Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension (2011) Movie Script

I'll be honest, Ferb.
I'm having a hard time
putting a positive spin on this.
But I guess that's life, huh?
One minute,
you're having the best day ever,
the next, you're being fed to a monster
the size of a two-car garage.
Yeah? Well, welcome to my life.
And everything started out so well
this morning.
Good morning, Perry.
Now that's the way to wake up.
This is gonna be the best day ever.
We consider every day a plus
To spend it with a platypus
We're always so ecstatic
'Cause he's semi-aquatic
Our Ornithorhynchus anatinus
Brings smiles to the both of us
Life's never fuddy-duddy
With our web-footed buddy
When we're brushing our teeth
It's better
Tying our shoes
It's better
Combing our hair
It's better
Like we're a cheese sandwich
And he's the cheddar
Blinking our eyes
It's better
Breathing in and out
So much better
Sitting in a chair
It's better
And taking a bath
Just a little bit wetter
Every day is such a dream
When it's started with a monotreme
He's duck-billed and he's beaver-tailed
and hairy
You know that he's hairy
Everything's better with Perry
Everything's better with Perry
Everything's better with Perry
Everything's better with Perry
Everything's better with Perry
Everything's better with Perry
Everything's better with Perry
It's better
And we just want to tell you, Perry
Everything's better with you
Better with you
Good morning, boys.
Happy anniversary, Perry.
Oh, that's right! Gosh.
I can't believe it's been five years.
I remember the day we first got you.
Come on, kids.
Pick out any pet you want.
Look, Phineas,
this one's looking at you!
And this one's looking at you, Ferb.
Why won't anything look at me?
Ferb! This one's looking at
both of us at the same time.
That thing? You're kidding, right?
Is there something I can do for you?
Yes. We'd like that one, please.
You'd like to adopt a platypus?
Is that what it is? Well, yes.
- May we have him, please?
- Okay.
What would you even name a platypus?
Of course, Ferb and I knew
exactly what to call you.
- Bartholemew!
- Bartholemew!
And then when we got you home,
we renamed you Perry
and gave you this locket.
Look how young we all were.
Hey, Jeremy.
You wanna go to the mall?
You know, I'd love to,
but my dad's taking me
to check out his old college today.
Booyah! Go Polecats! Booyah!
He's already set up an interview
with an academic advisor.
Can you believe that?
Gee, Jeremy, I forgot
you're a whole year older than me.
A trip to college?
That's... That's really great.
Okay, well, I'll talk to you later. Bye.
Jeremy! In the blink of an eye,
you'll be moving on
to the next phase of your life.
You'll be going to college
and wearing tweed jackets
with patches on the elbows.
You'll be so mature.
And look at me. I'm a child!
Jeremy, you'll see. I can mature.
Starting with taking this silly photo off.
Mr Miggins!
Have you been there the whole time?
All right, looks like the pitcher's ready.
And batter up!
Batter, batter, batter, swing!
Yes, sports fans,
that may be the best hit ever
in the history of platypult baseball.
And the crowd exhales loudly
through their mouths.
And Fletcher snags the pop fly.
He's out!
Hi, Phineas! What you doing?
Turning Perry's involuntary reflex
into a sporting event.
Hi, Perry, can I try?
Whoa, momma! Nice shot, Isabella.
Did someone lose a ball?
Yeah, we were just playing platypult.
I love platypus-themed sports.
You know, if we had two Perrys,
we could put a net between them
- and play platypult badminton.
- Who's Annette?
Ferb, that's it!
I know what we're gonna do today.
No, seriously. Who's Annette?
Okay, everyone, I think the tail is all set.
I'll just go check with the foreman.
- He's gone!
- Hey, where's Perry?
Did he really slip away?
On his anniversary?
Sometimes it seems like Perry's missed
every single cool thing
we've done all summer long.
I guess he can do whatever he wants.
After all, it's his day, right?
Hey, what was that small noise?
Let's all go walk over to it.
Good morning, Agent P. A quick word.
Recently you've been
having some close calls
and your host family has
almost caught you
sneaking into your lair several times.
No need to remind you,
but I'll do it anyway,
that if your cover's blown,
you'll have to be transferred to
another city with another host family.
And we both know
you wouldn't like that.
I remember the day
you were first assigned.
Enjoy your platypus!
Thank you, cheerio!
Agent assignment complete, sir.
Good job, Karl.
If you keep up the great work,
you'll make unpaid intern in no time.
- And I did.
- Don't get cocky, Karl.
Agent P, as you know,
every operative is equipped
with an autoscan replication device
just like the one in your hat.
We've been using
the information you've gathered
to replicate each and every one of
Dr Doofenshmirtz's Inators.
Our top men have been
analysing them to determine
if they've been getting smarter
or dumber.
And to be honest, the jury's still out.
Now we find out that
he's in the process of building
an alternate-dimension-related Inator.
Your assignment is to stop him
before he finishes building it.
Behind you,
rising dramatically from the floor,
is Karl, with some high-tech gadgets
that you might find useful.
Sir? Hello? I didn't step on in time.
Would you mind
lowering the platform again?
Great. Let me cue the music again.
Well, obviously, this first item is
our new wrist communicationizer.
It has many applications
that will help you in the field.
For example,
a powerful directional electromagnet.
It will draw any metal object to you.
See? And these are aluminium!
Quit goofing around, Karl,
and show him the hologram.
Yes, sir.
Pretty nifty, huh?
With this device you'll be able to
contact me from anywhere at any time.
But don't call between 3:30 and 4:00
because that's when I take a shower.
Wait a minute. Is that me?
His holographic projection has become
mesmerized by his video image.
I better shut it off.
And if you push this button,
it gives your adversary
an incredible ice cream headache.
It's gone.
You better watch where you point that!
Hey, girl! What are you doing?
Stacy, Jeremy's going to college soon,
and here I am,
concerned with
busting my brothers to my mommy
and living in this nursery.
A unicorn! A unicorn, Stacy!
"Hi, I'm six!"
You've gotta help me
get rid of all this junk.
Wow! Bold move!
Yep. Goodbye, childhood folly,
hello, carefree undemanding adult life.
Yeah, good luck with that.
Candace, your father and I
are off to the movies.
While we're gone,
you're in charge, okay?
Okay, Mom!
And you know, I'm even thinking about
giving up on busting my brothers.
The irony is, that as a grown-up,
you don't need to tell your mom.
You can just bust them yourself.
That's it! Stacy,
I'm old enough to bust them myself!
That's what I just said.
Now, Perry the Platypus, quake in terror
as I punch a hole
through to another dimension.
- Behold, the Other-Dimensionator...
- Sir!
What? What?
I finished setting up the buffet.
For crying out loud, Norm.
I was in the zone!
I just thought
you were playing with your doll.
It's not a doll, it's a stand-in!
Pretendy the Practicepus, see?
I wonder if Perry the Platypus
practises with a fake me.
It would be nice to know
he cares enough.
All systems are green.
Prepare to launch on my mark.
T minus 30 and counting.
29, 28, 27, 26...
Of course, you'll only need this
if you're attacked by one of the royals
or a member of Parliament.
So it's probably okay
to leave the safety on.
And here's your brand new rocket car.
Sweet, huh? Good luck, Agent P.
Karl? Did you tell him
the accelerator's a little touchy?
I think he knows, sir.
Three, two, one.
Phineas and Ferb, you are so busted...
Oh, my gosh! Where'd it go?
You there, small children!
Where's the big contraption?
I don't know.
It was here just a moment ago.
It disappeared?
- Stacy, do you realise what this means?
- We're done?
No, some kind of mysterious force
always takes away Phineas and Ferb's
inventions before Mom shows up.
This time it took away their invention
before I showed up!
The mysterious force recognises
that I'm now a grown-up.
A mysterious force? I'm not buying it.
I am a woman of science,
at least that's what my horoscope said.
Well, I'm going to prove it to you
and bust my brothers at the same time!
Where are my brothers?
We just launched them
towards the park.
Buford is there with the other platypult.
Okay, as the adult,
I decree we are going to the park.
Does anyone need to go potty first?
Fine, make it quick.
Ferb, it looks like
we're gonna hit that building
that looks vaguely like your head.
Time to give it a little test.
Well, I just finished it.
It can't be broken already.
I stand corrected.
All right,
what's with the giant shuttlecock?
We're really sorry, sir.
I don't know what happened.
One minute,
we were innocently launching ourselves
across the city in a badminton platypult.
The next thing we know,
we're bouncing on up to the eastside
to your deluxe apartment in the sky.
Well, it looks like you've totalled
my Other-Dimensionator.
An Other-Dimensionator?
What does it do?
Well, at the moment, it just
stops giant shuttlecocks, apparently.
But it's supposed to let me
go into other dimensions.
That's cool! We can help you fix it.
I'm Phineas,
and this is my brother Ferb.
I'm Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz,
but my friends call me...
I just got in such a funk.
Ferb is naturally handy with tools.
I bet we could put this thing
back together in no time.
What the heck. Before we start,
there's a whole buffet set up here,
please partake.
I was expecting someone
who seems to be running late.
You're lucky I got a rocket car winch.
Lots of guys don't have that.
Almost there.
Okay, field compressor attaches
to the auxiliary generator.
Was this working before?
Well, if by "working" you mean
"functioning properly," then no.
Well, I think I see your problem.
Everything's wired through
this self-destruct button.
Do you even need that?
Well, of course I...
Wait a minute. No, I do not need that.
You are absolutely right.
So Ferb has
rigged up this remote control
so that if we get separated from
the portal, we can open another one.
- Nice touch, kid.
- I guess this is the last piece.
Okay, Ferb, boost me up.
I cannot wait!
- There you are, Perry.
- Perry?
Yeah. He's our pet platypus.
Is every platypus named Perry?
In a perfect world, yes.
Well, he's a cute little fellow. Hi, there.
Coochee, coochee...
Perry, no! We do not bite the elderly.
Again, ow! It's okay.
Platypuses don't typically like me.
Well, Perry, you're just in time to see us
open a window into another dimension.
Perry, no! What are you doing? No, no!
Perry, this is not tug of war!
This is not tug of war!
Silly boy, what's gotten into him?
All right,
let's get this show on the road, huh?
Remember, if your cover is blown,
you'll never see the boys again.
Hey, does anyone hear
someone talking?
Never see them again.
Okay, here we go. Right in...
Perry! No! Not on the sofa!
I'm sorry, Dr D. We should take him out.
No, no. Wait. It'll be all right.
I was planning on
replacing this old couch anyway.
Now come on. Let's light this pop stand,
or however it goes.
Gosh, this is...
It's kind of weird, actually.
I'm usually thwarted by this point.
Well, I guess he's not coming.
And now, behold!
The mind-blowing first images
from beyond our dimensional reality!
It's a... It's a couch.
That's a bit anticlimactic.
I guess it's a nice couch, though...
Hey! I got an idea!
Let's swap my couch for that one!
I got it. I got... Or maybe I...
Come on,
you want to give me a hand here?
Awesome, check it out.
- Say, aren't you...
- Hey, Dr D! Look at this.
Hold that thought.
You're famous here.
Get off!
"Heinz Doofenshmirtz, your leader"?
A whole tri-state area
where I am already in charge!
Yeah! Hold on,
I gotta go check something out.
Hello, again.
Is this some kind of test?
Is that really you, sir?
Holy boy!
Even the great Francis Monogram's
my slave in this dimension!
I prefer the term
"indentured executive assistant".
Well, I want to meet
this other dimension me.
Where can I find him?
You're from another dimension?
Well, he'll probably
wanna see you then.
He's into that freaky sort of stuff.
Have a seat and I'll let him know
you're on your way up.
Okay. So I just gotta sit here and...
He's Doof Doof Doof
Doof Doof Doof Doof
Bask in his glory
Kneel at his feet
You're in for such a treat
He's Doofenshmirtz
That was awesome!
All right, who's interrupting my...
Do I know you?
Yeah! I'm you from another dimension!
Well, that would explain
the handsomeness.
Right back at you, big guy.
Does that mean
you and I are exactly alike?
I suppose so.
Do you want some rice pudding?
Ick, no, that's gross
It was a test. Almond brittle?
- Oh, I love it the most
- Me, too
Do you collect coins?
Yeah, just in case
Vending machines become
the dominant race
I've been alone all these years
With my irrational fears
But not the vending machine thing.
That's gonna happen.
But now before me, I see
Someone with whom I agree
I've found a brand new best friend
And it's me
I've found a brand new best friend
And it's me
I thought I'd be taller
I've been told I slouch
I thought I'd have both my eyes
You know
It's in this pouch
You know, I can't help but notice
that your scar goes over your eye patch.
Do llamas weird you out?
Yeah, are they camels or sheep?
No, no, I meant Lorenzo
That's right
He played Meap
Now I know all about you
And you know all about me
And now before me I see
Someone with whom I agree
I've found a brand new best friend
And it's me
I've found a brand new best friend
And it's me
Now that I found you
We can be a duo
That's right
Twice the evil
Double Doofenshmirtz
Coming at you Fridays
What's that? I mean,
are we doing a TV show together?
No. It just sort of sounded like...
I mean, we could. We should!
Maybe we're not so much alike.
That can be our catch phrase.
You're the grumpy one.
Wow, he's done really well for himself.
What do you think, Perry?
Hey, where is Dr D?
So what you're telling me is you're
still not ruler of your tri-state area?
Well, obviously you did not have to deal
with my nemesis, Perry the Platypus.
Didn't I? Observe.
What is it?
This is Perry the Platyborg!
He was once my nemesis, but now,
he's general of my army!
Wow! You are good!
That was awesome!
Now who's interrupting me?
Remind me to berate
my indentured executive assistant.
No, man, it's cool. They're with me.
Hey, Dr D. We thought we'd lost you.
Hi, fellas!
You dare to bring
a secret agent in here?
This boy's a secret agent?
- No, not him!
- The quiet one?
No! Not... No. Him!
This plant?
The platypus!
That's Secret Agent Perry the Platypus!
Hey. He's just a platypus.
He doesn't do much.
This is rich. I see what's going on here.
You really think that he's your pet,
don't you?
Wrong! He's using you!
You're just his cover.
He's a secret agent!
Here, here, let me prove it.
General Platyborg,
come down here at once.
He'll be here in just a second.
All right, Platyborg,
you see that platypus?
You know what to do.
What was that for? Perry, are you okay?
Told you.
How are his vitals?
Wait, let me try something. Platyborg!
- Do the same thing to those two boys.
- What?
Yes! I knew it!
Wait a minute. I'm confused.
Why does their platypus fight so good?
Perry the Platypus!
Get them!
You're a secret agent?
Hey, be careful with that.
So this is where
you disappear to every day?
You come here and fight this guy?
No, he fights me.
He doesn't really know this guy.
You fight a pharmacist?
Why would you even do that?
Actually, I'm an evil scientist.
A lot of people
are confused by the lab coat.
You're evil? He's evil?
So, not only have you been leading
a double life this whole time,
but you sat there
and let us help an evil scientist
open an evil portal
into an evil dimension!
And you did nothing to stop us?
Well, he did pee on the couch.
Wait a second, I just realised.
That was a conscious choice.
You peed on my couch!
No, no. That wasn't enough.
That's when you should have
put on your little hat.
Not now, after we've gone through it
into this mess!
For badness sake,
you can hash all this out in prison.
Brain freeze!
I'm sorry. I'm just having trouble
processing this right now.
"So you've discovered
your pet is a secret agent".
I don't want your pamphlet!
He's coming back around!
You have got to be kidding me.
For crying out loud.
What, they didn't teach you how to
get out of this in spy school?
Look! There's a logo on this parachute!
He's got his own logo?
All this time we're like,
"He's a platypus. He doesn't do much".
Well, apparently you do!
You do... You're...
You're tangled up in the...
Wow! Saved by
unconventional architecture.
May I please see your papers?
Show me your papers or be destroyed.
- Curse you, Perry the Platypus!
- Curse you, Perry the Platypus!
Jinx! You owe me a soda.
Get me!
I'm a Georgia O'Keeffe painting!
Fourth and Main.
What? No tip?
Never mind. I'm good.
Looks like they're gone.
You're a secret agent?
And you've been living with us
this whole time?
Was that evil guy right?
Were we just a cover story to you?
I mean, were you ever really our pet
or part of our family?
Well, apparently not, 'cause
you didn't trust us enough to tell us.
Anyone else around here
leading a bizarre double life?
Put your hand down, Ferb.
You're a secret agent!
He's a secret agent!
You're right, Ferb. We've got to
concentrate on the task at hand.
We've got to get back to our dimension,
and I don't even know where to start!
That's right! The remote!
I knew that would come in handy.
All right, let's go home.
Wait, that's not our dimension.
Now this thing's broken.
We're gonna need some help.
I know! Let's go find us!
Wait, I just realised,
you could have been cleaning
your own litter box this whole time!
We are not done with this conversation.
So tell me, other dimension me,
what do you see here?
An ordinary platypus.
And now what do you see?
Perry the Platypus!
You know, I'm starting to see
why you haven't become ruler
in your dimension.
All right, Mr Eviler-Than-Thou,
just how did you manage to
take over the tri-state area anyway?
Simple, I used an army of big,
scary robots.
We should do lunch sometime.
Wow, that is scary.
I tried that robot thing once, too.
I hid the self-destruct button
on the bottoms of their feet
so no one could reach them.
And march!
I think I've said enough.
I still don't get it.
If we're the same person, why are you
so much better at being evil than me?
True evil is born through pain and loss.
You see, when I was a small boy
back in Gimelschtump,
I had a toy train.
Then, one day I lost it.
- That's... That's it?
- What do you mean?
That's your
emotionally scarring back-story?
That's your great tragedy?
Dude! I was raised by ocelots.
I mean, literally.
Disowned by my parents and raised
by Central American wildcats,
and you're telling me
you lost a toy train? That's all?
That's all you got, really?
I had to work as a lawn gnome!
I was forced to wear
hand-me-up girl's clothing!
Neither of my parents
showed up for my birth!
Well, how did you feel
when you lost that toy train?
I never lost that toy train...
Well, maybe if you had,
you'd have done better.
Since you have neglected to take over
your tri-state area,
I think I'll go over there
and give it a shot myself!
Great! We can be a team!
Yeah, right. A team.
Wait, was that sarcasm?
Yeah! Right there! I'm pretty sure that's
my voice when I'm being sarcastic.
Okay, Buford,
where are Phineas and Ferb?
How should I know?
They never showed up
for me to return serve!
That's considered a forfeit
in catapult badminton.
So I went to get some Victory Gum.
A tradition as old as the game itself.
Don't play with me, young man.
Where is the giant platypult they built?
I don't know. Seems to have vanished.
Really? Did you hear that, Stacy?
The mysterious force
took the platypult away
before I, the grown-up, could see it.
Yeah, yeah. I'm sure there's a perfectly
logical explanation for all of this.
And they laughed at me
for installing a platypult tow rig!
Who's laughing now, Wayne?
The logical explanation
is the mysterious force.
The real question is,
why does it care so much
about my little brothers?
Why doesn't it want them to get busted?
Well, why don't you
ask it, Kierkegaard?
What? Existentialist trading cards.
They came with the gum.
Wait, he's right! I should just ask it!
- I'll bet I can reason with it.
- Reason with it?
Candace, it's a force that you made up.
No, I know
what I'm talking about, Stacy!
- Come on!
- Where are you going?
To my back yard!
The heart of the mysterious force!
Would you like to trade two Sartre
for a Nietzsche?
All right.
Well, this should be our street.
But it sure looks different.
Boys, what are you doing here?
You'd better get inside
before the Doofbot catches you.
I'm off to the factory. See you next week.
Wow! Well, I guess
we'd better get inside.
You might want to...
I mean, these guys might not know that
you're not really a... You know.
Boys! I thought you were in your room.
Get inside!
And get your dooferalls back on
before someone sees you.
If you need me,
I'll be hiding in the basement.
That was weird.
Let's find the other us's.
And... Hey, I got a one!
Pick a Doofopoly instruction card!
"Conform". I can do that.
Hi, guys.
No! They're replacing us!
I must not have conformed
quick enough.
No, no, it's not like that.
We're you guys
from another dimension.
- Different dimension? Is that allowed?
- Apparently.
Look! Perry's back!
Where have you been?
We've missed you so much.
Phineas, he's not your Perry.
He came with us.
Wait, can I hold him a little longer?
It's just that, well,
he left one day and never came back.
He's been gone for a long time,
and I'm really worried.
All right, you know
the only time we're allowed to
make noise is on Doofens Day.
So keep it...
Are there four of you in this room?
Five, counting Perry.
I see nothing.
I have plausible deniability.
Boy, your Candace is much less
curious about what you're up to.
What do you mean?
Well, it seems like our Candace
has spent her entire summer
focused on what we're doing.
Summer? I think that was outlawed
a long time ago.
You guys don't have summer?
Well, that's... That's terrible.
Summer. It sounds dangerous
yet oddly compelling. What is it?
What is summer?
Man, where do I begin?
The days are longer
The nights are shorter
The sun is shining
It's noticeably warmer
Every single moment is
Worth its weight in gold
It's like the world's best story
And it's waiting to be told
It's ice cream cones and cherry soda
Dripping down your chin
It's summer! Man, where do we begin
It's ponds and pools and garden hoses
Trying to beat the heat
Bicycles and roller skates
And even just bare feet
It's also surfing tidal waves
Creating nano-bots
Or locating Frankenstein's brain
Finding a dodo bird
Painting a continent
Or driving our sister in...
Wait, maybe we're going too fast.
It's crickets and cicadas
And a glass of lemonade
It's sitting with your brother
In the back yard
Under the shade of a big tree
That's what it means to me
The days are longer
The nights are shorter
The sun is shining
It's noticeably warmer
Every single moment is
Worth its weight in gold
It's like the world's best story
And it's waiting to be told
It's ice cream cones and cherry soda
dripping down your chin
It's summer
Man, where do we begin
It's summer
Man, where do we begin
It's summer
Man, where do we begin
Wow. Summer sounds like a blast.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Like this summer for instance.
We built a rollercoaster,
we became one-hit wonders,
we travelled through time...
This is a message for
other dimension Perry the Platypus.
If you turn yourself in,
I promise not to hurt your little friends.
If you don't, all bets are off.
And then we launched ourselves
from a giant Perry the Platypult and...
You are kidding me.
You're actually sneaking away again?
So nothing's changed.
Did it ever occur to you
that we could help you?
That we could have made a great team?
But I guess you can't have teamwork
without trust.
You don't have to
sneak away any more.
We know your secret. You can just go.
I walk away from you, my friend
I hope that this is not the end
Of all the times we figured out
How to seize the day
As I walk away
You know, I used to think you couldn't
spell "platypus" without "us".
Well, you can.
But it would just be "platyp".
Well, I guess if you guys can't help us
fix the remote,
we could check with Isabella.
Who is Isabella?
The girl who lives across the street.
Mom says that talking to neighbours
can be dangerous.
- It's true!
- Well, it's time you met her.
Come on, you'll like her.
What about the Normbots?
Relax! We've been
avoiding them all day.
If you're really careful, you can...
Okay, we've got to be
more careful than that.
May I please see your identification?
Display your travel papers
or be destroyed.
Display your travel...
I can't stand these things.
- Hey! It's Buford.
- Who are you guys?
We're Candace's brothers.
We're going to Isabella's.
Are you part of the Resistance?
I used to be in the Resistance,
but I got so good at it
that I started resisting them.
Behold, the Other-Dimensionator!
Actually, this is
the other Other-Dimensionator.
The Other-Dimensionator is
back in the other dimension.
Okay, step one is, push this button.
Step two, stand back in awe!
That's it?
Now that I think about it,
those two boys made some
modifications to my design
which may have allowed it to...
You know...
- To work.
- Great, now I need those two boys?
- Perry the Platypus!
- Perry the Platypus!
Jinx! You owe me two sodas!
Listen, Perry the Platypus,
I know I told you
if you turned yourself in
I wouldn't hurt your friends,
but change of plans!
Now I need to hunt them down
which might involve a little hurting.
I know that makes me a liar,
but hello! Evil!
Come on,
Isabella's house is right through...
What you doing?
- Do I know you?
- Hey, Isabella!
Him I know. Buford, what do you want?
I thought you were resisting us?
I was helping Candace's brothers
cross the street.
Candace has two sets of twin brothers?
No, he and I
are from another dimension.
We're trying to get back.
All right, girls, release them.
Why would you want to
come to this dimension, anyway?
Well, we didn't mean to come here.
Now we can't get back
unless we can fix this device.
Well, we may have someone
who can help you. Dr Baljeet.
- Baljeet!
- That's Dr Baljeet to you!
Were you not listening?
Here is the crux of your problem.
Think of the universe and all
of the many dimensions as circular.
The energy flows between
the dimensions like this, clockwise.
Say this is your dimension
and this is our dimension.
You travelled with the flow of energy.
So going clockwise would be easy!
Going counter clockwise would take
8 million gigawatts of energy,
overloading the local power grid.
I have prepared a little song
to help illustrate my point.
If you travel through dimensions
Going clockwise makes it easy
Going counter clockwise would take
8 million gigawatts of energy
overloading the local power grid
I know, it needs a chorus.
Anyway, without the 8 million gigawatts,
you would have to go clockwise,
the long way around.
Theoretically, you would get home
but there is no telling
how many dimensions
you would have to go through.
Well, do you think you can help us
get enough power
to open the window backwards
so we can get home?
Well, we should probably
ask our leader.
Ask your leader what?
Who made the topiary
out of wild parsnips?
I'm allergic,
and it's messing up my voice.
Candace, you're
the leader of the resistance?
What are you two doing here?
Never mind, I'll deal with you later.
You two,
I've been spending all these years
trying to keep my brothers safe
and suddenly their faces are
all over the Doofen Channel.
We're just trying to get home.
Well, what's stopping you?
- Right now? Quantum physics.
- Baljeet.
We need to generate
8 million gigawatts
for inter-dimensional travel.
Then we've got work to do.
- Isabella, start redirecting the power.
- Aye aye!
Gretchen! Monitor the Doofen Channel.
Make sure we're not raising any alarms.
- I'm on it.
- Buford, keep resisting.
- No!
- Excellent.
And will somebody
get rid of that topiary!
Thank you.
Great and powerful mysterious force!
I know you are
just trying to protect my brothers
but I am simply trying
to protect them, too,
from their dangerous inventions.
Show yourself so that
I may reason with you!
Maybe we should build a shrine to it?
Candace, that's...
- It's a mysterious force!
- It's a mysterious force!
Ferb! I think we got it!
It looks like home!
What do we do now?
I don't know.
I can't believe it actually worked.
Well, thanks, everyone. Hey, where's...
That's right.
This just in. Our supreme leader
has announced the capture
of public enemy number one, Perry
the Alternate-Dimension Platypus.
I guess we won't be seeing him
any more except as a platyborg.
It's 3:30.
We now conclude our broadcast day.
Now go to bed!
- We've got to save him!
- No.
Too risky. You've got to get back
to your dimension.
We're not going anywhere
without our platypus.
I thought you told us
he was just using you as a cover.
I know what I said. I was hurt.
But even if it was all an act,
he's still a part of the family,
and we're not leaving him behind.
I may never be able to open this again.
It doesn't matter.
We're going back for him.
- Well, then you're on your own.
- Fine.
Just tell us where
Doofenshmirtz keeps his prisoners.
- We have to help them!
- No, we don't.
Yes, we do. Remember how we felt
when our Perry disappeared?
Oh, criminy, I must be crazy.
All right,
we can get there through the tunnels.
- Yes!
- Let's suit up, people!
You know what, Stacy?
I'm tired of the mysterious force
pushing me around.
- I'm going to show it who's boss.
- Candace, wait!
I will try to keep it open
for as long as possible
but the window is very unstable.
Even the slightest disturbance
will cause it to collapse.
- Like that, for instance.
- Hey, Candace.
You guys are so...
Wait, why are there four of you?
Oh, these guys are from this dimension.
Are we inside the mysterious force?
I'm not sure I understand the question.
And why is Isabella
suddenly fashionable?
What do you mean, "suddenly"?
Seriously, where are we?
Candace, I'm sure
you have a million questions,
but right now we have to save Perry
from being turned into a cyborg.
- What?
- We'll explain on the way.
So, how do I dress in your dimension?
Hey, is that me? I look good!
Oh, no. You two stay here.
- But we want to help.
- That's an order!
Wait, so in this dimension,
Perry is a secret agent?
No, in this dimension he's a cyborg.
So, where is he an agent?
That would be in our dimension.
But we're not in our dimension now.
Okay, I'm having trouble
processing this.
Now I wish I hadn't thrown away
that pamphlet.
And why are we in mine cars?
This'll take us as far
as the underground entrance
to Doof's headquarters.
From there we go
up the ventilation shaft.
The detainment centre is on level four.
And the snack bar's on level five!
If there's time.
I'm just gonna get some nachos.
So, if there's another me
and another them,
then there must also be
a Jeremy Johnson here, too, right?
Oh, yeah, Johnson, Jeremy.
Leads a three-man strike team
on the north side. Good soldier.
Good soldier?
That's all you think of him?
Don't you think he's dreamy
or cool or even cute?
Tell me at least you think he's cute.
Cute doesn't win the war, kid.
Well, I guess.
But what do you guys
do around here for, you know, fun?
Look, "Candace" is it?
No offence,
but fun isn't really on my agenda.
You know, since Doofenshmirtz
took over the tri-state area,
even though I was a little girl,
I've been focused on one thing
and one thing only.
- He's going down, down, down.
- Down, down, down, I know.
But what about BFF's?
Or slumber parties?
Or busting your little brothers?
Busting my brothers?
I spent every day of my life
trying to protect my little brothers.
I had to grow up pretty quick
around here
to make sure they didn't have to.
Gee, you make growing up
sound like it's a bad thing.
It is what it is. I'll do whatever it takes
to protect the ones I love.
Thanks, sis!
What are you guys doing here?
- We're here to help.
- Sir, we're nearing the target!
Don't move!
Okay, people, change of plans.
This is as far as we go.
We're not going to help them?
No, we're gonna get you two home
where it's safe.
- But we wanna...
- Look, this isn't our fight.
It's their fight, and you two
shouldn't have gotten involved.
Maybe none of us should have.
Now we're out of here.
I don't remember it being
so dark down here.
- Dark?
- That's because it's a trap!
And if it was light,
you would have seen us and run away,
hence ruining the trap!
I think they get that.
We... We, well, came to rescue you.
So far it's not going
as well as we'd hoped.
We didn't have a lot of time to,
you know, plan something elaborate,
but I guess we could have created
some sort of diversion just in case...
Yeah, we could have thought
this out more.
I got you and I got your little friends, too!
Game over! You lose! I win!
Mark this the hour of your doom,
Perry the Platypus.
Three forty... I got one of these watches
with just the little hash marks.
It doesn't even have the numbers on it.
Let's just say
it's between 3:30 and 4:00,
Eastern Standard Time.
I told you, not between 3:30 and 4:00!
They're getting away!
I knew this was a bad idea.
All right, everyone in the cars!
Go, go, go, go, go!
Isabella, start the motor!
Yes, sir.
I got it.
You two, keep your heads down
and remember your training!
We never had any training!
Well, keep your heads down!
Consider yourself trained.
This is going to be close.
All right, you rust buckets. Let's dance.
Can you do that?
Well, apparently.
I am so in love with her right now.
- What?
- Nothing.
If we can get to the north tunnel
before they get to us,
I can trip the security door.
Isabella, can you give us more throttle?
It's all the way in, sir!
All right, hang tough.
This is going to get hairy.
Can we make those turns at this speed?
Well, we're about to find out.
There it is. We should be okay
if we can hold off these...
- Can we do that?
- No. Keep your head down.
We're slowing down, sir!
Keep it on the floor!
It's on the floor.
There's too much track, sir.
I don't think we're going to make it!
Everyone, to the front now!
We're going to have to cut loose these...
The motor's overheating!
Sorry, guys. You're on your own.
What are you doing?
My job. Protecting you two.
We've got to go back and help them.
That's not our fight.
But you just abandoned them!
We could have made it!
We could have all made it!
Or we could have all been captured,
and I wasn't going to take that chance.
These are the tough choices, people.
Somebody's got to be the adult here.
You two are safe,
and that's what's important.
- But... But... But...
- End of discussion.
Man, I had my heart set
on those nachos.
Look, mysterious force,
I feel a little awkward talking to you
since I didn't believe in you at first
because, you know, it's crazy.
But then I saw you eat my friend,
so I've made a little shrine here.
It's nice.
There's a banana and Mr Miggins.
So I hope this makes up
for the whole disbelief thing.
Are we... Are we good?
Now you have no choice
but to fix my machine.
- No.
- That's not one of your choices.
- Fix the machine!
- No.
Can I... Can I say something?
So, I think I'm up-to-date
on the whole Perry Agent thing.
Strangely, that's the most normal thing
that's happened this afternoon,
but who exactly is this guy?
- Fix it!
- No.
Look, I would make myself do it
but apparently he's an idiot.
- Hey!
- Fix the machine!
- No.
- All right, then, you've forced my hand.
Fix the machine!
- No.
- Really?
When I was your age, I did anything
a puppet told me to do.
How old do you think we are?
I don't know. One, two?
You know, it's hard to tell
with the one eye.
Anyway, I don't know why
you're being so uncooperative.
All I'm asking you to do
is make my machine work
so I can invade and conquer your world
and enslave your loved ones.
See, that's just it.
Why would we do something that would
lead to our own self-destruction?
Self-destruct... Wait a...
Wait, that's it. I remember now.
They took out my self-destruct button.
I don't know why I put it back in,
but here.
I'll just rewire this, like so, and there.
It's working! It's working!
It's functioning properly!
Well, look who just became redundant.
Send them to their doom!
Yes, her, too.
Yes, yes, everyone.
- Doom, doom, doom and doom.
- Doom!
Jinx! You owe me three sodas.
Okay, doom for him, too.
What? But I'm you!
Wow, if I had a nickel for every time
I was doomed by a puppet,
I'd have two nickels.
Which isn't a lot. But it's weird
that it happened twice, right?
Welcome, doomed guests.
Come on, keep trudging.
Doom is thataway.
I would say, so far,
adulthood gets about a three.
You know,
this may be as good as it gets.
And now for my all-time
favourite game.
Poke the Goozim with a stick.
Surrounded by lava.
My second favourite game
is backgammon. Love it!
Hold the phone. I could be useful.
What if you need a kidney
or a stand-in for boring functions
you have to attend?
Or another kidney?
Cranky, cranky, cranky.
Oh, I love the crank!
I'll be honest, Ferb.
I'm having a hard time
putting a positive spin on this.
Blah, blah, blah,
two-car garage, etcetera.
Yeah? Well, welcome to my life!
Whoa, deja vu-ish.
Perry, check out that guard!
Cool! Look out!
Is this the plan?
Tell me this isn't the plan!
You are tampering
with the property of...
Let's make omelettes!
Can you get a little more
lift out of this thing?
I think I just bruised a kidney.
My bicycle is missing!
Yes! Go, Goozim!
- It's muffin time, sir.
- Already?
Okay, I see where
you're going with this...
I officially prefer our dimension!
This may not be
the best time to tell you,
but I actually flunked
jungle gym in grade school.
I just couldn't get the hang
of all the climbing...
Oh, great, you caught it! Unlock me!
Are you even paying attention?
That's right. It can wait. Later!
More guards!
- It's muffin time, sir!
- You're broken!
Yay, other dimension Candace!
The remote!
Perry, let go!
What? No, no, don't let go.
Perry! Trust me!
Two words! La-va!
Trust me!
They opened another portal!
Go after them!
And her!
That banshee screaming girl.
Get her, too!
Thanks, Perry the Platypus.
Stop where you are. You cannot leave.
I use aggression
to mask my insecurities!
The portal!
Boy, I could go for a lemonade.
The portal closed, sir.
Oh, pooh.
Oh, well. Time to start the invasion!
And somebody get me a muffin!
But it's not muffin time, sir!
All right, follow me.
We're going around clockwise.
If there's no hospitality
Just get out of town
You can't be lying on formality
And saying...
I guess I'll see you around
You've got no obligations
Nothing holding you down
Find a new situation
And say
I guess I'll see you around
You've got no time to waste
on sentimentality
Get out and find yourself
a brand-new reality
You've got to find yourself
a brand-new reality
A particle duality
A new dimensionality
- Yeah, yeah!
- I guess I'll see you around
Sometimes it's appropriate
To stop for a snack
If you do then I hope you get back
I guess I'll see you around
Hopping clockwise through dimensions
Is a dangerous thing
But it seems to help a lot if we sing
And we can sing about
A brand new reality
A brand new reality
A brand new reality
I guess I'll see you around
A brand new reality
A brand new reality
A brand-brand-brand-brand
I guess I'll see you around
All right, how about
two Kafkas for your Dostoyevsky?
Stop wasting my time, Buford.
Wait, I think this is it.
- Where have you guys been?
- This is it!
I spy with my one little eye
a new tri-state area that's
one dictator short of a dictatorship.
Well, that's all about to change.
Pretty soon I'll be ruling
over two tri-state areas,
a virtual six-state area!
Fly, fly, my Normbots!
We've got some oppressing to do!
Why is Perry wearing a hat?
We don't have time to explain.
We've got to try and stop an evil...
It's too late!
They're never going to fire her and...
Hey, did you see that?
No, I... What's going on?
Oh, my!
- What is it?
- It's a comb over!
I know, I should really just shave it.
Not happening. Not happening.
My watermelon!
All vehicles must stop.
It's okay! It's a rental!
Oh, great!
Albuquerque '93 all over again.
I wish other-dimension
Candace was here.
She took out, like, 30 of them
- with a giant stone lawn gnome.
- Agent P! Our agents are being
overwhelmed by the sheer number
of robots coming into our dimension.
You must get to Doof's headquarters
and stop him.
Aye, aye, sir. We're ready to serve.
Oh, no. You kids need to go home
where it's safe.
With all due respect, sir,
we've been through quite a lot together.
We're a team now.
Nope, far too dangerous.
And besides,
our insurance won't cover it.
Tell them, Agent P.
Come on, Perry.
Let's go kick some robot chassis!
Wow, I guess we're going home then.
Hey, where's Dr D?
- Hello?
- Hello, Mrs Thompson? It's me, Heinz.
I think I left my keys
in the other dimension.
Can you buzz me in?
- Who is this?
- Heinz Doofenshmirtz! Your neighbour.
For, like, 12 years.
- Who?
- I live in the penthouse.
I wear lab coats a lot.
I speak with the accent
I am currently speaking to you with.
Just like my neighbour upstairs.
Yes, exactly!
He's not home.
You'll have to come back later.
No, no, wait.
This is just beautiful.
I decide to do the right thing,
and I end up in a cell.
Well, at least my brothers are safe.
What lesson am I supposed
to be learning here?
I'm Jeremy Johnson.
I'm here to rescue you.
Johnson, Jeremy?
Yes, sir.
And I picked up a couple new recruits.
We found a way to bypass
the entire security grid. It was cool.
What? You brought my little brothers?
Are you out of your mind, soldier?
I didn't know they were your brothers,
but I should have known.
They're smart and courageous,
just like you.
You think I'm smart and courageous?
Well, yeah, sir.
Good work, soldier.
We should really get out of here
while we can.
Most of the Normbots are away
in the other dimension.
We can slip away pretty easily.
The Normbots are
in the other dimension?
This isn't the time to escape.
This is the time to make our move.
Let's go!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Boys, wait. Thanks for rescuing me.
I'm really proud of you both.
And we're proud of you, too, sir.
I got nachos! Who wants some?
Mysterious force,
you can see I'm really trying here.
Please bring back Candace!
Oh, hi, Stacy.
And I also want a car.
I still can't believe
Perry wanted us to go home.
I mean, look at this.
There's robots all over the tri-state
area. And now for the weather.
There's robots, Phil! Robots!
You'd think he'd need
all the help he could get...
Hey, what's that?
Ferb, do you hear that?
It's Perry's locket.
It's like a homing device.
Shall we?
This must be Perry's lair.
Welcome, Phineas and Ferb.
Please insert the key.
Do you have a key?
Please insert the key.
Good try.
Please insert the key.
Please insert the key.
That's odd. It's a shaped keyhole.
It kind of looks like...
Wait a minute.
Phineas and Ferb, this message
is top secret, for your ears only.
If you are hearing this, the tri-state area
is at emergency alert level Alpha Red.
Agent P needs your help.
How does he know
we'll know what to do?
He knows you will know what to do.
He also knows you two are
the only ones capable of helping him
because you two are the only ones
capable of creating these.
Auto-scan replication initiated.
Ferb, I think I know
what we're gonna do today.
You have a new leader.
Put on your dooferalls. 36-inch waist.
No way! I'm a 34!
So, I guess you trusted us after all.
I was wrong. It was not for me!
Heads up!
Platyposterior coming through!
Now this is what I call busting.
All right, everyone!
Let's kick some robot chassis!
All right, that is very good.
Phineas! Anything we can do?
Yeah! Musical accompaniment!
We're gonna kick some robot chassis
So you better tell your robot nation
To say a robot prayer
'Cause you better prepare
For an automaton annihilation
You think you're gonna take us down
Well, mechanical man, you just try it
You're gonna ride that rail out of town
This is a robot riot
I think you know what I mean
This is a robot riot
I'm gonna break you down
And sell you for scrap metal
But I'll keep enough
To build myself a trampoline
'Cause your momma was a blender
And your dad was just
a washing machine
This is a robot riot
I'm gonna break you up
I'm gonna break you down
I'm gonna take you
to a chop shop downtown
You know that you'll be dreading
This android Armageddon
I think you better check your fluids
'Cause I know you're sweating
You know you're gonna lose
And sing the robot blues
You'll blow a fuse
And take a robot snooze
I will deactivate you
Because I kind of hate you
Don't want to beat around the bush
- We're gonna decimate you
- This is a robot riot
Oh, man, it's on
This is a robot riot
I'm gonna rip you up
And put you back together
In a new configuration
Just to mow my lawn
'Cause your sister is a fridge
And you know her light is always on
This is a robot riot
Robot riot...
We've got to do
something about that portal.
Ferb! We're gonna go
try to close the portal!
This is a robot riot
I'm gonna rip you up
I'm gonna break you down
I'm gonna take you
to the chop shop downtown
I'm gonna rip you up
I'm gonna break you down
I'm gonna take you
to the chop shop downtown
I've had just about enough of you, you...
What is on this!
I was wrong, Stacy, about everything.
I'm not a grown-up.
I can't control mysterious forces.
I can't even get my mom
to see what my brothers are doing!
Stacy, that's it! I can't get my mom
to see what my brothers are doing!
Candace, where are you going?
I'm gonna bust my brothers to my mom!
And I'm gonna fail!
No, it's Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
You borrowed sugar from me
this morning.
I don't have any sugar.
I had to borrow some
from my neighbour this morning.
Yeah. That's me!
He's a nice man,
but I hear he's divorced.
That she remembers.
Candace, what are you doing here?
You got to come outside
and bust the boys!
I'm not leaving now.
The girl is about to forgive the guy
for the clich misunderstanding.
Well, after she battles these robots.
This 3-D is amazing!
Ferb, we'll handle it down here.
Go help Phineas!
Come on, you stupid thing. Work!
So that dish must be
what's controlling the robots.
Maybe I don't need to close the portal
if I could just take out that...
No, you don't.
Now the baseball is on the other foot.
Or however that saying goes, I'm not...
I'm not really sure.
Hey, hey, hey, where are you going?
You know, all that's going to happen
from you guys coming up here
is that I'm going to have
a brand-new platyborg.
And maybe even a boyborg!
Try saying that five times fast.
Boyborg, boyborg, boyborg,
boyborg, boyborg...
I guess it's not that hard, never mind.
You know something, kid?
You've been a thorn in my side
all day long.
But that's about to change right now!
My babies! No, what have you done?
It's weird that
Perry's a secret agent, huh?
Yeah, but it was obvious in retrospect.
Has anyone seen my pants?
Yeah, they're over there.
Mom, if you care one iota about me,
your family, and your city,
you'll come outside with me right now!
Well, I guess I could use
some more popcorn.
Great! Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
Ferb! Bro, I just hit
the best home run ever!
Now, tremble before me!
No, I'm down here.
See, one last trick up my sleeve.
It's me! I'm the trick up my own sleeves,
'cause I'm in the sleeve, get it?
Pearls before swine.
Hope you got your 3-D glasses
'cause I'm coming at you!
What? I'm kind of in the middle
of something here.
I got a little something just for you.
Yeah, it's mine.
See, I told you I never lost it.
It was in a box in my pantry labelled
"VHS tapes".
Go figure. Anyway, you can have it.
I can't believe it! Choo-Choo, it is you!
Heart melting, back-story resolving,
evilness diminishing.
It's the least I can do.
You know, I don't even know
what I was thinking
with the whole evil robots thing.
Actually, when I look around,
I'm really embarrassed.
Let me clean this up.
Look! Self-destruct button.
Yeah. Here we go!
Come on, come on, come on!
Come on, hurry, hurry!
Do I even need to say
"there's nothing there" any more?
Mom, you can say it all you want.
There's nothing there!
Whoo-hoo! I did it, I saved the world!
You can go back to your movie now.
Yeah, you know what?
We're totally cool now.
I'm just gonna go return to my home
and live out the rest of my days
with my Choo-Choo. Okay then, ciao!
Home. It's good to be...
Book him, ladies.
You know, my crimes against humanity
had just completely slipped my mind.
Hey! Did you guys just see that?
I saved Danville!
Good job, soldier.
So what'll you do now?
Wow, I haven't thought of anything
but busting Doofenshmirtz for years.
- I don't know.
- Well, I know what interests I'd pursue.
Hey! Here you all are.
I'll take that under consideration.
What about you, Candace?
You know, after all of this,
I'm gonna give myself
a little more time to be young.
It's not such a bad place to be.
You know what? Me, too.
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks
for telling us all about summer,
you know, opening our horizons,
and teaching Ferb classical guitar.
Hey! It's our Perry! Perry!
Looks like the evil
was fried right out of him.
Sorry he's mostly made of metal now.
Are you kidding?
That makes him extra cool!
Thanks so much, guys.
I'm glad we could help.
Man, this has been
the greatest day ever.
Imagine how much fun
we can have together
now that we know you're a secret agent.
Yes, yes, the next 15 minutes
should be a real hoot.
Well, then, of course,
Agent P will be sent away forever.
- What?
- You didn't know?
- Didn't he give you a pamphlet?
- We threw it away.
- Does anyone read those things?
- I tried to warn you, sir.
Kids, I'm sorry but now that
Agent P's cover has been blown,
you won't be allowed
to see him any more.
That's why you didn't want us
to know your secret.
So we'll never see Perry again?
There has to be another way.
Sorry, Phineas. It isn't safe.
You know too much.
Now I never wished so much
that I could unknow something.
Sir, maybe there is a way.
What about
Dr Doofenshmirtz's Amnesianator?
I never built an Amnesianator.
I think I'd remember
building something like that.
Well, that might work.
But you'd all have to agree.
So our choice is to either
forget the best day ever,
forget the biggest adventure
we've ever had,
and forget meeting Agent P,
or remember today,
but never see Perry again?
Well, we've had a lot of great days.
But we only have one Perry.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
All right, everybody.
Tall kids in the back.
Just need to do a little more
programming here
and we'll be ready to roll.
Hey, buddy, Ferb and I
just wanted to say our goodbyes.
You know, we thought
we'd finally met the real you
when we found out you were Agent P,
but the fact is, pet, secret agent,
they're both the real you.
You are now and always have been
a great pet and a great friend.
We're gonna miss you, Agent P.
I love you, pal.
Sir, are you crying?
No, I'm sweating through my eyes.
Okay, sir. We're ready.
Okay, Karl. We're set.
- Major Monogram?
- Yes?
So none of us will remember
any of today?
That's right.
- Hit it, Karl!
- Wait! Wait, wait!