Phantom Raiders (1940) Movie Script

Not bad... but not perfect.
Perfect! He's always talking
perfect. Such a guy I never did see.
If that ain't the best knife-thrower
in Colon, show me better Mr Taurez.
Looks like we each owe Al
a thousand pesos Gunboat.
In that.
Humiliating, that's
what it is. Humiliating.
Come on Gunboat, come on. Remember
our less fortunate friends.
Birds and animals.
Going out for a bit of air.
You may leave when I tell
you to. Sit down please.
Gunboat, mix Mr Morris
a drink. Oh sure, Al.
Birds and animals.
Say Al, how can a bird
spend a thousand pesos?
When you have time Gunboat,
sit down and figure it out.
Hello? Speaking.
Yes, Mr Ramsell.
Of course you may talk.
I've just spoken to the
Matlock. About ten minutes ago.
Yes, she was exactly
227 miles offshore at ..
Miss Barnes, please.
I'm sorry. I didn't know it
was a private conversation.
Hello. Hello Taurez.
I think we should proceed
with a little more caution.
Lewellyn's London office may discover
that there's no raider off the coast.
If they should send someone down
here to investigate. I would ..
Yes Al.
Draw up the papers for
the insurance claim please.
Mr Morris will present
himself in the morning.
Al, before you go.
Just moment, please,
Oh yes, Al.
I want you to take a
walk around the block.
What again? I took a walk last week.
You do want to make
me happy, don't you?
Oh sure, Al. It's my
one ambition in life.
Then please.
Okay Al.
Only when I meet somebody and they sound
off with "hiya Gunboat, where you going?".
And I say I'm just walking around the
block, they look at me like I'm barmy.
It's humiliating I
tell you, humiliating.
Well Steve... the SS Matlock
is beyond the territorial limit.
Outward bound with a
cargo of bagged wheat.
According to the manifest of
the Morris Shipping Company.
Now listen to me. Do we
have to do it this way?
Ten thousand bags of sand.
Worth less than a thousand dollars. An old
crate of a ship ready for the bone-yard.
And it's going to pay us a half
a million dollars in insurance.
Can you think of a better way?
I'm thinking of the men on the ship.
Quiet, quiet please. you're
frightening my little friends.
Don't worry little fellow.
Is the Matlock going to disappear
like the other two ships?
That's right Steve.
This set will shortly send
out a high-frequency impulse.
It's tuned in on those 3 radio receivers
that we presented to the ship's crew.
Through the "Al Taurez
Seamen's Association"?
Exactly... In each receiver
there is a powerful explosive.
And when the high-frequency
wave reaches a certain pitch ..
The bombs go off and the
ship's blown up with all aboard.
Exactly. And we collect a half million.
Not this time Al.
Scotland Yard, of course? Right.
And I'm going back with
you, and you. And Ramsell.
I suppose it had to end some time.
I didn't want to do this Steve.
Al had me. A gambling debt.
Please Mr Morris, no hysterics.
Do you want me to
call the Police, Steve?
I can handle that detail myself.
Drop your gun.
I'll take that please.
Wait outside.
Just compose yourself Steve.
It will take a few seconds
for the tube to warm up.
When the arrow on this
dial hits twenty ..
[ humming noise ]
Don't worry sonny, we're almost 250
miles out now. If the radio was around ..
Poor devils.
Well Mr Donnegan.
Knowing you and working with
you has been a great pleasure.
You may leave now.
And Steve... you forgot your knife.
Well, I walked around the block.
Did you ever see such a
soft-hearted guy as Al?
Llewellyn's of London, Colon
branch. Just a minute, please.
It's Sir Edward calling
from the London office.
Oh, I'll take it.
Thank you... hello?
Oh hello Sir Edward.
I received your cable.
You may advise the Morris Shipping Company
that we will pay that claim in full.
Well, Mr Morris is here
now sir. I shall advise him.
Have you been doing anything
more about the sinkings Ramsell?
Well sir, there's not much I can do beyond
searching them before they leave harbor.
Yes, I'm quite sure it's not sabotage.
Although the city is
full of foreign spies.
Very well, Ramsell. You may rely on
us for anything we can do at this end.
Oh keep us posted.
Alright, goodbye.
Ramsell insists that
it is not sabotage.
If it isn't sabotage, then what is it?
A raider couldn't operate in that territory
for so long a time without being seen.
Three ships in a fortnight.
Not one survivor left alive.
It's got to be sabotage.
Hello? Yes. Oh hello Inspector.
Thank you.
Scotland Yard. They've heard from
Colon. Their man's been murdered.
We must go after this some other way.
Hello London. This is New York.
Hello, yes London. Just one
moment, I'll connect you.
Yes Sir Edward, I understand sir.
Yes, sir.
I'll locate him right away, sir.
"Attention please!"
"If Nick Carter is in the house, will
he report to the box-office at once."
Pardon me.
Hello... who?
Honey, is your name Nick Carter?
No... he isn't here.
Take that you skunks. And
that, and that. And that.
I'm sorry sir, but it won't hurt
you. It's only for little bugs.
Mr Bartholomew?
Yes. I've been expecting you.
I know, you're the census taker.
No Mr Bartholomew, I'm
from Llewellyn's Of London.
I've got to find Nick Carter.
You've come to the right man.
I'm Bartholomew the Bee man.
Here... have a sample.
Yes, well... we have an
important case for him.
Five thousand dollars.
Sir, your troubles are over.
I'm Nick Carter's partner.
I didn't want to take the case, but you've
given me 5000 reasons to change my mind.
Well, I'm sorry, but my
orders are to find Nick Carter.
Mister, I am just as
good a man as Nick Carter.
Where is this case? Here, or in London?
In Colon, Republic Of Panama.
Havana, Kingston, Panama.
I'll have him there in four days,
signed, sealed and delivered.
[ spanish ]
Well, if I'm wrong, I'll apologize.
Si si.
Does that mean you're going to
make Panama a happy memory for me?
You're wasting it brother. She's a
cute kid, but she can't speak English.
Not any at all?
Oh she picked up a few
words from the sailors.
But she hasn't any idea what they mean?
You no savvy English? No? Yes?
Sure my tell a big boy you're telling
me how you've been sir, you old man.
Speak English fine, yes?
I told you.
I like you... and you like me. Now
what are we going to do about it?
Set them up in the other
alley. Come again?
I'll be back in a flash, with a flash.
Dolores, if I had any sense
at all, I'd quit right now.
But you are so cute that I ..
Well, I feel like reaching out and
chinning myself on those eyelashes.
Well, shut my mouth.
Ha... yeah. I know it's like talking
to myself, but I can't help it.
Here's to you gorgeous. Venus certainly
left you plenty, and all in the right places.
It ain't going to rain no more.
And even if it pours, the sun
will still be shining for me.
You're going to make this Isthmus Of Panama
something I can paste in my memory-book.
I've got great plans
for us, starting tonight.
Nick Carter?
You are always popping up at
the wrong time. You never miss.
Speaking of time, Nick Carter,
right now you have no time for women.
Run away little girl. Scat... skidoo!
Pull in your ears, big boy.
We're going through a tunnel.
Send her away. We have business.
[ spanish ]
I guess it's just as well
I don't understand you.
[ spanish ]
Hey, I'm afraid he's
looking for trouble.
Nick Carter, I fly all
the way from Los Angeles ..
Hey, wait a minute. You don't
have to get rough with him.
Listen, I do the bouncing around here.
Hey, look here.
I ought to throw you right in the canal,
butting in when I was just getting started.
So, you'd let me down for a
woman, eh? Oh any time.
Would you let me down
for this? For what?
Five thousand dollars?
What's it for? For us.
A retainer from Llewellyn's Of London.
A retainer. But what's the case?
No, no, no. Skat! Skidoo!
Why what's the case? Did
somebody kidnap congress?
Well come on, spill it
Beeswax will you? What is it?
Ah, that's the bloodhound
spirit. Follow me.
Well Mr Carter... do you feel like
you'd like to take over the case?
Gentlemen, your offer is very flattering.
The view from that window is lovely.
I like everything about the
proposition except the bombs.
[ alarm clock ]
No need to be alarmed gentlemen.
Eleven-thirty. Feeding time for my bees.
Proceed Nick. You were about to
say you would accept the case.
I was about to say I
would not accept the case.
You won't accept it?
We thought from what you
said you intended to take it.
Well, I probably would except for one
thing. It would bite into my vacation.
Of course, I understand
how you feel about that.
One hates to spoil a vacation.
Especially when one was
going along as nicely as mine.
Give that check to Mr Ramsell.
Here you are... five thousand
dollars is a lot of money.
Let's beat it before
I get that idea too.
Well, goodbye sir.
Have a pleasant holiday.
It will be if she's still
there. Adis gentlemen.
SS Archos calling... SS Archos calling.
SS Archos calling.
SS Archos reporting. Hello Colon.
Just coming through the Gatun Lock. Notify
the Port Authorities we'll dock by seven.
Very good Mr Ramsell.
Very good Miss Barnes. Hello baby.
May I talk?
Yes, they are in conference.
Meet me when we've docked. Got
something important to tell you.
7 o'clock pier 14. I'll be there.
Have a good time in Honolulu?
Well... too busy thinking about you.
Flatterer... the Morris Line
lost another ship. The "Matlock".
What happened? The "Raider" get
her? That's what they say.
Hold on a second.
Don't let me interrupt. The conversation
was just getting interesting.
Hey, who's that? I
don't know. Signing off ..
The information desk is outside.
This is a private receiving room.
But the ship-to-shore phone
is not so private, is it.
Confidential messages
in person, Pier 14.
7 o'clock sharp.
The Archos just reported
all's well and on schedule.
Fine. Thank you Cora.
The check please.
I've decided to take
the case gentlemen.
The uh... human angle interests me.
Well... that will be
splendid Mr Carter.
And I usually begin
by asking questions.
I'll be glad to tell you
anything you want to know.
I'll get to you later.
I'll start with Miss Barnes.
Very well, go ahead.
Tonight. At dinner.
Would 7 o'clock be alright for you?
I'm afraid not.
Okay, Posita at six.
Good day gentlemen.
You're not worried, are
you? No, why should I be?
Only I think he's got a lot of nerve.
Why did he change his mind?
That's what I'd like to know.
Hello. Let me speak
to Al Taurez please.
You're fools to take that ship out!
She'll go down like the rest
and you'll go down with her.
Three ships Morris has lost.
He's hard luck I tell you.
We got to work, ain't we.
Maybe he won't get this one.
He's right. I won't go.
We'll be okay.
Al Taurez Seamen's Association.
Good old Al. A clue?
Back in the States, Al
Taurez was always a clue.
Don't let that weasel landlubber
scare you off your ship men.
Come on boys! Stow these things and
we're all set to brighten up your voyage.
This Mr Taurez seems to be
a man of generous nature.
Al will give his best friend
a knife in the back any day.
Come on Mack. Pile on the cargo.
You'd better get somebody to
help you carry that aboard.
Hey you! Lend a hand here.
Sir, I work with my brain.
Then you must have been
on relief a long time.
Come on Beeswax, he's got your number.
I got it Mack.
Careful Lou, it's pretty heavy.
Thanks Al.
What time did the Toledo cast off?
About 12 o'clock.
Hello Cora. Hello Al.
Run along Mack. Aye aye, sir.
Al, have you ever heard of a
detective named Nick Carter?
Then you know him? Yes.
You might say we're old friends
with conflicting points of view.
I'm having dinner with
him in a few minutes.
Knowing Nick, I'd be
surprised if you weren't.
It's not a social appointment.
He wants to "question me".
He probably wants
your telephone number.
No. It's about those
ships that disappeared.
Dear old Nick. You'll find him charming
I'm not in the market for charm.
And I don't like being
blackjacked into a date.
In fact, I'm going to
give Mr Carter a stand-up.
Oh, Cora.
As a favor to me, please
join Nick for dinner.
Now look, have I ever asked you
to... I'm sorry Al. I'll do it.
That's the spirit, thank
you. See you later.
Hello... this is he.
This is Ramsell.
I've just spoken to the Toledo.
She's now on the high seas.
Thank you.
Hello little fellow.
Not so much fun sitting in
that cage all the time, eh?
Hello Al.
Hello Gunboat. Would you mind
taking a walk around the block?
Again? Please.
Alright. Only... it's humiliating.
I know I'm late but I ...
Oh are you? I hadn't noticed.
There's nothing like
starting out friends is there.
A couple of champagne
cocktails, waiter. Yes, sir.
I hope I haven't spoiled your evening.
Oh no, not at all.
You've been a great help.
That's the Prince Charming in me.
You said there'd be questions. I can
answer the first. I'm busy tomorrow night.
Well, how about...?
As far as you're concerned, I'm busy
the rest of my life for 24 hours a day.
Just a minute, while I shift gears.
But you ordered two
champagne cocktails.
I never went for that champagne
routine. Coffee please.
Yes ma'am.
This is a new approach. It's called
the "strictly business" angle.
Every ship leaving the canal zone is
searched before it's cleared, then sealed.
The cargo must be ????
it's weight in ????
Llewellyn's insures the cargoes
against the bills of lading.
Swell, but now wait a minute, does
anybody actually check those cargoes?
They are checked when the
arrive at their destination.
If they arrive.
Would you care for a little
sugar? No thank you.
Oh, I don't suppose you
are a spy? Oh but I am.
Everyone in Colon is a spy. Haven't you
seen the signs in the movie theaters?
No spies under 18 admitted. Really?
I think you're a pretty
clever little girl.
But not clever enough to
fool the great Nick Carter.
Where have I heard that
death-like whisper before?
Al Taurez. Nick
Carter, my charming friend.
Al, you look different.
Perhaps you miss the handcuffs.
Good evening Miss Barnes. Hello Al.
How do you like my place down here?
Well, up to now, it's
been very delightful.
Tell me Al, what became of the Cleaners
Union you used to run in the old days.
Well, Nick, you know
I am superstitious.
When 13 G-men started looking for me
on a Friday I figured that was bad luck.
And I got out of town. What
are you doing down here?
Oh, just a vacation.
Good idea Nick. I think everyone ought
to take a vacation. They live longer.
John! Well, hello.
Mr Carter... Mr Ramsell.
See Nick, this is one happy family.
Cora here is secretary
to John's father.
Oh, how do you do? Hello.
Say John, when are you going to give
that wedding supper for you and Cora?
You'll have to wait
until we get married, Al.
Um... Al, how about ..
Taking me on a personally conducted
tour of your establishment here?
Sure, with pleasure.
Nice to have met you.
And it's been a very
great... Save it!
Al. Did you ever have one of those
days when everything went all wrong?
Same old Nick ..
I suppose that nut brought his keeper?
He did.
Al, tell me. Who's the fiend incarnate
that Bartholomew was tracking towards?
That's Mr Yamamoto. President
of the Asiatic Export Company.
One of our most respected citizens.
Old Beeswax has run him to the floor.
Happy days are here again.
Hello baby. Seeing you
restores my faith in Panama.
How's your old man, kid?
I see you've already met our
Dolores. Oh, but definitely.
[ spanish ]
What's she doing? Calling me names?
That's right, but nice ones.
What will you have?
John, stop pouting, will you.
Well, suppose he is a detective. Why
do you have to take orders from him?
I gave your father a chance to
get me out of it. But he didn't.
Anyway, lets forget it. I'm
dying to hear that important news.
Well, honey, I got my Masters papers.
John, that's wonderful!
Now don't get too enthusiastic,
I haven't got a command yet.
But you will.
Confidentially, I stand a good chance.
With that raider operating, a lot
of skippers are quitting their ships.
John, please don't take that run.
Why not? Every trip pays a big bonus.
And maybe "that" if the raider gets you.
Please stay on the Pacific run.
And what? Spend long weeks away
from you on long voyages? Not me.
John, three ships have disappeared.
Oh honey, let's not argue about it.
Tonight's a night to celebrate. Hey waiter!
Speaking about pouting, what do
you say? How about a little smile?
Yes, sir?
What will it be? I know you,
a lady drink. Order it up.
Champagne. Champagne?
Yeah, you know. The kind that goes pop.
Yeah, sure I know.
Oh Seor Gunboat.
Hello pal. I've just been for a walk.
Very nice, no?
Peachy. See you later.
Up you go honey-bunch.
[ spanish ]
Wine up everybody! This is my party.
Hello Al. Good evening young lady.
Life begins at forty.
Sometimes she almost makes
sense. Hold her up sir!
But Mr Macmillan, this is Mr Carter.
How are you sir. How
do you do Mr Macmillan.
Where is my wondering boy tonight?
He is right here honey.
Make it snappy laddie.
Ooh! Wrong number kid. Hang up.
This is not for you lassie.
What is this, bank-night Al?
Come on, let me show
you the rest of my place.
Now don't tell me a heavy
spender is making you nervous.
Come on! Nothing is getting between
you and me tonight my little paprika.
All right my hearties, come and get it!
Well, this is just a breath
of home-sweet-home Al.
Isn't it. Oh, uh boys ..
I want you to meet
my friend Nick Carter.
Glad to meet you boys.
Say, you know I'm on a vacation. What's
the idea of putting the finger on me?
Oh, you're mistaken Nick.
Oh, but you're a liar
Al, and if I'm wrong?
You'll apologize. I know.
Where we go from here, kid?
Maybe Al can answer that.
Now look Nick, the past is over and
done with. Can't we two be friends?
Sure, why not. You're a man
after my own heart. With a knife.
Al, Al! I've just heart they've
got another one of my ships.
Not the Toledo? Yes Al.
Let me tell you, I cannot ..
Control yourself. Excuse
me Nick. Come on. Come on.
Hey! They sunk the Toledo!
What about the crew?
Tell her to wait here.
That's what I say: there's no
more good sailors for the job.
Don't sail laddie. The life's
not fair to them. Dying like that.
Fool... coming here... come on, get in.
I can't go on.
Be quiet! ... Carter is suspicious.
Until we get him out of the way,
we've got to be very careful.
As soon as this claim is paid ..
You'll get me out of the way but
you won't! I won't sign the waver.
Stop talking like a child.
You work fast, Al.
I know nothing about this but,
it has my unqualified approval.
Why do you hang around here? Al
doesn't like that and you know it.
I got business here like I told you.
No matter what I do,
it's okay with Al, see.
Don't get excited. This guy
ain't going to talk to nobody.
Oh... good evening. Seems to me
I've seen you some place before.
Sure pal, come on in.
Thanks very much.
Uh... you'd better tell
Al he's working too fast.
This ain't got nothing to do with Al. This
is a personal matter between I and you.
Concerning my lady friend.
Your lady friend?
Senorita Dolores De Mendez.
Oh but why go on. You mean Dolores?
Yeah! You got some nerve
trying to cut in on me.
I'm Gunboat Jackson, ex heavyweight
champion of the Pacific Tuna Fleet.
Really? Could I possibly
get an autograph?
Ahh... dust him off.
Oh now wait a minute.
The former champion of the Pacific
Tuna Fleet, and he can't do it himself?
What's the Pacific
Tuna Fleet coming to?
So you want personal attention, eh?
Okay Gunboat... for my
money you're still champ.
You going to let my
girl alone from now on?
I'll stay away when she tells me to.
Oh this is too bad.
Alright boys, go to town.
That's quite enough... Stay
where you are gentlemen.
Now Gunboat, I'll take the message
you got from that Oriental Committee.
No tricks mind you.
Beeswax, you never miss. I'll
give your love to Dolores.
Now, we can talk.
All has been discovered.
The plot is known.
What is it? False clue, false clue!
Swell. While I'm packing get that check
in the mail and send it back to Ramsell.
What's that?
And then phone the airport and see
how soon I can get a plane for Havana.
You have a clue in Havana?
And how, and she
hasn't got a boyfriend.
Then you're quitting,
retreating, surrendering.
Now you catch on. When I accepted that
job today, I thought it to be interesting.
But nobody can compete with wedding
bells, and a champion of the Tuna Fleet!
But your duty?
Is to a guy called Nick Carter
who insists he's on a vacation.
The enemy strikes.
Come out with your hands up.
Come out quick or I'll shoot.
[ spanish ]
Now listen darling, it was all
a mistake. We thought it was ..
[ spanish ]
A confusion of tongues
- she doesn't understand you and you don't understand her.
But everybody understands this.
Yes, we have no pineapples.
[ spanish ]
Yeah, sure. She want you
to beat it. Go on, scram.
Very good... I retire,
but I do not retreat.
I'll telephone the airport to
reserve a seat on the first plane.
Yeah, if it doesn't leave too soon.
The first plane.
Step on the gas kid,
there ain't a cop in sight.
Will you listen to me a minute. I'm
trying to get it through your head ..
That you and I are alone
in this room here together.
[ spanish ]
I don't know what those words mean, but
I recognize that look in your eyes baby.
[ spanish ]
Wait a minute. It was for me!
Are you alone?
Huh? Yeah, more or less.
Cancel that reservation on
the plane. Instantly!
Stick them up! Come on, get them up!
Get them up I said...
Close that window.
Come on, close that window.
Oh... give me this blackjack.
Well that would have parted
my hair right down the center.
Say, what's your beef against me?
Who sent you here?
So you won't talk, eh.
A little rough stuff, huh?
You got me all wrong. Get some Scotch
and three glasses there Beeswax.
What is this? Just a little party.
You don't think I'm peeved because
you tried to kill me, do you?
Forget it. I'm always
glad to see an old friend.
And uh ..
Don't apologize because the hour
happens to be a little bit late.
If you'll just sit down there and make
yourself comfortable. Come on, sit down!
Give him his drink there, Beeswax.
Poison booze, huh?
Your health, sir.
That's it. Bottoms up.
What's your name?
Julius Caesar.
Oh, Julius Caesar eh? Well ..
Eddie Andrews.
Eddie Andrews? Then
it's not Julius Caesar?
Oh well, Eddie old
pal. Just call me Nick.
Come on now. Call me Nick.
Hello Nick. Hello Eddie.
Nice looking fellow,
isn't he? Very.
You know Eddie, I'm afraid they're going
to be wondering why you're not getting back.
You going to tell me who sent you?
Well, that's just too bad, but I'm
afraid you've brought it on yourself.
Alright, get up. Come on, get up quick.
Put this right over here.
That'll make you a much better target.
Sit down Edward. Come on, sit down.
You know, you could have bought me for
a dime when I switched on the light.
And saw my old pal Eddie
Andrews standing there.
And to think that our
friend sent you after me.
But don't you worry
Eddie. We'll protect you.
They're nothing but a bunch of cheap
hoodlums that I drove out of the states.
And as Nick says, we can do a
lot more for you than they can.
Of course we can.
Uh Eddie, isn't it a little chilly
there there in front of that open window?
Pour him another drink there.
Let's have a drink all round.
And we'll drink to Al Taurez.
To Al Taurez.
Al's an old friend of mine. I knew him back
in the old days when only had the one knife.
Listen Nick, cut it out.
Cut it out. I ain't got nothing against
you. I ain't got nothing against nobody.
But you still stick to that stuff
you spilled on Al didn't you?
Close them windows, give me a
chance! You'll get me killed!
I'll do anything!
Well there it is.
Al can throw a knife around a corner.
Al Taurez?
The kid himself.
Getting a line on him that way was
kind of tough on you, wasn't it Eddie?
Come on. Get up here.
Wait a minute.
Thanks for saving my life.
Don't mention it cutthroat. I just didn't feel
in the mood for a Coroner's inquest. Scram!
Give me a break! Have
me thrown in the clink!
Come on, beat it, or I'll
open these windows again.
Alright, maybe I can make a run for
it. Get out that door. Go on.
Well, Beeswax.
Tomorrow ..
We check on good old Al Taurez.
Because I've got a sneaking
feeling he's up to no good.
We check!
Mr Morris.
When I told Captain Barret of the Archos
that his ship was going to Liverpool ..
He refused to take her out tonight.
At such short notice?
Let me have the Archos.
John, please. Not on that one.
What's the difference if our ship has
a new skipper if she still goes down?
Yes... but, you've been transferred
to the Madonia on the Sydney run.
As first mate?
Uh yes... the Madonia has a Captain.
The Archos hasn't. I've got my papers
and yet you turn me down... Why?
Son, I don't want you to
take the Liverpool run.
Ships have been lost.
Ships have gotten through.
Why not the Archos?
It's a gamble and I
don't want you to take it.
It's also my chance to get a ship.
Now come on Dad, you know how
hard it is to get your first ship.
Perhaps when you return from Australia.
I'm not going to Australia.
I'm taking out the Archos tonight
or I'm going to quite tomorrow.
John Ramsell, you listen to me.
Alright honey, but I know
what you're going to say.
If I take the Archos,
the raider might get me.
And the goblins might get you.
Oh John, please be
serious. I am serious.
Don't you see that any ship with contraband
is liable to be picked up by our raider?
Why even the Madonia in the Pacific.
Australia's at war too.
Yes, but the chances John ..
The chances are the same on any ocean
if you happen to be caught by a raider.
I've got a hunch or a feeling or
whatever you want to call it that ..
That I could bring the Archos through. Then
we would be sitting on top of the world.
Llewellyn's pas a big bonus.
Oh come on honey, get
over in my corner will you.
I need a good second.
Alright, count me on your side.
I always wind up there anyway.
Now you're talking pal.
Come on, they can't turn me down now.
Well dad, it's 2 to 2
now. Cora's on my side.
The matter is closed John.
You will not sail on the Archos.
Report to the Captain of the Madonia
immediately, and put in your resignation.
That's final.
Very well.
You can accept my
resignation now, can't you?
Yes... with regret John.
John, reconsider. Mr Morris
doesn't want you to leave his line.
He doesn't? Well, he certainly has
a funny way of showing it. Good day!
That settles everything
as far as I'm concerned.
The Archos will be the last.
The Toledo was the last.
Not one cent of that insurance
money will Al Taurez collect.
I'll not sign the indemnity claim.
I'm through with
sending men out to die.
Tell Al Taurez that.
You sent for me Al? Yes.
Dr Grisson, you are about to
enlarge the field of your activities.
Tonight you are going to take
over the Morris Shipping Company.
Mr Morris is uh, going to retire.
Mr Morris?
Wait out there please.
Well... good morning Cora.
I warn you Al, I've come
to ask a favor. I know.
You want John to have command
of the Archos, don't you?
That's right.
Are you sure you want to bury yourself
in a place like this as a seaman's wife?
I love him, Al.
Love is such an uncertain quantity.
So many things can kill it.
While if you return to New
York... I've made my choice.
I see.
John can have the
Archos, for your sake.
Al, you're a good friend.
In this instance my dear,
I'm being a very wise friend.
There is one more thing. Don't
tell anyone I asked your help.
Not even John? Not even John.
I understand. Thanks again.
You go on back to the hotel and
stand by. I've got some chasing to do.
On business.
Hey, you're a fast walker aren't you.
Did you follow me from the theater?
Well, I tell you I'm a little curious.
Won't you sit down?
What were you doing
over visiting Al Taurez?
Is there anything suspicious
about calling on a friend?
Oh, I see.
A few months ago when you were stranded
here, Al helped you out didn't he?
He gave you a job in his place.
What were you doing?
Thanking him again today?
I asked Al to see that John
got command of the Archos.
Uhuh... but I thought
Morris owned the Archos?
Why not ask him? John did.
Mr Morris refused to consider it
and John's father sided with him.
Because it was John's first ship
I guess. Owners are like that.
But Al can fix it, eh?
He said he could.
But uh, sort of uh, on the quiet?
Well, yes.
Tell me... who got you this job here?
Yeah, I thought it
was Al. What of it?
I didn't like working in
the theater. I see.
Al has got drag enough
to get you in here ..
And drag enough to put John
in command of the Archos.
Well that guy never did a good deed for
anybody for the sheer joy of doing good.
What's your payoff?
He asks nothing of me.
Not even a little
information concerning ..
Insurance coverage
on ships and cargoes?
Now and then I ..
Certain ships, huh?
The ones that disappear.
Are you trying to intimate...
I'm not intimating anything.
But I'm telling you you're letting
yourself in for some trouble.
Now the next time Al Taurez wants
any information, let him ask Ramsell.
Mr Ramsell would
never! Wouldn't he?
How do you know he doesn't?
How do you know that Al doesn't
check your figures with Ramsell?
Hey, you've got a lot of nerve!
If I'm wrong I'll apologize.
Emergency. Quick!
Will you excuse me?
It will be difficult,
but if you must go.
I'm afraid I must. Adis.
This note was waiting
for you at the hotel.
"Please meet me in my office at 7
o'clock." "Important. Franklin Morris."
I wonder what Morris could
want with me? Mysterious.
It's several hours until 7 o'clock.
Oh but so much to be
done. Yes, yes.
Let's see. Let's see.
Where do we begin? Ah, where?
I've got it. Yes, yes. Of course.
Al Taurez. We check.
He called the hotel where Seor Carter
was staying but Seor Carter was not in.
So he told the clerk, when
Seor Carter comes in ..
Tell him to meet my in
my office at 7 o'clock.
Thank you Ysidro. You're
a very observant secretary.
I'm sure Mr Morris values your
services very highly. I know I do.
Thank you Al.
Oh... Gunboat.
Will you do me a favor?
Oh listen Al. Now please.
Just a short walk?
No. A nice long one.
This is humiliating.
Yes, sir, humiliating.
Where's Dr Grisson?
Two of the radios for the
Archos are at the dock.
I'm still working on the other one.
There's no hurry.
We won't put them aboard until
Mr Carter has called on Mr Morris.
And tell Mack to stand by
at the shop. Very well.
See you later.
Do you recognize him?
Last night. Warehouse.
Right, now for the old hat-trick.
Have you got everything straight?
To the dotted i.
How's our nerve?
The Bartholomew courage never falters.
Don't put it on too much. You
look crazy enough as it is.
Come on now, get rolling.
Well, hello.
I haven't had the pleasure
of a personal introduction.
But I happen to know that you
are a friend of Nick Carters.
Why didn't you succeed in
killing Nick last night?
What are you talking about?
I hate a bungler and as you
bungled, I'm going to kill you.
Oh look here old man. If Nick...?
Nick knows all about it.
I left him a note. I said I'm
going down to kill that bungler.
May I answer the telephone?
Yes, yes. I love to hear
people answer the phone.
But I get mad if they say anything
except "everything is alright".
And they must laugh.
Well? Quick. I want to hear
that everything is alright.
Hello? Hello Al.
This is Carter. Look
Bartholomew has gone mad again.
He tried to cut my throat this morning. I
beat him off and locked him in the closet.
But he got away and left a note
saying he was going down to kill you.
Now, get out of your office quick!
Everything is alright.
Ah, so he's there now?
He wants you laugh?
Well that means he's bad.
Now listen to me, Al. There's nobody in
the world I'd sooner see dead than you.
But if Beeswax turns you into a human hairnet
it will involve me and spoil my vacation.
Are you listening?
Everything is alright. That's nice.
You've got one chance if you
can persuade him to take a walk.
After a couple of miles he
cools off and starts to cry.
Then you're safe.
But don't make a move before that,
because he kills quicker than a cobra.
If you understand what I
mean, laugh three times.
Everything is alright.
Talk into the phone again and laugh.
Supposing we two go for a walk?
No! ... More phone... more laughter.
Such a beautiful day out with
flowers and birds and sunshine.
And people!
Yes, I can kill you and lots of people
will see it. It will be pretty, yes, yes.
Quick, walk. Walk!
Between the ribs, it
burns there. It burns.
But look, I ... Quiet!
Perhaps I'll think of another place.
Right 1, 4, 7 ... Left 12, 9, 2.
[ humming noise]
[ humming noise, loud ]
Get away from that! Outside! Quick!
[ humming noise, loud ]
Look, don't you think ..
Yes, I think. I think
this is the time and place.
There you see... now you're
beginning to see sense aren't you?
Go away! ... Go away
before I kill you. Run! Run!
Nice work Beeswax. How
does it feel, being crazy?
I didn't notice any difference.
Although that is to say ..
Come on, get in here.
Where's your hat?
I lost it back there. You'll have to
pick out a new one. Vamoose driver!
Now that set in Al's office
sends out an impulse. You see.
And that impulse will explode any bombs
that might be hidden in those ships.
Then it is solved! We
close in. Arrest Al.
Yes, and tip off the others?
Oh, fancy seeing you again.
Get her while her hot kid.
What have we got here?
A clue? Perhaps, a trap?
Uhuh ..
Beeswax, confirm that for
me. Maybe I don't see right.
"I have broken my engagement
with Seor Gunboat Jacklin."
"Because I have decided to marry you."
Think your way out of that, Mr Carter.
What about the poor sailors
on a night like this?
That's exactly what we're trying
to find out. Sit down there.
Oh, what a problem
you turned out to be.
Hello kid, is my head straight on?
We'll go into that a little later on.
Beeswax, take a letter from A to Z.
Let me think.
Well, let me help you. How about "R"?
I've got an idea.
Yes... yes... but who are you?
Never mind who I am.
I can give you some inside information on
that warehouse explosion this afternoon.
Why should I be interested in that?
You're in the insurance
business, aren't you?
My company didn't insure that building.
Oh blimey, I must be talking
to the wrong company. I'm sorry.
We've seemed to rattle
him a little bit.
Now, if Ramsell is
on this thing with Al.
He's going to be in Al's
office within ten minutes.
So we've got to get things ready. Now,
look, I tell you what I want you to ..
Uh... uh. speak... to...
Seor Ramsell. Please.
No, honey., but wait a minute.
That's swell... but now.
Let... me... speak... to...
Seor Ramsell. Please.
Come on.
Let ..
Me... speak... to... Seor Ramsell.
Honey, you're marvelous!
I'm going to give up this racket
of mine and go in for languages.
Hmm baby.
But I tell you the high-frequency wave
had to come from the set in this room.
It couldn't have. We are the only ones
who knew the combination of that safe.
Something must have gone wrong
with the set you were working on.
If the bomb was set off from here ..
Then why didn't the receivers
in the garage blow up too?
Because the percussion
caps were not set.
I never set them until the receivers
are ready to go on the ship.
The one in the laboratory was set
because I had been working on it.
I had to step out for a moment
and... Please Doctor ..
We have no time to argue. Can the
other two sets take care of the Archos?
I just received a
mysterious phone-call.
A man offered to sell me some inside
information on the explosion this afternoon.
What is this? What the...?
Don't get excited Doctor.
Is that all he said?
Yes. I refused to discuss
the matter at length.
I see.
Instead of making an appointment
with him and meeting him in some way.
That's typical of you Ramsell.
Well, you got anything else to tell me?
No Al, but aren't you
worried about this?
Not at all. Mysterious
phone calls don't worry me.
Oh by the way, Doctor.
I may have to be out of
town for a day or two.
So you'd better stay here
tonight and handle the set.
And this time, we won't wait for Mr
Ramsell's report on the ship's position.
What do mean, you won't
wait for my report?
You heard what I said. I don't need it.
Uh, send the impulse at midnight sharp.
She'll be less than 75 miles out.
So what? Who outside of you and
myself will know where she disappeared?
What are you getting at, Al?
Oh Dr Grisson is taking
over he Morris Shipping Line.
Then Morris is out?
That's right. So are you.
Oh... you think you can get
away with this without my help.
Why not?
In other words, you're
taking over everything!
That's right.
Well, don't forget that I can talk!
We'll close your mouth.
[ phone rings ]
Quite please.
Let... me... speak... to...
Seor... Ramsell... please.
Who is this, please?
Why should Dolores call you here?
I don't know anyone named Dolores.
Do you mean young Mr Ramsell?
He's not here.
Gracias. Adis.
Good work baby.
Now look, we know that Ramsell
is tied in with Al on this thing.
Let me speak to Seor Ramsell please!
We must be off. Mr Morris awaits us.
Pardon the rain-check baby, but I'll
throw him in a manhole when I get him out.
Goodnight. Goodnight.
Everyone is gone. He is alone now.
Better stay on watch
here. Yes, sir.
Why the startled look? Did
you expect somebody else?
No... of course not.
I've got to go...
I won't keep you long.
Just sign this.
So the so-called ownership of the
company is about to pass to Dr Grisson.
If you don't mind.
Mind? I can't recall a happier moment.
This transaction is dated a week ago.
So that Dr Grisson can sign the
indemnity claim for the Toledo.
I'm the man... I'll not try and
block it so long as I'm free.
And here's a memo from the
new owner for your information.
Captain John Ramsell is hereby
given command of the SS Archos.
To take effect ..
You can't do a thing like that.
Since you are out of the company,
why let its affairs worry you?
Mr Morris? Yes.
Captain Ramsell to see you sir.
Send Captain Ramsell in please.
Yes, sir.
I'll wait here. Don't
forget to thank Mr Morris.
Don't worry, I will.
Mr Morris.
I want to thank you for
letting me have the Archos.
Don't thank me!
Well, I know you changed your
mind. You can't have it!
If it is the last thing I ever do, I'll
see that you don't take that ship out.
Why take that attitude? Get out!
I won't get out until you explain.
I have nothing to explain.
I'm through talking. Get out of
my office before I throw you out.
Listen to me John, unless you
leave I'll phone your father.
I'm not going until you tell
me what all this is about.
I'll explain nothing.
What's this memo turning the ship
over to me? Give me that memo.
Oh no I won't.
Hello Miss Barnes.
What happened here?
Where did that knife come
from? I don't know.
Where were you?
She was standing here.
Don't touch it anybody. Want
to get fingerprints off that.
How about that door?
Could it have come from
over here? I don't know.
No, you couldn't open
that door from the outside.
Well, it looks to me like you
have some tall explaining to do.
You are under arrest, and so is the ..
Ah, she took that knife with her.
You take over here, I'm going down
to see if I can get aboard the Archos.
I'm in command of the Archos. Let
me go and I'll take him aboard.
If it's alright with you,
I'll be responsible for him.
Si Seor.
I'll take care of things here,
and send out an alarm for the girl.
Fine. Come on.
Oh uh, if you pick up Beeswax,
give him back the Indian.
I'll take a look at the
cargo. Alright, this way.
Read that to me again.
"Dear Seor Gunboat,
Adis. I give you the air."
"I am going to marry Seor
Carter and..." That's enough.
What's all this? Wheat.
Wheat eh?
Well, how would you like to
have biscuits made out of that?
Sand. Yeah.
And over there are a
lot of rotten hides.
This is a neat little insurance racket.
I'm not responsible
for the cargo, mister.
I take what's put on board.
After it's been certified
by Llewellyn's agents eh?
Are you insinuating that my father ..
I am. But if I'm wrong I'll apologize.
The Port Inspectors are
wanting the ship's papers, sir.
Thanks. Is it alright if I go above?
As long as you don't leave the
boat. I've given you my word.
What's the matter? Who hit him?
Did you get the license number?
Stow that cab and lend a hand.
Your clearance papers
Captain. Good luck.
Thank you.
Hello Al. Hello.
You little fool. You ran away
to throw suspicion on yourself.
Yes, so you wouldn't
lose your first ship.
But where did you go?
Al. I knew he'd help me.
Thanks Al.
Thank you for thinking
of me and my ship.
I guess I'm not taking her out
after all. What's the idea?
Carter's placed me under arrest.
He's below now, going over the cargo.
Got your clearance papers?
Yeah, right here.
Well, in that case, I wouldn't
worry too much about Nick.
I think I can persuade
him to let you sail.
You think you can?
Of course, he and I are
old friends and uh ..
Why not let Cora make
the voyage with you?
By the time you come back, the
Morris murder will be all cleared up.
Oh Al, how can we ever thank you?
Don't try to thank me.
Alright children,
goodbye and good luck.
Goodbye Al. Adis.
So long, Al.
Stop or you are a dead man.
Now look here my friend. Silence!
Remember... if you betray me you die.
Hello Al. Hello.
Say what do you think. I just smacked down
our Mr Carter and got him tied up below.
You want to see him before
he goes on a nice long ride?
Yes, of course. Come on.
Alright Mack, open up. Al
wants to kiss Mr Carter goodbye.
Do you want to let him come in too?
Well, I'll be a pink... hej
did you know curly was with you?
Yes... yes, he's always with me.
Step inside gentlemen.
You too sir.
Sure, what have I got to lose.
Your associate in crime detection begs
leave to report the capture of 3 prisoners.
Beeswax, you're a one-man riot.
It's humiliating, that's what it is.
Ain't it though. Come on,
cut me loose here Gunboat.
Come on!
Hello Al. Congratulations Nick.
You and your little playmate
have a smooth routine.
Well... Al... with an old smoothie
like you, we've got to have one.
And now, muscle-bound, I've
got a little present for you.
That's for that tap on the skull
you gave me when I wasn't looking.
Now you mount guard here at the door
and keep your eyes peeled for boarders.
Aye aye, sir.
And gentlemen, I'll take whatever deadly
little knick-knacks you may be holding.
Well, Albert, where have
I seen that knife before?
Can't remember, eh? Huh?
In Morris's office of
course, a couple of hours ago.
A little cleaner now than
it was then, isn't it? Huh?
Nice of Miss Barnes to give it to you.
Oh... what's this
dead-eye? Your mosquito gun?
Yeah, humiliating isn't it.
Well, we'll get rid of those boys.
A ticklish smuggler are you? Aye.
Oh you're a nice boy.
Written home to mother lately?
You keep our mothers out of
this. Oh, forgive me Gunboat.
Sit down boys, won't you. And
make yourselves comfortable.
We're going to take a
nice little boat ride.
You cannot... you cannot Shanghai me.
Why Al, what talk! I'm merely inviting
you on a nice invigorating sea-voyage.
With fireworks, maybe.
Look here Grisson, don't be a fool.
Al Taurez will turn against you.
He'll treat you the same way he
treated Morris. The way he treated me.
Maybe he's gone already,
leaving us holding the bag.
Let's get out of her while ..
Sit down Ramsell, you're
acting like a jittery idiot.
Well, I'm going to get out.
Shut up! You can go.
After I blow up the
Archos at 12 o'clock.
What are we going to do?
Stay in this hole all night?
It depends on you, Gunboat.
I don't know what you're talking
about. Bombs. I never seen no bombs.
What would I be doing
with a bomb, anyway?
You're either a very smart liar, or really
as dumb as you look. I don't know which.
Don't call me dumb.
Steady! Or I'll draw a bead
on you right between the eyes.
Why you, you... Someday,
I'll find a name for you.
Stop it Gunboat.
How about it, Mack?
Laddie... if what you say
is true, it's terrible.
Murdering ships and killing men.
I've been going to sea all my life.
But I'd rather die than
kill a sailor-man that way.
Well, that brings us right back
to you again Al, doesn't it?
You're wasting your time Nick.
If there are ships being destroyed
by bombs, I know nothing about it.
Well, maybe you know
something about these figures.
The combination for your safe.
Or did you forget it?
Now you know why that building
happened to go sky-high today.
You mean that warehouse
where Dr Grisson ..
Please Gunboat, will
you do me a favor and ..
Take a walk around the block?
No. Shut up.
What do you mean, take
a walk around the block?
Well... Al every once in a
while tells me to take a walk ..
You idiot. Keep your mouth ..
Oh... I see... I get it Al.
You don't want Gunboat to know
anything about that sending-set.
So when you use it, you tell him
to take a walk around the block.
Why would Al blow up ships?
For the insurance.
And the reason he doesn't want
you to see that sending-set ..
Is he knows you would have nothing
to do with murdering sailors.
Never I would.
It's not my racket.
I'm just Al's bodyguard.
Will you keep out of this or not?
Say, wait a minute Al.
If what he says is true, you know I'd put the slug on you
- just like that.
Has he given you any proof?
No. Well ..
That's right.
Say, you ain't the guy to talk. You
double-crossed me with my lady friend.
You got me wrong
Gunboat. She's all yours.
That's what you say.
Well, now only this afternoon, I
was talking with her and I said ..
Dolores, I don't want you chasing after
me, because you're in love with Gunboat.
What did she say?
Well she said, yes I love Gunboat,
I love him very much, but ..
Well... I want to make him jealous.
Did she say that?
That's just what she said.
Oh boy!
So you see Gunboat I ...
Oh I understand mate.
I just had you all wrong. Sure.
And yet all along, I
kept saying to myself ..
He ain't a bad guy.
Oh you lug-head, can't you see that ..
Sure I see. We ain't been
treating this guy right, Al.
Well, say, if there's
anything I can do Mr ..
Yes you can. You can make him talk.
I hate to do this, but uh ..
Say, what is this? A
convention of stowaways?
Well, I guess the clambake is over, Al.
Take us up to the Captain.
John, I ..
I must ask you to let me
have one of your lifeboats.
Al, we're 75 miles out.
That's alright, Gunboat, Mack
and I can reach Cristobal.
Well, if it's so
urgent, I can turn about.
But Al doesn't want
to go in on this ship.
Because it's going to be blown up.
Hidden somewhere on board are enough
bombs to blow this thing to bits.
It will go down with all hands on
board like the Matlock and Toledo.
What are you trying to do now,
Mr Carter? Give us a scare?
Ask Al.
Al, what's he talking about?
Al, why don't you say something?
He's trying to frame
me. Frame you? Why?
Mr Carter has been trying to
get me for a long time, Cora.
He thought he could
involve me in these ..
Ship sinkings... and destroy
this boat and pin it on me, but ..
I've got a line on Mr Carter. I know
where he planted those bombs. There is ..
One hidden in that radio, and
another in the radio in engine-room.
And they are to explode at midnight.
In exactly two minutes!
You better phone the engine room and
have them throw over that receiver.
And throw this one overboard. Quick!
Keep away from that phone
or you die like a dog.
Let me chuck this thing overboard.
We'll throw that overboard
after Al answers a few questions.
You bombed the Toledo and Matlock?
Answer yes or no.
That's a lie. Is it?
You worked with old Ramsell and
Morris and shared the insurance monies.
Didn't you?
Throw those radios overboard
and I'll tell everything.
You'll tell everything before
we throw them overboard.
Come on!
Yes... I did it.
Morris, Ramsell, Grisson.
Yes. We're all in it.
We sank the ships the
Toledo, the Matlock.
And you killed Morris!
Yes... I killed Morris... I did it.
Stop the clock. Stop it! I did it.
Carter has outsmarted you, Grisson.
You and Al thought you could
ditch me and get away with it.
But I can tell Carter plenty. I ..
Grisson... don't!
I'll keep quiet.
Buenos arriva.
Well, so long mate. Thanks for
squaring Mack and me with the Cops.
Forget it. We knew you weren't in
on it, didn't we Beeswax? -Of course.
Sorry we can't stay for your
wedding. Yes, too bad
What you say how I am
doing wrong number, Johnny.
You're gorgeous.
Humiliating. That's what it is.
Let's go some place where
there aren't any women.
I know just the place.
Pier 37. Si, Seor.
Central Airport. Hurry please.
Central airport, and hurry!
That's not right.
Well, if I'm wrong I'll apologize.
Subs for KG by "Targa".