Phata Poster Nikhla Hero (2013) Movie Script

Cigarette smoking is
injurious to health.
It causes C ANCER.
Cigarette smoking is
injurious to health.
It causes C ANCER.
Please. Please.
- Get lost. Go on.
Here's Rs. 100.
- What for?
I ran a red light yesterday.
A woman was pregnant.
I had to rush her to the hospital.
This is the fine for
breaking the signal.
Wow, Savitribai.
If everyone can be as honest as you...
...there will be no need for us.
Okay, Jai Hind.
Hey. Where's the receipt?
Oh! I completely forgot.
Here's your receipt.
How's your son? Where is he?
He is fine.
He's studying in school now.
When he grows up I'll
make him a police officer.
I see, you mean like us.
I'll make him an
honest police officer.
Jai Hind.
Children. Thiss iss In dia.
In the North are the Himalayas.
And in the South is the Indian Ocean.
- Yes, sir.
What's in the South of India?
- Rajnikant.
And what's...
What's that in your hands?
- Nothing.
- Show me.
So this is what you read in class?
Filrm rmagaziness!
Sir, this belongs to Gopi not me.
- No, sir. He asked me to get it.
Sir, he did...
- No, sir, it was him...
You don't have a father.
Your mother works hard all day... pay for your education... that you can become
someone successful.
I want to be successful like someone,
sir. - Like whom?
Shahrukh Khan? Salman Khan?
Amir Khan?
No, sir. Why would
I be successful like them?
I am Rao. Vishwas Rao.
Hero Vishwas Rao.
What did you study in school today?
Don't ask about the study.
I'm tired of studying all day.
I see. Here.
I've brought dry-fruits for you.
Mom. Let me drive for a while.
No. Not yet.
Only after youu tuurn
18 an d get a licensse...
...youu can drive then.
Corme on, rmorm.
Et rme drive for a while.
No one's watching anyway.
Get down!
Don't ever say that again.
I'm watching, God's watching.
So never do anything wrong.
Do you get that?
- Yes.
No, you didn't.
I'll explain to you.
Stand in front of all
the trees here and say...
"I swear on you, my mother and God..."
"...that I will never
do anything wrong."
Go on.
Say it.
I swear on you, my mother and God...
...that I will never do anything wrong.
"I'll become an honest
police officer."
I'll become an honest police officer.
In future he'll be a police officer.
I want you to train him... that he can beat-up the bad guys.
Definitely, sister.
He will beat them all up.
I will train him so well...
...that he'll beat
up 10 bad guys at a time.
That's it, only 10?
You're going to become a
police officer? - Yes, Gopi. I am.
I will be a police officer.
I'll be a Don.
I'll be a judge. I'll be a doctor.
I'll be an engineer too.
But how can you be all that?
Because I'll be a movie-star.
- Wait.
Hey Vishu.
Who are you?
I just showed a little style,
a little attitude... d youu're already sscared.
The hero's just made his entry.
Wait and watch what happens next.
Thrash him.
Hey morons.
If you have the guts... then...
...don't come one-by-one.
Come together.
I'm in a hurry.
Catch therm.
Through the poster, emerges the hero.
Fantasstic dialoguuess.
Terrific fighting.
Just like a hero.
- That's what I want to be, Gopi.
Just wait and watch.
Soon you'll see huge posters of me.
Did you hear, aunt?
- No, mom.
Go on.
Your mother will definitely
make you a police officer.
Tomorrow is your entrance exam.
Go and prepare.
Vishwas Rao!
May I come in, sir?
- Come in.
Thank you, sir.
Are you unwell?
- No, sir.
You see, sir... I get breathless soon.
But nothing to worry about, sir.
It's been like this since childhood.
Did you hurt your leg?
- No, sir.
You see... I've one short leg.
But nothing to worry about, sir.
It's been like this since childhood.
And yet you want to join
the police force? - Yes, sir.
I want to join the police
force an d sserve the couuntry.
That's been my childhood dream.
Et'ss check youur eyess.
- Yess, ssir.
Read the first letter.
Which letter sir?
Firsst letter. It'ss uup there.
Up where, sir?
Up on the chart.
What chart, sir?
The chart that's on the stand.
- What stand, sir?
What was that?
- Nothing, sir.
What was that?
Sometimes I... check it like this.
The first letter is Y.
Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.
So you've a hearing problem as well.
Sometimes, sir.
But nothing to worry about, sir.
It's been like this since childhood.
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Out! Out! Out!
Take down my telephone number. Please.
If my country ever needs me...
...I'm always at service.
You get exhausted even while talking.
You can't walk few steps properly.
You can't see or hear properly.
What good are you to the country?
I think you're angry right now?
I'll come later and explain to you.
What time do I come, sir?
Why you...
Get lost you cripple!
Get lost you deaf!
Get lost! Get lost!
I still don't understand...
...why you always fail
the police entrance test.
Forget it, rmorm.
These policemen are not too smart.
See what's written here?
- What?
It says here "Terrorists
attack a group of policemen".
"12 policermen dead."
"Three of them were new recruits."
They were just my age. Did you hear?
What if I had died like this?
Then, what about you?
No, mom.
I don't want to make you upset... joining the police.
I would've felt proud,
instead of being upset.
I see.
You didn't read this other news.
It's written here...
"Dacoits shot a police
officer's mother dead."
Did you hear?
They shot the mother.
No, mom.
I can't put your life in danger.
I will never join the police force,
that's it.
What did you say?
How dare you?
- Mom.
Issten to rme, rmorm.
- Stop. Stop I ssay.
Issten to rme...
- Stop.
I'll teach you a lesson...
- I'm going.
I'll show you when you
come back in the evening.
"All I want is you, forever, mom."
"I want youu to be rmy earth an d ssky,
forever, rmorm."
"All I want is you, forever, mom."
"I want youu to be rmy earth an d ssky,
forever, rmorm."
"I know... that Lord
dwells in our heart."
"But... my sweet-innocent
mom dwells in my heart."
"But... my sweet-innocent
mom dwells in my heart."
"The world's crazy."
"They go to temples and
shrines to cajole the Lord."
"My shrine's in my home,
whenever I look at mom."
"Whenever I look at mom."
"You're the only one
I pray for forever, mom."
"You're the only feeling
I want forever, mom."
Stop. Stop. Stop.
This is the reply to the application...
...that we sent to
the police department.
Vishwas has been called
to Mumbai for an interview.
You just hit the jackpot, Vishu.
What jackpot, Gopi?
Mom's sending me for
the police selection.
I know she is.
She always refused earlier.
Now you can go to Mumbai. Be a star.
"Yeah right. Go. Be a star."
As if every director's
waiting for my arrival.
Didn't I tell you?
The girl you saved
at the cinema hall...
...has a distant uncle. Yogi.
He's a renowned writer.
He knows every producer/director
in the industry.
He will get you a break in acting.
- Yes.
why did you go meet our enemy...
...Jt. Commissioner Khare?
And what did you tell him? Speak up.
He was saying, something despicable... about to happen in the city... the name of
'Mission White Elephant'.
What is that?
- And?
He wanted to know when
Napoleon sir is arriving.
- Yes, sir.
Take him along,
and practise target on him.
Yes, sir.
- No, sir.
Jt. Commissioner Khare...
...has got a whiff of our mission.
And about Napoleon, sir.
Now there will be war.
What do I do, Lord?
What do I do?
After making me blind,
You've turned deaf.
I haven't eaten for three days.
I don't even have
the money to buy poison.
Now You've to help
me in taking my life.
No, mister. Don't lose hope so soon.
I've some money. Here you go.
Keep it. To buy poison...
- Huh!
I mean to buy food.
Did you really think I was blind?
- That's okay.
I'm an actor.
And this is my first earning.
I am Istiyaq. And you?
- Vishwas.
I'm here to see Yogi bhai.
How did you know I'm
here to become an actor?
People come with the same
dreams to Sapna Guest House.
But do their dreams get fulfilled?
Will I get a role?
All one gets are dates,
dates, dates and more dates.
But no roles.
That's Vishwanath.
He's rehearsing.
Tomorrow's his date.
I mean audition.
Who is he, Istiyaq?
- He's one of us.
I see. Another aspiring actor.
I think he's sleeping.
No, he's thinking.
He's a renowned writer.
Let's go.
- Yes.
Who is it?
Some Vishwas is here to see you.
Hello, sir.
Vishwas. Come.
Gopi informed me that you're coming.
Now that you've come to me...'ll definitely be successful.
- Thank you.
By the way,
what films have you written?
Have you seen 'Ghajini'?
- I have.
- I saw it twice, sir.
- 'Dhoom' was a blast. I did.
'Wanted? '
- I saw it thrice, sir.
'Dabbang? '
- Of course I watched 'Dabbang'.
I watched it umpteen times.
Did you write all these films?
I almost did.
I had all these ideas.
But... someone else made the films.
I didn't even write it on paper.
I had cooked it up fresh in my mind.
Yet they stole it.
That means you never wrote anything.
I will... for you.
I can see an actor in your eyes.
I can see your future.
You're going to be a superstar.
Have you brought a photo?
- Yes, sir. I did.
Just a minute.
That's a stamp.
- It's a photo.
So small?
It will make your future small.
- I see.
Big. Bring a bigger photo.
And listen.
Get me a whiskey...
...while coming back.
Buy a big bottle.
Think big,
only then can you make it big.
"I've spent so... many
nights with this desire."
"I've spent so... many
nights with this desire."
"There's so much... that
I want to say."
How much?
She's here. She's here.
She's here. That girl's here.
Get up everyone. Get back to work.
Get back.
What are you doing, sir?
Kajal's here, sir. Get up. Get up.
Kajal's here.
Borekar, don't bore me...
Cormplaint Kajal, ssir.
I think she's got a new complaint.
Come on.
Where's inspector Ghorpade?
Corme, ssir.
Some boys are causing
vandalism outside City Mall.
Come right now and arrest them.
I can't come now.
Register your complaint
like you always do.
And then I'll take action.
Don't you see I am busy?
Yes, I can see how busy you are.
Firsst learn to hold
the FIRR book correctly.
And come with me.
Otherwise I'll complain to the ACP.
Additional Commissioner.
Jt. Commissioner Khare, sir.
- Madam...
The Commissioner...
- Madam, madam...
Have a glass of water.
Sir, better hurry up.
The speed at which she's going...
...she'll definitely
get to the CM or PM.
So what have you decided?
What have we decided?
- We'll arrest them.
And we'll do it now.
- Yes, sir!
We've to arrest some
hooligans outside City Mall.
Follow rme.
- Sir.
Do you recognise all of them?
One of them is the Counsellor's son.
Ashok Pure.
Well, let's see.
And the other is MLA
Gulab Thakur's nephew.
Al Thakuur.
Him too?
We'll try.
And Gudappa Das' brother-in-law.
Dharam Prakash. DP.
Then I'll have to think about it.
What did you say?
- Yes, sir.
The goons have threatened
to kill your father today, right?
Sir, my father's already...
- Your father...
...that lives in the room above.
Try to understand, Borekar?
- Yes. Yes.
We'll deal with those goons later.
Firsst we need to
ssave RBorekar'ss father.
- Yes, sir.
Follow rme.
Et'ss go, ssir.
I get it, Inspector.
You're evading your duty.
But there must be one
brave inspector in the city.
I am there.
I'm shooting.
The law has long arms.
That wasn't a pose.
Yes, mom.
- Son. How are you?
Absolutely fine, mom.
What's the progress on
your admission in the police
Yes... yes, mom.
I'm preparing for that.
Good. Good.
Give me the good news, soon.
Of course I will, mom.
And look after yourself.
And keep calling... whenever
you get the time.
Good thing we got pictures
of you in two getups.
Yes, that's great.
Where are my clothes?
Where could they go?
Were you wearing clothes
when you came in?
You think I came in nude?
Don't get angry,
you will get your clothes back.
Wear this. This is the new
'Kathiawadi' (traditional) dress.
It'll look nice on you.
If I wear this outside,
people will think I'm crazy.
Then wear what you're wearing now.
People will salute you.
Youu want rmy sscooter
for few dayss, right?
Take it.
Let's go, quickly.
- Who are you?
Follow that black car.
- RBuut I...
Stop talking, let's go.
A girl's being abducted
in that black car.
You don't understand.
This is no time to talk, Inspector.
It'ss tirme for action.
Et'ss go, quuickly.
That car's speeding away, hurry up.
Ook, youu're rmisstaken...
- No, I'rm not.
I heard it myself.
The girl was yelling, "Help! Help!"
It means the girl's in danger.
Drive faster.
There is the car.
- Keep quite.
Somebody help me.
There's a police inspector
following us, sir.
What nonsense!
Inspector Ghorpade said...
...there won't be any policeman there.
Okay. Calm down. Calm down.
I know, show my photo
to the inspector.
How dare he?
He's showing you his boss' photo.
He's mocking you.
We will catch them now.
We won't spare them.
Driver faster. Faster.
Why are you taking wrong way,
He changed route seeing your photo.
Very good. Very good.
Sir, the girl's going that
way and you're going this...
What kind of an inspector are you?
- I'm no inspector.
There goes the real inspector.
Ion-heart insspector.
- Inspector Chulbul Pandey!
Robinhood Salman Khan!
Sir, there's a policeman following us.
Police? What now?
Did you jump a signal?
- No, sir.
PUC? - It's there.
Insurance? - It's there.
- It'ss there.
Do you want me to speed up?
Do you wish to take me to the moon?
'Dabbang', 'Ready', 'Ek Tha Tiger'.
What a body.
Fantasstic fighter.
Bhai! Bhai!
What happened, sir?
I'm a big fan.
- I see. Thank you.
Can I get an autograph?
- Of course.
Hey, hold on to this.
Your name?
- Vishwas.
Her name?
Her name?
- Don't know.
Very nice. To Vishwas and Kajal.
- Thank you, bhai.
Thank you.
- Welcome.
Someday I will be like you.
- Of course.
Of course, you sure can.
- Bye.
Why would he become like me?
I pose as inspector in films.
And this inspector
wants to be a movie star.
Anyone can be a hero these days.
He can too.
Issten, take rme to
RRajkuurmar Santosshi'ss office.
The narration of 'Andaz
Apna Apna-2' is in progress.
Oh no!
Aamir again.
He looks more handsome in real life.
The black car's heading this way.
That inspector turned
out to be really smart, sir.
He took a short-cut and cut us off.
What? What are you
still thinking about?
Get out of there.
Forget the girl.
Take the photo an d rmake a ruun for it.
You goons. Where are you going?
- Run. Run. Run.
Sir, we scared them off.
Thank you, sister. You saved me.
Not me, he did.
Thank him. He saved you.
Thank you officer, for saving me.
I am Suman Thappa.
Chief Security Officer
Bhimsingh Thappa's daughter.
Sister, please give me your phone.
Thank you.
Sir, forgive me.
I misunderstood you.
- You still misunderstand me...
No, no, now I know you very well.
Salman Khan was just an excuse.
Actually, you wanted to take
a short-cut and cut them off. Right?
You're the first brave and honest
officer I've come across in the city.
I'm really impressed.
Speak up.
How much more money do you want?
Ike I ssaid I don't know
that insspector... - Don't lie to rme.
There was a time,
when police officers were honest.
They had character.
We would grease their palms... d they wouuld give uuss protection.
And today... even after paying money...
...we can't commit a
small abduction in the city?
I'll talk to the department.
No need to talk.
Just give me the
name of that inspector.
I really don't know who he is, sir.
Lying again.
You won't make this mistake again.
Yes, sir,
...maybe that inspector's
one of Chinappa Das' man.
You're right, Ghorpade.
Thank you, sir.
- Biscuit.
So you are wearing Vishwas' clothes.
If you keep this up,
someday you'll be defamed.
"Munni was defamed,
darling only for you."
I'm from the Daily Paper.
Mr. Lalwani was supposed
to give me a photograph.
Daddy, ssormeone'ss here
frorm the Daily RPaper.
Yes. Give him the inspector's photo.
It's kept ready on the table.
- Ready?
Stop, sister. Stop.
Good news.
Vishwas has become
a police inspector. - What?
Look, his photo's been
published in the papers.
What's written in it?
- I don't know.
The paper's torn.
I got my hands on it in the temple.
Hail Goddess Durga!
- Yes, Lord.
My son's become a police inspector.
Take this. You take too.
My son's become a police inspector.
My son's become a police inspector.
Thief! Thief!
He won't stop if you yell "Thief".
- Then what do we do?
Shout "Police", they will nab him.
- Yes.
Police! Police! Police!
All you need is one break... d youu will be a rmovie sstar.
Ike thiss.
Movie star?
Ike thiss?
You're fantastic, sir.
No, no, it was a mistake...
- No, mistake.
Throwing that peel was just an excuse.
You wanted to catch the
thief without laying a finger.
He's a police officer.
Honest. Brave.
Thank you, Officer.
This Gundappa Das' thug
was fleeing with my diamonds.
Which station should I take him to?
- Take him to anyone.
Heard that. Take him away.
Corme on! Corme.
Fantasstic, ssir.
You're always at the crime-scene.
But you arrive before me.
I am Kajal.
- I am Vishwas.
She looks like a heroine.
- Yes, she does.
But she can't be yours.
- Why?
She's a Mumbai girl.
She'll giggle while talking.
But if you try to flirt with her...
...she'll sick her dog on you.
So don't love her, don't follow her.
Come on, follow me.
"Et'ss rmake deal of ouur love."
What deal?
- Heart. Heart.
"Trade. Trade."
"Et'ss sseal thiss deal."
"Tight. Tight. Very tight."
"Et'ss rmake an agreerment
with the eyess."
"And abide by it permanently."
"And let the heart,
gripped with desires, say."
"Order. Order."
"Don't try to stop me."
"Don't object if I follow you."
"Don't try to stop me."
"Don't object if I follow you."
"I've a right on you."
"You're my delight."
"Don't be shocked
if I obstruct your way."
"Don't sick your dog on me."
"Don't try to stop me."
"Don't try to stop me."
"Don't object if I follow you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"Wait. What are you doing?"
"I'll love you like a cheapskate."
"And shower you only with excuses."
"Call back when I give a miss call."
"Otherwisse I'll die
for the ssake of youur love."
"Mahiwal's uncle."
"Farhad'ss uun cle."
"Don't consider me
less than Majnu himself."
"I'm your true lover, don't shun me."
"Don't sick your dog on me."
"Don't try to stop me."
"Don't object if I follow you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"Tell me when you step out of home."
"So I can wait for
you at the next turn."
"These days I'm quite busy."
"It's not easy for me to wait."
"I'm a road-Romeo."
"But I still want your heart."
"Don't leave me stranded on the road."
"Break my heart, but not my head."
"Don't sick your dog on me."
"Don't try to stop me."
"Don't object if I follow you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
"You're right beside me."
"I am right next to you."
Keep silence. Careful.
- Hello.
Sound is ready?
As soon as you step out
of the swimming pool... - Sir!
You said you've a role.
He's a good actor.
Touch sir's feet.
At least say hello.
Hello, sir. I'm Vishwas Rao.
He won't do.
As soon as you step out of
the swimming pool... - Sir, please!
Give me one chance.
- What's this, Yogi?
Just give him one chance, just once.
He's a good actor. He'll do good.
This role won't suit him.
As soon as you step out of
the swimming pool... - Sir, please!
I will act well.
Ook, thiss role iss of a bad character.
You look more like a good character.
You can't do it. Okay.
As soon as you step
out of the swimming pool...
Sir, please.
At least see my acting first.
Sir, when am I coming out of the pool?
You will. You will.
What are these?
What are these?
Eyes, sir.
They are cameras.
I can tell what one can, or cannot do.
You cannot do it.
Go. Get out!
- No, sir...
Illiterate children of...
- Hey!
Don't utter a word against my mother!
I'll yank your tongue out!
He's... - What director?
To heck with such a director.
He only copies Madrasi
and Hollywood films... earn this fame.
- Hey, you...
Make a sound and
I'll kill you right now.
Hey, mister...
- Move back! Back!
Move back! Back!
You were wrong.
You shouldn't have insulted my mother.
She's a mother after all...
- Stop this...
He came here for job.
He didn't come here to beg you.
I wanted to become an actor.
It was my childhood dream.
I thought I would come to Mumbai,
work hard...
Carve a niche for rmysself.
But this stupid... in a hurry to
get her out of the pool.
That's why he's throwing us out!
Et'ss go, Visshwass, he...
- What did I ssay to hirm?
I said "Give me a chance.
Give me a chance to act".
He says, "These are..."
What did you say?
What are these?
What are these?
What are these?
- No. Camera.
Yes. Camera.
You can see everything.
So... what am I going to do?
- What?
Say it, otherwise your camera...
Sir, is this bad enough?
- You said it's a bad character.
- Yes, sir.
I can be worse, sir.
- No, no. Good.
Bad. Good. Bad.
Very good. Very good.
Great, sir.
What happened?
- He got the role.
He's a star now. Star.
The phone's ringing.
It's ringing. Answer it.
Yes, mom. How are you?
I never thought you'll do this to me.
I know everything.
Sorry, mom, I...
- Be quiet.
You got selected as a police
officer and didn't tell me.
Police officer?
- Enough.
Stop with your charades.
I saw your photo in the paper.
In the police uniform.
- Photo?
I am coming to Mumbai
For three dayss.
- What?
I've a desire to see
you in the police uniform.
To see you doing your duty.
My train will arrive at 3 o'clock.
Pick me up from the station.
No, Guru. I can't do it.
I've already lied to mother before.
I've hurt her once.
I can't hurt her anymore.
You've great sentiments.
Tomorrow when she finds out that...'re preparing to be an actor,
not a police officer... youu think it'll rmake her happy?
What do I do, Guru?
What do I do?
- Just do as I said.
Just pose as a police inspector... front of your mother, that's it.
Just like Sanjay Dutt posed
as a doctor in 'Munnabhai'?
Exactly, son. Same to same.
Mom's coming home for three days.
We'll borrow a house, jeep
and a police uniform for few days.
You just have to pretend
that you're a police inspector.
Guru, this will give us
a chance to act as well. - Right.
We'll act really well, Guru.
- Right.
And I'll do the best
acting of my life.
See. Everything's very good.
No. Don't touch my feet
while you're still in uniform.
Respect it.
Give it to me.
What happened, mom?
- Nothing.
How are you?
- I'm fine.
How are you?
- Me?
Inspector Vishwas Rao.
- Hello, Father Anthony Gonzalez.
God bless you, my child.
God bless you.
You did a splendid
job by closing down...
...the bars and gambling
dens in our area.
That's my duty, Father.
I'm so proud of you, my child!
A honest, loyal, capable,
talented police officer like you...
...can't be in our area.
Inspector Vishwas. I would
like to... meet your mom, just once.
She's my mom, Father.
I am so lucky to be meeting you.
How many sons do you have?
I have just one son.
How sad. How very sad.
Why didn't you have
some more children? - What?
It would've been in
the interest of the country.
You're just great to give
birth to an officer like him.
Bless me, O mother!
He's taking her blessings.
Bless me so that next
time I can be your son... d a brave officer like hirm.
Make my country proud. Make the police
department proud. - Excuse me, lady.
Is that your bag?
The red and yellow. - No, no.
Okay, thank you.
Son, where's the priest?
- Mom. It was time for his prayers.
Go on, son.
Don't disgrace your Guru.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
Sir. Is she your mother?
- Yes. She is.
Hello, madam.
I want to be honest with you.
Your son...
- Yes.
Your son... isn't a police officer.
- What?
He's not a police officer.
- What are you saying?
He's God.
God, dressed in a uniform.
You risked your life alone,
to protect us helpless...
...and drove out 50 goons.
And you thrashed them so hard that.
He thrashes them so hard...
...the other goons fled for
their lives hearing them scream.
You are... the protector of the poor.
You... are just!
You are... the pride of our country.
"May our flag always soar high."
"The pride and glory of our country."
"May our flag always soar high."
Before he goes up the
Red F ort with the flag...
Bring him down?
- Hmmm.
- Yes.
O Inspector.
I'll build a shrine for you.
Aunt. I'll keep you there too.
And... worship you both...
Aunt, are those black
and yellow bags yours? - No.
Where is he?
Mom, it was time for him to pray.
Corme, rmorm.
One minutes.
Do fast.
Some on help.
What's going on?
Where, mom?
Look. Some goons are beating them up.
Where, mom?
Not there, here.
Save me, Inspector.
- Sir. Sir.
They are calling you.
- No, no.
Mom... they aren't calling me,
but their area's inspector.
Mister, hurry up.
- Done, sir.
Go take a look.
- I can't go, mom.
This isn't my area.
Hurry up. - You mind your area,
and I'll deal with them.
Move back.
Who are you, woman?
I'm the inspector's mother.
Mom, what are you doing? Let's go.
Inspector. Are you new in the area?
What would you do if he was old?
Mom, wait.
Inspector, we've been running
this school for 60 years.
And now Gudappa Das'
henchmen want to force us out.
They want to build a dance bar here.
Are you done? You heard enough?
Once the bar opens you
can come have free food.
Get going.
Vishwas. What's he saying?
- Yes...
How dare you scold
me in front of my mother?
Not just that,
he's scolding you, a police officer.
Yes, mom. I'm a police inspector.
What's your name?
Stupid. Insects like you...
...know me for my fist, not my name.
Good one, rmorm?
- Firsst classss.
Stop that and thrash him.
- I will.
What did you say?
- Get lost!
Get lost!
This is our house, mom.
Isn't it first class?
Wow! You've such a big house.
No, mom. Not the one downstairs.
That's closed.
We've just rented the top floor.
- No, aunt. Let me tell you.
Sir means the government
has rented out the room to him.
Do you get it?
Because they're happy with his work.
Of course.
My son's done such a good job.
The government's got to be pleased.
Very good. Very, very, good.
- Yes, sir.
Which new officer did you
train in your police station...
...that's doing such
a great job in your area?
The other day he saved
a girl from abduction.
Then he apprehended the thief.
And today he thrashed
Gundappa's goons.
I am impressed.
Sir, I...
- Of course.
I will puut in a recormrmen dation
for youur prormotion.
I am very happy.
Sir, he really...
- You really have done a good job.
I will put in a
recommendation for your...
Borekar. What's this?
You had moustaches, didn't you?
I still do, sir.
Well. Gentlemen.
There's bad news.
Napoleon's coming to Mumbai.
Interpol's sent us some
photographs of Napoleon.
Take a close look at these photos...
...and recognise him well.
Did you get a good look?
Smuggling. Drugs. Terrorism.
Napoleon takes
contracts for all these.
According to the information
received from RAW...
...he's coming to Mumbai soon.
To execute a dangerous mission.
And his mission's called
'Mission White Elephant'.
We've to thwart 'Mission
White Elephant' at any cost.
And we've to catch Napoleon alive... d rmake Muurmbai police prouud.
et'ss catch hirm firsst.
Guuruu. How did youu like rmorm'ss cookin g?
- Fantasstic.
I ssay let'ss get ssorme
for dinner ass well.
Hot vegetables.
I'm eating your cooked
food after so long.
Feelss sso nice.
But, mom.
It would've been so much better...
...if you could stay for few more days.
Why did you come for just three days?
Yes, son.
I was thinking the same thing.
But, mom. How can you stay back here?
You've things to do
back in the village. - Yes.
No, son.
When you're insisting...
...then I'll stay
a few months with you.
Yes, yes. Of course.
- Mind your duty, sir.
How can you stay back?
Three days later you've to
leave with the CM for three months.
For ssecuurity reassonss.
- Yess.
No. I'll refuse the CM.
I'll tell him, "My mom's arrived from
the village, so I'm staying with her".
Right, mom.
- Duty comes first, mother later.
Don't worry about me.
I'll come visit you again.
She's saying she'll
come visit you again.
Good morning, sir... Evening?
Afternoon, sir.
- You called?
You sent that inspector again,
Ghorpade... beat-up my men.
Sir, I've told you before.
He's not one of us...
- Lying again.
Why don't you just say
how much money do you want?
I don't want money, sir?
- So?
Do you want property this time?
No, sir. I mean... I don't
know who the inspector is.
Sir, that inspector
thrashed us really bad.
He jumped kicked us.
He made us run for our lives, sir.
Look. He thrashed them so badly.
He beat Madan black and blue.
- Sir, I'm Mohan.
He's beat them up so badly.
You can't make out who's Madan,
who's Mohan.
We're going back to our village, sir.
See, Ghorpade.
Half of them are heading
back to their village...
...and the other half
are in the hospital.
Mission White Elephant
is in its final stages.
Sir... - Either you drag
him here by his foot or his hair...
...but bring him to me,
or else I'll skin you alive.
Director Anees Bazmi's
given an appointment?
Yes, Anees Bazmi.
- Great, Guru.
I'll be right there.
Just don't let Anees leave.
- Who is Anees?
Anees is a very big movie...
- Movie?
He's a don.
Just like there are
dangerous villains in films...
...similarly, they are real life dons.
We finally managed
to get a grip on them.
I mean, find them.
So... I'll go make a plan to catch him.
Give me your blessings.
No need to worry.
I've found out everything.
Joint commissioner Khare's
home is undergoing repairs.
So he's rented the ground floor
of your home for a month. That's it.
Guru. If that joint commissioner
sees me in uniform...
...he'll throw me in jail.
That won't happen.
Just do as you were
doing until now. Acting...
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
My son's a police inspector too.
We live on the upper floor.
- I see.
Yes. He just joined the police force.
He's closed down many bars
and gambling dens. - I see.
And he beat up some
criminals so badly...
...that the other goons fled
the city hearing their screams.
What's his name?
Vishwas Rao.
He's after some Don... Yes.
He's planning to apprehend
some don called Anees.
Anees Ismail? That dangerous don.
He's planning to catch him.
Then I would like
to meet him right now.
- Yes.
You're laughing.
The cormrmissssioner'ss waitin g
for youu downsstairss...
Mom, you got fooled too.
You're so innocent.
He's no police commissioner.
He's not the commissioner.
He's an actor.
- Actor?
He used to work as a
commissioner in TV serials.
One day he suddenly
stopped getting work... d losst hiss rmin d.
- He went mad.
He dons the police uniform
and sets out on the road.
He goes and sits in any
police station that he sees.
Oh Lord!
- Lord, have mercy on him.
An d he'ss been kept here
for treatrment. - I ssee.
And those people around him,
in uniform, are crazy. - What?
I mean they're actors.
They're acting so that
he feels he's the commissioner.
But why?
- Because the doctor's said...
...this is the only way to treat him.
And the doctor's also said
keep his illusion intact. - Why?
Because if his illusion shatters,
then he can lose his life.
Son, we won't shatter
his illusion either.
You've got to act
in front of him as well.
Mom. You know I can't act.
- Okay, mom. I will.
Only for you.
My mom's...
That's why I...
ook, firsst sspeak then cry.
Or first cry then speak.
Don't speak and cry together,
I am not an inspector.
- What?
And this uniform?
- It's rented.
I've worn it to keep my mother alive.
What's this story?
- It's a sad story.
My mother loved watching films.
One day she went to watch a film.
The story of an honest
officer and his mother.
Suuddenly, the fan above
fell on rmy rmother'ss head.
Oh, my God! Then what?
The fan stopped,
but my mother lost her mind.
Oh no.
- Oh yes.
Since then she thinks
I'm a police officer.
And I wear this uniform
in front of her.
But what do the doctors say?
They say this is the
only way to treat her.
Keep her illusion intact.
- Why?
Because if I take off my uniform...
...then my mother will lose her life.
No, no. Keep this uniform on.
We'll keep your mother's
illusion intact, Vishwas.
Inspector Vishwas.
Mr. Commissioner, she's my mother.
Yes, we've met before.
Mom, he's the Commissioner.
My son really praises you.
He says you're a big television...
- Mom...
I mean, there's no other police
officer like you in this city.
And I say, your son acts so well...
- I meant active.
He's the most active inspector
in our entire department.
Right, Vishwas?
Inspector Vishwas.
Mr. Commissioner,
do look after yourself.
You shouldn't go out on the
streets wearing this uniform... - Mom.
Alone on the streets?
I mean, you should keep
your constables with you. - Yes.
And you should watch fewer films.
- Sir.
I don't watch films.
I do. I watch lots of films.
Just a minute, madam.
Just come with me. - Yes.
Vishwas, what is she saying?
Television serial?
Don't roam the streets? I'm confused.
There's no confusion. It's simple.
Really? - You're not
the joint commissioner.
- For rmy rmother.
But you are, for me.
- Thank God.
I'm a police inspector.
- But you said you're not.
For rmy rmorm, ssir.
But I'm not, for you.
- I get it. I understand.
I'm the joint commissioner,
but I am not.
In your mom's view.
And you're not a police inspector,
but you are one.
In your mom's view.
And mother's a mother after all.
But she isn't, in whose view?
A mother's always a mother,
in everyone's view.
Sir, you're so...
- Yes.
A mother's always a mother.
There are bigger malls in Mumbai.
Hello, sir. I was looking for you.
Who is she?
She's my mother.
- What?
Sorry. Are you my mother?
She's my mother.
- Aunt.
Bless you, dear.
Who is she?
- She's a girl.
I know that, but who is she?
She's a girl, and...
- Kajal.
She's Kajal, mom.
Whenever anything
bad occurs in the city... will find her there.
- Aunt, let me tell you.
I'm a social worker.
Whenever I see anything
wrong happening in the city...
...I inform the police.
- Great. You do the right thing.
And I'm here with a complaint
right now, aunt. F or him.
Sir, Paradise club at Gol Chowki... in every kind
of illegal drugs and business.
I just found out that...
...some juvenile girls
are being held captive there.
Oh God!
- Yes. Let's go.
Et'ss go lodge a cormplaint
with the police. - What?
I'm the police.
I'm the police.
But that isn't my area, Kajal.
So, go lodge a complaint
with the area's inspector.
Go fast. I did go there.
- You did.
But inspector Ghorpade
isn't ready to listen.
He isn't?
- No. - F orget the area.
Go, go with her.
And free those girls. Go.
I can't go, mom.
- Hold this.
Dear, which way?
- Aunt.
At Gol Chowki, there's a...
- Quiet.
Hold this, mom.
Et'ss go, rmorm. Corme, Kajal.
- Corme.
100 rmillion in cassh.
Anything special?
- It's very special.
All this money is for
'Mission White Elephant'.
Gundappa sir has said, "Be careful".
Don't worry.
This is one of Gundappa
sir's safest places.
No one can come here.
- Good.
Let us go!
What a club!
Till now I only saw them in films.
It's the Abode of Gods!
Rambha. Menka.
Urvashi. They're all here.
They are not girls,
they're vanilla ice-cream.
Sir. What are you staring at?
I wasn't staring. I was thinking,
girls like you shouldn't go to a... like this to see such
cheap dance.
We should leave right now.
Sir, we're not here to see the dance.
We're here to free the girls.
- Don't you know that...
...the police are not
allowed in this club?
So what are you doing here?
Just taking a stroll around.
Just like that.
It's nice.
- No, it's not.
We're here to conduct a raid.
I'm a reporter.
And I've information that...'ve held some girls captive here.
Bring them out.
- Hey, girl. What nonsense.
Calrm down, Kajal. Calrm down.
Sir. Are you scared of fighting?
No, I'm not scared. I enjoy fighting.
You see, Kajal.
If they injure my face
my career will be over forever.
Et rme talk to therm.
- Youu will talk to uuss?
You will talk to us?
Bachchan Singh!
Muktar. Balbeer.
Baktawar. Kallan.
Why call so many people to talk?
This is how we talk here.
Just mind your own business...
...get something to eat and get lost.
We're here to teach you a lesson.
This inspector is a
bulldozer without brakes.
Once he starts he doesn't stop.
I see.
- Move aside.
Shoot him!
"You don't know.'
"You don't know who I am."
"You don't know.'
"You don't know who I am."
"Naughty eyes."
"Silky arms."
"Sexy body."
"I've a crazy gait."
"You... you... you... you..."
"You don't know.'
"You don't know who I am."
Kajal! Girls.
Corme on, get ouut quuickly. RRuun away!
What's going on here?
Let's go.
Officer, attention...
Ghorpade, we called you long ago.
Ghorpade sir, this isn't right.
Why did you take so long to come here?
You have again sent the
same inspector.
No, I mean... Move on.
Breaking news.
Police conduct a raid
at Gundappa Das' Paradise club.
On the orders of Gol
Chowki police station's...
...senior inspector Ghorpade... of his young officers,
didn't just thrash the goons...
...but also rescued
some juvenile girls.
And confiscated millions of rupees.
Ghorpade sir,
what would you like to say?
I am sorry, sir.
What do I say?
I don't know who did it.
I just arrived recently.
How much is this?
Who told you?
Kajal, what are you doing?
What if it starts raining?
The doctor's asked
you to keep the wound dry.
It feels nice.
Of course, all the girls were rescued.
Except for one.
- What?
No, they all ran away.
I saw it myself.
Why are you laughing?
- Just like that.
Only crazy people
laugh without a reason.
I can't see a rickshaw around either.
If it starts raining,
we'll be in trouble.
That'll be even better.
I don't know,
but everything seems nice.
I'm injured, but even that feels nice.
Madam. Did you hit your head?
Have you lost your mind?
I grew up alone.
I was very young, when my parents...
And, I never...
...had a kin.
Today, for the first time...
It felt like... I've a kin.
"You're the dream."
"I'm the slumber."
"Together we make up the night."
- I am always with you.
"Every day I pray... that
our wishes are fulfilled."
"Our wishes are fulfilled."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"Together... we can make up our story."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"Slowly, calmly,
I've woven your dreams together..."
"...with my slumber."
"I don't want the earth,
or the heaven."
"All I want is you in my life."
"You're the saga of love."
"And I'm naivety."
"Together... we can make up our story."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"Your thoughts are the
only place I want to be."
"You mean everything to me,
always did."
"The rest of the world
is stranger to me."
"You're a traveller."
"I'm an unknown path."
"Take me wherever you like..."
"...we can make up our story."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
"Together... we can make up our story."
"I'm the colour of syrups."
"And you're the sweet of river."
The cassh that I ssent
for 'Missssion White Elephant'...
...was confiscated.
- Yes, sir.
There's a police inspector...
...who, for no reason... always...
Sir, I've seen that inspector.
And... soon I'll find him.
Finissh hirm.
And be careful.
RAW and Interpol are keeping
an eye on our movements.
We won't discuss this any further.
I'm sending you the entire
information of this mission...
...through an agent, on a CD.
And make no mistakes.
I'm arriving next week.
I have left for the station.
What's this crowd for?
- Don't know, madam.
I will miss my train.
Hire another rickshaw.
- Okay.
What is my mistake... let me go.
Let me go.
Don't beat me. Someone help me.
- You lodge complaint.
Corme with rme.
- Eave rme. Et rme go.
What is my mistake... don't beat me.
Eave rme.
Someone help me.
- You lodge complaints.
Corme to the police sstation.
Sormeone help rme.
- Eave her.
Mom... - Don't call me mom.
Don't call me mom.
You've humiliated your mother,
not just this uniform.
Why didn't you just die.
Why didn't you die?
What's going on?
Get her out! Get her out!
She's my mom.
There is shooting going on here.
There is shooting going on here.
Issten to rme, rmorm.
Drive away this madwoman from here.
Move from here.
Don't touch my mother.
Don't touch my mother.
Listen to me, mom. Mom...
Someone get me a rickshaw.
Someone get me a taxi.
Someone get me a rickshaw.
How's mom?
Don't know.
I'm not a police inspector, Kajal.
I was only lying.
I lied to mom as well.
That's why she...
Mom will be fine, Vishwa...
"I know... I'm Ionely."
"How can I live... if you leave me?"
"Don't stay silent, say something."
"You can scold me if you like."
"You can scold me if you like."
Will you do as I say, son?
Of course, mom. I will.
Will you deceive me again?
No, mom.
Never again.
Forgive rme.
What do you want?
Get me... some poison.
I don't want to live.
Don't say that.
Don't say that, mom.
I'll never do anything wrong again.
Never again.
You acted so well.
Even... your mother
couldn't recognise you.
You'll be a good actor.
No, mom.
I don't want to be an actor.
I want to be a police officer.
An honest police officer.
I don't want to be an actor.
What are you doing inside?
Please go out, it's not allowed.
Ook, her con dition'ss critical.
She needs complete rest.
Doctor, will my mother be okay?
- We can't say right now.
Please leave.
Your mother will be fine, Vishwas.
She's just shocked.
Because her dreams were shattered.
When you were one year old...
Your father was a cruel officer.
He would take money from the rich... d do their dirty jobss for therm.
'Savitri. Don't interfere.'
'She's a decent girl, let her... '
'I want to teach a lesson
to this decent girl's father.'
'That girl's father,
Shashtri owned a factory... '
'... which was the only means
of earning for the villagers.'
'The rich men wanted that land.'
No, inspector.
Don't do that. I will sign.
'Helpless Shashtri
signed on the papers.'
'The same night both father
and daughter committed suicide.'
'People were furious,
they set out to kill your father.'
'I've told you before,
stop these illegal deeds.'
'The curse of these poor people... '
"...will never let us live happily.'
'Lf anything happens to you... '
'The same old thing.
The same old lecture.'
'I made a big mistake marrying you.'
'I admit your father
was an honest policeman.'
'But how did he die? A pauper.'
'I don't want to die like that,
'Everyone has to die one day.'
'Everyone does.'
'But the question
is how does one live.'
'Lf you want to live
then come with me.'
'They can... '
There are hiss wife an d kid.
Finissh therm!
No one will lay a finger on them.
I will break your heads.
You will save them!
Our curse will finish
Yashwant Rao's family.
We won't spare them either.
We left the village.
- Both mother and son will suffer.
And your mother swore...
...that sshe will repent
for youur father'ss crirmess.
By making you an
honest police officer.
And people will sing
praises of your honesty.
It will restore people's trust
on policemen.
That's why I named you
Vishwas (Trust).
Mr. Vishwas.
Dr. Vinod Khanna's calling you.
Vinod Khanna's turned a doctor?
What? But he's always been a doctor.
- I see.
So, he was acting
in films just like that.
Stop thinking about films, Vishwas.
Vinod Khanna can be
someone else's name too.
Come on.
Your mother's in a bad condition.
We'll have to perform surgery.
It'll cost around one million.
One million?
Deposit the money soon.
We don't have much time.
Start preparing for
the surgery, Doctor.
I'll get the money.
You are under arrest.
For possin g ass a cop.
My mother's very ill.
I've to arrange for
one million for her surgery.
I am sorry!
Corme with uuss.
Tell me, sir.
Where are you taking me to?
To us.
Who said that?
I... am Gundappa Das.
But why bring me here?
You need rupees one million.
We'll help you.
Why will you give me the money?
Because you will do a job for us.
Look. I won't do anything wrong.
No one pays one million
for doing anything good, son.
- Dr. Khanna, here.
Your mother's condition
is getting critical.
And you haven't paid the money yet.
No, sir. I'm trying, sir.
Please understand
and do something fast.
I'm trying.
I want rupees one million.
Tell me the job.
A cultural dance troupe...
...has arrived in
Mumbai from Hong Kong.
Our agent has sent a CD through them.
They're performing a show today.
You'll go up on the
stage during the show...
...collect the CD and bring it here.
But any of your henchmen
can do this job.
The security there is tight.
An d it'ss irmpossssible
for any sstran ger to get in.
Then how will I get in?
The chief ssecuurity officer
for the sshow iss RBhirmssin gh Thappa.
And we had kidnapped his girl...
...and you rescued her on Link Road.
'I am Suman Thappa... '
'... chief security officer
Bhimsingh Thappa's daughter.'
Both, father and daughter think...'re an honest police officer.
So with their help,
you can easily get on stage.
"I'm the bird that
soars in the skies."
"RBeloved... youu are the
fruuit that dan gless on earth."
"I'm the bird that
soars in the skies."
"RBeloved... youu are the
fruuit that dan gless on earth."
"The heart's... definitely crazy."
"It jumps up and down."
"But it's always in the best mood."
"One, two, three, four, five..."
"Do the crazy dance."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"You've an iron body."
"You've an iron body."
"My heart's like magnet."
"My heart's like magnet."
"My heart..."
"My heart's like the magnet."
"I've cancelled all others."
"You're my true lover."
"You're my true lover."
"My lover..."
"You're my true lover."
"Pleased in a moment,
shuts up in the next."
"My heart's technicolor."
"Changes in a moment."
"But it's always in the best mood."
"It always counts one,
two, three, four, five..."
"Do the crazy dance."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy... crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Always talks lovey-dovey."
"Every time my sweetheart
shakes her waist."
"Drums play."
"I'll pick every lock."
"Because you're my key."
"Everyone's here to see this charade."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dan ce."
"Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy dance."
- Stop. Vishwas.
Catch hirm, Ghorpade.
Vishwas! What have you done?
You killed two policemen.
Give me the gun.
You were supposed to
keep the police engrossed.
How did they come here?
I don't know.
Corme to youur ssenssess, Visshwass.
The car's here. Run.
Vishwas killed two policemen, sir.
That's good, Ghorpade.
Now Vishwas has no other option...
...and we've a new
lifetime gang-member.
Yes, Kajal. How's mom?
Mom's not in the hospital, Vishwas.
She's not in the hospital?
We looked everywhere,
but can't find her.
Very good. Very good.
- Where's my mom?
She's right here.
And she's perfectly alright.
Don't worry.
She's absolutely fine.
She didn't need any surgery.
She only had blood pressure...
...and we controlled
it with medication.
So, why did you lie to me?
I told him to.
Because I wanted you to do this job.
This is our gang-doctor.
Just like a family doctor
is called family doctor...
...similarly, I am his gang's doctor.
What's this nonsense?
Your lie ruined my entire life.
I killed two policemen today,
and you...
Calm down, sonny. Calm down.
You asked me for a million
rupees for surgery...
...which I am giving you.
To heck with your money.
Where's my mom?
She's in that room.
She's angry with you.
You killed two policemen.
I had to tell her.
Get out of here. Go away.
I don't want to see your face.
Issten to rme, rmorm...
- I don't want to hear anythin g.
I don't want to hear anything.
Just go away. Just go away.
Your mother's dead.
Your mother's dead.
Just go away. Go away or I'll
kill myself right now. - No, mom.
Just go away. Just go away.
- I'm going.
Go away.
- I'm leaving.
Just go away.
Your decision isn't right.
Once you join the gang,
you won't have a way out.
Et'ss go an d tell the police...
- No, Kajal.
Mom's in their captivity.
You won't tell the
police anything, Kajal.
For rmy ssake.
But, Vishwas, how is this...
- Just forget me, Kajal.
Your world's full
of bright life, hopes.
My world's filled with
darkness and nothing else.
We cannot be together, Kajal.
And what?
Say it.
We won't meet again.
I'm sorry.
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
"Without me you'll be happier."
"Don't let my thought
ever cross your mind."
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
"I wonder where you're headed..."
"...leaving me at two ways."
"You gave me happiness..."
"But you snatched it from me."
"What did you get..."
"What did you get..."
"What did you get by making me cry?"
"Don't let my thought
ever cross your mind."
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
"Without me..."
1000 kilos of cocaine,
will be delivered tomorrow afternoon... the special chamber
of the Versova warehouse.
The computerized lock will open...
...only through the CD that I sent you.
Collect the consignment
and keep it in your warehouse.
I'm arriving day-after-tomorrow.
Same place, same time,
where I always land.
Good bye.
That's Napoleon sir's mission.
White elephant!
1000 kilos of cocaine!
Hands up. No one moves.
Load it. Load it.
Load the goods.
Get down.
Get down. Jesse. Lock everybody up.
Lock everyone up.
Lock them.
Jesse. Call the area
in-charge and call them here.
I'm taking the truck
to the police warehouse.
Vishwas, you?
How did Khare get there?
They're policemen;
they're bound to get there.
But why did Vishwas go there?
Didn't you tell him not to?
He's a novice.
The commissioner
must have arrested him... d he rmuusst have bluurted everythin g.
And the police must
be on their way here.
We're dead.
- Saved.
Here's your enemy,
Joint Commissioner Khare.
And I've delivered your truck
loaded with goods to your warehouse.
- Yes, sir.
You here?
- I work second shift here, sir.
Aren't you ashamed?
- I am, sir.
Well done, Vishwas. Well done.
Napoleon sir will
be very pleased with you.
To heck with your Napoleon.
I'm doing this for my mom.
My mom's suffering here.
I want to take her
back to our village.
How can you go?
The entire Mumbai
police will come here...
...Iooking for Khare sir.
They won't.
- Why?
Because he'll inform his department...
...that he's going out
of the city for a few days...
...and they shouldn't look for him.
- No, I won't.
You will.
You will say it and also help us.
Will you say it or not?
- Yes, I will.
I will.
Good boy.
Tie him up.
Take some lessons from him, Ghorpade.
Take some lessons from him.
Why are you tying up this poor man?
Look, he's no police officer.
He just likes to
roam around in uniform.
He's a television actor.
I know, I know.
There's no television in your room.
That's why we brought this actor here.
Now watch him perform.
I am actually the joint
commissioner of police.
Let it be.
Get yourself treated by a good doctor.
No, try to understand.
Madam. These gang members...
...were forcing Vishwas
to do a wrong deed... making the excuse
of your illness.
That's when he came to me.
I won't do anything wrong again, sir.
I've a suggestion, Vishwas.
- Yes, sir.
Just like Gundappa said,
collect the CD... d deliver it to hirm.
Do they pay you too?
- Oh shut up!
I want you to join Gundappa's gang.
That means they definitely do.
Hey, sit down!
I've a plan.
This way we can eradicate
Gundappa and his gang.
And that's why...
...I want you to execute
this job and enter his gang.
I want you to join their
gang and extract information...
I got it, sir.
Just like Amitabh
Bachchan did in 'Don'.
Right, sir?
And if you do that, they will
pay for your mother's surgery.
She will receive treatment.
And you will join their gang
and work as a police informer.
I will work for the police?
My mother will be really happy.
Sister, for your happiness...
...Vishwas agreed to do
policeman's job.
While doing this job,
you will kill two policemen.
What are you saying, sir?
Not really. Fake bullets. Fake deaths.
This way Gundappa
will start trusting you.
And he won't kill you,
instead he'll let you join his gang.
What an idea, sir.
No one can imagine
that you can think so well.
Thank you.
What did you say?
- See you, sir.
- What now?
Vishwas, keep this watch.
Whenever you press this button...
...a light will blink
on the other watch.
After that,
regardless of where we are...
...we can talk to each other,
through this watch-phone.
Now watch.
I'll talk and you listen.
- Sir.
Hello, Vishwas.
I've entrusted you with the job...
...of a ssecret agent
for the Muurmbai RPolice.
You'll have to do this
job with great responsibility.
Are you listening?
Of course, sir. I'm with you, sir.
You had to stand there and
listen over the watch-phone, idiot!
Where are you going?
To stand there and listen, sir.
Will you be able to do this job?
Of course, sir.
I'll do it really well.
Then keep this phone.
- Thank you, sir.
But I have a phone.
This isn't for making calls, Vishwas.
When you press this button twice... will give out a blinding flash... d ssevere everyone'ss
vission for a while.
This will help you
when you're in trouble.
Wonderful, sir.
You just turned me
into James Bond, sir.
Why did you press the button now?
I was testing it, sir.
You could've told me so.
I would've closed my eyes.
Now listen.
- Sir, I can't see a thing.
You need ears to listen.
I do have ears, sir.
So, look...
- I can't see, sir.
Oh God! Listen and understand.
- Yes, sir.
The secret, that you're
working for Mumbai Police... won't reveal it to anyone.
Not even your mother.
- Why, sir?
If the gang-members find out,
they will shoot you.
And if you have an
encounter with the police...
...they will kill you too.
- Oh God!
But why, sir?
I'm working for the police.
- Yes.
You know it, I know it...
...but the police department doesn't.
I can see again.
Where are you?
There you are.
- Sir...
Sir, I suggest that
you write it down on paper...
...that I work for
the police department...
...and keep it somewhere safe.
- Why?
if you die I'll be in trouble.
Amitabh had to face lot
of problems in 'Don', sir.
Fine, fine. I will.
But now you go and execute
your mission cautiously.
Good luck.
Vishwas is working for the police.
Is it true, Mr. Commissioner?
Absolutely true.
No, madam. Please don't cry.
Vishwas is always worried about you.
Please don't worry.
Everything will be alright.
Et rmy Visshwass be
ssuuccessssfuul in hiss rmissssion.
We've to foil Vishwas'
mission at any cost.
We should stop him from
committing anymore crime.
You said he's joined some gang.
What can we possibly do now?
We sshouuld do ssormethin g to
foil the entire gan g'ss rmissssion.
And Vishwas gets the credit for it.
And he becomes a hero
in the view of the law.
To be the hero one
needs to kill the villain.
Tell me one thing...
In his film...
- What?
Sorry. Who's the villain in his story?
Napoleon sir.
I've configured this
just like you wanted me to.
Ready to go.
- Very good.
Ready to... go.
Relax, gentlemen.
He knew too much about
our mission White Elephant.
I don't take chances.
Now I'm ready.
Ready to tighten the
noose around Mumbai's neck.
As soon as I wring Mumbai's neck...
...entire India will scream.
Your organization's motive
will be fulfilled soon.
And what if you fail?
you can deceive the Indian Police...
...but not us.
You know what we can... d are capable of doin g.
Escaped convict
inspector Yeshwant Rao.
You shouldn't utter
the name of the dead.
Napoleon always completes his mission.
Everyone knows that in our world.
Transfer the money in my account.
What's wrong, sir?
You called for me urgently.
You know her?
- Hello.
You? Who are you?
Well done! Bravo, son!
Today you refuse to
recognise my daughter.
But I hope you recognise me.
Thakur Joginder Singh.
Who are they, sir?
Et'ss kill hirm, father...
- et'ss kidnap hirm, father.
Shut up you fool.
Do you want to make
your sister a widow?
Have you thought
what we'll tell Manglu?
Manglu? Who's Manglu?
- I don't know, sir.
Et'ss kill hirm, father...
- et'ss kidnap hirm, father...
Quiet. We'll kill him,
we'll kidnap him.
But for now,
we're here to talk marriage.
Stop that, Priest.
He's right. Don't waste it.
Now he'll convince the groom.
Uncle Gundu.
- Gundu?
Yes, you.
Convin ce hirm or we'll call the police.
Give me your phone.
- No police. No police.
Wow! It must be telepathy,
the police are already here.
Ovely In dia, dear.
- Sir, youu called rme uurgently.
Who are they?
- Kajal? You here?
Thank God, at least you recognised me.
Do you know her?
- Yes. She's complaint Kajal.
She always comes to the
police station with a complaint.
I've a complaint today as well.
Who's it about?
- Him.
He loved me. We sung duets.
He promised to marry me. And...
- No.
No, dear.
Don't get into too much detail.
You've already lost your honour.
Now think about your father.
Sir, they're all lying.
Et'ss kill hirm, father...
- et'ss kidnap hirm, father.
Shut up you fool.
If we kill him,
what are we going to tell Manglu?
Manglu? Who's Manglu?
- I don't know, Gundappa sir.
Et'ss kill hirm, father...
- et'ss kidnap hirm, father.
Violence again!
Small moustache, big mouth.
If we kill him,
what are we going to tell Manglu?
Just a minute.
Who is Manglu?
You don't know about Manglu, sir?
- No, I don't.
Manglu. Little son.
Vishwas' little son. Still to be born.
He's still in my daughter's womb.
Manglu. Hold this, son.
Vishwas. What is this?
I don't know, sir. This is not mine.
Shut up. Come here.
Corme here. Corme here.
Ook. Napoleon ssir'ss arrivin g tonight.
If they mess up anything,
then we'll be dead.
Just tell me clearly.
If you don't know them...
...I'll kill them right
now and bury them here.
Now tell me clearly.
Did you have any
relation with this girl?
A little.
Just a little?
A little more.
Oh God...
ook. I've convin ced
Visshwass for the rmarriage.
Stop that, Priest.
Or I will shoot you.
I just convinced him for now.
We've an important job to do.
We'll first finish that
job and then the wedding.
That's called justice.
His Majesty's justice.
I won't say it! I won't say it!
I won't say it!
You'll have to say it, sir!
Right, sir?
What, sir?
Tell him what he has to say.
He'll say it. - Sir,
you'll have to make up an excuse...
...and divert the coast
guards at Gorai tonight.
I will shoot you, sir.
I won't say it even if you shoot me.
You're refusing us?
I will cut off your nose.
No, not my nose.
Then I'll cut off your tongue.
If you do that, how will I speak?
- Yeah.
You will say it, won't you
- Of course I will.
I will. I will.
I will do just as you say.
Take some lessons, Ghorpade.
Take some lessons from him.
- Yes, sir.
God bless you.
Sir. You asked for a knife.
Here's the knife.
- Thank you.
But, sir. You've diverted the police.
How will they catch Napoleon now?
We don't catch Napoleon tonight.
We've to catch Napoleon tonight.
- No worry.
Even if the police
manage to catch Napoleon...
...we won't find his
other agents in India.
We'll prove that capturing
Napoleon was Vishwas' plan.
Yes. - And Vishwas'
crimes will be pardoned.
Then he'll become a hero tomorrow.
Not tomorrow, but the day-after...
...we'll arrest Napoleon,
his entire gang...
...and all his agents red-handed.
Wow! What a plan, sir.
Surrender yourself.
One year of hard work...
...was foiled in a single night.
All because of one traitor.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Who is the traitor amongst you...
...that informed the police?
The police... arrived
their coincidentally, sir.
It was no coincidence!
They came prepared.
Thank God I managed to save this bag.
everything would've been over.
This mission can't be completed...
...without this bag.
Fin d that traitor.
Otherwise, I will kill all of you.
I doubt someone.
You doubt me? Me?
I could've been arrested as well.
I could've died in
the police firing as well.
How could you forget Gundappa sir...
...who risked his life
to bring you that CD?
I had to kill two policemen
and I didn't hesitate...
...just for your CD, Gundappa sir.
But you still doubt me.
Hello, aunt.
You here?
These goons abducted you too.
They can't abduct me.
I came here willingly.
- What?
And that day,
I brought your truck safe and sound...
...frorm the warehouusse!
And also brought your enemy Khare.
But you still...
My son's doing a good job here.
- Good job?
Did you join the gang
along with your son?
If you still don't trust me...
Then it's better that I die.
Then it's better that I die.
My son's working for the police.
But, Gundappa sir...
...I don't want you
to shed innocent blood.
That's why I'm going to kill myself.
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
You give it.
Give it.
Stop it, Vishwas.
Gundappa, what do you think?
Sir. I think it's
a sin to doubt this boy.
Sorry, Vishwas.
Boys, come back.
Go. Go.
Sorry. Sorry.
- It's okay.
Sorry, Vishwas.
I'm really sorry. F orgive me.
It was a mistake.
- Its okay.
No problem. Go.
Don't drive me away.
- I'm not angry.
This is my love for you.
Go, go, goodbye.
Mom just told me.
I don't care what
your mom said to you.
Your mom said that the police...
Don't try to threaten me.
I cannot marry you.
- What?
I've things to do for uncle Gundu.
Earn, Ghorpade.
Earn frorm hirm. H e'ss ouur benefactor.
He's our God.
How much longer are you
going to fool that stupid Gundu?
Your mom has told me everything...
...that you're working for the police.
You're fooling everyone here.
- No.
Now, together we'll
apprehend the entire gang.
See. I am right.
Why are you quiet? Say something.
Now it's their turn to say.
Come on.
The boss has called you.
- Come.
Hello. Hello.
We're caught now, Kajal.
Only God can save us
from Napoleon's wrath now.
The one who listens to me,
protect my honor.
Gundappa. What've you got to say now?
Sir, it'll be a sin to trust this boy.
I want to shoot him.
- Enough.
Do you two have
anything to say? - Yes.
I'm very, very sorry sir.
- Hey!
I mean, we're very, very sorry sir.
We made a mistake.
I didn't know there
was a camera up there.
I wouldn't have said what I did.
Lovely India.
The adorable couple together.
And in the Yoga pose.
Stop it, Guruji.
- Why should I?
We've already fooled uncle Gundu...
Now there's going to be celebrations.
Singing and dancing.
Stop this charade.
Shut up!
Why didn't you tell me?
Who's this new character,
Jackie Shroff type?
Boys. Ready to fire!
Sir... I've one last
wish... before I die.
I want to hear the 'Gayatri
Mantra' before I die.
Where do we get the
'Gayatri Mantra' from?
I have it, sir.
I have it. On my phone.
You can hear it too.
It'll wash away some of your sins.
And we'll leave this world.
Fine, fine, huurry uup.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Corme on, everyone closse youur eyess.
We're going to die anyway,
why close our...
Just close your eyes!
Closse youur eyess.
Why can't I see?
Don't shoot me.
Open your eyes.
- Why?
Close the doors. Don't let them run.
Corme on, quuickly.
I won't let you go. I will catch you.
Caught one, sir.
- Idiot, this is my hand.
Hey, here... here... here.
Close the doors.
That way.
- Sir, caught one.
It's me again.
Sorry, sir.
Where is everyone?
Close the door on the left.
That's the shortcut.
Left! Left!
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
How will you run away like that?
I can see everything.
Vishwas! Stay there. Stay there.
They escaped.
Don't just stand there, find them.
They took my bag too.
- Which bag, sir?
My bag's essential for my mission.
Go. Get Vishwas' mother.
- Yes, sir.
Who kept the door open?
He escaped.
He took the mother along.
Sir, he's written something here.
So read it.
"The food here is really pathetic."
"Please change the cook,
Joint Commissioner Khare."
- No, ssir. H e'ss abssoluutely right.
I've complained about this too.
The food's really pathetic.
- Shut up!
Sir. Inspector Jesse reporting, sir.
What's the news?
Gundappa's den is empty, sir.
They've fled.
- Keep informing.
Yes, sir.
This isn't cocaine, sir.
- What?
It's powder.
Are youu ssuure?
- 100% ssuure, ssir.
Yes, Vishwas. Where are you?
Sir, we've escaped from
Gundappa's den. - Very good.
We've escaped too.
And mom?
- She's fine.
And Kajal?
I sent Kajal to meet up with you.
Yes, she's here too.
She's with your mother.
Both are under police protection.
Issten to rme.
Napoleon's tricked us.
That truck wasn't filled with cocaine.
It was some bogus powder.
That means 'Mission White
Elephant' is something else.
Sir, whatever it is,
it's in a black bag.
And that black bag's with me.
- Very good.
Get that bag to Crime
Branch Special Unit Zone 8!
That's where I am.
- Yes, sir.
I am not a policeman,
but Napoleon's man.
- We've abducted your mother.
Get that black bag back
to Vasai F ort in one hour.
Once you're there,
I'll give you further directions.
You've only 60 minutes.
If you try to act smart,
you will never find your mother again.
Seal the entire city.
Set up check-posts.
- May I come in, sir?
Corme, Visshwass.
Vishwas, there's bad news for you.
I know, sir.
Napoleon has kidnapped my mother.
How did you know?
He just called, sir.
He said, "If I don't return
him this bag in an hour..."
"...he will kill my mother".
Here, sir.
Yet you brought this bag here.
Mom always said,
"Duty comes first, relations later".
So, I've done my duty... I'm going to save my mother.
Wait, Vishwas.
Go give them this bag.
Sir? - I know we lagged
in protecting your mother.
But now Mumbai Police
will do its best in saving her.
- But, sir, this bag...
Trust me, we will handle everything.
Now go fast.
I kept the police
engrossed with cocaine.
And diverted their complete
attention on you, Gundappa.
An d quuietly,
cleverly fixed bio-chermical weaponss... four important
places in the city.
That's my real mission.
Mission White Elephant.
Bio-chemical blast!
An RD X blast kills only those
that are in proximity.
But a bio-chemical blast
will also kill those
who are safe in their homes.
Because bio-chemical is a liquid.
It will turn into gas
right after the blast.
And spread a dangerous,
incurable disease through air.
In the entire city.
Your son, my enemy's here.
You... are still alive.
That means...
I looked everywhere for you, Savitri.
You're dead for us.
- No.
Don't say that, Savitri.
Look, once again we're...
You, me and our son...
- Mine.
Vishwas is my son.
Only mine.
You've no relation with me.
I do, Savitri.
We share blood ties.
And even you can't change that.
You've the bag, Gundappa sir.
You can punish me in any way you want.
But let my mother go.
Firsst let uuss cormplete ouur rmissssion.
Mission White Elephant.
This bag contains
a computerized detonator.
Once it's connected
with our computer... will trigger numerous
blasts in the city.
And people will rot to death.
Rot to death!
Take a left after one kilometre.
Take a right after three kilometres.
Sir. I've sset the tirmer
for the bio-chermical weapon.
I've the set the timer to 20 minutes.
All the bombs will
explode in 20 minutes.
What happened to the tracker?
Just a minute, stop!
You informed the police.
Now you and your mother
will have to die, Vishwas!
No one moves.
Or I will shoot.
Shoot me.
Don't move.
I said...
I will shoot.
Shoot me.
That'ss the puunisshrment
for a ssinner like rme...
...that I die... the hands of my son.
What is this nonsense?
...has played a joke on me, son.
- Don't utter my mom's name.
My father died when I was a kid.
- That was a charade.
I can't believe my eyes either.
After all these years...
- Sir.
Switch on the monitor.
"You're still alive..."
"That means...
"I searched...
...everywhere for you, Savitri."
Give me a hug, son.
I've yearned so long for this.
I don't want anything else.
Just stop the police.
I will go with you
and surrender myself.
So that you become famous.
My son becomes famous.
That's my request.
That's all.
I want additional forces.
Send the backup immediately.
Yes, Vishwas.
Sir, Napoleon's ready
to surrender. - What?
Stay there.
I'm bringing him to you.
Thank you, son.
I... missed you a lot, father.
Why did you leave me?
I am sorry, son.
I am sorry, I made a big mistake.
I made a big mistake.
Sir, you're a fantastic actor.
Even I was deceived for a moment.
Just imagine, sir. Even me.
Hello, Captain.
Keep the chopper ready.
I'm arriving in an hour.
- OK.
Right now.
Get ready to leave.
- Yes, sir.
- I am coming.
What's wrong with him?
Sir, there's another one there.
Sir, there another one.
Hey girl. What are you doing?
Nothing much.
I just deactivated all the bombs...
...that Gundappa sir had activated.
That's it.
- How did she come out?
I brouught her ouut, papa.
For helpin g rme.
But, I...
You might be my father...
...but I'm a better actor than you.
You put up a charade... that you can cause
blasts in the city and flee.
And I put up a charade, so that...
...I can stop the blasts
and apprehend everyone.
So, Napoleon. How was it?
You won't survive either, son.
Hands up! Don't move.
Throw down your weapons.
We already did, sir.
- What?
You already did?
- I made them do it, sir.
Very good, Vishwas.
Very, very good.
Very, very bad.
Because I still have my weapon.
Come on, Commissioner.
Throw down your weapon.
Throw it.
And, Vishwas. Throw down your gun too.
Very good, Gundappa.
Very good.
- You see, sir.
This commissioner's
always out to get me.
Hang on.
- What happened?
Take this. Take this.
Save me!
Save me! Save me!
Save me!
- Yes, sir.
What sir?
You dare hit a policeman.
What are you doing, idiot?
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
Oh my! Do you want to kill me?
Kill him.
- OK, sir.
- Yes, sir.
He's a policeman.
Kill him.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
He's one of us, kill him.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Who do you work for?
- F or you, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Who pays you?
- You do, sir.
- Yes, sir.
What uniform do you wear?
- The police uniform, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Who pays for your innerwear?
- You do, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Two-timer.
Sir, did I do the right thing?
Serves people like him right.
All the best.
- Same to you.
Catch hirm.
- Yes, sir.
Corme here.
Where's Napoleon?
And this way,
Vishwas Rao has set an example... getting his father arrested.
And soon,
after completing his training...
...he will join the
Mumbai Police F orce. - Yes.
And on behalf of the government...
...Vishwas Rao will be presented
with the Bravery Award.
Vishwas Rao.
- Thank you, sir.
I would like my mother
to honour me with this award.
If you...
- Of course.
Call her.
I would like to request
Vishwas Rao's mother... come on stage and
honour him with this medal.
Hello. Here.
"I'll tell the world everything
my mom taught me since I was a kid."
"That day will surely come..."
"...when you will be proud of me."
"That day will surely come..."
"That day will surely come..."
"All I want iss for youu to truusst rme,
forever, rmorm."
My mom actually deserves this medal.
Today I'm standing here...
...because of her.
I always wanted to be an actor.
Today, my mom made
me a real-life hero.
It took me time to understand...
...that a real hero... hard for the people.
Risks his life for
the safety of the people.
Ike the police.
The real hero.
Thank you, mom.
Guruji, you're so late.
The fuun ction'ss already over.
Ook, what I got.
You're on a roll.
Look there.
Not that way, this way. Look here.
He's a rich producer Motwani...
...and wants to sign you as a hero.
He's got cash and cheque.
I'm not going to
work in films anymore.
What are you saying?
Yes, Guruji.
Everything a hero does in films...
...I did all that in real life.
Mother and son emotion.
Father and son clash.
Fightin g the villainss.
Dialoguue delivery.
Romancing the heroine.
Dancing with the item-girl.
I did everything, Guruji.
Now I'm joining the police force.
Come, let's go meet mother.
- Wait a minute.
You and your police job.
Do you know what a hero
earns at the end of the day?
He has cars, bungalows, bank balance.
And what is good
about your police job?
And what will you have in future?
I'll have my mom!
Yogi bhai! Yogi bhai! What happened?
He won't work in films anymore.
Where are you going?
- But why?
Through the poster emerges the hero.'
Now he's a real life hero.
He no longer cares about the poster.
But, Yogi bhai, what about us now?
- What about us now?
Salman! Shahrukh!
We'll have to settle for one of them.
"The heart's brazen."
"Doesn't know a thing about shame."
"It's full of fun and attitude."
"Can't do without flirting."
"The heart's brazen."
"Doesn't know a thing about shame."
"It's full of fun and attitude."
"Can't do without flirting."
"Hey, Mr. DJ, let nothing stop you."
"Hey, Mr. DJ, keep playing on."
"Hey, Mr. DJ, the night's young."
"Play a nice tune."
"Et'ss go bananass, bananass, bananass."
"Et'ss go bananass, bananass, bananass."
"The story of my love's incomplete."
"That's why it's completely bananas."
"Et'ss go bananass, bananass, bananass."
"It's my chance to be naughty."
"To savour those beautiful lips."
"We'II, right here, right now..."
"...reveal our heart's intentions."
"The one whose eyes,
steal my peace and slumber..."
"...should know that I'm blown away."
"Hey, Mr. DJ, let nothing stop you."
"Hey, Mr. DJ, keep playing on."
"Hey, Mr. DJ, the night's young."
"Play a nice tune."
"Et'ss go bananass, bananass, bananass."
"Et'ss go bananass, bananass, bananass."
"The story of my love's incomplete."
"That's why it's completely bananas."
"Et'ss go bananass, bananass, bananass."