Pharmakon (2012) Movie Script

-How's life Gjergji?-Good.
-Are you done for the day?-Yes.
Whats going on?
Today I was at the hospital.
I saw that girlIve told you about.
I went by,but I lost my nerve.
How do you explain that?
That needs maturity.
This week shes atthe blood donation center.
I dont mind donating blood, but...
...I need some moral support.
Come with me to the hospital.
-When, today?-Now. Imagine that I'm sick.
-Sherif, Im sorry.-Did you change your mind?
Perhaps its betterif I go on my own.
Ill give it a try.
You could wait for me here.-Ill take a bus, its no big deal, but...
...since Im here,can't I see what shes like?
-Youll get to see her.-Good luck.
How come youre here?
Im a lab technicianduring the day.
What about at night?
At night, Im on call.
So, you work double shifts.
Usually yes.
My mother is very sick,shes been hospitalized here.
Shes been admitted here?
What is she suffering from?
Its serious.
Oncology, your fathers ward.
Can I be of any help?
Youve slimmed down.
Since earlier today?
Since last time I was here.
You have to stay stillfor ten minutes.
Have you been missing me?
I came to save the nationwith clean, youthful blood.
There was a goodlooking girl here today...
Youve refined yourmethods at the hospital.
Shes one of my students.
I know.
How are things at the pharmacy?
It's quiet, as usual.
Have you looked fora new apartment yet?
There are plenty.
I dont understand howyou can do nothing all day!
Look at your swollen face.
When did you wake up?
Are the papers ready for themonth-end closing?
No, you know thatI cant do it by myself.
Ill be there as soonas I have a moment.
Let me show you something.
Whats this about?
A patient left it.
I put it here becauseit is against the rules.
Do you want it?
What for?
Take it to the pharmacy.
Im not a five year old.
Fine, take it home,to wake you up!
I have things to do.
Stop wasting your time.
Apologies if Im late.
No, I was here early.
-How are you doing?-Fine.
Your father is an extraordinary man.
Yesterday we spoke on the phone.
He gave me your number because,he thought I should talk to you.
I know youve been abroad,but where did you study?
In America.
Where Kim Gordonand Lou Reed come from.
Who else is from America?
Malcolm X.
Duffy Duck.
Mickey Mouse.
Youve studied pharmacology?
When did you return?
About a year and a half ago.
Your mother was my professor.
She was a great person...
We were all verysorry when it happened... suddenly.
Thank you.
As I said on the phone,we are working on an article...
...about the medicinaldrug crisis in hospitals.
If you have anything to add...
...feel free...
...we wont mention your name.
Ive gathered datawhich Ive prepared for publishing...
...but it needs to be verified,since its sources are numerous...
...if you think something is unclear,please let me know.
No problem.
Then, Ill start.
Because of the scarcityof medicinal drugs in hospitals... patients have resortedto pharmacies...
...where they buy drugswith their own expenses.
It is estimated that each year there arearound 350,000 chronically ill people...
...who are hospitalized or inconstant treatment, in our country.
Many powerful pharmaceutical firmshave found suitable terrain...
...for increasing their profits, by bribinghospital or primary care physicians...
...who advertise medicationsmarketed by these firms...
...medications which are on the list ofrefundables, but who are still very expensive.
The pressure to use these medicationsis enormous.
The pressure is concealed,because the patients...
...are led by their doctorsto buy expensive medications...
...marketed by powerfulpharmaceutical corporations.
According to pharmacists, the scarcityof drugs hasnt led to excessive pricing.
Yet, exploitation isnot imponderable.
In most pharmacies,medications are offered at market prices...
...even when they are refundable.
Despite the fact that all citizensare legally entitled to refunds... many cases, pharmaciesoffer the medications at full price.
Citizens are thus forced to pay,despite being insured.
The patients whoare cared for in hospitals...
...particularly in the big cities...
...fall victim to the drug market,in terms of pricing.
This has become apparentas hospitals are experiencing...
...a notable lack of medicinal drugs.
Profiting from this situation,the physicians recommend to the patients...
...even the pharmacieswhere they can buy the drugs...
...convincing them...
...that these are the only places,where the medications can be found.
According to citizens, who areobliged to go to these pharmacies...
...the pharmacies belongto the doctors who are examining...
...or providing other services for them.
Are you aware that a largenumber of pharmacies...
...are owned by physicians...
...and because of the lackof medications in hospitals...
...these white coats...
...oblige their patients to buymedications in their own pharmacies?
When you were a baby, we'd take youon strolls at this park right here.
We had a half broken stroller.
Once, you fell from your stroller... had a bump on your head.
Ive heard thatstory a hundred times...
It's obvious that you have beenirresponsible parents.
Well see what happenswhen you become a parent.
What's she doing here?
Who, Sara?
The driver will take herto the hospital.
Her mother has beenadmitted to my department.
Pardon me, but have you adoptedevery single street kid around here?
Youve become like a movie star!
What business do theyhave here?
They'll get usedto staying around all day.
Be more responsible!
How about yourself, are youadopting your medical students?
Why werent youat work now?
Good night.
-Hello, how are you?-Fine.
Is Sara here?
Sara is off today.
Im not here to robthe pharmacy.
Everything is allowed here.
Theft is an obligation...
...except for Gjergjis bicycle.
So, its Gjergjis?I thought it was yours.
Since I got itIve never heard it sing.
Does it even sing?
I think so.
Are you sure?
Do you think it's maleor female?
I've never heard it sing either.
Fine, let's wait until it sings.
Then what?
Then we can set it freeright there at the botanical garden.
Won't they buildsomething over there?
I don't know.
I think they'll builda new ring-road.
Have you seen thatHitchcock film?
The Birds.
Good evening!
Hi Sara, how are you doing?
-How are you doing?-Im dying, exhausted.
You cant wait, youwanna get out of here...
I just want to getout a bit earlier...
You can go if you want,I can replace you...
It's fine, I'll juststay for another hour.
Whats up?
Nothing special.
Long time no see.
We haven't seen youfor a while.
I'm working all day long.
People walking in and outall day...
Im going to go buya pack of cigarettes.
I came as a couple today.
What's supposed to happen now?
Whatever you wish.
You've got tonifying, relaxingmassages and facial masks.
-Where is Sara?-She's over there.
That's the mud thatallegedly slims you down?
Its from the Dead Sea.
Do you want to try it?
It depends on how longId need to keep it on.
Fifteen, twenty minutes.You can stay even longer if you want.
Do you want to try it?
Take the mud pot, please.
Have you thought of me?
How many treatments hasyour mother had this far?
She just finishedthe second round.
Now she needs the third.
Its very costly.
You know, the targeted therapy.
So now its the last one left?
Yes, but its not certainwhether it'll be effective.
It's been found?
Its difficult, but it's been promised.
Even if she gets it,it's not certain that it will work.
Sokrat has talked to me about you...
Do you know whats beingsaid about you and my father?
What's being said?
Sokrat is a good doctor...
...hell do his best.
I know.
What kind of relationshipdo you and Sokrat have?
A good one.
That's the impression that I have...
It's my impressionthat you are quite close.
What has Sokrat told you,in what sense?
What has he told you?
What do you think?
Im cold.
Fine, take a hot shower.
Since you want to know,Ill ask just one thing...
Please, lets not havethis conversation again.
I don't know howour relationship will evolve.
Your father hasbeen very good to me.
Hes helped mewith school.
He has said that hellhelp me this year as well.
Even though I have to work,since I haven't got anybody else.
Hes helped my mother.
Hes found,very expensive treatments.
He got the first two cures,which were very expensive.
Hes been there for me.
Hes been kind about everything.
Youre special, he tells me,this place is not for you.
Now we have anormal relationship.
On the other hand,he has hit on me, yes, its true.
I wont say how...
Hes come on to meand Ive ignored it...
...thinking that every man in hisplace would do the same.
Ive thought that he is lonely.
Perhaps, to justify him.
There have been momentswhen he has provoked me.
Sometimes, he has even threatened me.
Ive tried not to take ittoo seriously.
What has he offered you help for?
I have told him that I'm self-sufficient.That I do not need anyones help.
What has he told you?
This is the truth.
This story continues?
Which story?
Does it continue?
There are moments when it ends,there are moments when it begins again.
So, you came to me,to protect yourself from him?
I'm not trash.
The times that Id skip class,in primary school, Id come here.
I was sure that nobodywould find me.
Not even Sokrat.
I cant stand looking atanimals in cages.
What's new?
Im going for a coffee.
How about a roundabout?
No, I'm moving on...
Lets take a hike,the three of us.
Let's show Sara our carefully selected,pro-filmic immediate surroundings.
My mansion's over there.
Over there.
-Yeah, what?-Im here to get the bicycle.
My bicycle isat the pharmacy.
-Who is it?-Gjergji, he wants the bike.
Come on, grab the keys!
I shouldn't be late for work.
Are you the son of Dr. Sokrat?
Your father told me that,he couldnt wait for you.
-Was he accompanied?-No, he was alone.
-Did he eat by himself here?-No, today he didnt eat at all.
Your lunch has been paid for.
Will you sit down?
We have differentkinds of seafood.
Lobster, bass, bream, mussels.
We have venison, lamb, pork...
...whatever you want.
Traditional cuisine,Italian, French, Turkish.
-Whats your house wine?-Australian Shiraz.
-Thank you.-Goodbye.
Something is bothering you.
No, there's nothing.
Sorry for asking...
You know, Sherif...
Saras mother ishospitalized in my fathers ward.
According to her... father has asked herto sleep with him.
It's like a prerequisite.
However, I know my fatherenough to know that...
If he could savea persons life, he would.
From what Sokrat has told me...
...Saras mother won't survive.
She believes its in Sokrats hand!
It's probably wishful thinking...
...regardless the circumstances... does not exclude that Sokrat has...
...harassed her.
I don't know what to believe.
Perhaps, thats not exactly true.
Maybe she hasmisunderstood him.
Who knows whatthe situation really is.
Sherif, that's hot air!
Things are not to be taken personally,however they turn out to be.
It takes time to knowwho people really are.
Trust takes a life time to gain.
You want things to beimmediately as you wish them to be.
You're wrong.
You gotta have <i>belief</i>... know what the truth really is.
I don't know.
Truthfulness and sincerity arethe only remedies.
The truth and nothingbut the truth, right?
Or am I just out of my mind?
How would I know?
I come from the middle of nowhere,I am aware of that...
...perhaps I dont knowmuch about these things...
...but, when you meet real love...
...everything becomes clear!
Have you everreally loved Sherif?
I do not understand people at all.
Gjergji, will you come with us?
-Wheres your dad?-He left with mom.
When will he return?
I don't know.
Which way are we going?
Gjergji, come changein the girls room.
-Come and take a shower!-No.
Hey guys...
Gjergji come here,I wont look at your wiener.
Gjergji, don't drink the water,it's chlorinated!
It's ice cold...
...cold as hell!
Let's go to the sauna.
This one's cold.
You knew that he was comingand you brought us here?
Please take me home.
We don't need this situation.
Why, what's the problem?
Did you put all the invoices andthe documents in the bag?
Yes, they are all in the book.
-Did you make an inventory?-No.
So there are no tablesand slates either...
Have you ever wateredthose lemons?
Sure, I water thelemons every day!
Fine, don't botherwatering them.
Go turn on the water.
What is going on here?
What are these prescriptions?
Dont you know thatnobody accepts them?
The partial or the totallyreimbursable ones?
The total ones!
How can you be so out of it?
It blows my mind!
Is that so?
Listen, I have wantedto say this for a while...
Do not bring expired medicationsin the pharmacy anymore!
Expired medications?
I have brought expired medications?
Have you no shame?
If not expired, they are veryclose to their expiration date.
Dont bring me suchmedicines again!
What are you talking about?
Are you out of your mind?
I believe you are capableof auditing the dates.
Check the dates!
-This is nonsense.- No, its not nonsense at all!
Is that so?
Because you are spending all day,thinking about the zoo...
...the lion, the fox, the wolf.
Learn to work!You get it?
To work?
Do you call that work?
I just stand there as a dork.
Fine, why don't you quit?
If you cant do it, just quit.
I could have picked any career...
You brought me here to use meas a cover up for your dirty business.
Signing your documents...
You take me for a fool!
Anonymous squirt!
You burnout!
You degenerate!
You scum of the earth!
How do you daretalk to me like that.
I have been workingfor this for 40 years.
Ive invested an entire life,and you dare raise such issues!
How dare youmoralize me, your face.
Instead of focusing on your work...
...that we have left you aftera thousand sacrifices...
...that <i>pharmacy</i>, which everyoneelse would dream about to inherit...
...instead of getting up andbanging your head on the wall...
...working, creating,competing with your peers... treat our pharmacyas though it were a night club...
...with dirty windows,plastic curtains...
...stinking of tobacco, whereany hoodlum from the street can enter!
How dare youmoralize me, your face!
Ive been working my whole life, andI've been where you cant even imagine.
Ive been to every villageand Ive plunged in dirt.
Everybody respects me!
You didnt want to stayin the U.S., you came here...
...because youdidnt have the balls!
You couldnt make itwithout your daddy!
You spoiled brat!
Your friends arefinishing Yale and Oxford!
I'd piss on yourworthless schooling!
I'd piss on your photography,your philosophy.
You put venomin your parents lives!
Go make me a coffee, hurry!
You prick!
I need your signature here.
You need to sign all of them.
Do you remember that riddle?
In a boat for two...
...a wolf, a sheep and a cabbageneed to cross the river...
Shall we eat that fish or not?
I've heard that youve been seenoften at the hospital...
Are you fine health-wise?
Im not going therebecause Im ill.
You <i>do</i> look well,but I got worried...
When I was donatingblood, I met Sara.
-Sara.-How is her mother doing?
She is in treatment.
Is there any hope for her?
I don't know.
Who is helping her, the state?
The state...
...we also helped.
Then, why have I beenasked to interfere?
You to interfere to me?
I dont know.
Yes, to interfere to you.
Look, you shouldnt getmixed up in these things.
What does that mean?
It means that you shouldntget mixed up with my patients.
That is my business.
You should take careof your own issues.
What issues?
You know your issuesbetter than me.
Do you mean Sara?
What would I know.
Did she tell you?
I dont know anything.
I don't believe that there are anyworthwhile women there.
They are ordinary and simplistic.
Don't you think?
There may be some decent ones...
Whatever, it is your business.
You didnt tell mewhat you think about Sara?
About who?
Why are you putting on a show?
You know her well.You are helping her mother.
Shes my student,I will help her mother.
I discharged her motherfrom the hospital.
-You discharged her?-Yes.
This morning.
There's no reasonfor her to be hospitalized.
So you think shes hopeless?
Her mothers condition is grave.
Im talking about her daughter.
Shes not really thatworth being talked about.
Does this topic tire you?
Very much so.
How come, that youkeep asking like a kid!
If you have somethinggoing on with her, thats fine.
I dont dealwith your little stories.
Why are you so insecure?
-Insecure about what?-Because you keep asking questions...
I don't knowanything about her.
I try not to interferewith my student's personal affairs.
That doesnt suit men!
Are you sure thatyou are that spotless?
Be that as it may... clear about one thing...
...this story should remainonly an adventure...
Listen to your old man,only an adventure!
Tomorrow, go to Saranda.
Do something worthwhile.
Good morning.
Im getting theprescriptions that were here.
Im going to do themonth-end closing later.
So, you didnt go to Saranda.
Im not your servant.
So, you didn't go.
Shall we take a lookat those apartments youve seen?
One of them is right here,on the sixth floor.
Its owner left the country,it's for sale.
Its sort of an attic.
The other one is a bit further.
In spite of everything,tomorrow you should go to Saranda.
Well make a decision,when you return.
Have a nice day.
Is Sara here?
Her mother has beendischarged from the hospital...
She has taken a few days off.
How is she?
She's alright.
Did she finish the treatment?
I think so, butI'm not exactly sure.
-Thanks.-You're welcome.
I am a friend of Brankos.
You are Brankos friend?
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
What is your name?
I dont know where to start, so...
...I am going to ask you directly.
Are you aware of Brankosrelationship with Sara?
I know that they stay together...
I know that she is a nurse here.
I know that you know that.
Excuse me?
I am aware of your relationship...
...with a girl here.
I am aware of your relationship!
I dont know the extentto which your son is aware of it.
That is why Ive come here.
My duty is to treat people, Sherif.
That is my job.
Ive worked in thishospital for forty years.
This hospital iseverything that I have.
This is all that I have.
Everything that I have attained is...
...what you see, right here.
I have worked very hard to attain it.
For forty years,have I lived, in this hospital.
I dont know whatIve been like as a father...
...but, everything that I have,I have it because I deserve it.
Anyone can cometo my hospital... my room... make appealsabout whatever they want...
...yet, this hospital is mine...
...with all the sufferingthat it contains...
...with all the despair...
...the hopes...
...the pain and anguish... is mine.
I know the value of lifebetter than anyone...
Im of a certain ageand I cannot leave this.
I can not escape from this world,which has kept my life hostage.
...I do as I wish.
This is my home.
Do you understand?
With all the peopleIve seen to live, or die...
Do you know whatthe greatest horror is?
It is not death.
It is...
Ive saved manypeople and many lives...
...but no one can save youfrom the terror of solitude...
...Mr. Policeman.
Solitude... invisible monster which iswith you in every moment.... a curse.
It humiliates, it depraves, it pollutes... takes you outside of yourself... turns you upside down... makes you stick your nosein what doesnt concern you.
...a revenant...
...deforming you more than ever,unexpectedly.
You try to escape...
...precisely, at the same moment,you err.
I'm not a philosopher...
Im exactly what you said,a policeman.
Ill tell you only one thing...
Leave the girl alone!
Good night.
I am looking for nurse Sara.
Where can I find her?I was told she is on call.
Yes, she is here.Check out at the fourth floor...
...third door on your left.
Thank you.
How are you Sherif?
Why are you here?
For what reason?
To see you.
To see me?
Perhaps now itsnot the right time...
We could leave it for later.
Why later?Whats going on?
Whats going on Sara?
What do you mean?
We could leave it for later...
What do you mean with later?Whats going on?
Come with me.
Whats concerning you Sherif?
Ive seen you with Sokratthese days...
...walking around.
...the doctor has promisedthat hell help my mother...
...without going through all the formalities.
If it were for formalities,her turn may never come.
I can only hope, that they willtake care of my mom.
What happens, is that theymove you along the line...
Its not like a crimeis being committed.
It is an exception that'sbeing made on my behalf.
Sokrat categorically demands,that the word doesnt come out.
This is why he has cometo talk to me these days.
Only about that?
Sherif, I love Branko.
If this gets out,my mother is hopeless.
I don't understand, whyyouve gotten involved.
These are my concerns.
This is my life, and you areall forcing me to bring you here.
The doctor knows aboutmy relationship with Branko.
He begged me not totalk to his son about this.
I dont know why hedoesnt want Branko to know.
Maybe when all of this is over,I will tell him.
Why did you tell him, thathis father has come on to you?
I dont know what to say.
It seems as saving my mothers life,is taking my own life.
Because everybody is a coward.
Everyone is afraid...
...afraid of this, afraid of that...
He asked me and I confirmed it!
Because it is true.
Sherif, wait...
I love Branko!
Sit down.
Why have you disappeared?
I needed time to think.
Did you think enough?
Its beautiful here.
Do you want some water?
Have you fucked Sokrat?
Have you fucked Sokrat?
Have you fucked Sokrat?
Say, 'Yes, I have fucked Sokrat'.
Say, 'I have fucked Sokrat'.
Have you fucked Sokrat?
Say, that you love only me!
Say, 'I'm a whore'.
Say, that you love only me.
Say, that you love only me.
I love only you.
Say, that you love only me!
Say, that you love only me!
I love only you.
I am going to the zoo.
Have you told me the truth?
Have you told me the truth?
What is the truth?