Phantom Summer (2022) Movie Script

Look, here's what I found.
Sorry for the...
I didn't mean to hit you so hard, but...
Fuck, you gave me quite a scare.
It's fine.
Don't you think maybe we
should take you to a doctor or...?
No, I'm fine.
Alright then.
What are you doing here?
I guess I could ask
you the same question.
I live here... at least, for now.
Do you?
As far as I know this
house was supposed to be empty.
The lady who owned the place died,
her relatives sold her stuff and...
So you want to report me then?
Report you? Haven't
really thought of that.
Okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have broken in like this, but...
It's just so bizarre, if I told
you I don't think you'd believe me.
How bizarre?
Bizarre as in "this guy is a looney
trying to freak me out" or something.
Go on.
Well, I had this dream... I mean,
it was more of a nightmare really.
But it seemed like I
was watching a movie,
and participating in it at that same...
Have you ever dreamed
anything like that?
Well, there were three kids,
and they were dressed as pirates.
And they came up here, to this house...
and when they arrived here, they found
this guy killing children, I guess.
And he was using the
blood of these children to...
Compose a music score?
How did you know?
Are you expecting someone?
- I can't see shit.
- Careful, the steps are craggy.
- I can hear frogs!
- Watch out for snakes too.
- There are no snakes here.
- Yes, there are rattlesnakes, bothrops...
- You're just scaring Julia!
- Damn, what a place you got!
It's just a cottage...
When my family went to the beach
we'd share a tiny
apartment over 50 people...
What're you doing here?
No, what are "you" doing here?
Well, I guess I better go.
See you later?
Hey guys, good night. Bye bye.
See ya!
- How long will you stay?
- I don't know, Martin...
A week, two, maybe a month.
How about you?
How long are you staying here?
Alice, you know I had to come.
Your mother is freaking out! The whole
family is stressed where you are!
- Goddamn it, Martin!
- I couldn't stay there anymore.
You have no clue how living
in that house messed me up.
So now I just have to
accept you living here,
pretending to be dead for
the rest of the family.
- I'm sure they'd rather see me dead.
- Oh, spare me.
Look, I couldn't stay
there anymore, okay?
This is the only place where I feel
safe. But you ruined everything.
I ruined everything?! You have the
nerve to say I ruined everything?!
You're screwing around
with some guy...
He wasn't supposed to be here!
And what would our aunt think of
all these people in her house?
"These people" are my friends,
my boyfriend and we'll
stay here as long as I want.
Like it or not!
Hey, what's up?
So is he staying for dinner
or should I call the cops?
This is my cousin, Martin.
This is Vitor, my boyfriend.
Cousin? Man, my bad.
Can you believe you're the first living
relative of hers that I actually meet?
How ya doing?
He'll stay with us for a while.
Sure, sure, welcome!
- For a little while.
- Of course.
Well, I'm going to...
I'll get the rest of the stuff
outside, I'll be right back.
Go on.
Just... don't overdo it, ok?
And we'll be fine.
By the way, I'm sleeping in
the main bedroom with Victor.
You can stay in Joo's room.
When she passes it
makes life worth living
I'm so very grateful that you're here
I'm so afraid to leave
and yet the fears all fade away
When you're standing here,
right next to me
Do as you please and I'll
do the same but just for you
Fire, art, and blood
You're the one that brings me joy
Death overcoming death
And if you happen to be the
most beautiful woman in the world
I'd be drowning in your
mirrors of pure sex and life
And when she isn't here there's
no trace of beauty left in the world
When you're standing here,
right next to me
I love the sea so much...
makes me feel brand new.
Feels like sinking into
a large bathtub of saline.
- Heals my rhinitis like magic.
- If you say so...
So, shall we go for a swim?
Goddamn it Joo.
I can't believe we drove 4 hours on
the world's bumpiest road to get here.
And you won't even touch
the water, unbelievable!
Why don't you go, then?
I'm fine just lying here...
Hey, what's up?
I was just swimming nearby,
stopped for a break...
You know this is private
property, right?
Please be my guest.
Miss Hilda would always let me stop by.
So you knew her then?
Yeah, cool.
Hey, you're an actress right?
Yes I am, why do you ask?
I saw you on a toothpaste commercial.
I knew I recognized
you from somewhere.
Well, sorry to disappoint you,
but that wasn't me.
I'd love doing commercials though,
they pay quite well.
That's too bad,
I was almost asking for an autograph.
Well, why don't you ask,
maybe I'll become famous one day?
Well, I guess I'll go
back to sea then...
- Of course, go ahead.
- Go ahead. Don't mind me.
- See you.
- See you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
"See you". "Nice to meet you".
What's the matter with you?
I see you what you're up to!
You really do like opera, don't you?
Can't you wait?
This is what I saw in my dream.
That's exactly it.
Are you sure you haven't
seen this before?
I'd remember this for sure.
When I came here today
I wasn't following you or anything...
I was looking for him.
Dani... He used to stay here.
- Here at the inn?
- Yeah.
He made this movie, actually.
He was the director, costume
designer, everything...
This camera was his as well.
He left it at my aunt's
last time we met and...
I guess I was hoping
to find him here again.
How long since you last spoke?
I guess... it's been over 10 years.
Pretty long time.
Listen, do you think your uncle
still has the registry book?
I don't think so...
He got rid it of all the
junk from the previous owner.
Do you remember his last name, at least?
We could look it up maybe...
So, how about some ice cream?
Good afternoon, Seu Z!
Good afternoon, Lucas!
How's your uncle and mother doing?
Very well, thank you.
Wait a minute.
Is this who I think it is?
Little Martin! It's really you!
My, it's been such a long time!
How old are you now, 14?
19? Well... Guess I'm getting old, huh?
So, what are you boys having today?
No, let me guess!
For you Lucas, blue dreams!
That's the one!
Told you!
Now for you...
Seu Z, Little Martin and I were
wondering if maybe you could help us?
But of course!
That's what I'm here for, right?
We are looking for a boy who used
to stay at the inn, before it shut down.
Show him.
We've got these pictures.
Let's see. He used to hang out with us.
He was a bit older though...
I do remember your cousin,
but this kid...
It's hard to tell by the picture,
you know.
This reminds me of a
case we had some years ago...
A boy went scuba-diving with his father,
somewhere near the rocks.
It was getting late,
the tide was pulling in...
The father came back,
the son just vanished.
The locals searched
for the boy for over a month
but came back with nothing.
But you're not sure
it's the same boy, right?
It's hard to be sure, Lucas.
But if you want to leave the picture,
I can think about it...
Thank you.
How much do I owe you, Seu Z?
Nothing, Lucas... it's on the house.
Well boys, the weather is changing,
it's my time to go!
It was nice talking to you kids,
see ya later...
Thanks Seu Z, see ya!
Ice cream! Who wants some ice cream?
So if I can get into Journalism
next year, I'm out of here
and hopefully I'll never come back.
So you want to be a journalist then?
Yeah, I guess so.
It figures.
You'd be a fine investigative reporter.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
I don't really have a choice.
It's either that or stay
here as a slave to my uncle forever.
Well, I passed the first exams, so...
Fingers crossed I'll survive the rest!
How about you?
Have you done your SATs yet?
Me? No, never.
Why are you so desperate to leave here?
You city people find
our lifestyle so picturesque.
You're so privileged, you find our lack
of infrastructure to be almost cute.
That's not what I meant.
I know. Still true, though.
I don't know...
I guess I could stay here forever.
Forever is a pretty long time, isn't it?
Oh no.
Well, at least someone's having fun.
They'll tear the house down.
Unfortunately, yes.
- Let's go back.
- Why? Didn't you want to come home?
I did, but... There's my cousin,
and her boyfriend, and her friends.
- Oh wow!
- Exactly...
Too late.
Well, they seem nice.
Hey Martin,
won't you introduce us to your friend?
- Want to come in and have a drink?
- Yes please.
Martin! Join the party!
Hey you! How ya doing?
Welcome, dude! Come, Martin, come!
Let's go, let's go! What's up?
And... Stop!
A, B, C, D, E... Go!
Oh God, I need an animal!
Quiet, I can't hear my thoughts!
- An object, an object!
- I'm still stuck on animal.
I think I'm losing my mind...
Guys, I'm having Alzheimers right here.
An object! An object!
For God's sake, I couldn't
even write down the second one.
- I missed two... three!
- Let's have another around.
You see, the quieter ones always win.
- Let's count, let's count!
- Name, name.
I wrote Esther too.
- Elaine.
- Eduardo.
C'mon Martin, really?
Five points if you wrote the
same as someone else,
ten points if you wrote
something fresh.
- Eagle.
- Electric eel.
Elaine what?
- Elaine is not an animal.
- Joo is high as fuck, never mind him.
Object, object!
- Earplugs.
- Earrings.
- I didn't do this one.
- Anyone wrote earrings as well?
My mother-in-law is! "Esterical".
- "Hysterical" is with an H!
- Oh, you're right!
Well, I finished first, so...
- Martin what did you write?
- Elusive.
- He stole mine.
- Alright, entertainment!
- The Exorcist.
- Good one!
- Good one! Edward Scissorhands.
- I put that one too!
It's "The" Exorcist.
We're counting the article now?
- It doesn't count!
- Yes it does!
Of course it does!
It's "The" Exorcist.
Look, in the video store,
The Exorcist is on the letter E.
It's Exorcist, comma, The.
No, on the video store,
it's on the letter T.
Do we have video stores here in Brazil?
I was about eight or nine years old.
I was traveling with my
parents through Minas Gerais.
We stayed at this really weird hotel...
it was very, very old.
Anyway, we went to bed,
and then I wake up in the middle
of the night completely breathless.
It felt like a brick
pressing against my chest.
And my father,
he isn't the superstitious type at all
but he came in and saw
a guy sitting on top of me.
Like he was suffocating me.
Because I remember feeling
completely out of air.
And then,
we looked up the history of the hotel
and apparently it used to be
a house that burned down,
and three people died in that fire.
And it was really weird because
they died on the exact
same spot we stayed at.
Congratulations Joo,
that's very Freudian of you.
What do you mean?
The guy sitting on top of you?
That explains a lot.
- You make fun of me because it didn't
happen to you. - Of course not!
But, did you actually
see this guy or...?
That's the thing, I didn't see him.
I felt something kept me from breathing.
That's all I remember, I saw nothing...
But that kind of story is so boring!
Who of you actually saw a ghost?
- Like, seen it with their own eyes.
- I did.
I used to do it all the time as a kid.
It was horrible.
I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
My mom even sent my to a
healer to get it off me.
- You never mentioned that before.
- I don't like talking about it.
Didn't want to scare you either...
But what exactly did you see?
Guys, you don't want to know, seriously.
Damn, I always wanted to
see a ghost, for real.
I guess I'd rather face
a ghost then a cockroach.
When we performed
The Flying Dutchman,
she got real horny for that
ghost pirate, didn't you?
I really did!
But isn't that a kids' cartoon?
No, no!
It's an opera about this
captain who's sort of a sexy zombie.
And he's condemned to sail endlessly
to find the love of his life
which is me, of course.
Julia, you won't handle a real ghost.
But how does a real ghost look?
- Let's change subject...
- You started this, Vitor.
Alice, I don't want to
talk about it! Enough!
- I don't fool around with this stuff!
- Alright, sorry...
Not after what I've been through,
and what I saw.
Joo is right, you know.
- You guys wouldn't laugh if it
happened to you. - Thanks, bud.
Alright, let's move on then.
Who's next?
Who's got a good ghost story to tell?
I only have cockroach stories.
- Lucas!
- Me?
Your turn, baby.
No, wait a minute...
C'mon Lucas,
I want to know you better.
Alright, let me think.
Well, everyone around
here is very superstitious.
I grew up believing in mermaids,
sea monsters, ghost ships...
My grandfather was a fisherman,
and he pretty much saw it all.
He used to tell me about
his sailing adventures
and the creatures lurking
just below the surface.
Of course, some of it
was made up, but...
as a kid those stories seemed
to me both horrifying and fascinating.
And then one day,
the sea took my grandpa away from me.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Every year, someone goes
missing around here.
If the sea wishes to claim a soul,
we have no choice but to accept it.
As if we're offering an annual
sacrifice to this ancient sea deity
like an evil version of Yemanj,
you know?
I'm kidding, Yemanj, forgive me.
Truth is I haven't seen anything.
I guess I'm just like you, Julia...
I've wanted to see something, you know?
Just to be sure.
But for real now, sometimes
I really feel something out there...
I stare into the sea and it
seems to be staring right back at me.
Waiting for my turn to walk
into the tide and never come back.
There's a feeling of pure
evil lurking beneath these waters.
And every day I pray that
whatever's hiding down bellow
should never rise again.
You guys, check this out.
Trained actress,
excellent body language, well done!
C'mon Vitor, stop it...
Alice, please tell your
boyfriend to stop?
- What's he doing?
- I don't know.
There's someone there.
A boy... there's someone there.
What boy?
A boy who drowned...
He's come back...
What's that noise?!
He came back for you.
Vitor, that's not funny!
Stop it! Alice, tell him to stop!
- Vitor, stop it for Christ's sake!
- Stop screaming, it'll make it worse.
Vitor, stop it!
Somebody do something!
He can't breathe! Calm down!
- Oh no...
- You son of a bitch!
This isn't funny!
I can't believe you
did this again! Stop it!
I'm so scared, you asshole...
Well, that was one hell of a night...
He was just pulling a prank,
right? It was all an act.
Well, he's an actor, right?
Well, it was just a practical joke.
But damn, he's good! Real horror
movie stuff. I nearly shat myself.
- Hey, do you really think
your friend is... - Dead?
I don't know.
Hey, cheer up...
You guys will meet again soon,
and will be laughing about
this for years, I promise.
If you're still feeling a
little shaky, I could stay...
Thanks, but I really need to sleep.
Or try to, anyway.
Alright, guess I'll be on my way then.
In this rain?!
Oh, this kind of water doesn't scare me.
See ya.
See you tomorrow?
See you tomorrow.
They say that many, many years ago...
a young man was found
shipwrecked on our shores.
Nobody knows where he came
from or where was he headed.
Not a word was spoken
from the stranger's lips.
But he soon won the
hearts of the locals,
not through words, but through music.
He'd play each and every
instrument to perfection
entrancing them with the
sweetest of melodies.
The people from the village
soon named him The Maestro.
But it didn't take long before
his presence became unwelcome
like a dark cloud looming
eerily over the island.
The sons and daughters of the locals
began to disappear without a trace
and some say they'd been kidnapped
and sacrificed by the Maestro
in some sort of pagan ceremony.
Some say the Maestro
himself wasn't at all human
but a fiendish creature from the darkest,
deepest corners of the ocean...
A son of the Old Gods.
One night, the Maestro was
found murdered in his house
his body brutally mutilated
beyond recognition.
And by his side, there was a score...
A symphony written in human blood.
His body was thrown into the sea,
back to the depths from whence it came
along with that cursed symphony!
Never to return...
Never to return...
Never to return.
You know sunbathing for so
long will make you sick?
At least I'll die happy.
Joo, is this for real?
Not even the swimming pool?
C'mon, I'm just chilling.
Don't mind him, Julia... That's from
watching shark movies late at night.
Really, Joo? Seriously?
Fuck off, Julia!
Go to hell... all of you.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- What?
- You have a little bit of...
Sorry, it was driving me nuts.
Hey, forgot to tell you...
I dreamed about you last night.
It's hard to get you out
of my head, you know.
Well, I dreamt you were attacked
by some sort of sea monster...
But it was just a dream, right?
I had a pretty weird
dream last night myself.
At least, I think it was a dream...
Really? What did you dream about?
I dreamed I was at the beach,
on the pier, and...
Let's play Marco Polo?
Wow, how old are we, five?
You're such a bore, Vitor.
- I'm in!
- How about you, Martin?
- Alright, count me in too.
- Your loss, Vitor!
Alright, who's Marco? Who's Polo?
- What's the catch?
- You don't know the rules?
- I know how to play Marco Polo!
- A volunteer, please!
- What's up with that?
- Because you never play!
That's not how it works.
I'm the lady of the house! I choose!
- Martin, you go!
- Why me?
Because I said so.
I suck at this game. I don't want.
But that's the fun part!
C'mon! Martin! Martin! Martin!
Alright, alright, let's go.
Let's go! Martin! Martin!
Round and round...
Spinning and spinning...
No peaking, Martin!
Spin him a bit more!
The other way around!
Move him around some more!
He needs to be dizzy!
Let's go! A little bit more...
- Marco!
- Polo!
- Marco!
- Polo!
Martin! Martin!
- Are you okay?
- Take a deep breathe!
Remember when she used to sing for us?
Every time we had a nightmare,
she'd sing this song...
and every bad dream would go away...
It warded off the boogeyman.
Whether we were afraid of the dark
or something lurking under the bed.
Every time she sang
all the monsters would fade away.
- But now they came back, Alice.
- Martin...
I saw Daniel.
He's dead. Rotting away.
Look, I know I said I wouldn't
tell a soul that you were...
You promised me!
I know I did, Martin...
and I keep my promises.
But it's unethical...
I can't let our family think you're dead.
And this house isn't doing you any good.
Specially since Aunt
Hilda isn't here anymore.
I have those memories too, you know.
All those ghosts.
But at the end of the day, Martin,
that's just what it is... Memories.
Our games of make-believe
were just a fantasy, it wasn't real.
I don't know what's worse.
If these things really
do exist and are out to get me.
- Or if it's just all in my head!
- No...
It would mean I'm really sick
and will get locked up somewhere!
No honey, you're not sick!
Everything will be fine.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Why?
I was worried.
But you were talking to Alice
and I didn't want to be a bother.
You're never a bother.
Oh really?
Don't you want to dance?
I can't dance.
Yeah, sure.
No really, I'm too clumsy.
I just can't.
C'mon, stop that! Look at them.
Do you really think
they know how to dance?
Yeah, not really.
Want a sip? It helps, you know.
I don't drink.
Oh yeah, sorry, forgot.
You know what?
So? Is it that bad?
- It's kinda sweet?
- You see!
Way up in the sky, there lives a moon
Ever so lonely in her gloomy world
She casts her gaze upon the earth
Searching for love
Then came the sea,
so cold and so heartless
And ever so lonesome
Felt the moonlight shining upon him
And thus,
the sea fell in love with the moon
Light that bathes the night
And makes the sun go down to sleep
Showing just how much I love you
If this legend of love makes
one laugh or makes one cry
Only the heart can tell
If the moon can touch the sea
It can touch us just the same
Telling us that love is everlasting
If everyone writes their own story
Then ours can be happy too
If a heart says yes to love
How can the other refuse?
Light that bathes the night
And makes the sun go down to sleep
Showing just how much I love you
If this legend of love makes
one laugh or makes one cry
Only the heart can tell
If the moon can touch the sea
It can touch us just the same
Telling us that love is everlasting
If this legend of love makes
one laugh or makes one cry
Only the heart can tell
If the moon can touch the sea
It can touch us just the same
Telling us that love is everlasting
If this legend of love
(Makes one laugh or makes one cry)
Your turn!
Only the heart can tell
If the moon can touch the sea
It can touch us just the same
Telling us that love is everlasting
I think I've lost my mind just enough
Tired of believing there's
no chemistry between us
The black bottom of my soul
My pale white expression
I've grown used to all
that crying and that shouting
You know I'm tired of
dealing with this obsession
Searching for love in the dark
Maybe you won't go me any good
But I know for a fact
your eyes withhold
All the fear of those who fall
while reaching for the stars
But no, I only want you to stay
I can't thing of anything else but still
I need to end this yearning inside me
So don't you get smart with me
I want us to understand each other
I know loving you might be a mistake
But that's okay
Your taste lingers
in my mouth and in my room
Who knew happiness could grow till
there's no room for anything else
I miss that black swan
withholding my pain
It's reign of terror restored
my essence and my solitude
But no, I only want you to stay
I can't thing of anything else but still
I need to end this yearning inside me
So don't you get smart with me
I want us to understand each other
I know loving you might be a mistake,
but that's okay
Are you sure?
I am.
- Really really?
- Really really!
I wanted to tell you something earlier.
No, you wanted to
tell me something, right?
Yeah, something very
important, remember?
- What was it?
- Yeah.
And what was it?
Oh, it's just...
nothing important really.
- Just tell me what it is, Martin!
- Alright...
Okay, so... what I wanted to say...
What I wanted to tell you, yourself
It's just that I'm...
Oh, okay...
I'm completely mad.
Not like teenage mad,
or teen movie mad...
No, I'm actually really really crazy.
Like, certifiably crazy.
The doctor said so himself.
And I don't know. I think
you deserve someone better then me.
I don't know...
Everything you've just said.
It doesn't change one bit
how I feel about you.
Why not?
Look, if you're not sure this is...
- No, no, not at all.
- We can wait a little, if you want.
No, really, I feel very comfortable.
- Really really?
- Really really!
- Alright then...
- Alright then...
- Sorry!
- Sorry, sorry!
- I'm sorry!
- Don't worry!
- This is hard!
- Wait a bit.
- Did you get it?
- Yeah?
No thanks, I don't like fruit.
You know what I love?
I love cleaning up after all you guys.
Always me. By myself in these houses.
Houses? There's more then one house?
All these houses that are not mine.
Guys... What's happening?
What's up with this?
- Where did you find this?
- In the freezer.
Who put it in the freezer, Joo?
What's that? The Necronomicon?
Conjuring of the Old Gods. By anonymous.
Sounds tasty.
Is this yours, Alice?
Not really... sort of.
Let's see...
You know you're reading it all wrong?
- Let me try...
- Sorry pal, I can't read Latin.
Oh that's too bad. Let's see...
- Ju, would you do the honors?
- Of course, I'm fluent in Latin.
Okay. Let's see...
One, two, three, four...
Guys, hold on, it was
written for three voices.
There are three vocal lines.
- So maybe we should sing all three?
- Let's try...
I don't think you should
sing this and you neither.
Then why don't you do
the honors, Alice?
No thanks, I've had my
share of raising the dead.
Guys, guys...
you know what this sounds like?
That creepy Xuxa song
played backwards...
Concentrate, Joo. This is serious.
Sorry, guys.
Alright, concentrate.
- Did you hear that?
- Hear what?
- Nothing, never mind.
- Okay!
- Sweetie?
- Alice honey, are you okay?
Alice, breathe.
Vitor, I want to go home, please.
Sit down, have some water.
No, just take me home.
- Alright, we're going home.
- Fine, we'll stay a bit longer.
You guys want a ride?
- No, relax, go take care of her.
- Okay.
Watch out. Careful.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine... Why?
I don't know... you're so quiet.
I'm just thinking.
I know how it is.
I felt the same after my first time.
It's like a whole new world, right?
Oh, so this isn't your first time?
Sadly, no.
That's okay.
Can I ask you something?
Sure, of course.
Who did you do it with?
During your first time?
A friend from the village, Juca.
We worked together at the grocery store.
Were you dating?
No, we were just friends really.
I think I'll ever date anyone here.
I'd never be able to date a boy...
Not here anyway.
What about you?
What about me?
Have you ever had a boyfriend before?
No, never.
But you did fall in love, right?
Once I did... Yes.
And how was it like?
Oh, it was such a long time ago.
I didn't know then what
it meant to love somebody.
We were you so young...
I didn't know exactly what I felt
and I didn't know if I could feel
that way about another boy,
you know what I mean?
Martin, you sound like some old dude
who spent his whole life trapped
in a heterosexual marriage
and only just came
out of the closet like
"dear Lord, what have
I done with my life?!"
- Oh my...
- You see?
I'm sorry.
Hey, stop apologizing!
I know, it's just... I don't know...
Come here...
You're beautiful!
And you're crazy!
Oh, yeah...
Weren't you supposed to be sleepy?
I don't know, guess I woke up?
What's wrong?
Is there a ghost watching us?
My sweet girl
You've called for me
I'm your innermost secret dream
Hidden in the back of your mind
I'm the wind that sings
in the dead of night
I'm the whispering
waves calling your name
So come and dance
Come and fly
And defy infinity
I've been lost for so long
Sailing through the night
In my phantom ship, by starlight
Waiting for an angel to break the spell
A true love's kiss to end my curse
So come and dance
Come and fly
And be reborn on the other side
"Through each of the seven seas
I tasted each of the seven deadly sins."
"I challenged the Devil and
in return he made me live through Hell."
"Not burning in the depths
of Hades, but here."
"The ocean has become
my very own River Styx."
"Where I sail through time and space
without ever reaching the other side."
"And once every seven years I return."
"Roaming the earth over
the course of a night."
"Searching for the one"
"who'll break"
"with a true love's kiss."
"You are the one, Julia."
So come and dance
And sink into the dark
Sure you don't want to take a bath?
Sure, go on, I'll be right there.
Remember me... Remember us...
Come and see
We are the shadows
who came to your embrace
There are three words
only I'd like to say
So few and so bare
I love you
I love to have seen
you and to have met you
I love that chilly vulnerable embrace
I love your blind
ways and the way you sigh
I love the way your
bare skin touches mine
I love the way you kiss me from afar
I love the ocean of your love for life
Before myself, and after you
I don't know why, now I no longer know
What of part of us is mine
I love the safety I feel beside you
I love our hope of days to come
I love our passion of a world long gone
I love your sea of carefree dreams
I love hesitating to end the day
I love that loving you
is what I need the most
Before myself, and after you
I don't know why, now I no longer know
What our love means after all...
Is anyone home?
My son
Where have you been?
Why did you go away?
What are you doing here?
It doesn't matter
We'll be alright now
I've come to take your home
I've missed you so terribly
Mom, you're hurting me.
They're blocking all the
roads We must leave quickly
Listen to me,
Alice and her friends...
They've disappeared.
Something happened!
They were infected, weren't they?
Thus came the plague, spreading away
Claiming whatever stood in it's way
There's barely anyone left now
What plague?
You're frightening me.
You've been infected too
Sin has penetrated you
But God will forgive you,
God will you save you
I will save you!
Come Martin... Come and see...
Come for the dead shall sing
The curtain falls, the light fades
Behold the dance of lost souls
So come and see
For the opera is about to begin
The day turned into night
The sea cradled me in the deep
The moonlit waves swept me away
Then suddenly you're here
Searching for me in the dark
I've been alone for so long
And time feels like a knot
Remember when there
were just the three of us
Alice, you, and I
Echoes of an endless summer
An endless childhood
You abandoned me
I didn't abandon you
- On that night long ago...
- I couldn't go back
And all that's left is but a memory
The past now seems so far away
I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go
Come with me and you'll see
We can run away
But where should we go?
There's no place to hide
Your parents will find you
They'll send you to an institution
And leave you there to rot
You don't want to grow up.
You don't want to die
I know, because once I was just like you
But we can fly away together
Beyond heaven above or hell bellow
Sink into the deepest blue
Through the looking glass we'll go
Leave all sadness and pain behind
And we'll reign together in Neverland
"Camera rolling."
Are you recording?
"Yes, action!"
My name is...
"Go on."
My name is Silvia Giannelli.
You'll probably recognize
me from tv or the papers.
Well, I'm here again because.
Today is the anniversary
of my son Martin's disappearance.
I haven't got any clues,
any information...
No sign of whether he's dead or alive.
He left home on the 26th of December
and was last seen about a month later
at an inn in Ponta Grossa,
with my niece Alice and some friends.
"None of them were ever seen again.
They never came home..."
"Every day someone sends me some
wild speculations from the internet."
"that they were kidnapped,
or abducted by aliens."
But I keep believing.
I believe my son is still alive.
A mother's intuition never lies.
He knows I know he's still alive.
He just doesn't want to be found.
"But Martin...
If you're watching this, my son."
"Send me a word,
send me a sign, anything!"
"Come home..."
"Things will be different now."
"I've changed, and your
father has changed too."
My son... Come home.
Come back to me...