Phantom Thread (2017) Movie Script

Reynolds has made my
dreams come true.
And I have given him what
he desires most in return.
And what's that?
Every piece of me.
He's a very demanding man,
isn't he?
Must be quite a challenge
to be with him.
Maybe he is the
most demanding man.
Morning, ladies.
-Morning, Madame.
Good morning, ladies.
-Good morning, Biddy.
-Good morning, Mr. Woodcock.
-Morning, Nana.
-Morning, Mr. Woodcock.
-Morning, sir.
Try these.
They're delicious.
Remember I told you, Johanna?
No more sludgy things.
I didnt know that.
You may have told
it to someone else.
Morning, my old so-and-so.
Where have you gone, Reynolds?
There's nothing I can say...
to get your attention
aimed back at me...
Is there?
I cannot begin my day
with a confrontation.
I'm delivering the dress today...
and I can't take up space
with a confrontation.
I simply don't have time
for confrontations.
Good morning, Countess.
Good morning, Cyril.
Good morning, Peter.
Who's this beautiful stranger?
I need to see you
far more often, Henrietta.
I am very excited.
I am, too. Come in.
Let's take it for a walk.
Beautiful work, ladies.
Thank you very much.
It's beautiful, Reynolds.
Worth everything
we've been through.
I feel like it would
give me courage.
Ladies and gentlemen,
take your seats, please.
-She here?
-Yes, sir.
Well, what do you want to do
about Johanna?
I mean, she's lovely,
but the time has come.
And she's getting
fat sitting around
waiting for you to fall
in love with her again.
I'll give her the October dress.
That's all right?
I have an unsettled feeling...
based on...
nothing I can put my finger on.
Just butterflies.
Been having the strongest
memories of Mama lately.
Coming to me in my dreams...
Smelling her scent...
The strongest sense that...
she's near us.
And reaching out towards us.
Very much hope that she saw
the dress tonight, don't you?
It's comforting
to think the dead are watching
over the living.
I don't find that spooky at all.
Why don't you go
to the country tonight?
I'll follow tomorrow.
Good idea.
I like that idea very much.
My old so-and-so.
Mr. Hansford?
Mr. Hansford, hello?
-Good morning.
Fill us up please.
And check the oil and tires.
Lots of frost this morning.
It's cold, innit? It's very bitter.
-Good morning.
What would you like to order?
A Welsh rabbit.
With a poached egg
on top, please.
Not too runny.
And bacon.
Butter, cream.
Not strawberry.
What else?
Coffee or tea?
Do you have lapsang?
I'll have a pot
of lapsang, please.
Good choice.
And some sausages.
And some sausages.
Show me.
Will you remember?
I'm keeping this.
And now?
Will you have dinner with me?
For the hungry boy.
My name is Alma.
-Am I late?
What do you think?
I like the sauce.
It's quite good.
May I, Alma?
I like to see who I'm talking to.
There you are.
That's better.
Does you mother have brown eyes?
Do you look very much like her?
I don't know. I think so.
Do you have a photograph?
Will you let me see it?
Not here, at home.
Carry it with you.
Always carry her with you.
Where's yours?
Your mother?
She's here in the canvas.
-What do you mean?
You can sew almost anything
into the canvas of a coat.
Words, little messages.
When I was a boy, I started to
hide things in the linings
of the garments.
Things that only
I knew were there.
And over my breast, I have
a lock of my mother's hair.
To keep her
close to me always.
She's quite a remarkable woman.
She taught me my trade.
So, I try to
never be without her.
You must love her very much.
This is Alma.
Say hello to Alma.
Come on, come on.
-Watch over the house.
I made this dress for her
when I was 16 years old.
It was for her second husband,
their wedding.
My father had died
many years before.
Our nanny, the evil
Miss Blackwood...
"The Black Death"
we used to call her,
because of superstition, she
refused to help me sew the dress
as she believed it would
bring her bad fortune...
to never be a bride.
Not that anyone
would've had her.
And she seemed ancient to us,
I've no idea how old she actually was.
And monstrously ugly.
I worked alone for months
and months, hunched over.
Sewing and sweating and sewing.
And the Black Death
never married anyway.
The help I could've had from her.
It was my sister, Cyril,
came to my rescue in the end.
There were endless superstitions
when making a wedding dress.
Young girls are afraid they'll
never marry if they touch one.
Models afraid they'll...
marry only bald men
if they put one on.
And where's the dress now?
I have no idea
what happened to it.
No idea.
Um, it's probably turned
to ashes by now.
Fallen to pieces.
And... your sister?
Did she ever marry?
Come over, let's have a fire.
If you want to have a staring
contest with me, you will lose.
You are a very handsome man.
You must be around
many beautiful women.
Why are you not married?
I make dresses.
You cannot be married
when you make dresses?
I'm certain I was
never meant to marry.
I'm a confirmed bachelor.
I'm incurable.
Marriage would
make me deceitful,
and I don't ever want that.
You sound so sure about things.
I'm sure about that.
I think you are
only acting strong.
No, I am strong.
For who?
Not for me, I hope.
I think it's the expectations
and assumptions of others...
that cause heartache.
Would you help me
with something?
-Come on.
Good, just jump up
on the box for me.
I think we're going to try and...
pull this back for you.
Pretty good.
A moment.
Save that one for
another time.
Quite nice.
Dead serious.
This one.
Do you like it?
-It's pretty good.
That's it.
Let's get that off you and then...
I'd like to take your measurements.
Is that all right?
And who is this lovely creature
making the house smell so nice?
Hello, I'm Alma.
I'm Cyril.
Sandalwood and rose water.
Hmm, sherry... and...
lemon juice?
Mm, mm-hmm, we had
fish for dinner.
My old sew-and-sew.
Would you mind?
Will you step towards me.
Thirty-five and a half.
Fourteen and a half.
Just stand normally.
I stand normally.
Like before.
-What do you mean?
-Like that.
-Yeah, you didn't say that.
Sixteen and a half.
Eight and a half.
You have no breasts.
-Yes, I know.
-Thirty-two and a half.
You can drop your arm now.
I'm sorry.
No, no, you're perfect.
My job to give you some.
If I choose to.
Six and a half.
And... forty-five.
That's it.
Would you try
something else for me?
You have the ideal shape.
-I do?
He likes a little belly.
I never really liked myself.
I thought my...
shoulders were too wide.
My neck was
skinny like a bird.
That I had no breasts.
I felt my...
hips were larger than needed.
And my arms strong.
I feel as if I've been looking
for you for a very long time.
You found me.
Whatever you do...
do it carefully.
But in his work,
I've become perfect.
And I feel just right.
Maybe that's how all women his clothes.
You look beautiful.
Very beautiful.
You're making me
extremely hungry.
-I ordered you a steak tartare.
-Oh, perfect. Thank you.
My little carnivore.
I've just been on the telephone
to your favorite client.
Barbara Rose is getting
married again.
Oh, goody.
All right, well...
I think I better have
another one of these.
That's your room.
I'm right next door.
Get your rest.
We'll start early
in the morning.
How early?
I'll wake you.
Sometimes, we wake up
at four in the morning...
after we'd gone to
bed at midnight.
And then he's ready
to start again.
And I can stand endlessly.
No one can stand
as long as I can.
What is it, Alma?
What are you looking
so forlorn about, hm?
I don't know, I...
I don't think I like
the fabric so much.
Well, Alma, this fabric is adored
by the women who
wear our design.
It's perfect for this dress.
Cyril is right.
Cyril is always right.
It's not because the
fabric is adored
by the clients
that Cyril is right.
It's right because it's right.
Because it's beautiful.
Maybe one day you will
change your taste, Alma.
Maybe not.
Maybe you have no taste.
Maybe I like my own taste.
Yeah, it's just enough
to get you into trouble.
Perhaps I'm looking for trouble.
Excuse me, Mr. Woodcock.
I would like to say
that I hope one day
I could wear one
of your dresses.
Well, thank you.
If that's your wish, I hope
it comes true for you.
She really means it.
She told me she wants to be
buried in a dress that you made.
-Thank you.
-Thank you,
ladies for your kind words.
Good night.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Good night.
-Good night. Thank you very much.
You'd dig her up and sell the
dress again, wouldn't you, Nigel?
Well, otherwise it would seem to
be going to a waste,
but yeah, any wombat can try.
Nigel, why don't you
watch your words?
Have you had enough to eat?
You seem thirsty.
Morning, Reynolds.
Morning, Cyril.
Please, don't move
so much, Alma.
I'm...buttering my toast.
I'm not moving too much.
Well, it's too much.
It's a distraction.
It's very distracting.
Maybe you...
pay too much attention to it.
It's hard to ignore.
It's as if you just rode
a horse across the room.
It's too much movement.
It's entirely too much
movement at breakfast.
Perhaps you should take
your breakfast after him.
Or in your room?
I think he's being too fussy.
His routine when he's in it
is best not shaken.
-This is a quiet time.
Not to be misused.
If breakfast isn't right,
it's very hard for him to recover
for the rest of the day.
I didn't know that.
No, of course you didn't.
But you do now.
Still, I think he's too fussy.
Well, that's as may be.
This is...
Flemish bobbin lace
from the late 1600s.
It's very rare, very precious.
I rescued it from
Antwerp during the war.
I've been waiting for
the right moment to...
to make something with it.
Hold it.
That's very nice.
That's beautiful.
-Very nice.
-Best yet.
And, um, just look towards
the window, please, Alma.
Amber, could-could you
just lift the bodice...
a little bit.
It keeps dropping down.
We need to get that
adjusted properly.
It's ridiculous.
Just get it fixed.
Yes, sir.
It should've been ready today,
quite honestly.
I don't understand why...
-I'm not sitting on the floor.
-Sit on the floor.
Ah, that's great.
That's great.
Have I finished yet?
All right, that's it.
I need to do some work.
May I come in?
I'm working.
Do you need anything?
Just pull this over the shoulders.
Show the dress...
and put it on completely.
Good, good, good.
Alma...she ready?
Me? wait.
Come on, please.
Cape's wrong, let me do it.
Let me do it.
Ellie, ready?
Let's have a look at you.
Stand here.
All right.
Off you go, thank you.
Ingrid, you ready?
Let me do it, let me do it.
You're no good to me
just standing there.
-I-I need your hands...
-Sorry, sir.
Just go. Go, go!
I'm sorry.
Let me drive for you.
You see, when you...
when you love your work...
and you can give
like he does...
you need...
to come down...
And then, he's...
he's a baby, he's...
like a spoiled little baby.
When he's like this, he's...
very tender.
How long would these
episodes last?
Only a few days and...
then he's well again.
No, Alma, what are you doing?
It's tea for you.
Don't put the tray on
the table, please.
Just take it off.
I didn't ask for tea.
No, but...
Take it out, please.
Yes, I can take it out.
It's a bit late now, isn't it?
I'm taking it out.
Yeah, but it's a bit
late now, isn't it?
But I'm taking it out.
The tea is going out.
The interruption is staying
right here with me.
What if they
are yellow underneath
and white on top?
The poisoned ones have gills.
Look at the book in the kitchen.
We cook them in fat?
No, we'll cook them in butter.
But not too much.
Mr. Woodcock detests
too much butter.
There's a very good chance
Barbara Rose will ask you
to attend her wedding.
What do you want me
to do with that?
Accept her invitation.
You can stomach it.
I really wish I hadn't heard
this till later on, Cyril.
It's very unsettling.
Chin up.
Barbara Rose pays
for this house.
All right?
Morning, Barbara.
Morning, Cal. Morning, Tippy.
Morning, Mr. Woodcock.
Let's get started.
Just going to lift this up, Barbara.
I know you're doing
the best you can.
Don't do that.
-Take your hand away, please.
-I'm still so ugly.
Barbara, I'm trying to make
you a beautiful dress.
I need your help.
Oh, please.
Reynolds, will you come?
Stand still, please.
It's really not my place, Barbara.
This is what I do.
This is my place here.
I'm afraid I must insist
that you come.
George Riley, News of the World.
Who would be attendant
at the wedding?
Oh, my son, Cal.
My Cal.
My son is so wonderful.
He's so in favor of this marriage.
John Evans, Daily Mail.
And what of
your holdings, Ms. Rose?
Do they become
Dominican property?
Oh, I don't think so.
If I may say, we are being
married under Dominican law, but
in my country,
her money belongs to her
and my money belongs to me.
Anyway, why would
I need her money?
I have enough of my own.
What's Barbara brought
into your life?
I brought sincerity into his life.
-One kiss for the cameras.
Go on, give us a kiss for
the camera, Ms. Rose.
The answer to the question...
is sincerity.
Let's give them a
kiss for the cameras.
Rubio, tell us about selling visas
to the Jews during the war.
Visas to Jews?
Thank you very much.
Jews, visas?
That dress doesn't belong here.
-Don't start crying.
-I'm not crying.
I'm angry.
-Don't start blubbering, Alma.
-I'm not blubbering.
She doesn't deserve it.
It's your work!
Come on.
Mr. Woodcock.
-What is it?
-I would like the dress back.
Ms. Rose is sleeping.
Well, it's got nothing
to do with the dress.
Can you go and
get it for me, please?
She's sleeping.
In the dress?
Well, yes.
Go and take the dress off her
and bring it to me right away.
I don't think so.
Take the fucking
dress off Barbara
and bring it to me
or I'll do it myself!
I beg your pardon?
Hello, Mr. Woodcock.
It's no business of ours...
what Mrs. Rose decides
to do with her life.
But she can no longer
behave like this...
in a dress by the
House of Woodcock!
Thank you.
I love you.
-At the gray, that's the mother.
Um, she can wear something
like that, but...
-I'll introduce her to...
-It's Mona's day.
Yes, it is.
I'd like to make
something for her.
Yes, of course.
She mentioned that last time...
-Did she? Did she really?
All right.
-Yes, sir.
-Do we have porridge?
-Yes, we do.
-Um, do we have cream?
-We do, yes.
-Thick cream?
-Oh, yes.
-That's what I'd like.
-Porridge's set.
-Don't forget the salt.
-I shan't, I shan't.
Oh, Alma, would you
like some porridge?
-This morning?
-Some for Alma, as well.
-Right, you are.
And um, bacon and eggs.
All right, sir.
I'm so hungry.
Delighted that we have
cream in the house.
Makes all the difference.
It's essential with porridge.
A little bit naughty, though.
Dear Reynolds.
Your Royal Highness.'re welcome.
How nice to see you.
Your Royal Highness.
Hello, how lovely to see you.
S'il vous plat.
When you dream about
your wedding dress,
what is it that you dream?
I dream that it's the most
beautiful wedding dress
in the world.
Perhaps the only wedding
dress in the world.
Well, to take it just
a little step further,
perhaps the only wedding
dress that was ever made.
Is Your Royal Highness a gold
person or a silver person?
Lace or pearl?
Very good.
I want to wish you...
good fortune for your wedding.
Thank you.
Je m'appelle Alma.
Lovely to meet you, Alma.
I live here.
Come in.
Morning, Cyril.
I wanted to ask your help.
In a gift I wanted to
make for Reynolds.
I want to make him a surprise.
If everyone left...
the house...
when he takes his
walk on Thursday,
I will cook for him dinner.
And when he comes back,
no one will be there but me.
I'll be waiting for him.
I will surprise him
and we can have dinner
together, just the two of us.
Do you like this idea?
Would you help me?
It isn't his birthday.
I know.
I would advise
against this, Alma.
Because he doesn't
like surprises.
-He does.
-Well, he won't like this one.
I'm trying to surprise him.
And love him the way
that I want to.
Well, if you're looking for
something do...
perhaps, you could
think of something else.
No, I really must advise
against this, Alma.
I don't think there
could be a more
inappropriate time to
try something new.
This is what I want to do.
And I think
it will be very nice.
With respect to your advice, Cyril...
but I have to know him
in my own way.
And this is what
I want to do for him.
Good night.
Good luck.
Oh, Alma.
What is this?
I love you, Reynolds.
Yes, but, what is this?
It's a surprise.
Are you hungry?
Where's Cyril?
I've sent everyone home.
Where is Cyril?
She's left.
What time did she leave?
This afternoon.
I've made us dinner.
Let me collect myself...
for a moment.
I'll just have a bath, I think.
This is very kind of you, Alma.
Would you like a champagne
or a martini?
No, thank you.
Oh, is that your dress?
It's finished?
Let's go look at it.
It's rather interesting.
Very good work.
I'll just have my bath now.
When will Cyril get back?
Mm, tonight.
How was your appointment
with the princess?
She's very beautiful like
a sculpture of some kind.
So, will you make
her a wedding gown?
I have made her baptism,
her first communion,
and confirmation dresses.
I made the dress for her
presentation at court,
indeed, the entire wardrobe
for her coming out season.
It's only right that I should
make her wedding dress,
wouldn't you think?
No, but this is not...
what I wanted to say, I'm-I'm sorry,
I don't know what I said, I...
This is meant to be
nice evening.
Let me serve you.
Do you like it?
I do.
No, you don't.
You don't like it at all.
Usually, you always tell
me what you think.
What is this?
You're lying.
As I think you know, Alma,
I prefer my asparagus with
oil and salt.
And knowing this,
you've prepared the
asparagus with butter.
Now, I can imagine
in certain circumstances
being able to pretend
that I like it made this way.
Right now, I'm just
admiring my own gallantry
for eating it the way
you've prepared it.
I don't know
what I'm doing here.
I... I don't know
what I'm doing here.
I'm just waiting around like a
idiot for you.
This was an ambush, Alma.
To what purpose?
This is not...
I know it's not going
as I expected, I...
I didn't mean these
things to come out.
I'm sorry, but
it was meant to be nice.
Well, what did you expect?
I wanted time with you.
I wanted to have you to myself.
You have me all the time.
-What are you talking about?
I don't! I... there...
There are always people around.
And if not, then there's
something between us.
Something between us?
When did this happen?
What happened to make
you behave like this?
Is it because you think
I don't need you?
I don't.
Why, that's very
predictable of you.
Don't act so tough.
I know you are not.
Yeah, that's right,
that's right.
If I don't protect myself,
somebody will come
in the middle of the night
and take over my
corner of the room
and ask me about their
fucking asparagus.
Don't be a bully.
You're being a bully.
There are other things
I'd like to do with my time.
-It's my time. My time!
-I have no idea what I'm...
doing here in your time.
What am I doing here?
I'm standing around like
an idiot waiting for you.
Waiting for what?
-Waiting for you.
-Waiting for what?
Waiting for you
to get rid of me.
To tell me to leave.
So, tell me.
So I don't stand around like a
fucking fool.
Asparagus. Is this all
about your asparagus?
No, it is not about asparagus.
What the hell is it about?
Are you a special agent sent
here to ruin my evening
and possibly my entire life?
Why are you so rude to me?
Why are you talking
to me like this?
Is this my house?
-This is my house, isn't it?
-Yes, this is your house.
-Is this my house?
-Of course, it's your house.
Or did somebody drop me
-on foreign soil
-What a question.
behind enemy lines.
-You brought me here.
-I'm surrounded on all sides.
It's you who brought me here.
When the hell did this happen?
Who are you?
Do you have a gun?
You're here to kill me?
-Hm, do you have a gun?
-Stop it!
-Where's your gun?
-Stop being a child.
-Where's your gun?
-Show me your gun.
Stop playing this game.
-I'm not playing a game.
-I'm not...
Yes, mm-hmm.
-What game am I playing?
What game?
What precisely is
the nature of my game?
You tell me.
Oh, this whole...
All your rules and your walls
and your doors and your people
and your
money and all this clothes and
everything! This! This!
This game!
Everything here!
The whole pfff!
Nothing is normal
or natural or...
Everything is a game.
"Yes, mister, no, madam".
i-if it's my...
-I don't eat this.
-If it's my life...
-I don't drink that, I don't...
that you're describing.
It's entirely up to you whether
you choose to share it or not.
If you don't wish
to share that life
as apparently it's so disagreeable
to you in every respect,
why don't you just fuck off
to back where you came from?
Sometimes it's good for him...
to slow down his steps a little.
Would you like me to
ask Alma to leave?
No, why?
Well, if you're going
to make her a ghost...
go ahead and do it, but
please don't let her sit
around waiting for you.
I'm very fond of her.
Oh, you're very
fond of her, are you?
Well, in that case...
Well, don't turn it on me. I don't
want your cloud on my head.
-Oh, shut up, Cyril.
-Oh, you can shut right up.
Don't pick a fight with me.
You certainly won't
come out alive.
I'll go right through you
and it'd be you who
ends up on the floor.
-Morning, Pippa.
-Morning, Sir.
Pen, book, and glasses?
Yes, they're all
there for you, Sir.
Morning, ladies.
-Morning, Sir.
-Morning, Sir.
Excellent work, ladies. Um...
It's just not very good, is it?
It's ugly.
You all right, Sir?
Reynolds, are you all right?
Mr. Woodcock,
he seems to be ill.
Who seems to be ill?
Mr. Woodcock, he's fallen over
and he's damaged the dress!
I-I'm sorry, Biddy?
-Who's fallen over?
-Mr. Woodcock.
He's fallen over and
he's damaged the dress,
and there's stains on
the front of the skirt,
and there's a hole, in the bo-
in the lace and the bodice,
and there's shoe polish
on the front of the dress.
Shoe polish from what?
From his shoe.
I'm fine.
Oh, I don't know what
the hell came over me.
Must be something I've eaten.
-You should lie down.
-No, I'm fine.
Please lie down.
No, really, don't fuss,
Alma, please?
-Just don't fuss, whatever it is.
If you fuss,
I'll die right here.
I promise, I won't fuss.
Let me do that, please.
I have to take these off.
Yes, I'll take them.
Would you tell them
I'll be down shortly?
Yes, of course.
Hello, Cyril.
What is it?
I don't know what the
bloody hell came over me.
I'll be all right in a moment.
Well, you don't look all right.
Where does it hurt?
It's all over.
Never really felt like this before.
Is it your stomach?
Is it something you've eaten?
No, I don't think so.
I swore, it...
So please tell them I'll
be with them in a minute.
No, you're not going anywhere.
Just stay here and rest.
Would you like me
to do anything?
Just give me silence.
Shall I call the doctor?
No, Cyril, you certainly
will not, please.
All right.
-Exhausted yourself.
-Just give me silence.
Burning up.
Will you take care
of the dress for me?
Yes, of course I will.
It's all right.
-I just want to...
-Shh, shh, shh.
That's it.
Come on, Alma.
I think I may be sick again.
We're gonna have to do a lot
of work to get this dress
ready for tomorrow, you know?
We're gonna have to undo
the front of the dress,
and replace the skirt.
We're gonna have to cut a
new panel of the satin,
and there's also the
organza piece...
Yes, I'll deal with that in
a minute, Biddy, thank you.
Yes, I've got to
change your pajamas.
I'm scared, Alma.
Yes, of course you are.
Do you think I'll ever get better?
Of course.
I take care of you.
Madame, there's a telephone call.
He's...settled now, sleeping.
-Doctor's here.
-What doctor?
The doctor I sent for.
-Oh, no, but he's...
-He needs to be examined.
No, he's not dying.
He needs to be examined.
He's sleeping now,
that's what he needs.
Let me be unambiguous.
Come out of the room and
downstairs immediately.
All right.
Alma, this is Dr. Hardy.
How do you do,
Mrs. Woodcock?
How do you do?
How's he feeling?
He's-He's better,
he's sleeping.
Is he able to keep
anything down yet?
He hasn't tried it. Uh, I was
going to make some soup.
And his fever?
It has gone down.
Oh, would you like
me to see him?
Is that all right, Mrs. Woodcock?
Yes! It is.
Reynolds, Lady Baltimore
sent her godson to see you.
Dr. Hardy.
Hello, Mr. Woodcock.
May I examine you?
Keep your hands off me.
Well, I just like to
take your temperature.
There's a strange boy in the room,
can you get him out, please?
I admit, I do look young--
Fuck off.
Reynolds, please, just
let him examine you.
Yes, fuck off.
I think this is clear, hm?
He wants you to fuck off.
I'm so sorry, Doctor.
I'm very sorry.
Not to worry.
I'll drop by tomorrow morning
to see how he's coming along.
Nine a.m.?
If his fever increases during
the night, you'll telephone me?
-Of course, Doctor.
-Of course, Doctor.
Good night, Mrs. Woodcock.
-Good night, Doctor.
-Good night, Doctor.
Follow me.
When will it be ready?
I don't know.
Let me put it another way.
This dress will be
ready by nine a.m.
because that's when
it leaves for Belgium.
Ladies, I'm very sorry,
but I'm afraid
you'll have to work
late this evening.
The dress needs to be
ready by nine a.m...
to make its journey to Belgium.
Do expect to be here...
for quite some time.
If you need to use
the telephone,
please use the one in my office.
Nana and Biddy,
what can I do to help?
Could you pin the ribbon
on the hem there, please?
Thank you.
Ladies, I'm very sorry,
but I'm afraid
you'll have to work
late this evening.
The dress needs to be
ready by nine a.m...
and I know there's rather
a lot to do on it, still.
So, please, do expect
to be here...
possibly for
the rest of the night.
If you need to make
telephone calls,
do so from my office.
Thank you.
Are you here?
Are you always here?
I miss you.
I think about you all the time.
I hear your voice say
my name when I dream.
And when I wake up,
there are tears
streaming down my face.
I just miss you.
It's as simple as that.
I want to tell you everything.
I don't understand
what you're saying.
I can't hear your voice.
Your fever's gone down.
I love you, Alma.
I don't ever want
to be without you.
I love you.
I have things I want to do.
I thought my days
were unlimited.
The mistakes I've made...
I've made again.
They can no longer be ignored.
There are things nagging at me.
Things that now must be done.
Things I simply cannot
do without you.
To keep my...
sour heart from choking.
To break a curse.
A house that doesn't
change is a dead house.
Alma, will you marry me?
Will you marry me?
What the bloody hell
are you thinking about?
Will you marry me?
Will you marry me?
Yes, I will.
Reynolds and Alma,
when you say these binding
and contracting words,
you'll be looking at each other
after all, it is to each other
you're marrying, and not to me.
I call upon these
persons here present...
I call upon these
persons here present...
to witness that I, Reynolds
Jeremiah Woodcock,
to witness that I, Reynolds
Jeremiah Woodcock,
do take thee, Alma Elson,
do take thee, Alma Elson,
to be my lawful wedded wife.
to be my lawful wedded wife.
Alma, I call upon these
persons here present...
I call upon these
persons here present...
to witness that I, Alma Elson,
to witness that I, Alma Elson,
do take thee, Reynolds
Jeremiah Woodcock,
do take thee, Reynolds
Jeremiah Woodcock,
to be my lawful wedded husband.
to be my lawful wedded husband.
And it now gives me great
pleasure to say...
Congratulations, you are now
husband and wife.
And you may kiss the bride.
-See you later.
-See you later.
Good time.
You too.
You too, have a good time.
None for me, thank you.
Dr. Hardy?
-Dr. Hardy?
-Oh, hey.
Oh, excuse me.
Reynolds, do you
remember Dr. Hardy?
Good evening,
Mr. and Mrs. Woodcock.
Oh, hello.
How do you do, Mr. Woodcock?
How are you feeling?
I think we met in a puddle
of sweat, didn't we?
Yes, that's right.
I probably owe you an
apology of some kind.
I seem to remember
barking at you.
There's no need. I've been
laid siege by much worse.
Oh, really?
You look very healthy.
How are you feeling?
Didnt I tell you to fuck off?
Yes, yes, you did.
Dinner is served, everybody.
Come on.
So that's your shifty-eyed godson.
He's got perfectly normal eyes.
I'm rather left smattering
things in that story.
Thank you very much.
It's fallen off me.
Ooh, I'm so sorry.
It's very hard
to tell sometimes.
Secrets nobody tells.
Your wife has got that gorgeous
glow you get with a first marriage.
How long will you be in for?
It seems my godson's rather
enjoying that glow as well.
So, what are your plans
for New Year's Eve?
Oh, um...
we don't have any.
Well, you should come out to the
Chelsea House Club ball.
I don't know what that is.
Well, it's not
something I'd suggest
if I didn't think you'd
have a wonderful time.
It's really something to be seen.
I'll pass it on to my husband.
But I think we'll stay in.
Change your mind.
We'll get him to
change his mind.
Or whatever it takes.
Now, please come,
I promise you the
time of your life.
How do you know
how my life has been?
I don't.
You're right.
I think this would be quite a
fine time if you'd like to come.
She's barely looked at you
this evening, has she?
I think they're well
and truly shaken now.
What on Earth are you doing?
I rolled a three.
Yes, but that's the four pip.
Go back to the bar
where you belong.
Oh, sorry.
Let's not start cheating
at this stage, Alma.
I'm not cheating.
I don't need to cheat.
Oh, good.
You do need to be able to
count, on the other hand.
Backgammon, by the way,
I get trouble the score
because you haven't got any
checkers off the board.
Pfff. Stupid game anyway.
Well, maybe it seems stupid to you
now as you're currently losing,
but I dare say,
if you were victorious,
I'm confident that you'd see
it in a different light.
Now, they need your chair
for my next opponent.
Me, please.
What are you so cranky about?
Have fun with your
next opponent.
Well, I-I think I will. A lot
more than I did with you.
Gosh, she's really
very rude, isn't she?
My heart breaks for you.
Oh, really?
Being married to a toddler.
I don't mean to be
racist, but, I mean...
Is there some sort of custom
at this time of the night
in her country where...
-I mean, what's she doing?
-What's your point?
I don't know...
She's stealing things or
attacking people, I mean...
I want to go dancing.
Right now.
You're joking.
No, I'm not.
It's New Year's Eve.
Well, I'm not going dancing.
There's a party at
the Devonshire Hall
to celebrate the New Year.
And I want to go.
We need to go dancing.
So, what are you going
to do about it?
I'm going to stay right here
and I'm going to work.
And now, ladies and gentlemen!
Are you ready to welcome in
a glorious, lucky New Year?
Are you ready?
Here we go!
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
Five, four, three, two, one!
Happy New Year!
How does it feel?
Well, I think it feels a little big.
Should we just take
a little off the waist?
-We can take a little off the waist.
How's that feeling?
I think that's better.
Would you excuse me for a
minute please, Mrs. Vaughan?
I think it's...
It's not too tight?
No, it's comfortable. Fine.
Where has
Henrietta Harding been?
She's been to another house.
Which one?
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I didn't want to.
Is there something
that I'm unaware of?
Because as far as
I can remember,
all I have done is to
dress her beautifully.
I don't think that
matters to some people.
I think they want what
is fashionable and chic.
Oh, don't you start using that
filthy little word. Chic?
Whoever invented that ought
to be spanked in public.
I don't-I don't even know
what that word means.
What is that word? Fucking chic?
They should be hung, drawn
and quartered. Fucking chic.
It shouldn't concern you.
It does concern me. It
concerns me very much, Cyril
because it's hurt my feelings.
It's hurt my feelings.
So, what's all this
moaning about?
I am not moaning.
I do not like to be
turned away from.
Nobody does.
But I don't want to hear it
because it hurts my ears.
I've made a terrible mistake in
my life, Cyril. I've made a--
I made a terrible mistake.
I need you to help me.
What do you want me to do?
I can't work. I can't...
I have no confidence.
She does not fit in this house.
We built this house.
The two of us.
Now she's turning the whole
bloody place upside down.
She's turning me inside-out.
She's turning you and
me against each other.
Her arrival has cast a
very long shadow, Cyril.
Mrs. Vaughan is satisfied
with the dress.
No one gives a
tinker's fucking curse
about Mrs. Vaughan's
Thank you, Alma.
Not at all.
What a model of
politeness you two are.
There is an air of
quiet death in this house.
And I do not like
the way it smells.
Would you like a glass of wine?
No, thank you.
Can I make you a martini?
Nothing for me, thanks.
I want you...
flat on your back...
with only me to help.
And then I want
you strong again.
You're not going to die.
You might wish you're going to
die, but you're not going to.
You need to settle
down a little.
Kiss me, my girl,
before I'm sick.
I think perhaps...
you should telephone that...
boy doctor of yours,
just in case.
You don't trust me?
No, I do trust you, it's just...
If you wish.
But I will make you well again.
I will.
I love you.
I love you, too.
And I think perhaps
you should leave the room.
-Close the door behind you.
I'll be right outside.
If he didn't wake up from this,
if he wasn't here tomorrow...
no matter.
For I know he'd be
waiting for me...
in the afterlife...
or some safe celestial place.
In this life...
and the next...
and the next one after.
And for whatever there is on
the road that follows from here.
It would only require
my patience...
to get to him again.
You see...
to be in love with him makes
life no great mystery.
-Say ah.
Very good.
Sometimes I jump ahead
in our life together.
And I see a time near the end.
I can predict the future
and everything has settled.
And all our lovers and...
children and friends come back...
and are welcome.
And we have large gatherings
where everyone is laughing and...
playing games.
I am older and
I see things differently.
And I finally understand you.
And I take care
of your dresses.
Keeping them from dust and...
ghosts and time.
Yes, but right now, we're here.
Yes, of course we are.
And I'm getting hungry.