some days, I was afraid of
getting my photo taken.
Other days, I was afraid
to get my clothes dirty.
So I just stopped coming.
You have nothing to be afraid of tonight.
Just be yourself.
Aren't you scared?
How can I not be?
But I have to be resolute
and finish the film, right?
The dumplings are ready!
Be careful, it's hot!
Come on.
Everyone is ready, maestro.
Si Fan.
The scene coming up is
Du Juan's spirit reuniting with Shao Shan.
I read the script yesterday.
Also, it seems like the story...
will call for some physical contact today.
I'm sorry...
I am a professional actress.
"Songstress of the Night."
Scene 28. Shot one, take one.
Du Juan! Du Juan!
Du Juan!
You've come back. Du Juan...
I can't let you go.
That's not in the script.
Are you OK?!
Be careful.
Slow down.
I told you,
safety always comes first at work.
It was so sudden.
How should I have seen that light falling?
I've sent the crew away to clean up.
I'm going to leave as well.
Get some rest.
Thank you.
Si Fan.
I forgot to introduce you.
This is my girlfriend, Fei Li Si.
She's a doctor.
Hello, Ms. Fei.
Hello, Ms. Meng.
I knew it.
How can a talented man like you
have no girlfriend?
You two make
a fantastic couple.
Thank you, Ms. Meng.
Thanks for looking out for him.
He's the one looking out for us.
We're fortunate to have him.
I feel fortunate, too.
Oh! The doctor prescribed some painkillers.
I don't need it.
It'll make me drowsy.
You have to take it.
Doctor's orders.
That's a lot.
I'll take that.
I'd better go. Get some rest.
Are you mad that I didn't see you for a few days?
It's been two weeks and two days.
I'm OK, really.
Ms. Meng is quite pretty.
She's a pro.
We were just...
I get it.
A film isn't the real world.
Why did you do that?!
You promised me!
You said that you wouldn't hurt him!
Why did you do that?!
Lan! Where did you go? It's time!
- Hurry!
- I'm coming.
I told you not to run off on your own.
You'll get lost in a big city like this.
Stay close to your big sister.
I got it.
Lan, help me!
Help me!
Help me, Lan!
Sis! Please don't make me to this!
You're in love with him.
I'm not.
It's just that...
I don't want to hurt anyone else.
Look at this face.
Don't forget your duty.
I haven't.
Follow me.
I think you're so used to
being Meng Si Fan
that you've forgotten your real name, Kong Lan.
I haven't.
It's been 13 years.
I've been in here for 13 years.
They haunt my dreams every night.
Da Xi, Er Xi...
Tall Man... Popeye...
and your sister.
Aren't you one of us?!
We're performers.
Once we're on the stage,
we stay there.
We've waited for too long!
If our revenge fails...
Can you ever be at peace?
I understand.
Now that Gu Weibang
is in the hospital...
the old man is surely on his way.
Trust me.
Once we get our revenge...
I'll take you away from here.
Our family will
always be together.
Looking for me?
Why are you here?
You should be gone already.
Where would I go?
I think you're in too deep, Weibang.
The painkillers...
They cause hallucinations.
So what?
You still have to take them.
You have to recover quickly.
It's just a minor injury.
I don't think I need to be here.
This place is boring.
It'll bore me into illness.
Why don't we go out for a bit?
It's good to get some fresh air.
You almost lost your life for a movie.
Is it worth it?
It's just a minor injury.
That's enough!
What the hell do you want?
A man hurt in battle is a hero.
A man hurt doing something meaningless...
is an idiot.
Like father, like son.
You brought your soldiers here to beat your son.
You're an idiot, too.
If a beating works,
I would've done it much earlier.
Take my son back to the hospital.
Yes, sir!
Take the Young Master to the car!
I can walk to the car on my own.
Come on, Si Fan.
The famous Film Queen...
Let's have a chat.
Get Wei Bang back
to the hospital
and don't let him make
any more trouble.
Yes, sir!
Don't you dare touch her.
Don't make your father mad, Wei Bang.
Si Fan...
Commander Gu is an esteemed man.
I'm sure that he will live up to his reputation.
Is that so?
You don't know him, Si Fan.
I'll be fine.
Be careful!
Ms. Meng Si Fan.
Your reputation precedes you, sir.
You show such grace under pressure.
I'm truly impressed.
I'm flattered, sir.
It's a bit cold out here.
That's right.
Come. Let's talk in my car.
Wei Bang!
Save me!
Wei Bang!
- Save me!
- Mother!
Save me!
You're the first woman that
stole someone from him.
It wasn't difficult.
Actors are required by nature to be gutsy.
How can I let the film get scrapped?
I'll tell the crew to
come back tomorrow.
We just need to shoot
the ending on the bridge,
then we can wrap.
You're going against
your father for a film...
is it worth it?
It is.
I dreamt about
my mother again today.
I was the family's only son.
My mother was so loved
when I was born.
But that didn't last long.
Father found a new woman
soon after that.
My mother was pushed
aside right away.
Then she was bullied
by the other wives.
She couldn't handle it.
Soon, she developed depression.
In the end, she hung herself.
I was only 15.
I wanted to escape everything.
So I went to France to study film.
Making a film is like being in a dream.
I never want to stop dreaming.
Go back.
This is the underworld.
Once I pass this bridge,
I'll be reincarnated into my next life.
I don't want you to leave.
Thank you...
for giving me this beautiful dream.
If I can..
I would stay in this dream forever.
I'm a ghost. You're human.
We're not meant to be together.
We can't spend this life together...
but we'll be together in the next.
We must be together in the next life!
Once I drink Meng Po's soup
and cross the bridge,
the memories of this life will be purged.
Brothers, you can finally rest in peace.
It'll be over soon.
Two shows added tomorrow.
Got it.
Mr. Wu.
Great news, Mr. Gu.
Tickets to the premiere
were sold out in less than an hour!
Mr. Huang says
that you've saved our theater!
Mr. Wu.
Can you save a ticket for me?
Of course!
I'll find a way.
Thank you.
When you invited Young Master to dinner
did he make excuses not to come?
Young master seems to be
in a good mood today.
He agreed right away.
He says that he has good news for you.
Good news?
I have some good news for him, too.
Young Master.
I'm here today
to deliver some good news.
I've finished my film,
and I did it without your interference.
Here's a ticket.
Please come see my film.
Look at this little brat.
He's grown into an adult.
I'm glad to see that you two
are getting along.
I'll take my leave.
Wei Bang.
I also have good news to tell you.
Si Fan...
Speak of the devil!
How gorgeous!
I will take Si Fan as my sixth wife.
I've promised her
that she will be my last wife.
What is he talking about, Si Fan?
Aren't you happy for us?
Wei Bang...
Si Fan was the leading lady of your film.
Now that the film's done,
she is to become your stepmother.
You have a new film, and I have a new wife.
Double the cause for celebration!
Yes, sir!
Si Fan,
do you know what you're doing?
Do you know what kind of a person he is?
Your father is an respectable gentleman.
Marrying him...
should be the dream of any woman.
You're obsessed with vanity.
You're no different from the others.
I chose to be in the movies
because I love the vanity.
Is that so wrong?
This is not the Meng Si Fan I know.
I'm an actress.
Mr. Gu.
My performance is over.
You should come back to reality, too.
What kind of dirty tricks did you pull
to make her marry you?
How dare you?!
She admires me.
She chose to marry me.
Si Fan.
Tell me one thing.
Is this true?
It's true.
Young Master!
Young Master!
Don't bother.
It's a stormy world out there.
He'll have to come back.
All three smell of garlic.
It really is the powder.
Something is going on in the theater.
Who are you? What do you want?
It was the birthday of the Gu's eldest son.
The Kong Family Troupe also died that day.
This performance has gone on for 13 years.
It's finally time to drop the curtain on it.
Watch out. Don't bump into anything.
- Alright.
- Follow closely. Don't get left behind.
Be careful.
Look. Isn't that pretty?
It is.
Look, sis.
That building is so big!
Keep it down.
People will see that we're from the countryside.
Here we are in the big city.
This is where the Kong Family Troupe
makes its name.
It's such a bustling place.
Will we be able to make it here?
I thought that
this town is all about favors
and personal connections.
Don't worry, Luzu will watch over us.
We'll make it here.
Once we settle down,
we'll get married.
Look, Lan!
Look at that!
It's so pretty!
Welcome to my shop.
Can I help you?
How much does that watch cost?
You've got good taste.
This watch is imported from Europe.
I don't think you can afford it.
Don't look down on us, sir.
How much is it?
Three silver dollars?
Sis, let's buy it!
It's three hundred silver dollars.
It's worth every dollar.
Jin, we're almost there. Let's go!
Let's go, Lan!
I see that you like the watch.
Come back in a few days.
Who are they, dad?
I think they're the acrobats
that just arrived.
They're performing at
the theater tomorrow night.
I want to see the acrobats!
Me too!
You, too? Sure.
Here it is.
It's so grand!
I hear that the man who booked our first show...
is a warlord.
We have our signature trick.
We're not afraid of any big shot!
Come on. Unload the carts!
Move everything inside!
Be careful!
Let's pick up the pace!
Show some energy, guys!
This is our first show in the big city.
Show the big shot what we're made of!
Chase me!
Give me that!
Let's start the initiation ceremony,
troupe leader.
- Yes, sir.
- Come on!
Come on, everyone.
Let us pray to Luzu.
Let us travel the world with our skills.
May we ward off bullies and remain benevolent.
May food, clothing and bliss come naturally.
Greetings for our esteemed guests.
I am Kong Shen.
The troupe thanks you for your patronage.
We wish the Young Master
a most auspicious birthday.
Cut the formalities. Start the show!
How is it?
How did you know that I love acrobats, dad?
Of course I do. I'm your father.
Today is your birthday,
and this troupe is performing just for you.
My father is the best!
She's flying!
What the hell are you doing?
We're sorry, sir. That was a new trick.
We wish the Young Master a peaceful birthday.
That was quite a trick.
What's your name?
Kong Jin.
Bring her to me.
Yes, sir.
Do you realize what today is?
I do.
Is this a day for mistakes?!
Our commander is being lenient
because he is a forgiving man!
Yes, sir.
Know your damn place!
Take care, sir.
These warlords are all despicable.
Let's go, Jin.
We uprooted our lives to be out here.
If we can't make it here,
Where can we go?
We may have to be on the streets,
but I refuse to believe
that there isn't a place for us in this world!
We're leaving!
It was our mistake!
The whole family is relying on us.
We can't just leave, Shen.
What if...
I beg that warlord for forgiveness.
That man is deplorable.
Even if it costs me my life,
I won't let him lay a hand on you.
Why are you all standing there?
Pack up and leave!
Move it! Start packing!
Fire! Run!
Where's Lan?
Lan! Lan!
Has anyone seen Lan?
Where is she?!
Where's Lan?
Lan! Lan!
Have you seen Lan?
Somebody! Let us out!
Heaven is about to enact justice.
The night of your film premiere
is when my family gets their revenge.
The commander is here!
Commander! Commander!
Over here!
This way, sir.
I thought the tickets
were sold out within an hour.
Why is the place empty?
Yes, it is rather odd, indeed.
Shall we proceed, sir?
Of course.
I came to watch my son's film,
not the audience's reaction.
Go on!
Start the film.
Yes, sir.
I'm a ghost. You're human.
We're not meant to be together.
We can't spend this life together...
but we'll be together in the next.
We must be together in the next life!
That brat is really something!
He can both act and direct!
Surely, he takes after me!
Si Fan, you really shouldn't be an actress.
Why do you say that'?
A good actor wouldn't be like you,
unable to separate film and reality.
Are you in or out of the character?
I don't think you can tell anymore.
Seems like my wife's heart
will always be elsewhere.
Is it also part of your plan, Ms. Kong Lan?
I don't understand your question.
Like I said, you're a terrible actress.
You don't get into character when you should.
When you shouldn't be in character,
you're in too deep.
I looked into your background
even before we met.
I've known about your intentions
and your plan all this time.
I was just playing along
so you can finish your little show.
We meet again, commander!
Wei Bang!
Let Lan go.
What a standoff.
An eye for an eye.
These photos are a reminder.
A reminder of why
you must die here today, Gu Ming Shan.
Si Fan!
Is revenge the real reason...
you did this film?
Your affection was fake?
It's like your movie...
all fake.
Shut your mouth!
This is your fault!
Your greed and your libido caused this!
Those 18 people...
and my mother...
were killed by you!
Let Lan go!
If you let Wei Bang go,
I'll let Lan go.
Don't force my hand!
Don't move.
Or we both lose.
These years have been a living hell.
I've stayed alive
just so I can see you die!
I have your son now.
Do you want him to die with you?!
I'll give my life to your family today.
No funny business.
Otherwise, I swear...
you will never see your son again.
Get out!
He's my son. I'll save him myself!
Shen, let Wei Bang go!
We're after Gu Ming Shan, not him!
You're in love with him,
so he's my enemy, too!
Kong Shen...
I thought you're here to avenge your family.
This seems like petty jealousy to me.
Shut up!
You couldn't control your libido.
You already had five wives,
but you still wanted to take Jin.
When she said no,
you burned my family alive!
You murderer!
You know what this is.
Jin wanted to leave you.
She came to me.
She said she wanted a better life.
Who is it?
She's from the acrobat troupe.
In times of turmoil,
everyone needs a way to survive.
That's bullshit!
That's impossible.
Sis wouldn't do that!
Even if it was a misunderstanding...
you took all those lives.
How can you live with yourself?
I may have killed before,
but I'm not beyond reason.
A woman
isn't worth getting blood on my hands.
Wei Bang.
It was your mother who set the fire.
We're sorry, sir. That was a new trick.
We wish the Young Master a peaceful birthday.
That was quite a trick.
What's your name?
Kong Jin.
Bring her to me.
That man is deplorable.
Even if it costs me my life,
I won't let him lay a hand on you.
Why are you all standing there?
Pack up and leave!
Move it! Start packing!
Go to hell. All of you!
I'll wipe you all out!
I didn't blame your mother for what she did.
I blame Jin.
The turkey who wanted to be a phoenix.
Don't you dare talk about Jin that way!
I'll kill both of you!
I'm a soldier.
I've had my share of bullet wounds.
I hid the truth from you all along
because I don't want you to have
tainted memories of your mother.
Father. I'm sorry.
You finally called me father.
Enough, already!
Kill them both!
Stop playing the victim.
The moment you took your first life,
you became a murderer.
Si Fan won't become you.
You've ruined her life.
Lan. You must take your revenge.
If you don't...
you'll live in shame forever.
Si Fan.
It's easy to take my life.
It's easy to take my father's life, too.
But if you take that shot,
you will have to bear
the burden of a murderer forever.
Give me that gun!
Wei Bang!
Wei Bang!
So, I'm the one that deserves to die.
I deserve to die...
I deserve to die!
You're awake.
You've been here all this time?
A doctor should stay by her patient.
Wei Bang.
You're always dreaming,
but I always have to be in reality.
Perhaps we're meant to be on different paths.
Somet things...
won't just go away
when the camera stops rolling.
Wei Bang.
By the time you read this,
I will have already left the city.
For thirteen years,
my life has been about revenge.
There was nothing else.
I always felt that
my soul had left with my sister and my father.
All that's left...
is a hollow dried shell.
That is, until I met you.
Thank you for letting me play Du Juan.
I realized that
living for revenge
will only leave more hollow shells
like Shen and me in this world.
Forgiving others
is an act of kindness to myself.
When I finally came to this realization,
my heart was filled with gratitude and happiness.
I could breathe freely once more.
Wei Bang.
Love always feels better than hate.
Du Juan has moved onto her next life.
And so will I.
It's time to embrace my freedom.
Kong Lan.
Look at that, Lan!
It's so pretty!
When your sister becomes a huge star,
we'll buy one for each of us.
Where has she been?
Walking beneath the moonlight.
Carrying on with persistence.
On this freezing night,
her mind is shrouded in fog.
She takes warmth from memories.
She's not lost.
The face in my memory.
The thoughts in my mind.
I can't see what I long for.
There's nothing left to say.
The phantoms in my heart
long for the past to return.
The hand I've held before.
Will it slip away?
The wind passes by.
Singing of reunions.
I remain here.
It's hard to look back at this lingering sadness.
He is caught in the turmoils of the past.
It is vague and indefinable.
A bitter loneliness in his heart.
He looks to the heavens
and its uncontrollable certainties.
A blessing that cannot be heard.
A loneliness bound by love and hate.