Philadelphia Experiment II (1993) Movie Script

Feelings... I don't know.
Everything's normal.
Then, out of nowhere,
suddenly they're tearing at me.
I don't know if it's
the past or the future,
heaven or hell.
Yeah... I'm scared.
Something's happening, again,
and I want to know what it is
or who's responsible.
What do you know
about the truth?
The truth's all twisted.
Go back to what?
Think about it.
What would it
really be like to go back
and to know the future?
Everyone I grew up with,
everyone I knew,
they're dead,
or in some retirement home.
I go visit them.
The kids I grew up with
don't even know who I am.
Why should they?
I don't even know who I am.
These feelings...
how long have they been going on?
I don't know.
Three months.
That was when
you lost your business.
What's that got to do
with anything?
Now the bank wants to
foreclose on your house.
I told those guys I just need
a little time, that's all.
How's Benjamin?
How is he, David?
He misses his mother.
He's doing fine.
Missed five days last month.
You seem to know
all the answers, doctor!
Why bother asking the questions?
All I want to know
is what's going on.
You owe me that!
Nothing's going on.
These hallucinations coincide
with high-stress incidents...
The death of your wife,
collapse of your business.
A period of remorse,
of introspection,
even resentment is inevitable.
You have to come to terms,
to accept what's happened.
You have to move on.
Are you finished?
The Navy wants to know
if you'll consider coming back.
They'll clear the slate,
take care of the mortgage,
settle the bills.
I have to ask.
They have my blood.
Tell them I'll
hang on to my soul.
This is 1-1-7 Alpha.
Bearing 2-9-0.
0-0-0. Over.
The stealth fighter, gentlemen...
100 million tax dollars a pop.
The American people ponied up
for one reason.
It was the future.
It was invincible and invisible.
Enable systems.
Alpha Romeo,
this is test control.
Series 4...
Nest to rogue bird.
You are clear to cloak.
Charlie, Romeo. Commence.
3... 2... 1...
Peaceful, isn't it?
She's up there somewhere
between earth and heaven,
and we can't see her, right?
When you approved phase one
of this project,
I told you that
scientific innovation
was constant competition.
If we build a better mouse,
somebody will build
a better trap.
Show them, Hank.
Transponders are on.
Commencing ultrasound emissions...
Overlay... on.
What the hell is that?
It's exactly what
you think it is, sir...
Our invisible aircraft.
It's an acoustical
tracking system.
We picked it up from
a disemployed Soviet physicist.
Sold it to us cheap.
We're failing, gentlemen.
Radar stealth is dead.
The truth is
that if you want to make
something invisible,
you have to make it disappear.
Yeah! Way to connect,
That's a double!
Let's go!
Come on!
Throw it!
All right.
Nice hustle, Ben.
Save some for the opening game.
Sorry, coach.
I got to go.
Be on time Saturday, Benny.
this is opening game this weekend.
Let's go.
Next batter.
Come on, Joey!
You're up!
Heads up, guys.
Come on.
Look alive.
All right.
All right.
So Mark says Terminator
kills predator,
but I say no way.
Predator's cool, right?
Then Paul goes, "no.
Robocop kills them both."
What do you say?
About what?
Terminator and predator
against robocop.
Who wins?
I don't know... Superman.
Superman? Come on, dad.
He's a wimp.
Superman's not a wimp.
That's the man of steel.
Yeah, well, adamantium's
harder than steel.
That's why Superman retired.
Ada what?
Hardest metal on earth.
Look, I got some.
Traded my lunch for it.
See? You can't break it.
Don't do that.
Let me see that.
This is what put Superman out of business?
Yep. Think it'll go good
on old blue?
Well, we'll give it a shot.
Really? Cool!
It's still another sunny day
in sunny Southern California
on 102.2 fm
here in Santa Paula.
It's may 3, 1993,
and the second hand
is ticking on
towards 5:03 in the afternoon.
Coming up, we have
another uninterrupted hour...
I'm already fast as Tommy.
Maybe faster.
But he's got better stuff.
I get my curve ball going,
I know I'll start.
Coach said so.
Don't throw the ball
in the house.
Wouldn't that be cool...
Me winning the opening game?
I'll help you, later!
When? The game's
on Saturday,
and I really want to...
I told you not to do that!
I'm working!
Nothing's broken.
Good. Now, take it
outside, all right?
Will you come with me?
Not right now.
But the curve.
You always say... Damn it!
Sorry, dad.
The curve.
The curve.
You want to see the curve?
All right.
I'll show you the curve.
Remember, it's just a swing
of the arm does it, all right?
Elbow high, wrist
relaxed, just like that.
You see it?
Kind of.
Get your bat.
Some guys try and force it with the wrist,
but you can't.
Watch the ball.
See the action?
Give me another.
Here we go.
Last strike.
Bottom of the ninth.
Bases loaded.
Checks his man on first.
The pitch.
Oh, and he's out of there!
Lucky catch.
There's nothing wrong
with a little luck.
Come on, dad.
Throw me another.
You go on outside and practice.
I need someone
to catch the ball.
Go on. I'll play catch
with you after dinner.
After dinner.
the Philadelphia experiment.
Professor James longstreet's
baby-step attempts
to cloak a U.S. Navy destroyer
from enemy radar.
the entire ship vanishes
from the face of the earth
for almost one hour...
Disappears, gentlemen.
The same year Berlin scientist
friedreich mailer,
my father,
initiates radar-jamming research
to assist in
daylight bombing raids.
Marginal success,
although one prototype aircraft
is rumored to have achieved
1984, Nevada,
shortly after my father's death,
longstreet incorporates
mailer's research
in his own endeavors to generate
an electromagnetic
missile shield
over a small town
near a military base.
This time,
an entire town is gone
for nearly one day.
Analyses were debated,
reports written, filed...
Mailer and longstreet's research
was written off
as freakish acts of nature
until now.
Gentlemen, from the ashes
of these misfires,
I am here to tell you
will rise a technology, a tool,
a weapon that will burn
most brightly
in this country's arsenal.
Follow me...
And I will show you the future.
Imagine being able
to move an object
from point a to point b
quickly, silently, invisibly.
Imagine instantaneous deployment
with unlimited range.
Imagine omnipresence.
Imagine no more, gentlemen,
for I give you super stealth.
The Philadelphia experiment...
Perfected at last.
Nearing critical spectrum.
Dad, what's happening?
What's going on?
Go to your room.
Please. Go!
Not bad, sir.
Not bad at all.
It gets even better.
Super stealth is the weapon
that will enable us to seize
this moment of detente and...
What about human pain
and misery?
What about the world
as we know it,
changed instantaneously?
Professor longstreet.
This technology is
your vision realized.
We've discussed its potential.
[Longstreet] Yes, but things have changed.
You've gone too far.
The Philadelphia experiment...
That ship didn't disappear
into some dimensional waiting room.
We cut a hole through 40 years of time
and almost shattered
the continuum.
But we've refined the process
so time isn't a variable.
Potential for errors
is virtually nil.
Tell them about the people
who went through the vortex.
The young men's bodies
melted into the hull
of that ship.
Only one man traveled successfully
through the vortex.
His unique metabolism
created his own individual continuum.
These experiments are
destabilizing his DNA,
literally tearing him apart.
It must end now.
The intricate weave of time
is not ours to unravel.
We'll reconvene tomorrow
at 0800 hours.
You'll have our decision then.
Thank you, professor.
You swore to me
theoretical research strictly.
You opened pandora's box, James.
This is what came out.
Arrogance and ambition...
It's a dangerous mix.
Fly in the ointment.
Yes, sir.
Well, whatever happens, sir,
it's been a pleasure
working for you.
Gratitude is
the disease of dogs.
No. Stalin.
[Telephone ringing]
You son of a bitch.
You lied to me.
I didn't know
the extent of it, honestly.
They're further along
than I thought.
Dangerously so.
No shit.
You listen to me.
I'm getting the hell
away from you
and whatever you're doing.
I need to talk to you.
You've got to listen to me.
Forget it.
Not this time.
You're not dragging me in again.
Go find someone else.
Oh, Benny.
Where you driving to, kid?
Can I get in?
Are you dying, like mom?
No, I'm not dying.
Well, something happened, son.
It's hard to explain,
but it's hurting me.
If I can get away from here,
from this place,
maybe it will stop hurting,
that's all.
Can I come?
Of course you can.
Where are we going, dad?
I don't know yet, son.
Look, I know it's been tough.
I know you miss your mom.
I miss her, too.
But you and me together,
we're a team, right?
Sometimes I don't get to spend
as much time with you
as I'd like.
As long as you and I
stick together,
it'll get better, I promise.
No matter where we go,
it'll get better.
I know what we could do.
We'll fix old blue.
This piece goes here
when we're done,
and we'll drive someplace
where you won't
get sick anymore.
That's a great idea.
We better go inside and pack.
We got to get going.
Could we wait here
a minute, dad?
You bet we could.
What's the flight plan?
It's a routine squadron
North Atlantic route
to Wiesbaden, Germany,
nuke payload, one pilot,
uninformed of our plans.
I'm aware of that.
The DNA testing's incomplete.
We have yet to determine
human resistance...
I'm aware of that!
Look around you, Hank.
Look at the scale
of what we have put together
on a slush fund shoestring.
Super stealth is too
important to be hamstrung
by political indifference.
My father never let ideology
interfere with his research,
never let red tape strangle his science,
and I intend to abide by that legacy.
When that plane disappears
over newfoundland
and instantaneously
reappears over Wiesbaden,
we will be vindicated,
and no one will want
to pull the plug.
Now, no middle ground.
You're in, or you're out.
I'm in, sir.
You can count on me.
To the left.
There she is.
Northeastern zone
approaching newfoundland.
Bring up the NORAD status map.
There! Station 6-3-0
newfoundland. Get it!
Tying into the subcarrier.
We're tracking.
Overlay coordinates.
We are...
We have control
of the transponder
with one minute
before they shut us down.
Generators on line... Now!
We are closing.
Level 2 achieve.
35 seconds elapsed.
Prepare to superimpose
our signal over NORAD.
NORAD's on to us.
They'll shut us down.
10... 9... 8... 7...
6... 5... 4... 3...
2... 1!
[Helicopter approaching]
[Man's voice]
You are in violation
of a resource-depleted area.
Come out of the house
Measured response is sanctioned.
Repeat, you are in violation
of a resource...
Benny, where are you?
[Helicopter approaching]
You are in violation
of code three.
Warning. Violation
of a resource-depleted area.
Cease and desist.
Do not resist.
Do not attempt to resist.
[Machine gun fire]
Warning. You are in violation
of a resource-depleted area.
Cease and desist.
We have a cp in sector three.
[Indistinct audio transmission]
Take the other side.
Yes, sir.
Above you!
I see him!
Moving up!
Track him!
Track him!
I got him.
Move over.
Train's leaving, bub.
It's him.
Who are you?
Not now, herdeg.
Easy live, easy die, herdeg.
I'll take point.
Scotch, sweep.
Come on. Keep moving.
Enough of this shit.
Where am I?
Questions later.
Just keep going.
Where am I?
You're with us, sweet-cheeks.
Tell me!
This is western industrial zone
sp-05, ventura quadrant.
This is my cell.
We're here to deliver you,
lights on or out.
What's the date?
May 3rd.
What year?
Move it, damn it!
I got to get back to my son!
Lights out!
[Music by Wagner playing]
50 golden years of peace.
50 golden years
since the spirit of our nation
Rose from the dark ashes
of history
and the fiery dawn
of the new world order
shone out
across the fruited plain.
Men and women working together
to harvest the precious bounty
of our promised land.
[Music by Strauss playing]
Gathering the ripened fruit
of their labors
like playful children,
safe under their watchful
father's eye
as he spans the endless skyway
and guards the ribbons
of highway.
Citizens working with courage,
determination, and dedication
to maintain
our righteous strength.
[Music by Mozart playing]
1993... 50 golden years...
Marching together for peace.
What do you think?
It's very impressive.
The music's for the birds.
[Scratches needle,
stopping music]
Suggested accompaniment.
Highbrow eurotrash.
This stuff won't play out here
in "show me" country.
Is something
on your mind, Decker?
I thought you should
look at this.
We retrieved it
from a pursuit unit
commander's body.
Peacekeeper air-cav
picked up
an unauthorized
in sector sp-05,
ventura quadrant.
It's resource-depleted
out there...
Aqmd level five, sealed tight.
We lost the whole unit.
Look how he's dressed.
Strange, isn't it?
Can't figure out
how he got there,
Maybe intelligence...
Don't involve them yet.
Put out an all-points.
Sir... The whole basin?
Humor me.
I'm in the dark here.
That was real firepower.
Could be cell-related.
Any insights
that you might have?
File a request.
Sir, I'm entitled to know.
When's the next shipment?
That's quite a setup
you have here, sir.
Philadelphia experiment.
50 years.
David herdeg.
It's him.
That's him.
Find him, Decker.
Keep him alive
and bring him here.
Well, who is he?
Just find him.
Come on, Logan.
Hurry it up.
Yeah. It's got to
be good, o.K.?
Yeah. Everyone's
an artist.
Scotch, give me status.
Everything stats.
We're all clear.
We're going topside.
Tired, ready to go home,
like everybody else.
I'm ready to go home.
Yeah? Well,
listen, herdeg.
We saved your ass.
That should mean
Now you're coming with us.
You people are crazy.
Remember Philadelphia.
Remember Philadelphia.
It's a message.
Message? Who from?
Who told you?
He said you'd understand.
That's all I can say.
Keep your head down
and stick with us.
Ah, you'll get over it.
Jesus Christ.
He's not here.
Keep moving.
I.d.s require
annual reconfirmation.
Where'd I get this?
My brother died last week.
Hasn't been declared yet.
Now we're blood brothers.
Obviously, I got the looks
in the family.
Summit talks in Pearl harbor
promise an end to the cold war.
East and west...
Working together for peace.
Citizen thought for the day,
may 3, 1993...
The great questions of time
are not decided by the majority,
but by iron and blood.
Thought you'd like
the window seat.
Yeah. Great window.
Yeah, well, what's out there,
you might not want
to get too close.
Lays down the laws of today.
Safety in the workplace
improves output.
Wear your protective goggles.
Only one more workday
to v-a day.
All workers' shifts will be cut
by one hour.
V-a day?
Victory over America.
5th of may.
Anniversary parades, fireworks.
50 years
since the Phoenix
bombed Washington.
Where have you been
all your life?
Productivity in this sector
is up 1%.
The western zone now leads...
All others in oil
and steel production.
Citizen update...
Hold it! Hold it!
Pull over! Pull over!
Right here!
Right here!
With the worker welfare office.
All citizens... Come on!
Open the door!
Everybody out
of the bus. Now!
Let's go!
Stay cool, herdeg.
Come on!
Come on!
Form a line right here.
Form a line.
This is a security
I.D. Check.
Arms ready to be checked.
Come on. Let's go.
Think I enjoy this?
Let's go!
On your knees, arms out.
Get those I.D.S out
where I can see them!
Head down, boy!
What do you think
this is, a vacation?
Arms ready to be checked!
What you looking at, boy?
Don't you eyeball me!
Get your arm out.
Lays down the laws of today.
Remember... Keep them up!
Wear your protective goggles.
Eyes down, bitch.
Sorry... Sir.
You heard the man!
Head down!
Remember to wash your hands.
Productivity in this
sector is up 1%.
The western zone
now leads all others
in oil and steel production.
Citizen update...
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth!
All citizens,
categories one and three...
I got to go!
Back in line!
Stay down!
You saw nothing!
You heard nothing!
Save it.
We split up.
Logan, same place.
Herdeg, you're with me.
Any questions?
Come on.
Remember, people...
You heard nothing!
You saw nothing!
A 1, 2... A 1, 2, 3.
[Country-western music playing]
50 golden years of peace.
Very nice.
Now we're cooking with gas.
50 golden years
since the spirit of our nation
Rose from the dark ashes
of history
and the fiery dawn
of the new world order
shone out
across the fruited plain.
Citizens working with courage,
determination... Ahem.
Dedication to maintain
our righteous strength.
You found him.
A worker bus ran an i-bar.
We traced the starting depot.
Found that,
amongst other things.
Curious label.
"Made in U.S.A.
Novelty item... No doubt.
Safe under their watchful
father's eye as he spans...
Where was the i-bar incident?
32nd and krupp.
Alert these checkpoints.
Distribute his photo.
Clamp down
the neighboring
The productivity loss...
I'm aware of that.
My department
will need written authorization
by central council.
But fortunately,
your department
is part of my department.
Now, go lock down
and smile while you're doing it.
Sir, there's more to this
than you're letting on.
This man's apparent connection
to your experiments
reeks of special circumstance,
which, by code,
falls under my jurisdiction.
You want special circumstance?
I am special circumstance.
I am the code.
I am the countersign.
I am
the godforsaken
western zone.
Look around you, Decker.
This is not Europe.
This is the land of opportunity,
and you and your lowlife
varmint police
are nothing to me,
not even a speck
in the grand parade of
history, not an echo
in the big orchestra
of civilization.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
[Music stops]
Yes, sir.
I'll want a written report.
All right, boys.
From the top.
[Drum taps]
[Music begins]
Other side's
where we're headed,
where he is.
Get through, and we're safe...
Kind of.
And where I get
some answers, right?
Yeah, right.
Sp-05 entrance verification.
This year by only 2%.
The checkpoint's
categorized just like
everything else.
Your tattoo's blown,
but this trick
might get us through.
Now, just follow my lead.
Here's your line.
Line two... Good luck.
Line three,
ethnic specifications dz-4.
Line four,
political misdemeanor.
Line five, probation.
Please stay within
your designated line.
Decreased this year by 12%.
Worker township sp-05
entrance verification.
Worker classification
one through five...
Hard labor and discipline.
are strictly prohibited.
It is our future that lays down
the laws of today.
Attention. Fugitive alert.
Category breach, line two.
You! Out of line!
Let's go!
Category breach.
Rectify immediately.
in the western sector
is on the rise.
Worker township sp-05
entrance verification.
Worker classification
one through five...
This is it?
This is home?
We call it freedom city.
Fitting, huh?
Only the dead
get a free ride out.
Township 05.
State-built for dissident
and hard-labor classes.
Pks say it takes
too long to patrol.
They leave out
the "too dangerous"
Sounds like they built
their own problem.
This is where he is?
He's here?
Shh. Quiet.
What took you so long?
You're on, herdeg.
Consider yourself delivered.
He's out there.
[Helicopter passes]
Herdeg... David herdeg?
Remember Philadelphia?
50 years have been
very kind to you, David...
Or else incredibly cruel.
I can't believe
you're a part of this.
Body, mind, and soul,
I'm afraid.
50 years.
We were all so young.
There was hope...
Such faith in our cause,
endless strength
to fight the good fight.
I know.
I was there.
Until '43, may 4th.
I disappeared your ship,
and you never came back.
There were stories
you'd gone forward in time.
24 hours later,
it didn't matter.
Go on.
5th of may, the Phoenix flew...
Dropped her bombs
on Washington, D.C.
15 million people gone.
Took me 20 years
to figure it out...
Why the Phoenix
never flew again,
where it came from,
and what happened
to the damn thing.
Then one
of our operatives
found this.
My god, it's a stealth.
Then it all fell together.
The doubts I had about you
and the damn
Philadelphia experiment
became nightmares.
We did cut a hole in time.
The same way we sent you
forward from '43,
that plane
got sucked back there,
landed in the heart
of Nazi Germany.
It's my fault... All of it.
A foolish young man's pride
opened pandora's box.
All this...
Everything you see
here came out of it.
This man... who is he?
Friedreich mahler.
Took credit for the plane.
Claimed he built it.
Was a hero when
the Phoenix struck.
Turned scapegoat
when he couldn't
build a replacement.
See, he didn't know
the plane's real power.
How could he?
It was lost in the blast
from its own bombs.
Mahler killed himself in '65,
utterly disgraced.
But like all good aryans,
he brought forth a son
who's become obsessed
with the Phoenix,
obsessed with time.
He studied everything
we did in '43...
The ship, you, all of it.
He's reopened
the Philadelphia
Convinced he can
go back 50 years,
warn his father
and change
the Phoenix's
flight path
so it survives the blast.
You mean... He's rebuilt it?
Your machine?
He's close.
He's developing a plasma
that simulates your DNA
so he, too,
can survive the vortex.
Today my victories are small,
such as figuring out
which may 4th you would reappear
or where Santa Paula used to be.
But tomorrow night,
we destroy his machine
Then with you safe
in free Alaska,
mailer's dreams
will finally perish.
Free Alaska?
You can't stay here.
You're the last piece
to mailer's puzzle.
Wait. Listen to me.
You don't understand.
Yes... i do.
Man was not meant
to play with time.
No. My son... Son?
David, here you have no son.
Come sunrise, we're putting you
on the underground railroad.
They'll take you up north.
At least you get to get
out of this place.
Ain't exactly homey,
but then I wasn't
expecting company.
I hear Alaska's beautiful.
A little cold.
Takes about a year to get there,
but it's worth it, I guess.
Just thought you'd like to know
where you're going.
You'll love Alaska, herdeg.
I don't give
a damn about Alaska.
My name is David.
That's what people call me.
All right.
Pleased to meet you, David.
Is this
an antique I.D.?
No. Well, it didn't
used to be, anyway.
Bad picture.
They're supposed to be.
What's this?
It's a credit card.
It's a legal way
to sucker the middle class.
Middle class?
Clinton, bush, Reagan... Carter.
Do any of these names
mean anything to you?
Joe DiMaggio...
Ted Williams... Elvis.
how about Superman?
Some kind of fairy tale...
For children.
Well... Close.
But I hear Superman
retired, anyway.
This your son?
That's Benny.
He's a great kid.
Is he with his mother?
No, he's not.
Do you have kids?
Atomic contamination.
Women without children
ain't worth too much.
[Helicopter approaches]
Process into the subject...
Standard procedure.
How long?
Six minutes to paralysis.
Not bad.
Decrease hemoglobin
10 p.P.M.
Yes, sir.
We're getting closer.
Prepare another subject, please.
All systems operational?
Yes, sir.
Commence 24-hour stand-by.
Yes, sir.
What the hell
are you doing here?
You've got to listen.
You're jeopardizing the mission.
He's obsessed.
You said that
He's obsessed with me.
He's obsessed with time.
Now, what if we could
turn that around,
use it against him, tempt him?
What are you saying?
We could use the machine...
Send me back to '43...
Stop the plane
from ever taking off.
No, no. I told you,
never again.
What's done is done.
We can't change it.
You don't understand.
We cannot continue
to tamper this way.
There's a different world,
with a different history.
I was just there yesterday.
It's better than it
is here, much better.
It's not perfect.
It's got its problems,
but not like this.
It's a nightmare here
because here was
not meant to be.
But it's been this way
for 50 years.
No. No, it's been
this way for one day.
I swear.
It's true.
Don't you see?
We won the war.
We won the war?
There's a cemetery
in old D.C.
Where they let us
put out markers
for the victims
of the Phoenix...
Stretches for miles.
This country was buried there...
6 feet under.
Gathering the ripened fruit
of their labors
like playful children.
Safe under their
watchful father's eye...
Look at me, Jess.
We've got to talk about
what's going to happen.
There's too much talk,
and I know what's
going to happen.
We'll fail, or we'll succeed.
If you destroy the
Phoenix, we win the war.
There's more to it than that...
A lot more, I'm afraid.
If we succeed...
I take that plane out,
then this world...
This place...
Will never have existed.
No past, no present...
Everything that you know...
It will be like
it never happened.
And no one will
remember any of it?
Except for me.
Your papers.
This is too small
a load for the mill.
Special order i-c-two.
Supreme command
wants these stiffs.
Verify an i-c-two.
Check the back of the truck.
Yes, sir.
You're not on the sheet.
Must be a mistake.
Are you questioning me?
Wouldn't think of it...
Checks out.
Have a nice day, bub.
Bring her down.
[Bell rings]
Here's your stop, bub.
Good luck.
Yeah. Good luck.
Enemy alert. First name... David.
Fugitive alert.
Fulfill your duty.
Fugitive alert.
Looks like it's your lucky day.
With all due respect,
how could you reach
that conclusion?
Hand me that, would you?
It doesn't make sense.
They hide him.
A day later, he's here alone.
He is a threat.
He should be isolated,
thoroughly interrogated,
and, in my estimation...
[door opening]
Uncuff him.
You're bleeding.
Would you like
a bandage?
David herdeg...
Born may 17, 1918...
Santa Paula, California,
disappeared may 4, 1943,
during the Philadelphia
I spent years trying
to unravel your secret,
and now, suddenly, here you are.
I'm so pleased.
Are you?
Don't look at me.
Look straight ahead.
To be honest,
I never expected this.
I didn't think you would.
What went through your mind
on your way here?
Truth twisted...
Who's responsible.
Well, responsibility
is generally
one of those things
claimed by the righteous,
whereas consequences are
assigned to the meek.
What's your choice?
To make the right choice.
Well... you seem
strong to me,
not, uh, worried of frightened.
Even heroic.
Are you a hero?
I could be.
You could be...
If what?
If I killed you.
Do you think you could?
Sir, this... Shh.
You want to murder the king
in his own castle.
It's very heroic.
Take it.
Have you considered
the consequences
of pulling the trigger?
Then why don't you take it?
This is insane.
Stay back, Decker.
This is the hero's
He's thought it through.
He knows what he's doing.
It's simple, isn't it?
You pull
the trigger,
and I'm dead,
and you're stuck right here.
You think not?
Then shoot.
I will.
God damn you!
I can't.
Why not?
I don't belong here...
This place, this time.
I need to get back
to where I'm from,
back to my home, my family,
where I know who I am.
Look at me now.
They told me about
your experiments.
They sent me here to stop
you, to kill you.
But you want to go back.
And I need to go back.
We could work together.
Your technology, my blood...
Retains coherent DNA
for up to 12 hours
after death.
[Cocks pistol]
Convince me.
In the interest
of national security,
I strongly insist...
Process this
into serum immediately.
Load the syringes.
Continue withdrawal?
One more tube for backup...
Then terminate him.
Lock in the program.
No override.
10-minute window,
depart and return.
I got some papers here for you.
Doesn't matter.
All deliveries
are canceled.
You're kidding.
Could have had the day off.
I guess you made
a trip for nothing.
It wouldn't be the first time.
We're wasting time.
See if they've
processed the DNA.
How long till full power?
Three minutes.
I want the driver on report.
Everybody down!
[Alarm sounding]
You o.K.?
You ready?
Come on.
You are surrounded.
Lay down your weapons.
Appropriate force will be used.
You are surrounded.
Lay down your weapons.
Appropriate force will be used.
Do not resist.
Repeat. You are surrounded.
You are surrounded.
Lay down your weapons.
Appropriate force will be used.
Make it better,
Now go.
What's going on? You owe me.
Why, dad?
Don't leave me!
Like all good aryans,
he brought forth a son.
Come on, dad.
Throw me another.
Remember Philadelphia?
I need someone
to catch the ball.
I don't want a kid anyway.
It's inevitable.
It's a nightmare here.
[Kids' voices] Strength...
Life... Power.
Kein rauchen hier.
Heil Hitler!
[Speaking German]
Kommen sie hier.
Kommen sie hier.
Wir machen hier ein foto.
Kommen sie, bitte.
Rechts, zusammen.
[Speaking German]
[Whistle blowing]
Wait! Wait! Stop it!
[Alarm sounding]
No. No, no. Not me.
Not me.
Nicht ich... ich nicht.
Hinter! Hinter!
Ich bin Willie... Ja?
Dein sohn.
Wir haben keinen sohn.
Verstehst du nicht?
The Phoenix, father.
[Speaking German]
[Engine starts]
[Speaking German]
Halten sie der tanker!
Gut himmel!
[Alarm sounding]
Oh, Mr. Herdeg.
My future is... Unclear.
[Speaking German]
But I feel I can be
fairly certain
about yours.
[Speaking German]
Aah... Aah!
O.k. Come on.
It's the opening game.
We've still got a chance.
It's not over.
We can beat them.
Things ain't so bad, all right?
We've been in holes
like this before.
Batter's up.
Hello, kid.
I love you, dad.
It's all going to
get better now, right?
Excuse me!
Come on, Benny!
Let's get going!
Batter's up!
Dad, I got to go bat.
All right.
Come on, Benny!
Here's your hat.
Remember what
we worked on
in practice, o.K.?
Just keep your eye on the ball.
Come on, Benny!
Give us a home run here!
Yay, Benny!
[Crowd cheering]
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